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More TSA Incompetence

February 23, 2011 by  

More TSA Incompetence

The incompetence of the Transportation Security Administration’s airport screening porn show/gropefest is again on display.

According to news reports, an undercover TSA agent successfully passed through the naked body scanners at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport multiple times with a handgun concealed in her brassiere, and it was never discovered. The failed security test was leaked to news agencies by a high ranking TSA source.

This news comes on the heels of reports of TSA agents pocketing thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise looted from the suitcases of travelers, agents making lewd remarks about patting down travelers and agents abusing passengers who choose to opt out of the cancer-causing radiation machines.

TSA procedures are not just feckless, they are an abuse. They violate the Constitutional rights of travelers as the TSA considers all travelers to be potential terrorists until searches prove otherwise.

Of course, the TSA is not interested in catching terrorists, nor would TSA procedures stop an attack like the one carried out last month in Russia. As we’ve reported before here and here, the so-called attacks cited by TSA head John Pistole and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano were false flag attacks staged as an excuse to install more liberty-crushing procedures on the American public.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    I have two questions. How much do those damned machines cost? What’s the name of the retard who decided that America can’t have airport security without those scanners?
    Uncle Scam, it seems, just can’t find a way to stop his unique brand of insanity. Call me a pessimist, but I’d sure like to know all of the names of the ELECTED SOBs who are getting RICH by keep those damned machines at America’s airports.
    Regardless of race, creed, color or mental disease, Americans deserve to know those NAMES.

    • Warrior

      It time for the soon to be TSA union group to get it AZZES up to Wisc and show their support for the frauds, err, I meant cause!

    • Ted Crawford

      The scanners are manufactured by the Rapisan Company. A company represented by Michael Chertoff, former Chairman of The DHS. As to the price what I found was that last summer DHS ordered 150 of them using 25 million dollars of funds from The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009!

    • Bob Livingston
      • marvin

        Bob Livingston
        bob mabe the reason that this tsa LADY got thru the scan was the scanner was gay or just plain did not care,but like 95% of goverment run programs they do not work . cost to much are to intrusive and just plain stuped

        • iowaheretic

          I thought that she had the gun hidden in her vagina.

          • eddie47d

            It was an undercover TSA agent who went through the scanner so that means they are testing the system. Apparently it doesn’t work very well but at least give credit where credit is due. Now will they learn anything from this agent. If she went through the scanner several times then that in itself should have raised a red flag with the other agents. The article did not explain that at all.

          • Dan az

            The only thing that they learned is that it dosent work.So next time you go though it bend over and spread them cheeks and smile for the camera!

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        Yesterday, 2/23, a friend of mine told me the reason she got thru was because they thought it was a 38D.

    • Aix Sponsa

      I do not find it amazing that people complain about the efficiency and intent of the TSA, but if nothing was being done towards security those same people would be complaining that the feds should be doing something. > If you don’t have an idea for a workable solution for the problem, shut up. My idea? Do what the Israelis do, it seems to work.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dar Aix Sponsa,

        A workable solution? How about prosecuting those in the government intelligence apparatus who aided and abetted the false flag terror operations that led us here and the elected elites behind these unConstitutional provisions that were passed to enrich them and their cronies. You must understand TSA procedures are not about finding terrorists and keeping Americans safe but are about money, power and control for a select group of people.

        Best wishes,

        • Libertarian

          you’re dead on, Bob! I am glad to see there are more people like you out there! The ONLY chance the world has is if/when the Americans finally WAKE up and elect people like Ron Paul to the positions of power!

          “The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism.
          The country behind this propaganda is the US …”

          - Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

 – Part 1

 – Part 2

        • Bear

          You’re starting to get blue in the face from trying to make that point. What the hell is so difficult about seeing that virtually everyone within the political system comes from money or have doctorates of jurisprudence? Those that don’t are wannabes who are licking the boots of the union leaders or politicos that do. Why don’t people see why all the Democrat Senators have fled Wisconsin and Indiana? I’m just about ready to see some of the mob start shooting these cowards.

        • Aix Sponsa

          amen Bob. Amen.

