MKULTRA? Patsy? Aaron Alexis’ Portrait: Painted For Gun Control

Naval Yard Shooting in Washington, D.C.

Mentally unstable man in the military gains legal access to gun, goes on rampage. That’s the portrait.

Heavily promoted details: “Should never have been allowed to buy a gun, but prior red-flag arrests weren’t prosecuted. Slipped through the cracks. Heard voices, claimed he was being assaulted with microwaves that prevented him from sleeping. Obvious nut job. But still, he was able to buy a gun.”

Bottom line: Do whatever is necessary to grab guns from private citizens. Tighten laws. Step up psychiatric interventions across the land, to prevent shootings before they occur.

Perfect. You couldn’t have scripted a better sales campaign for gun control.

Therefore, one can legitimately ask: Did somebody script the word-picture of Alexis for that very purpose?

Until official sources retracted the claim that Aaron Alexis had an AR-15 at the Navy Yard, it was: James Holmes (Aurora), Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook) and Alexis all supposedly firing the semi-auto weapon. Bottom line: “Stop selling the AR-15 and any other semi-auto.”

When it comes to characterizing Alexis as mentally unstable, you need to ask yourself this: If someone were, in fact, deploying available technology to produce the sounds of voices talking to you and hitting you with microwaves to keep you awake night after night, what could you do to make people believe that story?

I’ll tell you what: nothing. You’d be sunk.

Let’s assume Alexis was already somewhat unstable. That would make him a better candidate for harassment.

At that point, there would be two ways to go, if you wanted to engineer a mass shooting. Make Alexis an innocent patsy. Or actually turn him into a Manchurian candidate, an MKULTRA subject who would kill.

If your objective is gun control, you’d achieve your aim either way.

And here is the bonus: In the wake of the Navy Yard shooting, you could institute more psychiatric control of the citizenry, which means (when you strip away the baloney) more fake mental-disorder diagnoses and more drugs that cause violent behavior, including suicide and homicide.

Afterwards, you can make an even better case for universal gun banning, because people on those drugs would be committing murders from coast to coast in greater numbers.

Of course, when television viewers pray at the altar of the major news networks, they would never entertain, for a moment, what I’m suggesting here. Why not? Because, as consumers, they’ve allowed themselves to be conditioned, for many years, by the kinds of tales these media outlets tell. If well-known “journalists” don’t speak of “patsy” or “mind control,” there’s nothing to know about.


Patsy at the scene? How would that work? Several possibilities. Alexis is there, but another shooter is doing the killing. He kills Alexis, who becomes the focus of the story, the “shooter.” A shotgun and AR-15 are placed near his body.

The problem to overcome: witness statements.

So far, I find two witnesses, Terry Durham and Todd Brundige, executive assistants in Building 197, who claim they saw “the shooter” down a long hallway fire a gun at them.

In their television interview, which you can find at YouTube (BBC, other outlets), they claim they couldn’t see the shooter’s face. However, The Washington Times reports Durham saying, “I could see his face.” That’s quite odd, when we have her on camera saying the reverse.

Other news outlets use headlines to suggest these two witnesses did see (“confronted,” “came face-to-face with”) the killer’s face, but the body of text finally confesses this is not the case, despite some slippery language (“came around a corner and saw the killer”).

Obviously, media outlets are trying to make more out of less.

It seems somewhat curious that we don’t have many witnesses who are specifically making positive IDs of Alexis killing people in the building. For example, in the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting, a number of witnesses say they saw the shooter. Of course, he was masked.

Well, what about police statements? We’re told cops killed Alexis in a shootout. How many cops? Unknown. Five, 10, one? I find one report of a canine cop (unnamed) who traded shots with “a gunman” and was seriously wounded in both legs. He was in surgery at the time of the report, and was expected to undergo a number of operations, in an attempt to save his legs.

Perhaps there are other witness statements out there which positively ID Alexis as the shooter. I have not found them.

Turning Alexis into an MKULTRA Manchurian candidate, who would, as a result of mind control, go into the building and kill people is an entirely different matter.

In that case, the microwave harassment and the broadcast voices would serve as a softening-up process. But much more would have to be done.

