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MillerCoors Nearly Pulled From Minnesota During Government Shutdown

July 18, 2011 by  

MillerCoors beer almost removed from Minnesota stores before government shutdown endedThe government shutdown in Minnesota nearly forced some beer to be pulled off store shelves because of expired licenses. On Thursday, the governor and top Republicans struck a deal to end the budget impasse, according to The Associated Press.

The MillerCoors brewing company had been told by the State Department of Public Safety that it needed to stop distribution in Minnesota and would have to devise a scheme to remove its products from stores, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The employees in charge of renewing the company’s brand license had been deemed noncritical after the shutdown and were unavailable to process the necessary paperwork.

“We believe we’ve followed all applicable State laws on this,” Julian Green, director of media relations for MillerCoors, told the newspaper. “It is our feeling that if we follow all State laws then we should be permitted and have the right to sell our products in the State.”

The newspaper reported that MillerCoors accounts for 38 percent of beer sales in the North Star State, meaning consumers would likely have faced significantly fewer choices had the shutdown continued.

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  • s c

    Is this being done to protect union members? Is Big Al Franken’s unseen hand involved in this matter?
    If I lived in Minnesota, this might qualify as an important topic. For now, I suspect the people of Minnesota will survive this earth-shaking “crisis.” If it’s necessary, people can always cross state lines and get what they want (assuming that the price of gas isn’t too high).
    PLND, you can come up with better topics than this one.

    • Kinetic1

      s c,
      I understand that the same issue was looming for the Tobacco industry. Perhaps the point here is that there are many little things that we fail to consider when calling for a Government shut down. The distribution laws for Beer (which while meant to limit the power of big breweries has in reality only hurt the little guys) require regular attention from regulators, and those regulators were on leave. What about food service inspectors? How long could the government be “shut down” before restaurants would have to shut their doors? How often do fuel pumps need to be checked? The list goes on and on. For some folks it’s proof that we have to much government oversight, while for others it’s a sign that, without a fully functioning government our health, safety and promise of fair service may be at risk.

      • TIME

        Kin, Yada ~ Yada, saddly you know whats right yet you instead try and misslead all by formatting your argument with pretzel logic.

        Look you know very well that over regulating is not aiding in production nor is it aiding the American people in any way shape or form. Just as you also know that government can not create jobs.

        Any time a petty Tyrant has power ~
        that fails to make food safer,
        beer more salable,
        a home better built,
        a car better at keeping you safe in a crash,
        nor will it make your teeth brighter,
        nor will you one of the Top 10 most SEXY people in the world.

        In fact as you quite well know all it dose is add to the base cost of all products & Services, no matter what they are. Why is that again, Oh yea ~ so the government can make up non jobs to allow people who would otherwise never be able to get a job to get a job.

        How long could the government be shut down and everything run just fine?
        Well when one really looks at the issue, the answer is quite obvious, Forever, as smaller units will pop up and do a far better job.
        Its a matter of fact that the American people have now become conditioned to think that with out BIG Mother looking over everything that nothing good can happen. Really?

        So are your eggs really better now that they are zapped before you eat them, NO, we have even more food poison issues than when they were not ZAPPED.
        Is your milk really better for you now that 95% of its base nutrients killed off before you even get the product?
        No. Is the water you drink really safer for you? No.
        Are meats really better for you now that they are not only Genetically altered, but also mutated by growth hormones? NO. But the Government has regulated these down to a micro managed format.

        So if it were true that Government regulations were best for you then one has to ask this simple question.
        {Why are we in the MESS we are NOW?}

        Afterall over the last 50 plus years there have been “MORE LAWS and REGULATIONS, and Rules to control” the American public that many just don’t know any better at this point in TIME.

        So just hows that working out again?
        $14.8 Trillion dollars in DEBT, and growing. The real number is just to freaky to even note, but for the sake of it we really are in debt to the tune of nearly $100 Trillion dollars. And when one keeps in mind that in the whole world there’s only about $68 Trillion dollars worth of wealth.
        Real Unemployment at an easy 22%, most who are really in the know figure its 28% PLUS.
        Your homes value is less than 2/3′s of its value from five years ago. And from what is being noted by the guys who crunch the numbers well, your homes value will be even less within the next few months.
        As what was sold as a bill of goods that would fix all our Ills ~ Failed. Just as anything thats micro managed fails, just as the old addage; to many cooks in the kitchen spoil the soup.

        We now have the most amount of Americans ever on Government aid 43% are on (some form) of Government aid.
        Jobs, well the jobs are gone its a no brainer all one has to do is travel around the nation a tad just to see all the closed up factorys. We don’t make anything anylonger

        Where are they now?
        REGULATED right out of the nation to other lands such as China, India, Mexico. Why is that again?
        No Unions,
        No Regulations,
        No Government Inspectors,
        Lower TAX’s.
        So Now your reward is you get a cheeper product thats not as well made and last 1/3 the time or less.

