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Mitt Romney: Auto bailout would be a disaster

November 19, 2008 by  

Mitt Romney opposes an auto industry bailoutFormer Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has warned against bailing out Detroit automakers, recommending that the government let them go bankrupt instead.

In a New York Times editorial, Romney said he believes that a check from Washington would not solve the sector’s problems.

Instead, he proposes that a "managed bankruptcy" could help "propel newly competitive and viable automakers, rather than seal their fate."

Carmakers have been asking for $25 billion in funds which they say is necessary for their survival. The issue has proved divisive on Capitol Hill, with some lawmakers suggesting the money should be used for different purposes.

For example, Romney says that more money should be directed toward new technologies to keep the industry competitive. He also calls for an end to executive perks and a restructuring of labor and benefit agreements that would put Detroit more closely in line with foreign automakers.

Taxpayer watchdog Consumers Against Government Waste has also spoken out against a rescue package, criticizing industry leaders and unions for their "sense of entitlement."

"It is time to apply the brakes to the bailout bonanza," the group added.

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  • http://N/A Gene Richards

    I agree with mitt,the 25b they will get should do the trick for now.why should we,the taxed to death will not pay any more.

  • Bob Livingston

    Mitt is right on this.  Bankruptcy would be the best option for the Big 3.  That would allow them to restructure, cut costs and get a business plan in place to profitability.  A bailout by the government will just prolong the agony a few months. Bob.

    • John King

      Ditto on that, Bob, it’s best for the car makers to take their medicine now. Why should taxpayers subsidize over-bloated union salaries, greedy corporate (private jet/golden parachute) executives, and vehicles priced higher and higher every year?
      Bailout movey from the taxpayers will be buying more of the same. I say No to the bailout.

      Whatsmore, my pet peeve is the little noticed, federally subsidized Postal Workers Union. Taxpayers take it on the chin every time the union decides to raise postal workers salaries. It won’t be long until you have to pay 50 cents to mail a letter. Who gets sthe money–THE POSTAL WORKERS. IT’S THEIR OWN LITTLE CLUB. They get paid at much or more than school teachers who must have a college degreeto teach school.

    • Robin

      I wish half of you knew what you were talking about
      both about the Auto Workers and The post office
      The post office bases the Rural letter carriers pay on the annual mail count~Not on what the union says to pay them
      and yes they do count every piece of mail and they Cheat the carriers every way they can
      How would you like it if they came in and Re-did your route cutting it in half and then had a mail count that reduced your pay some $5,000.00 a year and you were only making $20,000 a year to begin with?
      this happens regularly. It gets to the point the carriers are afraid to say their route is getting tooo big because they know they will have their pay cut and whats worse at their just mentioning the amount of mail they handle
      You don’t know ~ so don’t complain ~ and they use their own CARS ~ at Their own Expense
      City Carriers have a set rate for their routes too, Not set by the Union

      Over bloated Salaries are you people for real ?????
      Are you aware that FORD has a mandatory shut down twice a year, If you take your vacation at the same time YOU GET PAID ~ for part of it ~ Shut down here was EARLY the first of December , the parking lot is still empty at night the 3rd shift was stopped indefinately, because of that there are a number of businesses that have had to lay off people because their production is based on the parts they supply to the Auto industry, Then there are businesses that are hurting because those guys don’t frequent the Restaurants or the quick marts for Gas and Yes Cigarettes especially since the Big Tax is in effect ~ Bloated Union Salaries, I make $20.00 an hour and I have worked 14 years to get it
      Union ~ but not auto industry
      You want to talk about golden parachutes go to the BANKS ~ AIG that they allowed to KEEP their MULTI MILLION Dollar Bonuses after they ran the companies into the ground ~ Obama people put it in the bill they pushed through Congress with out allowing anyone time to read it
      Ask yourself this question ~ WHY MAKE it a POINT to let the White collar Crooks of Aig ~ jennie mae and Freddie mac And the Banks (CITI etc ) Keep their jobs and Multi Million in bonuses, but force GM and Chrysler CEOs OUT
      FORD DID not take the money ~ they used their heads and hopefully escaped Government take over

  • Dorothy Hadler

    Why bail out the car makers like Ford, Cryster, and GM.
    PLEASE WATCH THIS Video about Ford then tell us why we should help at all.

     Watch the video.

