More Signs The Regime Is Failing


I have told you often that a tell-tale sign of a failing regime is increased controls over the people. Now look around.

The regime’s failure is accelerating at breakneck speed and should be obvious to everyone.

Across the country, armed government goons are cordoning off open, public lands and monuments owned by the people. Worse than that, armed government goons have even held hostage tourists caught in Yellowstone National Park at the time of the theater-of-the-absurd that is the so-called government shutdown. The tourists included foreigners who feared they were being arrested and were made to feel like criminals.

In addition to terrorizing tourists and preventing them from photographing wildlife, viewing Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon and other national monuments possessed by the people, the regime is capriciously endangering private businesses and non-profits. It is blocking off parking areas and preventing tourists from entering the businesses and requiring business owners to refuse service under threat of permit revocation. It is also forcing homeowners from their own properties.

In addition to believing it controls all lands and monuments owned by the “public,” the regime even thinks it controls the ocean and has ordered boats out of 1,100-square-mile Florida Bay.

In Tennessee, the regime has now closed the Foothills Parkway, the main and only safe thoroughfare for school buses in Blount County. The road closure required the school system to stop bus service for a whole community and forces parents to drive on steep, crumbling and winding roads through the Tennessee mountains. It should be prime example that what the government controls, it can take away at a whim.

Under the regime, everyone is required to buy a service (health insurance) whether they want it or not. And thanks to regime interference in the service, it must now be purchased at a price often far exceeding what it had been before the government instituted these new controls. The regime controls what services are offered and what are not under the system.

But either through incompetence or design, it is almost impossible to sign up for that service and avoid coming fines and penalties.

Compliance with the order to purchase the service comes with the requirement to provide all personal financial information. This empowers the regime to make good on its threat to confiscate bank accounts and seize assets as punishment for non-compliance and opens up Americans to a greater danger of fraud and theft by thieves both in and out of government.

Secretive laws and regulations have also been passed that render your bank accounts open to government plunder. And we have the recent example of Cyprus and the 1930s example of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to show that government functionaries and the elected class have the will and the means to plunder private accounts to prop up their failing regimes and redistributionist scams.

U.S. government agencies have publicly contemplated confiscating $19.4 trillion in retirement accounts under the guise of better managing people’s retirement funds.

Yet while the regime increases its controls over lands and property bought and paid for by theft and confiscation — both overtly through taxation and covertly through inflation — from the accumulated assets of Americans, it continues to confiscate and inflate away more and more of America’s earnings and  strengthen its grip on America’s economic throat.

We are experiencing the transition from benevolent to overt totalitarianism… or democracy to complete fascism. We long ago transitioned from Constitutional republicanism to unConstitutional democracy.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in The Declaration of Independence: “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance…  He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws: giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation.”

The questions are how much longer will the people tolerate this “long train of abuses and usurpations,” and is it the grand design of the regime’s globalist masters to push Americans to the brink in order to hasten the collapse?

Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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277 thoughts on “More Signs The Regime Is Failing

  1. How To Get Rid of the Left and Demoncraps

    Why you should go out and do something about your government and not be one who does not care? To call them, let your feelings be known, to vote against radicalism, etc.

    It never occurred to me till I read someone’s comment is that we are being led by the minority. The lesbians, the gays, the progressives, the liberals and radicals, etc., which actually make up a very small minority in this country.

    Then it makes sense to go out and challenge them, and block all their radical agendas and nip them in the bud and let your voice be heard loud and CLEAR. They are a minority and unless they hear from the majority your silence is taken as an endorsement of their radicalism.

    There is a REASON why they are the minority. YOU DO NOT want to be ruled this way, believe you me!

    1. Several years ago, the ACLU made the comment that just because the majority wants something a certain way doesn’t mean that that is the way it should be. Yet, if the majority agrees with the ACLU they will say, and have said, “It’s what the majority wants, therefore that’s the way it should be.” The left only want to go along with the majority if the majority goes along with them.

      1. I believe the founders intimated that by forming a Republic instead of a democracy….but you stated that as well as I’ve seen

        1. Their underbelly is honor & fiduciary requirements wrapped up in oath and duty of office.

          Are we outraged by lawlessness & incredible corruption enough to let them be known for what they are, filing criminal & civil suit wherever & whenever it occurs.

          Example – legislative officers of government declaring T-party members as terrorists – as officers of government they are speaking as government, not citizens – when oath of office is taken, they’re no longer “ordinary citizens”, but are “government”. Read the fifth Amendment. Another is arming the Muslim brotherhood and real terrorists – treason. be specific & follow their routine, except repeat over & over again TRUTH ONLY – make it stick & do the same for their media as complicit & wholesale war on citizens in the shut-down…

    2. The birth of “political correctness” not being able to call people out on their twisted views!! Not being able to shield ur children from nonChristian and unconstitutional depavity!!!

    3. you would prefer to go back in time. when white men, of suitable heritage and property, were allowed to rule over the remainder of the country.

      or do you want even more.

      would you prefer to round up those you disagree with. put them in prisons, concentration camps and, eventually, death camps? (one of the site members has a bit of experience with that.)

      1. rbrooks: would you prefer to round up those you disagree with. put them in prisons, concentration camps and, eventually, death camps?

        Isn’t that essentially the behaviour that we are witnessing from the current-administration, rbrooks?

        1. where?

          this administration is no worse than the previous. it is actually nothing more than an extension of the previous administration.

          neither administration has done as much as you and your fellow supporters would do if allowed.

          1. rbrooks: this administration is no worse than the previous. it is actually nothing more than an extension of the previous administration.

            On this, we can both agree!

          2. so you are saying we can find common ground. does that mean we could work together to end the detrimental affects of the politicians and their wealthy puppet masters?



            2 hours ago

            Baaaa….baaaa…..baaaa…More Kool aid rbrook?<

            or will you continue to allow the idiots to distract you.

          3. Not with the attitude of we will not negotiate.

            Not with the attitude of the post above that you wrote

            you would prefer to go back in time. when white men, of suitable heritage and property, were allowed to rule over the remainder of the country.
            or do you want even more.
            would you prefer to round up those you disagree with. put them in prisons, concentration camps and, eventually, death camps? (one of the site members has a bit of experience with that.———–

            We all need to be willing to give because to live in a 100% conservative society will NOT work. NOR, to live in a 100% liberal society will NOT work.

            We do need each other to get along. There is good in both.
            There is not good in Socialism nor Communism, and that is what Obama wants for us and he has some of each of these groups including Muslim Brotherhood running his administration.

          4. you should learn what the word socialism means. we have always used it in this country.

            you must have missed the original post i responded to. or perhaps you are unable to comprehend either post.

            no give in that post. but of course, you agree with that post.

            the op does not believe that the minority is deserving of equality, freedom or liberty. looks like you agree.

            it is not a negotiation when the two sides are totally unwilling to compromise.

          5. Only Obama has taken it to the extreme and taken God out of the picture. Obama has tried to turn our country into a Socialist country.
            Obama has had or should I say CREATED scandal after scandal to turn our attention AWAY from what he is doing to turn our country into a Socialist country and force us to take God out of our country.
            Bush started the spying but Obama has pushed that agenda even further. Obama has communists and Muslim Brotherhood and Socialists in his admin. This is not an American Administration at all.

          6. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how anybody could take God out of a country. Belief in God can’t simply be deleted. If it exists, it is in peoples’ hearts and souls. Not allowing prayer at the beginning of government meetings, for example, does not mean that God is not there or that a moment of silence can’t be utilized for each person to pray, or not, as they so wish.

          7. Well Karolyn,
            We are no longer allowed to pray in school.
            We are no longer allowed to have the 10 commandments in our court houses.
            We are no longer allowed to call Christmas Christmas, it is now Winter Holidays.
            We no longer are allowed to have a National Day of Prayer, but we can have Muslims go pray their prayer in the White House.
            It is not politically correct to mention the name of God out in public.
            We are supposed to stand against God’s Word and say things are ok, that God says are NOT ok.

            Thankfully I refuse to be PC I choose to be MC!
            MC stands for morally correct and I WILL speak of my God and I will pray and I will not be forced to say something is all right when it is not. ie: abortion,, or homosexuality!

          8. Well, there you go, Jana. It doesn’t matter what “rules” are laid down; God cannot be removed from anywhere.
            Here where I live it IS politically correct and expected for people to speak of God; and “Have a Blest day.” is very common to hear. You know that I am not a Christian; however, I don’t care if people pray or whatever; and I know many people like me.
            There are far to many extremists on both sides of the fence.

      2. rbrooks,

        You say,” you would prefer to go back in time. when white men, of suitable heritage and property, were allowed to rule over the remainder of the country.” —————————-

        This is nothing but an old tired sick tactic. These are all your thoughts and your ideas, not ours. This is what the liberals want to do, and they are proving it daily. Why look at what you just posted.

  2. A sure sign that a regime is failing is when they become more and more dictatorial, step on the rights of their citizens and take away more and more of their freedoms. HItler did it. Mussolini did it. Stalin did it. Now, Barack Hussein Obama, god and messiah of the left, is doing it. And, his supporters don’t give a damn.

