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MSNBC Should Keep Sharpton

November 29, 2011 by  

MSNBC Should Keep Sharpton

As I perused the endless reams of material required for Outside The Asylum, I happened upon a piece on The Blaze in which Mike Opelka asks: “Should MSNBC fire Al Sharpton for making (well documented) racially insulting and insensitive comments in public?” Opelka goes on to offer a broad outline of Sharpton’s disgraceful dash for cash and fame and also highlights the well-established liberal hypocrisy required to allow a valueless parasite like Sharpton to continue to pollute the public discourse. In truth, Sharpton has made such a spectacle of himself in the same cottage industry exploited by fellow bottom-feeder Jesse Jackson that Opelka went over his word count without even touching on what I consider to be Sharpton’s career-defining moment: the Tawana Brawley hoax.

I have an answer for Opelka: No. Of course, I agree that Sharpton is a cartoonishly accurate exemplar of the anti-intellectual vacuum which consumes liberals. But I’m also a conservative with libertarian stripes. It is MSNBC’s prerogative to immolate its own ratings with the sideshow refugees it features, if that’s what it wants to do. It is its choice to employ the hate-spewing buffoons who have turned their channel into a perennial ratings loser. It is our choice as viewers to watch something more compelling. Check out the drama of the Knitting Channel, where there is almost no chance any teenage girls will end up smeared with feces.

MSNBC certainly seems excited about Sharpton’s presence in its laughingstock of a lineup. If you’ve endured one of its simpering “lean forward” promos, then you have noticed Sharpton is the star of the newest edition; signaling MSNBC’s plan to continue his tenure. For those of you who chose the Knitting Channel, MSNBC’s latest marketing effort involves one of their hosts babbling incomprehensibly for 30 seconds or so, followed by on-screen graphics reminding viewers that the channel exists. “Lean Forward” replaces MSNBC’s previous strategy: “We let Keith Olbermann in the building unsupervised.” That plan worked well enough to earn Olbermann a spot at the foot of Al Gore’s bed.

It’s worth noting that MSNBC is offering Sharpton significantly more support than it did former morning-show host Don Imus, in whose dismissal for racially tinged comments Sharpton played a central role. Imus even offered a private apology to Sharpton, although I don’t understand how Sharpton routinely manages to position himself as the recipient in such cases. Most, if not all, of the victims of Sharpton’s bigoted slander are still waiting for his contrition.

Should we not all long for a day when the most noxious of our political refuse is as isolated as possible? Let MSNBC continue Sharpton’s employment. Of course Sharpton is vermin, but would you rather have the rats isolated in one terrarium or loosed among an unsuspecting public? I vote for the former, and I bear proof. Consider MSNBC’s energetic promotion of the Democrats’ so-called “Occupy” loafers. Just as rats carry fleas, MSNBC carries fleabaggers.

I hope MSNBC never decides to fire Sharpton. I’m a conservative; therefore, I do not share the liberal belief that free speech should be restricted to those who earn liberal approval. Plus, as long as Sharpton is in the spotlight, I am guaranteed material for The Great Eight. Is Sharpton racist, dishonest and crude? Of course he is, but so are his cretinous co-workers. MSNBC should keep Sharpton in the lineup for the same reasons it should keep his network cellmates, The New York Times should keep Frank Rich and Newsweek should keep nearly everyone on its payroll: It keeps them away from the rest of us — and none of them deserve better.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Finally, good old ‘Resist we much’ gets his moment in the fading spotlight. Sharpton was once told that when he opens his mouth, America listens. In fact, the source said America is watching (and snickering or howling with laughter at what passes for a utopian intellectual who has a certain measure of respect – until he enters the room).
    Between Sharpton and Jackson, it’s like watching twins who watch each other to get an idea as to who’s better at sniffing out the next sacrificial victim.
    For some reason, they think dividing America is better than uniting America. It’s the one detail that makes them much like the Anointed White House huckster. When Obs returns to Chicago, maybe Obs and Jackson can become friends. Where that leaves Sharpton I have no idea – and I find it hard to care.

    • marq

      Im still hopeing Obama will step aside and let Al run in his place

      • Olin Ross

        Why aren’t you complaining about Faux No News and Rushy Limburger charades……Well I guess when you sleep in the same cesspool with these dumbos there is nothing to complain about…

        • Ronald R. Johnson

          Don’t have to when we have things like you around!

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Why bother to replace one worthless idiot that is bad for America for another one?


          RONALD–I AGREE.




