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Mom Sues After Being Arrested For Allowing Kids To Play Outside

September 27, 2012 by  

Mom Sues After Being Arrested For Allowing Kids To Play Outside
Tammy Cooper was arrested after she allowed her kids to play outside.

In July 2011, a Texas mom spent the night in jail after a neighbor called and told police that children were playing outside unsupervised. Tammy Cooper was arrested on child endangerment charges. Now, she’s suing her neighbor Shelley Fuller, the arresting officer and the La Porte Police Department.

Cooper’s children, age 6 and 9, were playing outside when a neighbor called 911 and claimed the children had been abandoned. When police arrived, Cooper told them she had been sitting outside the entire time. Nonetheless, she spent 18 hours in jail.

Cooper, who says she routinely allows her children to play outside while she keeps on an eye on them from inside the house, was handcuffed in front of her children.

“The incident also led to an investigation by Child Protective Services, requiring Cooper to take her children to the CPS office in Houston,” reads the complaint. “Her children were separated from her and interrogated by child abuse investigators. CPS found no cause for concern regarding the well being of Cooper’s children and dropped the investigation.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I hope she wins her law suit, especially against her busybody neighbor. As for the cops, it appears to be another case of abuse of power.

    • carsforsell

      I could not agree more. I say good on her. Sue them until their eyeballs bleed. Take a few million from the dogoogers.

      • Rod

        I agree with the suits, but the neighbor is not a “dogooder.” This neighbor obviously has an axe to grind over some burr in her bonnet or bussel.

      • Gordon

        Cops are legally obligated to investigate complaints. When they determined the children were OK at that moment, they are then obligated to call the appropriate governing agency to investigate. Everything went according to protocol. Common sense doesn’t apply, only the rules do. Welcome to the new America.

      • kkflash

        Gordon, everything didn’t go according to protocol, though. Upon seeing the children were all right, the officers arrested their mother anyway. They should have arrested the neighbor who made the false and malicious accusation instead.
        When I was a child of six, I attended 1st grade at a school that was 13 blocks from our home. My mother had no car with my father off at work, and my younger brother, and infant sister at home to care for. Mom did everything she could to find a daily ride to school and back for me, but some days there weren’t any, so I had to walk the route she had taught me. Other parents were doing the same, so I sometimes had the company of other children. It never occurred to anyone to call the police. I never felt unsafe, incapable or afraid on those treks. By the time i was nine, I walked or bicycled nearly all the time, along with my seven year old brother. Unless it was raining or bitter cold, (this is Minnesota) we preferred it to the rides that were sometimes available.
        That parents can be arrested or even accused of wrongdoing for allowing their school-age children to play on their own property without immediate and close supervision is ludicrous. It is another sign of the regressive development of our society into a bunch of namby-pamby, dependent, entitled wimps. It’s no wonder nearly two of three people in this country gets a government check of one kind or another. We’re training our children from an early age that “You can’t do that, you need our constant monitoring, supervision and oversight.” If they accomplish something on their own, we say “You didn’t build that.”
        Government is completely out of control, and must be stopped from this constant intrusion into people’s lives.

    • cpa

      And what happened to her kids the whole time Mommy was taken away and arrested while Daddy was away serving in our military?

      • eddie47d

        That would be at the expense of the Texas CPS /taxpayer.Police also don’t referee anymore they just arrest everyone involved and let the courts sort out the facts. (more taxpayer expense) If a husband hits his wife and the cops are called quite often both are arrested and jailed until they bond out or head to court (at taxpayer expense). Using common sense the cops who arrived should have investigated and seeing no danger left the property and dropped the matter right then and there. Wow! Wouldn’t that be novel ..saving taxpayer money!

      • Curt

        Sorry about this. I can’t respond directly to eddie47d.

        That’s the forst thing I ever read you post that isn’t stupid Demoncrap psychobable you are usually slinging around here.

        Sir, I am impressed.

    • Polski


    • Randy G

      Question. While spying on her neighbor, was she ignoring her own kids? Then she , too, is guilty of abuse.

    • Robin Donald DeVallon

      Living on StateSide and in above case in Tejas is different from €urope… experience it for yourself…. Donah..// I prefer my site… thousands of nautical miles away from my birthland….