    1. O supporters do give a damn and they are afraid and they will need a scapegoat for the misery O causes.They are the ones who will cause mayhem but O and his handlers will not go after them because he needs the chaos they cause. Besides they are expendable to O and his handlers.
      Two possibilities as O may simply be the Devil’s Advocate (not the stupid Al Pacino movie). America may realize her dependence on God and repent and turn to him and he may have mercy on this nation and spare it.
      The other possibility is that we will lose the freedom we have if O and his handlers still believe it is the auspicious time for them to set in motion Utopia of their dreams. They may be believing that this is their perfect year.

  3. Foothills Parkway closure calls for mass disobedience!
    The government has been chipping away at your Liberties for long enough, to make you all Vets!

  4. The Nazis were infamous for their propaganda techniques – which were actually pioneered by the Bolsheviks. Goebbels advised: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe.”

    Although the competition is fierce, probably the Democrats’ most outrageous lie is that they are for the middle class and all of the problems of Main Street can be laid at the door of Republicans and Wall Street.

    Democratic solicitude for Middle America is manifested by: giving us chronic 9% unemployment, an anti-progress tax system, crippling domestic energy production (leading to pain at the pump, among other effects), growing the national debt to shrink the economy (Obama increased the debt almost 30% in less than 3 years), leaving our borders unguarded so that blue-collar workers have to compete with hordes of illegal aliens, and a government-created crisis in the mortgage-housing market, putting homeownership out of reach for young families for decades.

    Democrats’ declaration of solidarity with the middle class is as sincere as Hitler’s assurances throughout the 1930s that he wanted peace – up until the moment he invaded Poland. While assuring us they have our interests at heart, Democrats invade our bank accounts and pension plans.

    Hitler came to power through the democratic process, then proceeded to eliminate his opponents, by banning competing parties, dissolving trade unions and, eventually, sending the leadership of both to concentration camps.

    Like the Nazis, Democrats believe their opponents are evil. They’ve done their best to demonize the Tea Parties and talk radio. Periodically, they threaten to revive the Fairness Doctrine and apply it rigorously to the only media they don’t control. Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe says that in 2007, he overheard a conversation between Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer in which they agreed that something had to be done about talk radio and “there’s got to be a legislative fix for this.”

    Democrats also seek to stifle dissent through hate-crimes laws and campaign spending limits. Would they go so far as to imprison opponents of the regime?

    The president has done a complete about-face on indefinite detention of suspected terrorists, which he swears would never, ever be used against U.S. citizens. In 2009, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said future terrorists would likely come from the ranks of Second Amendment activists, anti-tax protestors, proponents of border security and disgruntled Iraq war veterans. Connect the dots.

    1. Actually, Nazi techniques were pioneered by Jacobins (Robespierre, Danton and Marat) about a century prior to Bolsheviks — otherwise OK, still worthy of uprate.

      1. Human predators learn from other human predators how to perfect their techniques causing pain, misery, death and destruction and this how they believe they will bring about Utopia.

      2. Dear Devas,
        A short history lesson for you, yes indeed these people did employ the “techniques” used by the Nazi’s but, the question is where did they get the IDEA?
        The answer is really quite simple, from the writings of Niccolo’ Machiaveli, who wrote not of his, “techniques.”
        But of the POPES to whom he was a servant – that being the ” Borgias.”
        But, the question then becomes from where did they learn these ” techniques?”
        That answer is again easy to crosslink but requires some deeper levels of research, so the answer in simple terms is from the book known as, {The Talmud.}
        And where did that book come from?
        “The Mystery Babylon school” who later were called – “Khazars” Note the word ZARS, and what do we have as advisors to the alleged POTOUS again? ~~ “CZARS.:
        And what do they believe in?
        Or perhaps better said Narcissistic people who believe they are BETTER then everyone else. See any correlations to what we all call the United States Government?
        How about BARRak O’Bama? What’s a BARR / BAR and where dose the word come from?
        Cass Sunstein
        Valerie Jarrett,
        David Axelrod
        Rahm Emanuel,
        Michael Bloomberg. See any thing here that spells out KAHAZEAR’S yet?
        How about ZIONIST?
        “”Keep on digging”” ~ you will not like the answers you find – but sadly the TRUTH is not always pretty nor clean nor nice.
        Peace and Love.

        1. Anti Semitic BS is all you are capable of offering. Your study of history is off track and you still keep going on it.
          I am surprised you haven’t blamed Adam and Eve or hasn’t your studies gone that far.

        2. Anti Semitic BS is all you are capable of offering. Your study of history is off track and you still keep going on it.
          I am surprised you haven’t blamed Adam and Eve or hasn’t your studies gone that far.

          1. Dear Nadless,
            Ok lets see, You hate Blacks, you also hate Christians, your clueless about what a Samarian / Babylonian is. Yet you have comments about what I post?
            Now that’s just brilliant!!!!!
            You must work for the Rothschild’s after all they hate: Black’s, Christian’s and oh yea anyone who knows the TRUTH about The “Talmud” let alone their love of Lucifer.
            By the way ~ Hey thanks for your kind words, sadly they ring more of a Bovine jelly role then anything else.
            But I will pray that you will renounce the Talmud and the Rothschild’s soon.
            By the way in the “Talmud” of what you should know that Adam’s first wife was called – “Lilith”
            But I digress after all your so special, that being a racist female dog.
            Peace and Love even to YOU.

    2. Dear Jay,
      As noted by Sam, Adolf Hitler followed the works of “Edward Bernays” he even makes note of it in his masterful work noted as: My Struggle.
      Not unlike the masterful works of BARRak O’Bama in: Dream’s of my Father.
      Sadly the fact is that Human nature brings us the ones who will follow such twisted pernicious as well rapacious minds as the two marvels of humanity noted above clearly have shown.
      Just look around, who follows them again, can anyone say what about the TSA?
      The FBI?
      The CIA?
      The NSA?
      The Police in any town city or state?
      Note: we are turning into what is that again, “A police STATE?”
      My good people we don’t have long now and the chains of BONDAGE will be firmly locked on you and your family.
      To YOU – the Idiots that want to be controlled – Fine you follow these followers of Lucifer,
      But don’t try and force us who don’t think chains of bondage are special gifts we should grab on to and lust all the while as you rant on about the 1% or 2%, when its these very people whom you serve.
      To all of You, you all know who these SOB’S are they post here daily with their mindless jelly rolls of Bovine waste, telling you that placing Poison in our water is fine,
      To have your rights stripped is FINE,
      To allow BARRak O’Bama, or his followers to make you all slaves, or to buy his pernicious products against your “FREE WILL,”
      Or be fined – or have your home taken from you, or all of this and Prison time as well.
      This man nor any of the other Criminals have ever produced a single dam thing other than HELL on earth and DEATH of the Human Sprit, and SOUL.
      These acts are not the “Freedom that GOD” granted all Humans… People these ACTS are 100% against all that is GOOD – all that is FREEDOM, no matter what level of Bovine Waste they toss at the wall a pig is still a dam PIG.
      May Peace and Love be with you, but if you need to protect your FREEDOMS and GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, then do so by what ever means you must employ. That’s also a GOD Given RIGHT.

  5. These actions by the obama regime should open people’s eyes. This is what happens when government gets too big. It can get much, much worse, too. Obama is showing how he truly is, a vindictive, spiteful little man. He is a Marxist who is loyal to allah, the devil. Think it can’t happen here? It has and now we must take action. Our governors and and state leaders must get together and make a convention. This is how we work to get around congress. It can’t happen without the people. Obama must be impeached and his administration thrown out. Many should got to jail. Obama must be tried for treason. This will happen if the right people get elected in 2014.

    1. The American people aren’t awake to whats happening, they think no that can’t happen here, I agree if we have any chance your right about the governors, they have to know what is going on. There taking over America!!!!!

    2. You do not need to impeach him, he is not able to be President. No I am not a birther, I do not care where he was born. He gave up his American Citizenship when he lived in Indonesia. He must have Repatriated at some point depending on how arrogant he is. That means he is not a Natural Born Citizen under any definition of the term.

      1. Actually, Hawaiian law allowed abandoned children to receive new birth certificates if left for two years.
        Barry was left by his communist mother with her parents in order to be granted a new birth certificate. Indonesia didn’t allow dual citizenship so they had to renounce American citizenship,and he was then enrolled in school as a Muslim.
        Later, Hawaii trumped federal birth requirements and granted Barry a birth certificate, seemingly negating the “natural born citizenship” requirement for the presidency.

        1. I am posting this link to show how the State of Hawaii allowed Barack’s grandparents to apply for a new birth certificate after being left with them for two years. The rest of the info’ is inconsequential, other than to show how state law trumped(pun intended) federal law so that Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth could be sealed.
          Barack refused to release his long-form birth certificate:

          Keep in mind: this was Hawaiian law on birth certification:

          Access to Original Birth Certificate Citation: Rev. Stat. §§ 578-14; 578-15; 338-20 If a new birth certificate is issued, the original birth certificate shall be sealed. The sealed document may be opened by the department only by an order of a court or when requested in accordance with § 578-15. The birth parent may be provided a copy of the original birth certificate upon request.

