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MSNBC Host Says Soldiers Are Not Heroes

May 30, 2012 by  

MSNBC Host Says Soldiers Are Not Heroes
Chris Hayes said he was “uncomfortable” referring to soldiers as heroes.

Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC’s “Up,” apologized after making disparaging remarks about fallen soldiers.

As families prepared to remember their loved ones on Memorial Day, Hayes expressed contempt for the word “hero.”

On Sunday, Hayes said he was uncomfortable with using the word “hero” to describe members of the armed forces who died for the United States. Hayes expressed concern over the word, suggesting that it promotes positive feelings about war.



Hayes later issued an apology for the comment:

On Sunday, in discussing the uses of the word “hero” to describe those members of the armed forces who have given their lives, I don’t think I lived up to the standards of rigor, respect and empathy for those affected by the issues we discuss that I’ve set for myself. I am deeply sorry for that.

As many have rightly pointed out, it’s very easy for me, a TV host, to opine about the people who fight our wars, having never dodged a bullet or guarded a post or walked a mile in their boots. Of course, that is true of the overwhelming majority of our nation’s citizens as a whole. One of the points made during Sunday’s show was just how removed most Americans are from the wars we fight, how small a percentage of our population is asked to shoulder the entire burden and how easy it becomes to never read the names of those who are wounded and fight and die, to not ask questions about the direction of our strategy in Afghanistan, and to assuage our own collective guilt about this disconnect with a pro-forma ritual that we observe briefly before returning to our barbecues.

But in seeking to discuss the civilian-military divide and the social distance between those who fight and those who don’t, I ended up reinforcing it, conforming to a stereotype of a removed pundit whose views are not anchored in the very real and very wrenching experience of this long decade of war. And for that I am truly sorry.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • steve

    and people wonder why rush limbaugh calls this network PMSNBC.

    • rendarsmith

      LOL!!! BRILLIANT!!!

    • GALT

      Really? You think people care about what “Rash Lamebrain” thinks or says about anything? He was briefly entertaining with his america held hostage stuff during the Clinton years, but it got olde rather quickly….when it became clear that what was acceptable to him as a follower was the uncritically thinking mind of the the “ditto head”,
      and that he had no ability to debate anyone about anything and didn’t bother to try.

      Well be sure to thank him for his patriotic service………oh wait, for some reason the call to serve didn’t make much of an impression on him either……although his gratitude to the troops is no doubt genuinely felt……probably comes up a lot on the golf course and in those really intimate moments he enjoys with the present pre nup gold digger he is temporarily married to……..what is that four now…….ones wonders why the first three
      fled……..and we’ll never know, cause the divorce settlements probably contain a gag order.

      • Brad

        I sure wish there was a gag order placed on you. We know you are deaf and fdumb we just cant seem to reach the mute button

      • Vigilant

        “You think people care about what “Rash Lamebrain” thinks or says about anything?”

        I KNOW they do. He has a loyal following and his ratings are good.

        More than I can say for leftist attempts at talk shows.

      • GALT

        So you all would be “mega ditto heads”? Clearly the First Amendment must really suck
        for you……….

      • anon

        Go away Brad-RL is a fat drug addicted pig. Is he someone you’d want around your daughter? Is she a slut or prostitute like he says? How would you like to have him watch your daughter have sex? I guess that’s where that free Viagra that his insurance pays for comes in.

  • tim

    Another chickensh!t whose all talk and no action. There heroes are the men and women who are giving him the right to run his mouth and lie to everyone!!

    • Alex Frazier

      No they aren’t. If every one of our soldiers came home tomorrow, we would still have the freedom of speech. Our modern day soldiers may pose a threat to hostile forces that might want to attack us, but our soldiers haven’t fought for our freedom or safety since WWII.

      • Devil Dog 24 year Marine Veteran

        Alex, You are so full of (expletive deleted), it is comming out of your ears. Look around you, READ, RESEARCH, and WATCH. There are governments, and terrorist organizations, that if they could, they would be in charge of the USA TODAY! Dont think for a minute that if it wre not for the American military, and what they do to protect your ability to spew crap out of your mouth, you would be in some dark hole crying out for the freedom you had.

      • joe1cr

        Get your head out of the sand, quit drinking whatever flavor of socialist kool aid you have.
        REMEMBER SEPT 09 2001 !!! Nearly 3,000 people died in the attacks including the 227 civilians aboard the four
        planes, none of whom survived.
        If television host, political commentator Rachel Maddow had a little sister,Chris Hayes would be her.

      • joe1cr


      • joe1cr

        Sorry on the date I ment to say Sept 11, 2001

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Agreed. Not only would we still have (limited) freedoms but bringing our boys home would probably save lives. The problem I see here is that Americans refuse to admit that our military does not work for America any more. It works for the socialist agenda which is the U.N. and NATO.

      • Vigilant

        The UN maybe, but certainly NOT NATO. The US is the major funder for NATO and WE call the shots, for the most part.