    • http://personalliberty PFFFF

      That should clear up any reservations about anyone buying a foreign auto. For decades the US automakers have been arrogant. Now they want my tax money to bail them out. I need some bail out money so I can afford to pay more taxes. We are tired of being everyone’s cashcow. Wall Street – We shouldn’t listen to those that put us in this nightmare for any advise. They don’t know what they are talking about. Stop milking the taxpayer to death. Hell, we aren’t getting any of your executive bonuses either, are we? The people have had about enough of everyone’s arrogance. It’s time for those in charge to walk the talk and stop preaching to us how much they do or have done for the tax payers. It’s all just bla…bla…bla… Enough is enough!

  • Tim Johnson

    Wow! That Ford plant in Brazil is awesome.  Lets encourage more of that in the US by not wasting 25b of taxpayer money to preserve an antiqated system of assembling cars and keeping the US workers and consumers in bondage to corrupt union bosses.  Everyone will win in a new restructured auto industry with better cars, costing less and fewer workers making more for higher skilled jobs.  The rest of the unesssary workers should be retrained for newer technology skills that could benefit them in other industries as well as the auto business. 

    • Robin

      that sounds like the Russia Dude
      or CHINA and her poison products
      Restructured ~ Retrained ~ Repatriated ~ Obamasized !!!!
      Higher skilled jobs Unnecessary workers,
      get in line you just might bethe first to go in your area
      but thats the good thing about hving someone at your back isn’t it
      it keeps the useless employed, But then , one can always sign
      up for the mandatory volunteerism, to be useful Antiquated

      what are you 20

  • Dave

    I sure am glad we are are Brothers keeper. Just throw everybody under the Bus. God Bless the United States of Asia

  • Natalie L.

    It’s hard for me to comprehend….with all the so called ‘highly’ educated people in Washington, how is it they don’t seem to understand the basic principles of economics? …don’t spend more than you make….don’t over extend yourself….put away for a rainy day…????  Also, why aren’t the culprits being held accountable for the irresponsible decisions they put into play?  Why are they not made to pay back the kick-backs they received from the companies that are now being bailed out??? (Frank, Obama, Dodd, etc……?????)  Worse yet, why are the ones responsible for contributing to this crisis be allowed to direct the ‘solutions’ to these problems????  Paulson is yet another example of this ludicrous mentality!!!  What is wrong with America?   I’m furious with all this absolute incompetence of the ‘leadership’ of this country.  Where’s the fiscal responsibility?  As a single parent, I’ve managed to always pay my bills and live within my means.  Now I’ve lost my job to lay-off and I can’t seem to find new employment.  For 5 months now I’ve lived on savings and will soon have to get in the welfare line and may eventually lose my home and everything else I’ve EARNED throughout my life.  Who’s going to bail me out????!!!  Who’s going to bailout the ‘responsible, play by the rules’ tax paying citizens????!!!!!!  The TAXPAYERS like myself are being forced to bailout these so called ‘executives’ who’ve presided over the MISMANAGEMENT of their companies and now want a bailout while they continue to live their extravagent lifestyles and given yet another opportunity to fail?  How has their ‘higher’ education been of any benefit to anyone?????  How can we expect a hopefully better outcome if we keep putting the foxes in charge of the chicken coop???!!!!  The same applies to those of us who live beyond our means and take on debts we know (or should know) that we can’t repay.  The same applies to lenders and sales people who unscrupulously do ‘what it takes’ to make a commission/pay out….and now the American people sit back and watch as the culprits are bailed out and given a second chance to screw up again….all at OUR EXPENSE!!!  Why do reward irresponsibility????  What is wrong with this picture?  Where’s the accountability and responsibility both corporately and individually?  Government has failed to do their job to effectively regulate and implement sound economic principles.  Now they too want us to think they can solve this mess they’ve allowed to happen???!!!  America needs to wake up, make the ‘profiteers’ PAY IT BACK, then throw them out of office.  Let the market take care of itself and give the country back to the PEOPLE!!!

    • Karolanna

      I agree with you 100%. The greedy mismanagers need to be the ones responsible for their own mess…and not the hard working, ethical taxpayers.

  • jeerry silovich

    bo bailout forautomakers!let them file cchapter 11.where the money going to come from.
    why dont they make new engines for coars and trucks endtead.trruck and buses should be using natural gas for fuel

  • Salmon

    Didn’t Mr Obama promise to take care of you during his campaign? Just wait to see what he does to help. He has put in place the team of former Pres Clinton, who by the way de-regulated the financial industry, to heal the issue. Don’t hold your breath! Also, there is a mentality in those who voted Demo, that he is the hope of the world. He is going to pay all your debts, bills, and mortgage so you can buy a new GM or Ford! TEEHEE!!

