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My No. 1 Cure For Depression — CNN

August 25, 2010 by  

My No. 1 Cure For Depression — CNN

Have you been in a dark mood, feeling sad, listless and depressed about such things as oil spills, the war in Afghanistan or the economy? If so, I have the perfect prescription for you — watch CNN.

It turns out that the causes of depression are many and varied and include independent thought as well as accessing information from outside the mainstream. Fortunately I have found that watching network news, especially news from CNN, one to two hours a day can do wonders to clear up depression.

You see CNN is like a soothing ointment for a troubled soul. It’s the network that provides promises of a better tomorrow while proclaiming that things could be far worse. Once you see video from places like Haiti and Pakistan you understand that it is those countries that have something to be depressed about.

How CNN Helped Cure My Depression
But CNN does more than just show how bad things are elsewhere. It also tells us how much better things are becoming here.

Take the oil spill for example. Earlier this summer I was depressed over the fact that BP had leaked some 5 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. There were a lot of dire predictions for the environment and for the economy in the region. But just a few weeks ago White House energy adviser Carol Browner went on CNN to say that a new assessment found that about 75 percent of the oil has been captured, burned off, evaporated or broken down in the Gulf. Voila; problem solved. Thanks CNN!

And that’s not all. This month CNN broadcast a photograph of a smiling President Barack Obama and his daughter Sasha taking a dip in the Gulf waters off Alligator Point in Panama City Beach, Fla. CNN admits it wasn’t present for the swim, but says the photo conveys the message that the White House wants to send: The Gulf Coast is repaired and open for business.

I had to force from my mind the image of the movie Jaws when Mayor Larry Vaughn orders his assistant into the water to impress upon the town folks just how safe things are. Fortunately I was able to eradicate these negative thoughts.

Mission Accomplished… Again!
Watching CNN can make you feel better about a great many things. For example the war in Iraq has caused me a lot of anxiety over the past eight years. When I was writing Outstanding Investments I got in a lot of hot water with my readers and one of my editors for opposing that war and calling it unwinnable. It turns out that I was wrong: Twice in fact.

The first time was in May 2003 when CNN and the other networks carried President George W. Bush’s victory speech from the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. Above the President was a giant banner titled, “Mission Accomplished.”

The second time was just this month when Obama gave a television address declaring victory in Iraq and announced that troops there will begin to withdraw next year. According to CNN, “The military is continuing its drawdown ahead of Obama’s Aug. 31 deadline for ending all combat operations and keeping a residual force of 50,000 with a mission limited to stability operations and advising and assisting Iraqi security forces.” (Emphasis added)

And the “world’s leader in news” had more good news, reporting that Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh had said while the Iraqi Army might not be fully ready to handle security by the end of 2011, that does not mean the alternative means keeping U.S. troops longer. Neither al-Dabbagh nor CNN said what that alternative is so I can only conclude that my parents were wrong; you can have your cake and eat it too.

Blue Skies Ahead
With my fears about the Gulf Coast and Iraq having been eased I have only a few other concerns, such as the direction of the economy and global warming.

But here again CNN helped. They were on hand last week when Obama touted his administration’s clean energy initiatives, saying tax credits and loans would help create 800,000 jobs by 2012.

CNN showed the President after he toured the ZBB Energy Corporation plant in Menomonee Falls, Wis. It was CNN carrying Obama’s speech telling workers that their jobs manufacturing renewable batteries and power systems were part of a necessary transition of the U.S. economy.

“We can’t turn back. We’ve got to keep going forward,” Obama said to resounding applause caught on CNN microphones. Then we got to hear more from the President: “You’re pointing us in the right direction. And I am confident about our future because of what I have seen at this plant.”

The company is using a $1.3 million Recovery Act State Energy Program loan to help fund a $4.5 million factory renovation. Obama said the renovation is expected to result in the hiring of 80 new workers and triple the capacity of the manufacturer’s renewable power and storage systems.

CNN delivered Obama’s message that the American workers are resilient enough to emerge stronger than ever from a decade-long manufacturing decline and an economic recession. Not only that, we are going to get a cleaner, greener world to boot.

Now I know CNN may be hard medicine for some of you to swallow. Furthermore I don’t want you to just take my word that CNN will not only make you feel better. The Aug. 10 editorial page of The Boston Globe told CNN’s critics to “back off” and called the network, “the best hope for a revival of traditional news values on cable.”

The Globe also said that Fox News and MSNBC can’t be trusted because of their partisan leanings:

CNN’s rivals, Fox and MSNBC, have chosen to preach to the converted, fueling a culture of outrage and denunciation. Their effects on American political dialogue have been widely noted, and widely condemned.”

The Globe even gave the thumbs-up to Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker, who are replacing Campbell Brown’s evening news program, pointing out that the two would make a very good pair: “Another Crossfire this won’t be: Spitzer and Parker will probably be unpredictable and sometimes contrarian.”

One can only hope that on this last point The Globe is wrong. For if CNN becomes unpredictable and heaven forbid, contrarian, it will no longer assuage my fears and worries. Things are so bad I would hate to start having to deal with the truth.

Before I sign off I need to leave you with a warning. If you do decide to begin a daily regimen of CNN you will have to closely monitor your level of viewing. For example, people who watch more than an hour a day of Anderson Cooper 360 can experience sudden mood changes, the most common of which is feelings of self-righteousness.

And never exceed more than three hours viewing in a 24-hour time period as this can lead to psychological disorders, such as schizophrenia, in which the logic center in your brain tells you that things are a mess but the cerebral cortex insists that things are not only fine but getting better all the time.

Yours for real wealth and good health,

John Myers
Myers’ Energy and Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • s c

    Mr. Myers, I live far enough out in the boonies that CNN isn’t part of my daily TV fare. Neither are Beck or Limbaugh.
    I’m glad CNN helps you get through the day. It comes as news to me that TV can function as a form
    of therapy, but with this hooligan administration, anything that helps people cope with what’s being rammed down our throats should be thought of as an asset.

    • kate8

      So, CNN is now trying to market themselves as “non-partisan” and “neutral”?

      I guess they’re grasping at straws since they’ve been so long in the tank and have been circling the drain.

      LOL. When pigs fly.

    • BrotherPatriot

      LoL…thanks for the morning comedy, Mr. Meyers. Sitting here drinking my wake up coffee, I almost choked as I first started reading.

      Even though it’s not really a laughing matter…there are times we all need a break from the cerebral stress that comes from knowing what is really happening to us & our country.

      I relate this to when my boat crew during BUD’s hell week was paddling in the middle of the night out in the ocean. We all were very cold, wet, tired and paddling in silence. I honestly don’t recall what triggered us…either a humorous comment or one of us farted…but what stands out to me now & what I remember is suddenly all of us were just howling with laughter. We laughed long and so hard that we couldn’t paddle anymore. It was one of those moments in life you just never forget and we all felt the better for it. Wiping tears from our eyes and feeling lighter for it…we pulled it together & finished the “around the world” paddle and for most of us…the rest of the training right to graduation.

      I recon that your article fits into a simular bracket as my analogy. At least for me it does.

      Personally, I don’t even watch the main stream news anymore. I find it to hard to stomach the lies.

      • Christin

        Yes, I too enjoyed the early evening comedy, Mr. Myers, sitting here drinking my banana-mango smoothie.
        I knew you couldn’t be serious about CNN (which I don’t watch because it frustrates the heck out of me even when I see the smallest of recorded snipets), so I took the bait and read to see what you were up to… good job!
        Thanks again for the chuckle… I need a bunch of those.

    • Larry C.

      S.C. Please re-read the article, and come back and make another comment if you will. I really think that if you had read the artilce the way that I and maybe a lot of other people have read it–HE IS MAKING A JOKE ABOUT HOW CNN IS HOW THEY ARE ALWAYS TO A DAY TELLING PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY WATCH THEM HOS GREAT IT IS UNDER THIS ADMINISTRATION. YUCK–YUCK!!!!!!

      Larry C.

    • Barb BLV

      I think you missed the sarcasim in this article. This is a “Spin” zoone that CNN has created. They are living in fantasy land if they are trying to paint this rosy. For a real look at what is going on, tune into Fox. They have all sides peortrayed. It make make you angry, but the truth of reality is on their air.

      • Barb BLV

        “Spin zone” (correction)

        • Barb BLV

          “portrayed (sorry typing too

  • Sutekh

    It’s a great article.

    CNN is better than Dennis Miller’s shtick on SNL.

  • http://Internetexplorerforwindows Schoolteacher

    Yep, the vision of MSNBC and FOX, together on the same line of print evokes a picture of a large confident Great Dane, next to a yapping, snarling, toy poodle.

  • Dean

    CNN? That was good for a laugh. CNN is a joke at best, another one of Obummer’s lapdogs. FOX News truly is fair and balanced. Wake up and smell the toast.

