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Myths and Facts: From Health to Wealth

August 31, 2009 by  

Myths and Facts: From Health to Wealth

The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out… without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable…
—H.L. Menchen

The more myths, lies and deception that we believe, the more dependent human beings we are. Therefore, the less myths, lies and deception we believe—the wealthier and healthier we become.

Myths, lies and deception we call propaganda dehumanizes us and twists our beliefs against us and our best interests.

Propaganda is the science of persuasion and mind control which has as its purpose to forge allegiance to a political order or to consumption of the products of big business and big pharma. Propaganda victimizes the public by changing and controlling its belief system against the public itself for the benefit of political power and monetary gain.

I have learned very well the power of propaganda. I have observed that very intelligent people with good minds can be manipulated against their best interest with propaganda. Organized and sophisticated propaganda seems to operate above the threshold of intelligence. This is to say that without some imperative to trigger inquiry, very intelligent people are sold myths the very same as the general population.

The esoteric purpose of propaganda is to extract wealth and labor illegally as concealed involuntary servitude. The people who use propaganda to persuade the people against their best interest create myths and sell them as benefits.

Myth: The Federal Reserve keeps inflation low.
Fact: The Federal Reserve is the world engine of inflation. The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 and since has almost destroyed the purchasing power of the dollar. The hundred years prior to the Federal Reserve there was gold backed currency that kept its purchasing power for 100 years.

Myth: Savings and Retirement?
Fact: This is a myth and a hoax. The money creators cause inflation to melt your savings and retirement while you sleep. Certificates of Deposit and bank accounts do not preserve your savings now—nor will they in the future. In fact, the dollar is inflation. It is created to self destruct. This is theft by deception. The true meaning of currency destruction with inflation is war upon the people.

Myth: Democracy—euphemism for fascism.
Fact: Has the trappings of representative government but is fascism in reality. Fascism with a pretty face (call it Democracy) is far more deceptive and sinister.

Myth: U.S. Government debt (deficit).
Fact: It does not exist in a paper money regime. How can the government have debt or owe money when it has the power to create money at will? Also, governments can extinguish make-believe debt with inflation as is happening now.

Myth: Health Care.
Fact: No such thing in the U.S. The system called "health care" exists as a drug cartel to enrich the super-rich pharmaceuticals. It is a tremendous burden on the backs of the people. Medical practitioners are, for the most part, completely brainwashed.

Myth: Consumer Price Index (CPI).
Fact: This is manipulated by the government to cheat pensioners on Social Security. So-called "core inflation" leaves out food and fuel. How do they get away with it? Under fascism and paper money, we like it or lump it. All "representatives" are owned by the government that pays them.

Myth: Physicians say that we get all the vitamins and nutrition we need from our food.
Fact: Impossible with the American diet. Eighty percent of Americans are malnourished.

Myth: There is no difference between synthetic and natural vitamins.
Fact: Synthetic vitamins are chemicals. Natural vitamins are food.

Myth: The government, the medical establishment and the pharmaceuticals promote health.
Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. People don’t need drugs or doctors. Sick people especially don’t need drugs or doctors. They need nutrition.

Myth: Euthanasia is a quick and painless death.
Fact: Euthanasia can happen over many years as drugs and “immunizations” usually kill slowly. The system can reduce the population without blame if they do it over time so as to separate cause and effect.

Myth: Social Security is going broke.
Fact: Social Security is not an accounting discipline but a Ponzi scheme. "They" can print the money so Social Security will not go broke but the "money" paid out will go broke in purchasing power.

Myth: Organized medicine is modern research and science at its best.
Fact: Organized medicine is now the third largest cause of death. This is a Malthusian dream to reduce the population under the pretense of doctoring for sickness and disease.

Myth: The germ theory of disease is the prevalent belief that disease or sickness is spread by germs or viruses outside the body.
Fact: Not so, even though there is near total deception on this. What a panacea for the drug manufacturers! The germ theory opens the way to impose millions of drug concoctions upon the people. Don’t we realize that this notion implies that every illness or sickness is drug dependent? They must be laughing at us in their inner sanctums.

Louis Pasteur championed the germ theory that sickness of the human body is external. Medical legend holds that on his deathbed, Pasteur said, "The terrain (the body) is all," but his revelation was passed off as the raving of a terminally ill man. But the genie was out of the bottle and the medical insiders had already grasped the multi-trillion dollar potential of the germ theory of disease. This is the fraudulent basis of modern medicine.

Diseases are not independent objects that have a life outside of the body. Sickness and disease develop because of malnutrition and/or toxemia within the body. References: Modern Medicine is Modern Witchcraft from a Dr. Royal Lee lecture, Ultra Prevention by Mark Hyman, M.D. and Mark Liponis, M.D., and Medical Mischief by J. H. Tilden, M.D.

Germs (bacteria) are not the cause of disease. However in their action on the dead tissues and other wastes, preparing it for elimination from the body, fever is produced. When the waste has all been chemically changed and eliminated, the germs (bacteria) disappear.

It is dead things or dead cells that fall prey to bacterial infection. Germs feast upon DEAD CELLS, never attacking living matter. Germs (bacteria) feast upon a mass only when it ceases to live. Dead flesh or dead cells fall prey to bacterial infection. Therefore, disease is not contagious.

Germs (bacteria) are a result of disease, not a cause. This cancels the notion of "contagious disease."

The positive evidence is that the purpose of germs is to break down and facilitate the elimination of poisonous material that we call infection. Disease comes first and bacteria later. This is the proper relationship of cause and effect. The germs or bacteria are scavengers. Disease or sickness develops because of unnatural living.

