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NAACP Passes Resolution Accusing Tea Party Of Racism

July 20, 2010 by  

NAACP Passes Resolution Accusing Tea Party Of RacismOfficials with the NAACP passed a resolution last week accusing the Tea Party of tolerating bigotry and failing to condemn the racist statements of some of its followers.

"We take no issue with the Tea Party," said Ben Jealous, president of the NAACP. "We believe in freedom of assembly and people raising their voices in a democracy."

However, he added, "we take issue with the Tea Party’s continued tolerance for bigotry and bigoted statements. The time has come for them to accept the responsibility that comes with influence and make clear there is no space for racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in their movement."

Authorities with the oldest civil rights organization accused the conservative group of failing to discourage acts of racism and prejudice, citing allegations that Tea Party activists spat on Representative John Lewis (D-Ga.), a noted civil rights activist, and called Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) the "N-word" during their protest of healthcare reform legislation, according to

Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP’s Washington bureau, also claims that a Tea Party member called Representative Barney Frank (D-MA), who is openly gay, an "F-word."

The resolution and accusations were quickly rebuked my leaders of the conservative group. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a Tea Party favorite, defended the anti-big government organization on her Facebook page on July 13, according to CBS News.

"The charge that Tea Party Americans judge people by the color of their skin is false, appalling, and is a regressive and diversionary tactic to change the subject at hand," said Palin.

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  • dan of arizona

    ya know how is it if a couple of rednecks express there feelings that makes the tea party racist. when you have a black militant on the air spewing hate for the whites thats not racism seems to me that the naacp is racist for even suggesting the idea dont ya think. maybe they havent been getting the revues lately that they so much need.sixty years of this kind of crap has gotten pretty old. the things that his highness is doing isnt racist and holder hes a white mans man maybe ill wake up from this nightmare where slavery in sanctuary cities are awarded for breaking the laws since immagration has been such a hot topic i quess the naacp is getting jelous

    • Smilee


      They didn’t call the tea party racist, they called on them to discourage those who protested with them with racist slurs and signs and we have all seen them but for you to say they called them a racist group you spin thier words and intentions to what you want it to be. Are you being racist in your accuations that are not factual or if not what is your motivation??

      • dan of arizona

        smiley your back when i here craker babies need to be killed and all the bull sh-t that comes out of there mouths seems kinda racist to me and when the naacp dosent condone it that kinda reminds me of being racist when obumer and holder can change the laws to allow militants to threaten voters because there black i kinda think thats racist but thats just my opinion not all blacks or orange yellow pink people are bad just watch out for those whities there racist im just tired of the same old crap thats been blamed on the white folk now i realy have to go beat my slaves work never ending you no

        • Smilee

          When you do not have an intellegent response, change to a new subject, your spin in the latter post is even more off target and bizarre, maybe it is just that you are not capable of comprehending this.

  • JeffH

    These accusations have been happening since the very first Tea Party movement protests. This is nothing more than the typical racist liberal lefts dirty ploy to discredit anybody or anything that isn’t on board with them…”Polly want a cracker” rhetoric.

    Even old Joe Biden says the tea party is not a racist movement, for whatever that is worth.

    “Very conservative, very different views on government and a whole lot of things,” Biden said during an interview broadcast Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.””But it is not a racist organization.”

    President Barack Obama doesn’t think so, either, Biden said.

    • WarriorH

      Kinda makes Pappa “Saul” proud.

    • Bruce

      Jeff, I am 50% Native American a Democrat and a Liberal as well as a Tea Party member. The Tea Party groups I have have met are all straight up as well all over the place in Race Color and Religions let alone political partys, our group is 30% Democrats, 25% Rebublicans, and 45% Independants.
      Strange how that so far I have not met a single Raciest within the Tea Party. Just good folks who are seeing that we are going wrong.
      Everyone I have met is a geniuine American who for the most part have never had any political aspirations nor desires to martch or protest anything.

      • JeffH

        Bruce, that is what I have experienced too. Racism will never die, that is just “man’s” nature, unfortunately. It is those that use racism to further and promote their agendas and those that are intollerably hate racist that I have a serious problem with. I grew up in California and honestly never experienced racism, although I wasn’t naive about it’s existence.

