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Mitt Romney Won’t Bring Back Norman Rockwell

August 15, 2012 by  

A visceral longing to renew America and return to its gilded age along with growing fears over what direction the Nation is headed have brought a modicum of hope to many people that presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney can restore American greatness if elected in November — so much so that renewal in America is a central theme to his election platform.

After four dismal years under President Barack Obama, it is a cherished hope for the country. Yet I believe that if Romney is elected, it will be an empty dream; he will be just the latest President to preside over the United States’ grand decline, which began decades ago. Neither Romney nor a new Congress can rebuild the United States; the Nation’s greatness is fading faster than the paint on anything Norman Rockwell painted.

Yet that is not what the Republican candidate is claiming. The Romney public relations team rightfully attacked Obama’s mind-boggling comment: “If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own.”



The Romney ad campaign is entitled “These Hands.”


What are the chances that Romney — even with a new and better Congress (impossible to imagine how it could be worse) — has the tools to rebuild the Nation and bring back the America that so many of us are nostalgic for? I would lay the odds at somewhere between zero and nil.

Even Romney admits that the United States is in decline. Last month, he told a group of California donors that the Australian foreign minister warned him there is talk abroad that America is “in decline.”

That is hardly a shocker. The peak of Pax Americana happened sometime around when I was born in the 1950s. Back then, the United States had the largest trade and budget surplus ever amassed and the most dominant military since Julius Caesar. The country was producing almost half of all automobiles, oil and steel consumed by the world.

Half a century ago, well-paying manufacturing jobs accounted for more than a third of the Nation’s workforce. Today, they equal fewer than one in 10. In the past decade alone, 5 million manufacturing jobs have disappeared. Almost half of the 12 million that still exist hang by a thread as rivals such as China and India make more of the world’s goods. America is left with Wal-mart-like retail jobs that pay less than $19,000 per year (less than one-third of the inflation-adjusted salary earned on an average manufacturing job in the 1960s).

Things are not going to get better, forecasts The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). According to MGI, U.S. manufacturing will not add any new jobs to the economy between now and 2021 and that was the institute’s “positive scenario.” A more negative prediction from the firm indicates that America will continue to be hollowed out with even greater job losses in industries that build “things.”

Steel is a perfect example of the loss of American might. Once the largest steel manufacturer in the world, the United States now employs 153,000 workers and produces just 7 percent of the world’s steel. China accounts for 40 percent of global steel output. And in the next decade, India may exceed China as a steelmaker.

The trend isn’t much better in technology. Foxconn, the Chinese computer and cellphone manufacturer, employs more people than Microsoft Corp., Intel Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., Apple Inc., Dell Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. combined. At the same time, more and more American industry giants are shifting production offshore. General Electric Co. has a workforce of more than 300,000, but more than half of these highly skilled jobs are overseas. Just a decade ago, IBM had only 6,000 employees in India and 135,000 workers in the United States. IBM now employs 110,000 in India. India now has a larger IBM workforce than does the United States.

While the Administration of President Barack Obama is staffed with money men whose experience comes from Wall Street, China’s leadership is dominated by engineers. Seven of the nine members on China’s Politburo Standing Committee are engineers, yet there isn’t a single engineer that can be named among Obama’s advisers. Given Romney’s history with Wall Street, it seems unlikely that things will change in that respect.

While Washington doesn’t understand the plight of the Nation, some of the few remaining leaders in industry do. Nucor Corporation (NYSE: NUE) is one of the largest steelmakers in the United States. The company’s Website contains the phrase “A Nation that makes and builds things.” Yet Nucor’s Chairman, President and CEO Daniel R. DiMicco is fed up with the direction the United States is heading. Reportedly, he is fond of saying: “Do those idiots (that shape American economic policy) think we can survive by pushing paper around?”

The immediate problems that Romney will face if elected are even more entrenched than just our Wal-Mart-based economy. Education in the Nation is a morass; to a large degree because of the liberal education system and teachers unions. There is also a sense among students learned from their parents that they are somehow entitled, even if they are unable to achieve.

In his new book Time to Start Thinking: America in the Age of Descent, author Edward Luce writes:

More than a quarter of a million students drop out of high school. Many of the rest present a different challenge.  Teachers avoid issuing verbal reprimands for errant behavior (to avoid disciplinary action). Parents remonstrate with teachers if their kids get C grades. And every child gets to win some trophy or other at school prize day (“effort” and “punctuality” are my favorite perennials). So sheltered have American middle class teenagers become that the deans of small American colleges have recently begun using the phrase “tea cups” about incoming freshman (because they are so psychologically fragile).

Luce points out that State Department officials were shocked a year ago when at the induction meeting for its summer intern program they were handed statements from students which included remarks: “We don’t like to be criticized,” and “It is really motivating to get praise.”

Yes, it is nice to get praise; but it used to be that you had to earn it. These days, in many ways the United States isn’t earning it; and the arrogance of our high school graduates comes to some extent from that arrogance in Washington that America has a preordained right to greatness. Our leaders who believe this axiom must not be listening to the markets, because the U.S. dollar has been in a downward spiral for a decade and I can’t see how it is going to reverse itself over the next four years.

I expect a Romney victory in the wake of Obama’s sheer incompetence as President, but I am not going to delude myself that Romney can rebuild the Nation. If America were a ship, then it’s already hit the iceberg. Switching captains now won’t stop it from sinking.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • DaveH

    No Government can rebuild the nation. They can only get out of the way so the people can do it.
    But then they’d have to give up their Power and Perks. Fat Chance.

    • DaveH

      For those few people who have broken free of the Propaganda and would like to know how to get our Prosperity and Freedom back:

      • Sirian

        Very good book to list – to the point and clear. I hope more people here will read it too.

      • APN

        The ALL OMNIPOTENT DAVEH has spoken!!!! “For those few people who have broken free of the Propaganda and would like to know how to get our Prosperity and Freedom back:”

        Fact is DaveH, you are as lost as two rats turds in a bushel of wheat! Daveh my little simple minded GOD hating friend, we don’t need a another link to YOUR WORLD WIDE WEB to understand the truth of things. In fact, this is REAL simple thing, just open your BIBLE and it will explain to you EVERYTHING you need to know about life in general. I will also explain to you that we have entered the “END TIMES” that is CLEARLY explained in REVELATIONS.

        Hit your knee’s and pray to the ALMIGHTY GOD THE FATHER that HE will save us from the JUDGEMENT he will place on the earth. And yes, your SAVIOR, RON PAUL, has NOTHING to do with what I just said.


      • DaveH

        How can I hate something that doesn’t exist, APN, you ignoramus?

      • Sylvin

        The comments I read on this site constantly amaze me. If you ever wonder why people are “hurting” just read some of them. If ever there was proof our government education system has failed…

        As for the article, I must agree with most of it. Neither party is really looking out for the interests of all the citizens of the US. Both parties want to futher their own power and influence, though some individuals might actually understand what is best for all Americans. Vote the lesser of two evils, which I think it pretty obvious here.

        The part I must disagree with is the endless lamentation of how we don’t produce most of the goods in the world anymore. People who actually understand economics know that people who are the most efficient at producing something should continue to produce those things. Those that aren’t should find something else to produce efficiently and trade for the goods they don’t produce as efficiently as others. Trade, even when with other countries, is a good thing when people produce the things they are most efficient at and trade for goods they don’t. The key is having something you can produce efficiently.

        The link DaveH provided has some great stuff. Everyone should know and understand that stuff, but it seems taking time to preach diversity and how to put condoms on fruit is much more important to the people in charge of educating children. Praying to God is important, but praying to God does not solve ignorance. Educate yourself even if the end of the world is coming soon.

        The “recovery” of the US to our old stature in years past won’t come from producing the majority of old products that we and other countries have been producing for decades. Bringing back all the production that we do less efficiently won’t save the US. What will save the US is changing the culture from a something for nothing culture to a culture of freedom and personal responsibility.

        Only when people are driven by a desire to care for and support their families and are armed with a correct understanding of financial and economic principles can a nation or people “fix” their economy and raise the standard of living for everyone. When they do the people will start to realize that a focus on the productive work they can do is much more valuable than focusing on solving all of our so called “social” issues. Stop trying to force your solutions down other peoples’ throats and go out and produce something of value for mankind.

        Central planning doesn’t work. It didn’t work in the Soviet Union and it won’t work in the United States. Politicians cannot solve our problems; they just create more problems with their solutions – neither party can do it. Stop looking for or believing that politicians can solve your problems for you. Only you can solve your own problems. Like President Obama said (in his “you didn’t build that” gaff speech) – there are always people there to help you and offer a helping hand. Find those people (and they are not government employees or politicians) who can help you lift yourself and your family up – without having to pull other people down to do it.

      • APN

        Daveh said” How can I hate something that doesn’t exist, APN, you ignoramus?

        Yep! So shall it be written, so shall it be done!

        Wouldn’t want to be you buddy!

    • MissouriSandy

      Ron Paul is still running for President. He is our ONLY hope. Romney or Obama-it doesn’t really matter, they are two peas in a pod. Both chosen by the Bildergerg group to take our country down for the sake of the New World Order. Wake up people!! The only one with the values, morals and guts to take us back to our constitutional roots is Ron Paul. The GOP loves to tell us how if we vote for Ron Paul we are throwing our vote toward Obama. So what? Romney – Obama that is not really a choice. Dr. Paul may not be on the ballot, but I will proudly write him in. The people of this country do not, or cannot, think for themselves any longer. The bought and paid for media totally control their thoughts/actions. Maybe it is the Flouride in the drinking water, but whatever it is, we as a country had better wake up. RON PAUL!!

      • kravmike

        Well at least there are still some Americans that can see through the media bs and see reality!!!!!!!

        Ron Paul all the way!!!

      • Faith Walk

        A vote for Ron Paul accomplishes what? It gives you your control fix. And it is about more than that and more than you.

      • DaveH

        I suggest, Sandy, that instead of wasting our votes writing in Ron Paul (and they would be wasted), that we vote for the Libertarian Presidential Candidate — Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson is no Ron Paul, but he is on the ballots, and he is head over heals a better choice than Romney or Obama.
        By all means if Ron Paul gets on the ballots, then he is the best choice, especially if he could talk Judge Napolitano into being his running mate.
        To answer Faith’s question — “A vote for Ron Paul accomplishes what?”:
        It accomplishes waking up a large portion of the voters to the Principles of the Libertarian vote and the Prosperity and Peace that getting back to the policies of our Founders would bring, Faith. It accomplishes showing the Establishment Crony Republican Politicians that we no longer are going to tolerate losing our Freedom to the Big-Government-loving Politicians just because they are the “lesser of two evils”, which is still just Evil:

      • junkmail

        Here we go again. Reality lesson 101. If you cast a vote for anyone but Romney, you elect Obama. This is fact. Please festoon yourself, family, house, car, and forehead with I helped elect Obama so the rest of us know who tipped the tide.

        AS to this author, what a negative dolt. If you cannot offer something positive solution as a real solution, shut up

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Oh MissouriSandy, your remarks are so ridiculous and I agree with them 100%!!! Just kidding about the ridiculous part, that was for all the zombies who think that we MUST accept the choices they’ve given us! The sad thing is that you are correct. They ARE destroying our country on purpose! No one could have done by accident, all that our presidents in recent history have done. The destruction of this great nation has been by design. They continue to give us a choice between a republican and a democrat. The two of them get up and preach different things but their actions ate the same. The people get distracted and argue amongst themselves and never recognize the real truth. Even on this site where many people see the truth, we get distracted and get into the us vs them crap. Its time to release the false belief that our government cares about us and will do the right thing. We already KNOW that they don’t! They have already PROVEN it to us. So now the question is, where do we go from here? We need to educate the masses, make them SEE! I WILL write in Ron Paul’s name! I don’t believe that he can win but I refuse to be controlled by those who will DICTATE who we can vote for! We can no longer be led around by the nose! We MUST stand for what is right! We will lose our great nation unless we stand up to them!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        DaveH, why should our choices be limited to those that they ALLOW to be on the ballot?!? This is supposed to be a FREE country!!! We should be allowed to vote for whomever is the best person for the job! When you limit your thinking to what “they” allow, they’ve already won! THAT is why we are in the situation we are in!!!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        You have declared yourself the mortal enemy of my freedom.

      • REVDR

        You are all closet liberals so save your denies. No one has a chance of winning other than Romney right now and whether you like him or not if you don’t vote for him you vote for dumbo. Which is why these closet liberals are on here, trying to get us conservatives to vote for someone else which intern gives dumbo a vote. VOTE FOR ROMNEY IF ONLY TO GET THIS FRAUD AND MRS FRAUD OUT OF THE W.H.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        The two party system is rigged and it doesn’t matter who wins anymore. Two faces of the same coin.

        Wealthy & Corporations Buying Politicians & Govt is State Controlled Capitalism or Fascism.

        Libertarian is the New Cool Word for Fascism. That does not make it any more palatable for me.

        Ron Paul and the Tea Party is just the extreme right of the Republicans.

        If you really want to shake things up and get rid of the crooks, the morons and the wackos Vote for the green Party or even vote for Roseanne Barr. All of the Non-voters getting out for a change could make that happen.

      • USMC Vet

        Sadly this article is spot on, even if Romneycare gets elected, and that is a BIG if, nothing will change, just another face to lie to us and destroy or nation, our Constitution and our freedom. Ron Paul is the only hope and the media and corrupt government know it. The funny thing is that the power lies in the people, but as a whole we are too stupid to realize it. We are just slowly being enslaved day by day, by the left and the right on a march towards the same end result. For all of the people who say that a vote for anyone other than Romneycare is wasted, consider that a vote for a lesser evil is still just a vote for evil.

      • tmelton3

        If Ron Paul is nominated, then fine. If not, I’m voing for Romney. I have been a solid backer of Ron Paul both 2008 and this year, contrilbuting a lot of money, but there is no way that Ron Paul would encourage people to write him in. For all you know, there’s a secret deal for Romney to appoint Ron Paul to be Sec. of Treasury. We can always hope. But only Obama misfits would encourage writing Ron Paul in if he is not nominated, because that would guarantee an Obama win. No Romney, and no Ron Paul; and this nation will not survive 4 more years of Obama. Wake up, hold your nose, and vote for Romney.

      • eddie47d

        REVDR,That was “sweet”calling the Libertarians and Conservatives above all closet Liberals. You are so out of touch in not knowing!

      • Dark_Archer

        I voted for Ron Paul in the 08 primaries ,wrote him in on the 08 ballot and I helped get obama elected and I still support Ron Paul …BUT, I have also seen what an obama administration has done to our country, ANYONE who thinks Romney and obama are the same needs glasses, Romney might not be the man we need to fix all our problems but at least he will not hand our sovereignty over to the UN. I also believe him and Ryan are real Americans not some closet commie muslim like obama. In this election its not just your vote your throwing Away ,your throwing away America to the most un American administration in our history. Bolshevik obama has destroyed our American values and morals and in a second term our bill of rights will vanish under executive orders our second amendment rights will be governed by the un and gays and trans genders will be teaching our young children their life styles. this is so much more than an election its a referendum on America as a free people our country will collapse under another obama term him and his saul alinsky radical hate America hippy 60s crowd can see their greatest accomplishment about to become a reality if they can just get this un American POS obama elected one more time . I supported Ron Paul in the 2012 primaries and I still support him but I will never write him in on 2012 Ballot I support him but not enough to see America perish because of my support of one man over my country. Ron Paul will never win this election and if obama wins…. America loses !!!

      • DaveH

        Eric the Red chimes in with a typical lie — “Libertarian is the New Cool Word for Fascism”.
        Does this sound like Fascism to anybody? –

        Now crawl back under your rock, Eric.

      • Retired Army Officer

        Ron Paul ;-)

      • Retired Army Officer

        OK ‘Dark_Archer’……I gotta call you out on this non-sense…..what part of ‘our sovereignty has been handed over to the UN’?

        I’d really like you to post examples…….

      • DaveH

        It looks like it’s time to start investing in nose rings. I will make a fortune.

      • Laith

        100% agree, if we keep voting for the lesser of two evils we will always get two evils. As DavidH said, governments do not build nations, they just need to get out of the way and no one will remove more government out of the way than Ron Paul. In 8 years of George W administration (six of them with Republican Congress) the Federal government grew by 60% according to John McCain. I am sure there was a good excuse, after all excuses are like noses, everybody has one.
        I still donate to the RNC, but I will not donate or vote for Romney. I am not abandoning the Republican Party, the Republican party abandoned me.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Eric B., you are trusting that Roseanne Barr and her green party will save America. So you complain that the Libertarians, Conservatives are too far out for you, yet you want a flake to be your President. How immature are you?

      • JeffH

        Eric the Red, all this time I was under the impression that progressives had fascism in their DNA. You being a self proclaimed progressive carry that DNA as well as the DNA of communism and Naziism…you’re just an idealogical cousin with the same philosophies and the same arguments.

      • SJJolly

        The American establishment will never let Ron Paul take office as POTUS It’s questionable if he will be allowed to even speak at the upcoming GOP Convention.

      • ireAmerica

        A recommendation: thank God for Mitt Romney’s inspiration to pick Paul Ryan as his running mate… then go with what God has provided. Your prayers up ’til now have been answered (at least partly).

        We will NEVER get perfect candidates or kings, and We MUST eject Obama. It is unacceptable for us to keep allowing our country to be destroyed.

        The more votes for one team opposing Obama, the more likely Obama’s defeat. Any person who would not vote for Obama anyway, but votes for a “more perfect” candidate than the Romney-Ryan team is throwing away a gift from God.

      • Radarman

        MissouriSandi: I agree that Ron Paul would be the best man for president of the US, but he is not on the ballot. As conservative Americans who believe in the Constitution and what it stands for, we need to do our best to protect the rights provided us in the document. Mr. Obama is obsessed with completely disregarding everything the Constitution stands for. Your observation that Romney and Obama are “two peas in a pod” is absurd, to say the least. Mr. Romney is not a Socialist, Communist, Marxist, which is exactly what Mr. Obama is, and his agenda is to take down our country. Mr. Romney has vast experience regarding how free enterprise works to create jobs, and you certainly can not say that about Mr. Obama. What jobs has Mr. Obama created, other than additional Government jobs? Mr. Romney may not be the one we wish to have leading our country, but your write-in vote for Ron Paul represents a self-serving, defeatist attitude and if you would rather see Mr. Obama re-elected, then you and others with the same attitude, are part of our problem. Patriotic Americans need to be united in this effort to fire Mr. Obama as president and we have a very good opportunity to do that very thing in November. So how about you and all the others with the same attitude as yours swallow your self-serving, egotistical pride and lets “Git-R-Done!

      • Dark_Archer

        Retired Army Officer, I never said any of our sovereignty had been handed over to the UN. I said I believed Romney and Ryan wouldn’t buckle to the UN and hand them our sovereignty, but I know obama would in a second term , look at the treaties obama and Hillery have been trying to get pushed through the senate since he became king ,the LOST treaty, the small arms treaty, the UN 21 agenda and their global warming agenda with its carbon taxes, their global govt agenda which we all know obama is a global govt kinda guy, these are all things obama and the left want to see obama sign and the senate ratify . if this wasn’t an election year you can bet these treaties would have been signed by obama they might not have got ratified in the senate but give this POS obama another 4 years where he dont have to worry about saving his job and we will see how fast we lose or rights.

      • Marc de Piolenc

        Agreed – Ron Paul is the only candidate with any hope of getting government out of the way of recovery. But how to make him the Republican candidate? What is the path to that last great hope?

      • APN

        Tmelton3 says: ” No Romney, and no Ron Paul; and this nation will not survive 4 more years of Obama. Wake up, hold your nose, and vote for Romney.”

        Logically stated without a doubt, we do not have a choice BUT to vote for RHOMBO!! He is a fake and a fraud an every logical Freedom loving American with 1/2 a brain understands that fact!!!! However, the alternate is indefensible and will be the end of America as we currently know it, if re-elected!!!! Remember what King Obama said:
        ” WHEN re-elected he will TRANSMIT Putin the information!” What information???????
        That seems to me to be a TREASONIST statement coming from the POTUS. You do understand that RUSSIA is a COMMUNIST nation, correct???????????????? Not to mention a MAJOR enemy of the USA?

        The fact is, unless we control the House and the Senate after November 6th, RHOMBO will be no different that ODUMBO!!!! However, if we do, well, RHOMBO will have no choice but to Govern by the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

        Simply stuff for those of us who POSSESS HALF A BRAIN! It could be the DOPE factor or a lack in FAITH in the DIVINE CREATOR!


        PS: For all those who think RON PAUL has a chance in “xell” in winning the next election, well, OUT DUMB yourself in all you euphoric stupidity! Cast your stupid vote for RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just do it and get King Obama re-elected!!!!!
        Be sure to send my Grandson a thank you letter and please address him as your fellow “COMRADE” !!!!

      • DaveH

        I would rebut you, APN, but clearly it’s a waste of my time as you have obviously fallen out of your tree.

        • coastx

          Two choices: reason v atramental. Paul= reason. All others= atramental. End of problem.

      • APN

        Daveh said: I would rebut you, APN, but clearly it’s a waste of my time as you have obviously fallen out of your tree.

        That is because you don’t posses the intellect to do so. Based upon a long history of your well documented commentary, I have calculated your “IQ” to be between 125-130 and your spiritual IQ to be ZERO.

        You can attempt to “rebut” my comments anytime you desire, I welcome it!

      • Mike B

        The #1 bumper sticker two years from now: RON PAUL WAS RIGHT!

        The American voter was still too dense to climb out of the fog and see clearly what is going on. The Dems and Reps are just different versions of the same train wreck. Our nation’s only hope is Christ, but Americans are even less likely to turn to Him that they are to vote for Ron Paul. Pity.

      • RealitySux

        For FaithWalk.. “A vote for Ron Paul accomplishes what? It gives you your control fix. And it is about more than that and more than you.”

        No, not a control fix.. What it does is give the voter control of what he/she wants to vote for.. Be it Paul, Romney, Obama or Mickey Mouse.. One vote – One choice. Who you vote for is you’re b’ness.. No one should convince you otherwise and it’s futile to try and bring others to you’re side as they too have their choice. If we played the game correctly then who ever would come out the winner (be it by landslide or pittance) then each could see that they voted their way and not because some slick suit on a pedestal or a red neck couch potato told you it’s best to vote party.. Haven’t we had enough of this crap? Making each one of us an evil monster if we dare vote the opposition.. The vote should be as personal as the choice of religion and even closed minded neurotics have one vote. It’s, “about more than that.” I agree, but who’s to really say their choice is any more correct than another’s? It’s like all the wars ever declared.. One side always believed they were in the right so, what did the other side think, that they were fighting in the name of being wrong? Everyone is voting for the right candidate according to their belief, their gut feelings.. For what they had been told or from the past accomplishments we’ve investigated.. So how come we can easily see the opposite in all the other contenders? Are we biased? Maybe so.. Have we been programmed that there can only be a one or the other? Definitely.. So why do we get pissed when we hear of others not voting our way? One vote – One choice.

      • Cameron

        Faith, a vote for Romney acclompishes what? It doesnt matter who is the next president, we are on the verge of imploding. Im surprised we havent yet with over $15T in debt. Its unfortunate how economically illiterate most people are. The ones who claim to be smart are Keynesians, including your man Romney! He does not believe in real capitalism. He supported bailouts, Obamacare, and initially stimulus Consider yourself part of the problem.

    • vietnamvet1971

      I agree, they will not give up their Power & Greed. they control us.

      • gunner689AI

        only if we let them and don’t vote them out of office.

    • wandamurline

      I still have faith that our country can rebuild itself…Romney may not be able to do it by himself, but he can repeal Obamacare, DOD and adhere to the laws on immigration, etc and stop the EPA from k i l l i n g jobs across America. He can redo the tax structure of America, he can sign off permits for offshore drilling that Obama has refused to do even though a federal judge has ordered him to do so, he can okay the Keystone Pipleline that will give thousands of people good paying jobs and royalty every year to the states through which it passes, and then he can let the American capitalism begin the repair of our nation….the American people will be the ones that save America, not government, all we need is for them to leave us alone and get out of our business. And, Romney could cut government departments one by one to reduce the size and scope of this out of control sewer tank….GSA, EPA, Education (back to the states, no more unfunded mandates), Consumers Dept, Energy, all of the departments not covered by the Constitution….that in itself could help us balance our budget….a budget that the Democraps have not passed in almost four years….how can you run a country or business without a budget?

      • marion lees

        You are a breath of fresh air!!! Let’s hope that Romney will not be bought off. We do have hope after all!!!!

      • Thomas B

        Wanda, I agree with you, that Romney can do a lot like the things you stated. Ryan and a new congress and control over the senate will help a lot too. And it’s going to be Americans like us who vote and spread the word to the young people that America is great because of self reliance and faith in God. We can overcome the grey dreariness that these creatures of the new world odor and obama are spreading. They are a pernicious and devastating disease and must be stopped by the faithful.

      • maggie56

        Good answer to the negativity in this article. I, for one, have hope this time around. I agree that the people have to help make the change that we need. But we could use a strong leader who CAN DO, not one who just says, “Yes, We Can”. Now if Romney can impart change on the jobs front, and get back some of the outsourced jobs, that would be great! I am voting for him and feel that he is our only chance for change at this point in time.

      • Marlene Bell

        It took the progressives and our complacency 100 years to get us to this point. Romney may not be able to turn the big ship around with his presidency alone, but he’s an excellent beginning to what we have now. Hanging ones head in negativity, saying “He can’t do it, or He won’t be able to do anything” is just plain hogwash. Ron Paul will not be our next president, period. The sooner we accept this fact the better. We have in place what we have, to combat four more years of this radical marxist tyrant, and its important we all get behind them no matter how difficult it is. Hold your noses if you have to, but Obama must be stopped and Romney/Ryan is an excellent step to our further decline. Positive thinking got most of this country where it is today. Sitting down claiming “Woe is me” does nothing but give the other dastardly side the shot in the arm to continue our decline and get the USA further down the road to a Communistic society. Sitting home and not voting or worse, voting for a man like Ron Paul and throwing your vote away with this election is not helpful. We found out with Ross Perot what happens when a third party spoils the pot.

      • DaveH

        Why would Romney, the Father of Romneycare, work hard to abolish Obamacare? Even if he really tried, the Democrats would paint him deservedly with the Hypocrite brush.
        Repeal the DOD? Yeah sure, Wanda. From his own issues page:
        “Enjoying the sanctuary of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, al Qaeda set in motion the conspiracy that killed so many Americans on September 11, 2001. We learned many bitter lessons that day, including that we are not safe from enemies who plot freely against us from the other side of the world. That is why so many of our best and bravest young men and women are risking their lives in Afghanistan. Our mission in Afghanistan is to eliminate al Qaeda from the region and degrade the Taliban and other insurgent groups to the point where they are not existential threats to the Afghan government and do not destabilize Pakistan, with its stock of nuclear weapons”.
        Adhere to the laws on immigration?
        “Despite his tough talk on immigration during his last campaign, in 2005 Romney told the Boston Globe that reform along the lines that McCain proposed was “reasonable.”.
        That from this article:

        Yes Wanda, “Romney COULD cut government departments one by one to reduce the size and scope of this out of control sewer tank”, but you’re Hoping and Dreaming to think he really will.
        It’s time to quit drinking the Crony Politician Kool-Aid, Wanda. You’ve been letting them lead you by the nose for far too many years.