  • Alfred Boggs

    Natalie, I certainly understand what you are saying. I also believe that the executives should be the ones to pay. Nothing is going to hurt the executives unless they are charged with a crime. The rich,the politicans will always get away with a slap on the wrist. Letting the auto companies go bankrupt only hurts the employees and retires. It does nothing to the executives. Its easy for the rich to say let them go bankrupt. How much are they invested in the companies. Bankruptcy allows the companies to break all the contracts with employees and retirees.

    • Francis L.


      I’m not suggesting that the executives are totally without blame in this situation, but the real culprits are the labor unions. The big three have been FORCED to pay way above market wages. In other words, the failure of this industry as with all economic failures is Socialism (in the form of labor unions in this case) not necessarily bad management by the executives. Bankruptcy is the only way the big three will be able to throw off the shackles of the labor unions. Study communions and socialism and you will see that the labor unions are one of their favorite tools.

      • Andy

        Union earnings average about what Toyota pays in the South. Legacy costs & incompetent mgt are the poison. I don’t know anyone who’d buy a car from a mfg’er in bankruptcy. For more gov’t $, the makers must be required to give the gov’t (taxpayers) control and involvement in all decisions. The danger US faces if auto industry is lost is dependence on other countries for most of our mfg’d goods – look what dependency has done to us in the energy arena.

        A country that is not dependent on foreign mfg or energy is truly independent and on the road to long term sustained power.

      • Robin

        What do you call a Blown up Union WAGE
        Do you Realize that the Government sets your minimum Wage
        BY LAW NO EMPLOYER is required to pay you more than that Minimum Standard
        they don’t want you to make more ~ the inflation would go crazy ~ you think it is bad now~
        The businesses around here know when we get a raise ~ Milk prices Bread prices go up accordingly, And that is terrible for the average worker, but if you think Unions are your
        problem ~ think again ! I worked in a Union Sweat Shop owned by a foreign Company, And when they were required to raise the minimum wage ( 20 years ago) they came around and Re-Evaluated the Rates on Each machine, thereby reducing the Faster production workers pay ~ to offset the increase of the minimum wage earners,

        You can start up your own business if you want to,pay them what you want
        BUT YOU are required to have Standards, set by OSHA, not the unions, And for those of you
        who don’t think having a pension is fair I guess you are planning to work till the day you die.
        They keep raising the retirement age you will be working for the rest of your life, they count on it
        No need for social security or pensions then !

  • Alfred Boggs

     Why do so many people fall for any thing just because it sounds good. The cost of retires to the american auto companies is a lot. This I admit and they have a lot of retires. How many retires do the foreign companies. Some have none or very few. How many companies haven’t been here 10 years or hire people that close to retirement. Lets compare apples to apples. Also the wages. How many of the employees at the american companies are working for the lower tier wages now? They are in line with the foreign companies.

