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Money is Scurrying Away From the Dollar

June 22, 2009 by  

Money is Scurrying Away From the Dollar

It seems like every month brings up a new opportunity to point out how dramatically the world of gold is changing, and this month continues the trend.

It was only recently that we were fretting over proposed IMF gold sales, concerned over the metal’s inability to break out of a trading range with a low end of around $870, and wondering how the world could have so quickly forgotten about quantitative easing and the dollar destruction it would engender. Fast-forward a few weeks and we see a gold price about $90 higher and the dollar in a free-fall.

I’ve often employed a seesaw analogy to illustrate the relationship between gold and the U.S. dollar. As one rises, the other falls, and charts of gold and the dollar index show that this inverse relationship has reasserted itself over the past few weeks. The only break in the dollar’s fall has come amidst North Korea’s muscle flexing in the form of a nuclear test and assorted missile launches.

It’s ironic that “safe haven” investing now means a flight to the dollar, and the return of normalcy means flight from the dollar. We can take comfort in the fact that things eventually do return to normal… and today that means a far-sighted recognition of the tidal wave of dollars headed our way.

But it has also come to mean something else — something that is even more disturbing than an inflation-spawned dollar destruction. It has now become clear that the new regime in Washington is intent on inserting itself into every aspect of the economy and private business, without regard to the consequences, the rule of law, or even common sense.

It was bad enough when Congress tried to run roughshod over the law in their attempts to rescind the bonuses of AIG execs. But then the Obama administration decided the big banks that took TARP money—some which never wanted or needed it in the first place—wouldn’t be allowed to give it back.

Then it sacked the head of a private company (GM). Then it ignored the legal rights of secured creditors to hand over the lion’s share of Chrysler to a key political supporter, the United Auto Workers union. Then it set about to determine what is and isn’t reasonable compensation for executives in the financial services industry…and no one in the White House thought the idea was the least bit controversial!

It hasn’t ended there: Now we will be told what types of cars we can drive. Now we will be told, by statisticians ensconced in some shrouded Washington bureaucracy, what kind of health care we can have. And we’ll be forced to pay for all of it, in fortune and lives.

Now, obviously, many Americans agree with these political moves. And you might be among them. But there is no argument that the U.S. government is becoming increasingly invasive in relation to the economy, the markets and private business. And this can’t be good for America’s economic future.

What does all this have to do with the dollar and gold? Quite simply, we have to live with the consequences of the leftward tilt in American politics. But foreign capital doesn’t…and it won’t.

Simply put, capital flows to where it feels secure. Where free markets and the rule of law are respected. That’s why you don’t see investors flocking with fat wallets to Zimbabwe. They know that their capital would be subject not to law, but to whim. In short, their funds would be quickly and efficiently confiscated.

America is not Zimbabwe, of course. But we have seen some frightening similarities in recent weeks, as pure political power has repeatedly steamrolled the rule of law.

True, as an investment venue, America doesn’t present nearly the same level of risk as Zimbabwe. But it doesn’t have to be that risky to send capital flying away; it only has to present more risk than the alternatives.

And America currently represents greater political risk than, say, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland. Even France can now be regarded as friendlier to capital and wealth formation than the United States.

In a world replete with better options, it doesn’t take much to send money scurrying away from America and the dollar. And that’s precisely what’s happening now.

As my friend and world-renowned trader Dennis Gartman ( recently noted, “We do indeed fear that the U.S. dollar is in jeopardy of falling materially in the coming days, weeks and months in light of the actions taken, and likely to be taken in the future, by the Obama Administration…. “In other words, the tide has shifted. In other words, the tectonic plates are moving. In other words we’ve no choice but to err upon the side of dollar bearishness henceforth. In other words, the game has changed, with new rules to guide us from this point forward. In other words, money will flow from the US to other harbors, and we shall say yet again that the most logical harbors are those that look the most like the U.S. but which are not suffering from the same left-wing, ill advised policies of the present Administration.”

Which brings me back to the same point I’ve been making for months: We will have to endure a sometimes-painful transition from fear of financial catastrophe to fear of inflation. But once through it, we will see gold embark on the most powerful leg of its bull market.