          Barry Obama’s birth father did not have to consent to the adoption because he had been out of the picture for more than two years. According to Hawaiian law (I have put the relevant paragraphs in bold): When Parental Consent is not Needed Citation: Rev. Stat. § 578-2 Consent is not required from the following: A parent who has deserted a child for a period of 90 days without affording means of identification A parent who has voluntarily surrendered the care and custody of the child to another for a period of 2 years A parent, whose child is in the custody of another, who has failed for a period of at least 1year to communicate with the child or provide for the care and support of the child when able to do so”

          1. Actually, I’m wrong. Hawiian state law allowed for re-certification and sealing of original birth certificates from public eye after ONLY ONE YEAR (not two) of Obama’s abandonment.
            Read the last line in my former lengthy post of Hawaiian law concerning parental consent.
            ” A parent, whose child is in the custody of another, who has failed for a period of at least 1year to communicate with the child or provide for the care and support of the child when able to do so”
            Furthermore, the commentator on that site indicates mere “residency” allowed foreigners to certify babies born outside the U.S. if they did so in Hawaii.

          2. If you cannot see the loopholes of Hawaii state law in that information, leading to seemingly legal forgeries in the birth certification system, …well, I don’t know what else to tell you. Even the Supreme Court rejected Phil Berg’s lawsuit evidence when they saw Obama leading in the polls of his first election. Why ?
            I call it the O.J. Effect.
            They all knew O.J. was guilty, but refused to convict him due to the burning of L.A. over the Rodney King trial.
            Fear is a powerful tool in the hands of bad people and men of fame and authority.

          3. What are you trying to accomplish???? Your beating on a dead horse!! The berg case was shot down
            because he lacked standing, try telling the truth.

          4. In what way did it “lack standing” ?
            Remember now, O.J. was found “guilty of wrongful death” in a later civil trial.
            Apparently, the criminal charges “lacked standing” and should never have been brought to trial in the first courtroom tv drama series .

          5. LOL, you do not even know what standing is do you It means you have to have suffered a personal loss to be able to sue and .Berg had none and there is no standing in criminal cases so you are so full of it ..

          6. Cool. So you are admitting to the Pelosi style of law-making and breaking.
            I.E.: Pass him on through and find out what he’s all about later.
            Phil should have ample personal loss by now to make a case.
            BTW: Phil Berg is a democrat. LOL !!!

          7. I know he claims to be a democrat but he is also an idiot and a fool. I only said what Pelosi said is turning out to be true because now people are starting to know what is in it and what scares the hell out of the GOP because the people might like it and come to understand the GOP was full Chhitt. Her way of lawmaking is really no different than the way the GOP does it when the have the majority but she never did anything as stupid as what the GOP is doing now.

          8. That’s easy to say about Phil Berg, now that you got your way.
            He was going on info’ not completely compiled, either, with little help from his “friends”.
            Now that Obamacare is passed we can look at it more closely. I know it’s useless to askthis of you, but…
            I dare you to read “Obamacare:A Deception” at this site:

            Please read it in it’s entirety, or don’t even bother replying back to me.
            Thanks, beforehand.

          9. He had no information that he had not fabricated. That is why he is a fool and an idiot.That article is nothing more than propaganda and spin, I have read this and many like it (they are all over) and I have also read the law it self so I know it this is Bull.

          10. I guess you consider Hawaiian law “bull” where it obviously has provided many fake birth certificates since the end of WWII.
            Useless nay-sayers.
            I bet your heart still bleeds for O.J. over that civil suit too, doesn’t it?
            Obviously, you have no intention of reading that article either.
            I heard a saying once that befits your mental state:
            “Ask me no questions, tell me no lies..
            You’ve got to get hit with a bag of sh!!t right between the eyes !”
            Bye bye .


      1. Really? And where did the $17 trillion of debt go? Most of it went to grow the government. Where do you get your information? From Chis Matthews?

        1. I guess you do not know the difference between the debt and the size of government. If you do not tax enough to pay the bills of a small or large government your going have debt but it does nothing to define the size of government only the size of the debt. It has shrunk in size under Obama regardless of your spin

          1. Obama has grown the government by leaps and bounds. How else can he overcome us with tyranny? He just hired thousands of new IRS workers to implement obamacare. You are delusional if you think the government has shrunk under obama. It is exactly the opposite and everyone knows it except you.

          2. The facts and figures show the gov is smaller now than when he took office, read them and you shall know the truth rather than spout off from a position of ignorance!

          3. Ok, smilee. You made me look:
            2008 USA revenue was $2.6 trillion
            spending was $2. trillion
            2012 USA revenue was $2.4 trillion
            spending was $3.7 trillion.
            If you know simple math then you can clearly see that we are spending more because of the growth of government. Remember obama’s 33 “tzars”. Well, he added a lot more programs and hired a lot of people. That means he is growing the government. What do you think the congress is fighting about right now? The budget!

          4. You set out the the deficit and the size of the deficit for two years and neither measure the debt or the size of government so you only proved you do not understand it. To determine the size of government you have to factor in inflation over time and population growth over time (per capita) and when you do that the government is the smallest it has been since the fifties.. You should not draw conclusions on something you totally do not understand. it makes you look lie a fool..

          5. Obama has made thousands of new regulations. This is growing the government. I don’t care what you say. I follow things very closely and our government is too big and too expensive. Are you an obama lover? That would explain your stance.

          6. I make my decisions based on real facts and figures and not on the nonsense you reference and if you read it you would also know the real facts and find out Obama is by far the lessor of the liars. You just do not understand this.

  6. Police Arrest Veterans at NYC Memorial…

    Police arrested numerous Vietnam veterans during a vigil at a war memorial in New York City last night after the protesters refused to adhere to a 10pm curfew.

    The veterans had gathered at the Vietnam Memorial Plaza to protest the 12th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan by reading out the names of deceased US soldiers.

    One video shows a man speaking about how veterans are committing suicide. “This is a sign of betrayal….it’s important you know that your government committed immense atrocities during the Vietnam war, we did it every day,” he states.

    After the Park Service rejected the group’s application to hold a protest at the site, an all night vigil was planned. The group argued that its first amendment rights superseded the 10pm curfew.

    Photographs show veterans being handcuffed and loaded into paddy wagons.

    A live stream video recording of the event shows demonstrators chanting, “whose side are you on?” before police, after several verbal warnings, move in to make the arrests.

    View more images and video from last night’s demonstration below.

    1. On the Greta Van Sustern Show yesterday they showed the open air Mall that now has fences all around it being opened by Nancy Pelosi so she could go in with guess who????

      Illegal Aliens! — Yep that’s who! Meanwhile our American Veterans were outside watching. What a shame!!!

      We know that Nancy Pelosi’s family is from Mexico so she has a vested interest in a country without borders, but this is ridiculous!

    2. These people are chomping at the bit to be arrested so they can say “See, I told you Obama is a meanie”. All of these events are staged to start s__t.

      1. And what, prey tell, compelled obama to restrict access to the memorial in the first place, marcia; and on memorial day of all days? Hundreds, if not thousands, of veterans, their families, friends and others, were turned away during their simple attempts to honor their fallen comrades and family members on Memorial Day at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It was an insult to all veterans that was so insensitive to the point of being cruel. Honestly, marcia, do you really think that restricting access to the memorial was necessary? It seems obama purposely went out of his way to start the chit, in the first place, knowing full well the pain he would cause. How can you defend such a louse?

  7. Cheryl Melancon, when a animal predator has made many attempt to capture a prey and has failed there is rage and fury and defeat and snarling and a last ditch effort to get anything. This is not unlike what O and his handlers are doing. O and his handlers and the minions are disorienting people because they don’t know what will be done next to them. O and his handlers believe if they can disorient and cause fear the American people will give O total control over their lives.
    God is still on the throne and prayer changes things.

      1. Obama is acting like a teacher who is trying to teach the whole class a lesson by punishing the whole class for one person’s mistake. The only thing is, we are NOT children here. AND he is definitely not a teacher!.
        Freedom Train is right he is acting more and more unstable!

    1. We are seeing the “Little Boy Dictator” who is a Narcisisst and is Mentally Unstable…His actions are exactly what people who are CONSUMED WITH POWER AND CONTOL DO.. When he does not get his way…he Throws a TEMPER TANTRUM…

  8. Went to the S.S. office and entered the door withseveral old white folks.
    A large black federal officer told us to stop and stand near the door somewhat cramped. When one lady asked “Why can’t we move forward a little ?” He said “stay where you are ! I told her “We’re just being treated like white people”, to which she chuckled. It was like we were a gang or something under arrest, then he recited his federal authority speech, repeatedly to each individual as we removed everything from our pockets and purses.
    Their attitudes and policies are getting entirely out of hand already.
    In D.C. they closed the Veteran’s parks to WWII and Korean War vets, but opened the mall yard to illegal aliens for a staged protest.
    Now, even border patrol remains on the job but they are ordered to “stand down” and stop no one from entering the U.S..
    Obama is a full-blown traitor !
    Just ask Larry Sinclaire.

      1. Well he better straighten up!

        Obama just doesn’t have what it takes to be President. He actually thinks he is a dictator.

    1. KennyLLC:

      Border Patrol has not been ordered to stand down or to not stop people from entering he US. The Border Patrol is stil working and picking people up.

      Did your iincorrect information comes from an article that appeared on Breitbart and then was basically repeated on The Western Center for Journalism?

