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More people register for unemployment

November 20, 2008 by  

Americans face joblessnessThe number of people newly registering for unemployment benefits reached its highest level in the past 16 years last week, according to figures from the Labor Department.

New applications increased to a seasonally adjusted 542,000, much greater than the figure of 505,000 that had been forecast by economists.

That means that a total of 4.012 million Americans are receiving jobless benefits – the highest number seen since 1982.

Experts say these numbers do not bode well for the job market and for the economy in general. In October, unemployment reached 6.5 percent and the Federal Reserve predicts the rate could rise to 7.6 percent in 2009.

"With retail sales collapsing, industrial production plunging, export orders off a cliff and commercial property just starting what will be a very steep downturn, there is nowhere to hide," economist Ian Shepherdson told the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, President Bush has indicated that he would support extending unemployment benefits to help offset the challenges posed by the current job climate.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the measure – which would lengthen the benefits period by at least seven weeks – today.

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  • Tracy

    President Bush says he’ll consider extending unemployment rates?? I would certainly hope so since he is the reason we are all in the financial trouble we are in. Some of us are totally sinking, not everyone even qualifies for unemployment. So, it does those people no good anyway. What about the people that get 10-99nd at the end of the year? We don’t qualify for unemployment. Most of us have already lost everything. Looking at living in our cars. If we hadn’t been messing around with this war for 8 years things might be different. Seems like as soon as it started we started getting broke! Thanks George Bush! Really appreciate it, the kids will enjoy living in the car this year. Congratulations! 

    • Tracy

      To Billie – You should really learn who you’re talking about before you go off getting rude with me. For your information we have NEVER EVEN HAD A CREDIT CARD. My 1 vehicle isn’t even worth $1000.00. The house we live in at the moment runs an electric bill of 300-400$ a month. And NO, it is NOT huge. It is a small 3 bedroom, 1 bath. One bedroom is completely closed off. You can see daylight at the edge of the floors by the walls. The kitchen is falling apart. Roof leaks. Not something to look at. Just so you know we have 2 kids of our own, and a nephew living with us. So, why don’t you try to pile up in what i live in and walk a mile in my shoes before you go getting all high and mighty. Not everyone in this country has lived beyond their means. Some of us haven’t EVER even came close to having PART of our needs met. Bet you’ve never had to worry where your next roll of toilet paper of bottle of shampoo was coming from have you? Maybe you have, maybe you’re just hateful in general. You really need to wake up and take a step out and look around!


    Yeah, yeah, blame everything on President Bush. The far left media has made our
    president the scapegoat for everything! Are you going to blame your constipation on him too! Stop parroting the liberal media.

    Put the blame on everyone who spent more than they could afford. Running up their credit cards, and buying homes far beyond their means. I guess this is too much for the “me generation” to comprehend. Their mantra: “I want it now!” Well, you got it
    now didn’t you. Not what you expected, but hey!

  • Bob Livingston

    Loose credit and the ability for people to spend way beyond their means is a big part of why we are in the current economic situation.  However, you can’t blame it all on the banks for their lending practices.  The truth is that most Americans spend way beyond their means, always betting on figuring out how to pay for their purchases later.  The concept of “Savings” and spending within your means is long gone in America.  The  only thing that will bring it back is a total washout and period of suffering for many.  Bob

  • Maggie

    Hey Billie,You make me sick you are scum like Bush you are Like constipation you have a—-  stuck up your ass you probably do not even have a family so you do not even know the half of it and by the way not everyone uses charge cards alot of us use cash, I bet you did not have any family in the war that a–hole started he should be put away,He is a murderer, You should be hang by your —–, And also the orher looser who does not know what he is talking about Your probably as selfish as all the people like bush who had to keep taken from the people  look at the peole who worked all their lives and are ending up homeless, you should be one of them and maybe you would keep your —- out of your mouth. LOSER!