From all appearances, that transition is progressing nicely.

Brien Lundin

is the editor and publisher of Gold Newsletter, a publication that has ranked among the world's leading precious metals and resource stock advisories since 1971. To learn more about Gold Newsletter, visit Mr. Lundin is also the host of the famed New Orleans Investment Conference, the world's oldest and most respected gold investment event. To learn more, visit

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  • Shawn

    I never thought America would come to this! This mess was started by BILL CLINTON when he started the SO CALLED FREE trade with CHINA! Now OBAMA AND THE MILLIONS OF IDIOTS THAT FOLLOW HIM HAVE SENT US AT HIPER SPEED TO CATISTORPHY!
    PLEASE LOOK AT WHAT Teddy R is doing and JOIN HIM!
    Use your computers to e-mail this message to everybody in your mailing list, blog it, tweet it Speak it anything you can do to spread the word as fast as we can!
    I am doing everything that I can! And I will be there along with hundreds that I have already reached out to and I pray by then it will be thousands
    I am doing everything in my power to get the word out, and as many people together as I can to join him on this march! USE YOUR COMPUTERS TO SPREAD THE WORD! E-mail everybody in your contacts with this message! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO ASK WASHINGTON WHERE IS YOUR SPINE?
    “ Please join us on July 5 for the largest Tea Party up to date. We were planning it for July 4 but a bunch libs already already have there permits. Probably some cry fest. Over 300,000 have already signed up to march on the Washington Mall. Details at The sight has been flooded with inquires so it might be slow or down. We are working on it, but if you can’t get there just show up. Take back America. Many of American’s biggest and brightest Conservatives will be there. Hint’s They are GREAT AMERICANS and can whoop liberals with HALF THERE BRAIN BEHIND THERE BACK. Spread the word”

    • http://Worldnetdaily Artinchicago

      My dear child. First of all, it was President Richard M. Nixon that broke the trade barrier with China, commencing with his historic visit to China in 1972. The free trade that commenced with President Clinton was NAFTA which reduced barriers between countries in North America, hence the name North American Free Trade Agreement. Thirdly, you present yourself as a conservative and you want us to join you on the mall in Washington D.C., that would be Sunday, July 5, 2009. Real conservatives will be at their places of worship on that day and have to be at work on Monday, July 6, 2009, so that they can pay lots of taxes, that should go to schools in order to educate children in math, reading, writing and spelling; And finally, children should not depend on elected morons running our country, and our Constitution into the ground to accomplish anything positive such as obeying the “law of the land”, instead they should read the history of our “Bill of Rights”, the Second Ammendment and why it exists before they attempt to organize a bunch of media and government targets on the mall at Washington D.C.

      • 13th Gen. American

        Did anyone click on the site? It looks like a big advertisement. I didnt go into it in case it had a virus. I think Shawn might be a lib in GOP clothing. Either way something isnt right.

        • Dan

          I think shawn is a liberal giving out disinformation.
          Here are two links that verify that it is July 4 on Saturday. If you do a google search for dc tea party july 4 or something similiar you’ll get some more links. I wish I could go but I will be supporting in prayer. I’m pretty angry at what is going on in Washington and not just with liberals either. I’m also angry with a bunch of christians that I know personally and have met in christian social networks that voted for Obama. What were they thinking. Actually they weren’t thinking, they were paralyzed by fear of making a wrong choice. McCain wasn’t the greatest in MHO but – would you rather get shot by a 22 cal. bullet or a cannon shell? I say you have a better chance of surviving a 22 cal. shot than the other which is what is happening. I know one thing, even though i’m disabled, I would rather fight and go down swinging, than roll over in passiveness to a school yard bully and what is going on right now – for my childrens sake for my grandsons sake. Maybe this is the wake up call all Americans needed. We need to realize freedom is not free. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance ( I’ve included a definition of that word below ) whether that be guarding against real bullets from enemies abroad or from communistic ,socialistic schemes from enemies within. This government retains enough liberties to lull people into a false sense of security, making them ( us ) feel as though we are still free. But it’s false security. When citizens are brought in to question for exercising their right to free speech ( as long as it is non violent ) then there is no freedom. If politicians ( including the president and conservatives ) do not honor their pledge to uphold the constitutution ( rule of law ) for everyone, and not just their pet political groups, then they are as much an enemy to freedom as some country trying to bomb us from the skies or invade us some other way Our forefathers said
          “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
          We don’t want to abolish historical america but we sure as heck better alter
          the current america and return her political system to the constitution before she is gone. It is our right and our duty. Read the declaration those guys were pretty doggone smart.