    • wandamurline

      I found out a little history some months ago, I would like to share. Jessee Jackson, at one time, worked for Dr. Martin Luther King. But, because of his mouth, Dr. King fired him. Is that not funny?

      • Toni

        You Lie as well as Clinton

        I guess Hatred and Lies are bliss on this Forum

        People like you make the libertarian party subliminal. Im quitting.

        • daniel

          Toni, I suppose you were alive and watching what was going on back then? I was and I can tell you that yes he was fired. Ever since and even before Jackson was jealous of Dr. King.
          While you are loose about calling anybody racist you better look at yourself as well as Sharpton and Jackson. These people and by your assent condemn actions as being race based while at the same time ignore or try to justify people of color that do the same thing. If that isn’t racist I don’t know what is.
          We all know that if Dr. King’s colorblind society ever came about then clowns such as Sharpton would be holding a cardboard sign on the street.

        • Ronald R. Johnson

          Toni, what a great idea! By quitting you will be doing the world a great favor almost as good as Sharpton would do if he jumped off a tall building and landed on Jessie Jackson!




      • Elaine

        Wanda, I did NOT know that!
        I’ll be darned…makes sense though.

        You’d think MSNBC would not allow such acidic racism to be spewed on National TV — then have to gall to talk about whites being racist? Good Lord.

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Makes sense!

    • Toni

      SC, You and most Tea Party Folk, reverse every truth about conservatives and throw it back at so-called Liberals and anything that is not along conservative rhetoric.

      The truth is, You nor Ben Crystal have any power to defeat Sharpton nor Jessie Jackson. They are not perfect, but neither is any human being. They don’t have all the answers but what this forum offers is outright Lunacy. I was wrong. I thought this Libertarian forum was somehting positive for America, but now that I see who, like myself is part of this. It is no different than joining the lying, ungodly, finger pointing Tea Party. Sharpton and Jessie bring out the millions of voices who don’t have a microphone but will surely be heard at the voting booth in 2012. The Facts that hatred cannot defeat.

      • Veronika

        TO TONI–People like you make the libertarian party subliminal. Im quitting. PLEASE QUIT and do us all a favor! — also get out from under the rock YOU live in—You are totally clueless and IGNORANT But I guess stupid clueless people like yourself don’t have a live brain cell otherwise YOU would not make comments like this one: It is no different than joining the lying, ungodly, finger pointing Tea Party. PLEASE– DO QUIT—-YOU ARE FAR TO STUPID TO BE ON THIS FORUM. ENOUGH OF YOUR STUPIDITY –WE’VE HAD ENOUGH FROM THE LEFT WINGERS AND LIBERALS AND LIBERAL MEDIA—
        One more thing, stop blaming the Tea party just cause your groups are blind and ignorant. As for ‘ungodly—-YOU DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF THIS WORD. Go back to your cave. Toni- DON’T BOTHER TO REPLY-I DELETE ALL COMMENTS!

        • bob wire

          “TO TONI–People like you make the libertarian party subliminal.”

          considering that there is “no” Libertarian Party, maybe you are right.

          That is a want-a-be Party that like to refer to themselves as Libertarian but actually they are more of a reaction to any government. While I don’t oppose many of their views, I find it a poor replacement for government.

          Libertarians seem to believe that you might be able to somehow run government on the honor system and everything will somehow work out.

          Nice thought though.

      • wildmann

        Hey Toni, Go to the Mailbox, I think the Welfare Checks are early!!

      • Mara

        To Toni

        Your Heros using African-Americans for their selfish goals.
        They are not really interessted in their well beeing

        Unfortunately they can only prosper with the sad Status Quo, of Majority of the African American society.

        The money always leads the way.
        So please take a close look where their money is coming from.
        The race card is easy be played and by the way theire is enough reverse rassium in the Staates.
        Judge Larry Elder wrote a book about it.

    • madog2

      Why divide something that’s already divided? The sharpton idiot will not be fired because he is a black liberal racist and he works for a demwitocrap ocommie loving socialist propaganda spewing wantabe news agency.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    He is a racist SOB.

    • Toni

      You’re speaking of Rush Limbaugh aren’t you?

      • Mara

        No skincolor to not define rassism.
        Martin luther King said”
        ” To be judged by the content of their caracter”

        People like you, seem to forget about this.

        Nobody choosed the skin we are born with. Skin color should never play a role in judging a person, only their actions, caracter and humanity.

        These is the same for black and white persons.
        Rassists exist in every Skincolor.

        • Ronald R. Johnson

          M L K was no better than Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson either, he was just a little more sneakie!

