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More Machinery Of Government Than Is Necessary

May 26, 2011 by  

The United States government has grown into a tyrannical, fascist leviathan that is consuming everything in its sphere.

There are departments for everything under the sun, and those departments are staffed by unelected bureaucrats who are answerable to no one or nothing. Many are feckless and rude, as John Dollarhite found in his interactions with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The various departments — like Energy, Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, Transportation, Homeland Security, Internal Revenue Service, et al — are unConstitutional and make their own rules and regulations outside of Congress. And when they decide to use those rules to crack down on Americans, they do so with the bedside manner of a viper.

“I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious,” Thomas Jefferson wrote.

What was true then is undeniable now.

Sadly, no one in government or actively hawking for your vote come the next Presidential primary believes this is true, save one: Ron Paul.

While the media plays up Mitt Romney as the leading GOP Presidential contender and plugs for Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and John Huntsman, realize that none of them will rein in Government. And that’s why the corporate media play them up.

Electing a President who truly believes in the Constitution is crucial if America is to survive. The choice is clear, and Jefferson has said so: Ron Paul must be our next President.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Gary in Oh

    I do not believe the COMMUNIST PARTY will give the throne up! We need Ron Paul to lead this mess and straighten it out.

  • Ben from Texas

    Gary, Ron Paul has good points on restoring our economy because he believes in our forgotten Republic, but his stance NO AID to Israel and his pro homosexual agenda is contrary to God’s laws therefore I cannot support Ron Paul..

    • LibRep

      I agree with RP – No aid to Israel, or anyone else for that matter. What part of “we’re broke” don’t you understand? And what sense does it make to give Israel’s enemies 3 times more aid or rebuild other natiosn when our infrastructure is crumbling?

      As for homosexuals – let them marry and do what they want. We allknow it will be the divorce lawyers that make money anyway. To some homosexuality may be wrong, but according to Paul who wrote in Romans “Any man that esteems anything to be unclean, TO HIM it is unclean.”

    • vicki

      No FORCED aid to Israel. Ron Paul objects to taking our money at gunpoint and giving it to other countries including Israel. He has no problem with we as a people sending money to Israel.

      As to homosexuals Ron is simply pointing out the obvious. It’s not our problem. It really is for God to judge them. They are not forcing YOU to act as a homosexual. Ron is not advocating forcing you to associate with homosexuals.

      Freedom of expression and religion sucks when you have to protect it for people you don’t like. If you don’t then why do you whine when they come for yours?

    • Albino.

      Ben why is it you support the Israel? Didn’t the Hebrews aid in the crucifixion of your lord and savior?

      Oh wait….. I forgot Christians want to help the israelis invade and destroy the mosque on the temple mound. Then the Israelis can rebuild Solomon’s temple and usher in the start of Armageddon!

      • s c

        A, you are incredibly far behind on the reality learning curve. Your diatribe is straight out of the Jew-hating, victim of religious con artists, prosty progressive political manual. Are you allowed to cross the street by yourself?
        You should be more concerned about those who use religion to CONTROL nations. You need to allow for the existence of people who claim to be Jews are are NOT. You need to be able to DISCERN. You need to recognize those who pretend to care about others, but are concerned only with their own welfare. You need to THINK.
        Your “education” is obviously stunted, and you might as well get on the progressive payroll. Your ‘teachers’ should be ashamed of you, A. They may have ‘socialized’ you very well, but they did NOTHING for what’s between your ears, comrade. S A D !

  • Ben from Texas

    I am no fan of the Liberal democratic communist either THAT WANT TO DESTROY US BY THE ”Cloward Piven Plan”that Obama and the democrats have embraced..Cain is a possible candidate or Palin..If Ron Paul changed his stance on Israel and the Gay lobby I would support him..We need some one willing to restore MORALS, VALUES AND ,TRUST,CONSERVATIVE,smaller government,less spending,no aid to our abortion stance..We need a president that knows and understands the word ”Constitution”and is willing to lead by the constitution instead of destroying it like Obama is doing with the liberal communist are doing now..