  • Florida Girl

    Again with the crazy name calling and finger pointing.  Why can’t we have a heated yet intelligent exchange without resorting to such behavior?  There are a lot of parties to blame in this mess… but the underlying problem is without a doubt greed and lack of control.  Greed by a power hungry government, greed by large corporations, banks and lenders and greed by the American people.  We life in a society that glorifies excessive wealth to the extent that even an above average living is no longer acceptable.  We need larger homes, larger cars, larger tv’s… It’s no longer a need to keep up with the Jones’… because the Jones’ have been replaced by the Rockefellers.  All sense of reason has gone completely out the window!  So even if you didn’t spend like a crazy person during this mess, and you lived within your means… sadly you’re still going to pay for it.  I’m sorry Tracy, if you’re personally faced with the situation you describe.  I wish you much luck and you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Tracy

      Thank you very much for the kind reply. You are so right, everyone is paying for this mess right now. Even those of us that lived way under our means.

  • Bill

    When you live in the USA you should be responsible for your own condition. Seems
    now days some folks feel the state government, the federal government, George Bush,
    or whoever should be responsible. Get over it and take charge of your own life.
    If you must have someone to blame, look in the mirror.

  • Sharon

    Dear Bill/Billy
    Not too sure why you feel the way you do to the point where you feel as though you understand why EVERYONE is in the situation they are in.  Why are you so angry?  Because everyone is fed up with Bush? Man please Bush will be jsut fine!  Or is it because McCain lost?  You as well as I know you did not want that man as your President!  What I would like to say to you is….you did not hear folks talking as nasty and hateful as you are when we lost to Bush and had to deal with his crap for the last 8yrs!  Why are you so HATEFUL?  Did your parents not teach you that you have a heart and that is what is keeping you alive right now?  Even if someone messed up, made a mistake doesn’t mean they have to suffer for the rest of their lives!  This does not mean that YOU ARE GOD and GET TO PLACE JUDGEMENT ON ANYONE!  Hell, looks to me like the Banks, Wall Street & the big Corporations MESSED UP MORE THAN THE AVERAGE AMERICAN WHO YOU ARE CALLING GREEDY AND SHOULD NOT BE HELPED.  IF THAT’S THE CASE THEN WHY SHOULD OUR TAX $ BE USED TO BAIL OUT THE AUTO INDUSTRY, THE BANKS AND WALLSTREET?  Seems to me that you need to try to be a bit more of a decent human being and try to have some understanding; instead of being so hateful.  I hear everything you are saying and I’m, sure you too did more, took more or expected more sometime in your life when you couldn’t afford it OR did not need it, but you got it anyway.  Maybe you are in a financial situation where it doesn’t matter because you will always be OK, then again maybe not!  And this is my point!……I don’t know you, you don’t know me or the thousands of others out here who have fallen on hard times and has been foreclosed on, car repossessed and many or most is a result of LOOSING OUR JOBS!  Not because we got in too deep!  STUPID LAWS LIKE THE “RIGHT-TO-WORK” is one thing that has caused many people to be unemployed.  By the way you talk, you are probably one of those employeers if you own a business and had employees and one day just did not like what one of them said…..Go Barack Obama for instance; you would use this law to FIRE them simply because they SAID something you did not like! There may be those that did over extend themself and I bet that was mostly people with a little xtra money already that they didn’t know what to do with or were just greedy; and the others were just people with a dream of finally owning their own home and when a so-called “Professional” comes and sits in your home and explains how you CAN OWN your own home and “WE will SHOW you HOW.  As an honest, humble, hard working and maybe a little niative American who is excited about seeing their dream become a reality, of course we are going to believe or put trust in the “professional” who is representing the Banks, Mortgage Company or whom ever they are representing while lying in your face and intentionally taking advantage of you!  Why is it if a poor man figures out how to pull off a scam, if he get caught he goes to jail and has to pay back the money.  When a rich man pulls off a scam, they get a wrist slap, asked to “resign” not fired, and does not have to pay back a dime and leaves with a hefty BONUS! on top of it all.

