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Money, Lies And Videotape

March 10, 2012 by  

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • JimH

    Yes Republicans the best defense is a good offense. The Dems have been offensive for decades.

    • Tom W.

      WAAAAY too long!!!

  • Tom W.

    As always Ben at his rib splitting best! Especially about Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s hair,(YECH!!!) it looks nasty doesn’t it?!! Our beloved Potus needs to put that dog on a shorter leash!!! She could’ve had a cameo spot in “Men In Black”!

    • eddie47d

      Debbie Wasserman is a classy intelligent and feisty lady. I thought you liked that in Sarah Palin. I reckon that rumor isn’t true then!

      • Sirian

        Debbie Wassermann Schultz is classy? Really? What a joke!! You must’ve just had a full frontal lobotomy eddie. Any chance of having some of it put back in?

      • eddie47d

        Both Palin and Wasserman have their good points in bringing America back around to a better place . Neither are perfect in their approach and will have to take the heat but I will give credit where credit is due. I didn’t have a lobotomy but I see you still have a cranial inversion. LOL! Have a great day for it’s going to be 65 degrees in Colorado.

      • sommer

        I can’t believe someone actually thinks Debbie Wasserman Schultz is classy. Yuck.
        She has no brains, is a puppet, and looks like a cheap girl on the streets at night.
        Typical brain dead with a big mouth. Voice is similar to a whiny baby

      • Schillie Young

        debbie wasserman is not anything like sarah palin.

      • Dave

        wasseran-schultz is NOT classy!!! She’s despicable and absolute moron to boot!!! She’s a flyspeck compared to Sarah Palin!!!!

      • driller

        somebody needs to put a rock on your hole when you go back in it trollie,

      • Lost in Detroit

        How can one person be wrong three times in one short post…

      • Vigilant

        Anyone who thinks that Debbie Wasserman is either classy or intelligent need only go to to see “Top 10 Outrageous Debbie Wasserman Schultz Quotes.”

        And that was only through April 2011.

      • Ray Davies

        It’s about the hair’s about the hair. LIGHTEN UP

      • Dale on the left coast

        Eddie47 . . . you just got to put down the crack-pipe . . . . lol

      • vieteravet

        Eddie glad you’re here, every group needs a nut in the room!

      • Rodtheother

        Eddie…Am I to understand that you respect Sara Palin for being classy, intelligent and fiesty?….or are you just a hypocrite for denouncing Palin for being so and elevating Shultz?

      • ME AGAIN

        Wasserman-Schults is a suck-a** to Obama, nothing feisty about that. Was Monica feisty to Clinton???? Oh yea, see the blue dress spots!!!!

        Democrats are all Progressive (and anti-white) so they can keep the blacks tied to them with incentives (entitlements-welfare, food stamps etc)
        Notice Jackson-Lee and all the Black caucus have more diamonds, big cars, and great hair extensions than the rest of the world. (Thanx to the blacks who are tied to and keep voting them back in office)

        They say everyday to the black communnity “Thank you so much for putting me back in office) and letting me think for you. (You thinkless POS” who need our birth control, our abortions (to keep down the black population), and us to think for you, you are not smart enough to do it yourself). HEY BLACK AMERICA, YOU FELL FOR IT, LIVE WITH IT, OR VOTE ANOTHER PARTY, THESE ARE NOt KENNEDY DEMOCRATS, THEY ARE LBJ’S RACIST, DEPEND ON THE GOVERNMENT PARTY

      • Tom W.

        Hey Sirian, eddie went in for a lobotomy but guess what? They couldn’t find anything!!! LOL! Killer post Vig! Hey ME AGAIN, Sheila would be one of dem dar silver backs!!! Racist?! OK, I apologize to the gorillas!

      • samurai

        Is that why she is always getting ripped apart by Rand Paul, Bill O’Reily, and Hannity? Smart? Nope! Classy? Nope! She is nothing compared to Sarah. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        P.S. Haven’t made that popping sound yet, Ed?

      • eddie47d

        Rodtheother: No political person is going to please everyone whether Debbie or Sarah. I’m sure they both have excellent qualities and a few really bad ones also.

      • Tom W.

        Too late to try and suck up eddie! The best line about Sarah Palin was delivered by Barack himself when they first announced Sarah as John McCains running mate, “Talk about lipstick on a pig!” that was funny and got our beloved POTUS in a bit of hot water! Sarah Palin is doing what she should be, being a political commentator. Could you imagine having to listen to that voice for four years?!! You betcha!

        • bp

          You mean “the voice” of sanity & reason, patriotism & the American way, a constitutionalist? YES, better than the chameleon we have to listen to now! YES, YES, YES & YES, A MILLION TIMES YES!!!

    • dan

      ….and the carpet matches the drapes….

      and if that didn’t turn your stomach , soylient pink :

      • Tom W.

        Thanks dan! I just had a big ole’ fat cheeseburger!!! This is the kinda stuff our government is supposed to protect us from!

  • Tom W.

    Barney Frank was the only congressman who suffered from blunt force tramua to the mouth!!! Thus his spittle problem! Sufferinsucatashhhh….

    • eddie47d

      I see the attack on Dennis Kucinich is in full swing also so you continue to beat up on those who oppose war and who don’t want us mired in foreign interventions. No wonder Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance since his message is the same as Kucinich when it comes to declaring war around the world. These losses (political voices) will be a boon for the Military Industrial Complex and the NWO will gain traction.

      • Dave

        No moron, Eddie you utter imbecile, you’re absolutely WRONG!!! Kooky Kucinich’s loss is a moral victory for the United States, but that wouldn’t mean anything to you since you no doubt probably no doubt hate our country and our hard-fought freedoms we enjoy as a people and our liberty!!!! As for Ron Paul, thankfully he’s going nowhere!!! His kooky, radical views are clearly more in line with the democrats anyway. Maybe he should go sign up with them, I’m sure that would make a left-wing extremist such as yourself happy!

      • FreedomFighter

        Now consider a group of Baboons.
        They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates.
        And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?
        Believe it or not ……. a Congress!

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Don W Boyer, M.D.

        I just hope that Ron Paul, if not the nominee & I don’t think he has a chance, can swallow
        his pride and not run as a third party nominee. If he runs as a third party nominee, that could get Obama the inept another 4 years to finish the destruction of America


      • Rodtheother

        Eddie…Once again nice try you never stop giving it “The ‘ole liberal twist” with your myopic interpretation of events. Always pushing for the ambition of futhering the progressive cause regardless of facts.

        I beleive the attacks are on those who would take our freedom from us while trying to convince us it is for our own good.

        Those who suffer the most from progressivism are those you and your ilk espouse it is going to help! Freemarkets have done more to further the human condition that 1800years of communism/socialism/totalitarianism…or any of the collectivist type societies that you embrace…

        I continually ask myself why does the liberal/progressive view-point/politician receive support from anyone when history has proved it to be an inferior system time-and-time again? The conclusion that always seems to be the lowest common denominator is that those whom embrace it are selfish. They think that they will benefit because they will be given more than they have now and their standard of living will automatically improve. Never realizing that they are creating massive impediments to their own ability to ever reap the full benefits of their own efforts and not to have to forfeit it to the collective…in fact they are destroying the ability for anyone to be rich and typically the only ones to become rich are those whom would bend, break, and subvert the law through lies and distortion and seek to force their will upon others when they have gained power….can you say Wasser-man Shultz?

      • Tom W.

        Oh eddie, STFU!!! Hey FF, great post! Are you serious!!!

    • Brian

      Aw c’mon Tom don’t dis Sylvester like that, remember it’s Thhhufferintthucatash, tthhakes. I think Barney boy had more than blunt force trauma to the mouth, more like to the entire brain

      • Tom W.

        My bad Brian, I apologize to the cat!!!

    • Rodtheother


  • Molly Maguires

    I’m an older man now, and I have not seen a time when my beloved country has been so divided by well-meaning citizens (notice I didn’t use the word “patriots” because not all of us fit that description). We pulled together after Pearl Harbor. Viet Nam came close with this socio-political divisiveness. But nothing I have seen has been as fracturing as what I perceive to be coming down the pike. And this time; it’s all about MONEY and POWER. Let me explain…
    I didn’t use the word “patriots” earlier because we “citizens” love our country and don’t like what we see happening to it. Left or right, Republican or Democrat; we may rile against each-other’s viewpoints and piss and moan about our political opponent’s ideas about how to get the USA back on track; hell it might even break up old friendships.

    But nothing during my time on earth has been as malevolent, divisive, and albeit crafty as the all-mighty plutocrats who have taken over power of the United State of America during the past 30 years with their unlimited $$$ in the halls of congress. This team of continent straddling, globetrotting, orchestrators of the exploitation of the new “global economy” to gorge their bottom line is well heeled and ORGANIZED!!! Like a chess game, these plutocrats have anticipated the clumsy moves of the sleeping masses, and are 100 moves ahead of anything we consider to be an original thought. Their paradigm is way different than your average citizens’, in that, they see the world as a matrix of business deals that feed the bottom line, and they have acquired a stranglehold on the US economy. They have managed to pocket at least one of our political parties, if not both, with their money and influence, so that the American people (I prefer to call us “sheeple) believe their deceptions. We are nothing more to these plutocrats than mere ignorant “consumers” to be fleeced for all we are worth. And the term, “Job Creators…” (HA! What a laugh; job absconders is more like it!), is a total ruse that is broadcast by politicians on the take! They have no loyalty to nation, and their only GOD is money. Any jobs our plutocrats have provided are located in 3rd world countries overseas and south of the border where they can exploit a cheap work force. It doesn’t matter to them that it’s not a level playing field; that these work forces’ governments oppress their workers with slave like conditions, have few if any human rights, manipulate their national currencies, and steal our technologies, in addition to what our plutocrats GAVE them, including our trade secrets, and industrial models, have few or no regulations, red tape, or any restrictions to inhibit a blind capitalism that would scorch the earth to turn a profit! And it has been suggested by certain political parties that we give them more, more, more! It is not enough that we subsidize these “multi-national corporations,” which turn $Billions each quarter with Billions in corporate welfare while they park their vast profits off shore to avoid paying ANYTHING to the treasury of the USA, their largest customer. They want access to the world’s largest economy, tariff free, to fleece the middle class while it can until it is broke. So suck it up, America; don’t complain while a fleeced American middle class declines and the top gains record profits; profits that benefit stock holders and the corporate bottom line, and what’s more; its completely LEGAL, and besides; what are you gonna do about it!? They will continue to flood our ports with these outsourced goods for the sheeple to purchase at a discount while filling plutocrats’ coffers with record profits, as the USA middle class declines because of job losses, and they will require the political system they have bought and paid for to comply with their demands to continue to do so with impunity.

    What’s infuriating about this whole process is the fact that politicians and a certain political party (won’t mention which one(s) want to go the route of union busting, conceding to the downward pressure on wages our plutocrats have introduced to the once proud middle class work force whose decent wage once fueled the most dynamic economy in the world so that we (the middle class work force) can compete with 3rd world countries for jobs. You won’t hear it from politicians, but these plutocrats operating behind the scenes in a world of existentialism consider the middle class to be a mere “inefficient work force” that should be dismissively cast aside in favor of a more efficient one (aka: slave force with no voice or power).
    You’ve probably tired of my rant by now, and moved on. But as a concerned USA citizen, I’d like to know: “What say ye?”

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      The social experiment of the last 4 decades was founded upon giving up our moral foundation, aka: NO CHRISTIAN influence allowed in the public square. It began in schools with the prohibition of prayer, it continues mainly in that venue. One has to ask ourselves, ‘why do we open every session of Congress with prayer, but we can’t begin a civics class that teaches the premise of our 3 branch system with prayer? That’s the definition of ironic.

      Losing or letting go of our moral foundation which was embedded in a Judeo Christian ethic straight from the Bible, we have now wandered the aimless path of ‘whatever goes’ for 50 yrs. This prolonged social experiment has had Frankensteinian results: Murder rates increased. School shootings once never heard of are now a monthly news item. Abortion has killed 2 generations of wouldbe Americans (who knows how many Einsteins and Booker T. Washington types we have murdered in the womb?) Adultery is no longer a crime; homosexuality if not only ‘legal’ but ‘forced upon’ the normal folks as a virtue by the social scientist culture. Need I go farther?

      Unless and until we acknowledge that we are sinful people in need of a savior, bow to His command to follow Him, pick up our cross and do so, we will continue in our downward spiral to doom and total destruction…as so many great cultures have done. When we live by man’s laws, we die by them. Living by God’s Law, although we die, we know that caring for our neighbor (individually and not by judicial mandate/taxations) and acknowledging God as our King, we have then left a heritage and tradition that perpetuates the foundation upon which this Republic was originally founded.

      • eddie47d

        Thoughtful words Molly and Dntmkmecoverther and shows there is a lot of work to do to convince who is the “evil” ones tearing us apart as a nation. They come from all sides and everyone is vying for a piece of the American pie. I agree that our common bond is slipping yet some changes are for the better and some are real head shakers. Greed and everyone wanting more for themselves doesn’t always help that common bond. The more we race to the top the faster we fall to the bottom in morals and in debt. Second Timothy Verse 3:1,2 says “people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money,self-assuming,haughty”. I think we have reached that pinnacle and Wall Street led the charge with Washington in tow.

      • bob

        A BIG AMEN !!! Exactly correct !!!

      • Karolyn

        The reason for all of the increases in bad things happening around the world is the general increase in population and the general collective consciousness of the people, which is overwhelmingly negative, thus creating negative outcome.

      • restorefreedom

        We need to get back to our christian roots and live by the ten commandments. Praise the Lord. Obummer us evil.

      • Warrior

        Man is not meant to be ruled over by other men.

        • Richard

          How does “one ask ourselves”? One should ask oneself, then think about the answer. In this case it is to attempt to create an atmosphere of civility and using some wisdom about what is good for ALL the people.

      • Jay

        Thus, we have President Obama, a disciple of FDR and John Maynard Keynes, frustrated because his stimulus package failed, his bailout of General Motors failed, and his cash for clunkers failed. His Obamacare overhaul is also in the process of failing. Alas, the U.S. has a stagnant economy and is mired in more than 9 percent unemployment. What to do? Why, more stimulus spending, of course! Only it will now be labeled “investment”, along with more targeted spending for green jobs and more small targeted tax cuts. And, of course, more infrastructure spending, even though infrastructure spending in the U. S. even in 2008 was already a higher percentage of GDP than at any time since 1981, according to economist Don Boudreaux.

