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Mindless Subservience

September 16, 2011 by  

Mindless Subservience

Last Friday’s Freedom Watch, The Rape Of Amy Alkon, touched a nerve with readers and sparked an interesting conversation — and not a few frightening comments.

Like this one from Song:

In all fairness maybe we should all know a little about Amy Alkon before determining that Thedala Magee is a ‘sexual predator’ (good gawd) Maybe professional author and blogger Amy Alkon is an opportunist looking for her next story for that matter…Here are some facts. You decide:

Amy Alkon (born March 8, 1964), also known as the Advice Goddess, writes a weekly advice column, Ask the Advice Goddess, which is published in over 100 newspapers within North America. While Alkon addresses a wide range of topics, she primarily focuses on issues in intimate relationships. Her columns are notable for incorporating insights from evolutionary psychology and she is further described as a “weak atheist.”

In her daily life, and in her blog, Alkon has a number of campaigns. In her article, “Hello, Psycho” (entitled after the opening salutation of one of her respondents), she describes her anti-SUV campaign, which consists of placing small cards on the windshields of SUVs. The cards (which are her own composition) refer to the driver as a “Road-Hogging, Gas-Guzzling, Air-Fouling Vulgarian” and pointedly suggest that the driver is compensating for “an extremely small penis” by driving “such a monstrosity.”

Other issues she has written/spoken of are unruly children, the behaviour of which she attributes to bad parenting, inconsiderate cellphone users, and copyright violators.[5][6] She always carries four days’ supply of salami with her, in case someone serves her some pasta, which she does not eat.

And this one from keith taylor:

Get a life, its just another part of your body, its not the holly grail of live itself. Everyones got one & theirs nothing special about hers. It looks like she was expericing problems before she even got into the line & was expecting a pat down then started crying before anything happen. It couldn,t have hurt her other than her pride & she was ready to protest before it even started. As for me they can check me out as they like to be sure theirs no explosives on board the plane. I’m not emotionaly challenged as she & would not expose this lady’s name for doing her job. The fact she wrote a blog about it make one think she did this on purpose to get the exposure.
Bet she would be the first to complain if the plane was blowen up, (if she could ) because someone got past the tsa’s check point. She could then come back & write anouther blog, (again if she was still breathing). We should all be glad their doing their job & keeping the airways safe for all.

And this one from Thinking About:

Joe h when Amy purchased her ticket she agreed to the rules. She could have agreed to the scan but perhaps she decided to have another column to write about her experience. Flying is not our only mode of travel so Amy chose her poison and must live with her decision of a body search. Don’t spill your milk and then cry over spilled milk.

(Errors in spelling and grammar are those of the commenters. BL)

Comments like these demonstrate the police state is alive and functioning well, as the government fascists hoped. People are becoming mindlessly subservient.

The education non-system has effectively dumbed down the populace. There is no understanding of our country’s founding and the need for the Bill of Rights. There is no recognition of central planning and totalitarianism.

For those who choose to dismiss Amy Alkon’s story because they don’t like her politics or opinions, consider these responses from people who emailed us at with their own stories.

Jamie H. wrote that after successfully going through the metal detector, she was told she was randomly chosen to receive a pat-down. A victim of molestation as a youth, Jamie became upset at the prospect of being searched. She protested that a male was about to search her, so he asked if she preferred a female. Jamie wrote:

That did not make things better to me! I would NOT give permission to any stranger to puts their hands all over me! We were raised to not let anyone touch us like that! She started to go around my waist, I became defensive and pushed her hands away.  After I did that a couple of times, she threatened me!

She stated, “If you don’t cooperate, then we have to take you in that back room (pointing to a hallway) and take your clothes off.”  I began to cry and was furious at the same time. That didn’t stop her. I said some nasty things to her without swearing, but she kept “feeling me”. Almost put her hands on my breasts! This has been the most disgusting experience I have had since being fully molested!

And then there is Ray E. who wrote:

I am a diabetic and I have to eat every two hours or I get sick. My wife and I were flying from Seattle, Washington to Indianapolis, Indiana. I always carry peanut butter and a few slices of bread. TSA confiscated the peanut butter and bread. During the four hour flight to Atlanta for our layover I got sick. My blood sugar dropped so low I had the shakes. I could hardly walk and had to be helped off the plane. One of the TSA woman, sorry I didn’t get a name squeezed my balls and smiled. How many sex perverts do they have working for them? Better question how many did they get out of prison to work for them?

The really stupid thing about this is I am a professional Nature Photographer. The idiots let me carry my 30-pound tripod as a carry on. These people are so stupid it is beyond belief.

The problem is that Americans gave up freedom for security and we have neither in exchange we got a lot of sex perverts.

One of the comments posted to the original article was a question from Thor about what I would suggest as a replacement for the current system of screening. However, this discussion is pointless because Thor believes the alternatives are between accepting totalitarianism or anarchy. The threat of descending into anarchy often finds its way into debates about less government.

Acceptable alternatives would be a recognition that the terror threat is:

  1. A result of our intervention in and bombing and occupation of sovereign nations and the rapid end of such.
  2. Overblown and being used as a scare tactic to increase the power of the fascist system.

Passenger screening and safety would best be served by the airlines themselves, which have a greater stake in getting passengers to their destinations as safely, conveniently and swiftly as possible. Its success would mirror the increase in service and safety that followed deregulation in 1970s.

But any alternative is preferable to mindless subservience to the growing police state.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    The government’s public school anti-individualism campaign has been successful. It has produced many lemmings and quasi-sheep who seem to go through life without thinking. Sadly, some of these ‘people’ vote.
    Some TSA employees are no better or worse than their bosses, so let’s have an in-depth investigation to see who’s who. I would prefer to be wrong, but I can’t help having the feeling that some TSA employees have fallen through the investigatory cracks, and should be in therapy or behind bars (or both). If that includes their bosses, then sobeit.
    No one [I mean NO ONE] should be groped or pawed in the name of security. Anyone who sanctions such crap is just as bad as any terrorist. If TSA employees can’t be restrained from acting like Nazi thugs, then at least make their names public information. Know your enemy – and the SOBs in Washington who protect them.

    • djdrew103

      The answers are far too simple

      number one

      no one needs to have their privates, or genitals or breasts if that be the case, probed or groped. If TSA wishes to make that an issue in order to claim they are merely guarantying our safety, then tell them to do total strip searches on each and every person, even Senators and Congressmen. Who knows what towel head might don a costume and go as one?

      It’s being carried too far folks, and worse, the complaints go too far also. Women complaining about their race being a factor because they are black and getting their hair-do’s searched is bunk and bull. I want to complain because most of the groping and insulting behavior are from black female TSA employees!!!! How’s that for truthful light on the subject.

      Quit complaining just because you can, and protest the true oppressiveness of the wrongful acts. If you complain all the time, no one will listen to it when you have something viable to protest!

      So in other words, protest against the whiners and complainers who do more damage to our freedoms than you protest the government folks. Its all in the name of good environ!

      TSA can put up video cameras and most likely do, at each search depot. Any abuse by their employees would be a simple complaint, a simple review, and a simple misdemeanor criminal charge on the employee for molestation. Get enough employees thrown in jail and you have a self motivating personnel conduct course in operation.

      • Michael

        I visited Instanbul in the early 80′s and the Turks did full strip searches – of everyone flying, to include the crew. A bit far out? I suspect that is where this country is headed.