          • minnie

            Martin Luther King was a Republican. Not a demoncrat. M.L.K. was a Republican like Herman Cain, he was Black and Republican. NOT like sharpton, sharpton is like maxine waters, a communist.

  • SammysDad

    This article is the epitome of the absolute best statement ever written about Al “Charlatan.”
    He has been on the scene for many years and never, I mean never ever, done a thing to help his brethren. He pretends to be a socialist but is a true capitalist obtaining financial benefits while oppressing the same people he says he there to help. Actually, he is a great laugh when on TV, exhibiting his lack of knowledge and use of the English language. Every time he appears, he shows his ignorance and racism.

    • Dagney

      Capitalism has nothing to do with oppression. Sharpton is a conman enriching himself while helping to destroy the people he claims to care about.

      • Toni


      • Adair1979

        Well said! The problem with Al and Jesse is they are still living in the 60′s movement that Dr.King started and could not finish. Neither one of these clowns can fill the shoes, so they tap dance while selling there snake oil to the uneducated or trusting thinking they are getting the original instead just a cheap knock off.(isn’t that illegal in America now,where’s the FED’s). Rise above being a slave to the system.

        • Old Henry

          I have often wondered, who exactly, elected Jessie Jackson as “Leader of the Black People”? And when did that election take place?

      • Mara


      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Al Sharpton is only a hero to people who refuse to think for themselves!
        Because anyone who thinks would see he has become as big of a racist as any white racist there ever was! Oh and Jessie Jackson runs a close second.
        If many black people would stand back and take a good look at Sharpton and the Jackson’s they would see the only thing they live for is to incite black people against white people, so black people will keep sending them their hard earned money and that keeps Sharpton and the Jackson’s from having to work for a living! There are more black racists today than white racists! And it seems strange that if a white person stands up for or brags about another white person or dares to to put down or make a bad remark about a black person they have to be a racist. yet when any black person does the very exact thing they are not racist they are only standing up for the oppressed! They were oppressed many years ago and not just in the south either but spent so much time pointing at the south that they didn’t see what the north was doing to them! Keeping things stirred up between blacks and whites is what helps [ or better yet assures] the Sharpton’s,Jackson’s and the Rev.Wright’s to be able to keep millions in the bank!

  • fiscalsoundbiteme

    Freakishly McNasty! Sharpie n Jackass should be run outta the USA with the KeenKenyan and Ms. Moochie

    • Brian


      • Toni

        You dream the impossible, I encourage you to wake up Brian and face reality. America is a mix of colors and ideas which make it Great.

        Your hatred must die someday.

        • KHM

          though you say you are/were Libertarian your comments sound more LIBERAL LEFT.
          One can criticise a person of color, or the current WH occupant’s policies without being racist.
          Rush Limbaugh is not a racist. He said from day one that he wanted Obama to fail, because he foresaw much of what was coming. Another accusation about Rush’s alleged racism turned out to be totally false.
          Where Sharpton and Jess Jackson do use racism constantly. They have perverted the message of MLK and perpetuate the victimhood of blacks. Of course this is all the fault of whitey. Maybe they should look at what the Dem party has done to blacks.

        • Ronald R. Johnson

          Did you mean along with Sharpton, Jackson, Wright,Obama, Waters and more than there’s room to name here, Oh and let’s not forget the Toni’s too!

  • singer23

    Let this idiot talk, he just proves his stupidity with every remark! He can hang himself, no need to take him off the air!

  • http://comcast jwright

    Sharpton is like that green slime toy that can cover your body. You know it’s just a toy but it still makes you sick to even look at. I agree, MSNBC must be trolling for zero ratings and attracts only bottom feeders for it’s audience. Americans would be smart to put a block on MSNBC so it can’t even appear on your screen.

    • Toni

      Anythime a Black man has the media power that Sharpton and Jessie jackson achieves, White folk get mighty afraid and the hatred shows all over this forum. I thought Libertarian thinkers were beyond such hatred.

      Guess I was wrong.

      • libertytrain

        Seems to me you are choosing the racist angle. It gets so old the left angle that if one doesn’t approve of a man or woman that happens to have color, one is automatically a racist. How ignorant that old line has become -

      • Shibamom

        Toni – Are you serious??? Those two looney toons don’t have media power. The only reason most people, including blacks, watch them is to laugh at them. What have they done to help those they say they care about? NOTHING!! You seem to be a very unbalanced person especially if you defend two slimy fellows like them. You honestly cannot see their hypocrisy?? Wow…I feel really sorry for you!

