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Movement Made Up Of Fools

October 11, 2011 by  

Movement Made Up Of Fools

The so-called “Occupy” movement is difficult to quantify. They’re outraged, but over what: general opposition to American governance? The large population of Obama supporters belies that conclusion. Perhaps the movement is a “youthquake,” as a rising generation asserts its growing power? But the sizeable proportion of middle-aged ne’er-do-wells speaks to a simple rehashing of aging complainants. And a call for racial equity is out, given that the movement is about as racially diverse as the Kennedy compound.

Some seem to despise the wealthy and their perceived sway over politics. The influence of fascist billionaire George Soros and the presence of Jeff Immelt in the White House lend their outrage credence. Unfortunately, Democratic battalions including the Soros-controlled and the union thugs have co-opted what might have been a valuable voice against the increasingly imperial Presidency and its attendant excesses. The corporate media has toiled to offer the “occupiers” the grassroots legitimacy they denied the significantly more philosophically honest Tea Party. Ultimately, the so-called “Occupy” movement is fairly rote. Leftists and far leftists shrieking at the top of their lungs over the fact that life has failed to meet their expectations.

I considered catching local press reports and basing an analysis thereon. However, I’m not Jayson Blair, and this isn’t The New York Times. So I ventured downtown to the park in which the local chapter of this slacker revolution set up shop. I expected the same retro hippies endlessly searching for the second coming of Jerry Garcia, the pseudo-anarchists with their designer-label black clothing and made-in-China “Che” T-shirts and college students, ignorant of the harsh realities of life outside the dormitories, whipped into a partisan frenzy by ivory tower academics who have spent their lives similarly disconnected from the travails of normal existence. I was not disappointed by the confirmation which awaited me; although, I did experience a bit of a letdown over the meager attendance. While massive throngs attend rallies nationwide, the local “Occupy” chapter couldn’t manage to occupy more than the edge of the city park it chose as a base. A father and son merrily tossed a football on the grass within first down yardage of the assemblage.

As I approached down a side street, a group of eager youngsters stepped out of a Land Rover, signs in hand. The irony of arriving at a protest over economic distress and perceived oligarchy in America in a $50,000 car which can’t achieve 20 mpg off a cliff in a tornado evidently was lost on all.

Wandering through the “crowd,” I noted that all the protesters wore identical red bandannas, presumably to differentiate each other from the much larger number of tourists who were trying to take photos of the historic setting.

I observed one fellow toting a flip camera mounted to a tripod walking from protester to protester, demanding on-camera statements. Actually, he walked from young female protester to young female protester and gathered mostly giggles. I suppressed the urge to tell him that reacquainting himself with deodorant and a razor might improve his odds.

Another college-aged protester held up a hand-lettered and incredibly verbose sign proclaiming something about banks, but the combination of poor handwriting on his part and disinterest on mine left it unreadable and unread.

A number of the signs read: “Somos Uno,” although everyone in attendance spoke English. The protesters cheered each time a passerby honked his horn, blissfully unaware that at least half of the honkers were merely warning them to get back on the sidewalk.

A number of signs featured the slogan “war is not the answer,” alongside the logo of the “Friends Committee on National Legislation.” I have no issue with Quakers, although I thought it odd that a group dedicated to “legislation” was associated with a movement which has nothing to do with it.

I didn’t catch many of those ubiquitous “99%” signs. Perhaps someone clued the occupiers into the fact that they hardly represent 99 percent of anything other than Mother Jones subscribers. Either that, or someone noticed that the reviled 1 percent pay close to 40 percent of income taxes. I somehow doubt both scenarios, actually.

As I was leaving, I encountered a man wearing mismatched fatigues who was headed toward the occupiers in decidedly non-martial gait. I asked him if he had served.

“I was a Marine,” he said.

“So, you went through basic nearby,” I said.

“Oh yeah, Fort Stewart, man,” he replied.

Marines start Corps life at Parris Island, S.C. — Fort Stewart is the home of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division.

Next time, I’m staying home.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Demonstrating and the exercise of civil disobedience are apple pie OK with me. However, the crew that’s garnering so much air time is another matter. It’s almost as though the Soros monkeys who organized this mental giant group hug didn’t take the time to sort the riff from the raff.
    No doubt America’s whore media will want the world to think this herd is even more ‘patriotic’ than Tea Party members/supporters. But then, we can also count on the media ho bags to demand that we swallow everything they throw at us. If any of those ‘demonstrators’ are angry, let them be angry at the flunkies and losers who infest the White House and Congress. Mr. Obummer OWNS America’s imploding economy, lack of jobs, handouts called bailouts and the rest of his collective insanity.
    Some of those recreational marchers don’t have what it takes to walk, talk and breathe at the same time. Concern for America? My aching arse. As for that retard who claimed to be a Marine and somehow was at Fort Stewart for his basic training (boot camp), you should have asked him if he was also a Special Forces Ranger, Ben (no such thing, folks). Like I said, they should have sorted the riff from the forkin’ raff. Typical progressive pig slop for the mentally incompetent progressive masses.

    • Tim

      Definitely more patriotic than the tea party: those idiots are just a group of more vicious republicans. I am very proud of each and every one of the Wall Street protesters. They are exercising their right to protest peacefully and for a much over due cause. Take a good, long look. This is what patriotism looks like.

      • Alex Frazier

        What is that cause, exactly? I haven’t yet figured it out. “Tax the hell out of those wicked over acheivers”? “Give me that money I didn’t earn!”?

        What is the intent of their protest? What do they hope to accomplish by complaining about the wealthy?

        • Donald R. Megerle

          Love it…! Great comment!

        • CP

          Try actually READING those signs, instead of just spacing them off as more protest junk that you could care less about. That way you might learn what the complaints are, rather than having to guess,”Oh, they just want to tax the heck out of the rich.” Sometimes that doesn’t sound like all that bad an idea, but would prefer to see them pay a fair share, like the middle class is forced to to. When you have income that is taxed at a far lower rate than a working man, he is apt to get a bit upset, especially when that income, plus the extra tax exemptions the rich can find and use, allow them to live essentially tax free other than the mandatory sales tax on consumables.

          • AzPatriot

            After reading your comments I must assume CP stands for communist party?

          • Mark Are

            Hey CP…why tax anyone when “they” can print or create all the money they want out of thin air anyhow? I wouldn’t mind being taxed if we had real money that maintained its value like the Founders had in mind. And then they could only tax so much for Constitutional support otherwise no one would have the money to take as a tax. So when “they” start following the LAW, I’ll start supporting them. Until then…what can you expect from a bunch of PSYCHOPATHS with no conscience running the world?

          • GregoryTwyman

            We’ve read the signs…. up close even. There is no coherant, unified message from this mob. Instead, why don’t you try reading/listening to other sources, then make your conclusions dispassionately.All I see from you are Obama/Warren Buffet talking points that are not grounded in reality or otherwise omit the truthful parts of the narrative such as what share of federal taxes are paid by the rich.

          • dfinch

            What in the world do you people want????? The rich already pay 40% – 50% of the taxes and you want more??? Looking at some of these protestors they’re using and wearing items that capitalism has provided for them. They don’t have any idea why they’re there. I guess because their buddies are.

        • Cramer

          Thanks Alex!

        • Average Joe

          Here’s one of those bright eyed protesters for ya…apparently the rest of the group were pretty much of the same mindset…enjoy!

          • mark

            No worst than the idiotic comments of numerous Tea Party demonstrators with their Obama-as-Hitler signs and guns.

          • http://naver samurai

            That’s no worse than you lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxists doing the same to Bush, Mark. Neeeeed to look at both sides before commenting. I know being a lib puts you an intellectual disadvantage, but try to do so. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • eddie47d

            Come on Samurai we know you seldom look at both sides unless you are crossing the street.

          • http://naver samurai

            Well I was only making a suggestion ed-duh. Actually, if you and you ilk said something truthful, I may agree with you. Go back over site where we have butted heads. You’ll see that I’ve agreed with you a few times. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Ken

          They’re not quite organized yet. But, they’re figuring it out little by little. Everyone says they’re against the rich. They’re not. They’re against the super rich that endeavor to squash the little guy and his ideas. I believe that the correct word they’re looking for, in regards to corporations, is monopoly. If you like monopolies, have fun with that. In regards to bankers, if you’re not angered by them also, there’s something wrong with you. Our country needs an audit of the federal reserve in order to expose the corruption that has all but trashed our economy. The housing crisis is their fault. If you want to be a stooge of the coming new world order, that’s your business. I won’t lay down for them and apparently neither will the kids occupying wall street. While I agree that an attempt to hijack the youngsters is underway, I think that they’ll figure it out and begin to organize and focus.

          The bottom line is this. If you worked hard to get wealthy, good for you. If you climbed there by screwing the little guy, then I think you’re going to have a problem. Remember, according to the elite, everyone else is the little guy. You may be next to get screwed. How would you feel then? Or are you one of them? By the way, Herman Cain is Ben Bernanke’s bitch. He will never audit the fed! Just figured that you were one of his supporters. If you’re voting for Cain to prove you’re not a racist, vote for someone else and prove you’re not an idiot.

          • Average Joe

            A small chink in the armor…the falacy of the “Tax the rich” theory.
            Watch carefully and listen carefully:


          • http://naver samurai

            Couldn’t overtaxing the rich be a sign of socialism and/or communist ideals? Why tax someone more to support deadbeats that don’t want to work? I thought we believed in self reliance and personal responsibility. What happened to them? Did we trash these ideas just like the progressives and rinos are trying to trash our Constitution? We are good at fighting the enemies outside our country (Al Queda, Taliban, etc.), but isn’t it about time we start fighting the enemy from within? Isn’t it about time we take them on and attack them on all their fronts? This would mean fighting against illegal immigrants, gays, atheists, bisexuals, terrorists (homegrown), and many other scurges on this great country. Lets get back to our Christian founding and our Constitution before the enemy gets too strong and victory would be impossible. The time of the lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxists are at an end. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • eddie47d

            …and Wall Street/Congress.