          • Aix Sponsa

            But the American PEOPLE think it about “security”, and most have a “something’s better than nothing” attitude….. The same folks who want a federal “cradle to grave” program.

      • independant thinker

        ” Do what the Israelis do”

        That has been proposed many times by many different posters on this site.

        My personal preference is explosive sniffing dogs. If you refuse to be sniffed you do not fly no excuses and no free passes because of “who you are or what position you hold”. The only exception I might make is for one with a medical certification of an extreme phobia about dogs. They would have to submit to a patdown under the same rules as being sniffed.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        The scanners are not necessary for security. They are, however, necessay to soften up the American public to Der Fuhrer’s facsist tactics which will continue to erode our liberty and constitution.

        If they were serious about secruity the TSA would be using the methods used by the Iraelies at the Tel Aviv airport. That is, an extensive personal interview if each passenger by extensively trained security personel.

    • Don

      Not saying for sure, but i’d bet Al Gore has some money in there somewhere !

    • Goldie Baer

      I read somewhere (maybe on or or one of those sites) that TSA Chief John Pistole and former DHS Michael Chertoff had an arrangement regarding the scanners. Pistole would implement them and both would make a lot of money. If Soros is involved, too, well, why are we even amazed. I haven’t flown since they started publicly practically raping people, dehumanizing people, degrading people, humiliating people, etc. I’ve heard too many true stories about it. No, thanks. Good for Alaska’s senator for refusing! May we ALL follow her lead!!!

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      I think the facsist scanners are two pronged. One is making the money for the SOBs as you stated.

      The other is to see how far the American people will allow Nazitono to go with her facsist activities. And she has found out. Bah, bah, bah….

  • Bus

    Privatize, privatize, the government handling of security at airports is horrible. The airports need to be pushed to opt out of this terrible program and come up with a better, less intrusive method of protecting our safety.

    • BigBadJohn

      AGREE – Who’s idea was it to create the TSA as a government agency?

      • GenEarly

        DIMICRATS with a GW Bushie roll over.

        • BigBadJohn

          in 2002 when republicans controlled the presidency and both houses, please check.

          • independant thinker

            True but it would never have passed without democrat support.

    • JIBBS

      Branson National airport in Missouri is already trying to opt out the TSA madate, and provide their own “privatised” firm. I read that about a month ago in AOPA magazine.

  • Scott

    Are you implying that throwing way too much money and authority at the problem isn’t the solution?

  • tim

    Some money hungry bastards in washington who are investing in the companies are the ones who are getting them installed. Probably just look for the ones who voted in favor of the patriot act. They are the ones we need to vote out in 2012!! The ones who are trying to take away our rights

  • sean murrey

    i better not catch them in my suitcase i will break thier hands.

  • Teresa

    I suppose that the Obama administration failed to mention that the flight schools (same as where the 9/11 attackers where trained and flew into the trade towers) here in the United States have STILL NOT been inspected nor have they been closed from illegals from taking flight classes on which they can obtain their licenses. Nor does the administration speak of the fact that John Pistole had stakes in the equipment of the “so called” scanners that were purchased????? hmmm, woulda been nice for the public to know now would it! AWAKE YET!

    • JIBBS

      You are wrong about nothing being done to stop foreigners on watch list’s from taking flight lessons. There is now a whole slew of paperwork and backroung checks needed before you can take your first flight lesson. This also applie’s to all pilots who want to add any addional ratings to their certificate. I know this first hand, I’ve filled it out and jumped thru the hoops. If it’s not completed, not only doe’s the flight school pay the price and risk being shut down, but the CFI ( Flight Instr.), and Doctor who issued the medical certificate also risk even more penalty’s. This paper work also applies to Military pilots transitoining from Military flyers to private or commerial pilots.

      • Teresa

        Nearly a decade after terrorists crashed planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon how could the U.S. government permit an illegal immigrant to obtain a pilot’s license and run a school that trains dozens of foreigners to fly small aircraft?

