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Moving At The Speed Of Government

July 5, 2012 by  

Moving At The Speed Of Government
Protesters gathered in front of the U.S. Supreme Court as the court heard arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Now that Obamacare is (at least for the time being) the law of the land, the Federal government has for the first time acquired the authority to penalize — er… tax — the citizenry for behavior the government deems unhealthy.

Except the government has long held the ability to penalize people for acting in a manner that runs contrary to accepted norms for healthy living. You aren’t allowed to shoot heroin, smoke crack or even light up a joint on your back porch on a smooth summer’s night. But those examples are interwoven in our quixotic “War on Drugs,” the effect of which is a discussion for another time. Besides, I don’t really need the government to tell me that shooting heroin is a bad idea. An occasional look at Tommy Lee is all the reminder I need.

But Obamacare opens the door for a far more invasive kind of government involvement in my behavior. If the government can penalize — er… tax — me for not buying health insurance, how long before they can penalize — er… tax — me for not buying enough broccoli? And how long before they decide that I drink too much Scotch? And what happens if I refuse to buy more roughage and less of the Highland’s finest? Certainly, the government can’t track my habits (dietary or otherwise) and employ some sort of sinister technology that could give it a way not only into my kitchen, but into the grocery cart and even the liquor store? To paraphrase increasingly imperious and imperial President Barack Obama: Yes, they can.

The French already have. Beginning in November, all French automobiles must be equipped with a Breathalyzer. In France, alcohol-related incidents are purportedly responsible for one-third of all road fatalities. Rather than focusing on the individuals who break the law by getting pickled and sliding behind the wheel, the French government is proceeding on the assumption that all Frenchmen are drunken morons who think they can channel Jacques Villeneuve every time they turn the ignition. Given the French people’s relationship with wine — they start them young in France — and the fact that a vast majority of the French seem to sport the same me-first attitude we Americans reserve for second wives and Democratic politicians, perhaps the French government should simply take away everyone’s car and make them walk off that case of bitchiness they contracted around 1946.

In Obama’s socialist utopia, the government — meaning Obama — would be able install a breathalyzer in your car and a “broccolyzer” in your shopping cart. Perhaps it would even be able to implant in you a device that would beam nutrition information back to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services server. Go to the store and try to turn down the Pop-Tarts aisle, and the implant can deliver a corrective response: perhaps an electric shock or a 10-minute audio clip of Al Gore reading Earth in the Balance. The real tragicomic centerpiece is the fact that I am not exaggerating in the least. Liberals have already made shocking inroads into our lives. Fast food, soda and high-sugar content foods are already well on their way to joining narcotics on the verboten list. Of course, the government wants you to think such draconian responses are in your best interest. With the newly won legal, legislative and authoritative status of Obamacare, government can do something about it; and you had better believe it will relish the task.

Government is slow and inefficient by nature; some would say by design. Consider how long it takes to get through the line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, how long sections of Interstate 95 have been under construction and how many people with titles beginning with “deputy,” “assistant” or “deputy assistant” work at the U.S. Department of Justice. But government in the post-Obamacare era will surprise you. Consider it: Refuse to buy government-mandated insurance, and you’ll find out just how efficient government can be when it comes to taking your money — and your freedom — from you.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • MAP

    You don’t have to be very imaginative to see that the healthcare bill gives free rein to the most oppressive group of lunatics in the history of the world, i.e. the American Taliban on the left. Who would have thought that utopia came with oppression, political prisons and mass executions? We will now hear about the dangers of the extreme right from a group of idiots that believe anything right of Joseph Stalin is extreme right. They will prove once again that the only thing the left is truly good at is they are great habitual liars.

    The Obamanation is the worst thing to happen to this country in its history, or at least since Grant and the Black Republicans. I hope to see a trouncing in November so great that it will send his followers to their padded rooms. Perhaps we could offer them free tickets to North Korea.

    • Warrior

      The parallels between the current condition of the 50 to 57 colonies, depending on whom you are a follower of, and the 13 colonies of 1776 is alarming to say the least. Well, let’s just say there’s an element of the populist today who would have been more than happy to remain British SUBJECTS. They are somehow convinced that it is SOMEONES DUTY to pay taxes and maintain NO property rights because the gubmint says so. It is REVOLTING, isn’t it?

    • Flashy

      LOL…well, they let the doors open today eh? First, the SCOTUS stated the mandate was within the “taxing authority” portion of Congressional power. The SCOTUS did not state it ws a tax. Now…how many does this effect? Not many. Those who have health care insurance…no problem. Those who can’t afford the insurance, with the medicare option to the states, no issue. those who can afford insurance but are gambling and counting on a free ride should they lose the gamble, they’re gonna get slapped. As well they should. And y’all are against having those who can afford insurance take a ride on our dollars? Really?

      Sure there are flaws in the HCRA. Most inserted at the insistence of the Radical Right. Despite the farfatched claims of death panels (where exactly is that in the HCRA? Errrr…it isn’t), huge tax burdens (really? Where?), huge additional taxes on selling your house (that is a good one…lol.) etc…the problems are not in the “tax’ stanzas…but in the operation. The law will be tweaked and changed over time…hopefully to our benefit, but given the propensity of the GOP to be lackeys to industry the tweaking wll be a fight to keep the wolves at bay. Most likely, with luck, we will have a public option soon. And that will keep the industry’s pricing monopoly in check to mirror the market, and not how much they can steal from us.

      What is the height of hypocrisy, several GOP governors have said they will reject the Medicare option…and their states are those with the highest need for it to take care of the poor, and thus ease the burden on “E Room insurance”. THAT is the true tax. And it is courtesy of the GOP. By not opting in to the program, WE will continue to subsidize those who cannot afford it, and who burden our hospitals and E Rooms leaving to the last minute disease, illness and injury which then costs more and is placed directly on us to pay.

      Now..a short statement about the law in France. it’s a kit that costs $14.00, and is not required to take a breathalyzer to drive. It”s there IN CASE someone wants to check on the alcohol level. The ‘fine” for being pulled over and not having this inexpensive kit is … yep…$14.00. buy one (or it comes with the car), put it in the trunk, forget about it. Jeesh …. it’s like requiring flares or a spare tire that is usable. Both, btw, which are required here in some states already.

      But that’s OK….overhype fulfills the TP Trilogy…fear, hate, anger.

      • MAP

        And here’s Flashy, a mouth-piece , communist liar and state worshipper, par excellence. Anyone who visits this site soon learns to bypass his posts as soon as you see his name. He’s an example of what a deluded, leftist fool looks like, one that will resort to any distortion and falsehood to cover for his worhtless hero in the White House. Whatever he has to say is never worth the time to read. He proves, on a daily basis here, that ‘leftist’ and ‘liar’ are two ways of saying the same thing.