  • http://persoanllib Stop the G.No bailouts

    Stop the Government they are destroying AMERICA.  NO BAIL OUTS!!!! This does absolutely nothing to help jump start our economy. BANKRUPTCY is the ANSWER. Why are the Government officials in the white house allowed to step over the line and ABUSE their Govern MENTAL powers. This is against the CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, the constitution is  being burned up by these executives in the white  house and as a result this is what you get. Chaos, devastation and disaster. But you know what remember Rahm Immanuel’s speech on Tuesday in the white house bragging about how this crisis is the perfect opportunity for them – the CLINTON CROOKED past administration team to get their filthy claws into every business they can, invoke and pass morel laws that will end up hutting Americas enterprise, and everyone who owns a business and everyone employed in those business now going under. And look at what they did. They set up the housing industry to fail leaving Americans crippled and homeless. SHAME ON THEM. The government should be giving all Americans a portion of that 700 billion dollars and to the businesses that are closing instead of the Big companies that got us into this mess. How disgusting is that. We are the people. We the people support the industry, supply and demand. We the people pay the government that is how they get so rich is by US. We did not hire government to steal from us and take advantage of us by creating chaos and crisis to sneak by with more executive orders detrimental to humanity and Americas structure. There will never be another America people if this administration is allowed to sneak by with orders no one knows about and no one votes on and if there is a filibuster proof senate and congress you can rest assured we are DOOMED big time so all of you individuals who believe in the democrats who want to destroy America than you all should line up at the white house tell Obama to anoint all lift the gates of the borders and all of you shall follow him like a herd of sheep across the borders to socialism. Then we the people who believe in America and what is stands for can CLOSE the borders forever and get back to the basics. We can than declare ourselves free form war. We the people OWN AMERICA not the Government. According to the constitution  the one and only law there is set up for this exact reason is to control government not to add government. Government is a problem especially this government. Look at what you have now, GOVERNMENT IN EVERY ONES BUSINESS JUST SO THEY CAN BUY EVERY ONE OUT AND OWN US. Why are all you people buying into this. It has to STOP now. We need a new administration in the white house. It is time to do a complete overhauled of  senate and the congress. NO MORE RADICAL DEMOCRATS people they are a disaster for AMERICA. Hasn’t any one figured this out. If you like so much Government than move the HELL out of American to other countries who have a socialistic, communistic radical Government. MOVE TO RUSSIA! All of you  voters who continue toput in democrats to control the senate and congrss are  putting America on the BRINK of extinction.  WE ARE AMERICA WE ARE NOT RUSSIA THAT IS WHY THERE IS ONLY ONE AMERICA WHY ARE YOU CHANGING AMERICAS FOUNDATION. The next capitalistic society in the world is the city of DUBAI but you will not be able to afford to live over there, only the very wealthy will, the select few who are invited only. That leaves the 95% of Americans left out of the bigger picture here. So here is the big question. WHY is this government trying to CONTROL us and tear down Americas infrastructure while every rich person and political porkers have a stake over in DUBAI. Look it up people. Dubai is building in the OCEAN a place called the world. It is man made islands shaped into the world and only a f select few who can afford to live in freedom and luxury are invited in. That is why our Government is stealing from us to support their own agendas. Dam America. Isn’t that what Rev. Wright said. God Dam America, well look at America and who got us into this mess. Our very own private sectors, our elected government officials, owners of the banks, the federal reserve, the selected people in the CFR, the bones and skull societies, the secret brotherhoods society, the green peoace organizers, Al Gores mission on global warming,  all of these Elite organizations that go behind the peoples back for secret meetings we are not allowed to know any thing about and so it’s GOD Dam America. Whos fault is it. The peoples fault??  It’s MORE government involvement, more control, more taxes, more slavery and less freedom. That is not what America was set up for people. Does any one know what America is really about and how it came to be?   I guarantee it is not told truthfully in your schools, history books or college. The Government does not want you to know so you can go on being ignorant therefore they can sneak by as many radical laws to destroy America and it’s foundation while every one is in crisis mode. HELLO out there America. I am so far beyond belief that this is happening and I am living proof of the biggest and horrible crime facing our nation right now.  WE THE PEOPLE will ultimately have to pay the price for electing liars and criminals into the office of the white house.   Obama is carrying out a huge agenda by the secret power behind this mess and I know for a fact he walked off with a $90,000,000  personal tax free dollars for an incentive to carry out his/their cause as president. We have more than one president people. It’s the senate, the congress, the administration the very wealthy secret powers  it’s the ELITE society.  They do not have Americas best interest at heart or the peoples. Obama used the word CHANGE although he was never ever questioned or really clear on that change. Well having a past Clinton administration is not change and adding more to the deficit is not change and not giving Americans a huge tax break is not change and taking down Americas enterprise is not change and locking up our resources for development is not change and continuing to support the war on terror is not change and big bail outs for big CEOS to protect them and not us is not change, the list goes on people. The change is to break down America to socialize and nationalize America. Why in the world would any one even want that let alone make it happen??? You can not go from a Capitalistic society the only one in the world that every one loves to a socialistic communistic government controlled society. This economic crash was a set up okay. Nothing in the world happens by accident. It is done on purpose and it is orchestrated by our government and people behing the government.  