      • Smilee


        Your numbers are way out of line with what the pollesters have found, how did you arrive at them?? Without something to validate your numbers it is hard to conclude that your post is nothing more than propaganda

        • dan of arizona

          realy smiley ya just have to add the percentages you did go to school right

          • Smilee

            What’s addition got to do with the correctness of the numbers, It does not appear you ever finished school or you would have come up with something more intelligent than that

        • JeffH

          Prove him wrong…your babbling doesn’t constitute anything except that it’s pure babble.

  • Brian

    The moral outrage on both sides of the debate is pretty laughable. Mark Williams claims that the Tea Party has no racists? Come on. Get 20 people together at a neighborhood block party and you will have a racist in your presence. And the NAACP, while they have accomplished many good things for African Americans, they are hardly the last bastion of unadulterated racial tolerance.

    Read this article: Token White Member of NAACP Calls Tea Party “Racist”; Lone Black Tea Partier “Outraged”.

    Very FUNNY!

    • eddie47d

      Not exactly funny but true to life. We all protect our own culture and way of life. Black culture is sometimes wonderful and their heritage is just as important to them as anyone elses. Most blacks seem to be middle class to lower middle class. All we see on TV is wealthy sports figures or dirt poor beggers.So there are allot of misconceptions. Most youth Of all nationalities that I run accross are accepting of everyone and get along very well. (some in gangs can be an exception). Adults in America seem to hang on to old predjudices and stir the pot. The NAACP and many in the TEA Party are some of those older adults and still harbour grudges. Many in the TEA Party always say they want to take America back. Blacks might look at that as a threat meaning to take this country back to segragation. Slogans and words can have powerful meanings to different people. Both sides need to calm down and explain themselves better

      • JeffH

        fast eddie, you know nothing about racism except your own media controlled perceptions, that includes your perception of the Tea Party movement! You’re even so arrogant as to “classify” most of the blacks into do you know that? Misconceptions abound with the media and you buy it all…get out and experience something for once and use your brain to state something meaningfull instead of your liberal thoughts…you are so confused.

        • eddie47d

          Your such a looser Jeff. Don’t be speaking for me for you are an ignorant soul. I grew up in a mixed racial neighborhood and we shared the same pubic schools. I delivered newspapers to several of our black neighbors and knew them well. I also served in the military and had buddies who were black,Mexican,Puerto Ricans and oh my gosh several whites too. My wife’s aunt was black and spent every holiday with us until she passed away. We’ve had co-workers over for acouple of parties who were gay. One did die of aids so I see the struggles and hardships of several in the minority community. They love,laugh raise families,and try to enjoy life like anyone else.They love America just as much as the next person but are tired of being judged and put in categories. I see the need to work together in improving equality in America for I have seen where it does work. I’m white and I also know we sometimes are dicriminated against in job hiring. We all need to hang in there and have a common goal.

    • Jeff Reynolds

      I just had to respond to this post. First of all you are right on one and only one fact, that being, if you look hard enough you can find a racist in any group of 20 or more people. But, let me dare say that when you throw the N.A.A.C.P. into the equation the numbers kind of flip in my experience to where it would be hard not to find at least one person from that particular orginization that ISN’T a racist. It’s been going on far to long now that white people are the only race that can be given the racist tag when it’s overwhelmingly the black race and all it’s spin-off orginizations who are the biggest racists going! Now you attack the Tea Party as racist for crying out loud! Why, because you are told to, you have to denouce them because they stand for everything this president is against. And you mark my words here and now that when things really start going downhill for him and his Marxist cronies, he’ll be playing the race card too! And I have news for all you supporters of Barry Sotero, he’ll use you like he did to get himself elected, and throw you away in a minute. He dosen’t care about the Black people or the Mexicans, all he cares about is votes so he can completly destroy this country. How do you think he’s going to take care of the entire Black race and all the illegal aliens when there is no more money left? Yes, he and his elitist crew will be taken care of for sure. but it’s sad to say that your race is not included in that circle my friend. I’m 56 years old and well read and educated and I’ve never seen a president who lies at the rate this one does, and you can’t deny this. So before youjump on the bandwagon of those who denouce the Tea Party members as racist’s you better take a good look inside just who and why these people have the need to denouce a peacefull group like the Tea Party.Just think of the hell that would be raised if the White’s decided we should have a Miss White America Pageant or the top 100 White people in America? No, it’s you people who are dividing this country and want to keep blaming us for something that happened generations ago, but thats the only card you have to play so you just keep playing it over and over again and it’s getting real old. You want what us so-called rich white people have, then go out and earn it like we did! Stop depending on your government and community organizers to sell you a dream because that’s all it is. If you want something-earn it.

