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My Conscience Speaks

July 13, 2012 by  

My Conscience Speaks

Many issues weigh heavily on my heart, mind and conscience regarding the direction the country I was born into — the United States of America — and to which I have pledged allegiance is descending.

The United States seems to be heading toward socialism. Never did I think I would be confronted with scary thoughts about actions taken by the U.S. government and its numerous agencies regarding the edicts, actions and Presidential executive orders that are impacting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — my inalienable, God-given rights.

One issue that seems to be a burr under my saddle is the fact that we were sold a bill of goods about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as the “immediate” reason for going to war, which turned out to be a “foul ball.” Instead, we destroyed a country that may never return to the prosperity and culture it had when Saddam Hussein was at the helm.

For the record, I did not like Hussein nor approve of his alleged actions, but to destroy a country — for what? Oil fields? Or, perhaps, strategic Mideast presence? It seems, and the nightly news documents, “the march” through other Mideastern countries continues, not only decimating them but also taking down the lives of U.S. service men and women. Didn’t we learn anything from Vietnam?

What about the U.S. depleted uranium (DU) weapons civilians and our armed forces are exposed to? If you aren’t aware, DU warheads are designed to penetrate anything. DU is a byproduct of enriched uranium. This website tells an abbreviated story about DU weapons, which ought to connect some dots as to why U.S. service men and women return from combat as “basket cases.” That’s in addition to the legacy of deformed children being born in countries where DU weapons were/are used in combat.

Birth defects in Iraq resulting from DU weapons are something the U.S. media will not discuss. That bothers my conscience more than anything, as this website documents what happens to innocent children. These are issues U.S. citizens need to know about. However, they are purposely kept from us because they just may motivate us to rebel against what’s going on, as we rightly rebelled when that infamous photograph of the naked Vietnamese child — Phan Thi Kim Phuc — running from the napalm bombing motivated us to stop that war. It’s referred to as a photograph that changed the world. Maybe the 1960s world, but the current world is “media-controlled” and that’s why we have what we have, I say. See the photo here. The photograph documents running from napalm, not depleted uranium. God help us, please. Man’s inhumanity toward man has to stop.

It is my opinion the United States should lead in stopping inhumane actions that “concretize” war, poverty, deceit and a litany of sins against humankind.

Additionally, my conscience is troubled with major issues that have been germinating since the Richard Nixon Presidency years. Those concerns hit full bore when the 2000 Presidential election was handed over to the Supreme Court to determine the winner, whereas actual vote counts undoubtedly were “hijacked.” For those who don’t remember, here’s a refresher.

I have nightmares about that very same thing happening in November when SCOTUS just may be employed again to determine the Presidential election — God forbid. Aren’t we, the voters, supposed to elect the President of the United States, not SCOTUS? Please don’t retort with, “Well, aren’t we a nation of laws?” Um, what laws?

Those laws seem to be skewed toward vested interests not what the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights set forth and not what supposedly have been the guiding principles for more than two centuries. And here’s a real hairy issue for me: Presidential executive orders interfere with many Constitutional rights, if you aren’t aware.

Recently, SCOTUS played another role in what I think is steering the United States down the slippery slope to socialism. That happened when SCOTUS voted Obamacare was a “tax” — not healthcare — that, in five justices’ opinion, did not violate the U.S. Constitution. As a result, Americans will have to pony up for 21 higher and/or additional taxes. Here they are:

  1. A 156 percent increase in the Federal excise tax on tobacco
  2. Obamacare Individual Mandate Excise Tax
  3. Obamacare Employer Mandate Tax
  4. Obamacare Surtax on Investment Income
  5. Obamacare Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans
  6. Obamacare Hike in Medicare Payroll Tax
  7. Obamacare Medicine Cabinet Tax
  8. Obamacare HSA Withdrawal Tax Hike
  9. Obamacare Flexible Spending Account Cap — aka “Special Needs Kids Tax”
  10. Obamacare Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers
  11. Obamacare “Haircut” for Medical Itemized Deduction from 7.5 percent to 10 percent of adjusted gross income
  12. Obamacare Tax on Indoor Tanning Services
  13. Obamacare elimination of tax deduction for employer-provided retirement prescription drug coverage in coordination with Medicare Part D
  14. Obamacare Blue Cross and Blue Shield Tax Hike
  15. Obamacare Excise Tax on Charitable Hospitals
  16. Obamacare Tax on Innovator Drug Companies
  17. Obamacare Tax on Health Insurers
  18. Obamacare $500,000 Annual Executive Compensation Limit for Health Insurance Executives
  19. Obamacare Employer Reporting of Insurance on W-2
  20. Obamacare “Black liquor” tax hike
  21. Obamacare Codification of the “economic substance doctrine” [1]

My conscience was rattled during the 2008 Presidential election cycle, as I believed there were no credible characters I felt I could vote for, so I chose not to vote. As a matter of fact and conscience, I drove to the polling place but turned around and went home after questioning my sanity about voting for characters whom, in good conscience, I could not trust. Forget party politics! By the way, I’m a registered independent for those who want to know.

Maybe I was correct in my thinking that Barack Obama was a “Trojan horse.” In retrospect, I think I may have been correct. I felt I could not trust someone who would not produce verifiable information about his life, education, etc., or a person who seemed to speak out of more than one side of what appeared to me to be two faces.

Over these past four years, I have had those concerns enhanced to the point where I feel I must write this article. For the record, I cannot and will not support Obama for President of the United States or any office, including dogcatcher. My reasons are legion. However, the most egregious, as far as I’m concerned, are Obama’s Presidential executive orders (PEO) that may, in essence, confer upon him “tin hat dictator” status.

Why do I say that? Because no one, not even Congress or SCOTUS, can challenge or revoke a PEO once it’s been published in The Federal Register. In essence, there’s a “dictator-in-waiting” status, I feel, in the more than 126 PEOs Obama signed since the day after he was sworn into office. His first PEO (No. 13489) dealt with Presidential Records. In essence, no one could investigate, publish, etc., any information about Obama. Why? Red flags flew about that for me and confirmed my reasons for not voting for him.

Another of my major concerns is the secret deal(s) the National Security Agency (NSA) seems to have made with past and present White House Administrations after that infamous date, 9/11. Please view this link and you will understand why I say that.



Then there’s this information one needs to consider seriously, I think.

My conscience prods me on to share my reasons for not supporting the biggest boondoggle in politics the United States may have ever experienced. Obama promised change. What we got, in my opinion, was an Administration that I think has been the most corrupt ever, with numerous czars put in place, seemingly like vultures, ready to pounce on a dying animal — in essence our pre-Obama governance style — and the transparency that Obama campaigned on as a key plank in his Presidential platform but has failed miserably to produce.

Voters, please wake up and listen to your conscience. It’s talking to you. You know deep down that the United States is not what it used to be. We need change now more than ever. November is dirty-diaper-changing time for Congress and the White House. Let’s clean up the mess!

–Catherine J. Frompovich



Catherine Frompovich

matriculated in holistic modalities and natural nutrition, earning advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences and a Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice. She spent numerous years in practice as a consulting natural nutritionist and over 35 years in consumer health research and writing, which she continues in retirement. For years she worked as a healthcare rights advocate to ensure that the "powers to be" would not have their way in destroying complementary / holistic healthcare and its modalities as "quackery." For five years she edited The Healthcare Rights Advocate, a 32 page quarterly newsletter centered on the politics of healthcare in the 1980s. In the late 1980s and 1990s she represented holistic healthcare interests on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. As a freelance journalist, Catherine wrote and produced two TV shows. One, "Turn Off The Violence," was nominated for the 1996 Telly Award. Her work has been published in The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine and other holistic healthcare journals, airline travel magazines, community newspapers, national magazines, and online Internet forums. She is the author of several books on natural nutrition and holistic healthcare. Her last book, Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What's Probably Making Us Sick, is available here. She has new book scheduled for publication in 2012 that will be titled, A Cancer Answer: Holistic Breast Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    The good news is that the majority of people are awake and it’s only a matter of (short) time that it spills over into the corrupt political arena. You should rejoice as I truly believe that we will witness this paradigm shift in consciousness and the world knows it. The elitist’s are powerful but their time has come and they are fleeing from every field from every part of the world. The people of the world have worked their way into this corner for their own self-serving needs but we have had more than our fill. The people of the world now want a true end to war and greed. It’s not when they scream from the pulpit that change occurs but when they scream from the street.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Sorry Rev, I disagree. I think the vast majority of people are still asleep. More are waking up but most people don’t even want to know what’s going on. They’re perfectly happy letting somebody else handle things. They can’t even imagine that anything would happen that would upset their normal lives. Why, if they follow the rules, they’ll be fine, right?!?