The false theory that disease germs are exterior to the body is the erroneous foundation of contagious disease. The whole immunization/vaccination theory is false. But this is the basis and foundation of a multitrillion dollar pharmaceutical cartel which controls all allopathic medical schools and doctors.

The medical mafia has spread their propaganda well. They have indeed deceived almost everyone. Modern medicine is a killing machine for profit.

Myth: Vitamin D is toxic above the recommended daily allowance of 400 IU.
Fact: The truth is that a deficit of vitamin D is very dangerous to your health. The truth about the need for high amounts of vitamin D has been suppressed for 100 years. This is common sense. Who do you know that ever gets any sunshine? There is no further doubt about it. People who live in northern latitudes (north of 30 degrees latitude) are much sicker people—including degenerative illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

It’s all down the memory hole now, but clinics and sanitariums a hundred years ago all recommended sunshine as a basic health restoration therapy. This was a time in American history when children went barefoot in the winter time and never had colds or flu. Modern "medical wisdom" has dumbed us down.

Myth: Tax Revenues.
Fact: There is no such thing as tax revenue with fiat currency. The government creates its own “revenue” via the printing press.

The only reason that the propaganda ministry ever uses the word "debt" or "deficit" is to keep alive by implication that legitimate accounting goes on in the Federal Government. It is all a scam. The Federal Government gets everything, including war, free and without debt or deficit.

Myth: Nominal vs. Real Dollars.
Fact: There are two kinds of dollars. One is a nominal or inflated dollar. The other is a real dollar as a constant measured by the purchasing power 60 years ago.

People who don’t understand this distinction are doomed to poverty. We don’t have any real or constant currency except gold and silver.

Myth: M3 Index of New Paper Money.
Fact: This was long used by the government as a measure of new money in circulation. But now there has been a huge step-up in creating new money. The Federal Reserve stopped this indicator so that business and the public won’t know how much new (paper) money is being created.

Myth: Income Taxes.
The American people believe that there is a law which requires them to file and pay income taxes. There is no such law, but millions pay income taxes. Why? It is very simple. The answer is deception and police power.

Fact: In truth, income taxes are not a source of income to the government. A simple question: Why does the government need your taxes when they can and do print (create) all the "money" they want?

Because income taxes (so-called) is a cover operation for the regulation of the regime of paper money. Paper money must be regulated (reduced) or it sooner than later becomes worthless. Another means of reducing the volume of money is government bonds.

Should the American people discover that income taxes is only a system of regulation, not taxation, they would understand the fraud.

The paper money scam must be concealed. The people must never find out that the government gets everything that it gets for nothing and without payment, including wars.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    H L Mencken had a rare gift for understatement. He should have lived longer, to see just how right he was on so many topics. Having said that, we owe it to ourselves to get an education in real nutrition. Read the nutrition facts on a can of this or a bag of frozen veggies. Notice how lacking the nutritients are.
    Congress has known since the ’30s that American soil has been depleted, and is severely lacking in nutrients (they are slow to act on matters, aren’t they?). You can eat more food (too expensive), OR grow your own food (good luck), OR you can take your chances and pay for bad advice from a typically uninformed MD.
    Ergo, the only practical way for most people to compensate for poor quality food and incompetent medical advice concerning nutrition is to take supplements. Either educate yourself while you can, or you can wait and grow old and learn the hard, expensive way that good health is earned. No one will ‘give’ it to you.

  • DaveH

    I agree completely SC.
    I think Bob left out one myth: “I am a government official and I am here to help you”.

    • Right wing extremist

      I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • J Balfour

      To all you anti-government people – nest time a flood, fire, hurricane, or tornado hits your town, don’t call on any government help. Next time a disease breaks out and kills hundreds, don’t call the government to help. When your retire, don’t apply for Medicare or Social Security and if you are disabled before retirement don’t call for SSDI. If you die and leave a young family, tell them not to apply for monthly Social Security survivor benefits. If you want safe food and water, safe products, and protection against bad drugs, don’t rely on the government. If you want protected from ponzi schemes, phony cures for whatever, loss of money in your savings accounts, decent roads, etc, don’t call the government. Really – most of you loud mouths are direct beneficiaries of the government you seem to hate. Kinda hypocritical, don’t you think?

      • Smilee

        Very Good Point, they are good at complaining about just about everything but have very few suggestions for bettering anything

      • eyeswideopen

        It would be interesting to see which ones parents get Medicare and all the Federal assistance you spoke of. Great point.

      • DaveH

        Sure, You’re too lazy to look out for yourself, and you believe the disinterested government employees are going to make the effort for you? Dream on.
        And If I refuse their services can I have back the over half-a-million dollars they have taken from me?

        • eyeswideopen

          Come on Dave,
          You are a fact person, you have to admit, it would be interesting to see just what the situtation is with all those who are loudly protesting anything the government provides. Personally I like my Sherrifs office, highway patrol, highways, fire dept, Coast guard, natl guard, military, teachers, colleges, fda, can’t and don’t want to give them up. plse forgive no caps as hands are really bad today. I am still reading your book, have many questions.

          • eyeswideopen

            Dave, I probably appreciate the government more, as after Andrew hit us in homestead and we were floundering, untill the military showed up, we were toast. They brought order and organization skills that the civilians lacked. Hell, we didn’t even have water. So I come from a different view point, to us they were life savers and I was glad to see them.

          • DaveH

            I found Chapter 13 especially interesting. The changing and often contradictory ways the Liberals were attacking free markets. Note, that one common theme was the growth of government. Adding the link for other interested parties:

      • Dr. smith

        Yea, Hurricane Katrina comes to mind. The Government was a big help there.