        • DaveH

          We’ve gone from a nation of rugged risk-taking pioneers to a nation of simpering wimps expecting to be made safe from every event in just a short 230 years. How sad.

  • SamAdams

    People, people,people,

    simple economics … refuse to fly if you are required to subject yourself to unreasonable treatment just to board a flight you have paid for. Did you pay to be groped and fondled ?
    The airlines will not tolerate substantial losses to accomodate the government. Wise up … it is all about the money.
    The same goes for taxes. When you sign up for that new job and you fill out the tax form, declare yourself exempt. The employer can’t object. They are not paid tax collectors. The IRS cannot investigate
    millions of exempt citizens nor can they afford to prosecute millions
    of violators. Take the money out of their pockets and they will hear you. If you continue to fund them, they will continue to ignore you.

    The solution is ridiculously simple.

    • Sam I am

      I hope you realize that the airports are just the beginning… After a mad gun man murders a bunch of people at a mall, TSA will then be operating at major mall entrances, and then at all malls across the country. Of course, the political hacks will scream for gun control, and I and millions of others will scream for less gun control but of course, those screaming for more gun control will win, and make future massacres more likely.

      TSA will eventually be at major stadium entrances, eventually operating major highway checkpoints, train stations, you name it. As time marches on, the economy will be so damaged that people will do anything for a job. For every TSA job opening, I am certain there will be more than one person eager to compete and win employment, thus preventing having to dumpster dive for income. These bastard elites know what they are doing. They have had decades to understand the mindset of their cattle under their control…

      If only we could just stop tearing at each others throats (black against white, union against, non-union, liberal vs. conservative, homosexual against heterosexual, etc., etc.) and instead unite as one against the elites in power we can change the world. Until that day, things will only continue to worsen with them in power.

      • wandamurline

        I have been fighting with my Congressman over this…this is all because of the Patriot Act, which in itself is completely unconstitutional. The only way we are going to get things turned around is to get rid of the progressive liberal socialists called the Democrats. They are the ones who want to “socialize” us and they are the ones that have put these things into action….along with Obamacare, which has the single payer attitude built into it…when everyone decides that insurance is too high on the private sector, they will ultimately purchase the insurance from whom? The government. In that piece of crap legislation, the government became the only issuer of student loans…what the hell does that have to do with health care? No one read the damn thing, but they voted for it anyways … “we have to pass the bill to see what is in it” quote from Pelosi. This was not a box of cracker jacks …. so we could open it to find the prize…this was another manipulation of our freedoms afforded us by our forefathers….same with the Patriot Act, and that one is attributed to Bush. We have to get constitutional conservatives into our federal government…that is our only hope of change unless we take up arms. Join a tea party…help remove these lackies from Washington and install patriots who are “public servants” instead of “politicians”. My definition of politics….poly, latin for many … ticks, blook sucking insects. Need I say more?

        • Bob McCormick

          Right on! Any bill that requires material handeling equipment to get it to capitol hill, isn’t worth the paper it is written on.
          How many pages does it take to state that everyone will have access to affordable health insurance

        • Altaica

          I don’t think any bill should get passed unless they all read it first. If it is so damn long they don’t want to read it, then they shouldn’t pass it. I didn’t even know about the student loan thing until I got a letter and my payments went up almost 100% and my fixed interest rate went from 4% to 6.5%. Yeah thanks for screwing me a little more uncle scam!

          My personal belief is every law should be written in such a way that the average American should be able to read and understand it. Every law should be easily accessible in public libraries, the web and any legal building so anyone who wants to read it can. No law should have anything in the law that has nothing to do with the law. The name of the bill should accurately describe what is within.

          The people should be able to repeal idiotic laws our government passes. Whatever process we have right now is not working.

          • Kate8

            Altaica – Things have become set up so that the corporatists (ruling elite/gov’t/banking) have license to breach contracts anytime they choose, but we don’t. IOW, the deck is stacked against us, by design.

            Congress doesn’t read the bills because what they say is irrelevant to them. They are written by global powers who hand them down for passing, which is simply a symbolic gesture to “legitimize” them to us. Congress is nothing more than a pack of lapdogs for the NWO, as are all branches of gov’t.

            The housing bubble and collapse was set up to allow gov’t to confiscate all properties in due time, as we the people become unable to pay the mortgage or the increasing taxes. It’s all part of Agenda 21 implementation.

            We have allowed this to happen by our complacence. Acts of Congress (they can’t be Laws if they violate the Constitution, which most of them do) are deemed law by our silence and compliance.

            We have no one to blame but ourselves. And no one but we the people is going to move to correct it. I no longer believe that a political solution is possible.

          • Old Henry


            You are in fine form today!

        • Old Henry


          Getting rid of the socialists may be a good place to start, but I am sorry to say that my “TEA Party” freshman Representative voted for the renewal. Aslo, Michelle Bachmann, who tauts herself as a TEA Party champion voted to renew the facsist ligislation.

          So, it runs much, much deeper than just the commie socialists.

          This all started under Shrub and the REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED CONGRESS!

          Also, the REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED HOUSE voted to pass the renewal!

          • DaveH

            Throw all of those who voted for the Patriot Act Extension out of office in 2012!

    • jim

      Hey Sam, you seem to have no regard for those who must fly! Also, all the hoplah about security is a smoke screen anyway. If our government was SOOOOOOOO concerned about our security, THEN WHY THE HELL IS OUR SOUTHERN BORDER LEFT WIDE OPEN AS IT CURRENTLY IS???? All the money being spent on these idiots at the TSA (Totally Stupid Ass’s) should have been directed at building some kind of wall to secure our southern border. We have been fed another lie from the fed in order to take away our rights!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE…IT MAY JUST BE TOO LATE!

      • Michael

        Most governments want to control their citizens, depending on how much those citizens will allow. It seems the US is fast headed down the same road taken by the Germans in 1933.

      • john

        Southern border left open?VERY good question.But then,the govt people are so stupid,they can’t make the connection.

        • Altaica

          It’s like having a window wide open and then wondering how the hell the flies got in.

  • Jim

    I ask those responders at the top of the article above; If I’m in a bar, (or mall for that matter) and a girl is wearing see through clothing, or equivalent, you know what I mean;
    then, according to your logic, it must be alright for me to force myself on her sexually? She has it coming according to your way of thinking!

  • Wapitiman

    If the majority of people stopped flying, the message would get across. However I read that there are more sheeple flying now than ever before. So folks, complaining is a lost cause. As for me, I don’t complain…and I don’t fly.

    • john

      So true,Every one should stop flying for one week.The sex perverts would be out of a job.The muslims were upset for awhile about women being searched.CAIR wanted muslim women to search themselves and tell what they found. TSA was trying to come up with something agreeable.All this was hushed up real quick.I know the muslims wouldn’t let it drop.Does anyone know what came of this?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        I hear that muslim wimmen get a free pass. In other words do not have to be patted down or porno-rayed. Don’t know if that is true but that is what I hear.

        • mtnmantn

          Don’t know if that’s true, but if I have to fly I’ll dress as an Arab, darken my skin, a have an Arabic newspaper under my arm. Then the idiots can’t search me because that would be profiling! Look like an average American and for sure you’ll be probed by a$$backward thinking TSA perverts.

  • judyr

    Why do we not adopt Israels practice in security at airports? They have the best there is. Oh yeah.PC, heaven forbid a darker colored person be asked to prove they have nothing dangerous on them. Though there are the nut jobs that are lighter skinned and have converted to the terrorist way of thinking. But for all purposes mainly darker skinned people are the highest threat. No I am not racist just realistic.

