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More Concerns In Libya

September 9, 2011 by  

More Concerns In Libya

As Libyan rebels continue to meet fierce resistance from Moammar Gadhafi’s last remaining stronghold in Tripoli, they suspect they might be close to capturing the former leader and his sons; but the Gadhafi regime continues to fight.

According to The Washington Post, a Gadhafi spokesman contacted The Associated Press this week to announce that the former leader remains safe and “in control” of his country. As the battles continue, news continues to surface around the country’s rebel insurrection, such as reports that the dead bodies of Gadhafi sympathizers and rebels alike piling up due to random acts as the violence continues.

Democracy Now reported on Wednesday that documents recently uncovered by Human Rights Watch reveal that Gadhafi had strong ties to the U.S. Government — most notably the CIA — and was instrumental in helping operatives in the 2004 capture and torture of Abdel-Hakim Belhaj, who is now being backed by the U.S. as military commander of Libyan rebels. These ties may have allowed the former leader to stockpile large quantities of dangerous weapons.   

New concerns about weapon stockpiles that Gadhafi may still control have come to light. The Pentagon said in August that all Libyan weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were secure, but now The Washington Post reports that about 11 tons of mustard gas shipped into the country remain unaccounted for, and rebels believe the gas may be used by the former regime in an effort to end the insurrection.

“It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s not beyond Gadhafi,” said Mohammed Benrasali, a senior member of Libya’s civilian stabilization team.

Gadhafi has used chemical weapons in the past. But in 2003, he agreed to dismantle WMD stockpiles, asking for more favorable Western relations in return; both sides failed to deliver on their promises. The weapons that remain in Gadhafi’s control are a major concern, as are stockpiles that have been taken over by rebels.


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Janice Fortin

    HaS ANYONE (oh who expects the president to?) figured out how many alqaeda are with the “rebels”?????? or is that what obama wants – to defend anyone who is a traitor to USA?

    • wandamurline

      Probably the latter. Obama committed an impeachable act when he bombed Libya who was not a direct threat to America without congressional authority, and he is on tape and Ms. Clinton also, while both were senators slamming the podium stating emphatically that the President DOES NOT HAVE AUTHORITY to bomb another country without congressional approval. There you have it in a nutshell….we should never have invaded Libya, and we should get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan and allow these people to go back to killing each other as they have done for 6,000 years.

      • Truthseeker

        I totally agree with you. We didn’t get congressional approval for this attack. We weren’t threatened by Lybia and now we are further into debt. The ruling elite NWO will soon be inserting their new people to take over the control of all Lybian commodities and with full control over all aspects of life for the Lybian people. Those Lybians who were opposed to this takeover have no choice but to go along with it as they would be in great danger to voice any opposing veiws.

        • Ursula Riches

          I have researched the country of Libya, their democratic Jamahirya, Muammer and how the Libyans live. I have discovered that ther is not a dictator in Libya but rather that Muammer is loved and repected by his people who are solidly behind him. The people govern themselves in congresses and committees and this is Gaddafi’s idea, to give his people their independence. The wealth of the country is well spent to benefit the people with free healthcare and free education right through to post degree level, even abroad, with a living grant thrown in too! Houses were given to the people to own themselves and not one person who wanted a house or home was left without so there wre absolutely NO homeless at all! The oil money is very well spend! Money is given to the people every month and the taxes are extremely low and only for the wealthy. Socialism and democracy have been surpassed in the Jamahirya governemnt of Libya and even without a big oil revenue, it could be used as a role model for the people of the world to adapt to their circumstances. Shame we are killing the Libyans even using DU bombs, trashing their cities to smithereens and destroying their water supply in our attempt to impose a government of terrorists on the people. The Libyans are fighting and resisting them tooth and nail.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Geez; you don’t think that these rebels may actually be bad guys, do ya ? You really don’t think that Libya’s stock piles of weapons, including SAMs, might actually end up in al queda’s hands ?

    Will we ever learn ?

    • Cawmun Cents

      Hope Mo holds out for years….nation building…what a joke.-CC.

  • Warrior

    This ‘arab spring thing” is turning out to be a huge success…. for the newly installed dictators that is.

  • bill

    I am wondering why Ghaddafi hasn’t used all of those missles he is reported to have ? Who is fooling whom here ?

  • AJ

    Look what happens when you go against the NWO. It would deserve them right (NWO) if Ghaddafi were to gas the NWO lackeys.

  • Lost in Paradise

    Personally I am on Gadahafi’s side, and hope he and his followers prevail. WHY? because we no nothing about who these rebels are, and The U.N.and Nato have no business interfereing with another countries internal battle. Stay the hell out of Libya’s business, and let those that are fighting decide the outcome.