  • Geiser Carol

    OMG, I spent my entire childhood playing outside with the neighbor kids (you know, softball or “red light green light” or tag or you name it games) and my mother was never outside watching us. She was in the house doing household chores. And my kids grew up playing outside in our backyard with the neighbor kids and I was inside doing household chores. Are you kidding me? Those liberal/progs are going so far with their bogus and junk horrors that it’s about time they get STOPPED and NOW!.

    • carolinerh

      As did we and NO adult supervision. I used to like Texas, but I think they switched from great ice tea to Kool-Aid! Why can’t children play outside without supervision unless the police have not done a good job in that town! Stupid is as stupid does AND a great point as to who have supervision with her in jail and this on her record. I hate my taxes paying for stupid lawsuits, but in this case, I agree, sue them up the behind for ignorance, stupidity, false arrest, endangerment to leaving the children without proper supervision after her arrest, and sue the neighbor for false testimony. Yep,people, this is liberals at work – if we can’t do what we want, why should you? The goalpost is near, vote Repub in your state and for Romney or this will be just the tip of the liberal iceberg in controlling the US.

      • Sol of Texas

        Like so many urban areas throughout the US, democrats/progressives dominate urban politics. This holds for most of the major urban centers of Texas (Houston, DFW, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso), but that tide slowly turning.

      • vicki

        Play outside? I was allowed to WALK by my self to school. Along a busy (for the time) street. Just think of all the evil that today’s liberals would claim could befall me.

    • tlgeer

      Get off the Liberal/Progressive crap. This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with a nosy neighbor.

      For the most part, we all grew up playing outside when our parents were not out there with us. There is no politics involved in this. Just stupidity and malice on the neighbor’s site.

      • MattN

        It appears to me that the police were not very smart by arresting her when she was sitting there. Kind of stupid don’t you think?

        • tlgeer

          I think that it’s more than kind of stupid. It shouldn’t have happened at all. I was under the impression that if the police didn’t actually see something occur, or there was no evidence of it, then they weren’t allowed to arrest anyone.

          • pupsontheloose

            Kirk, you and others that think like you are just plain idiots. You are the reason most people can not take time to look at the facts. The only facts here are the woman has made stateents and given interviews to the press. if you want to comment, first get your head out of where the sun don’t shine and do some research.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest A Fallon

        I suppose the police departments actions are just a busy neighbors actions too?? Get smart or be forever stupid tigeer

      • kkflash

        Au contraire tigeer. There is plenty of politics involved. The officers were almost certainly following protocol, and will be exhonerated in this suit. They’ve been trained to train us that we have no freedom when it comes to the important task of raising children. We must do it the “state way” or risk incarceration. This event is evidence of the shift in our society toward government control of everything we do, and toward government control of everything we get.

  • R Mclam

    Are we really that stupid? I like how the media has conveniantly left out al the facts. There’s this little thing called probable cause that is required for making an arrest. Any time a person is arrested the probable cause statement is available to the public. So, what are the facts, what was the probable cause? I’m sure if I call and tell the police that my neighbor killed someone they will arrest them just because I said it happened. Come on America. Don’t insult our inelegance by sensationalizing a story for ratings. Gets the facts, then let’s us decide. Do the police screw up, are there bad cops, yup. If someone is trying to brake into your house and kill you are you going to call the media or police????

    • Gary

      If I lived next door to this guy and have kids I think there would be a For Sale sign on my lawn before lunch.

      • Peter

        Put the sign on his lawn.

    • dalek

      I’d call the police when it was all over. If someone breaks into my house, God be with them. They will need him for sure. They may even be meeting him real soon.

      As to probable cause, I would imagine the cops just took the neighbors word for it. They shouldn’t have but I suspect they did. Cops overreact sometimes and that gets them into trouble like this.

      I would like to see more info on this tho.

      • Casey

        What fun it is to be a cop. If they had walked away and something happened, they would have been crucified. Don’t blame the cops without more information. Blame the neighbor. What’s wrong with going next door and knocking on the door? Hey neighbor, you ok with your kids out here? Works every time.

        • dalek

          I did blame the neighbor. I do think the cops should have investagated first tho. This is the problem with this situation. The cops should respond to what the neighbors say, just in case it is true, but they shouldn’t just go blindly arrest someone just to make someone feel better. If this is how they conduct themselves, then we should all be arrested just in case we might commit a crime some day. That’s going to cause a lot of law suits tho.