        NATO didn’t drag Clinton into Kosovo, Clinton dragged NATO, kicking and screaming.

      • Alex Frazier

        My head isn’t in the sand. Our soldiers simply don’t defend our freedom anymore. In a survey conducted, almost 50% of enlisted soldiers said they would fire on American citizens if ordered to do so. 25% were undecided. They aren’t fighting for our freedom. They fight what they’re told to fight, and that includes us if the government so chooses.

    • Matthew Fez Fesmire

      The first soldiers that were heroes to the Union were the Colonial militiamen and regulars of 1776. They founded our great land. Ever since the Mexican-American War, the government has abused the military for the expansion of empire. Technically, manifest destiny could be associated with expanding an empire. Soldiers, outside of the Revolutionary War and the War for Southern Independence, are used as a strong arm of the monetary interests in America. Soldiers are not heroes, they are mobsters for Big Business and Big Government. I would suggest reading Major General Smedley Butler’s book “War is a Racket” before calling our troops heroes. He knew soldiers were pawns sent to their own murder by blood thirsty politicians and war profiteers.

      Soldiers are men and women like you and I and they are not heroes, they just do the job they VOLUNTEERED for, they were not added through conscription (the draft). They know the risk when they accept a JOB in the military. We make them out to be heroes because that is more or less propaganda to keep a war machine turning. If you portray the military as heroes instead of sheep sent to their own justifiable homicide by pot-bellied politicians and businessman, then people will feel better about themselves to accept war and war mongering. I used to be a war mongerer, I used to be all on board with accepting what our government says, but then I learned our government lies and uses propaganda. How naive was I? Major General Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine ever, learned and felt the same way. So do not call people chickenturds for not agreeing that soldiers are heroes, I grew up in a military home and I understand the value of the military, but would the soldiers that have committed suicide within the last few years consider themselves heroes or pawns for a tyrannical U.S. government? Would your Vietnam Vet think he was a hero or a pawn in a disgusting scheme? What is so heroic about fighting wars that are completely unjustifiable? I would consider that terrorism.

      • duane

        If that is your opinion you are entitled to it. But in my book all military are heroes for going into battle that they may not agree with. Your long winded rant is exasperating to say the least. Maybe you should join the idiot on pmsnbc.

      • http://charter joann clemens

        we keep lower the grades for students that is the reason for people being so dumb in this country. we are on a down ward spiral.

      • Vigilant

        Major General Smedley Butler is NOT the most decorated Marine, ever. SgtMaj Daniel J. Daly, USMC. and LtGen Lewis B. Puller, USMC are above him on the list.

      • anon

        Joann- what about you? Did you cut English class too often?

  • Ray Brown

    You need to remove this person from MSNBC

  • LAB


  • Dawn Tighe

    Give this idiot a weapon and ship his sorry ass to the front lines. Then perhaps he will experience what our men and women live on a daily bases. See if then if he has a hard time calling them heros!

    • momo

      And if we get lucky somebody will frag his ass.

    • Alex Frazier

      They are soldiers, not heroes. If they fall, they are dead soldiers, not heroes. Hero is a word that should be rightly reserved for individuals who perform heroic feats or acts of great courage.

      • Joy

        Usually I would agree with you. However, in the atmosphere that exists in the world today, I think anyone who chooses to wear a uniform of the United States military, or is representing the United States military, is a target, (the Fort Hood shooting comes to mind), and is therefore, in my definition, a “hero”.

      • Alex Frazier

        I don’t entirely agree, but I’ll grant you that one. Being a US soldier may certainly put your life in greater danger than it might normally be in in a more peaceful global environment.

      • eddie47d

        Chris Hayes message flew over your heads like an F-1 fighter plane. Sgt York was a military hero. Audie Murphy was a military hero. Few who serve ever accomplish a feat that can be construed as an HEROIC endeavor. Every soldier should be respected and loved for potentially putting themselves in harms way but that doesn’t make them heros. That’s like school teachers giving every student a star to bolster their self esteem whether they earned it or not. Generically speaking all students are wonderful kids and all soldiers are better than average citizens. Unless these soldiers do something extraordinary to prove themselves then they are only military personal who did the job they were asked to do. I also believe that Mr Hayes was trying to say that that the average citizen thinks that these soldiers are fighting for Democracy and Freedom which is not always true. That is a falsehood perpetuated by the Elite and by labeling them all as hero’s they will always have cannon fodder for their next war and the next.

      • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

        Ill call you on your B S there boy. Anyone that has the gonads to join any military today under that imposter as potus giving the orders is definately a super hero. They have stuck thier neck out beyond the call of duty.

      • Jim

        Alex, you are absolutely correct! I am so tired of this “hero” nonsense. In reality, there are the 99.9% doing their jobs. True Heros comprise the other 1/10th of a percentage. Calling everyone a “hero” truly denigrates those who truly earn the title!