  • ronald r. johnson

    I hope Gadhafi gases all of them! Has anyone noticed how our Closet Muslim President keeps getting others to gang up on and depose all the Muslim leader who if not like us stand up for us and help us when ask and getting them replaced with the out right crazy American hating Muslims. It’s like i said from the begining Obama is a closet Muslim who wants nothing more than to see the U S A defeated. He shoves immoral Homo’s down our throats,and is trying to force every American accept them whether they want to or not, putting them in our schools,churches and making us rent to them even rooms in our homes, honoring Muslims holidays, ignoring Christian Holidays. He and Eric Holder,Hillary, and that nut Sara Brady are already plotting to take all guns away from Americans so when Obama opens the doors to all American hating Muslims no one will be able to stop them! He is also trying to make every normal person in the service resign to help his Muslim nuts to have less people to fight when the invade us! We need to load up Obama, his cult, including Pelosie, Reid all of his appointed Czars, Eric Holder, Hillary,Sara Brady, Rev. Wright,all American hating Muslims on a big boat and ship them to France! Vote the worthless bum out!!!!

    • eddie47d

      I was hoping for some rational discussion but found none. Now Ronald did you feel the same way when Reagan tried to take out Gaddafi or is this just another one of your anti-Obama tirades? By the way I was not in favor of this excursion into Libya but would like to see more “blame” put on how we do business in this country. Why do we get involved in so many wars no matter who is President.Did Obama want to get involved in a European problem so the next war we are involved in he can use it to rally support. (I helped you so now you have to help us). All Presidents have used that reasoning and it is wearing thin.

      • Jay

        In total agreement eddie. All administrations have been the willing whores of the war-machine industry, and all who participated are now rich fat-cats. All presidents and their administrations are selected, and not elected. Once installed, you tow the line, or you simply end up dead. It seems Obama has decided to tow the line!

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        Because, since the end of WW11, we have been the worlds patsy. Europe especially, has expected the US to not only fight in every squabble but fund it as well. Since we don’t fight to win neither side ends up respecting us. Some wars, like Korea and Nam, were necessary to stop the advancement of Communism. But since we didn’t fight it to a acceptable conclusion we now have Communism on our shores and in our White House. When you set out to kill the King you’d damn well better kill the King.

        • DaveH

          The best way to fight Communism is to become a successful role model. But the rah!rah! crowd has bought into the country-impoverishing military state. So now we have a population that is half torn by the welfare statists, and the other half torn by the military statists, neither of which looks like the kind of country our Founders gave us.

  • azwayne

    You can find more and see why ODUMBO, NWO, IMF, NATO, wants gaddafi out go to You tube look up man made river and all posts telling you what gadaffi has done FOR libya, US don’t like because it will stop NATO stealing their oil for peanuts. Research, you will learn facts other than liberal propaganda.

    • TIME


      Now thats a damm Great post Dude!

      For all you bone heads who just love to hate, Al AlQaidia is now in charge in Lybia, are you still waving your flags? Why is that?

      Look just due to someone not having your skin tone fails to make them EVIL, or are you just really special?

      Let me say this yet again,
      {this war staged in Lybia is a CRIMINAL act!}

      How would you respond if your home were attacked?
      How would you respond knowning that the CIA is Al Qaidia?
      That OBL worked for the US Government and was on our pay role?

      Do you still think we are fighting Al Qaidia? Would that not be fighting our own CIA? Do you really think we are fighting the CIA?
      Are you clueless that NATO is us as in we are NATO!

      Do you really think that killing others due to their skin color not being like your is a good thing?

      Can anyone of you prove that Gadhhafi is as EVIL as you have been told he is? Many of you claim that you don’t believe the mass media yet your rants are little more than the very spin the mass media gives you.

      Why are Al Qaidia troops killing thousands and thousand of Black’s who lived in Lybia? BTW ~ thats going on as you READ THIS and has been going on for weeks now!

      Well you Obama lovers and you alledged lovers of FREEDOM, you both failed you’re no better than the Murders in prison if you think whats going on in Lybia is within reason.

      What will you do when the NWO troops come to your door?
      Will you just walk out and let them shoot you?
      Will you put up, a fight?
      Or will you beg like a pig for mercy?

      Many of you make me sick with your “mindless ignorant Rhetoric and rants.” May God have pitty on your worthless souls.

      • eddie47d

        Are blacks being killed in Libya? Yes! But thousands and thousands? No! About 5,000 ( as reported by Amnesty International) have been detained by the rebels and held in camps. The population of Libya is 1/3 black and they are almost all new comers from the Sub Sahara. To many Libyans they are the “illegals” taking away their jobs. The other reason is that Gaddafi hired thousands of them as mercenaries to fight the rebels. Gaddafi even brought in more from Sudan when the war first started. To the rebels they were the enemy who supported Gaddafi and we all know revenge is a Mother F…..! That is the saddest part about war is that so many innocent civilians get the brunt of the atrocities.