          • http://naver samurai

            That may be a possibility ed-duh. Since we have national elections next year, it could be very possible to vote many of them out of office. Wall Street? I would think that would take some regulation from the government, wouldn’t it? Ergo, possibly increasing the size of it. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

            P.S. See, I agreed with you on one of your points.

        • JUKEBOX

          They probably want to wash with those new Obama soaps, “AMERICAN AUTUMN” and “ARAB SPRING”, which both make you smell like you have been sleeping with a camel for a month.

        • Louis

          Nice comment Alex. I’m with you – and them – 100%. WAY over due.

        • Dave Y.

          the concept is simple, the Rich pay THEIR way also, something that has NOT been happening for more then two decades and has to end!

          Then there is the little problem with the FASCIST Religious Right and their Agenda to turn the USA in to Fascist Corporate State!
          In Mussolinis’ own words”government and corporate interests working to gether is th BASIS of FASCISM”, the facts speak for themselves and the facts are hat our nation has been giving up on freedom for profit for 50 years and Reagan was the First step in the March to the NEW WORLD ORDER, and for the chinpanzees here that think that was George H. Bushes invention, that LITTLE term was invented by Adolph Hitler and it seems that the GOP of the USA has made it their Job to Hitlers Dream alive, another idea the Nazis had was to Make the JEWS the Masters of the Slave Nations of ASIA !
          So a Question for the Right Wing Nuts here, How exactly can you PRETEND thatyou with your ideals and those you elect with the same ideals are NOT NAZIS when you dream the same dream that Hitler did?
          This is a SERIOUS question about your Loyalty and Supposed Patriotism to this Nation and our Constitution!

      • Steve G.

        NOW THAT’S FUNNY!!!! A bunch of Obummer/Soros puppets pretending to really care. They don’t even know what they’re protesting!

        • CP

          Actually, each of them does know what he or she IS protesting, but not all are protesting all the same things.

          • jyrine

            That’s not a protest, it’s a difference of opinion. None of you liberal clowns seem to know the difference.

        • theotherrhalf

          they know, you don’t.

          Perhaps if you looked a little harder you might see that they are protesting The Bush Tax Cuts, The Fed, and numerous points that you make here on your blog.

          ALL the corrupt politicians in bed with K Street and Wall Street. The want the law changed . They want the corporations to stop claiming “personhood” so that they can contribute to PACS, SuperPACs and 504′s. This includes “obummer” and the “repugnants”. They are tired of the system.

          They want the Patriot Act repealed. OMG you are idiots here, you should be joining instead of protesting. But NO you are going to stay in your little cave, bitch and moan about gay people and weed. commies, NO you are the commies, because you contribute to the big bank overlords who have TOO MUCH political power. But you are too blind to even look. Instead you righties criticize.
          And if you don’t go out there and fight YOU are going to pay even more TAX because that is what ROMNEY thinks, TAX THE MIDDLE CLASS MORE. WE are all in the same boat.
          WAKE UP.

          • http://naver samurai

            What moron would protest the Bush Tax Cuts? I remember my taxes going from 20% – 25% down to 15% and remember receiving my 2 checks for $600. What idiot would protest against across the board tax cuts? Many of the protesters are there just because their friends are there or because they want to try to be on TV. Neeeeed to examine every angle of these protesters before you post. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • jyrine

            theotherhalf of what, that big dog log in the park? Other has one r stupid.

      • DanB

        Okay. Let me see. Patriotism:

        Non-violent (on a whole). Very few arrested, if any. And considering that the media seems to think this group is radical and dangerous, it is interesting that they seem to have had a hard time to find the actual crimes that this group has done. In fact, they have left parks and their events often clean and well kept. This first group is not patriotic?

        Drugs. Sex. Willful disregard for the law and law enforcement. Tossing themselves against the cops. Chanting slogans. Hundreds arrested. Trying to encourage a break of the current system. This group is patriotic?

        Ah, I think I see how we define patriotism here. Obey the law. Uphold the republic. These are all unpatriotic. Break the law. Oppose the republic. These actions make patriots….

        Now I expect many here see the irony of what you propose without someone like myself spelling it out. In fact, many here are better to pointing out the flaws in your arguments. As for myself, I thought soldiers, police officers, and fire fighters were all supposed to be patriots. Among the attributes we associate with these groups, we would expect them to obey the law and defend the republic. Which of the two groups being discussed, only one group actually shows interest in obeying the law and defending the republic. So if my definition of patriots includes the military, police, and fire fighters, I think my definition of which group is patriotic is far different than yours. I don’t mind that they object to government intrusion or crony capitalism. The Tea Party objects to similar things. However, the approach is significantly different. So you are right, one group is patriots and the other is not. However, I think you’ve got it backwards on which group is patriots.

        • mark

          In numerous cases obeying the law is NOT patriotic. Had the Civil Rights activists of the 1950s and 1960s obeyed the law in the South, blacks would still be non-voting, second-class citizens there. The protestors deliberately BROKE the law in a non-violent manner, and eventually broke the racist system of Jim Crow. Had our Founding Fathers obeyed the law we would all be British subjects today. People have a constitutional right to demonstrate period. And petty city and state lawS that try to restrain them from doing so whether the protestors are on the right, left, or center SHOULD BE DISOBEYED.

          • lkar

            So you equate civil rights for minorities to redistribution of wealth! That would be socialist patriotism. So I guess you are technically correct in classifing this movement as patriotic!

          • DanB

            Um, first our “Founding Fathers” did obey the British laws. They petitioned and did everything the law afforded them before the open revolt. Because they obeyed the law first and upheld this made a significant difference in the resulting government they created here in America. That foundation created a nation of freedom from tyranny. Note how most revolutions focus first on revolution and then later try to establish their own rule upon the land with little regard to the existing laws. Often trying to bring down the law of the land. And what do most revolutions end in? Tyranny or short-lived democracies that end in tyranny or poverty. Freedoms are rare. That is why I would trust a Tea Party revolution if it became truly necessary, because most of the Tea Party is founded on the law first and so they would likely actually preserve freedoms for even those that oppose them. While the useful idiots in the “Occupy” crowd are more centered on just creating a new system with a sense of equality than abiding by any laws, in fact they willfully break the law as their leaders encourage them to “break” the system. The end result of revolution they would lead has plenty of examples through history and personal liberty is rarely ever won through revolutions of their nature. So remember, although the Founding Fathers of America did lead an open revolt against an oppressing government, you ought to consider that the reason they got different results from their revolution may be because they had a different foundation. That is why I think the Tea Party are true patriots here.

          • ENDdaFED

            Too many people here seem to identify with Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, OWS. What do you expect from our culture? Everyone needs a team to belong to.

            Somebody commented that we need to go through the law of the land to effect change. Let me remind you that we HAVE been following the rule of law of this nation. We HAVE been voting in elections to change things and things have gone on as usual, don’t you agree? If you don’t know that Most of our Elected Representatives are Hardcore Criminals, you simply haven’t been paying attention.

            Don’t you agree we tried to protect our Southern Border? We threw out a bunch of Democrats and put in a bunch of Republican Tea Partiers because we wanted out of the wars, or most Americans did. We put in freshman representatives b/c we wanted the Patriot Act thrown out and we wanted our Freedoms back. Nothing changed and things have gone from bad to worse. And now the President is the scapegoat? Simple, simple people. They are ALL corrupt beyond belief.

            Somebody is buying out our politicians so they don’t represent US! Have you noticed this? This is the frustration that many can’t seem to articulate. The movement needs to throw out the enemy who is trying to co-opt the movement, and other socialist, commie front groups run straight out of the Rockefeller foundations and go to the belly of the BEAST.

            Go to YouTube and watch The American Dream film. It’s a cartoon for a good reason.

          • ENDdaFED

            Think three-dimensionally, people. How can you look at groups of thousands of tens of thousands of people and believe that they’re all nutzo? And yet you complain they all are different and don’t have one concise message. It doesn’t make sense.

            How can Americans not sympathize with other frustrated Americans? Let me tell you, this can be turned against us if we don’t get involved. Non welfare queens, hardworking and yet jobless Americans need to get involved in these protests and educate your brothers and sisters, instead of casting diatribes from afar at them. If things do not change in this country they will soon be at your gates and your little pistol or shotgun or crappy machine gun will be nothing against masses of hungry desperate people.

          • http://naver samurai

            Disobeying the law is not patriotic. When they damage property, steal, burn cars, and many other things, these are not acts of patriotism but acts of violence, ignorance, and chaos. The last 3 are what the libs want, but patriots do things the legal way. We vote people out, write our reps in Washington, write the newspapers, organize peaceful meetings, and many more. Why do you libs mention revolution when you want things to be like the French Revolution? Our Revolution was conservative compared to the French Revolution, which you libs like to quote. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Average Joe

          I’m truly glad that very few have been arrested…it makes me feel so much better…..

          By my count that is 780 in just two days…Add the rest so far and it’s over 1000…and I am quite sure there will be plenty more.

      • Jeryl

        You know, I’m not a Tea Partier, Democrat or Republican, but what I have noticed is that those who are slamming the Tea Party usually don’t have any facts. Like you, they use empty rhetoric and repetitive adjectives with nothing more than hot air behind them. From what I’ve seen, at least the Tea Party wants positive change – not the socialist drivel that Obama spouts.

        • jyrine

          Right on Jeryl.

      • Robert

        So Tim, halucinate much. Bet ya do.

        • jyrine

          Doubtful Robert. It takes intelligence to hallucinate.

      • Bill

        obviuosly you are not too smart. Wall street protesters = morons!
        Go get a job

      • Randy131

        If it’s so peaceful, then why are so many being arrested and thrown in jail? It started out being made up with fools, but the Unions, backers of Obama, have seen an opportunity for Obama and have taken over, and it is their thugs that are inspiring the breaking of laws and the arrests that go with that, for which these Union thugs are use to, and is a tactic in their modus operandi(operating procedures).