    • JRC

      Fox news is as biased as it gets…if you can’t see that you are a true brainwashed sheep. Not that any other are any better but to call FOX fair and balanced is short sighted…take of your blinders and go read the news and get different opinions from not only the US but outside…you are being let by your political minders by your nose ring all the way to the slaughter house and go willingly….

      • Dan Burke

        You willing see Fox News slant? But not of the other news media? Fox News declares that they are fair and balanced and you dispute it? As you should. But don’t the other media outlets also imply that they are fair and balanced in the news too? They just point out Fox News dominant lean to the “right.” So by pointing out Fox News to the right, you then assume that everyone else is in the middle? Some of us find the rest of the media to be far, far to the left. So we accept that Fox News is not actually in the middle but believe their slogan of fair and balanced because we happen to think they come far closer to that even though they are on the right side of the line between “right and left.”

        Think of it this way, “old school” 3D glasses worked by having one lens tinted red and the other blue. Blue lines through the red lens could be seen but would disappear on the blue side. The reverse would be true of the red lines. By taking clever advantage of the associated color shifts of the two different lenses, your eyes would see two slightly different images just like we do normally and the mighty brain interprets this into a 3D representation of spacial relationships. Well, say you use only one color of lens. You would see everything through that one color shift. Now someone else is sharing the same stories from a completely different point of view than you are used to. Say you see everything through the blue lens and they see everything through the red lens. Then everything they describe is going to be different than what you are used to. Of course, if someone were actually using one lens of each, then both you with you blue lens and the person with the red lens might not recognize the world they describe. To you they would sound a lot like the red lens person while the red lens person might think they sound a lot like a blue lens person…. or a third option is that they are not like either option but giving us the opportunity to use our mighty stagnant brains to try and put together an image in 3D, complete with spatial relationships. I don’t think Fox News really truly gives us a 3D view of the world we live in. I would have to agree with you that they are to the right of things, but they come closer than all the media that seems to see the world through one shade of lens (progressive).

        • JRC

          No, read again, I say ALL are slanted either to the right or left, there are no real middle ground outlets. What I am saying is NEVER ever take anything from any news source for granted….I know many people that say they only watch FOX because they are the only ones that are unbiased and true….and I say if you believe this you are a sheep…NONE of them are unbiased and none of them presents the truth all the time…In order to get all the information we have to look at all the sources..

          • Norm

            Fox is very muched biased to the right. MSNBC is highly biased to the left. CNN, frankly, is pretty close to center. I watch them all, but have to laugh when the neocons say Fox, Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity are pitching reality.

          • http://gunner689 gunner689

            Norm: I know that you libs like to throw around the word ” neo-con “; it makes you sound grown up and educated. Do you know what that word means? In case you don’t, I’ll help you. It means New Conservative.
            Virtually all the conservatives I know have been that way since they were weened off the tit. Most have been conservative for 30 plus years. Is that considered New ? Someone once said that a liberal is just a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet. It’s amazing how someone’s view point changes when they get a taste of the real world and watch half their income go out the window in taxes.

          • Norm

            Neocon means new conservative and that’s just what they (you) are. I was a happy Republican for most of my life (officially still am Republican). I always thought of myself as being quite conservative. You should have heard my kids when they were growing up.
            What we have now are extremists claiming to be conservatives. It’s like Pat Robertson, or the late Jerry Falwell calling themselves Christians. Words have different meanings to different folks.

      • Patrick

        As a viewer of a wide array of broadcast media outlets, it never fails to amaze me as to how the credibility attacks on Fox News is supported regarding their “fair and balanced” claim. In each and every pundit’s show, there is a democrat / liberal counterpoint to the conservative position. However, Rachel Maddow and Keith Obermann, for example have, to the best of my knowledge, never had a conservative on their shows to counterpoint the position that they and their kind hold. Therefore, I can only conclude that you JRC are a follower of the MSNBC mind set and are part of the problem. What liberals fail to understand is this: Independents such as me now see the tact oft times used by those espousing this political philosophy, which is to denounce and decry the opposition but offer absolutely no evidence in support of their position. Their mere word, like the president’s is to be taken as fact without any further examination into the claim. Case in point. Mr. Obama, in declaring himself to be a “Christian” told of this grandfather’s Muslim affiliation. He therefore was able to move the allegation back even further in his paternal heritage. He merely stated that his father was probably an agnostic. He then went on to tell about his “Christian” beliefs but did not tell of how he came about those beliefs notwithstanding being raised in the largest Islamic nation in the world, Indonesia. He went even further to declare a religious influence by Judaism yet field to mention even so much as one incident as to what created this influence. The pundits on CNN and MSNBS were tripping over themselves as the how wonderfully Mr. Obama dispelled the “Muslim” affiliation of which he is perceived to be a member. I remained wholly unconvinced. Only when there is some intelligent counterpoint discussion can the real truth of the matter be exposed. So far, only FOX produces this result.

        • NormP

          IF and I mean IF Obama was a true believer in Jesus Christ converted from Islam then where is the call from the Islamic community for his death? Born a Muslim and taught in a Muslim school is evidence enough for me that he is accepted as a Muslim by the Muslim community. The Christianity he claims is NOT the Christianity I have found taught by Jesus in the scriptures written by the Jewish believers (not Mohammad). This is a major reason I believe he is still accepted by the Islamic community, they KNOW what true Christianity is and what they see is no concern to them … if it was, Obama would probably be dead instead of President of the USA.

      • Patrick

        As a viewer of a wide array of broadcast media outlets, it never fails to amaze me as to how the credibility attacks on Fox News is supported regarding their “fair and balanced” claim. In each and every pundit’s show, there is a democrat / liberal counterpoint to the conservative position. However, Rachel Maddow and Keith Obermann, for example have, to the best of my knowledge, never had a conservative on their shows to counterpoint the position that they and their kind hold. Therefore, I can only conclude that you JRC are a follower of the MSNBC mind set and are part of the problem. What liberals fail to understand is this: Independents such as me now see the tact oft times used by those espousing this political philosophy, which is to denounce and decry the opposition but offer absolutely no evidence in support of their position. Their mere word, like the president’s is to be taken as fact. Case in point. Mr. Obama, in declaring himself to be a “Christian” told of this grandfather’s Muslim affiliation. He therefore was able to move the allegation back even further in his heritage. He merely stated that his father was probably an agnostic. He then went on to tell about his “Christian” beliefs but did not tell of how he came about these beliefs notwithstanding being raised in the largest Islamic nation in the world, Indonesia. He went even further to state his influence by Judaism yet field to mention even so much as one incident as to what created this influence. The pundits on CNN and MSNBS were tripping over themselves as the how wonderfully Mr. Obama dispelled the “Muslim” affiliation of which he is perceived to be a member. I remained wholly unconvinced. Only when there is some intelligent counterpoint discussion can the real truth of the matter be exposed. So far, only FOX produces this result.

      • Dean


        It’s not “opinion” that I seek, I am quite capable of forming my own. I’m referring to these laughable news outlets like CNN along with the rest of the liberal news media, who have a difficult time (if not impossible) telling the TRUTH. These mornons call themelves credible news sources- they are anything but. They have been cheerleaders for Obama and the left for way too long now. They repeatedly ignore valid news stories, because it doesn’t further their agenda.

        Is FOX News perfect? Of course not, but I’ll take their 98% accuracy rating, and award them an “A” any day over the disasterous “F” that CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS & MSNBC earns. In fact, I’d grade them lower, but I’m not sure if there’s anything lower than an F.

        • taba

          Right on! You said it!

      • rose tripp

        Fox News is the only one that tells it like it realy is. I’ve watched the others and they white wash everything.

      • blv54

        I used to think fox news was the real thing, but 3mths ago decided to unplug from the cable and go cold turkey from the propaganda machine, now I only catch fox at the gym, I can’t believe how easy it is to see the truth about how stupid the news really is once you can see it objectively

        • kate8

          blv54, My sentiments exactly.

          We get to hear only what they want us to hear. It can be spun, slanted, twisted or manufactured.

          As Rupert Murdoch is quoted as saying, “The news is what I say it is”.

          This is true for all news outlets. And it’s not even what they report, as what they do NOT report.

          • dan az

            I found if you dont watch it you dont miss it.This site is much more intertaining!

  • Maggie

    Unfortunately for me, the logic center of my brain is so well developed (in part from Personal Liberty Digest, etc.) that watching CNN (and Anderson Cooper in particular) thows me into a rage. But fortunately for me, my front porch offers me peace and solice in times of need.

    • Norm

      I get the same rage when I watch Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck. They treat truth and reality as though they were optional.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        why is that Normy; maybe it’s just that you can’t handle the truth. I’d say a 98% accuracy rating is a pretty good indicator of the truth. If you’re just looking for someone to reinforce your liberal believe system then watch Rachel or Katie.

        Norm; do yourself a big favor. Go stare at yourself in the mirror for a few minutes then ask yourself, “What if I’m Wrong.” It just may open your closed mind. By the way I’ve done it and I know I’m right. The facts speak for themselves. No charge for the tip.