      • restorefreedom

        You are so right people just don’t see it and or just don’t care. Politicians, police and now their turning the military against us and none of them care about the constitution . How can they get away with this????

      • Frank B.

        I have to agree! The majority of the population has their heads in the sand and won’t see the jack-booted thugs for what they are! Pity!

      • revnowwhilewecan

        I not so sure. The millions of people in the streets daily my disagree with you. Yes daily! There’s a western media blackout on the worldwide daily protests because the elitist’s are TRYING to keep us asleep but I think they are failing. For instance, there were hundreds of thousands in the streets of Mexico City yesterday, protesting fraud and being shot and bloodied with rubber bullets but not ONE clip from our so-called media sources! Millions every day on the streets fighting fraud and corporatism and not a peep! Instead we get headlines like” 19 killed in Homs ‘massacre’”. Laughable!

      • revnowwhilewecan
      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Because people are in the street protesting something, it doesn’t mean that they are awake to what is going on in the country or the world. It merely means that they don’t like something. If they were awake they would realize that they could be arrested and imprisoned for expressing their discontent. Times have changed. It would have to be something very important before I would take that chance.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Nancy in Nebraska,
        That’s the point. People know what’s going on. There’s people in the streets around the world daily. LOTS! They’re not all wearing “Dead” t-shirts and playing bongos. People are demanding change with peaceful disobedience and the elitist’s don’t like it. We’re gaining ground and they know it.

  • Marcus Demetrius

    There will never be an end to war and greed as long as some nation wants something that some other nation has. And this is hard wired…put three two-year olds in a room with two toys and see how that plays out.

    This election is crucial, but look at what we have to choose from! ObamaCare or Massachusetts RomneyCare. Either way, we lose.

    I submit that the Republicans do not want to win, which explains why they are not pouncing on the vulnerabilities of the current president, and why they choose to run candidates who can not beat the Obama-led Democratic character assassination machine. Once the campaign gets underway for real, watch how they dismantle Romney until even his hardline supporters will be questioning Romney’s candidacy. Mark my words: Obama will be reelected, and America will be a socialist nation…that is, unless the Administration can find an excuse before the election to declare martial law and suspend elections, in which case, it’s a moot point, Komrade.

    • Gloria

      That is exactly how I see it.
      Thank God for our Heavenly Father who ultimately is in control.
      Jesus is Lord and our only true hope.

    • Gloria

      I meant to say, Marcus, not Ranchman. My agreement is w/ u Marcus.
      Force and violence are not the answer. Rather waking a sleeping, lazy people to what is at stake. We can lose our freedom to be cared for as infants and find ourselves in slavery.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree with you, Marcus. I don’t think the republicans want to win. I think it has already been decided and they’re just playing along to make us think that we are choosing. There can be no other explanation why romney has been silent on everything. Never has any candidate had so much true and honest ammunition against another yet he is silent! The other side is attacking romney over every little thing and his response is not there! Why?!? Why isn’t he TRYING to win?!?

      • Theodore

        Mitt Romney has always been a compromiser and has always weighed the various Republican power blocks before he timidly makes any policy decision (if he actually does so). He speaks in generalities and tries not to offend the power block he is currently addressing. There is a certain weakness of character which keeps him from stating his true beliefs. In order not to create dissention he avoids a frank discussion of the policies which are pertinent to this presidential campaign. These character traits plus a propensity to repeat over and over again slogans, which are not really pertinent to answering a direct question, make him sound like a broken record and totally alienate the people who are listening to him.

  • Patriot1776

    The question is whether “We The People” are willing to take our responsibilities and stand for the freedoms and the unalienable rights that our Creator bestowed on us. What are we leaving for our children and our children’s children? Will we leave them with the freedoms and blessings that our Founding Fathers left for us, or will we leave them with some socialistic/communistic government dependency state? Do we deserve this republic? Many of our ancestors fought and died to stop the spread of communism and to allow other societies to have a chance at enjoying the God given rights that we have. Now we must choose whether to stand with our ancestors and protect those rights, or lay down and allow big government to take away our rights and our freedoms and doom our posterity to a life of government servitude. It’s our time America!

    • Warrior

      Bravo Catherine, Bravo Patriot! I’m all in for changing this stinking dirty diaper.

    • http://N/A charles malia

      I stand to defend our republic’s constitution and the bill of right’s

    • http://aol kathleen

      Let’s hope ther are enough true Americans who care about freedom. some years ago my grandchildren watched a movie on television. It starred I believe Patrick Swayze. It showed the US overtaken and this young group of Americans had to hide in the mountains and fight foreign troops. It was scary but the way things aren now it is even more scary. I only hope we have enough people left in this country who understand the angers of a one worldf government and would be capable of doing what the early settlers did and died for to give us these freedoms in the first place.

    • albertmaslar

      Unfortunately at least half of Americans are ignorant and unaware of the problem while they continue on their merry way to oblivion.

    • Doug Sines

      I beleave that it is time for all americans to stand togeather and stop big government in their tracks and put and end to the taking of our rights. at this pace by the end of the next presidential term we will have no rights left.

    • rick Hitchcock

      I believe that until the rights of the unborn are reconfirmed that this country will continue its slide into hell. I can’t help think back to Pres. Bush when he was looing for a USSC justice and he told america that inspite of his own beliefs abortion would not be used as a litmus test for his candidates. Thats was just wrong, if you can’t protect human life the the whole system is beginning to come apart at the seams. There iare about twelve thousand innocents slaughtered daily in this country, generations missing since Roe v .Wade there is absolutly no way that a country can continue to exist when it can’t or won’t protect it’s citizens. I am extremely sorry for those who condone the murder of babies that tell people that they are catholic, they may pull the wool over some peoples eyes by claiming that it’s not up to them to decide but ony

      • GregS

        rick, the two appointments made by Bush (Alito and Roberts) are BOTH solidly pro-life. They have voted pro-life on all abortion-related cases in the Supreme Court since their respective appointments.

      • GregS

        Regardless of what Bush may have said, his ACTIONS have always been pro-life throughout the ENTIRE two terms of his Presidency, and as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

    • http://PersonalLibertyAlerts Nancy S.

      Amen to your artical “My Conscience Speaks”. Through Divine providence we were founded and that is the only way we will be saved. We need to go to God and then fight for His rights to His people.

    • D.Darlow

      This Country has let our elected officials get away with murder.We no longer practice honesty or truth.
      We have a President in office that should not be there .Nobody wants to do anything to correct the situation ,as he destroys our Country.

    • William Hubbell

      First, we have to recognize the Enemy. The Enemy is the military-big corporation war machine and Zionism. We need to return to the Constitution – PERIOD. This means debt-free money by abolishing the Fed and tariffs at the border. No nation can prosper when the major industry is sick-care and the the “educational” monster.

    • Bryan Richards

      We need a party to represent workers (people that work on salery or for an hourly wage), to tarriff imports,shut down imigration, deport aliens and exile felons.

      • r.p.

        That’s the problem…. We don’t need a party to represent the working people. That’s why we are in the mess we are in. We need people of high moral character and a robust helping of intestinal fortitude to defend the Constitution and the people who live by it. I hold no allegiance to any party, but I do hold an allegiance to the Constitution, the Declaration Of Independence, and the Bill Of Rights. }\\\> the party! That’s why Ron Paul was and still is my choice. We will have an opportunity in August to literally take the world’s breath away by endorsing the Constitution and nominating Dr. Ron Paul. You all agree that “Now’s The Time”!!! Time for what? So where are you going to start huh, by voting for Romney???? Romney’s going to intentionally lose, so you might as well get him out of the way and put in a candidate in who can really put up a good fight.

      • r.p.