      1. The VP of the United Border Patrol Council, Shawn Moran/Union of border patrol agents told Breitbart they were ordered to stand down on all arrests, including drug dealers and human traffickers:

        “Moran said agents aren’t being relieved of their posts, but instead, they’re being told that someone else is taking their place, but no agents have seen that take place. Moran said, while Border Patrol management cite budgetary concerns, the agency has one of its largest budgets ever, but agents haven’t seen any benefits from the increased budgets.”

  9. Teach a man to fish he can feed himself and his family for life, give a man a fish and he becomes a serf, and so does his family. It’s really that simple!

    And on another note: what soldier sticks with a Commander and Chief that rescinds on a near 300 year obligation to take care of the nation’s dead and wounded service men and women and their families? What soldier, or FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA, DHS agent for that matter, would stand by and let anyone who presumes to be the Commander and Chief do this to them and the brethren, and get away with it! It’s shameful that they haven’t all just gone home, and leave this impostor alone in his WH to sulk.

    1. What President in the last 30 years let’s our soldiers become homeless when they get back from war? Makes them wait years for health care? Pays them sqat so they must rely on food stamps and subsidized housing? Give me a break with your sob story blaming Obama.

        1. Why won’t Obama negotiate? He will negotiate with Iran, our enemy. He said he would negotiate with other countries that are our enemies, yet he won’t even bother to try and negotiate anything with his own country.
          Obama is not a leader. He has no idea of what that means.

          1. I will type this slowly for you so you can read it and understand it. They have!!!!!
            They have sent over a separate bill 3 or 4 times to fund the Government all by itself. All without the AHCA. Harry Reid will not accept it. Obama says it is ALL OR NOTHING. Harry Reid says IT IS ALL OR NOTHING and the separate bills are dead on arrival.
            Haven’t you been listening to the news?

          2. Sorry about being snippy with you. I have gotten used to dealing with another guy on here who they just banned. He was really a name caller. You have been nice. Thank you. I like that.

            The ACA is the law of the land we will have to live with it, but it was not a bipartisan bill, as it was shoved down the GOP’s throat. They were told they were not invited to the party. This isn’t how the Gov’t is supposed to be run.

            There really needs some corrections and modifications on this bill badly. Then, the exemptions needs to be taken off. As it is too many are exempt.

          3. Jana:

            Your right about ACA on both counts.

            If people were reasonable they would try to work out the kinks. Unfortunately the only thing the Repubs want to do is kill it, not fix it..

      1. The egregiousness of BHO inaction to fully support the dead and injured service men and women of this country is beyond the dereliction of any past POTUS. Your attempted comparison, and those who agree with you, are sorely misguided. Logically, to compare BHO’s totally unacceptable bad conduct with the bad conduct of any other person in an attempt to dismiss such blatant disrespect for our American dead and wounded soldiers is extremely dishonest to one’s self, and to anyone who is of weak mind. Please at least try to add thought to your words in the future, for everyone’s sake.

      1. Bob…What was Dave’s crime that led to his being banned? This site is about Personal Liberty right?…… Or is it? Did he commit a ‘site’ faux paux? Or something worse?

          1. Ahhhh… Too many ad hominem attacks?… Profanity? Posting Spam? Racism? Slanderous remarks about the contributors? Enquiring minds would like to know….. Because you know there are a lot of ultra far right wingers on here that do that ALL the time to Progressives and Liberals…. And I still see their posts…….(I am not defending Dave…. I would just like to know exactly what he did and if you don’t want to spell it out here then send me a personal email)



          2. Dear Patriot_Dave,

            You write: “Too many ad hominem attacks?… Profanity? Posting Spam? Racism? Slanderous remarks about the contributors?” Yes, despite repeated warnings.

            Best wishes,

          3. Yo PD,
            You are correct that there are many of those on the right here on this site that call names every day. But that being said, I believe that Bob Livingston has been very tolerant with many (on both sides) who post on this site.

  10. This artical is right on, the new Obamacare dictates have 46 new taxes give the Feds the authority to raid everyones personal finances without due process. If they say you owe they take and you know that to try and get it back will cost legal fees that won’t be cheap. The hand writing is on the walls Obama is killing our American dream. Obama looks into the camera and can lie without hesitation, and Harry Reid his low voice makes you wonder weather he has any pulse in his veins.

    1. Obama acts like a dictator and he has his minions good little Nancy and Harry to help him.
      All Harry knows how to say is no no no, this bill is dead on arrival. All Obama knows how to say is I will not negotiate. I actually don’t think he knows how to negotiate. He certainly doesn’t know how to lead a good country, he dictates, he doesn’t lead. Obama punishes those who doesn’t agree with him just like Saddam Hussein did, or any dictator ever has. It isn’t going to get any better either until he is out of office. But, and this is a very big BUT, the people elected him and the ones who elected him are suffering just like the rest of us. Some just aren’t smart enough to realize it yet.

      1. Jana you are so right, just listening to the pundents on the news shows defending Obama in every thing he is doing and has done is just beyond my comprehension. They seem to all want to fall on their swords for this phycopath!

        1. I am watching my country turn from something that was great into something that I don’t recognize any more. I watch as Obama tries to PUNISH his enemies like the dictators of the past in history have done.
          When we don’t learn from history we are bound to repeat her failures.
          The reason I said you aren’t realizing it yet, is you haven’t actually felt the ramifications of all of the laws coming down on you yet, but oh sweetie you will. I will. We all will.
          You think Obama is out for the little man and is going to take care of you. Obama is only out for Obama and his legacy. He is bad for this country. He has been caught in so many lies yet nothing sticks because most people just don’t pay attention.
          You asked me how I am suffering right now? It is like I am seeing an accident that is going to happen and I don’t have the power to stop it. I know what’s coming.

          1. Apparently you’ve been in a coma either that or you’re hopelessly brainwashed. In order for ODUMBOCARE to operate it must receive allocated funds via the House of Representatives. The House had the duty and obligation to withhold funds for unlawful use that would do harm to the economy and the people of the US. ODUMBOCARE fits this criteria.

            Regarding ODUMBO as a would be dictator: Lets back up and analyze what has happened I won’t go into detail regarding all the malfeasance of office I’ll just summarize the events. Benghazi where Four Americans Lost their lives Fast and Furious where one US Border Guard lost his life, The Tea Party IRS Scandal just to name three.

            I won’t go into ODUMBO’S usurpation of our Constitutional rights via executive order we’ll just go for the punishment designed to inflict MAXIMUM pain upon the US Citizens.

            This is a list provided by Ben Bullard on 10/8/13

            Furloughed Military Chaplains Not Allowed to Work for Free – Furloughed military chaplains willing to celebrate Mass and baptisms for free have been told they will be punished for doing so.

            Obama Tries to Close State-Run Parks in Wisconsin – “The park service ordered state officials to close the northern unit of the Kettle Moraine, Devil’s Lake, and Interstate state parks and the state-owned portion of the Horicon Marsh, but state authorities rebuffed the request because the lion’s share of the funding came from state, not federal coffers.”

            Arizona Offers to Fund Grand Canyon, Obama Says ‘Drop Dead’ – “Obama has ordered the Grand Canyon to stay closed, even after the state of Arizona and local businesses have offered to cover the costs necessary to keep it open. In other words, the shutdown isn’t about the money — it’s about hurting the American people just because he can.”

            Although Privately Funded, Historic Ford’s Theater Closed – “Ford’s Theater, which is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, does not use any federal funding or federal employees for its performances. During previous government shutdowns, the theater has continued performances.”

            Iwo Jima Memorial Closed, Barricades Erected – “Another open-air memorial in the Washington area is closed and barricaded off: the Iwo Jima Memorial, just across the bridge from D.C. in Rosslyn, Virginia. A source sends along this picture of the barricade set-up at the memorial, which is also called the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial.”

            Shutdown Denies Death Benefits to Families of Fallen Soldiers – “The families of five U.S. service members who were killed over the weekend in Afghanistan have been notified that they won’t be receiving the $100,000 benefit normally wired to relatives within 36 hours of the death. The ‘death gratuity’ is intended to help cover funeral costs and help with immediate living expenses until survivor benefits typically begin.” . .

            Just recently park rangers arrested vacationers in Yellow Stone treating them as terrorists. I suppose this isn’t punishment either

            Now you want to talk dictatorship and throwing temper tantrums? Why doesn’t ODUMBO pull foreign aid or withhold funds for Michelle’s shopping or fuel costs to ferry his dogs to wherever? The dogs are better people than ODUMBO is.

            I’m mad as hell for all the liberal irresponsibility and waste.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          2. Leave it to a liberal to once again play the blame game. If you were at all aware you would realize that the HOUSE not the GOP sent several budget bills to the to the Senate with all the requested funding except for the ACA where Harry Reid tossed them without consideration

            ODUMBO and the DUMBOCRITES received all the funding they requested except funding for ACA

            Harry Reid and ODUMBO are responsible for the shutdown all previous presidents and DUMBOCRITES had been satisfied receiving 75% of what was asked but NOT ODUMBO and Reid they want it all and make no bones about it So according to you even though Reid and ODUMBO received everything they wanted except funding for the ACA and refuse to negotiate it’s all the GOP’s fault. BULL$HIT This is nothing short of holding the American people hostage to prove they can dictate policy no matter what!! again I say BULL$HIT!!!