        • Norm

          Which orifice did you pull “98% accuracy rating” out of?
          When Hannity screams his birther BS and Beck doesn’t agree, how does truth or accuracy even become relevant? It’s biased opinion.
          I suggest you take your own advice and open your lamb mind

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    Thats about all it is worth, is a few laughs. Unfortunately, many blind left wing followers watch this and actually believe the liberal lies they tell, where as those that know the truth just cant believe “they said what they just said” when we see this. And as for Anderson Cooper, the guy doesnt even know that he was made to be with a woman, and not a man. I dont hold someone opinion very high, that doesnt even know what sex they are.

  • kwullen

    Does he have to stick his tongue so far into his cheek that people can actually see it?

  • Vito

    How much did you get paid for writing this Hogwash,Cnn,Nbc,and the New york times…Commie Crap,I’m sure you all worship STALINS grave.

    • MsAmericanPatriot

      I agree. To me CNN stands for Communist News Network. Is sister station HLN stands for Hysterical Ladies Network.

    • marvin

      Vito,this artical was not a build up for cnn nbc abc cbs hln it was to make fun of them for only reporting sorry giving there liberal view

      • libertytrain

        I was surprised that some folks didn’t realize the joke -

        • eddie47d

          The fact is that the majority of articles on the Livingston blog are extremism at it’s best (or worse). Meyers headliner was almost refreshing and gave me some hope of common sense. Thank you libertytrain for setting me straight. There are very few independent thinkers on this site which is obvious with most responses. Whether left or right extremism doesn’t make you independent but many times it means you’ve already fallen off the cliff. Both Fox and MSNBC deliver outrages propaganda. Some of their shows are entertainment and not worthy of being called news. Talk about being a joke.

          • libertytrain

            The bottom line is what one calls propaganda is in the eye of the beholder.

          • Claire

            Personally I do not trust any of the TV channels or the radio entertainers. They all have the same goal–more propaganda and hate. And they are laughing all the way to the bank.
            The Democrat politicians and the Republican politicians—”what noble, trustworthy, decent, honest, moral and stalwart” creatures they are. It is a shame that I don’t want to vote for any of them.

          • dan az

            if we can be amused by cnn then why cant you with fox? Does it hit a nerve? truth does that sometimes.By the way what kind of helmet do they make you wear while watching tv?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            dan az,
            a tinfoil helmet!!!!

        • BrotherPatriot


        • Average Joe Patriot

          Surprised? Look around you. You have people who think you’re a wingnut for not appreciating the fact that FOX is fair and balanced. Geez, how many times do Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck and the rest have to say it before you get it? Hell, it’s spelled out for you several times an hour in precisely those words, for god’s sake. Which one confuses you?

          Oh, and Hostess Goodness is wholesome for kids, and Both Parties (notice how there are inevitably only two?) want what’s best for America and the world (Democracy), it’s just that one of them is stupid. And fluoride builds strong teeth and the money the Tooth Fairy leaves under your pillow is sound and legal tender for all debts, public and private, and if you prefer Euros, Uncle Sam will declare war on your country and shell it with depleted uranium so your babies are born hideously deformed and will be lucky to even grow teeth or have food to chew with them. Aren’t you glad you live in a free country where bombs don’t fall on you? Oh wait, that last part wasn’t in the script.

          From time to time I watch all three major cable opinion channels. You can tell that mentally I’m much better for it. I live in an agrarian/ranching area so I’m well-versed in what happens when you keep piling up layers of manure and rotten garbage. After awhile, if you dig down to the very bottom of the pile, you get wholesome fertilizer. But you REALLY have to dig.

          Again, look around you. See a lot of actual diggers glued to their favorite TV channels? Do you imagine ANY of these passionate idiots has twigged to the fact that the monster holding corporations who pay for the advertising which keep them on the air are, in fact, controlling ALL of them at the same time?

          The only major channel which ATTEMPTS to tell the truth MOST of the time, is the weather channel. And even they won’t tell you about chemtrails and HAARP and what’s really being delivered by the jet stream to the air in your backyard (forget the pollen count, kids, worry about DU, biological aerosols, toxic rain, stuff like that).

  • Lea

    This article has me laughing so hard that my day has started off great! Cnn??? Lifts depression??? LMAO – help – my cheeks are sore!

  • Bob

    Actually none of the TV news is fair and balanced. If they were fair they nwouldn’t be allowed on TV> Left, Right, Left, Right.

  • Conservative at Birth

    FNC and talk radio for me. Why are so many people ignoring the great informanion provide on Glenn Beck’s show?

    • JRC

      Because who in his right mind listen to an alcoholic that is going blind from too much moonshine? Same with Rush, who in his right mind listen to a drug addict unless its for pure entertainment purposes…none of them are telling the truth or news…they say just what they are told and what sells best…..Many outlets and shows these days are calling them self news but in reality they are nothing but a right or left propaganda outlet to confuse and brain wash the sheep. One thing this article does NOT mentioned although it should, In order for a person to be able to independently think and to be really informed he/she has to get the information from all political direction and look at it in a unbiased form….there is as much real news on CNN as there is on FOX and there is as much political spin on CNN as there is on FOX…In order to be really informed one need to be open minded and separate the real news from the political spin. Watching and reading news outside the US will help with this big times.

      • Bruce D.

        You do not seem all that open minded JRC. Maybe you should practice what you preach and you would have more credibility.

      • kate8

        JRC, I get such a kick out of you lefties who claim to “think independently”, yet continue to spout leftist ideology.

        Your words consistently betray you. You seem like just another parrot to me.

        • JRC

          Just because I call a spade a spade? Unfortunately, Glen and Rush followers don’t understand that both are nothing but entertainers and DJ’s that will present what pay’s most. I would be against them the same way if they would be on an extreme left talk show….they are on the same level as Howard Stern…they say what makes the most money and it does not mater what political direction it is…that’s all, people need to realize that..and that is true for the left and the right extremes. Unless people realize this they will be nothing but blind sheep and to use your words…parrots.

          • Bruce D.

            JRC your viewpoints are all very biased. They are paroted straight out of liberal blogs sites. Are we to believe that everything Glen Beck says is a lie because he dranked too much in his earlier years. The problem the left are having with Glen Beck is that he uses their words and video tapes on his show. The left like to say I didn’t say that but he has the tapes. You cannot get any better journalism than having the actual tapes and words. Glen could be drinking right there on the show and it wouldn’t changed anything. It is what it is.

          • kate8

            JRC, I call a spade a spade, and you disagree.

            I guess whatever you are calling a spade just depends on how you look at things, now doesn’t it?

      • Average Joe Patriot

        JRC, give it up. You are wasting your time trying to explain the obvious to the brainwashed. They just won’t get past the notion that recognizing manipulative shills and plants like Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, etc. …and their mirror opposites on CNN and MSNBC, makes you neither a lefty nor a righty, rather an astute observer of reality.

        The PTB have these poor blindered fools sidelined in the bleachers cheering for one basketball team or the other while the gymnasium burns down around them. Exactly as planned.

        In the great triage of life, these people are probably in the “too far gone to save” category. By the time, if ever, they wake up and start for the exits, if you aren’t already in your car on your way out of the parking lot, you’ll be stuck in there with them.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Expand your comment and name what Beck has said that isn’t backed up by confirmed fact!!!!

    • Norm

      Conservative at Birth
      People are ignoring Beck because Beck is mentally deranged. You can laugh at a good comedian, but only fools will take him seriously.

      • Bruce D.

        I would disagree with you on that Norm. People like Sarah Palin and Glen Beck are having a big impact on this country. When you name call and have no legitimate argument you have no credibility. All the name calling has been effective for the left for many years. It is at the point where you have pushed the country so far to the left that it is not going to be effective anymore. People understand where you are coming from now.

        • Norm

          Bruce D.
          Glenn is an entertainer, and I respect that. Sarah is an idiot who is lacking in knowledge and seems to be pursuing the mighty $.
          I don’t believe either are having that much impact on anyone but the sheep who worship their extremist “masters”.

          • kate8

            Norm, Why is it that if someone on the right begins to make money, they are after the “mighty dollar”, but you are okay with those on the left who make millions bilking taxpayers, charging millions for speaking engagements, and are able to buy several multi-million dollar mansions while lecturing us about conserving?

            Now I’m speaking, of course, of the Clintons, Al Gore, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, etc. etc. etc., and, of course, your own extremist messiah, Odumbo, who has made millions since going into politics.

            So, what is your beef with Sarah?

          • Norm

            I’m not against anybody making money, as long as it’s legal. If people can make money by giving speeches, more power to them.
            As far as Sarah Yokum:
            Her knowledge of essential facts, as shown in her debates, is poor.
            Her comments are often extremely biased and frequently untrue.
            Her language skills are limited, simplistic, and unpolished, youbetchya.
            She’s a hypocrite, having governed the biggest welfare state in the US.
            She quit as governor to pursue the money trail.
            She is a flip-flopper.
            She claims to be a neocon, yet supported McCain.
            Just a small list that comes to mind.