      • securityman

        alex, have you ever put your life on the line for someone you don’t know and , in all probabilty, never meet? I really doubt it!!!!!

      • Joy

        Alex, you say that WWII soldiers are heroes. The great WWII soldier, General Patton, in a speech that touched on several subjects, gave his definition of a hero. I like his definition and it can pertain to many walks of life…not just the military. “…Death must not be feared. Death, in time, comes to all men. Yes, every man is scared in his first battle. If he says he is not, he’s a liar. Some men are cowards but they fight the same as the brave men or they get the hell slammed out of them watching men fight who are just as scared as they are. THE REAL HERO IS THE MAN WHO FIGHTS EVEN THOUGH HE IS SCARED. Some men get over their fright in a minute under fire. For some, it takes an hour. For some, it takes days. But a real man will never let his fear of death overpower his honor, his sense of duty to his country, and his innate manhood.”

      • revnowwhilewecan

        A lot of you guys are talking about the military and stating that in today’s day and age they “know what they signed up for.” I think it cannot be overstated that in today’s economy more and more KIDS are being tricked, deceived and backed into joining the military as a means of survival. Most of the kids in the military are proud and realize the alternative is government handouts. For most kids today they are fast learning that even with a degree they will end up needing government help to survive or serve the machine and hope you don’t catch a hot one. More kids a learning the falsehoods that the military serves and are not “volunteering” like they used to. Only when we refuse to kill will the killing stop.

  • Bob

    Having served for years before being honorably discharged, I can say that having seen army, navy and air force personnel over the years, not once have I ever thought I nor any other military person was a hero. The military has no more heroes than any other profession. Some exceed their basic requirements, do go above and beyond, as in any job but are these heroes. Having met hundreds of military personnel, not one joined because they wanted to serve their country (honestly) but this is foisted upon them by the media and power elite to keep our military in a positive light. People join due because “it’s a job and I get paid”, interest, excitement, adventure, travel, friendship, etc.

    Our leadership want wars, very profitable. We need a large military with much spending, very profitable. Have the citizenry bow to the military, very profitable.

    • Joe H

      Well Bob, Y0ou can finally say you found one who honestly says he served because he wanted to serve his country! I was seventeen in 1968 and joined the army to serve this country as I have always felt that freedom isn’t free, it must be paid for by people like myself that are willing to pay what ever price is charged of them. I’ve been to about sixteen different countries and I will always come back to my home, The USA!

    • Dawn Tighe

      Bob I joined the Army in 1976 for no other reason than I love my country. The pay sucked, the hours long, and I knew every single time I could be sent to defend our country and I knew and was willing to give it all for her. The benefits suck found we were lied to about “free medical” after serving 22 years. But that doesn’t matter, I love my country. No soldier wants or even thinks he/she is a hero we are just doing our jobs. But in a world that the civilian bosses get to play God and not play nice, we the military step up to defend her no one else.

      And Alex your an ass but I and my sisters and brothers have and will continue to fight so you can be that ass. It’s easy to say if the fight was on our soil…… With all honesty I think you would be the first to run and hide and we would still protect your sorry ass. Unless you have been in a soldiers shoes you don’t know what you would do.

      To our fallen sisters and brothers, to those that are currently or have served I salute you all and in my book you are my heros.

      • Alex Frazier

        Dawn, what you’re not understanding is that you’re not “fighting for our country.” Unless we are being attacked, you are merely policing and occupying foreign nations. You didn’t earn me one stitch more freedom by helping capture and hang Sadam Hussein. I had the freedom of speech before Bin Laden.

        In actual truth, you are participating in a series of military actions that are provoking other nations, putting our nation in harm’s way, and that are providing excuse after excuse for our socialist president to eliminate our rights under the Constitution, which you swore to protect.

        So while many of you soldiers out there think you are fighting for our country, keeping us safe, protecting our freedoms, etc., in reality, you are fighting for someone else’s country, inviting danger to our shores, leaving us unprotected while you police the world, and are part of the growing situation that has made it possible for American citizens to be deprived of their freedom.

        You really need to think about that.

  • Beverly Irvine

    It is easy to criticize the soldiers! Notice, the ones doing it never were in the military. Point made! Send them to the war zone and see what they think then?

  • jimseay

    Football players, hockey jocks, baseball stars, basketball gluttons…in fact all athletes who have not served in combat…are NOT HEROES. Those who have made the decision to defend their fellow soldiers, sailors, airment, Marines, coast guardsmen, police and firefirfighters and the general citizenry ARE.
    Heroic is the only word most reporters use to describe a game-winning play which, while being admirable, is nothing compared to what any man or woman does when placing their individual lives on the line in pursuit of honorable victory for a truly worthy cause.

    • Alex Frazier

      Not only would I not call them heroic, nor would I call them honorable. They shoot civilians, piss on corpses, rape women in the local population, etc. Soldiers are no better or worse than anyone else, and there is nothing about honor involved outside of speeches.

      I love our military. I love our might. If we are attacked on our home soil, I will gladly take up arms, fight beside them, and watch their backs.