      • chuck b

        jeff reynolds

        thank you for telling it like it is.

        • Smilee

          Be honest chuckie he told it like it is not!!!!!!!

  • s c

    It seems we have a new Infallible Diviner of Racism on the block. We poor mortals can only hope that Rev. Jesse and Big Al passed on all their trade secrets to Ben as they turned over the position of Race Card Inquisitor to the new caped crusader.
    Will we get to buy limited edition comic books, action figures and secret decoder rings, too? Don’t forget to put some neat prizes in cereal boxes, Bennie.

  • Al

    The NAACP has been irrelevant in American society for decades. They are a bunch of attention-starving hypocrites. There’s no doubt that there are individuals within the Tea Party who have expressed “racist” views. However, there’s countless examples of NAACP members or organizations loosely affiliated with the NAACP, who have made racist statements against whites and others. These statements were never not condoned by the NAACP.

  • Vicki

    How can a group who’s very TITLE is a race title claim to be immune to racism. The title is National Association for the Advancement of COLORED people. The proper non race name would have been the National Association for the Advancement of PEOPLE. (NAAP)

    As a side note I have only seen one albino human in my life. He is white. The rest of us have some pigment to our skin so the NAACP should have been there for all of us. (Including the Albino of course :) )

    • http://?? Joe H.

      go to the Canal Zone and downtown Panama city.(not FLA) there seems to be a greater number of Albinos than anywhere else I’ve ever been.

    • Smilee


      You clearly do not know thier history so it might not be wise to make these assumptions as you did

      • Vicki

        Who’s history would that be dear? Albinos?

  • Angel-Wanna-Be

    Like the Unions the NAACP are still living in the 60′s, when the Blacks needed them. I’m a little sick of folks pulling the race card, just because we don’t agree. It’s too easy and doesn’t hold water. The Blaming Bush tactics and the race card, is just that tactics. Another way of changing the language and trying to turn the tides to the progressive side. This racism sre-started way back the day Obambi was inaugerated, When a black pastor quoted, “he looks forward to the day, when blacks won’t be asked to get back”___Get out of the 60′s folks, they are long gone and have no bearing here.__BTW, I often wondered just how well it would be taken, if we had an NAAWP, Nationl Association for the Advancement of White People?__I’m sure that would’ve gone over really well._-The longer people keep chiding and pandering to special interests groups, they will never move on. ALL of our ancestors immigrated from somewhere else, BIG DEAL!___WE SHOULD ALL BE AMERICANS FIRST!

    • eddie47d

      NAAWP is a real party and has been around for decades.They also have several splinter groups. David Duke (Mr Klan himself) was the leading spokesperson for several years. He also ran for political office under the NSWPP banner.(National Socialist White Peoples Party). David Duke is now in Europe (Austria) trying to inflame his pro-nazi propaganda. So there are plenty of white Al Sharptons in America and David Duke is not the only one. Some of you who poke out the eye of the NAACP should take the beam out of your eye.There are many more white racists groups than blacks and many are armed,dangerous and violent. They make the New Black Panthers look like sissies. I would like Mr Livingston to do an article on them (NAAWP). Any takers?

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        eddie47d, Groups, organizations, committees my God they’re created for EVERY LITTLE freaking THING & reason! NO catering to special interest groups, thats my point. Soon as some one disagrees it ALWAYS SOMEHOW becomes a race issue, and it’s ridiculous and an excuse, for not willing to see opposing views. Groups OR ORGANIZATIONS of white or blacks I believe start out, in the purest of minds and cause, but only end up being pitted against one another in the end.__America is ONE NATION UNDER GOD!__THAT MEANS ALL skin color,___ These type of organizations seem to harbor old wounds, which are better left TO BE healed. AS i’VE SAID BEFORE THE 60′S ARE DEAD AND IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON!

