MSNBC Lauds ‘Articulate’ Use Of ‘Black English’ By Inaudible, Mumbling Witness In Zimmerman Trial


MSNBC’s expert John McWhorter, a Columbia University linguist, explains that a star witness for the prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial, Rachel Jeantel,  was abused by defense attorneys who simply didn’t understand her dialect.

McWhorter explained: “It’s been a little scary. Sometimes it’s like she’s speaking Hungarian, and he’s speaking Cantonese. She’s been articulate, just in a different kind of English than mainstream English, she’s speaking Black English. Everything she says, where you can see the Twittersphere, or people I know thinking she’s making a grammatical mistake. If a Martian came down and the Martian happened to be in South-Central rather than in Grand Rapids, the Martian would have as hard a time figuring out how this dialect worked as any other. She said in the clip that ‘I had told you.’ Many people are thinking, ‘why is she using that?’ That’s Black English.”


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So, does that mean U.S. courts should begin providing interpreters in cases where Black English speakers and people who speak garden variety English are in mixed company? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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Sam Rolley

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  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    An, yes! WE are back to “Speak English!”

  • lara

    Black english??? This young woman is just plain stupid..and ignorant..She needs help!!!! Its an insult to all Black Americans to give her any excuses for her behavior.!!!

    • monizame

      Any educated black person must cringe when she spoke..

      • independent thinker

        Even some of the supposedly educated blacks can not speak much better than her.

        • Mike Butler

          I agree listen to most NFL or NBA players during an interview. And most of them have a collage education.LOL

          • ccdubu

            Nope, nope – correction. They went to a college and played a sport. Only a handful actually received an education!

    • LarryK357

      stupid? I don’t think so, she sure learned how to screw the system. Look at all the money and benefits she’s receiving and she doesn’t even have to work for it. Now I’d say “that’s pretty damn smart”.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        I assure you she understands English perfectly when it comes to applying for food stamps, Obama phones, Section 8 housing…

      • ccdubu

        No, I disagree. It doesn’t take intelligence to screw the system. It just takes someone of extremely low moral character. They’ll figure it out every time.

  • monacall

    oh its ok to speak black English…………what the hell is black English????
    educate that girl…..6 kids? oh my God…bet all on food stamps to….and getting thousands from the florida tax payers……what a joke….she needs to keep more than her mouth shut………

  • mathis1689

    It means that her parents and teachers were morons for not making her learn to speak normal English.

    • goyaathle

      Not only can she not speak English but she could not read the letter she supposedly wrote because it was written in cursive, all she could read was her signature. In the seventies there was a movement to teach black English because it was easier for them to learn. Bring everyone down to their level rather than bring them up societies standards. Lazy is as lazy does, just make excuses.

      • mathis1689

        And they’ve been making excuses for entirely too long!

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      What makes you think her parents OR her teachers speak “normal” English?

      • mathis1689

        You can only hope that her teachers did. If they didn’t then they should have never been allowed in a classroom of any kind except as a student themselves. As far as her parents are concerned probably the less said the better.

  • Alan

    Man, at least most of the blacks of my generation were usually coherent. Seems they descend a little further away from proper English with each cycle in their evolution. But I really don’t know who’s more ignorant, her or the fool linguist who’d termed it “black English”.


    MSNBC continues to twitch and wiggle as they broadcast from the slime of a NY sewer. Here’s my own language for kjsdhf! KJljljl;siwb9823jb. Get taht?

  • Ray Kennedy

    I am living in Panama presently and am not fluent in Spanish. I get by very well through airports and all. I hate Atlanta air port where Blackese is spoken and I can not understand only a few words. There is something wrong with our school systems.

  • d s

    No such thing,her big fat lips are getting in her way.

  • elda

    Anytime you go to an area where people are poor, no matter skin color, you find people that are hard to understand. This is not a race issue. It is a culture issue. It is a desperate effort on their part to belong to a group that accepts their ignorance. I believe there are just as many whites as blacks that can’t read or write properly. It is all about fitting in with peers. My own kids refuse to speak English properly because of texting and the garbage they get away with at school. They get mad at me for correcting them. It is getting worse in all areas of America. Even word meaning is going by the way, the kids use words completely different from what they meant 50 years ago.

  • beowulf32

    Its in there culture to reject white mans ways and pervert it to there culture, same goes with their way of thinking, they don’t think like white people do. and their the most Racist people on the planet . So when you hear black people use the word cracker or peckerwood cracker that’s their version of the n- word for white people, like we use the n- word for them. And I got to warn all white people out here in America if this Zimmerman is found not guilty, watch your back and where you go, and don’t let more then 1 black just walk up on you. Because they will jump you they did it last year. And any ways the black community is just using any reason to jump and kill white people now, and will have to really worry when they finally out number us in all cities, and you better know this is going to happen sooner or later, mark my word all you doubter`s when it happens you better be prepared to defend your self and your family to the death.

    • Alex

      You, ma’am, are a pig and a fool. You do not know the difference between ‘there”, “their”, and “they’re”—-you must have gone to school in the South…

      • beowulf32

        I got your ma`am hanging and I don’t give a dam about my spelling, only petty a** hole like you care. You can can take a long walk off a short peer .

        • SandyLester

          People who care have no other point to make

      • SandyLester

        Why thank you grammar and spelling teachers of the internet….are you unionized?

  • Junkki

    I thought she was being disrespectful to the court. She had a miss thing attitude.

    • SandyLester

      And you would be correct.

      Remember the left say’s she has to act this way because a 150 years ago, someone in her family may or may not have been a slave owned by a white or black person. (because we do know from history that in the US 25% of slave owners were black and ALL of the slave seller in Africa were black, although some how that knowledge has escaped today’s young blacks)

  • ralphkr

    As someone born and raised in the Midwest I have always wondered why Southerners and those from the Northeast (NJ, NY, MASS, Maine, etc.) are unable to learn proper English and they either mumble & slur or speak so fast (NYC) that they might as well be speaking Khoisan.

    • ccdubu

      News flash Ralphkr, I was born and raised in the south by a mother who graduated from the University of South Carolina at the age of nineteen as an English major. Trust me, not only can I speak proper English, but there are also vast numbers of other Southerners who can as well. No doubt your section of the country also has its fair share of those who butcher the language regularly. Don’t try to categorize an entire group of people.

      • RJ

        Thank you, from one southern gal to another

  • Richard Gibbard

    Beasts such as this witless witness are making me reconsider my position on abortion.

  • ltroide

    I’ll accept black English as intellectually viable when someone can successfully translate Wittgenstein or Heidegger into it. Otherwise, it is not far removed from the supposed grunts of Neanderthal man. That Columbia university professor defending black English is obviously a liberal nincompoop. George Orwell opined that some thoughts are so stupid that only an intellectual will believe them.

  • SandyLester

    Sorry, there is no such thing as black English.
    There is English, with local dialect.
    Just so they/you know incoherency is not a dialect.

  • maquignon

    There is no such thing as Black English or White English. There is Standard English and there is slang or substandard English. No one is articulate who does not speak standard English. The least anyone who comes to this country should do is to learn the language.