      But going to a foreign land to dominate and occupy is hardly heroic, and the crimes many of the soldiers have committed are hardly honorable.

      • Joy

        We were attacked on our home soil…9/11. We are overseas now trying to keep it from happening again. We are over there trying to keep men who have vowed to wipe us off from the face of the earth from having their way. Men and women are enlisting in the military, knowing that they may be asked to put their lives on the line and that they will be considered “targets” by others. (Fort Hood comes to mind). I think it is a “noble” deed to put yourself in harm’s way when you don’t have to. I am happy to err on the side of thinking that everyone in our military is a hero…until they are proven to be otherwise.

      • eddie47d

        Feel free to call them heros for they are deserving of praise but we are the ones who poked our military might into the Middle East. Our wars and interference created 9/11 and we got our pound of flesh years ago. Now we are mostly a nation out of control and seeking revenge which puts more of our soldiers in harms way.

      • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

        So you would watch thier backs,, well said but the only way you would do it would be to be sofar behind them the only way you could see them would be with a very powerful scope . I sure as hell wouldnt want you looking at my back thru a rifle scope. Ive been there and done that but not with your kind …. Semper Fi idiot

      • GALT

        You are wasting your breath and time Alex, the people who post here, do not tolerate dissent, and they appear to be psychotic in their blind devotion to whatever is posted here, so that when something which is “politically incorrect” appears in the media, which conforms to their small minded prejudices, as happened in the Trayvon Martin shooting,
        they seem to have no problem with pointing out the “overly sensitive” nature of it, yet
        when it touches on something that they are in favor of or believe they understand, they quickly change course and seem completely oblivious to the irony. They have “soundbite minds” which require “soundbite” solutions………..everything is either black or white, anything gray is too subtle for them to sort through, as it is beyond their intellectual abilities to make or even attempt to make such distinctions.

        There is an interesting post from Joe H here, who claims to be one who joined to serve his country……and it is quite credible, for I essentially followed the same path……..and the time frame 67-68 represents a rather unique point in history, because we were essentially bred for war from birth……..with toy soldiers and guns, endless world war two movies,
        John Wayne, etc. Unlike Joe, the reality and exposure to it, quickly altered my perceptions
        about both war in general, as well as the claimed reasons for why were were engaged
        in the present one……as well as the stark realization that unlike me, the majority of the rest of the cannon fodder, did NOT volunteer………..but like everyone else, they fought for the same reason all soldiers fight, for and with the person next to you.

        I have often wondered what if anything would have changed, if the movie, Saving Private Ryan had been available in the 50′s, for the d-day landing scenes, had a profound effect
        upon me many decades later, and had I seen it then…….at a minimum, it would have
        disabused me of the rather sanitized representations of war but far more importantly,
        training aside……….survival was reduced to probabilities and luck, no matter how good you thought you were……….

        War is life altering……although one can not predict in what form the results will manifest
        themselves……….and by comparison, in terms of the dead, these last few have been
        cheap………..what is different, is that the number of surviving casualties, is extremely
        large………while the Veterans Administration has devised a strategy to avoid incurring
        any long term liability, since their tactic of claim denial no longer can be maintained,
        they have adopted a treatment strategy to treat and proclaim cured, the flood of survivors
        that have returned……..and are now in the process of hiring the “right” people, to accomplish this goal. So for all of those here, who truly claim to appreciate the sacrifice
        of those who are protecting your right to a petroleum based lifestyle, direct your attention and energies here…… is cheap, and we already know you all can talk…….

        There is a quote which appears in the game Call of Duty…….

        ” That there are no atheists in foxholes is not an argument against atheism,
        it’s and argument against foxholes.”

        Can’t put it on a bumper sticker but maybe some of you might understand it?

      • Alex Frazier

        gottaplenty, I have several choice four-letter words for you. Use your imagination. I said I would gladly take up arms and fight beside them. I don’t appreciate your implication that I’m a coward who would sit at the rear while someone else did the fighting. (expletive deleted).

  • Gerry Hirsch

    Chris Hayes’ negative comments on Memorial Day about the use of the word “hero” to describe our soldiers was unbelievably stupid. However, any fair minded person reading his sober and direct apology has to realize thet he is sincere and fully regrets making such comments. In the past, whether one agrees with his political views or not, Hayes has not been known to make inappropriate and off-the-wall comments, and a one time gaff such as this, in light of his very sincere apology, should not result in any negative action against him.

  • Freddie

    I too served in the military and was honorably discharge and while I was in was on constant alert to go overseas and fight and that is who he was putting down by not recognizing they are HEROES, any time you are called to go out in the battlefield you are a HEROE and you know the possibility is always there that it could happen and by the way you know that going in.

  • wandamurline

    He would make a good shield for our guys along with Michael Moore. Maybe they will reinstall the draft and this ahole will get his chance to show his stuff in Afghanistan….probably would run like the yellow coward he is.