    • BetsyB

      Where have you been? The law abiders, people who raise independant children (not supervised by The Community), are harrased. Just recently I’ve been threatened and harrased by the police while I followed all their laws and policies to get a street permit.
      Why? It’s psychological conditioning to stay a sheeple, don’t be a strong individual. This is why they inspect and reject your child’s brown bag lunch at school.

    • Carol J

      I was never arrested but was threatened with arrest. Both times the complaint was from the same woman. The 2nd time childrens services came and made my 3 year old strip down so they could check him for bruises after taking him out of the apartment where he was playing with a couple of friends. His comment to them. Why don’t you check on her(the one who made the complaint) children?

    • jim

      I promise not to insult your “inelegance”, especially if someone tries to “brake” into your house.

    • Jim S

      How hard is it to gin up probable cause for an arrest? I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under, but people are arrested all the time without probable cause. We had a biker arrested recently in Dallas. The whole incident was caught on video tape. The officer was going to arrest him because he had a video camera on his helmet and the officer wanted the video. When the biker protested and told the officer he couldn’t take his camera, the officer changed his reason for arresting him and arrested him for having a “hidden” license plate. This was his reason even though the license plate was in the bracket made for the license plate by the manufacturer of the bike. The officer is now appealing a 38 day suspension. He should have been fired (there was also excessive use of force). So, don’t tell us they need probable cause to arrest someone.

      • kkflash

        What kind of city or country requires a license for a bicycle?

        • dalek

          I think he was talking about a motorcycle not a bicycle. We in the USA call them both bikers. The one you peddle doesn’t need a license but the one with the motor does. ;-)

    • MontieR

      Unfortunately you are wrong, when CPS (child protective services) gets involved you have NO rights, you are automatically guilty until YOU prove your innocence. NEVER and I mean NEVER talk to OR let your children talk to a CPS representative without a lawyer present. They will threaten to take your kids if you don’t let them interrogate your children alone. Know the law AND the constitution. Get a copy of your states CPS field manual, and quote their regulations to them. Inform any officer they bring with them he is violating your rights and WILL be named personally in a law suit for rights violations and that they are violating their oath of office. Always, always, always, get the reps name position title and supervisors name and phone number. CPS is trained to LIE and intimidate you into signing their paperwork witch you are giving your rights up by doing, and setting your self up for a living hell. NEVER sign ANY papers they give you without a lawyers consent and do NOT EVER trust a public defenders advice. I am speaking from experience I lost my oldest daughter and grand daughter to their LIES and intimidation. People AND police need to understand that probable cause is NOT and anonymous phone call. NEVER let a CPS rep into your home without a lawyers consent IF you want to let the police officer talk to your children have a lawyer PRESENT. An anonymous phone call is NOT legal evidence to get a court order to remove your children. By the way EVERY accusation made against my self and my wife was refuted by their OWN experts, but we lost our daughter and her baby because we signed their paperwork.

      • tlgeer

        Very good advice.

      • tlgeer

        Here is a link to CPS Caseworkers Guidebook. It looks like it is National, not State, though.

      • kkflash

        Does it surprise anyone that the CPS guidebook is national, not state level? It shouldn’t. The complete control of the people must be orchestrated at the national fully-centralized government level, where each edict to remove our freedoms can ultimately be enforced with the power of the US military machine.

    • Curt

      R Mclam,

      If someone breaks into my house and tries to kill me…I won’t call the cops or the media. First, I’d shoot the bastard, then call my lawyer, then the cops. If someone has broken into your home and is trying to kill you, trust me, the cops aren’t gonna get there in time to stop them. If you think otherwise, you’re diluting yourself, so go ahead and call whomever you wish. I’ll be reading the headlines that the media wrote about you getting killed waiting on the police to show up.

      • dalek

        Seems we agree on this for sure. When seconds count, they are minutes away. For me and where I live, LOTS of minutes.

  • Richard Pastor

    This is absolutley terrible to arrest the poor woman in front of her children because she let them play outdoors. Whast is with her neighbor shye must not like children so I say sue the hell out of her and the city for committing a crime against her I hope that they hang their heads in shame. I would also demand a public apology from each and everyone involved

  • dalek

    It sounds like the neighbor is as responsible for this mess as anyone else. She should have to pay for reporting something that is not true.