    • Old Henry


      As I understand it there is no profiling as they interview everybody.

      And you are correct, that is the way to go.

  • Margaret

    Why not try Bomb sniffing dogs – they are very effecient and non instrusive. Things would move much more quickly and the dogs have no agenda other than to get their treat for finding the explosive device. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

    • Vagabond

      Margaret then you would have people bitching about the dogs. no matter what you do you are going to have a certan element of people who are unhappy with it,

      • Old Henry

        I don’t know Vagabond, just about everybody has had their crotch sniffed by a dog sometime along the way…

    • independant thinker

      I have advocated the use of dogs for years. Everyone that boards the plane gets sniffed regular passengers, members of congress, the president and his family, government employees,.

    • Average Joe

      I have been saying the same thing for years…dogs…bomb sniffing dogs. That is the main part of the Israelis security.Of course most people think…Dobermans, Shepards etc. when they think of “security dogs”, which “frightens” them. However, this is not the case most of the time…think “setters, spaniels, Beagles” these cute and cuddly smaller dogs are used quite successfully all over the world for this very purpose. These dogs are NOT trained attck dogs…they are simply trained to find items…it’s up to their handlers to catch the bad guys….the dogs only find the bad guys. Heck, even the FBI uses dogs in their facilities…rather than body scanners and groping….that in itself should tell us something.

      • Bob McCormick

        The problem with that plan is that it makes sense, you expect too much from our government.

      • Altaica

        Aside from allergy problems some people have I would love to see the dogs. This could be remedied by mixing the scent hound types with hypoallergenic dogs like poodles.

        Dogs are a great idea and one that people associate with loyalty and companionship. You know a dog is going to go straight for the crotch or butt, but hey they’re an animal and we accept that. Also, I would feel more at ease seeing a friendly canine checking things out then a human. Animals are honest, humans are not always.

    • Grandpa Red

      Easier solution. Place one small potbellied pig on all commercial fights, no more Mohammedans wanting to die for the cause on an airplane. The food for the pig would only be a few $$ a day. No more TSA Grouping required.

      • Old Henry

        Yeah Gramps. Then the TSA Nazis could go back to spending all day looking at child porn on the internet…

        However, they would probably want to keep a few around to molest the pigs.

      • Altaica

        Plus in some cases the pigs would be smarter than some of the agents.

  • Vagabond

    jamie h. and ray e. sound like a couple of nut cases. ray I am a diabetic and I dont have to eat every two hours. I eat breakfast lunch and supper, you should try it. better yet dont fly. busses and trains run every day. the same goes for jamie. and it is not about subserviance. IT’S ALL ABOUT FLYING SAFELY from point A to point B. I’ll bet if the victems of 911 could say anything they’d all say where was TSA when we needed them,

    • Sam I am

      Even if you assume the official government story about 911 is true then I figure maybe a couple thousands of people have died from real terrorists in America over the last hundred years. In that same time of 100 years, bad government have murdered millions of their own citizens. For some reason, we just have this fervent belief that our government could never eventually get to that point where it murders the “criminals” (according to government).

      Ok, since the aim of the trillions of dollars in security spent by our country in the last 10 years is to prevent one cause of American death (terrorism), what is the government doing about auto accidents or strokes and cancer? You are far, far, far, far more likely to die in your own car while driving then from a terrorist attack in this country yet I don’t see NATO drawling up plans to bomb DMVs and auto dealers with depleted uranium rounds. Also, MacDonalds and other fast food chains aren’t being machine gunned in our country by apache helicopters even though regular visititors to fast food may face a delayed death sentence several decades down the line….

    • djdrew103


      Your’s is about the most sane and intellectual reply so far. There are abuses to the system, and the system needs reform. There will always be those who abuse the sheep, even if in reality they are sheep too, but merely working for the sheep herders.

      This is where each and every TSA employee needs to feel shame. When they allow their fellow workers to get away with the least little oppressive and offensive behavior, they are just as guilty as the worst of the bunch that set the people in an uproar. These searches can be done in a respectful and timely manner, rather than some strip search at a Nazi concentration camp!

      Secondly, we will never hear the end of it from the miserable lots that like to call themselves Americans. They are a regressed, moronic lot of whiners and complainers. Just look at some of the comments by these idiots.

      “why dont we go to the source (muslims) and then send them all back to their home”

      “issue a sharp Bowie knife to everyone who wants one and take them up at the end of the flight. All the rest of this is sheer theater. Cosmetic security to reassure the sheeple”

      “If you get rid of all muslims from the US and never let them back in again we will not have anymore problems with security”

      “Ok, since the aim of the trillions of dollars in security spent by our country in the last 10 years is to prevent one cause of American death (terrorism), what is the government doing about auto accidents or strokes and cancer?”

      “The government’s public school anti-individualism campaign has been successful. It has produced many lemmings and quasi-sheep who seem to go through life without thinking.”

      God people, just look at your miserable mentalities! You actually DESERVE to be oppressed! I am serious! You couldn’t be let lose to govern yourselves if your life depended on it, and it does!

      Such a sorry miserable example of a bunch of misfits if I ever saw one.

      Some fool up there commented about how safe things used to be in the 70′s on airlines. He’s gotta be retarded! DO some research son! That’s just when terrorist bombings and hijackings started getting a good foothold, and the total lack of the airline industry’s voluntary cooperation on regulatory safety was what allowed it to become the mess it is in today! If they had of cooperated with public safety groups and the way the people wished the government to lean instead of spending millions lobbying against imposed safety regulations, we may would have never seen those planes fly into the twin towers in the first place, who of you ever thought of that!?

      I know you didn’t, you’re not capable of sane rationalization! You make that evident in your idiotic comments above, just to be able to mentally masturbate out loud in public and think yourselves witty.

      People died in the past because stricter airline security policies weren’t placed into effect in the name of greed and the almighty dollar.

      As in most cases where government gets involved in public safety, someone has to die first, and usually that’s many have to die first, just so the government can justify to the miserable minions it services that there was an undeniable necessity. Why, you ask? Because you are downright too ignorant to actually understand the god’s honest truth!

      • dan

        djdrew103, Your contempt for stupidity is understandable, however, I believe you and many others are missing the point altogether. Our personal freedoms are and have always been at risk. It took some real intestinal fortitude to stand up to British Imperialism in the 1700′s. Who were the terrorists back then? Your rant typifies what the real problem is. Apathey about our rights and freedoms. How far are you willing to go for safety’s sake? There really are no guarantees of safety. In the mean time think about the Country we are handing our kids. What rights and freedoms will we be handing down to our future. Wake up. Quit blaming the “sheeple” and provide some constructive input to help keep our Country what our forefathers had envisioned.

        • Altaica

          All I know is I see a lot of parallels between the government in “V for Vendetta” and ours and the state of our country.

          • Karolyn

            Love that movie. It was on a few weeks ago.

      • Maddie

        If the government had done it’s job, none of the hijackers would have been able to do what they did. All were here on EXPIRED Visa’s and should have been rounded up and deported in accordance with the laws of the land, but they were still here doing as they pleased.

        They have the capacity to track a cow from X country that comes here, all her calves and their offspring, and pinpoint just exactly where they are in this country. Why can’t they do the same for people? Because it might make us safer if they did their job but harder for them to take away more of our freedoms. I refuse to submit to their tactics. Period!

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    i am surprised that they aernt at train stations or bus stations yet.