          Vigilance: Etymology:Middle English (Scots), from Latin vigilant-, vigilans, from present participle of vigilare to keep watch, stay awake, from vigil awake
          Date:15th century
          : alertly watchful especially to avoid danger

        • Dan
      • DaveH

        Real conservatives? It irritates me that the right-wingers and left-wingers have tried to tie the word conservative to the religious right. Don’t get me wrong, as I am more comfortable with most religious people than I am with most non-religious people. I am an Atheist but I do embrace most of the morality that religious people embrace, and I don’t like the attacks that have been made on religion in our society. However, this country was established to allow a free people unfettered by religious leaders. The term “conservative” pertains to those who embrace the concepts of freedom that have made this country so great.
        The government should be involved in only a few matters, such as stopping those who would force their way on others. It has long been on the wrong side of that equation.
        And please, I wish that the posters on this board would discipline themselves to not attack others with name-calling and other forms of ridicule. It serves no purpose other than to silence the voice of others or polorize them against the very things you want them to understand. The only way that any of us can learn anything new is to listen to what others have to say.

    • James

      My God you’re stupid! How can you garner any support when you can’t spell or even pick up a dictionary? I’m a GOP man and I am ashamed of you. Maybe your heart is in the right place, but your brain is up your ass.

      • Lisa

        I wouldn’t call him stupid! This is what we get with the watered down educational system. The liberals are more concerned with brainwashing than reading, writing, spelling, math…you name it! I could not believe it when my son told me some the crap being said in the classroom. I was shocked!

    • Dan

      Shawn is trying to lead you astray. He is obviously a liberal trying to get people to show up on the wrong day. Just goes to show how scared liberal a.k.a. socialists are of freedom loving people. I posted another reply below with links to the July 4 tea party in D.C

  • http://Worldnetdaily Artinchicago

    Dear James the GOP man, go easy on Shawn. His heart is in the right place…by accident. Most people of this calibre, are smoking Newports and waiting for their next social security check deposit.

  • Russ Guthrie

    Thomas Jefferson said in 1802 :

    ‘ I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.’

    • Already

      It’s already happened…it’s called the Federal Reserve which is privately owned by BIG corps. A LOT of people are screaming for the Federal Reserve to be investigated and facts to be made public. The Fed Reserve hadn’t even kept books on themselves (OUR $$)…there are NO WATCHDOGS for the Federal Reserve.

    • DaveH

      That’s a tough nut to crack. I have spent many years pondering how we could resolve that issue but have not been able to come up with a good solution. The best solution I could come up with is that money should only be issued in exchange for tangible collateral such as gold or property, etc. At one time we were close to that with the gold standard.
      I know that private banking is scary, but even scarier would be the government controlling the printing of money. Throughout the world there have been dramatic examples of inflation caused by government-controlled money creation. They will always favor their members first over others in the society, and thus create whatever money supply they need to pass out to their club. If you are in their club, you will win, if not, you will lose. Witness the GM situation where bond-holders were being asked to take back-seat to the union members in the bailout.

  • Ray

    People go to jail and/or have to pay back the money they stole
    Who pays for the money that the gopvernment has printed with nothing to back it up

    Each time this happens it is explained by both the people who print the money and those that are complaining about it that our children and granchildren will be the one’s who pay for it – but this happens each time they print additional federal reserve notes
    (not silver certificates)