        P.S: If by some slim chance the above scenario does take place, both the dems and repubs would be in a full blown PANIC MODE. Wouldn’t that be a lovely sight?

    • Stan

      Let Freedom Ring, Time for change.

    • Carcodave

      Fewer than 1/3 of those living during the American Revolution supported the revolution. That’s proof that it does not require a majority to take over a government or a nation; it simply requires an organized effort. That may be why we are being overtaken from within by a minority of self-serving elitists.

      Our government simply needs to be taken back from within.

      Personal responsibility is the key. If every person (citizens and non-citizens) wrapped their arms around the idea of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, morally things would straighten up in a hurry.

      Socially and economically, however, we’re in serious peril and if something isn’t done to change the entitlement mentality that continues to strip the incentive from those of us who think, work, and live independently, we truly are doomed.

      There are a lot of droopy drawer, flat-brimmed attitudes that don’t have a problem riding my coattails for a free lunch. Well, folks, I can only carry the load for so long before I’ll be one of those sad sacks looking for a handout just to feed myself. When that happens, we’re all doomed.

      It really wouldn’t require a lot of effort to put this country back into the hands of people who really appreciate the opportunities we ALL have been given. It will, however, require the effort of at least a few of the people . . . !

      Blame whom ever you wish for the shape we’re in. The truth is we’ve become lazy and all too willing to elect someone to do the job we aren’t willing to do ourselves.

      I don’t mind having someone’s hand in my pocket if I’m the one who put it there. But please, get the government’s hand out of my pocket.

      BTW – there is only ONE race: The human race. Watch out for anyone who wishes to argue otherwise. They have an agenda and you may be standing in their way.

      signed: A Vietnam Veteran

    • USA

      I agree with you 100 percent!!!!!

    • http://personallibertyalertsBobLivingston Gilbert Ruiz

      We need to defend the constitution before this government ends up using it for toilet paper

    • Ruth J. Christensen

      I’m with you!

    • Tierra-Naomi

      The problem is that people aren’t aware,….the problem is, is that we have no leaders, just talkers, like Rush, Savage, Livingston, etc. The fix is in and it started with Papa Bush and his new world order and 1000 points of light (I bet there is not a 1000 voters who even know what he was talking about, even Dukakis asked “what the hell is he talking about”). The son,GWB, was as bad as a leader as Obama, why is he,…….because people trusted him and he like Obama, decieved us all. Now we have at least 677 federal judges, most all are worthless and are afraid to go against Obama, just like all of are military leaders and judges. The last Admiral who was head of the joint cheifs(Mc Mullen) in my eyes should be tried for treason along with all of the secret service, the FBI, CIA, all in the newly worthless DHS department,…..but the ones who need to be eliminated instantly and now is the media, and nobody even dares mention that these people have too go. We the people have no leaders of courage, just Ostridges and Dodo birds, and ignoranant people and a lot of blow hard talkers like Mr. Livingston,….I’m with him and feel his pain, but like him and you, I also am a coward with no direction,….give me a leader that I can believe in and all our courage my return! If it doesn’t happen soon, bend over and kiss your ass and your kids asses goodbye,….

    • http://yahoo ray

      It takes big bold action lawyers whose entire law firm works together as a TEAM. All matters concerning our rights have to go to the federal courts. Insteaad of telling us over and over on a daily basis that we are losing our rights and those famous last words “Donate Now” the complainers should file law suit after law suit even on a daily basis to get into a meaningful fight for the preservation of our Constitutional Rights.

    • jim crawford

      If your not a muti millionaire, so that you can buy a Rep or Sen that leaves you looked down upon. Party poltitcs is our down fall. So get in line or get out.

    • Amelia

      This “unbelievable phenomenon” began many years ago….but then, only a small group of Americans were alert to the changes happening to our Constitutional Republic…but not enough to warn the yiounger generations being brainwashed that changes were necessary… when something is proven good…why change it???
      To many Americans blindly walk around, thinking we are still the geatest country while it is being slowly destroyed.

      Time is running out, and unless we find true patrioitc Americans to elect to Congress and the White House — that path to socialism will continue and widen…..

    • http://BreakingfreeInAmerica AllenD

      I’m afraid the people have lost the will to fight. Most are just too self centered and only interested in thermselves and the things around them. Even the media has to know what is going on and yet they have fallen pray to special inetrest or threats to their job. We just don’t have the unity we need to stop this effort to destroy what our founders worked so hard to establish. I do not fear the truth, but I don’t like what I see.

    • Ronald D Phillips

      In 1963 President Johnson signed the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT and as I remember it said
      that when 2 or more people consipire to deny you your Constitutional rights then they
      are subject to five years in prison and a $10,000.00 fine.
      How do you arrest and prosecute people in high office. Even if they believe they
      are doing it for the right reason; I believe their actions are acts of treason.
      How can a treaty with a foreign government or the United Nations supercede the
      Constitution of the United States? Answer it can’t! These individuals are commiting
      acts of treason and the citizens of this country do not need the Supreme Court to
      tell us this.
      It is amazing to me that these individuals do not think of the consequences of these
      laws and treatys that they endorse; how it will affect their own families, their children and
      Many years ago I was in the home of a World War Two veteran of was a prisoner of war in Germany. He said that one of the German guards told him that just prior to Germany invading France that the French police went around confiscating guns.
      How true that was, I do not know. But I do know that Americans own guns and that
      is a major deterent to any foreign country thinking of invading our country.
      Thank you for all that you do. Although I will be 74 this month, I know that what
      you are accomplishing is very important.
      Sincerely Ronald Phillips Kansas City, Kansas 66109 913 709 4935

  • James Hay

    If Obama Is Re-Elected I Will Without Any Reservations End My Life. I Would Comdemn My Mortal Soul To Eternal Damnation Than Live Under Tyranny.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Big talk; if the “tyranny is sooo bad why would you wait? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to take such action and I think you are WAY off base but really – talk is cheap.

      • Oneguess

        Are you saying that tyranny is GOOD?

      • Doc Sarvis

        Oneguess, no; tyranny is not good. AND we are NOT living in tyranny.

      • DaveH

        Can people forego contributing to Social Security? Can they forego paying a lion’s share of their hard-earned money for a Government that puts restrictions on almost any action they might like to take? Can they forego buying medical insurance even knowing that it is just further wasting our financial resources that might otherwise have gone to actual medical care instead of to meddlesome middlemen? Can they forego contributing support to people who could easily find employment but don’t want to accept just any job because it’s beneath their dignity? Can they engage in the profession they like without jumping through ridiculous licensing procedures that serve little more than protecting existing professionals from competition?
        We are far away from Freedom, Doc. If you’d do some real reading instead of pestering us here, you’d know that.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear James Hay,

      You write: “If Obama Is Re-Elected I Will Without Any Reservations End My Life.” I believe that is a little extreme.

      You write: “I Would Comdemn My Mortal Soul To Eternal Damnation Than Live Under Tyranny.” You had better reconsider what eternal damnation really means.
      Mark 9:42-48
      Rev. 21:8

      Don’t speak lightly of such things.

      Best wishes,

      • DavidL

        Amen, Bob.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Thanks Bob L.. The idiot James Hay would be willing to give up his life for someone worthless like O. We don’t need idiotic distractions.

      • Ted Crawford

        It’s a bit extreme in any case isn’t it ? There are other options here, such as expatriation! The borders are still open! Given Schumers new Exit Tax we might need to make the decision a little quicker! It seems the incoming door will always not just be open, as it should be, but also UNGUARDED,, as it shouldn’t be !

    • MNIce

      I second Bob’s reply. From the earthly viewpoint as well the heavenly, suicide is worse than surrender. You not only don’t burden the enemy with the care of another prisoner, you save him the ammunition so he can use it on someone else. We need fighters, not quitters.

      Remember also who is your greatest enemy (hint: it’s not Mr. Obama). “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6:11-13

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      James, I would rather see you live to be one of those that would fight tyranny and evil! I think that it is far more important to stand up and fight evil than to give up and not try.

    • carrobin

      “Tyranny”? Obama? When Dick Cheney was president, maybe.