            All budget funding originates in the House and it is the House’s obligation and duty to protect the American People from reckless and unwise spending. Since funds for the ACA were not allocated thus leaving ACA cannot claim that the GOP defunded ODUMBOCARE.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          3. Actually I don’t think they ever thought they would defund the ACA. But they could have postponed it one year and all of them could have worked on it and made it a lot better than what it is now. The way it is now is so very flawed.
            Even the ones that sponsored the bill said it was a train wreck. There are too many exemptions. It is way too costly with up to $5000 per and $10,000 out of pocket to pay after the insurance pays what it is going to pay and that is IF you don’t have a pre existing problem. Wow.

          4. I am not privy to all of that yet. Actually I do know some things. Let me get back to you. My husband just came in and we need to eat supper.

          5. First they said revoke this law as it is a real bad law, then they said lets revoke funding of this bad law not repeal it and then they said no lets not repeal it or de-fund it lets embrace it but wait one year before we do so. You believe these mixed up fools?? They do not know what they are doing!! SCREW THEM!!!.

          6. Jana:

            The Repubs are not going to work on correcting anything about Obamacare. Their aim it to only kill it. Defunding it or delayint it are only tactics in the effort to kill it.

          7. Force Recon:

            Your blaming the Dems so does that mean you are playing the blame game?

            When things go wrong it is not “a blame game” to assess responsibility.

            Good you got the name right. Problem is ACA is funded. :

          8. Now that’s what I call unilateral negotiation.

            It’s ODUMBO’S and Reid’s way or we shut down. Anything else by anyone else would be labeled a temper tantrum.

            I guess we know ODUMBO and Reid put the Nations best interest ahead of their egoist agenda don’t we?

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          9. Where have you been these last few days asleep? When was the last time the GOP gave 99% of what was asked for on a budget to any Democrat? That’s what ODUMBO got everything asked for BUT ODUMBOCARE. Anyone else would consider that a coup but not you or ODUMBO.
            Why not try and be the least bit realistic for a chance and see the whole picture. If you keep on insisting on having everything (as ODUMBO and Reid are doing now) you’ll wind up with NOTHING

            ODUMBO’S idea of “negotiation” is give in then we’ll talk, which is tantamount to closing the bar door after the horse has run off or combing ones hair after the barber shaved your head.

            So get realistic this isn’t Burger King it’s supposedly a republic where the people not just the government have a say so.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          10. That really is a ‘late comer’, and this is Paul Ryan’s thoughts.
            Yes, they would still like to NEGOTIATE on the ACA.
            1. Since they have had 3 years to get it right the website is still not up and running properly (and we think the government is the answer to our health care problems OH BROTHER) they could postpone the penalty tax for one year for those who don’t enroll this year.

            So far people have not been able to enroll in this fiasco successfully.
            2. Stop all of the exemptions.(including the Muslims)

            3. Make even congress as well as the President have to be on this same program without being given stipends to pay 72 to 75% of it.
            Will he even talk about it with the Republicans? No, they are supposed to blindly fund the whole thing then he says with fingers crossed behind his back that he will talk about it then. He won’t. Why? Because he lies. He has lied before and he is lying now. We don’t trust him anymore.

            The Debt Ceiling. Obama, Kerry, Hillary, most of the Democrats have called it immoral to raise the debt ceiling but now they are heralding it as its the best thing since they put erasers on pencils.
            If Obama would have had a budget LIKE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO which is part of his job requirement and the Senates, then we wouldn’t be in this predicament but no, he is too busy playing his games (golf) and going on vacation.
            The Repubs want him to discuss how they can cut the budget and get it under control. Do you think he is even willing to talk to them about this? Nope! Not even a little bitty bit.
            It has to be all Obama’s way or no way at all. Again he says fund the whole thing, then we will talk about it. Sure like then he won’t be able to find the time to talk about it. Why? Because he lies. He has lied before and he is lying now. We can’t trust a liar.

          11. How can we trim Medicare? Obama just increased it to add how many million people to it??? Against the Republicans wishes! This by the way is in the ACA.

            If the Muslims are not going to use the ER or any health care that is fine, but the ones that do and I have seen some that do, then they should NOT be exempt.

            One thing they are asking is that people be treated like businesses be treated and be exempt for one year.

            If you would have been on here and seen you would know that I am for cutting farm subsidies and oil subsidies.

            I am against the Oil drilling BANS that Obama has put on us on Off Shore drilling and let other countries come in and use the drilling fields that we had to abandon because he wouldn’t give the permission and rights to anymore.

            Obama could use those things to negotiate with, but he won’t even do that, so yes, Obama is a BAD deal. Your man obama is a failure.

            You say —-If the GOP were serious about negotiations, they would have something to offer up to negotiate in good faith.——— That is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard of for a supposed President to not talk to a group of people that was voted in to represent a group of people. Obama isn’t doing his job. He is incapable of it and you rejoice in it. If he was smart enough he would be able to at least talk to them and find out what they would be willing to do or not do, but he won;t even do that. Evidently you aren’t any smarter either.

          12. Jana:

            You are very misinformed.

            If I said I wanted to burn your house down would you negotiate with me or would you tell me to go jump in a lake. Why would Obama negotiate with the Repubs over the destruction of his Obamacare. You would never negotiate with me over burning your house down.

          13. Jack,
            Not sure what Jana would do if you threatened to burn her house down–but if it was my house , I’d just shoot you first, so you wouldn’t be able to—How does that sound to you ??

          14. Force Recon:

            Wrong again. The Dems agreed to the Republican’s budget numbers. They just wouldn’t agree to distroying Obamacare .

          15. DUMB A$$ DAVE

            Did you proof read what you posted? what the hell do you mean by “GOP attached funding the Gov to defunding ACA.???

            Liberal Double talk Anyone knows if something is to be de anything i.e. de-commissioned, de-activated or de-funded etc. it must first have been activated commissioned or funded. Since there are no funds allocated to ODUMBOCARE from the House ODUMBOCARE cannot be considered as being funded in the first place so the act of defunding ODUMBOCARE is MOOT as it was never been funded only receiving funds from OTHER programs

            Why are you people so insistent that ODUMBOCARE was ever funded in the first place. Media keeps reporting on the de-funding they have it wrong you listen to lame stream media and you too have it wrong

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          16. Force Recon:

            What do you read? What do you listen to?

            Here’s quote from Tea Party Express Chair Amy Kremer made on 10-8-13 “Republicans in the House of Representatives had passed “clean” government funding bills to “delay Obamacare” and “defund Obamacare.”

            I addressed the fact that Obamacare is already fudned in a post above.

          17. Force Recon:

            Sorry your are wrong again. Almost all of the funding for Obamacare has already been authorized. This means that a law would have to be passed by Congress and signed by the President. That’s never going to happen.

            Nice list but it omits facts to mislead people,. The problem is the law mandates all the closures. The Repubs knew that when they deliberately caused the shut down.

            Arizona’s Governor and some businesses did say they would put up money to run the Grand Canyon. Its all hat and no cattle. In other words its all talk and no money. Thousands of mothers and their children under 6 years of age are being cut off of WIC, daycare,and other programs because Arizona has no money. So where is the State going to get a couple of million dollars to pay for the Park’s operation when they can’t even feed needy babies.

            I already discussed the death benefit issue in a post I made above.

          18. What has he done recently in the past two days? Let see 1. Shut off the surviving spouse benefits so they cannot meet their dead spouse in Dover after they gave up their lives on the front.
            2. Obama was not even going to send their bodies back honorably.
            3. Fencing off OPEN AIR memorials. Now this isn’t cheap to fence these things off. Of course its all right for the illegals to go into these memorials, but not our vets.

            I guess you can’t read because we have been discussing on the Personal Liberty Site how park rangers have been detaining people and not allowing them to even have access down certain roads (school buses) etc if they happen to be on Government land which by the way is not Obama’s personal land. It is still supposed to be BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

          19. Not when the GOP sent straight Fund the Gov’t bills over without the AHCA bill attached 3 or 4 times and Harry Reid said it was Dead on Arrival. It is All or nothing.

          20. Jana:

            Check the Congressional records . The Repubs shut off the death benefits. Just before the shut down they past a bill that allowed the troops to be paid even if the government was shut down. In preparing that bill they were told that death benefit could not be paid unless that provision was put in the bill. The Repubs ,controlling the House, did not put it in the bill so they can’t be paid while the government is shut down.

            The bodies are being sent back exactly as they have been since Bush started the wars.

            Again, the law requires that all nonessential government services be shut down. That means there is no one to guard the memorial to ensure no one damages them, their is no one to keep them clean and the government must keep people out to protect itself from liability if someone went in and got injured. If they really cared about keeping them open, the Repubs could have pout that in their bill to pay the troops.

            If you have ever gone to any of the memorials in D.C you would know that they always had a park service employee at or near them.

        2. You Are SUFFERING you just don’t know or feel it yet. Times a coming then you’ll feel it. The apathetic dumbed down and oblivious like you could care less until they feel the heat Just like the Unions who were all for ODUMBOCARE have now found it to be not in their best interest and now want out

          Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Now we got it and 70% of us don’t want it. Those on the government dole do They get free health care off of those who are FORCED to have it.