    This reminds me of something that happened locally a long time ago. There was a back and forth spat between a couple neighbors. One called the police and told them the other had drugs in the walls of their house. The police, with their informant being kept anonymous, got a search warrant and then pulled the walls out of the house. They found nothing of course and getting money from the cops is not easy or cheap. After all, they had the informant and the cops acted on that. The homeowner got smart tho. They wanted the name of the informant. The police refused and off to court they go. They explained to the Judge that it should be confidential but only if the information is true and this was false information in this case. The Judge agreed and that was when they found out it was the neighbor. After that, they sued the neighbor, the cops also figured out why they called with the false information.

    In the end, the informant had to pay to fix the neighbors house. I didn’t ever hear what if anything the cops ended up doing to the people for the false info.

    This woman should be held responsible for her lie too. I don’t know what it is worth but if I got hauled off to jail, I would want a LOT.

  • Ben W. Gardner

    I would give anything to be on that jury. The police department would only be able to afford foot patrols.

    • George Gardner

      If the cop were on foot patrol they would know the neighborhood and know that the mom was taking care of her kids and that the neighbor was full of BS.

      • Casey

        Takes a certain number of cops to supply neighborhood foot patrols. Most departments do not have sufficient manpower to do this. Too bad, because you are right.

  • Nanc

    I hope she wins this law suit against the neighbor and the cops.

  • RivahMitch

    I think I’d find a way to make that neighbor move. Then again, it’s a useful activity in helping people understand that Government is NOT your friend.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      If you happen to know your neighbor has allergies… like, to, say, ragweed, then plant a whole mess of it on your property.

      Even better if your property is usually upwind of theirs.

      – Smoov

  • dalek

    For those wanting more info, this article has more details:

    Hope that helps someone on this matter. I’m still reading the article. No other comment yet. ;-)

    • cpa

      Are you kidding me? This kind of stuff is just getting so out of hand. The article you post does show additional info – all of it in this poor woman’s favor. There has got to be some sort of safe guard against neighbors (or anyone for that matter) calling in to report something clearly incorrect but causing damage to another person (like causing them to be arrested).

      And the linked article – a woman strip searched and tampon forcibly removed for a “rolling stop” by 5 male officers while her kids watch from the back seat. She should also win a major lawsuit.

      Why do we hire thugs and allow them to remain on the force? Is it a union thing?

    • kkflash

      In the article linked above, the accusing neighbor admits to striking one of the children with her car, while they rode their scooters in the cul-de-sac in front of the children’s home. This admission later turned out to be a lie, fabricated in an apparent attempt to “prove” the children were in danger.
      I say concede the lie as self-admitted fact, and prosecute the nosy neighbor for reckless driving, in addition to suing the pants off her for her false accusations, and suing the police for false imprisonment, AND dereliction of duty. After all, if the nosy neighbor admitted striking one of the kids, who had every right to use the public street for their scooting, she is the one who committed a crime, and the cops ignored that evidence, instead choosing to imprison the innocent children’s innocent mother.

  • guest

    she needs to sue the dept. for false arrest, inprisonment, and the neighbor for everything she can get

    • c

      New law passed that lets the judge (reduce) change the amount the jury awards the victim. So if the judge thinks the amount is to much it will be reduced right then or eliminated all together. This was passed to stop big money cases against city’s,police,corporations and people with lots of money. The only way to really punish these people is with a big lose of capital good luck getting any thing.

  • Mike112769

    This is just petty tyranny, from the neighbor and the police. Inexscusable.

  • Jamie Cameron

    The Freedom in this Country is being taking over by to many needless Laws and deranged power hungry Cops.

  • Elected4Life

    We live in the country away from most of this suburbia chaos. If our neighbor called our county sheriff dept. with such a frivolous accusation, he’d haul the neighbor to the barred hotel, hehehe.