            Arline Demien
            The only liars are the neocons and you. If you don’t like the pres., vote for somebody else. That’s the way we do it in this country. If we could put up with Bush destroying the

          • kate8

            Norm, as long as it’s legal? You mean like making a killing off of Fanny and Freddie (Obama was the biggest recipient. All the top profiteers were democrats), using your Congressional position to funnel taxpayer money to your own business (Boxer, Feinstein, Waters, Pelosi), perpetrating a huge hoax on the nation for obscene profits (Gore et al)…Need I go on?

            As far as factual knowledge, Palin is lightyears ahead of Odumbo and his vice-jester, Biden. 57 states? CorPsman? These two geniuses have not only demonstrated a dismal lack of intelligence and understanding, they are destroying this country.

            Those are the facts, dude. What you say about Palin is gross twisting and distortion. She is smart, gutsy and patriotic. I’ll take that any day over a polished, slick-talking teleprompter reader.

            BTW, Sarah doesn’t need one of those. She KNOWS what she is talking about, because she speaks the truth.

          • Norm

            It’s amazing how the Republicans were conceived without sin in your mind.
            As far as the teleprompter, a Rush distortion, what’s the big deal?
            It’s only an electronic copy of the speech you are presenting.
            It doesn’t think for you. Virtually every President has pre written speeches. Obama is great at answering questions and the teleprompter is useless in that regard.
            In my career I had to give many technical presentations, and I was never very comfortable with it. I appreciated all the help I could get including overheads, PowerPoint, and videos.

      • dan az

        Kate can you hear the crickets while we wait for normies reply?
        of wait I think I hear a pariot braaaaaaackoboma

  • Hananova

    He’s a good writer, he knows IRONY. Good article, instead of getting angry when watching CNN (I don’t even have a television, but sometimes in an airport it’s impossible to escape being force-fed CNN) the point of the article is in the top photo – the woman laughing at the ridiculousness of CNN.

  • john

    You got to love CNN…with all the real problems in the world that are newsworthy they know they’re audience well..the t.v junkies hooked on Hollywood celebrity idol worship and so they feed them the commie hollow wood celebrity worldview with the help of those extremely important Larry King interviews…somebodies got to give Matt Damon,Lindsey Lohan,Sean Penn,Al Franken and all those other anti-American swill some air time to help Hussein Obama get his agenda across to the American idiots of the left

  • Strawberry Shortcake

    I’m unsure if many people that read this got that it was dripping with sarcasm? You’re right John Myers, it’s like the Matrix…which pill do you take, the red one or the blue one? Great article.

  • Freedom is not Free

    Liberals are blindly following all this drivel. They better wake up or they will soon be wearing head scarves and praying to a rock 5 times a day!

    • JRC

      And on the opposite end, many so called conservatives need to wake up or they will end up in a Iranian style christian theocracy….there are always 2 extremes. the best way is the way through the middle or slight right, or slight left…otherwise this country WILL slide to the one or other extreme and will in the end self destruct.

      • Dave

        Utter nonsense. There will be no Christian style theocracy and anyone with a function synapse knows it. It is not Christians who are murdering nonbelievers (infidels) or creating those “man-made disasters” (better not call them terrorist attacks, you might upset “the one”) by flying planeloads of people into occupied buildings, blowing up subways, planting bombs in times square or or serving as suicide bombers screaming Allahu akbar and detonating bombs strapped to their bodies. I think perhaps it is the left that needs to wake up to where the real threat lies.

        • Karolyn

          Reading comments on this site, I don’t think it’ll be too long be Christian neo-nazis and hate groups are right out there blowing up mosques and terrorizing those they don’t agree with. Don’t give all the “credit” to muslim extremists. There certainly are Christian extremists, starting with the church that had the Koran burning. Now isn’t that special (and Christian).

          • Mai Ling Allen

            “Karolyn says:
            August 25, 2010 at 2:08 pm
            Reading comments on this site, I don’t think it’ll be too long be Christian neo-nazis and hate groups are right out there blowing up mosques and terrorizing those they don’t agree with”

            You speak of what MAY be done in the future by Chrisitans – something that has NOT happened and yet give it greater credibility than what HAS ALREADY been done by the radical Islamists. Am I the only one that thinks there is something wrong with this type of thinking?

            K – The problem is not what Christians might do in the future but rather it is what is being done right now by the Islamic radicals who seek to kill and destroy all who disagree with them.

          • blv54

            I’m convinced Christianity is the real deal that’s why the government and media hate it so much because they feel threatened by it, the name of Jesus Christ has real power I’ve seen that over and over, however those televangelist are a joke and in one way reflects true christianity.

        • Karolyn

          The point I’m trying to make is that first of all not all Muslims are radicals; and secondly, there are a lot of Christians out there who have that potential.

          • dan az

            That would be really nice if it were true please show me where in the koran that it says they dont have to follow what it says for all muslim that dont want to be radicals.I would really like to here it.Just maybe we are all wrong and you could change all of our minds and we would grateful and maybe we would think that you had the answers that we all prayed for.

      • Strawberry Shortcake

        I don’t like much of what you say but on this particular comment…you could be right. But the left progessive bullsh’t is what will push it to that extreme.

      • MiddleMom

        I don’t see how being conservative makes one extreme. Believing in God, freedom, liberty, and small (non intrusive) government…basically our Constitution…. is what I consider conservative. I don’t believe any one “religion” should dictate peoples’ daily lives. That should be an individual choice. If properly interpreted, Christianity believes all people are created equal and God loves all people and all people are free to choose.

        That is a rather extreme comment you made, JRC.

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          MiddleMom…. Loved your post. It’s how I feel, too. Being conservative is not what the left makes it.

        • Norm

          Listen to the three stooges, Rush, Glenn, and Sean and honestly tell me that they are not extreme to the point of being ridiculous.
          Now I admire their ability to make huge amounts of money, but I’m blown away by the sheep who follow their hate filled ramblings.

          • Penni Eads

            I don’t listen much to any tv program, but I guess you do, Norm!

          • Bruce D.

            All name calling Norm and no substance. Isn’t it about time you get a life. Do you think because you calls people names that is surpose to mean something. Maybe in Grade School Norm. Isn’t it time for you to grow up a little.

          • Doug

            What exactly is hateful about what they say? Just because you don’t agree with them does not make what they say hateful. Liberals like yourself can not win an argument with facts so you resort to name calling. It seems to me the real hate mongers if you want to call them that are on the left side of the isle. The problem is nobody ever hears what they say because the audience is so small and what they have to say nobody cares about. Me thinks you protest to much about Rush and the gang.

          • Norm

            Rush has been openly hoping for Obama to fail in everything he says and does, since before he was even elected. He has being lying about his place of birth, his religion, his “secret motives” his communist ties, etc. etc.. This is hateful and counter productive.
            You can disagree with someone but lying and character assassination are going too far.

          • http://gunner689 gunner689

            Since BO’s goal is to bring America to her knees every true American should hope that he fails.

          • Norm

            Bring America to her knees? She was flat on her a-s when Bush left, at least she is making progress.

          • dan az

            who is glen rush and beck?

        • Penni Eads

          I agree with MiddleMom.

      • Bruce D.

        Another closed minded goofy statement JRC. What are these so called outside sources that you listen to in order to come to such goofy conclusions.

      • kate8

        JRC, Please, give it up. We were a predominately Christian nation for over 200 years. And I mean, to the point where being Christian was considered an asset, a measure of character, a virtue to be admired. Yet, gosh, WE MANAGED TO MAINTAIN RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

        Free will is a basic tenet of Christianity. Christians do not advocate force, as a man must come of his own choosing, from his heart, or it is meaningless. Christ said clearly, “My Kingdom is not of this world”.

        Looks to me like our troubles are mostly from our nation’s turning against Christian principles of justice, freedom, accountability, truthfulness, respect….

        • JRC

          Some of you seem to be real brainwashed sheep my gosh you can’t see the overall picture if it hits you on the head with a 2×4, I am talking right and left extremes here…Go do your research on line and you will find as many extremist right groups calling for the establishment of a theocracy in the US as you will find left wing groups calling for the establishment of a communist society. The danger to slide into one or other direction is real. Right now, it does seem this country is sliding more and more toward the left, BUT, there can easily be a backlash and a real possibility that it will swing so far to the right that a theocracy Iranian style (that does not mean terrorism but the political system) could be the outcome. And it has NOTHING to do with the fact that the US is a christian country and we have religious freedom at the current time…

          • Mai Ling Allen

            The “freedom of religion” amendment was placed in the constitution because the Church of England used the government of England to persecute religious dissenters. Our founders did not want to see that happen here – thus the amendment prohibits government from establishing a religion and guarentees each person’s right to practice or not practice a religion without gevernment influence.

