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Mr. Cardinal’s Futility

March 12, 2012 by  

Mr. Cardinal’s Futility

For about three weeks, a cardinal has been attacking one of our office windows. From sunup to sundown he pecks at and flies against the pane, banging his head in an effort of abject futility. Whether he’s attacking his reflection or seeking to get inside, I do not know. Whatever, watching his mindlessly repetitive attempts made me think he’s a perfect metaphor for the average American voter (AAV).

For years AAV has dutifully gone to the polls to cast votes for first this Presidential candidate and then that one, always expecting — based on the candidate’s rhetoric — that change was just around the corner. AAV, meet Mr. Cardinal.

Elections are rigged. Results are known beforehand. It’s all Kabuki Theater (see Ron Paul and the way he’s been cheated out of wins in Iowa, Maine and Nevada, etc.). The establishment controls the outcomes.

And to keep AAV distracted, the elites and their mainstream media co-conspirators are constantly throwing out nonsensical issues designed to elicit irrational emotional responses. The latest is the contraception issue suddenly ginned up by the White House and inflamed by the talking knuckleheads on both the left and the right.

For years, AAV has been unable to recognize the political system for the fallacy that it is. AAV believes America is a democracy (or even the republic as described in the Constitution) and that elections matter. AAV also believes everything the Ministry of Truth (aka the corporate/government controlled MSM) says: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

AAV also believes:

  • That elections are free and fair and votes are counted accurately in order to determine a winner. Clearly that is not the case, as we have told you before. But the elites aren’t always so brazen about it. Sometimes they use stealth and crony capitalism to achieve their ends.
  • That there is a political right and a political left, and choosing one or the other to hold the office of President or make a majority in Congress makes a difference. The left and the right are figments of your imagination. While candidates purport to be liberal or conservative, the spending and war policies never change, regardless of who is in the White House or which party controls Congress. The only change is in which set of corporations get the best seat at the table, and which ones have to wait out on the patio. For example: George W. Bush claimed to be a small-government conservative, but government spending grew more under Bush than any President since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. President Barack Obama ran under the mantle of “hope and change.” AAV continues to hope for a change. Obama continued the policies of Bush in Iraq; expanded them to Afghanistan; started wars in Pakistan, Libya and Central Africa; and kept Guantanamo Bay open despite promises to the contrary. Then he grew government more than even Bush. In truth, Presidents are controlled by Goldman Sachs and its fellow banksters, and they make no decisions without first getting the approval of the banking cartel.
  • That Ron Paul has not won a single State caucus or election. While it has gone essentially unreported, Ron Paul won the Maine caucus, despite the Republican establishment’s best efforts. The fact is, the Republican establishment — using all sorts of nefarious means — has worked overtime to prevent Paul from winning a single State and gain “momentum” in the eyes of voters.
  • That only Mitt Romney can beat Obama. According to Rasmussen, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney both lead Obama by 2 percentage points. Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum trail Obama. But the MSM have essentially blacked out Paul.
  • That there is a war on terror. The so-called War on Terror is a complete fabrication. In Afghanistan and Iraq we are reported to be at war with al-Qaida, while in Libya and Syria we arm al-Qaida and help them overthrow popular governments. The truth is, al-Qaida is a CIA creation and 9/11 was a false-flag attack designed as an excuse to make war on the entirety of the North Africa/Middle Eastern/Persian Gulf region, defeat the enemies of Saudi Arabia and Israel and grow empire America.
  • That the Constitution is still in effect. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are dead and gone, and we have an imperial Presidency. The current Administration has determined that it can assassinate American citizens on a whim and does not have to consult Congress before employing troops in any country. And while on occasion a court ruling does something to peel back laws that infringe on our rights, Congress and the President are working overtime to eliminate Amendments 1, 2 (Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, H.R. 45, H.R. 257, H.R. 1913, H.R. 1923, H.R. 2159, H.R. 2296, H.R. 2324, H.R. 2401, S. 843, S. 941 and S. 1317), 4 (USA Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act) and others. The 9th and 10thAmendments were nullified in 1861.
  • That the elected elites tell the truth and are looking out for the country’s best interest. Government is a criminal enterprise and the truth is not in it. The official story is that Osama bin Laden was killed and then buried at sea. From the get-go, the narrative of the reported execution of bin Laden has changed. Now we learn, via WikiLeaks, that bin Laden’s “body” may have been brought to the United States for examination. It’s just one of a continuous string of lies told by each Administration over the years. Some for you to research on your own, in no particular order, are the Gulf of Tonkin incident, The USS Liberty incident, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City bombing and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
  • The news media seek to print or broadcast the truth. The only truth the MSM are interested in is that truth that advances the New World Order agenda and keeps AAV focused on unimportant ancillary issues like free contraception, the latest “American Idol” winner or who Kim Kardashian is dating this week. Delving into the background of the current poser President, what really happened on 9/11, who’s buying our politicians, what’s going on at the Federal Reserve or any other issues that are of real import are not considered “newsworthy.”
  • The U.S. dollar is sound. The U.S. dollar is a failed currency and a Ponzi scheme. The Fed owns more U.S. government debt than China. That means it’s buying debt with debt paid for by made-up money. If you ran your household or business finances like the Fed operates, you would be in jail. The Fed’s so-called charter is to control inflation and ensure full employment. In reality it’s a money transfer agent for the elite banksters around the globe.

How do you recognize a failing regime? By the rate at which it increases controls on its people. The U.S. system of government and its money are on a road to collapse.

Unfortunately, like Mr. Cardinal, AAV is unable — or unwilling — to recognize the illusion for what it is.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Vicki

    The OP writes about the Cardinal

    Whether he’s attacking his reflection or seeking to get inside, I do not know.

    The Cardinal knows what he is attacking. He’s “shadow boxing”. :)

    • Tom W.

      Tenacious! That’s what that cardinal is. I’d be careful Bob, that’s one pissed off looking bird! He must be a University of Louisville Fighting Cardinal!!! Don’t get in his way! He’s on a mission to bring U of L it’s first national championship since the “86″ team and Patino’s tenure there! I mean just look at the determination on that birds face, he’s lookin’ for some meat to tear! GO CARDS!!!

      • Maverick

        Tom, you are an Idiot, this is just one of the points the article makes, instead of worring about the wiiner of American Idol, you are concerned with March Madness, and a cardinal. Apparentley you got nothing out of the story or you read too many books with pictures, and did not read the words.

      • DaveH

        Was that attack necessary, Maverick?

      • Tom W.

        Yeah, kiss my a$$ Maverick!!!

    • Vigilant

      Mr. Livingston, I fail to share your cynical view that, in essence, everything in American political life is settled and there’s nothing we can do about it.

      If, as you say, it’s all run by NWO puppeteers and “presidents are controlled by Goldman Sachs and its fellow banksters,” then what possible difference does it make who we vote for, including Ron Paul?

      If, as you say, 9/11 was some evil conspiracy cooked up by some omnipotent evil forces in the world, then what makes anyone think that they would allow Ron Paul to even assume office if he were elected?

      If, as you say, the elections are all rigged, then what good does it do to speculate on who could or could not beat Obama?

      Please don’t tell us it all boils down to placing some Messianic hopes in a single man to change everything. In denying that contention, I would have to say that’s not a cynical view, but an all too realistic one. Paradoxically, unless given the powers of king or dictator, no single person stands a chance of changing much of anything in America.

      I would much prefer to read, in place of irreversible gloom and doom, something for a change that offers hope, offers some specific solutions or steps forward. If no such remedies are possible, then all discussions on the matter are nothing more than hand wringing over something we cannot change.

      • Alan

        @Vigilant – and I fail to see your reason for continuing to stick your head in the sand? I think Mr. Livingston is trying to keep us informed and to NOT give up! That one day the AAV might actually wake up and see thru the lies. But, until such time, America will be a very difficult environment to navigate.
        Mr. Livingston, I fail to share your cynical view that, in essence, everything in American political life is settled and there’s nothing we can do about it.

        That if the AAV actually woke up and would realise that Ron Paul is the only one to restore liberty, then we might actually get our government back?

        One can only hope that a president like Ron Paul could cut through the facade!

        That If we don’t pay attention to elections as the source of corruption, then we get more of the same?

        I guess you never heard of the Reagan Revolution, have you? One person did a lot in 8 years!

        I would much prefer to read, in place of irreversible gloom and doom, something for a change that offers hope, offers some specific solutions or steps forward: Ron Paul!

        We can definitely change things, but that would actually require Americans to get up off the couch and do something bold! I think most Americans are waking up to the idea that only action will make a difference. And, you are the only one with the gloom and doom attitude with you status quo mentality.

        “Status quo – Latin for the mess we are in.” – Ronald Wilson Reagan.

      • Greg

        I won’t agree that things cannot be changed, but it won’t be easy. Despite all the different rhetoric from the 2 global elite controlled parties, about the same thing happens.

      • Alex Frazier


        I see many of the things mentioned in action. I don’t deny that the MSM is keeping the quality candidates locked in the attic like Cinderella while they push they ugly step sisters on us in the persons of Romney and Santorum. Nor do I deny that our government at this point is about empire. We are behaving no differently than the British Empire, the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, or any other in history. I even acknowledge that our Bill of Rights is as much as scrap paper at this moment. They have not merely violated what Bob says. They have made null and void the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 14th amendments virtually worthless.

        However, on a positive note … some on this blog may be familiar with the Mandrake Mechanism. The basic idea is that taxes are completely unnecessary in a paper money society. Nevertheless, they have to be kept up to maintain the illusion. To eliminate taxes would be to expose the worthlessness of our money and create a crisis of confidence in the currency that would lead to an almost immediate collapse.

        By the same token, the Constitution has to be maintained in public. While they can undermine it all day long, in no public setting can they outright deny it without there being political consequences. The Constitution belongs to the people, and it is only the illusion of the politicians’ adherence to it that allows them to continue to mutilate it. If they tried to blatantly undo aspects of it, the people would be outraged. That’s why we have the Patriot Act as opposed to a repeal of the 4th amendment. That’s why we have the National Defense Authorization Act as opposed to the repeal of the 5th and 6th amendments.

        So the politicians are painfully aware of the fact that while they can try to undermine the Constitution with cleverly named legislation that hides the true purpose of a bill, they can’t outright alter the Constitution itself without paying the price.

        That being the case, the bottom line is, the Constitution itself says that it is the supreme law of the land. IF one or more of us were willing to make the fight, the Patriot Act, the Defense Authorization Act, the multitude of gun laws, etc., would all have to be discarded since they are not in pursuance of the Constitution, but in defiance of it.

        So the positive note … the thing we can do … is take back our freedom. The one right they haven’t yet managed to take away completely is the right to keep and bear arms. As the amendment itself says, it is a right that is necessary to the preservation of a free country. People seem to forget that there are only five hundred some odd politicians at the Federal level, while the population of the United States is over 300,000,000 according to the 2010 census. They, in truth, have no more power than the power we permit them. If they are stealing our liberty, it’s because we are doing nothing about it.

        And this one positive thing in our favor is the precise point of Bob’s article. People are like the cardinal. We get a candidate in the running who might actually make a difference, and the people like a bunch of mindless automatons march to the poles to vote for whomever the MSM has told them they should vote for. Who cares if the candidate has flip-flopped on a dozen different issues and thinks that it’s no big deal that the government can now indefinitely detain American citizens without due process? Who cares if one of the candidates wants to start wars in half the countries around the globe? Who cares if the candidate has a history of pandering and compromising on core issues? The MSM has been telling us that Romney is the winner since before the first vote was cast, so I guess that’s who we should vote for. After all, though he is the most hopeful candidate, Ron Paul, they’ve informed us, isn’t electable.

      • Tom W.

        Excellent post Vig!!!

      • Michael J.

        Vigilant said:
        “Mr. Livingston, I fail to share your cynical view that, in essence, everything in American political life is settled and there’s nothing we can do about it.” Mr. Livingston never said there is nothing we can do about it.

        “If, as you say, it’s all run by NWO puppeteers and “presidents are controlled by Goldman Sachs and its fellow banksters,” then what
        possible difference does it make who we vote for, including Ron Paul? ”
        It’s all part of maintaining the illusion.

        “If, as you say, 9/11 was some evil conspiracy cooked up by some omnipotent evil forces in the world, then what makes anyone think that they would allow Ron Paul to even assume office if he were elected?”
        They would rather prevent Ron Paul from getting close to being elected
        rather than create a grassy knoll incident. here again maintaining the illusion.

        If, as you say, the elections are all rigged, then what good does it do to speculate on who could or could not beat Obama? At the risk of sounding repetitive, here again it’s all about maintaining the illusion.

        “Please don’t tell us it all boils down to placing some Messianic hopes in a single man to change everything. In denying that contention, I would have to say that’s not a cynical view, but an all too realistic one. Paradoxically, unless given the powers of king or dictator, no single person stands a chance of changing much of anything in America.”
        Mr. Livingston never said that one man could change everything. The reality is that the POTUS is only one cog in a global wheel of tyranny.

        “I would much prefer to read, in place of irreversible gloom and doom, something for a change that offers hope, offers some specific solutions or steps forward. If no such remedies are possible, then all discussions on the matter are nothing more than hand wringing over something we cannot change.” While you may be content with hand wringing, the silent majority each in his or her own way are quietly preparing for an as of yet unspoken call to action that we will all recognize when we hear or see it.

      • Vigilant

        Alan says, “That if the AAV actually woke up…”

        That’s the whole point, sir. I would certainly like to see that happen as well, but Mr. Livingston is telling us that wouldn’t make a bit of difference, and that is the point of our disagreement. In a rigged electoral system, run by the corporatists/statists, NWO or whomever is behind the scenes, how can you believe that Ron Paul, even if elected, could make any difference, unless his Congress was of like mind?

        Your comments about Ronald Reagan, intimating that a Conservative president can make a difference, are totally in synch with mine. And that’s why I disagree with Mr. Livingston. I do happen to think that there’s hope for this nation, but that the hope willed be dashed if we don’t elect representatives as well. Placing your bets on one horse is costly.

        I do not believe that Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. That there is much work to do to bring the Repubs around to the proper Conservative mode of thinking goes without saying (and Romney’s NOT the man to do it), but if there’s no difference, then why does Ron Paul choose to run on that ticket?

        Many say that the Repubs are like the Dems but will take us to ruination at a slower pace than the Dems. While that may be true, it is also true that a slower pace might provide more time to educate both the pols and the people that Conservative principles are the only hope of restoring the country to the greatness it once claimed.

      • Vigilant

        Michel J., you say, While you may be content with hand wringing, the silent majority each in his or her own way are quietly preparing for an as of yet unspoken call to action that we will all recognize when we hear or see it.”

        I am saying precisely the opposite, and you will see that if you re-read my posting. It is my contention that hand wringing gets us nowhere, but I’m also saying that it’s political naivete to ever think that electing Ron Paul would alone change much in the way things are done.

        Moreover, your coded statement about “preparing for an as of yet unspoken call to action that we will all recognize when we hear or see it” runs perilously close to seditious talk. Do you indeed advocate the overthrow of the US Government?

      • DaveH

        Good comment, Alex Frazier.

      • Michael J.

        Vigilant says”
        “It is my contention that hand wringing gets us nowhere, but I’m also saying that it’s political naivete to ever think that electing Ron Paul would alone change much in the way things are done.”

        We both agree that hand wringing gets us nowhere, but for some it generates invention.
        We both agree that electing Ron Paul would alone change much in the way things are done. The effect would be like trying to stop an oncoming freight train by shooting it with a BB gun, but it’s a start.

        And finally, it seems to me that you are most vigilant at the art of putting words in the mouth of Mr.Livingston and myself.

        “Truth equals treason in an empire of lies” RON PAUL

      • Mike W

        Michael J, If ron paul won the election, he would have the power to veto spending bills and that alone would go a long way.

      • John

        Mike W,
        Vetoes can and will be overridden by congress. Ron Paul will be a lame duck from day one because NOBODY in congress will work with him. He needs congress to work with him, but congress does not need him to work with them. He can refuse to sign legislation and congress will just present legislation that benefit the people and after Paul refuses to sign them he will end up a one term president with NOTHING achieved. This is the grim reality.

      • Nik

        The reason people get behind Ron Paul and that he is messianic is because Ron Paul’s voting record proves what he says. There is a reason he is called Dr.No. Lobbyists can’t taint him. I believe in Ron Paul because he is the only one that says what is really going on and that has to mean something because the way the media will not give him the credit and truthfully shafted recent poll #’s he’s actually getting. His being in this election only serves to prove the establishments crooked ways and when we get Obama or more than likely not “the next one” (president) we will see them going from their campaign promises to doing the same thing the last one did.

      • Gary

        Thank you for your thoughtful views. Clearly, both sides of our political process engage in dubious claims, scathing criticism and verbal malarkey. Indeed, some might suggest that both sides have an interest in retaining the status-quo. In short, expect more attempts to bamboozle the public as our self-righteous, political elites remain fixated on their own re-election.

      • Vigilant

        Michael J. says, “And finally, it seems to me that you are most vigilant at the art of putting words in the mouth of Mr.Livingston and myself.”

        Kindly provide specifics instead of offering sweeping insults without substantiation.

        And you didn’t answer my question.

      • JeffH

        Alex, excellant.

        I, myself, find this paragraph at the end of Mr. Livingston’s article most revealing.

        “How do you recognize a failing regime? By the rate at which it increases controls on its people. The U.S. system of government and its money are on a road to collapse.”

        I think this quote pretty well sums it up:
        “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild

        There is, in my opinion, a “shadow government”…centralized banking , the Federal Reserve, House of Morgan…

        1791: Rothschilds through Alexander Hamilton (their agent in George Washington’s cabinet) set up a central bank in the USA called the Bank of the United States. This is established with a 20 year charter.