        President Obama, Secretary Geitner, Franklin Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, and John Maynard Keynes are like processionary caterpillars. These caterpillars have tunnel vision and follow one another mindlessly around the rim of a flower pot. After a few days, these caterpillars die of starvation, with food all around them, because they believe following the leader is the way to survival. The food that creates jobs in the U.S. is freedom, and when we quit following Keynes and Roosevelt and start giving the creative souls in this country the incentive to invest they will do so. Then the U.S. will again resume its prosperity and Americans will rush to fill jobs to make the new products our country will have.

      • Tom W.

        You just said a mouthful Dntmkmecmoverther! Now when eddie starts quoting the Bible, things are getting freaky! Karlolyn, how are ya hon? Do you watch Oprah? I thought so.

    • Smoke101

      Niice rant-only problem is with the union busting comment. Look at all the companies that have failed or are failing and you’ll find one thing in common. They have a union that gets the company on the road to ruin. Federal work laws protect the workers…unions only exist to support the public sectors desire to fleece the private sector!!!

      • Jim

        I agree with your remark about unions.We have a good year plant by were I live,and they hire a lot of temps.They were doing a lot of the same work that the union workers were suppose to be doing , but weren’t.When they were asked why ,(They were basically told , Why should we dirty our hands , when we have you people doing the same thing at minimum wage , with none of the benefits.) With that type of attitude by union members , I can see why some companies pack up and leave.Seems like unions have that same I am entitled attitude that is driving this country into ruin.

      • Mark in LA

        Since you are such an expert, maybe you can explain why Germany is still highly unionized but exports far more than it imports and has kept the high paying, high skill jobs in Germany. The mismanagement for short term gains to goose the stock options coulodm never be a part of the problem with American companies either.

      • Molly Maguires

        Mark, Germany levels a 19% tariff on imports (except for some agricultural goods) to protect its thriving industrial base from the type of impact from “emerging economies” in the “global economy” we are seeing here in the USA. Which makes me wonder why we don’t enact some of these same inhibitors to our workforce being under sold??? A measure like that might cut into the profit of our CEOs, stock holders and the investment industry, and make them pretty mad.

      • Tom W.

        Are our unions corrupt? Of course they are! Why should they be any different that anything else here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?!! Unions got a toe-hold in this country at the beginning of the 20th century because of the sweat shops and the abuse of children by employers in this country Smoke! I just lost a job not because I wasn’t doing my job better than anyone else but because they didn’t like my outspokeness on political issues. I thought this was the United States of America!!! Like I said, it wasn’t over my inability to perform my work, it was over the fact that they didn’t like my opinions! That couldn’t happen at a union shop, and let me tell you something, any union workplace that allows temps to come in isn’t a very tightly run operation and is about to become non-union! Make NO mistake about it, cheap labor for employers is the sole reason that they won’t secure the Mexican border!!!

      • http://butI'mtolei Smilee

        Tom W. says:
        March 11, 2012 at 12:49 am

        Union Corruption is extremely small in comparison to corporate and government corruption today with unions having so much less money than it did thirty years ago and the reason being they have dropped in membership from about 36% to 12% and where there is little money there is little corruption. Today corporate corruption is rampant and being so much larger that Unions ever where the effect on the economy as whole is huge and the real reason for our problems today. In exchange for low inadequate wages the crooked corporations lobbied for earned income credit, child care credits, child care subsidies and thus they could drop their wages dramatically thus also allowing working people to qualify for food stamps. rent subsidies etc. in lieu of wages that do not meet the poverty level as they once did, today the minimum wage only provides 1/3 of enough income in actual wages. When unions were strong no working people needed or would have qualified for any of these welfare programs that these were later enacted so people would not join Unions because rather than risking their jobs in a union organization they would go to the government for all these subsidies and this lets the big corporations stick it to those who still have to pay taxes, this is why only 47 percent of those filing income taxes today do not pay any taxes as they do not earn enough to have pay any, they file income taxes to get back their withholdings and to receive their wage subsidy hand outs. Us the taxpayers today pay a significant portion of workers living expenses and when I entered the work force fifty years ago this was not done or was it necessary as wages alone provided for that and every wage earner paid taxes unlike today. Unions then were strong and wages adequate even non union business paid adequate wages and if they did not they soon became union. The economy was good and companies still prospered, works prospered. Unlike today where now only a few get rich and over half the population receives inadequate wages while those in between help pay for their living. IT IS SHAMEFUL!!!

      • Tom W.

        Good post Smilee!

    • Roy

      Molly you sound like you would make a good President if you would like to have the job.

      • bob

        You have got to be kidding!! Thinking like Molly is why we are in the mess we are in!

      • http://butI'mtolei Smilee

        She is one of the few wise ones here unlike bob whom lacks the understanding of the real reason we are in mess we are in.

    • bill

      best post i have read in weeks

      • bob

        Bill , which is the best post in weeks?

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Molly, you might research ‘The Rust Belt”. A part of the US that used to be a heavy industrial area, that no longer exsists as such.
      Thanks to Union killing control, thousands lost their jobs, as the Union priced themselves and heavy industry out of business.

      • Mark in LA

        Maybe you can explain Germany to all of us. Unions didn’t keep the companies from investing in new plant and equipment did they? Those plants became unproductive not because of union labor but because corporate management never put any money into them. There are two sides to the coin. Management always cried poverty while paying itself well. The unions always asked for management to open the books if it wanted concessions. Management always refused. What should labor do when the management tries to hide all the perks it gives itself – low level managers getting free cars every year at Ford and the like. They were most likely trying to hide that from the shareholders as well as the employees.

      • FreedomFighter

        Mark — for you:Kool Aid

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • mac

        Mark, Ford is not the example to use – they didn’t need a Gov’t bailout.

      • Mark in LA

        mac Ford is an example to use. They came within a wisker of bankruptcy all because of a stupid executive who keep the product line from being renovated until Ford started losing a lot of money. The did so many stupid things under this guy, Nader, was his name I believe. They bought Jaguar, volvo, and Rolls Royce and had to sell them all at a loss. They took a big loss in platinum (or maybe paladium) futures.

      • Mark in LA

        “Freedom Fighter” you are like the rest of these so-called conservatives, completely ignorant of anything except what morons like Rush shove up your A&&. You never have any rational real world arguments. It is always simple minded drivel with the easily identified good guys and bad guys who never change. If you are so knowledgable, maybe you can explain the German situation and why unionization has not hurt them one bit.

      • Mark in LA

        The guys name was Nasser. I know anout this clown I had shared of Ford then and watched him destroy the company. He was one of the primary reasons for the Explorer rollover fiasco.

      • Tom W.

        Hey FF, Quit it man!!! LOL!

      • Tom W.

        Hey Mark in LA, I’ll bet FF could put a boot up your a$$, cause it’s the American way! FF, I think ya pushed the boy’s button!

      • http://butI'mtolei Smilee

        Blue collar

        Molly has it right, it was not the unions that caused it, bad management decisions deliberately designed to use foreign slave wages and conditions instead and we as a government allowed it and even encouraged it and that is what corporate lobbing power did in getting the laws to accompanied them in their evil endeavors. Unions have never made management decisions, in fact by law they are not allowed to. But rather that admit their evil ways they used the Unions as their whipping boys to justify their evil ways and suckers like you in your innocence fell for it hook line and sinker

    • restorefreedom

      You are so right!

      • eddie47d

        The unions brought us numerous worker rights which every company eventually emulated. Most workers now enjoy vacation time,sick days,decent working conditions,some savings plans,health benefits,maternity leave and better pay. America started to go into decline when some of those hard won benefits were taken away such as pension funds and health benefits. The union may have over reached on some issues (pay increases) yet their concerns for the American worker were genuine.

      • Tom W.

        Good night Sue Ellen. I’ll holla’ at y’all tomorrow sometime! Keep your eyes on the skies, JESUS IS COMING! He loves y’all and so do I!!!

      • Rick

        Molly has many good poiointzx but the unions have hurt themselves and in turn the american people too. They lost their focus on imporving things for the workers to be interested in promoting themselves.and getting what they can get. Example if A worker needs a box of screewsat his work station he can not just go get it. He has to get a millwright to go get it and bring it to him other wise he gets in trouble with the union. A worker cannot replace a light bulb in a table lamp on his table if the bulb is there. This is how they have made it is hard for them to compete.They frogot that without the company they have no jobs and no union. They fight anything the compnay wants to do, even if it helps the union they fight it because they have gotten to where they want to fight for thesake of fighting.

    • DavidL

      Molly Maguires,

      I share a great deal of your perspective here. The most dangerous segment of any society is the rich. They have the money, the connections, and the aggression to advance their self interest. What I have learned over my long life is that the rich are very skilled at getting others to pay their bills. In our capitalist society, however, there is nothing wrong with being rich. It is the way you get wealth that is the problem, and can have very damaging consequences for our society at large What are some of the solutions? Let me offer a few suggestions:

      1. Complete public financing of elections. No private money from corporations, unions, or wealthy individuals. We have a few States that have this election mechanism in place.

      2. Unionization should be recognized, as it is in several States, as a civil right. The rich have been very successful, especially on this sight, at propagandizing and demonizing them. They are doing so for one reason, they do not want to pay for them even though their existence raises the standard of living and increases product sales. Henry Ford knew what he was doing.

      3. The greatest union in the history of the modern world is the United States. Our union, with its solidarity, strength, and unity of purpose has enabled us to survive and to prosper like no other nation on earth. Part of our economic troubles come from being under-unionized. As long as unions are fair and operate within the law, they should be embraced. If for some reason, an individual does not want to join a union, they should be permitted that choice and not have to pay union dues. However, since they benefit from the gains achieved from union collective bargaining, they should have to pay their fair share of the cost the union incurs to achieve those gains in salary and working conditions. This has been the law in New York for over a decade now. It is only fair.

      4. Intelligent and responsible regulation of our capitalist system is absolutely needed. No society functions is chaos. Try removing all traffic regulations and let motorists drive wherever and however they want. Of course, as in business, those opposing traffic regulation because they don’t want to pay for any of it will yell socialism I’m am sure.

      5. Know who you are and what is in your best interest. If you are rich, vote the party that advances those interests. Historically, that has been the Republican Party. If you are not rich, vote for the party that advances your middle class working interests. Historically, that has been the Democratic Party.

      • Molly Maguires

        Totally agree, DavidL. Thoughtful commentary

      • Steve

        The Dems were for the poor until they were co-opted by the communists!

      • Molly Maguires

        Since the 1980s the tax structure of the United States has decidedly shifted AWAY from the wealthy (from 70.1% to 28.4%, currently around 29%) and their combined income including long term capital gains (old money) and ONTO the payroll tax working stiffs pay. In the late 1920s, before the Great Depression, marginal rates of the top earners was around 28%, but during the 1950s marginal rates were at 91% on the richest earners. They were very creative in getting around it, though, through investing in write-offs like USA corporations, research and development, NASA, creating a payroll, education funds, public projects, philanthropy, etc. But they no longer need to invest in anything USA to get a write-off; they’re getting it up front (supply side economics) in the unfounded belief that, “who knows how to creat wealth better than the rich? Don’t inhibit their creativity, give them more capital up front and watch ‘em work!” Now, without the need to invest in their home nation in any way, they have found it most lucrative to invest in the “global economy,” namely cheap labor for a bigger profit share. But this profit share has not “trickled down” like it was envisioned; it has stayed at the top, and the USA middle class has been cut out of the picture. Our wealthiest citizens no longer need to invest in the USA and that silly philanthropy thing…? Without an incentive to do so, these types of benevolent contributions have curtailed too.

      • Molly Maguires

        Here are some steps that I believe would help with the revenue problems we are experiencing in the USA, many of which were caused by blind capitalism (Wall Street’s bailout of $5trillion to the banking and insurance firms to stem the bleeding of what some estimates calculated to be amounting to $20trillion in lost revenue in the financial meltdown of 2008); all gleaned from a time in the US history when the plutocrates did not have a death grip on the fiscal policies of ouir nation:

        Increase Taxes on the wealthy by Increasing the Capital Gains Tax with a flat yearly exemption for all, Increase the Upper Income Tax to 50% deduction are allowed for U.S. Jobs, Manufacturing and Capital investment within the United States. (Tax Power and Control)

        For Capital gains Tax use 50% and a deduction $50,000 (deductible annually) a 50/50 for short term. For long term investment use a 15% with the same annual deduction, a 15/50. To encourage investment in American companies Tax at 50% for foreign investment. For American short term small business stock, retain the same annual deduction, but reduce the tax based on the number of American employees, and capital spent within the US. To 40%. For long term, reduce the tax based on the number of American employees, and capital spent within the US to 20%

        Tax All Bonuses and Stock Options in Lieu of Corporate Bonuses as Standard income under $10,000, Tax Bonuses at 25% under $75,000 and at 50% above $75,000 (An American Bonus)”

        The first $10,000 is just taxed as Standard income in whatever tax bracket that you are in. The next $65,000 is also taxed as Standard income, or at 25% Whatever is higher every thing above $75,000 is taxed at 50%

        lf you are making $2,000,000 and give yourself a $1,000,000 bonus if you are a good owner of US companies employing US workers and are investing 75% in the US economy and your taxes are reduced from 50% to 36% your tax on the fist $10,000 is just taxed as Standard income at 36% tax bracket. The next $65,000 is also taxed as Standard income, at 36% every thing above $75,000 is taxed at 50% you pay $489,500 or at 48.9% combined that with the tax on the remaining 2 million and your total tax would be $1,209,500 or 40%. If you are multinational you would be taxes 50

        Now lets look at the other taxes. So that everyone pays some federal taxes, use a .5 % (that is ½ of a percent) national Sales Tax.