The reason is for CONTROL. 95% of AMERICANS supposed to get a tax break – NOT are out of work, starving and homeless. This disaster was set up to fail at this point in time so the DEMOC RATS could finally take advantage of this crisis and bail each other out FIRST with our tax hard earned money and take care of the BROTHERS and CEOS and the private sectors FIRST and to top it off put America and Americans in worse shape. LOOK at the DEFICIT. This bail out is tripling that deficit. No we do not need a bail out we do not need a stimulus package. We need corporate tax cuts, capitol tax cuts small business tax cuts and every one who pays taxes a substantial tax cut and a big tax brake. All the companies in line for a bail out should be filing bankruptcy and going through the proper judicial way of how to restructure business. If this does not happen America is done. We are no longer going to be a capitalistic society, one that everyone else in the world envies. Look at the city of DUBAI. They have a great government and they govern with the capitalistic rule that is why they are flourishing, and so filthy rich. They have 0% capital tax on the big companies and they don’t tax their people like our STINGY FIFTHLY GREEDY ELITE SELFISH STUPID Government officials that DO NOT KNOW the basics on how to govern and should never ever be allowed to govern again. All they do is talk pretty to win an election and once they have accomplished their goal to deceive and lie there way to the top to pass along the most important duties to unqualified crooks in the administration say good bye to freedom and free enterprise. Say hello to the military and the government. Why do you suppose people want to get the hell out of other countries and live in America?  What is up with this?  Open up our resources so America can get back on it’s feet and stop government control and the buy out of Americas failed economy.  Open up ANWAR, open up off shore drilling, open up mining open it up America or we are going to be done. It is time for common sense to govern here not bail outs and bigger dificits. Stop allowing our government, congress, senate green organizations to lock up Americas resources. We do not need to be at war for oil if we can drill for it here. How much sense does that make. Would you rather kill Americans – humans instead? You worry about hurting ans endangering animals? What about the fathers who can no longer carry on their last name isn’t that called EXTINCTION? How disgusting and perverted is that way of thinking. I can’t grasp this concept. I can’t fathom how it’s okay tokill a human who ca no longer carry on there DNA but you worry about drilling in the ocean afraid that is is going to harm the fish which it won’t and you worry about the Caribo in ANWAR that will not be harmed at all but you don’t worry about your own blood HUMANS. Where are their rights/ Where are the organiszations out there to fight for HUMAN RIGHTS to keep them from being murdered and murdereing other humans.   Americans have to sacrifice for the green peace organizations and our government because they are worried about the polar bears. Okay I don’t know if this is common logic but one would really have to question the agenda and logic of this kind of perpetration on civilization. God gave us this great earth to develope and thrive in. God would never sacrifice a human in order to save a polar bear okay. So stop the nonsense, this Global warming buisnees has got to end as well.  It’s not because of cars and man. If that were so Why does Dubai have Rolls Royces lined up in the hundreds, Lambroginins, Mercedes? Why are they still driving beautiful luxurious cars that run on GASOLINE?  Explain that one Al Gore and green peace. Stop making shit up to lock us up and change our infastructure to better serve your agenda to get richer and monopolize the new world order of energy wind and solar industry. I am not fooled and I am prepared to lobby against this false notion. The perfect example of our Governments agenda in America is the biggest lie and contradiction because look at the city of DUBAI. If they are part of the Globe than what is going on over there????   CONTRADICTION to global warming. The Arab Emirates love America and what is stands for. They love OIL which is the gold standard of living and they freedom to live in peace, to prosper to wealth innovation and creativity beyond the norm. They love family, entertainment and happiness. They love LIFE so they are the most creative awesome people in the world. They are taking full advantage for their pople and people who can afford the BEST life any one could ever dream of. I would love to have that Government over here in America now. Let them take over. They know how to govern that is a given.  LOOK up DUBAI every one and see what the KIng is doing for his people and his country. Wouldn’t you want that? We can achieve that with the right Government in control. Just remember all of you who voted Obama in and I have nothing against Obama, I just know from facts, research, knowledge that Obama is just a Presidential SPOKES man. I’s the ones behind the scene you can not see, his administration and filibuster proof senate and house making all the rules and calling all the shots none of which are going to help us. The white house is the same old same old. It’s time for fresh blood, new faces, new perspectives and better leaders. STOP electing officials into the whilte house that do not have Americas best interest at heart,  those people tend to be far left radical democrats.  I do not have anything against the balance of democracy and bi-partisanship but this is not what is in control. It has gotten out of hand being passed around in a continus abusive cycle of control.  AMERICA it’s time to BREAK up this CYCLE. Pleas vote fot Republicans to stop a fillibuster proof house and please before you VOTE really know who you are voting for. READ, RESEARCH, INVESTIGATE, LISTEN TO THE REAL INTENT OF THE SPEECHES and not the preety popular rhetoric thrown out there for the purpose o throw you off guard. VOTE to break the fillibuster HOUSE . This will save America from its demise at the hands of our government right now.