    I think you have some soul searching to do and instead of being so damn angry, I suggest you try spending some time trying to understand something that you evedentially have no idea of.  Keep up your attitude and you just might find yourself walking in our shoes!  The one thing I can say…..I MAY BE BROKE, BUT I HAVE A SOUL AND IT’S A HAPPY ONE!

  • Sharon

    Tracy (I agree with everything you stated)

    I am not far from loosing my home and I lost my job more than 2 yrs ago and to date have not been able to find anything permanent paying more than $9 – $10 per hour with a one hour or more drive to get there!  We just lost our homeowners and flood insurance and here in Florida that is a requirment and now I’m faced with “forced” insurance that is going to cost me more than $7,000 per year and up my mortgage by almost $900 starting in December!  My property taxes are due and I am only paying the minimum payments on my home which means I am now upside down with no equity to use!
    I am a 49 yr old single mother of a 26 and 13yr old.  Both who are being forced to learn some hard life’s lessons right now!  Being older, I now can look back and see that our economy has suffered several times during my lifetime, but I was at an age too young to understand, didn’t care because youth and parents did not sit me down and make it “real” for me!  I’ve often said that those of us who never suffered as children end up suffering as adults.  Not sure if this is really true, but it sure appears that way.  People who had a rough childhood seem to be the ones who often excel; Oprah,  Iylana Vanzant, Terrance Howard, and there are many more names I lack right now, but you get the point. 

    What I’m trying to say is this.   I KNOW IT’S HARD!  BUT DO NOT SUBJECT YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN TO LIVING IN YOUR CAR!  Either stand your ground and chain yourself to your home, refuse to leave…get local news crews and the papers, etc.involved, or just resign to it all if you don’t have that in you.  Find a shelter or family to move with and just start over!  Are you healthy?  Are your kids healthy?  if the answer is yes, then keep it that way.  Can you imagine if you had to deal with an illness on top of everything.  Think of all the people in the world who have lost everything due to mother nature or a natural disaster in just minutes; and know that if they can start over, you can start over.  As long as you have your health, you can MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!  Don’t forget one very important and motivating factor…..BARACK OBAMA IS NOW OUR PRESIDENT!  We have waited a long time to see this day and you can bet CHANGE IS A COMING HONEY!  Talk to your kids, explain what is “really” happening in the world….do not hide this information from them.  They NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING.  Then figure out a way to make the Holidays a meaningful one and better for someone else by doing something different this year.  I am having to do the same thing!  Hell, I don’t have money to shop for Thanksgiving and hoping I can get my child support on Wednesday or even Thursday instead of the normal date which is the day after Thanksgiving.  I might have to shop on Thanksgiving day somewhere.  Still not sure yet what I’m doing for Christmas, but I refuse to become depressed; a little angry I am but I am even having to watch that.  Too much anger is unhealthy and can be dangerous.  I know because I reached that point a month ago when they reduced my food stamps by $200 and my unemployment by $108 and left me with a whopping $95 to get thru the month!  If a cop was around that day, I would have been arrested!  That was the day, I decided instead of having a heart attack or getting arrested for being angry at someone who doesn’t give a damn because they have a job and are mad because they have to work harder than they ever had before due to the number of people broke and unemployeed, that I would instead buckle down and get ready for the “real” fight!  If I end up facing foreclosure in the next few months, you can bet I will not go without a fight!  I am NOT giving up my home!  Especially now that I see the BANKS AND WALLSTREET being HELPED, BAILED-OUT AND GETTING BONUES!  I be damned! and I will take this as far as it needs to go to keep the only property we have left in the family; the one that my grandparents built when they relocated here from the Bahamas long ago.  I let them take my car 2 yrs ago almost exactly down to the same week.  They repossessed it one week before Thanksgiving!  SO KNOW I UNDERSTAND AND WANT YOU TO KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  STAND STRONG….things are GOING TO GET BETTER AND IT WILL BE A NEW AND BEAUTIFUL DAY!  There is something to be said for starting over if there is nothing else left to do….let it happen because maybe there is something so much better in store for you and your kids.   Happy Thanksgiving…….