        1811: The charter for the Rothschilds Bank of the United States runs out and Congress votes against its renewal. At the time Andrew Jackson (who would become the 7th President of the United States from 1829 to 1837) says, “If Congress has a right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use by themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.” Nathan Mayer Rothschild is not amused and he stated, “Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war.” Andrew Jackson’s response to this is to say, “You are a den of thieves vipers, and I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out.” Nathan Mayer Rothschild’s reply to that being, “Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to colonial status.”

        1812: Backed by Rothschild money, the British declare war on the United States.

        1816: The charter for the Bank of the United States is renewed for another twenty years with the Rothschilds in Control of the American money supply again. The British war against the America therefore ends with the deaths of thousands of British and American soldiers, but the Rothschilds get their bank.

        1837: Following his years of fighting against the Rothschilds and their central bank in America, President Andrew Jackson finally succeeds in throwing the Rothschilds central bank out of America. It would not be until 1913 that the Rothschilds would be able to set up their third central bank in America, the Federal Reserve.

        1865: In a statement to Congress, President Abraham Lincoln states, “I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me, and the financial institution in the rear. Of the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe.” Later that year President Lincoln is assassinated. Nathaniel de Rothschild becomes member of parliament for Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

        1913: The Jekyll Island Conference and the plans for the Federal Reserve leading up to the Federal Reserve Act. The Rothschilds set up the Anti Defamation League (ADL) in the United States designed to brand as, “antiSemitic,” anyone who questions or challenges the Global Elite. Strangely enough, the same year that they do this they also set up their last and current central bank in America, the Federal Reserve. Congressman Charles Lindbergh stated following the passing of the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, “The Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this Bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized…….The greatest crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.” It is important to note that the Federal Reserve is a private company, it is neither Federal nor does it have any Reserve. It is conservatively estimated that profits exceed $150 billion per year and the Federal Reserve has never once in its history published accounts.

        Our government isn’t run by the POTUS or the House of Representatives. They’ve just there to provide the appearance of a government. I imagine that a good majority of them are clueless, just fall in line with the “status quo” under the thret of…???

        I firmly believe there is a “shadow government” controlling virtually everything, the world’s economy, the propaganda you hear, read or see on TV. It’s not just the U.S., it’s Europe and beyond…hence the “globalization” or idea of a world controlled by a few. Who’d of thunk it? Many of you don’t, but there is enough written, speculated and on the internet to raise the idea as real rather than conspiratorial. See the UN’s Agenda 21…it is real.

        Our Bill of Rights and our Constitution provide our two most potent weapons…and to heed the wisdom(s)of our founding fathers.

        A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader. – Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren, February 12, 1779

        Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States.
        - Noah Webster, An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, 1787

      • Larry

        The problem is, Obama gave the speeches about hope, change, clear roads to making a difference. He and many of the people voted in before him knew exactly what to say to make the “AAV” vote for him, myself included, but not in the primaries). He even looked the part and his history seemed somewhat promising, at least the part of his history that was readily available.

        I’m hopeful myself, but not in the current political system. The one they “seem” to follow has been pretty good to us for a while, but all of the warnings from our founders have played themselves out and worked their yeast-like ways almost completely through the bread: mainly, bankers’ hands in our “government.”

        I don’t believe one man can make a big difference. But if the right few people get VOTED in, that’s obviously many more people that one, or a few, that are making that difference.

        Though, even if Ron Paul doesn’t get voted in, I believe some kind of change will eventually happen. History proves that “the people” can only take so much sh– from those “above” them; again, why our founders had dreams of a government that was afraid of its people rather than the other way around. And maybe, just maybe, enough of us Average Americans will be able to find that same spirit our founders had and turn that fear back around, somehow or another.

      • JC

        Alex Frazier and JeffH…awesome commentary.

        The eventuality is collapse. Good thing we’re Americans though…because to us, this is just another challenge we’ll overcome, with no help from the “vigiliants” of the nation.

      • BryanC

        A few observations on this discussion.
        1. Mr Cardnal, I say Mr because he is a male, is simply doing what most of those commenting here are doing, trying to protect his own teratory. In the spring mails of many types mark off an area for mating. many will defend it to the death. The problem here is that he only sees his own reflection as a thretining male! Once the mating seasion is past the cardnels flock together to live.
        2 Mr Paul, if elected or any President, cant do much without signaficent support in both houses of Congress. Governing by veto like trying to stear the ship of state buy throwing out an anchor on ether the port or starboard side in mid ochan. (notice I did not say left or right side). When a storm is driving you into the rocks this can help, but as a cruse ship captain found out reciently, not much and not after you have hit the rocks!
        3 I have many face to face discussions with voters in the past and was supprised how many have come to beleive that the “checks and ballances” setup in the Constitution is not the seperation of powers between the branches of government but the seperation of the olitical parties! Should a letter in parrenthies (D,R, I,N,C…) after a persons name have any more revelance than their race, relegion,gender, eye or hair color. Maybe Congress should rearnge the seats alphabeticly by last name than having Ds on oneside and Rs on the other side “of the isle”
        I saw a youtube video of Mike Wallace interviewing Morgan Freemen where Mr Freeman said “I stopped calling you white, why do you still call me black.
        Let us get past the matting season where we are all trying to protect our own little kingdom and work together to overcome the great challanges facing humanity like overpopulation, overconsumption of natural recources, underutilization of people’s abilities,…

      • Gary

        Thank you for your erudite response to Bob. However, I also commend Bob for discussing an issue many have wondered about. To what degree does our vote count? Are “elections…rigged?” Are we moving towards a permanent “imperial Presidency?” To what degree do members of our ruling, political class care about the common good? These are vital questions to ask while our Republic continues to evolve. Happily, now is not only the time to ask such questions, but to offer concrete solutions. In short, if we are to avoid an on-going plutocracy we need to ignore political spin, verbal malarkey and condescending platitudes coming from both sides of the aisle.

    • olinda moore

      mr,Livingstonthere is somthing we the people can do,in november election day every body please vote republican to make sure this president is a one time president and never more make the same mistake to be voting for a person we dont know,with no experience in the job,this job is big need a person to work for the people not the way this one is doing working to change america to a diferent direction with out listening the people,like he did with the health care bill forcing the american to do what he want……..please vote for Rick Sentorum for president….

      • Dave

        Having worked the Ohio Primary Election polls I can tell you things don’t look promising. We had an abysmal turnout of 20%, those wishing to vote “Independent” were classified by the software as “Non-partisan” and were relegated to voting for Issues only!
        Even at that, Santorum polled very close to Romney as he did in MI and several other states though the MSM continues to back Romney.
        We’re a long way from reform from top to bottom or bottom to top – IMO it will take to “grace of God” to reform this country first with an informed voter and secondly with integrity in each Congressman and woman.

        • Gary

          Well said Dave. May I also suggest that the disdainful, inflammatory and demonizing rhetoric coming from Obama surrogates will be endless? Clearly, only an informed person CAN with-stand the disingenuous rhetoric coming from the LEFT.

    • Ross

      Thank you Mr Licingstin ( I presume). For you especially:

      I quit don’t know what to say, so I’m sending this……

    • Ross
    • Allen

      It reminds me of a democrat beating his head against a wall because they are out of ideas.

      • Deerinwater

        “It reminds me of a democrat beating his head against a wall because they are out of ideas”

        LOL! whatever blows your dress up! have you been keeping current the last 5 years?

    • Old Henry

      Chip wrote about a similar problem last Spring. I am beginning to wonder about those southern Cardinals. Something in their food??

      Up “nort” I have issues like that with Sparrows / Stalings, but MY Cardinals seem to know better….

  • TIME

    Yet an other super blog, thank you so much for standing with truth.

    Peace and Love.

    • Tom W.

      Bob writes a good article, but he seems to be a bit of a sore loser when it comes to his hero Ron Paul. While I’ll agree that Dr. Paul hasn’t gotten a fair shake from the MSM, he has been a non-contender. Personally, I think that Dr. Paul would’ve been the hands down winner if not for his naive stance on Islam and the Defence of Israel! Ahmadinejad and his Persian dreams of grandure had BETTER be dealt with now, other than later!!!

      King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
      “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” – God speaking to Abraham on his desendants of PROMISE!

      “For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one of a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman, But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise. Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar. For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children. But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all. For it is written, REJOICE, THOU BARREN THAT BEARETH NOT; BREAK FORTH AND CRY, THOU THAT TRAVAILETH NOT: FOR THE DESOLATE HATH MANY MORE CHILDREN THAN SHE WHICH HATH A HUSBAND. Now we, brethern, as Isaac was, are the children of promise. But as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, even so it is now. Nevertheless what sayeth the scripture? CAST OUT THE BONDWOMAN AND HER SON: FOR THE SON OF THE BONDWOMAN SHALL NOT BE HEIR WITH THE SON OF THE FREE WOMAN. So then, brethern, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free.” – Galatians 4:22-31 (KJV)

      • TML

        “Personally, I think that Dr. Paul would’ve been the hands down winner if not for his naive stance on Islam and the Defence of Israel! Ahmadinejad and his Persian dreams of grandure had BETTER be dealt with now, other than later!!!

        King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
        “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” – God speaking to Abraham on his desendants of PROMISE!”

        So you didn’t/wouldn’t/won’t vote for Ron Paul because you think it’s naïve to not make yet another war with Muslims, and to not unconditionally support Israel. And you think this because you are naively religious. This… this right here… is what is really wrong with this country; religious nut jobs like you who promote preventive/preemptive endless wars for strictly religious reasons. And support for such war MUST have financial backing and so you are also supporting the private bank (Federal Reserve) to keep printing money out of thin air to finance this religious empire of yours! You are, in fact, no better than your Muslim counterpart you seek so desperately to destroy. Your ilk makes me sick.

      • ChristyK

        All of the candidates, that you think are “wise”, want to continue our current foreign aid policy which gives more money to Israel’s enemies than to Israel (I’ve heard 3x and 5x more). With this aid we get to tell Israel when and how they can and cannot defend themselves and where they can and cannot build settlements.

        Ron Paul wants to end foreign aid (which would help Israel who has a better military and a better economy than the Islamic countries). He also wants to allow Israel to make decisions for itself like a sovereign nation. He doesn’t want the US telling Israel how to run their own country. When Israel attacked Iraq many years ago, Ron Paul was the only vote to support Israel (maybe only Republican). I’d say Ron Paul is a better ally to Israel than any of the other candidates.

      • Michael J.

        Tom W.
        First of all Ron Paul is right on the money when it comes to what our relationship should be with Israel. But first you must understand that Israel is a child prodigy of the Rothschilds and therefore no real harm will come to her. The unsurpassed giftedness ascertained by Israel in such a hottly contested area of the world, and within such a brief period of time would not have been possible without the outside intervention of the same financiers who bankrolled the Napoleonic wars.

        The reality is they are being used as bait to crush the remaining middle east dictators not on board with NWO plans for world domination.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Tom W.,

        You write: “Bob writes a good article, but he seems to be a bit of a sore loser when it comes to his hero Ron Paul. While I’ll agree that Dr. Paul hasn’t gotten a fair shake from the MSM, he has been a non-contender.” Ron Paul has not only not gotten a fair shake from the MSM, there has been an out-and-out effort to black out coverage of his campaign. And by the way, that Ron Paul is non-contender is yet another lie by the MSM. Combine these two items to understand.

        You write: “Personally, I think that Dr. Paul would’ve been the hands down winner if not for his naive stance on Islam and the Defence (sic) of Israel! Ahmadinejad and his Persian dreams of grandure (sic) had BETTER be dealt with now, other than later!!!” Then you cite Gen. 12:3.

        Abraham’s physical descendents forfeited this blessing and it no longer applies to them. It now applies only to the spiritual descendents, ie, all Christians. Your cite of Gal. 4 bears this out.

        Best wishes,

      • paradigmshift

        Who are Abraham’s descendants of promise according to Galatians 3:7? Tell me, when Jesus wept as he walked away from the temple, why was he crying? When he said, “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, AND YOU WOULD NOT!
        When Pilot wanted to release Jesus rather than Barabbas, the Jews refused, saying, “His blood be on us and on our children!”
        Who is John, in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ talking about in Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9? He is talking about Zionists.

      • DaveH

        In light of real history, Tom W., including the many False Flag events, and the obvious control of Government by a select elite, you continue to believe that our military excursions are aimed at Freedom. While our military is overseas pissing off populations of people, taking away their rights, killing them, you apparently believe the administrations when they say that they are fighting for our Freedom. Never mind that we are losing it here rapidly.
        No, Tom W., you are the Naive one.

      • IdahoPatriot

        You selectively quote the Holy Bible to suit your needs. The country of Israel is NOT God’s chosen. The Jewish people were, but they turned their backs on God. God’s chosen people, the NEW Israel, is not a country, but those who believe on GOD’S Son, Jesus Christ, for in Christ, their is neither Jew nor Gentile. We as believers, the saints, are God’s chosen.

      • Vigilant

        ChristyK says, “With this aid we get to tell Israel when and how they can and cannot defend themselves and where they can and cannot build settlements.”

        I don’t think anyone in Israel would agree with you. Israel will strike Iran when the iron’s hot, US influence or not. You can bank on it.

        Then, “Ron Paul wants to end foreign aid (which would help Israel who has a better military and a better economy than the Islamic countries). He also wants to allow Israel to make decisions for itself like a sovereign nation. He doesn’t want the US telling Israel how to run their own country. When Israel attacked Iraq many years ago, Ron Paul was the only vote to support Israel (maybe only Republican). I’d say Ron Paul is a better ally to Israel than any of the other candidates.”

        I agree with you and Dr. Paul on this score.

      • Tom W.

        Dear Mr. Livingston I feel honored to have garnered a response from you sir. You would’ve had one yesterday but all of a sudden I couldn’t post anything, and believe me I had some responses for a couple of individuals yesterday! Just a glitch I suppose. But you and anybody else who tries to push the replacement theology BS your propogating sir are flat out wrong about God being finished with Israel! Romans 11:1-2 (KJV) says, “I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew. Wot ye not what the scripture saith of Elias? how he maketh intercession to God against Israel saying,” Read the whole chapter, it all has to do with the restoration fo His people Israel! You need to pick your Bible back up Bob and do some studyin’!!! The term Last Days, Latter Days, In that Day all refer to when God would bring about the regathering of His children back to the Promised Land! We as Gentile Christians are grafted in, “For if thou wert cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, and wert grafted contrary to nature into a good olive tree: how much more shall these, which be the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree?” Rom. 11:24. Salvation has always been to the Jew first! “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” – Romans 1:16 (KJV)

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Tom W.,

          You write: “But you and anybody else who tries to push the replacement theology BS your propogating (sic) sir are flat out wrong about God being finished with Israel!” Such language from someone professing to be a Christian? I Timothy 6:3ff: 3 “If anyone advocates a different doctrine and does not [d]agree with sound words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the doctrine conforming to godliness, 4 he is conceited and understands nothing; but he [e]has a morbid interest in controversial questions and disputes about words, out of which arise envy, strife, abusive language, evil suspicions,” (NASB)

          I have addressed this issue about Israel being God’s chosen before. Perhaps you missed it. It is not I who says it, but God. Here are the highlights:

          Yes, that was the promise to Abraham. But his descendants did not keep their part of the covenant. They rejected God.
          Nehemiah 1: 7-8 (NASB)
          7 We have acted very corruptly against You and have not kept the commandments, nor the statutes, nor the ordinances which You commanded Your servant Moses. 8 Remember the word which You commanded Your servant Moses, saying, ‘If you are unfaithful I will scatter you among the peoples;

          Hosea 8 (NASB)
          8 Israel is swallowed up;
          They are now among the nations
          Like a vessel in which no one delights.
          9 For they have gone up to Assyria,
          Like a wild donkey all alone;
          Ephraim has hired [g]lovers.
          10 Even though they hire allies among the nations,
          Now I will gather them up;
          And they will begin to [h]diminish
          Because of the burden of the king of princes.
          11 Since Ephraim has multiplied altars for sin,
          They have become altars of sinning for him.
          12 Though I wrote for him ten thousand precepts of My law,
          They are regarded as a strange thing.
          13 As for My sacrificial gifts,
          They sacrifice the flesh and eat it,
          But the LORD has taken no delight in them.
          Now He will remember their iniquity,
          And punish them for their sins;
          They will return to Egypt.
          14 For Israel has forgotten his Maker and built palaces;
          And Judah has multiplied fortified cities,
          But I will send a fire on its cities that it may consume its palatial dwellings. (NASB)

          Because Israel played the harlot God scattered them. Because the Jews rejected Jesus, God rejected them.
          Now the promise in Gen. 12:3 is fulfilled through the spiritual children of Abraham. The Law was nailed to the cross, and with it the promise to the physical children of Abraham was granted to the spiritual children of Abraham.

          Read Galatians 3 for better understanding of this. As verse 29 says, “And if you [ak]belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s [al]descendants, heirs according to promise.” (NASB)
          Read also Colossians 2

          13 When you were dead [k]in your transgressions and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He made you alive together with Him, having forgiven us all our transgressions, 14 having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us; and He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. (NASB)

          Romans 4
          16 For this reason it is [o]by faith, in order that it may be in accordance with grace, so that the promise will be guaranteed to all the [p]descendants, not only to [q]those who are of the Law, but also to [r]those who are of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all, 17 (as it is written, “A FATHER OF MANY NATIONS HAVE I MADE YOU”) in the presence of Him whom he believed, even God, who gives life to the dead and [s]calls into being that which does not exist. 18 In hope against hope he believed, so that he might become a father of many nations according to that which had been spoken, “SO SHALL YOUR [t]DESCENDANTS BE.” 19 Without becoming weak in faith he contemplated his own body, now as good as dead since he was about a hundred years old, and the deadness of Sarah’s womb; 20 yet, with respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief but grew strong in faith, giving glory to God, 21 and being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform. 22 Therefore IT WAS ALSO CREDITED TO HIM AS RIGHTEOUSNESS. 23 Now not for his sake only was it written that it was credited to him, 24 but for our sake also, to whom it will be credited, as those who believe in Him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead, 25 He who was delivered over because of our transgressions, and was raised because of our justification. (NASB)

          Read also Romans 10

          From Matthew 23:29ff “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you build the tombs of the prophets and adorn the monuments of the righteous, 30 and say, ‘If we had been living in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partners with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.’ 31 So you testify against yourselves, that you are [x]sons of those who murdered the prophets. 32 Fill up, then, the measure of the guilt of your fathers. 33 You serpents, you brood of vipers, how [y]will you escape the [z]sentence of [aa]hell?
          34 “Therefore, behold, I am sending you prophets and wise men and scribes; some of them you will kill and crucify, and some of them you will scourge in your synagogues, and persecute from city to city, 35 so that upon you may fall the guilt of all the righteous blood shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah, the son of Berechiah, whom you murdered between the [ab]temple and the altar. 36 Truly I say to you, all these things will come upon this generation. 37 “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling. 38 Behold, your house is being left to you desolate! 39 For I say to you, from now on you will not see Me until you say, ‘BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!’” (NASB)

          You write: “You need to pick your Bible back up Bob and do some studyin’!!!” You are correct. I will continue as I do regularly.

