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Modern America Is Fat, Overweight and Obese

April 22, 2009 by  

Modern America Is Fat, Overweight and Obese

From 14 percent overweight in 1994 to 33 percent in 2008. What’s happening? We know for sure that we have an epidemic and a crisis.

Billions of dollars of diet plans are being touted to the American people—most of them worthless and giving false hope. I have bought a few myself. This is a disgrace, and there is little promise of help.

Like everything else in America, the fat epidemic is going from bad to worse. So goes the American diet—so goes obesity.

Most of the American diet is bad, but there is one thing in particular that is turning the whole population into diabetics. It’s fructose corn syrup. The food cartel is using millions of tons of this non-food as a cheap filler. This is more dangerous to the American people than a standing army.

Obesity is far more serious than most of us can imagine. It is inconvenient, to say the least. It is deadly to say the most.

My recent study on this subject has me in shock. Obesity is far, far more serious than I suspected.

There is a definite connection between gaining weight and getting sick. If we could feel the silent sickness that goes along with the weight gain, most of us would be afraid to death to gain an ounce. Now that we are already fat, what’s the story?

I hope that I can shock you with the following statement:

According to my study, obesity is related to and causative of every illness documented, including the degenerative diseases of cancer and heart disease!

Obesity, besides disrupting the immune system, creates chronic and silent inflammation which sets in motion a chain of biochemical events that result in a hormonal imbalance called leptin or insulin resistance, which makes it nearly impossible to maintain a healthy weight.

As many believe, fat is not an inert storehouse of calories. It is an active organ that produces its own hormones. In fact, fat regulates itself. When we gain weight, our fat produces the hormone leptin which is supposed to speed up our metabolism and suppress our appetite causing weight to remain stable. Research has shown that extra weight or fat is not just an extra load to carry. As stated above, it is another of the body’s internal organs. Moreover, it is an endocrine organ—the only organ with an almost unlimited ability to increase in size.

This is one organ that we don’t want. And after it appears this is a definite signal that we already have a chemical imbalance and a high probability of low-grade whole-body inflammation that may have already triggered a disease process.

If we don’t feel anything or see evidence of a medical problem, the extra weight that we carry is not yet symptomatic of disease. But obesity upsets our chemical balance by tipping the scale toward very destructive inflammation.

This is not visible inflammation as seen with a surface injury. This is inflammation at the cell level, completely hidden.

We can detect evidence of the disease process caused by this obese condition. One sign is an apple shape and lower abdominal fat. Those with this shape are almost certain to have what we call metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance. Abdominal obesity is generally considered to be a waist circumference, as measured around the middle, of greater than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women.

Another indicator of metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance is the C-reactive protein blood test. This test has become very well known as an inflammatory marker. Elevated C-reactive proteins is an almost certain indicator of cardiovascular risk factor, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, maybe diabetes, colorectal and breast cancer and age-related cognitive decline and premature death. In fact, aging is now considered to be a process of ongoing inflammation.

All this comes out of being obese or fat. Few people are aware of all the complications of weight gain, especially abdominal weight gain.

Fat by itself produces inflammation but diet is also a huge factor. The proper diet can reverse obesity and inflammation.  As I will tell you below, it is a simple diet, but a very rewarding one.

Unfortunately most American diets are rich in inflammatory ingredients which are red meat, white flour, sugar and hydrogenated or transfats such as french fries. On the other hand, berries and cherries, walnuts and almonds, cabbage, broccoli, garlic and fish are super foods that will restore health. This is not complicated and these are very delicious healthy foods.

Bad food got us into this very critical inflammatory syndrome. Good food will get us out. The simplicity of the cause of fat, overweight and obesity does not seem to match the critical illness that results. It all points to how devastating the wrong food is for health.

It is as if to say—and many writers do—that food is more powerful than drugs.

What is the nitty gritty cause of this silent inflammation and the destruction to our health that it brings? Yes, I said that it is bad food, but let’s be more specific.