      • sesame

        Speaking of Dick Cheney, did you know that he just held a big fund raiser for Romney at Cheney’s home out west. Bet you didn’t see that in the main stream media. This raises serious questions as to whether Romney is just another Cheney in disguise. If so, get ready for a lot more wars. Obama has continued Bush’s immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Romney, with Cheney’s backing could be even worse. Not much to choose from on election day,

    • Dave67

      LOL James… if you only knew what real tyranny is…

      Both parties are the problem, big money in the political process is the problem, corporations with no loyalty to the United States are the problem.

      We need to find the next Teddy Roosevelt. Obama is not it, and Big Bank, Wall Street loving Romney will be worse.

      We need people in Gov that will push big money out of the process, redo our trade agreements so that they are good for AMERICAN workers, and understand math. The current group of corporatists clearly do not understand math, especially the ones that put tax cuts across while we are in 2 wars. I am sure our vets appreciate only they are sacrificing for these BS wars.

      Socialism is not what is going on, its Corporatism and that needs end.

      Voting Democrat or Republican will not fix the issue. It will take third party and the American people demanding Gov that caters to what is good for All of the people, not just the few.

    • Godfather

      bye bye and good riddance. You know where you are going

  • Nobody’s Fool

    If you did not vote in 2008, then we have YOU to thank for giving us this foreign-born homosexual anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-Christian, pro-abortion, lying piece of Muslim/Communist trash who resides in our White House now. I fear we will never get rid of him due to his PEOs and Congress’s lack of intestinal fortitude to stand up to him. He has already done enough to this country. I hope every person will VOTE this November, it will probably be the last time we have the chance. If oBlamer wins, we are sunk. We may already be dead meat. I’m 68 years old. I have many years ahead of me that can be productive, but once I hit 70, I will be moved over to the oBlamercare’s Death Panel jurisdiction where my total physical/medical needs will be weighed against my ability to produce income for those who refuse to work. If I am found to be a liability to the federal government, then they will put me on the Extermination List. A nation that does not respect Life at the beginning will soon have no respect for Life at the end. It’s happening.

    • TooTrue

      Ask your health provider for some new meds please before those death squads come for you. With the proper medication you may find those death squads will run from your presence while screaming that you are the ‘light-bringer.’ Besides, it would not help the wicked government to exterminate you because if you were disposed of, there would be fewer useless people to give money to. The horror!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Calling this panel a “death squad” makes it easy to laugh and make fun of it. But the truth is that it will exist. Healthcare WILL be rationed to those who have the most productive years ahead of them. You need to educate yourself because you won’t be hearing about this on the main stream media. You can laugh all you want, but it’s coming!

    • Neil Swan

      Nobody’s Fool you are everybodys fool.


    • sesame

      Your paranoia is showing! Do you know that private insurance companies already ration health care to those with pre-existing conditions and by not paying for non-standard treatments. The Death Panels have been here for quite awhile, long before Obama..

      • GregS

        Just because the “death panels” existed before, is NOT a reason for taking them to a further extreme with ObamaTAXCare!

      • GregS

        Virtually EVERYONE agrees that we need to get rid of pre-existing conditions, but the 2700-page ObamaTAXCare law, with tens of thousands of pages of yet-to-be written mandates, outsourced to UNELECTED HHS bureaurocrats, is NOT the way to do it!

    • GregS

      Very well stated, NF!

  • Robert

    This up coming election is just one battle of many to be fought in the war against the take over of the United States. Should Romney win the election, should we gain control of the Senate and hold control of the house, our fight has just begun. Romney will have a full agenda removing all of the 927 or more executive orders Obama signed, repealing Obamatax/Obamacare, fixing Social Security and Medicare, get this country back on track creating jobs. These are just a few of the important subjects that must be addressed. Like I said this is only one of many battles to be fought in the war. Many of us had a wake up call when it comes to how close we really came to losing this nation of ours, our Constitution, our civil rights and freedoms under Obama. Anyone that thinks the war is won just by this up coming election is only fooling themselves. Don’t think for a moment that the democrats and left wing communist whackos are going to stop in their agenda to CHANGE this country. They will keep coming and we must keep fighting the good fight to defeat them in the future.

    • mark

      But Romney is a liberal Republican. He has been a liberal Republican his whole life until he started running for the Republican Presidential nomination four years ago. He created Obamacare. As MA governor, Romney supported abortion, gun control, state aid to education, tax increases, gay unions, and a ban on school prayer. He is the most liberal Republican presidential aspirant since Nelson Rockefeller.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        But you are a Leftist, so what is your concern that Romney is a liberal Republican. You should hail him as one of your own.

      • OLD MAN

        Stupidity at the highest level. Spew your negative mantra about Romney and be another one of Obama’s useful idiots. With a few million more like you we will surely have Obama back.. Romney may not be the most pleasing candiate but in this case ANYBODY IS BETTER THAN OBAMA.
        Vote………Vote wisely…….. Your future depends on it!

      • DaveH

        Mark is right about Romney. Those who think he will deliver them from Big Government are gullible indeed.

      • Catherine J Frompovich

        I’d have to agree with you! If I had my choice for the Republican presidential nominee it would be Ron Paul, the only politician I feel understands and stands up for the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. And, that’s why he will not be nominated or elected. What a shame, America!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      What makes you think romney will change anything? The agenda doesn’t seem to change regardless of which party is in power. You may see a few token changes to appease the masses but there will be no substantial change back to liberty!

      • Patriot1776

        We don’t know what Romney will do when he wins. We do know what obama would do if he wins. Those are the choices we have. After obama and his communistic plans are derailed, then we can work to change the political process, put Congress back under the control of the people and bring the United States back to the values and morals that God prefers. The goal must be to remove obama from office while we have a system that will. You can’t cure the patient if he bleeds to death on the table.

      • DaveH

        No, Patriot, those are NOT the choices we have. There is only one Political Party that understands the concepts of True Freedom. That is the Libertarian Party. They have candidates on most ballots. Choose them. Help us grow our ranks in order to reach those who associate desirability with numbers. The larger the percentage of votes we get, the more people will start looking into what the Libertarians are all about.
        Vote for Gary Johnson. As Bob says, he’s pretty weak on the Austrian Economics that are crucial to Libertarian beliefs, but it’s a start. And he’s certainly better than Romney or Obama:

  • Ranchman

    You are not going to get liberals to see the truth, they’re lost. It will be up to Conservative Christian Patriots to take back this country by force, yes, by force. There will be a civil war/revolution in this country real soon. Let’s just hope it’s not an all out race war between whites and all others. This is what Obama has been trying to foment with his racist bs. The man is evil, he hates America, and is the most dangerous man to be president. He’s a fraud, a usurper, and a dictator wannabe. You will never get the Left to see this, this is who they want. Let the war begin.

  • JDN

    Obama or Obama light ? That is the question before us . Or better yet do you wish to be shot in the head with a 44 mag or a 38 special ? Which will you vote for ? Yes I know let the lamb basting begin by those that feel voting is the only answer afforded us by the Constitution .

    • Oneguess

      Most lamb does not need basting due to natural fat content.

      • MNIce


      • Fedup2here

        Who the hell can afford lamb these days? Or a quality baster for that matter?
        If we have to endure another 4 years of Obummer’s spending spree, it is going to be Oscar Mayer on the menu at the nicer places.

  • Jonathan

    The problem is that regardless of whom is elected as President, regardless of whom is elected in the Congress, we still have a people who have become soft. Weak. More interested in the NFL and American Idol. So dependent on unemployment and food stamps and welfare. Long gone is the pioneer spirit of the American patriot. Most importantly, we have turned our back on Jesus Christ and embraced so-called “science” and immorality and rebellion against the throne of Heaven. We love not the King of Kings, but instead money and power and sex and ourselves. We face extinction as a nation. Will we not fall on our faces and cry out to the Lord, “Have mercy on us a sinful people?” Will we not turn from our wickedness and turn back to Christ? It will take not supernatural effort on God’s part to topple us from the world’s stage: our own pride and vanity is sufficient to cast us down.

    • Gloria


    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Another AMEN!

    • old hillbilly

      powerful & profound thoughts…

      Was just thinking about AG “Holder” using his highest position of “justice” to deny citizen rights to vote… as if rights to stuff ballot boxes are inalienable rights… and proving citizenship is beneath is “discriminating”. Discriminating between right and wrong is virtue!