          Best wishes,

      • Tom W.

        (Extremely long comment removed)

      • Tom W.

        I see….

      • Dave

        That “freedom” is found only in Jesus Christ and He, the one found only in the Bible of Virgin Birth, the Son of the Father, the “Way, the Truth, and the Life”, Creator, Preserver, and Governor. This means He’s all the fulness of the Godhead in bodily form and His chief characteristic is not “Luv” but Holiness.
        He and Satan are NOT brothers, He was Incarnated uniting God and man together forming a bridge between and without sin so that he could die in man’s place on the cross. He is unique in that his borrowed tomb is empty, his body was never found having been resurrected. He is the ONLY Way to the Father and, yes, He’s returning to rapture/catch away His bride the universal church before the Tribulation.
        Salvation is found only in Him and by Him plus or minus nothing!!

      • James

        Tom, Paul wrote (Rom. 9:6-11): “Not as the though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel; Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but In Isaac shall thy seed be called. That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed. For this is the word of promise, At this time jwill I come, and Sarah shall have a son. And not only this; but when Rebecca also had conceived by one, even by our father Isaac;(For the children being not yet born, neither having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God according to election might stand, not of works, but of him that callleth;)
        Paul’s “they are not all Israel, which are of israel” referred to imposters that infiltrated in years past.

      • Tom W.

        Dave has sure GOT it!!! JESUS IS COMING! He loves y’all and so do I!!!

    • HOG, Columbus

      Idahopatriot, thank you for some sanity. This will prolly, (probably) heh heh:) drive you away from me, but I flat don’t care.-I hope Isreal nukes iran, yesterday. –HOG

      • Dave

        I hope they don’t “hitch their wagon” to the failing USA star; that is, that they act as they need to for survival. God will keep His people as He has down through time – they have been and are His chosen people.

  • Angel Wannabe

    “Hear, Hear” Bob!__We aren’t getting anywhere!_Except deeper in debt and more corrupt!

    The MSM is more concerned reporting on sports, computer tech saavy, texting while driving, and who’s who in Jollywood (mispelled on purpose), who’s sleeping with who, and whether there damned contraception is paid for by somone else.
    We get more REAL NEWS from Alternative media on the net, and the very reason the elites want control of the net. They do keep trying with their false flags of reported computer hackings in DC__Turn off the DC machine folks!!!__Fingers in ears yadda, yadda yadda!

    Wake the hell up people!__We need an Enviroment for private sector job creation, using our own resource fossil fuels, while continuing the quest for additional, not replacement forms of energy.
    We are always going need gas and oil,_ get over it EPA!

    Bob, like the Cardinal continuing to banging his head on your window?__The politicians are engaged in TOTAL insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result__

    • Vigilant

      Angel, please read the article again. Mr. Livingston’s claim is that the average American voter is the cardinal, not the politicians. He asserts that the politicians know exactly what they’re doing. The AAV is “engaged in TOTAL insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result__”

      • Tom W.

        Keep ‘em straight Vig!

      • Gary

        Again, may I applaud your thoughtful response. Clearly, if Obama is to be defeated, we must remain vigilant, informed and attentive to his polished, platitudes and disingenuous rhetoric.

    • Brad

      Amen Angel!!

    • JeffH

      Angel Wannabe, I’m sure I fully understood your politician/cardinal correlation…and the AAV, who do listen and believe their repetitive rhetoric just keep voting for them.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Jeffh, I usually don’t come on PLD when I have the Grandbaby, but today I did. I read quickly and only got half of what I wanted typed on before, the dogs water dish and food were all over the floor, I hit submit and left!__ Got to love the terrible two’s! :) lol

        anyway__ I’ll finish now__I’m convinced Jeff, those that aren’t awake now, won’t be until its too late to do something about themselves and they’re families._As for the AAV’s same for them. if Ron Paul doesn’t get in, I’m not voting_its simple as that_ and then I’ll cancel my voter registration, I’ve had enough!__. I’ve had enough of the suave, debonair types of candidates, who sache’ across the stage, and say ALLTHOSE THINGS EVERYONE WANTS TO HEAR, and Isn’t that what happened the last time….and look what it got us!?

        Haven’t we learned our stinkin’ lesson yet, that good looks and smooth talk does NOT a President make, nor does is make him/her any smarter either!?__For God sake, what in the hell is the matter with people?_We’ve got them our own family who can’t think any farther than they’re noses unless someone is holding they’re hand, honestly sometimes I wanna slap them up-side the head!!!

      • JeffH

        Angel Wannabe, :)…what else can I add to what you have already said…not much…except AMEN :)

  • HOG, Columbus

    I absolutely loath ron paul and his lunatic gang. –HOG

    • GRusling

      Which probably means you have never read the U.S. Constitution…

      • Dave

        My problem with Senator Paul is that as the forgers of the Constitution said, “It’s wholly inadequate to govern a people without internal constraint” – that not only don’t we know the context and content of the Constitution, we don’t have the will power and character to live out what the Constitution tells us to do.
        Even within conservative, evangelical Christianity, there are precious few “Bereans” (it takes a Christian who knows his Bible to get this reference) who can tell you what the gospel is, where you find that foundational roots for our founding documents, the “Christian Constitution” etc.
        Beyond the above, the Senator doesn’t see the need to “protect marriage”, the nuclear family, and a host of other constraints necessitated by our current ignorant, apathetic generation. Another name for “Liberty without restraint” is Mob Rule aka democracy.

    • Hobbit

      Please explain why you think that? Then tell me why, I guess, you would want someone like Obama in the White House. All other candidates will assure you of 4 more years of the same garbage we have just been through. Ron Paul 2012 R3VOLUTION!

      • HOG, Columbus

        I don’t want that muzzie in office, nor paul. See what I mean? These lunatic clowns just throw out accusations of all sorts simply because I know paul and his clown posse to be…..clowns. –HOG

      • JUKEBOX

        You need to take a close look at Newt, for he is the only one with the fire and ability to look Obama in the eye and tell him where he is wrong, point by point. I realize that he is not perfect, but none of the candidates are, but he is far superior to Obama, who has managed to do NOTHING but get us deeper in debt, despite having the majority in both houses of Congress for two years.

      • Deerinwater

        It’s taken 3 years to dig out of a hole it took 8 years to dig and we are still digging. I’m more please with the last 3 years then I am with the previous 8. It was not a necessary hole to dig, total unnecessary. It could have be addressed in other more effective ways.

        So perhaps you might indulge us with all this need for gloom.

        One of the simplest ways to control a situation is to own money, I know that sounds radical perhaps, but tell me, has anyone ever owed you money? Killing them is not a good idea, or doing anything to restrict they ability to pay you back is not a good idea.

        Like a man told me one day, I’d rather owe you then try to cheat you.

        We are huge nation, 320 million people that enjoy a standard of life many only dream of. A new American created every 14 seconds! We enjoy global interest with strong allies all over the world. When we set down to supper, you got to think large.

        We must get beyond thinking about just “camp meat” , something to chew on while we hunt, get your mind on the hunt.

      • Michael J.

        HOG Columbus,
        Let me guess, HOG stands for Hooked On Gingrich???
        You know, the big government globalist man from Bilderberg, and unabashed CFR member!!! The transition from Obama to Gingrich would be as smooth as switching from diet coke to diet pepsi, both sweetened with aspertame and other poisons. Talk about man made disasters, seesh…

      • HOG, Columbus

        Yes, Jukebox, I am looking at newt closely. he’s not ‘the’ answer but sure beats the hell out of hussein and the rest of the clowns. –HOG

      • HOG, Columbus

        MikeJ, I’d legally change my name if I were you. Anywho, HOG-shovelhead, my fave harley engine. Man, you paulbots are delusional, seriously. –HOG

      • DaveH

        Apparently, Hog, you aren’t looking at Newt very closely:

        But then, Hogs are known for wallowing in the mud.

      • HOG, Columbus

        DaveH, Reeaallyy? They are all dirtbags, including the old white messiah paul. –HOG

      • DaveH

        Okay, Hog, I’ve read all your comments to this time, and I see nothing informative, just a lot of personally attacking and a reference to the fact that you have a copy of the Constitution as if that somehow allays your ignorance.
        Is that how you determine your favorite candidates, by Liberal-like emotional rants of name-calling and other manipulative phrases in lieu of facts?

      • HOG, Columbus

        Yea Dave, that’s it. You have figured it ot. Brilliant! ron paul 2012 yaaaaaaaaaaaaa Heh heh:) –HOG

      • HOG, Columbus

        Why was my last post butched, Bob? –HOG

      • Vicki

        Since every one of HOG’s comments began with an ad hominem it was easy to determine that he had nothing useful to contribute to the discussion.

      • Brad

        I agree 100% with you Juke Box, Newt is the only one with the strength to crush Obama

      • HOG, Columbus

        Wow Vicki, wow. You have now converted me with that brilliant observation/prophesy. Go ron paul! Please ron, ignore the detractors, they are only hateres:) Or is that h8ters? Heh heh:) –HOG

      • Deerinwater

        Hog, ~ not that Newt has a change at anything other’s then maybe selling more books and weaseling people out of their money the old fashion way with smoke and mirrors by using the weakness found in the beholders inflated ego.

        What makes you thing that Newt would be a good president? What quality does he possess other then being one of only two contenders that “might” give Obama a contest?

      • Alex Frazier

        HOG, what is your goal, exactly? Every post you make has some negativity towards Ron Paul, either directly or sarcastically. No one is even saying anything about Paul on this branch of the conversation.

        You won already. Ron Paul is not going to get the nomination. The American people have made it clear that they prefer war, debt, deficits, inflation, government intrusion, and the loss of liberty. That’s what we’ve had, and that’s what the other candidates they voted for offer.

        So why continue with the Paul bashing? Just let us freedom loving Americans hope for a while that we might actually get to see a president who for once is worth a damn. When the smoke clears, feel free to then revel in the election of your tyrant.

        But for the present moment, I for one am getting sick and tired of hearing your drivel. If you have a legitimate complaint against Paul, make it known. If you just want to call him names like an ignorant buffoon, I think maybe you should exercise your freedom to shut the hell up.

      • HOG, Columbus

        Mr Frazier just can’t ‘tolerate’ anybody who knows paul is an lunatic and a danger to we the people. –HOG

      • Libertytrain

        Hog – I believe your posts prove quite well where the lunatic sign should hang and it’s not Ron Paul.

    • Blue

      Why? Because he stands for the truth, liberty, smaller government, stopping unending/undeclared wars, bringing our troops home to protect our borders, against illegal immigration, for free trade, against foreign aid (due to the simple fact that our economy is imploding by design), against NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, for the Constitution and sound money, wants to stop outsourcing our jobs, is for the family and so many more reasons I can’t begin to count? The article written above is true and you need to wake up and do some research for yourself.

      • Tom W.

        Blue, I’m all for not sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong, but we don’t live in Kansas anymore Toto! What happens on the other side of the globe does have a direct effect on us! I mean unless Alex Jones and Jessie Ventura are right, 9/11 should’ve been a wake-up call to us all! Before 9/11, a lot of people in this country thought that the rest of the world could go to hell and some how we would remain immune, of course if AJ and JV are correct, we have a FAR worse problem!!! JESUS IS COMING! You’d BETTER get ready!!! Study the prophecies! Do you think that ALL these things are ALL happening simitaneously by coinsidence?!! All the man made turmoil along with ALL natural disasters!!!
        Is your lamp trimmed and BURNING?!! (Matt. 25:1-13) Brcause if you’re not LOOKING up, (Luke 21:28) you SURELY to GOD must be blind!!! (II Cor. 4:3&4) You surely don’t want to be TOLD to line up with the goats!!! (Matt. 25:31-46) HE IS COMING!!! He loves y’all and so do I!!!

      • Tom W.
      • DaveH

        Read these books, Tom W., and if you still live in your fantasy world, I give up:

      • DaveH
    • John Acord

      Hog– you have an appropriate handle suggesting you are wallowing in the federal pig pen stuffed with dollars purloined from the few taxpayers that are left.

      • HOG, Columbus

        Mr accord, I’m simply burning a vacation day my company/job has given me for yrs of service. No handouts here. I don’t need your help. I probably wouldn’t offer you any help. –HOG

      • HOG, Columbus

        TML/DaveH, that was bizarre, and why do you thinkI ‘m an dif poster? What is wrong with you people? –HOGi

      • HOG, Columbus

        I’m gonna burn another one tomorrow, that’s tuesday for you slow, er, paulbots. –HOG

    • HOG, Columbus

      More examples of why I loath that idiot and his lunatic supporters. I have a framed copy of the United States Constitution, Declaration, and Bill of Rights hanging on my wall. paul and his clown posse are just that, clowns. –HOG

      • metroman

        So you have a framed copy, did you ever read it? What does Art 1, Sec 8, clause 11 say?
        Houston we have a problem called Libya and the most recent comments from the President saying he gets his legal authority to bomb Libya from the UN. Additionally and most recently Mineta said in a Senate Hearing he also gets his authority from the UN and NATO. I guess he didn’t read the U. S. Constitution either, wait didn’t the President teach Constitutional law? Most recently the President is talking about a blockade of Iran, in case you don’t know it a blockade is an “Act of War.” I wonder if he will get permission from Congress. Oh, I forgot he will get it from the UN. If you really want to know how bad it is go to and smell the coffee.

      • HOG, Columbus

        See what I mean? metrosexual here wants the sheeple clowns to believe I can’t read, simply because I know ron paul and his posse are a bunch of clowns. –HOG

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear HOG, Columbus,

      Why don’t you just admit you absolutely loath the Constitution? Unfortunately, there are many like you.

      Best wishes,

      • HOG, Columbus

        Sorry bob. No can do. I loath paul/paulbots, and conspiracy nut jobs. –HOG

      • HOG, Columbus

        I forgot-see what I mean? If ya don’t worship paul, the bots start sliming, accusing, and on and on an…….-HOG

      • DaveH

        Ron Paul is the only candidate in the lineup with a history of obeying the Constitution. You would know that, Hog, if you did any reading of real history.
        Give us some meat, Hog. Tell us specifically what Constitutional rule Ron Paul doesn’t follow, and your favorite Candidates do follow?

      • HOG, Columbus

        DaveH please. If you think that paul millionaire is going to do anything other than screw you, you are lost. –HOG

      • HOG, Columbus

        Heh heh:) I forgot this also-Look at what TML spent time to actually do. Is that not bizzare to say the least? Please. Anybody other than hussien or paul-birds of a feather. –HOG

      • TML

        “Look at what TML spent time to actually do. Is that not bizzare to say the least?”

        It took no time at all, and not bizarre in the least to show you give no intelligent reasons. How about you provide some and then we can have a more mature conversation.

      • DaveH

        The Flashman clone (Hog), as expected, won’t provide any particulars because he knows they wouldn’t hold up under scrutiny.

      • Jay

        Hog, you’re insane!

    • TML

      “I absolutely loath ron paul and his lunatic gang. –HOG

      I don’t want that muzzie in office, nor paul. See what I mean? These lunatic clowns just throw out accusations of all sorts simply because I know paul and his clown posse to be…..clowns. –HOG

      Man, you paulbots are delusional, seriously. –HOG

      They are all dirtbags, including the old white messiah paul. –HOG

      More examples of why I loath that idiot and his lunatic supporters. I have a framed copy of the United States Constitution, Declaration, and Bill of Rights hanging on my wall. paul and his clown posse are just that, clowns. –HOG

      See what I mean? metrosexual here wants the sheeple clowns to believe I can’t read, simply because I know ron paul and his posse are a bunch of clowns. –HOG

      Sorry bob. No can do. I loath paul/paulbots, and conspiracy nut jobs. –HOG

      I forgot-see what I mean? If ya don’t worship paul, the bots start sliming, accusing, and on and on an…….-HOG”

      So you come on this site and state that you loathe Ron Paul without offering any intelligent reasons, and when the Ron Paul supporters attack you because all they can do is assume you’re an idiot, you say… “see, Ron Paul supporters are delusional clowns”.
      Well, I must say, the shoe seems to fits you better at this point.

      We’ve established that you don’t like Ron Paul supporters because they attack you for not liking Ron Paul without providing any reasons. And we’ve established that you don’t like Ron Paul for unknown reasons.

      Do you actually have any intelligent reasons for not liking Ron Paul that are not directly caused by his supporters?

      Or are we to assume that you don’t have any intelligent reasons?

      • HOG, Columbus

        TML, I don’t like paul or his cult members period. See yer post. Explains a bit. –HOG

      • TML

        I simply asked if you have any intelligent reasons behind loathing Ron Paul. I take your refusal to give any, as a No.