        • JeffH

          AWB, well said. The NSWPP is irrelevant to America as is the KKK. They’ve no meanigfull support by anybody…I had to look up the NSWPP because I had never heard of them.

          • Angel-Wanna-Be

            JeffH, I haven’t heard of them either, I just said it off the cuff, to be a smart azz!__lol

  • JC

    “NAACP Passes Resolution Accusing Tea Party Of Racism”

    A typical case of the pot calling the kettle black.
    Considering their connections to the Black Panthers they are
    an organization founded in racism…their own!

    • WarriorH

      This is appalling! When did this take place? All I get on ABC News is constant updates of Lindsey Lohan’s and Mel Gibson’s predicaments.

    • eddie47d

      Could you explain that connection to The New Black Panthers Party

    • JeffH

      JC, the NAACP is a self serving organization and as nuch racist as any other “race based” organization….here is a tidbit to expose the NAACP for what it is…

      David Webb, co-founder of Tea Party 365, confronted NAACP president Ben Jealous about the New Black Panther Party Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation.

      “I have a serious objection with is his selective condemnation of racism when he will not condemn the New Black Panther Party for saying that they want to kill crackers and kill cracker babies, whereas he would condemn the KKK or any element that shows up in and claims that they are a part of the Tea Party,” said Webb.

      “The reality here is that the New Black Panther Party is like 12 people, 13 people,” responded Jealous. “They don’t say these things at the NAACP. If they did, we would take them on.”

      “I said three times on a show with you last week so hear me this time. You know, bigots come in all colors. We absolutely denounce the New Black Panther Party. But they aren’t in our group. These folks are in your groups,” said Jealous.

      “These folks are in your groups,” said Jealous.”
      That comment just fully exposes his racism…

      • JC

        All I can do is shake my head. What a load of crap these race based outfits bring to the table in a pathetic effort to justify themselves.

    • Smilee

      They did not say the tea party was a racist group, what they said was some of their members or protesters in their midst have displaced racist signs and slurs and this has been proven and they merely passed a resoulution asking the tea party to denounce these acts in theri midst. ARE YOU CAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE???

  • Al Sieber

    These people and La Raza are the racists, but thats never pointed out on MSN.

    • eddie47d

      Al And Robert; LaRaza exists because of present and past racism against Mexican Americans. They might not have come to being if folks like you weren’t always belittling them.NAACP is mostly a self help organization (advancement).Maybe if whites hadn’t spent so much time controlling and dividing this nation in the past the Present could be a whole lot sweeter. When both sides can get over themselves and live with a few differences then America can move on.

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        eddie47d, we can move on now, it’s just a matter, of who’s willing to forget the past and move on!?!

      • JC

        How about they stay on their side of the border until they qualify to be here? How would that be?

  • Robert Clinton

    racism is what berry and the dem’s us to devide the people a dived nation is easer to control

  • justcommonsense

    Libertarians are the least racist of all politically active people. Conservatives and True Liberals (Mills/Jefferson philosophy) are the next least racist. Family oriented people over 40 years old are the next least racist. These groups comprise over 95% of all Tea Party enthusiasts. So the Tea Parties should be among the least racist of any social/political organizations in existence. Contrast this to the NAACP whose avowed goals and purposes is to do things (some admittedly good) for people BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE. That, by definition is racism. If the NAACP was opposed to racism, they would be opposed to the Federal Census even asking any questions about race. They would be opposed to the federal and state governments doing anything based on race, like applying benefits, programs, and special advantages to any racial groups. Calling racism some other name that sounds better (like “affirmative action”) does not make it any less racism. Any Member of Congress who voted for or supports ANY so-called “affirmative action” program or the existence of any questions about race on the Federal Census form is a racist, plain and simple. Do not let them get away from owning that label. Want some names of people now or formerly in Congress who clearly fit the definition? Try: Pelosi, Frank, Schumer,Clinton, Feinstein, Boxer, Biden, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kerry, Lautenburg, Franken, Dodd, Byrd, Sanders, many other big government Democrats, and almost all the RINOs. Don’t let the big government advocates smear honest Americans with a label that they hypocritically apply to innocent people. Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US! That would also help rid our country of many actual racists.