        Tax Every Stock Transaction at .001% On the Total Value of the Stock to End Multi Nanosecond Computer Trading That Artificially Drive up Stock Bubbles. (Restore Stock Market Sanity)

        Prohibited Tax Breaks for Any Companies SENDING Jobs Overseas! End All Tax Breaks for Companies That Eliminate American Jobs. (Preserve American Jobs)
        Granted Tax Breaks to Companies for BRINGING Overseas Jobs BACK to the U.S.(Repatriate American Jobs)
        Promote Tax cuts for small businesses and the middle-class families who rely on their entrepreneurship. (Small Business Jobs and Credit)
        Closed All Existing Tax Loopholes That Allow The Wealthy and Big Corporations to Abuse the Tax Credit System. (End Loophole Abuse)
        Reinstall the separation between commercial banking and the securities business, a return to Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 Strengthen ‘The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act “ (Work to Protect Consumers)
        Use Antitrust Laws to Break Up “Too Big to Fail” Banks, Financial institutions and Corporations.
        End All Oil Subsidies to Multinational Oil Companies. (No Oil Welfare)
        Closed All Existing Tax Loopholes That Allow The Wealthy and Big Corporations to Abuse the Tax Credit System. (End Loophole Abuse)
        End All Oil Subsidies to Multinational Oil Companies. (No Oil Welfare)

        @ Ustoknow, 20 points that address the concerns of most Americans They are suggested solutions that are (numbered) please reply with the points that you like and the ones that you don’t with your reasoning.
        1) End Corporate Personhood (Keep Human Rights OUR Rights)
        2) Reverse (Corporate Money is Not Free Speech)
        3) Prohibit All Former and Future Congressmen or Staff from being a Paid Lobbyist.(Get Out of Washington)
        4) Prohibit Any Lobbyist from offering ANY Monetary Compensation, Gift or Job or any future promise of the same to Any Congressman, or Congressmen’s Family, Staff or Federal Employee Directly involved with congress. (Congress Not For Sale)
        5) Apply All Conflict of Interest and Insider Trading Laws to Congress. In addition Congressman Must rescues themselves from voting on an issue if they accept money from lobbyists affecting that issue.(End Market Manipulation)
        6) Hold all Business Interests, Stock Bonds, and Assets in a Blind Trust During the Term of Office or at the very least, 2 Weeks Before Congress is in Session and end 30 Days After the Session. (Keep Congress Honest, Remove Temptation)
        7) Prohibited Tax Breaks for Any Companies SENDING Jobs Overseas! End All Tax Breaks for Companies That Eliminate American Jobs. (Preserve American Jobs)
        8) Granted Tax Breaks to Companies for BRINGING Overseas Jobs BACK to the U.S.(Repatriate American Jobs)
        9) Promote Tax cuts for small businesses and the middle-class families who rely on their entrepreneurship. (Small Business Jobs and Credit)
        10) Closed All Existing Tax Loopholes That Allow The Wealthy and Big Corporations to Abuse the Tax Credit System. (End Loophole Abuse)
        11) Reinstall the separation between commercial banking and the securities business, a return to Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 Strengthen ‘The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act “ (Work to Protect Consumers)
        12) Use Antitrust Laws to Break Up “Too Big to Fail” Banks, Financial institutions and Corporations.
        13) Restore Equal Justice By Applying the Law to Persons “Too Big To Jail”
        14) End All Oil Subsidies to Multinational Oil Companies. (No Oil Welfare)
        15) Tax Every Stock Transaction at .001% On the Total Value of the Stock to End Multi Nanosecond Computer Trading That Artificially Drive up Stock Bubbles. (Restore Stock Market Sanity)
        16) Tax All Bonuses and Stock Options in Lieu of Corporate Bonuses as Standard income under $10,000, Tax Bonuses at 25% under $75,000 and at 50% above $75,000 (An American Bonus)
        17) Prohibit Any Bank that Contracts to Handle Any Public Benefits Program from Charging Any Fee to Any Recipient of Those Programs. Banks can only Receive a Flat Negotiated Fee the Government. (End Banking Enrichment)
        18) Provide For Publicly Owned Banks (State and National) to Handle the Peoples and Taxpayers Money, To Be Accountable to the Interest of the People.
        19) Increase Taxes on the wealthy by Increasing the Capital Gains Tax with a flat yearly exemption for all, Increase the Upper Income Tax to 50% deduction are allowed for U.S. Jobs, Manufacturing and Capital investment within the United States. (Tax Power and Control)
        20) Rebuild Americas Infrastructure Build Roads and Bridges, Schools and Factories. (America First!)

    • Dorian Douglas

      Molly Maguires

      I don’t argue much with your writing. The only exception is your comment about “one party against unions”. The issue isn’t pro or anti unions. It is forcing some people to pay to get a job, as well the forced union dues to line the unions bosses’ pockets, and spending the money collected for purposes that union members oppose. It now also has expanded to the Labor Dept’s all-out support of forced unionism, and political bribery (more on bribery later).

      But the bigger issue is the fact that most political leaders are Progressives. Woodrow Wilson wrote the manifesto during his presidency.(updated by radicals in the 60′s, and again by Cloward & Piven in the 80′s). This information is available, you just have to find it. (Did you know that the Nazis in the ’20s &’30s credited Wilson’s propaganda methods for their success in taking over their country? It’s a matter of record. Go find it.)

      The philosophy is that only the elitists know how to run the world, so they find candidates for conservative-thinking and for liberal-thinking congressional districts and senate seats. The key to their control of power has been the Progressive election scheme. At election time, their candidates tell the voters what the voters want to hear, then go to Washington or state govts, and vote to pass bills that SOUND GOOD, but are detrimental to our well-being. They also generally pretend to argue vociferously with each other while the cameras and mics are on, then go to dinner and have drinks together, laughing at what fools we are.

      Propaganda, slurring opponents instead of debating facts, dividing “us from them”, and bribery are the basic tenets of the movement. They took over our education system in the 40′s and 50′s with Federal (some say feral) Aid to Education to colleges & universities, then strings to the schools soon followed (you have to have this program, not that one; you have to teach this course, not that on; you have to hire this teacher, not that one.) The idea was to brainwash prospective teachers, prospective lawyers, and prospective reporters and economists, who would then help to indoctrinate the rest of us. See how well it has worked??? (The process was nothing more than “hooking” schools on drugs, then threatening to pull the funds if they didn’t “do what daddy says”.)

      All presidents since the 1928 election (except Truman & Reagan) have operated as Progressives, altho Kennedy & GWB refused to toe the line on tax policy. All of our current candidates except Paul are Progressives (and he has major flaws of his own). But the bigger danger is Congress. Presidents come and go. We need Congress to go, too. Can you say “Term limits”???

      And the even bigger danger is that we voters elect and then ignore what our electees are doing. Shame on us!

      Can we be saved? Probably too late, I doubt that we will be a Republic by the time my 5 year old grandson is college age. But as they say at the opera, it’s not over til the fat lady sings!

      Dorian Douglas

      • Molly Maguires

        Thoughtful commentary! Your vague allusion to some sort of conspiracy has crossed my mind, especially when you consider the IMF and World Bank involvement in the World Trade arrangements over the past 20 years from behind the scenes. But that’s all I’ll say ’cause I don’t want to sound too much like a nut…

      • Mark in LA

        My only comment is on Reagan – he was no conservative. He was a right wing liberal. He spent like a drunken sailor, just not on things that have long term use like rebuilding bridges or energy independence research. Instead it was on tax cuts that flowed only to the wealthy after he raised taxes on the middle class in later years and weapons many of which never worked as advertised until many years later. He started the free trade deals. He started the big lie campaign to get “guest” workers under Bush. He looked the other way on illegal immigration while it was used to break unions and then signed that horrible amnesty that flooded the country with millions of third world peasants. I’d hardly call these conservative positions. He was always a Democrat at heart. He just adopted the economic policies of the wealthy because the acting and product pitch man gigs had dried up.

      • FreedomFighter

        It’s hard, when you’re up to your armpits in alligators, to remember you came here to drain the swamp.–R Reagan

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • Nadzieja Batki

      All your verbiage does not make you a Conservative or a Patriot. You’re just a malcontent and an agitator.

      • Molly Maguires

        I’m simply calling it like I see it. As far as a malcontent; I am moving toward the end of my existance in this magnificent nation, a nation that gave me a wonderful life as a member of the middle class. My malcontent is for what I see as our children’s plight at the hand of a new ruling class whose allegience is to no country, man, or God, but to filthy lucre. Down with plutocracy; people unite!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Molly M, why does your talking sound like a snow job? Because it is.
        Noone asked about your age and how long you have been on this earth.

      • http://butI'mtolei Smilee

        Nadzieja Batki says:
        March 10, 2012 at 1:02 pm

        Snow jobs can only effect the ignorant, the rest cannot be snowed.

    • alicia

      You are absolutely right. We need to to bring all oversees jobs back home, and the main reason our economy sucks is because the oil companies making billions of profit on speculation. I say they should put some of those profits into a fund to offset speculation, and keep the cost of gas as low as possible, I guarantee you, come this Aug-Sept. we will hear of the billions in profit, its is a domino effect when gas prices go up so does everything else, because it takes gas to get any product to its destination, along with the fact that the past 30 years they forget to raise the minimum wage as the cost of living went high sky. I say no raises, no insurance and retirement for those is congress, so they can understand the hardships of life.

    • Gerard

      Yes, Molly…it is sad to say that your comment has a lot of truth to it. Just ONE example of this is even locally for me. An acquaintance of mine was laid off from a Wells Fargo call center because Wells Fargo was moving a portion of the call center division to the Philippines. How much do you think those people will bet paid per hour? $2, $3 per hour? This was just last year…how patriotic is that?? Money always talks, pure capitalism has no consideration or empathy for human beings. Exploitation is another word for pure capitalism…but don’t get me wrong. I believe in personal innovation, hard work, creativity and making a profit. What I disagree with is the transfer of wealth from people who are already poor or working paycheck to paycheck to people who are already fabulously wealthy…this is wrong. Wealthy folks are more than happy for wealth to transfer to them but when an attempt to transfer wealth in the other direction is made they claim this is “hurting the country”. Hmmmmm?? I’m not confused at all….but see right through the money, lies and videotape.

    • Vigilant

      Molly Maguires says “I didn’t use the word “patriots” earlier because we “citizens” love our country and don’t like what we see happening to it.”

      You did well to not describe yourself as a patriot, even though you have a problem with dictionary definition of that word.

      Your pro-union and anti-Capitalism screed reveals precisely who you are: one of the Molly Maguires indeed.


      “1. (Historical Terms) Irish history a member of a secret society that terrorized law officers during the 1840s to prevent evictions
      2. (Historical Terms) (in Pennsylvania from about 1865 to 1877) a member of a society of miners that terrorized mine owners and their agents in an effort to obtain better pay”

      And like the cowardly terrorists that they were, they disguised themselves in female clothing.

      Cross-dresser, are we?

      P.S. Don’t EVER presume to speak for people who truly love America

      • Jay

        Good catch Vigilant!

      • Molly Maguires

        Good to see you’ve done some research. You probably know perfectly well why I took the name, but it suits your world view to divert attention away from the facts besides, slander or at least being intellectually lazy appears to be more your style. By the way, if you do any further research, beyond what suits your perspective, you may find a large allegory of information what life was like for those who lived under the thumb of the coal mining Barons, “owing their souls to the company store” working for the man.

      • FreedomFighter

        Dems some high foluttin wurds u ist usin, dem run fasterna treelegged chicken.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Vigilant, I am glad that you hold as suspect any and all who would be human messiahs. My question is, Who asked you to save us (them)? Their words and actions always distract from the chains that they are wrapping around people.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Vigilant, I am sorry but I posted comment before I proofread. The question was for Molly M types.

      • Vigilant

        Nadzieja, not to worry, I knew it had to be an oversight.

        You are, I believe, one of the few who see eye-to-eye wth me on most issues. In fact, your short postings get across vaid points which seem to take me five times the words to convey. You have a beautiful economy in the use of words that I admire.

    • Jimmy Mack

      Yes,… you’ve eloquently expressed precisely what I’ve tried to say over the years in my own clumsy way. My rude awakening was when GHW Bush included the word “new world order” into one of his speeches. Ever since that time I’ve watched our culture and country be bombarded with an equal amount of third world junk and new world order propaganda.

      Has anyone ever noticed how the Democrat and Republicans can fight like cats and dogs then after the session is over go out to dinner and buddy up with each other? Each of our main political parties are deeply corrupted to the point that we are on the precipice of losing our middle class and with that our freedom. If not corrected we will be a society of wealth beyond imagination and poverty to that same degree.

      I believe completely in our Constitution but unfortunately it is being assaulted on all sides by those traitorous dogs that lied to us when they swore the oath to follow and protect this very same constitution. There are very few of our elect that actually represent us for our own interests, not theirs. Those not representing their constituents must be kicked to the curb and replaced by willing, loyal candidates.

      Disagree with me or not, I believe that the system of the electoral college MUST be changed to popular vote. This would open the door for a third or perhaps a fourth party that would have the power to represent Americans as we deserve. Our existing two political parties have proven over and over they are not interested in us but only to obtain and hold as much power for as long they can. We, the people they are supposed to be representing are lost in the shuffle.

      Another change that might possibly, and I believe will, change the balance of political power is to get rid of the career politicians. We need strict term limits. It is an honor and privilege to SERVE in the high ranking offices of House, Senate and Presidency. Serve your term and get out. No pay-offs. No pensions. No benefits after leaving office. You leave as you came and be glad we, the people thought enough of you to place you temporarily in power. That is reward enough.

      The promise that our current President made to unify Americans, like nearly all his promises, have proven hollow and disingenuous. If we are to survive these assaults on our freedoms we need to vote intelligently for the candidate most closely representing our beliefs. This election coming up in 2012 just might be our last chance. Let’s not blow it!

      • Molly Maguires

        Jimmy Mack, in my opinion, your points are very valid. The phrase, “New World Order” is something that has stuck forebodingly in my memory. It’s like an eerie, mysterious reference to shadowy figures that pull the strings of world events from behind closed doors of executive suites, board rooms, and meetings attended solely by the world’s most influential and powerful industrialists and financial tycoons.
        Like you said, it’s funny how our representatives fight, obstruct, and posture, but when it comes to International Trade Agreements, they sing all their praises in perfect harmony…
        Step one has to be; get big $$$ out of politics, limited terms; maybe develop a third party, one that will represent the national interest, not just the interest of the highest bidder.
        We may only slightly and respectfully disagree about the current President. I believe he tried in good faith to work with the Congress, but soon found out it wasn’t in their best interest to work with him back (kinda’ like kissing a pig and vice versa). So the hollow and disingenuous part, I would say, falls mostly at the feet of the obstructionist GOP this time around (we could go round and round about that one), but I can tell you have your nation’s best interest at heart, and have taken a thoughtful look at the issues. You may get razzed for this, but I believe we have more common than uncommon ground.