        The question is directed at the Homeland Security agency responsible for scrutinizing all foreign flight students before they can take lessons or get a pilot’s license in the U.S. Here’s a hint; the agency was created after 9/11 specifically to prevent another terrorist attack by protecting the nation’s transportation system, especially aviation. It’s the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

        A few months ago a news report alerted TSA officials that a flight school in Stow Massachusetts, a rural community about 25 miles west of Boston, was operated by an illegal immigrant who somehow got a U.S. pilot’s license. Enrolled in the school (TJ Aviation Flight Academy) were more than 30 illegal aliens who were actually cleared by the TSA to train as pilots. Several of them had entered the U.S. legally but their visas expired, just like several of the 9/11 hijackers.

        Many have been deported but the TSA has failed to implement any security controls to prevent a similar atrocity, though the agency is working “to refine the process for checking the immigration status of alien flight school students,” according to a spokesman quoted in a Boston newspaper this week. The story reveals that Homeland Security officials have not instituted new safeguards to stop other flight schools from enrolling illegal immigrants who could present national security threats.

        Pilots are actually licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), but the agency relies on the TSA for criminal and immigration background checks. FAA officials claim that they don’t have the legal authority to revoke a pilot’s license for being in the country illegally, indicating that government bureaucracy is playing a role in the inexcusable security lapses.

        The TSA, which has 55,000 employees, has compromised the nation’s security on many occasions and its lapses have been well documented over the years. The agency approved background checks for illegal immigrants to work in sensitive areas of busy airports, violated federal standards by not screening cargo and passengers on hundreds of thousands of planes that fly over the U.S. annually and allowed guns and bombs to slip by at major U.S. airports during random tests.

        A few months ago inept screeners missed a suitcase filled with explosives that blasted after a three-hour domestic flight. Checked on a flight from Boston to Miami, the bag contained hundreds of bullet primers that exploded on the tarmac after the plane arrived in south Florida. Primers provide the spark that detonates the gunpowder in bullets.

        In the meantime tax dollars keep pouring into TSA coffers. President Obama has given the agency more than $3 billion in recovery funds—including $98 million for “advanced technology X-ray units” that screen baggage—and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano wants Congress to increase its 2012 budget by $459 million to a whopping $8.1 billion.

        • eddie47d

          Those who wish to do us harm keep one step ahead of whatever we put out there.The next attack probably won’t involve the airlines at all. Apparently documents can be forged to get you whatever you want including pilot licenses and the Muhammad Atta’s will be able to go wherever they want. Atta flew from Las Vegas to Boston and then into the World Trade Center. It was just too darn easy yet many are against a fool proof National identity card and these x-ray scanners don’t seem to be doing the trick.The TSA has grown burdensome yet how do we balance personal liberties with personal safety.

          • Teresa

            That’s just it…while everyone is concerned about the next attack, they are allowing our government to run all over OUR liberties. THAT IS THE POINT! The next attack will be HERE, I think this is the point most are missing! What people fail to realize is while WE THE PEOPLE are the ones being treated as the criminals, the terrorist are allowed to come across our borders, train in OUR police, military, flight schools, schools, EVEN OUR POLITICAL SECTOR! So, for all of you still asleep…DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHO THE ENEMY IS?

    • Aix Sponsa

      And what would you suggest in this “free USA”? All training facilities, not just aviation oriented, demand full documentation from all persons applying for training? Eventually documentation might be demanded just for eating in restaurants, we don’t want a suicide bomber getting in, and all restaurants might be TacoBell. And how about those cab drivers? There’s dangerous foreigners who might have suicide bombs.

      • Teresa

        What do I demand????? I DEMAND that OUR government do THEIR job and follow the constitution and first secure OUR borders and secure OUR civil rights!

      • Dan az

        Thats why they call it terrorism you never know where it will come from next.So do we take the freedoms from citizens and give it to the terrorist?Thats what they want.There is nothing that you can do to stop them from trying to terrorize you.Thats the point.Thats why they do it.So what do we do about it? For one thing close the borders and start checking citizenships Oh thats right we cant do that because that would be profiling.Obumer would sue you.The first thing that I would do is check all illegals that fit the profile and extract them and I would start with obumer.