            Islam not only is a religion but a means of government that combines religion and govermental practices. Islam uses the power of the government to enforce religious rules and regulations – is the same manner that the church of England did to the dissenters. Those who wish to see Islam spread is this nation are inviting those who have chosen a way of life and belief that is fundamentally opposed to our Constitution.

            Our first amendment gives them the right to worship as they see fit. But when they attempt to mix their governmental ways with their religion (as they must to be “true beleivers”) then they stand against our constitutional way of life. We see this attempt to change our nation by invoking “honor killings”, Sharia Law, and calls to kill those who would disagree with or ridicule “The Prophet.”

            The attempt by many progressives to try to whitewash the governmental aspects of Islam out of the religion have not studied what Islam truly teaches. I agree with Beck on one thing. Most Americans today do not know their heritage – nor the heritage of others – and how we got to be where we are. Many people can’t think back farther than the 1980′s. I suggest that we watch both CNN and FOX and the BBC and others – then study up to see which (if any) are giving us the whole picture.

          • kate8

            JRC – You are just going to insist on beating this old horse, aren’t you.

            As I said, we were an “actively” Christian nation for over 200 years, and, yet, we managed not to allow extreme “right wing” fringe groups to take over.

            These groups are generally few in number, and are made of loose-cannon types. They also do not follow the teachings of Christ. I would catagorize Rev. Wright’s group as extreme leftist fringe, claiming to be Christian and yet nothing of the sort.

            Your premise is stupid. We are wasting energy on it.

          • kate8

            JRC – How do you feel about Obama and the left pandering to Islam in this country? Glorifying those who truly want to dominate us, who want to establish Sharia in America, and are A REAL threat?

            This is how the left operates. In order to use people to advance an agenda, you pander to the “underdog” while disparaging the targeted person or group, be it the wealthy, Christian or whatever.


          • GloWorm

            Go, GO, Go, Mai Ling Allen. Tell it like it is.

          • Karolyn

            If you could manage to listen to Muslim Americans, you would find that they have no agenda in changing our government and are appreciative of the freedom they have here to practice their religion. There are so many sects and subsects in Islam they cannot be lumped into one pile. However, from what I have heard, the majority of the Muslims in this country, many born here, are true Americans and just want the right to worship the way they want. They could care less about overthrowing the government or terrorism and are ashamed of those who think that way. The problem is there is no dialog going on, because most of us have no contact with them.

          • kate8

            Karolyn, Most of us have no contact with Muslims because they do not want to assimilate into American culture.

          • dan az

            so what do we all do?you have all the answers we need to know?please tell us!the antisapation is killing us!do we straddle the fence?and hope for the best pleaseeeee tell us before its to late!

  • Vick

    I’m wondering why the Obamas went to Florida to show the world that the oil spill didn’t harm the coast. It took – what? – 30 minutes to clean it up because it got 2 or 3 tar balls? Why didn’t they “venture” into Louisiana where the spill is still evident in the wetlands?

    • J.M.R.


    • marvin

      Vick,you ask why, less see fla obama and who is the gop gov turn ind running for sen there that will vote with the dems in the sen,it not hard to understand

  • FreedomFighter

    The world is about to evolve, either the liars will win, or the Truth of the word.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Tina

      I truly believe you’re right, which runs a chill down my spine.

    • kate8

      Freedom, scripture tells us that the forces of evil appear to be winning for a time.

      By the Laws of the Universe, they cannot win ultimately, because evil ALWAYS leads to self-destruction.

      Kharma always comes around to bite you in the b*tt, no matter how rich and powerful you are.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Damnit, Kate8…stop speaking the truth! You might wake someone up.


  • Dave

    CNN, known during the “Bubba & the Blue Dress” years as the Clinton News Network is and has been clearly in the tank for the DNC. Imagine that, a liberal agenda news network. Perhaps networks such as CNN are the reason a recent poll showed a whopping 22% of our population finds television news credible.

  • Mona

    I don’t like to spend my time watching these people on CNN. I quit watching when Glenn Beck left. I do enjoy hearing Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other talk show hosts show just how dumb the people on the left are. Some of the things they say are so funny. I really love the clips Glenn has shown on Hillary and Pelosi. I never get tired of hearing Hillary screaming about the right to disagree with the Government and then her attitude that everyone should go along with the left. If I was them, I would watch what I said. The lies they catch Obama in is pretty funny. With the destruction of our country that these people are accomplishing, we need everything we can get to cheer us up.

    • MiddleMom

      I agree Mona. Glenn Beck has some very insightful programs and some are LOL hilarious at exposing the left wing agenda. He makes his point with humor. All of the history he is rediscovering is very useful for putting the politics of the world into perspective.

      And to JRC: Beck is a recovered alcoholic. I guess you are perfect and have never made a mistake in your life. I say congratulations to Glenn Beck on picking himself up, with the help of God, and doing something useful with his life for his family, himself and America.

      • kate8

        The ungodly left loves to sit around with their pile of stones, pummeling Christians and conservatives at every turn.

        And they lecture US about intolerance.

        • eddie47d

          Please Kate 8 don’t be so sanctimonious. Most here pummel the left with self-righteous vigor and nasty name calling. Does your side have bigger piles of stones? Kate 8 needs a bigger hug GenEarly.

          • coal miner

            Christ was on the side of the left,Pharisees on the right.Tell Kate8 she is full of it.

          • kate8

            eddie, you are such a card.

            Gee, what is the general ideological leanings of the those writing on this blog? Hmmmmmmm.

            It is you lefties who come on here just to spew nasty remarks at the authors of the articles and those who comment. What do you expect to get in return?

            Why don’t you go to a leftist blog, and then you can get all the kudos you want.

            But then, that isn’t what you want, is it, eddie? You enjoy hurling insults and derision, and you love sparking outrage and controlling the comments. I guess you need to feel in control of something, don’t you. My guess is that you just aren’t a very happy person, and this is how you get your kicks.

          • Karolyn

            Kat – I’m saying it again because you obviously did not read what I said. I believe in God, who is in all things. I believe God is in us, and we are a part of the all in all. I believe that Jesus was the greatest, most enlightened man that ever lived. However, I do not believe Jesus was “the” son of God, but “A” son of God as the proper translation indicates. We are all “sons” of God. Many believe that Jesus traveled to India during those years that are not chronicled in the Bible and studied hinduism. You cannot prove that we are wrong just as I cannot prove you are wrong. – stalemate. So be it.

          • kate8

            Karolyn, I have no interest in proving you wrong. Just as I have never stated exactly what I believe. I just like to raise questions.

            I do not belong to any organized religion, yet I have studied many of them. Including non-Christian ones. I am not interested in any form of dogma. Only in Truth.

            It doesn’t really matter to me what you believe. Just as you don’t want someone else’s values and beliefs imposed on you, I don’t want yours imposed on me. Liberals, for the most part, believe that they have the right to impose their values through government, forcing everyone to live under their rule. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks.

        • Karolyn

          Kate – You are so full of yourself. How dare you call the left “ungodly.” You have a lot of nerve. Did you get this right of judgment directly from God. Did he speak to you directly and tell you all leftists are godless? Have you taken a survey to find out how many leftists believe in God and the Bible? You are so un-Christian it’s unbelievable. As someone who is not Christian, but does believe in a God, I believe I display more Christian principles than most of the professed Christians that post on this site.

          • http://gunner689 gunner689

            Karolyn: Does your God have 2 heads and eight arms ?

          • Karolyn

            Gunner – You just illustrated my point exactly. Thanks!

          • Doug

            The reason she and I call the left ungodly is because of the policies they promote. Some of which are abortion on demand, gay marriage and the use of redistributing wealth through Government force and giving it to people who did not earn it. It is Liberal politicians who at every turn are mocking Christians and making fun of there beliefs. These same politicians then play play people like you for a fool and claim to be Christian so you will vote for them.

          • kate8

            Actually, Karolyn, there are those who call themselves Christians on the left, but either they don’t really know what the left stands for or they are not holding to Christian principles. Such as Jeremiah Wright.

            Ecclesiases 10:2 says, A wise man’s heart leans to the right; the fool to the left.

            I don’t think Christ was into politics. He said, “My Kingdom is not of this world”. How you people view Him as a lefty escapes me. He taught about love, self-accountability, honor, respect, and so on. He was also well aware of the evils of governments, and how they oppressed people, both in body and spirit.

            Full of it? Maybe, but I call it how I see it.

          • blv54

            whats amusing is the way all the politicians proclaim themselves to be christian when their campaigning, they must see it as a plus to get in office look at obama he was a christian right up to his coronation then he went and told the world were not a christian nation, wolves in sheeps clothing thats so true of all the politicians

          • Karolyn

            Christianity does not hold the patent on God.

          • kate8

            Really, Karolyn?

            Does Christ not say, “No one comes to the Father except by me”?

            Do you know what Christianity is? You call yourself a Christian, but denounce (at least) one of Christ’s basic teachings?