    • Francis L.

      I agree with most of what you say, but the Republicans are not a much better alternative. Both major parties are so fraught with socialism that only a major political revolution will save this country. Blind allegiance to either party is extremely dangerous at this point.

    • Andy

      You can thank party of Hoover, Nixon, and Reagan for the outsourcing shift and deficit economy way of life he started. Reagan broke a tradition that started with Alexander Hamilton per US make all its own stuff – becoming the greatest industrial power in history. Pubs have no values. They want a quick buck at all costs. The way the pub leader Rove put it, “education needs to be cut to the bone as the educated tend to vote dem”. The bush regime has brought US to the brink of its demise. BTW, it was the HYBRID of capitalism & socialism that brought US back from the Great Republican Depression, won the greatest war in history and the greatest post war growth US ever saw. Oil is not the answer, US doesn’t have but a little left to drill – won’t be available for YEARS. Republican big business has crushed the alternatives that ARE essential in the long run. Global warming is more than “we’re going to lose polar bears”, as sane pubs and mil have stated it will be a MAJOR security issue with land disappearing.

  • Russ Ruppert

    Sorry people, but America is already dead. All governments naturally progress to the point of controlling everything. Eygpt, Aztecs, Greece and Rome all did it. Untill it becomes totally impossible, and it will, dispite what they think, and then they collapse. Trouble now is, when this government fails ( and I mean the NWO) we’re all going back to the stone age.

    • http://personalliberty PFFFF

      I too have had thoughts of the demise of the US Empire much like the Roman Empire. It’s an eerie thought that I can’t shake off.

  • http://www, Rich Russell

    Pay tithes, Trust GOD!

    • Karolanna

      I agree. God’s economy and faithfulness (Lamentations 3:22-23 and Malachi 3:10) is what I am counting on.

    • Robin

      God Helps those who help themselves
      He gave you a brain he expects you to use it !
      Why do you keep sending these idiots back up
      on the hill If you don’t like the job they are doing !

      YOU are the Idiots ~ WHY do you let them do it ? ? ?
      Clinton took a magic eraser and just added the deficit
      to the annual Budget there by eliminating the deficit
      and they said~ HEY a balanced Budget !!!!

      except . . . he had no way of paying for the budget or the Deficit he added to it !

      So when 9/11 came along Couldn’t do anything but add more on top of it !!!

      And here comes OBAMA who just says call KINKOs we need more money !!!!!

      You can’t borrow from Peter to pay Paul for ever without finally having to own up to your
      DEBTS ~ ring ~ Ring ~ China Calling ~ we want our money !

      • Bill

        What are you talking about when you say Clinton added the deficit to the annual budget?

  • Russ Ruppert

    GOD is doing just fine. He’d rather you pay your bills. That money will just end up in someone else’s pocket so they can pay their bills.

  • http://personalliberty Catwmn

    How come it always has to do with money. Even the Tithes thing is taken out of context. There are many ways in which you can tithe it does not have to be money. Aren’t we already tithing to our government? How much tithing is needed here.  Jesus Christ said lift up a rock, you will find me there. Sit on a tree I am there where ever you are I am there, you can pray. He did not say we had to tithe in order to go to heaven and he did not say we were bound to church in order to receive him. He said lift up a rock I am there, this very important message from Jesus was purposely left out of the scripture from the Catholic Church because if people knew this the church would not be so rich and powerful. How many times has the bible been translated and written over and over to meet mans greed anyways just to use it as a power tool against humanity. I’m sure there are well intentions with church and religion but the point is so many people are believing the wrong things and tithing of one of them.  Charity is tithing but not according to some churches so they make you believe that if you don’t tithe your hard earned income that you are going to hell. I have met so many people who take advantage of people using Gods word. I’m not saying all do but there are allot that do.  You know it’s just like another Government good bad indifferent the one thing that bothers me is how they make you feel if you don’t tithe.  Save your money the gentleman is right. If you want to tithe bring in stuff you no longer want or can use to help people who are hungry, don’t have clothes, need some old furniture etc..

  • http://personalliberty LC

    What will the stone age be like? What about the city of DUBAI will it go down? Is it just America?