        Thank you

      • HOG, Columbus

        TML, I loathe, h8, ron paul mainlybecause of the incessant, juvenile cult following that never shuts up. Ya know? I mean? Like ows, hollywood, and communist infiltrators in general. Get it? –HOG

      • TML

        “TML…, that was bizarre”

        I fail to see how quoting you is bizarre.

        “TML, I loathe, h8, ron paul mainlybecause of the incessant, juvenile cult following that never shuts up. Ya know? I mean? Like ows, hollywood, and communist infiltrators in general. Get it? –HOG”

        Well, I can understand why you might not like some Ron Paul supporters because of the way they act. I’ll have to say that is legitimate. Yet I fail to see how the loathing of his supporters should reasonably transcend to the individual (Ron Paul) simply because of his more eccentric followers, to which he has no control over.

      • HOG, Columbus

        TML, paul is an space cadet. Period. That’s all the reason I need. His supporters? He could at the least shun them publicly. He doesn’t. Why? He is going to split the vote again, and hand us 4 more yrs of…….fill in the blank. I don’t want that crap, and niether should you. –HOG

    • HOG, Columbus

      Deer, ni..a please. What is wrong with you? Possibly an STD, some kind of addiction, maybe an legit real medical affliction? Like it or not (no, I don’t like it) we have to hold our nose and vote the muzzie out. Period. That’s just the way it is for now, and the next cycle, and probably a couple more or so after that. It’s just the deal. ron and his bots are seriously going to F that up if they don’t get a clue. Do you have a clue? –HOG

  • Insurgent

    The election of a lying, illegal Kenyan proves the ignorance of the American voter—————dead or alive————–legal or illegal !!

    • Tom W.

      If Barack is illegal, Sheriff Joe is on his case! If it turns out to be true, I wonder what our beloved POTUS will look like in pink undies?!! LOL!!!

      • JUKEBOX

        I hope Sheriff Joe has better security than Obama or Breitbart, because any threat to this bunch of criminals can and will result in serious repercussions.

      • Deerinwater

        There will be nothing come of Sheriff Joe’s “investigation” , Joe’s gets some “press”. A hero to some and idiot to other’s. Joe is no doubt a big man of his town and county. Can hire & fire and do the “W”strut, willing to crush any one that opposes him.

        Joe will destroy himself and it will come by his own hand, soon I fear.

        He will go just like Rush. Just like Glenn Beck and Howard Stern’s, exiled to pay as you go radio, ~

      • Jay

        Deer, wake-up; you’re dreaming, again!

  • BradR

    Great article and, sadly, so true. You should put somthing in the window to kill the reflection. The cardinal sees the reflection and thinks it is an adversary.

  • John

    I have always thought I was voting for the best man for the job, guess that makes me a nincompoop, turns out no best man exists. At least one that we will be allowed to vote for.

  • Orrie

    Thank you, Bob for telling it like it is. And you are so right about the AAV. It amazes me that they can’t or won’t remove the blinders from their eyes to see the truth. A day is coming when they will all ask themselves why is this happening to them and that day will be too late for all of us.

  • Willie

    Hey everyone, How many HOGs do you think are out there? The ignorance of these types is chilling. He/She sounds like the MSM, which ignores or ridicules Ron Paul with no basis or fact to back up their claims. At least it is obvious to see their ignorance and they do stand out like a sore thumb.


      What do you think about the hypnotized dumb masses that voted for Obama and his myrmidons?

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    In other words vote for the lessor of two evils.

    • Mike

      Sad when you put it that way “lesser of two evils”. Evil is evil no getting around it.
      America has lost it’s way over the last 40 or so years we have no true American culture with PC being the rule of the land. MSM has become so slanted in the dribble the spews out of the talking heads the AAV are not able to disseminate facts. American pride has been replaced by a feckless path to the NWO also known as the UN since when has America have to get permission to do what’s right ? How many nations on the UN have grave yards on American soil protecting freedom ? On that note America has over 146 cemeteries on foreign soil. I have to admit that the lesser of two evils is becoming the norm, after all we kicked God out of our schools, court houses, and government.
      What nature has given to humans; what a quantity of wonderful things the human mind embraces; for the sake of performing and fulfilling what function we are born and brought into the world; what serves to unite people; and what natural bond there is between them.
      What is the end, the final and ultimate aim, which gives the standard for all principles of right living and of good conduct?” Today many I am inclined to believe that an answer to this question, if an answer exists at all, must be found in religion.

      Cicero 46 BC stated:

      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

      We are now faced with that traitor in our own government if we can not see through the smoke and mirrors and recognize that for what it is then we are doomed to repeat the Rome of Cicero’s time.

      • DaveH

        Great quote, Mike, and so true.

      • Brad

        Amen! Fall of the Roman Empire Take 2!!

  • Larry B

    Most people I talk to, and thats a lot of people think Ron Paul is a flake. That is the main reason he doesn’t do well with your AAV. He should get out of the race and quit running for president forever. He should have taken the hint in the last presidential election.

    • Hobbit

      Please define flake. I guess I know different people than you do, thank goodness. Now, if you want someone who straps his dog on the top of his car and drives 1200 miles with the dog defecating all over itself; or someone who hides his money in the Caymen Islands; then I guess Mittens is your man. I would rather have someone who believes in the Constitution.

    • Karolyn

      He’s a flake because he doesn’t say the same things as all the others? If so, thank God for flakes!

    • DaveH

      What makes Ron Paul a flake, Larry?

      • Libertytrain

        Dave – I don’t see how he could answer…. :)

    • Vicki

      Larry B writes

      Most people I talk to, and thats a lot of people think Ron Paul is a flake. That is the main reason he doesn’t do well with your AAV.

      2 questions.
      1. Why do most people you talk to think Ron Paul is a flake?
      2. Why do you have the opportunity to talk to a lot of people and what is their demographic?

      Now I would guess that the most people of your poll are getting their data from MSM.
      They would be the AAV we are concerned about as they are not getting valid data.

      • Deerinwater

        Hmm? he might talk to a lot of people but if they somehow think of Ron Paul as a flake, that doesn’t say much for the people he talked to.

        A bit Quaky perhaps ~but never a flake. Ron Paul is the only constant in the entire GOP line-up. Newt has done his share of flip flopping and the other’s have behaved like a fish out of water.

        Ron Paul has not made one single statement that he doesn’t believe in.

        I certainly don’t agree with everything Ron Paul would like to see imposed and placed into law but Ron Paul is no Flake, but as about as real as real gets.

        Anyone what would say such a thing doesn’t know anything about the man.

      • DaveH

        Ron Paul will not be imposing or placing anything into law. Rather he will be rescinding many of the already burdensome array of laws, especially the Unconstitutional ones.

      • vicki

        Deerinwater says:

        Ron Paul has not made one single statement that he doesn’t believe in.

        Nor has he voted contrary to his beliefs. A truly remarkable accomplishment.

    • TML

      “Most people I talk to, and thats a lot of people think Ron Paul is a flake.”

      That’s funny, most people I talk to, and that’s a lot of people, think Ron Paul is exactly what this country needs, and likens him unto Thomas Jefferson.

    • HOG, Columbus

      Larry, all that punk is doing is screwing over yoiu, me, Our Family, and even pets muzzlam hates. He is nothing more than carter/husein. –HOG

      • TML

        “…all that punk is doing is screwing over yoiu, me, Our Family, and even pets muzzlam hates”

        So you do have a reason other than not liking his supporters. Albeit, very uninformed, and lacking intelligence (pets muzzlam hates? screwing us over?)…. but a reason nonetheless.

        Perhaps you could elaborate on that a bit?

      • DaveH

        Hog is our best Ron Paul advertisement. Vote for Ron Paul to stop the Hogs in this country.

      • Deerinwater

        “Hog is our best Ron Paul advertisement. Vote for Ron Paul to stop the Hogs in this country.”

        or a poster child for Planned Parenthood .

  • http://personallibertydigest Lyle McDaniel

    It has been so obvious the way the media has their choice candidate up front and keeps him there. The way they keep Ron Paul in the shadows as if he doesn’t exist is. as insane as your bird. Ron Paul at least believes the constitution is our only hedge against the tierney we face.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Those Hogs out there reflect the cardinal to a T..

  • Power To The People

    Right on Bob! The AAV is in fact the cardinal or at my house a robin. I do want to raise this question….is it the AAV has been duped, or is it that the AAV is now dependent on the government? Either way, Big Brother wins!

    Vote for change at every level!

    • Al

      @Power To The People
      The answer to your question, IMO, is … yes, the AAV has been duped by the public “education” system. It’s a deliberate process that was started early in the 20th century. And yes, part of that process has been to make us dependent on the government.

      Very effective (and subtle) propaganda has been consistently rammed down our throats starting as soon as Big Brother could get us into a classroom. And it’s been going on for several generations now which means that every American adult has had to listen to that trash all of their lives.

      In spite of the of brain washed majority, isn’t it encouraging to see a significant minority who reject the current system of lies, fraud, and deceit? I like this Ron Paul quote;
      “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” Fits, doesn’t it?

      Great article Bob.


      • DaveH

        The Public School Propaganda in the United States started pretty much the same time that people were sold the bill of goods that Public Education was the way to go:

    • Vicki

      Power To The People says:

      Vote for change at every level!

      So very true. Here is a local example of why that is so important.

  • Sirian

    Perhaps we are in a true “Matrix” and we still haven’t or possibly never will wake up. From the way Bob put it it does seem to resemble that scenario. Lord have mercy on we that continue to not be aware.

  • Mark Are

    EXCELLENT summary Bob. Now just add the fact that all these people that are controlling are psychopaths to the equation and it really makes sense.

  • Michael

    When you tell the truth you will be at least labeled a “loose cannon”. It does not change the truth, even if nobody listens. That is all you can do. Listen to Ron. Prepare.

  • dan

    I seriously have to ask : if one is aware of this situation ,and can find no (peaceful or
    by “other means’) way of changing it, how can one ,in good conscience remain and
    participate in such a system ?
    No doubt that people who cast aspersions upon Ron Paul voted for the imPOTUS
    or McCain (the mc canidate)

    • HOG, Columbus

      Another reason I loath ron paul clowns. You people are insane and delirious. You throw rocks at any and everybody who don’t worship that looney clown. You cast insane theorys, you suggest and accuse ‘non-paul believers’ of all kinds of crazy crap. You people are totally OWS clinically insane. –HOG

      • Karolyn

        Whoa! You cast the first rock here, buddy!

      • sobluetoo

        HOG, Notice you haven’t refuted one single idea or statement Ron Paul has said. Rather, you call people names and cast aspersions on people’s sanity and character. It’s obvious you have no argument.

      • HOG, Columbus

        Karolyn/Blue. I have no argument. I am stating fact. paul and his bots are lunatics. Period. –HOG

      • Sirian

        You’ve stated your opinion so now go back to rooting, as most hogs do, for those tasty bits of slop you both need and love to feed on. Sorry, we’re out.

      • Deerinwater

        You are talking to a POST, ~ HOG only cast stones and offers ZERO support for any of them, a child? a Moron? i’d quite reading his stuff, he’s nothing to offer.

      • Jay

        Don’t waste your time with hog, people. Obviously a fool!

  • Carin

    While I agree with much in this article, I think you’ve crossed the line into conspiracy with a couple areas…particularly the fabrication of 9/11. While we must be realistic about the people and decisions being made in Washington, accusations of this proportion are out of line and out of touch with I think most of the American people.

    • mrbobl7388

      So ,Bob crossed over to conspiracy you say. The end of the world as we know it on 12/21/12 is a THEORY. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, and 9/11 are no longer theories. Look at the evidence. It has shown this to be the case. The one piece of evidence that EVERYONE should be able to see is the total lack of airplane parts around the pentagon. You think the whole aircraft went thru that small hole shown before they demolished the wall where the missile went thru? Get real. These were theories before proven to be FACTS.

    • DaveH

      Some of us, Carin, don’t want to wait 50 years for the truth to be finally revealed as in Fort Sumter, the Maine Incident, the Lucitania sinking, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, and so many other False Flags used by Psychopathic Leaders to rally the ignorant citizens behind their Imperialistic ambitions:

  • http://donothaveone Larry

    I wrote an aticle a few weeks ago titled ” What do Globalist and the 2012 Election have in Common”

    I will give you exerpts of the article.

    A Globalist is an individual who subscribes to two ideas of thought a.) New World Order b.) One World Government

    Of the five candidates running for office – 1 democrat and 4 republicans – 3 belong to the New World Order crowd. The two that do not are Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

    If you check out the Council of Foreign Relations on your browser go look at their membership list. The CFR, Illuminati, Brotherhood, Trilateral Commission, and The Bilderbergers are all part of the New World Order.

    Under their system of government there will be the very rich and the very poor. No middle class.

    If you would like to read the entire article let me know and I will send it to you.


    • John

      Rick Santorum will gladly work on one world government under the control of the vatican.
      Superstition and the occult should not be a factor in choosing the president of this country, but unfortunately millions of superstitious religious people do just that. They trow out reason for religion.

      • DaveH

        What are you talking about, John?
        What did Larry say that was “superstition”?

      • John

        Dave, read his and my reply, and please at least try to comprehend what I said before you comment. I know its hard, but you could at least make an effort once in a while instead just blindly attacking every post of people you don’t like.

      • DaveH

        You’re right, John, it is difficult for me to comprehend illiterate comments.

  • mrbobl7388

    The cardinal situation is an old, old indicator of an upcoming death. It pertains to all birds who act this way, but is the strongest indicator when it is a cardinal. I have witnessed this event 4 times in my life and it has each time proven true within 4 – 6 weeks. The rest of the article was great and right on. Go RON PAUL.

  • holly

    You should’ve let the Cardinal in and fed him; maybe he was hungry/thirsty. Also, there is definitely a deeper, hidden reason he was doing this. Animals act on a level we don’t understand. it was a very urgent message he was attempting to convey. A bird whisperer would be able to find out.

  • Dixie Patriot

    I agree with everything in this article, but I wish to argue about your assertion that the Constitution is dead. Our Constitution is a contract among Americans to form a government, OUR government–according to the limitations placed upon it. It is OUR responsibility to see that the Contract is enforces and we have failed in that responsibility. It is up to us to regain the reigns, and force OUR mis-managers back into conformity with the stipulations set forth. No one can kill OUR Contract except US. It took only three percent of America’s population to win our liberty; we need a few good men to step forward to regain our liberty. Will anyone join me?

    • Ben Bernanke’s Beard

      The Constitution may not be dead in your mind, but as a member of the public school system, I can tell you first hand that over half of my classmates couldn’t name 3 rights given to them from the Bill of Rights. The Constitution will soon be lost from the memory of the future AAVs.

      • Vicki

        Ben Bernanke’s Beard says:

        The Constitution may not be dead in your mind, but as a member of the public school system, I can tell you first hand that over half of my classmates couldn’t name 3 rights given to them from the Bill of Rights.

        That someone educated in the public school system believes that the Constitution gives anyone rights is sufficient evidence of the abject failure of the public school system. Keeping in mind that I was also educated in the public school system I know this to be true cause that is what I was taught. Further research on my own allowed me to discover the lie.

        The Constitution is a contract and a set of LIMITS on government. It lists a set of enumerated powers given to government.

        It is also a very narrow set of limits on the people. The limits on the people are limiting what powers we are allowed to delegate to our government no matter how badly we may want to give government certain powers.

        Just one example. We are not allowed to give the President the power to kill people based on his belief/claim that they are terrorists.

        Now we can change that contract but it requires a great deal of effort. Hence the 3/4 of the states to add an amendment rule.

    • mrbobl7388

      Count me IN. When the time is right, we will know. 3% will be one helluva thorn.

    • John

      It took only 3% because the tactical and strategical elements where all in FAVOR for the revolutionaries. Moreover, if you look at the weaponry used, you will find that both sides where on par, they had the same muskets,cannons and other.
      Today, non of this is true. The government does NOT have to bring all of its supplies on ships that take weeks to cross the ocean, the weapons are vastly different, the weapons of the government have evolved in way the average person can’t even imagine yet the weapons of the population and revolutionary are in essence the same as they where hundreds of years ago.
      Anyone who believes that they have a chance to revolt is delusional. This country is NOT Libya, Egypt or Tunisia who did not had any advanced crowd control weapon. The federal government is so intertwined with the rest of this world there there will be NO help for the people, no mater how just they think their cause is. You can’t “”fight”” democracy when the rest of the world is slowly but surely going in that direction, Yes I know we are a constitutional republic, but what modern revolutionaries want to fight is seen by the rest of the world as a democracy. The federal government will get any and all help it will ask for to destroy the “what they will call” domestic terrorist uprising. I don’t give an uprising a chance in hell.

      • Vicki

        John writes

        Moreover, if you look at the weaponry used, you will find that both sides where on par, they had the same muskets,cannons and other.

        I believe you now understand the point of the 2nd amendment and what weapons it covers.

      • Alex Frazier

        John, we’re practically on even footing now. All of our troops are overseas. lol. So it’s a bunch of pissed of Americans versus five hundred some odd politicians. March 10,000 strong on Washington with rifles and there won’t be much they can do about it.

  • factnotrhetoric

    Stand back and look at it all from a distance.

    Our administration has been taken over by the SAUDI DICTATOR and his ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE. They threatened the mainstream media with Holder Lawsuits, and firing, if any of mainstream media reported on the birth certificate forgery and the Selective Service Card forgery.

    It all fits. Look at the endless Obama and SoS Clinton Funded wars, rising oil prices and endless FALSE FLAGS are all from the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.

    The organized invasion on Syria, Iran and Israel are next on the Obama/Clinton TODO list for the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.

    Saudi Puppets Obama and Clinton left “Saudi written Sharia Law” in the constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan. “Saudi Organized Crime Written Sharia Law” in any country’s constitution, turns all countries into Saudi Organized Crime Dictatorships. Saudi Puppets Obama and Clinton also left “Saudi written Sharia Law” in the constitutions of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Kenya and Yemen. These too were gifts for the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.

