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MSM Continues To Muddy Paul Message

October 25, 2011 by  

MSM Continues To Muddy Paul Message

GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul appeared on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday to explain to David Gregory, the show’s host, his definition of true conservatism. By Monday, mainstream media headlines called the candidate everything but an anarchist.

POLITICO, following Paul’s assertion that the Federal government has taken advantage of students seeking education loans, claimed that the candidate wanted no available loan programs for those seeking an education.

“Just think of all this willingness to want to help every student get a college education,” said Paul during his television appearance. “I went to school when we had none of those. I could work my way through college and medical school because it wasn’t so expensive.”

On Monday, Paul released a statement on his website saying that media has once again misconstrued his message claiming that he wants people to pay cash for school. In reality, the candidate said, if the Federal government gets out of the student-loan business, other lenders will fill the gap and will do so more competitively.

A piece in The Wall Street Journal draws on “Meet the Press” statements made by the candidate calling his views on foreign interventionism “skeptical.”

During his Sunday interview, Paul expressed disbelief that President Barack Obama’s announcement that troops were to be completely withdrawn from Iraq by the end of the year was true. The candidate said that because the military and private sector defense companies have been intermingled on U.S. dime, it is really impossible to say how many armed American interveners will actually remain at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. He also raised questions as to whether Iran is a real threat to the United States or even to Israel.

“Israel has 300 nuclear weapons and missiles… Iran can’t even make enough gasoline for themselves, they have to import gasoline,” Paul said. “So, they don’t have intercontinental ballistic missiles, they don’t have a nuclear weapon, there’s a big discussion going on on how far along they are. I was in the service, and lived through the 60s, the Soviets had 30,000 of them and they were going to bury us. And we survived that, so for us to plan to go to war against Iran under these conditions scares a lot of Americans. It certainly scares the young people… because they’re going to bear this burden financially and also they may be required to fight these wars that are unnecessary and un-Constitutional.”

Paul’s “Restore America” plan, offering a comprehensive view of his plans if elected President, can be viewed in full on his website.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • http://none BAP362

    The media needs to get out of the way of Ron Paul and needs to stop trying to pick which candidates we are going to vote for.

    • kevin

      I’ve said it before and will again and again, the real terrorist in this country are the media they fail to vet, tell the truth and slant the news to what ever way they think will sell them and their rags.

  • AJ

    I say whoever mainstream media is against I’m for! Vote Ron Paul!

    • JJM

      I support the Consistent Constitutionalist with a history of fighting for Freedom and Liberty. A real plan to cut $1 Trillion of expenses during his 1st year Cutting $1 T total over 10 years is not a fiscally sound plan!!!
      It is up to each and every one of us to point out the true facts about RP and remove the reported fear factors.
      If the Media supports it, I refuse it.

  • Vic Bailey

    A very simple deduction, the ONLY candidate that the media ALWAYS misquotes and slams is the very candidate that they are afraid of, because he will put a dent to their lies and false propaganda! And WHO owns the media but the LYING SOCIALIST AND COMMUNIST! Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that KNOWS WHAT’S WRONG AND KNOWS HOW TO FIX IT!!! The rest of these MORONS are just more of the same or WORSE, Remember what happened when you all elected an IDIOT that wasn’t qualified, we can’t stand a repeat! “RON PAUL OR NOT AT ALL”, get behind a REAL MAN for a change! Wake up while there is still time! Vote the SOCIALIST and COMMUNIST out of our government!
    Semper Fi.

    • Kerry Good

      I say anyone that is a commie, socialist, progressive, muslim, should be sent to Mexico and a 2 razor wire fence with land mines along with soldiers to shoot anyone crossing in is needed. I killed commies in Nam and wish for a hunting season here(24/7)with no limits.

      • Lost in Paradise

        I would also like the same, but are you ready to start shooting your relatives, and friends? I will do exactly that, but hope it does not come to that. In addition, the media will not allow Paul to win. The media is extremly powerful, and can cause recessions,and worse. People believe what the media tells them.