      • jyrine


      • jyrine

        Commie. If you don’t like it here, hit the road Tim.

      • jyrine

        Are you an expert on patriotism Tim?

        • ENDdaFED

          Jyrine, you’re an ass who wears your Marine-hood on your sleeve b/c you obviously have nothing to offer but insults and you think being a Marine will protect you from scorn. Do us all a favor and try to educate yourself a bit. You can first check out the First Amendment, instead of spending your time trying to shut down free speech on this website.

      • Leon Puissegur

        I think you are not looking at what these “protesters” really represent. They are supported by groups such as but not limited to; Code Pink, a Socialist group,, another Socialist group supported by George Soros, The Socialist Democratic Party, the United States Communist Party, a Van Jones COMMUNIST organization,one group lays claim to being a supporter of Karl Marx, a “Marxist” group, the list goes on and on. If you think these Socialist/Communist/Marxist are really Patriots, you must be from China, Russia, Cuba, Venezeula, or one of the other Communist/Socialist/Marxist nations, because Patriots “SUPPORT” the Constitution, they do NOT want to remove it and use Muslim law!

      • LarryH

        The Tea Party is full of ‘vicious Republicans’? I’m sorry, I seem to have missed the Tea Party Riots.

      • bp

        “Patriotism”? Tim, our Founding Fathers are crying! Losers camping on the street because they have no responsibilities is what this looks like!

      • Boliver

        Those “vicious, unpatriotic, republican Tea Partiers didn’t confront police, urinate on public property, accost people going to work, block traffic or trash public places. They carried signs, gave speeches picked up their trash and went home…to their families and to their jobs that paid the taxes for this mob.

      • KHM

        I hope that your comment about these occupiers demonstrating free speeech and civil disobedience patriotically was a tongue-in-cheek comment! ;-)
        These people have no love of America,nor any coherent cause. They attack to capitalist system yet ask those same capitalists to support them with food, services and good, AT NO COST TO THEM!
        They don’t deserve all the media attention they are getting.

      • http://naver samurai

        How can you say a group of protesters that are backed the the likes of Michael Moore are patriotic, but the Tea Party that wants this country to get back to the ways we were founded is not? Neeeeed to get off of the kool aid. Just another lib that preaches patriotism, but does not know what it means. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Vicki

        Tim says (about the occupy wall street protesters):
        “This is what patriotism looks like.”{

        Really? I think I will go with loyalists like the tea party then.

      • olinda moore

        Hey Tim are this obama defendors ..very poor they in there becouse some body paid them to be there,and they asking to bring the children to be wjth them,this is discosting.why we need a president like that.

      • iam

        More patriotic than the Tea Party? Tim, you don’t know what you are talking about. Protest peacefully? Tim, you don’t know what you are talking about. This is what patriotism looks like? Tim, you don’t know what you are talking about. A much overdue cause? We are still waiting to know what that is. Please elaborate, if you can figure out what you are talking about.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Miffy

        #1: the protestors are targeting the wrong entity. But then, they obviously get all their news from Lame Stream Media. #2: they’d follow their “leader” off a cliff if that’s where he went. If any of them had actually ever held a paying job instead of depending on Mommy & Daddy to grant their every wish, they’d see what a bunch of idiots they are. When the wealthy are taxed to death, who will pay necessary taxes????? By then, it will be much too late.

    • http://Aol LEE BRASELTON

      I could not expressed it better (s c) thanks for your comments . Lee

    • CJ

      Along with the right to speak out against the government without their censorship comes the right to be stupid. The shouldn’t be so eager to exercise both at the same time for the second shall surely cancel any gains of the first.

    • Donald R. Megerle

      Awesome commentary my friend! Thanks!

    • jyrine

      What’s to sort? It’s all Communist BS.

      Semper Fi

  • marcel duranleau

    Progressive Gods have hung over your head like the carrot on a stick.Something you can never reach,
    but all your life you waste jumping for it and hating yourself for not being able to catch it.
    “A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves..”
    FACT: Crooks in Gov’t want Socialism,High Taxes, “Paper Money” & WARS.
    Those people live in Alice Wonderland World. Be not afraid of theirs faces.
    Fear God only.

  • http://personalLiberty uptodate

    At least you can see there aren’t no jobs out there, or these idiots would be at work instead of
    making fools of themselves.

    • Rcaston

      Actually, if we are to believe that the unemployment rate is actually just 9.1%, Obummer’s numbers, then we cannot say there are no jobs out there. As a matter of fact is appears that 9.1 out of 10 people are indeed employed. Personally I do not believe those numbers and the real number is closer to 17% if you include the folks who gave up looking. But EVEN THEN that means roughly 8.3 out of 10 people have a job. Not good if you are one of the 2.7 but still…….

    • Jeryl

      Actually, quite a few of them probably make a living at this. There are, from some reports, quite a number of paid protestors involved in this thing.

      • Dave
        • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

          Dave you and your pundint hero’s failed to read the last line on the job listing

          We’re organizing in communities around New York State — but we don’t hire people to Occupy Wall Street. Then again, if you believe the laughable conspiracy theories from Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, this is probably the wrong job for you anyway.”

          • http://naver samurai

            Wrong job for you too. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • jyrine

      Would you hire them?

  • Monte

    I saw a picture of one holding a sign that read: I quit my job to protest joblessness. Too funny! I should pity these brain-dead puppets and mindless whiners, but I can’t.

    • http://personalLiberty uptodate

      Monte, you made my day! Did these people even attend grammar school?

    • Steve G.

      They don’t want a job….They think Obummer is gonna take care of them just like mommy & daddy did.

  • http://personalLiberty uptodate

    Tim…..Tell me more about these wonderful patriotic idiots,……defecating wherever, distributing
    their garbage wherever,,,,losers…..snot noses….yeah exercising their rights. Most of them can’t
    even tell what they’re doing there, let alone know what is really going on in the country.

  • Alex Frazier

    I thought about attending one of the demonstrations. I had a great sign all planned out …

    “If not for the rich, I’d be out looking for a job right now!”

    I asked my wife just last night, “What is the actual goal of this new movement?” If they want to complain about the wealthy, that’s fine. It’s nothing new. If they want to shout out, “tax the rich,” I’m okay with that too. Again, it’s not a new phenomenon.

    But what, exactly, are they wanting to accomplish by taxing the wealthy? What is the goal? It’s lost on me. Is it so the wealth can be redistributed? Is it to create jobs? Is it to punish them for their success?

    I just don’t understand what they are hoping will be accomplished. It feels like I’m watching a two-week-long version of Team America, with Alex Baldwin standing on a stage stuttering, “… but the corporations, and …”

    These idiots were upstaged by the Tea Party before they were even conceived. Someone needs to go and counter protest.

    • Jyrine

      How would you do that? With a bar of soap?

  • Alex Frazier

    I thought that it might be worth noting that if these people really had a gripe with the banking industry, protests aren’t the way to do it.

    There are three powerful weapons the people possess against the government and those in power. Guns, the boycott, and the vote.

    If you really want to shut down a bank, all you have to do is organize a movement to withdraw all deposits from a bank the same day, and boycott that bank. It would be out of business in short order, since banks don’t have the deposits entrusted to them. Any significant run on any bank would cause investors to pull their captital from that bank. Stocks would plunge. Panic would set in.

    Next thing you know, there’s a bank crash. It’s happened before, just in panic … a run on the bank. This would just be a deliberate and organized run.

    If the idiots out there protesting had an ounce of intelligence, they would organize all these people to boycott. They’d get the results they want (along with the consequences they are too stupid to understand), and they wouldn’t need any politician to help make it a reality.

  • CP

    Well, Alex, I hate to tell you this, but more than likely the company you work for is actually owned by the banks and the middle class, not the rich. Granted, the CEO probably makes a thousand percent or more than you do, but he isn’t an owner, other than owning some non-voting stock. So, I don’t see where the rich have all that much to do with you having a job, unless you are working directly for one or another of them.

    • Alex Frazier

      Not sure what you’re trying to say.

      I have a job. I was making a joke. They’re all out there protesting with signs about unemployment, etc. But if they were looking for a job instead of protesting, maybe they’d earn a paycheck instead of needing the wealthy to be more heavily taxed than they already are in order to get a free handout.

      • independant thinker

        While I cannot say there are “plenty” of jobs where I live the classified section of the paper always has many job listings some of which go unfilled for extended periods. Granted some of the jobs are not glamourous jobs but instead involve physical labor but they are jobs and they pay more than minimum wage.

  • Larry Luntsford

    You’ve got this exactly wrong. OWS is an organic, grassroots movement of people of all ages, races, creeds, religions, and socioeconomic status; pissed off because they’re tired or corporate ownership of our political system. The Tea Party started off the same way, because of anger at the bailout of the big banks, but then they were hijacked and co-opted by Dick Armey, the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, FOX News, and the other right-wing sociopaths who are funding FAKE populist anger. Believe me, there are plenty of recovering Tea Party people among the OWS crowds.

    Of course it’s messy and leaderless, and somewhat lacking in clear focus. Those are the signs of genuine populist anger. And it’s growing, day by day. The reason the right-wing is freaking out is that they CAN’T control it or steer it to serve their own interests. When the trickle of Tea Party defectors turns into a flood, it will be all over for the Wall Street crowd.

    As the villain Gordon Gekko so eloquently put it in the movie ‘Wall Street:’ “The richest one percent of this country owns half our country’s wealth, five trillion dollars. One third of that comes from hard work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons; and what I do, stock and real estate speculation. It’s bullsh*t. You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. I create nothing. I own. We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price per paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it. Now you’re not naive enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you buddy?”

    Seems like the peasants are waking up; and they’re sharpening the guillotines.

