My… What Big Ears You Have, Disney!


A year ago, it might’ve been cool. What child doesn’t want to hear Mickey Mouse say “Happy birthday, Johnny!” without first having to be prompted by Mom and Dad. It’s the magic of Disney, after all.

magicbands0103Only in today’s post-National Security Agency scandal world, it isn’t cool. In fact, it’s downright creepy.

Disney plans to roll out its new MagicBands later this year. Here’s how the company describes its tracking devices:

MagicBands can also be read by long-range readers to deliver amazing personalized experiences, as well as provide information that helps us improve the overall experience in our parks. You don’t have to do anything beyond being nearby to interact with long-range readers. They just work–like magic!

Magic? Try radio frequency technology.

What’s next? Will Big Brother pass out armbands for us all to wear? It’s a small world, after all.

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