      • DaveH

        Marlene says — “Sitting home and not voting or worse, voting for a man like Ron Paul and throwing your vote away with this election is not helpful. We found out with Ross Perot what happens when a third party spoils the pot”.
        Yes we did, Marlene, we found out that people are still successfully propagandized by the PTBs to vote for their Lesser of Two Evils as if that is somehow going to magically result in Goodness.
        When you travel West to get to a destination North of you, Marlene, do you really ever expect to get there?
        It takes time to wake up a heavily Propagandized Population of Voters. That time is further delayed every time you rubber-stamp the Establishment choice that is put before you.
        Read this Free Book, and learn something about what really has gone on in this country, while you and your cohorts have been snoozing:

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        wanda, even if romney COULD do the things you speak of, he WON’T!!! You KNOW that he WON’T!!! He is just one more candidate that “they” will allow us to vote for. He might do away with obumass care, maybe! But you will see no real substantial change! In fact we cannot save our country. We will see NO real improvement because the jobs are GONE and they’re NOT coming back! The jobs will not come back because the people with the power are the ones who sent the jobs away! They don’t CARE about the country, they only care that they come away with ALL the money! Well theyve got ALL the money now, so… Unless we take away their power we will not be able to rebuild our country. We’ve got to STOP giving them OUR power!!! We’ve got to STOP electing THEM!!! You have NO reason to think that anything will change! In fact, you KNOW that it won’t! And yet you allow yourself to be fooled into HOPING that it will! Look at the truth! Look at what IS, NOT what you hope it will be! ACT accordingly! As long as we keep putting these people Into power, WE LOSE!!! The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results! We need to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!!!

      • Mike in MI

        Romney won’t even be able to take a good dump in the morning unless the populace elects reasonable, hard workers to the House and Senate and also the SCOTUS has three rather quick (and two of them, untimely) deaths with constitutionally astute replacements. Those legisltors will have to go back into the archives and strike from the logs about a century and a half of destructive, stupid, progressive, socialistic laws that drive feel-good “politics as usual” as we perceive “usual” today. There will be a mind-set required that, today, is not oriented to working beyond a six hour day (“That’s good enough for government work.”)
        Where are you going to find an “American” populace and “American” politicos willing to do what is needed in those regards – and carry the rails for the engine that drives the Republic?

        One thing that drove our ancestors was the truth that they loved GOD and di things IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. Resurrect that?

      • Mike in MI

        I shouldn’t have said “drove our ancestors”.
        Replace it with “many of our ancestors motivated themselves with”

      • Linda

        You are absolutely correct — well said! It is up to individuals working together to get this country back in shape. We need to elect leaders who will get Washington out of our way so we can get it done. I’m tired of the CRAP that we’re hearing out of the most unpresidential president I have ever witnessed — and I have witnessed a few. Whether we like it or not, our world is now a global economy. We are going to have to do business differently, new markets will be created, but that is what Americans are so good at — creativity and innovation.

      • JayMac

        Democrat, Republican it’s all the same. There will never be real change until America takes away power from who is really in control. To learn the real truth watch the documentary at http://www.thrivemovement.con
        It has opened my eyes to the fact there will never be any real change.

      • Laith

        The decline of America, yes we are in decline, did not start in 2009, so lets not just blame Obamacare or the EPA as bad as they are. From 2001-2007 we had a Republican hold on Washington, what did we get? new entitelments, sky high deficites, nation building, Federal Reserve manupilation, …..
        What is it called when we do the same thing again and expect different results?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        JayMac, so you want to take away power from the ones that have it now. Do you know with God’s certainty that the ones you are willing to give power to will not betray you?
        First mistake is putting our faith in human wannabe messiahs like Romney or O.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Laith, so you are Democrat/Leftist and you have your favorite alphabet agencies that you don’t want to see abolished and it’s all the Republicans fault if they are. What a deluded child you are believing O’s minions. You are just a follower and you will not be on par with O’s minions as you are considered not too bright.

      • Dan Horan

        Our country has been brought down by design, UN and nwo plan implamited[sp] by the banksters and corps and the media, which paid off dc. US govt will fall BUT some free states will last longer. and a hand full of others will prosper for a while as the majority of states will suffer greatly. Its in their state laws and taxation that repel the feds mandates. States are individual nations only connected by a currency, some areas have created their own currency. The states that have no debt and no sales and corp tax will and continue to attract business, freedom loving citizens to relocate and even run for local offices. Agriculture and energy along w alternative energy will sustain these economies. But the us federal govt and many copycat states will fail by design and no white horse will save them

      • SamFox

        Romney? Well, let’s have a look.

        Romney exposed

        Fake Conservative Mitt:

        Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

        Romney & 0bama the same.

        Maybe Mitt is not the true hope you thought.

        Cheer up. Ron Paul is the hope in this realm & for this time.


      • APN

        Ole DAVEH said: Why would Romney, the Father of Romneycare, work hard to abolish Obamacare? Even if he really tried, the Democrats would paint him deservedly with the Hypocrite brush.

        Well DAVEH, we all know that you will cast your vote for KING ODUMBO, HAVE AT IT BRO!


        Wandamurline, don’t let DAVEH bully you with his progressive foolishness on this site as he has so many. He is a “Progressive in Drag who asserts himself as a libertarian!”

        He will quote you URL’s to Heavens’s end to support his claims but remember this ONE VERY important FACT, HE does not believe in GOD.

        Given that fact, I am still waiting on the ALL OMNIPOTENT DAVEH to explain to us just where he acquired his HI intellect and much more important HIS EXTREMELY HIGH level of moral compass! Just review HIS lengthy comments on this Blog and the answer is self-evident!

        Beware of those who ASSERT themselves as being MORE intelligent than GOD THE FATHER! His beliefs and commentary is NO different than KING OBAMA’s! In fact, I am certain that both will be good bed fellows in the END.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        This is to APN. We do know how to read and make conclusions about what other commenters say.
        Discrediting DaveH is your modus operandi to get rid of DaveH. Apparently you see God as so weak that he cannot deal with DaveH and you take it upon yourself to take God’s place and upbraid DaveH and all the ones who agree with his posts.
        You are not warning us about what DaveH posts as much as you like to manipulate who posts.

      • DaveH

        Seek help, APN.

    • http://Internetexplorer Ray

      Alas I fear you are correct, but we have to start somewhere, even if it means being a martyr for our children and grandchildren’s sake….

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Martyrs are nothing but manipulatives attempting to control situations and people by guilt. All you are doing is spouting pious BS. Martyrs solve nothing but leave garbage for clean up and leave bigger problems with no solutions. If s..t ever hits the fan how far back do you plan to be leaving behind your followers?

      • Mike in MI

        Exceedingly appropriate response, Nadzeija. Everybody wants to be “the martyr”. Nobody wants to do the work.
        And don’t give me any guff about Jsus Christ giving himself up just to be the martyr. There’s one place in the Gospels where he worked for three days straight without a rest and in the middle of his restWORK. they awakened him. He was as tired as you or I would get but he roused himself enough to perceive the situation and believed for a miracle.
        He accomplished more in one year than most of us think about in a life time. He did the

      • Mike in MI

        Correction (the cursor jumped, didn’t see it):
        The word “WORK.” belongs at the end of the last sentence. Sorry.

    • danny

      DaveH, I fully agree that government is not the work force behind success, But it seems both you and Mr Myers have missed the point of government leadership. When we as a people are properly led and given an equal playing field, with our Constitutional rights unquestioned by socialist dictators. And having Crimpling demands of Enviromentalist, OSIA, and the D**nable Labor Unions, burdening our products out of the sustainable “MARKET PRICE” Then with that leader we can a will return to Greatness. A great, General does not win the battle. He provides his men with the resources to survive and fight with, a strategy for battle, An incouragement to win. “And he never ” Handicaps his Soldiors , to give the enemy advantage over them. But this is what has been happening in our market place and on our battlelines. Our Nation has been held under siege, by traitors from within. GOD bless America.

      • Joe Z

        That was exactly the point, Obama or Romney are not leaders or won’t be allowed to get out of the way for the benefit of getting the US back in track. The point that I understood was, that it won’t make a difference wether you vote for obama or Romney we are still going to get the same policies that got us here. So let’s not be so naive to believe in hope and change, this time from Romney as they both work for the same group that employs Obama.

      • DaveH

        To the contrary, Danny, it is you who have missed the point of Government Leadership.
        Government Leaders have been working hand in hand with their Crony Capitalists since at least Lincoln’s days (The American System, Internal Improvements).
        You need to do some reading to see just how brainwashed we have been by those who promote Big Central Governments. This book would be a good start:
        If you want your Freedom and Prosperity back, Danny, then your only hope is to support Politicians, like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, who know that the best Government can do is to Get Out of the Way so that the Private Sector can do what they do best.

      • Winddrinker

        JoeZ, prove your statment that obama Hussein and Romney work for the same group.
        You should have something to back-up a statment like that before making it. I see NO similarities between these two men (or rather one honest man and one foreign usurper.)

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Libertarians are Fascists and we all know where that leads to.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Eric Bischoff,

          You write: “Libertarians are Fascists and we all know where that leads to.” Please explain.

          Best wishes,

      • Mike in MI

        Danny -
        Sounds good. But who’s going to supply the electorate tht wll put such people in authority and leadership with nough guts and gumption to make the hard calls?
        What about the 30% – 35% of the populace that just WON’T participate in getting the load up on the shoulder?
        They think they like things the way they are now. And, nobody is going to change their stupid heads. Hell, they think it’s stupid to even think along these lines.
        (Everybody check your thoughts.) Now you know whose camp you’re in:
        Those who see America’s potential with all hands on deck to meet needs. Or, America that just jumped into the outhouse hole.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        I didn’t know that Hussein was the POTUS

        As far who is more honest, you obviously have not followed Romney’s work history, the PCB Poluters he helped, the financiers of Salvadoran Death squads he recruited to fund Bain Capital.

        I guess we have different standards or ways to view honesty.

        I am not a fan of Obama

        Make a left turn for once in your lives in this country. Don’t be so scared of what you know nothing of. The progressives love America just as much as any other ideology but they love All Americans doing well even more.

        Whether Obama or Romney wins , we are headed for a fall.

        Romneycare Obamacare Whocares. What we should have had was the obvious, Medicare for all. American businesses should not be saddled with having to provide healthcare for their employees. That is one of the main reason they are outsourcing overseas. The mafia insurance business needs to go. Then maybe we could focus on prevention, better nutrition, healthier lifestyle to really reduce healthcare costs.

        Study Argentina. The deregulated banksters stole the money and destroyed the economy. Then the factory owners (job creators you call them) didn’t pay the workers, stole the money and hid it offshore. But now the workers have reopened the factories , they are producing again. People have jobs again, they can eat. And now the bosses want their factories back and are trying to get the govt to grab the factories back. The workers won’t let it happen. Latin America is learning faster than we are. Worker Owned Cooperative Corporations are the future. More fair equalized salaries are the future. Shared profits and democratic management of companies is the future.

        Peace, Justice and Sharing is the future.

        Peace and Prosperity NOT War & Austerity, Get it!

      • JayMac

        @windrinker- you want proof they work for the same? Watch the documentary at

      • DaveH

        Eric the Red said Libertarians are Fascists, and Bob asked him to explain.
        The explanation is simple. Eric the Red is a Progressive Disinformer as described here:

      • Mike in MI

        Eric -
        Why are most of you liberals so mindlessly inconsiderate and without manners that you can’t or won’t even address your babble to whomever you are responding?
        Did you ever have a mother and father who taught you how to act around humans?

      • Mike in MI

        Hey DaveH -
        The other night the issue of Argentina came up and you pulled up how Argentina was destroyed by the progressives. Have you got any idea if Soros had his fingers in that soup (Obumus’ good and helper to him friend)?
        Have a good one.

      • DaveH

        Eric the Red says — “I am not a fan of Obama”.
        That’s because Obama is not far enough left yet for Eric’s sensibilities.

      • DaveH

        Eric the Red says — “Study Argentina”.
        Yes, study Argentina. But the conclusion you will reach is not what Eric wants you to believe. Big Government is what happened to Argentina. And Eric wants you to believe that his Progressive Big Government will somehow be different:

        You see, the problem with Big Government is that they are just people — People with Force — and they are inevitably going to look out for themselves first. Eric either can’t comprehend that, or he can and he is just misinforming people for some selfish reason.

      • DaveH

        And those people, who are foolish enough to think that our problems are due to a lack of regulations, seriously need to read this:

      • DaveH

        No, Mike, I don’t. I don’t busy myself with the nuts and bolts of corruption. Rather I try to take a Macro approach and teach people the reality of Big Government and it’s concomitant corruption. It really doesn’t matter what individuals are involved since if they disappear others will just appear to take their places.

      • SamFox

        For EricB, not danny.

        You are nuts if you think ‘progressives’ are OK.

        For a look at early progs, go to YouTube & look up GB Shaw. Then look up Margaret Sanger. Also Hillary Clinton, modern progressive.

        Here is history of GB Shaw. Note how he tried to transform Britain via legislation. The same take US down from within tactics are still in play. Look up the book about how to collapse the system by Cloward & Pivon. Rules For Radicals is another book of tactics.

        Besides what is on M Sanger at YT, here is an article on her–

        In the following, the prog movement is outed–

        Myself, I think the prog movement sucks! They hate the Constitution & our Founders. Where do ya think the ‘progressive’ income tax came from?


      • APN

        Ole Daveh said: And those people, who are foolish enough to think that our problems are due to a lack of regulations, seriously need to read this:

        Well DaveH, people like you who believe that DE-REGULATION is the solution to our problems are EQUALLY as FOOLISH!

        Our “problems” have NOTHING to do with neither and have everything to do with a lack of FAITH in GOD.

        Pretty simple stuff unless you are a WORLDLY fool wrapped up in this worldly stupidity!

        Relax Daveh, your time here on earth is VERY LIMITED and I can assure you that in your current mindset you will not be remembered for anything much less have a positive impact on HEAVEN.



        Pretty simple stuff for someone who is not wrapped up in this WORLDLY JUNK!
        However Daveh, I’m sure what I just said, eludes you.

      • DaveH

        You are giving religious people a bad name, APN. They don’t deserve that.

      • APN

        DaveH said: you are giving religious people a bad name, APN. They don’t deserve that.

        ..and who appointed you to be our advocate?

    • Mona

      your right dave just get out of way. stay away government, take the stupid regulations off stop spending money you don’t have and quit giving the farm away….

      • Winddrinker

        If our politicians worked “for our country” instead of “against it,” big changes could be made, within very little time.

        There needs to be a “clean sweep” of congress, not just at the polling booth (that takes too long) but a new administration needs to go after those who have committed acts of treason against this country.

        First, get rid of all the communists in government, being a communist used to be against the law (now we let them run our country?) Being a communist should disqualify anyone from being elected to a government office.

        There should be a “No Tolerance Law” when it comes to the Marxist agenda and those that promote it. How about some common sense when it comes to protecting our way of life and our country. There is nothing wrong with being “pro American, Americanism, Patriotic, or believing in the “Exceptionalism of this country.” In fact, these are traits that are expected of any good American by citizens of other countries. Why is it expected…because that is the same way they feel about their countries..why should we be denied the same.

        There should be ways to get rid of those that voted for NDAA and obumscum care, most everyone in the DOJ, and all the appointed czars. Stop the power of the EPA to make its own laws and, then, enforcing them. The EPA should not be an entity that is separate and independent, “another regime unto itself.” TSA and Homeland Security and nappytano have to go along with many other departments that usurp power not given them by our Constitution.

        There are many things that would soon improve this country that needs to be done along with lowering taxes, encouraging businesses, creating jobs, energy independence, AND quit letting other countries have great advantage in trade….etc. These are not hard things to do, nor would they take long to initiate, but the President has to be willing to do them.

        BTW, this article is a piece of trash and should be thrown in the dumpster.
        If there is something nauseating, it is “a quitter and a whiner.”

      • Sol of Texas

        As long as there is an income (production) tax you can forget about limited government and government getting out of the way. Is that not yet clear to everyone who has been paying attention all these years?

    • Liberty Lover

      Objectively, I believe the author is right. But I will do what I can to make his comments a warning instead of an accurate forecast of our future. Although I could never have voted for the utterly contemptible Obama, I was glad he won, believing that his fore-ordained failure would be sufficiently dramatic to shut the door on socialism in America for at least a generation or two. So he won, proved the abject failure I expected, and still polls well over 40%. It seems there is no over-estimating the stupidity of the American electorate!

      I have been thrilled by the growing importance of Ron Paul, especially among the younger generations. I expect to vote for Gary Johnson this year…..but only because I live in such an incorrigibly blue state that I can afford the luxury of voting for the best man on the ballot. If I lived in a swing state, however, I would be voting for Romney/Ryan because my noble libertarian dreams would likely be obliterated completely by a second Obama term. Let’s give Romney credit for picking Ryan as his running mate. Let’s celebrate the success of the Tea Party in re-shaping the GOP and hope they can turn around the Senate as well. Let’s hope for Ryan/Rubio in 2012. The stakes are too high at this time to waste a vote on Ron Paul or Gary Johnson if you live in a swing state.

      • Benjamin Franklin

        You have hit the nail on the head my liberty loving friend, the biggest crooks in politics are the electorate and we need to abolish the electoral college once and for all by doing as instructed by my ancestor and the other founding fathers to oust a government doing harm to the people and for the people to install a new form that will benefit all. That is a major part of Benjamin Franklin’s “PLAN FOR AMERICA” A system to select 50, one from each state tested for honesty and integrity from millions of name submitted for government positions, the cream of the crop to serve four years, draw severance , go back to jobs making room for next 50 being groomed. This will eliminate the need for the electoral college. This will also in effect eliminate the need for career politicians draining the American taxpayer to subsidize their existence when they leave office. Read my comment to Dave.

        Benjamin Franklin

      • DaveH

        Your vote is “wasted”, Liberty Lover, whenever you underwrite an Establishment Big Government Loving Politician. You give them Carte Blanche to continue serving up more of the same. I’ve been hearing that useless “wasted” accusation for 40 years now and Government has grown 50% bigger since then. Now that’s a Waste.

    • Benjamin Franklin

      Dave, it can be accomplished with my plan if Obama doesn’t declare Martial law prior to the election. I put my “PLAN FOR AMERICA” on the patriot page a while back and received an immediate 4,509 “like” hits. All that I perceive can be achieved utilizing the powers of the office, (executive orders) I am not a politician in the sense of making it a career, I am more of a statesman like my ancestor and the greatest President of this century, Ronald Reagan. I will however select as my running mate, (VP) an honest and respected politician in Oklahoma, Charles Key who is abreast of the political scene. There is little time left, but Reagan was a late comer who slid under the wire being that people respected the name and many wrote in his name at the midnight hour. I estimate I will need 140,000.00 write in votes to put me over the top and if two weeks prior to Nov. 6, this is not the case then in agreement with those who have complied, their names will be turned over to the leading conservative candidate. If you do agree with what i have augmented as a new form of government, let it be known to all of your contacts and instruct them to replicate and we will construct a road to a brighter prosperous future for generations to come. Have a blessed day.

      Benjamin Franklin

      Benjamin Franklin’s

      No money, only guts
      I am not a person of wealth to butt heads in political debates and to openly declare my aspirations for putting America back on course and gain back the respect of other nations. To do this, I will need the American people to back me wholeheartedly. I am an honest man and as my ex wife once told me that I would be a very rich man if I were not afraid to step on others. I have served my country honorably in three branches of service and wear my Korea Veterans cap to remind people we are not the “forgotten vets” as the media has portrayed us. General George Washington was a write in candidate for the presidency so there would be no precedent on my part if I were to win that seat.

      Following are my plans for my platform, ” A much smaller and smarter government”.

      Alright America, as to my plan to bring our country back to an even keel and gain back the respect of other nations who have been Kow-Towed to by our change and hope so called president. His change is for a predominately homosexual government body and his hope is for tyrannical rule over us.

      As our forefathers instruct us in the Declaration of Independence to oust a form of government harming the people and install a new form. With your help we can initiate a form of selection, not election that will have no need of the electoral college, the biggest political crooks. In this manner, those in their peak both physically and mentally in the age group of 30 to 50, the first year may or someone else can submit their name to their district office where as thousands of names will be entered if not millions. Year two they will be screened by a panel of clergy to eject all undesirables. Year three tested by experts in all fields with process of elimination to arrive with one person from each state. These fifty in year four will enter a large chamber and each to a cubicle with computer and video-cam. Computer has another series of tests more stringent than previously taken, video cam is for eyes of world to pan cubicles to view facial expressions and body movements of those being tested. Highest scorer is new president with each lessening of scores to fill new government cabinet. The forty nine will have access to a large computer bank and they will be advisors and afilliates to the president. None will have a personal staff.
      Benjamin Franklin during those four years will, with out a salary put America back on course. First to obliterate Obamacare and since we are not in Russia dump the czars. Next we ” can” T.S.A., E.P.A., N.E.A. and any other agency not performing a real service. Everyone will be placed on a 13% flat tax. Make a million, pay 13%, make a thousand, pay 13% , no tax shelters or credits. If you are being paid a wage, you pay taxes. This will result in approximately an 80% reduction in the I.R.S. compliment with an option to continue working in uniform with U.S. troops returned from policing countries unwarranted to police our own borders against illegal entry.
      To countries the present administration has indebted us to for billions of dollars, inform them that what has been received is partial payment of what they owe us from WWII and to write it off. And, to those corporations that took advantage of us through NAFTA to utilize slave labor leaving minimal employment here that if they manufacture in other countries, they sell their products in other countries, not here and if they opt to return and pay the American worker a decent living wage, they are welcome. Where there is oil, drill and some of the more abundant petroleum properties are federally owned going against the constitution whereas the government is not to own property other than property deemed by the American people to be a National park or monument. All other such properties will be auctioned to the highest private American buyer, no foreign entities allowed.
      Upon learning that the United Nations are the issuers of social security numbers and have complete domination over the I.M.F. and the I.R.S. with American taxpayers picking up the major funding for it’s existence and that now it consist mainly of Islamic nations who would enslave us, I feel it time to pull the plug along with our hard earned tax dollars funding these Godless Idol worshipers and turn over to U.S. agencies activities that should be performed by them such as the issuance of S.S. numbers by the Social Security Administration. It is no wonder illegals are able to draw benefits with out ever having worked here. However, I do feel that those having lived here for a period of five years and are contributing to our nation to be schooled for a period of six months on U.S. History, cultures and our language and then sworn in as American citizens. Refusals to be deported with families.
      Welfare to be enacted by certain churches in each community with subsidization from the government. For those who are qualified by a physician appointed by the church, will receive supplementary assistance, all others advised to seek employment. (There will be some exceptions)

      Mr. Franklin will serve his four years (without salary as did President George Washington) to implement his plan and when his term has expired, put a petition on the internet for America to sign to end the two party system on a National level while maintaining on local and state levels to preserve a balance. This action will send the career politicians packing making way for fifty honest people being groomed to lead the people, not rule with salary approved by the people to a more abundant and brighter future and at the end of their four years receive a generous severance package making room for next 50 being groomed.

      What I have written here to be executed by the powers of the office will in fact cause all worthwhile proposals by other candidates to fall in place without the expense of a huge war chest. All that is needed is for America to wake up and head us in the right direction for a more prosperous and brighter future for coming generations to seek Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

      Taking note of the movie “Going Home”, that sometimes there is no home to go back to after returning from battle and no job. This has been ongoing for years, After returning from Korea I read in the want ads, “NO FEE FOR SPECIAL SITUATIONS”. The man had a long list of jobs that I was qualified for so I told him I was a Korea vet with a wife and two small children, would that qualify me for the “NO FEE”? He said it would not and that the no fee jobs were for relations out of work. After a few choice words with the fat slob, I paid the fee. If elected, I will have congress put into law that when a person is absent from employment due to deployment to foreign soil,his position to be filled by temporary employment until he is fully reinstated.

      Benjamin Franklin

      • Sol of Texas

        Ben –

        Surely you realize the President is elected through the electoral college. It’s not like a high school or college student body election where a write-in would actually work. When people vote for Obama or Romney or Johnson, they do not cast a direct vote for the man, rather, they cast a vote for the slate of electors for that state.

        Unless you have a slate of electors registered with the secretary of state for each state you hope to have a write-ins, it is clearly a vote thrown away.

        Don’t they teach this stuff in high school civics classes anymore?

      • APN

        Sol of Texas said: ” Don’t they teach this stuff in high school civics classes anymore?”

        Obviously not, just ask DaveH! He works diligently on a daily basis to persuade all the NON-THINKERS to vote for RON PAUL come November!!!! Yes sir buddy!!! Brilliant!!!!

        …and GOD the Father told him to do it!!!!

      • DaveH

        You’re such an ignoramus, APN. Show me one of my comments where I urged people to write-in Ron Paul. In fact, I’ll save you the trouble. Go to my 9:13 am comment.
        If I was as ignorant as you, APN, I would stay off the board.

      • APN

        So Daveh, who are you going to vote for? Let’s see here, DaveH said numerous times “Voting for a lessor evil is still evil” or something to that affect. I think in all your OMNIPOTENT JUDGEMENT you have equated Romney to the “lessor evil” correct? Maybe you should run for President in all your power and glory?

        Given the fact that that you DO NOT believe in GOD then just how do you pass these “Judgements” on your fellow man? Heck you passed the all omnipotent DAVEH judgement on President Lincoln and he’s not even here to defend himself! What a “man” you are?

        Fact is DaveH, you are one sick pup and too stupid to even realize the consequences of you very ARROGANT commentary on this blog. What you say and do is DAMAGING and is a major contributing factor to the CF this country is currently in.

        DAVEH IQ=125 maybe?
        Spiritual IQ = ZERO

    • Patty

      To All of You -
      You are all correct. You are all wrong. WE can change this. WE as a nation of people, can change this. The people of this country can and will if they have the fortitude to do so, change this. We cannot stop, we cannot go back to sleep, we must be engaged at a daily level. Then, and only then, can WE turn this country around. It is not insurmountable. We must hold all of the politicians feet to the fire after the 2012 elections and continue to replace the ones who refuse to do the people’s will. WE must focus on one thing at a time to fix and soon the other pieces will start falling into place. WE can, WE must. I will not give up as most of you seem to indicate you have. Mobilize with no compromise. I have seen what compromise leads to. Romney/Ryan wasn’t my pick either, but it is the best shot we have to even start to turn this around. Please do not give up on our country, it is the only one WE have.


