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More Moderate Message, Reid’s Troubles May Help Sharron Angle In November

September 13, 2010 by  

More moderate message, Reid's troubles may help Sharron Angle in November Many GOP members and supporters have expressed concerns about the electability of Tea Party-backed candidates who run on controversial conservative platforms such as Medicare and Social Security privatization.

One of the most prominent supporters of this approach during the primary season was Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle, who is also an outspoken opponent of the Democratic-sponsored healthcare reform and many Federal institutions.

Recently, the 60-year-old politician sought to allay some of the fears that her staunch fiscal and constitutional conservatism may turn off the more moderate GOP and independent voters, by saying that she will be a "mainstream Senator."

In that vein, her website now states that "as a teacher and grandmother of 10, there is no one more committed to education than Sharron Angle," although she had previously campaigned on the platform of abolishing the Department of Education.

While she may still face a tough task of convincing independent voters, Angle appears to have received an unexpected boon from the revelations by the Senate Majority Leader’s former campaign manager Don Williams, who suggested that the politician may have accepted undeclared donations from individuals involved in prostitution in Nevada.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19937993-ADNFCR

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  • Peter P

    [Angle's] website now states that “as a teacher and grandmother of 10, there is no one more committed to education than Sharron Angle,” although she had previously campaigned on the platform of abolishing the Department of Education.

    Being “committed to education” and wanting to abolish the federal “Department of Education” are not juxtapositions. Angle, like many millions of parents, believes that the U.S. Constitution does not empower or in any way enable the federal government to be involved in the education of children. See Article I, Section 8.

    • Jim H.

      Hi PeterP, The Dept. of Education was formed by Jimmy Carter, around 1977. People managed to get educated even before then. Do we really need them?

    • ifw

      I really don’t understand why we need to fedral gov running our schools. They can’t seem to run anything without a lot of red tape. Some things they should not be involved in especially when the people they pick to run the agency are not qualified.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        ifw, look up indoctrination, and you will understand. Federal Government Bureau of Indian Affairs Indian Education = Federal Indian Welfare Plantations / Reservations. Same with the Government Control Public Education system.

        • JC

          That is an accurate comparison. The more enlightened among us will realize that native education really was native indoctrination…and now it’s being practiced wholesale right across this and a few more countries. The end game is of course, passive citizens incapable of critical thinking who blindly will accept their roles as “human capital”.

      • Jim H.

        ifw, Arne Duncan was head of the Chicago public school system(50% dropout rate, violence, low test scores) and he is the one Obama thought should be in charge of the Dept of Education. Our kids are in trouble. We aren’t giving the our best by a long shot. We got educated before 1977,without the Dept of Education, we could do better without them again.

  • http://?? Joe H.

    There you go it is now proven that reid is a political whore!!! He took money from people in Nevada prostitution!!! Makes sense now!!!

    • 2ndrecon

      In my opinion, Reid is the biggest prostitute in DC, next to Frank and Pelosi.

  • MiHi

    Keep dreaming, you loons. Angle has ZERO chance of being elected.



    Her views are more in line with something from the Dark Ages than the United States. Her policies only involve how to hurt people and how to deprive them of their human rights.

    Reid may or may not be a good politician, but he’s a far, far better choice than a deranged psychopath like Angle.

    • Brian

      Even with millions of dollars thrown into this sort of deranged demonisation of Angle the Reid camp can’t put themselves ahead in the race. Time to go Harry.

      • http://InternetExplorer Jani Prueitt

        Pure BS — Reid is grasping at straws — talk to REAL Nevadans and see what they say about him! His money in the coffers is coming from the outside big time Dems in D.C. and the Follywood crowd! If what the Nevadans say is true — he will go down in flames and I would gladly watch! GO SHARRON!

    • s c

      O Twisted One, take a hike. First, if you want people to believe that you’re just another overpaid, bubble-headed progressive, you can stop. We already know that. Second, if you’re trying to convince us that you have nothing to contribute, stop. We know that, too.
      Third, in the event that you have kids, please keep them in public schools. That way, we know they’ll turn out just like you (and we’ll be able to see them before they see us). Fourth, you’ve had plenty of time to re-educate yourself, and you didn’t do it. That means you’re happy being ignorant and a 24/7 useful idiot for people who will abandon your sorry rump at their convenience.
      Get a life, chump. Cuba isn’t far away. You can move there without much of a problem. Let us know how their healthcare is. Let us know what kind of a job you find. Keep in touch. Learn the language before you move. Enjoy Cuba. You deserve it. Think of it as a reward for your all of your ‘potential.’