    • Rodtheother

      I began reading your post beleiving you where expressing a cautionary note about how we have given too much power to those within our government and found myself in complete agreement with the notion that these men and women are abusing there position of power for personal enrichment…which ALL politicians are vulnerable to and should be carefully overseen and any appearances of impropriety are immedietly investigated without bias.

      But as I continued reading your manifesto I realized that you where engaging in “The ‘ole Progressive twist”. Where you start with a solid premise then warp it into a vehicle for obviscation and redirection.

      The global one-world Gov. your post fains protest against is the very objective of the Unions you defend! …can you say SEIU? That’s right “Service Employees INTERNATIONAL UNION!!!

      You also claim that you are standing-up for the middle class, but want to tear down the upper-class. Would you please explain to me how you can have a middle-class without an upper-class????! BY THE VERY DEFINITION, there are two essential elements to have a middle-class ….those elements being an upper and lower class.

      • Molly Maguires

        Rod, I have nothing but admiration for the rich and wish them well. Many have enriched our life by their research, entrepreneurship, and hard work, or just by being in the right place at the right time. And I don’t harbor ill will toward the rich as you hint that I do.
        That is until they begin to use their wealth, power and influence to subjugate the prospects of the working class and poor who play by the rules and contribute what little they have by way of skills, craft, or service as well as their meager tax contributions so as to further and support their beloved nation.
        The plutocrats, on the other hand, have entrenched themselves within the halls of congress and do everything in their power to tilt the playing field in their favor, regardless of the effects it has on the nation or the people who populate it who their contrivances devalue. And thanks to the access to our elected officials that Big $$$ contributions has granted them, they would contribute NOTHING to the nation from which they originated, and many do just that; almost as if that were for chumps to contribute to the treasury of the greatest country on earth. They would let that for others; those less crafty and influential.
        You have twisted my “manifesto,” as you call it, and set it along side of the idealogues you abhor like those who favor the redistribution of wealth; I call it an impassioned plea for fairness for all Americans, and for the salvation of our beloved nation.

      • Rodtheother

        Molly…if this is an empassioned plea for fairness within our great Nation, we should move the conversation to the definition of “Fair”.

        Broadly speaking….my notion of fairness is that their shall be no preference given to ANY demographic in our society. Every individual shall rise or fall upon the merit they posses. Whether that merit is achieve through luck of birth or earned through personal acheivement. Avery individual shall have the right to pursue life, liberty, and/or happiness in a manner that is acceptable to them and that provided their actions do not harm others they are free to act as they wish. Fairness is equal opportunity. I do not see fairness in nearly half the country paying no income tax and getting a say on how the taxes taken from the paying half are spent…if we are all in this together we should play by the same rules and pay the same tax rate…WITH VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS.

        You’ve stated on other posts that you beleive a Progressive tax system is fair…please explain what is fair about this double standard.

    • Tom W.

      Hey Molly, I liked your post but can I ask you something? Ya ever felt like we were being tag-teamed?! Are we ever really given a choice or the illusion of such?! Has anything ever changed since the assassination of JFK? I mean no matter which party is in control, the American people have STOOD by and watched while everything that we love and everything that brave men and women have fought and died for have been systematically taken away. You are so right that the only thing that matters to them is how much money they can rob from We the People!!! But isn’t this exactly what the Word of God said that we would be dealing with in the Last Days?!!
      “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” – II Tim. 3:1-5
      I challange you to find a better description of the human race today anywhere!!!

      • bp

        AMEN, Tom. Rick Santorum 2012

      • Void1972

        The International Banking Cartel is the New World Order
        My belief in the existence of the New World Order centers around the activities, actions and writings of the members of the elite (mostly Anglo-American) inside the international banking cartel – which of course includes the Rockefeller and Rothschild families – over roughly the last century.

        This cartel, through their financing of two World Wars; the revolutions of Lenin/Stalin and Hitler, among others; the creation of the IMF, World Bank and other private “central banks” like the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England; as well as their backing of international organizations like the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization has sought to control not only the purse strings of the governments of the world, but also the policies, laws and programs that those governments and agencies implement.
        Through their financing of both sides of wars (WWI and II, Cold War, War on Drugs, War on Terror, etc); their manufacture of financial crisis (Great Depression, the coming Greater Depression) and financing of ideological movements (eugenics/population control, feminism, communism, fascism, global warming, etc) the banking cartel has sought to undercut the political, economic and social sovereignty of nations around the world. As a result, their IMF, World Bank and other central bank proxies have managed to put nation after nation in massive debt to them. And as a result, they can further manipulate and control the governments (and citizens) of those nations to further enact their goal of a global government and banking system run – by them and for them – at the expense of all of humanity.

        IMO, the New World Order is not a Jewish thing, it’s not a religious thing, it’s not even solely a money thing (although money is its greatest weapon). It instead is a control thing. They banking elite want to be able to control the globe and everyone in it.

        However, as many who attempt to debunk the New World Order exists have said, nationalism and traditional political and ethnic hostilities have hampered the cartel’s quest for a one world government. Because of this, Russia, China and renegade states like Iran and Venezuela remain largely on the fringes of the NWO’s inner circle. Russia and China are both too big (unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama) and potentially valuable to the cause to ignore or wipe out. But while political and economic relations exist between the western powers and the two outsiders; the potential for conflict with Russia and China in Eurasia or Africa remain very real.

        Throughout the last century, the countries and political leaders that refused to play ball with the banking cartel got their asses kicked. Unfortunately, in the post-WWII world, the United States (both covertly and overtly) has been doing most of the ass kicking for the cartel. And we are in debt up to our eyeballs and our Constitution is hanging by a thread because of it (more on that later). Of course, we see the lesser “outsiders” Iran and Venezuela cozy up to Russia and China and use it to their advantage to thwart the banking cartel’s attempts to have the U.S., or other pro-cartel, military force take them out.

        But, just as it was in the World Wars and the Cold War, the banking cartel benefits if any conflict (short of all-out thermonuclear war) takes place between major and even lesser powers. That’s because war – and the debt that follows it – makes them more money. And it also allows the cartel to step in and offer a “solution” for a peaceful future once hostilities are over, as they did with the United Nations and the Bretton Woods economic makeover after World War II.

        Of course the United Nations, through the corporate media, has largely been painted ineffective to this point. But that ineffectiveness is only on the surface. When it comes to controlling the third world via their population control, medical and economic programs – which are full of systematic graft and corruption – the success of the UN has been tremendous because they “control” the third world by keeping it in the political and economic sh—– while their resources are being stripped right out from under the very people the UN is supposed to be helping.

        But, as money is the NWO’s greatest weapon, and nationalism and traditional nation-state and religious strife is painted as a major threat to its goals (it’s not of course, because as Smedley Butler said “War Is A Racket”). The biggest threat to the New World Order and their aims is the belief of personal liberty and the political self-determination that comes with it; which has stemmed largely from the United States since we were still colonies under British control.
        That doctrine – which the whole of good humanity has aspired to and dreamed of for two centuries – and the future of what it entails is where We the People of the United States come in. What the banking cartel has been doing to other nations – engineered economic collapse via their economic hitmen and Wall Street jackals – is now being done to the United States. Our economy is being systematically destroyed through unprecedented debt via the private Federal Reserve. The goal – as it was in other countries who refuse to yield to global government – is to completely collapse the U.S. economy. Then – through the civil unrest and economic carnage that follows the collapse – install a centrally dominated, dictatorial government where, in the case of the United States, the Constitution and Bill of Rights no longer exist.

        You can see now through the corporate media how anyone who questions the government and their policies as being painted as a potential terrorist. Department of Homeland Security has labeled citizens on the left and right side of the political spectrum as threats. The Department of Defense has said that protest is terrorism. Opponents of the Federal Reserve system are labeled extremists or kooks. And the legislation aimed at exposing its agenda is being ignored, despite its overwhelming support on Capitol Hill and on Main Street. And once again, just as they did with the stimulus – the banking cartel is engaging in economic terrorism – promising total economic collapse if a full open audit of the Federal Reserve takes place.

        From the Patriot Act I and II, the Military Commissions Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act – to the current Hate Crimes, Cap and Trade and Cyber Security bills in Congress – the banking cartel and their political whores in Washington D.C. and elsewhere in our nation seek to destroy our founding doctrine and put us under the thumb of the most oppressive, controlled and tax heavy government in American history.

        The longtime goal of the banking cartel and their agents in the U.S. government and corporate whore media is the total destruction of the American Republic. The cartel cannot complete their NWO agenda if We the People are running around touting our Constitution and Bill of Rights as a beacon of freedom for all of humanity to aspire to.
        The banking cartel hates the Constitution. They hate the fact that it says – in Article 1, Section 7, that only Congress has the power:
        “To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures”

        The banking cartel hates the 1st Amendment:
        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

        They hate the 2nd Amendment:

        “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

        They hate the 4th Amendment:
        “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

        They hate the 9th Amendment:

        “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

        They hate the 10th Amendment:

        “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

        And they would really hate if we removed the 16th Amendment, which by the way is quite likely the only amendment they love:

        “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

        They banking cartel hates the Constitution and those who believe in it, because we stand together in direct opposition to everything they seek in the United States and worldwide. And they hate that for the last 200-plus years, every human being seeking freedom and a better way of life for themselves, their family and their respective countries have looked to the American Republic and our founding doctrine and dream that one day they too can bring “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to their part of the world.

        As many of you know, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan recently said on national T.V. that the Federal Reserve is above the law and answerable to no one including Congress.

        He said it, on national TV, just like Second National Bank of the United States chairman, Nicholas Biddle, wrote it back in the 1830’s (The following pages come directly from Arthur Schlesinger’s Pulitzer Prize winning book, “The Age of Jackson”).

        The Federal Reserve isn’t above the law. No one in the United States is above the law. And it will be up to We the People to restore the rule of law to our land and punish Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and the rest of the banking cartel and political scum who have brought the United States to the brink of financial ruin.

        As trends forecaster Gerald Celente has stated:
        “The fight that this country has been waging since its inception is for the central bankers not to take over the country.”

        Thomas Jefferson warned of the central bank evils in 1791:
        “If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”
        IMO, the central bankers – both in the U.S. and abroad – are the New World Order. They began their third quest to take over our nation in 1913. And unless they are stopped and the private and criminal Federal Reserve is audited – so that we can expose in broad daylight where each and every dollar they have received since its inception has gone to – they will complete their takeover. If that happens, the United States and the world will collapse into the darkest period since the Great Depression/World War II, when the cartel crashed the world economy, bankrolled Adolf Hitler and led the world into the most deadly and, in their case, profitable war in world history.

  • Alex

    How convenient for madman Andrew Breitbart to have passed onto the Big Nuremburg Rally in the Sky just days before his much-hyped and uber-anticipated mystery tape was shown to be no more than a law student introducing a heralded law professor on campus.

    From the frothing of the Fright Wing one thought, “Hey, maybe they have film of Obama and Bill Ayers and Lucy Parsons making bombs in Cinque’s basement!” or perhaps an enhanced copy of the Zapruder Film showing Obama’s mother firing from the Grassy Knoll.

    That Slappy Crystal has seen fit to include that sorry tape in this week’s edition of Slowtime at the Apollo is testament to the straw-clutching now seen on the Right—you guys have not only fumbled whatever slim hope you had of ousting Obama but now stand the very real possibility of the once-heralded Teabag Congress, now infamous as the LOWEST RATED congress in its 240 year history, being shown the door.

    One other thing—WOWEE how you guys cringe with every scrap of good news—from jobs, to the economy, to the withering of Al Qaeda— neo-conartist Reich Wingers were hoping for one more REALLY BAD YEAR for American families and worked very, very hard to see that come true—but, UH-OH, the exploding cigar blew up in the GOP’s fat face. The Teabag Congress hogtied the hog that is America by refusing to work WITH their political adversaries and FOR their struggling constituents. Case closed.

    Now let’s just hope President Obama gets tough with the Reich Wing in his second term.

    Semper Fi

    • Sirian

      Typical rhetoric. Want a platinum frame around this one Alex? Might make it look a bit better… just saying

      • FreedomFighter

        Alex, I have Perfect Beagle read your post for Obama

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Vigilant

        “Platinum frame?” C’mon, Sirian, you know you can’t polish a turd.

      • FreedomFighter

        Vigiliant, your are myth busted — you can polish a turd

        Mythbusters Polishing a Turd

        Man that one made me chuckle

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Vigilant

        FreedomFighter, by God you’re right! What a hilarious video! Thank you.

        I wonder if they ever tried putting lipstick on a pig.

      • Vigilant

        FreedomFighter, that Perfect Beagle spoke more sense than Alex.

      • Jay

        Alex always supplies one provocative statement, and then slinks away like a coward. Never does he stick around to rebuttal challenges, or provide supporting arguments to his outlandish psycho-babble. That’s because he’s not so required. According to instructions provided by his handlers, he is to generate controversy, incite, upset, create dissension, and stir-up strife. In fact, you will note that is the tactic employed by all the lefties on this site. The best counter; remain calm, and pummel them with facts!

    • http://aol bob robbins

      U R A NUT

    • Richard

      Alex you are letting your liberal idealism stand in the way of reality. Verbal bombs, ie, Obama and the Nutty Professor are more powerful than the sword. Stirring up hate speech and discontent because of the skin color. Respect for others begins with each of us. I hope you day improves and that you may find something to be cheerful about with your worldview. God Bless you,

    • bob

      The economy got bad a few years ago when the media pushed the voters into thinking the Dems were going to win the election (2006), Then when the Dems won did win the economy got even worse. When Obama got elected , the economy tanked to the point of doubling our national debt in a few short years. Now , dispite the media still pushing the Dems, the voters are more inclined to see the lousy job of governing by Obama an his party and are likely to vote the GOP back in control. THAT is why the business’s are looking more positively and the economy is starting to pick up !!!

    • Rob

      Spoken like someone who “drank the Kool Aid!”

    • bob

      The TEA PARTY saved this country trillions of dollars and if they have their way will save this nation from economic collapse. Obama had a congress and senate for the 1st 2 years and he doubled our debt , before Obamacare even kicked in !!