  • John Bowman

    If you get rid of all muslims from the US and never let them back in again we will not have anymore problems with security, we will be able to live again the American way our founders created for us.

    • Sam I am

      You guys still don’t get it. Where do you think radical muslums get all their weapon money and training money? You don’t think it could possibly be secretely from our own government to keep the war on terror going? Do you realize that we are backing AL QUIEDA in Libya???? WTF??? Al Quieda supposedely attacked us on 911 and are our mortal enemies but we are supporting them in taking over Libya??? Why wouldn’t we use a non enemy to support our warmongering abitions over Libya?

      Just look up in mainstream media sources like Fox News how months before 911 Al Quieda’s second in command “An-War-a-la-locky” (sorry can’t spell) secretly dined at the Pentagon. Why secretly? Was al quieda our friend months before 911?

      Here, let me explain how the military industrial complex works. They use some money to create demand for their services by secretly funding terrorism, then they get more money from the government to openly combat terrorism and make lots and lots of lots of money. Its that simple. Let me explain how this might work on a lower level like local government. Lets say I own a private security firm in a local town that offers protection from thugs for the city. I secretly pay off the police to look the other way and I secretly fund a bunch of teenage punks to go around with baseball bats and smash things up. Then the public demands that something be done about the teenage hooligans, and low and behold, my company shows up offering the solution of protection. Why oh why isn’t that a good biz strategy to ensure lots of profits!!!! Simply control the level of demand outright and make it high!!! Why have to earn customers the hard way when you can use the power of government and deception to make them buy your products??? Big pharma is doing the same thing with Obama care which really should be called big pharma care. In 2014, everyone will be mandated to buy health insurance!!! If you owned a record store lets say wouldn’t you be thrilled if you could get government to mandate that everyone buy records? What if you could get the government to say everyone must buy YOUR records? On ultimate threat of death by SWAT team if you resist (oh sure at first they will send you notices in the mail, then fines in the mail, etc. before sending in the SWAT team)?

      • Brad

        Wow. From the comments above of Sam I am. That same business model is one the same the BBB, Better Business Bureau uses. They are the largest legal non-profit, big money scam in the nation. They charge the business to be an accredited member and then charge the complaining consumer to file a complaint on an accredited business. But still give the accredited business whom pays their yearly dues a pass and good grade when in reality they are a problem merchant. The non-accerdited business get reports shoved down their neck and have no available area giving next to the complaint to post a publc rebuttal to defend themselves from their accuser. And if the complaining consumer is filing a complaint against a non-accredited business it is free to complain and the BBB post it even though you are trying your best to resolve the issue.

        How is this any different than the teenage thug scenario desrcibed above. IT IS EXRORTION! The BBB needs to be investigated by the FTC today. The BBB is the most reconnized consumer safe business BS logo out there, yet the same idealism which forms the purpose to protect the consumer needs to be the same idealism tate pretects us from the BBB itself.

      • Thinking About

        Big Pharma got a big kick to start a year before the first prescription was passed out and some years before Oba was even in office so don’t put that one on Obama care.

    • KJQ

      You’re right, John. Israel (and their airline El Al) are the safest to travel through/on. The profile you via camera from the moment you approach the airport building until you board the plane. They know that it is certain people that need to be kept off of planes, not certain objects. In addition, they have two armed sky marshals of every flight since 1972. In the 3 attempted highjackings since then, the perpetrators were immediately shot dead (no stupid “drop that bomb activator/gun/knife/fork/stick” warnings – bang – dead).

      The west is suicidally politically correct. This probably won’t end short of civil war.

    • TML

      So, discriminate on the basis of religion, against the First Amendment? Perhaps we should deport you as well for being a traitor to the Constitution.

    • Altaica

      You do realize that historically speaking those African slaves the colonists brought over with them were predominantly Muslim right? They’ve been here as long as the colonists. Yet the issues have only become this intense in the last few decades. You can’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

      • independant thinker

        I believe if you check they were predominately anamist not muslim.

        • Altaica

          I’ll have to look into that. If they were Animist it could explain why they got along so well with Native Americans when they escaped. Similar religious views.

  • Dan Ewain

    Why don’t we try what Israel does – they neither scan or pat down persons and yet seem to be quite good at keeping the nut cases off planes. Perhaps it is because it is a type of “profiling”.

  • Dvanilla

    America, your looking bad now.

    • steve in AZ

      Maybe so, but if you don’t wish to have YOUR sorry muslim arse kicked back to arabia, you should say “We’re” looking bad.

      Also, YOUR opinion will garner more respect if you can master the language well enough to be able to spell a five letter contraction correctly.

      DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • Gayle

    This regime has created the problem with the borders and now this is their answer to fix it. Just more power play and mind training. I don’t fly either and don’t plan to now. I hope we become America again, soon.

  • Old Soldier

    An Arab tried to assassinate the ruling Saudi Prince by stuffing explosives up his rectum. Believe it, the Saudi Royal Guard does a thorough pat down, but missed this. When he detonated, he injured several but the only butt blown away was his. We are one step before body cavity searches at the air ports. If they really wanted planes to be safe from hijacking, issue a sharp Bowie knife to everyone who wants one and take them up at the end of the flight. All the rest of this is sheer theater. Cosmetic security to reassure the sheeple, several of whom commented above.

  • http://windstream Jack W Maskil

    John Bowman is right, why dont we go to the source (muslims) and then send them all back to their home, This country has turned into the biggest (I must do the right thing so as not to make foreigners mad) deal of the century. This was America, land of the free home of the brave. Why is the people (Americans) not protesting every day! On the rights they lost to a few mouthy idiots? who is controlling this country, while the rest of the sheep graze away. WAKE UP AMERICAN!

    • Karolyn

      Jack – What about all the Muslims who were born and raised here and love this country just as much as you supposedly do? As has already been said: “Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.” NOT ALL MUSLIMS EXTREMISTS!

  • newspooner

    This is just one example of what is happening in this country because we have not yet rid ourselves of the United Nations. It was created to be one of the main driving forces in reshaping the attitudes and subconscious ethics of Americans. Wake up the sheeple!

  • lightyeare

    Someone hijacks a plane with a knife so knives are prohibited.
    So someone hijacks a plane with a box cutter so all blades, including nail files, are prohibited.
    So someone puts a bomb in their shoes so you now have to remove your shoes.
    So someone makes a liquid bomb so now you can’t carry liquids on a plane.
    So someone hijacks a plane and uses it as a missile so we are now all photographed nude and are groped.

    First of all, how did we go from using a plane as a missile to being photographed nude and groped? The logical step should have been just to reinforce cockpit doors so terrorists couldn’t get in. But, of course, “Let no crisis go to waste.”

    Second, the last one not withstanding, do you see the pattern? All of our security is reactionary. How long do you think it will be before someone figures out where to stuff their C4 and how to cleverly hide the detonator in pieces on their clothing or carry ons?

    If this is the type of security we are going for than the only safe way to fly is to check every bag and have everyone remove their clothes while flying after having submitted to a thorough cavity search.

    Proactive security, i.e. intelligence and profiling, along with a little common sense, is the best security. This is why Israel hasn’t had a plane hijacked in my lifetime despite being surrounded by people who hate them.

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    • lightyeare

      i realize that the underwear bomber is mostly to blame for the being photographed nude and groped reaction. my second point still stands.