      • Flashy

        And here is MAP…predictably bereft of any ideas, solutions or analysis. But typical as a profile of the TPers…insulting, demeaning, and completely lacking the intelligence or ability to hold any type of intellectual conversation.

        MAP…have you ever proposed any solution to any issue other than ones which are beyond reality and ensuring the doom of our Nation?

      • phideaux

        Getting a little testy there aren’t we Flashy. Map must be hitting a little to close to home for your comfort. Of course the FACT you have been proven a serial lier by many different people on many different occasions says MAP is correct in his assessment of you.

      • MAP

        Sorry Flashy, I don’t study the Communist Manifesto and I don’t read the comments of those that do. Nothing you’re about has ever worked – never once. You have no solutions, only empty dreams, worn-out expressions, and delusional nonsense. Here in the real world, your pathetic statist dreams creates only death, misery, and oppression. If you must post to people here, maybe you should restrain yourself to those as deluded as yourself, like Doc, Jopa, Rasta, Deerintrouble and the rest of the ignoramuses that waste space here. I am immune to your lies and delusions.

      • Flashy

        Hilarious. Those who calim “serial liar”…lol. There is a solid undeniable connection with inability to state any rational idea or proposal, since those are the “claimers”. Dave whatever keeps posting a link of one occasion…somehow seeming to think that proves something. Of course, he also think Mises is a god source of knowledge (I meant “god source’ btw, not a typo)…lol.

        MAP..typical of TPers who yell and scream ‘socialist” or ‘commie’…you admit you have no frippin’ clue what you’re talking about. Oh..wait a second…you never have written anything worthwhile…

        So MAP…just what would your ‘solution” be?

        Note one item….listing nations with better healthcare, more freedoms, less poverty, lower rates of incarceration, lower poverty levels, more wealth…ever look at those? Ever wonder why it is we rank lower than those of Western Europe in almost every category?

        We used to be top dawg, then came Reagan and we began the slide, capped by the disasterous regime of BushII/Cheney. THAT is where conservatism has brought us….

        Go ahead…refute that. Not just rantings of nothingness…a decent argument for once…i doubt you can or will…but it will be humorous in the least.

      • phideaux

        “Not just rantings of nothingness…”

        Why should anyone make any serious attempt to refute your rantings of nothingness.

        DaveH has proven you to be a lier on many occasions and Mises is but one of several sources he has used to do so. Independent thinker has proven you to be a lier. Opal the Gem has proven you to be a lier. Ohoh has proven you to be a lier. In fact I believe even Mr Livingston has proven you to be a lier.

      • phideaux

        “LOL…well, they let the doors open today eh? First, the SCOTUS stated the mandate was within the “taxing authority” portion of Congressional power. The SCOTUS did not state it ws a tax.”

        Flushy if it falls ‘within the taxing authority’ of congress then it IS a tax and even though SCOTUS did not directly say so they did say it was a tax with that statement.

      • Flashy

        Phideaux —> “Flushy if it falls ‘within the taxing authority’ of congress then it IS a tax and even though SCOTUS did not directly say so they did say it was a tax with that statement”

        Are you that ignorant and unknowing? Or are you defining that any payment to a government entity is a tax?

        More and more studies are coming out of late showing those who claim to be TP and “conservative’ are amongst the least informed and lower educated than the general populace. I can well believe that.

        There was a recent poll conducted which had Pres. Obama ahead over Romney by 13 points (or was it 17?). It was so far out of what every other poll was stating, it underwent intense study and scrutiny. Know what they determined the flaw was ? By chance, it was overweighted with responses to higher level educated people than the profile of the eligible voting public.

        Makes one kind of sit back thinking about the significance of that doesn’t it? The higher the education level, the more knowledgeable one is, and the more likely to reject to smack talk trollop of the GOP and the Conservative groups….

        Of course, with 30 years of proof where the Right has led us, the TP/Far Right/American Taliban still insist it’s the Moderate and Progressives who are at fault. Jeesh …can’t even stand up and take the blame like a man fer chrissakes…

      • Stuart Shepherd

        Flashy- your challenge to MAP spoken like the truly totalitarian liberal fascist pig that you are! Here’s some solutions- NO nationalized health care of any sort, NO nationalized ANYTHING except national defense. No nationalized regulations of ANYTHING except interstate commerce. NO NATIONAL TAXES AT ALL. No special rights to preinfanticide by women. Individual responsibility, states rights, competition. Watch there be enough income and wealth creation to “go around” (in the opposite of the way Obama wants it to, which is via his pocket, much of it staying there, and the rest going to his “friends”) and a lifting of the evil spirit which has surrounded us since 1973 (as it once during the institution of slavery).

      • Purplewarrior

        Flashy, it appears that you have a brain and is quite intelligent. Americans continue to fight among themselves, while the people that perpetrated this atmosphere continue to lie, fabricate, steal, pad there wallet, feather there retirement nest egg, spread false prophecy, while robbing the American people blind. Who are these charlatans you ask ?——- CONGRESS—–. Create a problem, make like we will fix it ,then put the blame on others. BOTH SIDES ARE GUILTY. These ,supposedly representatives of the people, participated and allowed dam near every MAJOR CORPORATION, HEALTH INSURANCE CONGLOMERATE, INSURANCE CONGLOMERATE ( life, home,etc.) to influence dam near every law written to favor there profits and reduce there liability over fairness. Had the HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY played fair and by the rules,outrages deductibles, preexisting conditions not allowed, rate hikes every year,( even if you did not use your coverage for that particular year), can only purchase HEALTH CARE IN YOUR STAT( for the people on the left coast—–YOU CAN’T LIVE IN TEXAS AND BUY HEALTH COVERAGE IN LOUISIANA.There are many other rules,to many to list. These rules created monopolies. We would not need this legislation. Can’t any of you see this.

        You , the American people are being used to destroy and low rate other Americans by the very people you elect into office. CAN’T YOU SEE THIS? Who allowed these CHARLATANS to run rampant over the American people? YOU DID. Well where can we find them so we, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, can put an end to this comedy? THEY ARE IN BOTH THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF CONGRESS. So when someone, any one, comes along to bring sanity to the situation, HE OR SHE IS DEMONIZED AND VILIFIED.
        At first by CONGRESS, by the way they created this situation and let it get out of hand in the first place.