        • Aix Sponsa

          The Obama administration has stated that there are between 26,000 and 70,000 radical muslim extremists already in the USA, right NOW. Several sources claim that there are maybe thousands that are 2nd generation Americans. Some claim that suitcase nukes are already here waiting for the green light.

  • Al Sieber

    All the TSA is, is comparable to “Hitlers Brown shirts” this just gives them the power to strip search us.

    • BigBadJohn

      AGREE – Who’s idea was it to create the TSA as a government agency?

    • Dan az

      Its time to put the constitution to the test.
      He explained the federal government “cannot use one constitutional power as a club to bludgeon another constitutionally protected right. In the name of protecting us, Washington cannot suspend citizens’ right to free speech, right to due process, right to keep and bear arms – or ‘right to be secure in their persons.’ To do so would break our charter covenants and subvert the very foundation of this Republic.”

      Read more: GOP joins campaign against TSA scanners

  • Munday/TX

    I don’t believe these machines and these laws are for our protection. I believe they are there to see just how far our leaders can push us before we push back. I hope we all push back soon!!!

  • Boris

    Profiling works for me. Political Correctness and multi-culturism is killing this country.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Boris… I agree. Someone in Washington is getting very rich from the sale of these scanners to the airports. Racial profiling works. Why aren’t we using it?

    • Richard

      It’s a nuisance but they have stopped me from flying on public aircraft. It’s train or auto for me. The radiation danger is minimized and my sources say it’s a lot worse then the government is telling us. Did you see where one member of the Alaskan State Govt. had to take a ferry and a private aircraft and drive, to get back to Alaska after coming to the lower 48 for a medical check-up? She passed the X-Ray machine at the airport but the TSA wanted a closer look at her mastectomy scars. Non of their damn business! I won’t put myself or my family through anything like that but to many don’t care. They will do what they are told, just like the average German in the late 1930′s. I know of a 65 year old business man who was virtually in tears from his mishandling by a TSA ‘dictator’. He has to fly. I do not!

  • Munday/TX

    you know if we all said enough is enough and quit flying the airlines would make the government back down and the same goes with all the other stuff. Every one just needs to not comply-no violence-stay home. don’t buy the insurance, don’t pay the fines. What they gonna do, put us all in jail?

    • http://personallibertydigest Keith

      That is there intentions, they have and still building interment camps.

    • Aix Sponsa

      I personally know 6 persons who have quit domestic flying, period. As of now, that amounts to 10 tickets that the airlines did NOT sell. When oil hits $150 a barrel soon, flying and driving, will be reduced. The upside is, there will be reduced air pollution and less oil importation so oil will last longer. lol

  • Sprock

    This is exactly why Civil Libertarians were outraged at the excesses of the Homeland Security laws of the Bush Administration. Once you turn loose the Federal Government Police Agency it is impossible to turn it off. I’m sure there was no outrage on these pages over the warrant less wiretaps, tracking of book purchases, tracking of Library book selections, or Rendition. All an outright assault on our Constitution. The FBI, NSA, or whoever is data mining every phone / Internet stream in the country and nobody cares.

  • Denise

    The person most responsible is Michael Chertoff. He used to be part of Bush’s Homeland Security team. He formed the Chertoff Group and represents the company that makes the naked body scanners. He is getting filthy rich off of this one business venture.

  • Bud

    Of course. Every time I hear or see something about a new government rule forcing us, the consumers, to use something different rather than what we have been using successfully for yeeears, I say “I wonder who in the gov. has a cousin or brother who makes it. Yes there is this xray-ted machine at air ports. But what about incandescent light bulbs being taken off the market in favor of the twisty ones which are loaded down with mercury. And not long ago they outlawed standard pour spouts for fuel containers. It used to take a short while to fill my tractor now it takes like ten or fifteen minutes to empty out 5 gallons~~ who’s realtive makes these new ridiculous ones ~~ somebody in government’s relative you can be sure!
    Does anyone know where to buy the old type spouts to screw onto the new containers?? Now I just put a large funnel in my tank and pour without any spout attached. sure I spill a little so you can thank that stupid sebilius woman for that.
    Sick of all this $h!t

    • Aix Sponsa

      Whose brother makes it? Excuse me? Haven’t you ever noticed that people can’t even get a job as a hamburger flipper unless nepotism is involved. Few people get jobs on their own merits. Nepotism is the way the world has always operated and will continue to do so.