  • Joy

    Finally someone has put a voice to the underlying consensus that permeates MSNBC. I wonder who they consider to be a “hero”. I thought a hero was someone who placed the well-being of others before his own well-being. In the case of our military, those “others” would be other United States soldiers, our allies, United States citizens, innocent civilians, etc. He needs to step away, or as Ray said above, be removed from his position at MSNBC. They can’t be too happy with him regarding his voicing of what I imagine was usually confined to off-camera conversations. Then again, maybe they think he is a “hero” for voicing them.

    • Joy

      Posted on, May 28th: “In case you’re wondering who Chris Hayes does consider a hero…NewsBusters has an update that reveals that Hayes, during an episode of his show earlier in the month, saluted his parents as ‘totally amazing, heroic figures’ [emphasis added]. What did they do to earn praise that their son might withhold from a fallen member of the military? His father was a community organizer in the manner of Saul Alinsky.”

  • Noel Mullan

    I wonder if he knows the definition of the word? Oh yea, he only uses a liberal dictionary.
    I agree with Dawn, ship him over and let him dodge the bombs. Try going to visit a VA hospital instead of flipping hamburgers on a grill. Take your kids if you have had the poor judgement to produce any, and talk to all of our hero’s who know the meaning of the word HERO! I went to our memorial day parade Monday, and ALL without exception was cheering as our solders passed by. This Man (and I use the term loosely) does not represent the view of the American people.
    God Bless America

  • mmm

    tsbsssttsstttthhhhh. I wonder how long it took to look up all those 50 cent words in the dictionary!!!

  • Al K

    As a Viet Nam Vet who learned not to fear death but to fear those whom haven’t walked it’s path to defend and uphold our American principles. It is sad to hear and see those in the media so biased to America. Maybe we should bring back the draft and leave those those who dodge in canada forever. Discusted…… and yet a proud US Army Veteran who stands tall among his fellow brothers and sisters every Memorial Day. hoorah

    • Joe H

      To Al K,
      Welcome home, brother!

  • Alex Frazier

    Look, soldiers risk their lives. But so do coal miners, salvage divers, and a wide variety of other people whose career path puts them in harm’s way for the sake of others.

    But that is not what a hero is. In principle at least (and please note that I say principle), if a soldier does not perform acts that qualify him or her for the Congressional Medal of Honor, then they have not performed acts of heroism. They say that Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships. But it’s the feats of Achilles that are remembered of the battle.

    By definition, a hero does heroic acts, which are acts of self sacrifice, of astounding skill, of exemplary courage, etc. Our soldiers may have their lives in jeopardy every day. Again, so does a coal miner. But that doesn’t make them heroes. That just makes them worthy of hazardous duty pay.

    Show me a soldier who knowingly gives up his life (not risks, but knowingly gives it up) for his friends, comrades, country, family, etc., and I’ll show you a hero. WWII soldiers are heroes. WWI soldiers are heroes. They fought for us. But guys who police arabs in another country aren’t performing acts of heroism. They are just doing their job. They deserve to be honored for the job they do. They deserve to be respected. I support them in the job they have been obligated to do. But I don’t consider them heroes unless they have performed acts of heroism.

    Those are my thoughts on the matter. Any or all of you are welcome to disagree.

    • jeep

      Alex, your comments are very interesting and fun to read. But, your liberal bias comes shining through. Although you begin with an entertaining and thoughtful premise, you finally end with a typical disparaging remark about today’s soldiers. Well, at least you are consistant in your disdain.

      Of course, there are “heroes” that are truly noteworthy in their everyday civilian occupation. Coal miners, salvage divers, loggers, construction workers and many others risk loss of life and limb daily to provide us with energy, building materials and other needs and comforts we enjoy. We may not call them “heroes” by your narrow definition, but they are at least worthy of our respect for their courage. And, since police officers, firemen, EMT’s and others usually seem to escape attention, I will note those professions as well.

      And since it is painfully obvious that you have no idea how the military operates with regard to medals, maybe I can shed a little light. But, first a little background. I have 27+ years serving our great nation and I have seen my share of combat. I have both a Silver Star and a Bronze Star with “V” Device (btw the “V” is for Valor). And, I am the unfortunate owner of three Purple Hearts. My point is that after four campaign ribbons from Grenada to OIF/OEF, I think I have some experience in this matter. I have seen first hand several soldiers sacrifice their own life for another. On many, many more occassions I have witnessed soldiers put themselves in harms way for their fellow soldier. Some were awarded a medal, most were not. If you only knew half of the reality of conflict and what soldiers go through…sometimes daily…then you might have a taste for the courage these young men and women display constantly without complaint and without medals. You may disagree with the cause, but to not acknowledge the sacrifice is just wrong.

      I also find your lack of historical perspective to be annoying. You say that “WWI soldiers are heroes”, presumably because they fought the Kaiser, but Germany was no direct threat to the United States. And yet, you say that “guys who police arabs in another country aren’t performing acts of heroism. They are just doing their job.” Huh? You cannot have it both ways.