        ” A Conservative man who sits and thinks mostly sits.”
        Woodrow Wilson

        ” A Conservative man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how
        to walk forward.
        Franklin Roosevelt

        In this case the Republicans fabricate lies, institute false graphs,to favor there position, false budget analysis, first hand stories to INFLAME THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Well why would they do this? to take the attention of of them as the continue to do business as usual.

        Attach Pork Barrel spending to vital legitimate legislation such as, NATIONAL DEFENSE, INFERSTRUCTURE, MEDICARE (we are the only country that throw away the ELDERLY, SICK, and UNDERPRIVILEGED). These pork barrel projects significantly increases the cost of the entire bill or legislation. So to get the bill through they cut help to the POOR, SICK, AND UNDERPRIVILEGED,EDUCATION in faver of what interest group paid to play. Then they go back to there district and say I DID THIS FOR YOU, THAT FOR YOU. You still can’t see the big picture ,CAN YOU.


        For everyone who contributes their opinion to this LIBERTY DIGEST, Flashy, Map, Warrior, Phideaux to be cursed, called names, embarrassed you are following the CONGRESSIONAL GAME PLAN. HAVE THEM FIGHT AMONGST THEMSELVES AND WE WILL ROB THEM BLIND. Stop fighting. Your fellow Americans are not the problem. Organize, form a plan, implement.

        You now know who the real lairs are.
        These are the words of


      • Stuart Shepherd

        Is Flashy a male or a female? Kind of androgynous. Maybe he/she/it is just COMPLETELY “PC” and has both sets of sex organs and both sexual orientations (which would make 4, in that case, if you “square” 2). However, I’m betting “well” educated, 28-36 year old feminist or lesbian, “trapped” in some type of job that is “beneath” her and with a need to express herself and stir up controversy and take spurious attacks on the hated enemy- men. I could be wrong, but that’s my bet.

      • Kinetic1

        Map and friends,
        It’s so easy to paint someone as a lier, but without evidence it’s a worthless claim. So let’s have a look, shall we?

        1) Is it a tax? Here we have a case of semantics. The law refers to it a “penalty”, but the SCOTUS refers to it as within Congresses “taxing authority”. I’ll allow that it may be considered a “penalty tax” not unlike that placed on cigarettes, but it’s nothing like the “TAX” the right wing is screaming about. To listen to Rush and the other talking heads you would think that every man, woman and child were going to be hit with a massive tax increase, no matter their financial position. Flashy does a fairly good job of outlining the effects of this portion of the bill, weather or not you care to call it a tax.

        2) Death Panels. Again, what do you consider to be a death panel? Insurance companies make these sorts of decisions everyday, but I don’t hear you all crying about them cutting off Grandma’s treatments. The law requires you to buy insurance, so for those buying private insurance nothing is really going to change in this regard. Those who can not will likely end up in Medicare, and there are no new plans with regards to panels here either. In the end I would have to agree with Flashy here. The rest of you will likely side with Palin, which says a lot in and of itself.

        3)Governors refusing Medicare funds. Yep, no question here. Scott Walker will have cost his state 3.7 Billion over the next 7 years due to his decision to refuse funds. Terry Branstad will lose 1.9 Billion for Iowa. And what about the assertion that some of the most vulnerable states will be hit hard by this decision? Well, Florida and South Carolina are among the states with the most uninsured residents (18% to 25%), many of whom would be helped by these funds. And study after study has shown that those of us with insurance pay an average of $1,000 extra and all taxpayers are hit due to the cost of unpaid emergency room bills. Bottom line, saying that Flashy lied is, well a lie!

        4)Last but not least, France’s breathalyzer law. Mr. Crystal has once again glossed over the details and purposely phrased his piece to give a false impression. Yes, the French law does require drivers to carry a breathalyzer kit, but sticking a first aid kit under your seat and “equipping” your car with breathalyzer unit are two very different things. Come on, tell me you didn’t envision an expensive computer controlled unit tied into the ignition.

        As Ben said, statistics show that 31% of fatal crashes in France are due to alcohol and the government is not too happy about it. So they passed a law requiring drivers to carry a breathalyzer. It’s not a part of the car. It isn’t tapped into the ignition. It’s only purpose is to give drivers an opportunity to asses their condition before they drive. So far Flashy is right on target. His only gray area involves the money. In fact, cheap kits are available not for $14, but for less than $1. You could spend as much as $200 if you drink enough to justify a multi use tester, but it’s not required. And the fine? It does start at $14 if all they did was catch you without a tester (part of a required auto safety kit including flares, a first aid kit, etc.) but it could run you over $5,000 if you get into an accident and your BAL is above the limit. The higher limit is due to other violations, so again, Flashy gave you the basic facts.

        So, I took the time to do what most of you rarely ever do; check the facts before making wild, disparaging claims about those you disagree with. The results? I found that you are all worse liars than the man you accused of being a serial liar. And I’m not just saying that, I searched out and found the truth.

      • Kinetic1

        If, as you say ” Anyone who visits this site soon learns to bypass his posts as soon as you see his name.” and you “… don’t study the Communist Manifesto and I don’t read the comments of those that do.” then why did you read his post and spend the time to respond? If you are concerned about the truth of what Flashy has posted, I would suggest you do some research and debunk his assertions. Otherwise, you’re just making a jackass of yourself.

      • TIME

        Dear Purple W,

        Great post, saddly many here will just not get it!

        Let alone will they even look into Roberts, BTW who just made how much money with his “stock portfolio” due to his “Blue Cross – Blue Shield” Stocks.
        BTW – BC/BS being one of the Insurance Co’s that aidded in penning this abortion. Let alone Judge Kegan who also aidded in penning it.
        Yet – Oddly she did not recuse herself.

        All that aside, I have said this so many TIMES now, The Republicans are not going to Toss out this absurd ACT, thats even if they win every seat in both houses and the US Inc.s CEO. Why?

        Both D’s and R’s have the same agenda, as well they are all owned by the same people.

        Peace and Love.

      • Flashy

        Stuart…you lose your bet.

      • GregS

        Flashy says:

        “Are you that ignorant and unknowing? Or are you defining that any payment to a government entity is a tax?”

        Flashy, phideaux did NOT say that a tax is “any payment to a government entity.” YOU DID! He simply said that “…if it falls ‘within the taxing authority’ of congress then it IS a tax…” And ya know, Flashy, he’s spot on:

        According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of a tax is “a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes.”

        So, Flashy, you really need to stop rephrasing what other people say in order to make them APPEAR ignorant (so typical of you lefties), because, apparently, YOU are the one who is “ignorant and unknowing.”

        Bottom line: the mandate IS a tax.

      • GregS

        Kinetic1 says:

        “Flashy does a fairly good job of outlining the effects of this portion of the bill, weather or not you care to call it a tax.”