      • independant thinker

        So you are saying every wally world employee is related to Sam Walton? Every Kmart employee is related to SS Kresge? Hate to bust your bubble but it just isn’t that way. Sure there is some mepotism that goes on but it is more the exception than the rule.

        • Aix Sponsa

          No nepotism? Not where I have been for the last 60 years.

          What does being a door greeter have to do with getting major manufacturing contracts? Come on, exercise some serious thought.

        • Aix Sponsa

          I’m not trying to be a smart butt.
          Gazillions of jobs everywhere are given to some employee’s brother, friend, etc. Everywhere from burger flipping to stringing fiber optic cables, working for NASA or even the local car dealer. Every facit of society is overwhelmed with nepotism.

  • http://msn Kerri

    All we need to do is request training from Isreal. They know what they are doing. They do not have naked body scans nor do they have groping/patdowns. If they want to catch people with explosives get an explosive sniffing dog.

  • Bear

    I find myself at these airports all over the country because I’m a frequent air traveler. At least I use to be. Now I’m a frequently inconvenienced air traveler. Keep in mind, all of you GOP bashers, this all came to fruition on a black muslim’s watch, not on W.’s watch. The way Americans are treated today is outrageous. And we can all point the finger at the ACLU and other minority interest groups who tell us it is “politically incorrect” to profile. Hell, we know who the terrorists are but these spsecial interest groups are yelling “king’s X” and telling us we can’t go after them because we might violate some of their civil liberties. First of all, terrorists don’t have any liberties and if you come from one of those countries and you are Muslim, tough! You and your buddies should be our focus of concern, not 80 year old grandmothers going to Florida to see their grandkids. The Obama cult is our problem because they want to protect only those who fully support their Marxist/Communist agendas. The TSA is exactly like Hitler’s brown shirts. Hitler had no problem finding men in Germany who would kill millions of Jews. Obama won’t have any problem finding men in America who will kill us too. We’d better get that straight right now. He’s already found thousands to manhandle us at the airports.

    • Ellen

      The door was thrown WIDE open for this police state when Dubya signed the Homeland Insecurity Act and the unPATRIOT Act. They’re ALL criminals and puppets in our government……but it’s getting worse by the minute. PLEASE do not think you can defend Dubya; he has NO defense. Neither does our present usurper illegal alien in chief…..

      • GenEarly

        So True! 2 wings of the Progressive Party USA,Dimicrats & Repubs. Keep up the fight to get Constitutional Conservatives into office.

      • Bear

        Excuse me? Ellen, the door was swung wide open when Clinton decided to release Muslim terrorists, I.E. Muhammed Atta. That allowed the WTC/911 to happen. The Patriot act was alredy in motion. This, however, isn’t about defending “W”. It’s about how the liberal left news media and the administration always manages to point their finger at the right. It’s about how NOBODY wants to be responsible for the consequences when they screw up…..and, that is happening by the numbers. How about we find someone in the middle who can think, listen to the people and can speak without a teleprompter.

    • libertytrain

      I wonder why the ACLU allows the entire population to be profiled now?

      • s c

        Libertytrain, the ACLU is all about POWER, money and access to politicians. They couldn’t care less about protecting our rights. The ACLU is a herd of SOBs and NWO retards.
        An ‘educated’ Bolshevik is still a Bolshevik. Anyone who looks up to the ACLU is no better than those scummers at the ACLU.

        • libertytrain

          I know, I was being sarcastic since we are all being profiled now as terrorists just by trying to travel even within our own borders.

      • 45caliber

        Because the ACLU is no longer worried about American Civil Liberties. They are a liberal arm of the Democrat Party.

        • libertytrain

          Yes, but I think they are even worse than your description.