      • Stassi Parker

        And when Hurricane Katrina hit and the goverment fell flat on it’s face everyone even Fix News was yelling, Where’s FEMA! See what happens when the government doesn’t step in?
        Or, ever hear learn about the meat packing plants back in the early 20th century, or the see the photos of the coal miners? A lot of the workers were just kids in the coal mines. Yeah, that nasty government and those unions. How dare they step in and give us child labor laws and better working conditions. 5 day work weeks and overtime pay after 40 hours of work. How dare they step on capitolism like that! What were they thinking?
        I think if you took away all the services that these people say are socialism and / or government take over you would have a lot of people really angry.
        You know the other thing is, all these people cry about “Big Brother” watching every move they make, but how many of you now have a GPS in your car? Or on star? Dod you know with those systems someone knows exactly where you are? Even your cell phone has a GPS on it so as long as your phone is on someone can locate you. Government isn’t taking away your privacy technology is taking away your privacy. Anyone can hack into your email and read your love letters to your mistress in south America. Grocery stores know what you buy most often because you have a shoppers club card and the banks know where you shop because you use a credit card. This is our life and our future. Get used to it. Or discover a way to go back in time to 1895 and maybe you can get a job in a coal mine and work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week, or building the railroad across the desert for a dollar a day.
        All in all we have it pretty darn good here in the USA. If you don’t like you are free to leave.

        • CSLW

          You didn’t hear any whining for government intervention from the mid-west states during all the horrific flooding. They pitched in and helped each other….as it should be. Government is NOT the answer.

          • Tanya Peterson

            Really?! 19,000 requests for help from the federal government and 4 billion paid by the federal government to help those in the midwest.
            It just wasn’t talked about on TV news like Katrina was and affected less people because it was a less populated area.

            Levees hold back cresting Mississippi River
            Sun Jun 22, 2008 1:02pm EDT

            The Federal Emergency Management Agency had initially received more than 19,000 requests for help. U.S. government aid was expected to be in the billions of dollars.

            President George W. Bush toured some of the devastation in Iowa on Thursday, and the White House said relief would be made available from $4 billion in the government’s disaster fund.

            Flood relief was rapidly becoming a political issue in a U.S. election year. Republican presidential candidate John McCain toured Iowa on Thursday, separately from Bush, while Democratic candidate Barack Obama filled sandbags in Quincy in his home state of Illinois earlier in the week.

            Iowa’s Democratic Gov. Chet Culver asked both candidates not to visit Iowa until after the crisis had passed.

            (Writing by Andrew Stern; Editing by Peter

          • eyeswideopen

            Tanya, I had forgotten that, good info!

        • http://designwoodfloors,com Speedak


          Unfortunately those acts in the early part of the prior century are a long ago example of what government can do. Yes long ago.

          Both free markets and controlled societies are vulnerable to greed and opportunism once the reins of each become available to the greedy and opportunistic.

          It is only the good will of the individual in any system at any time that advances humanity.

      • CSLW

        The “government” takes away much more than they are ever able to “GIVE”.

        “The virtue of independence
        refers to one’s acceptance of the responsibility of using one’s own judgment for the purpose of sustaining one’s own life…
        Anyone who defaults on this responsibility
        can only live as a parasite on the thinking and effort of other people.”

        Edwin A. Locke

        “‘Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.’ We have heard that many times. What is also the price of freedom is the toleration of imperfections. If everything that is wrong with the world becomes a reason to turn more power over to some political savior, then freedom is going to erode away…. Ultimately, our choice is to give up Utopian quests or give up our freedom. This has been recognized for centuries by some, but many others have not yet faced that reality, even today. If you think government should ‘do something’ about anything that ticks you off, or anything you want and don’t have, then you have made your choice between Utopia and freedom.”
        –economist Thomas Sowell (also a Marine)

        “The most terrifying words in the English language are:
        ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”
        — President Ronald Reagan

        I choose, INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM, and SELF-RELIANCE, with personal courage, responsibility and eternal vigilance!

  • Lebo

    Yo Bob,

    Got any interesting data on how to prevent or treat type 2 diabetes?

    email me!!



    • Grits Skilbeck

      I have a product that my wife is using and helps her with her back pain. Others have said that is has helped with there cancer, and other medical conditions. This product is not sold as a health product but a supplement. If you have a fax I will fax you some information about the product. It is MAX GXL The Glutathione Accelerator. Glutathion is the worlds most powerful antioxdant and is produced by your own body. e-mail me

    • s c

      Lebo, if you’re already being treated by an MD, do yourself a BIG favor, and get that MD’s ‘track record’ in treating diabetics. You will find there are basically two classes of MD’s. The first group does what they’re told via the medical school ‘gods’[they’re content with their patients sucking down regular pop or pop that contains artificial sweeteners), and a second group that GETS RESULTS.
      You’ll also learn that a person’s total diet has much to do with controlling the disease. Diabetes is no longer a death sentence, but America has many health care ‘professionals’ who don’t like to read (a lot of that crap is going around), and they believe everything a drug company’s literature tells them. That way, they don’t have to THINK, and they make easy money in the process. Unfortunately, that incompetent, unprofessional attitude doesn’t do anything for their patients.

    • Torill Morton

      You wanted a cure for diabetes 2. Go to they have a cure for diabetes 2.

      (Didn’t see that huge reply button the first time!)

    • Stassi Parker

      Step one – find an insurance company. Oh, it’s preexisting they probably won’t cover you. Let’s start over

      Step one- quit your job
      Step two – go on welfare sign up for medicade
      Step three – go to the doctor
      Step four – follow doctors instructions

  • Walter Brown

    Reference to “no law that requires american citizens to pay income tax” Please give your explanitation of the 16th Amendment of the US Constitution.

