Most Americans Oppose Obamacare Mandate


Today marks the White House’s announced opening of the Obamacare insurance exchanges that have been the talk of the Nation for the past several months and are playing a key role in the recent government funding drama. But as the White House and Democrats continue to assert that this is a good day for America, polling data indicate that the majority of Americans disagree.

According to a Rasmussen report released Monday, half of Americans oppose Obamacare’s individual mandate, which requires all uninsured Americans to join a healthcare exchange or pay a fine. Only 36 percent of Americans believe the individual mandate is a good idea.

Fifty-nine percent of Democrats support the mandate, while 78 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of independents oppose the government mandate.

Rasmussen reports that middle-aged voters are more supportive of the individual mandate than those under 40 and senior citizens.

Fifty-two percent of black voters agree that the government should require Americans to buy health insurance, while 55 percent of whites and a 46 percent of minority voters besides blacks oppose the mandate.

As it currently stands, uninsured Americans are expected to begin taking steps to purchase insurance through an Obamacare exchange today.

Currently, 16 States and the District of Columbia have decided to establish their own insurance exchanges. Seven States will operate exchanges in partnerships with the Federal government. Other States did not set up exchanges, so their residents will be required to seek insurance on a Federal exchange.

Those uninsured Americans who fail to navigate the Obamacare exchanges and purchase health insurance by Jan. 1 will face hefty fines from the Federal government.

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Sam Rolley

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  • Alex

    Much like the Teabaggers, the John Birch Society worked feverishly to keep Medi-Care off the books. Their mean-spirited opposition and obstruction tactics did not work—and Medi-Care became one of the most popular government programs ever.

    • Vigilant

      Ben Crystal says this morning, “Nearly 60 percent of Americans oppose Obamacare. That’s 175 million…”

      Hardly a fringe element of “mean-spirited” Americans. The more that’s discovered about Obamacare’s hidden taxes and effects, the less popular it becomes.

      • Alex

        Ben Crystal “said”? What, are you in Third Grade?

        • Vigilant

          What are you on another planet? Average of ALL polls since Obamacare became law shows that if it were submitted to the American people for passage, it would have failed by a landslide.

          Current RCP average is 51.4 opposed, 39.4 for.

          Again, that’s “hardly a fringe element of “mean-spirited” Americans.”

          P.S. I give a Hell of a lot more credence to what Ben Crystal says than what you say.

    • vicki

      “Much like the Teabaggers, ….”

      Ad hominem

    • Gassy Garnett

      So, popular means good? McDonalds is popular, does that mean it is good for you? Perhaps, there was a better alternative?

  • me

    Owebunhole cart is going to be subsidized. is the extraa cost to the government affordable. Hell no. More debt.

  • StinkBomb Jones

    To tax someone if they don’t buy something they don’t want or need & to use that money to pay for that same thing for someone else is the very definition of socialism & sets a horrible precedent. What is to stop the govt. from doing this with other things? It is all the fault of Chief Bozo Roberts who let the govt. argue one day it was a fine & the next it was a tax, even though the law was written as a fine. As Justice Scalia said, “Roberts re-wrote the law for them & then passed it off as Constitutional”. Combine that with the fact he did not let arguments go forward to recuse Komrade Kagan in the clearest example of a conflict of interest you will ever see and Roberts should be disbarred, impeached whatever you call it & then he should be thrown in jail & rot there for 10 years or so! The Supreme Court is a joke & when there is malfeasance like this what recourse is there to real justice?

    • dan

      sounds like my ‘property’ tax…where they steal my land if I don’t pay

      • StinkBomb Jones

        This is the strict definition of a tax:
        a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ income and business profits or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions.

        Thus, in your case, you are being taxed on a tangible thing, property. In ObummerCare, they are taxing inactivity which has never happened before. Can you imagine if they taxed you for NOT buying an American made car? For NOT sending your child to public school?, etc….

        • dan

          actually , the property tax includes the School tax….
          and since I declined to send my children (homeschooled
          for 20 years)…
          so I agree

          • StinkBomb Jones

            Yeah, people who buy houses & have no children at all still in most states pay the full tax anyway. Does not seem fair!

    • Briylaln

      I just want to know what the NSA has on Roberts. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m smart enough to know that this law is nothing but BS.

      • Puff The Tragic Dragon

        They got to him somehow, but many believe Obummer had Larry Sinclair, the homo choir director he had homo sex with & smoked crack with murdered. Sinclair’s mother thinks so,…. so getting ot Roberts would be a piece of cake!!!

      • independent thinker

        I have heard rumors they got to Roberts because of something to do with his adoption of a couple of kids.

    • vicki

      “What is to stop the govt. from doing this with other things?”

      Like. Hmm. Lets see………Car insurance.

      You let government think it had the power to tell you what you could NOT buy. Why would you think they would not decide they could tell you what you HAD to buy.

      • StinkBomb Jones

        The analogy is not quite the same to me. In O-Care, they are giving you the option of not buying, but you get taxed…in car insurance, there is no option, if you don’t have it you cannot drive legally or register a car…methinks, that is one case where it is a necessary & good thing.

        • Vigilant

          The proper analogy would be forcing one to buy auto insurance if they don’t own a car.