      Your argument that the term “hero” is overused may be valid. But, couching your argument in terms that belittles today’s soldiers is just shallow.

      • Alex Frazier

        jeep, I’m not even remotely liberal. I am about as conservative as they come. I just think that to be called a hero requires that you first perform an act of heroism. There’s a reason they call the game, “Call of Duty.” What soldiers do is their duty. A hero is someone who does something above and beyond the call of duty, and that is not a thing that can be said of the greater majority of our soldiers. If it could, then there would be many more Congressional Medals of Honor being handed out.

        But you mistake me if you think I don’t support our troops. I support them. I am behind them. I just don’t think someone is a hero for doing their duty. They are a hero when they do what is not their duty for the sake of someone else. There is a difference.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    Alex do you have some one hold your hand to cross the street . you should so you could have a hero for saving your stupid life

    • Alex Frazier

      No gottaplenty. I don’t need someone to hold my hand.(offensive comment removed)

      • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

        (personal attack removed)

  • J

    I served in the Navy for nine years. As a veteran, I think I can say that I am not a hero for serving. I didn’t join out of some altruistic desire to serve my country, to lay down my life for the freedoms of others. No, I joined to get money for college (which I was never able to use anyway) and a marketable skill (not that I’m doing as a civillian what I did as a Sailor). So did most of the men and women I served with. I served in a dangerous environment where I could die a horrible death. For that I got hazardous duty pay. That’s mercenary not heroic. Heroism is measured not by the acts you do everyday, but in the selfless acts that you do under extraordinary conditions.

    • Joe H

      Yeah J, I got combat pay also. A whole 65.00 a month to get shot at. Wow!! look at how rich I got!! Gee i guess you could call me a double merc as I also got flight pay. (for knowing my job well enough to keep an aircraft in the air and flying!)

  • Ron b

    Even in the times that we are living now…it’s very hard for me to believe that people the service men of our country, refuse to believe that, they are not being used by the powers that be. It’s all sutch a sham that the banksters have put over all of us having us believe in a country that has Ben stolen by the banksters. Wake up America & smell the coffee we have all Ben robbed by the very corrupt system that we live under.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    I have thought about the term hero. If one uses it too freely one risks exaggerating the accomplishments of some and ignoring the accomplishments of others. The best I figure is what a veteran once said when asked if he considers himself a hero. He said “no, The hero’s are the ones who did not get to come back.” I think the men and women who have given their lives for our country deserve to be called hero’s. Perhaps as a tribute to them we should work hard to prevent future wars.

  • raw

    he has a point – the word hero does seem to go hand-in-hand with warmongering.

  • Ron b

    The way I see it the host is correct..we are in endless wars. Brought on and for the globalist, it’s time we all wake up and realize that we are being used to setup the NWO. Just look around..we are not in a resession, this is a full blown deppression brought on by & for the globaist. A planned implosion that’s actually working, unless we all wake up from this stupor that we are in. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  • jim capy

    The word “hero” is known only to those who gave the supreme sacrifice!