    • DaveH

      Walter, there are theories all over the net about Income Taxes being voluntary, or that the 16th Amendment was never fully ratified by the states. But my opinion is ‘Who Cares?’. It is a system that is out of control, and ‘we the people’ need to let our representatives know that we want it abolished and replaced by a simple system that is also a fair system where everyone contributes to the government that benefits them (if it even does that) regardless of income levels. As it stands now, we (on average) spend about 4-5 months of each year working for the government. If that isn’t slavery then what is?
      It is time that we stand up and let the ‘power elite’ know that we have had enough! I believe we should insist that our representatives pass a law whereby the citizens vote for the amount of money that government can spend each year (no ifs, ands, or buts). Then the representatives can decide how that money will be spent. And there should be no government borrowing allowed.
      We have let the government blindfold us for too many years. But they aren’t going to capitulate willingly, as they like their power and money too much. We, as voters, need to remind them that they represent us, and if they don’t, they are out.

      • Stassi Parker

        What will the government pay for with the tax money they collect? Also if they can’t barrow what happens if we go to war? The Iraq war was / is faught with barrowed money. WWII was faught with barrowed money. Do you know that during and after WWII the federal deficit soared to 120% GDP? Yup, it was crazy high! That’s how the depression actually ended because the government spent soooooooooooo much money on the war that manufacturing for the war effort put so many people back to work. With so many people working the 1950′s became a pretty good time in America.
        By the way our federal deficit now is about 60% GDP. So it’s been much worse and we survived and we are still a free nation. You can leave any time you want and you won’t be stopped. Pretty cool huh?


      It was never amended. Income Tax only applies to government employees of the District of Columbia, which the government is a corporation. Are you one?

  • Mike Hansen

    I basicly agree with you, however I believe medicine began as an out
    growth of botany.The original doctors were really pharmacists who experimented with various plants to see what their effect would be on
    humans and animals. Later scientists got the courage to do autopsies on
    dead people and animals to find out what killed them. I agree that today, modern medicine is mainly a money making scam, especially the
    health insurance business which essentially cherry picks which groups it will insure, while leaving the poor (medicaid) and the old (medicare) for the taxpayers to insure.Today,we are forced to buy three
    types of coverage, workmen’s comp for while on the job, auto PIP for
    auto injuries and regular health insurance for when we’re not on the job or in a car. The whole system is a gigantic ripoff. I know, I was
    an insurance agent for 15 years with two major insurers. If we had a
    single payer plan, that covered all citizens 24-7, health insurance costs would drop like a rock, and lots of parasites would have to get a
    real job. Medicine would become preventative instead of palliative. Today, doctors make a profit only from sick people, so there is an in-
    centive to keep people sick so the profits keep rolling in.If the system were changed so that keeping people healthy was more profitable
    than keeping them sick, the whole system would change. Promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle would become the goal instead of getting rich off sick people. Government would be for the people instead of
    controlled by predatory private interests. Unfortuanely, monarchy would
    have to be the form of government, not republican democracy, in order for this to happen. Only a monarchy could restore honest money and an honest economy. It would have to be based on the Christian religion.
    Many think only the return of Jesus could accomplish this, but I am more optimistic. When this corrupt Republic falls, a Christian Monarchy
    will rise, and corruption will be rooted out. Then real progress will

    • American Citizen

      People do not go to a medical doctor unless they are sick. And men have to be dragged there. How does a doctor keep us sick? I’ve only gotten well after visiting my physician. Any doctor worth his/her salt wants the patients to get well. I remember one time I had pneumonia, and it made me feel even better when my doctor’s eyes lit up when I said I felt better and wanted to go home. He knew what was done for me had worked.

      • DaveH

        I avoid doctors with a passion, but one time my tongue was infected, then it went into my throat, and then into bad bronchitis. I thought I was going to be toast if I didn’t get medical help. So, I bit the bullet and went to a nearby emergency clinic on Christmas Eve. I knew I was going to pay more and that didn’t bother me, but I do have a pet peeve about the way doctors don’t tell you up front what the costs are going to be. So, I explicitly asked the desk nurse how much it was going to be. She said $200.00 (this was 10 years ago) . So I went back to my chair and thought about it for a while and decided ‘Okay’. The doctor saw me, listened to my chest, and looked in my throat (the usual stuff). Then he prescribed me an antibiotic. As it turns out I only had 15 minutes to make it to the only open pharmacy in town. I didn’t make it. I had to wait 1 1/2 days to get the prescribed antibiotics. By then the illness was already clearing up. Had I gotten the antibiotics on time, I would have (like anyone would) just figured the antibiotics did the trick. And then to add insult to injury, I got a separate bill from the doctor about two weeks later. It turns out that the nurse didn’t bother to tell me that the doctor charges separately.
        I’m sure not making an argument for nationalized healthcare which I know would be disastrous for our country, but I don’t think doctors should be idolized either.