    • Jeryl

      A return to the American Republic and the rule of law is what needs to happen. Democracy is weak and will always degenerate into lawlessness and, then, into dictatorship. These protestors are nothing more than lackeys for the far left, which desires nothing more than to be able to declare martial law and impose said dictatorship.

      • skip

        So I take it you are against democracy and for big business run fascism? Better decide what you want. Hitler kept the streets clear and the factories humming.

        • http://naver samurai

          First, we are a republic and not a democracy. Second, Hitler did that by force, Obama bin Laden doesn’t have the ability to do that. Third, get off of the kool aid. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Commonsense

      In part, I understand what you are saying. But why are you jumping big Biz and wallstreet and not the Government? It starts with the people WE elect who are screwing us into the dirt. Why not go camp out on the White House lawn and that of you congressperson or senator and raise their roof? The Tea Party is striking at our government for less government involvement and to get them back to the Constitutional boundaries set by our forefathers. OWS seems really misguided or lost. I can’t see where joining this outfit gets you anywhere. Instead of going to the hydrant and shutting off the flow of bad government, they seem to be down towards the end of the leaky hose trying to put a kink in it and wondering why they aren’t getting anywhere. Without using basic deduction in the way our society is going, people at OWS are just going to muddy up the waters and confuse and frustrate more people. I am guessing that this is their main function: Misleadership and anarchy.

      • DonnieB

        When you are young and an idealists bent on righting all the wrongs in the world, the rich, bankers, capitalists are easy targets. Let’s create havoc and totally bring down the government. Yes, nothing says fairness or social justice like mob rule.

        It is difficult to see how these people function other than to whine because their favorite didn’t make it through the week on ‘Dancing With the Stars’.

        Sorros and the Obamaites don’t mind at all having the new beatniks, hippie type scream and yell. First thing to remember, it ain’t yours (or the governments money)!! The rich do pay more than their fair share. To all the pseudo intellectuals out there, YOU pay more taxes. You don’t have a claim on my money unless you are a communist, socialist, or fascist then I believe you when you say the government owns it all. If that is your position, well at least it is in the open what kind of person you are.

        • Commonsense

          I agree with you. The highest percentage of taxes are paid by the richest. Thats why I can’t figure out why these guys are after big biz and wall street when it’s the government that has handed our ass to us. With true free market with 0% government intervention, it would do alot better. Government creates the problems they later try to fix. These guys protesting are at best, seriously misguided and at worst, communist flunkies bent on destroying America.

    • Jyrine

      It’s growing only because George Soros is pumping money into it. It’s amazing how the Left makes a fortune through Capitalism, then like the whores you are you turn on it, just because its freedoms allow you to.

    • iam

      Larry, I see you specialize in lies. Your post is a waste.

  • Daniel Larson

    While these idiots are protesting Wall St., the rich and famous, Sports players, actors and actresses and people like Soros just keep getting richer. I’ve also heard that the Unions, who have bank accounts in the millions, pay no taxes! Hyprocrits! Also, sadly, the press gives this scum legitimacy instead of exposing the crimes of the Obama administration. How very sad for our nation.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    This is another shining example of why the age to vote should have been raised not lowered by Nixon and the Democrats in control of congress in 1971.

    • Jeryl

      So true!

    • DonnieB

      Right On, Capitalist at Birth!

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    They are useful idiots for the unions and Soros these dumb kids dont know why they are there.

  • Tankster

    These people complaining about the rape of the economy by Wall Street are little different from the Tea Party people angry at Big Government wasteful spending. They will find common cause but the MSM is so terrified of the merger of protesters against the corporate owned government into a viable cohesive force is trying to discredit both of them; Fox on the Right, MSNBC on the left.

    • Jeryl

      Are you saying that we don’t have a problem with wasteful spending by Big Government? If so, I certainly beg to differ with you.

      • Tankster

        I have huge problems with wasteful spending by BG; Social Security is the biggest Ponzi/madoff scheme in the history of the world why didn’t Congress move up the retirement age and link it with life expectancy? The biggest welfare mooches are over 80 thanks to Congress, BOTH parties. Why do we need 45,000 troops in Germany? Why 45,000 in Japan? Don’t get me started there is so much waste in DHS its unbelievable that we haven’t been hit harder, mostly its local cops who have caught on to recent threats, etc., etc., etc., etc., with about 1000 other examples of wasteful spending while our corporate owned congress aids and abets the shipping of jobs to China, Vietnam,

  • Raggs

    The very SAD part of all of this is that these idiot people vote.
    If I were king… Anyone that does not work would not have the right to vote.

  • Mirage

    I find it INTERESTING that a website that emails me daily about the evils of government, would have a problem with people demonstating against the evils of SAID government? WTF?
    You cannot have it both ways, either you’re for REAL CHANGE and the steps necessary like demonstrations, or, you’re for letting the system continue unabated, and voting in just another pseudo-same- mouth-piece like Ron Paul, and having NO fundamental change to the excesses of power?
    This country was founded by revolutionairies who were tired of getting stepped on – our political system is broken and it needs sweeping change … in favor of MAIN STREET USA.
    This site bombards its subscribers about the evils of our government and Wall Street, and then in a about face of LOGIC, turns its back on Americans who are trying to fight those same evils by taking to the streets. Again, WTF????????
    I can only surmise this site is being funded by corporate interests trying to muddy the political waters by pitting Americans against Americans … deluting political change, and continuing with the status quo.
    The demonstrators are American heroes in the making. If I wasn’t so far away, I’d take a week off from work, and join them.

    • Jeryl

      They’re not protesting the evils of big government, they’re protesting the wealth of fat cat bankers. While I certainly agree that the banks are one of the main reasons for our current economic ills, the two are not the same thing.

    • Raggs

      Those people are delusional at best!!! They are protesting the WRONG agenda!!! It is the government that got us into this mess with their forcing of loans by the banks to the people that they knew could NOT afford housing.. Tha banks sold off the BAD loans because they knew damm well that the loans would go belly up… So little Mr prissy pants look no further than the government if you want to know why this country is in chit eye ball deep.

    • Jyrine

      Quit whining about this site and the coservatives that use it. Beat it and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • Robert & Tammy

    They need to go home and take a long week bath as well as be clear thinking, they are attacking Wall Street ,but who perpetrated the massive loans, President OBAMA, that’s who. I have little respect for them or their cause. Sooner or later they’ll burnout and the older folks who occupy 60% of this country will vote the bum Obama out and looks like the mayor who is a dusche bag out of office in New York. I say clean them out with Marines they’ll move.

    • mark

      Typical fascist, anti-democracy response. The Fuhrer could have written this one. But he would have cleared the demonstrators out but with the Waffen SS not the Marines. Any one who dares to protest against the monster corporate state must be destroyed. He who kneels and licks the boot of the monster corporate state will be rewarded. Strange to find so many Tea Partiers are in the end just bootlickers. I thought they were populists who wanted to restore our freedoms. Ends up they are just lackeys of Wall Street who kneel before Mammon.

      • Song

        How many times can mark say “boot lick” Anyone care to count? LMAO Broken record…broken record…broken record…broken record…

        • eddie47d

          How many times does Song say Nothing…Nothing… Nothing!? You must be a sad little mockingbird tailing Mark and looking for a song to sing.

          • Song

            again, pretty funny coming from a man that NEVER answers questions…and NEVER responds with any factual resources and can’t even comprehend what he is reading….ahahhhhahahahaha…me thinks that you are sounding more and more like an over-bloated, egotistical narcissist eddieee.

          • libertytrain

            Eddie you really do attach yourself to people…wow.

          • http://naver samurai

            Yea, like a blood sucking leech. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • http://naver samurai

        Tea Party, baaaaa! Wall Street, baaaaa! Facists, baaaaa! Conservatives, Christians, and patriots are Nazis, baaaaa! Can’t you sheep please come up with anything other than the SSDD routine? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Tankster

    Oh yeah and by the way if the Government does not provide the people with sanitary conditions, of course the protesters are a scraggly bunch. Maybe they should openly carry arms like the tea party. An armed society is a polite society. Trouble its illegal to carry guns in NYC..You watch, there will be common cause found and there will be problems…even our wonderful host, Mr. Livingston sees the need to discredit them, worried about them exercising their rights because he too is afraid of them…the political spectrum is not left/right, it’s a circle, with commies and fascists next to each other

  • Jeryl

    The real reason for these demonstrations is to cause civil unrest, not truly make a point. These are not peaceful demonstrations, but are resisting authority. On the other hand, the banks are the major reason that our economy is in shambles. They put together saleable bonds comprised of bundles of mortgages (good and bad) then leveraged them over and over so that the outstanding funds on them were many times the actual value of the bonds. The current administration showed its complicity when it gave them billions to bail them out of the troubles they had created themselves. In my opinion, Obama wants our economy to crash so a one-world economy, run by the banks of the world, can come into existence. Folks, don’t look now, but the dollar is about to lose its place as the world reserve currency and massive inflation is about to happen. It really will get violent in the streets then.

    • M.D.

      This administration and the past one. It’s been a bi partisan effort. I think your comment on Obama makes sense but it’s so much bigger than any talking head they put in the White House.

    • Tankster

      You give BHO waaayyy too much credit he is a tool of wall Street just to who he runs to, Summers, geitner, Diamon, Rubin, and before that Paulson with W….Golden Slacks is a vampire squid putting its snout into anything that smells like money and has contributed to every major panic/depression for the last 100 years. Dotcom, bubble and crash, selling stocks with -0- earnings, the husing craze and crash, packaging mortgages and getting them rated AAA that were piles of s+++, the Depression, Goldman to Blue Ridge to Shenendoah, pumping and dumping, turning gas and wheat into commodities that can be speculated on, gas is $3.50 a gallon because of speculators, not a shortage, Rigging the bailout so it got paid for all the counterparty risk on AIG,

      I could go on but the issue is that the Government is no longer we the people it’s we Wall Street and it behooves the 400 families who own 50% of the wealth in the country to have the 330 million others of us fighting over the rest…believe me the majority if not almost all of them got there the old fashioned way, rigging the system, engaging in monopolies, vote buying politician buying….