(I should note here that when Alexis reported the voices and the microwave harassment to the Rhode Island police, he refused to say what the voices were telling him. If his basic story is true, perhaps he was receiving commands and instructions, although, in my opinion, such commands — “kill,” “attack,” etc. — would be insufficient to program him specifically.)

Although there are patents one could search to try to learn about modern mind-control technology and statements from people who were past victims of mind control, many blank areas remain. This is because the experiments are secret.

Here is a bit of background on MKULTRA secrecy.

Back in the early 1990s, I interviewed John Marks, author of The Search for the Manchurian Candidate (1979). This was the book that exposed the existence of the CIA MKULTRA program.

Marks related the following to me. He had filed many Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the CIA for documents relating to its mind-control program. He got nothing back.

Finally, as if to play a joke on him, someone at the CIA sent him 10 boxes of financial and accounting records. The attitude was, “Here, see what you can do with this.”

I’ve seen some of those records. They’re very boring reading.

But Marks went through them; and, lo and behold, he found he could piece together MKULTRA projects, based on the funding data.

Eventually, he assembled enough information to begin naming names. He conducted interviews. The shape of MKULTRA swam into view. And so he wrote his book, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.

He told me that three important books had been written about MKULTRA and that they all, in a sense, stemmed from those 10 boxes of CIA financial records. There was his own book, Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart and The Mind Manipulators by Alan Scheflin and Edward Opton.

Marks continued to press the CIA for more MKULTRA information. He explained to me what then happened. A CIA official told him the following: In 1962, after 10 years of mind-control experiments, the whole MKULTRA program had been shifted over to another internal CIA department, the Office of Research and Development (ORD).

The ORD had 100 boxes of information on the MKULTRA work; and there was no way under the sun, Marks was told, that he was ever going to get his hands on any of it. It was over. It didn’t matter how many FOIA requests Marks filed. He was done. The door was shut. Goodbye.

The CIA had gone darker than it ever had before. No leaks of any kind would be permitted.

In case there is any doubt about it, the idea of relying on the CIA to admit what it has done in the mind-control area, what it is doing and what it will do should be put to bed by Marks’ statements. The CIA always has been, and will continue to be, a rogue agency beyond the reach of the law.

To give you just a hint about how far the CIA, the U.S. military and its allied academics will go in MKULTRA “research,” here are two brief excerpts from a piece I wrote in 1995 about human experiments. My information was based on the three key books I mentioned above, as well as Martin Lee’s classic, Acid Dreams:

Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane University, as early as 1955, working for the Army, gave patients LSD while he had electrodes implanted deep inside their brains.

In the mid-1950’s, Paul Hoch, M.D., a man who would become Commissioner of Mental Hygiene for the State of New York, then a laborer in the field for the CIA, gave a “pseudoneurotic schizophrenic” patient mescaline. The patient had a not-unfamiliar heaven-and-hell journey on the compound. But Hoch followed this up with a transorbital leucotomy [aka lobotomy]… Hoch also gave a patient LSD, and a local anesthetic, and then proceeded to remove pieces of his cerebral cortex, asking at various moments whether the patient’s perceptions were changing.

Because “more psychiatric treatment” is a prime agenda, pushed after every one of these mass shootings, people need to understand how the history of mind control and psychiatry are interwoven, and how the madmen and murderers within these “professions” are content to use torture in the name of science.

From a NaturalNews article by Dr. Peter Breggin (“Never again! The real history of psychiatry”), we get insight into one aspect of that history:

[Before World War II in America], organized psychiatry had been sterilizing tens of thousands of Americans. For a time in California, you couldn’t be discharged from a state [mental] hospital unless you were sterilized. In Virginia the retarded were targeted. American advocates of sterilization went to Berlin to help the Nazis plan their sterilization program. These Americans reassured the Germans that they would meet no opposition from America in sterilizing their mentally and physically “unfit” citizens.

While the murder of mental patients was going full swing in Germany, knowledgeable American psychiatrists and neurologists didn’t want to be left out. In 1942, the American Psychiatric Association held a debate about whether to sterilize or to murder low IQ “retarded” children when they reached the age of five. Those were the only two alternatives in the debate: sterilization or death.