          We are no longer a republic as there are no longer checks and balances in OUR government only a dictatorship.

          Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          1. You didn’t answer my question.
            But one thing is for sure; I am not dumbed down or oblivious. Why does everyone act like this country and Washington were perfect before 2008? Has everyone lost their memory?

          2. Apparently, you, have lost your memory, marcia, or you must be new to PLD. We, here at PLD, have discussed at length, the destruction rendered to the U.S. under the Bush 1 and 2 administration. Perhaps in the future, you will take some time and investigate the archives before inserting your foot in your mouth…?

          3. Rush, I will tell you when Bush was Pres.I was hard on him too. Not only did I write him letters, I wrote letters to the editor plus sent letters all over criticizing his actions or lack of.

          4. Rush we used to not call anyone names or get mad, then a couple of hard line Liberals came on this site and taught us how to fight—sadly. I like it better not fighting, and not getting mad. Just discussing.

          5. This country was one hell of a lot more perfect BEFORE 2008 At least we had some semblance of responsibility than the run amok tyranny we have today. Liberals never take responsibility for their failed policies yet like to place blame

            To address your concerns; Let’s see the cost of living is connected to the federal deficit and debt. The National debt is at $17 Trillion and counting up $11.5 Trillion in five years from G W Bush’s added $3.8 Trillion in eight years which is three times more in five years than the previous eight. and you don’t believe that someone has to pay the orchestra?

            Now take into account that the jobless rate has continued to climb and there are more people on welfare food stamps and disability than we have had in recent history

            The Fed is printing more money thus weakening the purchasing power of the US dollar degrading the value of everyone’s retirement and to you that isn’t suffering?

            As you are more than likely on the dole and may not feel the pinch but I can assure you many other are.

            There are millions of questions but only one answer Stop the madness stop spending what is not in the coffers live within you means and don’t go into debt.

            If you support what the government is doing you are not part of the solution but part of the problem.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          6. Force Recon:

            The cost of living is not connected to the National Debt.

            The National Debt has not gone up 11.5 trillion dollars under Obama. Bush didn’t just add 3.8 trillion and he got out of office after he crashed the economy leaving Obama with a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit for the 2008-09 fiscal year.Just Google the national debt and learn the truth

            The jobless rate is not continuing to climb. WE were losing almost 800,000 jobs a month before Obamawas sworn it. In case you haven’t noticed, the economy has created private sector jobs for last 43 months – not as much as anyone would like but jobs nonetheless. You can also Google this info.

            The Fed is printing more money but it has not been weakening the dollar, nor degrading the value of anyone’s retirement. Put a dollar value on amount this has decreased the value of your retirement? Can’t do it can you.

          7. Of course the National Debt is connected to the cost of living. The Federal Reserve has been the main purchaser of Government bonds, and when the Fed buys a bond it creates that much new money. Then when the Government spends that money it gets deposited in banks, adding to their reserves and they can then issue credit 10 times their new reserves (Fractional Reserve Banking).
            Currently, the banks have been parking much of their excess reserves to get interest from the Federal Reserve rather than making risky loans at currently low rates, so that has held down inflation somewhat, although the real inflation rate currently (using the more accurate 1980 CPI basket of goods) is about 9% per annum:
            Once the commercial rates rise enough to overcome the risk, the banks will start pyramiding on those excess reserves and all hell is going to break loose on Mom and Pop’s savings and fixed incomes.

          8. Hey Jack, I can as I retired in 2004, my retirement income is fixed. I receive 60% less today in RMB for the same amount of dollars. Sorry to pop your liberal bubble pal but the dollar is sliding very badly.

          9. Yeah Smelly tell us all about it I have forgotten more than you’ll ever learn in your entire lifetime. I don’t need some phony half wit to tell me what is real and what is not.

            When was the last time you conducted your OWN research or did you OWN chores?

            I’d be willing to bet you are one of those clowns who post free internet ads offering to “give away” something you don’t want in exchange for having some one clean up after you.

            Remember I OWN YOU!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          10. Force Recon:

            What are you going to say in 2015 when nothing that you claim is going to happen has happened? Are you going to admit that you were WRONG? Are you going to realize that the people you have trusted, relied on and followed like a lap dog were a bunch of lying sacks of s**t?

            Probably not. You will probably just move on, deny you ever said the things you did and listening, believing and following the same lying sacks of s**t.

          11. Jack, what are you going to say when everything that has been predicted DOES come true? Will YOU Apologize and admit you were wrong? Probably not you will just blame it on the tea party that obstructed your Messiah from helping all the peoples that should have helped themselves by creating a strong work ethic but didn’t, cause the messiah was handing out fish and loaves.

          12. I don’t recall providing a year the $hit is going to hit the fan, but hit it it will!!! I cannot help it if you are oblivious to all the indicators and prefer to live the life of Pollyanna.

            Under normal ebb and flow conditions of a recession the economy usually rebounds within four years, it has been nearly six and the economy is worse not better. Now take a look at all the vacant industrial areas and empty strip mall shops then next notice the big chain stores like Circuit City Macy’s etc. closing and or downsizing. Does this indicate a healthy economy?

            If you say yes you are delusional and living in fantasy land. If you listen to ODUMBO and lame stream media that report that stock market is booming and the economy is healthy. FYI less than 10% of the nation invests in the stock market and fiat money is what keeps the index high.

            Yes JACK A$$ the economy will TANK and when it does remember I TOLD YOU SO.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

    2. Timothy Tompson:

      Neither Obamacare nor any other law can allow the Feds to raid anyone’s finances without due process of law. Every hear of the 5th Amendment to the Constitution? It prohibits that sort of thing.

      1. Obviously you haven’t read the bill. It has been online at for years (in the 2009 bills), read it, at least the first 300 pages and then tell us what you think of it. Look for the part about the electronic bank accounts (yours) linked to the feds, so they can just help themselves to anything you may owe on your medical care. Look for the part about the online medical records without any controls as to who can see your records. Your ex-girlfriends and neighbors will have fun reading your records if they work in any medical facility. Will they snicker a little or just laugh out loud? You know about the IRS supervision of Obamacare, you must file a paper with your taxes to verify that you have insurance or pay the penalty. The first 1000 pages were posted in time to read before the vote, unfortunately our elected reps were too busy to do that, then they tossed in another 1800 pages just before the vote. They are still writing rules and regulations for it, it’s over 10,000 pages long now, we will know about those rules and regulations when they become law. I read the first 600 pages and I think it stinks, read it and form your own opinion, don’t just parrot something that someone told you.

  11. I can keep my own doctor?!! Guess what Obama, I CAN’T. Thanks to you my doctor had enough and moved out of the country to practice medicine somewhere else!

    1. My daughter an Orthopedic Surgeon is considering a career change Restrictions of ODUMBOCARE will not allow her to provide proper medical care to her patients. If any physician does not follow recommended procedure fines and jail time can result. There is a CLOWN in these threads who continually refuses to believe this so I am now going to ignore this idiot.

      ODUMBOCARE means DEATHCARE administered by an IRS non medical bean counting death panel

      Libertas inaestimabilis res est

      1. Force Recon:

        Do something constructive. clean your guns, load some ammunition and go hunting instead of posting things about Obamacare that are totally untrue?

        Its okay if you want to hate it but don’t hate it for reasons that are not true.
        If you would just look at the law itself. You would then stop spouting the bulls**t lies that you heard someone else say.

        1. JACK A$$ Unlike you I fully research topics I comment on You on the other hand rely on government (big mistake) and lame stream media (bigger mistake) for your information. So just because you are unaware of what I post does not mean what I say is false. Only in your little pea brain am I telling lies.

          Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          1. Typical cop out answer from a liberal who cannot support his position. I see it’s perfectly OK for you and other liberals to be parrots but no one else. Man up and stop being a hypocrite

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

        1. Are you any kin to SMELLY? You sure are similar in the inane responses you provide. Not those having the sophistication of an adult but closer to those provided by a ten year old. Or is this the response you are programmed to provide when you are unable to support your agenda?

          Either way i’s a situation of mind over matter I don’t mind and you certainly don’t matter!!!

          Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          1. Gee now that was original! Each time I get a response like this it makes me warm inside for I know I got to you.

            I take the apery you and others do as a compliment because I know you have nothing to counter what I have said to you.

            This is sooooooooooo much fun watching you and the others twitch wiggle and squirm for a worthy comeback. You should know I’ve been around the block several times and have seen it all so bring it!! The more you do the more I own you!!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          2. i can believe you have been passed around the block.

            how can one as blind as you ever see anything.

            it is amusing that you feel so insecure. so inept. so pathetic.

          3. Yeah This pathetic tirade of yours proves I have bested you. Rather than coming up with something original you merely repeat and slightly morph what others say which is no doubt as the result of the dumbing down you received in the liberal one dimensional indoctrination camp you attend. Judging by the sophistication and content of your inane blather I conclude you have yet to complete the fourth grade.

            Sorry pal you have yet to come close to ruffling my feathers although I have clearly plucked most of yours .