      • Mark in LA

        The Tea Party had no effect on Congress. Initially they had to be wary of the public but they eventually spent everything they were going to and raised the debt cieling without a peep from the public. Now the Tea Party is even cheering for clowns like Gingrich and Santorum – both big government types.

      • FreedomFighter
      • Vigilant

        Mark in LA LA Land has tried to keep up a polite fiction that he’s not a liberal. Then he makes statements like that and hopes we don’t notice.

    • robert

      they probably due have film of the devil/ovomit/lucifer/hitler making bombs in the basement of holdup house.and as far as good news,with ovomit there is no good news,and a don,t drink kool aid,but i am{ kool} and i do come to the{ aid} of my fellow patriots.and ovomit isn,t the president,he is an ineligible squatter in the wh.and i do love a good cup of go sell your bs to someone who believes in the devil/ovomit/lucifer/hitler.and everyone i know here in south brklyn and surronding area is voting for ron paul.let the media ignore him,and people bad mouth him,means nothing to we the people.god bless all american veterans and all american citizens.semper fi

    • Warrior

      Lexie – you would make mama sanger proud!

    • Vicki

      Alex says:

      How convenient for madman Andrew Breitbart to have passed onto the Big Nuremburg Rally in the Sky

      Ad hominem attack rather than any discussion. Typical liberal response. I must thank alex for putting it right in the first sentence sparing me the time that I might have wasted reading the rest of his post.

    • Steve

      Run Alex !!! I can’t hold the squirrels back much longer.Arrrggg!

      • FreedomFighter
      • bp

        Freedom Fighter: Absolutely HYSTERICAL video! Notice there’s enough seed to go around; looks like “sharing” is counter-intuitive, or “unnatural” (note to tree-huggers)!

      • bp

        Freedom Fighter: P.S. Never saw squirrels stand up like that! Amazing!

    • Jay

      Breitbart video already released four years ago in 2008.

      Contrary to today’s release of edited and seemingly innocuous footage that shows Barack Obama making a speech at Harvard in 1991 and has already been in the public domain for years, Chicago radio host Erich “Mancow” Muller told the Alex Jones Show today that his friend Andrew Breitbart had in fact planned to release information that would “destroy Barack Obama” on March 1st, hours after his untimely death.

      Muller said he was speaking with Breitbart “every other day” about a TV show he had
      lined up on a major network on which Breitbart would make regular appearances in a segment called “Breitbart predicts”.

      “The house of cards is coming down, I have information that will destroy Barack Obama, it’s over,” Muller says Breitbart told him, and that the information would be released March 1st.

      “Everybody feels the same way, that this guy was murdered,” said Muller, who attended Breitbart’s funeral yesterday. Muller pointed to the fact that Breitbart’s death was explained as “natural causes” by the media within hours before any kind of cursory investigation had been conducted.

      “The guy goes for a walk in the middle of the night, he’s about to launch a big website, he’s about to bring down the house of Obama, and he’s dead,” said Muller.

      Muller said he asked Breitbart whether he was afraid given the fact that he was sitting on such incendiary footage, to which Breitbart responded, “a little bit”. Muller then warned him, “they’re gonna kill you, you can’t destroy Obama’s brown shirt army like Acorn.”

      Muller said his family and friends were urging him to quit, fearing that Breitbart’s death is a warning shot and that Rush Limbaugh also “may be in danger”.

      Edited footage of one of the tapes that had been in Breitbart’s possession before his death was leaked today, but not by the Breitbart media empire itself, who have announced the full unedited footage, which shows Obama giving a speech about race at Harvard University in 1991, will be played on Fox News’ Hannity this evening.

      The edited film is by no means damning, suggesting that it is not the same footage Breitbart was referring to when he tipped off Muller that explosive revelations would arrive on March 1st.

      Indeed, the footage released today has in fact been in the public domain for years,having first appeared on You Tube in 2008.

      Breitbart gave speeches throughout February, notably at the CPAC conference, in which he said he had video showing Obama fraternizing with “a bunch of silver pony tails” like Bill and Bernardine Dohrn (Weather Underground members), who radicalized him.

      He also told Lawrence Sinclair at an event in Washington DC on February 9th, “Wait til they see what happens March 1st.”

      According to former FBI agent Larry Grathwohl, who was assigned to infiltrate the Weather Underground’s Central Committee, the group openly advocated the implementation of a Communist dictatorship inside the United States backed up by “re-education centers” for the recalcitrant and death camps for those who still refused to submit.

      Given what Breitbart said both publicly and privately in the weeks before his death, it’s apparent that the footage released today is not what Breitbart had intended to release in the context of “destroying Barack Obama”. It remains to be seen whether such footage will ever see the light of day.

      • FreedomFighter

        Smells like a murder coverup dont it?

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • bp

        EXACTLY! When was the last time someone’s death was announced this way “natural causes” instead of “collapsed” or “found dead”? Who called 911 @ midnight? These are questions no one is asking. Thank you, Jay & FreedomFighter.

      • Karolyn

        Rush Limbaugh in danger? That idiot? Did you see what he had to say about the Kony, the butcher in Africa? Because he heads the “Lord’s Resistance Army,” Limbaugh thinks he’s a Christian! I think he’s losin’ it.

      • Karolyn

        It seems very weird to me that Brietbart didn’t have some kind of contingency plan in case he died. Would it not be smart thinking to have a duplicate of this purported video in a safe place? If the guy was going all around bragging about this, don’t you think he would have protected himself? If he didn’t, he wasn’t a very smart man. Doesn’t make sense.

      • Jay

        Karolyn, here’s the full transcript of the show. Please read it in context!

      • Karolyn

        Jay – And? He still has it all wrong. Kony is the one who has been kidnapping kids for years and making them murder even their own parents. He takes the girls as prostitutes. Why not watch the video on Kony. There is a huge push this year, with Invisible Childrebn, an anti-Kony organizastion getting the word out about this barbarian, sub-human.

      • Jay

        Speaking of corruption, Karolyn, here’s a post from someone who lives in Uganda, and may have a better perspective on the the situation then you and i ever will. Uses the moniker “Livingston”. According to him, and many others, the invisible children organization has become corrupt.

        First of all, as a person from Northern Uganda, I would like to thank you, the Martin County Children for your effort to assist the children of Northern Uganda.

        How ever i am also sad to say that Organisation like ‘Invisible children’ have turned from caring organisations to Fraudulent and scam. The directors of Invisible children forgot what they stated back in 2005 and have now turned to greed. Only less than 25% of money they have been raising in the name of the children of Northern Uganda gets there to the children.

        The directors of Invisible children have turned this money to become their very personal money. The directors now drive expensive cars and refer to themselves as Movie directors. They have been shunned by all international Northern Uganda associations in Canda, UK, Sweden and even in Sandiego USA.

        Associations such as “acholi in diaspora”(canada) Acholi association(UK) Freinds for Peace in africa(USA). Peace in Northern Uganda group(Sweden). “Campaign to end genocide in Northern Uganada)(USA) and many more.

        “invisible children’ functions are boycotted by many ugandans who are aware that they recieved bribes from General Salim Saleh to focus the suffering of the Northern Uganda Children to the Rebels…rather than tell the whole truth that both the rebels and Uganda government ave comitted atrocities and Genocide againts the acholi people of Northern Uganda..

        Northern Uganda members of parliament have added ‘invisible children’ to their list Of NGO’s under investigation for fraud.

        They have been requested to publicly declare their accounts since 2005 however untill today that has not been done.
        Your contributions are better off being sent directly to the children in Northern Uganda rather than to enrich the directors of ‘invisible children’

        However we leave it to God to be the judge. Thank you and God bless all of you!

      • Karolyn

        That may very well be true, Jay. Look at all the charities in this country like the American Cancer Society who are greedy. However, they are being instrumental in bringing knowledge of these horrendous crimes more into the open. According to the video, they want to make sure our government does not forget and keeps the pressure on. That’s the bottom line here, and Limbaugh is still an a**hole for saying that our people are in Uganda to kill Christians. It seems to me he has gotten to the point where he thinks he is a God because of all those who worship at his altar, and he can say anything he wants to rouse the rabble.

      • Jay

        K: That may very well be true, Jay. Look at all the charities in this country like the American Cancer Society who are greedy. However, they are being instrumental in bringing knowledge of these horrendous crimes more into the open. According to the video, they want to make sure our government does not forget and keeps the pressure on.

        J:Nonsense Karolyn! Once a organization becomes corrupt, greedy, anything they have to say, becomes inadmissible; as once a organization becomes corrupt, cannot produce good and proper evidence, regardless of previous good-track-record! Ask any Judge worth his/her salt, if this not be the case!

        K:That’s the bottom line here, and Limbaugh is still an a**hole for saying that our people are in Uganda to kill Christians. It seems to me he has gotten to the point where he thinks he is a God because of all those who worship at his altar, and he can say anything he wants to rouse the rabble.

        J: Karolyn, you have vigorously excoriated Mr. Limbaugh for his remark to Ms. Fluke, while in the same-breath, you have called Mr. Limbaugh an Idiot, and an A-hole. In light of that, how can we to take your moral indignation seriously?

        As for his miss-understanding of the Uganda situation, had you read the entire transcript in context, you would have come to the realization, that Mr. Limbaugh admitted he did not have the proper take on it, and pledged to commit himself to proper investigation!

    • s c

      Thanks, comrade a, for those parroted remarks. What you want us to believe is the idea that your White House Fuhrer is neither a National Socialist nor a Nazi. And in the same breath, you accuse anyone who isn’t sucking up to your W H ‘God’ of being an infidel (neocon/Rino, etc.). Is that it?
      Comrade a, when is the last time you were forced to make sense? Until you distance yourself from a nonleader who claims to be black and is ecstatic seeing black babies murdered via Planned NonParenthood, you have about as much credibility as Specter, Pelosi, McCain, Reid, Biden or a host of other useful idiot posers.
      What I don’t understand is HOW you get PAID for your remarks. Do you get union scale or minimum wage? Either way, comrade, you’re way overpaid and someone is wasting their money on you (probably OUR money, if I had to guess).

    • Molly Maguires

      Wow, Alex! You took a beating on that one. You ok? I guess you kinda figured you’d be in for it posting something like that on here…

    • Rodtheother

      Do you guys play a lot a Chubby Checker at your meetings? Come on babe let’s do the “TWIST”… The ‘ole progressive twist”.

      I suppose if there was video of Obamanation planting a bomb you’d say he got it from Bush.

      oh and by the way….the Congress is STILL in a democrat majority.

  • bob

    Molly, you are a typical union propaganda pusher. The unions have forced our nation into economic trouble with unmanagable pensions while the rest of us ( who carry the country economically) have vulnerable 401K s. The unions throw more money,( to keep this country under their thumb ), to the politicians than any other source. The less government the better !!

    • eddie47d

      Those venerable 401′s took losses because of the horrendous manipulations that took place on Wall Street. All those get rich quick ponzi schemes and after hours trading didn’t help our economy and eventually strangled your (our) 401′s.

    • Molly Maguires

      You can argue with some validity the unions my have overreached. However, since 1918, “Corporations are people” and “money is speech” both unions and corporations lobbied incessantly with big $$$ in the halls of congress for influence on national policy. But corporations have way out paced unions in the last 30 years. Corporations have had their way since that time, and “Citizens United vs. The Federal Election Committee (2010) have recently sealed the deal (e.g. Super PACs). Do the research

      • richardgibbard

        Molly, do you REALLY want the Democrat-dominated news media to have a monopoly on political discourse on this country? That’s what will happen if the Citizens U nited decision is overturned and the McCain -Feingold Act gets reinstated.
        And what sane person would want to be in a labor union? Those groups are all ongoing criminal enterprises which need to be shut down. Their crime is extortion, both from their membership (dues) and from the companies (threats of work stoppages). Imprison, or execute, union leaders now.

      • Molly Maguires

        Contrary to the selection of my post name, I’m not an ardent union supporter, just someone who has become seethingly angry the about plutocratic control of our beautiful America that would fleece this country for all it’s worth. But I would add; if the unions, more responsible for ouor high standard of living than most on here would like to admit, had a fraction of the power and influence they had way back during the advent of the existence of the USA middle class, the ports where these cheap imports are flooding into our country would be the sight of domestic conflict we haven’t seen in your lifetime!

      • Rodtheother

        Molly I find it interesting that you don’t view the threat that Unions and Corporation pose to the freedom of the individual equally….Instead you seem to view one as a balance to the other and are unhappy the Unions have been outpaced.

        If Unions and corporation were boiled down to their most basic essence. Corporations represent individualism (freedom), while Unions represent collectivism (“from each according to ability, to each according to need”). I’ve come to the conclusion that you oppose the use of the term “Patriot” because your aligence is not to our freedom granting Constitution but rather “Mob-rules” and the concept of the strong majority will subjegate the weaker minority…you must be a Southern Democrat….Are you from Tammany Hall?

      • Vigilant

        Cross-Dressing Molly says, “You can argue with some validity the unions may have overreached.”

        HA HA! “SOME validity?” “MAY have overreached?”

        What news vacuum do you live in?

        Less than 12% of Americans belong to unions, a far cry from the good ole days, eh comrade? But the unions ALWAYS support Democrats, regardless of the fact that non-Democrat union dues are employed for that purpose. Democrats depend upon the corrupt and unethical practices of unions to re-ensconce their socialist leaders in positions at every turn, and they always return the favor by redistributing the wealth of the people of America as payback for their union buddies.

        Unions were born out of the communist movement and they continue to advocate socialist policies. Obama’s packing of the NLRB to always guarantee favorable results to unions at the expense of management is well known. The NLRB had no legal authority to prevent Boeing from building a plant in SC.

        Public “service” unions, especially teachers’ unions, have strangled the taxpayer while they enjoy cushy pensions and health care benefits not even available to the taxpayers that support them through school taxes.

        Unions are the direct cause of why so much business has gone overseas. Unions are the direct reason why GM went bankrupt, and those with ACORN connections like SEIU are fraudulently skewing elections by illegal voter registration practices. The list goes on….