After the debate, the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association published an editorial in which it chose sides in favor of murder (“Euthanasia” in the American Journal of Psychiatry, 1942, volume 99, pp. 141-143). It said psychiatrists would have to muster their psychological skills to keep parents from feeling guilty about agreeing to have their children killed.

Breggin, in his books, including Toxic Psychiatry and Medication Madness, demonstrates that this “healing profession” is still tilling the same soil. Because of its reach with toxic drugs, it’s more dangerous and deadly than ever. Only its PR has improved.

I obviously can’t prove or conclude that Alexis was MKULTRA-programmed. But I can say the CIA and other allied agencies have an extensive track record of carrying out horrendous mind-control experiments, concealing them, concealing the technology and making bland statements to the public and the press denying their contemporary use of mind-control.

If Alexis was, in fact, the man who killed people in the Navy Yard and he wasn’t overtly programmed to do it, then recent accounts strongly suggest he was taking psychiatric drugs. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), in particular, have a long track record of pushing patients over the edge into suicidal and murderous violence.

Psychiatry is a form of MKULTRA. It operates according to a different plan, what I call the Johnny Appleseed approach. Drop enough drugs into enough bodies, and then stand back and watch the killings sprout here and there and here and there, across the land.

–Jon Rappoport

Personal Liberty

Jon Rappoport

, The author of an explosive collection, "The Matrix Revealed," Jon Rappoport was a candidate for a U.S. Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern and other newspapers and magazines in the United States and Europe. Rappoport has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic and creative power to audiences around the world. His blog, No More Fake News, can be read here.

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  • independent thinker

    Ted Kazinski (sp) was a test subject in one of the CIA’s mind control programs.

  • mark

    Right, the Navy Yard attack was all a plot by Obama, just like Sandy Hook and the Bush operation at the TwIn Towers on 9/11. Will these loony bird theories never end? Rappoport by the way, is a complete joke in serious journalistic circles today (but he will certainly find a home here). It is sad that we have so many pathetic citizens who just fall for this crap, hook line, and sinker. No one ever asks the rational question of when you have a society that celebrates violence in all of our media, in sport, in foreign policy, in our prisons, in our death penalty, when mental illness is regarded as something shameful that goes largely or inadequately untreated, and when every citizen has unlimited access to deadly firearms, we have these horrible incidents over and over again and will continue to have them ad infinitum? The rest of the world gets it, the scientific community gets it, but the American people, no. It’s all a government plot!

    • vicki

      The ad hominem. The argument to ridicule. The strawman. The deliberate over exaggeration. So many fallacies, so little space.

      • native blood

        Shall we then label our good friend Mark, “Space Cadet”?

    • hippybiker

      Where in the article did you read that it was a plot by Obama? Probably the same place CNN got the idea that Alexis was armed with an AR-15. You pulled it out of your A$$.

      • TIME

        Dear Hip,
        Please note that mark has many issues with comprehension, that seem to align with his perhaps having issue with mental health.
        Thus one can conclude that he is either one of two possible venues,
        He is either a paid Troll by the O’ bama regime, afterall they do pay some 4000 special people to post such absurd rantings. Thank you American TAX payers…
        Or, he is really mentally dysfunctional. Again very much in vogue with followers of the Son of Perdition.
        Pick either one, after all – his post reek of utter insanity.
        Peace and Love

      • lemondrop1

        CNN also blamed it on, the sequester. where do they get their journalists? if we get gun control, we are only hurting law abiding Citizens, who have and always should have the right to bear arms. you can’t use a few nut cases as an example. look how well it worked in Germany, the nanny does not know best.

      • Vis Fac

        The article mentioned that (surprise) the media reported him using an AR then as usual regrouped and said otherwise. Lame stream media has a fixation on assault rifles and is AR dependent so anytime they can, they use the liberally coined term Assault Rifle for maximum impact and effect.

        Libertas inaestimabilis res est

    • Timothy Sullivan

      Please show me where “every citizen has unlimited access to deadly firearms?” The government is doing it’s very best to allow limited access to practically no one! Yours is the loony bird lib theory!

      • mark

        Mr. Alexis bought his guns no problem.

        • vicki

          It may have escaped your notice (as it does for most gun-grabbers) but it is his Constitutionally protected, God given RIGHT to possess (which means he has to be able to buy) firearms.