            And now I OWN you too.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          4. Yeah This pathetic tirade of yours proves I have bested you. Rather than coming up with something original you merely repeat and slightly morph what others say which is no doubt as the result of the dumbing down you received in the mythology based fascist one dimensional indoctrination camp you attend. Judging by the sophistication and content of your inane blather
            I conclude you have yet to complete the fourth grade.

            Sorry pal you have yet to come close to ruffling my feathers although I have clearly plucked most of yours .

            i have no desire to OWN some one as worthless as you.

          5. C’mon rbrooks haven’t anything original as a come back or better yet something with an iota of truth? Of course not. In order for you to be able to do that you need a higher level of sophistication and education. Since we both know you are severely deficient in thee areas you are relegated to do what liberals’ always do resort to sophomoric play ground antics.

            You couldn’t own me if you had a year of Sundays do do so. All it takes to own you is respond to your posts, Should my five year old granddaughter answer your retorts she would own you too!!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          6. I thought as much more of your sophomoric playground retorts.

            I just FLUSHED you!!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          7. Gee now that was original! Each time I get a response like this it makes me warm inside for I know I got to you.

            I take the continues apery you and others do as a compliment because I know you have nothing to counter what I have said to you.

          8. Unlike you I ALWAYS have something original to contribute and I wouldn’t feel complimented if I were you . You have to have contributed something tangible to to merit feeling complimented and you have yet to do so. The pathetic truth is you are merely a legend in your own minuscule mind.

            FLUSH down you go again!!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          9. Sure pal just keep believing those pipe dreams of yours you’ll be a crowning success in no time.

            FLUSH bye bye!!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          10. A liberal in true form! When they realize that they have lost an argument and can no longer debate, they simply call you names or change the subject!

      2. well, ~ it’s been the insurance company that’s most to blame then government with mending into heath care.

        doctors have allowed it to happen ~

        But really that’s not exactly true either ~as attorneys have made it a field day. ~ which of course work for both insurances companies and government.

        1. Insurance companies like any company are there to make a profit (this is what liberals claim is the ruination of health care). Being profit oriented if they want to stay solvent need to streamline the process. They cannot avoid paying doctors fees so in order to maximize profit they hold off paying for as long as possible it’s like free use of the doctors money for 60 to 90 days lone enough to get a sizable compounded interest. Doctors are eventually paid and like any other business they have costs too so they increase fees to try and stay solvent.

          Enter into the equation of uncontrolled ambulance chasing trial lawyers that want to sue for a hangnail and this further raises costs.

          I have yet to hear what is going to happen (and it wil) when ODUMBOCARE limits care and people die. Will family members be able to sue the IRS? Will the IRS be charged for any malpractice? How about the IRS administered board made up of non medical personnel can they be sued let alone answer to anyone?

          The American public thought they bought a yacht the truth is they only received one oar top row in circles with.

          Libertas inaestimabilis res est

    2. I have looked into that ~ A Doctor has some liberty to do or not do ~ what he wishes to. ~ after all, this is still America ~

      Now you can blame the president for what a doctor has chosen to do ~

      While the president only say , ~ you could go to you doctor of your choice. ~ and you can ! ~

      But the president can’t force a doctor to treat you.

      I know, ~ this sounds like an effort to skirt the issue. ~ and you are RIGHT!

      But so am I! ~ the only person with flawed thinking here is you.

      If you doctor has had enough and wants to leave ~ who’s decision was that?

      1. But that doctor would have stayed if it were not for Obamacare. He chose to leave so he might be able to help people. If Obama had not pushed his his flawed health care through that doctor might have stayed.

    1. I only Bow to God They can come for me if they wish but first they must find me then be able to covertly attack. As I am located somewhere between here and there residing on a a couple hundred plus acres I’ll know where they are before they can get within their effective range they will be well withing my effective range.

      Libertas inaestimabilis res est

  12. Facts to a liberal are those that are pulled out of thin air and or provided by lame stream media to swathe their ineptness on all things rational. Liberal one dimensional idiot-ology dictates they make things up as they go so they can blame others for their failures or force their agenda.

    So whenever they have trouble defending and/or nothing to substantiate their positions they simply fall back on the FBAB (Federal Board for Assigning Blame Mostly on Bush) Nothing is ever the DUMBOCRITES fault right? and/or character assassination through the use of pejoratives or labeling, and/or citing lame stream media’s partial/fabricated truths and prevarications; then all their liberal inadequacies are soon considered ancient history becoming non issues and then quickly forgotten.

    Libertas inaestimabilis res est

    1. EVERY day John Boehner continues to do so while ODUMBO and Reid play god and lord it over the American people!!

      Libertas inaestimabilis res est

      1. Yeah and ODUMBO says he’s ready to negotiate too. BULL$HIT ODUMBO”S Idea of negotiating is do it my way then we’ll talk more BULL$HIT

        Liberals ALWAYS keep blaming others for problems THEY promulgate they NEVER admit to being wrong just blame someone else.

        If you don’t have any support blaming others is not a substitute argument.

        Just like a One Dimensional Liberal You’ve got things BASS ACKWARDS

        Libertas inaestimabilis res est

        1. Funny you should bring up Nixon ODUMBO had done far worse (at least Nixon didn’t play stupid and have five people killed on his watch for what he’d done) yet Nixon faced impeachment for much less malfeasance so by resigning he did in fact admit he was wrong

          So I can say the same to you regarding Liberals as well so don’t play semantics with me The last politician to accept responsibility was Harry Trueman who said the “buck stops here”

          You can stop playing the blame game and come to grips with reality and realize ODUMBO is an omnipotent petty tyrant hell bet on destroying what is left of America.

          Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          1. Taking responsibility is not lip service, for allowing our men to die is treason and they need to be locked up. Nixon left office because he had some respect, Billary wants to be president and Obummer is still in office. They are frauds and people like you are enablers.

          1. rbrooks: jay can be very respectful. as you can see.

            Yet, just minutes ago you said: “you are on the wrong site. the faithful few have no decorum, logic or intelligence.

            Very respectful on your part, rbrooks. Wouldn’t you say?”

          2. Flashman, you and facts are like oil and water. And that goes for your other personalities also.

          3. I can be very respectful, Rush. So far, as you can see, you and i have had a very respectful exchange. Would you agree?

          4. Look, you don’t like titles such as Socialist or Communist but what do you think Obama has working in his cabinet.

            Anita Dunn was his top adviser and she is a Socialist. She spoke at a high school graduation ceremony where she praised Marxist/Communist Chinese Premiere Mao Zedong as one of her favorite philosophers and one of the two people she turns to most. It’s difficult to understand how Mao had time to philosophize as he was busy killing somewhere between 50 million and 70 million of his country’s citizens during his 27-year reign of terror.

            What about Carol Browner—Obama’s
            Director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, Browner is an avowed socialist

            John Holdren—Obama’s Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is not only
            an abortion supporter, he is an abortion nut who believes that compulsory abortions could be sustained under the existing U.S. Constitution if a population crisis arose

            Valerie Jarrett— Communist The New York Times called Jarrett, Obama Senior Advisor and Assistant
            to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, the ultimate Obama insider. She has also been called the other half of Obama’s
            brain. She’s another one of those Chicago thug politicians who has gamed the system—including operating as a slum lord—for her own benefit. Her company, Habitat, Inc., managed the Grove Parc housing complex which was located in the district represented by State Senator Obama. As state senator, Obama coauthored a bill to give tax credits for developers which Jarrett used on the complex. As U.S. senator,
            Obama pressed for increased federal subsidies for like projects. Despite receiving government funds and tax credits, Grove Parc was ordered demolished because of its deplorable condition. She also served the
            administrations of Chicago mayors Harold Washington and Richard Daly, both scandal-plagued. Washington, by the way, was backed in his bid for mayor by Chicago’s Communist Party and the local branch of the Democratic Socialists ofAmerica. Called by the Washington Post a tutor to Obama and his wife Michelle, Jarrett is the step-daughter of Chicago journalist Vernon Jarrett.
            Vernon Jarrett was an associate of Frank Marshal Davis, Obama’s mentor, when Davis lived in Chicago
            prior to moving to Hawaii.

            Van Jones Self avowed Communist was fired in the dead of night on a holiday weekend after a video surfaced in which he called Republicans a bodily orifice, and after a controversial document he signed was revealed.
            Now he has some of the Muslim Brotherhood in his administration. So yes, we call them what they are Rush. Not names, but by their titles.

        2. When has a Liberal ever said, “It was me, it was my fault”.?

          Since liberals are the only ones that know how to act properly… Please let me know who should I pattern my behavior after Kennedy? Clinton? Obama?

          1. hahaha ~ not often ~ I think maybe Reagan did ~ but he was a democrat with a new riding lawn mower, that got a little upidy as the Corporate cash came flooding in.

      2. The repubs control one-half of one-third of the gov’t, and they are the ones who shut the gov’t down. Sounds like more lib-logic to me. Also, I’ve seen a lot about the repubs changing or adjusting their stance on various things. Gee…..isn’t this what parties do when compromising??? But all I’ve heard out of the white house is, “I will not negotiate!”

        1. Plus the IRS has been enlarged and is now in control of taking in the payments for the ACA. Yes, and we know how fair the IRS is. Not like they haven’t been involved in any scandals recently. Not like they don’t have to answer to any branch of the government or anything, and they don’t you know. It is almost as though they are an independent branch of the government all on their own. This is getting scarier and scarier. Fright night is coming and it is Halloween.