  • Nobody’s Fool

    Seems like a case where the police actually reacted stupidly. A more detailed report of this incident indicates that the neighbor, Ms. Fuller, falsely claimed to have struck one of the kids with her car. She should be arrested and held for attempted manslaughter, based on her own confession. I hope Mrs. Cooper wins her lawsuit. Would love to serve on the jury. The police should also be sued for police brutality, knowing she had back, neck, and shoulder issues, and handcuffing her so tightly her wrists bled. (You can check the link above for this info.) Ms. Fuller should not see the light of day for many years over this incident.

  • Schlumbio T

    This is the beginning of Black Hitler Obermeister’s plan to “test the waters” and see what he can get away with BEFORE he starts taking children away from their parents en masse so that the STATE can educate (or re-educate) them to be good little Hitler Youths

    • tlgeer

      Oh, for Heaven’s sake, grow up!

      If you truly believe what you just posted, you have some major psychiatric problems.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Um… that really isn’t so far fetched…

        It is the gradual changes that are more insidious, as they sneak in, while we allow it, until it is too late to stop it.

        Forgive the invoking Hitler here, but that was breached already, but, the way he was in the end, along with his government, was not at all the way he was when he began.

        It was a step-by-step escalation.

        It would be similar to:

        First they came for the and I did nothing.
        Next they came for the and I did nothing.
        Then they came for the and I did nothing.
        Today they came for me, and there was nobody left to help me.

        We’re getting so used to doing absolutely nothing of consequence to stand up to our government, and they just keep getting worse and worse. We, collectively, keep letting it happen, falling for false choices, as each of the 2 progressive parties paint each other as the boogeyman, so we end up voting for the other boogeyman just so we can get rid of whichever one we end up thinking is the worse boogeyman.

        They have us played and conditioned so well, we can barely bring ourselves to acknowledge that these aren’t our only choices. We always have at least 3 or more choices to choose from, but we allow the progressives to scare us time and time again, pointing towards their other candidate as the only choice we have to save ourselves from them.

        …and we think we’re so smart, so civilized… we’re collectively, fools…

        …and they know this… they count on it… their very existence, depends on it…

        Can we afford for them to keep being right about us?

        – Smoov

        • tlgeer

          What, exactly, have we been getting used to losing? This is a real question, and I would like a real answer. I keep seeing all of these idiotic references to Hitler (they did the same thing to Bush! they were idiotic then, too) and I understand that we have to be vigilant to make sure that nothing like Nazi Germany happens here. I don’t know of anyone who wants that to happen again.

          I agree that the Patriot Act was a major delineation from our US Constitution. I protested when it first came up and again when Obama stupidly (IMO) renewed it. But I have not seen any actual loss of our rights. Would I like to see the Patriot Act repealed? Definitely. If you have some workable ideas on how to do this, I would be very willing to listen. As long as they are legal.

          But to continually maintain that Obama is actively doing away with our rights, and that he means to do away with even more, is confounding. Do you have any facts that back up your contentions that he is doing so? Or is it just that you distrust, or fear, him and therefore you are projecting?

          • Smoovious Laxness

            I’m not saying Obama is doing it, I’m saying both parties are doing it, and neither party is doing anything to prevent it.

            Your own mention of the Patriot Act, already answers the question you post right after about what rights you have lost.

            – Smoov

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Note to self: don’t use greater-than/less-than symbols here…

        It should have been…

        First they came for (undesireable #1) and I did nothing.
        Next they came for (undesireable #2) and I did nothing.
        Then they came for (undesireable #3) and I did nothing.
        Last they came for me, and there wasn’t anyone left to do anything.

        – Smoov

      • kkflash

        tigeer, you can’t be serious in saying that you’ve seen no loss of our rights. Are you blind? The loss of our rights is occurring with every new law passed, every new government agency formed, and every regulation promulgated, The examples are too numerous to count, but I’ll give you one. Obamacare. We lose our right to choose whether or not to buy insurance protection for our health, or to take our chances. We lose our right to NOT pay for someone else’s birth control. The list of rights that have been trampled, usurped or eradicated is long and getting longer. Government is the problem, not the solution.

  • Mike

    Do any of you really think the cops wanted to arrest that woman? If they did not and something happened, they are the ones in deep isht. Unfortunately, they have skewed the laws to force this type of arrest instead of leaving it to the judgement of the police. I hope she sues the neighbor and wins enough that the neighbor has to sell the house and move away.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So the defense the police will use is “we obeyed orders” or “we followed orders”. No thinking need be involved.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        That’s why they weed out the intelligent applicants, and tend to favor the average and below average intelligence applicants for police academy training…

        …less likely to think for themselves and more likely to blindly follow orders without question.