    All of these countries were gifts to the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate at the cost of

    Now the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate wants Syria, Iran and Israel.

    Obama’s price is very cheap. All the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate needed to do, was threaten Obama they will release the stolen Archive Microfilm, from the American Archives. Obama is terrified that the microfilm will suddenly appear and will always dance to the tune of the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.

    SoS Clinton’s price is a little higher. She is now up for head of the World Bank. Her hubby, ex-pres Clinton, gets $50,000 per month consulting fees.

  • Robert Rein

    Our founding fathers gave us the framework of a system that allowed humanity to make the five thousand year leap out of the darkness of tyranny and oppression into an era of unparalleled prosperity and individual freedom.
    They were fully aware of the pitfalls of mans inherent greed and power and provided us with a system of checks and balances to assist in preventing our digressing into the pit from which we crawled.
    Due to our failure to diligently protect these rights and freedoms we have allowed the system to deteriorate into disarray, thus allowing greed and power to take presidency over freedom, honor and integrity.
    No one person will be able to change the direction we are headed in. They will only be able to slow it down or speed it up!
    If this Republic is to survive; honor, integrity, love, hope, and charity must be restored from the ground up…not from the top down.

    • Maryland Freestater


      I totally agree with you. I’m not religious in the least, but do believe that if good people do nothing, then Evil wins. One of the reasons I converted to Libertarianism – both parties are damabed to the point of being worthless and should be trashed.

      Problem is WHAT should righteous people do to fight back? Individually we can be picked off – look at what Obama has done by sicking the IRS (I believe, or was it the Justice Dept.?) on the Tea Parties in an effort to squelch them? Isn’t this a tactic of ALL Administrations too?

      If this IS so, then right there is a good reason to eliminate the IRS and tightly oversee the DOJ…but then, who’ll watch the watchers?

      I myself, who complains to my senators and Representative on a regular basis, probably have cost my wife government work as a retaliatory measure. I myself try to give the state gov’t its money’s worth because it’s my employer first and government second. My wife would even more so due to a strong work ethic.

      Anyway, we need ideas on how to fight back against our regime. What we need is a libertarian or nonaligned Alinsky (he should be mandatory reading!) to help us counterattack. What if we had a Million-American March on the White House and Capitol building? Nonviolent of course, but extremely insistent that we have OUR ‘change’, or get our change back!

      We also need to have police and military swear an oath and obey it to NOT turn on civilians during a time of change. the NWO needs to get a message, loud and clear. The NWO also needs to have its membership exposed as we KNOW who to target.

      It is time for TRUTH to be known who and why we are in such trouble. I am tired of the lies and equivocations we’re fed by the Ministry of Mierda (oops, ‘Pravda’ – truth).

      Krasny Oktyabr is coming soon methinks!

      • DaveH

        For Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Limited Government, Free Markets, and PEACE — Vote Libertarian!

      • DaveH

        Even with Libertarian Candidates, we must be vigilant to insure that they stick to the promises they make. And there is nothing preventing the Elites from taking over the Libertarian Party if we don’t remain vigilant. Here is just one of many books (and it’s Free) which reveal the behind the scenes Politics as controlled by Powerful Elites:

  • Louis Lemieux


    Your perception of reality is warped just like the cardinal’s and you’re both very unhappy! Cardinals are very territorial and your cardinal really believes his reflection in the window is an intruder.

    • Brad

      OK, I have a question for your answer to the cardinal. How does he know to return to the same window and just not any window where his same reflrection would be present? Animals are smarter that you lead to beleive, they have a six sence you and I cannot even imagine. I had a friend several years ago that lived 40 miles away. He would call and tell me he was on his way to come visit, at that point in time, 40 miles away my Rotweiler would start going beazerk, tearing the house up. If I put him outside he’d climb over a eight foot wall and almost tear down the front door to get in. I would literally have to put him in the garage, As soon as this guy would leave the dog would calm down but search the parameter of the property for hours after my friend left. Very freaky

      • HOG, Columbus

        Brad, I have had dogs all of my 48 yrs, some call me the dog whisperer. Nothing wrong with that dog. Animals are so much smarter than humans, and definately smarter than paulbots. –HOG

      • Louis Lemieux

        Brad, I remembered reading about this a long time ago in a nature magazine. The following is what I was able to find online: “This strange behavior, however, has a less romantic, more scientific explanation. Birds attack shiny surfaces because they see their own reflections. In the case of a window, the bird does not see through the glass: it sees a reflection of the outside, possibly trees and the sky, and another bird of its own species. The real bird does not recognize itself and mistakes the reflected bird for a competitor for territory or mates. It attacks the image in the window, trying to drive the other bird away“.`-

      • http://none Claire

        Katie was one of my champion German Shorthaired Pointers, she was also a Therapy Dog. I used to take her to nursing homes, hospitals. One evening I took her to a nursing home here in town, and there was an elderly man in a wheelchair–Katie laid her head on his lap and when I tried to move her to the next person, she started whimpering and wanted to go back to him. I only stayed about half an hour since Katie continued trying to get back to that man. Less than a week later, one of the nurses called me, the man had passed away. Apparently Katie knew he was going to die.

      • Libertytrain

        Good dog stories – one of mine starts checking the door when my son is about an hour out from here – she knows he’s coming.

      • JeffH

        Claire, :)

      • HOG, Columbus

        My Dogs know every move I’m gonna make, even before I do. They know my schedule, and habits, and whatever. They will signal anything ‘you’ might be interested in knowing always. At this time I have 2 giant poodles, I(yes, billybadass has poodles) no, no fag puffy haircut. I shave them down. Just deid that again this qwknb. Average person wouldn’t ev en know they are poodles if I didn’t tell. I have a Cairn Terrior also. 5 Months or so old and she already knows the deal. –Sound the alarm. –HOG

      • HOG, Columbus

        Another butchered post. Is that an strategy of some sort to pose nonpaul supporters as some kind of hicks? Just wondering. –HOG

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear HOG, Columbus,

        You write: “Another butchered post. Is that an strategy of some sort to pose nonpaul supporters as some kind of hicks? Just wondering. –HOG” You are doing fine on your own.

        Best wishes,

      • HOG, Columbus

        Oaky doaky. Thanks Bob. –HOG

  • Henry Ledbetter

    PRIDE G0ES BEFORE A FALL. The king of Babylon had to learn the hard way that his pride would lead to seven years of being put out to pasture to graze like an animal.. He had been raised up by THE LORD to judge Judah but even after being warned by the Godly Daniel, his pride got the best of him. He finally looked up to heaven and his sanity and kingdom were restored unto him. WAKE UP AND LOOK TO HEAVEN OR THE AMERICAN KINGDOM IS DOOMED. Daniel chapter four should be read by all.that want the insanity stopped.


  • dagodave

    Bob I totally agree with you-But in all honesty I said this 30 yrs. ago-and people told me 30 yrs ago That I was over re-acting and 1/2 nuts-Yes we are in a controlled spin by people we don’t see or know!We will be thrust back some 2 thousand yrs. to thedays of slavery-and with to-days technology,systematically erased from the face of this planet!–But I know—I’m just over re-acting and probably again—1/2 nuts! But thanks any way Bob , I appreciate the fact that someone else thinks as I do! I will pass this on!

  • Maryland Freestater

    We used to have a cardinal who would attack his own image in my son’s bedroom window at 6am. He woke us up 3 years in a row until my wife got fed up and said, “Son, blast that varmint!” First shot, Sonny plucked him from the sky, and our cat had fresh poultry that afternoon.

    I hate to kill critters like that but he was a nuisance.

    There’s no allegory tale here, just sharing a tale.

    I DO want to thank the people here on this site for opening my eyes as to what’s happening to our country. We seem to be suffering frog-cooking syndrome, but the froggies are starting to hop out of the pot (or trying to, the master chef doesn’t like that much). Perhaps a better analogy, being a Marylander, would be to substitute crabs for frogs. They pretty much act the same when they’re steamed BUT they ARE steamed in beer, which hopefully dulls their senses when they’re being cooked.

    Down side is that one usually steams crabs in he cheapest, crappiest beer possible (Schlitz or Old Milwaukee).

    Mr. Obama, where’s OUR beer? Ah – Kim Kardashian! Idol! (Lover her or hate her, Kim K. can steam my crabs any day!!)

    • John

      A simple decal in the form of a predator bird (self sticking plastic foil) inside the window would have done the trick, cost: 25c. But people rather kill, its a shame.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear John,

        This bird is not fooled by decals.

        Best wishes,

      • Deerinwater

        I was wondering about that! You know, animals are no different from people, something happen in the brain that triggers a response, often involuntary. A Phobia and Necrosis , the input triggers an inappropriate response, the beating his head on the glass don’t help much.

        I see a Trane 5 ton package unit behind him, you can get on this roof and to your window, might place something soft on the window, since you can’t control the bird.

      • Jay

        deerinwater: You know, animals are no different from people, something happen in the brain that triggers a response, often involuntary.

        J: As i suspected, since evolution is the religion of the left, which claims that there are no intrinsic differences between animals and humans, would certainly explain why those of such conviction, not all, behave in like manner to animals,ei; lacking self-awareness. And, why they express repugnance towards morality, while at the same time, unaware of the contradiction, manufacture and express, pseudo-moral outrage towards immorality. A truly fascinating and confused species, that being; the left, making the study of such, perplexing, yet riveting!

  • Elevenarrows

    From my observation, many, many Americans are simply distracted from what’s going on by the need to rush off to earn a dollar that won’t begin to pay their expenses. Few Americans are debt-free and those who aren’t are finding it difficult to make ends meet. The apathy they displayed during times of plenty has now become discouragement that there is little they can realistically do to change the current political environment.

    In actuality, it isn’t just the political environment that needs to change, but society as a whole. We now live in a society where our children’s education is not about the three Rs, but rather, about social engineering. Government schools are training camps for cookie-cutter global citizens that will rat on their fellow comrades and march to the beat of whatever drum the UN or powers-that-be tell them to march to. So-called negative comments are not allowed against Muslims, but persecution of conservative, patriotic Christians is actually encouraged. Our society has become selfish and lazy…and incredibly ignorant of our nation’s history and Constitution.

    Probably the poster child for the prevailing mentality among Obama supporters is that woman (shown often on the news during the first campaign) who was celebrating Obama’s election since she would no longer have to pay her mortgage! I, for one, am sick of the “gimme, gimme, gimme” attitude of many Americans who have no pride in self responsibility and hard work. We’ve even gone so far in society as to attempt to remove all shame and embarrassment in the use of welfare. In South Carolina, people living off the taxpayers can simply swipe a nice, shiny plastic card and receive their food for free. Meanwhile, my family struggles to keep shoes on 11 kids’ growing feet so my hard-earned monies can go to the gluttonous IRS so others can sit at home and watch their giant screen TVs and live off those of us who work for a living.

    I am weary of voters who hold their noses and vote for the lesser of two evils. I am tired of the media telling us for whom we should vote. I am sick of the apathetic American voter playing the fiddle while Rome burns. You would think there would be enough voters with the backbone to vote for Ron Paul simply because the establishment tells them not to! I will never understand the willingness on the part of so many Americans to simply accept the mantle of sheeple. Some of America’s greatest moments in the past have been when a handful of real men determined to do right no matter the cost. We need men such as that today!

    • Alex Frazier

      “Few Americans are debt-free and those who aren’t are finding it difficult to make ends meet.”

      The real irony is that while we are all experiencing this same dilema across the country, the people still shout for a war we can’t afford, criticizing Paul for wanting to put an end to it, while all the while their growing financial woes at home are a direct result, amongst other things, of the expense of the wars overseas.

      • Dale

        At the ripe old age of 68 and my wife 58, we became debt free. When I was 45 we purchased by first house. We now own 19-houses. How? by hard work alone. No one helped us, we did it all by ourselves. We raised a family, took college classes (to supplement our high school education) in the evening, but made it work. No one has a legitimate excuse for not making something of themselves, but it does take hard work and commitment.

  • Dagger

    Kudos, Mr. Livingston you are right on target !!!
    Many Americans have become Automatons believing the bullsh*t coming out of the hell-hole known as Washington, D.C.
    Americas best days have come and gone and we can only go down hill from here. Where does down hill lead to? The sewer of evilness, we have become the EVIL EMPIRE.

  • swade

    GOD help us.

  • Deerinwater

    This notion, ~ that the final outcome is predetermined is most disturbing.

    I do believe there are powers at work trying to make it so. It’s a contest with much being invested by many that most likely wouldn’t invest if they knew it so.

    I do believe that anyone harboring and feeding a very strong political bias and ambitions seeing their hopes dashed in a slow motion defeat, of stall, spin , crash and burn is a perfect candidate for such thoughts.

    Be of good cheer Mr. Livingston, the winner is not permitted to “take all”. In the losing, we can find winners. It’s not good that the changes of history move so quickly. Ron Paul has started something that maybe his son or someone else might pickup one day. In the mean time, there is still much work that can be done. These changes in government need to start at a local level with smaller steps. Smaller government needs to be exactly that, smaller. To trim the FED and not trim the state like what happened in the 80′s, leaves us all victims of “labels”.

    These Hail Mary’s, long and deep are no way to win a ball game, this is a strategy of desperation.

    The GOP needs to clean house and stop being a lap dog for the few willing to subsidize their life style and the DNC needs to do the same.

    Political office is attracting the wrong kind of people, the system of selection is failing us.

  • Lester Peoples

    I in no way want another 4 years of an illegal Islam still serving in the White house desireing to be dictator taking away our freedoms exchanging our christianity and Constitutuiion for Islam and Shiria law! Our Holy bible declaring Jesus Christ our Lord and not a Koran written by a murdered and child molester rewarded by a desert ‘moon god’ of the Arabs called Allah that rewards murderers with virgins!. Americans have been subjected, lied to, defamed to foreign leaders and our president bows to any king! He belittles and mocks the word of the true god while we sit back and watch! Shame on us!.

    • John

      Do you know that the crescent moon is a symbol of Judaism and early Christianity that was used for thousands of years before Muhammad? Its use was discontinued because the Muslims had taken over the symbol to show their connection to Abraham who is said to have started the use of this symbol. Christians and Jews stopped using this symbol to prevent from being mistaken for Muslims. So be careful, by calling it a symbol of the moon god, you are indirectly desecrating your own religious past.

  • allan higgins

    HOG, the AAV it is a shame that these types sit in front of the properganda box and suck it all in. Goberment schools helped that
    lack of brains. Thank god that my friends are none of his friends.
    So sad that there so many like him. To watch the main street whores
    black ball RON PAUL makes it VERY clear who ownes them.
    Please understand this; it is not the republacrats, or Obozo,or
    Bushwacker or ANY of these puppets. They shadow the true bosses.
    THE FED! 12 mofia criminals. Always have & with the help of the HOG types,always will. New world order is almost in place,get ready!

  • pepperdotnet

    Wish I remembered who originally said this:

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.
    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • getmeouttahere

      I didnt vote for him. & he’s the one operating in his Own what & how to do? according to THIS writing the AAV has no powere or say. sssooooooo, again I ask: what & how to do? & dont say “vote” for such n such in the same breath as saying our “vote” is just spinning wheels. Sssssoooooo…….???? Is this a bitch or a Buck Up session?

      • David J. McDonough

        I “wasted my vote last time” as some of the brain dead have told me. I voted Libertarian. Anything not Dem. V’s Repub. They are just two sides of the same coin!
        The big “O” is a figure, so who is stopping him? It’s the bureau-rats in control that need to be cleaned out. Fired out right.
        Republicans??? Shall I list them?
        The BaseBall… = Snob. Rich flip flopper, Would put sick people in prison for smoking medicine.
        Little Green… = Snob. Do as I say not as I do! Was having an affair while pointing the finger at Clinton. Is a major [comment has been edited] Therefor if he is getting screwed enough he might not chase or buy more.? I thought we had gone through one of these already.
        Rickie…S. Again a rich Snob. Said ” that kid should be happy to pay a hundred dollars for a medicine that saves his life, because people pay $900.00 for an I-pad.”
        That’s just the people he knows. Not the regular 99%.
        Who else???
        Dr. Ron Paul Or Ron Paul or RP if you prefer. Returns some of his salary. Refuses big money’s gifts. Disproves of lobbying. Stands up for the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. Gets money from the people instead special interest’s. Foreign policy is To close the basses over there and open them here!
        I say drop the bombs here and shoot the bullets here! We don’t have to threaten and kill over there. That’s what our target ranges are for.
        He Is only the third presidential, to say, “End the Federal bank, and the two previous ones got shot. Coincidence you say? Follow the money.

    • http://n/a AmFer

      I agree with you – I run into ‘those fools’ who elected Obama on a daily basis. It is almost frightening to think (while they are pontificating) ‘you have been brainwashed’. By repeating incessantly – by this administration – “we will take care of you from cradle to grave”, they have bought the package. A real wake-up call would be voting Newt Gingrich as the nominee – I have purposely brought up his name to these fools and they are very frightened with this possibility – which encourages me to promote Newt even more. Don’t be fooled by what this administration says, they fear Newt! As Newt gains slightly, the more you will hear the negatives by the media…pay attention.

    • DaveH

      Very good comment, Pepper.

  • getmeouttahere

    it’s just a freakin BIRD. anyone ever think maybe it got into one of those chemtrail sprays or pecked of some GMO seed?
    Yes, govt is, & Long has been, Legalized Mafia..welcome to reality.
    as for our’s articles as yours that push fence walkers, newly aware & awakening ones, to the Wrong side of the fence. thanks for that…NOT.
    it’s just a freakin BIRD.

