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Miss Me Yet?

June 1, 2012 by  

If you’ve noticed a shortage of Joe Biden gaffes this week, it’s because he’s on vacation. After nearly four years of hard work, the Vice President took this week off. He probably needs a break. It’s not easy being America’s crazy uncle. For those of you who have been missing Uncle Joe, we at Personal Liberty Digest™ put together this compilation. Sit back and enjoy.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Harold Olsen

    No gaffes from Biden recently. How about is statement, which I read about online yesterday, that he said only the elite are qualified to be president. In other words, Mr average citizen is not qualified to be president. Only the wealthy. If that isn’t considered a gaffe, then I guess Livingston agrees with that sentiment.

    • Robert Smith

      Good job Browny.

      Mission Accomplished.


      • Average Joe

        Blame Bush!……yep, that’s staying on topic…..
        Just so you know Robert, most of us already know what Bush said and did while in office…but hey…that was almost 4 years ago. How about you folks…get into a time machine and come to….the present
        . Believe it or not…Bush has left the White House and has been replaced by Barrack Obama…and he has a new Vice President…named…Joe Biden…you know…the topic of TODAYS Disscussion?
        Many of us (believe it or not) who don’t like Obama / Biden…were not pleased with Bush/Cheney either.
        As far as I am concerned that last president that impressed me…was John F. Kennedy….
        Since Kennedy….all I have seen is pond scum…on both sides of the aisle.
        Robert, I believe it is time for you to pull your (collectivist) head out of your (collectivist) backside…and stop playing the “Party” game (resistance is NOT futile). Both sides are losers…with no morals or character…..just an observation.

      • Cali

        typical leftist tool.

      • Marlene J Brazington

        Average Joe: Your JFK is the reason is bailed as a Democrat and have remained a loyal Republican since that time, even though he wasn’t the first Socialist in office, he was the final straw.

      • Average Joe

        Marlene J Brazington,

        Not sure why, but that’s your perogative .Ron Paul caused me to become a Republican….18 plus years ago. Ron Paul is the only reason that I am still a Republican…..
        Before Ron Paul….I was just a lost soul searching for the light…..

    • Democratic patriot

      You read it online? From who, the GOP, Republican fat cats who want to run and ruin this country so they can live a rich lifestyle? If you want to know a REAL gaffer, just listen to Trump and Romney, and watch them do a backstroke every time they spout some idiotic comment or thought.

      • Darlene Bone

        Check the list of Democratic Fat Cats please……..there are many and they are all in the same bag of money.

  • sean murry

    I dont miss the village idiot.

    • Robert Smith

      That’s because he’s back in Crawford, TX.


      • momo

        No, he’s not, he’s alive and well and residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C.

      • eddie47d

        Gotta appreciate a little humor once in awhile. The thing is you may well have Biden for another 4 years if the deceit from the Republicans are exposed (6 1/2 billion will die,Seal Team 6 members killed as cover up, Obama will be assassinated last week in Chicago) . Not true so then who will be laughing because of those gaffes?

      • Average Joe

        So sad … please, put this on your status if you know, work with, are related to, dated, or divorced someone who suffers from Stupidity.
        We all need to understand that Stupidity is real and must be taken seriously.
        You could be sitting next to a Stupid person right now and not even know it!
        There is still no known cure for Stupidity, and sympathy does not help. Occasionally, a 2×4 to the back of the afflicted’s head helps….not a lot, mind you, but it can raise awareness! 57% won’t re-post this because they don’t know how to copy and paste…….

        Help us stamp out Supidity NOW!

        Please send all contributions
        In Care of :
        Joe’s Home for the Mentally Impaired
        1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
        Washington, D.C. 20014

  • kategray

    The only thing that bite-me has done is disgrace the office of vice-president.

    • Robert Smith

      It was water board me that discrased the office.


      • Robert P. Woehrle

        Whaaaat!(hear))Chris, on ‘Family Guy’)

    • eddie47d

      Yes Cheney did cheapen the office of the Vice-Presidency.

    • jopa

      Average Joe; I think you are trying to scam these folks.You don’t really live at 1600 Pennsylvania, Joe’s Home for the mentally impaired do you?You may be mentally impaired and live in Guv. housing but have someone help you with your address for contributors for your household.