        • Mara

          She can obviously and sadly not see her hypocracy,or her reverse rassism.

          reminds me on the Bible
          “So why to you see the splitter in your brothers eye,but not notice the log in your own eye”

          Luke 6.41

          come to think of it, because of people like her Sharpton or Jackson can sell their snakeoel.
          These so called leaders dont want the African Americans to get better, because that would mean, that they loose their reason for manipulation and their money fountain.

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Toni, the only thing you said that makes sense and for sure is the truth is Some day your hatred must die! You, Sharpton, Jackson,Wright and Waters are more racist than any of the old Clan members ever were!

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Toni, Turning your thoughts and words around on you,it seems you, Sharpton, Jackson and a FEW other black people get very afraid when a white guy [ like Imus] get a Big Radio Show to don’t it!

  • JohnT

    @SammysDad I would only correct you to say that Al Charlatan like any true SOCIALIST at the top of the heap, exploits those he is pretending to help for his own benefit!

    • Toni

      Next you will be claiming that Jesus (the socialist) pimped jews.

      What a warped sense of manner you have.

      • duaner

        Didn’t someone ask you to leave this site. If not I am. I am sick of people like you accussing me of being racists. I am pulling for Herman Cain who I think has more intelligence in his little finger than Sharpton, Jackson and Obama put together. I am suprised Bob Livingston has not asked to get off. Please no more of your horse manure talk. I consider my shelf to be a recovering democrap who saw the light many years ago. Go play in the fields, your king are not wanted here.

        • bob wire

          Now would be a excellent time for both Herman Cain and you to say Adios Amigo.

          We are not required to please you Sir. Take long walk off of a short pier.

          • Old Henry

            Now Bob, you’re forgetting Little Barry’s command for civil discourse…

      • Mara

        what a warped sense of Jesus you have, sadly

  • SweetOlBob

    Good ol Al. Always ready to make another buck slander5ing whitey and formenting riots and killings.
    If we could only render down his hair do, we could partially solve the fuel crisis.

  • wally stewart

    he’s about as dumb as a used coal bucket

    • Toni

      Mr Dumb isn’t worrying about an unemployment check or where his next job is coming from.

      Wish I could be dumb like him. He may be dumb to you but his bank account likely makes yours look like a welfare case.

      I think dumb is smarter than you Wally.

      • Shibamom

        Toni – Well, I got my answer…you are JUST LIKE THEM!! You sincerely admire the crooked way they earned their money. They use and victimize people; they divide our country along racial lines and you seem to approve. Well, go right on ahead. I prefer treating people based on their character…NOT their feaking skin color!! I am sooooo over the race card! But I guess you aren’t. Again, I feel really sorry for you!

      • Average Joe


        “Wish I could be dumb like him.”

        Considering your posts up to this point, I would have to say that’s an impossibillity…you would have to GAIN at least 50 IQ points just to get close to being that dumb. (that should put you around 4 IQ at this point).You may wish to be Dumb…only because you are Dumber. Nice to see that you want to improve yourself…….

        A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.
        Douglas Adams

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Toni, Mr Dumb does not have to worry at all as long as fools like you keep sending him your money faster than he can pay some one to open the mail and deposit YOUR money! I seem to remember something that fits you and others who think like you ” a fool and his/her money are soon parted”

  • Brenda Cibelli

    the blowviator Sharpton is a turd —, my apologies to the turd!!!
    he makes his money through extortion–how dare he even call himself a Reverend—even Satan is repelled by him!!!

  • Gringo Infidel

    Sharpton’s 15 minutes of shame is in overtime and has been for years.

    Shame and derision to him and to those at the Demoncrat Party’s media outlet for putting this guy on their payroll much less with his own ‘show.’

    What a bunch of morons they still are.

  • ProfChuck

    Sharpton is one of the best conservative arguments for free speech. Liberals love to talk and the more they talk the dumber they look. Keep it up.

  • Stephan F.

    Al Sharpton is the quintessential poster boy that serves as the perfect example of how degenerated this country has become. In a mere few decades this complete buffoon has magically transformed from a laughingstock, to someone who is now somehow credible & believable. Absolutely amazing, and completely perverse.

  • Pappy

    What do you see when you lift the tail out of the way? SHARPTON!!!

    • Ret

      Thanks Pappy, I needed a good laugh.


    Since MSNBC is at the bottom of the ratings charts, the most exposure these “MEDIA PROSTITUTES” get is on talk radio and FOX News. They are simply furnishing examples of the racist, left wing nut absurtities being propogated by so-called Progressives. If these people were not financed

    • Alex



      If these peple were not financed by Bill Gates and GE, they would not be on the air at all.