          • dan az

            then why are you so mad I thought that if you believe that your a christian that love for all people no matter what they believe in wouldnt make any differance in the way you thy neighbor and all of that arent you a true believer?

          • Karolyn

            Dan – Wo said I was mad? I’m just frustrated that there are so many people who can’t see beyond the nose on their face. BTW – I have repeatedly stated that I am not a Christian, but a believer in God. Christians believe that Jesus was sent to redeem our sins. I don’t believe that.

        • eddie47d

          That’s a good one Kate. You lecture about stone throwing and then lecture me about lecturing you about stone throwing.Now there is a web that is being weaved.

      • Sharon

        Glen is a “recovering” alcoholic, the only “recovered” ones are dead!

        I just love Glen and am so thankful that we have someone so willing to stand up for what is right. May God bless him and his family.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Unfortunately…watch this in it’s entirity. Glen Beck is a gatekeeper, imho.

        Once again…I only watch the MSM (including FOX) when I’m caught in a position where I can’t change the channel or get away from it. Usually I end up snorting in mild humor or getting angry at the BS that they are dishing out.

      • JRC

        And how often does the self righteous right proclaim that many on the left are nothing but drug addicts, criminals and junkies..once a junkie always a junkie, once a thief always a thief once a…always a…. but wow, all those sayings and rules do suddenly NOT apply if one of they’re own Icons self proclaims he turned his life around ( I believe it if I do not hear anything about him being drunk over the next 5-10 years). Your behavior is a bit hypocritical don’t you think?

  • GenEarly

    JRC needs a hug, he’s feeling mean spirited and may soon break out with a Bush derangement syndrome statement. Hurry with the hugs, please !!!

    • JRC

      Actually, you may be surprised, as much as I do not like some of the lies Bush used to further his political agenda I do respect him as a ex president and will NEVER disrespect the position of the president of the US or anyone having the guts and balls to hold this position..and it does NOT mater to me what political direction the person represents.

  • Karolyn

    The more focus is placed on the bad things, the worse they get. The collective consciousness has everything to do with what’s wrong in the world and in the US. The more people think bad thoughts, the worse it gets. I applaud CNN if it helps get the focus off all the bad stuff that’s going on. There should be a “Good News” channel! Negativity attracts negativity.

    • blv54

      they had a good news segment on the news back in the 90s because people were complaining about all the negativity but ironically the good news segment bombed because everyone said it was to boring so it died a peaceful death due to low ratings.

      • Karolyn

        That just shows how much negativity exists in this country and indicates why things are going badly.

  • Jeanne

    No thank you, I prefer the facts, the truth and abhor spin… that means no CNN, MSNBC, NBC, or ABC. At least with fox and the internet I can verify who did what by researching myself using multiple sources to PROVE whose spinning and whose giving he facts and sadly, CNN “omits important details” as much as MSNBC. Those details often include important “facts” that drastically change the story. Example, it’s common for lamestream media to “omit” a political scandal if it involves a dem, but if its a gop its always headlines… thats not equal treatment or fair and balanced. On Obamacare, CNN has yet to report the debacle it’s turning out to be. And how objective is it when a news outlet is constantly quoting white house talking points??? Face it folks, Obummer, White House and lamestream media have been caught in too many falsehoods that are easily verified on the web. America refuses to stick its head in the sand, unlike lamestream media. They keep drinking the kool-aid though, even with tanking ratings… CNN and the other lamestream media are as out of sync with America as Obummer is! Just wait til November!

  • Miles

    I have an even better cure for depression. It’s called the ostrich defense. I bury my head in the sand and ignore all current events and real issues. I trust my government to look out for me and feel comefortable leaving my back side exposed. No matter how much I am violated and abused I am unaware since I am oblivious to what is really going on. I find that going through life fat, dumb and happy is what it is really all about and the less I know the better I feel about the current state of my country.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Miles… I hope that was sarcasm in it’s purest form…. Because if you are really ignoring what is happening in our country and in particular our government, you are part of the problem. Apathy will kill America….

      • Miles


      • Norm

        Robin from Arcadia, IN
        Extremists right or left will kill America. Obama, by the way is really not that extreme.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      what a patriot,

      • dan az

        gunny he sounds like he writes for cnn

  • cerebus23

    fox NEWS is balanced, every independent news audit if anyone bothers to read them, shows that as far as political news goes fox news is near 50/50 split on their pro/con for either political party. in fact the negative stories on mccain ran a bit more negative then the positive and obamas ran a hair bit more positive than the negative during the last presidential election, but were still so close to 50/50 it really didnt matter.

    now fox commentary that leans way more independent/to the right i think oreley is a independent, beck a libertarian or is you want a right winger,. but he was ripping on bush when he was in office, most of their politcal commentary segments the liberals seem to be more moderate or less forceful than their right wing counterparts.

    but liberals either do bother to watch the channel, or seem to confuse commentary with news, it is really hard to tell which. where other “news” like cnn seems to get their “news” right out the dnc spin masters, with antiu right wing stores running far ahead of the left wing.

    or you can go to any negative political news story in print and on tv and pay attention to the fact that if a scandal is breaking that amazingly when it is a democrat how often the story fails to even mention that they are a dem or gets maybe one mention in a whole article, but if it a repub it will mention it numerous times and go out of its way to stress the connection with the republican party.

    just because a lot of tv and print have left leaning reporters and editors, does not make it wrong for some channels and print to god forbid maybe have some right leaning people in power or even better do their damn job they should have learned in journalism 101 and be independent and explore all sides of a story and check your facts.

  • Christian American

    We should all be Ostriches and stick our head in the sand!

    • dan az

      now would be a good time!

  • Robert Pgh Pa

    I do not need the Communist News Network to tell me the liberal messages. I want objective honest news. That is not of the current bunch of liars, If i want true news I will go to swiss radio.

  • Lancer

    During the Cold War, eastern Europe had “Radio Free Europe”.

    Nowadays, the United States has “Fox News”.

    Makes sense to me.

    • Dean

      Amen to that brother

    • Karolyn

      That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day! Thanks for the laugh!

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        K: how about that back rub?

        • dan az

          with eight hands that ought to be illegal!

  • Mike

    Watching CNN to Cure depression is analogous to doing the Tapeworm Diet to loose weight.

    It gets you where you think you should be.

    But when reality finally sinks in.
    A good dose of antibiotics (Truth) and it all comes out in the end.

  • Holly Marcyoniak


  • Average Joe

    Hmmm…Reality? CNN or SYFY Channel?….I think Syfy is closer to “reality” than CNN… Just mt take on it.

  • Sheldon

    So John… are you saying we should invest in CNN? You are the investment guy right? Are you providing us with an investment suggestion? I thought you were the oil & metals guy, when did you add media to your portfolio? Are you saying we should too? I was kind of hoping for some investment tips on some oil companies poised to hit it big in North Dakota. Is BP a good choice? Any mining companies flying under the radar right now? Oh well, maybe next week?

  • Dean

    CNN wouldn’t know an honest news story if it dropped in their lap.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      sure they do; those are the ones they ignore.

      • dan az

        gunny stop it it hurts!

    • Norm

      Compared to Fox and MSNBC, CNN has low ratings. Truth is pretty dull. As Rush has stated, no one would listen to him if he wasn’t radical. That’s entertainment!

  • m2o

    YES, Sci-Fi gives me a lot better clues about reality than CNN ever can. The TV world is taken over completely by inbreds of the annunaki,
    right in your face, looking you straight in the eyes in your living
    room, trying to reach out to grab your kids & de-moralize anything that moves & twisting minds into double-talk, 2-faced illogic.
    I got a sharp eye now to instantly spot a hybrid, clone, double, im-
    personator, alien, even in fact, some shape shifters. I lost count of
    all the Obama clones by now. It is a shame to see so very few humans
    left on TV. It really bites and you feel all alone, extinct.
    Just last months, they killed (assassinated)one of my favorite jour-
    nalist ‘ Christopher Story ‘ in London, who spilled out facts for over 60 years via documents on
    Without his check & balances, they now have free roam to finish their
    deadly goals of mass genocide & take over this planet, …or so they
    think, hahahaha, via HAARP… = results… 2004 tsunami (landgrab)
    Katrina, Haiti, Vulcano-eruption North, China earthquakes, Russian
    fires, Pakistan floods, BP oil spills, etc. all done by aliens tech-
    nology. Luckily, we can die only once to get out of this mess.

    • JRC

      Your story has about as much truth to it as many of the left and right wing extremists stories and blogs on the internet that are blindly believed by the feeble minded masses on both sides…

      Nice one lol.

    • blv54

      you forgot GMO food, floride, chemtrails and vaccine.

    • kate8

      m2o, I recently received a prayer request from Leonard Horowitz. He has been exposing the NWO and all the things you mention for years, along with medicine and Big Pharma.

      The elites are attempting to frame him for the murder of Christopher Story.