        2. VERY True! ~ the negation clock had ran out of time and it was time to vote , up or down.

          The GOP not having the votes ~ was running out the clock ~ acceptable strategy I suppose, ~ but the clock and the vote cannot be ignored.

          To attempt to change the rules of the game because you are losing ~ ain’t no way to run a railroad.

          1. Thank you Deerinwater. Always feels better when somebody agrees with a post. Take care and keep some powder dry.

    2. conservatives use character assassination through the use of pejoratives or labeling,
      and/or citing lame stream media’s partial/fabricated truths and

      then they blame it all on liberals.

        1. I don’t think so ~ but that’s okay. ~ There is no injury to anyone in you believing such things as so.

          It was Foxed News that took the initiative to first launch a major TV media network that packaged and sold a product that could broadcast 24/7 that offered running caption, attractive sets, gorgeous women, hansom men, weather and sports with slanted news and commentary to support, defend and promote racial right ideologue under the disguise as “Hard News” that pandered to a minority labeled The Right Wing Christian Collation that supplied the air under W. Bush administration wing which lead to war profiteering on an epic scale as 900,000 allied forces were killed in the process while the vise president , Dick Chaney vendored the event with hot showers and chow as his black opt team accompanied geological researcher in combing Iraq once inaccessible areas for future mineral extraction.

          This bias media forum went unchallenged and unanswered of several years before MSN rose to the challenge to counter that balance.

          So I don’t really know when you walked into this Bad movies Jana ~ but surly you have seen enough to know it’s just a vicious circle and has no end. .

          1. Deerinwater: So I don’t really know when you walked into this Bad movies Jana ~ but surly you have seen enough to know it’s just a vicious circle and has no end. .

            You need to read this to properly understand what is being perpetrated on the American people. There is no such thing as left-wing or right-wing media, Deer…but this…a very clever puppet-show to bring us into full compliance.


          2. Oh! I know Jay ~ I will read it, ~ Thanks, ~ Playing both ends against the middle and Trojan horses ~ are just as effective and still as popular of a strategy today as they were 10 thousand years ago.

            People never seems to learn. ~ it’s as if the desire to “want to believe” is a hard wired feature of human physic that few can overcome.

            Ideologies ~ are employed as “excuses” for behavior, ~ A means in which we attempt to “justify” and “validate” behavior.

            The contest seem to center around , who can be seen as the “Most Just” and how this ” moral and ethical justice” might be validated to appeal to enough people that it is accepted as more righteously popular then the other guy.

            Buy my soap! ~ and wash yourself clean, easier, faster, and everyone will praise you for being seen as clean.

        1. It’s a rock fight, at this point jay ~ who threw the first rock or the biggest rock, doesn’t seem to really matter anymore.

          1. it is not really a fight. the gop is brain dead. they are a shrinking number. the sad part is that they have done this to themselves.

            this site, and others like it, allow the public to see just how far removed these fanatics are from the main stream public.

            no one drives voters away from the gop as well as the site authors and their faithful few .

  13. They didn’t because we really have a one-party system with two shades of red (as in communist) and they were complicit in the act. You’ll notice that when they were the majority in 2010, that rather than remove funding and bring home the soldiers, they imposed the PPACA. You must be proud.

    1. They are frightened cowards, but dangerous as cornered animals.

      For the sake of mankind, we now need to work together to get this country and the rest of the world back into productive operation.

  14. Bob: The regime is the New World Order, established on 24 October 1945 because frightened world leaders FEARED nuclear annihilation. They joined forces to save themselves by generating:

    1. Deceptive government science:

    2. The global warming scam (AGW):

    3. Recent election manipulation:

    With kind regards,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  15. Article 33. No persons may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.

    Pillage is prohibited.

    Reprisals against persons and their property are prohibited.

    Under the 1949 Geneva Conventions, collective punishment is a war crime!

    The time to IMPEACH him is NOW!

  16. Now we see the Obama Administration starting to collapse. Even the die hard African American community is showing signs of diminished support. It is a shame that so many people were coerced into believing that there may have been some credibility into Obamas Utopian charade. Soon it will be time to make people accountable for their actions. After World War ll many thousands of war criminals and Nazi collaborators were punished for their evil deeds. We need to compile a “Book of Shame” with the names of all of the individuals who sold out our country for money or power! Start with the 2 parties of power then the liberal media and finally big business who at the end of the day only thought of the profit of betrayal!

    1. Hmm ~ I tend to see just about everything experiencing some degree of decay solider but not all at the same rate.

      That one opposing political affiliation has attempted to find victories not by leading but by the restriction of leadership has been self defeating ~ not only for the GOP ~ but all Americans as well.

      44’s Administration has been left to endure and weather this storm of contempt for government and as fared the better of the two could been seen as the general consensus that prevails across this nation today.

      Now , you might well see it differently, ~ and you are entitle to such a view ~ but accept the fact ~ you view has limits and indicative of your station and the company that you keep.

      i was once a solider as well, ~ I was young and held to few personal views , finding them unnecessary baggage for a solider under an E8 grade. For I was solider and my responsibilities clear. They say, that I was a good solider, ~ I say only, ~ that I was a loyal citizen tuned combatant entrusted with a job to do that I did to the best of my ability and placed my personal feelings last.

      Life can become very complicated ~ without attempting to overseen your job and everyone else’s.

      1. Why do you not take this Marine’s statements sincerely, without the need to lecture him on life. His opinions are sincere and you are trying to make him sound like a kid with no life experience or sound logic. I too, was a soldier retired in the grade of E-8. All my life I was not taken seriously by people like you who assumed that a ‘young’ soldier of any age or rank has a brain or real life experience to comment on these subjects. Do yourself and the rest of us a service and STOP lecturing Soldiers. Get on with your own life and allow these people their dues, they EARNED it.

      2. How can I expect to take your blog seriously? You call me a soldier as you claim you were as well but you can’t even spell the word correctly! I was never a soldier, I am a United States Marine! I served my country while others served themselves! Sir I can only conclude that you are a liar, a fake and a kool aid drinking mouth piece!

    2. Tea Party Marine
      I have always respected the marines
      in awe of their call to duty
      they are without a doubt the greatest fighting force in the world
      but not necessarily the greatest thinking force
      Again ,to repeat myself
      Thank “GOD”this land has much more wisdom then this BLOG
      ergo Obama presidency,democratic senate & a denuded house based on GERRYMANDERING

  17. Yes, “nudge” has now become SHOVE! Get ready to see obama’s behavior escalate. Things are going to get worse. We have to remain brave and strong and ever diligent. The Republicans must stand strong and do not raise the debt ceiling. It will not cause a collapse unless obama wants to cause one. It just means we can’t borrow anymore money and we have to cut back. This is what we have to do if we want to save our country.

  18. Sometimes it’s very revealing to the current state of affairs to go back a few decades to see if things were any different then.

    At the same time, you can finally answer the question, “Why the hell didn’t somebody warn me about this before it got so out of control???”

    Watch this and then tell yourself whether or not anyone has tried to warn you of what you are experiencing in spades now. I think Mr. Welch is exactly right when he deplores the American citizens’ ignorance and apathy and how it causes them to ignore history. A true student of world history can predict almost exactly what is coming and can also accurately assess just how effective resistance will be.

    Obama isn’t going away in ’16. Get ready for a terrible few years, folks. And tell those close to you how much you love them. As you know, the one-world oligarchs are planning on extreme population reduction and soon many of your friends and family will likely be gone… or maybe it will be you who is no longer with us…



  19. Cashu, There have been many patriots over the years who tried to warn this country of the direction our political future was headed. . The media was the first to fall into the hands of Communism. They used ridicule as a tool to defeat their enemies such as Welch and McCArthy, both these people were patriots, McCarthy was a war Veteran and hero. They had little to say about John and Bobby Kennedy who sat alongside McCarthy in the hearings, both anti Communist.
    That’s because both were Democrats, “the Communist selected party”.so they looked the other way. It took them all these years and now they are at the pinnacle of success, the White House.and their puppet sits there.

  20. The regime will never fall until a JFK event occurs and that will only temporarily end the regime for when 2016 comes around Moochele will be voted in hands down by the low info voters and all of O’s supporters/staff will help her complete his journey to finish off this country. His plans to me are right on target. I don’t care if the NSA,FBI see this b/c what do I have to lose? I HATE THE POS IN THE WH AND I HOPE SOMEONE BLOWS HIS BRAINS TO SMITHEREENS” Excuse me now I see the Obama goons at my door.

  21. The regime will never fall until a JFK event occurs and that will only temporarily end the regime for when 2016 comes around Moochele will be voted in hands down by the low info voters and all of O’s supporters/staff will help her complete his journey to finish off this country. His plans to me are right on target. I don’t care if the NSA,FBI see this b/c what do I have to lose? I HATE THE POS IN THE WH AND I HOPE SOMEONE BLOWS HIS BRAINS TO SMITHEREENS” Excuse me now I see the Obama goons at my door.

      1. Maybe not but, who the hell wants her as the nominee? She will voted in hands down by the low info voters simply b/c she’s a woman but, also b/c she’s a Clinton.

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