    • http://charter howe

      To MiHi—- Angle may not be the 2nd coming of Ronald Reagan, but comrade Harry is so far up Baracks ass it will take a volcanic enema to get him out. I sleep better at night when I know my elected representatives don’t lie, cheat and steal and more importantly its really nice when they represent WE THE PEOPLE instead of being in lockstep with Comrade Pelosi and the Presidents radical agenda. Are you paying attention to what is happening to our Constitution? Has everyone forgotten the massive tax and job-killing destructive cost of OBAMACARE which was legislated solely by the Democrats with kickbacks, like the Cornhusker buyout, the Louisianna purchase, the Florida scandel, and many other backroom deals including blowing the whistle on Congressman (the pervert) Massa because he would not vote for the healthcare bill and the worthless charade of a Presidential executive letter signed by Obama to Congressman Stupak to give him cover for turning a blind eye to the pro-abortion OBAMACARE clause. He led a cuacus of 12 policians who were the voice of ant-abortion laws until he accepted 30 pieces of silver to vote for the bill. My point is with the danger of all the corrupt politicians like Sen Reid, Congress Woman Waters, Congressman Charlie Rangel and a significant number of other politicians in Congress and the Whitehouse, comes with the fact that our country is in danger of bankruptcy, war, and worst of all a dictatorial takeover. Over sixty per-cent of our economy has been nationalized in less than two years, and our huge deficit places us in danger of more joblessness and eventually worthless paper money. We don’t want Anarchy which becomes the rule of the land, like riots, food shortages, power outages, lost services (police-Firefighters, water contamination, civil discord on a level never imagined since our founding fathers wrote the constitution which we are allowing a bunch of criminals to assault. I spent 29 years in the military and I am getting to damn old to come out of retirement or give advice to people who are mentally challenged, but I am deeply concerned for my kids and grand kids. Get some balls out there and do not allow these communist criminals to impeach our way of life. Its fine to disagree, but infighting with other American citizens is the stupid way to insure catastrophe. The real enemy is Congressional people who do not represent WE THE PEOPLE and those that would ignore the Constitution and law of the land, so if you want to do something for your country instead of becoming a whiner and part of the problem, get educated on the real facts and when it becomes abundantly clear, that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are transforming us into a banana republic, I would hope you will vote in Nov 2010 and Nov 2012 to help us get these Constitutional bashers out of office and take back our country. The TEA PARTY has it right and as an Independent that is what I support and I hope our countrymen will see the Godless greed and the ugly path that liberal democrats have taken to grab power and control. Sometimes I worry more about the people who support these communist radicals, rather than the corrupt politicians themselves, what a serious shame. I urge everyone to get proactive to protect and do what’s right for our kids.

    • marvin

      MiHi you can run your mouth tell hell freezes over but reid is thru burnt toast, and will be retired, mabe obama will make him a czar of stuped one liners,or czae of illegal immigration,or czar of ass kissing,and make you his favorite ass tro kiss

    • Palin12

      I live in Nevada and I’m voting for Angle.

    • RoBoTech

      Stay in denial MiHinnie
      It becomes you.
      It won’t work this time.
      Go back to the child’s table you mammy has finished cutting you spammy. Now go eat it and quit your blubbering, Libtotty Welfare idiot.

    • norman

      what you aare saying about S A fits reid much better. wise up or shut up.

    • 2ndrecon

      If Reid is such a good politician, why is the unemployment rate in NV
      at 16+%. Almost twice the national average. Go drink some more ‘Kool-Aid’ you left wing loonie.

    • JC

      MiHi says:
      September 13, 2010 at 5:17 am

      “Her views are more in line with something from the Dark Ages than the United States. Her policies only involve how to hurt people and how to deprive them of their human rights.”

      And what is it that qualifies you to have an opinion about American values? After all you think that rat commie bastard Reid is somehow a better choice?

      I think a rattle snake would be a better choice than Reid.

      At least Angle HAS some values.

    • JEff

      That is funny,,, You Must be a comedian….
      I can’t stop laughing..

      Quit watching MSNBC….. They are propaganda pushers…
      If you believe it.. Then you are an idiot..

      Angle cant win… LOL…… Still laughing… I cant stop.!!!!

    • http://naver samurai

      Oh, so you don’t like politicians that believe in people earning what they get and not waiting for some unconstitutional handout? I guess you’ll just have to get your fat back off of the couch and get a job, won’t you? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • MiHi


    You know? If brothels were legal in all the other 49 states as they are in Nevada, I bet most of our recession would be erased almost overnight.

    But, fat chance trying to pass that idea past the christian mullahs who want to rule over us. They’d rather see our children starve to death than allow something that they only want to have for themselves to enjoy.

    • Jim H.

      MiHi, Plus your sister could find work.

      • TIME

        MiHi could also find work, MiHi needs a job in Harry’s orifice, his new job title could be MiHi Bend Over for old Harrys Reed.
        Hey MiHi, can you toot a few lines for us as your tone is some what muted, say I think I hear you gaging a bit, oh my, whats that in your mouth no wonder I the tone is so muted.