      You are correct capitalism has been for sale in America for decades and China and India has capitalized on this opportunity. We’ve went from a farming nation to an industrial nation to a technology nation to bust due to greed and arrogance and laziness if this arrogance dosen”t get addressed soon we will be a third world nation with our hands out as the bums on the street corners. WAKE UP AMERICANS! We the people need to shake up washington elite by VOTING THEM ALL OUT and pass a bill to only allow the people they represent vote to give them raises or not and to shorten the allowance of terms served so that the SO CALLED SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS wont have their hands so far up these politicians asses and make them their puppets to change policies to their biding. It dosen’t take One Man to change a nation it takes a Nation to change a Nation.Quit making Obama the fall guy it”s not his fault we are in this mess it”s been all of the policy makers that got America in this downward spiral His mistake was he really didn’t know how[ excuse my language][expletive deleted]! BUSH W! with the help of daddy and mr. clinton screwed this nation with the NAAFTA AGREEMENT just to start. WAKE UP AMERICANS QUIT YOUR WHINING AND FORCE WASHINGTON TO GET IT RIGHT NO MORE EXCUSES AND FALSE PROMISES /ANYONE CAN HAVE A SILVER TONGUE/ if they can’t work together to get it right! VOTE THEIR ASSES OUT PERIOD and move forward

    • david

      Dave: Inclusive in your reason to rise, it will come again be those of us with the same hopes and aspirations, The votes given by the citizens to the elected, who we trusted with our values, they instead better than us, valued theirs. While we were busy carving out futures for our families, they subliminally were obsequious about their own futures.

      Now we must emphatically DEMAND government to obey the will of the good, and of the just. Decisively reclaim our freedom with the same valor as we bravely fought around the globe to aid and gain theirs. Americans MUST be willingly resolved to be involved door to door, eye to eye, and collectively assemble in our communities, and if necessary, the halls of OUR capitol, and exercise the equivalent determination to assert OUR cause.

      No government is to big to fail! No government, with the “American Spirit”, is to frail to rise. God Bless

      • coastx

        You left out the part about the 2nd Amendment, knuckle head.

  • Harold Olsen

    I don’t think much will change if Romney is elected. I’ve been saying, and I believe it, that Romney is little more than an Obama clone. I think he’ll, more or less, continue Obama’s country-destroying policies. I’m hoping that, at the GOP convention, there will be a major upset and a TRUE conservative will end up getting the nomination. That won’t happen, though. The party chose Romney as their candidate and the party sheep obey their masters and support whomever they are told to support. It’s as though they are admitting they are too stupid to decide for themselves and want someone else to make their decisions for them. The liberal mentality has infiltrated the Republican party. It’s why I’m an Independent. Romney claims to be a conservative, but he is, in fact a liberal. Choosing a conservative like Ryan as his running mate won’t make any difference. I wonder if Romney’s people will muzzle Ryan the way McCain’s people muzzled Palin.

    • Rick Clifton

      First look at the cause of the problem, before you try to solve it.
      CUrently We are a country divided along political and idealogical lines. Whatever happened in the past is over. It’s true: we have got ourselves into big trouble. But when you have ‘both sides’ fighting, nothing is going to work. We need a LEADER – not a DIVIDER, That is the real ‘nut’. There is a bigger picture here regarding the two candidates -Romney and Obama. One has put us deeply in debt -and wants more of the same, to follow an idealogical agenda. The other, is more of a uniter and healer, willing and able to bring both sides of the aisle together to at least unite the country – so we can at least start the country in the right direction and move in a forward direction. It boils down to trust. Who do you trust ? Romney or Obama?

      • Joe Z

        With all due respect to your analogy I think you are still in denial of the truth. The division is between the ones that still believe in politicians, wether is Romney or Obama or whatever you want to call them, and the ones that know the truth, that who ever you vote for we are still getting screwed. It is so amusing, sarcastically, to read about people arguing between Romney and Obama of who’s a better choice or other’s putting their faith in Ron Paul, which I admire very much, but there is no way in hell, or heaven, to ever become president. Not because he doesn’t deserve it but because he’s not part of the plan. The only choice is to open our eyes and realize that voting these people into office does not make any difference to us, the voters, and start getting united and do not participate in their charade anymore. Start making a change for ourselves, inform ourselves, inform the people, protest and demand and let them know that an assault on your neighbor is an assault on yourself. Like Ron Paul Says, our founding fathers would be ashamed of what we are putting up with.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Joe, you’ve got it right! And I will add this: romney was chosen as the candidate before the race ever began. We never had any real choice. They create division among the people and then offer us solutions that were never solutions to begin with! We cannot allow “them” to choose our leaders.

      • Mike in MI

        Joe Z. – “wHat we are putting up with”
        Look around man!!! 40% – 45% of us like it and think this is “NORMAL”…”THE WAY IT SHOULD BE”…”Stealing from your neighbor, as long as he doesn’t dare complain, is good business!!!”
        “Thou shalt not steal.”, is still sound advice. It also says. “Vengeace is mine, I will repay – saith the Lord”. That second one is NOT just hollow rhetoric. Just like David’s imprecatory psalms were/are not void of authority. David got results with his prayers because he lined his heart and head up with the heart (the Word) God. That’s why God could say of David, “He is a man after my own heart”.
        God will do as much or more for us today as He ever has in the past (how about “the greater things” of JOHN 14:12?).
        If enough believers get their minds in sync with God’s heart and act on what is ours spiritually we’d start to see some silver around the edges of these stupid clouds over us.
        But, if you think you need to (or even can) do it all under your own steam . . .Happy trails!!!??!

      • Winddrinker

        So, Joe Z, give us your plan. You can’t just say to everyone “open your eyes and stop playing their charade.”

        Are you thinking “riots,revolution, and guillotines?” Possibly you think you can just ignore the current regime and set up an alternative government and they are going along with that. Or, maybe you think we have a few decades to vote out all the bad guys..whoops that would be playing their charades…can’t do that.

        Who do you trust more…obama hussein or Romney? Like it or not, that is your choice no matter how much you rant.

        Everyone has opinions, while sitting behind their computers, thinking they are smart guys.

        What is your point?

    • danny

      Harold it appears that you have made absolutely “NO” realistic comparison, between Romney and Obama. the hogwash statement you are making holds no Truth by Evidence of these two mens lives. I am forced to believe you are a Democrat working your normal methods of deceipt in desguise. Or you need to make some studies of these mens past and present, for their opposite natures ,beliefs, work ethics, economic knoledge, success,and love of Country, which Obama has shown none.

  • Kinetic1

    While it is important to remain realistic, does it really help to be so negative? I have read a great deal on this site about what is wrong with America, but little about what is right. Throw up your hands and walk away. Hoard your guns and your gold in anticipation of the end. It’s coming sooner than you think!

    We’ve been down before. America had an unusually good ride through the 50s, 60s and so on, but the reality is that life is cyclical. We will have our low points, but with the help of some great leaders we will find our way. Personally I don’t believe either Romney or Ryan are those leaders. We need men like Andrew Carnegie, a man who used his wealth to build libraries and museums, foundations and universities. We need leaders who have dedicated themselves, not just to amassing money by any means, but to improving life for all americans. It’s easy to point out all our nations problems and moan about unavoidable failure, but what good will it do? We can’t go back to life as it was 50 years ago. It’s time to move on. Time to envision a new golden age for America.

    • Faith Walk

      I agree!

      • Winddrinker

        Don, I realize what you are saying.. Still, you have to believe that what the MSM/Marxist party/alliance does is NOT an unsurmountable obstacle for good conservative candidates.. If that is what everyone starts thinking, there really won’t be a change…ever. They win!

        We can beat them and I think Ryan will show us some of the ways to do just that.
        First, the candidate must believe in what he wants and be able to be honest and truthful with the people. Truth is a powerful tool when used properly and agressively..never giving the opposition a leg-up. Stop trying to be “fair.” Criticism is due when necessary but it must be done adamantly, and with class…making them look like the scum they have always been..

        Conservatives, don’t use the “truth” but it is an absolutely necessary tool, and it must be used without restraint.

        Great example…McCain in the last election, and his refusal to tell the truth about anything, and he gave obumscum little less than a “cake-walk” right into the presidency.

    • Don Wright

      I agree that we do need men like Carnegie once again. However, the liberal media will tear apart any potential candidate that is a true conservative. As long as America still believes what the mass media put out… the best we can hope for is a candidate that is somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum. Once that candidate is elected we must demand that he follows through with policies that can begin to right this “listing” ship of state. I do not believe that we are sinking yet but if any more “water” tight passages flood… we definitely will sink.

      • Rita

        The gift of Andrew Carnegie was not just libraries, but the idea that individuals could make a difference. We, as a nation, have been taught that the “collective” is the only force for change, and that the government is the voice of the collective. It is individuals, working together and by themselves, that will turn our country around and restore our dignity and ability to do good. That has been Glenn Beck’s message all along, and we need to tell Romney, over and over again, the same message. Americans can do great things if the government will get out of the way and let them. It’s a message the entire country needs to hear, not just conservatives.

      • eddie47d

        Romney is mostly for himself and blew his chance to be a Carnegie. He hides his money in foreign accounts instead of building those libraries. His vision is one of greed and selfishness and is only looking for another feather in his cap.Since it has been exposed that Ryan (Sept 18th 2008) was also involved in Insider Trading that has plagued Washington for years the only prosperity we will see is for themselves. They all talk out of both ends and the only difference is that some have more gas than others.

      • Winddrinker

        My reply to Don is above.

    • Karolyn

      Amen, Kinetic! All I hear is wah! wah! wah! Woe is me! There is so much good that is never reported on, but then, bad news sells, doesn’t it? Negativitty begets negativity ad infiinitum.

      • DaveH

        Where’s the love, Karolyn?

      • DaveH

        It’s much easier for the enslaver to be positive, than for the enslaved to be.

    • Joe Z

      What I need is for leaders to get out of the way and let me deal with my business. My need for government is to uphold the law and the constitution and keep us safe. That is the only reason I need government and leaders for. And whoever wants to wait for government handouts, benefits, entitlements, well, let them wait.

      • Winddrinker

        JoeZ, we agree. Government needs to handle its constitutional duties and get out of the way. Stop telling us what we can eat and drink, and stop confiscating our money and property.

    • Sol of Texas

      Kin -

      To solve a problem, one first must be aware the problem exists. Then obne looks for the causes of the problem. Then one evaluates possible solutions to the root cause of the problem. Then one applies the best solution available.

      The negativity is useful in that it may shake up some of the Polyannas.

      If a glass contains liquid that consumes half of its volume then it is fair to claim that the glass is “half-empty” or “half-full” depending upon sunny one’s personality.

      It is another thing to have a glass whose volume is 1/4 consumed by liquid and to claim the glass is “nearly full”.

      The Republic is in a precarious condition. There is no place for self-delusion.

    • Flashy

      Kinetic—>”We need men like Andrew Carnegie, a man who used his wealth to build libraries and museums, foundations and universities.”

      Errr…you don’t now much history eh? As do you suppose Carnegie amassed his wealth?

    • APN

      Kinetic1 said” We need men like Andrew Carnegie, a man who used his wealth to build libraries and museums, foundations and universities. We need leaders who have dedicated themselves, not just to amassing money by any means, but to improving life for all americans. It’s easy to point out all our nations problems and moan about unavoidable failure, but what good will it do? We can’t go back to life as it was 50 years ago. It’s time to move on. Time to envision a new golden age for America.”

      Yep!!! I hear this ALL the time in modern day America!!! Especially from the leftist MARXIST who “control” our Libraries, foundations and universities! Those worldly educated GOD hating MARXIST “professors” who teach “Social Justice” instead of Self-reliance and personal responsibility and then have sex with our 18-22 year old GIRLS….. What a beautiful system for those marxist dope smoking THUGS making 250K+ per year with a 90% pension at the expense of future generations!”

      Sell this CRAP to someone who does not have a brain!

  • Jeri Taylor

    The only way our country has a chance to survive this regime takeover, would be if people would stand up to the corrupt RNC & support Ron Paul. The RNC is responsible for the media blackout & the corruption in the polls. I find it so unbelievable that the American population has such a short memory. Doesn’t anyone remember that Ron Paul won the last two straw polls in Iowa, which by the “RNC rules,” would dictate “who” the front-runner would be? They pushed Ron Paul completely out of the picture (as all the news media did also) & pushed Romney down our throats. With all the information at our fingertips, I cannot for the life of me, understand how people can be so ignorant of the facts. I challenge each & every person to get on youtube & punch in Ron Paul Rallies. When you are finished looking at all of them, (& it will take awhile), then, try to locate Romney crowds. You will have a very difficult time. Pay attention to how the media gets just the right angles on Obama & Romney in the media. You never see the whole crowd, just those who are surrounded close behind & in front of them. It is an illusion. This is your wake up call. Please wake up. Ron Paul never voted for the NDAA, bank bail-outs, (TARP), foreign wars, tax hikes, the Patriot Act & on & on. Romney & Ryan both have voted the opposite. Calling someone a conservative in politics these days has a whole new meaning. I guess if one doesn’t expose himself in public, that makes him a “conservative.” If you cherish your life & your freedom for yourself & your family, do everything in your power to get Ron Paul on the platform this month at the RNC convention in Tampa. Ron Paul is tough, he’s strong, & he IS a Christian. He doesn’t “talk” it, he “walks” it. I call that conservative. One who regards & respects life, liberty & happiness for ALL & knows that all we have, we have because of our Creator, Father God.

    • MissouriSandy

      Thank you Jeri! I just keep telling everyone I know to write Ron Paul in on the ballot. Of course I get the usual response that I am throwing a vote toward Obama. My answer to that is that it really doesn’t matter much which one of them wins, we will be going down the same old road either way. Ron Paul is the only selfless, moral, constitutional candidate. The fact that the media has tried to keep us from that truth is all the more reason why voters should have looked at his record.

      • Larry B

        MissouriSandy, this is a really stupid idea, if you write in Ron Paul, you might as well just vote for obama.

      • TIME

        Dear Larry,

        But if you don’t vote for the BEST person – then and only then is your vote – wasted.

        To Vote for the lesser of “TWO EVILS” is just what it implys.
        A “wasted VOTE” on the same old same old worthless BS!

        Break the Mold, act like a “TRUE AMERICAN” a Mustang, a person who has some backbone, a person with “FREEDOM” bruned into their soul.
        One who will not let the Blood of Millions from the past have been in vain.
        If Dr. Ron Paul got 20 Million Votes, the message would be Loud and Clear!
        And just for the record how many D’s will vote for Dr Ron Paul as well as R’s & I’s, well the balance is quite clear if they would be 100% “Honest with themself.”
        He would win no matter what but only -if Americans would just be 100% Honest!

        Peace and Love

        I am TIME, and I endorse this message.

      • DaveH

        Good one, Time.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        LarryB, if you accept the choices that THEY give you, you will GET what THEY give you, which is MORE OF THE SAME!!! If you want things to change, you have to change YOURSELF!!! Thinking like yours is exactly what has gotten us to where we are!!!

    • Cribster

      I’m certainly no fan of Romney. I switched for Independent to Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.

      At this point there is no chance for Ron Paul, my only strategy is to get Obama out! Don’t forget, along with removing Obama we also get rid of his band of freaks otherwise known as his administration. They are the most sick, twisted lot I could ever imagine.

      It’s great to be principled but standing by Ron Paul to the bitter end will give us a bitter end with Oblahblah at the helm.

      Let’s give Romney four years and if, as expected, he doesn’t behave we can remove him. Maybe by that time Rand Paul will be ready to lead the nation.

      • kravmike

        Ron Paul has been ready to lead this Nation,,,, its you “the People” the are not ready!!!!!

        By capitulating and not voting for Mr. Paul YOU have just given the “powers that be” exactly what they want…….. and easy election that doesn’t involve Ron Paul, OR the TRUTH!!!!!!!!

        Wake up America!!!!!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Rand Paul has already sold out! I don’t know why you’d want him! Just more of the same!

  • nc

    Mr. Livinston, you seemed be inpressed that China is ruled by experts, engineers etc.! in the business world and we should do the same. We have had “experts” in business in the White House during recent history! Herbert Hoover was an engineer and george w. bush had a “master’s degree” in business. Man, did they lead us to much stronger economies with their ‘expertise”.
    I read an interesting column in the Charlotte Observer this morning about some of the indicators that the economy is getting stronger! Could that be true? Surely you would know since you have “foreseen” the collapse of this nation by some indicators. There is no chance it will get stronger like it did under Reagan and again under Clinton?? Saying a country is going to “fail” is a pretty safe bet since all others have but a lot of ‘second comings” turned out to be duds!

    • Whit


      Read the story byline, it was not written by Mr. Livingston. Your rant is misdirected.

      • Power To The People

        NC just comes here to try to get everyone to drink the progressive punch!

      • Karolyn

        Power – Instead of ad hominem attacks, why not take a second and try to see even a ittle truth in what others have to say? It seems that on this site when many see a person’s name, they don’t even make an attempt to find any kernel of POSSIBLE truth in what they say. That’s called a closed mind.

      • DaveH

        Why are you putting Power down, Karolyn? Where’s the Love?

      • Karolyn

        Dave – My opinion is offered with love. There was no animosity in my post.

      • DaveH

        Who is the fairest of them all? I’m not your Magic Mirror, Karolyn, so I can say it’s certainly not you.

      • APN

        Karolyn said: It seems that on this site when many see a person’s name, they don’t even make an attempt to find any kernel of POSSIBLE truth in what they say. That’s called a closed mind.

        That is because you have never known the truth must less accepted it! Your truth lies in your addictions, nothing more and nothing less. You have made your path thru life at the expense of other people, just because YOU “THINK” it is your “Right” to do so. You are a PRIME example of why KING OBAMA is our “president”.

        ” A man is a slave to whatever has mastered him” Just ask DAVEH.

      • DaveH

        Go away, APN. I’m not interested in you.

  • Faith Walk

    Is there a solution in this column somewhere or did I miss it? I guess those who don’t do anything can write and complain about everyone else who did get off the couch.

    • MissouriSandy

      Well actually I have been involved and in the process have become very disillusioned. I attended my counties GOP caucus and was floored to observe the cheating and shenanigans that took place by the status quo GOP Romney and Santorum supporters. They actually stole the role call (took it out of the building) that ended with us being stalled at the caucus from 8 am until 6:30 pm. Their goal, I heard, was to try to outstay the Ron Paul supporters. My counties caucus is just one of many examples across this country where status quo GOP have cheated the American citizens. The disrespect shown for Ron Paul supporters was shocking. I know after witnessing that caucus meeting that our country is in for a world of trouble. There are so many self serving, immoral people running the show that those of us who want to see true constitutional roots restored have little chance of seeing that happen. Ron Paul would take us there, but too many people look to the glam and glitz that the media spoon feeds us and refuse to look at the core and the record of the human being running for office. Ugh! Democrat or Republican-both parties are bloated and tainted.

      • Power To The People

        Not surprised to hear that the RNC would pull such a tactic. Both the RNC and the DNC are part of the ruling corruption that shares blame for the decline of this country and the sham sold to the people of so called representative government.

        The two party system is a joke. Shake them up in a bag and dump them out and the difference would be nil. I would be happy to cast a vote for Ron Paul or any other true choice…a person who puts country and fellow citizens first and personal gain last. Does this person exist??

      • Faith Walk

        Strange because I heard those are the type of tactics that Ron Paul supporters use. And why would I believe otherwise when they want to legalize drugs and let dictators of the world have free reign?

      • Joe Z

        To Faith Walk, try to inform yourself so you could understand Dr, Ron’s Paul message. Who is the government to tell me what do I put inside my body? As long as the government or you don’t pay for it it is known of your business. By the way, what has the war on drugs accomplished? Did you know is easier for your kid to buy weed than a beer at the grocery store? And what do I care about any dictator around the globe? That’s their citizens problems to deal with it, as they saying goes, “every country has the government they deserve”. My problem is for my government to stop propping this dictators up with my tax money through the lie of humanitarian aid. My problem is for my government to do its job here, in my country. To uphold the law and keep everybody safe.
        You must be a true believer of Fox News propaganda and you must be a great advocate of ratting your neighbor out through the new, if you see something say something” policy.
        By the way, I don’t do drugs and have two beautiful daughters that are my responsability and don’t need the government to teach them how drugs could ruin their life’s.
        Once you let government tell you what to do and give you what you need you are allowing them, and don’t complain later, to dictate every aspect of your life. What you watch, what you eat, what you read, where you go and who you see. Liberty comes with responsability, if you do drugs and you end up sick don’t come to me for help. If you didnt pay attention in school and decided to have fun don’t come to me when you can’t find a job.

      • DaveH

        I like your style, Sandy. Hopefully we’ll see more of you in the future at PL.

      • DaveH

        Faith says — “Strange because I heard those are the type of tactics that Ron Paul supporters use. And why would I believe otherwise when they want to legalize drugs and let dictators of the world have free reign?”.
        You really need to do some studying, Faith. You have been severely Propagandized. It is in fact the US Imperialists who have promoted Dictators around the world when it suits their purposes.
        Read Chapter 8 “War and Patriotism” (page 333):
        I will treat your Drug War addiction in the next comment.

      • DaveH

        Don’t wait until you hit bottom to read this, Faith:

      • TIME

        Dear Faith Walk,

        WOW – perhap you can inform us all as to just where it is you get your stellar intel from again?
        Really what marvels do you find such in mindless crapers like the “National Mindless Sheepee” news magazine?
        Or perhaps that other Marvel “SIG – PUKELE” the Facts made stupid for NUTTIZES.

        OMG, you need a brain transplant, or perhaps a better option in your case would be a DRAIN Transplant.
        Now you go and get that Gray matter cleared up before you start dripping goo all over Yo Self. ;-)

        Peace and Love

      • APN

        Faith said: Strange because I heard those are the type of tactics that Ron Paul supporters use. And why would I believe otherwise when they want to legalize drugs and let dictators of the world have free reign?

        Well put Faith, STICK to your FAITH and follow it! Pay as little attention to DaveH as you can, the man is as lost as two rat turds in a bushel of wheat!

      • DaveH

        There are two of you?

  • Congress Works For Us

    I am going to disagree with Mr Olsen. I think Romney could easily be the next Reagan. I am not saying he will be, I just think the landscape is set perfectly for him.

    The similarities between 1980 and 2012 are astonishing; about the only thing missing is a crisis in Iran (but there is still time for that!).

    We can only hope that Romney knows his Reagan history and doesn’t repeat Reagan’s mistakes…

    • Joe Z

      Good one, the next Ronald Reagan. Like that was a Good thing. It was a joke right?

      • DaveH

        Actually, Joe, Reagan was a good thing. But his fellow Republicans hung on him like a ball and chain to keep him from doing anything about Shrinking Government.
        But Romney is no Reagan. Not in Congress Works for US’s wildest dreams.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        It figures you would love Reagan DaveH

        Reagan should have been arrested for Treason his first day in office for secretly making deals with the Iranians to hold off releasing American hostages until after the election. This would make Carter look bad and it worked.

        Reagan was our downfall and today is the result of that. He set this country back at least 20 years.

        His presidency also gave us a cast of unsavory characters like Rumsfeld and Cheney that made sure the military industrial complex would be in charge of our foreign policies.

        Reagan is the reason Medicare was delayed and we still don’t have the Medicare for all we deserve like all other developed western nations.

        Anyone stuck in love with Reagan is either clueless or dangerous or a bozo!. I suspect all of the above..

      • DaveH

        Anybody who listens to anything you say, Eric the Red, is hopelessly ignorant.
        You have been proven time and again to have no credibility, yet you return periodically to spread your unsupported Propaganda. Your statement today that Libertarians are Fascists is a good example of the unsupported lies that you try to spread.
        Anybody who knows anything at all about Libertarians knows that you’re a clown for saying that.
        And I’m still waiting for you to answer Bob Livingston’s question.

      • Flashy

        Well DaveH..Reagan should have been impeached for breaking the law by dealing with the enemies of the US and ignoring the law passed by Congress … birthday cake was so nice though was it not? I’m still waiting for Livingston to answer my question …

      • DaveH

        Given, Flashman, that you are another of the commenters with scant credibility, you are going to have to explain yourself, and add some references, please.

  • dan

    thanks for the pep talk, Jeri…I’ve been trying to articulate just that thought. Why settle for more of the same and why believe the mainstream propaganda…..I believe the tea party is alive and well and won’t be fooled again.
    John ,you’re right ,of course …. we don’t need to go back,but forward…but Big Government
    stands in the way. We either tame the Beast or it will consume us.

    • Benjamin Franklin

      Hello Dan, my key chain fobs I received by postal service says and I quote, ” I am the tea party” I am also a write in candidate for the presidential seat. See my comment to Dave.

      Benjamin Franklin

  • Daniel Raymer

    just what we need. someone whith a negative attitude toward America. obviously we can’t return to the “good ‘ol days.” but we CAN make this a better country than what it’s become in the past 4 years!

    • Power To The People

      “past four years”…are you kidding? The decline has been taking place for over 40 years. Better bone up on some history and facts dude.

      • DaveH

        Well over 100 years. In fact, since the Great Usurper Lincoln.

      • Sol of Texas

        Lincoln was certainly a dictator. Some roots of the progressive movement began there. It was really TR forward (1900 AD -> present) where the progressives made so many advances.

      • APN

        daveh said: Well over 100 years. In fact, since the Great Usurper Lincoln.

        Well all Omnipotent DaveH, why don’t you give us a LINK to the WWW explaining to us simpletons just how a MORAL peoples could allow such a usurpation to happen?

        It would seem to me that a “Moral” peoples usurpation by an evil man like Lincoln would be mutually exclusive or maybe your all-omnipotent brain-power can explain the aforesaid.

        It is FOOLISH non-believing people like you that is a DIRECT result of the mire and the muck we currently find ourselves in, as a “Peoples”, a non-believing nation of FOOLS who will be left to their OWN devices in the END. Sound familiar?

        Are you foolish enough to believe that a man like RON PAUL can save the republic? Are you foolish enough to believe that a man like Lincoln can destroy the republic? If you do, then you are more foolish than I even expected!

        The only thing that can destroy THIS REPUBLIC is a lack of faith in GOD. If George Washington could participate in this BLOG he would echo my statements. Why don’t YOU do a little research on your glorified WWW about what GOD said and what GEORGE WASHINGTON said and many other FOUNDERS said about WHAT THIS COUNTRY IS ABOUT?

        Simply put, it is about FREEDOM to serve GOD’S purpose, unabated by evil MEN.

        Rest your soul in the FAITH of GOD THE FATHER and spend your very limited time left on planet earth spreading the GOOD news of our PROMISE on the other side and let GOD sort out the remainder.


      • DaveH


      • APN

        Yep ole DaveH, that’s me! Your very low IQ and spiritual incompetence has been revealed, at last.