        Both you and Flashy have completely missed the point:

        First of all, Justice Roberts went on to say that it CANNOT be implemented unless it’s considered a tax. Therefore, if it’s not a tax, it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL! And that’s the part that none of you lefties, who are trying to cram this piece of junk down the throats of the American people, care to admit.

        Furthermore, by the time it is fully implemented, virtually EVERYONE’S taxes will rise dramatically, because of all the other imbeded taxes (at least 20 of them), and also because of the tens of thousands of pages of mandates and new programs (outsourced to UNELECTED HHS bureaucrats to “create”) that will come out of it.

        Therefore, it’s ObamaTAXCare, no matter how you look at it, and because it’s a MAJOR entitlement, it’s going to be a HUGE tax burden on ALL of the American people, NOT just those making over $250,000.

      • GregS

        By the way, Flashy, just in case you still don’t get it, a tax is NOT just “any payment to a government entity,” as you tried to imply. For example, the USPS is a “government entity,” but yet the money that it charges to deliver the mail is NOT considered a tax, because it is NOT a charge that is imposed by a taxing authority. It is money that is being paid for a service that is specifically reqested by an individual.

      • Marty S.

        Eh Flasy lots of big companies planning to pay the $3000 fine to reduce their ins costs and it will then be single payer system and you wait 6 to 24 months before you get that heart surgery so desparately need or needed if you died while waiting. Hmmmm maybe we get rid of lots of liberals this way eh?

  • http://Google Mike

    As it turns out, George Orwell was an optimist!

  • Alex Frazier

    I once thought about that breathalyzer idea. It would be a good idea in some respect to cut down the number of drunk drivers. Anyone who frequents a bar with any regularity knows firsthand that most of the regulars drink and drive on a regular basis.

    Unfortunately, if I were drinking and planned to drive, despite being a little toasty, I would just have my friend blow in the thing. And as long as the device can be gotten around with that little effort, it’s not worth the billions of dollars it would take to develope and install such devices.

    The rest of the article I more or less agree with. The government has intruded far beyond the limits of their authority, and the Supreme Court has failed yet again. Although, oddly enough, I’d like to hear the reasons behind the others’ support of Obamacare. Roberts supported it because the suit claimed damaged, and there had not yet been any damages. The fine, according to the Obama attornies, was actually a tax. So the tax is within the authority of Congress, and damages have not yet been incurred since the Act doesn’t go into effect until 2014. That’s Roberts’ take. But I’d like to find out why the others voted in favor of the legislation. Did they vote like Congressmen based on their opinion of the moral/ethical merit of the bill? Or did they vote like judges based on the Constitutional merit?

    • chester

      Sorry to tell you this, but those devices are already developed, on the market, and being MANDATED if you have a dui in some states. Only problem is, if there is a failure in that system, failsafe mode means NO transportation using that vehicle until several hundred dollars worth of electronics and mechanicals have been REPLACED, Seems there is no repairing of those things, much like a smart phone. Once it dies, is a replace only item, unrepairable.

    • Flashy

      Alex…how can you claim that the government has exceeded its authority when the SCOTUS has ruled it hasn’t? And the SCOTUS did not call it a tax, they said it fell within the taxing authority of Congress…big difference. There have been instances in the past where the SCOTUS has ruled a certain tax to be unconstitutional…

      I’ve been reading the various opinions, and reading commentaries on the opinions. There hasn’t yet been a scholarly commentary, those won’t be coming out for another month or so as the full weight and impact of the decision is researched, debated and analyzed. But i have a suspicion the commentaries written to date are way off base. From what i have been looking over, methinks this is a far more narrow reading of the Constitution than the talking heads are stating. FOX is, of course, so far out of touch with the impact it ain’t even funny.

      Read Ginsburg’s Concurrence/dissent. There is far more to the opinion than the HCRA. Scalia’s dissent is interesting in that he brings politics into the Court heavy handedly. He, Alito and Thomas have tossed aside any appearance of apolitical review and show the dangers of having a politicized SCOTUS.

      I don’t care what ideology one has…no one with any sense of sanity and rationality would agree the SCOTUS, or any appellate court for that matter, should take political viewpoints and ideology into account in a judicial decision regarding the Constitution and that such is a very very dangerous precedent to set …

      • Stuart Shepherd

        Flashy- Question: Is it at all possible that the Supreme court exceeded its’ moral authority when it declared a slave as not a “person” or condemned 50+ million unborn children to death (in most cases painful)? Any possibility at all?! Probably not, because you’re a liberal fascist pig whose God IS the government- the Government giveth and the government taketh away and you worship Obama, like the rest of them.

      • Flashy


        “Moral authority” ?

        Lets look at the two areas you commented on. Dred Scott and Roe.

        The SCOTUS ruling in Dred Scott was never overturned by the Court…we had a small thing called the Civil War and the passage of the 14th Amendment to straighten that out. The Constitution, when approved, stated slaves were not worthy of citizenry. The Court ruled such was the case according to the Constitution AT THAT TIME. No “moral authority”. Dred Scott has been attacked and vilified throughout the years…but in all basic readings, the Court was correct in its ruling. Under the then Constitution, such was the case.

        Roe. OK…now we start getting into the area of religious persecution. Persecution by the American Taliban who attack based upon “moral religious beliefs” those seeking their Rights UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. Have you read Roe v Wade? Really read it? The Main opinion and all the Concurrences?

        Take away the religious mantra you and others rant on and demand curtailment of women’s rights…all the while crying about how the government takes away Rights and persecutes you poor downtrodden christians displaying in full your bigotry.

        When the SCOTUS rules without influence of religion, politics, or favortism based upon economic means (i.e. Thomas should be recusing himself from almost all rulings), they get it right. Whether i like it or not…whether you like it or not.

        Roe was correctly decided. A very difficult ase, a very difficult decision…but they got it right. Here’s a way that was described to me Justice Douglas’s way of looking at that issue … (he found the Right under the 9th. Which is a very interesting and intriguing thought),

        Go to a farm and pick up an egg laying in the farmyard. Fry it up and eat it. What are you eating? You would say…an egg. Guess what? Almost every farmhouse egg is fertilizied. So under the narrow minded religious American talibanisc definition…you’d be eating chicken…EVEN THOUGH you would swear, think, and believe with every conviction you’re eating an egg. . Now.. have that egg incubated awhile, then crack that egg and you see feathers … you’d say ‘I’m eating chicken”. Because that is what it is.

        Moral Authiroity? Please point out in the Constitution or any SCOTUS decision where ‘moral authority” is to be part of the equation. Then I would ask…whose morals are we using as authority?