      • Mick

        Jim H. says:
        September 13, 2010 at 7:35 am
        MiHi, Plus your sister could find work.

        Ohhh ! Jim !!!!
        What a way to start the week…….Good one……..

      • JC


      • 2ndrecon

        Along with his mother.

    • http://naver samurai

      First, mullahs are of the islamic faith, moron! Second, you sound like one of the sheeple that tend to praise their “messiah” in Washington. Third, you talk about your kids starving to death? Go out and get a job and off of welfare and them you probably give them a better life. Lastly, the one thing you can do that we would enjoy is get off of the kool aid. Must be paid to say ignorant stuff like this to a bunch of patriots! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • dan az

      Me HI
      sounds like you work for the brothels Hows that working out for ya!Maybe you should look for another job sidelining as a floor washer since you already have the calauses where you need them most!The lack of work that your receiving may not be do the recession,Job performance may be your problem!

    • http://naver sook young

      MiHi, I hope you are not from East Asia. If you are, them you are a disgrace to our race. You claim things about brothels, do you know what you are saying? Are you a 매춘부 (prostitute)? If you are, then you really need to seek God’s help. Nobody wants to see children go hungry, because I’ve seen people in my hometown with nothing. I feel that you should work hard for everything you get in this world and not just “presents” from Washington. I know I’ve only been an American for two months, but I think you need to, as my husband would say, reevaluate yourself and come back to reality. I had to work hard in school to get into college, being a woman was harder to get in college. I studied hard, worked hard, and prayed everyday and finished college as a nurse. Shortly after that, I met my husband. I had to earn my parents permission to marry him. After we were married, I had to go to the U. S. Embassy in Seoul and do lots of forms, physicals, and other things. I now have three sons and a daughter and they are good young adults. Everything I have was a blessing from God, but I had to work hard for everything I have. I never took any money from the government and I don’t ask my husband for money either, unless it is for food or something for the kids. If you feel that you need government money to survive, then it seems you don’t want to work and be a good American. I don’t know much anout politics or Nevada, but if this man does believe in supporting the president on things that are not right, then he should be told 나가! get out! God Bless America!

      Sook Young 숙영
      RN and wife of the samurai

    • JC

      Thanks for the rant….now go back outside and wave your hopey changey button. (Check to see if your underwear is on the “inside” this time)

    • ChuckL

      MiHi, go to either ( ) or the Supreme Court website ( ) follow the “LINKS” lins and then MORE and download the Constitution of the United States.

      Read it, especially Article 1, section 8, and the Tenth Amendment.

      The fact that the congress has passed a law and the president has signed it DOES NOT make it constitutional, if it is NOT

    • ChuckL

      MiHi, go to either ( ) or the Supreme Court website ( ) follow the “LINKS” lins and then MORE and download the Constitution of the United States.

      Read it, especially Article 1, section 8, and the Tenth Amendment.

      The fact that the congress has passed a law and the president has signed it DOES NOT make it constitutional, if it is NOT AUTHORIZED BY THE CONSTITUTION. Much, perhaps MOST of what Obama has signed falls into this category. As Harry Reid was comlicit, if not the originator of these unconstitutional laws, he also shall pay the price. GOOD-BYE HARRY.

  • Greyhawk

    Good morning friends and family. This morning I awoke around 4:00 a.m. after getting a good night’s sleep after having had one of the best weekends in my life. This past weekend, I was back home in LaFayette, Alabama to celebrate our class reunion, the class of 1966. In that little small town in East Alabama, I lived in a culture that was representative of all the great things about America, and it was filled with the great people that were the products of this great culture in America that was still in tact in that little town. The kids I went to high school with were the best kids in the world, and they now comprise some of the best minds and citizens of the world and the United States of America. Our Class reunion was held on 9-11, 2010 just because it fell on a Saturday and also fell on a Saturday that was not a Home Game for our Beloved Auburn University Tigers—A Big War Eagle to All. It was a great weekend which I enjoyed by seeing my classmates, some of which I had not seen since High School. But, to see who these men and women are today, just inspired me to no end. Thanks to all of you my friends.

    At any rate, as I sat here this morning, a lot of things went through my mind as I thought about this past weekend, which fell on 9-11 and all the things that had been in the news in recent weeks involving 9-11, including the national and international attention that got brought down on one man who dared practice his first amendment right to express himself. The event was about some unknown preacher with a congregation of 40 or 50 like minded believers who wanted to use 9-11 as an expression of their beliefs and in doing so were going to burn some Korans, which they have every right to do. The Mainstream Media and our Own Government Came Down on this little man, who was one of We, The People, with all the force they could muster, and the man was intimidated and threatened to the point that they put his life in danger, and he had to back down.

    When I watched the News Media drum up support against this little man and take a local event and turn it into an international circus, and to hear Generals and President’s condemning this little man, and telling him that he Was The Problem, I knew just how much Intolerance Our Government and Main Stream Media have of We, The People, if what We, The People, do Not Go Along With The Government’s or the Main Stream Media’s Beliefs, and Agenda.