  • DFayette

    Sure is a bleak picture that John Myers has penned. Are we really going to vote for a President that has no chance to restore the USA to a productive nation again.

    • GALT

      Mr. Myers has definitely painted a BLEAK picture……unfortunately, his reality is not THE REALITY………………….but one which is consistent with his “perceived self interest” or
      “rationalized self interest “……………………….

      THE REALITY is far, far BLEAKER……….so much so that DENIAL ( or willful ignorance ) is
      the choice of many…….but there is one point here that is undeniable, there is no going back. ( to any golden age, although history has cited many examples of these types
      of perceptions………China in 1400, Rome under Augustus, Napoleon, George III, etc. )

      Solutions are somewhat difficult if one really does not comprehend the problem and since
      THE PROBLEM is unprecedented………the morass of opinion is not surprising…….

      Under the circumstances then……..what would constitute a “productive nation”?

      What in THIS REALITY is really “productive”?

      ” It’s the economy stupid! ” Is it? Why? We have just experienced the results of “free market unregulated capitalism” for the second time in the last 100 years, although this
      cycle began with Reagan, and was driven by “consumer debt”……..with the “usurer’s”
      clamoring for removal of regulation, until they got exactly what they wanted…….and here we are…………..with one exception, this time DEBT for the consumer is eternal: not so for corporations. Yet despite this REALITY, there are many who “believe” that REGULATION
      is what is holding things up………..

      Harken back to the good old days ( not the gilded age ) when the United States was at the height of it’s power…………1945, when it was the only intact industrial power in the world and when it was the world’s largest creditor nation………and the “middle class” was created. This lasted for a grand total of 28 years………and the Constitution, as most comprehend it, had been “missing” for seven. ( 1938 )

      What was the philosophy of this “productive empire”? PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE!!!!!

      “Planned obsolescence is a business strategy in which the obsolescence (the process of becoming obsolete—that is, unfashionable or no longer usable) of a product is planned and built into it from its conception. This is done so that in future the consumer feels a need to purchase new products and services that the manufacturer brings out as replacements for the old ones.”

      This EMPIRE…….ran into the REALITY of PEAK OIL ( in the U.S. ) and the world is facing this reality in 5 to 10 years………….

      So the question is what constitutes actual production, or represents a service which is
      useful or desired and hopefully can be judged to at a minimum, do no harm which can not be contained or limited to ill effects suffered by those who make bad ( but personally limited ) choices?

      But that is only the first step……… further complicate THIS REALITY, we must not only ask and answer this question, but do so within an already existing economy or what remains of it, where much of the activity would be either “non productive” and/or “harmful”.

      One example would be the medical/big pharma/insurance complex which employs a huge
      percentage of those who still have JOBS, yet all that can be said for it, is that after close examination, it’s only claim is…….that it is now the leading cause of death in the U.S.

      This is just one part of THE REALITY, and with the exception of a stray voice here and there………it, like much of what has not been mentioned, is “invisible” to most.

      ” The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

      • TIME

        Dear Galt,

        Great post!! Saddly I am sure it will flow right over mosts of the ego’s / opinions that are based on a preceived moral logic that does not exist.

        As I have said many – TIME’S – now – B Omen, Bush Omen or Clinton Omen are just symptoms of the sickness that this nation has.

        Oh well, You just can’t wake sleeping Sheep with BIG – EGOS.

        Peace and Love

      • Sol of Texas

        Galt –

        I wish I had your crystal ball.

        I remember when the Hubbert Curve (predictive model for peak oil production) was held by “experts” to peak the 1970′s. I think no one can predict with any certainty just how large are the oil reserves on this planet.

      • GALT

        No crystal ball is or was necessary……..after all, you need only check the futures market for oil types…..light sweet, intermediate……..used to be a time when diesel was the cheapest, being the first fraction and all…….

        Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter… much is left.

        The real question is given Mr. Livingston’s equally provocative WWIII addition to today’s
        “rationalized self interest” the end is nigher; bell ringing IS………how long before we see
        the ad’s for the “nuclear bug out bag’?( fiat money gladly accepted )

        Do YOU know where you ARE? Paying ATTENTION, at all?

        Ever wonder why that patriot dude in those ads on the right, doesn’t seem to know how olde he is, or what he actually looks like………and “selling” some crap which YOU MUST
        HAVE……..before they shut him down? ( how many year’s now? )

        Much of what passes for “our economy” is basically theft and fraud….relying on YOUR ignorance……..

        Do you think the government “over regulates”? Let’s see……

        “This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.”

        This Mr. Myers bio……….( fiat money gratefully accepted )

        Are we getting close to the same page, yet?

        • Sol of Texas

          Galt –
          You lost me completely. I thought we were discussing peak oill and supply and demand as a macroeconomic price driver. Now I’m not sure what we are talking about?

      • GALT

        Really BIG ……P.S. and a thank you to my “biggest fans” HERE…..( never, ever ) Vigilant
        and ( follow the yellow brick road ) DavidH.

        I picked up an interesting book today from the PUBLIC LIBRARY, which “my fans” paid for.

        ( me being FREE by virtue of UCC 1-207/308 and exempt from ALL TAXATION….)

        Me the People: by Kevin Bleyer ( never heard of him, you? )

        The continuation of this title is:

        “One Man’s Selfless Quest to REWRITE the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America.”

        My weekly library trip ( thanks again Dave and Vig ) is always followed up by a brief walk to that bastion of the people ( the tavern ) and after ordering my usual libation, proceeding to explore this “tome”……..being an e.i.P.L.F. ( c ) communing with nature, is a critical survival requirement……..

        It had me roaring with laughter by page 4…….so I give this a MUST READ……Bob?

      • GALT

        Yes, Sol from Texas….I imagine that is what YOU THOUGHT that is what we were discussing……..

        I assume your “crystal ball” is a wish for “investment opportunities” with a profit potential?

        Mr Myers would be your guy, not me. ( and he will be wrong )

        That peak oil occurred in “73″ in the United States is an “historical fact”……

        For me, this was simply a “humorous aside”………you chose to focus on it, I couldn’t care less………

        For ME, I have more pressing concerns………for example, my new TV series,
        “Desperate Housewives of the AMISH” ( c )………interested?

        • Sol of Texas

          Galt –

          Peak oil in the 60′s or 70′s is hardly a historical fact. See

          Ahhh … I get it now. You don’t use the moniker John Galt because you embrace the philosophy of the character. You’ve chosen it out of cynicism and disdain for the character.

          Thanks for clearing that up.

      • GALT

        oops… just the time I was gone the name of the show has been changed to:

        “The Truly Desperate Housewives of the Amish.”

        ( fade in ) Myley Cyrus stands before the sink in an apron grasping the pump in profile and with a visible side …………

        BTW Bob, being so occupied it will no longer be possible for me to accept that position of
        staph writer………?

      • GALT

        (c) “all rights reserved”

      • GALT

        Well Sol of/from Texas, attention to detail is not your strong suit…..since you failed to notice that my name is NOT “John Galt”………?

        Nor is your “assumption” correct as I have no problem with the character or the author,
        unfortunately Rand’s origin and timing shaped her work……and strangely enough this brings us back to the actual topic under discussion…….what is “productive”?

        What you may get is that I am not here to tell you what you want to hear……whatever mythology your rationalized self interest requires you to believe……….

        THE REALITY is, that “economics” is a fraud………it is constructed entirely from “human perception” and has no empirical foundation……..therefor no validity. That the myth of
        capitalism persists is that it embodies the very worst qualities of human nature and has
        produced exactly that result…………..other systems, were simply reactions to the evidence
        that this has been true all along……….and history has demonstrated that the “worst qualities” of human nature are the dominant one’s, force, exploitation, theft and enslavement. In it’s final stages, through the myths of money and wealth, actual enslavement ( which is not cost effective ) is no longer required…..peonage is far more efficient…….and was the original vision of it’s creator.

        “A man must live by his work, and his wages must be at least enough to maintain him. They must even on most occasions be somewhat more: otherwise it would be impossible for him to bring up a family and the RACE of such workmen could not last beyond the first generation.”

        Do you see a “middle class” in there? That we have one is simply an accident and is in the process of being corrected………of course, we now have an “over supply” of this RACE of workman and that is NOW a problem……….what solution do you think the “other RACE”, will decide to employ to solve it?

        • Sol of Texas

          Galt –

          If your sensibilities are correct then things are even bleaker than you think they are.
          I can already see how the election will shake out whether fraud is involved or noCheers.

  • Lawrence

    I agree with 90% of what you said but The current government is not stupid nor incompitant. They know exactly what they are doing and will bring about a one world government.

  • E. G

    Dear me, I just got up. I think I will go back to bed and throw the covers over my head!!! But, I cannot. Today is another day that I have been given and I WILL make the best of it. I cannot imagine being married to this writer if he is always so negative. Yes, we are on a spiral – if we as a nation allow it to be. No, Mitt is not a miracle-working White Jesus, but I think that he honors God. It is up to all of us to stand up, make our voice heard. Sad thing is that so few people vote in the primaries, or do not vote at all – that is where the power lies.

  • roger gunderson

    Missourisandy has said it all for me. thank you

  • Chester

    Obama can do nothing without a congress to back him, and the same will be true for Romney, IF he wins. As of now, that is not a forgone conclusion, only a hope from the right. For those more in the center and to the left, Romney pretty much committed suicide when he put Paul (Kill Medicare) Ryan as his running mate.

    • Power To The People

      Hey Chester….get the facts….Obummer takes billions from Medicare to fund Obummercare. Anyway, the entitlements are what has bankrupted us. It is not sustainable by any measure. Raising taxes on the wealthy will not even pay the interest on the debt. So how does anyone fix this calamity??

      • Smilee

        You sure have no understanding of Medicare, your only good at repeating the current GOP talking points which are designed to fool all they can. Medicare was paying 14% more for each person in Medicare “C” than those in Medicare “B” after the GOP and Bush made these changes to Medicare in 2004, the new Affordable Care Act now pays the same for people in both, thus the cost savings of a little more than 500 billion over ten years, in other words it corrected some of the mistakes of the 2004 law. Their was additions to benefits for seniors and no cuts to the providers. The 2004 set in place many reductions to the providers that Congress rescinded each time they were to take affect. In addition in Medicare “D” they are closing the donut hole to zero in 2020. Now Romney and Ryan fabricated a 700 billion dollar amount which does not even exist. In fact the CBO has calculated the Ryan plan that will in fact raise the cost of Medicare but he has now made some changes to it but refuses to let the CBO calculate it and many believe this plan will cost the taxpayers even more than his first plan. Check the facts so you understand the truth and ignore these liars.

    • W.M> Russell

      Chester, You’re a liberal, socialist, communist, marxist, muslim, terrorist stooge of the illegal alien in the WH. Nothing is free, but slugs like you will never understand that. My parentys had a business in New Orleans, 1953-55, and went out of business. We threw over 400 Times Picayune newspapers every morning for over three years to pay off the debt. No government assiatance, We did it on our own, and my brother and I played Football, and ran Track, and were never sick. Buy ammo.

      Marine Mick

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      In case you haven’t noticed, obumass has done a lot without congress’s approval! He’s the king of executive orders!! Not to mention, his secretary of defense stood before congress and DECLARED that “they” take orders from the un, NOT congress!!!

  • reelman1946

    The whine does nothing for a tense beaten-down populace…
    Mitt was not my choice but OzBama is an arrogant apostle of utopian socialism and Ryan understands budgets/has vision.
    I would settle for simply the 2008 budget level, no Baseline Budgeting (COLA only), more Welfare Reform, sealing borders, stabilizing SocSec/Medi whatevers, all-out drilling, a debt to zero 15 year plan, line out OzCare socialized medicine, cutting the dept of ed in half, the same HC Plan as congress for all of us (actually Ryan plan mirrors that), 2 conservative SCOTUS appts, all conservative federal judge appts, all U.S. attorneys replaced, taxes 2 tier flat w/max of 20%, no c gains or death taxes, cut special congressional perks in half and freeze their salaries for 5 years and voters who hammer the new admin/congress to do the right things.

    We all admit the nation has a very tough road back due to the toxic effects of monster gov-meant socialism but so much can be done so fast if the Repubs get total control for 2 years. The alternatives are not to be entertained until need be…so why the buzzkill whine when hope is rising for much relief? (theconservativecrawfish)

    • http://Internetexplorer Ray

      You make all valid points. The trick would be to have someone listen. Trouble with that is, we have let government become so intrenched and powerful that it will take something akin to the revolution to correct the mess we have created….

    • http://aol smith

      When are you going to DC….I’ll vote for you! After all, Mitt at least is not a psychopath like Obama, nor is he a Muslim and neither is Rand Paul but Paul is truly a wasted ( selfish ) vote. [threatening comment removed], if elected, will spend millions more paying Palesinians and other muslims to flood and take over our lives. Thats his goal. THAT IS HIS GOAL! Obama has no conscience , hates America AND is deliberately trying to destroy our country. Who of all the media will say or acknowledge that? Vote for Mitt, he at least is a good guy! Anything, EVEN REELMAN, BUT obama!!!!!!

      • Ramdom

        How in the World does this trash get through the filters?

      • Joe Z

        Hey dude, did you forget your medication this morning? Should call the dic and tell him to prescribe some moron medication as well.

      • jopa

        One would think the screeners at PLD would filter out talk of assassinations.They do censor some folks here but mainly for vulgarity and I do consider this type of talk vulgar.However they may in their own sick way approve of such language for inspiration to incite the sick minded into action.Just saying.

      • Winddrinker

        This post isn’t any crazier than the stuff written here many times a day..

        BTW, obumscum is doing exactly what smith said…

        Some conservatives don’t even like to hear the truth, either.

    • Johnny

      RYAN is a JOKE….he DOESNT understand budgets, he just has been given that title by his cronies in the house….LOOK, he voted for every single thing that screwed everything UP…..he voted FOR two tax cuts WITHOUT paying for them, he voted for TWO WARS that were NOT paid, he voted for a prescription drug part D program that WASNT paid for and then he voted for the FIRST TARP…….it wasnt until Obama became president that he all of a sudden became some kind of a fiscal HAWK…..typical republican, spend and spend and spend and then when a democrat gets into office, say WOAH…..we cant spend any money……it is like Obama said, they went out to a restaurant, ordered everything on the menu and then got up and left and left Obama and the democrats with the check, in order to not have a giant bidget deficit when they were in office, these were all funded out of supplemental bidgeting which is why they were not part of the deficit and Obama changed that when he got into office

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    Its not that hard to figure out. We are full of greed, gluttony, lies, unbalanced scales, and all the ways of Satan. Look back at the dates you mentioned when things were so good in this country, and look at the amount of people who believed in God and Family, who walked with the Creator everyday. And now, He is kicked out of everywhere, abandoned by our government officials, so why would one expect us to keep having blessings poured out upon us? Little by little, God is removing His blessed hand from us, because we as a nation keep pushing Him away, and all these bankers and lawyers that run our political system are pretty much Satan’s emissarys, chasing the almight dollar, as that is their God. And as the Bible tells us, we cannot serve both God and money. It is not hard for this man to see why we have fallen so far, and by the state of things, it will continue, as man has chosen to serve himself, and his god money.

    • uvuvuv

      every day God is removing himself one more step, and soon it will be just us in this great black void that is the universe. i think gay marriage was the last straw. people are flocking to the gays even if they suspect that they carry an inherent evil. people in church welcome this gay couple thats walks in, and yes it’s nice to be friendly, but they actually feel edified by these gays in their midst. you have to wonder, what possesses them? if they watched gay porn tube on the internet they would change their minds. on the other hand in rapid city south dakota in 1997 i saw this skinny girl in t-shirt and jeans hop up into her jeep cj5 and…. you just don’t forget stuff like that. i wish i was closer.

  • gethel

    Unfortunately Paul doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected and even if he did for the sake of argument it wouldn’t bring America back to the success we had in the 1950s! A grudge vote for Paul is just basically at this point a vote for Obama who I fear if re-elected will do some serious damage to our 2nd Amendment rights because he will no longer fear not being re-elected! The Elitist Libs want a One World government with a weak America! Obama is their man to help accomplish this thus he cannot be re-elected! Go Romney/Ryan!

    • MissouriSandy

      Really? For the record I am what most would call a big time conservative. I own guns (oh yes, even an AK47), I am a Christian and I believe that the constitution is what made our country great. You should check out the voting record of so called conservative Mitt Romney. He is not the second amendment supporter that you think he is. Check the records of those running before you throw a vote behind them. Ron Paul doesn’t waiver, and doesn’t change his views to pander to voters. He is the real deal.

      • uvuvuv

        he might be all you say but he’s just too old. maybe not in terms of capability but the dems will have a condescending and patronizing attitude towards him, because well you see he’s over the hill, his mind is getting funny, old people are like that. actually it’s a tendancy we all have, it’s human nature. if you don’t think this is true of yourself, what is your attitude if the old guy in the car ahead of you is doing twenty?

      • DaveH

        Romney’s anti-gun record:

      • DaveH

        uvuvuv says — “his [Ron Paul] mind is getting funny”.
        Yet he talks logical circles around his younger opponents. And from my observations, he speaks much more coherently than the comments I’ve seen from uvuvuv.

  • reelman1946

    BTW, R and R will win…the toxic personal pain caused by utopian socialist policies will trump bold lies, distractions, demons and smears…J. Carter Obama and his kook posse is terrified…as are the media pawns…all the close polls (rigged to oversample dimdems) have the utopians in an angry panic…very early in the race as we see…wild lefty statements galore almost daily…because they know the game is over…u c…socialism is its own worst enemy…the real race is to tell enough bold lies and create enough dependents before enough of the voters feel severe personal pain…Obama loses.

    • Power To The People

      Agree….the polls are slanted in many states to make it look like a real close battle. But, remember, nearly 50% of the population gets some form of government help/handout so they tend to vote for who promises to keep the gravy bowl full!

      R&R need to talk honestly about debt, capital lost to over grown government and real progress in coming together as one people…not the divide and conquer approach of our golfer-in-chief.

  • http://Libertyalerts Orchard gal

    One hope. Romney took some businesses and made them work. We shall see.
    Prayer changes things, did you know?

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      If the people will pray, I will heal their land. So says the Lord. You are correct.

      • MikeR

        Remember 9-11? The passengers and the terrorists were all praying. They weren’t healed, they were incinerated. I hope you have a plan B.

      • LindafromPA

        We are certainly a nation in need of prayer and a return to God. We need to defend our religious liberty and bear in mind that the intrinsic rights we have were given to us by God, our “Creator”, not by a man in the White House who wants to play God. Encouraging chastity and morality rather than promoting artificial contraception, abortion, and promiscuity (and attempting to force everyone, regardless of conscience or religious conviction, to pay for it!), and holding fast to marriage as God established it, would go a long way in affirming the dignity and worth of EVERY person from the moment of conception until the time of natural death.

        To MikeR – on 9-11, the prayers and faith of the passengers gave them the courage to overpower the hijackers, and save the lives of who knows how many others. I would say God was certainly with them.

  • Keith Breedlove

    It’s really too bad that your cup is half empty and all that remains is the dregs of gloom and doom. With any luck, the negative experience of the past 4 years will lead to an American renaissance. You’re hand-wringing because of the loss of manufacturing jobs is similar to hand-wringing in previous centuries about the loss of farm jobs as work became mechanized, or the loss of seamstress jobs because of sewing machines (does “Luddites” ring a bell?). Sure, we could manufacture more steel here, but at what cost. Instead, we now have a vibrant — OK, potentially vibrant — services- and information-based economy. And I’m sure there will be similar hand-wringing a century from now when those information-based jobs are replaced by a new wave. If Government would get out of the way and only ensure that the playing field is level for all, without picking winners or losers, only the lazy, incompetent or uneducated will be at a disadvantage. Read the president’s books, listen to his speeches, pay attention to what he really does behind the green curtain, and you’ll see that his vision is not a positive, optimistic one. Romney-Ryan, on the other hand, offers that aspirational vision of what America used to be and could become again.

  • Michael Moore

    One of the problems I can say that has crumbled our economy is what President Reagan said during his time: ” Our government has gotten too big and they spend too much.” He may not have been a good president, but he couldn’t have been more right when he said this. Another problem is we the people don’t do anything to stop them.
    Some believe our country is not run by the government but the wealthy elite. What they want is what’s called a New World Order. David Rockefeller said in 1994: ” All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” That’s enough to tell me they are likely the ones who conspired & orchestrated 911 & probably have something else planned.
    911 also created Bush’s patriot act which eliminated the 4th amendment & most of the 1st. It’s only a matter until they erase the rest of it & our liberties are kissed goodbye.
    Google ” New World Order.”
    Youtube ” George Bush New World Order..”
    WAKE UP PEOPLE before it’s too late, that is if it already isn’t.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      He may not have been a good president? Are you smoking crack, or drinking Obama/Clinton kool-aid? Reagan was the best president we have had in over 100 years.

      • Sol of Texas

        Beber –

        He was probably the best President since Eisenhower.

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  • Buck

    Well , If you think Romney and Ryan will be so bad …. WHAT will you get with another 4 years of O bama ????? I don’t think –I– want to know …. DO YOU ?

  • MikeR

    So what is your solution Mr. Myers, Kool-Aid with cyanide?

  • http://liberty Tony

    This article tells it like it is. Hallelujah!!

  • Faith Walk

    Seem to be a lot of bitter losers (independents and control freaks I suspect) whining because Romney is not their first choice. Not my first choice either (and I am a control freak myself) but there is only one alternative at this point and it is another 4 years of decline or worse. I suspect worse. Now is the time to come together. You DO have a choice. You can choose to unite behind our best hope or be part of the decline of our great nation, hope of the world.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      You are correct. All those that voted for Obama last election, a lot of them did it with absolutely no knowledge of the man or what he stands for or what his plans are, they did it because millions of dollars were spent on commercials chanting “Change, change, change”, which the liberal press drummed in their heads for years, that we needed a change, simply because their guy wasnt in office. So now that we have had this change, and its apparant that left unchecked, change is all we will have left in our pockets when he is done, hopefully some of these same people will vote for a much needed change in 2012, and give Romney and Ryan a chance, because if we dont get some change at the top, we are in deep, deep weeds. At least Romney has a successful business acumen behind him, whereas Obama never had a job, just a community organizer, organizing resistance to opposing political parties. That is all his experience has been. Yes, it is time for “Change, change, change.”

      • DaveH

        Beberoni says — “a lot of them did it with absolutely no knowledge of the man or what he stands for or what his plans are”.
        Yep, they have an excuse, Beberoni. What’s yours? We know well what Romney stands for — Pro National Healthcare, Pro Imperialism, Anti-gun, Pro Drug Wars, ….

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      REAL choice is voting for whomever you want! Voting for your “second choice” is NO choice at all!!! YOU are being influenced and CONTROLLED by THEM!!! Remove your shackles and vote your conscience!!! Not doing so is EXACTING what got us into this mess!!!

      • MissouriSandy

        Nancy in Nebraska you are absolutely spot-on. What is wrong with people? The mainstream media has told them who to vote for and they just go right along hook, line and sinker. I just can’t believe that they can be SO gullible and mindless. How often do we hear people say they have to hold their nose and vote for Romney? Why in the world will they not vote for who they think will do the best job for our country? I will continue to pursuade everyone I know to write Ron Paul in on the ballot. And interesting, I keep hearing from a lot of people who are doing the same. A wasted vote? It is MY vote and my vote is going for who I think will be the best president. Even though we are losing more and more freedoms every day (and have been for the last 40 years), last time I checked I can still do what I want on my ballot. I refuse to let the mainstream media control my thoughts.

  • Faith Walk

    Go Romney/Ryan! What a great team for America!

    • Alex

      Vulture and Voucher are a terrible team and that is why they will lose in November.

      • Power To The People

        So Alex are you in favor of four more years of socialist destruction?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I really dont think so Alex. Maybe I am just an optimist, because I refuse to think that the American people can possible be that stupid, in that after seeing 4 years of spending us into oblivion with nothing to show for it, and 4 years of apologetic anti American behavior and sinking us to new depths, that they would allow this incompetance to continue for 4 more years. I just dont believe American people are that stupid.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Alex:
        I may not agree with many of your views but you’re right on this one. Also, Mitt the “Twit” with Paul “Count Chocula” deserve to lose bigtime for their hypocrisy!! Thanks!!

      • Alex

        Berberoni–REALLY—you don’t think the American people are stupid? The American people reelected Cheneybush after they started a fraudulent war that cost us 5000 of our kids and a TRILLION dollars. More soldiers died AFTER Bush said “Mission accomplished” than before!!

        Your caution is wise, Berberoni, because it does look like the president will be elected. The problem now for the GOP is that should they decide to continue their sore-loser attitude and continue to block progress the fault, in the eyes of the people, will be their own.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        So Alex, Bush and Cheney started a war, that the democratic congress all voted for, that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and many other top ranking democrats, all went on TV, and said Saddam Hussein was a mad man with WMD’s and has to be stopped, all before Bush was even a candidate for President. So where did this turn into all Bush’s fault? Do you not know a President cannot do whatever he wants? That is what congress is for. So if you dont like it, blame all, not one guy. Thank you.

  • Salty Sailor

    It is not up to the president and congress or agency to bring the country back to her former level of greatness. It is up to We The People to bring that greatness back by ensuring those elected to represent us, wore sent us and not some special interest person or group with deep pockets.

    What we have had for too long are elected officials and their appointees prostituting themselves for their own good. Elected officials that take money or favors from any lobbyist, company or group for their vote should be tried for high crime and thrown out of office. That behavior is far worse than embezzlement as their actions potentially adversely effect more 310 million people.

    Hasn’t anyone ever asked, how does a person of modest means get a job that pays less than $200,000 a year and within six months afford more than he can honestly pay for.


      Salty, nail on the head brother. There is no personal responsiblity anymore. The progressives have spent 100 years training us. We had our primaries in FL. yesterday. When my wife and I showed up to vote about 6pm it was like a ghost town. I guess people don’t want to get involved they just expect the gov’t to make the right decisions. Me and mine? Well we have spent the last decade learning new and old techniques for self sustance. We also get involved wherever we can, but there’s damn few left who want to take part in local politics.

      • Robert Rashbrooke

        In the company I work for here in north central Florida ( about 20 people) not one went to vote – I cannot as I am a Resident alien – and today I hear on the radio that mostly encumbents were re selected.

        So even though we KNOW that all encumbents should be voted out and fresh talent be given a chance to rectify the faults in the political system, it is NOT going to happen. The only place I have seen any attempt to change the status quo is on Osix website, where positive action is specified, since the current crop of vested interest politicos will do almost anything to remain in their favored position.

        If you mor I win $20 on a scratch off ticket we are supposed to report it on our tax forms. But if you are a politician you can be given hundreds of thousands to help you keep your JOB and not be taxed on it. With a perk like that do you suppose any politician will ever give up his pampered life.

        Any argument concerning changing politics by you the people are merely inconsequential whining and totally ineffectual. People like Myers are paid to introduce arguments like the ones we get on this post, and we go along with them, all hot air and meaningless.