      • Rick

        You spoke of Dred Sott, but failed to mention Jim Crow. It was overturned by SCOTUS, but not until the 1950′s! Where was their morality in that instance? And more of the Black population has been decimated by the Roe v. Wade ruling than any other.

    • Kinetic1

      Thanks for proving my point about Mr. Crystal’s misleading article. The breathalyzer is not linked into the car and will not prevent you from driving. Despite Ben protestations and claims of French bureaucrats missing the point, the test is to give drivers a chance to check their condition before driving. They are simply playing to the better judgment of the average driver to do what is right rather than forcing all drivers to blow into a tube before starting their car.

      I have only had 1 drink in my life. There is little chance that I will EVER cause an accident due to intoxication. Still, if our government had the good sense to require a tester be placed in every car as a precaution, I’d have no problem shelling out a buck and tossing the kit into my first aid pouch. I have a neighbor who lost a leg and a 12 year old daughter and another who was a cyclist and is now a quadriplegic who would agree.

  • Rasta

    The government has always had the ability to penalize citizens for activity it doesn’t think is healthy. Prohibition, current drug laws, seatbelt law are just some of the many on the books or that were on the books.

    • Warrior

      Spoken like a true Subject!

  • roger gunderson

    To my knowledge, the idea of the constitution is to have government protect our inalienable rights and freedoms-not to force the people to do things or buy things or prohibit people. I’m very disappointed in forcing people to have to buy insurance,whether its health insurance or car insurance and so i guess its a big win for the insurance and one less freedom for we the people.

    • Rasta

      Where in the ***** have you been living for the last century?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You are the one living in a paralllel universe. Roger G. did not say anything that was contrary to how society of mature adults should function.

    • Flashy

      Roger…what are you “forced’ to do under the HCRA? You have a choice. Nothing is criminalized as far as the individual, and the choice is free to make. fact is, if you have enough deductions, you can still cheat the public and have us subsidize your medical care.

      The other option, the one which makes the most sense any way the issue is examined, is have a “public option” available. That way, folks may opt into the Public Option, or opt out and carry private insurance. The Public Option would be minimal as to what is covered, and private insurance would step up (as it has in medicare) and offer additional coverage.

      The quickest and most guaranteed way to drive down the costs of healthcare? Ban health insurance and make all self insured.

    • Kinetic1

      “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

      Establish Justice. Is it just when I am left to pay my own repair and medical bills because another driver chose not to insure? And remember, you have the option not to insure your vehicle if you can show that you have put enough money aside to self insure.

      Promote the general Welfare. General -Adjective: Affecting or concerning all or most people, places, or things. The welfare of most people, in my view includes their health and well being. Now I believe most of us can agree tat it would be unreasonable for our government to promise everyone a job that would pay them enough to afford all that they desire, but is it so far out of line with this premise to say that we will do all that is within our power to see that our fellow Americans do not suffer needlessly?

      “To my knowledge, the idea of the constitution is to have government protect our inalienable rights and freedoms-not to force the people to do things or buy things or prohibit people.”
      Let’s not forget that our founders “required” every man to own a gun for the defense of our nation. Many of the first states held to an “official” religion and openly “discouraged” those of a different church from settling, even though they were both Christian. Now many of our current leaders on the right want to force us to live by the standards of their religion. Some times protecting our “inalienable rights and freedoms” requires that people be forced to accept and abide by certain rules.

  • mark

    The speed of private-sector insurance companies on which most of our health care system is based is also horribly slow and inefficient. I have little faith in government and I have even less is corporate-based capitalism that most on this website genuflect in front of everyday.

    • Mikey

      Here’s the part you libs don’t seem to get: With the government running anything, you have no choice, you’re stuck with their lousy service. With private sector (Corporatist?) run anything (including medical services), if you don’t like their service, you can choose another that has better service. Competition drives improvement. When “Big Brother” runs the show, there is no competition. And that drives apathy, laziness, and poor service. Just visit a court room or the DMV for proof of that!

      • mark

        But the corporations fix everything so that the prices and services are all the same. There is no competition in the oil industry, the health industry, the banking industry. Don’t you get this. These are all monopolies. They are the direct 100% opposite of Mom-and-Pop capitalism. That is why Home Depot and Lowe’s crushed every Mom-and Pop hardware store in America? Don’t you get this. It is corporate gigantism that buys and sells governments and presidents. Capitalism has gone mad. And now it is destroying the entire world economy and any government or leader that gets in its way.

      • Flashy

        Mark….they truly don’t get it. The blinders are on and they refuse to use their minds. What the TP crowd supports, actually eliminates what the TPers state they want. They are so filled with hate and fear, and ignorant that those fertilizing that hate and fear are the very causes, they will refuse to sit back and be rational.

        Here is a very good example of what you write about. And I have no doubt it will go right over their heads as they cheer on the wealthy and oligarchy lying to them about what they should believe in …

      • Jay

        So mark, since the Corporatocracy controls Congress, the Senate, our Judicial system, and is the ventriloquist of the puppet in office, can we safely assume then, that obamacare, is in essence a creation of the Corporatocracy?

  • mark

    I meant to say less in not less is in my last sentence there.

  • Al

    lets face it this is no longer the Us Government, we the people are loosing of the people by the people, Obama promised change and he has kept his promise only he didn’t say it would be for the worst. he also forgot to mention that you the peasants will remain as peasants out side of his kingdom, There was a time when an American would lay down his life for this government and his country those days are slipping away, now history is repeating its self and some of us will need to fight again for freedom and when we win this battle for a second time we the people will keep the Government small and out of the rules of education of our children, we were a great nation at one time of immigrants who worked hard to create this great country now we have let in the Immigrants of socialism and we will have to pay for this.

  • JimCoast

    Implanted RFID chips are closer than you think….

  • peter

    Are the shackles being made in the USA or is China making them? On the other hand we have become so complacent and accepting, that shackles won’t be necessary, in fact if the government just issues them to us we will shackle ourselves. Maybe a new line for Walmart to sell on their shelves for those who are into ‘do-it-yourself’ stuff?

    • mark

      The shackles are made by corporate capitalism which is a thousand times stronger than any government – and that rules the world! China AND the USA are just two of its biggest franchises.

      • Jay

        Who do you think grant them their leeway, and enforces their wishes through law, mark, Santa Claus? You fool!

  • T. Jefferson

    Demolition Man, all restaurants were Taco Bell. No Beer, No Smoking, No Salt, No coffee. . . All deemed “bad” for you.