      • Patriot1776

        Actually, the government is to blame for the reaction, and the people are to blame for complying. I’m not sayin’….. I’m just sayin’

      • AJ

        The underware bomber was put there so a corporation could make a zillion dollars on the sale of scanners.

        • DaveH

          I think that’s a very strong possibility.

    • Thor

      Most of those who post here have a libertarian view of personal rights which ‘profiling’ obviously violates. Secondly, any law enforcement agency will tell you that profiling has limited application and success for the simple reason that once the enemy learns the profile you are looking for, they simply change their methodology to avoid it. Lastly, if you think profiling is the strength of the Israeli security system then you know nothing about it. The Israelis use a layered approach that violates the American sense of rights and propriety at every level. Many Israelis don’t like it as much or more than many of you who dislike our system. The difference is they don’t complain as much because, unlike many who post here, they understand the threat to them is real.

      • Karolyn

        But, seriously, can’t a little common sense be used?

      • DaveH

        There have been about 3,000 people killed by terrorists in this country in the last ten years. Compare that to the number of people who die in auto accidents (about 32000 every year). Even the number of deaths due to falling each year (about 17000) dwarfs the terrorist-caused deaths.
        Maybe we should all be required to wear those devices advertised in the “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” commercials.

        We have given up our Freedom for the illusion of Security.

  • TheRealBob

    TSA isn’t the whole problem; the article is about the mindless subservience with which we accept all sorts of government atrocities such as working months a year to support welfare parasites, corrupt government officials, overpaid government employees and, in general, a corrupt, bloated, malignant government. The reason for this is that we have become too comfortable to resist, i.e., comfort has made cowards of us all. Perhaps, when the government has reduced us all to penury, we will have an “Arab Spring” of our own and our evil rulers will reap what they have sown.

  • Dan

    Have suspected individuals enter a bomb container and then have infrared or something activate and if a bomb goes off then the individual does not pass go. No court costs either.

    • Brad

      Excellent idea!!!

    • Altaica

      Everybody wins! They get their suicide bombing and we get safety from their fanaticism. I like it.

  • Les

    The real point that everyone seems to miss is what have you done that warrants giving you this treatment? They know everything about you. They can instantly verify who you are with all the data they have collected. Based on that fact their solution is to treat everyone like crap to be Politically Correct (PC). By the way the term PC came from the former Soviet Union where being PC was supporting the Communist Party. So you folks keep being PC.

    All of this is just a game to create and keep creating more Federal jobs. All of our boarders and shores are porous routes in for “Terrorists” and nothing is being done about that. Yet we get this absolutely Nazi like treatment in order to fly the “not so” friendly skies.

  • AJ

    Ah yes the masses have been dumbed down and conditioned into complience for a long time. It’s been very successful. After all
    they’ve all been drinking the cool-aid for a long time. Floridated water! Happy Fascism America!!

  • speedle

    Ho hum……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Dan az


  • Dino

    Someone tell me how I can avoid this 4th Amendment violation without being arrested or removed from the flight. I have no intention of giving up my Constitutional Rights for security but I am faced with the reality of I either have to get to work or getting back home. Being forcibly excluded from flying by protesting these illegal searches and possibly being arrested for not complying with TSA “security” measures, presents a major problem for me. Anyone know how to accomplish this? I sure would like to know!

    • Les

      Don’t fly!

    • Dan az

      charter flight ;)

  • FreedomFighter

    Les said it.

    Dont fly, boycott the airlines, money talks and loss of revenue will make them make adjustments.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Violet

    And the Jews in Germany quietly lined up to be put in cattle cars and shipped to their executions. They too believed their governments propaganda. Hello America Baaaaa!

    • Maryland Freestater

      This point is absolutely true – the Jews (and other ‘undesirables’) were lulled into submission and then herded taken for a shower. When this happens in America, who will step up for us? The American government KNEW about the camps but did nothing even they were begged by Jewish and resistance organizations to bomb the camps.

      I think the ONLY and FIRST way to start the fight against leftist and progressivist tyrants is to start voting them out of office, then purging the government of departments and agencies we do NOT need, and finally purging ALL leftists from government at all levels of the bureaucracy. I’d have a litmus test of some sort to eliminate these traitors from our midst. Or at least removing them so they can no longer contaminate our entire lives with their socio-psychic poison.

      Then I’d purge the ‘conservatives’…I am sick and tired of people ramming their belief systems down MY throat and would gladly deny anybody the ability to do so…it’s just liberals are a LOT more dangerous.

  • chuckb

    they can search all they want, pat downs, strip search or what have you. when i get on that plane i want to know there’s little chance of some rag head blowing it out of the sky. when it comes to my life, a little subversion of rights in this matter concerns me little. each time we reduce the method of search, that gives the got herders that much of an advantage to get their reward in heaven.
    we should be more concerned what barry is doing to the country, you talk about pat downs and strip serches, he’s looking in every place for more tax money, now there’s a real concern.

    • Brad

      that pretty much sums it up

    • independant thinker

      So you are proposing giving a masectomy to every woman that flies? Their have been proposals by some of the radicals to give boob jobs using explosives for the implant with a radio activated detonator.

      • GiantBryan

        I’m sorry I didn’t see where Chuck said that, please explain

    • Dan az

      Look chucky
      Just because your afraid dosen’t give you the right or anyone else the right to force this crap on anyone.I would love to be in the plane that some rag head wanted to blow up or drive into a building with some 1 inch blade.If your not man enough don’t fly but don’t force others to hold your hand.Take a teddy bear with you for comfort or your blanky if it makes you feel better.But the first guy that grabs my balls will will be pulling back a stump.

      • Kate8

        Dan az – You may have seen this before, but it’s really scary what they can do.

        This is a crowd in Vancouver or somewhere. Just use your cursor to point to a person and zoom in. Amazing the clarity.


        • Dan az

          Thats amazing!Thats only one camera!Can you imagine that they have been flying over with the same cameras and only let you see so close.I guess for now on I’ll have to start wearing clothes huh? :) Nah I’ll just keep grossing them out that’ll teach um!I saw this movie that they could do the same thing from space and now I’m sure of it.Hey going to go to town this weekend and I want to get that detox stuff but forgot the name,I’ll be looking through here because I’m sure you mentioned it some were in here.Hey have you ever heard of this stuff called preagen?Its for the memory and works,this guy had a couple of strokes and didn’t have anything left and when he took this stuff for a couple of months he is completely normal again.Amazing stuff.I’m going to get some of that and give it a try.I’ll let you know how it works but you will probably be able to tell before I will.Just in the way I spell for one.I swear I’m turning dyslexic. :)

          • Altaica


            Those were Zeolite powders, I’m gonna get some of those too.

          • Dan az

            Thanks I did find it finally,I’m picking it up today instead.Sure hope it works!

  • Vern Holford

    There is nothing to debate here. The TSA and the anti American Patriot Act need to be repealed. Airline security needs to be handled by the Airlines. The Constitution allows nothing else. How we get to that is the only question.

    • Dan az

      Not really Vern its quit simple really.When you go to the polls you vote for the only person that is for the constitution and that means everything that is in it!

  • Jason

    I heard Today they are now going to TSA football fans at the football games. We are for sure in a Police State. Guilty till proven innocent in America!!

  • GiantBryan

    I’ve been flying so much at least one a month, TSA has always been professional and I’ve me though both scanner and pat down, No one grabbed my nut’s, penis, or ass. I’ve had my coffee cup swabbed, and was allowed to finish my coffee first. TSA agents are people doing the job they were hired to do, just once I wish people would think about how easy it is to follow the rules and get though security screening.