      • Vigilant

        Molly the Transvestite continues with the following lies: “However, since 1918, “Corporations are people” and “money is speech” both unions and corporations lobbied incessantly with big $$$ in the halls of congress for influence on national policy. But corporations have way out paced unions in the last 30 years. Corporations have had their way since that time, and “Citizens United vs. The Federal Election Committee (2010) have recently sealed the deal (e.g. Super PACs). Do the research.

        “Corporations have way outpaced unions?” That’s a provable lie. Go to and see who the top all-time donors have been from 1989-2012. Democrat PACs and labor unions have FAR outpaced others in shoveling funds into campaign coffers of the Democrats. Miss Molly, YOU do the research.

        What irritated Obama so much about “Citizens United vs. The Federal Election Committee (2010),” i.e., that which caused him to insult Supreme Court justices in his State of the Union speech, was that the SCOTUS decision leveled the playing field and gave the labor unions less power than they had.

        P.S. Don’t talk about slander when you haven’t the vaguest idea what it is. Your screen name is anonymous, so there’s no slander involved. Do the research.

      • Molly Maguires

        Vigilant, you claim that only 12% of the work force is union, then you site a reference that lists 140 campaign contributors, where maybe 20 are union, and then you press the point that my claim that “corporations have way out-paced unions” is a provable lie, but you reference a site that validates it. I never claimed that corporations ONLY contributed to the GOP, my claim was that unions vied with corporations for favor in the halls of Congress. My rant has little to do with unions, and everything to do with plutocracy, and its twin cousin Oligarchy, distant relative fascism.

      • Vigilant

        Good golly Miss Molly you are now compounding your lies with more lies when you say “then you site a reference that lists 140 campaign contributors, where maybe 20 are union, and then you press the point that my claim that “corporations have way out-paced unions” is a provable lie, but you reference a site that validates it.”

        Validate my backside. YOU look at the number of contributors and I look at the dollars. You have TRIED to employ the old “lying with statistics” canard. Get out your calculator and lose that myopic leftist squint when you add up the numbers. I repeat, your claim that “corporations have way out-paced unions” is now a PROVEN lie.

        I know your socialist friends don’t have the mental wherewithal to add 2 and 2, but you’re on the wrong website if you think you can get away with that sort of propaganda here.

      • Molly Maguires

        Vigilant, your name-calling and character defamation reveals more about you than your grasp of the issues, and you don’t know me well, but it’s a good thing you are calling me a liar from the comfort of your keyboard, because had you done so face to face, you may have found sudden and energetic reprisal from more than words, regardless of your stature! Also, I’m man enough to acknowledge that you are right about the dollar amount of the campaign contributions. It was an eye opening revelation to me that reinforces my suspicions that the two parties are like the two sides of a counterfeit coin. My mistake was in assuming (without looking into it) that the Super PACs who favor the GOP would naturally give them an advantage in campaign funds. Plus, it’s surprising to me that with the $hundreds of billions in assets sitting in the accounts of multinationals, and prosperous corporate and financial institutions, they wouldn’t contribute more of it to the candidates who clearly embrace the furtherance of their collective causes; my mistake. Here is a site that substantiates the claim about SuperPACs:
        Having said that, I stand by my charges against what I see as plutocracy in this global setting we find ourselves. And my worries about the dire future for this great nation and the futures of our children, the main thrust of my rant, is not allayed in the least by this illumination about campaign finance. And unless you are a plutocrat, or millionaire benefitting from the current trends, it mystifies me as to why you and Rod, patriots and defenders of freedom that you obviously are, wouldn’t show more concern for the direction our country in which our country is headed instead of cling to the theory that all we need is MORE of what we’ve been getting for 30 years now, in spite of the evidence everywhere, that plutocracy, my main beef, and in my view, one of the major threats to our nation’s power, sovereignty, and solvency, is the way to prosperity and might for a declining USA???

    • Molly Maguires

      I forgot to mention; I watched Pittsburgh Steel and Bethlehem Steel close up, head overseas and south respectively when foreign competitors hit the USA market. Neither one was driven to ruin exclusively by the high wage pushed for by unionized labor, but was a combination that included corporate greed that arrogantly refused to reduce their here-to-fore predictable and lucrative stock predictions that went ever upward, with realistic profit assessments. This refusal to acknowledge reality caused them to push the losses onto their prices at a time when cheap steel was available from abroad.
      Arguably, pensions become exorbitant when there are fewer and fewer contributors paying into the common fount with a decent wage; wages that have been outsourced, and are now contributing nothing to the common fount. The pinch is being felt by nobody more than those middle class workers who depend most on the reliability of that pension to be there after working their whole life.

      • Rodtheother

        Molly…Your assertion that “Management” prefered falsely inflatted stock value over a “solvent” operating entity is absurd. But, that aside, How do you explain away the Unions preference of the “Working-man” losing jobs VS. giving concessions?

        A fundamental aspect of freemarket societies is that the citizens reap the benefits of products becoming more easliy afforded due to downward pressure on cost. This results in a higher standard of living for all and more and more individuals are given the ability to help fellow citizens through charity. The Unions, through their greed, failed to help keep their employer competitive within a freemarket and the companys failed because of it. Once again, the selfishness of those whom are in power in the collective system put their personal interests ahead of the masses…can you tell me if those whom where negotiating on the side of the Union lost their jobs?…or where they union-fat-cats that have a relentless need for “dues money” and only lost a little revenue base but never lost their job?

      • Molly Maguires

        Rod, i’ve already conceded the fact that Unions may have over-reached. But the history of the Steel Industry is well documented, and it is clear that the Steel executives, faced with a decision between taking a hit and having less in the way of their exorbitant pay for themselves and stable dividends for their stock holders, chose to pass the costs on to the product. That is one of the reasons why they were undersold, along with the unreasonable demands of labor. The fact that big steel failed to invest in new equipment in the face of a changing industry was another factor. Come on Rod, if you did your homework, you know labor was just one of the factors, and there were others that may not set with your point of view. Lets agree to disagree.
        On the issue of free market societies, our viewpoints are similar. However, Communist China’s workforce changed everything ($1.36/hr. avg. wage, no human rights, no regs, etc.) I sense you would have no problem advancing our free market at all cost and you would do it on the backs of the subjugated citizens of the United States of America, and I even sense that you, yourself would be willing to set the example and lay down your livelihood and take up the banner of blind capitalism and show the rest of us that you would be willing to work for, say $2.00/hr. just to under cut the shipping costs of those gigantic freighters transporting “Made in China” across the Pacific Ocean.

      • Rodtheother

        Molly….your senses are wrong…I would have the media support the freemarket by reporting “in a fair, un-biased, fact-based manner what the pactices of government and business so the citizens can make in formed decision on whom to support. Do not forget that in a freemarket society the most powerful voice an individual has is the power of their patronage. But an honest, unofficial, fourth branch of Gov. is needed for that.

      • Molly Maguires

        Rod, I agree with you about the media! They offer up a world of print, but nothing to disclose what’s really going on. To be informed you really have to dig! It has been good to have some thoughtful dialogue. I have learned a lot. I will be moving on now. God bless America!

    • Ted Crawford

      My research indicates to me that there is an even greater driver to thie off shore exodus. You have a valid Bob when you mention the wages to output ratio. I retired three years ahead of my intended time for that reason. I’ve never had to accept my paycheck with my back turned and I didn’t intend to start this late in the game.
      You’re point about the value of the stock Molly is an equally valid one. We should however remember that we were part of that demand. If not through individule investment then at least through our 401Ks’, our Annuities and our mutual funds, we demanded that the value be there or we changed our portfolios.
      The primary reason for the relocation, especially in the case of our industries, is egregious regulations. Primarily by the EPA but aided in no small part by the Department of Energy and others, including the Department of the Interior!
      Wages can be controled by the rewarding of the productive and the removal of the unproductive. Taxes can be modified by restructuring, and changing stratigys. Regulation stubbornly resist any means at modification!

  • Corrine

    This is the second week I can’t view the video ?!?!?!

    • FreedomFighter

      Run your virus protect software, check your permissions in browser.

      Good luck

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Karolyn

    I wouldn’t knock UFOs (re Kucinich). There is much we don’t know and aren’t privy to. Watch this video to see what appears to be structures on the moon.—full-documentary.html

    • Sirian

      This is one area of concern I will never argue with you about Karolyn. When you’ve seen a UFO, fairly close I might add, it changes you’re whole perspective on the entire subject. The movie link you listed is a very good one and does give you much more to honestly think about. Jose Escamilla’s film is very good for sure. Kucinich caught the same standard reaction over this area as did Carter & Reagan. . . go figure.

      • Karolyn

        Glad to see we agree on something. Actually, we all should concentrate on the things we DO agree on rather what we don’t. Have you really seen one? I often wonder if the reaction of the general public would be any different than what is depicted in movies. In the movies, even when the aliens are friendly, everybody wants to kills them. There are too many people holding onto the old mindset that we are the only intelligent life in the universe. How arrogant!

      • Ted Crawford

        I agree that for mankind to believe that in all the vastness of space, we are the only intelligent life is an extreme egotistical view. What puzzels me is that a civilization possessed with the tecnology to traverse the unfathomable distances necessary to get here, would be so lacking in their ability to remain undetected!

      • FreedomFighter

        Ted its conditioning, so society does not fall apart. It will be a historic shift in self perception and our place in the Universe.

        In my opinion, they are here, have been here a long time, and have thier own agenda, good or bad is yet to be determined. Maybe multiple factions, good or bad, we hook up with the wrong faction…

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Jay

        These UFO sightings you two are speaking of, is nothing more than DARPA, advanced-space-military-technology in flight! Research the amount of funding DARPA, and NASSAU receive every year. The majority of funding is spent towards space exploration, and engineering flight-crafts capable of navigating beyond basic space, ie; space that we see. I wouldn’t get too excited, and break-out the champagne in anticipation of “Alien arrival” just yet; although that deception will come, as that deception has been in the planning for quite some time!

      • Sirian

        I’ve seen more than one and they are one of the most unusual and very intriguing things anyone could ever see. You may be simply looking at a cloud or a star and then you notice something out of the corner of your eye that isn’t normal. Watch it some more and then it really gets interesting. It is very doubtful that people would go hysterical on the scale that the government has stood behind for decades. Very doubtful. The percentage of “non-believers” has dropped tremendously over the past thirty years. Movies are movies – you make what attracts the crowds to hopefully increase their box office returns – entertainment – simple as that. Ted’s point is good but they are detectable – quite easily. They have showed up on radar time after time as well as visual. For example, night vision goggles (Generation 3 preferred) can and are being used quite commonly anymore. With those, which enable you to see in infrared, they are used to spot them all the time. They’re up there and here for sure. Where they’re from isn’t overly known. Plenty of theories available. What their intent is is rather obvious. If they were here to follow suit to the usual movie script then why haven’t they? I would imagine we are simply being observed/monitored to prevent us from destroying this planet – just an opinion.

      • Sirian

        Oh there’s nothing to get all excited about Jay. DARPA, Air Force, Navy etc. are all in on this. That’s not new. “Alien Arrival” – HA, don’t sweat it, far from being a member of that group. But you see there is one basic flaw in what you have said – you’re not covering all of the various sightings that occurred years, multiples thereof, before we had fully developed a jet engine. Several even prior to that. If you’re speaking in terms of what Ben Rich said back in ’85, well, yes, that may very well be. But do you think they’ll let the general public know about it? See, that’s the flaw – when will they ever tell us the truth about this matter? Don’t hold your breath. . . :)

      • Jay

        Sirian, you said: you’re not covering all of the various sightings that occurred years, multiples thereof, before we had fully developed a jet engine.

        Not to be a pain in the butt, Sirian, but the operative word here is “Sightings”, which doesn’t qualify the assertion that they were Aliens from another galaxy, or from another dimension. What could they have been; meteors? Who knows, but one thing is for sure; they were sightings! However, Scriptures does actually describe, from an up-close-witness account, a description of a flying air-craft, and, based on description, the reader is given the impression that the eye-witness was close enough to touch it. But, i still maintain, that the sightings we are presently witnessing, are/is, nothing more then advanced, military, air-craft-technology. Think about it; what a genius way to hide such technology, by placing it in plain view, while claiming it is from an Alien source outside our galaxy!

      • Vicki

        IF there are flying saucers than why don’t we have any actual footage? There are millions of surveillance cameras all over and millions and millions of people with cell phone cameras and millions more with little but very effective point and shoot cameras. Yet still nothing.

        Now consider this. In the vastness of space, which is only 13 billion years old, SOMEONE had to be first. That someone could be US.

      • Sirian

        More than likely Jay but there’s still that left over unexplainable percentage that doesn’t fit. That is what makes this so very interesting – especially after you see one. The ones I have seen carried out ariel maneuvers that are totally beyond anything that we knowingly have – no chance. Yet that doesn’t dismiss some new technology that we may possibly have attained and is still “under wraps”. Oh yes, I’m very familiar with Ezekiel. But again, is it simply advanced technologies we have developed solely or is there even the slightest possibility that there could actually be a touch of outside alien influence? Will we ever know – doubtful. It simply keeps it as a very intriguing subject to keep a close eye on. BTW, have you ever watched “ANCIENT ALIENS” on History2? Good show – very interesting.

      • Sirian

        There are tons of videos and pictures available on line. Granted, there are more than enough hoaxes too. Those are quite obvious. But at say MUFON’s – Mutual UFO Network’s website you can read daily UFO reports that people from all over the world send in and it isn’t unusual to see pictures or actual video of what their report is about. Give that website a shot and it may give you somewhat of a better perspective.
        Space up to now has been determined to be but 13 billion years old – big bang theory. But give that some more time too. Would’t be one bit surprised if in the next twenty years or so that number is pushed up even more. Insofar as we could be the first, well, yes, possibly but there are other star systems that are much, much older than ours and that, coupled with the Drake equation, opens that train of thought up to a bit of tweaking. Just saying. . .

      • Vicki

        Sirian says:

        There are tons of videos and pictures available on line. Granted, there are more than enough hoaxes too. Those are quite obvious. But at say MUFON’s – Mutual UFO Network’s website you can read daily UFO reports that people from all over the world send in and it isn’t unusual to see pictures or actual video of what their report is about. Give that website a shot and it may give you somewhat of a better perspective.

        How about you choose 1-3 that are really good evidence of flying saucers and share them with us. We do know that MSM is useless by how well they are suppressing the info on the LFBC so I am not surprised if you were to find good solid evidence that the MSM has suppressed.