  • DavidL

    Another backwards perspective from a hyper-partisan. No, the government is stopping us all from being ripped off by the freeloader. The government, as it should, is stepping in and protecting us from thieves. The people who are showing up at emergency rooms and passing the bills onto to us are stealing from us. Wake up, put the tea down, and start smelling the coffee!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Apparently you have to be protected from yourself and your own choices otherwise you would not be able to make decisions and live out the consequences of your decisions.

      • Flashy

        Nad… folks who have no health insurance, guess where they go? The Emergency Room. And guess who would pay for that ?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        If people do not have any qualms or a conscience about stealing from others whether it is health care, welfare, or in forms of entitlements, how do you think the government will go about stopping them? We have all the laws to prosecute theft.
        Flashy, you do like to show everyone how stupid you really are.

      • Kinetic1

        Many of us do our best to teach our children to accept responsibility, and many don’t. In the end it is up to the individual. When one has failed to reach a level of income that will allow them to insure themselves and their family, the emergency room becomes their only option. And when it comes time to pay, some will do what they can with what they have and others will choose to just walk away. Since it is unlikely that either person will be able to pay their bill within a decade, what good would it do the hospital to spend further funds on attorney and court costs?

        Unless and until all Americans earn enough to purchase insurance or put aside enough to self insure, and until that day when ALL people can be depended on to do what’s right, the rest of us will have to shoulder their costs. And since it is cheaper to keep people healthy than it is to treat people when it has become serious, and since it is cheaper not to have to resort to law suits and imprisonment, providing health care for all American citizens is the logical choice. That is, of course unless you want to return to the days of the debtor’s prison.

  • jopa

    Looking at the picture above is a sign reading”I don’t want to die on a waiting list”The person holding the sign is basically saying if you don’t have insurance it sucks to be you so just roll over and die.I don’t want you on my list having to make me wait.Some message to be sending out to the men women and children that are sick and need help.Apparently she has never been to a Children’s Hospital in her pathetic life.

  • MAP

    The sick and delusional liberals are hot on this site today. Read any of their silly posts and you quickly learn why they are a minority. To create a fantasy world is one thing. To believe it as a replacement for the world of reality is another. It is insanity.

  • jopa

    If one would only open their eyes and see what this ACA is all about and begin to understand how it is written and and not just listen to the mega-million dollar political smear campaign many more would really like this plan.One of it’s main features that gets little air time is that there are millions of Americans that can afford health insurance but take a pass on it.That means we have to pay for these deadbeats when they go to the ER or hospital.It is estimated that perhaps 1% of the population would see this penalty or tax that is being talked about, not everyone in the good ole USA.So if you are one of those deadbeats that can afford insurance and doesn’t buy some, you will be penalized.If you already have insurance of any type even medicaid medicare employee provided or what you bought on your own you pay no extra.

    • DaveR

      We have to pay for deadbeats due to laws that require hospitals to treat everyone who comes in regardless of ability to pay. That worked OK before widespread cheating and living on the public dole became a socially accepted and legally protected sub-culture in USA.

    • Ted Crawford

      Try that old tired disingenuous arguement somewhere else ! Here are just three examples of inexcusable taxes imbedded in PPACA, PG. 105, a tax on, of all things, a Bio-Fuel, PGS.1,980-1,986, this is a tax on “Medical Devices “, this one will negatively impact hugh numbers of us, and PGS. 1,941-1,956, appearently those of us who have, for 42 years in my case, invested a larger sum of our discretionary income into the protection of our families, rather than buying a new car every couple of years, or Big Screens in every room, or exoctic vacations every year, are so evil that we need to be taxed at 40% for this terrible behavior !

  • Walter

    The book of Revelation in the Bible speaks of a ‘mark’ that is required to buy and sell goods. Technology already exists in various manners to implement this. We put a chip just under the skin of our dog so that he can be identified if he gets out of our yard and picked up.

    This technology could easily be extended to humans and made as a ‘requirement’ for buying stuff – thus the government can track what each person buys and if you buy too much junk food, or not enough good food, here comes a bill from the US Gov.

    • Kinetic1

      The technology exists for many things that are undesirable. Our cars could all be fitted with GPS systems to allow the government to track your speed, cameras could be placed in our homes and monitors on our computers to insure we do not involve ourselves in “deviant behavior.” The list could go on and on and it grows along with technology, but is it really worth the time and effort to worry about it every day? How many of these terrible things have come to pass over the years? In fact, many of these ideas that were implemented, like prohibition and seat belts linked to the ignition failed when public outcry became too much to deal with.

  • JT

    The progressive whack-jobs are positively GIDDY these days, with Obama making such strides in bringing their Orwellian wet dream to fruition.

    They want us all to live in a world where everyone (except the ruling class and wealthy elite) is assumed to be guilty of something, and therefore deserving of collective repression by default. There are those on the left who TRULY believe that it is the DUTY of every citizen to spend their life working for the “common good”, while owning NOTHING. That’s right campers, they believe that private ownership of material property (especially land) is contrary to “social justice” and should be abolished. They believe that from the moment you are born, you OWE a debt to society that requires a lifetime of service to pay off.

    So, I have a fire extinguisher in my car. I also have one in the garage and one in my kitchen. How long will it be before I am “taxed” for not buying one for my neighbor’s kitchen?? What if I refuse to take my vitamins every morning, thereby compromising my long-term health, and costing my comrades…..umm, I mean fellow citizens….more tax dollars in the “healthcare collective”?? Will I be visited by the healthcare police, or will they just schedule me for four additional hours at the government-owned factory to work off the additional debt??

    • Kinetic1

      “There are those on the left…” How wonderful it is to be able to cite the opinions of “those”. FOX news, especially Hannity love to cite “those who say.” So just how many people are you talking about? 10%? 1%? .01%? My wife works in the non-profit world and I don’t know anyone whose views are as extreme as those you have expressed.

      How about the other end of the scale? There are “those on the far right” who want us all to be able to do anything we want on our own land. And “those” who want laws requiring that we all live according to “their” religious values. Don’t waste my time talking about “those” people unless you have some numbers to back up the importance of their position.

  • Norm

    Romney embraced an individual mandate in his efforts to win universal healthcare for his state as governor of Massachusetts. “With regards to the mandate, the individual responsibility program which I proposed”, Romney said during the press conference, “I
    was very pleased to see that the compromise from the two houses includes the personal responsibility principle that is essential for bringing healthcare costs down for everyone.”

    Rubio stated that people can simply leave Massachusetts if they are not happy. I say ditto for the US.
    Incidentally, Mass. has over 90% insured, and most are happy with the law.

    • phideaux

      “Incidentally, Mass. has over 90% insured, and most are happy with the law.”

      Prove most are happy with the law.