        • American Citizen

          Dave, you made my point that most men have to think they are in danger of dying before they’ll go to a doctor. When my husband had his first major stoke, he knew before he went to bed that evening that something was going on but didn’t say anything. The next morning his left leg wouldn’t work right. He kept trying to shake it off. I went to the phone and talked to our doctor. He told me to tell him to sit down and call the emergency squad to take him to the hospital. We lived across the street from the hospital, but the doctor didn’t want my husband to even walk that far. He was taken to the ER, then by ambulance to a major hospital in Cincinnati. He was having a stroke and lost his left side. With therapy, he regained enough use that he didn’t need an “aide”, i.e. a cane or walker, went back to work as a supervisor in the maintenance dept of our local hospital. He was only 50 years old then and retired at 65. One day he said he had a stomachache that wouldn’t go away. The next day I made him go to see our primary care doctor. She wouldn’t even let him come back home and had him admitted into our hospital right away. He was given a CT scan which showed he had a large stomach aortic aneurysm. He was transferred immediately to a large hospital in Indianapolis. He had surgery the next morning to repair the aneurysm. He was very fortunate that it did not rupture and kill him. In “07 he had a minor stroke in the same area as the first one. He didn’t realize he had one, but I could tell he wasn’t “right” and made an appointment with our doctor. When I told her the symptoms, she took him right in. He wasn’t hospitalized this time, but with her instructions and medications she prescribed, he recovered. Last year he had a fall and suffered a crushed vertebra. He spent 3 days once again in a hospital in Indy, then a month in a nursing home here for therapy. After he returned home, he had Home Care for a couple of weeks. He has slowed down quite a bit as far as his walking, but still gets around. We’ve had to battle some mild depression and he got over it. He also has had bypass surgery, and stents. We’re fortunate to have him still with us.
          I, myself, have been battling breast cancer for 12 years for which the initial treatments affected my heart. I went into fibrillation and now take a little pill every morning first thing to keep it in rhythm. That was several years ago. Fortunately, we’ve had insurance while working and Medicare now to take care of all of this. But we never have received anything but the best of care. It has cost us some money, but not enough to “break” us.

          • http://aol Don

            Citizen, my heart goes out for you and your family. Boy, has anyone had more bad luck than your husband? He has made it with your help. May God help you with better health.
            I noticed Dave and sc ignored your statement, but they are cold people. I say this because they give the most input in these conversations, and I can tell you enjoy their opinion.

          • John

            I think this illustrates the point of natural health with what information you’ve provided. It sounds like you and your husband are malnourished as a healthy body doesn’t develop things like a stroke or cancer unless the environment is there for it to take hold. There is also an emotional component to disease that hasn’t been addressed on this web site. I would look into German New Medicine for help with your cancer.

          • eyeswideopen

            American, you make me glad that my taxes help pay for Medicare. I am sorry for you numerous health issues, but am so happy to hear that you receive excellent care…I can tell you love your husband very much and congrats on being married for so long.

          • DaveH

            Sorry to hear about your misfortune.

        • Stassi Parker

          Now Dave, please remind everyone that you don’t have health insurance. So maybe if you actually had coverage you would have gone to the doctor earlier and gotten taken care of and wouldn’t of had to suffer.
          It’s your own fault you waited so long to get treatment.
          and it’s your own fault you waited until a major holiday on top of that. Anyone with half a brain would know that a pharmancy will be close early on Christmas Eve.
          Also, the clinics don’t get the best and brightest doctors. And the reason it cost so much, well that’s because so many people go there that simply can’t pay. Therefore they collect it from the ones that can. So all those other sick people that were in there that night should thank you for paying their bill too. Ha!
          As far as getting better before the meds kicked in. You were lucky. It is true we don’t need meds for everything. Some people can fight things off with out them. If they couldn’t we wouldn’t be here. Antibiotics became widely used during the 1940′s? So before that people faught it off naturaly. But a lot didn’t either and many people died from simple illness that we get now. So you didn’t need the meds that time, but maybe next time you will.
          One last thing, don’t blame the system for your stupidity. If you had gone to the doctor early you could have avoided the whole episode and gotten away with a simle office visit fee.

    • s c

      Mike, a ‘Christian Monarchy’ (whatever that is) is not going to happen. I don’t say that lightly, and I don’t say it to make you mad. It is the truth. I don’t know any polite way to say this, but what we call ‘religion’ was infiltrated long ago. There is no major religion in America that is not apostate. Religion in the US is a business. It is part of the same mentality that has destroyed party politics. It has deprived America from leadership in every field, and it is responsible for the power whores who infest Washington.
      Name a so-called ‘leader’ in ANY field, and you’ll be talking about someone who has sold out. I know this sounds a bit far-fetched, but if you’ve re-educated yourself, you will know that what is at stake is world-wide freedom vs. slavery. Even with a ‘score card,’ it’s very hard to identify the good guys (and avoid the bad guys) – [H L Mencken said volumes about the difference between what we see and what we need to see]

      • DaveH

        It is inherent for human beings to strive to better their own conditions. For instance, we usually think we should make more money at our jobs, pay less for our automobiles, etc. So, we can expect that sort of behavior from our leaders. They are going to look out for themselves first, and look out for us second (if at all). It is up to the citizens to recognize that fact and ride herd on them. If we want to live free, then we need to quit looking to the government for our every problem and carefully scrutinize those who we elect to represent us.
        I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but maybe others will benefit from this comment.

    • Suzanne

      Hi Mike first time for me
      I learned a long tome ago that I am in charge of me, I told my md was to help me my way. I am diabetic[no drugs. and high bllod pressure, no drugs] WE MUST TAKE CONTROL

  • Scorp3j

    Obama’s stimulus has failed to accomplish anything but the printing of new money. It has raised unemployment to a true 16%, ballooned the deficit, driven up interest rates, and is dead certain to trigger Carter-style hyperinflation.

    • John

      You can control and make the people more dependant on handouts when you don’t have a job and need the government for subsidies.

  • TeresaE

    Nicely done Bob.

    Sadly, those that most need to see the truth are to firmly ensconced in the deception that they refuse to peek behind the veil.

    The fall of the Roman Empire was a time of bread and circuses to keep the public from seeing the destruction.

    History repeats itself.

    And the band plays on.