It is actually unbalanced fatty acids, mainly Omega 3s and Omega 6s.

Simply stated, there are some Omega 3 foods and there are some Omega 6 foods. The American diet is predominantly Omega 6s, and Omega 6s are way out of balance with Omega 3s. This causes silent inflammation, obesity and serious and terminal diseases and illness.

The action to take is to rebalance our Omega 3s with our Omega 6s with diet.

First, we must learn what Omega 3s are and what Omega 6s are so that we can reduce our Omega 6s and raise our Omega 3s. Actually, it may be mostly reducing our Omega 6s. An ideal ratio would be three Omega 3s to five Omega 6s. Your body will tell you.

For more exciting details read our references: The Fat Resistance Diet by Dr. Leo Galland, Win The War Within by Floyd H. Chilton, PhD, and The Anti Inflammation Zone by Barry Sears, PhD. All three books are available.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Shirley

    How long does it take to get off your email subscription list. It has been well over 48 hours and I have requested it twice. It’s not cute or funny. Please get me off that list. Thank you so much.

  • Shirley

    I want off your email list!!!!

  • Used to be a liberal

    Those that would control our lives are becoming desperate. The following “news” story is from Britain. We have Obama dividing the country, as well as creating a class war, and now this from Britain. WHAT IS NEXT????


    Friday, April 24, 2009
    •MY SUN
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    Big issue … obesity is global problem

    Fattest teen’s 12st weight loss
    PROUD Georgia tells how she shed title of UK’s fattest teen along with 12st in 7 months

    •Your family may be killing you
    •Heavy brigade in obesity crisis
    •The Sun Says
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    Capt. Crunch’s Budget guide
    CAPTAIN Crunch offers his guide to the Budget and how Darling’s big speech affects you

    •Fiend, 12, filmed abusing pet dog
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    •Players show off golden bowels

    Jose: England is a paradise
    INTER MILAN boss Jose Mourinho has hinted at a Premier League comeback

    •Saints are on a downer
    •Ballack: Frankly, that’s wrong
    •Brown comes to the Wescue
    •Saint Pryce escapes jail

    Dev and Freida’s romantic lunch
    SLUMDOG Millionaire stars lean in for a kiss — finally proving they are an item

    •Smiley Miley is ever so stylish
    •Wino’s dad jets off to St Lucia
    •Harry marks TV Caroline’s card
    •Tinchy inches to the No1 spot

    1.Sickest girl in Britain
    2.Bit nippy last night, Abbey?
    3.Brit star bullied at school
    4.Cheryl is voted sexiest woman in the world
    5.Susan makes South Park sick

    Fatties cause global warming
    Environment Editor

    Published: 21 Apr 2009

    THE rising number of fat people was yesterday blamed for global warming.
    Scientists warned that the increase in big-eaters means more food production — a major cause of CO2 gas emissions warming the planet.

    Overweight people are also more likely to drive, adding to environmental damage.

    Lard help us … overweight must eat less for planet

    Dr Phil Edwards, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “Moving about in a heavy body is like driving in a gas guzzler.”

    Each fat person is said to be responsible for emitting a tonne more of climate-warming carbon dioxide per year than a thin one.

    It means an extra BILLION TONNES of CO2 a year is created, according to World Health Organisation estimates of overweight people.

    The scientists say providing extra grub for them to guzzle adds to carbon emissions that heat up the world, melting polar ice caps, raising sea levels and killing rain forests.

    The environmental impact of fat humans is made even worse because they are more likely to travel by car — another major cause of carbon emissions.

    And researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine say wealthy nations like the US and Britain are getting fatter by the decade.

    Dr Phil Edwards said: “Food production accounts for about one fifth of greenhouse gases.

    “We need to do a lot more to reverse the global trend towards fatness. It is a key factor in the battle to reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change.

    “It is time we took account of the amount we are eating.