    • James

      Justcommonsense, Well said. “Affirmation Action” was based upon the notion that all humans had a common origin and thus should be equal in every way, and since Blacks were having trouble passing college entrance exams, this was blamed on Whites for their past mistreatment of Blacks. When Affirmative Action’s first 25-year period expired, there was no noticeable difference in this problem, and it was extended for another 25 years. Justice Sandra Day O-Connor said Blacks, after another 25 years, should then be caught up and Affirmative Action would no longer be necessary. But what if mankind didn’t have a common origin?

      • Smilee

        The only thing correct in your post is what Sandra said, nice spin job

        • James

          Smilee, “common origin” is an assumption that all humans descended from the oldest human remains found, at present, the remains of a Black female in Africa. But whether one is a creationist or evolutiionist doesn’t alter the universal fact that kind begets like kind. No human had ever experienced anything other than that, thus it is entirely logical that the three basic races (Black, White and Yellow) had separate origins.

  • Brad

    Check out the You tube video, this woman who support the NAACP and the NAACP condones racism if its against a white person.

    • eddie47d

      The President of the NAACP did not condone racism. Did Ms. Sherrod? Probably so even though the video was compromised.You kind of left that out.

      • Brad


        No matter who you are, each race breeds their own racists, you would have to agree with that. I have seen it in whites, blacks, asains, and you get the picture. This is the 21st century we should be living in a day where race is thing of the past, with organizations like the NAACP, KKK, NBP, NEO-NAZIS and other organizations will hate permeate our country. Prime example gangs they are so hate filled, if an outsider accidently comes into their hood what do you think happens.

        Today we breed our own form of racism no matter what you say, it all starts in our homes, we teach our kids and as they get older and move into the job market and have kids of their own, they teach them the same thing. Today vast communities are self segragated and it’s by choice, atleast I live in a neighborhood where we all live together in peace, our kids all play together as friends and it feels good. So get off your high horse and come back down to earth, lets work together to stop or try to blunt racism at it core, it starts with us, we need to teach the next generation it’s unacceptable.

        • JeffH

          Brad, well said.

        • eddie47d

          Good points and I have said the same things many times and have been chastised. You are the one who brought up the video and it never should have been shown. The video was put out by Andrew Breit Bart for the sole purpose of spreading racial division. If the whole video was reviewed the exact opposite whould have been shown.She was explaining past discriminations and then went on to say how she helped this white farmer. This white farmer is very grateful to her. Breit Bart should excuse himself from his radio show. I have been on his webb site and the comments are quit vile.

          • Smilee

            This should make people very skeptical of Utube posts as it is so easy to do this and in some cases even change the clip with the softwares out there today and this is becoming commmon usage by the far right wing propaganda mill and unfortuantely some others are starting too also, just not to the volume of the far right and I cannot help but wonder if this was not intenional too, hopefuly this will plant a seed of doubt in the mostly far right tactics. BEWARE UTUBE CLIPS, THEY MAY NOT BE WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE!!!!!!

  • James

    NAACP stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Has the NAACP ever spent time and money for white people? Has the NAACP ever worked for the advancement of Mexicans? Or Orientals? Don’t misunderstand, I see nothing wrong with that. If truth be told, every human on the planet is far more concerned about the welfare of his own racial or ethnic group, than any other, and that’s completely natural, it’s built into us.

  • FreedomFighter

    Card played, in a game of control.–Control of opinion, control of votes, control of those who would feel guilty for what somebody 100 years or more ago did, so they may aquire power and then victimize those whom they would have power over.

    NAACP screams a lie, while condoning within themselves the same thing that they scream. A once noble organization, fallen to Marxist dogma, in so doing, helping to create a country where all people would be slaves to goverment. To throw off the yoke of slavery to only 100 years later, embrace Marxist/Socialist/Progressive Communisms total slavery to the state is in itself shows the new low the NAACP has fallen into.

    As part American Indian, I have seen racism from both sides, and it is never pretty. Obama and the left in this country are playing a game of politecs playing a race card. No leader of America should openly try to divide this country by race hate.

    IMHO Obama should be Impeached for crimes against humanity.


  • EltonJ

    The NAACP is a bunch of hypocrites who want to silence all of us and keep us from speaking a word to anyone. Yeah, I watched John Stossel’s video last night on the PatriotNetwork.