          • Vis Fac

            All one need do is open ones eyes to all that is occurring observe the antics of Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid’s foaming at the mouth about “scary looking “assault weapons” Michael Blomberg and his gun hating/grabbing agenda, the recall of radical liberal state officials who passed their unilateral illegal legislation. Let’s not forget Hillaryious Clinton’s culpability with the UN to instill a small arms ban treaty and Of course the subversive actions by Eric Holder and the Gun Grabber in Chief all covertly and under the radar and conspicuously omitted from any media reports.

            Now I address the LIAR in Chief who continually expounds hos support of OUR Constitution and especially OUR Second Amendment. I have one phrase to address that BS!!

            ODUMBO Lied when he first took the Oath of office “to protect and defend The Constitution of The United States of America. He has done his utmost to destroy it AND OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

        • Michigan_REB

          He also had security clearance to a sercure military base so what is your point? Had they done a beter job vetting who they allow on the base this would have been avoided. Had the military personell been armed this would have been stopped with must lass loss of life. FBI statisic in mass shooting where the police are resposable for ending it the average death toll is 14.92 in cases where legaloly armed civians end it the aveage death toll is 2.33. Check out the Havard study that has proven that gun control is not effective in stopping violent crime. or that more guns make socity less safe. IN the UK where private gun ownership was almost elimnated their violent crime rate has sky rocketed while here the gun ownership has reached an all time high but the crime rates in all gatagories have fallen on average 30%. Or the CDC study that has shown that firearms are more like to save a life than take it. Any government official who do not want to follow the Consstitution as it was eritten shouod be removed from office and held in prison.

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          Do you de-claw bears and tigers also, mark?
          Do you feel any remorse at all for the millions of victims who have died as a result of people like you disarming them?

        • Timothy Sullivan

          Show me the receipts please!

        • Robert Messmer

          Last report I saw said he had a shotgun (legally purchased in Virginia, he past the Background check) and 2 handguns removed from cops at the site.

      • Vis Fac

        I hope I am not misinterpreting your post but I believe our Second Amendment Guarantees tacit parity with the government for the sole purpose of protecting the people from a tyrannical government. The second amendment quite is clear on this point. “Shall not be infringed”

        “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When
        the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

        Thomas Jefferson

        The purpose of the Right to Bear Arms is to protect the People from tyranny in Government.” Thomas Jefferson

        “I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a society where
        the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.” -WILLIAM RICE BURROUGHS

        “The Constitution shall never be construed….to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” -Samuel Adams

        Detractors of the Second Amendment often use the lameness of having our forefathers era weapons as in muskets etc. But common sense (an asset severely lacking in liberal one dimensional idiot-ology) dictated weapons as what the government would have. Self protection and hunting are also a key talking point for liberals. Again The second Amendment does not mention these either

        Libertas inaestimabilis res est

        • Timothy Sullivan

          Yes apparently my post (directed to Mark) was misinterpreted. He had indicated that “every citizen has unlimited access to deadly firearms”, which, as we know is absolutely NOT the case. Mentally challenged, substance abusers, convicted felons (the preceding 3 categories shared substantially by members of Congress) as well as under aged are denied the right to purchase firearms. So much for “every citizen.” Also there are waiting limits in various states that necessitate a “wait” as well as certain locales where only so many firearms might be purchased during a particular time frame. So much for the “unlimited access.” I then addressed the very real situation where even those citizens who, here-to-for ARE legally entitled to purchase “deadly firearms” H-m-m-m (are there NON-deadly firearms?) are being increasingly challenged in doing so by those forces that hate and fear the acquisition and ownership OF firearms. Just thought I would set the record straight! Keep the faith!

          • Vis Fac

            Timothy: Thanks for the clarification and I agree 100% but allow me to ad a few points.
            1) as you say most of congress is mentally challenged on drugs or convicted of some crime however in order to seek a seat which pays a fraction of the costs to run, we must explore the underlying reasoning. The POWER of CONTROL very few congressmen vote the mindset of their constituents and vote the way their handlers (the 1% and the lobbyists) tell them. This in exchange for lavish gifts and other perks. This is the reason for necessitating term limits.
            2) You neglected to include Diane Feinstein’s favorite adjective of SCARY in your description of dangerous weapons.
            3) I believe in what the second amendment guarantees that EVERYONE has the right to keep and bear arms. With that said we all know felons and mentally ill people manage to acquire firearms so why limit the law abiding the right to legally acquire? Liberal one dimensional idiot-ology is completely wrong they apply Band-Aid fixes instead of prevention. Allow everyone to be armed as we know responsible people do not commit mayhem and when felons and the mentally ill act there is sure to be some countermeasure ready to if necessary respond.