        The only hope we have, is a well organized revolution. You cannot do that with a bunch of pussy’s.

        • kantstanja

          L in P.. “The only hope we have, is a well organized revolution. You cannot do that with a bunch of pussy’s”.

          There’s pussies (your words) and there’s pussies (my words). When you realize that ‘they’ have the big guns, the multi-killers and yes, even the nukes (that WE bought) while we’ll have remnants of ww11.. While they can snap their fingers and declare martial law while we can only hope that those ordered service men realize they’ll be killing their friends and neighbors and go against their masters.. which ‘pussy’ do you think we will be diverted to? This damned g’ment is too large for any kind of revolution.. We’ve created a monster that on a whim can blow our house down. Woe is us, woe is us.

    • Tom

      Vic, you’re wrong! Ron Paul is not the ONLY candidate that KNOWS WHAT’S WRONG AND KNOWS HOW TO FIX IT!!! He’s just the ONLY ONE who has the guts to tell it like it is. I saw this interview and said: “I bet the media will give it the silent treatment.” They don’t want to play up anything Ron Paul says, because they’re afraid to give any publicity to Ron Paul that the American public will pick up on.

      • Lost in Paradise

        I also believe if they gave him the credit he is due, he could actually win. The only thing the media seems to do lately is make fun of Paul and his beliefs. In other words, the media has the power to promote Ron Paul into the White House by simply commenting positively on his ideas.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        The only thing the MSM understands is MONEY. watch the debates and see who advertises before and after. Start a letter campaign to these advertisers and tell them under no circumstances will you buy their products if the MSM that they advertise with keeps up their subterfuge up!! Send them enough letters, emails, and phone calls and I will almost guarantee they will drop the ads and the MSM will start worrying about their wallets!!!!

    • JJM

      I believe that RP is the least likely to be bought off or threatened off of his Constitutional beliefs. Bachman may be a close 2nd.
      It is up to each and every one of us to point out the true facts about RP and remove the Media’s fear factors.

    • Rayma Dorsa

      I was all set to vote RON PAUL,but I am concerened about his foreign policy,especially Israel,we are and have been in the world for years and have the half the world inside America who want to “bury us” Putting on a “new face” won’t stop them. I heard a message from Buddy Roemmar on WND that is Ron Paul and more,the media won’t give him any time and he is running for President.before making a decision go listen to him he is from LA was Gov.& Congressman.

      • Bob Pitas

        We would be safer if our troops were home protecting the US borders than we are now, where our troops are building roads and bridges for people who don’t want us in their countries. Watch this video – it is indisputable that it’s our occupations and nation building that are the cause of our “terrorist” problem.
        We already have more than enough military might stockpiled to protect ourselves from any aggressor short of China, and China is unlikely to attack us just because we owe them a ridiculous amount of money. The only real way to defeat the US would be to make us spread out our resources too thinly and bankrupt ourselves much like the Soviets did with their incursions into Afghanistan. Sound familiar? And guess who said they would make that happen? That’s right – Osama Bin Laden. If we don’t smarten up and withdraw our troops, then OBL is going to win from beyond the grave!

  • Gilly

    We have student loans in Australia provided by our Federal Government so as to allow the budget to look less in deficit than it otherwise would be if it were providing free university education. Many of the poorer families could not afford to borrow at the higher interest rates for long term unsecured loans required to pay and consequently only the very wealthy could afford to get university education.

    Our very generous governments both Liberal and Labor have been unwilling to change the program without osing votes…so the system continues to this day. The loans are interest free until paid and are required to be repaid when the borrowers obtain paid work.

    I am telling my own children not to worry about the loans or paid them off in advance which is an option many choose to do. I tell them that inflation will take care of the education loans and to use the system and further their education any way which suits them.

    The point I’m trying to make is..that we need not worry too much about the financial burden the current generation seem to use for an excuse to be too prudent with financial resources now, as INFLATION will help them along in the future. Why should i be worried about the financial burden i may le3ave behind to all the new immigrants who come over in their boat loads to excape the tyranny of their own lands? Let them pay, as that will be the price they should pay or the FREE CITIZENSHIP they are getting when they should be paying to buy a citizenship instead of getting it for free. ANY COMMENTS? Gillysrooms from Australia

  • Floorguy

    Give me Liberty, or give me death!