  • http://Worldnetdaily Artinchicago

    Dear Mr. Brien Lundin. I was buying and recommending Ford (F) at $1.57 per share in February with public posts on Google Finance. I sold at $5.96 per share in June. That presented a profit of $4,340.00 in four months for every 1,000 shares (267% profit). Ford is an American Company and has refused to take socialist handouts. On the other hand George Soros (darling financier of the elected leftists) has been investing heavily in foreign monies and products for about 48 months. What I am saying is that you can make great profits in U.S. companies and products far quicker then Georgie boy when you look at what companies are doing and how they are run. By the way, if you want a new Ford Fusion Hybrid that has a better warranty then TOYOTA CAMRY, is cheaper than TOYOTA CAMRY and gets better MPG than TOYOTA CAMRY, get in line and wait. Wait till you see their new international 2010 Ford Fiesta. Good bye Corrolla, Prius and Yaris. Hello FORD! So in the future please do not attempt to scare people away from investing in the U.S. I have some more tips, Walmart (WMT) and Walgreens (WAL). These are not trade secrets, just common sense. As the economy gets worse under the direction of the Kenyan National, people will choose to purchase American made products such as canned food, soaps, toilet paper, etc… at cheaper prices. With the flood of diseases and influenzas brought in by illegal aliens, people will get sick and go to the pharmacies like Walgreens and Walmart. Let us see what else will be increasing in demand. How about ammunition companies such as Remington and Olin Winchester? Which companies are hiring RIGHT NOW? McDonalds maybe?

    • John Russo

      I’m glad he bought Ford stock. I have been buying Ford products for many years. They are safe, dependable and economical. I saw in today’s paper that the Mercury Sable was the highest rated sedan, beating Toyota, etc. I have owned a few Sables. They are great! Currently driving my fourth Mercury Mountaineer and a Mercury Milan. Great, safe and economical vehicles.
      I urge people to buy American products whenever possible to help maintain our economy and jobs.
      Our government must return to constitutional principals and stop being run by globalist elites. Return to greenbacks and cancel the Federal Reserve system. Use our military to protect our own borders and stop meddling in foreign countries.

      • http://Worldnetdaily Artinchicago

        You are very logical. If you run for any federal office, let me know. You have my support.

      • Dan

        Spoken like a true American. Are you related to our forefathers :)

      • Shirley

        Beautifully spoken – You have my vote anytime. Wake up America!!!!

  • Richard Pawley

    Between each chapter of “The Last Days of The Late Great United States” I put a favorite quote. The one by Thomas Jefferson above was one of them. Between chapter three and four I have the following which says a lot:
    Banking was conceived in inquity and was born in sin. The bankers own
    the earth. Take it away from them and, but leave them the power to create
    money, and with the flilck of the pen they will create enought deposits to
    buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great
    fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this
    would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain
    the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them
    continue to make money.
    – Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of
    England prior to the first Great Depression.
    He was one of the richest men in England
    at the time.

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    There were anti-trust laws against banking companies merging (getting too big to fail).
    Did campaign contributions ‘change’ that? Don’t forget, it was politics at the start. It was the demorats Re: Chris Dodd- Barny Frank lowering the standards for mortgage loans thru Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Government performs badly at high cost. I said a year or two ago that health money going to insurance companiies doesn’t do anything for your health. Now going to government want do anything for your health but at a higher cost and more waste (rip 0ff).

    • DaveH

      What I don’t understand is why we can’t let them fail? Doesn’t the FDIC insure small investors? So the only ones who would get hurt would be the large investors. But wouldn’t those large investors have the time to do due diligence and stop the banks from risky practices such as shoddy real-estate loans?
      Certainly bailing those banks out isn’t the answer, as the only way anyone learns from mistakes is to pay the price for those mistakes. And the Banks that have done it right shouldn’t have to compete against the bailed-out losers.

  • s c

    The Fed is a proven failure. Any private corporation that would give us a Greenspan or a Bernanke will never do anything right. And those geniuses in DC expect us to believe the Fed will ‘change’ if they have more power? China knows what’s coming. And still, the # 1 policy in DC is to live in a dream world where good intentions solve everything. Our Neros fiddle while the entire financial structure burns. It’s time for new pictures on fed reserve notes. Then, we can ‘choose’ to use it for currency or toilet paper.

  • cr747

    HEY!!!! Look at what we got running the country, I would trust my 2 year old Grandson over what we got. I did not vote for him, and when I ask who did everyone say's duh, I don't know I did not vote for him either. Somebody's not telling the truth.