  • Gilberto

    Chris Hayes was correct in his earlier statement, but more importantly, the majority of those fallen men would have agreed with him. They would probably say, like most live “Heroes”, that they were simply doing their job fulfilling their responsibility as American Citizens. There was something that had to be done and they found it natural in their character and their heart to do it without even thinking of it. It must be believed that if an American man or woman sees a young child crossing a busy street unaware of the danger, he or she would cautiously run to the aid of the child without regard to their own safety if necessary but not with any desire to become a casualty either. The person would feel good inside to know that his or her action may have avoided death or serious bodily injury to the child. Certainly that person would enhance his or her character in so doing, but it must not be believed that the person would feel like a hero for doing so and most importantly that her or his action was not with the intent of becoming a hero. There was simply something to be done by a human being of good character and he or she was the person whose faith had laid that responsibility on. The soldiers would likewise say that they were doing their best to stay alive and survive like all the other soldiers that did survive and are surviving and return home to their families. American Soldiers are intelligent enough to know that becoming a hero is not nearly as important as safely and completely returning to their families, especially to their young daughters, sons, wives, and aging parents who need them. Unfortunately many of those American Soldiers are recruited at the early age of seventeen year. Men and women at that age are just starting to live not even allowed to walk into a bar and drink a beer. Most of them still do not truly understand the consequences of war, but old enough to go and face death. Worst yet, many of them do not even understand the true reason for which they are being sent to war. In their young American hearts they have an urgency to serve their nation and believe that the war they are being sent to is of a noble, righteous origin? They feel in their hearts that the job has to be done to keep America and all Americans safe. They are the ones willing to do it, even when listening to all the criticisms of uselessness of wars by all the some people in America. They are extremely cautious when they first arrive to the war zone, taking all precautions to stay alive and well. But these political wars linger on and on there is no end to these wars, from one to another and another without ever a clear victory. Some of these soldiers serve three or four tours in the war zone. They go from a young seventeen to an old twenty five. Chris Hayes was also right when he said that most Americans Citizens do not walk in the boots of a fighting American Soldier. He however left out that almost all wealthy American Citizens never walk in the boots of an American Fighting Soldier. There is something terribly wrong in this. These men and women are too often the ones who lead the country, who establish foreign policy, who decide when the country does go to war and for what reasons. It has to be a lot easier to send other men and women to war knowing that they and their families will remain safely and very comfortably in America. Yet by their reaction to the 911 incident, it is obvious that they will spare no expense, will not hesitate to deny the constitutional rights of the common people, discriminate against certain American Citizens, and spy on any American Citizen who threatens them, their fortunes, businesses, and family. Bin Laden may be dead but common Americans continue to pay an awful price. Not prices set by the terrorists but the gigantic price of liberty, justice, and yes that other one, the gigantic burden of the federal deficit driven by our politicians and the influential wealthy of America. Although the wealthy don’t feel that the common people pay or will ever pay for it. But it is obvious that common people pay the highest price of all because they have a lot less dollars to spend. When the deficit goes up the value of the dollar goes down and this has a terrible effect on them since common people especially retirees on a fixed income are not getting large investment returns, heck not even increases that cover the cost of living and prices keep rising making the rich richer and the common American poorer. The tax cuts common Americans get are ridiculous in comparison to those that the wealthy get, and they will continue to get more and more ridiculous because the wealthy get greedier and command more control of our sellout politicians. The unemployed grow in numbers their skills if any erode, they become depressed, loose what little they have and become discouraged and lazy. Many others of lesser means become reporters without truly understanding their responsibilities and duties as American Citizens. They concentrate on advancing their careers by dodging, swaying, bending and twisting without true concern for their responsibilities. When was the last time you heard a complete and honest report including all the details that should be covered by the major news Medias. Chris Hayes quickly bent under pressure and apologized instead of trying to clarify what was truly in his heart, instead of trying to clarify the intent of his earlier statement. He lacked the courage to stand straight, clarify regardless of the consequences, and accept the resulting consequences. That is the real problem with Chris Hayes and all other American Citizens that walk in his shoes, and unfortunately too many of them are now running for President of The United States, for Congress or the Senate, and other lesser political positions but just as detrimental to the common American. American women and men who die in battle may not be heroes, but they deserve to be celebrated as such because they went to do the job when most Americans especially the wealthy were looking and fixing ways to get others to do the job for them. Often times taking advantage of the naïve young common men and women, deceitful in the intent and purpose of the true and selfish reasons for their wars.

  • Robert P. Metzger

    The clip you saw was at the end of a forty-five minute show where they were discussing telling parents and families about lost loved ones. There had been an interview with a Colonel who’s job it was to go and tell parents about the death of their child or a wife about the death of her husband and so on. What he was trying to say and couldn’t really get across, because it is almost impossible to say it without being offensive, heck, I can’t even figure out a way to say it. Basically, he wanted to come down against glorifying war, because if you glorify war it makes it easier to go to war.

    I read some of the comments about 9/11. I have to ask, what did invading Iraq have to do with 9/11. Al Queda hated Sadam, because he had a secular state and wouldn’t allow extremist Islamists a foothold there. There was no Al Queda in Iraq until after we toppled Sadam and destabalized the country. Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were Saudi’s. Bin Laden was a Saudi. Did we invade Saudi Arabia? No. Instead, Shrub walked around holding hands with Bin Laden’s relatives and let them fly out of the US, when no other planes were flying.

    You don’t fight terrorist by invading sovereign nations, you just create more terrorists. You use intelligence resources and policing techniques to go after terrorists.

  • Robert P. Metzger

    Oh, and by the way, just to head off any comments about my patriotism. I enlisted in the Army. Served honorably in the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. Black Horse. I didn’t do it, because I needed a job. My family has always served and still does.


    some gave every all. some gave NOTHING.

    PHU BAI RVN 1-69 1-70

  • bill

    this man should be fired on the spot he was probably never in the military ,he was probably a dodger at the time.

  • watchitigo

    Chris Hayes is too young and has his head in the sand! He needs to take a quick trip to the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii and sit and watch the film footage and take a look at what is left of the Arizona. Then he needs to look at wall with all the names of the dead. When he is done with a trip to NYC to see the memorial there. Granted not military, but dead because of terrorists striking our country. If he were ever, by mistake, taken into the military, he would wet his pants/without going into combat.

  • coal miner

    Chris Hayes is a maggot. I lost a half brother during the Vietnam War. It makes my blood boil for some moron to say something like that. That statement indeed was unfeeling,harsh and show no compasion for the parents who lost their kids in this war.They need to fire this scum bag,like they did Dan Rather. They are indeed in my eyes,heroes.They gave up their lives for their country.MSNBC, fire this bastard.