    • Gary in Oh

      Sounds great, when you find that person talk him /her into running,from an independent party. Until then I think we need to get the best candidate in to start the revolution back towards a true Republic (not the REPUBLICAN PARTY we have they have let the communist party take over). You democrats can’t throw the blame either, you didn’t stop the 10 planks of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO from becoming (law). Yes I said we are controlled by the communist, if that hurts you then do something about it, it’s getting lonely out here. Now that you have seen it are you going to do something? research,get active. We all have to pull our own heads out. The gubament wants you asleep. If we realize what is going on we can change it back to a Government of, for and by the People.

    • vicki

      We need someone who understands the Constitution, not someone who understands the word constitution.

      Formost in our Constitution is the nature of its protections of free will. That very special gift given to us by our Creator. That means we HAVE to honor the right of others to have and speak and express different religious views from what we might like.

  • Gary in Oh

    THE UNITED STATES is a corporation, their CEO is B.H.OBAMA. That is why he doesn’t have to be an American citizen, It’s a foreign corporation he works for, not to be confused with (the united States of America) the country we all love and want to return to greatness. In plain and simple English Obama is not the President of this country. I believe since he has IMPERSONATED the president of this country, he should stand trial for the offense and if found guilty, punished accordingly. BEFORE YOU TELL ME I’M WRONG YOU RESEARCH IT. I HAVE!!

    • vicki

      Proof by bald assertion does your cause no better than it does the liberals here.

      Offer evidence. Telling us to do it ourselves is not going to win anyone to your belief.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Bob In my opinion you need to add the FDA to your list and I agree with you especially about the size and intrusion of government. A republic is only for a moral people and the real issue is how we stack up in the eyes of God. The murder of fifty million babies has to make one wonder how much longer He will allow us to exist. He told the children of Israel to annihilate those that would sacrifice their children to a false god “If God be for us then who can stand against us” but if god be against us then who is able to rescue us??? In my opinion our real problem is a spiritual one and can only be fixed by humbling ourselves, praying, seemjg God’s face and

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Henry Ledbetter,

      My list was not all-inclusive (it would have taken too much space to list all the unConstitutional agencies that need abolished) and certainly the FDA would be included on my chopping block.

      Best wishes,

  • DanB

    I have one question: Are you so committed to limited government that you will sacrifice your freedoms for tyranny?

    While I think Ron Paul might be one of the most conservative choices, and depending on what I learn over the next year, I may even write him in even he fails to win the GOP primaries. We will see. So if I would vote for Ron Paul, why do I ask my question? It is a question I ask myself about all the so-called Tea Party favorites in the GOP right now. Would I give up my freedoms for tyranny on the promise of limited government? My answer is “no!” I realize that this may mean I will eventually fall under a democratic dictatorship. I have certain fears that we are far closer to that then some of us realize. Some of us believe we are already there, though I have suspicions that we aren’t quite at the bottom of this slope yet.

    In Star Wars, the darkside was described as quicker, easier, more seductive. When I look at the options to “save” America, I realize that if we pin our hopes on one man, or very small group, then there is really a limited number of options to achieve our goal of limited government. Unfortunately, the easiest of them is the darkest path of them all. The path that would finally put the nail in the coffin of freedom. For when we pin our hopes on one man, put that man in the office of president, we must ask ourselves what we are truly hoping for. My only conclusion is that we wish to force that man to become a tyrant. The gears are already in place. Executive order. Ruling by bureaucracy. Congress has been giving its power away to the office of the president and the executive branch for a very, very long time now. The easy path would be to use the gears and track provided to reign government back in. Unfortunately, using the gears and track provided means that those who defend the Constitution will be the ones who put the final nail in the coffin. We would be the ones guilty of creating the laws and precedence for total executive dictatorship. We would be guilty of the final offense. Then all the enemies of our freedom would have to do is either wait for our elected official to become corrupted by such absolute political power, or simply wait for the next election and show how we violated our own oaths. They would not even have to tell the electorate that they wish our freedoms gone. All they would have to do is show how we violated all we hold sacred about a constitutional government. They could then write their own rules, and perhaps a new constitution of their own choosing. Maybe a constitution like Russia or Kenya? (I shudder at the thought)

    My answer is two possibilities thus far.