  • kristian

    Ok, The main reason i’m posting is the tithing issue. Yes, there are many ways to tithe. Old clothes or shoes for someone who has none mean everything. They don’t care if they are Dior, or Dollar Store. They are glad to have something to wear and to put on their feet. However, money is important in helping others. That old pair of shoes isn’t feeding that person in Africa or some other place, or even here in our own country, who may have no more than a cup of rice and a cup of clean, drinkable water for the day. Good will toward our fellow humans is well and good but it doesn’t all get done for free. Now for the car companies. I don’t want people who have worked for years to lose because of bad decisions by their bosses. However, my mother just lost half of her retirement and nobody is bailing her out. There are many more people in this country not in the auto industry who have lost a lot more money than the people in the auto industry will lose and nobody is bailing them out. People make bad decisions and expect someone else to take responsibility for it. Even the people who put their money in stocks, they are basically putting money in these retirement plans with hopes that profits will keep rolling in and they will increase the value on their investments. For all that, you might as well go to Vegas and toss the dice, because when it comes down to it, it is all gambling, just in different venues. I really can’t comprehend these people that are making the comments that the government should give each American (X) amount of dollars and it will fix all of our problems. That’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard of. Hello, Weather the auto industry, banks or judi’s tuti-fruti shop gets it, we are the ones having to pay it back and just like any credit card or loan, we are paying China or whatever country interest on the money we get. So why give cash to the companies or to “WE THE PEOPLE”? It still has to be paid back. People need to quit getting loans they can’t afford. That includes the people who took out loans they couldn’t afford. People try to blame it on the govt. or banks when it is they who got these loans and either didn’t read or couldn’t understand or didn’t care what the small print was on the loan documents. If you can’t understand what you’re reading, DON’T SIGN IT!!!!!! Ignorance doesn’t mean you can do what ever and say, Well, I was tricked, I didn’t understand. I would have loved to have bought a new home and vehicle and tossed the dice on whether or not I’d be able to pay for them. I however, along with millions of other Americans did the right thing though and used restraint instead of having that “I deserve this mentality.” Grow up America, It’s time to get off the teet. If you want to make this country better, help your neighbor understand how to budget, give a neighbor an extra can of soup if you have extra and they have none. Stop fighting over who has more than you and find ways you can appreciate and do more with what you have. Support and have pride in your country instead of letting people tear it down. I have cancer and worked for the last 2 years 7 days a week before i found out. Now I can only work anywhere between 0 and 5 days a week, usually toward the less. I learned the value of things and what doesn’t matter. I worked from the 11th grade and over the many years after till this day and I may end up working till the day I die. I don’t feel owed anything except for payment for the work I put in. I have learned to live without cable tv, internet (I use my parents when I want to get on the net.) and new clothes. Sure I had that, Why me thing going on but you know what, no body else is responsible for you except you. So, do what you can to help yourself and live with-in your means and we will all make it through this storm together. When we lose our voice we have no say in what is going on, stand up for whats right and don’t back down and we will get this country back on track. Don’t let “OUR” representatives do what they want, remember they work for you! If they are going against our will lets get them out of office and get things rolling, once enough of them are kicked out of office they will understand we will no longer take it.

  • Russ Ruppert

    The whole world will go down. The money system will fail  because it doesn’t rely on hard currency.  Paper money started out as receipts for the gold in the bank, but there is no more gold. All the central banks are buying up all the financial institutions. They will now be able to lend only to whom they want (and it ain’t you) to get their agenda accomplished. More police, military, secret police, secret snoopers to find out everything your doing (and you better not be doing nothing they don’t approve of). Try to publish a book, make a movie, do a T.V. show, exposing them. Do you think you will get the financing? One day though, all this control will just drain every bit of wealth from us and them, and goodbye modern civilization, hello stone age again. What will it look like? After the wars, civil unrest, and decease cuts the population down to only the strongest, its back to hunting and gathering and animal skin clothes.

  • http://personalliberty LC

    Deception, more deception. I can not blame the loan game on any one who chose to believe the person they trut to sell it to them. That is just like saying why did you trust and vote for Obama.  Gosh the entire Nation trusted ever thing he said without reading the fine print. It is not the people’s fault here it is deception and Americans have been imobalize dumb by our government the way they teach what they say all the hoopla on the news etc.. Shameful for you to say it’s the persons fault that they were given a loan they didn’t know anything about. When some one is working with you telling you that you qualify I don’t think they are going to get a magnifying glass infront of the laon officer and read the itty bitty print that says this laon is fraudulant and you are responsible for it while I make a fortune you suckers. I think your giving way too much credit to the creditors.

    Well  that means we are all going to freeze up in Alaska or get eaten by the polar bears. The strong who will survive among most with be the Eskimos and Sarah Palin.

    I just cleaned out my freezer from having way too much game meat and fresh king and red salmon.  I gave a big portion of it away to many people who were less fortunate than me. I feed the hungry as well adn when I see a homeless person pandeing on the corner if I have food I will offer it to the person. Many times they will refuse it for money to support a bad habbit. It’s all about money. I give away allot and it doesn’t always have to be in the form of money. Tithing to a church is fine. I have celebrated tithing when I was growing up putting a dollar or more in the basket that was passed  around. It wasn’t until I became older, wiser that there are many out there that use the word to take advantage of many people and focus mostly on the word tithe. I was so afraid I was going to go to hell if I did not fork over all of my money to some preacher who just decided to start a church in the basement of his home.

    To all;
    The Saudi Arabians just bought Billions of dollars worth of gold. Irans foreign reserve holdings just converted into gold. They must know something is up obviously they are smarted than we are. Every one who holds a 401k should think about converting over as well if any left.