  • John C. Davidson

    Quite possibly, more and more of the populous has come to the same conclusions stated by you and we all hope the storm of ongoing protests brings about the same results that brought about the “Bill of Rights.

  • Jim

    What makes you think that what Livingston is saying here is not propaganda. It is also mostly nonsense. Be duped if you will, but acknowledge, you are being duped.

    • DaveH

      Some of it may be wishful thinking. But I know for a fact that government spending is out of control, and the only time representatives care about their constituents is when they are in danger of losing their jobs. Take Arlen Specter as an example. He is doing every weird thing he can in a ridiculous attempt to keep his job. Why would anyone work so hard to keep a job unless the power and pay and benefits are very good. The truth is the real dupes are the ones who can’t see that government has taken on a life of its own and doesn’t obey the main law of the land. As Hitler said “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think”.

      • DaveW

        Right on, DavH !! JBalfour needs to do some real thinking. The governemnt sets us up to be dependent. They try to keep us poor and stupid. Public schools are propaganda mills. Between the FDA and the drug companies who are committing genoside under the guise of healing being the third leading cause of death in this country. Today’s government is doing much to go against the protection we have in the Constitution. Our governments at all levels are self serving. Why don’t more people think?? With the devaluation of the dollar and since WWII it has required many families forced to have two incomes mainly that of the wife. They go to work in the morning, come home tired and then have to keep up with family and home maintence. When do they have time to read and think?? This is government (Federal Reserve Bank Zionist controlled)controlled dollar devaluation. Our government is not out friend, it is our adversary. I wonder what the thinking will be when we are forced to accept a swine flu vaccination?

      • DaveW

        I forgot to mention the suggestion that Bob might be putting out propaganda. If you can’t listen to Bob, who can you listen to? The Bob Livingston Newsletter is one of the best and to heed his warnings and suggestions will put you further on the road of life in spite of all the stumbling blocks thrown in our path. Keep up the good work Bob. My hat is off to you.

  • Faye Durham

    In Genesis 1:29-30, God gives to mankind every plant and tree for “food”. The actual Hebrew word translated as food is “oklah” which literally means that which is eaten which includes that which is consumed for calorie needs as well as medicines.

    It is clear from the Bible, that God intended that the oils of plants be used for many purposes.

    As my mentor, Gary Young says, “If you don’t see healing within a few minutes, you are not using the right essential oil.”

  • DaveH

    Great slogan from Tea Party in Flagstaff, Arizona:
    “Go Green, Recycle Congress”

  • Torill Morton

    This is for Lebo. You wanted a cure for diabetes 2. Go to they have a cure for diabetes 2.

  • Ted

    Yes Bob Livingston I agree with you THE ANSWERE IS DECEPTION and on your statement on myth/fact about income tax ( as well as most of your other myth/fact baloney — THE DECEPTION IS YOURS —
    This is the 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution “Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration”

    • s c

      Can you justify taxation without representation? Our ‘leaders’ are ignoring very old lessons on many topics. Printing money that doesn’t exist is only one sign of a corrupt government. Having access to health care that the rest of us can only dream about makes it obvious that the law protects those who govern, and that the American people are in chains.
      I see no reason to respect such laws when our ‘leaders’ think they are entitled to do anything they want, and NEVER have to justify their anti-American, unconstitutional and immoral behavior.
      We do NOT send people to Washington so they can act like sociopaths, criminals and traitors. The pots are boiling, and it’s time to turn up the heat, Ted.

      • eyeswideopen

        sc, we have representation. It might not be good, due to the last 12 years but I’m sure you helped put them there, so be pro active and vote them out.

  • Ed Irby

    Many believe that all of what our federal government does today it has always done. Someone earlier told us “anti-government” people just wait until the next time there is a flood, disease outbreak or other natural disaster. They said don’t apply for Social Security or Medicare. Don’t expect safe food and drugs.

    The federal government was not such a huge part of our lives or our economy, an intrusion into our lives until around the middle of the 20th Century. Prior to that time natural disasters were handled at the state and local level. People were not bailed out to move back into areas of great hazard only to have tax dollars bail them out again a few years latter. We have all paid hard earned money into Social Security and Medicare but neither was designed in the beginning to cover everyone; both started as a safety net or so we were told. So called safety regulations have done one thing increased costs. One might think that the USA is the most environmentally irresponsible country in the world, yet we have done more to clean up and protect the environment than all other countries combined. Our environment is cleaner today than it was fifty years ago, a fact few other countries can say. The cost to remove large particulate matter from smoke stacks cost trillions of dollars. Yet the two largest countries in the world have no such controls; nor will they attempt to control green house gases as we crush our own economy and way of life chasing the mythical beast of global warming.

    The problem is Americans have become addicted to big government, exactly what many on the left have wanted all along. The more dependent we are on government the more control they have and ultimately can take over all aspects of our lives. Nationalized health care and the latest energy bill if passed as written may just be the nail in the coffin of US capitalism, freedom and liberty.

    • DaveH

      Well said Ed.

    • Jerry M

      Excellent point Ed! Of course they’ll say, “Arn’t you gonna deny your Social Security check then?”.

      Hey, I GET social security, and they can give me back all I paid in and I’ll invest it and be quite fine thank you. None of it will go to Social security offices, staff, equipment, databases, servers, or illeagals- What a bummer! I’m not against government completely, but somewhere along the line we lost control over ours and now they spend just because they can.

      Speaking of deficits, wars and disasters COULD be funded if our government SAVED for such things- What a concept huh? Problem is our government is so inefficient, they don’t know the meaning of the word. It sure is easy to spend other peoples money… There are so many people working in government these days that none dare oppose more government spending. So government has become sort of self suffiecient, until it chokes the working class to death. How sad for them/us.