  • 45caliber

    I heard this morning that the mayor of El Paso is threatening to have the people arrested who signed a petition to have him recalled. So far I’ve not heard any actual charges. But the citizens voted last fall to stop the city from paying gays the same marriage benifits. The mayor doesn’t like it so the city council voted to ignore the citizens. When the citizens petitioned to get a recall election, the mayor and district attorney began threatening to arrest and send to jail all those who signed the petition. Further, the 8th court of appeals has ruled that the signatures of the voters are invalid. Interesting …

    • getmeouttahere

      well if the ones signing the petition are ILlegals, then I’m all For the arrests. If not, then the Mayor will be acting illegally thru abuse of power & only One arrest need be made. When u sit on ur Rights u LOSE them…know ur rights & ur laws. Lazy Lazy Lazy..even the working citizens have had their hand out, leaving the “elected officials” to do all the work for them…no check & balance done at all. Talking of Constitution: well we have a constitutional Duty as oversee our Officials AND to take away an Overthrowing Govt! Keep ur head in the sand & u put a bullseye right on that arse that sticks up in the air.
      Just a handful cannot do the work for the majority of the masses..thanks fellow citizens!

  • Dave

    If the outcome isn’t known in advance, I’d say it is at least manipulated to the point where the outcome is all but assured. And if it doesn’t go the way the big players want it to, there’s always the Supreme Court to rubber stamp the desired outcome.
    I liken it to the bad cop, good cop scenario. It was all about the Rs, now it’s all about the Ds. By keeping the voter focused on this back and forth, and obscuring what is really going on by flying the morality flags, they keep us adequately deluded and distracted.

    • David J. McDonough

      Adequately? distracted? adequately deluded and distracted. Not me.

    • IdahoPatriot

      Why do you think they made so much out of Algore’s loss in 2000? He was supposed to win, but their “machine” failed the test. They learned though, and were ready when king obama came up to run. By the way, algor is Latin for coldness. Maybe that is why he changed the name from global “warming” to “climate change”.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Well he!!. According to Livingston, we may as well roll over and quit. At least he cardinal is persistent; should we be less?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear 2WarAbnVet,

      You write: “Well he!!. According to Livingston, we may as well roll over and quit. At least he cardinal is persistent; should we be less?” Where did I write that the solution is to quit?

      Best wishes,

  • M.Joy MAGER

    How interesting (heartbreaking) that the two people who dared to reference Almighty God
    in their postings, were completely ignored……AND THIS IS SPIRITUAL WARFARE
    WEAPONS!!!! The are soon to find out they were 180-degrees wrong!
    M.Joy Mager

  • Dan

    I believe in hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. I have lost almost all faith in our government and our elected officials. I’ll cast my vote for the only man who is fighting for “we, the people”, and who has the personal and professional history I admire and can only hope to emulate, Dr. Ron Paul. But, over the years I have moved any investments I had/have out of US dollars and into hard currency ( mostly silver ), I keep a stockpile of 90 days worth of food and am well armed. No debts, no credit cards. I live simply. I hope for the best, but am prepared for the inevitable consequences of our actions that a knowledge of history has given me the insight to recognize. The AAV aka the sheeple, are being fleeced on their way to the slaughterhouse, but as long as they are fat and happy, they do not care enough to do a damn thing about it.

  • http://n/a AmFer

    Funny – I have two female cardinals pecking at my doorwall for the past 2 months; and I’ve had the same thought – futility! However, there are two emotions I’ve noticed in America from ‘our side of the doorwall’: APATHY and FUTILITY! We need to pay more attention and rally around the one candidate who can successfully beat Obama and ‘do what he says he will do’ and that is Newt Gingrich. Forget his ‘baggage’, he dumped them a long time ago! If we flub this one, there is no returning to sanity. Newt is our only ‘hope for change’. PLEASE consider him and support him; I have convinced a lot people with sound facts and arguments.

    • HOG, Columbus

      paul would have a better chance/not look quite the flake, if his cult followers would quit calling him Dr. (yes, I know he is an alleged Doctor) and take that metal crap out of their faces, and dress half decent. –HOG

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear HOG, Columbus,

        Dr. Paul is an OB/GYN, and holds an M.D. There is nothing alleged about it. And by the way, your baseless ad hominems make you appear a fool.

        Best wishes,

        • http://donothaveone Larry

          I agree with you Bob, HOG just does not have all of his facts correct.


          By the way Bob when are you going to answer my emails on Article Submission?

          You also may be interested in promoting my book that is coming out this week, titled

          It Is January 20th.,2013 ” And I Was Just Inaugurated As Your 45th. President”

          It is about a Jeffersonian Conservative being elected with a wide majority, it brings up a lot of issues that are not being discussed anywhere. It is a guide on the type of person we should put in the Oval Office.


          Larry Van Leuven

      • HOG, Columbus

        Yes Bob, I am aware. Do ya think his MD status qualifies him to be able to remove all that metal crap in his cult members faces? –HOG

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear HOG, Columbus,

        Another nonsensical ad hominem?

        Best wishes,

      • DaveH

        Is this another one of Flashman’s multiple personalities?

      • HOG, Columbus

        Larry, calm down. My facts are stable. All of these clowns are clowns. We have 535 enemy’s of state, 9 more if ya include the ‘supreme’ court. All have been corrupted by lucifer. WE are 300 million strong. I, to this day, cannot figure out why we listen to those above mentioned criminals. Yes, I know local and state add to the equation. WE still outnumber by -yes, I’m great at math, but I’m no mathmetician- a crapload. What are we waiting on? Our Founding Documents are every bit as relavent today, as they are/were yesterday-that’s many yrs ago for you paulbots. –HOG

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Larry,

        I do not recall having received any emails from re: article submission. We accept articles at Feel free to send one there.

        Best wishes,

      • HOG, Columbus

        Whatever ya say, Bob. –HOG

  • Dens

    It is as you say Bob. Unfortunately most Americans have no interest in their Country’s future and know little or nothing of it’s past. Many of them do not vote at all unless there is nothing on TV they like or there are some good freebies to be had in exchange for their vote.

    As voter identification requirements are eliminated in the name of “social justice” and english language requirements are dropped for office holders “to level the playing field” for Hispanics and others, our voting and elections will soon have the same meaning and effectiveness as elections in Venezuela, Somalia or Nigeria.

    As for that Cardinal, get one of those big plastic owls and sit it on the window sill or suspend it in the window. Owls are predators and other birds avoid them like the plague.

    It’s too bad we can’t find something like that owl to set up in Washington DC that would run off all the Socialists and slackers.

    • HOG, Columbus

      Dens, this American doesn’t even watch TV anymore (yes, one in every room-useles) Once in awhile I’ll ck the menu, probably over 1K channels, and it’s all still garbage and seems to be getting even more trashy as the clock ticks. –HOG

  • Pete Sagi

    There is another way of voting, and that is with your dollars. Your fiat, make believe, printed up out of thin air dollars brought to you by the asteroid orficies that make up the govt. and the federal reserve system. The date of the vote count is April 15th, which, of course, is the REAL day of infamy. Each dollar you pay the IRS is a vote in favor of your own enslavement. You incur the liability with your participation in socialistic insecurity. Stop using a socialist slavestate number and stop paying for your own enslavement. Remember, use of an SSN is totally voluntary, according to the slave enumeration bureau, aka the social security administration.

    I sent a letter to the editors here offering to do an article on that exact topic, and received no response. I guess they would rather rant about everything else as opposed to putting out the info on how to effectively make a difference … that is, by ceasing to feed the beast. Perhaps other readers should encourage the editors here to have me to a full article on the topic. Lord knows I have ranted on here again and again on the issue.

    And as far as Ron Paul … Yeah, I like the guy, like what he stands for, like the fact that he isn’t up for sale to the lobbyists … great. But I have never heard him tell the truth about the socialist slavestate number and its tie in to the income tax. His brother Wayne, in a documentary film by Alex Jones, got on this exact topic, so I don’t buy for one instant that Ron doesn’t know. But in his last campaign, Ron Paul said, regarding socialistic insecurity, “maybe we should make it voluntary for younger people.” So tell me, Ron, being that it is already 100% voluntary and an SSN is not required to live or work in the US as far as any law is concerned, write them at and ask, they will confirm that in writing … how are you going to make it any more voluntary than it already is, which is 100% voluntary as far as the law is concerned?????????????????????? WHY NOT ADMIT THE TRUTH?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    The income tax was the issue that got me into the patriot movement way back when, and it is still THE central issue … it is the 6 ton elephant in the living room that everyone wants to ignore. And the politicians … they are the worst. When that 6 ton elephant drops his load on the coffee table, the politicians tell us that it is delicious apple crumb cake and we all have to take a bite. NO WE DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, know this … there can be no liberty as long as folks keep paying for their own enslavement. It’s time to starve the beast. Cease your use of a socialist slavestate number and set yourself free.


    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Pete Sagi,

      We get dozens of offers each week to write articles on dozens of topics. We provide a forum for submission of articles. Once a month, in a feature called YouSoundOff! we print an article by a reader. Feel free to submit as many as you like to

      Best wishes,

    • DaveH

      Pete says — “Ron Paul said, regarding socialistic insecurity, “maybe we should make it voluntary for younger people.” So tell me, Ron, being that it is already 100% voluntary and an SSN is not required to live or work in the US”.
      You need to inform the Social Security Administration of that, Pete. From their website:
      “Persons working in employment covered by Social Security are subject to the FICA payroll tax. Like all taxes, this has never been voluntary. From the first days of the program to the present, anyone working on a job covered by Social Security has been obligated to pay their payroll taxes”.

  • Pendragonrise

    If not Ron Paul, then who?

  • James Maxw3ll

    Personlly I think the Cardinal is telling you to stick with it and don’t give up. He is determined to spread the work that change is comming and we will clean out the nest
    of vipers in Congress and the White House. 2012 will be a good year for Americans
    as they awaken from the kool aid they drank in 2008. GOD bless America and the
    United States Military.

  • True Believer

    Shame on you Bob!!!!!!! You’re smart enough to know that hopelessness is contagious. The above article is an essay of hopelessness. Did you recieve a check from the Obama administration to discourage your readers and keep them from the poles in Nov.? This article provides an interesting insight into your heart. If you really believe all this, what is the purpose of PLA(Personal Liberty Alerts)? When I signed up for PLD 2 years ago, I thought it was designed to inform the AAV of the TRUTH in order to affect change. I suppose that’s what I get for assuming. From the above article, am I to assume that you will not be humiliating yourself by showing up to vote? I suppose there are 2 kinds of people: Those who sit behind their desk in their ivory tower and marvel at the futility of those who are doing something, and those who use the resourses they have at hand to try to resuscitate their beloved country. To equate the AAV to a mindless bird is an elitist idea in itself. It sounds like you have fallen into the elitist state of mind trap Bob. It might be time for you to reflect on what you really believe. I still believe in the heart of the AAV and the principles they hold dear. The AAV may be ignorant, but they aren’t stupid. However, It is nice to know what you really think. Thanks! Now I can consider the source.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear True Believer,

      You write: “Shame on you Bob!!!!!!! You’re smart enough to know that hopelessness is contagious. The above article is an essay of hopelessness.” This article was written to convey the fact that AAV is unaware of the true nature of the American fascist system.

      You write: “Did you recieve (sic) a check from the Obama administration to discourage your readers and keep them from the poles (sic) in Nov.?” Fat chance.

      You write: “When I signed up for PLD 2 years ago, I thought it was designed to inform the AAV of the TRUTH in order to affect change.” That is indeed the goal. But until the true nature of the problem is understood, no change can be affected.

      You write: “From the above article, am I to assume that you will not be humiliating yourself by showing up to vote?” If there is no Paul on the Presidential ballot, I will not be voting for President. Whether I will vote on down-ballot positions depends on the candidates involved.

      You write: “I suppose there are 2 kinds of people: Those who sit behind their desk in their ivory tower and marvel at the futility of those who are doing something, and those who use the resourses (sic) they have at hand to try to resuscitate their beloved country.” I sit in no ivory tower. However, I do marvel at the futility of those who expect things to change as they continue voting for politicians with a proven record of growing government, stealing liberty and who profess to wanting more wars.

      You write: “To equate the AAV to a mindless bird is an elitist idea in itself. It sounds like you have fallen into the elitist state of mind trap Bob. It might be time for you to reflect on what you really believe. I still believe in the heart of the AAV and the principles they hold dear. The AAV may be ignorant, but they aren’t stupid. However, It is nice to know what you really think. Thanks! Now I can consider the source.” I notice that while you resort to using ad hominems, you do not refute any of the facts I presented.

      Best wishes,

  • http://Mr.Cardinal'sFutility Marty

    Bob, I realize you are making a point by giving the male Cardinal as an example, and you probably have taken steps already to keep the frustrated bird from doing himself
    serious injury, but just in case birds are not your thing, you need to know that this is
    mating time and nestbuilding time and your cardinal is attempting to establish his
    territory. The reflection he sees in your window is a competitor, as far as he is concerned and he will keep on attacking the glass until he seriously hurts himself. Please put up a cover of plastic on the outside of your window until he feels there is
    no longer a threat and he will go on about his business. Poor thing!…..kinda like us
    Americans that seem to be working hard to defeat our enemies, but accomplishing
    very little…sigh!

    • HOG, Columbus

      See what I mean? These people are absolutely rabidinsane. Can I get an OMG!? –HOG

      • David J. McDonough

        Cool your jets, that was Mr. Mom speaking. But he is right the bird has no brain so it acts on instinct.

      • Libertytrain

        oh dear HOG – you’ve already proven by your posts what futility is all about. So sorry for you.

  • DeusVult

    Good Lord!….OK; look….there are many things I like about Ron Paul; but I have reservations about him as well as ALL the others!
    Some of the Ron Paul supporters seem/act like damn members of a cult! IF Ron Paul were to get the nomination; I “WOULD” vote for him! That being said, its a fantasy to think that IF Ron Paul doesnt get the nomination, that he will win as a 3rd party or write in!!!
    The last election, his blimp was grounded due to lack of operating funds, I looked beyond that due to a good friend who was a Ron Paul supporter convincing me to wait till his “MILLION” man event on the 4th of July….it was cancelled!?!
    FYI: Getting a Million people for ANYTHING is impressive but 3 Million people is still ONLY 1% of the current U.S.A. population!
    The ABSOLUTE bottom line IS that We Must SAVE THE REPUBLIC in 2012!
    ABO=”ANYBODY” but obama!!!
    While there were a few good points in this article, the bulk of it was tip-toeing thru the tulips of wacko land!,,,,OH please!-9-11 Was NOT an inside job!!!
    2012 “IS” the Time AMERICA!
    ABO=”ANYBODY” but obama!

    • HOG, Columbus

      Thank you whole heartedly DeusVult. You are sane-the more the better. –HOG

    • DaveH

      Deus says — “That being said, its a fantasy to think that IF Ron Paul doesnt get the nomination, that he will win as a 3rd party or write in!!!”
      And your evidence for that claim is???

  • RAY


    • HOG, Columbus

      Ray, if ya mean weapons and ammo, it’s not time. It’s just not. Yes, I am armed to the gills, am an Veteran, I work, pay my bills, have dogs, have fossil fuel burning vehicles of 4 and 2 wheel type, I hate commies and muzzies with a passion, I home improve, I help my neighbors, I buy excess amounts of food and water. -everything the lucifer criminal ‘office holders’ hate with a passion. It’s not time. –HOG

      • Vicki

        Our forefathers gave us 4 boxes to defend liberty.

        Soap box
        Ballot box
        Jury box
        Ammo box

        They are listed above in order of use and power with the first and most powerful at the top.
        When the first 3 are gone we will have to open the 4th box.

        Some would say that the first box is already compromised. Between the MSM and the recent law forbidding protests near public officials it is certainly in trouble.

        This article comments about the ballot box and what with the MSM and DPV (Dead people voting) it has certainly received damage.

        The Jury box has been severely damaged and possibly even destroyed by the NDAA 2012. How can you have a jury trial if no one even knows you have been arrested?

        The ammo box has been damaged but not destroyed. Yet. Should they come en-masse for this box it may well be too late.

        Is there hope? Yes the Soap Box still works. So long as sites like this and social media sites remain available the soap box, being the most powerful, is still working.

  • james

    Unfortunatly, Bob is correct about the AAV, and it’s even worse than he reported. In 1930, the “Frankfort School” socialists came to America to try their social brainwashing techniques on America. They failed in Germany when the people cried out for a king, Hitler. Kurt Lewin established which grew into ten “regional training laboritories”, one for every five states, taxpayer funded, the garden of “change agents” infulancing every “public school” in America. Read Charlotte Iserby’s book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Ameeri. 911 was the largest social brainwashing exercise ever put over on Americans. If you believe WTC7 come down at freefall [no resistance] due to office fires, Santa will erase your debt. Keep sending your children to the State to be educated and you will get more little socialists.

    • James

      While I’m not the ‘James’ that wrote this, I do agree with it. Building 7 contained the office of city management, and whenj two members went there on the morning of 911, they found that the mayor and others who had been there were gone. When they tried to leave the building, they heard a tremendous explosion which disabled the elevators and forced them to go down by the stairwells. Upon reaching the lobby area they found the escalaters and everything else there had been demolished by the explostion and were trapped. When ascending back up to where they could call out through a window, they noticed that the twin towers were still standing. Thus the collateral damage theory of building 7′s collapse doesn;t hold water. The 911 official report didn’t even mention building 7.
      It appears that preset explosives were timed to go off when the expected plane was to arrive, but it never got there. This is all documented in Debunking 911 Debunking by David Ray Griffin.