    • anon

      I understand what he tried to say.I understand how and why others understood it as a totally disrespectful sham. I’m not here to change anybodies minds. A reading of Dalton Trumbo’s “johnny got his gun” may give a different perspective of war and heroism that many of our soldiers have had to deal with.

    • GALT

      Actually they didn’t give their lives for their country……..they took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of unites states against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC… don’t really think that is what they are actually doing, do you?

      It does seem to pay real well, and you can, after training get 4 times that in a mercenary force… Blackwater, now Xe…..or directly employed by Exxon Mobil, Bp…etc

      Last time I checked, oil companies don’t seem to have any allegiance to the constitution or the united states…….this could just be me though?

  • Oldbutnot a dumbass 2012

    I agree with most, all the comments made on this web-site.And as Americans we have a right to our own opinions.Heros can be found in all walks of live.The biggest Heros,(my Opinion) are the moms and dads,that get up,almost every day,and goes to work and takes car of their families .Those are the hero s we, as a nation can not afford o be without .(as well as our Military Hero s)each having their own place in our lives.I think C.H.are to be told to watch what he says on T.V.

  • Oldbutnot a dumbass 2012

    takes “car???”-Takes Care”

  • teaparty13

    I’d rather give the term “hero” to our troops than some clown that can catch a football, hit a baseball, make a 3 point shot..if people need someone to hero worship, let it be someone who’s getting shot at everyday.

  • Dad

    Well, he issued an appology… but he verified how the majority of the media think. He was just dumb enough to say it out loud… which is a testament of how arrogant and removed they really are.

    • coal miner


      You are right.

  • Thade

    take a look at Chrissy makin ignorant comments like that . Bad for us that he is representative of a lrg portion of the countries bakass thinkin. Glorify war? W/Out our service members this clown would Never hv an outlet by which to b offensive! EVERYONE of them should b worshiped by him and his ilk! Its not about being in the right war or the wrong one ,our soldiers dont get the chance to make that determination. They r fighting for and defending the American way of life which is being trampled by the people who send them to possibly make the ultimate sacrifice! God Bless and Protect ALL our service men and women !!! by the way Chrissy, dont ask dont tell is kinda still in place.


    Why cry over 911 when you gringos did the same thing in Panama in 1989.

    • DevilDog

      Considering one does not have to do with the other, it is uneducated numbnuts, like you Robert, that perpetuate the stereotypical dumbass who do not know what yhey are commenting on. 9/11 was a terrorist attack on the US. The Panama intervention was to relieve Panama of its burden called Noriega. Would you rather live under a dictatorship? And to the rest of you idiots out there who will say our policies dictate the worlds hate toward the US, they why are thousands of people from some of those same countries that hate us, want to immigrate here. Go figure. Robert if the US is that abhorent to live here, then I suggest go somewhere else. By the way I am Latino and served in the Marines for 24 years. I served during the time of Noriega’s overthrow. What have you done?

  • Bryan

    Bet Alex wont put his adress on here cause then he would need a hero and might finnd himself without one.

  • David Coffin

    all soldiers are not heros, i was a soldiers for 12 year im a vetnam vetern, i never recived any hero awards, while i was in the service, although i commited a heroic act at fort polk puting my life in harms way to save a 548 troop carryer full of soldiers that had all passed out from exhost fumes and heat intolation, i was still contous but things looked realey bad i almost couldent move i made my way to the engine compartment standing atop a running hot engine with many belts going around and i felt like i was on drugs from the fumes i managed to hit the driver in the head with my M-16-A1 and get his attention to stop the 548 this is a track vehicle it shakes violentley can you imagon standing atop a red hot engine exhost glowing red, and your feeling like your drunk or on drugs trying to get the drivers attention to stop, well this is what i did i put my life in harms way to save my fellow soldiers , but you know what my actions was gone un noticed at command level and battery level one reason why my sargent was inviolved in this he had passed out too, he dident remember or see what i did to save his life, ive been advised by the government to seek the soldiers medal, the only problum is this happened long ago i cant find my fellow soldiers to help prove this fact of my actions, now if every soldier is a hero why am i haveing to prove i am a hero to our government see? and why wasent i put in for this award why im i having to do this , if i wouldent have taken action or had balled out the back of that 548 the government and many famley would have had alot of dead son’s and soldiers on there hands, yes we had about another 60 minutes of travel and all of them soldiers would have been dead,about 20 of them, now if im a hero why do i have to prove it, well i dont think i can i cant find any of these soldiers now to prove anything the only thing is maybe medical records where some went to the hospital in almost dead state.and the helicopter pilot who took them there, no im not a hero because i can’t prove it to our government,and i dont think i should have to do this thing, thay should have to prove i dident do it, i wrote the presdent and as you know the buck was passed on to another department,and there the ones who said for me to seek THE SOLDIERS MEDAL,i have three robbons or awards to my name, not much for 12 years of service is it,, ok im done,, have a great day and thanks for listening to my rambllings..David*


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