    • Soniceguy

      I agree – you forget that the Communist Party and Socialist George Soros are behind these protests. Capitalisum needs to be fixed by getting rid of corruption. Obama and his buddy Soros are at the heart of it. We don’t need Communism – just honest capitalism.
      Hey protesters your aiding and abeting the enemy

  • M.D.

    As an independent I subscribe to this newsletter becuase Bob can have some refreshing commentary and clarity of thought in a very muddled social and political environment. But this is just partisan sounding crap. I guess if the idea is to stir thing sup to get more readers than it does a good job. But to not acknowledge that somehting is fundamentally wrong with the way the middle class and poor are being treated is ridiculous just as slapping too much regulation and taxation on businesses is ridiculous. But it makes for good entertainment.

  • Dave

    BULLS#IT . . . They are BEING PAID to protest . . . Here is PROOF !!!


    $ 350 – $650 / WEEK to PROTEST ! ! !

    • mark

      You are totally distorting this ad due to your own political agenda. The $350-650 a week is for those who work full-time as staff members for Working Families, a New York advocate group. No one gets $350-650 a week for protesting. You jumped the shark on this one. Calm down.

      • Raggs

        What-about all of the FREE food and FREE drugs? Taking a chit on a police car, throwing trash onto the streets… Yeah a fine bunch of outstanding citizens aren’t they?

        • Tankster

          How much “free food” was at the tea party rallies? If you are a true libertarian/conservative drugs should be legalized, ask Ron paul. William F. Buckley agreed as well.

          We could take in a lot more taxes if they were legal and taxed than spending it in a “War on Drugs” that has lasted how long now? and cost how much? Who profits on the BILLIONS we have spent on “prohibition” round two???

          • http://naver samurai

            We should never legalize drugs and Raggs is right about how they are acting. I’ve been to some meetings of our local Tea Party and the only food offered at these meetings were tea, water, coffee, and sodas. Don’t sound like free food to me. If you were a real conservative/libertarian you would want to abolish the self destructive welfare state in this country. If it were, more people would have jobs. No free ride means you have to work, working means lower unemployment, this means less tax dollars being spent by the government, thios means smaller government. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • s c

        Ladies and gentlemen of the conservative jury, add this character [m] to the list of utopian progressives who infest this website. M, for your information, that group of useful idots you adore ["Working Families"] is an extension of ACORN – you sadly misinformed BOOB.
        Which drugs do you take every day to keep your mind turned off? We are in a battle for the survival of the nation, and you are so far behind the learning curve that you sound like a grade school brat whose parents refused to discipline you. Wake up, you pathetic ^#&*$!

  • Pastori Balele

    Republicans have hurt themselves this year so much there is no way to recover by 2012. Let them enjoy this year till November next year. After that they will be minority in Congress and Senate. No sane American, even the die-hard conservatives, will ever vote for republican candidate in 2012. Scott Walker and GOP governors have ditched chance for any republican to be elected in the near future. Republicans have abused American people. A recent survey says that 76% of American people regret they voted republican in the last elections. Visit Madison Wisconsin you will be surprised to see how many signs saying:” I regret I voted for Walker and republicans”. But I told them before the elections. Look at my FaceBook. I warned American people how bad republicans were. People now fear they are slaves of republicans. Walker and other recently elected republican governors are doing away with government employees unions: teachers, nurses, fire-fighter, police etc. But people in private sector such as iron workers, airplane workers, highway construction, ship yard workers, building construction worker, etc already think republicans will soon attack their unions and rights. Look even farmers are now against Republicans. Four months ago 200 farmers with tractors paraded against Walker. Walker is ditching their Badger care. Believe it or not I met members of GOP and TEA Party in Madison. They too think TEA Party leaders lied and mislead them to vote republican. They thought they would see heaven if they voted republican. Made worse for Republican is Paul Ryan. This guy intends to kill all elderly for profits of big companies. Ryan is stripping elderly of their Medicare. We have the elderly in our corner. Let’s prepare to re-elect President Obama. Better America is ahead with us with Obama as President.

    • Ken

      I can see you have been drinking the Kool-Aid. Get your facts straight before you spout such drivel as you have.

      The results from Wisconsin are in. Some school districts went from a $400,000 deficit to a $1,500,000 surplus as a result. They are even hiring new teachers, not firing like the Liberals said would happen. Why?

      It seems that the insurance company that provided all the “so-called” benefits to the teachers was an insurance company owned and operated by the teacher’s union. Since the outfit was guaranteed to get the insurance business from the teachers, and the State had to pay for it (not the teachers) the insurance company was increasing annual costs every single year to become the most expensive insurance company in the state. Then the company was donating millions and millions of dollars to its favorite democrat politicians who, when they got elected, guaranteed to keep funding the union’s outrageous costs. In other words, the insurance company was a “pass through” for Wisconsin taxpayer money directly to the democrat politicians.

      Nice racket, and this is the racket that is going on in every single State that allows collective bargaining. No wonder the States are taking it away. Now the State of Wisconsin is free to put the insurance contract out for bids and, lo and behold, they have saved so much money it has turned deficits into surplus amounts. As a result, none of the teachers had to be laid off, everyone got a raise, etc., etc., and the taxpayers of Wisconsin don’t have to pay more taxes to fund the union’s political ambitions.

      Read the article at

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Ken:
        Excuse me sir, but that’s not the facts at all. You know the reason why that bum Walker ended collective bargaining was so he could give his rich cronies a tax break to put more money in their pockets, nothing more, nothing less. Thus, save me the semantics about the great job Walker’s doing. I don’t know if you’re a resident of Wisc. but if you aren’t, come stay here for a month and you’ll see if he’s
        doing a “good job”. Heck, i’ll even chip in for your rooming expenses
        to prove my point. By the way, i stated this upteen times, yet i’m a
        member of the GOP. Next, the question i want to ask what’s the difference between the Soros and the Koch bros.? Can anyone here tell me? Their political views might be opposite but they both have the same corrupt tactics. Thanks!!

        • Song

          If you are going to dispute “real facts” provide evidence Tony. Your opinion is nothing more than your opinion and has no credibility whatsoever mark, I mean eddie, no, sorry, Denniso,oh, I mean Tony. hahahahahahahaha

          • JeffH

            Song…but, but Tony has said many times that he’s a conservative…I think he’s a phony myself…just MY opinion… :)

          • http://liberty Tony

            To Song:
            Dear, Dear, you along with your friend Jeff are just gullible individuals. By the way if anyone is phony then it’s people such as yourselfs. I mean when someone disagrees with you they must be a ” lefty, Rino, Commie, or unwashed thug”. I swear you two are reliving
            history of Joe Mccarthy, who stated on this paper he had the name of 20 communists. He, even, claimed general Mac Arthur was a pinko. Amazing isn’t it!?! Well, my offer stands. If you like Walker, come live in the state of Wisc. for awhile and see how “good” it is. I’ll
            chip in to help with your rooming. Thanks!! Rational Conservatives rule!! Time to get rid of the simple minded reactionaries.

          • Song

            Still nothing to back up you vapid rhetorical claims Tony. That’s the laugh and yes, I do like Walker. Now that would be my opinion, I know it can be very hard for a person like yourself to differentiate. :D

          • eddie47d

            All Song does is piss vinegar and then wonders why she is so sour all the time.

          • http://naver samurai

            Now Song don’t you know that ed-duh, duhnniso, tony, and their ilk don’t believe in facts? They hate them, for they always prove their statements wrong and end up with more egg on their faces. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • http://naver samurai

        Good post Ken and it is very true. My wife Sook Young posted that same site last month on one of these threads. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • jyrine

    From a former Marine. Thank you Ben, for tagging that ‘wanna-be’ Marine. I have an extensive litany available to enlighten such garbage, it would however, not be appropriate for this forum.

    Semper Fidelis

  • Linda

    “At a glance, all popular risings look alike with their crowds, banners and noise. But look a little closer and they can be as different as the peoples and cultures that comprise a society. The Tea Party, under one name or another, has actually been part of American politics for a long time. It is a movement that yearns for the restoration of an imaginary past, when the world was simple, men were men, women were women, leaders were white males, when the church steeple reigned over little towns and, aside from vaudeville, minorities had no public presence.
    Consistently, the Tea Party sympathizers in American politics today are almost all white, and they are better-off and older than the general population. That is why they chant “Take it back! Take it back! Take it back!” at their rallies. And their politics of hazy nostalgia is also why they are eagerly supported by rightwing business leaders.
    By contrast, the Occupy Wall Street people are mainly young, racially diverse, happily countercultural and, above all, eagerly inclusive. And contrary to early media reports, they are thoughtful and well-informed. Where Tea Partiers chanted confused slogans like “Get government’s hands off my Medicare!”, the Occupy Wall Street protesters issue well thought-out proclamations about a future defined by cooperation and a democracy freed from the clutches of economic oligarchy. And they invite Joseph Stiglitz to address their general assembly.” Frances Fox Piven, CUNY Professor of Political Science

    • DaveH

      Well said. The most sane comment I’ve read so far!

    • Alan

      Linda in your utopia, we are all the same? Wow – Really? At a glance, all popular risings DO NOT look alike with their crowds, banners and noise. Yes, the TEA Party does yern for the restoration of ethics in society! It doesn’t matter what type of ethics either, whether that be personal (a biggie in my book), Corporate, Banker, Political, et. al. So yes, the TEA Party does have a yerning to return to the Republic this great Nation was founded upon!