  • Ted Crawford

    I’m well aware that you are an extremely passionate supporter of Dr. Paul. It’s impossible not to be! However your, unsubstantiated claims that the Republican eatablishment is ” using all sorts of nefarious means to prevent him from winning” is very unlike you and a bit too Alinskyish for me.
    You mentioned many acts of Congress, by number, but didn’t state which Congress was involved. I attempted some research but alass my old computer is less capable than even I. I did find that S-4, from either the 111th. or 112th. needs to go. I’de like to submit a couple of more here: S-1867 and HR-3012. I agree with you on the ones you mentioned by name . We are also agreed on the timing of the loss of our Constitutional Republic and therefore the nullification of the 9th. and 10th. amendments.
    In an effort to be fair to myself and Dr. Paul I’ve been attempting to research the Gold Standards effects on our paper currency. Saddly I find myself having to agree with someone I’ve never agreed with before! ” If all economists were laid end to end, they wouldn’t reach a conclusion” George Bernard Shaw
    At the end of it all, if I’m to take you literally, as I assume you intend, The only course that seems open, given that our votes are meaningless and all the Politicians, except Dr. Paul, are corrupt, is armed rebellion! That’s far too hopeless a stance for me! I’m left to wonder if i believe this, why would I, or anyone, want to remain in such a corrupt, bloodthirsty country! A country populated by idiots, morons fools and sheep and governed by thiefs and murders?

  • Ehaw

    Bob, thanks for writing this piece.

    The other day, I found a comment by a young woman, who said, “Limbaughs azz is MINE, just like Susan G Komen, who WE destroyed.”

    I took huge pleasure in telling her that my daughter and I had recently spent the day outside our local Sportsmans Warehouse selling raffle tickets for the Komen group. When we had two people, one on either side of that argument, tell us they wouldn’t help because of it, my daughter told them that there were over twenty other groups involved in that investigation, but you never hear a word about them.

    She also said that this whole thing has hurt the Komen group greatly, and as a direct result, is affecting women who cannot afford breast cancer related care; exams, etc.

    It was at this point in the story that I told this anonymous young woman, “Now, go raise your fist in the air in front of THEM”.

    This fool doesn’t even grasp the fact of her own complicity in harming her fellow woman with her egotistical actions.

    I agree with Rush regarding Ms. Fluke, if her statements about her own activities were honest.

    I’m also one whose not so much offended by Bill Mahers description of women, but way, way more by the lack of not only media attention to it, but also that of these so called “feminists”. They’re cowards if you ask me.

    When I was in my mid forties, I went to work in a parts store. I was surrounded by kids in their teens and early twenties. One of these, a very vocal young man, thought it was funny when he called one of the girls a ‘dumb c,,,’ He just did it to get a rise.

    He did the same to me, and when I busted a gut laughing, he was absolutely dumb founded.

    A few weeks later, he finally worked up the guts to ask me, “Why did she go off, and you laughed about it?”

    I kind of patted myself, gave him the eye and said, ” Well,I don’t FEEL like a dumb c…”

    The look on his face was priceless, and I laugh every time I think about it.

    • Karolyn

      It’s just that type of attitude that fosters the disrespect of women in this country and results in the abuse of women. Change has to start somewhere to assis t in stopping the violence. Maybe it’s just words, but the words reinforce the attitude.

      • David J. McDonough

        Ya but this is a free speech country like it or leave.

      • Ted Crawford

        Women like Ms. Fluke are the primary drivers of th disrespect for women!

      • HOG, Columbus

        Karolyn, that’argument’ is so old and lame it doesn’t warrant a response. But yet I am responding. This male loves them ladies, and wouldn’t hurt one if I was offered money. What is wrog with you? -HOG

      • Karolyn

        Whether it’s old or not doesn’t matter. It’s true. There is nothing wrong with me. I work in domestic violence and sexual assault, and I know it’s true. The cycle starts with derogatory words that people learn when young. It sets the stage for later attitudes. I do not indict all men; however, the amount of violent crime against women is something that has to be addressed in more ways than just putting perpetrators in jail after it happens. It’s called prevention.

      • HOG, Columbus

        Whatever Karolyn. I’ll wager 10 percent are white alcoholics, and the 90 percent ain’t white. –HOG

        • Deerinwater

          Oh ! They respect women, just like Bill O ‘Really and Rush Sponge Bob.

      • Karolyn

        Wow, Hog, on top of all your other endearing qualities, you’re a racist too. Actually, here in SC, where the crimes against women rate is high, more rapes are committed by whites.

      • Deerinwater

        As of this moment, Rush has lost 141 sponsors. You can bid Rush, “Good bye” fat boy.

        • Carl Manning

          As a Ron Paul supporter who is fed up with Neocon nutjobs’ endless warmongering nonsense and their disingenuous, completely hypocritical and albeit ignorant embrace of the Constitution antheir continuing apology for the endless Fascism, fiscal insanity, Corporate Socialism, Wall Street Bailouts, and Bribery of the GOP Establishment, I say to Rush Bimbo: Good riddance!!! Talk Radio is just a bunch of braindead Neocon Nutjobs who have never researched 911 and refuse to bring it up or the blatantly obvious Birther situation. They have revealed that they are all just water carriers for the GOP Establishment. If they truly were Constitutionalists who embraced fiscal sanity and the Truth, they would all be INDEPENDENTS by now.

      • Jay

        Rush, on the radio just now. He explains: Sponsors are both local and national. The 600+ stations sell their own ads, and Rush doesn’t even know who those local sponsors are. These sponsors don’t cancel their ads on the station, they just put in an order that their ads not run during the Rush time slot. Things like this happen every day, and not just to Rush. “It’s part of the business,” but because there’s attention to Rush’s current problem, there are reports of these local advertisers putting in these orders, and the local stations don’t even lose any revenue.

        The left is just putting out propaganda, trying to create the impression that Rush’s show
        is over. They are portraying local advertisers as if they were Rush’s national advertisers. The 28 advertisers, at the 600+ stations, amount to virtually nothing in what is a pool of something like 18,000 advertisers at the local level.

        He doesn’t talk about how many of his national sponsors have canceled, but there must be some, because at one point, he talked said “2 of the sponsors who have cancelled have asked to return… one of them is practically begging,” so there must be some.

      • Jay

        K: I work in domestic violence and sexual assault, and I know it’s true. The cycle starts with derogatory words that people learn when young. It sets the stage for later attitudes. I do not indict all men; however, the amount of violent crime against women is something that has to be addressed in more ways than just putting perpetrators in jail after it happens. It’s called prevention.

        J: The fear of domestic violence is a neurotic fear of women, conjured up in illogical and irrational skulls for political gain by the leaders of the feminist movement who are equally neurotic – though driven so more by hate than by fear. I have personally sat in on more than 100 domestic violence proceedings in my state – not one of them even alleged violence in any sense that the layman would understand it. The “violence” complained of was that a woman was being “controlled” by a man (and one of my friends has noted, accurately, that a man is guilty of being “controlling” only when he refuses to yield control to a woman), of “namecalling,” or of “holding to strict gender roles,” as many religious people do. I saw one man separated from home, children, and bank accounts for lifting his hands to absorb the blows thrown from the fists of his wife. I have seen a dozen men arrested on evidence that would get a mere contract case thrown out of court.

        And I have noticed a strange correlation between the lodging of claims of “domestic violence” and the occurrence of divorce proceedings, alimony or equitable distribution actions, and child support or custody trials. Very convenient….

        Of course, women are encouraged to lie about such things. They are teased by women’s groups, the media, lawyers, and the state to skip their own responsibilities by leaving their husbands – yet maintaining their home, kids, and an adequate income without working in the form of child support and alimony. Feminism appeals to that vindictiveness that is so pervasive in the human spirit that the Ninth Commandment forbids it, and to that sloth so extreme in the modern world that more than 50% of all tax revenues are spent on social welfare programs in America.

        Unthinking, illogical, and hormonal women are encouraged to break their marriage vows at eternal cost to their own character, to their own children, and at the cost of justice itself, in order to repay a man for what are usually only perceived slights and to get a second chance at life and love (a second chance that the vast majority of my female clients find is only illusory – guys really are not interested in neurotic women who don’t keep marriage vows and who come with the baggage of a passel of kids and a pile of false allegations in their wake).

      • HOG, Columbus

        Karolyn? Yet again, paulbots calling names. So I’ll do the same again, you people are insane. Look up the facts. Those black s are just what they are, criminals. –HOG

    • Deerinwater

      Ehaw says;” I agree with Rush regarding Ms. Fluke, if her statements about her own activities were hones ”

      so that’s working for you? Plenty of girly action with trolling that are you?

      I doubt it. ~ You might have a brow beaten captive locked up at the house, have destroyed her self esteem with years emotional mistreatment.

      • Jay

        Stunner. Georgetown “Coed” Sandra Fluke Is a 30 Year-Old Women’s Rights Activist

        The Democrat’s token abused college coed is actually a 30 year-old hardcore women’s rights activist.

        Sandra Fluke is also the past president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

        Sandra Fluke was initially described as a Georgetown law student. It was then revealed that prior to attending Georgetown she was an active women’s right advocate.

        In one of her first interviews she is quoted as talking about how she reviewed Georgetown’s insurance policy prior to committing to attend, and seeing that it didn’t cover contraceptive services, she decided to attend with the express purpose of battling this policy.

        During this time, she was described as a 23-year-old coed. Magically, at the same time Congress is debating the forced coverage of contraception, she appears and is even brought to Capitol Hill to testify.

        In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, it was revealed that she is 30 years old, NOT the 23 that had been reported all along.

        In other words, folks, you are being played. She has been an activist all along and the Dems were just waiting for the appropriate time to play her.

        This was all just a big dishonest Democrat ploy to take the attention off of Barack Obama’s assault on religious freedom.

        • Deerinwater

          Shame on you Jay.

          You’ve been listening to Bill O’Really!

          It doesn’t really matter where that is true or not. If it is true , Poor Rush fell into a trap? he’s a victim? that his in Judas prudence of exercising his “rights”?


          How would you like to hear some “Man” bashing? That it was somehow seen an “acceptable practice” ?

          Rush is about to be flushed for being the turd that he is, as of tonight his program is off the national air waves.

          • Gary

            Sadly, much information during our political, gimmick season will mislead and distort the truth. Let us all beware of dubious claims, verbal malarkey and self-righteous rhetoric.

      • Jay

        Lol, Dream-on deeinwater; Rush isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, despite your wet dreams to the contrary. My only regret is that he apologized to that snake-in-the grass, feminist Fluke, the Flake! The women should not have been invited to Capital Hill, rather, she should have been put the curb, preferably in a dumpster with the rest of the garbage!

  • Thinking About

    You can whine and cry all you want, the truth is Ron Paul is not a republican and republicans recognize this fact so Ron Paul will not win the republican nomination.
    For all those wanting to rail about gun control, when you can put forth a plan to control the crazy out of control gun owners who go around shooting people for no reason, then we will look at your plan. Gun control is the result of reasonable and responsible gun owners, don’t blame the government for this behavior, the bad people are responsible for this. Just read some of the post on this site, some want to grab their gun and start shooting.

    I do not see in the near future our system of voting will change, just as many expect all to pay their share all will have te right to vote. USA all the way, love it or leave it.

    • Carol Fryer

      Ron Paul 2012! No more corruption!

    • DaveH

      Almost all of the States now have loosened their Concealed Carry requirements. Why? Because it is almost impossible now for reasonable people to deny that “more guns mean less crime”.
      Leaders want gun control for obvious reasons. The only way to stop Tyranny from above is a well-armed populace.

    • DaveH

      TA says — “Gun control is the result of reasonable and responsible gun owners”.
      Reasonable? Hardly. Any reasonable person knows that somebody who is willing to break the highest law of all (Murder) could care less about whether his carrying of a weapon is legal or not. Those who have ill-intentions know exactly when they are going to carry out their crimes, and when they need to conceal carry, so their chances of getting caught with a weapon are much slimmer than for those who are carrying merely for self-defense. Thus the laws against concealed carry are biased heavily against those good citizens who want only to protect themselves.

    • HOG, Columbus

      About, all of the ‘law’ schemes are just that. Globull warming, all of those ‘humane’ ‘societys’, gun control, HOA’s -home owner associations, and on and on are just commie pukes stealing yer money one way or the other. Period. –HOG

  • katrael59ganaiden

    I don’t think the cardinal is fighting anything I believe it can’t see the window glass and only wants in. I had one that did this window bashing for over a year. Every morning it would start at one window then slowly make it’s way to other windows.
    The AAV can’t see the glass either. Like this article said that the AAV is kept preoccupied by a bunch of trivial events while the real issues go unseen. Paying the mortgage, high gas prices, braces on the kids teeth and a grueling day at work call for mindless hours of unreality tv at the end of the day. A mind numbing endless routine of window bashing. Television is probably one of the greatest weapons in the ruling elites arsenal. No bombs to drop, no shots to be fired and yet the AAV pays for his cable tv or satellite tv at his own expense and the outcome is a certain one: a brain dead AAV.

  • Carol Fryer

    We all know Washington and the left and the right are already bought off. Romney is probably one of those corporate entities who has already paid top dollar and has many shares so to speak. They owe him. Im sick of legalized crime. How will anyone stop them from making rules to exempt themselves from every law they force on us and create ever higher thrones.

  • Buck

    The United States of America has been replaced by the United Socialist States of America , it is a done deal . There is NOTHING anyone can or will do about it . The people , even with all their arms , cannot fight the federal government with their high tech weapons of mass destruction the people don’t have and never will have enough off if they get them at all . Listening devices & cameras everywhere phone tracking , auto tracking , etc: etc : etc: It was great until the communists ( progressives ) got control . Now voting is just a ruse and the gods in Washington do anything they want with no fear of retribution . I will not ever vote in another election unless the people wake up and nominate RON PAUL .

    • HOG, Columbus

      Do ya se/read what buck typed? I guess all paulbots….nevermind. I’m gonna go by a pair of nike bootlip shoes and wait on the venus flyship. –HOG

      • libertarian58

        Hog, why would you proclaim such a “love” for liberty, then come out against the only candidate standing up for it? Study the Hegelian Dialectic.

        RP 2012

    • HOG, Columbus

      58? Huh? Buck? Seriously? What is wrong with you people? –HOG

  • Carl Manning

    All of us should submit Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s report to any of the 94 FEDERAL GRAND JURIES or any of the 3,141 COUNTY GRAND JURIES. Some States also have STATE GRAND JURIES still in effect. Some States such as Texas allow concerned citizens to submit evidence or hearsay directly to the GRAND JURY bypassing a corrupt DA or Sheriff or District Court Judge or County Judge. This right of the People was inherited from the Magna Carta. It was how Nixon and Tom Delay were brought down. The Grand Juries can subpoena ANYONE and indict anyone even on hearsay! Contrary to popular opinion, Watergate never started with a Congressional investigation by Senator Sam Irvin; it started with a FEDERAL GRAND JURY. GRAND JURIES have indicted and subpoenaed corrupt Judges, DA’s, AG’s, Congressmen, and even a President. Every government official hopes that you never learn about this power sitting right before your very eyes. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s report is readily available to all at this link…

    For more information, check out the book, “The Hidden 4th Branch: A Corrupt Government’s Worst Nightmare” by Kelly Z. Mordecai

    • HOG, Columbus

      Thank you Mr. manning. –HOG

  • David J. McDonough

    Watch the vote counters and vote Ron. I’ll bet he has the most Delegates right now.

  • John

    Bob is right . .simply put, we are a product of our own creation (technotics) technically driven politics. The elites or progressives control the media to feed us whatever they wish
    from bogus news to non-consequential BS to distract important issues like the abuse of our constitution and truth on any topics. They wish to keep us stupid. From some of the above critiques, it appears they’ve succeeded ! No offense HOG.

    • Deerinwater

      “The elites or progressives control the media to feed us whatever they wish
      from bogus news to non-consequential BS to distract important issues like the abuse of our constitution and truth on any topics. ”

      Hmm? So stick with FOX and Rush then, encourage your friends to do the same.

      elites or progressives? ~so they are not the same?

      Talk about a misdirected bird in the attack mode.

      I watch them all! , If you want to know about Al Gore’s bad day, watch FOX.

      If you want to know about gov. Walker’s bad day, watch MSN

    • HOG, Columbus

      John, I am well aware. No offence intened. –HOG

  • Carl Manning


    It is so refreshing and lately, these days, even “surreal” to hear the unvarnished TRUTH being reported. That was an excellent article. Never have I heard a more TRUE account of just what is really going on. All of your research is dead on target with my own. You have done your homework, and as a fellow patriot, veteran, Ron Paul (CONSTITUTION & FISCAL SANITY)supporter, anti-Neocon, anti-NWO, anti-FED, diligent 911 Truther, and diligent Birther, I salute you. The apostate government in the District of Criminals needs to be abolished because it is completely rogue, lawless, utterly evil to its core, and no longer has any regard for fulfilling the obligations of its original Contract with the Several States known as the US Constitution. I do not expect the States to secede because they are all corrupt to the core as well and have allowed themselves to be vassals of the federal government in a dependent relationship, which should have never been the case. At this jucture, I believe a Grand Jury may be the Peoples’ last stand before martial law. All of this does not end well.

  • ranger Hall

    BOB, real nice piece of work, Americans just do not understand that Dems and Repugs Politicians All BELONG TO THE SAME CLUB.
    HOG: How long did you serve in the Military, What rank, What Branch, Have you ever been in Combat
    HOG; Now tell me why you Hate Commies and Muzzies as you put it, Also how many of ea have you Known.
    Hog: What kind of Job did you have in Civilian life, IF ANY
    You kind of remind me of that sgt. and his killing Rampage,that just killed Women and Kids.

  • ranger Hall

    HOG; Sorry failed to mention that the Sgt also Burned the Bodies. When these things happen, A few can tarnish peoples outlook for the many.
    I hope this Man and others if involved or had knowledge is turned over to the Arab People for Punishment. and let Justice be served.

    • HOG, Columbus

      ranger hall is not a Ranger by any stretch. –HOG

  • FreedomFighter

    Massive Run On Guns After Obama Annoucement

    After Obama informed the Congress that the UN was now in charge of the US military and that Congress was now ceremonial, already record gun sales exploded! Many gun makers are now months behind in orders and some gun shops are sold out.

    The banker takeover of America is in motion, be ready, it has happened. Impeachment must procede…

    Civil War or Dictatorship?