      Romney has said it should be up to the individual states to pass whatever typoe of healthcare law they feel best for them not the federal government.

      • Flashy

        Romney says whatever the group in front of him at the time want to hear. That’s the GOP candidate…whatever you want to hear, he’ll say it. THAT is the type of president you want? So far today..just today mind you…his campaign has said the Mandate was a tax, was not a tax, was a penalty, was not a penalty, was a co-pay was not a co-pay. Flip flopper … also can be spelled ROMNEY

      • Stuart Shepherd

        Flashy, I think they need to repeat the fireworks, because you finally have a valid point (flip-flopping). HOWEVER, BOTH of these things could be true: 1. That Romney HAS been a flip-flopper on several important issues and that these position changes seem to have been politically and not ideologically motivated, 2. That he actually does believe that it would be best for the states’ to choose their own healthcare plans and would encourage that type of legislation if elected.

      • phideaux

        And Flashy your hero and god head obama is a flip flopper as well. He said, swore, promised, affirmed, and re-affirmed that the penalty for not having insurance sas not a tax. He then had his lawers arguing before SCOTUS use the argument that it was in fact not a penalty but rather a TAX. As fine an example of flip-flopping as I have ever seen.

  • Hanna

    One of my many concerns should healthcare not be gutted is will this new healthcare bill give licence for Pharmaceutical’s to usher in a glut of untried and dangerous drugs on Americans without accountibilty? We already have this to a degree yet there still is accountibilty.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      There are no guarantees in the medical world that can predict if one type of medicine will not have side effects or Surprise Surprise it doesn’t work on a patient that was thought failsafe.
      There are no tests or labs or a medical scanning devices which can take a patient and with 100% certainty proscribe that if you give such and such of vitamins or medicines or care they will live forever or till the next refill.

      • Arthus

        Furthermore, pharma publishes the results of trials and everything else related. It is scientifically impossible to guarantee 100% performance of a drug with 100% efficacy and 0% side effects – the consumers are informed via inserts, FDA database, company webside, doctors, etc. So, why sue pharma?

  • r.p.

    Mr. Ben: Have you ever seen THX1138 starring Robert Duval? Or ZARDOZ starring Sean Connery? They both apply here very well. Both great movies that are almost prophetic. Maybe that’s why they are hard to find. Kinda like “Brave New World” and “1984″.

  • Concerned Montanan

    Why even waste your time arguing with people like Flashy? They are the kind of arrogant know-it-alls who form opinions without facts to back them and so don’t have enough general knowledge to understand your arguments.
    Sadly for them, they will be thrown under the bus with the rest of us because Obama is an anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Christian, arrogant fool who doesn’t give a hoot about any of us. He is for anything that might make him a dictator.

    • tlgeer

      Right. What are you going to say when Obama is re-elected and none of these hysterical accusations come true? Will you be adult enough to admit you were wrong? Or will you continue to rant about things that have no basis in fact?

      • Jay

        tigeer, we don’t have to wait till obama is re-elected to prove what Concerned Montanan says is true!

    • Kinetic1

      Based on your post, I am also concerned. Might I suggest turning off FOX and seeking therapy.

  • tlgeer

    “In Obama’s socialist utopia”

    What utopia? I’ve never seen anyone on the left state anything about utopia. The only ones that I’ve heard state anything about utopia are those on the right, about what the left supposedly believes.

    They are wrong. No matter how many times they say it.

    • Jay

      Utopia |yoōˈtōpēə| (also utopia)noun, an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The word was first used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More. The opposite of dystopia. ORIGIN based on Greek ou ‘not’ + topos ‘

      Whether the left want to admit this or not, they are currently embarking us on a path to Liberal Utopia, a place where liberals believe everything will be better for all, where all of our needs, wants and desires, are met, and no one is left out. They believe, through readings of socialist manifestos, that it’s possible to construct a society on the platform of socialism, which will address all the needs of the needy, while ‘evening the field’ between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ and basically making all things fair. The problem is, it doesn’t work.

      As power shifts to the state, it becomes pervasively more corrupt. Those who hold power, seek even more power and control over it. Once the hierarchy is established, this becomes quite easy to manipulate. The end result is a ruling class, who control freedom, and determine what can and can’t be done, as well as all the resources to implement whatever they please, against the will of the people.

      There is a rude awakening coming for those who think the road to Utopia will be a sweet one. Much like the doe-eyed Easterners who traveled West in the Pioneer days, it’s not as easy and enjoyable as you think. There are many dangers, and obstacles in getting to Liberal Utopia. Productivity, for instance.

      You see, the thing many pinhead liberals who advocate socialism, simply fail to understand is… there aren’t freeloaders in a socialist society. Everyone is expected to work and do their part to contribute to the rest of the community. It doesn’t matter if you have some medical condition, or ailment which prevents you from working, you must be able to produce, otherwise, you are an expendable drain on society and have to be eliminated eventually.

      So those of you who are sitting on your ass, drawing a disability check, complaining about “the rich” having more than they deserve, keep in mind, the Liberal Utopian road means you will have to work harder than you’ve ever worked your entire life.

      Someone once calculated, if you took all the wealth in the world, and equally distributed it among every man, woman, and child, each person would have roughly $13,000. This is below poverty level. Yet this is the ‘ideal’ behind Liberal Utopia. Equal distribution of the wealth.

      If we could wave a magic wand and make the world into Liberal Utopia, we would all work harder than we ever worked in our lives, and we’d make roughly $13k for the effort. If we didn’t want to work, too bad… either work or die. If we want to make more money, too bad… be content with your $13k or die.

      Communist Socialism requires that everyone contribute, not just a select few. No longer will we have a system where the “wealthy” pay 90% of the tax burden, we will all share this burden equally.

      Since the Socialist government will be providing all our wants and needs, our job will be whatever the government says, and we’ll have to meet production requirements and quotas. We’ll no longer have people who simply draw from the system without contribution, the Utopianism can’t survive this way. Since there will be no more “wealthy” people to depend on, we will all have to do our part, and then some.

      You’ve probably heard the old adage, be careful what you wish for. Well, I believe this is the case with the left and Liberal Utopia. Many of them have a romantic notion of what it would be like, but the reality will be quite different.

      We can look at old pictures of the Soviet Bloc countries, the people starving and in misery, from decades of totalitarian socialism, the result of Liberal Utopia run amok.

      This is what’s coming for us, if we continue down the road to Liberal Utopia. Perhaps it is beneficial to us, in the long run, to lose our freedom and have to live in the dismal misery known to eastern Europeans for so many years?