  • BOB

    In one hour such great wealth has been brought to ruin and all the merchants of the earth will weap and mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes any more. Revelation chapter 18 of the Bible.
    This may be the time for it to happen as the USA, Europe, etc. go broke.

  • Art

    If I had no other reason to vote for Ron Paul, than the fact that the mainstream media fears him, that would be reason enough.

  • Mirage

    I have heard Paul speak a few times, and so far, I’m not impressed. Ditto for the boy he raised in his son , who is now a Tennessee politician, who once indicated that a restaurant owner (in theory) should be able to serve who he wanted to, and if they didn’t want to serve ethnic groups, they shouldn’t have to!
    The apple don’t fall too far from the tree, and if the son is spouting crap, it is a safe bet to assume he got that way, partly courtesy of the old man: Ron Paul.
    During one of the recent Republican debates, I heard Ron Paul speak. Honestly, he was so far out in Right Field that it was difficult listening to him without simply thinking: this guy is far out there.
    Therefore, perhaps I did not listen to him as well as I should have, but I seem to remember Ron fielding a question about a health care scenario in which a person who had the money, opted not to pay for health care, then subsequently got sick with a life-threatning illness/or coma, couldn’t afford treatment etc.
    The moderatory asked something akin to; “should such a person be helped and given care?”
    In not so many words, Ron Paul indicated said person should be left to die, as their decision when they had the money, was to not buy health care! Not very Christian of him. What would Jesus think?
    The Republican crowd cheered! Nice.
    I think an instant, off the cuff solution that would’ve been more intelligent and humane, and still somewhat Libertarian, would have been to save the “sample patient”, and then bill them later.

    Obama’s got Big Money finger prints on him like all of the entire presidential field, both right and left, but I’ll take him over any Republican/Tea Party/Libertarian any day of the week and twice on Sunday!
    At least Obama has put up some kind of fight for affordable health care, whereas Ron Paul, another millionaire who can’t remember life on MAIN STREET since he’s become wealthy on the tax payer’s dime, pretty much has indicated his party line health care mantra: “Don’t get sick, and if you do, hurry up and die.”
    Lastly, real positive change for Main Street USA, will only come about through grass roots movements like “Get Money Out” and “Occupy Wall Street”, because no one man like Paul (if he wanted to), can beat our political system into doing what is right, and just.

    • Limestone Freedom

      One thing you said is true… one man cannot change the nation by himself, therefore it must come from the people (like the Tea Party). For the rest of your comments, your memory has failed you. Rand Paul is the junior senator from KENTUCKY, not Tennessee. It is very apparent you weren’t listening to Dr. Ron Paul, also. He is a medical doctor and takes his oaths very seriously, therefore he would never refuse medical treatment for any reason. Being an M.D., he didn’t need or want taxpayer money, he wanted to make a difference in the way the country was going. He returns more money from his office budget to the treasury each year than any other Congressman. His “far out” message is a call to return to constitutional, limited federal government, with the states having their rightful power, and the individual keeping their right to Liberty and privacy! You can keep Obama and his “change”. I’d rather stick with the constitution, and the people who try to uphold it.

    • Tom

      What would Jesus think? God helps those who help themselves. You make a choice; you live with the consequences.

    • mickey

      Every business has the right to refuse service. Apparently you haven’t run a small business or you would know there are people who shouldn’t be allowed to remain inside the doors. My niece (and she isn’t the only one) goes off her meds from time to time and wields long knives up her sleeves and in her hands. I’m sure you want you and your family sitting in the same restaurant with her when she is in this state.

      And if you want to go there, why isn’t the Black Caucus integrated? That’s high government officials carrying a “black out” mission. That mission if you care to know is the DSA (Democratic Socialist of America) and you should refer to them as Comrade.