            I am of the belief if that one knows he or she faces death the likelihood of criminal activity decreases think of it as attitude adjustment.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Robert Messmer

            And don’t forget the “magazine capacity” limit. I can’t figure out what difference it makes between having one 100 round magazine and 10 ten round magazines. What, maybe 3 seconds total?

    • dan

      Building 7…winnie mandella ‘s voice in my head says to give trolls an ANC necklace because guns are too violent

    • indiana_conservative

      Mark “AKA Piers Morgan” it is you libs that don’t get it. If a regular citizen and a criminal have a pistol aimed at each other we have what is called a Mexican stand off. If we have an unarmed citizen and an armed criminal what we have then is a dead citizen. This is common logic you all refuse to understand unless you become the citizen on the bullet end of the criminals weapon.

      • Robert Messmer

        Even then they maintain that had society treated the criminal better he wouldn’t have done what he did.

        • indiana_conservative

          Yes Robert sad but true. However here in the new land of Sodom and Gomorrah where morals mean nothing but to the chosen few it is what it is. Unlike Sodom and Gomorrah though God still has more than one or two righteous people here and they are call fundamental patriots. Which I believe in my heart still makes up the majority of America.

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Argumentum ad Ridiculum.
      Argumentum ad Hominem.
      Argumentum ad Hominem.
      Argumentum ad Populum.
      “when mental illness is regarded as something shameful that goes largely or inadequately untreated”.
      Personal experience, mark?

    • jaybird

      These people are only questioning what they see because of past history in past governments. It is good to be a skeptic and question all things than to swallow them hook, line and sinker. Don’t believe what you hear and only half of what you see. Didn’t your mother explain these things to you or you lived in a fantasy world growing up. That must be the problem, all these libs/Demo’s lived in a fantasy world growing up, they were never made to take responsibility and things were given to them. It is OK to stick your head in the sand once in a while but it is now time to pull it out. Obummer growing up was exposed to Communism and even through his college years. Your environment has a lot to do in shaping your beliefs. We do not want communism in our government also we do not want radical Islam taking over our country and from everything that I have read, we the people need the guns to keep this from happening. In approx. 30 yrs the Muslims will out number us and they are now in our government trying to shape our policy and install their laws. Is that what you want because if it is you need to go to London/Europe and experience it.

    • Robert Messmer

      I just love when people state that so and so is a joke in “serious” circles, not accepted to experts as if Galileo ( “And yet it moves.”), Pasteur never lived. Many, later revered people, were mocked and ridiculed because the then accepted theories did not allow for their thinking. Of course the reverse is also true, many jokes of today are always jokes but there is no way to tell during the current time. Use some other ground on which to attack/defeat their theories.

    • native blood

      Mark, It is abundantly clear, as always, you do not get it and you never will. Or, Better yet, you refuse to accept it as it really is.

  • vicki
  • brownstoneconstr

    maybe this guy could have been obama’s son. i’m just saying.

  • TIME

    Dear Jon,
    The question that needs to be asked is: why is it that a { full 24 hours} before this event even took place it was in the NEWS?
    All the rest is little more than speculation, as to all the why’s – what’s – when’s – where’s.
    BUT ~ For the most part I concur with your analysis of why such events take place by way of – our ” Criminal De Facto platform of government.”
    As well until the ALL the American people can understand that we have not had a Government from 1871 onward.
    What we have is a Corporation, started in 1871 – that was sold in the 1930’s by FDR to the Bank Of LONDON / aka the Rothschild’s, ~~ thus making all Americans ” Indentured Servants ” to this banking cabal who do really own and control this nation by way of their puppets.
    Peace and Love, My Good people if you believe Please _ get straight with Jesus Christ you really don’t have a lot of TIME left.