      “..and, aside from vaudeville, minorities had no public presence.” Really? My wife would take offense to this and WE only want our daughter to grow up in a land that is as free as ours is!
      “Consistently, the Tea Party sympathizers in American politics today are almost all white, and they are better-off and older than the general population.” And here again you show your racism! My wife would be again offended by your racial slant!
      “And their politics of hazy nostalgia is also why they are eagerly supported by rightwing business leaders.” Again, you display you ignorance and slanted opinion. I know, being the treasurer of a TEA Party group, that we do not accept Corporate donations, only individual donations.

      “By contrast, the Occupy Wall Street people are mainly young, racially diverse, happily countercultural and, above all, eagerly inclusive.” Again, must I educate you on how terribly racial this statement is? This is like saying, “My Black Friends……”

      “And contrary to early media reports, they are thoughtful and well-informed.” Really? Since when? Do you have some predisclosed information about this group that the rest of us have missed?

      “Where Tea Partiers chanted confused slogans like “Get government’s hands off my Medicare!”, the Occupy Wall Street protesters issue well thought-out proclamations about a future defined by cooperation and a democracy freed from the clutches of economic oligarchy.” Here i would only disagree with OWS on the term used for defining the system of today: “Plutocratic Fascism, aka the New World Order.”

      “And they invite Joseph Stiglitz to address their general assembly.” Frances Fox Piven, CUNY Professor of Political Science” So, you are advocating for Stiglitz: a New-Keynesian economist. And a advocate for increased enrollment in social welfare programs in order to collapse that system and force reforms, leading to a guaranteed annual income.

      So let me get this straight, You want to brain-wash these kids (of all ages) with New-Keynesian economics and a social welfare queen?
      So what’s next? Advocation for “Equalization of Oportunity Act?”
      Oh, no wait, one better than that the “Anti Dog-Eat-Dog Act?”
      Linda, I must say you are ate up with left wing drivel!

    • http://naver samurai

      Sorry Linda, but the Tea Party meetings I have attended have representatives of all races, both genders, and different religions. Many of the young people have been schooled in the socialist/communist indoctrination camps (universities) from around this country. Some of them will probably get extra credit scores from their professors for attending. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Robert

    If ignorance is bliss Pastori must be the happiest guy LaLa Land.

  • Fedup

    I think most of the protesters are so stupid they don’t know they are being used.

    • 45caliber


      It is fun to get out there in the open air, get your picture on national news showing your bare end, have sex in the open with everyone cheering you on, free drugs, and you get paid real dollars for doing it as well!

  • 45caliber


    I’d be really interested in seeing what happened to your “Marine” if he happened to give the same reply to a real one.

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    It is just an orgistrated run up to the election by the Obamaites!

  •!/note.php?note_id=231962353516849 Jeff Chiacchieri

    For many decades most Americans do not see themselves as useful tools for a communist agenda that encouragingly more people see everyday under Obamas rule. Our thoughts & ideas as conservatives & liberals as separate is simply history repeating itself, its all by design for the sheeple. Its as visible in today’s events as in how history clearly proscribes the ruling class thought it was their eminent destiny to rule the world, & today still continue to hijack any resistance using propaganda makers that narrow any “message” for the people to fit their now growing centralized global objectives. At least the ones that have taken the streets in protest on wall street are not complicit, just grossly misguided/confused. What they don’t understand is where we are today is the result from the destruction of free market capitalism since 1913. Sloppy capitalism is one tool to create an environment so many are not able or willing to compete in Capitalism. Now they demand Communism as a solution because this takes care of competition, & do not see this has been the communist plan all along, the one America was warned about in the 1960s!!! It is the politicians that have manipulated the business sector for 50 yrs to ensure their bid for office. Americans need to wake up & realize that cronyism in Washington whether from the left or right is the enemy to the people that is destroying our country. Washington has many allies; the major media, the unions, and many of those on Wall Street are just a tip of the iceberg. Think about who is helping Washington to control everything? What needs to happen is each side in the citizenry needs to know one another better, if that is even possible, if we are to ever overcome the hundreds of common enemies in this government and the future they see ahead for all of us, verses the direction we want for our children starting in 2012. Of course if both sides were to somehow figure out a way to work together our establishment would see this as the end of the world as they have/want it! The Tea Party collective is a demand to every member of federal, state and local government, legislative, judicial, law enforcement & military who have taken oath to protect & defend our Constitutional Republic from all enemies foreign & domestic. Its clear today 66 members of the House who voted against raising of the debt ceiling are not enough to begin impeachment proceedings against every member of the Obama administration! A moment may not come again like this for a hundred years, if ever! And the establishment knows this is our opportunity, & know it will be gone as soon as THEY can make it possible. Right now the government is vulnerable to become a govt for the people by the people. The tea party collective is precisely the right instrument to direct America back to an exceptional America. Many are finally realizing where the source of weakness is stemming from in America…THE GOVERNMENT! It’s become a MONUMENT of dysfunction, weakness & corruption!!!! We have one more chance in 2012, Europe doesn’t. China now resembles the foundation of America’s economy more than America! The only question left to ask is will we be able to clean DC enough in 2012 to fix govt to stop the drift toward totalitarian socialism? Here are my thoughts on where we stand:!/note.php?note_id=231962353516849

  • RMW

    Okay, so we have an observational piece by this Ben Crystal guy. What exactly is this bozo trying to say? He objects to the “Occupy” movement thing because…what, exactly? Is he saying he objects to liberal-left ideals and is outraged by…what, exactly? Is he saying he is offended by…what, exactly? Jerry Garcia is mentioned, so I suppose he is offended by the Grateful Dead. Maybe he simply offended by these protestors smell…he did allude to their hygiene. He supports…well, obviously he supports radical right-wing conservative ideals, though he did not specifically state as much. He graduated from…hrmmm…Davidson College…in, what, 1993? Yup, the guy is surely a “voice of wisdom”…Joke!!

    Here we have another wacko teabagging fool waiting to grow up. Hope he at least learns to write an editorial piece that makes a clear, legitimate statement so it can at least be debated. Maybe a start would be to go back to school somewhere where he is taught basic composition.

    Will somebody please change this idiots diaper?

    • Jyrine

      Contrary to popular belief, RMW you are proof that a Chimpanzee can be taught to type.

    • Jyrine

      You are just a vile, nasty punk with nothing to write worth consumpton. Typical Commie.

      • eddie47d

        That wasn’t nice to say about Ben but then again who says you are nice Jyrine?

        • http://naver samurai

          Now we both know he wasn’t talking about Ben, ed-duh. Ahhhhh such word play to insult others and steal their rights. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • 1776

    people this some how relates comcast todat has started inforing there all digital today no problem. on the phone will you are on hold there is different messages that tell the caller info about there servic
    normal then it said that doe to solar flars service may and will be interrupted. and thay gave a date when they are prodicting this mentioned avent they said oct 15 and on the 21 has any one an idea of what im talking about. i feel that this is a destaction. i dont know how yet but i am sure we will find out how. your freindly nutcase untill we are provin right. sholom

  • 1776

    yes go to a govement scool and learn to not think.
    the best way to victory is to devide and concur. you have to understand what some one means to comment about it.

    the point being made is this how can comcast pre prodic a solar flares? on bla bla date if you have been following this so called non thing in space right now. it is going to aline again. on those dates.
    so drink your fill or smoke it up and when or it you wake up you will know that your butt hurts….)

  • TML

    “The so-called “Occupy” movement is difficult to quantify.”

    Not really…

    “What country before ever existed a century & a half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?” – Thomas Jefferson

  • Soniceguy

    Freedom of speech yes – Even the communists and Marxist can experss their voice at WALL Street. I don’t think the average US citizen wants Communism or Marxism. You protester should go home if you don’t want Communism otherwise you’re a useful idiot. Why not Start by Taxing or confiscating the wealth of the funders of this protest: Mega-Billionaire George Soros, Michael Moore and the Like. How about confiscating the wealth of President OBAMA and make him live like a normal person in office – No more tax payer Junkets and Vacations around the world? Why not protest the White house instead; they are the ones supporting the Wall Street and the Banksters and their policies. I don’t think these protesters are true to thier cause they are hypocrits, unless they go after Soros, Obama and company.
    Proterters in this march are the greatest SUCKERS i’ve seen!!!!!

    • Raggs

      Correct! As Herman Cain stated protest DC.

  • FreedomDefender

    The masses of demonstrators at Wall Street and other locations are not composed of radial kooks as you would have it – they are by and large a cross section of America represented by those who have felt the impact of big government and big money lords working in unison to enslave the American People. The voice of the people can not be heard and acted upon through the traditional avenues of expression at the ballot box. Voters wishes are no longer carried out by deaf and blind politicians whoes only self-serving interest smacks of corruption. It is our own system that usurps its one-way navigation through the political portals. Big money and political power has dominated our system of government from the very begining and now the people are begining to see just the tip of the iceberg in terms of political corruption which is at the root of both political parties and unknowingly subsidised by the American tax payor. No, I’m not suggesting that another form of government is better but what we the people need to do is reform and reshape of government to represent the voice of its people – not the voice of special interest groups at the hand of lobbyists.

    • Jyrine

      Oh for crying out loud FreedomDefender. What a load of HS. You are typical of all the pinkos that come to this site and try to pass yourselves off as patriotic Conservatives. No way!

      Semper Fi

      • Alex

        When my train used to stop in Oceanside, near the Camp Pendleton jarhead asylum, I though that “Semper Fi” was a gay pick-up line, since all the stupid Marines dressed and talked alike, just like a little girls’ tea party.

        • JeffH

          …or that was what you were hoping they were…

        • 45caliber

          Alex: I see you say that in the safety of anonomous writings here. Why not drop by Pendleton and say that to the nearest Marine and see how he explains what it means?

          • Song

            I would also like to see that 45. Alex do you delight in being an a**?

        • eddie47d

          Jyrine is proving himself to be one.