    It seems that we are getting more and more rules every year for what we can spend jail time. And there are a new generation of Lawyers that want to limit our Freedom to Speak as we please. I’m not surprised that the NAACP have a few of these.

  • Lan

    The NAACP is projecting their own racial biases onto the Tea Party. I’d say there are more racists in the NAACP than the Tea Party. I believe the Tea Party should pass a resolution charging the NAACP with race-baiting.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    If the NAACP had simply kept their mouths shut, they would not have called everyone’s attention to their organization’s racism.

  • Marc de Piolenc

    This says a lot more about the leadership of the NAACP than it does about the Tea Party.


    I suppose I ‘could’ take the NAACP more seriously if I were to see them jumping up and down on TV calling for the Black Panthers to STOP their racist rhetoric and behavior. I would like to see the NAACP call the black panthers out for the voter intimidation and the statements of killing “cracker babies”. Yes, indeed, racism is alive and well in the USA but it isn’t where the NAACP wants to claim it is.

    • eddie47d

      Do whites always call out white acts of racism,far from it. Should the NAACP call out the New Black Panthers? I would say yes to set the record straight,but they really shouldn’t have to.I wouldn’t have anything to do with the NBP party or the Klan.They made their own reputations and should be ignored for their evil ways.

      • Bruce

        Eddie, This is the first post you have made that I have seen where it makes some logical sense. Good for you, perhaps you may be learning something by way of osmosis.

        • dan of arizona

          I to applaud fast eddie no that makes since

          • dan of arizona

            sorry for the typeo now is what i meant

        • JeffH

          …similar to Biden’s Tea Party “not racists” remark…every now and then they slip up and get it right…Good for you eddie47!

  • http://umuu tunji

    i dont really thinks tea party are racists but the reason why people trpping or afraid of thems they projecting 1968 images beacus majority of them are mostly whites me personaly im a black men right but one day i was asking all of my blacks and hispanic frends how do they views ter party potentially politically do you knows the answers they was given me they said they cant stands tea party pretty soon we are going to start fighting racial war war 2 again therefore i dont thinks tea party movement it will actually goes to no wheres or successful it will deeply hurt the republican party badly

  • chuck b

    the real problem, here folks is this. the conservatives have a distinct weakness and it extends to our members of congress. all any liberal has to do is accuse a republican or conservative of being a racists and the conservatives lose their composure, they lose the will to fight all they want to do is defend against such a heinous charge. the liberals know this and they keep the repubs treading water, “call me anything, but, don’t call me a racists!!!” if you want to see true racism and you are white, take a walk thru one of the black neighborhoods in any of the big cities. how far do you think you’ll get. “can’t we all get along??” (no), most blacks and mex have an inbred hatred for the white race, now that doesn’t include all, however, i have found this to be true with the majority.
    now “eddie 47″ i know what you are going to say, “the white man deserves it” so eddie why do these two races seek all the comforts the white man has produced if they dislike them so much, why haven’t they invented the wheel so to say?. (the hate is coming from your side eddie!!)


    The tool of the Deemers the NAALCP, that’s “L” for liberal, is like a bunch of cattle in a corral and they bump into each other and step in their own poop. They like to think they have some sort of moral authority and a rightgeous ownership of victimization but what they are is the same old smelly biggoted clowns they have become since they have abandoned the thoughts of Dr. King and their accusations now sound comical and hollow, they are and the Eric Holder’s of the country are the real “Racial Cowards” and their fingers need to point to themselves.

  • http://yahoo abby

    This jibberish is intolerable. As the Constitution states, all men are created equal. What they with their life is different. If you sit back and expect to be catered do via welfare, quotas, etc. then you are not doing your share. Coming to america means becoming a melting pot, not keeping separate, not learning the English language, expecting special exemptions, etc.
    Racism is truely a political manuvere (sp); if one doesn’t agree with the order, you are a racist or a “terrorist”. This is like being back in grade school. Why can’t we learn to get along, help each other and not seek to create dissension? I’ve been to tea party meetings and yes the majority attending are white. These are the people who must pay for the billions of debt our nation leaders are creating. There are some other races in attendance and they too share in the belief of small government, less control over one’s life, you work for what you get not expect handouts. Still today many uneducated people believe all the hype coming from DC and from our notorious journalists (who are very biased). Amnesty is wanted by our political leaders (regardless of party) to ensure they are kept in power. If you or

    • James

      Abby, “All men are created equal” is in the Declaration of Independence not the U.S. Constitution. Thomas Jefferson was just repeating a centuries-long Christian saying, which he obviously didn’t personally believe. He owned over a hundred slaves, and only freed two of them in his will.