      • Aix Sponsa

        Be realistic. EVERYBODY PROFILES EVERYBODY THEY SEE. period. When you walk through the mall, enter a parking lot, etc., you look around and see if wierd looking people are coming near you. NATURE teaches people to profile. It is part of human psyche. Profiling works-period.

    • 45caliber


      My wife travelled from Houston to Little Rock and back some time back. She was pulled aside for searching. An Arab in robes, his three wives, and two kids were waved through without any check at all.

      I understand that most Arabs are not checked now by the TSA. All they have to do is claim religions reasons and they are waved through – while good Americans are checked instead. Can anyone verify this for me?

      • Teresa

        I posted on it a while back….Janet lied when she said there would be no discrimination, all would be profiled. Muslim women will be allowed special treatments while scanned at some airports due to religion, it is basically on the TSA workers.
        If people REALLY wanted to get back at the TSA and airports, EVERYONE should start showing up in muslim attire….maybe THEN they would start profiling!

      • independant thinker

        45, I would love to see verification posted on U-tube and other sites.

      • mark

        What makes a good American? A white person. If you are of moslem faith does that make you a bad American?

  • Ted McElroy

    The machine is a Rapiscan 1000 produced by OSI Systems (Nasdaq OSIS) and George Soros recently sold over 11,000 shares at a handsome profit. The machines were sold to the government by Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of Homeland Security, who has been an advocate of enhanced technologies, such as full body scanners, that reduce security vulnerabilities and enhance detection capabilities for those threats not easily detected by metal detectors. Rapiscan Systems, a manufacturer of this technology, was a client of his security consulting firm, the Chertoff Group. Now isn’t this a coincidence?

    • Aix Sponsa

      So what? Buying a product from someone who has had a long time interest and knowledge about development it is not necessarily wrong. Would you ask your trash truck driver for help buying diamonds, or want your plumber to do dental surgery on you? Open your mind, but don’t let your brains fall out.

      • Teresa

        Are you truly that ignorant!

      • Bear

        Aix Sponsa,
        You can’t be srious. Your analogy makes no sense. We’re talking about a man who worked in Homeland Security who has interests in a company that develops technologies that are invasive, cutting a deal to sell his products to the government, while he is still working for the government, for profit and gain. We call that a conflict of interest. He has, obviously, used his political position to make money at your and my expense. Are you too blind to see that? We are being invasivly scanned and groped and he is making big buck off the process while some TSA agent with a gun between her boobs slips through the cracks undetected. Does this not bother you?



  • Matt

    This may sound radical but if this is the major problem everyone here says it is then the response should be to stop flying. Yes it would hurt the airline industry as a whole and the economies of all the airports but this pressure would force a change. With that change would come the opportunity for the population to demand the proper change. That change would be to the insanity of believing and acting like the U.S. citizen is the potential problem and start with a system that stops potential enemies from accessing our interior. Keep them out and that way you will only have a very small number to watch inside. Similar to computer protection. Harden the outside the most and then the measures you have to put in place inside are minimal and acceptable.

    • 45caliber

      We need to mimic the Israeli method. It works. But it does require getting good people and making sure none of ex-cons.

    • Sunnie

      One of the results of this plan would be to shut down some businesses, large and small. A huge number of those flying are traveling on company business. Do you advocate closing businesses and putting yet more people out of work? Didn’t think so.

      People, put on your thinking caps and follow the logic of some of the “solutions” put forth. Whether in business, finance, families – anything – there is always a trickle down effect; call it “fallout” if you will. Everything has a cost. The major thing to consider is the cost of the idea.

  • 45caliber

    Has anyone heard anything of the air marshals lately? I doubt that you would.

    The reason there isn’t more air marshals is because they can’t find enough qualified people despite the high pay they get. There are a number of tests they must run. One of the important ones is to be able to have a shoot-out on a plane full of innocent people – without hitting any of the innocent people or blowing holes in the plane. (This is a test so cardboard people are used.)

    The government tried to hire more but couldn’t find them. So they lowered the quality of the tests. There were two things that stopped it: first they had two “air marshals” pull on ski masks and take a passenger prisoner, terrifying the passengers. Second, they found that several of their new “air marshals” were ex-criminals. So they went back to the old rules.