      • Truthseeker

        To azwayne and Time: You guys are of the few who get this. People on other sites were calling me names and taking shots at me cause I wasn’t part of the old boys club agreeing on the takeover of Lybia. What fools! So many believe the crap on tv about how bad Gadafi is. Then they support this takeover with a vengence to root out this bad guy! Hell, they don’t even know the first thing about Gadafi or the country of Lybia. The NWO club is just taking over this country and is going to now control all of the resources it has. They will during the interim control the outcome and control of all the local tribes too. To them the people there are of little importance and are just another nusence. And here in the USA americans will watch tv and be told this all came about cause we helped the locals take back their country from an evil dictator. What an orchestrated sham! Wake up America. Please!

        • TIME


          Its a Bloody shame that so many totaly Ignorat Americans want blood even if they don’t know why, or who.
          It seems its hard wired into their brain at birth.

          Just note the responce by Eddie he still living in La La land of the mass media BS feeds. Oddly he’s a “direct representation” of about 80% of the US Population.

          Now if that don’t blow your mind nothing will. Whats really sad is that 80% of the population will do what they are told to do by Mass Media! That should scare the crap out of anyone.

          There is no reasonable excuse for this behavior. The citizens of the USA have more abilitys to garner Intel than any other nation on this planet.
          Yet Americans have become little more than IDIOTS with strong opinions, oddly that follow blindly like sheep to slaughter.
          Why? Well they all have a new Cell phone, new TV, New cars etc. that they sublimate humanity with.

          But whats really telling is when you ask them who their congressperson is?
          What you will get are blast’s of outright stupid responses.
          “Americans have to take responsibility” for what they have done and whom they have allowed to do EVIL in their names.
          Until they stop their mindless behavior we as a nation are doomed.

          Its no more Bush’s fault than Barry’s or even Clinton, as not a single one of them would have ever been elected if the people gave any thought to who these people really are.
          Just how Strange is it how all the noted above are all related by blood? Whats even more strange the average American knows far more about the Green Bay Packers then they do about who they voted in to office to run their nation in their names.

          Its who looks the best, who can speak the best, even if they have no idea what they were just told, that makes no differance at all!

          And that saddly enough says it all.

          So in fact when the Progressives say that 85% of the worlds population are worthless eaters, how bloody sad is it that they are in fact 100% correct.

          Whats even sadder is that these very worthless eaters don’t quite get the fact that they are slated for a long dirt nap by the very people that they stand behind and support with such vigor vibrato and sustain.

          Whats the old addage; “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”
          WOW, who would have ever thunk something so clear could be so murky.

          PEACE & LOVE Brother Truthseeker

  • andy

    As the saying goes who sold him WMD’s WE who is responsable WE ARE. Sucher. Remember our chemical companies have to make money. ANDy

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Ever heard of France, germany, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria ? The make this s–t to and sell it to anyone who can aford it.

  • chuckb

    barry isn’t a closet muslim. he isn’t hiding it, he just doesn’t admit it. you note that he’s assisting the muslim brotherhood in taking over the middle east. the church he claimed he attended for twenty years, the minister who hates america,”jeremiah wright” it would be interesting to see the connection they have with the nation of islam and louis farrakahn. the nation of islam is expanding in the black communities, they are muslim.
    we are fighting al qaeda in afghanistan and assisting them in the overthrow of libya.
    of course the muslims are mostly moderate and peaceful, of course they are! as long as you abide by the sharia law.

  • Jon

    Search Google for” Bush Signed Afghanistan Invasion The Day Before 9/11!

  • chuckb

    did you know roosevelt was warned the japanese were on the way to bomb pearl harbor. did you know he was trying everything possible to enter ww2.

    we have far bigger problems at the moment with a man driving this country into a depression worse than the 1930′s. and bush is no longer president, remember he retired in 2008.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The August job report only serves to prove what you say is true!! There hasn’t been a zero job growth rate since the great depression!!! This one is on Nobummer and only Nobummer!! No Bush, No Reagan, Not even Carter!!! Just Nobummer!!!

      • DaveH

        But then, the Republicans will save us by giving us a half-decent economy, and the foolish voters will rejoice only to wait for the next ratchet down in our economy. We are being milked by the Political Class and their Crony Capitalists, and it won’t change until the vast majority of people get their heads out and face the fact that Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Please don’t put words in my mouth. I am just tired of the teflon type of blame avoidance by Nobummer! Had I meant anything else I would have said it.

  • Gary

    Spineless liberals with their political correctness grant Islam a free pass of passive government mandates that places Islam in a protected freedom that Christianity and Judaism is barred from. The separation of church and state has been breeched with special favors in our schools and rules of American society. For the first time in American history Americans are forced to assimilate to the ways of Islam rather than Muslims assimilating to the ways of Americans. I call it as I see it and it is a cowardly submission brought on by the brutal actions of Islamic terrorists giving liberal Americans a false guilt of feeling partially responsible for the actions of blood thirsty killers. The liberals and the Obama administration are giving aid to a movement that is hell bent on destroying our way of life and the elimination of our religious freedom.

  • DaveH

    What a web we weave.

  • dj record pool

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  • khadafi

    I do not even know the way I ended up here, however I assumed this put up used to be great. I don’t know who you are however certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger if you happen to are not already. Cheers!


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