    • Tracy

      Thank you! Very much appreciate the moral support and kindness. Merry Christmas and i wish you all the luck in the world. We just got to hang in there, Obama will be in office soon!! Thank goodness!

  • walt

    greed and ignorance, patent pending?  how can anyone claim the current generation, or the current regime invented them and promoted them and tricked us?  the eternal truth is that the worst of our species is pretty sad.

    as they said of the plague…matters not how it came to town- what are we gonna do about it? any system that ignores human nature is doomed.  call me a conservative for this if you will, but I think we the people will prevail, oh now I’m a socialist too!

    I’m glad to see an untenable system falling.  My solution?  “babylon the great has fallen, come out of her, my people”  (and I’m not even a self identified christian as accepted by 99.44% of those who THINK they are christians!)

  • http://personallibertynewsdesk bill

    billy. u need to come out of your russ limbaugh attitude. in the rural area their is no jobs if their is its 7 bucks a hour. no insurance and no benifits. every recession a rightwinger was in office and a lefty had to fix the mess you — heads made.  try and live on that.  we have food in the country and you have blacktop and buildings guess who will last longer. good luck—- head

    • Tracy

      AMEN TO THAT!!!!!

  • http://personallibertynewsdesk bill

    sharon good luck to you and your kids. let me know if i can help. im in the same boat. give them hell honey::::::

    • Tracy

      Thanks! I’m hoping all works out, but there’s still no jobs here. We’ll make it somehow. Good luck to you and your family too. I hope we ALL survive this.

  • Russ Ruppert

    This is how it works. People form governments to get a few rules going to protect themselves. Then the government starts making rules to protect itself. The people begin to get weaker and the government starts to get stronger. Eventualy the government gets so big, its controlling every aspect of your life. Then it collapses. People start over again. Another government! Look at history, Eygpt, Aztecs, Greece and Rome. They became all powerfull, just to crumble. We are seeing the end of America now (there’s no way to save it ). What will replace it will be the NWO. No way we can fight it. But, it too will fail, and we will all end up back in the caves( or cars) again, this time.

  • Elizabeth

    Unemployment is sky rocketing, and all is going crazy and we are still analyzing the situations throught conventonal wisdom we’ve all learned to believe is correct. We are at the end of earth’s history, these are all biblical predictons , predictions that are falling into line as we live and breathe. As predicted the beast of  Revelations will maintain control buy using fear and uncertainty to keep us in line. Than they will be the USA’s night in shining armor when all collapses. People we have to learn to think for our selves if we don’t we will be extremely suprised when we learn our final destiny.

  • TeresaE

    Wow.  Didn’t realize that Carter fixed the economy. Seems to me like Reagan won based on having to fix Carter’s economy.

    And while GWB did NOTHING to stop the nightmare, and actually exacerbated it (2005 Bankruptcy Reform), he did not “cause” this and actually did one heck of a job keeping the wheels turning.

    50% of our current crisis is because the backbone of our country–good middle class, non-union, labor/craftsman type jobs went to THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES.

    While you all were working and cashing your inflated paychecks, according to the department of labor, between 3-5 MILLION people lost good manufacturing jobs.   And that happened because of Bill Clinton and more than half of Obama’s new staff.

    Guess what folks, those laborers have never found comparable emplolyment and were living on credit–or working for the housing industry.  As all good things come to an end, our credit rug was yanked out from under over-extended and underemployed Americans.

    Just keep blaming symptoms and never fixing the cause of our illness, I’m sure it will work out well for you.

    So, in 5 years will you still be blaming Bush?

    • Tracy

      In 5 years Obama will have the problem solved.


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