        Someone earlier on posted that America should not interfere with other countries affairs even if they have the most disastrous dictatorship but that we should stick to what is OUR business and correct anomalies here at home and let them correct their problems. Because of the huge amount of profit produced by interferring with other country’s internal affairs this will probably not happen. Greed and corruption are rampant here and will continue to dictate policy to paid off politicians.

        I wish you all well, and hope that somehow the problems get rectified.

  • Dean Bartlett

    I unfortunately agree with you all I see is more of the same excuses from leaders who do nothing but dig us in deeper to on the road to Armageddon as a republic as I see it none of the so called conservatives really want to do anything but change Who is in the White House. I will not vote for Romney as I do not trust him I will vote but more I will pray for a revival and prepare for the worst.

  • Tom Cook

    John, you may be correct, but I choose to think not. Your pessism must make life somewhat diismal–or at least less than it could be. I think Romney is a competent businessman who turned failing businesses around as well as a failing state. Paul Ryan is intelligent unlike the empty suit that the stupids elected. When the trash is out of the White House and some replaced in Congress, I believe the U. S. can get back on track. Getting entitlements under control is the first element then addressing the greasy influx from the third and fourth rate countries to our south. Hopefully we can fill trucks full of them and send them back across the border. We need smart hard-working immigrants, not house servants for liberals.

    • Johnny

      let’s get something straight……your so called super intelligent budget hawk, Paul Ryan, voted for two wars…..UNpaid for, Prescription part D, UN paid for, tax cuts, in 2001 and 2003 UNpaid for and then TARP…..the FIRST tarp in 2008 while BUSH was still president…..he didnt have ANY PROBLEM at all spending money when republicans were in charge……after OBAMA is elected, he votes against everything because OH WE CANT SPEND ANY MONEY, WE DONT HAVE IT……I WONDER WHY THAT IS……MAYBE BECAUSE THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION EITHER SPENT IT OR GAVE IT ALL AWAY IN THE FORM OF TAX BREAKS???

  • RWIce

    you say “I would lay the odds at somewhere between zero and nil”. I agree that Government can not complete this. I do believe that WE the People in this Republic under our Constitution CAN bring the US A back from the brink. But we need to get on our knees and pray for the blessings we once enjoyed. We have the knowledge, skills and ability to turn this decline around and we know it will be a long haul to return to greatness. We all need to suck it up and pay the piper for our future and our grand children.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I agree. We as a nation have been trusting in man, instead of God, and look where we are at, versus where we were when God was at the forefront of the majority, before we decided to have all this tolerance for everything evil because it makes people feel good. God says if the people pray, He will heal our land. We all need to pray, as we cant save ourselves. Thats a fact.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Thank you, Beberoni! Greater truth has not been spoken!!!

  • Alex

    President Obama got a couple of early Xmas presents Saturday—Paul Ryan & FLORIDA!!

  • Cal

    Your comments about the young people in the USA sound just like the garbage all the middle age people were spewing when I graduated high school in 1976. Nothing great was ever built by whiny and pessimistic people like you. Every generation that comes along always says it was so much better back in the day. This shows a backward way of thinking. Does the US and Europe have real and severe problems, absolutely. But there will always be problems and the belief that we can overcome them is the most important thing.

    My father is 84 and talks about how crazy things are now and how much better it was when he was growing up. Once I asked him do you mean like when Nazi Germany started a World War which lead to the deaths of over 50 million people? Like when black people had to ride in the back of the bus and were hung by a tree? When we didn’t have air conditioning and had to suffer in the hot summer heat?

    People like you need to go to places like India and see how most of the rest of the world lives. maybe you will be more grateful for what you have.

  • Shawn

    So should I invest in personal cyanide capsuls? You doomsayers offer nothing!

  • James Graham

    I had gotten several alerts to the HOME SALES TAX plan that was in the new health Care Bill…such as the one below. This morning, I sent Congressman Rodney Alexander of Louisiana an email and asked him if the HOME TAX was actually IN the health care bill. He said YES! Starting Jan 1, 2013…it will be fully implemented…and will be so until such time as we REPEAL the law. You and I have a lot at stake in the upcoming election!
    > When does your home become part of your health care? After 2012!
    > Your vote counts big time in 2012, make sure you and all your friends and family know about this HOME SALES TAX!!
    > I thought you might find this interesting, — maybe even SICKENING!
    > The National Association of Realtors is all over this and working to get it repealed, — before it takes effect. But, I am very pleased we aren’t the only ones who know about this ploy to steal billions from unsuspecting homeowners
    > Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it?
    > That’s $3,800 on a $100,000 home, etc. When did this happen? It’s in the health care bill,
    > — and it goes into effect in 2013. Why 2013? Could it be so that it doesn’t come to light until after the 2012 elections? Under the new health care bill all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% sales tax.
    > If you sell a $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax. This bill is set to screw the retiring generation, — who often downsize their homes. Does this make your November,
    > 2012 vote more important?
    > Oh, you weren’t aware that this was in the Obama Care bill? Guess what; you aren’t alone!
    > There are more than a few members of Congress that weren’t aware of it either.
    > You can check this out for yourself at:
    > I hope you forward this to every single person in your address book.
    > Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
    > Caveats: FOUO

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I’d forgotten about this amongst all of the other little “bombs” in this bill! Thanks for reminding me. I was just involved in a discussion about all the crap in this bill, the other day. I’d forgotten about this little gem!

  • John R. Stallworth

    How many times have I said that the party which wins in November will be crushed in 2016 because this nation will sink like a rock over the next four years. Nothing will save us; we are through – morally and economically. Ninety percent of the people have no idea of the state of the country.

  • Alex

    We will look back fondly on this past Saturday as the day Mitt Romney drove his campaign into the ditch, untethered and removed his dog from the roof, handed his keys to President Obama, and cried, “I am WAY too plastered to drive this wreck, and I don’t even drink….”

    Thanks, Mitt, for Paul Ryan and for that fundraiser where you were feted by a CONVICTED DRUG DEALER!! Did you guys talk about your taxes—oh, wait—he is a drug dealer and you are…YOU—-taxes would never come up…

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Was it Bill Ayers? Or Tony Rezco? Rham Emmanuel? Holder? Oh yeah, thats right, those criminals are all Obama’s close associates. Gimme a break pal.

  • Dave67

    Mitt Romney is a fraud…. The man is bankrolled by the people that screwed this country. Please look up Romney’s major donors and you will see the banks and wall street… You know… the people that made the mess… Do we really want these people to have more power? The answer is NO.

    Mitt BS budget proposal? Adds another 300B to our deficit… More tax cut and spend BS that we can’t afford anymore. There is not a single economist that agrees with the numbers Romney puts forth and both Romney’s and Ryan’s budget proposals are just more GOP gamesmanship.

    Just not going to fall for more conservative BS… Their nonsense gave us Reagan (tripled the US Debt), Bush 1 (doubled the US Debt) and Bush 2 (doubled the debt again) and the economy even under Reagan was not as dire. We have spent the last 30 years deregulating the banks, credit and wall street, we have engaged in bad trade deals for American workers, we played the tax cut and spend game for too long.

    Their are no more tricks to play…Both parties need to get serious to fix this country’s fundamentally broken system. Mitt and Ryan are the banks pretty boy trojan horse…. The banks need to be heavily regulated and broken up…. That will not happen under a GOP corporatist regime… Romney is so brave… He is giving himself a tax cut in his budget proposal… the man who paid 14.9% last year is hurting so he needs more money while he lets are infrastructure crumble.

    Way to go conservatives… You got another George W Bush on your hands… only prettier.

    • Alex

      He is just a FLOPPY piece of white bread to be toasted in November…

  • http://yahoo jeff

    Great article. I am 72 yrs young and I have watched the decline of the USA. It really took a downward turn in the late 60′s and has continued downward since then. Wake up America, it is not up to the politicians to change this. It is up to each and every one of us caring about our country and forcing our politicians to get off the gravy train and do the jobs we elect them to do.

    • Smilee

      You have one year on me ( I’m 71) but I remember the sixties as the decade of great change for the better, we got the civil rights act, the voting rights act, got rid of segregation, wages were a living wage with good benefits and pensions that provided a stress free retirement for most, this started to change in the eighties and has gone down hill since then and much of the positives of the sixties have been scrapped. I entered the work force in 1962 and my entry level wages from my employer were enough to pay for all my living costs and there was no earned income credits, medicaid etc for working people, only those with large families were on food stamps at then only partial, no day care subsidies etc. In the eighties they started the earned income credit and today few make enough to avoid being eligible for it and now almost half of those whom file income tax make enough so they have to pay taxes, they file to get their withholding back, a cash stipend (earned income credit) and a child care credit if they do not get child care subsidies from the state. Oh, how much better the sixties were. I have paid income taxes every year starting in 1962 and because of a real pension from my company in addition to SS I will have to do so for the rest of my life, that will not happen to future retirees and the sad part is It can get worse if we keep screwing things up even more that we have since the eighties.

  • Alex

    How in the heck are Mitt & Mutt going to explain to Nana that she will need to take her PREEXISTING condition down to the big shiny Health Conglomerate and buy health care coverage, in a SELLER’S market….with a ‘VOUCHER’?? You know, Paul Ryan learned all of this stuff from Ayn Rand—-to Hell with the world, what pleases ME?!?!

    • Faith Walk

      I guess you missed the whole point of Ayn Rand who was from the Soviet Union so she should know right?). The whole point was destroy the profit motive and society collapses.

      • Alex

        That was NOT the whole point, but, rather, a part of the bulwark for her psychopathology.

      • eddie47d

        Ayn Rand used the government programs that she loathed such as Medicare and Social Security,(under husbands name) Maybe this love affair with her is so misplaced.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      If you dont understand Ann Rand and the whole concept of what the story Atlas Shrugged is telling, then you my friend, are more lost than you think. It was a warning of what not to do, and we are doing it.

      • Johnny

        and what, may I ask, makes Ayn Rand such an expert???

        • Sol of Texas

          Ayn Rand studied the classical philosophers. She possessed excellent oral and written communication skills. She lived through the result of an attempted application of the Engles-Marx-Lenin philosophies — applied in practice to what became known as the USSR. She constructed in detail and wrote at length her philosophy of Objectivism. (Atlas Shrugged was hardly her sole literary work.)

          Does she have all the answers? No!

          However, who does?

  • Tazio2013

    RE: “I expect a Romney victory in the wake of Obama’s sheer incompetence as President”

    John, your article was spot on except for your expectation of a Mittens victory. Millard (BHO is the Millard Fillmore of the early 21st century) will beat Willard, although he may lose the popular vote by +/- 500,000 votes. And we will continue down the road to AmeroFascism, Totalitarian Collectivism, MAC/BISM (Militarism Authoritarianism Corporatism / Banksterism Imperialism Statism Merchantilism) or call it what you will.

    Vi Veri Veniversum Vicus Vici

    • Alex

      I think you had better select a different Latin phrase to toy with—THAT one does not fit you at all….

  • loboviejo

    Like Rome, our decline began when we acquired an empire–the one we relieved Spain of. There was opposition, but politicians assumed that we were to powerful and moral to fall. Yet history is full of declining empires. Obama and Romney both pledge to increase our hegemony over Syria and Iran. What Kipiing more than 100 years ago was:
    Far-called our navies melt away—
    On dune and headland sinks the fire—
    Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
    Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!
    But wait–we have the “most powerful” military and naval forces in the world. Right?
    For heathen heart that puts her trust
    In reeking tube and iron shard—
    All valiant dust that builds on dust,
    And guarding calls not Thee to guard.
    For frantic boast and foolish word,
    Thy Mercy on Thy People, Lord!

    No. Neither will save us. Romney/Ryan may rearrange the chairs and buy a little time, but we do not have 20 or 30 years to wait for a “balanced budget.”

  • http://aol Al

    Amen to this article ! Romney is the same old lame Republican party. When I vote in Nov. it wont be for Romney it will be against Obama

  • http://yahooandfacebook John Gagne

    I believe our education system has failed the children of this generation, and if not now, it will come back and bite us nevertheless. I see no futur in Romney or Obama to sustain us through the comming years. We need true leaders to get out of this stagnation that were in. I’m sure the current leaders of this country are aware of the growing concern of the American people and are beginning to take action, but are the leaders intelligent enough to read our history and not keep making the same mistakes over and over again. It makes me nervous just to see them signing bills without even reading them and the lack of vision this country once had. They are not creating policies that prevent the lose of industry that made this country great. Their incentives to make this country strong again are weak. They forgot its the people of this country that made America what it once was and not only for profit but also for pride. I believe they no whats wrong, but their clueless on how to fix it. Now its up to the people again to fix it, and good leadership sure would help, and its not currently on the ballot.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      The Bible tells us to elect Godly men. The problem is, is that almost all politicians are lawyers, and 95 percent of lawyers dont know God. The god they know is money, and you cant serve both of them. Therein, lies the problem.

      • Smilee

        Want to tell us why you hate lawyers?????? also Judge not lest you be judged!

  • uvuvuv

    another worry if romney is elected is he will get the blacks back in chains again, those same blacks who just loved to be reminded by joe biden that they were once slaves. and maybe still are? well only if you count their dependency on welfare. romney will make them real slaves, and that will take us back to the days before norman rockwell.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      You are so off base with that comment. From what I have seen over the years, the democrats themselves have proved to be no friend of the black man. Their solution is to offer handouts to keep them down in their place, and that sir, is a handcuff, a crutch, it is not a way to improve. The democrats voted against freeing slaves. Their actions and their words are two different things. You are wrong.

      • Alex

        Please stop confusing the horrible Dixiecrat Democrats that held sway from the mid-19th C. to the mid-Sixties with the modern Democratic Party (of which I am NOT a member).

        That is like comparing the abolitionist Republicans of nearly two centuries ago with the modern GOP of War Profiteers and Speculators swimming in greed…..

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Alex,

          You write: “That is like comparing the abolitionist Republicans of nearly two centuries ago with the modern GOP of War Profiteers and Speculators swimming in greed.” You need to bone up on your history. The Republican Party was founded in 1854 from the ashes of the Whig Party. And yeah, there were “War Profiteers and Speculators swimming in greed” in the original Republican Party. Actually, not much has changed at all.

          Best wishes,

    • uvuvuv

      hey beberoni, the san francisco treat, you read me wrong. i was trying to be funny. reading your previous posts i agree with you so i think it’s just a case of my wry wit being a little too obtuse, if that’s a word. anyway for joe biden to say that was reprehensible. chains? i mean, if he was to say that before whites it would obviously be figurative, a metaphor. but i think blacks would take that personally, as in actual physical chains. now if mitt romney said the same thing there would be 4 inch red headlines.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        My bad. There are so many that would write something like that and just twist the truth around and write things like that, that it hit me that way. As I was reading it, I was thinking like, “What the heck is this”, and thought I had to say something. I missed your sarcasm. Have a good day.

      • Benjamin Franklin

        Hmmmm!!!! you have me just a little obfuscated when you use a word like obtuse and in a sense saying you are insensitive or stupid, Is it me or was Webster stressing an oxymoron. Now then, I don’t believe their is a standing definition of oxy, but the last two syllables there is which is stupid or mentally retarded resultant from the Greek word moros. You are also stating you have the mentality of an adolescent or that you are dull and or foolish. Oh well, we can’t all be geniuses like you, “Termite walks into a tavern and asks, ” Is the bar tender here” LOL. LOL. Don’t take me serious, sometimes I like to kid. Have a good day and GOD bless.

        Benjamin Franklin

    • Stuart Shepherd


  • Deerinwater

    Well, I came agree with some of what you say, while I think you discount the sever state of affairs America found herself in, in 2008 & 09.

    A little less depending on God & Government to save our A$$ets is what we need today.

    There just too many Americans that are looking for their God or some rich ma to save them.

    Go make you a job! What’s stopping you? Find a need and fill it! All the necessary things for you to do this is in place. ~ Will it be easy? NO! Will you get rich? Probably not, but you can regain some sense of dignity about yourself, and you won’t have the time to look up and be minding other peoples business when you can’t seem to mind your own.

    I found this late night and just loved it! Ayn Rand was such a beautiful nut!

    • Karolyn

      Yes, Bob, you are right. Opportunity abounds, and if people would stop feeding at the trough off gloom and doom, they might see that. I read “How to Make a Living Without a Job” many years ago; and the main point of the book was what you said: “Find a need and fill it.” That has served me well over the years. I may not have a lot, but I have me and use the talents I am blessed with to see me through.

      • uvuvuv

        speaking of feeding at the trough, we have 14% on food stamps. 1 out of 7. go to the mall, every 7th person you see is at that trough. 1 out of every 12 are unemployed. oh wait, sorry, neither of these groups would be out shopping at any fancy schmancy mall. they’re either at wal mart or at home watching oprah. who by the way, is keeping her mouth shut this time around.

      • DaveH
      • APN

        Karolyn said: I read “How to Make a Living Without a Job” many years ago; and the main point of the book was what you said: “Find a need and fill it.” That has served me well over the years. I may not have a lot, but I have me and use the talents I am blessed with to see me through.

        YEP! CONFIRMATION APPRECIATED!!! Thanks for living off the backs of my Grandchildren and the unborn, YOU deserve it Karolyn, you’re just SO SPECIAL!

        Karolyn’s AMERICAN dream folks!!!!

      • DaveH

        That might hurt Karolyn’s feelings, APN, if she thought you were relevant.

      • APN

        Daveh, relevance is something that you obviously don’t understand and never will. I’m certain that last statement confuses you, correct? Give me a URL on the WWW so I can look up the word “‘relevance”. That is all you have isn’t it? The WWW?

        Now, let me educate you DaveH. The following statements may exceed your 125-130 IQ so I will put it in “relevant” terms, so you may understand.

        Satan is not GOD, therefore he is not OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT nor is HE OMNIPRESENT. Are those words to LARGE for your relevant IQ? You do consider yourself to be the aforesaid, correct? Just like Obama, Hillary Clinton and a million other FOOLS on this planet. I really see no difference in you and a million other progressive FOOLS in this country.

        Given the aforestated, Satan can only establish “Dominion” here on earth though MAN MADE devices, such as, the World Wide Web. ie. ; WWW Why??? Because once again Satan is not GOD and neither are you, ODUMBO or Hillary Clinton.

        Now, who created the WWW? Well, the good ole Department of defense did and named it ARPANET, which once unleashed on we civilians, became the INTERNET.

        Do you understand base 2? Pretty simple stuff! It has a 0 and a 1. Now, a ZERO, which you are, represents OFF, and a 1 represents ON. Correct or have I already exceeded your immense IQ?

        Now, each byte within a computer is made up of a series of BITS, correct? By the way, a BIT is a binary digit, correct? EBCDIC stands for extended binary coded decimal interchange code, correct? Surely your immense worldly IQ can comprehend simple computer science?

        Now, each character in our alphabet has a hexadecimal representation stored in binary digits. Given that, just what is the hexadecimal representation of the letter “W”? As in the letter W in World ,or the letter W in Wide, or the letter W in Web?

        Hexadecimal representation of the letter W in EBCDIC = E6
        WWW = E6 E6 E6

        That would be the mark of the beast, correct? Or can your immense IQ comprehend what I just stated?

        In fact DaveH, every transaction you make today over the INTERNET is preceded with the code E6E6E6 or in simpleton terms EVIL 6 EVIL 6 EVIL 6, the mark of the beast.

        The day will come in our lifetime, you will either accept the mark of the beast or you will not be able to participate in the worlds “economic trade system” though the WWW. That means you will not be able to buy food, water, gas or any other life sustaining essential unless you go through the World Wide WEB… Emphasis on WEB. Get it, or does that elude your worldly brain power as well?

        The technology is already in place and awaits the coming of the anti-christ and you can either choose to be part of the “Worldly System” or turn to GOD.

        Choice is yours.

        Now, come back and tell me about the non-existence of GOD!

        How foolish can you possibly be?

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I totally agree with the less dependant on government part. Its not the govenments job to take care of the poor and needy, it is the job of the church. But we all need to be more dependant on God, that is why this country is in the shape its in, because we as a nation, starting with our leaders and political system, have turned away from God, and kicked Him out of schools, and out of government, and you wonder why both of these systems are broke and failing? Its pretty simple to understand why. When youve got no God, youve got nothing, and that is where we are heading if we dont wake up.

  • michigander

    If America has hit the iceberg and sinking is inevitable, then what are we even doing here? Hyperbole can help illustrate how bad our situation is, but if it was truly hopeless I don’t think people like Mr. Myers would be wasting their time writing columns. There is hope, but sadly, the situation is bad enough that that hope lies in the election of Mitt Romney, whose election will at least end, momentarily, the hard left road that Obama is taking us down. (Forget Ron Paul. He had his chance this year and lost.) That doesn’t mean that Romney won’t govern as another George W. Bush, but at least we’ll have some breathing room to try to get our country back in order. It’s a monumental task, and Romney is not very credible as a conservative, but he’s made enough promises that he’s going to be under pressure to keep at least some of them. As difficult as it’s going to be to defeat Obama, a Romney win will present us with an even greater challenge, similar to a dieter who’s lost a lot of weight and now must keep it off. It will be up to the grassroots to effect the change that’s needed, and with the defeat of Obama we’ll have the chance to switch to offense, instead of playing defense as we have for too long.


      Michigander, I feel ya. Hope you can get your State on board with Romney. You’ll have the biggest job of all.

      • uvuvuv

        hey nature boy, thanks for the response to my remark the other day where you said you would buy my 30/30. what happened was i went to rusk gun shop to pick up my mitchell mauser and saw that 30/30 and bought it too. back in those untroubled george bush days.

  • Troy

    I disagree. Could Romney have been a mole within the establishment, bilderberg, WTO etc? He, through the selection of Ryan, is signaling something very different. The cabinet will be very revealing. I see him appointing Ron Paul Sec of Treasury. Pickens or Palin Energy or Interior. Also, Mormons are anti-war. I see full troop withdrawal worldwide. Let Europe defend its Damn self!

  • R. Ray Morford

    I get very upset when blowhards tell us there is no chance for recovery. We must give our Nation a glimmer of hope. We must continue to fight the ENEMY WHO DOES NOT LIKE THE USA. If you’re not fighting back, you are part of the problem.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Romney and Ryan at least give us some hope of improvement, where honestly, not one person can truthfully say Obama has shown us an iota of hope to think him or his party can make things better. 4 years in, and they still have to plans or ideas, just content to point fingers and place blame. Instead of working to make things better, he now is fully encompassed on attacking Romney and Ryan, while still blaming his failed last 4 years on Bush, while he has offered nothing to make things better. He has failed, and he must go.

  • uvuvuv

    i think romney can restore a can-do spirit in this country, instead of the defeatism of obama where his re-election banners read Why Try. this was done before with ronald reagan, but of course he had that voice. it’s hard to understand its effect on people, i remember him introducing the general electric theater in the 50s and even then i took notice. remember, progress is our most important product.

  • G. Smith

    So when the talking heads say that this President doesn’t understand ” American Exceptionalism ” are they actually referring to ” American Entitlementism ” ?

  • Roumiana

    Who??? Does Obama will deal with the MESS COOKED UP????I don’t think so!!!!!!Stop this nasty medi-propagand!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Norm

    The former director of the Office of Management and Budget for the Reagan administration, David Stockman, blasts Paul Ryan’s budget plan in a New York Times op-ed.
    Stockman calls the budget an “empty conservative sermon” and “fairy tale” and says it will “do nothing to reverse the nation’s economic decline and arrest its fiscal collapse.”
    Stockman also rails against the new “Wall Street-coddling” bailout Republicans like Ryan, who stand by and let the Federal Reserve fix interest rates, encourage speculators, crush savers, encourage overconsumption, and punish thrift.
    Specifically, Stockman observes, Ryan’s “phony” budget plan:
    a) Maintains Defense spending that is nearly twice the $400 billion (adjusted for today’s dollars) that General Eisenhower spent in the 1960s
    b) Shreds the safety net provided by $100 billion in food stamps and $300 billion in Medicaid
    c) Does not cut one dime from Medicare or Social Security for another decade
    d) Includes no serious plan to create jobs
    e) Radically cuts taxes on the richest Americans while eliminating tax breaks that mostly help the middle class
    f) Fails to even consider a “value-added sales tax,” which is the only way the country can begin to climb out of its budget hole
    In short, Stockman says, Ryan’s plan is “devoid of credible math or hard policy choices.”
    Harsh words coming from a fellow Republican. But, then, today’s Republican party doesn’t look much like it did in Stockman and Reagan’s day.

  • Norm

    Here’s what everyone agrees on: Ryan and Obama include the same cuts to the Medicare program itself. So if you’re an insurance company participating in the Medicare Advantage program, you’re getting the same cut no matter who wins the election. The Advantage plans are government pay outs to insurance cos. and cost more than traditional Medicare.
    Romney/Ryan also add a trillion dollars to the defense budget. And they have trillions of dollars in tax cuts they haven’t explained how they’re going to pay for. So those decisions make future cuts to Medicare more likely. Meanwhile, Obama cuts defense spending by hundreds of billions of dollars, raises about $1.5 trillion in new taxes, and puts all that money into deficit reduction. So that makes future Medicare cuts less likely.

    • Alex

      President Obama is reelected…

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Thats not going to happen Alex. Just like he was going to make the economy better in 4 years? Hmmm. What was it, 4.6 unemployment, now they say it is 10, but we all know its more like 15 percent. Hmmm.

  • Pat Alexander

    Coconut head racist obama demonizes you because he is a marxist that hates half of the white cracker he is and hates all of the whole white cracker you are!

    • Alex

      You sound like one of Sharon Angle’s “Second Amendment Remedy” losers—CALM DOWN, Beavis!!

  • Abraham Silverstein

    Mitt Romney Is An Agent Of The State Of Israel
    By Christopher Bollyn

    Seen at

    Mitt Romney and the 9-11 Cover-Up
    July 31, 2012

    The $100 million that Adelson pledged to donate to Romney in order to get Obama out of the White House is the oil in the wheels of Romney’s election campaign.
    - “In Jerusalem speech, it was Romney’s voice but Netanyahu’s words,” by Barak Ravid, Ha’aretz, July 30, 2012
    Seen at

  • JR

    Thanks, John. I, too, am a dual US-Canadian citizen, and former Albertan like you. The one reason I will vote for Romney is that we **could recover** from a Romney presidency. We will NEVER recover from an Obumbler second term. Also, I don’t want Obama appointing more Supremes. Again, Romney won’t be great, but at least there’s a chance his presidency wont be fatal to the country. Not so with Obumbler.

    • DaveH

      Death by Slow Cancer is still death, and a miserable one at that.

      • APN

        …and death without GOD is exponentially more miserable……..APN

  • sb36695

    So why did Mitt Romney pick Paul Ryan? It wasn’t an easy choice. Just maybe he’s ready to get down to business. We can HOPE!