  • sailhardy

    The Obama gave the protection of middle class interests to Joe Biden at the outset of his Administration. Since then, the numbers of jobless Americans have risen; the number of foreclosed homes have risen; the number of homeless people have risen. all of which attests to Joe Biden’s competence.Obama’, too.

    • Steve E

      That’s a big f__king deal!

    • eddie47d

      Since so many of you say Government can’t create jobs I would say the ball is in the court of Corporations. Since their CEO salaries have gone way up while there are more homeless and few jobs are created by them then the problem is very clear. Now rub the fairy dust from your eyes because you can’t have it both ways.

  • Sirian

    How much attention should actually be paid to a bumbling buffoon such as Biden?

    • Warrior

      When one has been given the responsibility of “stimulus spending” accounting, I for one can certainly understand the need for a vacation.

      • Mike EV

        Yes indeed. Keeping the websight where all stimulis expenditures will be posted is a tedious job. Oh, I forgot. Is that sight still available? Does it show everything current? Joe hasn’t mentioned it in years.

    • copakeman

      anyone who confuses a 3 letter word with a 4 letter word demonstrates what kind of people are in our senate. imagine hi iq joe doing some addidition and voteing on our federal budget.

  • the MightyJouster

    I am so sickened by who controls this country. I wish we could get another Reagan in office to take us out of the dilemma we are in. Money can do much… even put in dumba,,es in power. Excuse me now while I go back and pray for wisdom and strength to overcome this mixed up country!

    • Mort

      Haha, that’s funny considering Reagan’s policies are the reason we are in this economic (expletive deleted).

      • Mike EV

        Please be specific about which of Reagan’s policies have placed the Country in its current dilema. Seeing how Dems have controlled Congress since Jan 2007 they must have felt his policies were not an issue or they would have done away with them. I think you are confusing Reagan with Carter. Did you actually live as an adult through those years?

      • Cali

        poor ‘Mort’- someone told him it was Reagans fault so it must be true. tool.

    • Daveh234

      I agree, Reagan’s policies are a huge reason we have many of the problems today.
      I liked him to a degree, he did work both sides to the middle on some occasions, but the whole of his administration has dragged us down for too long.
      No panacea from his term in office.

    • Robert Smith

      Question asked: “Excuse me now while I go back and pray for wisdom and strength to overcome this mixed up country!”

      Finally! An excellent question. You are asking for wisdom and strength that can be within YOU rather than asking a brutal god to pound someone else.

      I sincerely hope your quesiton is answered, but personally I wouldn’t wait for divine inspiration or intervention.

      Please try looking within yourself for the wisdom and strength you want. My bet is on you finding out you are good enough, strong enough, and wise enough to understand. Please try looking there.


      • S.C. Murf

        Hey RS, God sent me an e-mail and he wants you to go find your own ground to stand on and He want’s you OFF of His.

        up the hill

      • Average Joe

        Robert Smith,

        “Excuse me now while I go back and pray for wisdom and strength to overcome this mixed up country!”
        “Finally! An excellent question.”

        You do realize that ….what you have written is a statement…and not a question…right?
        Please take notice in my above sentence..if I had left off the word, “right”, it would have been a statement, however, by adding the word “right’, it became a question.
        I sure am glad you are so smart!
        Aren’t you?

    • D Bugmac

      You guys really don’t have a clue. Reagan economics worked and along with a Reepublican Congress as they created the booming economy that Clinton enjoyed as president. It wasn’t until Bill Clinton signed the fair housing act in 1999 that we got into trouble – do some research before you post stupid statements. It took a few years for the Fair Housing Act of 1999 to really do some damage and damage it did. Clinton was warned not to do it or it would cause a callapse of many banks and he did it anyway. Then the Democratic controlled Congress led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid refused to do anything about it when Bush and then McCain tried to repeal it for fear they might not get re-elected should banks require down payments and acceptable credit reports from potential hoime buyers. Then greed set in from real estate agents and from investers in a booming housing market that was selling houses that weren’t being paid for. Then Islamic terrorist attacked America and started the war against terror. (Note – if Clinton had ordered the killing of Bin Laden when his Marines had in him their gun sights, we may not have had a Septerber 11th). All this got us in this mess and you can thank Pelosi and Reid for most of it. Check the facts out before saying anything incorrectly. We need to clean out the liberal Democrats that are in Congress as well as get rid of Obama now to try to turn this thing around.