    • DaveH

      You can thank the propaganda machine for his election. First they promoted McCain to win the Republican primaries as he was the most fiscally liberal of the Replicans, then they devoted their time to getting Obama elected. People need to either get their news from other sources than the major media, or they need to take that info with a grain of salt being fully aware that the major media have an agenda.
      I believe that the main reason they support liberals is that the owners of the media outlets are afraid of a less-regulated free-enterprise system that would subject those media moguls to some real competition. Witness how often the government has tried to censor the Internet using such excuses as protecting the children from Internet Porn (what, these children don’t have parents?).

      • cr747

        You are right the news media always like to stir up a stink, just today they brought up some of Richard Nixon’s tapes. Who cares about those tapes, that’s all history. I just as soon to go out behind my house and listen to the cattle moo when I’m home or ride through the cow manure on a horse because they both stink. Just happen to see the news today, and they was questioning the President (or what ever) about his smoking, and he stated he didn’t do it in front of the kids or family. Why not, they have to know it. Wonder what else he’s trying to hide? Talk about banning smoking, and who smokes? I don’t smoke because where I’m at most of the time it is strictly not allowed. I don’t condone anyone who smokes, It;s their life not mine, but why try to hide from family and friends, are they cowards. Enough said, the news is always a joke.

  • steve

    BOYCOTT BIG BANKS-PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS-NO MORE DEBT SLAVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steve F in Texas

      Boycotting them is too nice. Make a run on them, and encourage everyone you know to do likewise! At only a 10% reserve ratio it only takes an irate and small percentage of depositors to put any bank out of business. At a 10% reserve ratio there are 10 claims on every dollar they have in their vaults. We can use this to our advantage. If the banks want to live by the double-edged sword of fractional reserve banking they can die by that same sword if we re-learn how to use our edge of the blade – the bank run. We can have the last laugh on the banks and their bought cronies in Congress both. If Congress won’t let these banks fail, we the people can force them to fail. Simply withdraw your funds from those stinky old TARP banks and put them into non-TARP banks. The fight against the Federal Reserve will be harder and longer, but we can swiftly and surely win the fight against TARP banks if we re-learn the art of the bank run. We will have to wait till 2010 to get revenge on Congress, but we can get our revenge on the banks starting today. Just spread the word. Don’t get angry; get even. Make a run on TARP banks!

      So how do we precipitate a run? To those that don’t really understand fractional reserve banking just point out to them that the TARP banks were in such bad shape that other banks weren’t willing to lend to them. That’s why they picked the pockets of the American taxpayers to balance their books. If they were in such bad shape that other banks wouldn’t trust them, why should we? They shouldn’t count on the FDIC to come to their rescue either. It is underfunded and could not cover all the losses from all the TARP banks. That is yet another reason why Congress misappropriated our tax dollars to bail out the banks. With the FDIC underfunded and the banks in bad shape, the smart person is the person that gets his money out of these bad banks first. Once that word gets out the run will take on a life of its own and will not stop until these failed institutions are pushing up daisies!

      The bankers have benefited for too long by charging interest on money that they create with the click of a mouse button. It is time for them to pay the piper and face the wrath of the taxpayers.

      Remember. Don’t get angry; get even. Make a run on TARP banks! Spread the word.

  • http://naver Brady

    I freely admit that I don’t really know much about the banking industry, but my concern is about “Allah” Obama in office. I know that George Bush cut our taxes and made them permanent (unless that has changed), but how do we make all this money we need for these stupid handouts? If these businesses get these handouts and still go under, how will the American People get this money back? This is not how our Conservative Christian Founding Fathers set us up. I remember reading in one of my history books this quote: “The American Government shall not prop up, by any financial or material means, any minotiry group.” In their day, a minority group wasn’t based on race, but on numbers. This would be a group that is less than 50% of the population. If we continue down this road of liberalism and individualism, instead of how we were set up, our country will tear itself apart. Many countries in history have done this, including once mighty Rome, who fell away from their morals and ethics and rotted away from the inside out. I just hope this fool in office doesn’t let this happen to our country!!! If you have any comments, please make them in good taste.