      • bob wire

        I believe that you believe that!

  • Alex

    MSNBC does boast two of the most intelligent and thoughtful political shows with the Rachel Maddow Show and the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.
    Say what you will, and I know you will, those two are far above Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly with regards to believability, wit, and just plain ‘listenability’.

    The very few mistakes made by Maddow have been quickly addressed on the air and have never lessened the quality of her reporting.


      How does the KOOL AID taste this morning? Those people are as arrogant and self centered as Obama.

    • fedup

      Really Alex?! I can’t think of ANY universe, real or make believe, where Rachel Maddow is even remotely intelligent. I’m not a big fan of any of the media news centers, but to stand up and say Maddow is witty, entertaining, Blah, Blah, is like saying Jeffery Dahmer was a truly loving and innocent person. O’Donnell isn’t any better. Anyone who can listen to either of them for more than five minutes without becoming nauseous and shutting them off, should seriously seek mental help-preferably in another country than the U.S.

      • bob wire

        Well? ~ Maddow is probably one of three brightest minds on News Channels today. But I would never expect you to see or believe it. The viewer need to come to the table with something.

        That’s okay. I don’t mind how you feel about her.

        Now Sharpton? ~ much like Jesse Jackson, ~ I endure but usually it is time to change channels.

    • Dagney

      Yeah, I really loved the grilling Laurence O’Donnell gave Herman Cain over “where WERE you???” during the Civil Rights movement in Atlanta. LOL, as IF every single person alive had to be there to be able to have any sort of say or opinion about what is going on now. Yeah, that was just GREAT journalism, I tell ya. I notice Mr. O’Donnell didn’t fess up to where HE was either!

      There’s nothing good I can say about Rachel Madcow.

    • Tim


    • KHM

      @ Alex,
      I hope that you were saying that about Madcow and Big Ed with sarcasm or tongue-in-cheek. If you really believe that either of those two give well-researched journalistic shows I feel sorry for you.
      They probably get their stories directly from AP or the WH. I’ve watched them and it is just propaganda,not facts. When they have a discussion they’ll have two Lib Dem lefties. (One guest maybe slightly less radical than the other).
      To the topic at hand, adding Sharpton to the lineup at MSNBC is not going to raise their ratings. Maybe Al Gore will hire Al Sharpton (as he did Olbermann) and Current TV will go away too.

      • Alex

        Who said anything about Ed? Can you read?

  • Wayne Miller

    The village idiot is alive and well on the idiot network.I never disgrace myself by listening to his drivel, you don’t even need to put a clown suit on him as he is a natural.
    MSNBC is the sewer and Al is the sewage.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Michael

    This man will never go away as long as he has a camera on him. This is how this parasite makes his living, pitting whites and blacks against each other. He comes on like he is such a lover and defender of his race. When in reality he is using his own people for his gain. So unless the blacks wake up to this fact, he will keep going on with his onesided lies. And all this has made him a very wealthy man. If he truly loved his people, he would look for ways to better there lives, and not spread hatred. And today the black race has more opportunities then ever before. All they have to do is go after it just like the whites have to. But this is how the Democratic Party works with all their handouts. Give a little while taking a lot. I would think that this has become old hat by now. I am so tired of all this racial crap. There are no gains in any of this for anyone. Just setbacks.

  • Edward Chandler


  • http://liberyalearts john p.


    • David in MA

      60 years ago they would have hung him out behind the church…
      BTW, is he a real reverand or just using the title?

  • Marray

    Years ago, I was on my way to work in NYC and, as I crossed Times Square, who came dashing around the corner but Al Sharpton, trailed by a young male companion. Al said, “If dey ain’t no reporters dere, I ain’t stayin.” ‘nough said?

  • Wills

    We call him old SS – Sh–head Sharpton. I think Jesse Jackass and son, and old sh–head Sharpton should all share the same show on MSNBC. I haven’t heard anything from that sack of crap since he started his show. In other words, it would better to put them on MSNBC where virtually nobody will have to see or hear them again.

  • firefight

    Perhaps it’s the contrast between good & evil, right & wrong, black & white that allows us to appreciate someone like Al Sharpton. Without him and others like Jesse Jackson, them being individuals with no redemptive value, they provide us with the clarity we need to make a distinction. That in itself is good for us. For their followers, it is truly sad. For us to see other human beings so misled, ill advised and gathered into a flock of fools is not only sad but frightening in so far as it being possible to have so many individuals believe in their rubbish.



