MSNBC Analyst: Paula Deen Should Apologize Until Media Approves


Food Network star Paula Deen has been attacked for a racial slur that she admitted to using 30 years ago. She has been rebuked by the media and lost $12.5 million in sponsorship deals.

But still, MSNBC pundits appearing recently on Weekends with Alex Witt believe that she should suffer further for admitting to using the word “nigger.”

The show’s fill-in host, Betty Nguyen, discussed the Deen controversy with entertainment editor Chris Witherspoon of in a recent segment. The host asked for a reaction to a statement from Jimmy Carter in which the former President questioned whether Deen the media was being overly harsh toward the celebrity chef.

Here’s what Witherspoon had to say: “I do agree with what he’s saying, but I think that she hasn’t apologized enough. If I was in her camp, the one thing that I would do different than what she’s done is go on a media blitz and do every single show that wants to have her come on –“

Nguyen interjected, “Well, she put out two apologies, one on the Internet and then she decided to do that again and then did the interview on the Today show. You don’t think that’s enough?”

“I think that she needs to talk about this, talk about this saga, this horrible thing that’s happened to her… and say it over and over and over again until journalists, ‘til the media is tired of asking her about that and wants to focus on what we know Paula Deen for, which is cooking,” Witherspoon replied.

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  • EllenO

    It is simple: Chris Witherspoon is a racist. If Paula Deen was black he would never say what he is saying. Indeed if Paula Deen should apologize then so should Rev Wright, Obama’s pastor, who made racists remarks against whites over and over.

    Waiting for Witherspoon to speak up there………

    • rivahmitch

      Why does anybody care what this bigoted N-word thinks. It’s irrelevant.

    • Jeff

      Logic tells us there is no difference between racist remarks aimed at Blacks and Whites. History tells a different story.

  • melissa

    Back in the 1970’s when she supposedly said this horrible word I worked night shift with several university students. They did a full 8 hour shift and went to college all day. One of my guys was African and got po’d at the other blacks because they wouldn’t work and you know what!!!!! He called those guys the same nasty name that Paula supposedly did. Horrors!!!! He called them lazy, useless, “n” and f’offs. No one got upset with him but the lazy f’offs. And no one screamed about being racist because Fred called out the others since he was a real black African and they were not. Always respected him for it.

  • nobaloneyhere

    And what about Alec Baldwin’s racist, homophobic comments, MSNBC? Are you going to demand him to apologize for his disgusting remarks? Capital One Bank ought to fire him tomorrow!

    • Jeff

      Believe me, Paula Deen is a non-issue on MSNBC. No one really cares about her or what she says as she is far more a subject for amusement than consternation.

  • momo

    Its ok, nobody watches MSNBC.

  • Alan

    The MSM can kiss Paula’s A**! Here’s a word you hear tossed around as casually amongst the Negro community as a Frisbee, but let someone of a lesser color use it even once and off with their head. Then you have Jehmu Greene calling Tucker Carlson during a debate on Fox news “a bowtie-wearin’ white boy” and nary an objection is cast. In fact she is encouraged. Gotta love the old double standards.

  • Betta

    William Johnson on FB

    You state “The word she used is not generally used by white people in America”

    Are you kidding me? Really? This word originated with white people and they use it just as much today as as they ever did.

    I know this for a fact because when you look at me you can’t easily tell I’m black. And what white people have said to me in their utter ignorance about black folk would raise the cackles on your…never mind.

    Oh yes, white people have used the “N” word to my face. However, I received great satisfaction when I informed them of my race.

    You see, they kissed my azz up and down apologizing for the ignorant racial slur. I thoroughly enjoyed bending over and spreading cheeks wide to make sure they didn’t miss a spot. Oh, and PL, it would have been more tasteful and less offensive had you not used the racial insult in its entirety. It’s a terribly ugly word that goes through me like a hot knife anytime I see it or hear it.

    • Frank Kahn

      Always leave it to a black person to make a ridiculous claim. The word, is not, in itself, offensive. It is its usage that makes it so.