    • Doug Sines

      yes we have become a disobediant nation in Gods eyes. I also beleave that our only hope is to repent and ask for Gods forgiveness and revolt to our power hungry government it is time to stand up and fight for our rights and if we dont do it soon we will have no rights whos with me lets fight and start now I am ready if you are any one with any ideas how to get started I am with you will travel and fight and am ready now stop the basterds in their tracks but it can only be done if the masses join in so lets get to it and stop talking about it !!!!

  • JR

    The reason I will vote for Romney (I voted Paul in the primary) is simple: We can recover, possibly, from a Romney presidency. We will never recover from another Obama term. (Also, I don’t want Obama appointing any more corrupt Supremes)

    • mark

      Obama did not appoint Chief Justice Roberts.

      • MNIce

        If we had constitutional conservatives on the court instead of “Justices” Kagan and Sotomayor, Justice Roberts might have written a different opinion or been in the minority.

      • OLD MAN

        One can not be right all the time. It appears we have a sleeper (Conservative??) as our Chief Justice. What a shame this turned out to be. This makes it ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT that the next president be one who appoints absolute conservatives. You should have no doubts waht Obama will do.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      What makes you think we can recover from romney? And what good are conservative judges if they can be threatened or bought?

    • DaveH

      Au contraire. With Obama, the numbers of awake Americans are increasing rapidly. Romney will be much smarting. His Government Growthing will be much more subtle. Then sometime in the future, when those of us, who have experienced a modicum of Freedom and understand the concepts of Freedom, are dead and gone, the rest won’t even know what they’re missing. Make no mistake, Romney will take us to the same place — only more slowly and more effectively.

      • DaveH

        “much smarting” should have been “much smarter”.

    • ChristyK

      I disagree that it will be easier to recover from Romney. If Obama destroys the nation, his socialism, bailouts, welfare, etc. will be blamed. We can go back to the Constitution and free markets. If Romney is elected, people will go back to sleep thinking they have been saved. If he destroys the nation, capitalism, free markets, and liberty will be blamed. There will be no foundation on which to rebuild our nation. The Obama induced crash will be faster and harder, but then we can rebuild, if patriots are willing to work hard and sacrifice.

    • Deerinwater

      ” from a Romney presidency. We will never recover from another Obama term. ”

      You show us a GOP track record supporting your claim and I will cast a Romney vote.

    • Dave67

      The banks and wall street are the main reasons the economy crashed in Dec of 2007 and guess who is the biggest recipiant of bank/wall street dollars

      Willard “Mitt” Romney

      Romney will be the second coming of George W Bush.

  • Hey you

    Voting is not the answer. Voting by those who want govt to provide things is what got us (and a lot of countries) into the downward spiral. Maybe if voting is limited to those who pay taxes, there would be some fiscally rational voting, but that would lack “fairness”.

    So, what to do? I guess it’s best to see when some state governments decide to nullify federal laws. There are plenty of reasons and some states are moving that way, particularly in universal medical insurance, gun laws and marijuana use. We don’t need east coast socialists to set local agendas. In fact, is there any good reason except for tradition that we put up with dictates from Washington, D.C.?

    • MNIce

      No, not paying taxes isn’t the problem. The real conflict of interest is with those who receive government assistance and then vote. I suggest a constitutional amendment that says if anyone receives government assistance for more than six months in the two years preceding an election, except by reason of physical disability, that person shall ineligible to vote in that election.

      • MAP

        MNice, your suggestion would utterly destroy the Democrat Party. Without the parasite class and buying their votes, they would be left with only the minority of fanatics and zealots. They need the parasite class to impose their evil agenda on the rest of us.

      • Sebastian Anthony Ilacqua

        I also believe this is the crux of the problem. For several decades, the federal government (and the democrat party) have cultivated a class of dependency in order to secure votes (and power). This has been a very successful strategy and has given democrats a huge share of political power and made many a politician, lobbyist and union official privileged and quite wealthy. They have been very creative, if not moral, in this endeavor. But, the great bulk of the blame for this situation rests upon those Americans (and illegals) that have bought into this plan for want of a few free crumbs from the table. For an individual to relinquish his personal freedoms and sacrifice his share of solvency and integrity of our (once) great society just so he can receive a paltry stipend from our “magnanimous” big brother, is nothing less than despicable. (I am not talking about people truly in need) Our founding fathers and past patriots would be very dismayed to learn that the precious freedom and opportunity for which they sacrificed so much – paid such a high price for – has been sold-out to the lowest bidder. It seems that Americans today have a greater love for ease and comfort than for freedom and accomplishment. After all, even the poor live a rather comfortable life in this prosperous nation. Since everyone has an equal vote, it seems that Americans themselves have opted for this new, inferior society rather than striving to improve and renew the core values of American Exceptionalism. So let’s not blame the politicians, because deception is their nature. Rather let’s blame ourselves for being deceived so easily…

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I’d like to see the states rise up and say no!

  • Fedup

    You helped elect him by not voting “against him!”

    • OLD MAN

      Right on! This election is not voting FOR someone. It is voting AGAINST someone.
      Stay home because you don’t like Romney for some petty reason and you just voted FOR Obama. This kind of person is called “a useful idiot”.

      • Catherine J Frompovich

        I guess you can call me a useful idiot, Old Man. Didn’t I write this article?

      • DaveH

        Old man,
        Then you are old enough to know that your prescribed approach has gotten us where we are today. If you vote for somebody who is less evil, you will still get evil. It’s time to quit wasting our votes and rubber-stamping lesser evil. It’s time to take a Principled Stand:

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      What an ignorant statement! You are to vote for the person that you trust will do the job the best! The purpose of voting is to vote FOR someone, not against! I will vote my conscience. I will do what I believe is right. The type of voting that you suggest will never get us the type of representation that we need! Voting for the lesser of two evils will still give you evil!

      • Frank B.

        Nancy, what is one to do when both your choices are evil?
        I know what I’m going to do: Write-in Ron Paul for prez and (hopefully) watch him ABOLISH the fed, and return us to the GOLD STANDARD!!

      • Patriot1776

        The time to take a stand for a candidate that you believe in is during the primary, when there is a choice. If you did not actively campaign for a good conservative, christian candidate then, you won’t find one now. There are currently 2 choices, you can vote for obama, or you can vote for Romney. Staying home and not voting because you don’t like either of them will help put obama back on his throne. Writing in Paul, or any other choice, will help put obama back on his throne. You may be able to sit back and say you didn’t vote for either of them, but you cast your vote no matter which you choose. To think it noble to take a stand at the cost of the nation and liberty is, to me, a fool’s choice.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        DITTO, Frank!!!

      • DaveH

        I don’t know of anybody ever getting elected to the Presidential office by write-in votes. Do you, Frank?
        Why not investigate the Libertarian Candidate? He’s no Ron Paul, but his spirit is willing and he will be on the ballots in most states.
        After all, Ron is a Libertarian, and perhaps he could teach Gary those concepts which Gary does not yet understand.

  • s g

    Romney is better than O, BUT we need more tea party people in House AND Senate

    • MAP

      sg, you just poured acid into the ears of the liberals at this site. Har!