    As for bringing food though the security, pretty easy buy peanut butter pouches that are 4 ounces or less, put the bread in a small plastic bag (they are called sandwich bags) and you won’t have a problem, Amy set this up so she can degrade and slam the United States. She should be deported..oh wait the freedom of speech says she can write what she wants.

    Treat every human with respect and you’ll notice your life will improve. I treat TSA with respect and I normally get treated with respect back. We can’t help that people have wanted to kill us, so the Government has taken measures to stop terrorist attacks, and you bitch bitch bitch..I guess you would want the alternative.

    • Thinking About

      I also think this is set up by Amy. It is like going to her web site and ordering her “products” and being shocked when you receive them and raising a big stink claiming you have been shocked when you receive a sex toy

  • jopa

    GiantBrian:Very well said.To me it sounds like Amy needed something to write about or just wants to make a few bucks with a frivolous law suit at our expense.No matter how good or bad something is there will always be complainers.I would like to see the pat downs and security measures a little more lax but I can deal with what we have for now.

    • Mac

      I can’t, and won’t, deal with the extreme change in procedures in the last year. Previous procedures worked – at least if there were any attempted attacks caught in the US – domestic flights staying entirely within the US – there was no publicity given to those ‘catches.’ Maybe the TSA has failed to publicize their successes? So far all I read about are the failures of TSA to catch simple non-lethal items that have been proscribes nevertheless, but only confessed to after the passenger has reached their destination. And the occasional loaded gun forgetfully carried aboard a flight after passing through inspection. If TSA is not catching these things, they are USELESS.

  • Thor

    Bob, thanks for responding and I appreciate the attention you give our comments. I agree with you on so much and I am trying hard to find common ground here. I don’t see a clear objective in your response other than a bid for isolationism, which I think would leave us in worse shape than we are in now. I do not make an argument in favor of totalitarianism; what I argue for is keeping people as safe as we can. I do not think your argument for ‘scare tactics’ is valid for the simple reason that, unless you want to argue that 3000 plus people did not die on 9/11, then the threat is real. I have no problem with bringing all our troops home–from every place about the globe (at the very least, we should charge people/nations a fee for protecting them); but how would you implement such a thing? If you announce it and do it gradually, people will die because of it. If you are going to do it at all, it should be done immediately–ASAP, without any kind of announcement. And when you bring all those ‘occupying armies’ home, along with them you bring all the strength of free market enterprise you are supposed to believe in. You don’t seem to have any concept of what it is to keep people safe tactically, strategically, domestically, internationally or at any other level. Suppose we do become isolationists (which I would agree with if it were practical)? How do you propose to keep people safe at all levels until that is accomplished? I’d like to hear your comments on what kind of economy a free market capitalist state has in isolation mode. My suspicion is that an isolated capitalist free market that has no way to protect its trade interest when the rest of the world’s 219 countries adopt an intra-socialist global economy and government will be just as weak as some of the isolationist socialist regimes we see today. As it stands now, the entire globe is forced to trade via state capitalism because the US alone forces them to. It will not be possible for us to continue to do that once we go into isolation mode. China, you will notice, is moving out of its isolationist mode. Lastly, I’d like to see your comments on whether or not Muslim terrorists, whom we all know are directed from Tehran, will stop attacking us once we are no longer threatening them and once we are no longer using the usual ‘totalitarian’ practices like TSA pat downs, xray, the Patriot Act, etc. etc. You really think they are going to want to give us a big, warm-fuzzy? The answer to why your isolationist view will not work, Bob, really resides in a close look at the enemy–I mean here the real enemy we face–Islamic totalitarian, facist-socialist rule; it is an ideological economic system that will not leave us alone–even if we pull in our horns and mind our own business! Mohammed designed Islam to dominate trade; and it is an ideology strongly suited to secular totalitarianism. Do a little fact checking: on 9/11, there were 1200 mosques in the US; today, there are over 2,000. I have a solution for anarchy and it’s not totalitarianism; it’s common sense. And there’s a big difference between trying to scare people and prudently stating the truth.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Thor,

      I appreciate that you are seeking common ground. I believe you have an open mind and are in pursuit of the truth. However, engaging in this conversation is fruitless until you understand the difference between isolationism and non-interventionism. You are engaging in misdirection (doublespeak), much as Obama does in his speeches. You are suggesting that there only two extremes: isolationism or the status quo, anarchy or totalitarianism. You also do this when you say, “unless you want to argue that 3000 plus people did not die on 9/11, then the threat is real.” I don’t believe you are doing this intentionally, but are a victim of the mainstream media, which parrots the talking points of the two parts of the political spectrum. Obama, however, is intentionally using misdirection when he says his bill must be passed or the school buildings will fall over, bridges will collapse and there will be a depression. This is a tool used by marketers—and politicians—to sell their product or program: Give an extreme example of the worst possible outcome and then show how their product or program will prevent that worse possible outcome. Any suggestion of alternatives is ignored.

      I believe you are unfortunately stuck in a false paradigm. Your quote that I excerpted above is an example. I have never said almost 3,000 didn’t die on 9/11. That would be a ridiculous thing to say. What I have said and written is that the story the government is peddling about what happened on 9/11 is not the truth. This is not something I just made up. I am quoting people who were on the 9/11 Commission and others who were in government at the time. I am quoting 9/11 responders and a group of engineers and architects. I do not know exactly what happened that day. I simply know there are many unanswered questions. However, anyone who questions the official story is denigrated as some sort of nut through the misdirection tactic I explained above.

      May I suggest a homework assignment for you? Please read Confessions of an Economic Hitman ( and The Secret History of American Empire: The Truth About Economic Hitmen, Jackals and How to Change the World ( ). This will help you to understand why people might be motivated to attack U.S. interests. It will also open your mind to the possibility that there are other forces at work behind the scenes in many events that take place in our world. Then our discussion can begin.

      Best wishes,

      • Dan az

        Bob Livingston
        Thanks for responding to thor I was going to but you know how bad I do at it.I’m just glad that you did.And thanks for the links.Can’t get enough!

        • Dan az

          Bob Livingston
          Is there a way to fix the Community comments to be able to go to the one you see on it instead of starting at the beginning each time?It sure wood make things allot easier. Thanks

          • Dan az

            It WOULD be good to know how to spell too.

          • DaveH

            Just copy a unique snippet of the commenter’s text and paste it in your browser’s find feature, Dan, after you get to the linked article.

          • Dan az

            I tried that it dosen’t work!

      • Thor

        Thanks, Bob, for a frank, honest and intelligent rebuttal. That is why I frequent this site. Like you, I think that intelligent dialectics and the nurturing of a logical paradigm is a better tool in search of truth than compromised agreement. I believe the Greeks had that much right. I do think, however, that you have misjudged my ‘paradigm’ falsely. You make a distinction between ‘isolationism’ and ‘non-interventionism,’ which cannot logically stand (and it is not a matter of extremism): once you decide not to intervene then you have changed directions; you are on the road to isolationism because things will not stay the same. It is the direction I object to, not just the distance. Once you change directions things will continue to evolve in that direction, at the extremity of which resides ‘isolationism.’ This I feel points to the invalidity of your paradigm, Bob; and I think it resides squarely upon the level to which the paradigm is taken rather than its methodology. An example that comes to mind is Newton v. Einstein: Newtonian physics is not invalid; it is simply relegated to and valid in local systems—not the entire universe. Your paradigm works for the US in the US but is ineffective and therefore invalid for the US in the world.
        Like you, Bob, I have spent over 40 years identifying and exposing what I view to be the ‘invalid paradigms of government.’ Unlike, John Perkins, however, I did not run from the draft; I joined the Army and have spent much of my life defending ‘people’ rather than joining an outfit bent on subterfuge and ‘destroying the economies of other nations.’