      As a child, I knew of the local hospitals leaving people on the door step to die for lack of insurance. Yes, it was wrong but now any one in the world can go into our hospitals. When I was younger I paid $12 every two weeks for full family coverage. I now pay $200 (one person)a month for less coverage than I had then.

      As far as the HC law, yeah, we needed to include the Dream Act and education in it. So how does that relate to HC?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        i got a better one. How does gold sales equate to health care?? In nobrainers health care bill, there is a provision that requires any sale of gold over 500.00 be reported. Now how does THAT fit into health care??

    • Greg T

      God made both heaven and hell. We choose which one we go to.

      If someone wants to choose to live in hell, then God allows it.

      God is not a free lunch without consequences type of God. God is loving to those that honestly want to participate in righteousness. God enforces just weights or a fair justice system where everyone gets the same opportunities and consequences. Remember the wayward son parable Jesus spoke about while He was here, the wayward son had to leave the pig sty in order to receive the love of the father.

      In another parable, God took from the person that hid his talent and threw him out, while giving more to the others that produced. Don’t think God backs everyone regardless of what they do.

      You left out the Tea Party as a “grass roots” initiative that actually changed Washington DC. OWS was planned and is supported by the power brokers, not sure if it will change anything.

      And finally, if Obama’s healthcare was/is a solution, WHY do OBAMA’s supporters NOT want it?

    • Betty Jo


      • theotherrhalf

        True that!

    • DaveH

      What will kill a man quicker — lack of healthcare or lack of food?
      What will kill a man quicker — lack of healthcare or lack of shelter? What will kill a man quicker — lack of healthcare or lack of clothing in the Wintertime?
      So we should provide all those life saving things to anybody no matter what their effort? What would be the incentive for people to work and produce? Most of us would be quite content to do nothing if we had all those things provided for us. Which is exactly why the Utopian ideals always, I repeat ALWAYS, lead to the impoverishment of nations.
      The question is “Does any man have a right to ride on the shoulders of any other man, thus the latter being a slave to the former?”. I say “Absolutely NOT”. You have no right, Mirage, to give away the money of others. To give your own money away is Charity. To give other peoples’ money away is just plain Theft.

  • Marco

    Hey Mirage, there is a big difference between a mirage and reality. Put that wacky tobaccy away and join the real world!

  • big wyo

    mirage you are mistaken in every way and again you quote Ron Paul by summation. You are a lying fiberal. I saw the enterview and Dr. Paul did not answser except to indicate he should taken responsibility and bought insurance. So your whole reply is a lie. Go write another article to prop up the worst lier in chief this country has ever had.
    Resign barry Resign

  • bill

    Subject: Re:Request for Herman Cain donation

    Date: Tue 10/25/11 08:27 AM

    Dear sirs, I would love to help but the Supreme Court has informed
    Americans,We can’t ask questions since “We don’t have standing” So I
    would imagine you don’t have standing as well ! cheers

  • don

    Wow, Mirage. I don’t know who you were listening to, but I saw that same thing and heard quite different. RP simply stated that people have to decide for themselves whether they willbe responsible. The person who does not take the iundsurance out is basically saying. “I don’t care about whether someone else has to pay for me, I am going to take my chances.” RP also said that in his world, other people would take care of this guy, like in the old days when people were actually nopt wussies who counted on the gov’t all the time.

    You are totally wrong in your words and clearly only hear what you want to hear. Typical of a socialist. I lived in Europe for many years and saw what soclialism does there. The same everyhwere once it runds out of OPM. It dies.

    RP is not fdar out there. RP is the only guy saying that we have to be responsible for our own lives? What part of that do you NOT understand? Are you such a wimp that you need gov’t to take care of you for everything?
    Pretty sad place to be.

  • steve in AZ

    Any publicity for Dr. Paul is GOOD publicity.

    No matter how the media distorts his message, the millions who have yet to even hear his name may pause mid-stride and begin to investigate him. Those that do investigate may see the light. For some, who are helplessly bogged down in the anti-civilization currently presented as “society” by not only the media, but by sports, American Idol (and other staged “reality shows” – Storage Wars,American Pickers, Ice Road Truckers, etc.) there is no hope. But each American that is able to escape the MATRIX is one more on our side who can and will convert those few who are willing to take the red pill.