      The fact that blacks want to persecute whites over a word, which they use constantly, is pathetic.

      Recently, in tweets concerning the Zimmerman lynching, a black woman called a white person a nigga, was she making a slave reference?

      Is she, because she is black, allowed to use the word without it being so offensive to you?

      If you accept her statement to be valid, what meaning is being attributed to that word? Was she saying that she would kill that worthless trash?

      If that is the meaning of the word, when she used it, can it be used the same by white people?

      What portion of the black community was Bill Cosby talking about when he used that word?

      Sometimes, older people use that word as a name for blacks, without any negative connotation. It is a word that they learned to use to identify a group of people. My mother used it once in a bowling alley, she made the comment “look at that beautiful N****r girl”. It was a compliment, and there is nothing that you ignorant blacks can say to change that fact.

      Blacks use a large number of racial slurs against whites. Whitey, white boy and in the Zimmerman trial “creepy ass cracker”.

      Do you get equally upset at their racism?

      What words are offensive, and why?

      WOP is used to identify Italians. This has been determined to be a slur, but it has a valid reason for its original usage. There was a time when thousands of Italians left Italy to get away from oppression. In their haste to leave, they did not procure the proper documentation, and were therefor referred to as With Out Papers or WOP’s.

      During WWII the Japanese were referred to as Nips. Is that a racial slur? NO, actually it comes from the fact that they are Nips. The name of Japan is actually Nippon. So the citizens are Nipponese. We just shortened it to Nips.

      And lets get to the blacks. What do you call someone from Niger? It is a country in west Africa. Would you call them Niger’s? You cant call them Nigerians, because that is a different country.

      And, why do you get to decide what you are called?

      I have encountered blacks that object to being called colored. Strange, considering the words that make up the NAACP.

      How about black, I have also ran into some that say they are not black.

      So, for some insane reason you settle on making up the phrase African American.

      Does that mean you were born in Africa, and then came here?

      Do you have to be black to be African American?

      Where is the cradle of civilization? I seem to recall that it is in Africa, would that not make us all African Americans?

      Now, lets get to you personally. You be passin? You made an issue of your light skin keeping others from knowing you are black. Do you use your light skin for self gains? Do you feel superior to the white people that you trick? Does it make you so so happy to embarrass them?

      If you are so proud of your black heritage, why don’t these people know you are black?

      Many people call some white people white trash, is it okay if we call some black people black trash?

      Is poor white trash more acceptable than poor black trash?

      Tolerance and acceptance is a two way street. And the two are not compatible. If you accept someone you don’t tolerate them. I refuse to accept you because you refuse to even tolerate us.

      • mathis1689

        Well said. i just wish that she had the common sense and grace to appreciate it.

    • Ibn Insha

      I have met people who are not white but sometimes can be mistaken as pure white such as Hispanics and Asians but I have never met a black with skin so white that people would mistake him for a white. Not all white people are angels but you have gone too far in fabricating this lie.

    • steve

      bet you didn’t know this homey. the first slave owner in this country was black, and 30-40% of slave owners were black. and where is it still going on today, your so called african nation where it all started. so you only have your ancestors to blame not whitey. all whitey did was misuse slaves and abuse them when they were brought here . that doesn’t make it right, unless you work for obama. then you can get away with it. and by the way are you american or african? can’t be both . so are you proud to be african while slavery still exist there?

  • Josef Bercher

    What no one seems to realize or accept is the inborn honesty of this woman. She didn’t have to respond as she did, it was after all, not done in a public venue. The term had been uttered by her in the privacy of her own home. Yet she was bound to answer honestly, she had sworn an oath. How many of these same slugs who are now castigating her have the sense of honor or honesty?

  • glock 19 fan

    MSNBC is bloody ridiculous. What happened to statutes of limitations? She should sue the marketers who dropped her for breach of contract and tell those who have merchandise that they are not selling to box it up for her to pick up and she can take it to a marketer that she can trust. The person who filed the original suit has said that it never was about the “N” word anyway. So what is it about then? Jealousy over her success? Some lazy a$$ who wants to take over the gravy train without having to work for it?