      • libertytrain

        James and the odds are very good that if you were alive in Jefferson’s day and one of his friends – you too would have had slaves. What was acceptable then is not acceptable now, however one must allow for the norms of the time in order to understand history more fully.

  • http://yahoo abby

    This jibberish is intolerable. As the Constitution states, all men are created equal. What they with their life is different. If you sit back and expect to be catered do via welfare, quotas, etc. then you are not doing your share. Coming to america means becoming a melting pot, not keeping separate, not learning the English language, expecting special exemptions, etc.
    Racism is truely a political manuvere (sp); if one doesn’t agree with the order, you are a racist or a “terrorist”. This is like being back in grade school. Why can’t we learn to get along, help each other and not seek to create dissension? I’ve been to tea party meetings and yes the majority attending are white. These are the people who must pay for the billions of debt our nation leaders are creating. There are some other races in attendance and they too share in the belief of small government, less control over one’s life, you work for what you get not expect handouts. Still today many uneducated people believe all the hype coming from DC and from our notorious journalists (who are very biased). Amnesty is wanted by our political leaders (regardless of party) to ensure they are kept in power. If you or I commit a crime, we are asked for id, and sentenced according to the law. Illegal is illegal. We gave amnesty once and it worked so well, they want to do it again. Who cares about our Nation, the Constitution and the laws. Let’s show them we are worried about them (Ha, Ha) and then get their vote.
    What is going to happen when all we have is the free loaders on board, no one to pay for their benefits? By then it will be too late. We will be in a totally controlled environment. Think beyond today, what will there be for our children and grandchildren? Racism aside, we will all be slaves before we know it. Wake up America and stop putting your head in the sand. Do some research, don’t believe what the press writes. News is just like accounting; you can make the numbers and the reporting to mean anything you want. Learn about the Constitution, protect it and one another. After all, we all have the same colored blood if we look.

  • jomama

    1.) Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) probably deserved to be spit on. Maybe he just lied to get some sympathy & a reason to call Tea Partiers racist.
    2.) Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver (D-MO) is a n-word. (I would use another word, though – definitely NOT that one)
    3.) Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) is a f-word. What?? He’s NOT??

    • Smilee

      I’ll bet if asked you would say you are not a racist!!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    Socialist democrats with their nappy headed boys are the real RACISTS. What happened, was the tecknoloy finally caught the whining rats. Watch any group of blacks and democrats and look at all the scowling, screeching, catawalling on about being downtrodden and being cheated. Also look at sports magazine covers and any other magazines, at black athaletes looking like they have a bowel problem or a post up their backsides. The chumps are getting paid millions, and have more privilages, than any hard working person of any color. Of course FDR, and all democrats, promote with schools and colleges, all teach the victomolgy concepts. Who has paid for all the lazy assed dreamed up government programs, has been the white race, followed by the asians,european citizens, even russian citizens, with blacks and am Indians, dead last. What groups have had more free education funding, job creation funds, economic development funds, it is the blacks and am. indians. They keep beleiving the poor me s–t. Get off your dead asses and get a life and a job. Ever notice black churches see no problems with mixing politics and religion, dems never beleive the seperation of state and religion, if it racist rant and promotion of violence and mayham. Oh I forgot, the two muslim Kenyans in offices of power, are supposed to be color blind, better take a closer look, at the bigotted smucks, Onumnut has been close friends with, and along with Calyso Louie Farrakon, still think omoron isn’t a fool racist?

    • Smilee


      Only thing I can think about you is your terribly unhappy and filled to your eyeballs with hate!!!!!!