      Dr. Horowitz is one of the most dedicated and spiritual men out there. His research is unparalleled for documentation and hard evidence. He has been targeted, just as was Mr. Story. This was an assassination, and Dr. Horowitz knows it. He says he will continue to fight them from beyond the grave if he has to.

  • Patrick

    As a viewer of a wide array of broadcast media outlets, including international stations, it never fails to amaze me as to how the credibility attacks on Fox News is supported regarding their “fair and balanced” claim. In each and every pundit’s show, there is a democrat / liberal counterpoint to the conservative position. However, Rachel Maddow and Keith Obermann, for example have, to the best of my knowledge, never had a conservative on their shows to counterpoint the position that they and their kind hold. Therefore, I can only conclude that you JRC are a follower of the MSNBC mind set and are part of the problem. Thisis supported by the fact that you pointed ONLY to Fox and not a word as to the leanings of other stations. What liberals fail to understand is this: Independents such as me now see the tact oft times used by those espousing this political philosophy, which is to denounce and decry the opposition but offer absolutely no evidence in support of their position. Their mere word, like the president’s is to be taken as fact. Case in point. Mr. Obama, in declaring himself to be a “Christian” told of this grandfather’s Muslim affiliation. He therefore was able to move the allegation back even further in his heritage. He merely stated that his father was probably an agnostic. He then went on to tell about his “Christian” beliefs but did not tell of how he came about these beliefs notwithstanding being raised in the largest Islamic nation in the world, Indonesia. He went even further to state his influence by Judaism yet field to mention even so much as one incident as to what created this influence. The pundits on CNN and MSNBS were tripping over themselves as the how wonderfully Mr. Obama dispelled the “Muslim” affiliation of which he is perceived to be a member. I remained wholly unconvinced. Only when there is some intelligent counterpoint discussion can the real truth of the matter be exposed. So far, only FOX produces this result.

    • Dean

      Excellent point Patrick.

    • Claire

      I believe MSNBC had Chris Christy on this morning, again.

  • http://gmail i41

    Glad at least 2 people watch CNN, the socialist a$$es are just morons. I cann’t watch them ,they are worse than stupid. Even Major Garrett on FOX makes me turn to shut the volume down. Plus CNN has to much face time for ONUMNUTTS!

  • Michael J.

    Congratulations Mr. Myers, You have just defined brainwashing without actually saying the words. CNN, not unlike the former U.S.S.R.injects artificial stimuli to soothe the societal savage beast. CNN utilizes happy face propoganda while the Russians made sure the flow of Vodka was never interupted. Although the vehicle which delivers this mind control may differ, the results are allways the same. A dumbed-down population who is either unaware or does not care about the level of desperation that exists in their societies.

  • paul in austin, tx.

    The whole LEFT / RIGHT thing is a farce
    (at least from a political prospectus, not from a values stand point)
    These are TWO HANDS of the SAME BODY!
    I’ll ask one question for your consideration, that I think puts a fine point on my premise:
    Do you really believe that it is a coincidence that while Clinton was gov. of Arkansas & Bush was head of the CIA. A(CIA)plane full of cocaine crashes at a Mena, AK. airport?
    You may ask…”What really happened?”
    This cocaine was to be sold to Americans to fund the illegal actions (black ops) in Central and South America. (as well as arm Iran, our “friends” at that time???)
    Does anyone remember how many times Oliver North, when testifying before Congress about the operations answered, “I have no specific recollection of that, Senator.”
    Of course we were fighting the “DRUG WAR” too, it is so convoluted! but, it is meant to be so…see how easy it becomes to take sides, become entrenched with your principals, and bitterly divided? Left VS. Right

    By the way drugs are still illegal…
    and we are still fighting the war on drugs…WHY???


    U.S. Government agencies must keep drugs illegal, because to legalize “illicit” drugs would simply cost them trillions of dollars generated by seizures, court costs, incarceration for profit (we have more persons in jail, just in texas than the Chinese)
    And in America, “Land of the Free”, more prisoners than any other country in the world…WHAT?…WAIT!…THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT!…

    But I digress. Back to the point.


    Left hand, Right hand, one body.
    working together to keep you and I divided, entrenched, embittered, enraged, embattled…
    while the Federal government subverts our Constitution, dilutes our sovereignty, invades our privacy, restricts our freedoms, and all the while the “federal reserve” steals our money.

    We are still a Constitutional Republic where all persons rights are protected by law…
    (Heaven save us from the day we may become a democracy, which is “mob rule”… that is two wolves and a sheep, voting, to decide what’s for dinner.)





  • paul in austin, tx.


    • cerebus23

      i am with you on the “war” on drugs, which is an insult to wars since it is unwinnable.

      nevermind that we are constantly lied to about the war on drugs. they trumpet false numbers that have continually climbed while zars insist the war is working and they are in decline.

      the keep proping up false information to keep marijuana illegal, keep insisting that mj has no medicinal value, while even the iom report said it did show promise for any number of diseases, but that smoking it was not an ideal delivery system. they have been giving mj to a handful of patients for medical disorders and have worked but they shut the program down and i believe is one surviving participant in the group living and still gets his mj from the federal government for his glaucoma which it maintains and allows him to keep living a normal life.

      mj has any number of uses to fighting the nauisa from chemotherapy, to some strains being able to repress epliptic seizures in people with severe forms of the disease when other more mainstream drugs have failed to control the attacks.

      is calis medical mj in some forms a sham? sure you can get a script for just about anything and mj.

      bottom line states should get to decide what they want to do with drugs. if cali wants to make it legal treat it like beer or tobbacco let them. if new york wants to lock people up for 50 years for simple possesion, let them.

      but who let the medical mj stand in cali relatively untouched? bush. who sent in the dea to bust medical mj places and providers? clinton.

      the right has had any number of conservatives including william f buckley that argued that we should legalize drugs and be done with the “war” on them. the repub governor of az wanted to legalize mj. and a few other conservative governors have argued that the war on drugs is a abject failure.

      let me ask this even do dealers care about id? do they care about quality control? do they never taint their street drugs with other drugs that may entice return and more frequent business? is it easier for a underage kid to get pot or a case of beer?

      imo all drugs should be legal, mj scheduled down to the level of beer and cigarettes, cocaine and heroine treated like prescription drugs and made to see a doctor that can console people, monitor usage, and have an idea about family addiction histories and offer patients advice if they want to use them or they want to get off them.

      put drugs in the hands of private business, medical professionals, and the government. take drugs out of the hands of street dealers and, cut back on the violence that erupts in drug turf wars that plague major cities and mexico. and stop bombing foreign lands for our appetites for drugs.

      far as the conspiracy stuff hey that is all you there are many positive arguments that the war on drugs is a failure and that we need to try new approaches for everyone not just the rich people that can afford rehab, while poor people goto jail.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      OK: Hussein

  • Bonnie

    I have my own little campaign going to politely request of ask in Doctors offices and Hospitals, even Airports if it would be possible to change the channel and FORCE FEED something else besides CNN’s “let us distract you while your country is collapsing underneath you” I usually request the Food Channel, so I can pick up some good recipes to wipe out what has been crammed down my throat by the Obama Administration.

  • Sarah P. Turner

    If CNN is the answer then what was the Stupid question? What CNN is saying about the oil spill does not reflect the facts that we the people of Louisiana are dealing with. If you noticed when the Obamas vacationed they got as far away from our state(Louisiana)as they could get. Florida didn’t get the oil that Louisiana got. I know that the liberals think that Obama is the messiah but he can’t speak the oil away. CNN is pushing the socialist agenda of this administration and they will not give facts if they put Obama in a bad light. All that haven’t awaken in the last year and a half are in a liberal induced Coma and probably want ever wake up. RIP

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    CNN????? LOL!!!!!!! Did you mean to say CNSnews instead?? It’s the latter that I’m thankful for, as CNSnews gives us the truth we don’t get in the lamestream media. As for showing us what life is like in other nations, yes it’s true we’re better off than other nations (at least at this time), and “…..that things could be far worse….” But you must remember – unless we get rid of this leftwing Democrap regime in the 2010 and 2012 elections, things WILL get a lot worse here in America!!!!!

  • Sarah P. Turner

    Where are the CNN cameras when they are unloading the bodies of our fallen heroes of these wars.They found time to be there when they were blaming the Bush administration. They found it necessary to keep us up to dated on the running count and show us pictures of the flag draped coffins during the Bush years. We owe these men and women and their families more than we can ever repay, but I don’t feel that we should interject our selves into their grief to make a political statement. But double standards abound in the liberal news networks.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    They should run the old Looney Tune cartoons if they want to lift our spirits. Oh, I forgot; they’re not politically correct.

    • Norm

      Yes and Bush would get residuals.

  • jopa

    Totally bogus claim that Obama claimed victory in Iraq.All that was said is there will be no more troops engaging in active combat.They did’nt want to mimic the same blunder of the Bush administration.The above article is just trying to mis lead everyone of the facts.