    They did agree to allow pilots to carry – if they passed a special course by the government. A friend of mine – a pilot – said that it required that the pilots take a two week vacation on their own time to take the course. The gov. wouldn’t allow the companies to send them and pay for their time as this would be company “cohersion”. They also had to pay their own way to the site of the class and for their stay (two weeks). Most pilots couldn’t afford it.

    • Aix Sponsa

      Couldn’t afford it? Mega airline salaries, etc. to take a little time to be in a position to save your life and the whole plane.
      Never forget, we pilots are the first persons to the crash.
      The private company I worked for, I carried a Gov45 continuously. When asked by the boss, I said, “If we crash, you aren’t getting my candy bar.”

      • 45caliber

        Good answer. I like it!

  • Gary T

    What we all need to do is this: call, write or contact in any way you can the airline companies and tell them that you will never fly again as long as they allow these illegal actions to go on. Maybe if we start hitting them in the pocketbook they will do something about it. The Israelis have the only effective method- profiling. We need to stop being PC and demand that this crap cease immediately

  • John Snidow

    One hundred seventy thousand a piece for for the ‘scanners’ and there are still major unclosed holes in the security of our airports! As a retired 37 year airline pilot I can point out significant problems at our airports, many of which would be relatively easy and relatively inexpensive to fix. Instead of picking some of the low hanging fruit we spent billions for feel good band aids. I won’t publicly point the problems out for obvious security reasons. I would be willing to bet that the same situation exists at ports and along the borders. Instead of talking to folks with experience in the trenches we spend huge amounts of money on consultant’s studies and unproven technology. Will we ever learn?

  • AkTom

    One of our representative here in Alaska recently refused a TSA gropefest at the Seattle airport after the scanner picked up scarring from her mastectomy. She took the ferry back to Juneau. Sharon Cissna is her name.

  • RK

    Refuse to fly. Make airports empty, let the TSA grab their own junk, Let airlines go into bankruptcy, air trafic control monitor the weather and even make it painful on employers. Bring the country to it’s knees through a peaceful, Gandi style, refusal to use the service.

    • Aix Sponsa

      Yes, Bankrupt multiple corporations. That ought to teach the feds to not mess with our rights.

    • Stuart Ashley

      Hi RK;
      Your suggestion is right on! And it is actually happening. For practical purposes, if it takes less than five hours to drive, bus, or train there; people are not going by air any more. Two hours at the front end. One hour in the air. One hour getting out of the airport. Nobody I know flies from Seattle to Vancouver any more. Used to happen all the time. It was a 45 minute flight, or a three hour drive. Now it’s a 3-3/4 hour flight,or a three hour drive. The irradiating machines and/or the groping, just puts the frosting on the cake. Used to be “flying’s the only way to go!” Now it’s “not flying, unless it’s the only way to go”.
      Cheers! Stu.

      • 45caliber

        I’ll even drive further to avoid flying now.

  • Nail Buster

    Ah the all seeing all knowing wonderful plutecrats they manage so well like they have managed 1. Medicare 2. Medicade 3. Drug Plans 4. AM Track 5. Fannie May 6. Fredie Mack 7. US Post Office 8. Katernia 9. Social Security (at one time-Eisenhower president Rep, Dem House & Senate their was a lock box for this fund with one billion two hundred million in the lock box! the fund box was abolished the money put in the General fund and he ballanced the budject the next year. Woa what a job and now they are going to run Health Care bet that works out well?

  • Jeepdriver 97

    RFID national identity cards are next. This way ‘illegals” won’t be able to access “citizen’s” bennies (official reason). But know ye well that this will also let big brother know where you are and who you are with at all times. And most likely not having one on you will be detectable and a crime. Also will be tied to your bank account and credit cards. Offend big brother and no more access to cash or credit. TSA is just like training wheels for the next step.