  • cawmun cents

    Sorry for saying this Ms/Mrs.Frompovich,
    I really gotta work on my pronunciations……..
    But how do you fix something by doing nothing?
    How do you affect the disillusioned,and make them see the positivity about choosing the lesser of two evils?It cannot be done.It has never worked in the course of history and it won’t work now.When two like things are given as candidates to represent the leadership of this nation,how will you affect the changes that you want to see occur?The short answer is that you will not.Sure,you may get something that resembles change for a short period of time,but the reality is that you are merely replacing one figurehead for another.
    This will not bring any structured change of substantial mention.
    What it will bring is the illusion of change,to spark the people into actions that are not currently happening,thus spurring the economy.At least,that is the hope of those in charge.
    But it is in effect,exactly what we received three and a half short years ago.So how do you propose we make this venture work to our capital benefit?
    Your proposal is to lightly change the figurehead of leadership and turn the massive Titannic of our financial accruity over to them,having thwarted the 90% of the iceberg which lies underneath the visionary capacity of the populace?
    So you think that this will somehow work?
    I have this glacier on the surface of the sun that I would like you to see.
    But the sun is so darn bright that unless you get a special lens to peer through,you won’t be able to see it.But the thing is,only the special lens which I will thoughtfully provide for you,will let you see that glacier on the surface of the sun.
    That is in effect what you have bought into.
    A sleek watered-down version of change that was promised the last time around.Obama Lite,the beer that sparkles and refreshes.(if you are determining that the advertising which tells you that light beer is manly and yet satisfying,is the whole truth and nothing but.)
    The thing here is that you have taken the bait.Hook,line and sinker.
    Obama this,Obama that…..
    What about the folks who ushered him forth to begin with?
    Do you have the kryptonite that kills that juggernaut of the Socialiste Democratique?
    I did’nt think so.
    So you wind up and throw the pitch,but it is fouled off.And the mighty Casey is still at bat threatening to ruin your day by hammering a grandy off of your inept starting rotation.
    Be prepared for disaster.Please understand that I know that in the story,the mighty Casey struck out,but don’t let the tale of the tape fool you,because there is a Murderers Row coming up to bat behind him in the next part of the double header.
    You cant kill a rhino by scratching it’s belly with a feather.
    But I digress…..obviously painting you a picture won’t gratify your sense of security,so I will just offer you this…..


  • steve

    first of all, your a moron for believing anything the government says. second , this has been a socialist country for anyone over the age of 65 since medicare came into existence. so where have you been living not to know this. third, until you get rid of the political system we have you will lose every time there is an election. how in the world could the people of this country give politicians the ability to run our government and not be subject to prosecution and that includes the court system.

  • Deerinwater

    WoW! You are all over the place with your conscience Ms. Catherine J. Frompovich .

    I understand that you must please the editor, ~ but “good grief”, from Socialism to DU weapons to birth defects to an administration misleading not only American citizen but the whole world with false pretenses for invading a sovereign nation lead by a documented “Evil Doer” to a Supreme Court decision that you personally don’t approve?

    Well, ~ look on the bright side, we are not using horses to running down native Americans, shooting and killing their women, children and livestock ~anymore.

    Did you know that Custer had a son named Yellow Bird? He was 7 years old and with his mother when he father returned after 6 years passing to raid a Sioux village yet again. Elizabeth Custer did not know,

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    Catherine, part of your comment: “The United States seems to be heading toward socialism. Never did I think I would be confronted with scary thoughts about actions taken by the U.S. government and its numerous agencies regarding the edicts, actions and Presidential executive orders that are impacting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — my inalienable, God-given rights.” is a virtual copy of what so,many Americans( and Canaadians) are saying . My question is WHERE have you and others been hiding???

    Ayn Rand warned us in th 50′s and i and other Libertarians have been warning about the very situation we are seeing now, since the 70′s. By the way I am one of the FOUNDING MEMBES of the Liberarian Party of Canada, done in 1975

    i guess we will just have to learn the “hard way”..I say “we” because the innocent and those who saw and warned will suffer also.

    The only action left is to PREPARE as best you can..

    • Catherine J Frompovich

      Ain’t been hiding, Neil. Been complaining since the 1950s! and look what it’s got me/us.
      For those who don’t like what I’ve said, call me another “Jane,” if that suits your fancy. Not voting also is MY right, which I hold dearly in the exercise of my conscience. How about those who pull the party levers and vote for turkeys just because they are affiliated with a certain political party. Gimme a break, please!

      • DaveH

        A little thin-skinned, aren’t you, Catherine?

      • Catherine J Frompovich

        No, David H! Just downright honest, which most people either don’t like or appreciate.
        It’s called politically incorrect, I think is the term.

      • DaveH

        I much prefer honest people over dishonest people, Catherine. Whether I disagree or not, at least I know who they really are.

  • david

    Your excellent article reads like a spine thrilling novel. Looked at the adverse comments of the readers and it is frighting to see they have given up their patriotic spirit. This administration groomed under the rules of corruption of has put our economy and freedom on life support. Obamacare is one of the major contributors.

    Four more years will yield rebellion on every street in America. With regret, dictators around the globe are promoting our demise and ready to feast on our remains.

    • Catherine J Frompovich

      David, I think you hit the nail on the head, as they say: “it is frighting to see they have given up their patriotic spirit.” That’s the problem, I think. Another word for it is apathy.

  • Neil Swan

    A lot of people here don’t believe in treating people like people.
    I don’t understand that.


  • Deerinwater

    It’s just an election year and if things are not bad enough already, people think they need to make things appear worse to encourage people to vote a “certain way”.

    They want us to forget it was a GOP lead administration that got us 7 trillion down and permitted the top 2% running the nation that created an environment that was conducive and created futile ground where socialism might grow in the fist place.

    To my GOP friend, quite trying to use “stupid” as a weapon and address the issues instead of pontificating the ideological and switching labels around in some shell game to defend an indefensible position and a long miserable track record of economic failures.

    An audit of the Fed , ~ is good! banking reform is needed and ~is good. A review and changes in NAFTA is good! getting back on the right foot and having “enforceable laws” controlling immigration ~ is good.

    Term limits ~ is bad , you have term limits at the ballot box. It takes years to develop into an effective statesman ~ why fill government positions with a bunch of greenhorns? If you don’t like them , vote them out. ( i’d like to see Rick Perry take a long walk on a short pier)

    Health Care, ~ the emergency rooms all across the nation has became a dump site for human suffering. ~ one way or another, we tax payers pay for it regardless. This has got to Stop! ~ Please don’t be under some illusion that you don’t pay.

    If you don’t like it, change it! But understand employer based Heath Care has failed poorly in address a wide cross section of the American population. Myself, I want to blame insurances companies for this as they are profit motivated “ONLY”. Do you really believe doctors become doctors only for the money?

    Don’t expect any improving changes without you being willing to change. If you are one that wants the same and no change, ~ you need to accept the fact that your are out numbered and change is coming where you like it or not. You would be best served to be a part of the solution then used “stupid” as a roadblock and end up only road kill and your nose out of joint.

    • DaveH

      Who are you talking to? I did a find on “stupid” and could find it in only 3 places (now 4), two of them yours.

    • DaveH

      Deer says — “If you don’t like it, change it!”.
      Sure, Deer, I will just change it next November by hoping and praying that everybody wakes up and votes the same way I do. How ridiculous.
      A much better solution would be for the thieving controllers to get out of our wallets and choices and instead contribute their own money to private organizations that would address their concerns without forcing them on everybody else who is unwilling.
      If yours and your cohorts ideas are fruitful, Deer, then your example will be imitated and without all the animosity created by forcing your choices on other people.

      • Deerinwater

        “Deer, then your example will be imitated and without all the animosity created by forcing your choices on other people.”

        Why not my Academian friend? Would you not be most willing to force your choices on me? If you tell me”No”, I find it in my best interest to not believe you for you are more then willing to force your personal choices on me or someone else.

        You would steal from me, claiming I have stolen from you and that is what I call using “stupid” as a weapon. To not confront every single absurd asinine allegation that you make no matter how insane allows it to take on a life of it’s own and become real and then it’s repeated and repeated until 20 of you are all making the same felonious statement.

        That is what I call turning “stupid” into a weapon.

        You David, have served Ron Paul as well as anyone I suppose, ~ Some good has came of it, but you like many political pundits here, have entertained pure nonsense, lost in the zeal of politics, offering no respect to our institutions or anyone that takes exception.

        There is no “Silver Bullet” to end all problems David, ~ Ron Paul doesn’t hold all the answers. This looking for a single “label”, a single “pedigree”, a single “ism” like it’s the “Holy Grail” to offer the “governed” is totally absurd. ~

        That we have a corrupted system on many level of finance and banking, that we have 65 years of history employing socialistic methods to address common problems, calling me a god d thief is not going to get you where you what to go David. Your personal attacks have a accumulative affect that has displayed a serious lacking of understanding of the real world we all most live in ~ or you are simply and academia a##hole that’s done very little in this world to claim such wisdom and insight. ~ It’s one or the other David.