    So, as I sat here this morning, I made up my mind that I am Personally going to Celebrate 9-11 in the future my own way. From thinking about that, I posted the following on my Facebook this morning. I love you all and I love my country, and I love Freedom. God Bless America and God Bless You All—Have a Great Day and Happy Trails—Jerome Ennis

    Jerome’s Proposal for a 9-11 Celebration annually as a Celebration of All Things That Made America Great.

    On subsequent 9-11′s, Americans should have a National Barbeque Pig/Burn The Koran Festival as a National Day of Remembrance that the Nation Of Islam declared war on the United States of America and on Western Civilization as a whole.

    And, we would also use this day as a Remembrance That We Are The United States of America and that We, The People and our Great Nation and All It’s Underpinnings, which includes our Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution also came under attack. These Islamic Fascists do not believe in our way and form of government which gives individual rights and liberties to free people. These Islamic Fascists do not believe that we Should Be Able to Be Christians or Jews which are religions that according to Islam, are to be destroyed along with any Infidels who practice any beliefs besides Islam.

    First, we would barbeque our various kinds of our favorite pig such as ribs, back bones, neck bones, pork chops, etc. and saving as much of the pork drippings as possible to be used later.

    During the afternoon and early evening, we would eat our meals, after saying Grace and giving Thanks, of course, and generally socialize and talk about our lives and the great things that we have been able to accomplish because we live in America. The country that was created by great men and women of vision, hope, values and beliefs that inspired them to create first, the Declaration of Independence, which declared that Men and Women should Not Live Under The Tyranny of a Monarchy, which could declare and dictate any rule of law they deemed was in the best interest of the Monarchy, in spite of what the people’s will would be, and in most cases, the Monarch’s Rulings were in direct opposition to what was in their Subjects or the People’s they ruled best interest.

    And in remembrance of the United States Constitution, which was the document that defined how we would be governed. The document that was designed with checks and balances to insure that no Dictator or Monarch could ever have absolute or totalitarian or fascistic powers and could govern or rule against The People’s Best Interests. The U.S. Constitution that had as it’s First and Only Amendments added from the start that were called the Bill Of Rights, Amendments, 1-10 that defined the People’s Rights and all 10 of these First Ten Amendments defined What Our Rights as Free Citizens Were. These were Rights Directly Defining what the Central or Federal Government Could Not Do or Interfere With as Relates To it’s Citizens who were all Sovereign as were The Individual States. These Bill Of Rights were to insure that We Would Never Have a Centralized Authority that Could Govern in a Dictatorial, Totalitarian or Fascistic Manner as Monarchs, Czars, and other Forms of Centralized Governments that Had Absolute Power at the Top.

    And, then around sundown, we would gather around a bond fire and throw in a few Korans and pour on some accelerant which is the Pork Drippings which we saved earlier from the fabulous pork barbeque. (Note from a Happy Camper: Pork drippings are great for starting fires. When I go camping, I save the Bacon Drippings to fry eggs, etc. and any that I have left over that is not used to fry things or to season food, I use to pour over my fire wood as it is a great fire accelerant once you get a small flame going.)

    You see how we could use 9-11 as an Event Of Declaration that We Will Not Be Subjugated, Humiliated, and or Destroyed by a Religion That Hates Us and We Will Not Allow This Type of Religion that has at it’s roots, Fanatacism and Narcissism that makes it’s adherents believe that Everybody Except Them ought to Be Destroyed if they are unable to convert them.

    And, we would be using our 9-11 celebration to remember that We are The United states of America that was Founded to Insure that We Would Continue to Be The Land of the Free and Not Be Dictated To and Controlled By a Central Government Which Can Become and Has Become Totalitarian and Fascistic.

    And, we would be celebrating the fact that We Are Taking Our Country Back to It’s Original Constitutional Boundaries that Put The Power in the Hands of We, The People and our Individual States and not in the Hands of A Centralized, Out Of Control Federal Bureaucracy that not only has become Totalitarian and Fascistic, but at the same time is Doing More Harm Than Good and at the Same Time has become so huge and costly to Operate that it is Consuming The Nation’s Entire Capital Wealth just to Service Itself and To Pay Back It’s Political Machine that helps keep it in power. The Federal Government Is Consuming Our Nation and Weakening It to the Point that Islamic Terrorists can now just make threats of violence and retribution, and our Federal Government Officials, Politicians, and even Generals Tremble in their Boots to the Point that they Are Telling We The People What We Can and Cannot Do To Celebrate our Freedom or to Show Our Disgust For Our Own Government Officials or to Show Our Own Defiance To Our Enemies.