        I come here to try to understand the truth and I value the opinion of someone I disagree with more than that of groupies for two reasons: 1) I could be wrong; and 2) if I’m not, I need to know how to defeat the other side dialectically. Thanks for presenting that opportunity.

        • DaveH

          Not getting involved in another country’s politics militarily, is not the same thing as isolationism, Thor.
          To be isolationists we must ban all free trade with other countries.
          Not having our troops in countries around the world is NOT isolationist.

          • DaveH

            I think “isolationist” is a conversation killer used by people addicted to the military state just as “anarchist” is a conversation killer used by people addicted to Big Government. Like so many political words, it is a manipulative tool with a negative connotation that is used by zealots to silence their opposition.

          • Thor

            A closer look at what I actually said would reveal that I make a distinction between ‘heading in the direction’ of isolationism and actually being there–a full blown isolationist country like China was at the fin de seicle, last century. And, it must not be much of a conversation-killer since you seem content to continue to refute me. Thanks for your comment, DaveH.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Thor,

          Yes, I make a distinction between non-interventionism and isolationism because they are not the same. Using your logic there are only two choices. World domination or isolationism. I don’t accept your premise.

          You seem intent on changing the definition of words to make your argument. Conversation depends upon communication. Communication cannot occur if two people are not using the same language. Therefore there is no benefit to continuing our discussion.

          Best wishes,


    It is your’s and my fault when seemingly peaceful intelligent people are subjected to despot type treatment and do not resist or complain mightily to cease and desist. After all do not Americans treasure their privacy, freedom and security, are we not proud of our independent motivation?….I submit to you we do not because we are not well informed and we are being intimidated by government experts in the field of bullying.

    Recently Stossel of FOX gave his proof of how easily uninformed,confused people can be lead to do anything including as did the Jews, going in conformity to being lead to slaughter and having their children ripped from their arms. Think about how easily Candid Camera sucker punched the unsuspecting and then think about how you might of acted. The point is, “Yes” you can have your best instincts over ridden and be lead astray by those who will swear they have your best interest in mind…Life is tough, even tougher when your stupid…JW

  • Buck

    I will NEVER enter an airport as a result of this stupid degradation of people . Ditto to many other large group actitvities that require leaving your self respect at the door . I have self-respect , a sense of decency and too much pride to admit that we lost the war on terror by submitting our-selves to suffer these indignities . I don’t fear the terrorists enough to give up my freedom , much less my dignity , for a VERY little security . The ignorance and plain stupidity my government exhibits in the name of tolerance is just plain disgusting . If our safety was even remotely a concern to those people the borders would be tighter than any bankers vault . By this I mean to face the fact that islam is not a religion but a VIOLENT theocracy that will stop at nothing to rule the world as one huge caliphate . In truth though this would not be much worse than the one world progressive communist government they have planned for us under the auspices of the UN .

    • Dan az

      You sound like an intelligent person and seem to know what is going on.So why not create a new market by setting up charter planes that by pass all of this?They need the work and if everyone would do it,they would feel it where it hurts the most in the pocket book.Think of all the new jobs that it would create.I would pay a little more to get where I was going rather than have to be be groped every time I wanted to fly.Free market,competition,lower prices when everyone figures it out.They are not the only game in town!

    • Thinking About

      Now Buck is exercising his right not to fly. Problem solved, see how easy this was. He will not choose to be scanned or have the pat down. This is a decision Amy should have chosen and not crying in line and holding up passengers who want to follow the rules. Font put the hot coffee between your legs and then sue if you get burned.

      • DaveH

        That line of reasoning could apply to any authoritarian pursuit employed by Government. At least until they start knocking at our doors.

  • Janice Fortin

    this is exactly mindless subservience – not that you give anyone much of a choice. What happened to that idea that each go into a room and if you have something on you or under your skin that explodes… explodes right there. No one harmed but the culprit. Don’t tell me this is just a joke that can’t be invented…..oh yes I bet it can.
    But…..the elite don’t get a whole country used to mindless subservience….and that is the whole purpose of planting a terrorist, isn’t it?

  • Polski

    The problem is that no one knows how to tell if there is a terrorist or if the terrorist has some dangerous material on them. The security is increasing the use of the new dangerous machine. On the other hand, the searchers are being much more careful and much more detailed on explaining how they are going to pat you down. I speak from personal experience. I fly a lot, and I always “opt out” if they point to the new machine. But you’re right. Most of the people just go through the new, dangerous machines like lemmings, or clones.

  • Eric

    The airlines should reinforce the pilot cabin doors and just issue each passenger a firearm upon entering the plane. That way if any sh– is started it will be stopped just as quick.

    • DaveH

      We could have a Free Market in airlines. Some would have cavity searches for ultimate safety (and be much more expensive), and some would allow licensed passengers to carry guns. Those of us who love Freedom could then shoot it out with any terrorists. Other airlines might offer something in between those choices. The Passengers would decide. Freedom would be preserved.

  • Dan az

    The day is coming sooner than you think when strip search’s are going to be mandatory.And if thats not bad enough anal probes for explosives will be the norm.All it takes is one time some nut job gets through and detonates his azz by way of cell phone or altimeter for the sake of his promised virgins.For the life of me I can’t see why they would want virgins.But the facts are if they wanted to they would do it,its been done one before trying to kill a prince.What then?Are you going to still let them do it to you?I’m sure there are a few that would.They got this far whats going to stop them?Not the law apparently.Fight them with your dollars,they wont last a month.Fly charted air lines and tell them to stick up theirs.

  • Mac

    #1 – has TSA discovered any actual threat from individuals boarding a flight in the US? Sure, there are plenty of “contraband” items found, but have any of them been actually dangerous items? All the true threats I have heard about have been people boarding flights overseas, destination in the US.

    In other words most of the TSA activities are useless. The ridiculous increase in personal probing last year was not needed, and should be stopped immediately, except for those individuals who fit the profile – yes, PROFILE/PROFILING – people who the Constitutionalists would agree with as being suspicious.

  • Karolyn

    For the life of me, I don’t understand why the US doesn’t take a cue from Israel. they don’t do all this, and they have more to worry about! Well, at least they’re going to stop doing routine pat-downs on children under 12! Aren’t they special?

  • Karolyn

    I heard an interview a couple of weeks ago about this guy who was walking through the Mall of American videotaping it while walking, so he could send it to his fiance in Viet Nam, and she could have a virtual tour. Well, security got this guy, who is a veteran, and treated him like crap, including taking his camera. He just couldn’t believe that he was treated that way. There was another story about an old man who forgot his cell phone on a table at the food court. He happened to be Middle Eastern. He AND his son, who was not even there, were subjected to a lengthy period of surveillance; and they are on a list of suspects. The FBI was called in on these cases. In interviewing the manager of the mall, she still stood up for their procedure, indicating that danger does exist. However, they haven’t gotten a real terrorist yet.

    • Antonio

      The reason they haven’t caught a terrorist yet is because there isn’t any terrorist. Al quida and taliban are just cia created organizations specifically designed to fool you and others too. Its working great too isn’t? They were designed to scare you so that you support their “safety plans”. The government is a master of manipulation, you just remember that young lady. It seems you are starting to wake up a little and that’s a good :)
      keep smiling and researching.