  • Flashy

    Myers states the height of US history was in the 50′s. Obvious to anyone it was as Reagan took office and then proceeded to initiate the war on the Middle Class and implement policies and administrative tools which transferred the wealth from the many to the few.

    Clinton was successful in walling off this progressively increasing grab for wealth and power by the wealthy and Big Corporate America…then came bush II/Cheney who used the TP trilogy and garner the loudest most ignorant of the masses and shoved it down our throats.

    Obama is trying to grab back the power to the Middle Class…and the battle was renewed. We can see the obstructionist stances, the bought and paid for politicians, the blatant use of billionaire monies to buy the upcoming election. When the wealthy are against something, when they resort to blatant lies and whines of ‘woe is me’ all the while increasing the overall wealth of this nation into their hands .. it is alarming that there are so many who believe that our nation’s well being depends on creating an aristocracy and returning the Common man to the equivalent of 16th century peasantry…

    TPers like to say they are “patriots”….the question is…for what Cause?

    • Alex

      They keep chirping, “WEALTH creates jobs, Government does NOT” and then they start whining, “Where are the jobs from the Obama GOVERNMENT?” Ridiculous.

      The better question for them, as their belief system holds the people at the TOP responsible for job creation, is “Where are the jobs from ELEVEN YEARS of Bush Tax Cuts whose function was to CREATE JOBS?” They get VERY snippy when confronted with that…

      “Please, mommy, just one MORE tax cut–PLEEEASE! We will be good THIS time, mommy, PLEEEASE!! We won’t just SIT on our wealth and watch as it piles HIGHER this time, mommy—this time we WILL create jobs for the little people! HONEST, MOMMY!! We SWEAR to GOD and cross our tiny black hearts…”

      • widerstances

        yes. The job creators are sitting on piles of cash. hundreds of billions. Unprecedented levels. There are millions of jobs that are going unfilled. Companies need to invest in training since there are way too many people without the skills needed. Our job creators have allowed us to become WalMart Nation. Good luck with that.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Are you nuts? War on the middle class? I am the middle class, and I prospered during Ronald Reagans years, as we all did, which carried Clinton for his first 4 before he screwed it all up not paying attention to anything except his next intern and cigar. Gimme a break. I remember before Reagan was elected, having to pay like over 600 bucks on my taxes. Then Reagan enacted that it wasnt right to tax married couples who both work so much, and the next years, and each succeeding year under him, I got back over 1000 bucks every year. And I go back and look at my old check stubs, which I have kept since I started working, and I was taxed so much less under him. Now, lets roll forward my friend. Do the checking if you will. I look at my current check stubs over these last 2 years, and it seems I am seeing a lot more being taking out for taxes than I did when old G.W. was president. Gee, I wonder how that happened? Can you say “Democrat tax monsters, boys and girls”. Yeah, its kind of like that. Get out of here with your lies about Reagan attacking the middle class. Your lies arent going over with us who have an education about the truth. Your a pathetic little liar.

      • Johnny

        R than it was 20 years agoi under Reagan…..when reagan was president the minimum wage was like 3.35 an hour, it has managed to increase by 4.00 in 32 years…give me a break……CEOs of companies used to be paid 40 times what their employees made and now it is 100X or 1000X, and instead of profits going to pay the employees MORE money to better THEIR way of life, you have a few CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and all kinds of OTHER Os who make most of the money….NO I DO NOT feel sorry for rich people having to pay a little money in taxes….if you have to depend on churches or republicans helping you out when you are down, better to just grab your gun and blow your brains out… is always the church going, bible thumping republicans, talking about God and Jesus and blah blah blah who are the heartless ones who want people to suffer, take away food from the poor, mothers and children, cut money from wic, food stamps, medicaid so rich people can have more money, another jag or whatever…..I hear republicans CRYING over a 3.9% tax increase on income over 250K, which means someone with 1 million in income would pay an additional 3.9% on 750K, which is $29250.00 and then 40K on each miilion after that, sounds like a lot doesnt it…….it is.,….it is a LOT of money that our treasury ISNT getting that it USED to get

        • Greg

          wow such vile and hatred and yet so wrong.

          • Sol of Texas

            Greg — I believe the compensation for executives should be determined by the shareholders and the board of directors. I think that 10-20x the average employee compensation package has historically been demonstrated to lead to optimal executive performance. Excess profits should be treated as retained earnings for expansion, insurance against setbacks, or should be distributed as modest merit bonuses to deserving employees, but the largest balance should be returned to the shareholders in the form of dividends.

            What amazes me is that both individual shareholders and institutional investors continue to sleep walk through history and do not adequately monitor the shenanigans their executive staffs pursue.

            This is not so different from how the state governments and individual citizens monitor the public sector elected officials and bureaucrats.

          • Greg

            Sol of Texas, whether I agree or disagree with you is moot. If companies agree to certain compensation and people agree to invest in that company that’s up to them, If investors don’t like it and believe what you believe then they should find a different company that follows their philosophy, that’s the beauty of free-market system, you can choose to run your company anyway you want just as you can work for any company you want or invest in any company you want. Once I start deciding what any company should or shouldn’t do, we no longer live in a free society.

          • Sol of Texas


      • Smilee

        I think you need glasses, they even reduced SS & Medicare withholdings as well as income taxes but of course this was done by Congress and the president signed it even though we had to borrow the money to make up the difference, at least Obama wanted to increase the taxes on those over a quarter million in income which would have helped some with the debt. You need to change your W-4!!!

    • uvuvuv

      obama hates the middle class. when his mother went from being an obscure & underpaid anthropologist in indonesia to working for the rockefeller foundation, so that she could afford an actual bungalow to live in instead of some dirt floor hut, he could scarcely hide his contempt from her. read the dave maraniss biography. i think i’m the only person who has read it.

    • Dale left coast

      Flashey . . . you must be tuned in to a DIFFERENT CHANNEL than the rest of us living in the O’bammy mess. I seem to remember a different world . . . 2007 . . . last Bush budget . . . 160 BILLION Deficit . . . Unemployment around 6% . . . Then the Dimmicraps took over congress and the O took over in 09. Four consecutive 1.5 TRILLIION Deficits, no Budget in 4 years . . . and the Pinocheo in the WH lies like a sidewalk every time he speaks. Didn’t the Clinton Comm. Reinvestment Act create the housing bubble that destroyed the US and global economy?

  • Dorothy Whalen

    John Myer ~ that is a defeatist attitude, and I am surprised at you. There has been too much government control in the last three + years and it has taken this nation down ~ but not out yet, not by a long shot. The American people will fight for what this country represents, and the Romney / Ryan team will get us back on track, because they too, Believe In America. It is the people’s country, and we do have the power to change all that has been undone, under the direction of BO and his Czars. How this person ever got into Office ( or those fancy colleges ) is beyond explanation, but the agenda was and is a definite plan to undermine our way of life. There is a very large and strong force in this country, called “The Silent Majority” ~ and we gave the other side their chance, their four years, and look what has happened, but don’t think for one minute that it cannot be restored. yes, it will take time, but the first breath of fresh air will come when these two fine upstanding citizens and family men are sworn in as President and Vice President of the United States. So stop the ‘poor me’ and get on the Band Wagon, as We The People Take Back Our Country ~ “In God We Trust!”

    • nc

      Dorothy, Romney/Ryan are going to the same Republican type Convention that bush/cheney went to and swear homage to the same Republican platform and be beholden to the same big money that bush/cheny were tied to, The promises of a “better America” will be the same but lets all hope we don’t end up with SAME weak economy that Ryan has admitted was LEFT to Obama to fix following two bush/cheney conventions! Not to mention the unpopular wars that followed the first bush/cheney convention!

      • Dale left coast

        Same convention? No, I think they are going to the 2012 Convention. . . . lol
        The O started with a weak economy . . . you bet . . . but only a marxist lieberal could take a weak economy and make it a DEPRESSION ! ! !

  • widerstances

    I don’t care what you feed it. That dog ain’t gonna hunt. Ryan is a purebred career politician looking out for his own interests and the interests of those who fill his campaign coffers. We are doomed from the left and the right.

  • M

    Yeah, we get it – we’re down to a Socialist Party vs. the Democratic Party. There is no longer a true Republican or Conservative group. America has changed – we get that too. But, enough with the negativity. Let’s focus on the positive, shall we.

    Can’t find any? Then, keep looking! Are you still fricking alive?? How about that for starters…

    • DaveH

      Actually, M, the Republican Party was founded on Mercantilism 160 years ago. It never was the Party of Small Government that so many people have been Propagandized to believe:

      • M

        Way to get the point of my message there Dave…..

      • APN

        DaveH Said: Actually, M, the Republican Party was founded on Mercantilism 160 years ago. It never was the Party of Small Government that so many people have been Propagandized to believe

        SHAZAAM!!!! How did you ever get this brilliant DaveH??? Were you born this DUMB or did it take you 60+ years to get this STUPID? Well ofcourse, no political party “believes” in “limited” government!!! Not even your professed “Libertarians”!!!! Put them in power and in less than a 40 years you will have the same CRAP we have today! In fact, they would be shooting ME because my dog crapped in their yard!!!

        Place your VERY blind trust is something that is PERMANENT not TEMPORARY, as in GOD and not this VERY corrupt world we live in. You spout RON PAUL as the “Great Savior” of this VERY temporary planet we live on, and expect what??? Something different, are you kidding me??????

        WORLDLY stupidity my friend is a VERY HARD thing to overcome! When “People” are involved in your “Faith”, well, GOOD LUCK, el stupido.

      • DaveH

        How many years did it take you to figure out that Santa Claus was a myth? I’m assuming you did eventually figure it out.

      • APN

        Not many DaveH, Santa is for foolish Children but GOD is for ADULTS, something you seem to be lacking.

  • David Dowding

    I agree America is in decline. We have lost our core pride. Wall street insists on quarter over quarter profits and 2 digit growth as indicators of corporate strength. If anyone thinks government is going to fix this problem, they are delusional. The only hope we have is if the American people take control over there own actions. We have to understand the government has no interest in the common women or man. The average Congress person or Senitor is interested in lining there pockets with special interest money and voting policy that will ensure their family is covered for life. The only hope we have as American’s is for every capable man and women to take charge of their own destiny. Start small business’s that manufacture goods in America. Stop going to Walmart. Buy American made goods whenever possible. Vote incumbents out and demand accountability. We are entitled to nothing, but we still live in a country that the average person can achieve great things. I intend on creating a great future for me and my family and will not expect the government to do anything to help me.

    • The Christian American

      The King James version of the bible says in 1Tim 6:10, For the love of money (even if it’s counterfeit) the root of all evil. That is certainly proving to be true.

  • Bill McGivern

    What is so upsetting here is that John has given up. Maybe if he and the rest of his
    generation were less concerned about themselves and didn’t sit by as a voyuer watching
    the Titanic hit the iceberg, we wouldn’t be in this mess. But he is a “BIG BRAIN” blogger
    who will tell us how we are doomed yet not do a [expletive deleted] thing about it. I for one am sick of this negative [expletive deleted] and would respectfully ask you to get the HELL out of the U.S. and let us rot on our own. However when we turn this around and we will don’t come back ever. It would have been nice if you did something about other than recognize the problem but
    never present a solution. You should be very proud of your selfish self. Good luck in hell.

    • The Christian American

      Maybe: But don’t rule out martial law. The way things are going it’s a real possiblity.

  • CB

    We don’t need John Myer’s negatism . He is still whining because Ron Paul did not gather enought votes to be the GOP pick.
    If Romney doesn’t have a chance to at least start the turn around, just what is Myers suggesting? This Country is indeed doomed with another Obama term. Perhaps, we can not go back to the Leave it to Beaver days, but we, as voters, can replace the current mistake and hire another President. I believe that the double R team will at least try to improve the economics of the Country. Come on Ron Paul followers, lend your support to defeat Obama.

  • MNIce

    “Do not put your trust in princes,
    Nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help.
    His spirit departs, he returns to his earth;
    In that very day his plans perish.” — Psalm 146:3-4

    This nation is in decline because the people have misplaced their trust. Instead of seeking God’s will and working hard to benefit our neighbors (and earning our own living in exchange), the vast majority of the people seek their own pleasure and too many of them bend their efforts to using the government to steal from their neighbors. Instead of placing their confidence in God, too many people look to the government to provide their version of Utopia; whether it be a socialist cocoon or libertarian paradise, they lay their goals at the government altar. They forget that government is made of mere men like themselves, and ask too much. The socialists tempt the politicians to theft, and the libertarians demand the government lead the people to freedom while apparently failing to realize that the people must follow the leader to get there.

    He who would be free of the control of others must first learn to control himself. But that is impossible if your belief system is centered in the works you do, or in nothing in particular, for you will soon give in to temptation. Only when you are constantly mindful that you are beloved of God, Who Himself paid the price His justice demands for our rebellion, only then will you do your work for the love of God and your neighbors whom He also redeemed. This is what John Adams meant when he wrote, “This system is wholly unfit for any other than a religious people.” He was not writing about Muslims or Hindus, he was writing about Christians. This is not to say the Muslims, Hindus or even atheists cannot function well in our society, but unless the great majority are followers of Jesus Christ and set the example for others by exercising their freedom with self-restraint and love for God and neighbor, we will find ourselves in exactly the mess we presently have – declining and headed for dictatorship.

    The writer says it is hard to imagine a Congress worse than what we have at present. Is he also afflicted with the memory deficiency that afflicts the left? Has he already forgotten the abuses of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi triumvirate that only two years ago was running roughshod over the Constitution and sneering at the rights of the people? Whatever we may think of the Republican majority in the House, they have at least been able to mount a rear guard action against the destroyers of freedom. Has he forgotten to thank God for granting us at least that small, undeserved mercy?

    God blessed this nation in its earlier years because the vast majority of its people sought to live according to His will, even though they often failed, and often misunderstood. But when we grew proud and arrogant, and our theologians began to place themselves and atheist dogma masquerading as “science” in judgment over God’s word, we withdrew ourselves from His blessings. Instead of taking personal responsibility for the stewardship of the liberty He gave us, we indulged in libertinism. Instead of gratefully learning and holding fast to heavenly wisdom with profoundly practical earthly application, we embraced folly and chasing after the wind. Should we be surprised that venal and corrupt men have replaced the Rule of Law with their petty tyrannies? Should we be amazed that people have became lazy and dependent on handouts from smooth-tongued vote-buying robbers and con artists?

    Let us by all means seek leaders who will respect our rights, who view their positions as God-given opportunities to serve us rather than venues for imposing their opinions and desires on everyone else. But let us seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. America is a land teeming with lost sheep, and the wolves are feasting on them. It’s time to call them back to the Good Shepherd, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Amen. I couldnt have said it better. To those of us who truly know Him, and have accepted Him into our hearts, He has opened our eyes and ears, and we know and see the truth, as He has revealed it to us. But those still in the darkness do not understand, and they seek all that glitters is gold, they think that money and fame and fortune will make them happy, and then they get them, and they find the search goes on, because it will not fill you. Until one has Christ, one will remain empty,until that hole is filled, and the search will go on. Like the Good Book says, “There is a way to a man that seems right, and it is the way of death”, but the ways of the Lord are everlasting life in Peace. I am blessed that I have that Peace, and can recognize, as you do also, as to why things are in the state they are in. Peace to you my brother.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Your totally negative outlook is not based on any facts. You are scare mongering just like Obama and his Comrades. Shame on you and every one who reads and writes on this site that is nothing more than a shill for Ron Paul who can and will never get elected to anything other than Dog Catcher in his local county.

  • Sunny

    Welcome to a culture where right and wrong have taken such a beating they are no longer recognizable. Can one man turn this around? No. It is up to US. But really, God is the issue. He is the only one who can push back the raging tide of moral relativism and secularism. Time is not on our side. We need God’s wisdom, courage, and strength for the journey ahead. May We the People rise up and fight back against that which is wrong and rediscover the God of the Bible who created us in the first place.

  • nc

    Mr. Livinston, I apologize for directing my remarks on Mr. Myers column toward you!

  • Richard Vandervort

    Well, Hello to the new Dumded Down American’s of the world!
    Stupidity has proven to be alive and well in America and to tell the truth it’s perfecting it self from the distraught belief that were smart.
    What I’m trying to say here is that as long as you’ll deal with company’s the buy China junk and other foreign country products your putting yourself out of work.
    America became the greatest nation on earth by being the greatest industral on earth and not by being the biggest user nation that we’ve become..
    I don’t care who you put in office in Washington as long as they promote doing business with foreign countries while catering to big business profits nothing will change for the American worker.
    If you think the other country’s are our friends your no smarter then a rock because their only intrest is your dollar and nothing more.
    We can’t even produce the parts for our own missile defence system to keep you safe so what’s wrong with America “?” you be the judge.
    Until we return to being producers instead of users we’ll seal our own fate and that’s being defeated in the end.
    Buy American or not at all if you want to see real hope and change in America.

  • http://facebook Marvery

    You have two choices- Sink or Swim!

  • Stuart Shepherd

    So true!! Also true- “When times get tough the tough get going!!”

  • John

    Obama is the “Trojan President” put in place by the absolute support of George Soros and other entities with tremendous wealth. Obama hates the American way and with Soros as his mentor ( who prides himself on pure evil and “nation busting”) he will destroy America from the “Inside-Out”. He promised the exact opposite of what he has done. He is a muslim and never forget that the muslim belief is that the end justifies the means and with that as his roadmap to destruction, he will continue on this path. Romney is only the first bite of the elephant that we must take in order to eventually consume it, and that may not happen in our lifetime, but we can not leave this world before we do everything we can to make it better for our children and theirs and beyond. Ron Paul may be the best candidate, but he is climbing Mt Everest with no preotective gear!

  • Elton Harwell

    John – I see you have joined the WAE (World Association of Elitests – an offshoot of the WACL, World Association of Chicken Littles). Starting with the Mayflower occupants, this nation has, and will continue, to pull itself up by its own bootstraps. I will not argue with your analysis of decades of decline – since we were blessed with The Reagan Leadership. Give us Liberty or give us death is still the fabric of good Americans, and, we will prevail.

  • DAK

    This isn’t a Democrat, Republican, Independant, Green or any political party’s problem and we shouldn’t look to any of them to fix it. The problems facing this country are many and diverse, some minor some major and some aren’t really problems as much as symptoms, same as a runny nose is a symptom of a cold and while snot running down your face is a problem, the solution isn’t just to wipe it away.

    As long as we, the voting population, allow the powers in Government (from state-level to federal) to maintain the status quo, nothing will change and it will take a gress-roots effort from a majority of U.S. citizens to force them to see it our way. As long as we can be divided along D vs R, black vs white, upper-class vs middle- vs lower-class, rich vs poor, Northerners vs Southerners, East vs West, California liberals vs New England Conservatives or whatever, nothing will change. It shouldn’t be any of these vs any other of these but rather Americans united against any and all who want us to fail.

    What do we all want? Reguardless of political party, color of our skin, male or female, young 20-somethings or older 70-somethings? I think we all want the same things and if it were broken down into the basics, it would be a short list.

    Freedom to do as we please as long as we observe the rights of others and we are willing to accept the responsibility of our own actions. (Both the rewards as well as the failures or punishment of said actions.) We know life isn’t fair, that sometimes people that don’t deserve to even have a cake get the icing, but we still want the World to be as fair as possible. A level playing field, an equal shot at the brass ring.

    We want our work to mean something, our life to mean something, and when we’re gone for our family and friends to say good things about us. We want to have a purpose here on Earth and we want our children to have it easier than we did ourselves.

    We want hard work to be rewarded and laziness not to be. We reap what we sow kind of thing and if a person wants to be lazy, then that is their right and their problem. Some people might be happy being lazy and just having enough to get by is good enough and who is anyone else to disagree?

    We all know there are certain people who are determined to rule other people. This gives them a sense of importance, (because they lack the inner strength to realize true power and importance comes from within) a sense of being “better.” A sense of control and that is what rules their lives. The desire to control others. This is not a D or an R thing, a Progressive or a Conservative thing, a Left or a Right thing… it is just people and those with that drive will assume whatever label required to achieve their goal of power and control.

    As long as we, the voters, allow ourselves to be divided, they will realize their goal of power and control. Makes no difference if it an iron fist or a kid glove, they are still in control and we are still being controlled. We will continue to get scraps while they get the meal, the bones while they get the meat. My point is, one cannot control many without help from those being controlled and as long as we continue fighting, bickering and getting caught up in useless name-calling amoung ourselves, the ones in charge will still be in charge and nothing will change.

    Would you agree the Rulers in Government have it fairly easy? They get to vote their own pay and allowances, make their own rules, they lie to us voters a hundred times a day and twice as much on Sundays, they get a top-of-the-line retirement (that they themselves voted for!) and they don’t have to produce results for their “hard” work or the lack of it. (Just try that at your job and see how long it takes you to find yourself out of work!) Now, let me ask you this: Why would those Rulers want to risk loosing all that? Why wouldn’t they tell us whatever it took to keep themselves in power? Why wouldn’t they cheat, steal, and lie to keep their golden job? Why would they want to work like the rest of us where if you do not perform, you’re out on the street?

    The Democrats DO NOT have all the answers, neither do the Republicans and those are just labels anyway, same as Progressives or Conservatives. It takes a mix, a balance of powers to run a true course.

    Just my two cents.

  • Marc

    What do you think of Mitt Romney, ( Commander in Chief ), would have on the country if he was elected President? The Vietnam war conflict, the draft and Mitt Romney’s father, Michigan Gov. George W. Romney, sending his son Mitt Romney with a 2 year defernment to France to do missionary work for the Morman Church. When that was up he gets a high draft number when he comes back to the United States to avoid being drafted into military service. So, here is a coward who chickened out from serving his country when called on. Now he is going to turn around when he becomes Commander in Chief and send young men and women overseas to sacrifice their lives while his 5 sons stay behind and enjoy the finer things in life just because the voluntary military had replace the draft. He sure as hell won’t want to change that. Mitt Romney was a coward then and is a coward now He doesnot deserve the title of Commander and Chief. From a concerned Army veteran during the Vietnam War Conflict who served his country proudly from 1968-1971. Check out

  • Sunny

    I feel sorry for white people. You are so brain washed that you can’t see anything but hatred and those that can see more are so scared that you will never do anything to help your people see the truth. I’m glad I don’t belong to a race of haters. You people will vote for anyone that eforces your hate. That’s what wrong with America, and it will never stand a chance against countries with a lesser degree of hate. Hate destroyes, the time for building a country off of hate is over. This country can be restored, but as long as the Republican Party get you to vote against your interest using hate you will never make the correct decisions. You hate blacks, poor whites, gays, education, etc. What about the coporate welfare, you haven’t even discussed the topic. Aren’t you tired of yourselves?

    • M

      No Sweets – we’re just tired of ignorant individuals like yourself. Go get a free education – courtesy of the taxpayers. And, pick up a dictionary on your way.

  • Eddie G.

    I’m 68 and remember well when everything was made in America. We exported a lot and imported little. Didn’t have to import,we were a big self sustaining free country capable of bringing the world into the 21st century with a whole lot of yankee ingenuity. Change came with radical environmentalism and politicians buying into such nonsense that the lack of energy production has left industries unable to function. Between union demands and environmental regulation,industries had no choice but to get out of dodge. They were being regulated and taxed out of existence in their home country. Union labor costs soared to be unsustainable and until the repeal of excessive government regulations along with the enforcing alphabet soup agencies being defunded, this country is doomed to either being under a dictatorship if the voters remain stupid as they were in 2008 or without a downsized government will remain a WalMart economy going nowhere. We currently have the worst POTUS in our history since Jimmy Carter and a horrendous Congress under Dirty Harry Reid. Along with Harry, the long termers need voting out. Dick Lugar was a good start in Indiana after his do nothing 37 years and there’s more of his ilk regardless of party that need the boot. A little sunshine here through what has been stagnant gloom for 4 years is Joe Biden debating Paul Ryan. Joe has been around over 36 years and like Lugar has accomplished zero. Expert in foreign policy my patootie, he’s been Veep for four years and our foreign policy is the worst in 200 years. It’ll be nice to see Ryan make a horse’s fanny out of Biden. Couldn’t happen to a nicer useless Senator and Veep. He’s a perfect example of what is the whole trouble with our elected in Washington. Ron Paul is a staunch Constitutionalist and it’s the constitution our Founders gave us is what forged the America I used to know, and it’s my hope Romney listens to him. I think Ryan would, so there might just be hope after all, way more than Mr Hopey Changey delivered as the fraud that he is.

  • gunner689AI

    The strength of America in the 20th century was the middle class tax paying citizen. The middle class was built from our strong mfg. base and our ability to transport and sell goods and services. Thanks to the unions greed and the powers that be in gvt. almost all of that work has been shipped overseas. I believe that gvts. thought was that trading partners would’nt go to war and the world would be a more peaceful place. Well we’ve seen how that worked out. While ChiCom and India grow and prosper America is slowly dying. It’s called the Law of Unintended Circumstances. We need leaders who are truly dedicated to putting America first and brining those jobs back to our shores. If that can happen it would require a drastic cutback on gvt. regulations, less restrictive taxes on businesses, reduction in union powers, and incentives for new businesses to start up on our shores. I hope we’re not too far down the road to socialism and this is truly the “New Reality”. It doesn’t bode well for our children’s future.
    BO is not the answer, but like gvt. is the problem.

    PC is BS



    • Benjamin Franklin

      Well, hello John, You know Romney is Mormon and they believe that they will become gods and each have their own planet to rule. Maybe Mitt thinks it’s his turn and Earth is his planet, tsk ,tsk.

      Benjamin Franklin

      • Mimi

        With all due respect your comments are incredibly stupid. Romney being a Mormon, and your attack because of it, is scurrilous. It is Romney’s record that’s important. If you’d rather have a radical Muslim adherent, just say so. If you didn’t have enough of it in the past 4 years, you are hopeless.