        – Smoov

  • Steve E

    If a neighbor called the cops on me for something like that. I find it more effective for me to take it in my own hands to solve that problem. I would make my neighbor’s life a living hell.

  • 45caliber

    And the Demos wonder why the kids are over weight from not playing outside …

  • 45caliber

    We had a person on our street when our children were small who didn’t like anyone driving past her house and stirring up dust. Every time she saw any dust (it was a dirt road) she would call CPS anonomusly and report them for child abuse. She did it so often that the CPS knew who she was and recognized her voice. She finally moved away and the neighborhood celebrated.

  • Mark

    Good for Tammy. She should take her neighbor for everything she has. The only way to fight police abuse is to get them fired for false arrests, reduce their pay, pensions, health club memberships and cut the size of the police forces significantly. Tammy experienced what millions of Americans experience every day. Run for office and make a difference.

  • RW113

    In the name of “protecting the kids” and “better safe than sorry” Social workers have been excepted from the Constitution – search and seizure, probable cause are not required. Why do you think Waaco, Ruby Ridge, Freeman Compound, etc. had ATF accompanying Child Protective services – they were able to enter without warrants when the massacres occurred. “Raising up he next generation through the kids was one of Hitler’s atrocities – yet, it is the norm in the USA, — One of those inherent inalienable right found in the Constitution used to be the right to bear and raise children, absent abuse. Now, micromanaging Marxist was to dictate every aspect of every persons life.

  • Mark

    The neighbors name should be published around town in La Porte. Make her life a living hell. The arresting police officer, his supervisor and the police chief all need to be fired and run out of town. Take back control of America from thugs and terrorists with guns and badges.

  • T. Jefferson

    Keep your nose out of my business or risk having your nose re-arranged.

  • Nadzieja Batki

    There is more to this story.
    What time were the children playing outside? If during the day, the children are homeschooled.
    Was this incident during a Summer vacation, a school break, etc.? If no, the children are homeschooled.
    The neighbor has animus because the mother and her family are most likely Christian and are homeschooling their kids.
    The mother of the children should sue the living daylights out of all who took steps to put her in jail. This is also vindictiveness on the part of the neighbor.

  • Michele

    Don’t you ever wish you were rich enough to take somebody like Ms. Fuller and legally make her life hell. We used to have a neighbor that was always reporting the neighbors for hauling manure and complaining about stinky farms…after awhile the cops got tired of it. They said they could not help with anything dealing with stink because of state laws. Then they went to a few of the farmers and explained the laws really well. At the end of the conversation all the farmers knew how and when to haul the worst and smelliest of their manure. All pig manure was to be spread on the fields closest to her house at peak ripeness, and when the wind was blowing toward her house, of coarse. This was totally legal. She moved out of her dream house a year later. Sad part was all the floors had to be torn up because she let her cats pee all over the place and never cleaned it up. Today the house is about a decade old, and the family who lives there grew up on farms…we get along fine. Nobody hauls manure there anymore…As for Shelley Fuller manure is to good…sue her socks off. And like others have said, please, please, please let me be on the jury.

  • JimH

    I’m glad I grew up in the years I did.
    The kids now, don’t have the freedoms we did.
    They probably don’t even realize how smothered they are because they never experienced anything else.
    My parents would have been regulars at the police station, if things were like they are now, back then.
    I guess it’s easier to indoctrinate people who have never experienced any kind if independece or freedom.

  • shermangerherd

    They need border patrol to stop Californians coming in.

  • Strighttothepoint!!!!!

    Until all the facts are known(from both sides)one can not make a fair judgement!!!you know how sometimes these editors like to twist the story around to make you think that most of police,and most County Officals are our enemies!!I have an older brother who is a retired Chief of Police,who retired with honor!!he is not an as#h#le,and did his job well,enfact he was,and still is,well liked in his city were he lives!!!My point is-If you are a SOB to start with,it doesn’t matter what job you have,you are still a SOB!!!And you must remember we are living in a different age than we were fifty years ago,You have to agree that it only takes less than a minute for some HOMO to steal children ,or a child!!!