    Thank you,

    U.S. Army, Retired

    • John Russo

      Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Bush all proved that if you reduce taxes and get rid of cumbersome/stupid regulations, the Treasury ends up with more tax dollars. The reason is when the economy is stimulated with low taxes, more business gets done, more jobs created and thus more total taxes paid.
      When taxes are raised and the private sector is over-regulated, the economy stagnates and we go into recessions and even depressions. Money flows to places where it can be safe and can grow.
      We need to get rid of predatory free trade deals and even the playing field for American manufacturers. We must also defeat the cap and trade tax pkg that comes from the Global Warming Scam. This tax will raise energy costs dramatically. Gasoline, heating fuels and energy to run our factories and other businesses will go up more than our fragile economy can handle. There is no need for such legislation. Technology is moving forward to reduce pollution. We need plentiful and cheap energy to keep our free enterprise economy growing. There is an enormous amount of untapped energy sources within our own borders. Drill now and we can improve our economy and reduce our trade deficits dramatically.

  • http://n/a Allan Bassett

    It’s tragically amusing to hear all the name calling and blame going around when America’s Republican and Canada’s Canadian Conservative Machine (a cheap imitation) get going on a subject with reason so far removed from fact. The fact is, Milton Freeman’s Free Market Economic principles, predicated on global destruction, failed and took the world down with it. Gold is solid because the American buck is a dime a dozen with all the printing going on. Gold might be more solid if the central banks and IMF weren’t able to manipulate its value. Are people still falling for scare tactic gimmicks so prevalent with Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush team, and must we continue with this us against them bs that’s good for the war business at such human expense? Everyone knows blame game can be a nifty favorate diversion from the truth. There are governments and corporations who are just fine with staying broken that pay people millions to turn lies into spin, who invest a lot of money in blaming and scaring people and getting them anxious for their own self end without the well being of people in mind.

    • cr747

      I think the Governor of Alaska has already forgotten more than President (if you can call him that) Obama will ever know. We'll be living in the dark ages before this 4 years are up.

  • cr747

    While we sit here talking and worrying about the economy, other countries, banking, and the automobile industry, the top administration post nominated by the Democrats, "which I am" but I didn't vote for one, are on capital hill trying to take away the rights of our freedom by taking away our firearms, or pass laws that are the most ludicrous in the constitution of The United States of America. Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel,Eric Holder, and Cass Sunstein would do anything in the world to take away our second amendment rights, and will if we stand by and let them. "Troops" its time we spoke up and vote out the ones that are trying to do this to us law abiding citizens. Remember their names when you go to vote during your next election. We did it in 1994, 2000, 2004, and we can do it again. Don't just sit back and let it happen, do something about it during your next state election when it comes up. Vote them out again

  • s c

    Biden [Obama's Dan Quayle] recently came up with a pathetic excuse concerning the stimulus situation. That is, “they mis-read the severity of the situation.” These morons DON”T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING. They NEVER did! Wackos always try to solve a problem by throwing more of OUR money at it.
    Complain to the Senate and the House 24/7. Obama’s popularity ratings are falling, and THIS is the time to make your voices heard. Get it straight, America. Unless you like the idea of being enslaved or living in a bankrupt country, NEVER send no-talent clowns or political prostitutes to Washington.

  • Eric g

    Is the government going to controle health care ? My friends the government has been contoling medicine for a long time . In 1920 a drugest got liecense from the state . without a college degree , now degrees are required , drugs are patented , and patents are now exstended for longer than 7 yrs . laws have been passed laws requiring medicines to be tested on animals and people before they can be sold
    The amount of testing for a new medicine is often billions of dollars . The U.S drug companies claim america is where we get the money for our research and development of new and better drugs .
    So people worried about the government be involved in health care should have been complaining a long time ago . Granted the government claims they have been involved to protect us , their people . But the providers of health Service have also recieved some very lucrative protection . We all need protection , So we have a government . Seperating fact from fiction , Or truth from lies is what are problems always boil down too . Conservatives dont have a monopoly on truth , and liberals arnt the only lairs .

  • Eric g

    I just read the death rate by murder was greater in washington DC per 100,000 people . than the death rate for U.S . troops in Iraq . If I’am not mistaken Washington DC has some pretty restrictive gun controle laws too . Could this possible be true ???


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