    • Tewe Buri

      multiple obama scandles him being caught in multiple lies and hypocrisy, bingazi, irs scandle, corrupt gov’s nsa surveience was exposed and corrupt gov showed its hypocritical colors once agian, extreemly corrupt us military’s mass murder and torture was exposed by manning, gun control mostly crushed with about 0%of it ever gaining 75%of the countries support. impeach obama campaign heats up a bit, obamacare really heating up in the past few weeks for political and public debate(with both sides urgeing urgant effort from the public, with the upcomeing deadline in about10days almost all energy must be diverted to repealing obamacare within the past 2weeks and now.
      obama and demonrats needed a bigger distraction to divert the anti-obama care people away from their effort, and to divert away from obama and gov’s masses of crimes and lies.
      syria was the 1st distraction, obama didnt need to suddendly try to lauch a strike at such a convient time, now this is the 2nd distraction since syria wasnt enough, this also trying to be used as an excuse to not only disarm, also to arrest/torture/and murder political oppoents, gov critisizers, anyone totalitarian tyrants want, pretending preventivly arresting and tortureing innocent people based on speech, facial expressions, race… will prevent crime/violence. one of the same excuses the nazis used pretending jews were dangerous terrorists.

    • TheOriginalDaveH
    • Robert Messmer

      Dear Time,
      The question that needs to be asked is: why is it that IF a full 24 hours before this event even took place it was in the NEWS did all the victims go to work on Monday?

  • wandamurline

    And every one of these mass shooters had ties to the progressive liberal agenda, were on some kind of psychotropic medication and played violent video games. It would not surprise me if he was a plant as was the one in Colorado with all the body armor…where did he get it. I am not (and I hate to say this) too sure that Sandy Hook was not a set up also. God, forgive me for thinking that our government would kill innocents to get their agenda forward, but then again, they are responsible for 3500 innocent babies in the womb to be murdered each and every month. I put nothing past the rotten, corrupt liars that are now in Washington….most of them need to be impeached and a lot need to be hung.

    • vicki

      God, forgive me for thinking that our government would kill innocents to get their agenda forward,

      Not like there isn’t any historical evidence of governments murdering their own people or anything.

      • Tewe Buri

        us gov is currently mass murdering and torutering 1000s of innocent americans and people in other countries(for their speech, race, gov critizisers, political opppoents, $, sadistic fetish…), if u whistleblow you may be next, gov controls media to large extent why your not seeing it, tho ex the manning case, and this stuff is in the mainstream, its exteremly hard for someone to not know at least that gov is untrustwothy corrupt farmers. corrupt gov puts non gov commiting mass murder on the media contantly, to distract from gov’s much large mass murder/torture campaign, and to try to push gun control and arrested/tortureing/murdering innocent people based on warning signs(according to gov =being a gov ciritsiezer, poltiilca oppoent, not obeying gov…is warning signs) pretending it will prevent crime(and thats worse than just being disamred). totalirian.

    • Vis Fac

      I have often said and received more than my share of criticism that I thought Aurora Co and Sandyhook were government sponsored to promote ODUMBO’s Gun grabbing agenda. I used to work for the government and I know what its capable of. Liberal dogma virtually guarantees mass murder to occur.

      Remember Holder’s Fast and Furious Debacle was to show how easily firearms can be and were smuggled into Mexico arming Drug cartels. The problem is Felons and criminals get their weapons smuggled FROM Mexico then sold on the black market. No gun control law will stop black market activity so liberal band aid programs are an abysmal failure.

      Suppose you want to introduce martial law for control. Remember that Law abiding citizens were stripped of all rights after Hurricane Catrina. The National Guard was called in the police confiscated any firearm they could find and people ran amok.

      Imagine what would have happened if Black Americans took ODUMBIO and Holders Race baiting of the Zimmerman trial and reacted as Holder and ODUMBO thought they would. Fortunately Blacks are smarter than ODUMBO thought they were. Imagine if ODUMBO and Holder’ s a race war that was planned to send declare martial law activate the National Guard then confiscate all the food water and firearms form the public.