      Maybe when the state has eradicated the “do-nothings” from society, and we are all forced to meet production demands at the threat of death… maybe that’s what it takes for people to realize how good they had it? -Pixie the Legend-

  • Mary Ann Ludwig

    Obama didn’t do this alone. There has been tacit consent by both sides of the aisle. Where are the representatives of those of us who abhor this president? Why have they not come forward and said: “Wait a minute! This is unacceptable. You do not have the constitutional authority to do this!” Why have our representatives not said. “No! We won’t be a party to this egregious take over of power!” You have to wonder. It is easy to think that all those who are supposed to represent us are too busy currying favor with the new imperial president to actually do their jobs – they took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, not an oath to pander to His Majesty Obama.

  • Dave67

    I am curious about something and I need the conservative brain trust to help me. Conservatives believe the new HC law is a “tax” Ok, if that is a tax then if I am a deadbeat dad and I don’t want to pay child support as mandated by law and the Gov garnishes my wages, that now is a tax and not a penalty?

    Please righties… Help me out here. Your logic on this law makes no sense (again)

  • Jay

    The Right was correct about Communists in the State Department in the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s. The Right was correct about the Rosenbergs being Soviet spies. The Right was correct about Alger Hiss being a Soviet agent and American traitor. KGB archives made available at the fall of the Soviet Union verified this also. And, hold onto your hat, most of Joseph McCarthy’s claims were correct as well. Sadly, these communists and many of their progeny still move and plot freely and prominently in American politics and civic life today.

    And, the Right correctly smells a rat today: We are being told that the New Communism is just one more player in helping to solve America’s problems. Right! … just as Lenin’s New Economic Policy was a return to “limited free-market economics” in early Soviet Russia, like your College Professors mis-taught you.

    These Marxist Revolutionaries are now brazenly claiming to be just another political party. Now they are just one more piece in the cabal of Environmental Activists, Educational Associations [Teacher’s Unions], Labor Unions [who used to be staunchly anti-statist] and Non-Governmental Organizations [NGOs] seeking to replace American Exceptionalism and American Sovereignty with a massively statist New World Order. This is their vision for a Brave New World.

    Aldous Huxley, Ayn Rand, and George Orwell tried to warn us. They were all correct in their visions of the future Hell for humanity into which these folks would lead us. They scream out their warnings from the grave. It’s too bad most people have forgotten how to read. Many try to warn us still today but we are too plugged-in and tuned-out. Ask your son or daughter if they have read any of these landmark books, or even, ever seen a film version.

    Some, like David Horowitz, used to be one of the destroyers. He became disillusioned with the Left. Horowitz came to see the light of truth about liberty and freedom. He has dedicated himself to exposing those who want to throw out the Constitution and destroy our Founders’ Vision of a Republic built on principles of the 18th Century Enlightenment. He is now a staunch adversary to those who would “fundamentally transform” American Society. Explore his website, and others like it. Educate yourself about the sharks that are swimming just beneath the surface in our society.

    So do not be deceived. Barack Obama merely operates one crane with one wrecking ball … there is much to bring down, and much more to the Soros System. It has a multitude of layers and much redundancy within those layers. It must be the mission of every freedom loving person to defeat this man and his plans at every level and in detail.

    • Dave67

      Yet the Right was wrong about slavery, women’s right to vote, the civil rights fight, Iraq, Trickle down economics, tax cut and spend… Your record is not too good there Jay.

      • Buck100

        Dave where were you educated in the USSR?

      • Dave67


        Sorry if you do not like the conservative/right wing record. But it is what it is.

        I was not educated by Fox propaganda.

  • Buck100

    Living out in the hinterland, we knew Obama care was a tax, the only thing we didn’t know was how much tax. We know this isn’t really about Health Care it is about control. President Obama and about 80 Communists in Congress want the US to fail. I am 63 years old and a Vietnam vet, over the years as elections came and went, a few of them began to worry me how the country was moving towards Socialism. I am now scared that President Obama has set future precedents for Socialism. I predict if reelected, President Obama will the divide this nation like we haven’t seen since the Civil War.

  • Liberterian

    Why whine? I’snt everything an intrusion in your life. Be who you are, not what someone else expects you to be, you can’t change them, but they can’t change you either. If they come for you, take the risk, stand up and be counted. Left-right, democrat-republican, they are all a crock of crap. There is only one you!

  • Robert

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that ” both ” sides, democrats and republicans seem to blame the elderly for the Social Security and Medicare mess? It seems that just because we are old and have health problems that we’ve become public enemy number one because of our healthcare costs. In truth most of the fault lies with the crooked politicians that have ” robbed ” Social Security and Medicare coffers for their own personal causes. Now that we have nothing left but dusty ” IOU’s ” in the so called ” locked box ” they want to throw the elderly under the bus or creat the unspoken of ” death panel ” to take care of the problem.

    • Ted Crawford

      The Progressives such as Dr. Eziekiel Emanual, Ramhs brother and Obamas advisor on PPACA, don’t like it when you call them Death Panels ! They have much nicer, more palatible, politically correct terms for them, like End of Life Councils or Palliative Care Councils.
      They also claim that they were never in the health care bill. Unfortunatly, for them, many of us are not Progressive ” useful idiots ” and we did some research. They were Section 1233 of HR-3200, they only took them out when Sarah Palin exposed them. Donald Berwick even tried to sneek them back in , in June of 2010, got caught again!
      A little research into Dr. Emanuals ideas might be eye opening for any who truly want to understand where the Progressives intend to take this if they are not stopped . In The 2009 Publication of The Lancet, sorry can’t remember the month, Dr.Emanual explained his ideal health care plan. It is developed using what he calls ” A priority Curve “. According to this method ” Individules aged roughly 15 to 40 get the most substantial chances, whereas the youngest and the oldest get chances that are ATTENUATED ”
      In other articles he explains that these ” ATTENUATED ” chances are based on ” the individuals value to Society as a whole ” Good luck with that, unless you die before 40 or never get sick after that age !

      • Dave67

        Well Ted, that is a load of crap. Its maintains in the wording of the law that not rationing of HC or quality of care will be permitted. But continue your scare tactics… you are the same people who cliamed the DOW would sink under Obama or that we would be attacked again by Al Qeada because Obama is a Democrat/Liberal/Weak… Guess what? None of that happened.

        You are the zealot who cried wolf…

  • RightyWhitey

    Yes, we of the Tea Party should ignore those liberal socialists who write here. It does not matter if their facts are true, or if what we say is wrong. We should just work together to lie and twist things as much as possible. After all, it is socialistic to care about the American people. We of the Tea Party need only care about what we think is best for one person — ourselves.

    The only thing above that is to do anything and everything to make sure that uppity Obama is not re-elected.


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