          • vicki

            That the government thinks it has the power to force you to buy something that you don’t want IS the point and not an analogy.

          • StinkBomb Jones

            I’m having trouble putting this into words,… but there are times when in order to perform an activity (driving a car here), you have to buy something to engage in it, whether you want it or not. This is not an abuse of power to me.

          • vicki

            It IS an abuse of government power that they force you to buy something that you choose not to buy and is not needed to perform the activity (like buying gas might be)

          • Vigilant

            And an analogy was used to illustrate that point. Better have an attitude check.

          • StinkBomb Jones

            And giving that money to those who have cars, but can’t afford to insure them

  • Doc Sarvis

    And still the Republicans offer no viable alternative.
    They spend how many millions in the House voting over and over to repeal the Affordable Care Act knowing they would not achieve that. All the while they COULD HAVE been working with Democrats to improve health care for all Americans.


      May I remind you that before this horrible boondoggle was shoved through Congress, as several proper parliamentary procedures were violated by the DEMs for it even to come to a vote, Obummer had a meeting with the Repubs to ask for their input & they offered a few things , none more crucial than (1) Tort reform to lower malpractice insurance for doctors & (2) most important of all, the opening up of purchases of insurance across state lines to drive competition & lower premiums, thus lowering the cost of insuring those 30 million without insurance. ALL THESE WERE SHOT DOWN!!! It was just a Dog & Pony Show & media did not really cover it as usual!

      Don’t go blaming, the GOP, The DEMs are in bed with Tort lawyers & OBOZO is in bed with Big Pharma & Big Insurers! CASE CLOSED!!!

    • vicki

      They have offered several alternatives. That you do not consider them viable does not change the facts.

      Here is their most recent proposal(s)

    • Vigilant

      And still the Democrats offer no viable alternative.
      They spend how many millions in propaganda to convince Americans to accept the Affordable Care Act knowing they would not achieve that. All the while they COULD HAVE been working with Republicans to discharge the wishes of the American people.

  • rwm44

    I say let obama care go thru .hopefully all the people that will get hurt the most will remember who fought the hardest (the republicans) to stop this bad tax when they go to vote .

    • Briylaln

      I like what Ted Cruz did, but I’m with you on this one. Don’t put it off until the 2014 elections – behind the scenes, that’s probably exactley what the Dems want. Enforce the WHOLE mandate now, make the people live under it for a full year and then come Nov 2014, lets see how they feel about it.

    • StinkBomb Jones

      I can understand your logic, but let me remind you that once a thing like this is in place, it is very hard to get rid of it…you know the LOONY TUNES LIBs will say, “hey we can fix it:, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH & will not let GOP help & they will convince everyone that can rectify it & they will probably make it worse. You are walking a dangerous line here, be careful what you ask for!

      • dan

        …sort of like those damnable Presidential Directives/decrees

        • Gassy Garnett


    • Nadzieja Batki

      There was no intention of Ocare not being put through. It has been a done deal even before it was announced to the American people.

  • Briylaln

    52% of Black voters agree…… That’s because 52% of black voters sit home all day refusing to work because we’re forced by threat of incarceration to support them and their 10 children by 10 different sperm doners

    • Doc Sarvis

      Please cite your “information”.

      • Briylaln

        Don’t need to site my information, especially to you. I would ask you what you’re doing on this site, but then if you left, I would feel bad that I took away the idiotic humor from the rest of the knowledable people.

        • Doc Sarvis

          Your refusal speaks volumes – and just as I thought.

          • MUSH MOUSE

            Who cares what %, it’s a helluva lot & it ain’t only blacks!!

      • FreedomTrainUSA


        • Doc Sarvis

          YES!!!!!!!! It says nothing about black voters refusing to work nor about the number of children they have or by whom. Did you read it?

    • Chris

      Amen Briylaln!

  • Pizza Face

    Now & Then on O-care, the worst piece of legislation ever foisted on the American people!

  • Timothy Butterworth

    Until this communism is removed I refuse to work at any job that requires me to pay taxes! I will not be paying taxes to fund nationalized communistic Religion or nationalized communistic health care! I would like to get official work strikes set up to shut down all businesses on the first Monday of each and every month to protest taxation to fund religion and philosophy that is being forced on us unconstitutionally as well as to protest this communistic health care! We all have the right to live by want ever philosophy, religion or the lack their of that we choose.

    You thieving religious institutions need to keep you hand out of my wallet I do not care what you say you do! If I wanted to support each and every religion in this country I would do that myself! I am not a Catholic+Protestant+Christian+Buddhist+Muslim+Athiest-Philosopher I am an American and their is no law higher or above our supreme law which is our constitution not your religions or philosophy’s!!!!!

    This is the land of the Free and health care is a private matter!

    A small government yields a lot of freedom, while a large repressive mandating government destroys freedom!

    E Pluribus Unum – out of many, one – we are one nation of many different peoples that unit together for national defense and to establish a general indifference an peaceable society. That of course is what we were in our glory days now we are one nation of forced religion and philosophy where the few persecute the many!

    • Rajah Ruxsucker

      Alas, the Genie may be too far out of bottle 7& only a guy like Cruz or Rand Paul can put him back in a bit…returning power back to the states is only way this sucker can be turned around!

      A violent revolutionary purge may be the only other way!