    • American Citizen

      You must have good genes. Certain “conditions” such as artery and heart problems run in my husband’s family. He had a brother die of a heart condition, and a sister who has had both heart valves replaced. Cancer ran on both sides of my parents’ families, so I was not surprised when I got it. ;My mother died of cancer at age 39 and my father at age 73. My brother has prostate cancer. You can do everything right and still have a major health problem if your body is predisposed to it. Luckily, we have all had good doctoring and all of us are in our 70′s and still able to enjoy life. Unfortunately, my sister died at age 58 due to a pulmonary blood clot. I still miss her.

      • John

        Again- the emotional component is not being addressed. Obviously the same issues on both sides of the family are not resolved so of course you are going to get cancer and you weren’t even surprised because you were expecting it. Our bodies were made to heal themselves and there are protective things our bodies do automatically and we call it cancer or heart disease or whatever other disease label. Genes have nothing to do with diesase as genes can be changed.

        • American Citizen

          I think our bodies are programmed when we are born. Otherwise, why do babies get cancer. Some are born with it Also other diseases such as MD, MS, etc. They have proven that for some diseases or conditions, both parents have to have the gene. It is rare for women to be colorblind, yet we have a daughter-in-law who is and has been all her life. Our son makes sure she is “color coordinated” when she dresses. And of course she’s not allowed to drive.
          You can’t blame everything on emotions. We’ve tried to eat right, exercise, etc. all our lives, yet get these things when we get older. There is history of cancer on both sides of my family, yet I’m the only one who has gotten breast cancer. We know we’re not going to get out of this life alive, something is going to take us if only old age. There’s a joke that says, “eat natural foods, exercise naturally and die of natural causes.”

          • DaveH

            I am a health food nut myself as I have had CFIDS for the last 33 years and can’t afford to take any chances. Both you and John have valid points. As a physiology professor once told me “You can abstain from sugar and caffiene and smoking and drinking. You may not live any longer, but it will sure seem like it!”
            We are all individuals and each of us should be free to determine our own courses in life. The government has no business protecting us from ourselves.

      • DaveW

        American Citizen, I am from a family of 5 brothers including mw and two sisters. I was the first one to have open heart surgery to replace the mitral valve. My whole family thought I would be the first one to die. I am now 80 and have lived 3 years longer then my 4 brothers and a sister. Heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and disbetes run in my family. I believe my heart disease is the result of stress overload. All of my dead sibs quit smoking long before they died. I don’t approve of smoking but I was hooked on nicotine at age 12 before we knew the rigors of smoking. The addiction is so ingained, I still smoke. My only health problems are heart disease from stress and enphysema from smoking, both controlable with intelligent action. I am a health nut and have been studying altenatives for over 50 years and take as many preventives as I can afford and give credit for my longivity to this effort. I do not believe as do you that the body is predisposed to what you claim. Give the body what it needs, stop giving what it don’t need and those members of your family stand a good chance of being alive and healthy.

      • Jerry M

        How funny you apply Robinsons good health to good genes but your own families health to “good doctoring”. Fact is, genes & environment work together to provide health to the body, this is called “Epigenetic theory”. So by taking certain supplements (those that protect against DNA damage), eating certain foods, or having a healthy lifestyle (ie. exercising, stretching, stress reduction activities, optimistic thinking, etc.) you will innevitably live longer and healthier then you otherwise would, thus reducing your need for surgery, which in most cases, if your following the above noted proceedure, should only be structural. There is no question that our society is over dependent on Doctors.

        There are, however, serious genetic and viral diseases that we need to continue to research and develope new and novel ways of treating. To believe that there is no good reason at all to see a Doc is just pain foolishness. At the same time to believe that the only good cure is one which comes from a doctor is pure nonsense. Every medicine studied and accepted has been done so in a PLACEBO controled study. The fact that the placeebo effect applies to all medicine tells you the power of simple belief. Faith can indeed move mountains.

  • DaveH

    UnF’nBelievable. Now the government wants to regulate the Internet. Who could possibly believe that these Know-Nothings are going to bring efficiency and protection to the Internet? They are undoubtably aiming at censorship. We need to contact our Representatives and let them know now that we won’t tolerate government involvement with the Internet:

    • s c

      DaveH, for those who love freedom, the message is short and simple. We can put NOTHING past this herd of criminals, traitors, slavers, power whores and perverts. It was inevitable that they would dream up a reason to corrupt the internet [it's not that we're intelligent or caring. it's just that WE KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU UNWASHED PEONS].
      Read the Constitution. These power-hungry vermin will challenge every constiutional right we have. They will try anything, as long as they think they can get away with it. They hate everything that is good. They will never rest until they control everyone and everything. Know your enemy, DaveH.
      These ‘people’ are enemies of the world.

    • s c

      DaveH, I checked out the site. This bill is an Orwellian blend of words that can be twisted in many ways (none of them good). When these Nazis talk about free flow, cadre, and disruption, don’t assume they have our best interests in mind. This is THE Constitution-hating administration of all time. Couple the wording of the bill with legions of proven career criminals in Congress who don’t like to waste their precious time READING anything, and you have yet another perfect storm.
      You can trace internet interference and e mail intercepts back to Bubba Clinton and his merry band of freedom-haters (they involved the Australian government to do it).
      As I said earlier, put NOTHING past these ‘people.’ They smell blood in the water. They want nothing less than to shackle us with their ‘compassion,’ unconstitutional czars, social justice (more like a terminal social disease), constant social engineering, ‘transparency,’ ‘change,’ and their diabolical compulsion to ‘give’ us a living hell on earth. NEVER turn your back on the offspring of Adolf Hitler, DaveH.