  • Michael Jay

    This artical just gives racist Americans a platform to vent their frustrations that they are not any richer than they already are. It gives them a conection to the higher end racists(whom they secretly want to be anyway). What did Mr. Sharpton ever keep them from doing that they would want to do? Nothing! He speaks out for injustices so obvious to any thinking persons. On the air he takes no more sides than any other news person. I guess because he is Black; he should just be passive and quiet. I am so ashamed at some of the racist responses that I see. It only shows how sick this country is. Don’t use him as a target just because you can. He only asks the same questions that most poor and working class people ask these politicians. If they can’t answer these questions; who is the real dummy?

    • David in MA

      ya, right.

    • Ted Sharp

      Sharpton is a racist. Sharpton can also be funny. The latter can not excuse the former. A racist response to him does no good. A laugh can be warranted but does not erase his racism. No brand of racism deserves any place in our free-to-succede society, and is not a laughing matter.

    • Jerry

      You are totally incorrect to imply sharpton is a decent human being. The fact that he chose to become so embroiled in the Brawley case and tried to push his biased RACIST view made him a JOKE in the eyes of most Americans. You are entitled to your point of view but that will never change what he did and his motives for promoting the lies. America is full of people that will believe anything someone says and that point is well proven by your comments but that is also what is wrong with America and the reason we will always have RACISM rampant in the United States.

  • David in MA

    I would say that where rev al has cried out about such behavour that he should be held responsible….how about three months suspension without pay? Let his buddy, Big Daddy Jesse fill in for him during that time, or Glenn Beck.

  • dwight

    i am a southern red neck i have a brown wife love is blind a green fly sees one color stinch

  • Phyllis

    It is amazing that these black men ( term used very carefully), have done everything in their sinister power to undo all the efforts to restore relationships between the races. These two racists rich men, have done more to destroy harmony, and understanding in this nation than most of the black Democrats.They defend the criminals, drug dealers, murderers,etc.Our jails are filled with the men that these two obnoxious humans continue to defend and blame the white man for their plight.Time for them to get a new soap box, your rhetoric is old and it DOA.

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Phyllis, you leave nothing else to be said about the racist BUM!
      And I thank you!

  • TheRealBob

    Sharpton got his start lying in an attempt to lynch several innocent white men. He is a hate-filled, racist, liar and a general disgrace to the human race. As such he is a prime example of what lieberals are all about and it is educational to keep this lieberal buffoon on TV in order that we can see what we are up against

  • http://google Sandra Henley

    Ben: I think you may incite a riot. Ignorance comes in all complexions. Why target Sharpton & Jackson. Check out history – KKK, Bull Conor too many white racist to name. Anyway, Sharpton reads his telepromter and he says what MSNBC tells him to say. He is a good employe with no original thoughts.

    • TheRealBob

      “With no original thoughts” – the perfect description of all lieberals.

      • bob wire

        The real Bob, hmmm? as opposed to? the unreal Bob?

        How about the Original Bob?

        You know little of yourself, how could you possibly claim to know others?

        Boomerang Bob fits you rather nicely.

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      The KKK and BULL Conner have faded away and now it’s time for Sharpton,Jackson,Wright, Waters,Toni,and Obama to do the same!

  • Tim L.

    I don’t know what Ben’s point is, or why he wasted so much time trashing Sharpton. Everyone knows that Sharpton is a racist lunatic, not unlike most of the people who frequent this site. Show me a network that doesn’t give air time to whack-jobs: FAUX NEWS, for example.

  • Phil F

    I agree keep Sharpton and rest of the hate spewing left wing radicals at MSNBC. I’d hate to think we’d waste channel space spreading these useful idiots around. Anybody with a brain knows Sharpton, Jackson and others like them are race hustlers and use their race to exploit the very people they purport to help.

  • Tim

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are living proof that God made more horses asses than he made horses.

  • Jerry

    I suggest it is time to get rid of all the people like Al, whether they are Conservative or Liberal. Their brand of lies and deceit have no place on any public forum expecially Television. It is my choice to watch or not but there are people that not only choose to watch but to believe the CRAP he spews for his wretched little mouth. He is a plague on America and all that Americans hold dear. I can only hope that many know his only motive for his comments is to sensationalize his brand of RACISM and earn a paycheck while trying to pick a fight with honest Americans. If you want my opinion, then by all means send him home with no more pay cheaks

  • Eric Bischoff

    Ben Crystal, you are the rat!
    And this site, which I noxiously frequent, definitely attracts a racist crowd, always In denial of course!