    Well, in future 9-11 Events, I am going to Celebrate the way I just described as a way of Telling Our Own Government That They Cannot Take Away My First Amendment Right which was given to my by our founding father’s blood and guts and subsequent fathers and mothers since that time.

    And, as a celebration and reminder to our Federal and State Governments that they have Become Too Big and Costly to Operate and in doing so, they have become more and more fascistic in how they are governing as they are continually coming up with more and more ways to regulate and tax us just to fund itself as they grow out of control in size and lust for centralized power.

    And, as a reminder to show our Enemies, whether they be Islamists or some other Isms that have sprang up in our nation in the form of religions or governments such as Communism, Marxism, Fascism, and Totalitarianism that We Are The People Of The United States Of America, and we will not Be Silenced and Intimidated by Terror or Threats of Terror by our Enemies, foreign or domestic.

    Yes, 9-11 ought to be a Day of Remembrance and a Day To Rejuvenate our Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Spirits as One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice For All.

    A Day that we Declare: Never Again to 9-11 type attacks and Never Again to Our Federal Government that is Ruling Against The Will of The People and has grown so big and cumbersome that it cannot do anything very well, including defending our nation from 9-11 type attacks.

    Before the Military was downsized and cut into, we had an Air Defense Command that was Up and Running and Operational 24-7, 365 days a year with Aircraft sitting on Ready Pads with Engines Running and Pilots Standing By. These Air Defense Commands were strategically located in key spots all over this nation, and anytime that any aircraft, foreign or domestic, civilian or military flew into air spaces not authorized, those planes scrambled to check them out and if they were deemed hostile or that they were putting lives in imminent danger, those planes would be shot down if they did not willingly respond and land in a safe place. End of conversation.

    We have to rebuild our Military, and to do this, we have to stop spending billions and trillions on Welfare and Other Programs that not only do not help anybody, those programs actually destroy lives as they destroy people’s sense of self worth that comes from working for a living and having self respect and dignity.

    Liberty and Justice for Our Own Citizens First, and It does Not Stand For Liberty and Justice For All Lawbreakers Who Enter Our Country Illegally or To Those Who Dare Attack Us In the Cowardly Way That These Islamists Did on September 11, 2001.

    So, you see folks how we can use 9-11 as a day of Thanksgiving for Living In the Greatest Country in the World, and as a Reminder to Our Government That We Will Not Live Under a Dictatorship, and that We Expect Our Government To Provide For The National Defense and Not as a Nanny State that Controls and Regulates Our Every Freedom of Choice and Then Taxes Us For Exercising our Liberties, and as a way to Tell Our Enemies, which right now seems to be Islam that We Will Not Tolerate Attacks on our Nation, and That We will Never Accept Islam as a Mainstream Movement in the USA, and all the Terrorist Acts Being Carried Out in the World Today, including the 9-11 Attack in the USA were carried out by Muslims who Were Following The Dictates of their Founder, Mohammed, that are Contained In The KORAN.

    So, in burning the Koran at our Celebration, we are sending a message to Muslims that we abhor every word of the Koran and it’s founder who dictated the words found in the Koran as a way of expressing his own arrogance, his own hatred for Jews, Christians and Others and as a way of expressing his Sexual Perversions which included the marrying and or raping of small girls as young as age 7, and a religion that gives men the right to not only abuse women, but the right to murder them if they do not comply with his wishes and demands. And, we will not allow Islam to become Mainstream in the USA as the French, British, Germans, and others have done, and have lived and are living to regret the day that they allowed Sharia Law to be practiced at any level in their nations. We will not tolerate Sharia Law in the USA and if Muslims Want To Be U.S. Citizens, they will abide by Our Laws and Customs and not Supplant ours with Their Own Sick and Perverted Sharia Law which is a combination of Law, Government, Politics and Religion that was founded by a mad man.

    So, you see folks, 9-11 can become a Day that Trumps Them All. A day that reminds us of all the things we as a people have taken for granted. Most of us believed the U.S. military was still on the job in areas such as the Air Defense Command, and we found out too late that was not the case. And, since 9-11-01, the Air Defense Command Still Has Not Been Rebuilt. But, our Dear President Obama has said, “We are going to use NASA to reach out to Islam, and to celebrate all the great things Islam has contributed to the Space Program??? What planet is he living on?? And, Obama has said taht our Space Program is going to stop being used fo defense technologies and exploration, but is going to be used mostly for Studying Global Warming and other Green Initiatives.”

    9-11, 2001 was a Wake Up Call, but we fell back asleep and in 2008, we elected a Radical that is destroying the nation and who also apologizes to the Islamic World & Bows To Saudi Kings, who are the Popes of the Muslim World.

    Never Again—-Remember 9-11 and Pray For America to Be Blessed and Delivered from the Incompetence that now is being represented by this president and congress. And, in the future, vote for people who truly love this country but who also have as part of their agenda the belief in Limited Federal Government and the Down Sizing of the Federal Government and putting things such as public education, and other matters back in the hands of local and state governments where they belong and which were the intentions of our founders of the constitution.