    One, we elect a constitutional president. Without a majority of support in Congress, he is unable to stop the progressive train wreck. All he can do is slow it down some more. Since the progressives will want their plans to proceed, as they are probably close enough to the prize that patience may be waxing thin. I am hoping so actually. If the ramming through of the health care bill is any indication of their patience, then they may actually try forcing through legislation to push forward their agenda. Why would I think this a possibly good thing? Remember I said that the risk we have is that if we put in a president that uses the rails they’ve prepared by putting all authority in the presidency that we will be guilty of undoing all the freedoms and the Constitution we value so much? Well, Congress needs to reclaim its authority. EPA makes a grab, and Congress lets its authority go. FCC makes a grab, and Congress lets its authority go. The President violates the war powers of his office, and Congress lets its authority go. Executive orders creating laws and Congress lets its authority go. If the only way to get Congress to seize its power back is to put a true conservative in the office of President, then I am for it on the condition we do elect a potential dictator. The candidate has to be committed to the cause that the office of President has too much power and it must return to Congress even if we have to make them want it back. The idea here is that by taking the powers back to Congress that have stayed with Congress, we are having the progressives undo their own system that has been preparing us for a democratic dictatorship. The Founders of the Constitution chose to create a republic instead of a straight democracy for good reason. It wouldn’t get us all the way back, but this could be a good start.

    The second option, which I prefer, is that we don’t pin our hopes on one man but find whole swaths of people we trust to represent our vision of limited government. They won’t all share the exact same vision we have, but enough of them with a shared vision to create change. Real change. Without breaking the Constitution. Put some more in the Senate. Put some in the House. And of course, put one in the White House. It will take years to fix the courts, so this sort of plan will take time. There will be gains and losses. So for this plan to work, we must teach our children and grandchildren how we’ve come so close to losing our freedoms. The hope though is really that there will such significant improvement in the first four years, that we can find others willing to step out and continue to carry the flag of freedom another four, and then another eight, gaining momentum until we can accomplish feats such as repealing a few ugly amendments. On my to do list would be getting the Senate back to its origins so that the senators are responsible to their several States instead, setting a portion of the foundation that establishes not only a restoration of the balances of the three branches of the federal government but also a return to balance between the States and the feds.

    • DanB

      Do you find it annoying after you posted, then you realize that as often as thought you saw a certain key word in what you wrote that it is actually not there?

      “on the condition we do elect a potential dictator.” UGH!!! How many times did I think I wrote “do not” or “don’t” there? The brain can be a powerful tool. Sometimes too powerful. Auto-correcting the error as we read instead of letting us truly see what is there.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Bob In my opinion you need to add the FDA to your list and I agree with you especially about the size and intrusion of government. A republic is only for a moral people and the real issue is how we stack up in the eyes of God. The murder of fifty million babies has to make one wonder how much longer He will allow us to exist. He told the children of Israel to annihilate those that would sacrifice their children to a false god or idol. “If God be for us then who can stand against us” but if God be against us then who is able to rescue us??? In my opinion our real problem is a spiritual one and can only be fixed by humbling ourselves, praying, seeking God’s face and TURNING FROM OUR WICKED WAYS. “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to all people. Wake up America, It does matter what God thinks and He knows all things.

  • Sabbio

    Greetings To All Citizens & Slaves !

    What’s up with DanB implying that there are only three branches of government within our corporation (may be a country if enough of us learn about the differences between ‘democracy’ and ‘constitutional republics’)?

    Recently the person acting as the governor of Iowa stated the same ignorant premise, as well as the same lack of understanding being presented by the host of the Tonight Show, Jay Leno.

    The Fourth Branch, We The People, is the most important branch of all, without question. Our function is to override the stupid and treasonous behaviours exhibited by so-called elected officials. If we fail in our responsibilities, we are doomed by the intents of the multinational corporations, and those who would enslave us within one New World Order collectivist dictatorship.

    Perhaps the easiest way to inform others is to become aware of FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association), making sure that everyone we know, love, and care about is endowed with the knowledge that they have the power to decide the guilt or innocence inside of every jury trial, that is to judge the law as well as the defendent being called into question.

    The more difficult road, however, seems to be returning to ‘real’ money (vs. fiat), putting the printing of money back inside our ‘government’ and returning to our original Constitution for the united states of America (not the Constitution Of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA), and completely eliminating the Federal Reserve System of Banksters trying to ‘own’ this world.