      • DaveH

        As usual, Deer uses logic that isn’t.
        Deer says — “Would you not be most willing to force your choices on me?”.
        I will indeed tell you no, Deer, because I wouldn’t. Am I the one who advocates Big Government which takes the Power to Force things on other people? Of course not. You are. You can fabricate claims all day long, but they will still be lies.
        Deer says — “You would steal from me, claiming I have stolen from you and that is what I call using “stupid” as a weapon”.
        Stupid is fabricating claims to support your position, Deer. Explain to me what I have advocated which would involve stealing from you? Personally I think your claims go beyond “stupid”. I think even “stupid” people would be hesitant to make things up out of whole cloth to support their positions.
        Indeed, I offer no respect, Deer, to those who would steal my money or Force their personal choices on me. Live with it.
        Ron Paul has never said he has the answers for other peoples’ lives. That’s why he, unlike yourself, does not believe in using Big Government to Force his way on others. Your arguments have so far been “totally absurd”.
        If you vote for people who knowingly advocate using the Force of Government to take property from others (money is property), then yes you are a Thief, Deer. Own it.
        And finally you have the gall to call me out on personal attacks (which I only use against those of you who drew first blood), and then you say — “or you are simply and academia a##hole that’s done very little in this world to claim such wisdom and insight”.
        What a hypocrite.

      • Dave67


        I think DaveH stews mightly at red lights because the government tells him to stop. Nobody should tell DaveH what to do.

        DaveH engages in theory, not the real world and he, by way of saying Social Security is “theft” is plainfully unaware of how societies, countries, communities work.

        He should know that SS has reduced elderly poverty by a huge margin. But that fact escapes him as with the realities of the global economy.

        In DaveH’s world:

        Gov bad
        Free market, that has never existed in the inidustrialized globalized world, good.

        DaveH is so preoccupied with the evil Gov (as many are on this site) that the fact that the wealthy corporatists are the ones who have hijacked this country and the wealtthy now make deals instead of products escapes him.

        But DaveH is a genius unto himself. Nobody but him is capable of understanding the theory embedded in his links he sends and tries to pass off as fact.

        But like Deer alluded too you get 20 people here who repeat the same lie over and over again, they believe it to be true.

      • DaveH

        Ohhh, a personally attacking Liberal. How novel. Not.
        Get over yourself, Dave67 (err, Flashman). The regular readers know that you can’t compete intellectually, so you must resort to personal attacks or other such manipulative methods. The intensity of your attacks just highlights the fact that my comments are hitting home with others, thus are a threat to you and your superiors. It’s just a matter of time, Progressive, before the people fully wake up and realize that you and yours have been suppressing them for your own gains.

      • Dave67


        And the personal attack is where? I am attacking your positions. A person with your keen intellect should be able to tell the difference

        (The last sentence was sarcasm and my apologies if construde as a personal attack)

        Thank you for calling me liberal. I take that as a compliment.

      • DaveH

        I’m surprised that Dave67 would so soon after his previous illogical comment, say something like — “Free market, that has never existed in the inidustrialized globalized world”.
        Just yesterday, Dave67 said — “Capitalism in in pure form fails just like Socialism does and Communism does”.
        So here we have a Liberal that says Capitalism (Free Markets) fails and that it has never existed. You can’t have it both ways, Dave67. But then the educated readers know that fabricating facts is a necessary event for Liberals to win an argument.
        You’re pathetic, Dave67.

      • Dave67

        So DaveH,

        Do you acknowledge that the country you fantasize about has never existed? If so where has it existed/ does exist in the industrial/post-industrial age?

        How do you reconcile the “free market” with countries like China, Mexico, varius Cen American, Asian and African nations that employ different currencies, styles of Gov. that pay workers next to nothing and engage in unfair trade practices?

        Does that the fact that other nations pay their workers put upward or downward pressure on the Avg American’s standard of living when talking about doing the same job?

        Answer these questions without sending me to your link, in your own words and we can be done with your charade.


      • Dave67

        Crickets from DaveH as expected.

        Now pay attention DaveH… This is a personal attack. You are a phony propagandist with nothing but theory to guide you while ignoring the real world of multiple currencies, types of Gov and general economy and social history.

        You are a hack.

        But I am sure you will cite Ludwing von Mises as your gospel even though you are a fraud.

      • Deerinwater

        Don’t be too hard on DaveH, ~ I like him, ~ he is a constant, an Academian , as least he’s read the subject. While he’s not ran a profitable business or raised and educated 2 children that are achiever’s that succeed ~ must less 5. We can depend on DaveH for the latest ‘talking points”.

      • DaveH

        And that matters how, Deer?
        As a matter of fact, you know nothing about my career or if I have a family or not. But then, what else would I expect from a Liberal but to fabricate facts?
        And Dave67 is not being hard on me at all. He would need some credibility to accomplish that, and he has none. He is likely just another incarnation of Flashman, the guy who has multiple personalities and tries desperately to silence me.
        In fact, I encourage your inane responses, because the more you guys speak, the more you reveal the techniques of manipulative Liberals to those who may not have been aware before reading your responses.

      • DaveH

        Normally I would stop responding to a Liberal’s inane comments at this point, but this particular statement by Dave67 is too tempting:
        “How do you reconcile the “free market” with countries like China, Mexico, varius Cen American, Asian and African nations that employ different currencies, styles of Gov. that pay workers next to nothing and engage in unfair trade practices?”.
        You’re comparing China and Mexico with Free Markets, Dave67 (Flashman)?
        That is perhaps the most ignorant statement you’ve made yet. For those who want to see just how ignorant, go here, pick the China (138) and Mexico (54) links, and do some reading:

        You’re pathetic, Flashman.

      • DaveH

        For those who would like to better understand Free Markets, please do something that will upset the misinformers like Dave67 — Read this book:

      • DaveH

        In his adolescent mind, Flashman (Dave67), thinks that saying pure Free Markets have never existed somehow proves that Capitalism is not the best form of economy there is. Perfection has also never existed either. Does that mean it’s not beneficial or that we shouldn’t strive for it? Of course not.
        Free Markets (Capitalism) have never existed in purest form for one simple reason — The Leaders can’t feather their own nests with Free Markets, so they resist them vigorously.
        Socialism, on the other hand, HAS existed in it’s purest form (Communism) in several countries (China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba) and it has been a miserable failure. Leaders love Socialism because it gives them complete control.
        I must say that whatever they’re paying you to disrupt this board, Flashman, it’s too much. All that I see you accomplishing is:
        1) Exposing the manipulative adolescent techniques that Progressives must use in order to supplant the logic that their policies lack.
        2) Exposing the Progressive/Liberal policies in a forum where they can be compared to policies of Freedom — something the readers won’t get on Propaganda TV.

        So keep on posting, Dave67, you are performing a valuable service to Freedom Lovers everywhere.

      • Dave67

        To DaveH

        You lie and mischaractorize what I say and you have your own maipulation going as well. I have consistantly said the best system so far is a mix of capitalism and socialism. We have had that mix since we became the great industrial power we are.

        Communism, is a system where there is no personal property, no class system and no strong centralized Gov. That has NEVER existed in the modern world. You have just proven your ignorance once again. The USSR, China, North Korea are Authortarian Socialist systems with emphasis on the Authoritarian.

        Gotta love conservatives who throw big words around and have no clue what they mean.

        Spare me the Hetitage Foundation’s propaganda. They have as much credibility with me as has with you. They are a group of corporatists expousing their propaganda.

        To Deer,

        He does do the talking points well, he just lacks any real world experience and maybe that will come in time. When he gets out there is the real world and see how different econonomies and different governments as well as different currencies must be navigated and negotiated with in order to do business, he may get some education. I work in international sales so I have a bit better understanding of how the real world works. DaveH unfortunately lacks that experience and it shows. Hopefully one day, he will get in the game and see what the real world is like. Unitl then we will continue to be a repeater of conservative talking points. But that is what inexperience gives you. DaveH contine to flail about… You are if nothing else entertaining.

  • Catherine J Frompovich

    Readers, Probably you may not know that electronic voting machines are not ‘honest’, if you get what I mean. Really! Will your vote be counted as you cast your ballot? Some computer expert programmers have testified before election boards as to their being approached to write computer programs to reroute votes. I say, let’s go back to paper ballots so that recounts can be made accurately. I think we’re gonna need that come November.