    And, demanding the Federal Government Rebuild the National Defense and Military Apparatus that includes Re-Instituting the Air Defense Command, and Demand that the Federal Government Abolish the Nanny State and the Regulatory Bureaucracy that has Destroyed Our Industrial and Manufacturing Base. It was the Industrial and Manufacturing Base in the USA that built this Dynamic Nation and It’s Dynamic Economy That Produced the Greatest Country with the Greatest ability to attain middle class and a good standard of living than any other system or country in the world. We cannot allow any of the Foreign or Domestic Isms or Religions destroy this great nation, as it would also destroy the great people of this great nation.

    We are the greatest nation on earth because our system has allowed for the creation of the culture which I was honored to grow up in. My weekend class reunion and meeting up with my old friends was a reminder of how far down the tubes this nation has gone since our day. We were the Products Of A Great Nation and We had reached the Pinnacle, and we had been blessed, and since that time in 1966, the Federal Government has attained and siezed ever growing power and control and are destroying this great nation, and have almost killed the means of production.

    Our class was the end of the greatest era in the USA, and at the time, we were just young and innocent and thought that America would Continue to Expand in Greatness and Goodness. That is why I call my age and our era, The End Of The Innocence, and along with the Ending of that Innocence, the Federal Government Began It’s Wholesale Assault on We The People and Began the Expansion of the Size, Power and Control of the Federal Government at the Expense of Individual and States’s Rights.

    But, the last time I checked, the Constitution of the USA is still Around as is the Declaration of Indpendence. It is up to We, The People, To Take America Back To Constitutional and Effective Governance.

    This is my 9-11 Declaration.

    Have a Great Day, and Happy Trails–Jerome Ennis

    • TIME

      Greyhawk, And I thought I was long winded, You trumped me dude.
      Be that as it may your post speaks of “TRUTHS,” that we the people have lost in the haze of outright rhetoric from all the noted modes you hit on within the text of your post.

      Thus rather than go into lenght, I applaud you for stating what many of us feel as well know as “TRUTHS.”

      I lost many on 9/11, so many I can’t even count them all, as the time pass’s I still find my self in tears every time I see the pictures of that day.
      You see having lived in New York for years and having a wife from New York who also went to school with many who died that day, we have a hole in our hearts that can never be filled.

      Thanks for the Great post dude. TIME

    • http://Personalwebsite Leroy Baldwin D.D.

      Well written and WELL stated! Keep the dream alive !

    • norman

      Amen Bro. ennis !!!!.

    • http://naver samurai

      Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • JC

      Amen Greyhawk.

  • J.M.R.


  • Ted Davidson

    Reid must go!! The American people were against the Health Care Bill. His friend Nancy wanted to pass the bill just to see what is in it. Now that we know what is in it, the American people are really mad. Is there a man in Washington with the guts to admit that he helped to write the bill. Who put the provision in that created a 3.8% tax on the sale of a home? Who wrote the provision that mandates a 1099 for any transaction over $600.00 dollars in silver or gold. This bill must have been written by the bankers and not our congressmen. The people of the United States are tired of being betrayed by their Presidents and Congressmen. I’m sure that the establishment is worried about tea party candidates ability to carry on the two party farce. The American people are tired of both Republicans and Democrats lying.

  • Jerry Alexander

    I`ll guess that Al Cee Hastings entire family is communist,so! if you see any of them…tell them that we know who they are,and what they are up to….A Scarlett Letter so to speak.As a matter of fact I think we should send a “Scarlett Letter” to every Politician that fits the bill.
    A “Scarlett Letter” should be placed on their lawns,office,car,and photo`s on the internet…we need to brand these communist with highly visible indicators of their Patriotism.

  • Linda Spy

    This woman is such a flip flopper you can’t believe anything she says,,She is against Social Security and Medicare.Wants to privitize,,is against alcohol consumption,,,,linking breast cancer with aborition… abolish the Epa,,Dpt of energy, Dept of code..she supports the oath keepers, wrong for parents to hold two jobs,,so if your husband is working and you have kids,,the woman quits her job and stops working and stays home with the kids lol,,,wants to de-regulate oil more to invite other businesses to come in..

    Sharon Angle is a gift alright…she is now distancing herself from some of the things she has said to get elected. But if she gets in office?? really too far out there,,she is running away from the press now,,cause she doesn’t know how to answer questions…If I lived in Nevada I would be scared!!

    • Bob

      Linda Reid has had his chance and he failed. Time to go. He can spend the resr of his days at the Bunny Ranch. He’s probably been there many times.

    • GenEarly

      Sharon Angle’s only political fault is telling the TRUTH. Read the Founders to see what the origins of our Nation were.

      “On every question of construction, let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”
      -Thomas Jefferson to William Johnson, 1823
      Marx or Madison? Choose your revolutionaries carefully.