    Laus Deo
    Semper fi

  • ranger Hall

    YES and i would like to see someone WIN like Ron Paul, JUST to see the outcome.
    for all the others, are the same, and nothing will change. They run the Show and all WE do is sit back and Pay the Bills.

  • Liberterian

    Good article Bob Livingston, enjoyed it very much, I have to agree with you. One problem!
    Getting people to think without the fluster of insult or a closed mind. Right or left, conservative or liberal, they are all the same, said the little bird that chirped wildly in quest of an open mind and a listening ear.


  • ranger hall

    HOG; Yoy are not responding to the Questions i put to you, Are you just a 12 year old mind trying to act like a Man.

    • HOG, Columbus

      Ya got that right anyway. No, I am not responding to your prying, none of yer damn bus. questions. –HOG

  • Deerinwater

    Metaphor ? the stupid bird is attempting to attack it’s self! It’s displaying signs of aggression and being territorial it’s defending it’s space from it’s own image and own behavior. In it’s mind, it’s making war on a male intruder.

    The AAV gave us “W” two times! So I wouldn’t be looking for the Calvary to top the hill anytime soon.

    Now many of the same people that gave us “W”, don’t like “O”! But without a “W” there could not been an “O”. McSame and the bulldog with lip stick were not the answer then and still not today. In spite of all the “pretty” packaging, McCain failed to deliver the right message. ( to his credit, his last two weeks campaigning was without question his best)

    I say, “Get over it”, and work on 2016. Maybe by then, the AAV will realize what they are most afraid of is themselves.

    Or maybe the GOP will stop trying to use “fear” as a campaign tool and actually focus on the issues instead of try beating the DNC into submission with a dirty smelly sock.

    To me, politics is a lot like “8 Ball” , play “your game” and keep your focus. If you play your game right, your opponent will find no need to get up out of their chair.

    One error, can cost you a game.

    “O’s” not one to give up many errors. While I know opposition is working overtime accusing him of failures by the truck load. But if that was so, things would be looking very differently today.

  • Tom G.

    During the Great Depression,every township had a taxpayer group.These local-minded patriots told their representatives how much money could be spent and where the funds should be used.If a politician did not follow their directives he was replaced at the next election.My father was President of our taxpayer organization and at the annual meeting he would have the local reporters attend to publish the monetary guidelines for all to see.
    Tom G

  • Louis Lemieux

    Extreme right and extreme left are way too dogmatic. Don’t we all have a left and right eye to determine how to proceed forward? It’s by consciously making an effort to understand those who do not think the same way we do that we can mentally evolve and become a better citizen and move the country forward. Generally I share Obama’s and the Democrat’s political ideology more than I do the Republican’s. That’s because I think the Democrats have a stronger belief that the economic pie should not only grow, grow and grow but also that the economic pie must benefit as many Americans as possible. It won’t bother me too much, though, if Republicans win big in November, both want what’s best for the US and I believe in the general wisdom of American voters.

  • JeffH


  • msn04061960

    The only thing a Ron Paul Presidency would do is try to restore the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I honestly think that even he would have his hands tied by those in the Congress and Senate, even the Supreme Court justices would fight him at every turn (their power would be gone). The one thing I don’t understand is why those Congressmen and Senators would fight him because they would gain the legitimate strength the Constitution afforded them by the Constitution. Of course the first thing that would have to be done is end the Fed, get rid of some of those departments that are un-Constitutional, then repeal the amendment that took away the rights of the states legislators to choose the Senators that are in Washington D.C., believe it or not I think that would make a big difference in D.C.. Then those who swore an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution would have to be put on trial for treason. There would be so much for him to do he wouldn’t have time to do anything else, there goes all those presidential vacations. These are just some things I believe are the most important for any true constitutionalist in the office of President.

    • Carl Manning

      For Ron Paul, a well-deserved permanent vacation for his enemies who are guilty of High Treason in a FEMA death camp would be a well-deserved vacation for him. Every one of us knows that if Ron Paul made it to the Oval Office, he likely would only vacation on the weekends. He’s the only guy who has publicly stated for the record that he will only collect a salary of under 40,000 dollars if he is elected President. All of the others are in it for themselves.

    • James

      msnm etc. First Senators ae congressmen too. If Ron Paul were the President he could veto bills that were ouotside the powers of Congress. And if Congress, then, could not muster a two-thirds vote to override his veto, that bill could not become law, regardless of what Congress or the Supreme Court thinks about it.

  • Word

    Interesting that so many are shooting the messenger here. The article was written to get peoples attention and help wake everyone up. Necessity is the mother of invention and that is why until Americans get over this “it will all work out just because we want it to” coma not enough will be done.

    Name an empire or a nation that has come back from the brink we are on. I believe it may be possible but not coming to grips with the reality of our situation will only guarantee our destruction. If you think there is hope just because you wish it to be…order the flowers, because the funeral of our nation is around the corner.

    But if you are willing to write articles that deal with these types of issues and call a spade a spade then join the fight and quite shooting the messenger. You guys would have shot Paul Revere for riding by and yelling the British are coming.

    Every point this article makes is absolutely right on and until we get a significant minority who will believe this and act accordingly optimism is just a nice emotional state of being.

    Maybe it will carry you through a one world government takeover or attempt and the slaughter of millions, emotionally, but optimism alone without reality based decisions and determination will be an abject failure like the poor little brain dead cardinals attempt to get through the glass.

    thanks Bob, I am a fan and love your perspective. Reality ain’t pretty but when you are balancing your check book (politically speaking) it is the only thing that works.

    • Susan

      Appreciate your good reply to Bob…and your insight – period.

  • Susan

    Excellent article, Bob. I do feel compelled to say Legions of Americans have awakened – and are disparaged, ignored/minimized by CORPORATE ANYTHING….Media, GOP…whatever entity is best-served by having ‘their’ Can-be-Bought Candidate in office. And Ron Paul is Not for Sale, and that won’t work for them – and their continued Crony Corrupt way of conducting business in DC.

    In the meantime, BOTH parties have sold the American People and our Beloved Country to the Globalists. The extended UNPatriotic Act, the NDAA recently… NAFTA & GATT…Newton helped Clinton push those favs through…but do some searching, and anyone can see that numerous previous adms and congressional delegations have worked AGAINST the best interests of this Sovereign Nation! The U.N.’s Agenda 21? The pronouncement THIS PAST WEEK that Congress no longer has ANY control over our WAR POWERS?! Rather, that power now delegated to the “International Community”?! (Jones of SC(?) HAS introduced Legislation to stop that dead in its tracks; most Congressmen-women having manicures…more than likely.) But maybe there are more than we think who will draw the line…

    My Ron Paul ‘shirt’ brings so many positive comments/thumbs-up EVERYONE might be well past surprised…big city/small Tx town…doesn’t matter. “RECLAIMING **Our Constitution **Our Liberties **Our Sovereignty **The Rule of Law Ron Paul…RECLAIMING AMERICA

    As for me, my Conscience dictates that I never again vote for the lesser of two evils, and I SHALL cast my vote for Dr. Paul. I truly do believe Freedom and Liberty bring us closer together…

    • Carl Manning

      Every Ron Paul supporter should put the corrupt powers that be who run the GOP on notice that if Ron or Rand Paul isn’t on the GOP ticket in 2012, we will be voting for Ron Paul en masse as a write-in candidate.
      All of these neocon nutjobs know that they can’t win the election without Ron Paul voters. We are easily at least 10-15% of the American GOP Electorate nationwide and Lord only knows how much of the Independent and Democrat Party Electorate. We will not sit back idly this time and let the GOP take us for granted again and destroy this country in the process.

      • Susan

        Your point is well-taken, Carl! Regardless, seems to me neither “Party” care…as long as they’re able to continue Crony Corruption.

  • libertarian58

    Everyone that has not done so, needs to familiarize themselves with the concepts of the Hegelian Dialectic. Then you will fully understand what is happening here and why Ron Paul is so vilified by the “establishment”. Democrat? Republican? Flip sides of the same coin. Divide and conquer.

  • Dale

    Okay, lets talk about who votes for whom. People don’t vote for the president, the people don’t vote for the presidential candidates (the party does), the people don’t vote for the electoral college delegates who do vote for the president (every state is different but none by the people).

    Anyone that thinks their vote for the president has anything to do with the process of who runs and who gets elected is either a fool or an idiot. The peoples vote only matters for congress and with Obama in office even congress does not matter.

    We need a gutsy congress and term limits. Stop government corruption with term limits and privatization of essential government services.

  • Jimmy

    We don’t have that problem with cardinals here. And it is one of the most numerous birds that we see male and female cardinals.
    The best thing we can do now is got out of Afghanistan as soon as possible and sooner than later. Then we will have enough money to accomplish some goals such as our infrastructure. Keep an eye on special forces sent to Africa to get a killer in that coutry. We don’t need a war in Africa or Iran.

  • Jessica

    The cardinal is fighting for his territory. What does that tell you?

  • Humpty Dumpty

    If I may enter this fray of opinions: Perhaps the cardinal pecking away at your window can be considered analogous to the Average American Voter, i.e., banging it’s head against the wrong thing. It is my opinion that the AAV in the USA may be one of the most uninformed individuals on the face of the earth except when it comes to pop culture, drugs, and that ever popular past time, sex. Nothing else seems to be of intellectual interest, just consider the home pages on most of the Internet sites. Duh!

    • Susan

      Joe and I were talking about this last night… I’m SICK of seeing articles/pix of the Royal Family, etc! But I don’t choose the content…so who does?! MSM… CORPORATE MSM I have to really dig to find anything consequential, and even then, is manipulated…in my opinion.

      So, why not have REAL news by REAL News MEDIA and make the shallow dig for their junk?

      Oh – forgot…dumbed-down is part of the plan.

      • Carl Manning

        Instead of wasting our money giving it away to these ridiculous political parties that serve Wall Street, it would be a whole lot more beneficial if we would all contribute to a brand new television network, the “Independent News Network” (INN), that exposes the lies of the Propaganda media. I can see the network motto now: INN: THE TRUTH LIVES HERE, COME ON IN TO INN.

  • boyscout

    It seems that the little red bird is so reptile and mid-brain engaged with the use of his mouth that there is little opportunity for higher functions to kick in. RP is a flake because; well just because because..wah wah wah. Please don’t pick at my intellect – It’s sooooo embarassing. HOGwash !
    It certainly does seem that our votes are relatively meaningless. But then I have always preferred MIKE over IKE (or was it the other way around?) Weather legally permitted or not, I intend to write in on the ballot the only honest man running. If that’s wasting a vote, then what isn’t ?

    • HOG, Columbus

      That was brilliant boyscout, and, like, totally itelectual and stuff. Ya see folks? Think irt can’t get worse than that illegal alien? Vote that ,md and his clan in. Do it. Who cares anymore anyway. –HOG

    • Dale

      You do vote for congress, you just don’t have any say about who is president.

  • mickey ventura

    I just have on irronic statement.. How in the hell can almost 300 million people not be able to get 525 or more people out of office when we all know that we must start fresh and de infect our country. Vote people vote for new blood in the office completly. Maybe God will show mercy to America.

    • HOG, Columbus

      Micky, I’ve asked the same thing a million times. –HOG

  • Laurence Tribe

    I think, like Pogo, that we have met the enemy and it is us, we, the people (WTP).To regain the promise of America we would have to re-educate most Americans since the introduc-tion John Dewey’s “progressive” education into our teaching colleges and the nation’s school systems; WTP would have to take back ownership of our currency from the private corporation, the Federal Reserve, that controls the value of every dollar in our collective pockets since 1911 by inflating and deflating, at will, the number of dollars in circulation (in 2000, the dollar was worth 1/265th of an ounce of gold; today more like 1/1300th of an ounce) lesser thieves go to jail; most of our national debt, for which WTP are held respon-sible, is owed to the Fed, thanks to Congress; the Fed is an integral part of a world banking system and recently supported the failing euro; “our” government has taxed U.S.production out of the country; the U.S. created jobs, a huge middle class and an economy the world envied, all pretty much unmanaged by government, now threatened by a government devoted to managing everything including the lives of its subjects. Now we have a failing currency, unemployment, and a people more and more dependent on a socialist govern-ment headed toward a oneworld government and currency.

    • HOG, Columbus

      Mr Tribe, I nor you owe a dime to these thieves, period. Did you approve of this financial raping? I didn’t either. –HOG

  • Peter

    Bob, this is an excellent article and beyond refute. I challenge any lunatic to adequately argue against it.

  • FWO21

    The cardinal sees the reflection of the sky and does not know it isn’t the real sky. Maybe his little radar thingy isn’t working right. :-D

    Why do we vote then if they already know the outcome of the election?

  • Gus S. Calabrese (@99guspuppet)

    I want the video can you supply ? Best 99guspuppet

  • Roger W. Bedor

    I like this article, Bob. I am a 69 yr old retired over the road truck driver, don’t have a college ed., but like to think that I do possess a good deal of common sense(unlike our “leaders”). During my 40+yr career on the road, I was exposed to views, ideas, issues and politics from the East Coast to the West Coast and from Canada to Mexico. I read and listen a lot to people of all walks of life, from the uneducated to people whose ideas I respect a great deal, you by far fall into the latter category. Obviously, it’s not even close for me to read even a fraction of the information that is made available to us Americans, therefore, I do miss a lot. Wish it were possible for me to read all that material or even just the info that you make available!! Can’t think of anything that you’ve written, that I did not at least mostly agree with. It did my heart a world of good to read this article, because every one of these points are just the way that I’ve felt for a long time. Every time I mention these points and other contreversial (excuse spelling) subjects to others, I get laughed at and accused of all kinds of uncouth things. Being fortunate enough to catch this article made my day. This will help me go to sleep with a clearer mind tonight. Thanks so much and keep up the good work. I’ll be here with you when I can.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    This must be Ron Paul’s official web site, because that is the mantra of the host all of the writers and most of the audience. Talk about some one banging their head against the wall or pecking on a window. The sound too similar to be ignored. When will you people get a grip on reality?

  • Lawrence N. Derby

    Very rousing article Bob. It elicited a lot of comment. I would like to say concerning the Democracy so many commentators wrote about, that our Founders came closer to living under Democracy prior to the Revolution, than they did following it. There is little difference between Democracy, a Feudal Order, and Socialism. Their Power Structure is in the shape of an upside down Pyramid, with all it’s weight bearing down on the individual The People are the foundation of a Republic, with the Power Structure in the shape of an upright Pyramid. The weight gets lighter toward the top, and shared by all. A Republic is supposed to be Governed by Law based on principles, not by the whims of men.Our Founders attempted to establish a Republic based on the Principles of Jesus Christ, the source of our Liberties, and intended to last forever. As Jesus said, “My load is light, and My burden easy”. Too many people over the last century have thought that Progress is trading liberty for the free lunch, and Privilages of Democratic Socialism. We the People need to rebuild the Founder’s concept of Government from the ground up. Untill we do, we can expect someone else to control our wealth. I’d like to thank Jeff H. for one of the best History lessons I’ve had over a course of 70 years. Deer In Water is partly right about not killing someone who owes you money. They covet our means of production, and our slave labor,but they’re not above culling dissadents.

  • Jay

    Progressive pollster Celinda Lake has responded to a Klein-Online investigative report also published at WND that raised questions about her ties to Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke as “paranoia,” “conspiracy theory” and an attempt to deflect “because they won’t condemn Rush Limbaugh.”

    In the report in question, Klein asked whether the congresswomen who pushed Fluke’s testimony coordinated with Lake’s polling outfit, which recently conducted a survey to determine whether contraception mandates can become a possible presidential election issue.

    Klein also asked whether Fluke had any prior connection to Obama administration officials before a report came out confirming former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn’s PR firm is now representing Fluke.

    “I appreciate the paranoia and conspiracy theory — coming from the land of black ‘helicopters,’” the Huffington Post quoted Lake as saying. “I am also really flattered by the perception of our influence and strategic involvement. That said, we had nothing to do with organizing the Sandra Fluke incident and reaction.”

    “Actually, Rush Limbaugh and Congressman Issa created this,” she said.

    Lake claimed to the Huffington Post that Republicans are in a bad place because language like “slut” and “whore” would turn off women voters in general, even those who disagree with mandating birth control.

    “I’m flabbergasted. I think it’s bizarre,” she said. “All I can say is they’re trying to deflect because they won’t condemn Rush Limbaugh. They can’t cut their losses and so they’re trying to deflect, but they sound like raving maniacs. … I don’t think it’s going to even remotely work.”

    The Huffington Post reported, “Aaron Klein wrote that Fluke’s testimony was pushed by Rep. Maloney, who has been a client of Lake, as has House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). The proof cited was that Lake ‘recently ran extensive polling in an effort to gauge voters’ reactions to including birth control or contraception in insurance coverage.’”

    Continued the Huffington Post: “Klein also wrote that Fluke was defended in an open letter by Georgetown University students and faculty, including a woman who served as adviser to Undersecretary of Defense Michelle Fluornoy. Klein added that John Podesta, the former head of the Center for American progress, is currently a visiting professor at Georgetown.”

    Is this why Fluke was picked to testify?

    According to reports, it was Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., who pushed for Fluke’s testimony. Maloney also initiated the call for Fluke to sue Rush Limbaugh for his on-air derogatory remark about Fluke, according to the Daily Beast.

    Klein reported last week that Maloney is tied to Lake, who recently ran extensive polling in an effort to gauge voters’ reactions to including birth control or contraception in insurance coverage.

    Lake heads Lake Research, which lists both Maloney and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as recent clients.

    During the hearing, Maloney thanked Pelosi “for bringing Sandra (Fluke) to this hearing and for your commitment to these issues that are so important to tens of millions of women and men across our country.”

  • v steve

    It`s real simple for me, Birth certificate, Driver License or State Picture ID, plus Federal Picture ID if you want to vote. If you can`t show the above then you can`t vote no acceptations. I have had to show all of them one time or another.

  • James

    The difference Ron Paul could make is that he could veto unconstitutional legislation.


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