  • gemmom

    Well, I beg to differ. If people were doing their homework, and had been following along with politics and what our presidents and congressmen were doing, as well as everyone else in the White House during each administration, with watchdog groups really watching, and couldn’t be paid off for their silence, we would probably be doing way better. We would have seen alot of our elected and non-elected officials going to jail. I really do believe we have very corrupt people who are out to take over our country, and the door was opened to them because of a wayward people who didn’t have a watchman. The watchmen that we do now have are being shunned and ignored because of the main stream media, and who controls the main stream media. These watchmen, who are good souls who do care about our nation happen to be religious and have values they want to protect, such as the freedom to worship how we choose, and a better world for our children. But because of the lack of knowledge or insight, as well as intelligence some of these politically involved individuals have led people astray with their comments, as I have heard these competitors, including the media, slander these good people for their dedication towards their religion. The people that have been slandered are steadfast, honorable people who have excellent track records. The religions that have been discredited the most have been religions that were born or brought here to America during its birth. When Obama ran for president, no one questioned his religious affiliation, as a matter of fact, I never saw anyone doing much to question it or get upset over it. It was pretty much kept hush, hush by the main stream media, and it was not a religion that was “American.” And because no one made him out to be “religious,” he was accepted. The point is, not to bash our president for his choice of religion, but that other candidates are being bashed for their choice to be “religious.” What are people afraid of? Are they afraid of worship, or of God, or of becoming a better people? As long as a person doesn’t push their religious agenda onto others, everything is cool, right? If a Muslim president can be accepted, then surely any religion can be accepted, but the point I’m trying to make, is that our nation seems eager to bash a candidate because they are “religious.” Take Michelle Bachman for example. She has been bashed by the main stream media for being religious, yet she has a brightness and intelligence about her, with realistic and intelligent solutions to the problems our country is facing. But because she was considered to be “religious”, (I doubt it mattered what religion she belonged to) she was shunned not just by the main stream media, but by American citizens. The same goes for Mitt Romney, who, like Michelle, is an outstanding individual with intelligence and insight. Our country has gone down to the depths of despair, and lost its values because “religious values” have been shunned by main stream Americans. It stands clear to reason, that our nation is in the condition it is in because God has not been a part of the lives our our leaders or our people. How else do we earn the title: “The Most Corrupt Nation On Earth?” People cannot vote properly when they do not have values that are there available to restore and rebuild. And as long as people do not have the bible and God in their lives, they will not know what is right, and they have not educated themselves in that direction, therefore, they do not have the truth in them. We have become a very corrupt nation because of it. We cannot and will not get our nation back by electing smooth talkers, who can get away with slamming other candidates for simple things. We will not get our nation back when we continue to shun good people, who were born and raised on American soil, and who do see what direction our nation is going. Personally, I do feel that Mitt Romney will not follow along with what past presidents have done for several reasons. He will make decisions that are honest and will take away the corruption and secret combinations in the White House that are becoming a threat to our very well-being. The people of this nation need to know the truth, and they need to know that there is a better road to follow other than the path our country is on now. Yes, much damage has been done for the past few decades, and it will take a master engineer to get it back on track. I believe MItt Romney will do that, because he does not have corrupt values, and will not think, or reason, or approve of corruptness, like what our past several presidents have done. God will not protect a nation that turns their hearts away from him. Our nation actually does need religious people to lead it. There is an opposite to all things. God is intelligence. Satan is the father of lies. If people watch carefully, read the bible, and turn away from sin, they will be able to begin to see which is which. I’m not saying anyone should be forced to believe, but I am saying that our country does need to smarten up and quit voting our good people out. I believe Mitt Romney will do what he says he can do, and all good people (who are not corrupt) will back him.

  • kirk

    the CFR-said in 1973, that tehy would take over by conquest or consent – that was in “foreign affiars magazine, since then we have moved closer and closer to one world government and we seem not to care. The Bible predicts that there will be a global government in the tribulation. What is necessarty is a revolution ,but that is not happening here,we must hope that we make it through to christ returns and we need to help stand for freedom and fight the nwo. thanks.

    • Benjamin Franklin

      Kirk, Please, please , please show due respect, Christ, not christ. GOD in the guise of man. god is Allah, but the Great I am is God and his mortal form was and is and will always be Christ. GOD bless and have a glorious day.

      Benjamin Franklin

  • Norm

    romney + ryan = hypocrite
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has been one of the harshest critics of President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus plan. But months after Congress approved the nearly $800 billion package, the Wisconsin lawmaker was trying to steer money under the program to companies in his home state.
    Rep. Ryan wrote letters in 2009 to Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis seeking stimulus grant money for two Wisconsin energy conservation companies. One of them, the nonprofit Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp., later received $20.3 million from the Energy Department to help homes and businesses improve energy efficiency, according to federal records.
    In a letter to Chu in December 2009, Ryan said the stimulus money would help his state create thousands of new jobs, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That contrasted with his public statements denigrating the stimulus program as a “wasteful spending spree.” It also conflicts with his larger federal budget proposal, which would slash Energy Department programs aimed at creating green jobs.

  • Arizona_Don

    John Myers:

    Perhaps Romney will not bring back Norman Rockwell as you say, we all know that is impossible anyway. However, Romney is the last great hope for America at this point in time. Frankly, I’m not concerned about Norman Rockwell. I am concerned about where Obama is taking this country and it does not appear to be anywhere desirable to most of us. Without leadership the greatest ship in the world would go adrift the US has under Obama. There have, many times before, been times when it was said things were not possible but the thing that makes the United States of America great is we do not listen to the can’t we inspire the wills and can do’s. You as an American may serve well to remember that!

    My questions to you are not new. If not Romney, who? In not now, when?

    Most of us, a very large majority in fact, refuse to lie down and give up. We as a nation have faced many tribulations in the past, some seemed more difficult then the current crises at the time. We have managed to not only survive in the past but flourish. This great country can and will not only survive but thrive again with the right leadership and Romney is to be that leader. Furthermore I believe that Romney has got the chance to become a great president, and its all because he may very well follow the worst president we’ve ever experienced in our 236 years as a freedom loving nation. What obama forgot is being elected is only a very small part of being a president and has nothing to do with being a “good or great” president. The real part is knowing why you were hired and knowing what is expected of you, putting a plan into action to correct the things causing the problems while showing leadership. Making excuses by placing blame on others was not going to do the job as we could see from the outset. Perhaps obama viewed getting there as all the requirement once there let the good times roll at least in retrospect it appears that way. But that was and is totally wrong!

    • Benjamin Franklin

      Don’t count me out, I’m alive and kicking and cruising for a bruising of that destroyer of the American peoples furniture in the White house as he scuffs everything with his big brogans. I will hand him a bottle of “Old English” furniture polish and after wards pick up a broom and sweep him and his whole Administration into the gutter where they belong. Write me in Nov. 6, I need approximately 140,000.000 to put me over the top.

      Benjamin Franklin

    • Laith

      From 2001-2007 we had a Republican hold on Washington, you know what happened. Tell me the differences between Romney and Bush and Republican Congress now and then and why you expect a different result? If you follow the Ron Paul revolution from 2000, 2008 and now it is growing exponentially and this country is too great for Obama-Pelosi-Reed to bring down. The Republican party has abandoned us, it is time to leave them alone

      • Mimi

        Your facts are wrong Laith. So some research, it was the Democrats in the majority.

        • Smilee

          Wrong, the GOP controlled the house and senate and had the presidency from January 01 until Jan 07, The Democrats won in the 2006 election and took office in Jan 07, its a matter of record

    • The Christian American

      If I had to compare Romney to anyone, I’d pick Bush the shrub. We all know what he did to the country.

      • gunner689AI

        yeah, he save America from further attacks from the Muslim animals. During his last year in office unemployment was under 5%, gas was about $2.50/gal, National Debt was a third of what it is now. Compare this to what BO has done in his 4 yr. reign of incompetetency.

  • Donna Bell

    NIce that you are being so negative. Romney is clearly better than Obama, but your negativity about him just helps secure this for Obama. And, when will you get off of the Ron Paul thing. It is not going to be Ron Paul, but once again, your nonsense just helps secure it for Obama. If Obama wins, you folks can stand up and say, we did this for you Comrade Obama. When are you people going to wise up? Romney may not be able to fix this mess, but by golly, he is the only one available who can turn it around.

    • Benjamin Franklin

      Donna, mah Belle, read my comment to Dave about an hour or so ago, Not one other candidate can hold a candle to what i want for the American people.

      Benjamin Franklin

    • The Christian American

      Romney’s better if you prefer a Fascist over a Communist. Romney wants private ownership with government controls while Obama believes in government ownership government control. They both believe in a foreign policy that is sure to get us into WW111. Romney cuddles up to the Zionist for political reasons while Obama is up for sale to whoever gets him elected. They both have a negative view on auditing the Federal Reserve and want to continue the printing of counterfeit dollars. They’re counting on the collapse coming after their terms are up. Hopefully Ron Paul made enough of an impact that his message will continue growing when either one of them is exposed for what they are.

  • Angel

    To: Dark_Archer – You are absolutely right. Please keep in mind that the Obama Administration is desparate at this time. The have to have paid hundreds if not thousands of people, to post these statements about Ron Paul and all the other people they want you to vote for. Spliting the vote is probably the only chance they have of coming close to winning. That and the felons released from prison who’s records have been purged so they might vote for him, They probably looked at Clinton’s bag of tricks (Ross Perot) that helped him get elected. They will keep getting worse until this election is over and we have law abiding Americans back in office. Sorry all you facists – we aren’t so easily deterred. Have a nice day.

    • Benjamin Franklin

      Angel, I am a Tea Party conservative Patriot and not a paid lackey to post, I have maybe $200.00 in bank from my military disability pension after paying bills and because of Obama’s rotten economy my work has slowed to a trickle, grossed $27.50 so far this week. If you and the rest of the true American citizens write me in, I will still be in the same financial straits as I will accept no salary as President for four years. Please be among the 140,000,000 I will need to put me over the top for my birthday gift and for a gift to all of America. Read my other comments. Thank you and GOD bless.

      Benjamin Franklin

  • The Christian American

    Hnaving read that article it is impossible to dispute what he has to say. However, people don’t go to a doctor until they admit they are sick. The people aspiring to run America know full well the only people they have to contend with are the 1 or 2% on either end of the political spectrum that are movers and shakers. The rest are like herds of cattle or sheep. Give them what could be a false sense of security and the would be leaders have rings in their noses. The sheep will circle when the wolves arrive. As long as the sheep on the outside af the circle are being eaten the ones on the inner circle feel secure.

    But as enlghtened people we owe to the rest to put a light in the church tower or ride like Paul Revere crying the godless socialist are coming. As far as Obama and Romney are concerned, they are book covers. What we do know is a glimpse at their histories tells us they see America as tool to achieve their personal goals: Period. The Constitution, the people’s wall against DC tyranny, will continue to be trampled on. God made possible the building of America but I find it hard to believe He’s there for the rebuilding, especially when we rally around a momon and a muslim. If the country is not interested in repentance, consider it for yourself. John 3:16

    • Sol of Texas

      “And it happens with this as the physicians say of
      consumption, that in the beginning of the illness
      it is easy to cure and difficult to recognize, but
      in the progress of time, when it has not been
      recognized and treated in the beginning, it becomes
      easy to recognize and difficult to cure.”
      — N. Machiavelli from ‘The Prince’ (c. 1513)

  • Sirian

    Bob Livingston,
    Please watch both of these – Part 1 & Part 2. I don’t know, you may have already seen them. Either way, I thought you would find it interesting. It may be a bit old but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. It gives another slice of insider info as to how the left has and is working – ACORN and the MSM are the prime examples in these.

  • KingKen

    The American century was the last century. Today, when you look around the world, read the newspaper, turn on the TV; there’s one thing that hits you right between the eyes– the world, the Church, mankind, is going through one of the most dangerous and difficult times in all of history. Sin is running rampant. Evil is in. Good is out. War, fear, uncertainty and terror are the commonplace realities of our day-! It seems it must be worse today than in the times of Noah…and we all know what happened then. Man today is bound and determined to be his own god; and refuses to acknowledge the God Who created him.

    • Sol of Texas

      Matthew 24:38 …
      For as in those days which were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark

  • Sol of Texas

    I believe if Obama wins then the decline of the US as a global cultural, educational, economic, and military power will accelerate.

    I believe if Romney wins the rate of decline will at best flatten out or decelerate.

    I like the idea of voting one’s conscience. I’ve done that the last 4 elections. Unfortunately, the government schools have conditioned people to believe there are only two viable parties. People have been conditioned to reject the Libertarian stand, although most people seldom understand it, but if they did then they probably would embrace it.

    A write-in is not likely to succeed due to the mechanics of the Electoral College.

    Those are the practical choices.

    Despite the “official numbers” the federal bureaucracies publish, the origins of this “neo-depression” began with the “dot com” bust ~2002. Many supposedly high paying “knowledge jobs” have since been out sourced overseas to India and China. Much of this is due to a combination of greed and our byzantine tax code.

    This exodus came into full effect around 2006 as housing construction and the real estate market severely weakened. This was the beginning of the financial crisis which led to TARP and “Quantitative Easing” (the destruction of US fiat currency by the federal reserve board). Since the way data is now collected and manipulated proves highly questionable (from the accuracy of the raw data as well as the methodology for computation), all “facts” published by the government about economic improvement or weakening is highly suspect.

    The author made clear we have a collective problem. The next question to ask: “Shall we behave as a flock of ostriches or a pride of lions?”

  • bearded1der

    A good and concise treatise here…dovetaIls with what talk host Josh Tolley (‘the Josh Tolley Show’, GCN Radio Network) has been saying for days now that it appears a sizeable number of Americans don’t want freedom, liberty and constitutional government by the fact they don’t care to be exceptional, don’t want to fight for justice and against tyranny, don’t seem to care at all what happens to anyone but themselves, want big government to pay for them ‘entitled’ or no, and seem to prefer someone else being responsible for anything – if not everything – we want no part of so we can continue the lifelong party / fling / game / denial-fest we’ve swallowed the past 40 years.

    Oh, what I meant to say is that those who are not of the Ron Paul mindset who do actually care about America’s real and constitutional restoration of law, liberty and limited government seem to not care; because the millions who understand that this election is shaping up to be 2008 all over again get that true leadership defines the candidate, and outside the fact Paul Ryan has some merit and value Romney is just using him to bolster the vote because – like ’08 – the presidential race was deadlocked prior to Ryan.

    When I see and hear Ron Paul himself say ‘I have vetted this team and it will work toward restoration of the America of our forefathers…and here is the plan which I endorse’ then I’ll change my mind. Until then, eyes continue their eagle-visioned scrutiny. Meanwhile eyes also on the throngs who will elect anything that isn’t what we have now at the mercy of electing principled leadership that will truly, truthfully and instantly turn our waywardness around; only Ron Paul has had that Constitutional plan, and too many have believed the great lie of him being unelectable. If the Constitution is unelectable, do we even have a country left?

  • chuckb

    romney can change the country and turn it around, but, will he? we have been invaded by entitlement immigrants mostly illegal, then add the ones we already have plus the bolshevik politicians that feed them. so the big question is, what does romney do. does he pack them up and head them south? most of the islands in the carribean are in poverty, mexico is doing better now that they have emptied their surplus poor back on us.

    the last four years of open border policy, that is we pretend we are securing the border, this administration has thrown up so many road blocks the border makes no difference.
    we cannot employ these people even if times were good, so we have a permanent class of poor un-employed illegal immigrants. our cities are crammed with the welfare society.
    so what does romney do? it is a losing proposition, you have to be a heartless dictator and force these people back to where they come from or you destroy this country by not doing so. the only winner is barry and the bolsheviks, they will get the illegal vote. and eventually bring on a civil war, we cannot sustain this country at this rate.

  • Laith

    To all those asking Ron Paul supporters and other Libertarians and old fashioned conservatives to vote for Romney

    From 2001-2007 we had a Republican hold on Washington, you know what happened. Tell me the differences between Romney and Bush and Republican Congress now and then and why you expect a different result?

    Then we can have a meaningful discussion

    • Mimi

      Your facts are wrong to start with. It wasn’t a Republican hold through 2007. The Democrats were in the majority, and they created the sub prime housing collapse. From there it was the Domino effect. George Bush tried to get oversight into Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. The Democrats blocked him! We have them to thank for government, union, and crony corruption. This current administration is probably the most corrupt in our history, which is amazing, because many were almost as much, but this one has taken it much further. That people can be so blind and deaf to what’s right in front of their noses, goes beyond belief, and yet it’s true. Half the population is either incredibly stupid, obtuse, uncaring, apathetic, and illiterate. It is the electorate that is the problem, having voted a completely incompetent, ideological zealot, inimical to the Constitution of the United States to the office of the presidency. At least Romney and Ryan, love this country, will work to preserve Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, instead of raiding it, as it has been all these years. And by restructuring, and balancing the budget, which hasn’t been done since Obama was elected to the office. And it’s high time the ‘Old Guard’ were retired with term limits, and no special benefits, or royal health benefits. They were supposed to be our citizen representatives, not our masters. No more voting themselves pay increases, nor different health plans, or the same pay they received during their tenure.

      • DAK

        1991-2001: D=45 R=55 O=0
        01-03: D=50 R=49 O=1
        03-05: D=48 R-51 O=1
        05-07: D=44 R=55 O=1
        07-09: D=49 R=49 O=1
        09-11: D=57 R=41 O=2
        11-03: D=51 R=47 O=2

        Looks like you didn’t remember who was in charge when either…

  • Benjamin Franklin

    No money, only guts
    I am not a person of wealth to butt heads in political debates and to openly declare my aspirations for putting America back on course and gain back the respect of other nations. To do this, I will need the American people to back me wholeheartedly. I am an honest man and as my ex wife once told me that I would be a very rich man if I were not afraid to step on others. I have served my country honorably in three branches of service and wear my Korea Veterans cap to remind people we are not the “forgotten vets” as the media has portrayed us. General George Washington was a write in candidate for the presidency so there would be no precedent on my part if I were to win that seat.

    Following are my plans for my platform, ” A much smaller and smarter government”.

    Alright America, as to my plan to bring our country back to an even keel and gain back the respect of other nations who have been Kow-Towed to by our change and hope so called president. His change is for a predominately homosexual government body and his hope is for tyrannical rule over us.

    As our forefathers instruct us in the Declaration of Independence to oust a form of government harming the people and install a new form. With your help we can initiate a form of selection, not election that will have no need of the electoral college, the biggest political crooks. In this manner, those in their peak both physically and mentally in the age group of 30 to 50, the first year may or someone else can submit their name to their district office where as thousands of names will be entered if not millions. Year two they will be screened by a panel of clergy to eject all undesirables. Year three tested by experts in all fields with process of elimination to arrive with one person from each state. These fifty in year four will enter a large chamber and each to a cubicle with computer and video-cam. Computer has another series of tests more stringent than previously taken, video cam is for eyes of world to pan cubicles to view facial expressions and body movements of those being tested. Highest scorer is new president with each lessening of scores to fill new government cabinet. The forty nine will have access to a large computer bank and they will be advisors and afilliates to the president. None will have a personal staff.
    Benjamin Franklin during those four years will, with out a salary put America back on course. First to obliterate Obamacare and since we are not in Russia dump the czars. Next we ” can” T.S.A., E.P.A., N.E.A. and any other agency not performing a real service. Everyone will be placed on a 13% flat tax. Make a million, pay 13%, make a thousand, pay 13% , no tax shelters or credits. If you are being paid a wage, you pay taxes. This will result in approximately an 80% reduction in the I.R.S. compliment with an option to continue working in uniform with U.S. troops returned from policing countries unwarranted to police our own borders against illegal entry.
    To countries the present administration has indebted us to for billions of dollars, inform them that what has been received is partial payment of what they owe us from WWII and to write it off. And, to those corporations that took advantage of us through NAFTA to utilize slave labor leaving minimal employment here that if they manufacture in other countries, they sell their products in other countries, not here and if they opt to return and pay the American worker a decent living wage, they are welcome. Where there is oil, drill and some of the more abundant petroleum properties are federally owned going against the constitution whereas the government is not to own property other than property deemed by the American people to be a National park or monument. All other such properties will be auctioned to the highest private American buyer, no foreign entities allowed.
    Upon learning that the United Nations are the issuers of social security numbers and have complete domination over the I.M.F. and the I.R.S. with American taxpayers picking up the major funding for it’s existence and that now it consist mainly of Islamic nations who would enslave us, I feel it time to pull the plug along with our hard earned tax dollars funding these Godless Idol worshipers and turn over to U.S. agencies activities that should be performed by them such as the issuance of S.S. numbers by the Social Security Administration. It is no wonder illegals are able to draw benefits with out ever having worked here. However, I do feel that those having lived here for a period of five years and are contributing to our nation to be schooled for a period of six months on U.S. History, cultures and our language and then sworn in as American citizens. Refusals to be deported with families.
    Welfare to be enacted by certain churches in each community with subsidization from the government. For those who are qualified by a physician appointed by the church, will receive supplementary assistance, all others advised to seek employment. (There will be some exceptions)

    Mr. Franklin will serve his four years (without salary as did President George Washington) to implement his plan and when his term has expired, put a petition on the internet for America to sign to end the two party system on a National level while maintaining on local and state levels to preserve a balance. This action will send the career politicians packing making way for fifty honest people being groomed to lead the people, not rule with salary approved by the people to a more abundant and brighter future and at the end of their four years receive a generous severance package making room for next 50 being groomed.

    What I have written here to be executed by the powers of the office will in fact cause all worthwhile proposals by other candidates to fall in place without the expense of a huge war chest. All that is needed is for America to wake up and head us in the right direction for a more prosperous and brighter future for coming generations to seek Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Taking note of the movie “Going Home”, that sometimes there is no home to go back to after returning from battle and no job. This has been ongoing for years, After returning from Korea I read in the want ads, “NO FEE FOR SPECIAL SITUATIONS”. The man had a long list of jobs that I was qualified for so I told him I was a Korea vet with a wife and two small children, would that qualify me for the “NO FEE”? He said it would not and that the no fee jobs were for relations out of work. After a few choice words with the fat slob, I paid the fee. If elected, I will have congress put into law that when a person is absent from employment due to deployment to foreign soil,his position to be filled by temporary employment until he is fully reinstated.

    Benjamin Franklin

  • http://yahoo Randy C

    He is right that it started around the 1950′s. It is no coincidence that is also about the time that christian prayer was took out of our schools and judicial approved murder (aka abortion) was passed, as well as students being taught that we were not created by God but crawled out if slime (what a bad joke). Ronald Reagan as well as the Bible tell us how to get our nation back.

  • Wil

    People,try to understand.I like Ron Paul,he does have some good ideas,but at this point,unless by some miracle he,rather than Romney,gets the nomination at the RNC,the write-in votes would merely be too little,too late.
    If we really want to make a change,the time to act would be before the primaries begin,to get the word out to the elites that we will no longer abide by their decisions on what two choices we have.
    IF we are still having free elections in 2016,start early,write petitions,be vocal,whatever it takes.As long as our choices are limited to D or R,the two-headed beast continues it’s destruction of America.

  • Fred Cope

    Mr Myers, Who thinks Romney ia our Savior? He is, however, a step in the right direcrion. We must be realistic, but never defeatist. Americans must first turn to God (individually and as a nation); have mind to work; train up our children; and stop depending on government. We must once agai declare our indepence, pu our shoulders to the wheel; and BELIEVE IN AMERICA. It won’t be easy, but giving up is no a solution. I pledge to help my three children equip my nine grandchildren with: (1) a love for God and Country, (2) a true education , (3) an understanding of self-reliance and “united we stand–divided we fall”, (4) and the rights and priviledges of true citizenship.

    • DAK

      Sir, let me begin by saying I agree with most of your post and I am here to answer your opening question as to who thinks Romney is our savior. ANYONE who is voting for Mitt just because he isn’t Obama. ANYONE who sweeps all Mitt’s negatives under the rug and refuses to even discuss those failures. ANYONE who would rather see this country fail than give an honest look at all the candidates. If “My Guy” can’t win, then no one will win… those types of people.

  • Mimi

    Mr. Meyers, can you be any more negative? Come on, don’t hold back. Anything, anyone, is better than the present occupant of the Oval office. Those of us who have half a brain, know that a lot of damage has been done in the last 100 years. But by your standards, you might as well hang yourself and be done with it. Stupid…..If the American Tea Party did what it did so successfully, get a grip! The people can make things happen. But they do need to be engaged. You sound like a liberal mole, trying to bring down the conservatives, anyway you can. I’m not falling for it. It won’t be easy, but we won’t give up. We are the people!!! The liberals can only win, if we abdicate our role, and let them.

    • John Myers

      Dear Mimi,
      Thank you for reading and for your comment. If you think I am too negative, I suggest you read: The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, by Paul Kennedy. It is a classic book about empires that rise and then fail. You can order it from
      John Myers

      • Sol of Texas

        Johno –

        It is an excellent book. Especially for those ignorant of history … it should prove very insightful.

    • Average Joe

      Mimi ,

      “Those of us who have half a brain, know that a lot of damage has been done in the last 100 years.”

      I believe that you have hit on the problem facing America…people with half a brain…

      Best Wishes,

  • Mary

    Romney does not have a clue about being President. He is always evasive when asked a serious question about anything. He flip flops on every issues, depending on which group he is speaking to. He thinks he will win this election because he is a white conservative male. All he does is walk around looking pretty while bashing Pres. Obama. He said he has his foreign bank accounts in a blind trust and he did not manage them therefore he did not know how much money was there. There is a video of him in the early 2000s when he was running for MA Governor, bashing his opponet about have a blind trust saying it was just a way to get out of paying taxes. ( didn’t we all think that about Romney) Frankly, I do not think Romney even manages his own check book or his business investiments he lives off of. I can imagine he has a financial advisor to do all of that. LIke he said he is unemployed and I for one hope he stays that way. Please keep him away from the tax payers trillions. He cannot even manage his millions. He is probably the sorriest excuse for a Presidential candidate in the history of the US. President Obama could do a great job if the Republican tea party Congress were all fired. Obstructionist and fanatical right wing ideologist do not belong in our government and they will destroy our country. Many have sacrificed their lives for us to have the freedoms we do in this country and we cannot let this group take them away. If they do not agree with the freedoms others treasure, then they are not forced to use them but they would force others to their will with their policies.

  • SJJolly

    A very good analysis, Mr Meyers. Save that you ignored the right-wing conservative contributions to the problem of US decline, notablyl their “Everything to the producers, and the Devil take everyone else!” philosophy.
    There is a historic analogy to the direction we’re heading: the Ancient Roman Empire Where it had slaves doing the in-country production, and foreign nations sending food and manufactured goods as tribute, we have machinery doing our domestic production, and we’re purchasing foreign foods and manufactured goods on credit. Same domestic problem of much of the population lacking renumerative employment.

    • Sol of Texas

      Jolly –
      Too right. This is one reason I prefer the days of the Republic to the Empire.

  • TC

    I agree with junkmail. The author does nothing but continue to spread negativity and does not give much positive thought to anything. Most of us are aware of America’s problems but some of us are not ready to throw in the towel and say no one can fix anything (except the America people which are hard to identify anymore). So it is very wise for junkmail to tell him to shut up as alot of us have had a belly full of the lies, deceit and rotten politics. The smell in America is overwhelming.

  • CB

    It’s disturbing to read a lot of the comments on this blog. Many are all over the place, I think they are just blogging to have something to do. Listen up people: We have two choices, two people to vote for to head this Country. Their names are: Obama and Romney. Do not get bogged down on sidebar issues. Obama has failed at the job. Our Country is in great distress. Now we need to choose someone else and the only someone else is Romney. This is not rocket science. Whatever your personal preferences are, you need to place them aside and face reality.

    • DAK

      This is assuming a person thinks Obama has actually failed. That the President operates in a vacuum and has no outside hinderances from Congress, the voting population, the Media, foreign powers, whatever… However, I think we have more than the 2 choices you outlined.