      • eddie47d

        Nice of you to skip over Bush I and jump to Clinton. Maybe you are the one who,is clueless. Clinton did have Osama in his sites and the Republican Congress voted against pursuing that endeavor.

      • Mike EV

        Thank you for clarifying the fair housing act and who was behind it to those here who can’t quite comprehend the actions that put this recession in motion back then. Opposition supporters looking for blame will never admit how Dems (mostly) placed this Country on a road to financial destruction by forcing banks, under a threat of cutting off access to federal funds, to approve motgages for lying buyers who could not afford the homes.

      • Brad

        well said bugmac, well said.

      • Vigilant

        “Clinton did have Osama in his sites [sic] and the Republican Congress voted against pursuing that endeavor.”

        Eddie, do you have a clue as to what you’re talking about? Like Clinton (or any president) is going to convene Congress in special session at the moment a military target presents itself in the field, day or might?

        D Bugmac is impeccably correct in his/her assessment.

  • Scot

    GEE! So Joe Biden is a tongue – stumbling buffoon with deep pockets, who obviously enjoys a few too many drinks sometimes… Kinda like me, if I was rich… Idiot he may be, but he’s funny, and American. If Joe Biden was the worst politician we had, we’d be much better off than we are with all those mean-spirited Repubtards. The Dems might rob us blind, and spend us into poverty, but they will at least be nice about it. Those nasty Repubtards’ rich greed makes us all small and petty people. The rich need America. America doesn’t need the rich. Money doesn’t farm food, or manufacture goods. Only the American worker can. We’re not rich, we WORK!. Say it ain’t so, Uncle Joe!
    RON PAUL 2012 AUDIT THE FED // RON PAUL 2012 // Audit the FED Ron Paul 2012

  • Ma

    Very perplexed as to how such a degenerate can acquire such a respected political position.
    While you’re at it; how about making a compilation of Obama’s misspeaks, starting with Obama’s statement on America having 57 states.

    • Mike EV

      Minor correction: Used to be a respected office.

    • Brad

      Or better Yet Odrama’s mis-truth to up hold the Constitution

  • pete

    Can one believe that there are actually love this guy and hang on every word he says? What does that say about their intelligence? No comment necessary. It could be worse now. Imagine if Obama wsa Vice and Biden was President! Disaster – talk about bringing on the clowns! Just thinking of this fool as a President should give any sane person a chill!
    Arrogance often tempts people into saying strange things because they totally lack wisdom.
    Wisdom is something money cannot buy, unfortunately for Joe. The fact is that Joe is not really stupid, he just lacks common courtesy and is totally irrelevant anyway. How many people on this planet even know who he is? Ask around and see for yourselves. I am the only one in our office and in my family who knows that. The PA to the CEO thinks that maybe he was on American Idol but is not sure. Can you believe that? But then she also didn’t know who George Bush was or Osama Bin Laden. She actually was aware of someone called Obama but couldn’t quite place the person. She asked if he was a tennis pro and cannot distinguish between Trump and Romney, trying desperately to remember in which movie she had seen them.

  • boyscout

    Just a thought. Your venom probably excites your cronies and stimulates their funny bones. It also alienates both the opposition and any on the fence who will probably deem you and your compatriots to be close minded, bigoted ignorami. Hint: there’s an election coming up.
    Best wishes.

    • Wyatt

      The only ignorami I see here is a certain Boyscout . For any person to say that only the elite are qualified to run our government is to ignore our very history . Ask any one from Biden’s home state of Delaware . In most cases they will tell you he was the worst thing to happen to the state when he represented them in Washington . Biden usually has his head up a nether region that can’t be mentioned in polite company . It is obvious you do as well

  • fedup

    Gee Boy Scout, Your positive input is staggering. Let me see, youve violated “Helpful, Freindly, Courteous & Kind. Turn in your tenderfoot badge. I’m sure that, with your lack of intelligence, that’s as high as you got. Looks like BSA failed on you and John Wayne Gasey

  • John

    Joe Biden is one of the worst things that ever happened to America

    • jopa

      John;Did you forget about Dickhead Chaney already?

  • Buck

    Joe Biden is vice-president only because Obamass needed someone so ignorant that people would prefer even himself over the man that would replace him were he removed .