      Don’t think for a minute ODUMBO wouldn’t do just that all he needs is the slightest excuse. I

      I still believe Aurora Co., Sandyhook, and now the Naval Office shootings can be traced to the present administration for gaining firearms confiscation and more unopposed power.

      It is saif that you can fool all the people some of the time (doubtful) some of the people (liberals) all the time but not all of the people (concervatives) all the time.

      Libertas inaestimabilis res est

      • Robert Messmer

        I recall hearing reports of people firing on the Rescue helicopters during/after Katrina?

    • Tewe Buri

      not all mass murderers in the us were on drugs or played violent video games.
      only a person is at fault for their own actions, nothing else.

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      2400 servicemen were sacrificed at Pearl Harbor to set the US up for WWII:,%20Jr/Pearl%20Harbor%20The%20Seeds%20and%20Fruits%20of%20Infamy.pdf
      Who would sacrifice our own servicemen to achieve their goals?

    • Robert Messmer

      Get off the abortion thing it does not pertain to the conversation. If you actually believe that individuals are responsible for their actions, then the government is NOT responsible for the claimed 3500 abortions each and every month. The one’s responsible are the women who for whatever reason; carelessness, rape, incest, failure of birth control, or divine impregnation turn up pregnant and decide to seek medical help to change that condition. Also responsible are the men who supplied the sperm, which based on some claims would not include the President.

      • dan

        goes to abortion industry profit and payola…I can see the link:
        the lack of morality of sponsoring and encouraging young and impressionable girls through the government school and allowing abortions withour parental notification (usurping parental and familial rights) constituing abuse of children and authority . Father’s rights are also violated when their input (ahem) is infringed.

  • dan

    He was under the care of a Navy shrink and under medication….
    and got past two checkpoints (?) with a shotgun…

    it’s bidens fault

    • Robert Messmer

      The checkpoints were for “Employees Only” so since they were contractors, etc no metal detectors. He had a Security Clearance and a legal Employee’s ID. He had been working there so obviously he had been in and out many times with no problems. Normalcy bias with the security people–he had never been a problem before (and had been vetted) therefore he will never be a problem.

      • dan

        …used it to effect myself….walked around with a clipboard and hardhat like I belonged there taking notes…
        but it’s still biden’s fault :)

    • Anonymous

      I seem to recall that the Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter was undergoing Physiatric “care” from a NAVY SHRINK TOO. ONE HECK OF A COINCIDENCE, if you ask me. How many people are under the care of Navy shrinks anyhow? What are the odds that 2 of them became mass shooters?

  • Elvis Presley

    He was a Buddhist like the Korean college KiIIer a few years ago, liars, & Muzzies and Buddhists oh my: These guys should have been in the land of oz not the USA.

  • Orville Wilmot


  • paendragon

    All pre-emptive, onus-reversing ‘preventative’ liberal “laws” are really crimes. They are theories in search of facts, fraudulently presented as if they were facts. Without actual medical proof, their “concerns” amount to nothing more than slander. To assert someone is “crazy” without proof is fraud, and therefore also slander. Laws exist, and police enforce them, by accusing people of crimes based on their actions, after the fact, not to prejudicially slander them for who or what they are, or are only alleged to be by pre-judging them as Guilty Until Never Proven Innocent. Conspiring to force people to slander them selves to some doctors to prove they aren’t “crazy,” based on some alleged secret crime one doesn’t have enough evidence to even accuse them of, is a crime. So if /when this goes before a JP or judge, the cops’ slanderous fraud will become PERJURY: “You honor, we accuse the defendant of being potentially dangerous, based on some un-named source’s unsubstantiated “expert” opinion, and so we imagine they *might* commit some unspecified crime, somewhere, at some future time.” Even when your fraudulent slander fails to convince the judge to act, you will be judged as having committed attempted fraud and perjury. Fraud is a crime and even “only” attempted crimes are still crimes in themselves. Presenting an opinion as fact is lying fraud. In doing so, they are asserting that there is no real rule of law, and that no one should be tried on the facts of any case, but only based on a ‘professional’s’ opinion. They thus assert that no one has free will, nor the ability to choose to be guilty of a crime, nor to choose to not commit a crime & so to choose to remain innocent. Without the requirement for mens-rea (“intent”) they are directly bringing the Justice System’s entire existence itself into disrepute; they are pre-judging everyone in America of being at least potentially guilty until never proven innocent, and making all judges irrelevant, superfluous, and obsolete.