  • http://gmail i41

    Several people are planning on looking for a fat mule to roast for the Nov. jackass roast. A fat mule will BBQ just like fat steer. 30 years a go in Mt. a couple of saddle hands were told to go and knock down a fat steer for a fall get together. After roasting for a day and a night, the mule dressed just like a steer, and tasted very good. The bankers and snobs that showed up from Vegas from Benny Benioons group all ate it. After wards we will have a marshmellow roast with Korans. to the moon god Allah and wash it all down with some grain ethonal. All green resourses and no carbon foot print.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Paul W. Brock

    Hope you realize that many letters written on this blog are from operatives in the White House who want to poison the water for conservatives. Angle’s views on the Education department are right on. The Department of Education is another waste of our tax dollars. The Constitution clearly gives the states power and local school boards the power to determine educational policy. Once a bureaucracy is created it creates its on reason for “living”. The Department of Education should be eliminated, it has not improved education. It is so politicized that it also undermines the culture of this nation. Senator Reid is a corrupt as Washington is and is an object lesson on why “career politicians’ should be thrown out of office.

    • Bob

      The Dept of Housing should also be eliminated. Let the cities foot the bill for their residents. People who live off the taxpayers have helped to destroy jobs in this country. Because of the cost of supporting these people companies moved out. Taxes became too high. States have to support the cities who have no tax base because of the exodus of businesses and welfare.

  • Steve Dolyniuk

    To MiHi: Now we know what your Mother did for a living. Is OLE HARRY your father???

    • http://naver samurai

      Now that’s messed up! Funny, but messed up!



  • Wordwaryor

    People Act Like Sharron Angle once elected, would TAKE over the Senate…. and make any changes to Medicare, Social Security that she wants, and then eliminate the Dept. of Education on her own single handedly ( If ONLY SHE COULD ).

    Get a life folks….. she will be only one of 100 Senators, many of them still Liberal Progressive Dumbocrats….. and RINO’s like McCain !!

    SEND A STRONG MESSAGE TO OBAMA…. and WASHINGTON… Including Republicans and RINO’s…. (The Message is … LOOK WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHEN YOU IGNORE THE PEOPLE). Elect Sharron Angle …. Let’s see how she does.

    Remember…. She won’t RULE the Senate…. She Won’t Rule the Country…. She isn’t President …. and she isn’t God.

    So What’s the Problem ??

  • J.T.


    You got it goin’ on Dude!!! Let me know where the Q is and I’ll bring my baby backs and ‘favorite book!’

  • Jim

    Wow..the left is speaking on the liberty digest this morning! Or could it be that the RINO’S have taken over this board?!
    Are you as tired of Progressive Republicans as I am??? It’s so time to get rid of these lefty lights…And take our party back from the Progressives!!
    This is only the start to get rid of the Dept of Education (we had better educated kids before this teacher Union/Gov. mess started!) and the privatization of the broke systems of Medicare and Social Security will do us all good!
    Angle will have my vote in Nov. and Reid will be GONE…GONE ….GONE!!

  • marvin

    i heard pelosie and boxer and reid and obama were going to get hooked up and try to have the child of the anti christ it would be stuped and liberal part witch part bitch and part illegal mabe they could get married in california

  • CJM

    “former campaign manager Don Williams, who suggested that the politician may have accepted undeclared donations from individuals involved in prostitution in Nevada”…excuse me while I recover from laughing and gasping for air, but Nevada is the only State that has LEGAL prostitution–so how does this equate with accepting donations from the mafia? That the donations were undeclared? I would tend to disagree, but in this day and age, anything is possible. As far as the Dept of Education, I think it is more important to outlaw that so-called teachers union(s) because they are promoting so much of the socialist agendas. Reid should have retired eons ago, but guess he enjoyed the limelight so much he just couldn’t let it go. Pal Pelosi is another that needs to be ousted; we haven’t heard much on her campaign—is it because she is running unopposed? Angle will probably win this match in November.

    • RoBoTech

      Angle will win it.
      But not because she has it all together.
      It will be because this election is about REID!
      Over 50% of Nevada voters don’t want him.
      And on Election day, they will hold their noses and vote fo NOT REID!
      As a Conservative, I think Angle is the better choice, but that won’t win over the Independents.
      The HATRED people in Nevada have for Reid, WILL!


    Some enterprising soul needs to find out from Hairy and his Tzun as to how certain properties wewre acqired by hairy and his partner, when his son woked in the assessors office. It’s a story worth hearing……

  • Markus

    There is no way that we can get every conservative in during this next election. What we have to do is take STEPS to get to the desired outcome, which is the eventual elimination of all these sub-human sellouts that infect OUR Congress and White House. Each election, every chance we get, we need to filter through, filter out, and be steadfast till we reach our goals. It will take time, it will take percerverance, it will take and EDUCATED, MORAL, PRINCIPLED ELECTORATE, but it can be done. Wake up your family, wake up your friends, wake up America because the time is now!
    Please God, help us to save our great country before it is to late!