  • Jerry Morgan

    Since Joe Biden has been on vacation this last week, I’ve had to resort to late night talk show host for my laughs. They’re not as entertaining as ole Joe.

  • uvuvuv

    joe biden was in on the watergate hearings as a young (back then) new firebrand senator, who was anti-nixon, of course. i read that nixon found out about watergate in the newspapers but he took the fall for it, so what a rat, hah? anyway i can’t imagine why obama picked him for vp unless he finally found someone who described him as being clean and articulate. but this choice borders on treason, it’s irresponsible to put this confused loony a heartbeat away from taking the oath. and people criticized dan quayle.

  • http://None Mike C

    Career Politican = Professional Thief

  • JimH

    He makes Dan Quail look like a genius.
    The press should give this guy 24 hr a day coverage.

  • Brad

    dont give them any ideas they look for any reason to take the cameras off the economy

    • JimH

      Hi Brad, It’s an election year. We’ll let them have two camera’s and extra crews.
      It will be a Two front campaign.

  • Darlene Bone

    Didn’t you just love it yesterday when they had George and Laura Bush’s portraits officially unveiled? W said to the Obama ” now when you have all those difficult situations to consider, you can look at my protrait and ask, ” what would George do.” It goes to show that even with all the denigration of the past 3 1/2 years, Bush has a sense of humor and despite all the abuse had a great punch line!! (and no I did not agree with EVERYTHING he did by any means but he has not shown disrespect to the office and the Constitutional limits imposed to the branch). I know this does not follow entirely the subject matter but just listening to Joe and his attempts to continue the blame game, had to highlight what I thought was a similar line that Ronald Reagan might have used.

  • Darlene Bone

    Grace under fire.

  • Dwight E Sorrell

    Anybody remember Dan Quayle? The liberal press attacked him with the tenacity of a rabid pit bull yet his stuidity attacks were pale in comparison and far less frequent than those of Joe Biden.

    • Ronald R Worthington

      dan quale was a genius compared to biden. also wanted to mention–some of the yougsters were talking about JFK—–the country was in pretty good shape when Ike was in office, JFK & LBJ really started all the bull. when reagan and GBI were in there, things were pretty good, ALL the rest of the white house inhabitants should be removed from the gene pool


    I see the words, hard work, used in conjunction with Curly Jo Biden, this would be a oxymoron. Jo is a dude who has scamed the system for years and was taught by the best, Dick Gehardt a graft taking union sympathizer who mentored Jo into his seat. Ask yourself. “How does Jo afford that big house and that lifestyle, it can’t be on a civil servants salary…..

    • jopa

      OnTime;The term Oxymoron only refers to Rush Limbaugh after years of Oxycontin abuse that turned him into a moron, hence the term” oxymoron”.

      • Cali

        funny, too bad Biden STILL SUCKS.

  • Jonathon Galt

    By golly, I thought Biden had died shortly after Obama was inaugurated and the media had been airing some of his old gaffs periodically. He should have been put out to pasture long ago. Perhaps he will claim poor health as a reason to allow Obama to replace him on the 2012 ticket?

  • Marlene J Brazington

    Considering how many arrows Biden aimed at Obama during their campaign for the presidency, I was astounded that Obama chose him as his running mate. On another note, is this really his first vacation in four years? If so, it’s too darned bad his boss doesn’t learn some work ethics from him. I’d say this is the first admirable thing I’ve read about our second in command buffoon.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Seems like a rerun of some Republican presidents of the not-too-long ago past!

    • Vigilant

      Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
      Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
      All the Lib’s horses, And all the Lib’s men
      Couldn’t put his brain together again!

  • David in MA

    I wonder if he is attending the bilderburg meeting?

  • http://yahoo turn3

    I am sure now that obummer has been shotgunning biden w/some choice product, from his personal stash

  • deepizzaguy

    Thank goodness he is on vacation. I needed a break from Vice President Biden bottom ten moments on To Tell The Truth.

  • Morgan

    Right State, wrong town. When I’m invited to their home, I go to the Dallas residence.

    • jopa

      Morgan;You must be referring to the Bushes.Dallas is so embarrassed to have that scum living there.

  • Katharine

    Here’s a couple of videos for those who still want to talk about Bush’s gaffes.


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