    And yes, it would also be helpful to remove the emminant domain clauses from any national loans with Communist China, by way of Hillary Clinton, as even a one minute default by Timmy Geitner would give the Reds legal standing to place troops in their newly acquired territory in order to extract tribute for their emperor…(did Hillary say your hometown was to be the first on the list?)…

    Blessings To All

  • Robert Morrow

    Yes add the FDA to the list of government Tyranny which has murdered more people that dictators around the world with poison drugs and 15,000 toxins in the food supplies. I will inject the proof at this point by a Quote from Herbert Ley, M.D.,Former FDA Commissioner. Quote:”THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IS PROTECTING THEM. IT ISN’T. THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFITS OF THE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIANS!” More proof, just how many died from VOIXX? Approxmate 125,000 before the poison was pulled from the market. There is many more.Toxins in Store purchased bread like Azodicarbonamide which manly used is production of foamed plastics. Yet approved by the FDA along with your corrupt and boughter with 30 pieces of blood stained silver Senators. This poison is banned in almost all coutries, yet approved by the FDA. Why? Money and power plus totally corrupt and morally bankrupted Elected Officials. Let us Change the Name of the FDA to MURDER FOR PROFITS INC.. I have written and preached this problem of making the citizens of the Republic for a long time. Just think how much the health care cost would gone with healthy Citizens. Trillions of could be saved. I and my wife have been subjected to the Pharmaceutical and AMA trained Doctors who push drugs. I am 82 and will not take any poison drugs and do my best to keep the approved posion toxins out of body. I suggest that any drug prescribed by a drug pushing doctor you search out just what it is for. Read the labels on all food Items and if you cannot pronounce it put the product back. STOP THE FDA AND GET HEALTHY.

  • Paranoid

    You did not mention cutting the Pentagon and all the multitude of spy agencies. Over 60% of the National Budget is for war, death and destruction.

    • Aix Sponsa

      Didn’t you ever see a school bully? Every person that feared him and backed down from him was easy prey and continually coerced and harassed without mercy.
      Eliminate our military power, and every jack-leg dictator will be testing us, at every place in the world.

  • LibRep

    Spot on, Mr. Livingston. Ron Paul is the only choice, unless you look at Bill O’Reilly’s poll on the factor. He coincidentally left him off his list. Funny though that on their web poll after the South Carolina debate, as much as they were trying to push Herman Cain as the winner in Frank Putz’s “focus group” (should be a ‘u’ instead of an ‘o’), Ron Paul had the victory according to 70% of the respondents. Great to see the public not letting the media try to be slick used car salesmen steering us towards one particular candidate.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • s c

    It’s true. Our ‘government’ has finally combined elements of the big three [socialism, communism and fascism). It’s no coincidence that those three isms are usually in bed with each other.
    Thanks to America’s ultraleft-leaning airheads, we can expect more of the same. It needs to be said that it’s also NO accident that the big three isms came together into a giant, metastatic abomination during a certain administration. That administration – if you haven’t thought about it recently – is HERR OBUMMER’s administration. Hold on to your shorts when you learn who his ‘advisors’ are. Then you can connect the dots to get an idea who his puppet masters are. It’s straight out of the Bible. people. Deal with it.

  • Aix Sponsa

    We need an economic leader but we also must have a commander in chief.

    Who is there that can oppose this administration in 2012 and be electable?

    Hard times demand tough decisions. WE as a nation cannot afford another perot situation.

    Trump and Alan L. Keyes.
    I believe they are ELECTABLE.

    • s c

      AS, forget Trump. His true allegiance is to people who are manipulating Herr Obummer. It is the old Roman ‘divide and conquer syndrome,’ and we’re caught in the middle. Trump may be good at business. Let him stay there. When it comes to power, Trump is the WRONG guy at the WRONG time and for the WRONG reason (just like Herr Obummer).
      See what you need to see, and leave what you want to see for those who write fiction. Reality and fiction do NOT ever mix, A.

  • john

    isreal is no friend to america if isreal was why did in 1967 kill 34 american servce on the uss liberty off the coast of iareal. when is iareal going to stop spying on america such as johnathon pollard who many consider the worst breach of american securityon defense folks the united states has little if any friendscinsidering our foriegn policys over the last 60 years ron paul tells it like it is but people don’t wnat too hear the truth about this goverment. what has happen to this world no one man can fix.all we can do is to prepare our selfs for the next ten years to come.


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