        • http://naver samurai

          I wasn’t a Marine, but you need to shut your yap and tell that man thank you for serving and protecting your backside from our foreign and domestic enemies. Sounds like you were a member of the 69th Rump Ranger Batallion based out of San Francisco. We all know you and ed-duh sound like fairy nice fellows and are the butt of some jokes. No butts about it. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • jyrine

            Thanks for encouragement samurai. There are days when I can barely walk cuz of shrapnel wounds and I think of all BS I’ve gone through since the war, including being spat on by people like Alex and eddiie47 and now they want me to feel I don’t have a right to free speech here. It wouldn’t be worth it except there are a few folks like you. Thanks again.

        • jyrine

          So men in uniforms scare you Alex. That’s okay, we fought for limp-wristed fellas like you too.

        • jyrine

          Semper Fidelis means ‘always faithful’, a concept you don’t and never will understand Alex.

  • Soniceguy

    Not radical Kooks? – just a bunch FREEDOM lovers funded by the same establishment Sosialist Communists Billionaires that they don’t like???? – Sounds like the protesters need to get it figured out!!!!!

  • ENDdaFED

    I really don’t think we should be going after the billionaires.

    Let’s get the trillionaires!

    • Raggs

      I think that we should go after the one that BLOWS trillions on the unions in order to gain a re-election.

      • http://naver samurai

        Here, here! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • jyrine

          Bravo samurai, you are a true patriot!

  • Buck

    The problem is they are not truly outraged by anything except what they are told to pretend to be outraged about . Everything that is wrong is the fault of their new messiah Obama. And that is who they are supposedly supporting , what a delimma !

  • Alex

    You guys seriously need to stop calling President Barack Hussein Obama the “hero” to all the Socialists and Marxists—Obama is just another mainstream CAPITALIST leader, smarter, obviously, than any of the neo-conartist Reich Wingers you ignorant sheeple froth over, but no far Leftist to be sure.

    You label the occupiers as a ‘mob’—but where was your outrage at mob mentality when the Teagaggers were disrupting Town Hall meetings designed to DISCUSS the ramifications of Health care Reform? Stupid people saying that they don’t like the plan even while they shouted down those representatives who merely wanted to explain thinmgs..

    The Wall Street Occupiers, who you say have no idea what they are gathered about, can much more succinctly discuss their objections with Capitalism than the Teagaggers can with Obamacare—this is because you Fright Wingers are scared sheeple that can only parrot GOP and Faux Noose talking points, absent any cogent thinking of your own.

    • jyrine

      Who appointed you the Jackboot thug of the day? We’ll call Obama anything we want.

  • Donna

    This is the sound of the people! The large majority support the ones standing on wall street. I am a white middle aged American female. Dont try to politicize this issue. The leaders who get behind us and support us will be held up high. We are not pretending! Our issues are real. What bubble do you live in Ben Crystal??

    • Song

      Oh, like they did for congressman John Lewis Donna? what a complete joke!!!

    • http://naver samurai

      So? I’m a caucasian middle aged male and I think they are crazy. If you don’t think that someone or a group is behind this, then I guess I could ask you 미쳤어? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • r.p.

    CLAIMING the OWS are akin to “HIPPIES” is a disservice to the original “hippies” who were at the forefront of political reform in the 60′s. There were those who jumped on the hippie bandwagon because it was the “movement of the day”. They could be identified by their multi colored clothes or dresses that went down to their ankles, a multitude of beads and plastic flowers or flower prints, and large European shoulder bags. They drove around in their VW’s, mini coopers, BMW’s, Land Rovers, and Audis in a vain desire to be a Eurotrash wannabe (socialist/communist). Similar to the TEA PARTY that we have today. It’s not the TEA PARTY of 2008. We were not the faux hippies that Bill and Hillary pretended to be, and we were probably outnumbered by them 100 to 1.

  • Mike

    Is it true some of the protesters in New York are in need of food donations and a
    produce grower in Colorado is donating a trailer load of cantaloupe for every cantaloupe
    that the public donates.

    • r.p.

      Is that the cantaloupe that’s been killing all those people?

  • JeffH

    It would be easy to dismiss the Occupy Wall Street protests as another disorganized and pungent liberal whinefest … because that’s basically true.

    The protest began with no stated goals, no public spokespeople and many of the most ridiculous attendees you could imagine – socialists, Code Pinkers, anarchists and more chanting and hoisting makeshift signs with slogans like “We are the 99 percent” and “This is what democracy looks like.”

    First off, no they are not the 99 percent. They are a very tiny piece of it, many of whom hate capitalism and want to see it overturned. You know, that system that helped make this country great and provided the wealth they now loathe.

    This is a global effort. Many protesters aren’t even American or despise American exceptionalism. But they have the force of propaganda on their side to push a typical liberal agenda and the media are throwing support behind them as well.

    The standard bearers of the liberal movement are already aligning themselves with the protest. “The actress Susan Sarandon stopped by, as did the Princeton professor Cornel West and former Gov. David A. Paterson of New York,” explained the Times. Add Filmmaker Michael Moore, one-time funny lady turned shrill millionaire Roseanne Barr and throw in a growing union presence.

    ABC claimed “some Tea Party members have been down to Liberty Square to lend their support.” They didn’t explain how many hours they searched to find a few wayward Tea Partiers.

    Staffers at the Russian government-supported Russia Today took a reliably anti-Wall Street stand and recalled the “Arab Spring” protests, saying this was “American Spring.” (Does that make Obama equal to Egyptian dictator Mubarak?) Always comforting when Russians attack bankers. Last time they worked for Lenin, not Putin, but neither was pro-freedom.

    The biggest problem with Occupy Wall Street is that it doesn’t distinguish between real problems Americans have and lots of things that reflect poor choices. But they are right that many Americans face true pain and the elite of both political parties seems completely out of touch about it.

  • r.p.

    And all of this pretty much blacks out the “occupy the FED” campaign that’s been going on. Hmmmmmm!!! That’s the protest we should be paying attention to.

    • Alan

      Exactly…. What are these protesters but another distraction to the real corruption in the Fed Res. Right when we at the pennacle of getting the books opened up, these yahoos show up! What a timely crisis this has become! Get ready, it’s getting ready to get really bumpy now!

      • skip

        On the contrary, they are bringing attention to the fact that Wall Streets obscene billions have been empowered by the Federal Reserve. This brothel needs to come to an end,

        • eddie47d

          The Amtrak trains between Washington and Wall Street carry more than commuters. Too many corporate prostitutes to count.

  • jopa

    The funny thing is 95% of the Teabaggers don’t even know who they are working for.The Koch brothers were behind the scenes with funding and pulling the strings on what their discussion was going to be.They all fell for it hook line and sinker.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Jopa:
      So right you are man. The sad thing is these poor miserable individuals don’t know how they’re getting played. Thanks!!

      • Song

        Resources Tony? Glad to see that you also approve of the term “teabaggers” Tony. what a good guy YOU are. lmao

    • 45caliber

      It isn’t as bad as the libs who take Soros’s money, is it?

    • skip

      Right on – Tea Party = Koch Brothers Billions. The Tea Party members have the most to lose from the Republican Prevent Anythings. THe jobs that can’t be filled are the ones that require a basic amount of education, and education has been de-listed by the Republicans as a priority item.

      • http://naver samurai

        You’re so full of crap it is coming out of your ears, you hateful lib. Here is anpther reason many are in Washington protesting:


    • http://naver samurai

      Why do you use the terms teabaggers and teabagging? Those are fairy nice words to say to someone. Do you and Tony get tingles down your legs when you listen to Obama bin Laden like ed-duh does? BTW I still haven’t seen any sources from you 2 yet. Here is a source about Obama bin Laden and why so many people are uspet at him, nor do they trust him. This could also support any theories of why they are protesting.


      • jyrine

        Right on samurai. These guys hate everyone, it’s hard to tell who they hate most.

  • jemcgloin

    Go to the occupation and go around asking people what they think of Obama, and you’ll find out he is as popular there as he is with the Tea Party.

  • http://Google JoeH

    It’s ok people for them to act out their idiocy, it will ultimately run against them with the independent voters and insure their vote against Obama, unions, abortionists, gays and lesbian agendas, atheists, Sharia law and it’s proponents, big government controlling your lives, Muslin Brotherhood’s agenda, taking for one working person to give to one non-working person,……you know “THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY”! Praise God, this will be sorted out when HE is ready!

    • http://naver samurai

      Well said, fellow patriot! Keep up the good fight! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    Ben next time you go to NYC let me know so you alleged visit can be documented and not here say.Demonstrations and those who participate in them have been compromised through history.A good example of a organization being infiltrated is the VVAW Gainesville Eight.
    American Revolution was started by a undisciplined mob

  • Jay

    Police allegedly attacked military veterans, arrested 50 others with Occupy Boston (Video)
    Roxanne Cooper
    Raw Story

    At approximately 1:20 a.m ET Tuesday morning, Police allegedly attacked protesting U.S. military veterans and arrested 50 others with Occupy Boston.

    The Boston Globe reports that arrested protesters were “put on [their] stomach, cable-tied, and dragged off …”

    The AP reports the police were sent in to protect $150,000 worth of newly-planted shrubs at the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, site of a large Occupy Boston contingent. As news of the arrests spread across Twitter early Tuesday, several videos emerged that support the claim that members of Veterans for Peace were attacked by the police.

    Watch the video below, originally uploaded to YouTube on October 11, 2011.

  • jopa

    I must say these glen beck and Faux news followers sure are a bunch of fools.The folks protesting on Wall street are representing 85% of the latest opinion polls and are probably even asking for the same things you want.Change the channel or read a different paper for a few days and get a reality check.

    • http://deleted Claire

      jopa–I did listen to Limbaugh going home for lunch one day last week–talk about stuttering, he sounded like he was going to go into orbit. I am fed up with the media and the talk show hosts. The name calling is disgusting. My neighbor has a fit about Glenn Beck–she says people think he is the Messiah. One thing I will agree with Limbaugh is–front loading washing machines stink. He was raving one day several months ago about front loaders. Mine went kaput a week ago and since I had already replaced the water pump 3 times I decided to buy a toploading machine.
      If I could, I would be at Wall Street protesting. The Wall Street speculators and their cronies leave a lot to be desired.