  • Losea

    Thanks Bob, People we need to stop this government now and their deception and lies. Speak up with a NO WE WON’T sticker and shout it loud and clear that we will NOT take it anymore. Time is running short- do not allow them to make you run scared. Enough is enough.

  • mario – streamwood IL

    I almost believe this article until Livingston says “The American people believe that there is a law which requires them to file and pay income taxes. There is no such law, but millions pay income taxes.” Then he blew all credibility.

    How does he explain Wesley Snipes?

    Now I don’t know which of the other points he made in this article are facts or myths in themselves.

    How ironic. Livingston writes an article to expose facts and myths and in the process, creates his own myth(s).

    I wish people like Livingston will stop exaggerating and stop stretching the truth. They are only hurting their own cause.

    • DaveH

      How do you know he’s not telling the truth? Have you done an exhaustive search on the creation of the 16th Amendment? You don’t believe that government is capable of contempt of its citizens? They love people like you.

      • eyeswideopen

        mario, made some good points, don’t be so mean in your tone, he doesn’t know you yet. You are the expert give him some of your links. Then discuss it… converts are made with patience.

        • DaveH

          You are right, Eyes. I just get mad when people attack other people for their ideas, so I tend to give them some of their own medicine. You will notice that I am very cordial to those who debate with ideas instead of ridicule.

          • Smilee

            You want to point out those posts that you where cordial in as I have never seen one where you where cordial or have I ever seen you engage in debate of any issue without changing the subject or going out on a tangent. You never stay on topic so we cannot have an honest debate with you

  • DaveH

    Here are some people who are waking up to the reality of the “Democrat Dream”. I haven’t seen this mentioned much on the news, even Foxnews. This is unbelievable. The Democrats can’t stand for anyone getting away from the dumbing-down of the propaganda schools.

  • s c

    DaveH, homeschooling is the BEST education option for parents. The mid-states may be the only area where a parent can still expect a fair chance for kids to get a basic education.
    The larger states (population centers) are living proof of the FAILURE of public education. I have been on ‘both sides of the desk,’ and my opinions are grounded in reality. B O did America a favor when he enrolled his kids in a PRIVATE school. The clear message is ‘my kids are too good to be in a public school.’ The rest of his implied message is clearly ‘YOUR kids deserve public school.’
    It is unAmerican to have faith in an ‘education’ system that wastes money and lives. This prez REFUSES to practice the crap dogma that he and his warped political chippies have PREACHED for so many decades. Only a self-made psychotic can’t see through this disgusting charade. CAN AMERICANS SAY H Y P O C R I S Y and ENOUGH?

    • Tanya Peterson

      Yeah, Then your kids end up being 16 years old. No friends of their own and only a few friends you allow them to have. Of course they will have no idea how to interact with other people because you kept them with you 24/7 and they will never learn how to be independant until they are like 18.
      Public schools are not the problem. Its parents that don’t give a crap about their kids.

      • s c

        Have you ever been a teacher? In public school, education and teaching are not to be mentioned in the same breath. It is a pathetic process that has very little to do with real education. It is a socialization process that helps create a socialist mentality. More and more, it is a dumbing-down process that makes it possible for people like comrade obama to get into politics and into the White House.
        Home schooling works. It produces the cream of the mental talent pool in America.
        University recruiters who look for the REAL best and brightest look at home-schooled teens first. I support any parent who sees through the public education veneer. Aside from the fact that public education produces a mediocre ‘product,’ it is also a tremendous burden and it wastes resources. If you got a public school education decades ago – or longer – you should have had a good education. Today, you’re not only whizzing up a tree and hoping for the best, you’re punishing your kids in the process. Public education is a monumental GOVERNMENT FAILURE. It is no better than the ‘wars’ on cancer, drugs, poverty and LBJ’s ‘great society.’ Public education and liberalism must be eliminated.

      • eyeswideopen

        Tayna, you hit it right on the head…Parents need to participate.

      • DaveW

        It requires a public education for kids to be able to interact with other people??? Are you speaking from experience or conjecture?? Do you think that home schooled kids spend their life in a cage?? Do you know the definition of a friend or between that of an acquaintance??? Most public school kids leave without any friends but merely acquaintances that are soon forgotten. Granted, parents are a big part of the problem. The majority are not thinkers, they are pleasure seekers. They assume freedom is free. Freedom has a price and one of the prices is vidualance. Unless you have experienced what you preach, don’t preach.

        • Tanya Peterson

          Kids need to go to school! You want your teachers college educated but home schoolers who often times have no college degree think they can do better. They teach their kids what they want to and not always what they need. Plus school teaches kids how to interact with other people. They even learn how to interact with people they don’t like or that have different opinions. By keeping your kids home all the time and not letting them expirence the real world you are hurting them. They end up readinf blogs by people like Bob Livingston and believing everything he writes to be true.

          • s c

            What you’ve done is to make a strong case for homeschooling. Thanks! First, a public school can be very dangerous place (how many years have ‘experts’ had to make schools safe?). Second, public education is an incredibly expensive joke. Third, you’ve never been a teacher. Fourth, maybe on your planet kids are kept ‘at home’ all the time. Fifth, NO ONE forces you to look at Livingston’s web site. Sixth, from what you said in your feedback, ‘ha’ might be indicative of your vocabulary. It truly says much about your knowledge of the topic.
            In short, Tanya P, what you don’t know about homeschooling keeps you ignorant. You may have a good chance to be the next education czar. Comrade obama needs all the ‘talent’ he can get.



    • eyeswideopen

      No! did someone pass the Patriot Act with us looking?


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