    I understand! This denial allows you to live with yourselves.

    But sooner or later, you’ll need to face the truth. The American conservative right is the one with the complete lack of empathy, the hate and the violence. In case you haven’t noticed the left and their progressive leaders are the ones that always get attacked and killed.

    The progressives are the ones that put their lives on the line to push for changes in a still very unjust world. The conservatives are the ones that beat them to a bloody pulp always with the help of the police. The progressives are the ones that have given you the 40 hour work week, the women’s right to vote, abolishing slavery and child labor, OSHA, Social security, Medicare and Medicaid. Should I go on?

    The conservatives are the ones that favor and order the police to beat up and use chemical agents on American children for having the gaul to exercise their 1st amendment right.

    The conservatives are responsible for slavery, wars, oppression, fascism and Reaganomics which is the real cause of the destruction of our economy. I know many of you fools have convinced yourselves that it is all Obama’s doing. The reality is all he has done is delayed the crash and depression. Things could be much worse and more than likely will be.

    I expect one thing from the conservatives and that is to make sure we balance the budget and live within our means but somehow you always manage to screw that up too because your greed always wins. Of course after your unfunded spending orgies, you always expect others to pay for your mistakes. Right now is not the time!

    You all operate from fear and ignorance. Shame on you for pretending to be Christians.

    Wake up and Repent.

    • Brian

      Eric…You are so wrong that I am not even going to debate your ridiculous assertions concerning liberals, conservatives, the article written by Ben Crystal, etc…Maybe you will learn before you pass; I hope so…

    • bob wire

      Eric, I was raised by a father that was “The Center of the Universe” and all went a was written in “His” book, the”Book of George”.

      Soo~o I’m very use to this “narrow view” of the world and how every is to fit into it.

      It’s a personality trait, ~ that many share and they all have much in common.

      Insecurity and weakness is to be hidden away at all cost! Uncertainty is to be replace with something they want it to be and it’s to be “flattering”.

      People that carry a sense of personal security about themselves have no need to be constantly on the “ATTACK”!

      These type of people would think it as somehow virtuous as to be found “The last man standing” ~ as it might imply that perhaps “they won”.

      They do want to “win” so bad. Winning is validating! They “need” validation and being “seen” as winning is the only way they know how to get it.

    • Realist

      Eric Bishoff, why is it that you confuse conservatives with NEOCON Zionists? Conservatives attempt to conserve the constitution in it’s true meaning. Neocon Zionists are trying to pervert America while exempting themselves from the tyranny they impose on it’s citizens.

      Be a mensch!

      • Alex

        I do not know Eric Bischoff personally, but reading his often brilliant posts over the months shows him to be the mensch you think he is not.

        • s c

          a, when you mentioned the other ‘e,’ did you mean brilliant or
          brilliant with quotation marks? I’m still waiting for ‘e’ to rise to the level of childish. Maybe your standards are way too low. The way he drifts on and off any given topic, it’s hard to tell if they’ve kicked him out of high school.

  • Stan Lee

    Considering the lineup at MSNBC, why would Sharpton be singled-out as undesirable? He’s at least on par with Schultz, they just speak in different accents. MSNBC is a part of a market-driven industry and obviously its management thought Sharpton would fill a certain vacuum in its presentment of “stars,”so it took him on.
    In my own case, while channel-surfing, if I stumbled onto MSNBC, my visit would be at the speed of sound..
    IMHO, Sharpton, MSNBC, and their viewing audience deserve each other.

    • Eric Bischoff

      Yes Stan just like you and Fox deserve each other.

  • Pastor Carmen

    I am a Conservative and a Pastor do you think for one moment that MSMBC would hire me for the same Job? Only Liberals apply Sharpton is a low life feeding on his Lilly White Liberals friends.

    • Eric Bischoff

      So obviously we are suffering from irreconcilable differences in America with our stupid winner take all two party system bought and paid for by the wealthy and corporations!

      What do you people suggest we should do? Should we get a divorce? And if so who will get what? Are we headed for a civil war?

      • bob wire

        It’s a race to the bottom Eric and our conservative friends seemed hell bent on winning!

        How would you like to hears a Sunday Morning Service on the evils of political liberalism? My guess, it’s being served up somewhere while enjoying tax exempt status.

  • Bill

    Let’s face it, anybody on MSNBC is preaching to the choir anyway. I hadn’t been paying much attention to Sharpton’s antics lately, but I never really did. This latest stuff is just more of the same. The man is a self-promoting bozo that loves it when people get riled up at him like this. It just furthers his agenda and gives him job security. I ignore him as I would an annoying, barking dog.