  • Cribster

    I’m not only voting for Sharron, I just sent her my third check.

    You can help too!

  • libra


  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    Let’s see what would happen if we got rid of the Dept of Education. You, the local community, would decide what is taught in your schools and how it is taught. 5 year old girls would not be vaccinated for vaginal cancer; 5 year old boys would not have access to condoms; children would not have access to sex-education and be taught that homosexual couples are “normal;” books like Life With Uncle Bob and Aunt Frank wouldn’t be in our school libraries; AND, HERE’S THE REAL COOKER: Parents of children who are not legal residents of the United States, would have to pay “out of state” (out of their own pockets and not out of the general coffers) tuition to have their children attend schools in the USA; there would be no school lunch programs, except to children who’s parents are on welfare; that children who do not have the ability to understand and comprehend the English language would be forced to attend special-schools until they were able to, and then, would only be placed into a grade of their ability, like a 12 y/o in the 2nd grade; AND, if a parent does not provide an education for their children, THE PARENT is arrested for child abuse. Yup, just like it used to be, when I grew up! Except, my milk money was more then my lunch money. School lunches cost 25 cents back then, and “under God” was NOT a part of the Pledge of Allegiance until I got into the 1st grade. Also, I didn’t have to praise our president each morning, like the kids in Germany did to Hitler and now, Barry. Don’t believe me? You better get involved in your lives and where your tax dollars are or are not going. Almost 35% of America’s poulation is here illegally (without a passport or visa) and we, the American people, are giving these families, each, in excess of $45,000 in benefits like free tuition, housing and food stamps, each year! (And, you blame veteran’s benefits (worker’s comp for wounded veterans, for this country’s “problems!”) More money is spent on illegals from our tax dollars, then is spent by the average American on their family with their after-tax-dollars. AMERICA NEEDS AN ENEMA! If not, we will be flushed down the toilet called life. WAIT AND SEE! Remember, Barry is sueing both the State of Arizona and the Sherif of some county there, for trying to stop the flow of illegals into our country. The US Constitution says that the feds will protect all states from “invasion” and will not allow other states to “boycot” another, or to aid-and-abet those who commit crimes against the USA. It seems to me that Barry, his “gang” and every member of the HOR should be arrested for treason for not defending the Constitution of the United States! Sound like I am a wacko? If so, then it just goes to show how much “YOU” do not know about your own country! SHAME ON YOU!

    • JC

      Some good points there.

  • http://gmail i41

    See how many of Dingy Reid’s sons are lobbiests in Washington and how many kids he don’t c;aim.. When idoits don’t want to use Yucca Mt. repository to store spend fuel, where in the hell do you green numnutts want to put it, up in Cal. and New York socialist democrat districts. Or is it to be used to house socialistdems and omoron and Big Mamee can cook and serve them, for destroying the USA.

  • Conscience

    As an idependent, I seem Sharon Angle at least demonstrating some level of integrity. Reid has harmed the whole country with his crooked back room deals; at the same time, his own state, is sunk in unemployment ! It doesn’t seem reasonable to re-elect a person who has ignored his constituency. Through out the trouble maker Reid and give the state and nation the hope of being represented by American principles.

  • http://N/A PiedPiper

    Reid like Pelosi are too big clogs in the ever smelling cesspool in Washington . The way you deal with a clogged up cesspool , you use a clog buster ! Problem is eliminated , drain is once again cleared and opened . The American voters will stand in as the clog busters in November and will flush two nasty , filthy smelling clogs of corruption and self gain at the American taxpayers expense , …down the drain and out into the cesspool , …where they deservedly belong , …goodbye Reid & Pelosi , and Oh by the way , …don’t keep it touch !!!!!

  • Steve

    Everyone knows Angle will win. This is the best thing that could ever happen to Nevada. I lived there for 16 years and I watched hoe Reid was taking the state down. Reid and his son are very corrupt, if you will take the time to study what he has done in Search light, you will understand why your state doesn’t need him anymore. Good Luck.

  • who

    Seems to be a mess of language and no good choices (clue) You have a theif on the Right a murder on the Left and the rest of you are in the Middle,what do you do with the flock in the center you send some of them to slaughter and the rest you fleece ITs in your language and the power to mix lies with truth history is voided, The flock is confused oh by the way your body is dying or if you prefer planet the tree of life is in mass extinction can you taste still it but you do have much the knowledge these days from begot history of time and greed so much little of it if you cannot add one to equal over history of time. which person to vote for vote for everyone and break from all these herders dont be contaminated or if you prefer condemned any more do not suffer your children these pollutions upon the body to their house look at yourself in a mirror or water and say me.


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