  • dwigk

    Well, we stopped teaching the Ten Commandments, so what do we expect? “Thou shall not commit false witness against thy neighbor,” would have prevented this problem. But I think “Thou shall not covet” is the one our nation is breaking the most right now. It would have prevented the Occupiers and the Romney attacks. Add “Thou shall not steal” and we wouldn’t have the redistributionists. Sorry, I’m getting off topic!

    • Don Alfera

      Might be nice if we stopped blaming the schools for not teaching relegious views and take ownership as parents. It is parents responsibility to teach their kids right from wrong, that means role modeling as well. I have made my share of mistakes, that is what allows for a family and children to learn together. Maybe if people paid more attention to their children instead of just sending them to school to “teach them” and make them better???????

      • diggerw900

        AMEN Don you hit it out of the park with your response. Too bad more parents raising children can’t see this problem spiraling out of control or more likely they don’t care……….. its too hard to do whats right.

    • tlgeer

      It is the parent’s responsibility to teach their children the religious beliefs they want their children to have, not the schools.

      If the parents are too lazy, I’m sorry for the children, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the parents responsibility.

  • Elda

    Did you know that if someone wants to make trouble for you they can call Child protection and say they believe you are somehow harming your children and even though they never find anything wrong can place your name on the DOJ child abuse intex? I have had lawyers tell me that was illegal just to learn for themselves it is true. This can keep you from getting jobs or adopting and you never did anything wrong and can’t defend yourself from this. Child protection invents situations to keep themselves in business. I was a foster care worker and I saw this first hand. They will even throw the foster parents under the bus if it gets them more money.

  • skippy

    Well….sure ARREST her….but let the child molesters OUT OF JAIL…
    Ain’t that right CALIFORNIA????!!!
    What a country……

  • Don Alfera

    This is the kind of case that needs to go to the supreme court. There are many laws here that are in a state of conflict. The so called “Good Smararatin” law needs to be protected. If this was a case of vengence or even a hate crime, then criinal charges should be filed against the agencies or people that violated any rights here. We can not all just look to get rich when there is a proble, just work togeter to get it fixed. Then we all win and nobody is at a focused on blame but more on fixing a problem.

  • James F. Williams

    I agree, sue em till their eyeballs bleed.

  • Kirk

    This is Obama ‘s government controlled hence men in action. I hope people wake up and realize he must not be elected again.

  • R Mclam

    Good for you Don Alfera, good to see someone thinking rather then just spewing garbage and hate. If the cops messed up they need to be held accountable. Peoples rights need to be protected. I read a lot of complaining and not enough solutions. do we just get rid of government and the police, or do we hold them accountable when they screw up? Do we want to live in the wild west where every on takes the law into their own hands or do we want a responsible policing? And by they way, your damn right if someone brakes into my house the police better bring a body bag when they show up.

  • Bagpiper

    Someon once said ” the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to stand by and do nothing”. Don’t just talk about it got off your butts and vote. I’d like to think that my friends that I fought with in Iraq and didn’t die for nothing. Freedom isn’t FREE it comes with a price.

  • Peter 10-nov-1775

    I can see this happening-on my block a certain family inflicts their kids on the neighborhood and disappear. The kids have no supervision and trespass, vandalize and steal to their hearts content. Even with the parents outside, they do not get disciplined when the parents see them being destructive. If you can not leave a dog unattended you should not be able to leave your kids unattended. I am not their babysitter!

    • dalek

      You miss the point tho. The Mother was watching the children while they played. Are you saying that children can’t go outside to play even if there is a parent watching them? Surely not.

      As for your situation, report them if they vandalize your property. Go to small claims court and force the parents to pay for what was damaged. You do that enough, they will watch them better.

  • dennis

    Cops are and have been out of control for quite some time. Our rights are going away and the laws have too much gray area. That is a built in out for the denial of constitutional rights. Really, is there a need for CPS? These bureaus were created to put minorities in positions of authority. Look around if you are ever in such an office. Our (?) government is too big and accomplishes very little for the USA, so wtf, we as a people are just letting it happen. This attitude HAS to stop or we ain’t gonna make it. Government has to come back to of the people and for the people, ALL of them!!!!


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