    Their assumptions that upon their fact-free prejudicial and slanderous whims, everyone in America must be subjected to the opinions of a psychiatrist in order to retain the privilege (not the right) to gain or maintain the ownership of a valid firearms license, brings the entire legal system into disrepute, in reversing the onus of proof to force citizens to prove a negative. The liberals now seem to feel free to accuse all American citizens of being potentially dangerous, but in a non-compus-mentis and non-mens-rea (guilty mind/intent) and so, ultimately, non-criminal sort of way, only on their authoritaryan say-so.

    Who needs proof of a crime, nor even of an intent to commit a crime, any more, when defensively pre-emptive and crime-preventative liberal laws can pre-judge everyone in advance as guilty until never proven innocent?!

    Did you know that, like pResident Obama, any given “mental health professional” already has the authority to lock a person up indefinitely without any need to apply to a judge for a warrant, merely on their say-so? Scary!

    And, as skeet shooter said recently on a related post:

    “It is far too easy to make a diagnosis of “mental illness” since there is no blood test, scan or other objective test to confirm the diagnosis. It is also far too easy for psychiatrists to prescribe powerful drugs with awful side effects that sometimes include violence. It is also far too easy for the media and the government to ignore the money flowing their way from the pharmacological companies making absolutely huge profits off of the drugs. Finally, once diagnosed with a “mental illness” it is a life sentence because there is no concrete way of confirming a patient has been “cured.”

    A very common example in today’s America: A child in grade school gets “diagnosed” by the “system” with ADD (a 1 in 25 chance if you believe current statistics). He/she gets prescribed Ritalin to “calm them down.”

    Result – Banned from gun ownership for life.

    With all of these facts in mind, does anyone not believe that the gun grabbers see this as a golden opportunity.

  • Hank

    Pure conjecture and wild imaginings. I think Jon Rappoport has been watching too many movies or smoking some really bad weed. Store this article in the nut-case file.

    • vicki

      Nothing but argument to ridicule and ad hominem. Are you related to KG or mark perchance?

    • Robert Messmer

      Which of course explains perfectly why when the police warned the Navy the Navy did nothing to even investigate. Pure conjecture and wild imaginings also is such a perfect explanation as to why the CERT team was told to stand down even though it was on site, suited up and ready to go 20 minutes before the “official” SWAT team showed up. Guess there hadn’t been enough people killed to allow the CERT team to take him out.

  • fancycake

    been through the monarch program. know something about mind-control. if you take a good look at his eyes, you can see the mind-control trance. way too many military have gone through these programs and nobody believes them when they say they feel sounds in their ears. trust me, all part of the programming. given the fact that nobody was allowed to stop him until after he killed 13 people makes you question the agenda.

  • TheOriginalDaveH


    First, once again, the shooting occurred in a gun-free zone, filled with ID checks and metal detectors that everyone erroneously assumed would save them.

    Second, the shooting occurred in a jurisdiction, Washington D.C., which has been rabid in its efforts to take guns away from its own citizens — and to make it illegal for Washingtonians to defend themselves.

    Third, lest there be any question, Congress has banned the possession of any “firearm or other dangerous weapon in a Federal facility” [18 USC, Sec. 930]. Hence, they all but advertised to Alexis, that, with the exception of security, everyone in the Naval facility would be sitting ducks.

  • Patriot66

    good article and great comments. The first thing that crossed my mind when I heard this news was he’s an mkultra mind slave (a continuation of the monarch program) and they just set another one off to promote the gun-control agenda. They’re not even being discreet about it anymore, which worries me. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and predict the next terrorist/mass murder/attack/etc… that will use known terrorists (easy to do, what do you think Guantanamo is really for). Just pluck a couple of them, plant their brain washed asses somewhere, most likely around a bunch of kids, and have snipers blow the kids away. Oh, and the “terrorists” too. They’ll be heralded as heroes, and promote a gun control campaign based on how easy it is for terrorist to get guns and kill our children. Killin’ kids always pisses everyone off, and people who know what’s happening feel compelled to stand down until things mellow out.
    I hope I am wrong…