    As our ranks grow by one illuminated American at a time, the Dr. Paul revolution will continue to grow exponentially.

    It’s our job to welcome them to our ranks and

    DONATE NOW so we can VOTE Ron Paul 2012!!!

    • DaveH

      I think also, Steve, that the MSM is treading on thin ice with that approach, because those who do a little research on Ron Paul will find that the MSM are mostly propagandist lying tools of Big Government. Once the vast majority of sheeple have waken up to that fact, there will be no turning back.
      Another thing, as Ron Paul has mentioned, a large portion of those, who are waking up to what he offers, are the young people, and they’ll be around for a long, long time.

    • theotherrhalf

      The only problem I am having in voting Ron Paul, is not about him.

      Your average voter does not consider who else they are voting for. They vote a straight party ticket. I don’t want an entire govt. of extremist right wing baggers. Who complain about big govt and control, yet want still want to control you as an individual.

      Ron Paul, plus who?

  • steve in AZ

    By the way – Dr. Paul can only win the presidency if he is the candidate.

    Please investigate whether your state is an open or closed caucus or primary state, and make certain you are ABLE to vote for him in either venue, as your state requires. Normally this must be done WEEKS in advance of the primary elction or caucus in your state. If we don’t send a strong message in the primaries, Dr. Paul will not be on the ballot in the general election.

    You must attend to this very soon (if it’s not too late in your state already) or run the risk of having only the normal choice of dumb and dumber. Sorry, but, yes, you have to take the time to learn how the details of the process work in your state.

  • Joyceann

    Paul is an isolationist and Israel and we can’t afford him. He’s too old and in bad health. You say he is the only one and you are WRONG.
    Herman Cain is the epitome of the middle class American who believes in God, loves our flag and country, and is a natural Leader. He would lead us back to the constitution. He isn’t a politician and we are climbing on the CAIN TRAIN. We would like Congress to run within the constiution and our laws. Our laws should be enforced, and if they are bad laws, the majority of the people can change them. A President does not have the right to step outside the law like Obama has and is doing. I want common sense running this country and his bold plan would open up restrictions and let America go back to work.

    • steve in AZ


      All I can say is what you’ve undoubtedly heard many times before – “wrong again, eraser-breath”. :)

    • DaveH

      Herman Cain would lead us back to the Constitution? Pardon me while I laugh hysterically.
      Cain thinks we need More National Security. We don’t have enough already? Too much, I think. Way too much.
      Cain would increase the Drug Wars. What? We haven’t enriched the Drug Lords enough already? We haven’t lost enough of our Constitutional Rights already?
      And Cain would introduce the Trojan Tax Horse of 999. Just what we need — for the Government to get its foot in the National Sales Tax Door. Willingly give them another tool to tax us to death?
      You’re a laugh riot, Joyceann.

    • beacon

      Forgive him lord, me thinks he watchs to much CNN.

    • Mike

      Ron Paul is in great health. He bikes and runs regularly. In fact, he challenged all the other candidates to a bike race in Houston with 100 degree heat and 100 percent humidity. No one has accepted his challenge.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Excuse me but I think you stepped in something a few posts back!!

    • http://naver sook young

      What is wrong with supporting Israel? Are you Muslim? Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • The Traditionalist

    Ron Paul is being maligned by the national media because he is a genuine conservative and a staunch consitutionalist. This is the last person the big corporate facists– who own the media– and international banksters want to occupy the White House.It would be a stunning set back for the international socialist and advocates of the new world order if he were elected. All this propaganda about Ron Paul being unelectable,unqualified, or that he can’t win, is similar to the political jargon used by the press against the conservative Barry Goldwater in 1964. The media was’nt able to black him out, but they succeeded in frightening the American voters away by making false claims and accusations to the effect that he was an “extremist, a warmonger, a racist, unfit for the presidency, and that he would scrap social security. All were lies. Remember, the media will only favor and eulogize candidates who they know will continue to build and work for the marxist new world order and the demise of America. Beware of establisment-minded politicians as the other front runners,who parrot conservative ideas but have no background to prove they are what the claim to be, and who obviously have no intentions of acting upon their proposed what’s–good–for–America promises. I have heard none of these so much as mention anything about upholding the Constitution, or the need to return to limited government, or scrapping our interventionists policy of meddling in the affaris of other nations. Jesus said “beware of wolves in sheeps clothing”, and “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

  • Roger

    What is wrong about being thought of as being an “Anarchist”?