  • Carrot1

    I usually just read the articles and don’t comment. But some interesting observations were made during the mid-80s and my pursuit of a BA in journalism. These observations may in part be the reason for the variations you find in reporting these days. More than half a dozen of my college professors espoused the purpose of journalism (print and television media) is to tell the people what to think. Now I’m not sure if these folks meant ‘report on what’s going on’ or the literal translation to not only tell them what’s going on but also to tell them how to think about it.(This is where the ‘spin’, a.k.a. biased reporting comes in). As a non-traditional student (not straight out of high school and having been in the business environment dealing with profits, losses and numbers) I was taken back by the audacity of these comments. In my mind, I thought the purpose of journalism was to report the facts and let the reader or viewer make up his or her own mind about the story.(I believe it used to be that way for a while as it appeared on the scene following the scandalous days of ‘yellow journalism’ reporting when the philosophy was why destroy a good story with the truth. Anyway, someone mentioned earlier that we are about to see some big changes soon and it will be either in the form of lies or truth. It is interesting to note that truth,in certain circumstances and according to the 40+ students in my business ethics course, is defined as perspective . During my year as a small-city reporter I gathered all of the ‘facts’ to compile in the city’s small town newspaper. It must be recognized that gathering all of the ‘facts’ is a daunting task requiring great diligence in search of the facts. Often facts are not really facts but second or third-hand reports from folks supposedly closest to the story. One of the most important lessons I came away from my early days of reporting that might be considered when watching variuos news reports is this – often the most important thing to a report is what is missing from the report. Thus, the reader or viewer should be ever vigilant to ask questions that were not addressed in the reporting.

  • jopa

    Sarah;When Bush was in office the pictures of our fallen heroes caskets were censored.It was in the first weeks of the Obama administration that the censorship was lifted.

  • jopa

    Carrot1 You have about the best article I have seen here in a long time.Very well said.

  • Loren

    I only watch CNN when I want to fall asleep. It’s a terrific prescription for Insomnia!

  • http://none Alex

    The Faux Noose Channel gives one million dollars to the Rethuglican Governors association and you ant to contimnue blathering about their being ‘fair and balanced’.

    Not only is Faux Noose completely biased, they are dumb journalists to boot. Steve Doocey? Sean insHannity? Goofballs. Dummies. Not journalists.

    The best news outlets on Amerikan television are LinkTV, PBS, and MSNBC. Coherent. Professional. Yes Link and MSNBC are on the Left of center, but not even remotely as far from center thought as the cretins at Faux. Remember— $1,000,000.00 to the Rethuglicans! Do you want to continue in your ‘fair and balanced’ delusion?

    • Warrior
    • dan az

      did you forget about the 3 million the rag head gave to imam for the building of the 9/11 mosque or the 5 hundred thousand to cair to support the hamas its fair an balanced he owns 7% of fox if thats not fair and balanced complain to him.

  • cporter

    Where are the solutions to the problems we have in America.
    Maybe if we all stop sitting around listening to all the lies and spin
    from both sides.
    We can begin to move forward in this country.

    I m glad we all stood together at some point during the tough times in the past the depression,World war 2 ,911 and such.

    This country is in dire straits it time to stop the bickering and solve
    some problems.

    Frankly i m sick of hearing it all.

  • http://gmail i41

    Alex if you like
    Pubic B–l S–t channel, or Moronic, S–t,Normal B–l Crap Channel, all are government sactioned bidge. Just because you are a marxist admirer and would reconize truth if it hit you in the head. Socialists democrats just have a vacant vacum betwwen their ears, and since your ears a plugged with rocks, truth and facts still will not seep in. cporter, you may be sick of it but this fight is a little different than in the 40′s and we have more piglets hanging on to the sows tits way to long and are too damn lazy to get off of their lard a$$es and be productive. There is 15 times more simplr minded educated government wonks impeding businesses and the ability to be productive, What bastards are responsible for the growth of regulation and government, the National Socialist Democrat Union Party which has been tied tighter than a new rope around a rustler’s neck, is the communist socialist party and democrat leaders and the pus brained overeducated smucks.

    • Karolyn

      There you go again 141, upstaging us with your intelligence.

  • ohsure

    CNN is La La Land. If you want to Live on Fantasy Island or put your head in the sand, then watch CNN.

    • Norm

      If you right-wing nut hate ranting, FUX is your best choice.

  • http://gmail i41

    Karolyn still a simple minded socialist democrat, you have problems with facts and reality. Once a loon toon hippy from jumping too much rope, you wig out if anyone doesn’t act like a pusified whimp, when some of us get serious on destroying your idiols marxist veiws, or when we draw hard lines as to the destruction of the USA and will not compromise. There can not be discussions with dyed in wool socialists who want compromise going to the communist style government. It has been that way since the torpedo days of the 60′s to today. Onumnutts and his radical queers are fine examples and proof.

  • Claire

    Did anyone hear the news that a man stabbed a taxi driver? The man asked the taxi driver if he was muslim, the taxi driver said “yes” and the man stabbed him. Now how is that for common sense? How is that for radicalism? I think some people better get some self control. I do not approve of the muslim cult, but this is not the way to deal with the issue. Now the man that did the stabbing is in trouble. Is it worth going to prison? God help us all. I don’t know what we can do about any of it.

  • wilson

    My cure for depression would be deportation of everyone who cannot present a constitutionaly-valid birth certificate….not a certification of live birth…which would be exactly what?….certification someone was born alive? Is there a certificate for someone who is born not alive?
    If that includes the highest office holder in the land; that’s just too bad!

    • Claire

      I am sick of the birth certificate crap too. Even if the real one was posted, no one would believe it. Don’t you think SOMEONE would have the truth by now?? I would think the Republicans would know the truth-unless they are part of the big picture too. Who knows?

      • kate8

        Claire, they know the truth. They’re just not talking.

        And you bet the Republicans are in on it.

        • Claire

          kate8–Then I sugest no one vote for a Republican or a Democrat. We should all vote for a 3rd party. That would shake the entire political scene to their core. And this is exactly what they need AND deserve.

          • Claire

            “suggest” — time for me to go to bed!

  • Claire

    You know, I am sick of the name calling. Why is it that some people have to call other people names JUST BECAUSE THEY DO NOT AGREE with them??? We all have freedom of speech and we can say what we want. Hey, I don’t like what is going on in this world either, and I don’t agree with everything that is said, but I don’t resort to calling them names. What in hell is the point of it?
    Whether we like it or not, we are all in this mess together.

    • kate8

      Claire, that’s just it. Some people don’t think we are in a mess. They think things are going just great.

      • Claire

        I have news for everyone-we are in a hell of a mess. And Kate I truly think the elections will not help one bit. I hope I am wrong.

        • dan az

          I thought I would never say this to you your wrong!

          • Claire

            dan az–I do not expect everyone to agree with me. I know I am not always right, none of us are. if you noticed, I said I HOPE I am wrong. It will take a darn good administration to get us out of this mess. It will take quite awhile to get things straightened out, and the politicians that are elected had better be on the ball. I figured McCain would win the primary, but I kept hoping he wouldn’t. I really thought people would not vote for him but they did. So this is a classic example of people having their “heads in the sand.” They keep screaming to “vote them out” but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, they keep voting incumbents back into office and why?

  • Barb

    Lets start praying for what was our wonderful country. That means getting back to God and what he stands for. Today everything is gimme, gimme, till the countries in a mess.People are going to the “poor house” because the bigwigs have gotten extremely greedy (the super large companies) like cable companies, etc. who run this country and the ‘little guy’ is truly suffering. Actually so isn’t the rich guy. Some of the people have forgotten what it means to love your neighbor, be good to the poor, and have compassion, even banks have forgotten. We need a day of prayer at least a couple of days a week and also bring pray back in the schools. The ones who don’t believe in it, shouldn’t be forced. God help us all to remember what it means to be human. “In God we trust” should stay our motto. He’s the only one we can really trust now-a-days. I don’t trust Obama or anyone else in government now. We were a Great country, please let us go back to being that country, as our forefathers taught us.that’s the only way we will survive.

  • Barb

    I also want to say, “don’t put your head in the sand”. It’s the worse thing you can do. Fight for what is right and good and never give up, unless you want to be taken over and who does only idiots.We don’t want another Hitler, and that’s what will happen if we give up.Keep loving our country and never ever give up the fight. Shame on anyone who puts their head in the sand.

    • dan az

      Barb if they do they leave them selves open for the kick in the azz that they deserve!

  • jopa

    It is very apparent John MYers gets his depression from Fox news which is owned by Rupert Murdoch an Austrailian and a Saudi prince Al weed-bin talai.Do you think they are operating in the best interests of America or their bottom line.Their not giving you news their giving you fear and depression so wake up and smell the coffee.

  • http://google mike b.

    When CNN hit the airwaves my depression begin

  • jopa

    I would have to say Wolf Blitzer is one of the few that actually report news fairly.

  • Viktor Leben

    What an interesting and unique therapy. Just laugh at CNN’s peculiar view of reality !


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