    • Eric Bischoff

      I love the subtleties in language. To Ben he is a rat, to you he is a dog.

      I think a good word to describe many of you is Putz!

  • Phillip Fay

    I must have taken a hard right turn instead of my usual left this morning!I can only hope and pray that the majority of people in this great country of our’s wakes up before it’s to late and votes for people that will lead us to reason.Finger pointing across both isles has only made the road we’re on more difficult to travel.I find all the staff at MSNBC to be well informed and most importantly on a better footing to the truth on most issue’s than any other network.
    Besides,it’s not what we think personally about this commentator or that commentator but how we react to the situation that is right in front of us now!Let’s not be sheep and led down the wrong path again!!!

    • Brian

      I have a suggestion…DON’T listen AT ALL to the MSM…All it will do is shape your views in ways that they(the MSM) want…Read a number of things from the internet and you will begin to understand that the Pubs and the Dims are two sides of the same coin…We are not going to get out of this mess until, or IF, people understand that…

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Al Sharpton should be kept on MSNBC, if nothing more than to remind us of how incredulously stupid he is. Did he earn his Doctorate or did he buy it from Wal Mart?

    • bob wire

      I don’t think Al is stupid but you can if you wish.

      I just don’t like him! He wears me out trying to watch him form words. It’s like each one comes at great effort for him to get out.

      and then there is this constant overriding bias you must deal with to understand what he is talking about and how important is really is.

      Just requires too much work for too little substance for my personal taste. I’m a busy person and don’t waste time with an all caps posting or someone that I’m not required to deal with.

  • Dave M

    It would not matter what race Sharpton is he is still a nut. I agree, let him stay with MSNBC.

  • Alfredo

    I wish this guy and his buddy Jessie would go and live in Cuba for a year with no special privileges and they would both return as true conservatives.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mimi

    Well said Ben. Wanda and Daniel are right. Dr. King never trusted Jesse Jackson, with good reason. All that’s written above has nothing to do with race, everything to do with greed for money and power. Dr. King was not like that, he was a good and decent man, not a crony, nor an egotist as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are. These two men have done so much harm to the black community if they would only be able to see clearly.
    Pick up a fascinating book by C. Mason Weaver, called “It’s Okay To Leave The Plantation”, The New Underground Railroad. Every African American should read this very clear and straightforward book. If you can keep an open mind, it will open your eyes. Actually it’s a great read for everyone.

  • Jessica Whinestone

    The Country has a lot of people with bias views. This site is not helping matters either. Most of the views expressed on this forum seem worse than what you would hear from bias conservatives like Rush and guys like Bill O’Reilley, Hannity and the Fox News. As a patriot, this are not the views I believe in – lies about the obvious discrimination in the system. Against Women’s Right, Rights of the poor to good education, to a good job, to a life. Not asking for too much here. Just asking for the opportunity to be able to get by. Why is nobody discussing about these basic things that really matter. You have a lot of people on this forum full of hate. You speak against those speaking up for the little man. Are you sure of where you will be tomorrow? Someone said something about taking a trip to Cuba. Well, take that trip. You will be surprised as to how much your views will change.
    We say we are not racist, but we are quick to tell the President to go to Kenya. This man has two white american grandparents and two black grand parents on the other side of the Globe. He had a white mother and a black father. But, guess what? The white factor doesn’t count in the equation to the Racist in our country. They only see a Black man. But, why should it even matter what color his skin is? HE IS AN AMERICAN!
    Leave AL SHARPTON Alone and concentrate on your disabilities – as a “racially challenged american”. As a woman, I would hate to bring a child to this world and have him face this sought of BIAS. We need to be fair and tell ourselves the TRUTH. BEN CRYSTAL, shame on you! You present yourself as a saint. This Site is used to serve your SELFISH NUANCES AND GOALS. Just like Fox, you look good from afar. But, up-close, it’s not a good sight. Work on yourself and do right and you will probably get more healthy discussions on your forum. I love all men and i pray for all men. Christianity is not just about going to Church. “PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH” And please stop twisting the Bible and quotations from the bible to mean whatever you want it to mean. THAT IS A SIN. We shall answer to the CREATOR. ALL OF US!

    A True Patriotic Conservative Christian

  • Maldetrius

    Sharpton, Jackson, et al, and their followers are overly emotional and blatantly anti intellectual. No one on the Right even comes close to these fools. They speak like illiterates; poor grammar, lack of logic and reason. They even find racism in inanimate objects. Perfect for MSNBC.


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