  • http://personalliberty Charles D. Webb

    To Kristin I pay Some of My tithe to My Church But I also try to help anyone I can in My community I give a lot to the Salvation Army If I know someone who has no food or need clothing I ‘ll give some or get some from somewhere connect soscol services Jesus tells Us to feed the hungery and cloth the naked ALSO Jesus says I give You a new Commandment Love Your Neighor I have been on both sides of this THING I was in a accident in 1989 out of work no income but the Church and friends gave and gave Soo after that I try to help anyone in need A broke down motorist I’m no macanic but maybe I can go buy some gas or call for help or give them a ride somewhere Jesus says when You the Least of These You have Helped ME {Jesus} James {the Brother of Jesus} Says Faith without Good Works is dead  So keep to Faith and Keep doing Good to ALL                          GOD BLESS US ALL 

  • TeresaE

    Mitt is downright wrong.

    Bankruptcy won’t fix the Big 3, or the true problems.

    It will make things so much worse that it will make today look like a cake walk.

    Here is what happens when a major company files bankruptcy, even just reorganization.

    1.  Vendors don’t get paid.  A dime.
    2.  Vendors forced to continue providing products without being able to recoup a dime of loss.
    3.  Vendors file bankruptcy and/or leave the country.
    4.  Tens of thousands of job losses
    5.  Vendor’s vendors file bankruptcy and/or leave the country
    6.  More job & small business losses.

    Everytime a major company files bankruptcy, a large portion of their suppliers are unable to bear the loss and either slash & burn the company or close down.

    So, sure, let them fail.  What the hell.

    Can’t wait until you all see the bill for the MILLIONS that will be pouring into welfare & disability lines.

    But hey, the union guy will still end up just fine.

  • John King

    Sorry, Teresa, but it’s got to happen. Humpty Dumpty has already fallen off the wall. You can’t unscramble eggs.

  • steve sheehy

    Create new mass transit companies and switch the autoworkers there. Cars are a waste, money guzzlers, gas, rip-off dealerships, rip off insurance etc.; people driving mostly to Walmart or crummy jobs.

    • Robin

      What are they gonna run off of ?
      I happen to enjoy my car and I travel alot
      Beats getting into a plane and I’ve been in my share of planes
      And I like where I live and I like where my job is and it isn’t on a Rail line a bus line
      and most definately can not walk or ride a bike there
      No thanks I’ll keep my SUV And I Happen to HATE SHOPPING
      Wallyworld or anywhere

  • Marie

    We can’t bail out the big 3 auto makers, which directly and indirectly employ hundreds of thousands of people, maybe millions, but we can sure dole out huge amounts of money to other countries that happen to be in need of money and other kinds of help. Take care of our own first, then worry about the rest of the world, when they start worrying about us. Charity begins at home.

  • http://personalliberty LC

    To bail out the big 3 is not going to help The CEOS will pay them selves first – bonus money and the money will not help the company restructure the crap they have been producing. They need to file for Bankruptcy and Mitt Romney actually knows what he is talking about. No bail out for the big 3 they can sell their three corporate jets to the Saudis and use that money to help pay for their employees. Every one should know the basics of economics. If not look it up or go take a class. Or we can continue to become further in debt by supporting another War. Why don’t we just continue to support drilling for oil in other parts of the world spending all of our money for military invasion for dependence on oil rather than opening up the resources to drill for it here in America. Lets get further in debt and continue to BAIL us out while we still pay for WAR and foreign energy dependence – further in debt. Why don’t we just sacrifice a human being who apparently is not as worthy to be alive as the polar bear so forget about off shore drilling, we can just send the younger generation over seas to fight for oil and let them become extinct. No need to worry about fighting for their rights. We are worried about an animals rights vs human rights. Doesn’t the father, or brother who is fighting for oil in other countries eventually become EXTINCT. They can’t carry on the last name. I think that should be more relevant than trying to save a polar bear at this time. Sorry, I do love animals but when push comes to shove America and our economy is going bust it’s time to set aside that kind of nonsense and start using common sense that is to open up resources so we can get out of this crisis. None of this makes sense to me. It seems real simple but yet it’s such a tangled web of political crap that is going to destroy us and sooner rather than later. The Russians are blaming the USA for this Global financial crisis. Can you blame them. It seems like we have held true to our title. Americans are stupid. I will assume that means our politicians and the green radical organizations and environ MENTALISTS.

  • Cowboy Jack

    The CEOs of the Big 3 have done such a bad job. I know of several people right in my neighborhood who could do just as bad, but they would do it for a much less wage.
    Mitt is right. Let them go bankrupt in order to reorganize.


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