  • Kate8

    What I can’t figure out is why, if they really think it’s only Muslims who are the threat, they don’t just put pig stuff on the plane. I don’t know…pig skin seat covers, pork chops…I don’t know. Pig stuff. They won’t die with pig stuff.

    I read where in Spain, if they don’t want a mosque to be built in a particular location, they bury dead pigs there. That immediately makes the land desecrated to Muslims. End of problem.

    I suspect we don’t do it because the terrorists aren’t really who they’re after. It’s US, our dignity, our freedom.

    • Antonio

      You are right Kate. Its all about destroying the USA. Its not about muslims never was and never will be. Its all about creating fear, disasters, attacks; so that they can establish a world army and police force NATO and UNITED NATIONS to provide something that they call “safety”. In reality its world domination and control.

      “While people are saying, “Peace and Safety”, destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape”– 1 Thessalonians 5:3

      I cannot wait for the glorious day :)

      • Kate8

        Antonio – What do you think of the coming of Planet X, Nibiru?

        I’ve been reading about its appearance (PlanetX and the End of the Age) and researching the internet. It seems that it is real.

        Check this out. What struck me is that it looks like the Eye of Horus. Is this the real meaning of this symbolism? The NWO awaits the destruction wrought by Nibiru because they plan to gain control of the Earth in its wake?

        • Kate8

          Antonio – Here is more.

          This is due to start wreaking real havoc in October/November.

        • Antonio

          Well Kate I really don’t know much about astrology other than how it pertains to satanist and the Illuminati. Planet X, I really don’t think it is going to hit the earth and to be quite honest i really don’t think it even exist. As far as the “3 days of darkness” goes. Here’s the thing, When the planets line up it will cause a pole shift and that is a 72hr deal or “3 days” of destruction. “darkness” is a strange word, does it mean without lights? evilness? or just a disastrous 3 days of pole shifting? AS far as the NWO goes and waiting on destruction to gain control of the earth, that is exactly the point of my videos!! The have been building their nwo slowly and preparing for 2012 yep that’s it. They have their tech, their troops, their underground bases, and they have the people dumb, hungry and desperate. In 2012 when pure chaos cuts loose THEY will step in and maintain a NEW WORLD ORDER FROM CHAOS. At least that’s my analysis.
          If you want to watch my videos again here’s the link.
          I now have 15 parts and there is a 16th coming soon…
          by the way, at the lower left of my page there is a link to download the videos and they are free. Just clik the link wait 45 sec. then clik “regular download”.
          i hope all is well with you and your family. take care.

  • Antonio

    After reading most of these comments i have realized that chuckb, brad, djdrew103, and jopa are going to be some excellent slaves.

  • CJM

    This doesn’t surprise me. I have always said that TSA hires perverts for these positions. The so-called pat downs are totally unnecessary; do you know that if a correctional officer did that type of patdown to an inmate, the officer would not only lose his/her job, but be prosecuted for sexually molesting the inmate. Napolitano and her gropies, along with dumbo in the Oval Office, and the congressional members do NOT have to put up with this. If these congressional members became sickened and either had to turn their head to look in another direction or actually get up and leave their seats durning the TSA demonstration a few months ago, then why is this practice still being allowed? The 60-year old lady who groped the TSA woman’s breasts for doing the same to her deserved every bit of humiliation and feelings of shame (the TSA person said she was humiliated by the experience) she claimed she felt. And look what happened–they arrested the 60 year old instead of the mealy-mouthed pervert who was molesting the elderly person. Enough is enough. This has got to stop and people can shut down the airlines or cause enough grief they will suffer financially until they do cease and desist. Profiling, like it or not, is the best method for zeroing in on those who would cause in-flight disasters and that has been proven. This touchy-feely perversion does nothing and is ineffective. Executive orders and agency regulations can be nullified by congress–and our congressional members know this. The US Constitution states that NO OTHER AGENT EXCEPT CONGRESS SHALL MAKE LAWS……..and Congress isn’t doing what they are supposed to. Perhaps Personal Liberty News can draw up a petition for the public to sign to force our government to IMMEDIATELY cease and desist the Napolitano Sexually Deviant Practice and Public Humiliation Tactics. Warning to our congressional members–you only have the power of office because you were elected and it is high time you remembered who the boss really is.

  • Meteorlady

    Ok – so I live in Texas. In 2009, according to a Homeland Security testimony before congress, 17,500 illegals from known terrorist producing countries entered via our southern borders. How many more since that time since we still have open borders and they are swarming in at a record rate because they believe in the promise of amnesty. Plus if they can bring in weapons by the van load, what have these terrorist brought into the country?

    Meanwhile US citizens get grouped, have to take our shoes off and have our things confiscated and our baggage searched. Seems to me if we are Americans we could all be issued a simple card that lets us move about the country without the government hired thugs fleecing us taxpayer for their services.

    Chernof – our ex-chief has made billions off the full body scanner fiasco.

  • Verus Langham

    So, I have to ask myself: “When did the RAPE occur; what did it entail?” and then if I find the answer lies in the lie there was only the matter of a pat-down and realize we’ve been snookered into the belief that because she sez she was raped we must believe her? No-no, no-no. It is becoming far too easy these days to send people off to prison without further exacerbating the miscarriage of personal liberty (that of the accused), justice (for all equally, including the prosecution of those who use the law to discredit others), and the pursuit of happiness…without which we as a nation digress to something less than the land of the free.
    Are there some who practice their personal perversions upon others and with the assistance of government which gives them standing (official capacity)… probably the answer is, YES! But sensitivity accommodation has never been one of government’s big attributes – I know from having been processed twice for entry into military service (and many times afterward during active duty)… we men all line up naked and have the doctor reach down there and poke and say, “cough”.. and then an endless line of other appointments until finally we are ushered into the room that gives us our gi clothing. In our schools (for those involved in sports), we have public numbing down in naked locker room events… my God, use to be whenever one visited the YMCA swimming was a sans swimming trunks affair. But… RAPE…. FEELING….(through clothing no less) ….PUBLICLY being seen being felt-up? Where’s the truth, the justice in that?

  • chuckb

    dan az, “danny boy” it’s not a matter of being afraid, it’s a matter pf being smart. first off i didn’t force this on anyone, and secondly i’m glad they do check people boarding passenger aircraft. if you are too embarrassed, then i suggest you drive or take a bus. feeling your rights are being offended and want to stop this so called evasion of your privacy only jeopardizes my safety, so no thanks. maybe you can find an al qaeda airlines to fly on, be sure to take your prayer rug.

    • Antonio

      chuckb “lil chucky” you have a lot learn boy.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Trucker

    mY FELLOWS citizen dont fly let them suffer- try other travel use Amtrack, Bus lines, personal vehicles
    Let patdown for TSA agent himself.
    be consistent refuse Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ronald r. johnson

    Keith, if you really feel the way you do let’s see you bring your mother, grand mother,sister,wife, daughter and grand daughter to the air port often and letting them be felt up my strangers several times and or quite often and see if they feel the same way you do! When they feel up mine[ the ones above then they better keep their eyes open for me! Obama’s wife and daughters are not felt up to fly and I bet Biden’s wife and daughters are not and I bet old Hillary and her daughter is not and I bet Nancy Pelosie is not felt up and last but not least I bet Harry Reids wife is not felt u either!


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