      1. We can write in a person’s name (if that will actually accomplish anything is a matter of debate.)
      2. We can vote for Obama
      3. We can vote for Romney
      4. We can just stay home and complain later about the winner
      5. We can stay home and then do everything we can to deny the winner success.

      • Sol of Texas

        DAK — Write-in does nothing. That is truly a near-meaningless protest vote. The President is not elected directly. S/he is chosen by the Electoral College. One needs to vote for a slate of electors. An impromptu write-in does not accomplish that.

        Don’t people read and understand the Constitution?

    • Radarman

      CB, you hit right at the heart of the matter in such simple yet prudent terms that even the “head in the sand” bloggers on this page should be able to understand the critical situation this country is in. A write-in vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama, Socialism and Communism. Liberalism is just another word for Socialism and if these “head in the sand” bloggers think Socialism is ok for our nation, then so be it. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. I am a veteran, a conservative, Bible thumpin’ Christian, seventy-six years of age, and I just pray that we will have the largest turnout of true American Patriots in November who will vote to fire the arrogant, anti-American dude who is currently residing in our White House. Let’s “Git-R-Done” for all the Patriots who have given their lives to defend our freedoms the past 240 years!

  • Jay

    There seems to be some confusion with former governor of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for president, is the former governor of Massachusetts. There has been some confusion in the media recently because another politician by the same name was also the governor of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Massachusetts, before it broke off from the USSR and became the independent People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

    This confusion has been the source of much slander against the Republican, because the stances of the two men are so diametrically opposed that if they were the same person then they would have no clear stance on anything.

    For example:

    “Abortion is a good thing. My mother wanted to abort me but it was illegal at the time, so instead she died giving birth. It should have been me.”
    - Mitt Romney, Governor of Massachusetts

    “Abortion is always murder. Abortion doctors should be tried and executed for what they do to innocent children. There is no excuse for it. Even if the mother’s life is in danger, she should be willing to take the risk for the life of the child.”
    - Mitt Romney, Governor of Mexico

    “Not only should gays get married, but ONLY gays should get married, and all straight people should be forced to have gay sex and marry people of the same gender. Being gay is the only way to go. In fact, that’s why I’m gay.”
    - Mitt Romney, Governor of Massachusetts

    “Gays are horrible evil people. They are worse than Satan. Anyone who has ever so much as had a gay dream should be strung up and executed on the spot. I will personally pistol-whip every queer in America if I’m elected.”
    - Mitt Romney, Governor of Mexico

    Clearly, the two stances are irreconcilable and it’s inconceivable that they would both have been uttered by the same man, unless he was a schizophrenic psychopath.

    The fact that they are actually two different people, however, explains the situation entirely and with no contradiction.

    • bearded1der

      In rather satirical form Jay you have made my longstanding argument regarding Mitt. Every time I hear his lips his feet sound off ‘flip-flop’. It’s like that on any given issue where he feels the need not to ‘offend’, which is of itself the height of offense. I believe this is why Ron Paul wiped the floor with him during the debates – when he COULD speak – and then revealed his plan for reversing not just the sins of this administration, but many years of policies which grew nothing more than government power, shady dealings, lopsided wealth and bureaucrats. Romney is a glorified money man, let him fix a bank. Give me Ron Paul, he will restore a nation!

      • Jay

        Amen to that, bearde1der!

  • Delores Smith

    MITT ROMNEY does not want to bring back Norman Rockwell. I intend to get the Marxists out of the White House.
    Delores Smith

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Socialist/Marxist/Liberal Christian ideology is being scraped out of the minds and souls of the population.
      The Leftists did not count on any people remaining who would be disagreeing with the way they were taking the country. They believed that they covered all their bases, no more Judeo/Christian teachings in schools, the rabbis and pastors who preached from the Bible muzzled, the population diluted with whatever religious beliefs were fancied at the moment.
      The Leftists are more malevolent because there are new rebels waking up.

  • Greg

    Mr. Myers I respectfully disagree with you,
    It’s so easy to have the defeatist attitude, we can be like Europe and believe we are in decline or simply not allow it! No, Romney can’t make the changes necessarily but the millions of people who have awakened, can. It’s never been the Government that made us who we are, its the people, take away the federal handcuffs and you’ll be in shock how fast we can get the U.S back to where it should be.


    Government cannot bring us out of this mess. They however can get out of the way.
    When you look at the different methods offered by both parties, it is clear which one will work. Winston Churchill said it truly Trying to tax yourself into prosperity is like standing in a bucket and trying to lift it by the handle. President Reagan got it right. But everyone said that he spent more than any president. Correct but he collected the revenue to do it.
    Lowering taxes does increase revenues. economics 101.
    Let the Oboma administration show where in history that just taxes raised as much revenue as the Reagan presidency.
    Americans have a serious choice, do we vote for freedom, or more government control.
    Americans need to look at the issues not skeletons in closets they will not make any difference to this country. Wake up America vote with care, not personal bias.
    God bless America.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      GRAMPA: You don’t get out very much any more, do you. The Voteing Ballots are in Several Languages… The Bussiness Buildings Signs are in Foreign Languages… The Drivers License can be in Foreing Languages… Telephone: Press “1″ FOR English… The Torture noise “as Music when on hold”. Voteing is now in the Foreigners Control! The Rioters here are but a small fraction of thoes in GREESE!

  • Eric V. Gonnason

    The United States has declined or decayed 2 or 3 times faster than normal for empires. The two most recent and best examples were the Ottoman (464 years) and Spanish (407 years). Somebody who really knew what they were doing succeeded accelerating the process of decay in this country to the effect that we lasted only 113 years since beginning our period of empire with the final defeat of the then utterly decadent and bankrupt Spanish Empire at Havana and at Manila. Unless you count the founding of our first colony at Jamestown in 1607 and our imperial expansion across the North American continent, followed by overseas conquests beginning in 1899, then we’re right on schedule to collapse – at 405 years. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon, all great powers die out this way – it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We The People look at our political leaders and cluck “How corrupt they are!” But they are the perfect mirror image of ourselves: fat, decadent, greedy, irresponsible, selfish, uncivil, opportunistic, cynical. They represent us in more ways, and more profoundly than simply in the offices we elect them to – THEY ARE US.

    We’re in for a big come-uppance! Smackdown? Chastening? Holocaust? Call it what you wish.

    • Average Joe

      Eric V. Gonnason ,
      Thank you, well stated!
      Best Wishes,

    • Sol of Texas

      Yup! It’s the truth.

  • Average Joe

    Mr. Myers,
    Thank you for your article. Well written and to the point.
    Unfortunately the masses have given in to the MSM talking points, 15 second soundbites and complete distortions of truth.
    The masses (on both sides if the isle) will follow the herd over the cliff and won’t even think twice (even while falling to thier inevitable destruction). Most will continue to slumber right up to the point of having the noose tightened around thier necks.
    I love to listen to the folks who proudly proclaim, ” I am a Ron Paul supporter and have been for years”…and in the same breath proclaim, “however I am jumping ship to vote for the lesser of two evils” ( there is no lesser of two evils..evil is…evil…period). These folks are not Ron Paul Supporter by any stretch of the immagination…they simply follow which ever herd happens to be drawing the most attntion at any given moment…they are quite simply hypocrites, without morals, values or spines…they are like jellyfish, flowing whichever direction the wind and current happens to be flowing. If you truly support a candidate and thier principles, you stick with them to the bitter end…you send a message about your values…to do otherwise proves that you truly have no values.
    Then there are the ones who say “Than God for Romney!”…really? Thank God for a man who has the same policies and agendas as his predecessor..a Godless heathen, who policies are not Godly, Not Constitutional, nor have they any semblance of being Freedon or Liberty minded. Thank God? Hell no! The devil is in the details…why would I thank God?
    It is obvious to me that these folks don’t have a clue about Christ or Christian values. These are the same folks who sin all week long and then run to church on Sunday, say they’re sorry and everything is going to be cool again with God…Sorry hypocrites…it doesn’t work that way. You folks preach one thing and live another. Actions speak so much louder than your lying words…God doesn’t want to hear you preach…he wants you to live the life…wake the Hell up people..practice what you preach…lead by example.
    Romney is God’s chopice?….Are you folks asleep?…Look at Romney’s policies..look at is flip-flops…look at his beliefs… He is anything but Godly…regardless of what religion he claims to believe in…his actions prove otherwise…maybe you folks need to reassess his polcies vs God’s. Any of you expecting an overturn of Obamacare…LMAO…it ain’t gonna happen…it’s based on Romneycare…his flagship program…you folks are truly gullible….
    Paul Ryan?…Same as Romney…look at his voting record….and then tell me that he has Gods (or our) best interests at heart….WAKE UP…VETT the candidates…research them..stop listening to the talking heads of the MSM, who only have thier interests at heart when they tell you who you need to vote for…stop being the dupes (foolish sheep) that you are!
    PT Barnum once said that there is a sucker born evey day…seems like 90% of the folks who post here (and elsewhere) were born to be suckers and fullfill Barnum’s analogy with everything they say and do.
    These folks aren’t going to the polls to “Vote”…they are simply taking up space and casting a ballot for Mr. or Mrs. Right Now …they will worry about tomorrow..if and when it arrives….deluded fools.
    I have gooten to the point where I don’t even wish to discuss politics anymore…as we get closer to the election…the comments and stupidity spewing from the mouths of folks.. gets more nasty and less intelligent. As of now, you folks can follow the herd over the cliff and vote for the lesser of two evils (whatever the hell that is) and finish off a once great nation.
    No, I will not be happy with your choices…but it seems that I am outnumbered by non-thinkers, willing to sell thier souls to get thier slice of the non existent pie.

    Goodbye America, it has been nice knowing you….the people are trading you in for another model.

    Good Luck,
    Best wishes,
    May God have mercy on us all

  • Average Joe
  • http://na Mike in NE

    obama,” hope and change ” America bought it. Now, “forward”. Right because that first phrase worked out so well. Foward with hope and change is truly amazing that he just might pull it off. People are blind to even consider that he is not evil. Romney? I’ll go with slow cancer on him. All along there was Ron Paul right there front and center. Media blackouts, sure was, but the real problem were the voters. He’s a crackpot, too old, crazy. Now romney “could” do this, “might” be the saviour from obama. What a joke. AJ, you’ve got it “Goodbye America, it has been nice knowing you”. I’m wishing for the best and preparing for more of the same, faster or slower makes no difference. The majority think it can’t get bad here, I mean see who got the most olympic medals? It’s all fine. Sure it is.

  • Polski

    I used to think a vote “none of the above” would be a wasted vote. But if you’re going to vote for Obama or Romney, that’s an even worse wasted vote. We’ve already done the things that do NOT work over and over again. If we’re going to get out of this big mess we need to do something different. Vote for Ron Paul or Johnson or whoever. We have to start somewhere. Think about it, we’re not even 300 years old and our empire is kaput. We’re certainly not the Romans or the Ottomans.

    • Sol of Texas

      By my reckoning Britain is to Ancient Macedonia/Greece as the USA is to Rome (culturally, educationally, economically, and militarily).

  • John

    “After four dismal years under President Barack Obama”. What an outrageous BS thing to say. We had years of conservative “cut our taxes now, we’ll pay it off later”, start a war so we can use it for political gain, 700,000 job losses a MONTH, and billions in cash just vanish in IRAQ and now we finally have an ADULT in charge and he’s putting some order back into the chaos that the conservatives created and they want to whine, and cry and stomp their feet like 4 year olds. Grow up already ! ! ! ! !

  • Erick

    If you think about it the United States is like a big corporation….If the corporation don’t budget its spending it will fall and go bankrupt so if you don’t budget the nation it will fail … also I believe the government needs to be downsized dramatically and let the people work like the constitution intended when it was written….and the government does have a lot of branches that needs to be cut and let the free market work and get rid of all the government regulations on the free market….when you think about it the free market will have a stricter regulation system anyway made basically by the people because customers is what keeps a business running and making revenue through sales and customers is going to go to whats better but at the same time cheaper if possible so business are going to compete for you but not only that without the government in the free market there management will be more effective due to no bailouts from the government which hurts the people and that applies to banks to they won’t be doing stupid stuff with your money and taxes need to be dropped and the FED ended or better yet taxed and audited as well as the CIA, Homeland Security, Pentagon and etc….and allow gold and silver to be payment methods

  • William Byrnes

    The author refers to the steel industry as an example of the decline of America’s economic strength. To this you must add the automoble and rubber industries, each of which has been adversely by affected by international competition. A common thread running through these three industries is that the production units of each is organized respectively by the same unions: Steelworkers, Auto Workers and Rubber Workers. For example, the labor costs in all the automobile companies is essentially the same, and labor costs are a major portion of the total costs of making an automobile.

    When I say “total labor costs”, I include the direct labor costs of the union production workers plus all the indirect costs (benefits, pensions), management and technical costs, etc.. You can’t have an engineer making less than an assembly worker.

    Prior to foreign competition, the American automobile companies competed only against each other. There was no great incentive to control labor costs. Consequently, the costs and prices of automobiles increased much more rapidly than the costs and prices of other big appliances, like washing machines, refrigerators, etc.. The prices of some of these actually decreased, while the prices of automobiles were increasing.

    Japanize automobile manufacturers had a slam dunk. Created by industry wide unionization and the resulting effects on labor costs and the competive climate in America.

    Can the cause of the problem be the National Labor Relations Act of !935? Maybe.

  • boyscout

    Gary Johnson will be the only right call. Dr. R. Paul would surely get an appointment and, although he would obviously meet with much obstruction, this could be used to highlight much of the corruption. And NO YOU NUMBSKULLS, a vote for Johnson IS a vote for JOHNSON ! (even if it is just a pipe dream)

  • rightgunner

    It’s tiresome to hear again that it is too late and we’re all going to die, or at least live out our lives in pure slavery.

    A feeling that Romney may be a little better than last time around, exists among many of us. Remember last go-around, when Mrs. Palin was introduced and a surge of excitement followed, until we found out she was not going to be backed up and turned loose against the opposition?

    Well there is now excitement with Paul Ryan who has showed more initiative with his plan, than most others and is not afraid to call a diamond a diamond. But the wild card is Ron Paul followers storming the castle and changing the name of the Vice President Nominee to Ron Paul Ryan.

  • Euna Rugg

    Meg–I am flabagasted at most of these comments. Most of you have your heads too deep in the sand, and need to get them out, and come to your senses. Comparing Romney to Obama, tells me you haven’t been paying attention to what is going on. Then still clinging to Ron Paul and Johnson, is outright crazy. No one poked Romney down your throat. People in the states did the voting, and Romney / Ryan is the ticket that can get America back on track. So wake up and don’t waste your vote on something that isn’t going to happen. If you want to continue to be under socialism, and all that goes with it, then vote for Obama. It is your choice.

  • coastx

    Neopolitics is a Robert Maynard Keynes wet dream.

  • Carl Manning

    I’m so stoked and excited to go out and vote for Romney because I know he and Ryan will be able to balance the budget by 2040, as the Government Accounting Office (GAO) pointed out when I’m around 77 years old!!! I can’t wait for that glorious moment when those criminals in the District of Criminals finally do the right thing and balance the budget. In fact, I’ve been waiting all my 49 years on planet Earth for this moment. I just know they have a plan to address the nation’s true national debt of 120 trillion dollars, too!!! YES, WE CAN!!! YES, WE CAN!!! GET REAL!!!

  • Charley

    I have a question to ask…………….I read these posts occasionally, and frankly, I’m incredulous that so many obviously intelligent people are willing to waste their time posting comments, only to get into meaningless arguments with idiots like DaveH, “Eddie”, and the rest of that crowd.

    If you want to waste your time trying to “re-educate” idiots, all I can say is……..Lot’s of luck ! But IMHO, you’re going to need more than luck…….more like “Devine intervention” !

    Also………….I see a few are still “hoping” for Ron Paul to get elected POTUS; He’s a great American, no doubt; but he’s not even in the ball game ! Even if a few million wrote his name in, that’s just a few million more chances for Obama to win.

    I originally got on this site because I agree with much of what Mr. Livingston writes; but even he disappoints me at times; the story leading to this “thread” is a good example; a man who supposedly realizes that Obama is a disaster, yet he bad-mouths the only person who has any chance to get rid of him, just before the election ! (there went HIS credibility !)

    Forget Mitt Romney……..this election is about getting rid of Obama ! Do you think a bunch of otherwise intelligent people arguing with a bunch of fools is going to help achieve that ? Think about it !

    And for Dave H and “Eddie”, and the rest of the liberal fools, I hope you can “amuse” yourselves calling me names, because I won’t be “listening” (or watching); I have more productive things to do.


    • Laith


      about 12 hours ago I posted this question

      “To all those asking Ron Paul supporters and other Libertarians and old fashioned conservatives to vote for Romney

      From 2001-2007 we had a Republican hold on Washington, you know what happened. Tell me the differences between Romney and Bush and Republican Congress now and then and why you expect a different result?

      Then we can have a meaningful discussion”

      I am asking you this question. For me it is not about wining, the Republican party is leading us down the wrong path, the fact the democrats want to leads down a much worse path does not make it right.
      Ron Paul cuts the spending on constitutional grounds, departments that have no constitutional basis should not exist, Paul Ryan argues with the Democrats how much to spending to cut from those department that have no constitutional basis, the difference between them is a matter degree not philosophy.

      • SamFox

        Laith, very good points!!

        Gary W, what are you talking about? You comments about giving up the ghost are not specific so I do not know what you mean. Thanks.


  • Gary Wilson

    When are you people going to give up the “Ghost” ? You brilliant folks have been running the world (into the ground, i might add) since the beginning of history. Your only desire is gain and profit at all costs no matter who suffers from your actions. You bandy around your ideas about who can best lead the country, but in fact, if you had any sense you would know that past actions purposed by our leaders ( all GW’s until Mr. Obama took office) have gotten us where we are today. It’s like the story of the Israelites wanting a human king to lead them instead of the Creator. Only you guys are NOT GODS. Nowhere close, even. But you act like you are. And thus, we have the situation that we find ourselves in, with no apparent “OUT”. I feel sorry for any group of people that think that they are inherently better than everyone else and go about showing their superiority by mucking up everything that they touch. You folks have no one to blame but yourselves for the situation we find ourselves in today. You don’t believe in anything or anyone but yourselves, and you have no one to blame but yourselves. I am waiting to see how long you super smart leaders of the planet take to get us out of this mess.

    • coastx

      Ron Paul/Jan Brewer 2012!

      • SamFox

        coastx, Jan Brewer? HECK NO!! I was born in & still live in AZ. I can’t wait till she’s is gone & we can have a true conservative as Gov.

        I am ashamed that my state sent John Manchurian McCain back to DC. He stinks as well. He & a Dem put the detention junk in the NDAA.

        Brewer stinks on ice!!

        Ron Paul & Judge Napolitano would be much better! Chuck Baldwin would be great also.


  • murryblue

    2012 is not the time to make a stand for someone who will fail; Right now we are under water; let us reach for the hand that will at least put our heads back above the water. Any vote not for Romney is a wasted vote. Take a stand next time; if you don’t…..doubt there will be another time. Remember those whispered words “Wait until I get my second term; I’ll have more leverage” ~ If you don’t see the writing on the wall, perhaps you should not vote at all. No vote is better than a thrown away vote for someone who won’t win but will cause Obama to win…..Be wise… very, very wise…

  • Brazzos

    What’s this? John Myers has no faith in Romny. Say it ain’t so John. You are being voted out of the GOP fan club.

  • Mountain Saint

    President Truman grew in office and became one of our greatest presidents. He and President Eisenhower deported 11,000,000 illegal aliens and gave us the happiest and most prosperous times in American history….I don’t expect the same from Romney. He is a known cultist and a social radical (same-sex marriages) and Socialist (Socialized Medicine). He flip flops on every issue and will eventually give amnesty to the 38,000,000 illegal aliens. The country will not be a super power but nuclear waste in a few short years (Jeremiah 25:32-33). .

    • coastx

      You’re onto Romney more than you imagine. The LDS was Britain’s first repatriation project in the US and remains largely a function of the Church of England. People are starting to wake up to neopolitics, which is actually occult government and ALSO a product of British ingenuity with the added feature of institutionalizing occult rendition to resource this macabre culture’s favorite entertainment past time: BDSM, pedophilia and necromancy, all of which are now state of the art in the UK AND the US thanks to American gullibility and US preoccupation with our increasingly macabre entertainment industry. Folks will wake up and vet these monsters, or it’s going to be another 1000 years of hellish occult issues they will be chasing their tails to understand. People are lazy.

    • http://none Charlie

      Mountain ,,,Obadiah is going to happen before Jeremiah 25:33,,,check it out , Obadiah may take out BHO… Obadiah is between Amos and Jonah ,,,checkout what Amos 8:2
      says,,,but,,,during the mean time ,,,
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 …

      • Mountain Saint

        Charlie, you’re right. Before you can have World War Three (Isaiah 17:14 and Jeremiah 25:32-33), you will have the nuking of Damascus by the Israelis probably 42 months earlier (Isaiah 17:1)…This fourth and final Arab v. Israeli war can erupt at any time and will annihilate the Arab cities and prevent them from participating in World War Three (Amos 1-2, Isaiah 17:1 and Ezekiel 29:12).

  • AfricanQueen

    The only way to save America is to have the hearts of Americans changed. It starts with the small things. Each and everyone of us are responsible. We have way too many people who don’t see that they may be contributing to our decline by cheating their way through life on all levels.

  • JimboNC

    Mr. Myers is saying American know-how took a hike in the 1950s and there is no *pre-existing conditions* shortcuts back to the future. I agree about the 1950s, that was when congress decided to *borrow* the billions in Social Security, interest free, and pay it back 50 years later. Didn’t work, our debtors were liars. What we are today, are the grandchildren they spoke of in the ’50s, having to pay it off.

    Now, America has to re-invent itself, recycle the wreckage, and create a whole new system to carry us into the next age. I often wondered how America could survive being a mall-shopping, giant T-shirt store. Better, what would kick-off the massive change.

    We do not want to become a SOCIALIST swamp, millions floundering in a level playing field or pool of crap. We are made of better stuff than the rest of the world, get in line to take your share of the work and proceed to the exit marked Liberty Road..

  • Jewel

    Maybe Obama made that remark because he was talking about himself. He obviously got alot of help getting to where he is at . He didn’t do it on his own.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Romeknee; is a Politican! Will be a voice for the Pope! This Country is in its fall, beacuse of the Catholic drive, to Control… Taking our Wealth & Driving us to poor subjectives! Loyality to the Pope Will be REQUIRED Soon!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    O’Bomba… was Right! We Start in this world Depending on others & Breaking away from that is distructive!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    The Dependance on others Should be Known by a POLITICAN!!!

    • http://none Charlie

      We gave up the mark of the beast ,,,SSN ,,,so pissing off The Pope is no big deal, but,
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Because The Pope is part of the anti-christ system … See 1 John 2:22 …

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Your Change of words meenings, blurs your message.

  • Keith Mouser

    Maybe its too late to turn this ship around but if anyone can Mitt Romney is our best chance. obama has already proven himself a dismal failure and clueless on the economy. Romney is in this for America, he loves America and wants the very best for America. Mitt Romney will not take a salary as POTUS and Ann Romney as First Lady will not travel around the world at tax payer’s expense. And it a safe bet that neither one will take a vacation while there is work to be done. You won’t see Mitt Romney out playing golf while the rest of America is struggling to find work. Its time to put The Partier n Chief and his high maintenance ho into permanent retirement. Vote Romney/Ryan 2012.

    • Tomato Cain

      Yes, it’s time to sober up and go with the army you have. Put away the pea-shooters for now and pick up the weapons at your disposal. The Socialists have got the unions, the entitlement receivers, the intellegensia and are going to back-door amnesty. Don’t play the write-in game. Romney and Ryan are fine. Ryan is the most sincere and hard working Congressman and Romney held fast coming through just about the most corrupt and socialist state. You can’t bark ‘Romneycare’ all the time if you don’t know what he tried to veto. O-M-G!

  • Mountain Saint

    Mitt Romney won’t be able to save this country from economic collapse because he is a Socialist (Socialized Medicine). Collectiveness has never worked anywhere in the world…He won’t be able to save this country from the fire and brimstone of nuclear warfare because of his stand on sodomy (God nuked Sodom and Gomorrah for the same evil) … Mitt is famous for his ability to lie (flip flopping) and to pretend that he is a natural born citizen when he isn’t (father never was an American citizen)…Yes, under this evil leadership the United States is going under and will not be a factor during the last forty two months of the terminal generation. She will have been nuked out of existence by Russia earlier (Ezekiel 39:6 and Jeremiah 25:32-33).

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      ” POLITICANS” ‘ R ‘ “SOCIALEST” … !

  • mea

    The mitten has several redeeming features :

    1 it will take mitten 2 to 3 years to get his people into office and carrying out his orders;
    2 unlike the Hate America to destruction Obee, Marxist Toady, mitten does NOT direct all his efforts to hamstringing, compromising : wrecking our economy, our military, and our resource development/recovery/adaption business and capabilities.
    3 Obee’s ‘Soviet style Czar’s’ will be gone.
    4 mitten does not believe in redistributing our individual and National wealth to : ‘among’ the rest of the world.
    5 mitten is not using the state department and the guys at Google to organize a so-called ‘Arab spring’ which in reality is designed by Obee to bring his Hate America to destruction Muslim Terrorists henchmen to power in the middle east and North Africa while refusing to allow development of American and earth resources.
    6 mitten is not pursuing the path of negotiating unauthorized : illegal : lawless treaties that intend to or do give away American property, abridge American citizens natural rights, and crush American business with his American business crippling – destroying – crushing enviro-commee regulations.
    7 mitten knows that the public infrastructure was built BECAUSE the business community needed basic systems to enhance trade = business and the public wanted such services at affordable prices and COMPELLED the governments to have such built for private public use… the exception being the interstate system which is a Military project rooted in the National Defense.

    That was in the time [7] when government sometimes operated by Law, as distinct from this age of the emerging police state America… then, anyone could go to court and sue the government officials for not developing – creating – maintaining the public rights of way and other infrastructures; because, the people raised special taxes that could only be spent on maintaining and improving the public rights of way ‘UNTIL’ …

    government employees figured out they could steal all the funds and use those dollars to build OBSOLETE mass transit systems while letting the useful publi projects : general welfare : roads, toilets, potable water, fire departments, sheriffs, military, libraries, and schools rot where they stand AND that, without fear of being arrested for their thefts [by redirection] of dedicated public funds.

    Other than a few critical point like these [above] mitten, Obee, the Supreme Court look similar – they are all taller than me, they all breath like me, they all have to eat like me, and they all believe that the government can compel you into a maritime adhesion contract because ‘they believe they can, and the Law : their oaths of offices be dammed !’…which is distinct from me, who knows that Government by Law requires that we put them all in jail – where they belong – for the rest of their natural lives.

    Tell your friends and at least 1 enemy; then, go Enjoy the day


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