    • http://naver samurai

      Sources! Sources! Where did you get the number of 85%? Isn’t that the disapproval rating for Obama bin Laden? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Song

    Ah Jopa your bias is showing…again. I hope this “ship of fools” keeps right on sailing. They will inevitably be the product of their own demise :D

  • Jay

    Keep Them Isolated

    In the past, elitist governments would often legislate and enforce severe penalties for public gatherings, because defusing the ability of the citizenry to organize or to communicate was paramount to control. In our technological era, such isolation is still used, but in far more advanced forms. The bread and circus lifestyle of the average westerner alone is enough to distract us from connecting with each other in any meaningful fashion, but people still sometimes find ways to seek out organized forms of activism.

    Through co-option, modern day tyrants can direct and manipulate opposition movements. By creating and administrating groups which oppose each other, elites can then micromanage all aspects of a nation on the verge of revolution. These “false paradigms” give us the illusion of proactive organization, and the false hope of changing the system, while at the same time preventing us from seeking understanding in one another. All our energies are then muted and dispersed into meaningless battles over “left and right”, or “Democrat versus Republican”, for example. Only movements that cast aside such empty labels and concern themselves with the ultimate truth of their country, regardless of what that truth might reveal, are able to enact real solutions to the disasters wrought by tyranny.

    In more advanced forms of despotism, even fake organizations are disbanded. Curfews are enforced. Normal communications are diminished or monitored. Compulsory paperwork is required. Checkpoints are instituted. Free speech is punished. Existing groups are influenced to distrust each other or to disintegrate entirely out of dread of being discovered. All of these measures are taken by tyrants primarily to prevent ANY citizens from gathering and finding mutual support. People who work together and organize of their own volition are unpredictable, and therefore, a potential risk to the state.

  • Jay

    Rise Up and Support the Real Revolution

    “Promise, promise, lie (making money, making money, making money), lie, lie, lie, lie, promise.”

    Sound familiar? It should — that’s the sound of your elected politicians. Between all the false promises there is nothing more than lies and profit. It’s a truth and its verification only requires the fundamental ability to read and the problem-solving skills of a 3rd grader. Let me explain.

    The system that your politicians work for is no longer your system. It is their system. It is planned, modified, and controlled by them. It benefits their own interests and their own interests only. To realize this truth is very simple — all you have to do is look at the legislation. They create it, present it, pass it, and it’s written on paper for all to decipher.

    So, let’s look at this legislation. What does it do?

    Well, for the people, it creates restrictions. It decides what you as an individual cannot do. It decides what is considered to be wrong. It decides what you can be reprimanded, penalized, fined or incarcerated for. To the people, legislation is nothing more than the continual loss of our freedoms.

    Now, let’s take a look at the corporate side of legislation. What does it do? It creates “regulations”, not restrictions. Regulations enable corporations instead of restrict them. Regulation is nothing more than a cute word that allows corporate entities to be exempt from the very same laws that apply to the individual. Basically, regulations set standards on how much crime can be committed by corporations.

    It requires a very limited amount of thinking to understand almost immediately that this situation alone is a recipe for disaster. I need not delve any further for one to realize that restrictions for consumers, but freedom for profiteers, equals a fascist system. You don’t have to look into the specifics of the laws, or any law specifically to see that we lose freedom as corporations gain it. Nearly every piece of legislation that is created by the federal government serves to directly benefit either big business or the government itself.

    Meanwhile, they use our tax monies to run rampant across the global landscape as they leverage their political powers to maximize the profits for corporations (which in turn reward them with commissions). They rape, rob, pillage, destroy, corrupt, and pollute in the name of profits. They deface the earth while simultaneously committing genocides which they then contort and present to us as either an act of liberation for oppressed peoples, or the elimination of a terror threat.

    I’m not sure about you, but I want absolutely nothing to do with a system that operates in this fashion. It’s 110% absolutely and completely ludicrous for anyone to obey the laws of murderous dictators who repeatedly commit high-crime against humanity on a global level.

    If you knew that somebody was going to rape a 12-year-old girl before blowing her brains out and lighting her body on fire in front of her family, would you give them 20% of your paycheck to do so? I don’t think you would, and it’s for that same reason that I don’t believe you should pay income tax.

    Our system is completely defunct, both financially and morally. It’s not only insufficient for our best interests as a society, it’s downright destructive. It suffers an absolute lack of reasoning and has no room whatsoever for even an ounce of human compassion.

    The flags, the fake debates, the false promises, the “god bless our nation” — it’s nothing more than pure deception. It’s proven to be so convincing that although its creators don’t deserve the title of Human, one could easily say it’s a masterpiece worthy of the title of genius. This picture of America — a magical fairyland with freedom and prosperity for all — is painted with blood on the dead flesh of freedom.

    Do not stand up for it. Do not represent your government, just as they don’t represent you. Denounce your association with them. Refuse to participate in a system that wreaks havoc on innocent human life. Refuse to play their game any longer. Refuse to believe their lies and refuse to let anyone else tell you otherwise. We are humans, living beings, individuals with souls who are born free. Refuse to be tied down by authority.

    Do not be dumb. Do not be like the battered woman with broken arms who says she’s in love. Do not remain loyal to a hand that doesn’t feed you. Do not believe that you have to do what everyone else does, or that it’s right simply because they do it. Rise above the scum who run this system, let them know that you know the truth, that you’re not afraid and that you refuse to participate. Do it with your family, your friends, whoever you care about.

    Rise above this oppressive regime of global control freaks. They are nothing. They are mental, physical and spiritual slumlords. They have nothing to hide behind except an illusion. They are weak, insecure and miserable. As the days pass by, their time to remain in charge grows shorter. It’s happening around the world — people are revolting. There is a knowledge being consumed and it is empowering the people.

    The biggest myth that they ever created is that “freedom isn’t free”.

    It is free, take it. Participate. Occupy. Denounce support for politics and corruption once and for all.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    After two tours in Nam, with the USMC, I made the mistake of going to college. I was as welcomed as a fart in church. I couldn’t believe the stupidity of not only the students but the profs as well. Despite that I made the Dean’s or President’s list every semester for 3 yrs. In my junior year I had a serious health issue related to a war injury and had to go into the VA hospital for 3 weeks. My college refused to allow me to make up the work or withdraw from my classes. My grades that semester dragged my QPA down to the point it was statistically impossible to regain my 4.0 grade average and kept me out of grad school. The reason I bring this up is that I wonder if these cretins at these demonstrations are being given a “leave of absense” by their respective schools ? I wouldn’t be surprized to hear that they’re getting extra credit. The protestors are usefull idiots for their America hating puppet masters.

  • m2o

    you are directly contradicting yourself in your statements. You clear
    as day experienced it personally, that your college REFUSED to let you
    withdraw from your classes.
    Yet you conclude & try to make us belief …
    …these cretins at these demonstrations are being given a “leave of absense” by their respective schools ? I wouldn’t be surprized to hear that they’re getting extra credit. The protestors are usefull idiots for their America hating puppet masters…..
    it is very obvious today
    the POISONED water, air, food, medicine pills disturbing all our brains big time.
    In fact, the word ‘conspiracy’ rots our brains completely away, to
    the point where we lost touch with nature & each other, confusing,
    diversion technique to not take precise actions.
    These people demonstrations
    take more courage than any average Joe can give nowadays. Let me see
    you walking around all day long, giving your time & efforts freely,
    enduring hardship beyond belief, dark cold nights, dumpster diving
    food. Pepper spray in your face.
    Even if a creature from hell, like Soros, did instigate this, it all
    will backfire into their faces as more & more people join in. They
    can not kill all of them, all of us, we simply had enough of SATAN.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      No contradiction; I went to college in the mid 70′s, 35 yrs. ago. Today is today. Back then in college after a couple of weeks into a semester you could not withdraw from scheduled classes.

  • hitthedeck

    The protesters have made their point or should I say points! So what is their next move besides living in the streets? Are they going to burn down businesses or beat up CEO’s? What can they possibly do to actually change Wall Street without stealing money from the banks? The revolution pitch will not work because it would turn into civil war. Destroying capitalism is a direct assault on the livelihood of the majority of the American population. The majority will not put up with a unruly mob and if these protesters cannot take their protest to Washington where the problems were created by their elected so called public servants then they will meet a fate that will inflect injury upon their own movement. We have a democracy and these dam fools want to bypass the procedure that would address the problem. It’s called the ballot box!

  • Jay

    The ballot box? Sure, of course, the ballot box. And under normal/moral circumstances, and presided by a legitimate authority with a conscience, devoid of self-serving, greed for power, the ballot box would work. But look at what the ballot box got us so far; wars, inflation, economic depression, and tyranny! Anybody with a smidgen of awareness can see that the political game is rigged! And, should we be so lucky that a candidate should win the office, and places the interest of the people and country first, above the interest of the big money lobbyists, and private trans-national cartels, who have considerable stake in maintaining total control of US policies, would no doubt, as history proves, be erased! The ballot box indeed! We’re not in Kansas anymore, sleepy head. Its time to wake up!

    • hitthedeck

      Jay you have no answer other than to bitch about a problem that has always been in the history of mankind. Corruption and greed! There is no other way besides the ballot box to correct the problem unless you choose to put a dictator in place to replace with a larger corruption to put you in goose step with a rule book that relieves you of independent thought. Choose your leaders and give them their walking papers if they don’t perform. The Tea Party started the process and the people protesting on Wall Street that have some common sense should join up with them and make legal changes to clean out the swamp in Washington. With that done the business sector will follow suit.

  • Jason

    They should be protesting to End The Federal Reserve. They are the ones who caused the housing bubble and the financial collapse.


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