        Space up to now has been determined to be but 13 billion years old – big bang theory. But give that some more time too. Would’t be one bit surprised if in the next twenty years or so that number is pushed up even more. Insofar as we could be the first, well, yes, possibly but there are other star systems that are much, much older than ours and that, coupled with the Drake equation, opens that train of thought up to a bit of tweaking. Just saying. . .

        Having been a member of SETI@home for many more years than I care to count, (The computer I am using to type this message is at this very moment processing Seti data), I find the Drake equation interesting but the lack of radio signals from the earlier days of these flying saucers seems to be missing. Of course it is always possible that technology moves so fast that a civilization gets FTL long before their radio signals can get to us. That would be nice cause that means we are very close to discovering FTL.

        Our own signals are only out about 100 LightYears. There are only about 14,000 stars within 100 LY of us.

  • James Graham

    Splinters in Her Crotch
    A woman from Los Angeles, who was a tree hugger, a liberal Democrat, and an anti-hunter, purchased a piece of timberland near Colville, WA.

    There was a large tree on one of the highest points in the tract. She wanted a good view of the natural splendor of her land so she started to climb the big tree. As she neared the top she encountered a spotted owl that attacked her.

    In her haste to escape, the woman slid down the tree to the ground and got many splinters in her crotch. In considerable pain, she hurried to a local ER to see a doctor.
    She told him she was an environmentalist, a democrat, and an anti-hunter and how she came to get all the splinters.

    The doctor listened to her story with great patience and then told her to go wait in the examining room and he would see if he could help her.

    She sat and waited three hours before the doctor reappeared.

    The angry woman demanded, “What took you so long?”

    He smiled and then told her, “Well, I had to get permits from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management before I could remove old-growth timber from a “recreational area” so close to a waste treatment facility. I’m sorry, but due to Obama-Care they turned you down!”

    • Daniel-Christopher

      That was hilarious

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    Hey Randi Rhodes: If you have a radio show & say something, but no one is actually listening, are you really speaking? — VOTE FOR AMERICA in November — Stay Well/Stay Safe/Stay Free

  • FreedomFighter

    Larry, the Cable guy

    “Even after the Super Bowl victory of the New Orleans Saints, I have noticed a large number of people implying, with bad jokes, that Cajuns aren’t smart. I would like to state for the record that I disagree with that assessment. Anybody that would build a city 5 feet below sea level in a hurricane zone and fill it with Democrats who can’t swim is a genius.”

    Everyone concentrates on the problems we’re having in Our Country lately: Illegal immigration, hurricane recovery, alligators attacking people in Florida. Not me — I concentrate on solutions for the problems — it’s a win-win situation.
    * Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border.
    * Send the dirt to New Orleans to raise the level of the levees.
    * Put the Florida alligators in the moat along the Mexican border.

    Any other problems you would like for me to solve today?
    Think about this:
    1. Cows
    2. The Constitution
    3. The Ten Commandments

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington? And, they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around our country. Maybe we should give each of them a cow.

    They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq ….why don’t we just give them ours?
    It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it has worked for over 200 years, and we’re not using it anymore.

    The real reason that we can’t have the Ten Commandments posted in a courthouse is this — you cannot post ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ ‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery’ and ‘Thou Shall Not Lie’ in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians, it creates a hostile work environment.

    Also, think about this …..
    If you don’t want to forward this for fear of offending someone — YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

    Fun Email someone sent me

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Sirian

      LOL!!! Now if this isn’t the truth, what is?? LOL!!! Larry the Cable Guy has more common sense than the majority that’s running this place. LOL!!!!

    • Jay

      Thanks for the funny, FF!!!

  • John

    Why is everyone picking on Debbie Wasserman ?? I think she looks good enough to eat . . . isn’t her hair actually cooked Ramen noodles

    • FreedomFighter

      That woman scares me, she has the look of the criminal insane, covered in makeup — like a killer clown, very scary.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • bp

      Wouldn’t any man love to run his hands through those “cooked noodles” John? :-)

  • Roy

    Our schools have been dumming down our kids for the last 30 years. No more men influence for boys in elementarys only lesbien teachers. “Oh now play nice!” Boys no longer have a chance to grow up to be men in a competitive world. No more 1st place’s only equall to the lowest common denominator. We can no longer have an America in a one world government world only equal 3rd world countries. See the connection and were Obama is leading us. Time for action to stop this nonsence.

    • FreedomFighter

      Work to change it, Show by example.

      Lead them, show them, coach them..I do.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Will M

    Breaking News from

    Reuters: Romney Clear Favorite of Washington Lobbyists

    …….Oil is ‘the fuel of the past,’ says President Obama..By Olivier Knox.
    White House Correspondent..Posts..By Olivier Knox | The Ticket – Wed, Mar 7, 2012……..President Barack Obama on Wednesday dismissed oil as “the fuel of the past” as he made an unapologetic election-year pitch for his alternative energy industry policies and sniped at Republicans over painfully high gasoline prices. NOW that being said go to Cspan and watch The D.O.E admit to going with Obama to Sadia Rabia and tell them to produce more oil Wake Up America his name is Mr.chu He’s the Sec for DOE what is the DOE the doe stands for department of energy and they work with the EPA why would Obama tell us no drilling and tell Sadia Rabia to drill more? That relly is bad for the US. Please America Wake Up befor its too late!

  • chuckb

    the bolsheviks have an uncanny ability to attract the ugliest women on the planet. pelosi, hillary, michelle, waserman, sheila jackson lee, the list goes on and on. it must be in the genes.

    • bpost

      LOL! Don’t forget femi-nazi Sebelius! Notice how they never SMILE! So serious (self-important?) (or angry?) Thanks, chuckb.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If you listen, hear, and read what they say they all promise to save the world and make it all better without Men (males are fine as long as they are not Men).

  • just_reality

    As usual some interesting, funny and thought provoking ideas.
    I have to disagree, though, with the idea that Obama’s lack of concern is part of the cause of rising gas prices. The cause is Israel’s saber rattling against Iran, and speculators then amplify that effect.

    Despite what Obama says, I don’t believe that he doesn’t care about oil/gas prices. If the price goes high enough, the US economy will stall, and if that happens Obama will not be re-elected. Netanyahu knows this — which is why he is making threats against Iran at this particular time.

  • FreedomFighter

    X-37B: Secret space plane 1 year on mystery mission

    Test platform for space based mobil anti-missle laser platforms? Think about it, can return for maint., can be moved to cover hot spots, robotic, reused, cost effective.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Vicki

      A really poorly kept secret. I found over 400,000 links to it or similar on the net. Many more than I found reports of Obamas Birth Certificate being a fraud (I used X37B and “LFBC fraud” for the search terms)

  • Louis Lemieux

    World population keeps growing on a planet that keeps getting more and more connected economically so we have to learn how to live closer and closer together: liberalism is the wave of the future.

    • FreedomFighter

      Liberal Sheeple

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Louis Lemieux

        It’s well known that people who lack good arguments for their convictions resort to words like sheeple, stupid, etc. You never see those words in high class debates.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So you want to be part of Soros’s open society, believing that you will create Utopia with the rest of the useful idiots that follow him.

    • Louis Lemieux

      We all have our reasons for thinking what were thinking and for being what we are. All of us humans on earth form one great family and that in spite of all our religious, political and ideological differences. No doubt we have to protect ourselves from those who’s purpose in life is to harm others, but happiness is toleration and peace and peace is love and kindness to all.

      • FreedomFighter

        You gonna love this:

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Vicki

        Louis Lemieux says:

        We all have our reasons for thinking what were thinking and for being what we are.

        And we are ok with that. We get upset when you try and use the force of government to make us think or be the way YOU want.

      • Daniel-Christopher

        What is it that brought you to this site to begin with? I suspect you may actually want know how freedom actually works.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        I have a suggestion for you. Become a Conservative or a Libertarian instead of wanting all of Conservatives and Libertarians becoming Leftists. This would be a much better compromise. Even better become a Christian believer in Jesus Christ (the one of the Bible and not the one that is made up by people to suit themselves). Become and think as an Individual. Become a Jewish Republican and they are Conservatives as well(quite a few exist but you don’t hear about these).

    • Jay

      Louis says: liberalism is the wave of the future.

      Hardly, liberalism is a walking cadaver. liberalism is what is destroying this country, or anything good that is implemented; pouncing on such before it takes root, poisoning and corrupting all good morals and virtues No Louis, liberalism is a pernicious virus that, not only must be resisted, as well, made extinct!

    • Vicki

      Louis Lemieux says:

      World population keeps growing on a planet that keeps getting more and more connected economically so we have to learn how to live closer and closer together: liberalism is the wave of the future.

      Since you have not defined liberalism we are left to try and compare the actual definition of liberalism and the actions of democrats who claim to be oh so liberal.

      Liberalism (from the Latin liberalis)[1] is the belief in the importance of liberty and equal rights.[2] Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally liberals support ideas such as constitutionalism, liberal democracy, free and fair elections, human rights, capitalism, and the free exercise of religion.[3][4][5][6][7]

      With the constant attack on several of those points by people who claim to be liberals, I find that there is a serious disconnect between liberalism which sounds more like todays conservatives and those who walk around claiming to be liberals.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Thank you,Vicki!

        President Ronald Reagan was a contemporary conservative(a classical liberal) in his economic policy and a classical conservative in his social policy. He was for free enterprise as much as possible and at the same time wanted more government control over pornography, abortion, contraception, etc.
        Today conservatism is quite different from classical conservatism and liberalism is no longer classical liberalism.

      • Jay

        Louis, first you make this statement: “liberalism is the wave of the future.”

        Then you thank and agree with Vicki, who rightly pointed-out that present day liberalism is a far-cry from that of its original starting point, ei;classical liberalism; your quote: “Today conservatism is quite different from classical conservatism and liberalism is no longer classical liberalism.”

        So then, what exactly did you mean by your statement; “liberalism is the wave of the future.”? Are you confused, or are you just playing a cat-and-mouse game?

      • Jay

        Vicki, as usual, you hit the bulls-eye!

      • Vicki

        Louis Lemieux says:

        Today conservatism is quite different from classical conservatism and liberalism is no longer classical liberalism.

        Ok so liberalism is no longer “classical liberalism” so what IS its definition to you?

        Which liberalism is the one in your comment “liberalism is the wave of the future.”? Classical? Current as I described? or the one we can deduce by the actions of those who claim that they are its proponents?

  • mattzweck

    Obama just an idiot. if ran his own business it would go bankrupt in a month
    then he would still from other company’s to keep his just going.

  • chuckb

    with liberalism there will be no future. we have too many people on this planet who are prolific breeders and contribute nothing to their well being. you notice the present news about the video of barry and his so called mentors, some one previously commented about these heralded professors as if we should bow down to their high intellect. these people do not contribute to the country. they are nothing but rabble rousers and racial instigators, does this take a mental giant, look at the people who surround them, they are in the most part losers themselves. they seek something for nothing, be it position or money, barry soetoro was part of the equation, a rabble rouser, that’s why he is such a failure running the country, he hasn’t a clue except the blackman was persecuted at one time and he is in a position to make the white man pay for past sins. this country cannot afford four more years of this mental giant and his marxist buddies.

    • dufas magnet

      Hold it Chucko.. Mental giant? Was that an unconscious declaration or did you actually mean, “Mental Midget?” (think about it).

      • chuckb

        i was being facetious, however, mental midget does fit better

  • NymRod

    Obozo’s racist college mentor…

    Derrick “I live to harass white people” Bell

  • BunRoe

    you punks really are a pathetic bunch of baboons.. “kill..Kill..KILL!!! Gotta KILL some body, anybody.. Don’t matter iff’in their pissed at us or not.. I WANT THEIR OIL!!!” (and away you go with other peoples children with the slogan, ‘We’ll destroy the world, even if it takes everybody’s sons but ours)”.. No wonder this country is on the slide.. It’s filled to the qills with narcissistic gangstas.. Your all a bunch of loser wind bags blaming anybody and everybody for the mess your 2000-2008 credit card warmongering gawd put us in. Why don’t you idiots move to a country that thinks everybody’s scum but them (the middle east would be the perfect place for hammerheads like you). Ordinarily I could tolerate you self-serving bottom feeders, then you spread your slime and blame others for the $hit on the floor. Ron Paul has the answers, ANY of your running circus clowns are nothing more that Bush Clones.. Look out America, more Credit Card Candidates coming up!!

  • Ed

    A word from the Muslims in our White House who are spending your money at a record pace.


    Dear American Taxpayer

    For only the second time in my adult life, I am not
    ashamed of my country. I want to thank the hard
    working American people for paying $242 thousand
    dollars for my vacation in Spain .

    My daughter Sasha, several long-time family friends,
    my personal staff and various guests had a wonderful time.

    Honestly, you just haven’t lived until you have stayed
    in a $2,500.00 per night private 3-story villa at a 5-Star luxury hotel.

    Thank you also for the use of Air Force Two
    and the 70 Secret Service personnel who tagged
    along to be sure we were safe and cared for at all times.
    By the way, if you happen to be visiting the Costa del Sol ,
    I highly recommend the Buenaventura Plaza restaurant
    in Marbella ; great lobster with rice and oysters!
    I’m ashamed to admit the lobsters we ate in Martha’s Vineyard were not quite as tasty, but what can you do if you’re not in Europe , you have to just grin and bear it?

    Air Force Two (which costs $11,351 per hour to operate
    according to Government Accounting Office reports)
    only used 47,500 gallons of jet fuel for this trip
    and carbon emissions were a mere 1,031 tons of CO2.

    These are only rough estimates, but they are close.
    That’s quite a carbon footprint as my good friend
    Al Gore would say, so we must ask the American
    citizens to drive smaller, more fuel efficient cars and
    drive less too, so we can lessen our combined
    carbon footprint.

    I know times are hard and millions of you are struggling
    to put food on the table and trying to make ends meet.
    So I do appreciate your sacrifices and do hope you
    find work soon.

    I was really exhausted after Barack took our family
    on a luxury vacation in Maine a few weeks ago.
    I just had to get away for a few days.

    Michelle (Moochelle) Obama

    P.S. Thank you as well for the $2 BILLION dollar trip
    to India from which we just returned!

    P.SS. Thank you, too, for that vacation trip to
    Martha’s Vineyard; it was fabulous.