    “This is about over-consumption by the wealthy countries. And the world demand for meat is increasing to match that of Britain and America.

    “It is also much easier to get in your car and pick up a pint of milk than to take a walk.”

    In peril … polar ice melting

    The study by Dr Edwards and colleague Ian Roberts is published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

    Dr Edwards went on: “We are not just pointing the finger at fat people. All populations are getting fatter and it has an impact on the environment.

    “UK health surveys estimate fatness has increased from an average body mass index of 26 to 27 in the last ten years.

    “That’s equivalent to about half a stone for every person.”

    Anyone with a BMI above 25 is overweight, while more than 30 is obese.

    A staggering 40 per cent of Americans are obese, among 300 million worldwide.


    Australian Professor Paul Zimmet predicted a disastrous obesity pandemic back in 2006.

    And Oxfam warned yesterday that the number of people hit by climate-related disasters will soar by more than half in the next six years to 375million.

    The impact of more storms, floods and droughts could overwhelm aid organisations.

    Sun doctor Carol Cooper said last night: “I’m not sure which came first, people getting fat and driving or the other way around. It is true fat people eat more food than average.

    “A few obese people have a hormone problem, although most simply don’t use enough calories and eat too many. But making them feel guilty antagonises them and may not help.”

  • wb frank

    But I cannot do without my morning breakfast humongous burrito from Hardee’s; then my mid morning snack of a half a dozen granola bars (healthy aren’t they!); back to Hardee’s or even Burger King for one of those extra large patties of beef between two large buns with that sauce, the 4 pieces of bacon, a lot of cheese and a diet drink; same mid afternoon snack; dinner: home made bread and real butter, mixed greens with fat back, sweet tea, mashed potatoes, pork chops of steak and large slice of pie for dessert… and later on when I am watching tv some of that left over supreme pizza in the ‘fridge…
    Yes, we are all killing ourselves… what we need is something to make us thin again. You know like the food riots, shortages and mad cow disease. That would wake us up.

  • s c

    If you have kids, YOU are the solution. Waiting for ‘important’ people to help is a waste of time and lives. You DO NOT have to be a doctor to know what foods are safe/healthy.
    Politicians, MDs and “someone else” can’t be trusted to get results. If you don’t know where to look for help, ask a reference librarian or an experienced dietician.
    Good health is a family matter. Help correct this national disgrace by giving your kids what is perhaps the greatest gift they can have in this life – good health.
    Parents, you have one chance to do it right. If you care, be a parent.
    They’re your kids. Show them that no one cares more than YOU.

  • andrea tyre’

    The rule to loosing pounds is to eliminate sugar, white products and anything with corn syrup in it. (What on earth makes them put corn syrup in tomato sauce?)
    Loose faster by moving about more. For instance…walk around when using the “walk around phone.”

  • s c

    Thanks, Bob, for including the blurb about former pres Clinton and his shameless suggestion for helping school kids lose weight [drink diet pop]. Anyone other than a former pres would be a fair target for calling him or her incredibly stupid. Whatever Clinton is, he’s not stupid.
    At the same time, he’s an incredibly poor information source for a health matter. The idea that a pres (current or ex) would dare to imply that the consumption of diet pop will help kids lose weight makes as much sense as relying on AMA advice concerning which supplement(s) to take. Either Clinton has been indoctrinated, or he has been handsomely paid for his ‘gravitas.’ This travesty makes me think Obama’s ‘transparency’ must be extremely contagious.

  • Never give up!

    My sister, who is a nurse, was an overweight. This harmed her in her work … and also for her self-esteem. She followed and tried full of schemes, methods or tricks to lose weight; without success.

    Until she came across this ad on the Internet. It changed her life for the better! … Her new problem now is to renew her wardrobe. All her clothes are suddenly become too large for her. She is really happy about her discovery and she is really in good shape!

    This is another proof that we should never give up. Hope my comment will help somebody!


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