    In reality an Anarchist is simply someone who does not believe in organized Governments!Could the fear of “Anarchism” be simply because ALL the parasites would have no where to go to obtain unearned wealth?

    I include,especially the Establishment,as they are the biggest thieves

    • DaveH

      The problem is that people have been Propagandized for over a century that we can’t survive without Big Government, and that Anarchy means Chaos. Of course the reality is that Too Much Government leads to Chaos, but it isn’t easy to cure people of their lifelong Brainwashing.
      Isn’t it convenient that every time somebody pushes for Smaller Government, they are labeled with that misleading title of Anarchist?

  • http://none RPaul or same ol’

    Well, my Aunt and cousin just stopped by, total silence when i supported Ron Paul. Big surprise my Aunt’s 3 boys have all sucked on the “national guard teat” for life, 1 is employed by the Pentagon. They love our Big Government. We should stay in Iraq to keep an eye on Iran, etc, blah blah blah. I left the room and closed my put options on netflix. Life goes on, except it is wearin’ me down. I did let them hold a gold American Eagle, then a $100 bill. They put the bill down immediately but were really intriqued by the coin and they were still totally clueless when they left and they are smart people. Un-freakin’ believeable. Ron Paul 2012 or uh oh!

  • Jay

    Ron Paul debate question BANNED from Fox News.

  • s c

    A large part of America’s whore media must have split personalities. They claim to be journalists, but it’s not possible to make that claim unless a reporter is OBJECTIVE. Anybody can be SUBJECTIVE.
    A typical member of our whore media is no better than a hormone-driven teenager who thinks reality is whatever they want to believe. That having been said, NO ONE should be surprised when they find that a political candidate won’t be treated fairly by people who HATE truth, hate fairness, hate facts and hate anyone who can live without big government.
    Those same ‘compassionate’ lovers of social justice DARE to claim that if we don’t believe what they believe, we’re not worth having around in society. And they wonder why we see utopians, ultraliberal progressives and members of the whore media as different types of cow dung.
    Now, does anyone not understand why the whore media won’t treat anyone fairly unless THEY get to decide what’s fair and what isn’t? I reserve the right to look at political wingnuts and whore media types as people who don’t deserve to live in a free country.

  • newspooner

    The postings here look mighty encouraging, but remember, there are n awful lot of twinkies out there, and if we are going to end up outnumbering them at the polls, we all need to get busy and do much one-on-one recruiting. It is not hopeless, but we have a massive challenge in getting Ron Paul elected.

  • Ted Crawford

    While Dr. Paul is far and away the most attractive candidate on all matters fiscal, his, publicly stated,IE debates and interviews,on National Defence is, almost, totally unexceptable!
    In reading the Constitution, specifically Artical 1, Section 8, I find that the issue of National Defence is addressed in Clauses 1,11,12,13,14,15, and even Clause 10 seemingly could apply. It is the single most addressed issue in the section!

    It seems extremely unrealistic to believe that when, not if, Iran achieves nuclear capibilities, Achminajad will not use them!
    I agree with John Kennedys idea that sometimes “We should do a thing, not because it’s easy but because it’s hard” If not us, WHO?

  • bobby


  • jopa

    I like many of the positions Paul stands for but he missed it on this one.The Federal Student Loan program was intended to help the students with the elimination of the middleman (banks) that would charge high rates and put the students into a vulnerable financial position upon graduation.It is the same program that has been going on for decades just refined to help the average American.


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