    And thanks for that second smaller jet that took our
    dog Bo to Martha’s Vineyard so we and the children
    could have him with us while we were away from the
    White House for eleven days. After all, we couldn’t
    take him on Air Force One because he might pee
    on some wires or something.

    P.SSS. Oh, I almost forgot to say thanks also for
    our two-week trip to Hawaii at Christmas. That 7,000
    square foot house was great!
    P.SSSs don’t forget my ski trip to Vail this winter
    and now the girls and I are in Africa with my mom.
    All this while Barack golfs and campaigns to
    keep my trips coming for the next 4 years !

    Love ya! Remember, we all have to share the pain of these
    economic times equally!
    Love to -redistribute- share- the wealth.


    • Louis Lemieux

      Obama didn’t have to distribute his Nobel Peace Prize to charity but he did.

      • chuckb

        we have a tendency to throw or giveaway things that we don’t deserve.

      • Jay

        Makes perfect sense, Louis. After his wars in Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, and soon to be Iran, keeping the Nobel would be a constant reminder that he’s a hypocrite!

      • Vicki

        With all the money given to him from the US Tax payer the paltry sum was as nothing to give away. But worry not, he is a man of the people. He will give away a LOT more taxpayer money before he is done.

  • dagodave

    Well to bad they did’nt have all this birth control stuff back in 1960-most probably Barry would’nt be around today to trouble us! Any if there ever was a good part to him , it probably ran down his mommas legs!

  • Neil Swan

    Ben Crystal is just another Rush Limbaugh.
    He just says things that appeal to the idiots that listen to him.


    • NymRod

      Neil Swan is just another 0bot sheeple.
      0bozo just says things that appeal to the idiots that listen to him.

  • Big Red

    Palin tells the truth, something you lefties have trouble with. Wasserman, a typical lefty never met a lie she didn’t expand upon.

  • Neil Swan

    I don’t know who you are talking about NymRod.
    But you sound like a Rush Limbaugh listener.
    He said what he says isn’t always what he believes.
    It’s just what he believes his 28 million listeners want to hear.


    • Nadzieja Batki

      Envious that he has that many listeners?

    • richardgibbard

      So what’s your excuse?

    • Jay

      How would you know what Rush believes or doesn’t believe, Neil? How can you possibly determine that, without being a consistent listener of the his show? Are you a consistent listener, Neil?

  • chuckb

    neil swan, there are people who are critical of rush limbaugh, however, he has been on the air since the late eighties. there are those of you that accuse him of lying and distorting the truth, the one problem we have here none of you can produce any lies he told and after all these years he’s still on the air and very popular throughout the country. the bolsheviks have tried to counter with their own liberal spiel, that’s where the problem starts, when they have to tell the truth they have nothing to say. so people won’t listen.
    so i would say the idiots are the ones that refuse to listen to the truth wouldn’t you. if limbaugh lies, tell us the ones he lied about.

  • FreedomFighter

    Media Cover-up of Obama Impeachment Exposed

    Mainstream Government News Services are covering up IMPEACHENT OF OBAMA

    Have you seen this on the news? 3 days into the Impeachment Event — NOTHING ON TV

    We are being duped, and lied to by media, a black out is in effect

    Call congress — call them — call FOX, Call CNN, and the others — let them know we know, lets remove the media blockade.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • http://butI'mtolei Smilee

      This is just another one of the far rights fabrications that has no legs or will ever grow any, not all that diffident than the birther fiasco it is just plain stupid and totally without merit but as long at there suckers who fall for it we will continue to hear this bs

      • Jimmy Mack

        This link is from the Library of Congress:

        You can believe anything you wish but the Library of Congress records don’t lie. This is not a right wing conspiracy. The bills sponsor is Walter Jones, Congressman from North Carolina. It’s strange there has been no media coverage, however when you consider the media’s record for honesty this doesn’t surprise me at all.

        Second point is is your skepticism about Obama’s birth records. So let’s leave that out as debatable even if I believe it is a forgery. Just skip past this point as who would you rather believe, those guys or the other guys. Even disregarding Obama’s origin of birth I have a copy of his Indonesian school records which proves he has dual citizenship which is definitely disqualifies him to be President. Yes, this document is valid and authentic without a doubt. But even overlooking the prior two objections there is Obama’s trip to Iran during the Iranian crisis. No American was allowed into Iran during that period of history. None. Yet Obama did and is documented to have traveled to Iran during that period. The only way he could enter is under a passport from a country other than the United States. Don’t believe me. Check this out for yourself. The bottom line is that you cannot trust any mainstream media source unless it can be substantiated. Skip the vague accusations and name calling and just look for the truth.

      • Jay

        Impeachment Proceedings Against Obama Have Begun

        With the filing of H. CON. RES. 107 by Rep Walter Jones (R-NC) impeachment proceedings against Barry have begun. The resolution brought forth by Rep Jones asserts that “President Pull-Ups” abused his power when he involved the US in military actions in Libya last year.

        112th CONGRESS 2d Session H. CON. RES. 107

        Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.


        Mr. JONES submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary

        Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.

        Whereas the cornerstone of the Republic is honoring Congress’s exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution: Now, therefore, be it

        Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that, except in response to an actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States, the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress violates Congress’s exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution and therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.

        The resolution now goes to the House Judiciary Committee where they will decide if a House vote is warranted. If the measure is passed by a simple majority vote in the House, then the Barry is impeached and will face a trial in the Senate.

        Should this get to the Senate, the Administration will most likely argue that the War Powers Resolution did not apply since US troops were not actively engaged in the fighting and that there were no US “boots on the ground”. There could also be the argument made that as a member of NATO, the US was bound to provide support.

        Of course there will be the wailing from the left that this is nothing more than a political ploy in an election year by the GOP, but the fact of the matter remains that many legal scholars believe that the “War President” abused his power when he involved US personnel and hardware in the “kinetic action” in Libya; an internal skirmish within a sovereign nation that posed no threat to our national security.

  • Neil Swan

    I don’t listen to Rush it’s just the impressions he puts out to make idiots happy.
    Like calling a woman who talked to congress a slut, which he later apoligized for.


    • Jay

      Sandra Fluke contraception controversy was manufactured to divert attention away from the Obama administration’s disastrous decision to force non-Catholic organizations to provide insurance coverage for birth control and the ‘morning after’ pill. That might very well be unconstitutional.

    • Jay

      Stunner. Georgetown “Coed” Sandra Fluke Is a 30 Year-Old Women’s Rights Activist

      The Democrat’s token abused college coed is actually a 30 year-old hardcore women’s rights activist.

      Sandra Fluke is also the past president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

      Sandra Fluke was initially described as a Georgetown law student. It was then revealed that prior to attending Georgetown she was an active women’s right advocate.

      In one of her first interviews she is quoted as talking about how she reviewed Georgetown’s insurance policy prior to committing to attend, and seeing that it didn’t cover contraceptive services, she decided to attend with the express purpose of battling this policy.

      During this time, she was described as a 23-year-old coed. Magically, at the same time Congress is debating the forced coverage of contraception, she appears and is even brought to Capitol Hill to testify.

      In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, it was revealed that she is 30 years old, NOT the 23 that had been reported all along.

      In other words, folks, you are being played. She has been an activist all along and the Dems were just waiting for the appropriate time to play her.

      This was all just a big dishonest Democrat ploy to take the attention off of Barack Obama’s assault on religious freedom.

      • bp

        Thank you, Jay! Sandra Fluke=FLAKE should be charged with ID Fraud, obstruction of justice, lying before congress; throw the book @ this feminazi!

    • richardgibbard

      He should have followed this advice, attributed to Henry Ford:

      “Never apologize or explain. Your friends don’t need it, and your
      enemies won’t believe it.”

      • Jay

        A most excellent statement, Richard, and so true!!! TY!

  • chuckb

    ff, there’s no way this congress and especially the senate will vote for articles of impeachment. first off they wouldn’t impeach him even if he committed murder this wimpy congress fear the uprising of the blacks, if they impeached their messiah. washington would burn down and most major cities. we can only pray the bolsheviks don’t sign up enough illegals to vote him in for another four years and even at that the blacks may not take too kindly to him getting voted out of office, keep your water hose handy.

    • bp

      @chuckb: With enough pressure from WE THE PEOPLE they will have no choice; for fear of losing their cushy jobs! Vote them all out; fired for forgetting WHO they’re working for!

      • Jimmy Mack

        Hey Chuck B… I agree, fire them all but first before you do check out they’re voting records. We don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water. Strangely enough there are maybe two or three actual honest politicians that represent us.

        I believe very strongly that we MUST get our representatives in the House and Senate to eliminate the Electoral College system where the Democratic and Republican parties rule the roost. Any chance of a third independent party getting hold is blocked and they cannot get a foot hold. This system locks us into a two party system. I believe we need to be more open and have more choices that are offered by other parties that currently have no power to elect.

        With that said I’ll conclude by saying we don’t have a chance in hell to accomplish this. There is too much corruption in Washington to allow us to change their fixed game. The expression “it will take an act of Congress” doesn’t apply when Congress won’t follow the will of their constituents.

  • Jay

    Occupy Women of the 99% Make Illegal Robocalls Attacking Rush Limbaugh …

    Update: Robocalls Target DCCC “Red to Blue” Districts… Coincidence?

    Occupy women of the 99% are making illegal robocalls in Illinois attacking Rush Limbaugh on his comments against 30 year-old women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke who wants taxpayers to foot the bill for her contraceptives. Of course, these same women occupiers could care less about the vile comments against Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or a number of conservative women.

    The organization is not a registered PAC or lobbying group.

    Do these people follow any laws?

    Illinois Review reported:

    Illegal robocalls have been hitting voters’ phones in Rep. Judy Biggert’s 13th CD, Rep. Tim Johnson’s 15th CD and Rep. Bobby Schilling’s 17th CD this week, UK’s Daily Mail reports. The robocalls tell callers to contact the U.S. Reps’ offices and ask them to stand against radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s controversial comments last week about contraceptives activist Sandra Fluke.

    The call is illegal because the responsible group identified on the calls as “Women of the 99%” is not a registered PAC or lobbying group, and no return call phone number is given.

    What a coincidence? The robocalls are only going to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee targeted districts.

    From the Daily Mail article we find that the calls are going out to Rep.Jim Renacci’s district.

    There were similar calls made in Rep Roscoe Bartlett‘s Maryland-6,

    Rep Dan Benishek‘s Michigan-1,

    Rep Judy Biggert‘s Illinois-13, Rep Tim Johnson‘s Illinois-15,

    Rep Bobby Schilling‘s Illinois-17 and Rep Scott Rigell’s Virginia-2.

    And from the comments below, Rep. Dold’s Illinois 10′s district…

    All of these representatives, with the exception of Rep. Rigell, just happen to be on the Democrat’s Red-to Blue list on the DCCC website.

  • FreedomFighter

    World Government = Global Death!

    Call congress people, the takeover is in full gear.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Palin16

    To all the liberals up in arms about Rush Limbaugh’s use of the word slut, I’d like to remind you, it wasn’t too long ago that Letterman’s Top Ten things that Sarah Palin did on her visit to Manhatten: #7 Mrs. Palin went shopping for more cosmetics to update her slutty flight attendant look.” Liberals are such hypocrits!

    • bp

      P16: With Rush on this one; wish he hadn’t apologized so quickly, but just elaborated. The “slut” went to GW Law school for what reason? $3,000 to contraceptives? Really?

  • Neil Swan

    The constitution gives people the right to believe in any religion or none at all.
    It doesn’t give the religious right the power to push their concepts on everyone else.

    The taxpayers aren’t paying the insurance the employer is. All the bill was saying is that the insurance company provide the same benefits to all.


    • chuckb

      it also doesn’t give the government the right to mandate an employer or insurance company to furnish contraceptives.
      allowing barry to get away with this is to trample on the constitution.

      i wholeheartedly agree with limbaughs assessment of the agitator in this case.

    • Vicki

      Neil Swan says:

      The constitution gives people the right to believe in any religion or none at all.
      It doesn’t give the religious right the power to push their concepts on everyone else.

      It doesn’t give everyone the right or power to push their concepts on the religious right either.

    • bp

      Neil Swan: “Religious right” is being crammed down our throats by the liberal agenda.

  • A Patriot

    Cram it!!!! I for one am tired of hearing a commentator with no guts to pick up a gun and fight for either of his country’s. All he likes to do is hear himself sprout nothings.

  • Neil Swan

    If people in the religious right think you should only have sex to have children. Let them practice that, Just don’t let them make everyone else practice it.


    • chuckb

      are you that dense, nobody is refusing contraceptives to anyone. the argument is over who pays for it. the government does not have the right to mandate an employer or insurance company to furnish contraceptives free. if the employer or insurance company wants to do that on their own that’s another matter, the government has no right interfering. so buy your own.

    • Vicki

      Neil Swan says:

      If people in the religious right think you should only have sex to have children. Let them practice that, Just don’t let them make everyone else practice it.

      Yet you are perfectly happy making them PAY for your sexcapades? Even though they do not approve? How liberal of you.

    • Jay

      Goodness gracious, Mr. Swan. Who in the world is preventing you from engaging in sexual activity, other than for the purpose of pro-creation? Of all the silly statements so far, and that, from the progs here, yours takes the cake! You silly man!

    • bp

      Neil Swan: You must be a public (government) school scholar. Yes, sex creates children; “a bab-i” is not punishment. Why is birth-control & abortion central to the religion of liberalism? Our constitution is based on the right to LIFE!

  • chuckb

    patriot, what gun toting commentator do you listen too? i can’t think of one right off hand. other than colonel North and i’ll bet you don’t agree with him either. something tells me you wet your pants when barry starts talking, now there’s a real gun toting patriot, he wouldn’t know which end the round comes out and if he served it would probably be a branch of al qaeda.

  • Neil Swan

    Your wrong chuckb.
    It was religious organizations that were against it.
    It wasn’t because of money, just their concepts.


    • Jay


  • June

    Mz Rhodes needs to be “sterilized” so she doesn’t produce others just like her- -as for Wasserman-Schultz, she’s just another liberal with the same “mental disease” and a big mouth that’s not connected to her brain (if she has one)!
    Sarah Palin doesn’t deserve the “insult” of even being mentioned in the same sentence with the other two.


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