      • JeffH

        …take one to know one…

  • Mutantone

    The tea party is a rainbow coalition of all people that they have been accused of racist actions is near laughable it is outsiders that draw the attention and ire of others . Pictures of Obama as the joker is just an expression of free speech. Linking him to Stalin and Hitler is a mere graphic representation of his policies and leanings politically. Taking it out of context makes for the racist argument which the mainstream media seems want to do. But the dearth of coverage about the ties between the New Black Panthers and the NAACP is like missing the ties between the Nazis and the SS.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      google Obama/joker and you will find the true story of that poster. It was the brainchild of a disgruntled democrat that was disappointed when his pick for the dem primary dropped out. It was not done by a republican or a conservative!!!

  • mavis

    The naacp has outlived it’s usefullness (if it ever did
    have any). It’s time they should fold up their tents and slowly fade away. They have caused more trouble than they are worth. Maybe Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and
    all the rest of them could get out and get them a regular job and quit living off the sweat of someone elses brow.mehpensacola,fl.

  • Patriot007

    Here’s an idea, let make the ‘accusation” of racism when disproven punishable by law. maybe then the baseless and indefensible political positions taken by certain groups won’t be included in an intelligent debate. Good bye Al Sharpton, Democrat Party strategists, etc. you have no attention getting lines except to continue to repeat the failed policies of the LEFT!

  • crystal

    Tea Party Patriots need to sue the NAACP for “Defamation of Character.” It’s now in print with their so-called resolution.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Rush Limbaugh is right!! The NAACP should be the NAALCP – National Association for the Advancement of LIBERAL Colored People!! The leftists/democraps have to tell lies to try to discredit their opponents – those of us who believe in Constitutional limited government, liberty and good American values. As we read here, this NAACP outfit is just living in the past, and lying to try to achieve it’s leftwing political agenda!! Get real!! The racial problems of the 1960s (and prior) are gone. If you want to complain about the past, complain instead about the policies of FDR and LBJ. We’re stuck with their economic follies today, and it will take generations to undo them!!

    Also, given the large # of members, we can’t rule out that there may be a handful of (silent) racists in the Tea Party. However, I don’t personally know any conservatives/Republicans who are are racist. The only racists I’ve personally known are Democrap Party voters!! Maybe we should give liberals/democraps a dose of their own medicine, and call them “racists” to discredit them from achieving their anti-Amercan leftwing agenda!! I hate to sound like a broken record, but again I have to say: We the Tea partiers are not against Obama because of his race . We ARE against his leftwing radical agenda. And for that reason, we also loathe Hilary Rotten Clinton, Nancy Pelousy, Dingy Harry Reid, Chucky Shmucky Schumer, Alan Grayson, Henry Waxman, and many other corrupt white Democraps!! Enough said!!!!!

  • dan of arizona

    for being more than twenty people here i ask raise your hands if your a racist i thought so only one of you i quess there right one out of trenty is a racist not to name names smilie but you did prove a point

  • Vic Bailey

    The NAACP and the Democratic party work hand in hand to blow smoke to the blacks to get money and votes. They ALL talk abbout helping the blacks all the while keeping them in the gettos of the cities. The ONLY difference in these two bunches of crooks and the slave traders is about 400 years, they keep the people in chins and now they are working on the white people. If the whites get mad enough they will break the chains of ALL citizens. What makes me mad is the people can’t see or admidt that they are getting screwed by both parties. We need to wake up and take America back to the REPUBLIC she is supposed to be and NOT a SOCIALIST STATE. We right now are as free as a bird in a big cage, and the socialist control everything else. They are destroying America a little more each day along with taking your rights.

  • Danny

    Thought you’d get a chuckle from this.
    A man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him.

    He asked, ‘What are all those clocks?’

    St. Peter answered, ‘Those are Lie-Clocks.
    Everyone on Earth has a Lie-Clock.

    Every time you lie the hands on your clock will move.’

    ‘Oh,’ said the man, ‘whose clock is that?’

    ‘That’s Mother Teresa’s. The hands have never moved, indicating that she never told a lie.’

    ‘Incredible,’ said the man. ‘And whose clock is that one?’

    St. Peter responded, ‘That’s Abraham Lincoln’s clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire life.’

    ‘Where’s President Obama’s clock?’ asked the man.

    Obama’s clock is in Jesus’ office.
    He’s using it as a ceiling fan.


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