    • DaveH

      I respectfully disagree, Catherine. While computer programs certainly can be manipulated, the problem isn’t the computers, but the lack of transparency in the voting process. Paper ballots compound that problem, being ridiculously difficult to recount, especially to the average citizen.
      We could cure that lack of transparency and allow the voting public to easily count the votes themselves using databases. Here’s how:
      We could have two databases for each election. One database would store the ‘voter information’ (Identification, address, polling place, etc.). And the other database would store the ‘votes cast’ with a unique alphanumeric ID which would be given to each voter at the polling place. The polling place would also be stored on this database to identify problem polling places. Only the voter would know his alphanumeric ID so secrecy would be preserved. And the voter would be given a printout to verify how he/she voted.
      The database would be accessible by the public. Anyone (using the right software) or any organization could check the ‘voter information’ database to see if any illegal voters cast votes. The votes in the ‘votes cast’ database could be easily tallied by anyone to see if votes were counted correctly and that the number of votes matched the number of voters in the ‘voter information’ database. Also, an individual voter would be able to check his alphanumeric ID to see that his votes are in the database correctly, and if not, he/she could notify the proper authorities or the proper news media. The ‘votes’ database could be corrected periodically to account for any corrections that were made by citizens claiming their votes were not entered correctly, or votes discovered to be made by dead people, convicts, etc.
      It would be virtually impossible for officials to alter the databases without being detected since thousands or even millions of people would be checking it to make sure their votes were entered correctly.
      And it would be much cheaper to implement than the current or past systems.
      Don’t hold your breath for this to happen, because such transparency is the last thing that the PTB’s want.

      • Catherine J Frompovich

        Uh, excuse me, DaveH, but there is computer fraud in voting. I have a request in with an organization that investigates that very thing. I’m hoping I will be granted an interview to query their investigators and report what those folks have found. It just might be very interesting. Please keep your fingers crossed I get that journalistic ‘gig’.

  • a veteran

    Th U.S. is declining because of moral illiterates like you and our proto-fascist President. Hussein-the other one- murdered 300,000 children. Verified. 300,000–you’re good with that. Let’s murder the 300,000 children living closest to you and weekends you can go out to the pit they’re half buried in and coo and purr about the “prosperity and culture’ enhancement. a veteran.

    • Catherine J Frompovich

      Veteran, You know what I’m not satisfied with, quite frankly? All the manipulated news reports U.S. citizens are given nightly or in what I call the ‘not so free press’ or controlled news media. And guess what? Americans eat it up and regurgitate it like it’s gospel truth. I suggest tuning in to some of the foreign press, e.g., the UK’s–you may learn something.

      • Deerinwater

        Maybe you need to schedule a meeting with Rupert. ` My people get with your people and discuss a date to get together?

  • slapjack

    If you didn’t vote I see no creedence in your opinion or article.

    • Catherine J Frompovich

      So why did you waste your time reading it, Slapjack?

      • Deerinwater

        Well??? ~ He had to read it to know? ~ is that a good answer?

  • Catherine J Frompovich

    For all those who have doubts, what does YOUR conscience have to say about this?

  • Eric Jones

    Mrs Frompovich i would like to congradulate you for having the courage to speak from your conscience not a lot of people do that anymore but if more did this world would be so much better off. but i must RESPECTFULLY point out 1 contradiction. you point to the war in Iraq as PROOF of socialism in america as a socialist myself i must point out that what TRUE socialism needs is peace it is FACISM that requaires endless war. aside from that though well done.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    Although I am politically a LIBERTARIAN, i am evolving to ANARCHISM ( by the true definition) as , unfortunately or fortunately, depends ones point of view , Governement always DEVOLVES to BRUTAL statism ( history reveals so ) so for the benefit of others disappointed with government, this i took from Lew Rockwell, Anarcho-Capitaist, for other thinking individuals to ponder:

    You say “radical” as though it is a bad or negative view. Radical views are those that are considered too extreme by those who represent the norm. And those holding such views are considered radicals. Does it not seem strange that an individual anarchist whose philosophy is simply one of living one’s own life as he sees fit, who assumes full responsibility for his life, who seeks no entitlements from or the indulgences of others, who holds no man’s life subordinate to another’s, who encourages voluntarism and abhors coercion is seen as fanatical and somehow threatening? Radical it may be, but not because it is dangerous, but simply because it is in extreme contrast to the views of those who condone a social structure that abhors individual freedom. What is the concern or fear about someone who simply says, “You live your life as you wish and I’ll live mine as I wish”? I’m reminded of H.L. Mencken’s famous statement, “A Puritan is one who lies awake at night with the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, is having fun.”
    If the state is so necessary, so marvelous, so attractive and so just, why do its advocates need to force people to adopt it? Is that not peculiar? The need for force exemplifies the weakness of the argument that governments and rulers represent a superior social structure. Those who don’t endorse the state are not preventing those who wish to from doing so. What is so sacrosanct about government that those who do not wish to participate in the skullduggery as they see it must be forced to see it as glamorous? Isn’t it strange that those who condone theft at unimaginable levels, who force men to fight and kill those with whom they have no quarrel, who incarcerate those who volitionally share their wares and bodies, who punish those who retain their earnings and who force persons out of their homes as somehow good and sane…and yes, non-radical. Doesn’t that position or reasoning sound a bit strange? So if one wants to be accepted into society as a non-radical, he must condone all those despicable activities that are considered social norms and the state of affairs that many find endearing. Does it not ring of insanity? My God, why it doesn’t ring that way for everyone is what astounds me. Of course if it did ring that way, then those suggesting coercion, thievery and killing as a better social framework would be the radicals. (For a taste of a really radical view of the state, try Nietzsche’s “Thus Spake Zarathustra: On the New Idol” (chapter 11).)


  • Catherine J Frompovich

    Did you see this on the TV evening news? One questions whether VOTER FRAUD exists.
    Well, it apparently is alive, well, and thriving in Mexico.
    Shouldn’t the ‘free’ media/press in the USA report news like this?

    Media blackout biggest protest the world has ever seen in Mexico
    “We marched because our government and corporations are trying to impose on us a president that we did not choose. There was a terrible electoral fraud. We have tons of proof. This guy “our new elected president” Peña Nieto, is responsible for repressions, and he recognized it. The people in this video was not the total. Thousands of us were behind them, marching on the streets trying to get there. But it was already full. The march started at 3pm. I got there finally at 7pm.”

    • Sarah R.

      Putin was put in place by voter fraud. The majority of people didn’t want him either. This will happen here. Half of America looooves Obama and the other will be voter fraud and thus Obama’s second term and maybe forever.

  • Catherine J Frompovich

    For those who are concerned about the actions Congress takes, please process this: Congress is considering giving Monsanto and other biotech companies “Get out of jail FREE” cards with legislation that is similar to what it gave vaccine makers in 1986, NO legal liability for damage from their products–vaccines for Big Pharma and vaccine makers–and now for GMO products, including nanoparticles that would be inserted into just about anything and toxins from GMO food tinkering. See this

    • Doug Sines

      what is the price for freedom can you put a price on freedom? I think not and for all of us who just stand by while big brother takes over every aspect of our lives spys on every move we make watches us in the street on the net and even goes as far as coming right into our homes through our web cams yes thats right if you leave your cam on they can watch you right in your home how unconstitutional is all of this sorry but we the people are going down and if we just stand by we will be without any rights ny the end of the next 4 years of who ever is in office romney has something to lose that is realection but obama has nothing to lose he can just go hog wild for the next4 years and take everthing away and not have any thing to worry about he time is up stand up america take back what is ours fight and we need to get started now before it is to late. massey uprising is the only answer massey protest in the streets jsut as the rest of the world is doing lets get with it !!!

      • Eric Jones

        Contrarey to poular belief there is a price to freedom. the blood of those who died fighting in its name.

  • david godwin

    we are past the point of no return.

  • Jibbs

    Catherine J. Frompovich,
    Please go back and write for the Huff n Puff.
    What a waste of time on this article, please drop her Bob L.

    • “Lucky” Puckham

      Jibbs: What a real socko reply to Frompovich. Yours is just full of — well, full of hard data that refutiates all the source material her reply supplies. Yes, indeedy, Bob L., drop anybody who might burst the bubble to which so many here cling to in their ignorance. Sheesh!


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