    • Aix Sponsa

      Most things can be used for good or evil. A soda straw can put someone’s eye out. The underlying #1 problem is that lack of integrity, ethics, morals, and honor have become a way of life in the USA. “Every man has his price” is a cynical observation that has a solid basis in experience. The great social experiment of the 60s has finally come to fruition. Remember the frog and the scorpion.

      • marvin

        Aix Sponsa
        was that not the fox and the scorpion where the scorpion wanted to ride on the fox to cross the water the fox said no you will sting me and we will die,scorpion no i won,t fox said ok getts on fox, fox get in water scorpion stings fox ,fox saz why we both will die, scorpion saz got to be true to your nature,like a liberal lie lie lie tell you believe it or die

        • mark

          All politicians LIE

      • 45caliber


        When I first joined the Army way back when, they spent months teaching us to be able to kill. Now they don’t have to. The youths coming in already are able to kill and don’t think anything about doing it.

        • Aix Sponsa

          Zactly brother. Kids now have been killing on video games since birth. The military uses the same techniques. They also openly admit that they want video game kids/experts to handle the modern warefare techniques.
          Ya 45, 1968 was a long time ago. Glad I was a fixed wing pilot.

    • marvin

      Jeepdriver 97
      never think that big brother an,t watch you if you have a cell ph most if not all new ones have gps locators built in,obama care wants to put your medical records on line for all to see remimber wikileak most big city have close cir cameras on just about ever street

      • 45caliber

        The first thing the census takers did was get a GPS reading on your front door.

      • Aix Sponsa

        Well I am not anyone important. GPS is mandatory in ALL cell phones. Even without, they can triangulate in minutes. Ever wonder how average people think that the cell company knows where to send their calls to their cellphone, anywhere in North America, duh?

        2 weeks ago I caught mine downloading a program with the phone turned OFF. Yes OFF. I let Verizon know what I thought.

  • rosina

    In any government plan, always follow the money. Where does it go>
    Who is making millions hand over fist etc.
    In this ‘scanner’business seems to be Chertoff and company.
    Windmills for so called man-made global warming? Is it Gore among others?
    What about this ruinhealthcare? The pharma companies maybe? Certainly someone is behind it all. Most of it is not EVEN ABOUT HEALTHCARE!
    Unfortunately, as one progresses in life, one becomes very cynical. I am there.

  • colter

    One person above asked the question;do we know who the enemy is? Well by now you should know who the enemy is…the fed. govt.! Americans are going to have to stop using the stupid airlines if they don’t want to suffer under the contiued fed govt. assults upon their persons, lives and their “liberties”. Nothing like a boycott to effect real change. Just don’t fly anymore America and see how fast the goons back off this intrusion. Let the friggin muslims ride the airplanes and real Americans drive. It will have an impact.

    • 45caliber

      One of the real problems for the airlines is that they have no control over the TSA. If everyone stops flying (and I have) then the airlines can only go bankrupt. The fact that they are going broke doesn’t bother the government at all. So avoiding flying isn’t going to change the TSA.

      Instead start calling your Congressman and Senators nearly every day. It will get a lot more attention and a larger ability to make changes.

  • Philip C.

    There has to be a better alternative than these eighth-grade educated-looking TSA idiots.

    The ones in LAX look like they were picked up on skid row.

  • http://com i41

    Remember these were the cream of the crop according to pay No Taxes Daschle. GW should have told the dems to blow it out ther vents, when the hell was raised so they could be union employees. Union dill rods always are on shot wondersand always needing close supervision. Worked in to many union run projests as a monitor of work and job progress. In Denver, the DIA has some of the most convicted union felons and illegals with false ID. Just another democrat union soros socialist group pervert, brain dead and needing a programmer.

  • Bert Cundle


  • Bert Cundle


  • mark

    Why are fat people afraid of being screened. Are they ashamed of their bodies. I guarntee you the screeners do not get their kicks by looking at fatties

  • mark

    For all of you Free-Enterprisers out there. How about having an airline that has no security checks but you have to sign a waiver that if the plane blows up you have no legal recourse. ANY TAKERS!!!!

  • Moonsi

    The machine produces 20 times of a chest x-ray, and can unzipp DNA that is the bottom line of health cost. Wake up crowd!


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