Mindless Subservience

Travelers can be chosen at random to receive a pat-down.

Last Friday’s Freedom Watch, The Rape Of Amy Alkon, touched a nerve with readers and sparked an interesting conversation — and not a few frightening comments.

Like this one from Song:

In all fairness maybe we should all know a little about Amy Alkon before determining that Thedala Magee is a ‘sexual predator’ (good gawd) Maybe professional author and blogger Amy Alkon is an opportunist looking for her next story for that matter…Here are some facts. You decide:

Amy Alkon (born March 8, 1964), also known as the Advice Goddess, writes a weekly advice column, Ask the Advice Goddess, which is published in over 100 newspapers within North America. While Alkon addresses a wide range of topics, she primarily focuses on issues in intimate relationships. Her columns are notable for incorporating insights from evolutionary psychology and she is further described as a “weak atheist.”

In her daily life, and in her blog, Alkon has a number of campaigns. In her article, “Hello, Psycho” (entitled after the opening salutation of one of her respondents), she describes her anti-SUV campaign, which consists of placing small cards on the windshields of SUVs. The cards (which are her own composition) refer to the driver as a “Road-Hogging, Gas-Guzzling, Air-Fouling Vulgarian” and pointedly suggest that the driver is compensating for “an extremely small penis” by driving “such a monstrosity.”

Other issues she has written/spoken of are unruly children, the behaviour of which she attributes to bad parenting, inconsiderate cellphone users, and copyright violators.[5][6] She always carries four days’ supply of salami with her, in case someone serves her some pasta, which she does not eat.


And this one from keith taylor:

Get a life, its just another part of your body, its not the holly grail of live itself. Everyones got one & theirs nothing special about hers. It looks like she was expericing problems before she even got into the line & was expecting a pat down then started crying before anything happen. It couldn,t have hurt her other than her pride & she was ready to protest before it even started. As for me they can check me out as they like to be sure theirs no explosives on board the plane. I’m not emotionaly challenged as she & would not expose this lady’s name for doing her job. The fact she wrote a blog about it make one think she did this on purpose to get the exposure.
Bet she would be the first to complain if the plane was blowen up, (if she could ) because someone got past the tsa’s check point. She could then come back & write anouther blog, (again if she was still breathing). We should all be glad their doing their job & keeping the airways safe for all.

And this one from Thinking About:

Joe h when Amy purchased her ticket she agreed to the rules. She could have agreed to the scan but perhaps she decided to have another column to write about her experience. Flying is not our only mode of travel so Amy chose her poison and must live with her decision of a body search. Don’t spill your milk and then cry over spilled milk.

(Errors in spelling and grammar are those of the commenters. BL)

Comments like these demonstrate the police state is alive and functioning well, as the government fascists hoped. People are becoming mindlessly subservient.

The education non-system has effectively dumbed down the populace. There is no understanding of our country’s founding and the need for the Bill of Rights. There is no recognition of central planning and totalitarianism.

For those who choose to dismiss Amy Alkon’s story because they don’t like her politics or opinions, consider these responses from people who emailed us at freedomwatch@personalliberty.com with their own stories.

Jamie H. wrote that after successfully going through the metal detector, she was told she was randomly chosen to receive a pat-down. A victim of molestation as a youth, Jamie became upset at the prospect of being searched. She protested that a male was about to search her, so he asked if she preferred a female. Jamie wrote:

That did not make things better to me! I would NOT give permission to any stranger to puts their hands all over me! We were raised to not let anyone touch us like that! She started to go around my waist, I became defensive and pushed her hands away.  After I did that a couple of times, she threatened me!

She stated, “If you don’t cooperate, then we have to take you in that back room (pointing to a hallway) and take your clothes off.”  I began to cry and was furious at the same time. That didn’t stop her. I said some nasty things to her without swearing, but she kept “feeling me”. Almost put her hands on my breasts! This has been the most disgusting experience I have had since being fully molested!

And then there is Ray E. who wrote:

I am a diabetic and I have to eat every two hours or I get sick. My wife and I were flying from Seattle, Washington to Indianapolis, Indiana. I always carry peanut butter and a few slices of bread. TSA confiscated the peanut butter and bread. During the four hour flight to Atlanta for our layover I got sick. My blood sugar dropped so low I had the shakes. I could hardly walk and had to be helped off the plane. One of the TSA woman, sorry I didn’t get a name squeezed my balls and smiled. How many sex perverts do they have working for them? Better question how many did they get out of prison to work for them?

The really stupid thing about this is I am a professional Nature Photographer. The idiots let me carry my 30-pound tripod as a carry on. These people are so stupid it is beyond belief.

The problem is that Americans gave up freedom for security and we have neither in exchange we got a lot of sex perverts.

One of the comments posted to the original article was a question from Thor about what I would suggest as a replacement for the current system of screening. However, this discussion is pointless because Thor believes the alternatives are between accepting totalitarianism or anarchy. The threat of descending into anarchy often finds its way into debates about less government.

Acceptable alternatives would be a recognition that the terror threat is:

  1. A result of our intervention in and bombing and occupation of sovereign nations and the rapid end of such.
  2. Overblown and being used as a scare tactic to increase the power of the fascist system.

Passenger screening and safety would best be served by the airlines themselves, which have a greater stake in getting passengers to their destinations as safely, conveniently and swiftly as possible. Its success would mirror the increase in service and safety that followed deregulation in 1970s.

But any alternative is preferable to mindless subservience to the growing police state.

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