        Where’s the Rocket Science needed with this equation, its really not needed. “Government is the problem, its not a solution.”

        • Buddy

          Nice retort — good job.

        • American Taxpayer

          Thank you!

        • Kinetic1

          You said it TIME,
          “CHEEPER LABOR,
          No Unions,
          No Regulations,
          No Government Inspectors,
          Lower TAX’s.” = “a cheeper product that’s not as well made and lasts 1/3 the time or less.”

          It took you a long time to get there, but get there you did.

          • Dan az

            That would be for the companies that are know longer here!!!!!Can’t you just look around and see what has happened?Why refuse the truth?It’s people like you that the gubmnt used to get us here.That gimmy gimmy attitude is what they want.I’ll suggest that you go to a fema camp and start picking out your room.Hey would that be for free?Free food,and all the work you want and don’t want just to stay alive.Cool sounds great!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Look at Milwaukee tools. Used to be one of the best brands on the market. i have one of their 75 anniversary model sawzalls and I wouldn’t trade it for any of them on the market now of ANY brand. the unions got so bad that they sold out to the Chineese and now the whole lock, stock, and barrell moved out to China!!! they make an inferior product, use the milwaukee name and charge the same price they did when it was made here! now please explain how the unions helped the workers, about 2500 of them in any way there!!!

          • Kinetic1

            Dan az,
            The truth is corporations are in business to make as much profit as they can. Some, though they are few are owned and managed by people who feel a sense of loyalty to their country and their neighbors, and will forgo the potential increase that may come from moving to a nation with lower wages, lax environmental and safety standards and lower quality control. Others are willing to sell to foreign concerns in the belief that manufacturing will remain in the States. That appears to be the case with Milwaukee Electric Tools.
            This is from an article in The Business Journal, Aug. 2004:
            “”This is an opportunity that, frankly, I haven’t seen before,” said Daniel Perry, president and chief executive officer of Milwaukee Electric Tool told reporters. Perry has worked for the company for 32 years.
            “We have an opportunity to grow,” Perry said.”

            That doesn’t sound like a company fighting with labor, does it?

            “Milwaukee Electric Tool has about 375 employees in Brookfield. The company is in the midst of renovating its 182,000-square-foot main building that it owns at 13135 W. Lisbon Road.
            The company is also transferring the manufacturing operations’ final three production lines to a plant in Greenwood, Miss. The transfer of work to Mississippi will take place as planned, Perry said. The company previously reported that the transfer of work would result in the loss of about 50 jobs at the Brookfield facility.”

            Hmm, they were renovating their main building at the time of the purchase and intended to continue work. Not the sign of a company heading off shore.

            “Perry said he doesn’t expect the acquisition to result in additional job cuts in Brookfield. The division hopes to enhance its research and development operations at the site, he said.
            Milwaukee Electric Tool already is preparing to introduce a number of new products in 2005, Perry said. “We’re going to introduce some products that will raise some eyebrows,” he said, although he declined to provide details.
            Milwaukee Electric Tool plans to maintain its corporate headquarters in Brookfield, Perry said. The company’s brand name also will remain.”

            So, the sale of the company to a Chinese firm seems to have had little to do with poor profits or labor costs. The parent company finds that they own a company that, while doing well no longer fits in their corporate plan, they get a good offer from another corporation that sees the company as a compliment to their other holdings and everyone is happy. Now, if the new parent company, based in China decides after a time that they could make more profit producing the product in their Chinese factory, is anyone surprised? If only we were willing to allow American corporations to treat their employees like slaves, pay them almost nothing for working under often dangerous conditions in factories that are allowed to do as they please, well maybe then we could get our jobs back! Or……

            USA Today,
            “Faced with rising costs, General Electric is moving production of its new energy-efficient water heater halfway around the world. The country it’s leaving? China. The one it’s bringing 400 jobs and a newly renovated factory? The United States.”
            Never mind.

          • Kinetic1

            Sorry, I should have included you in that last post.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you still didn’t answer my question! Also, knowing a person that was in management I KNOW for a fact that the Chinese have a one million square foot plant in CHINA that WILL house ALL of Milwaukee tools!!! That article you posted is at LEAST three years old!!

      • Cawmun Cents

        Lets see…..cold beer today,or the whole nation to look like Detroit tomorrow…hmmmm….I have to adnit that is a tough one….I loves me my cold beer…..?
        What I want to know is,why do I need Federal inspectors and bureaucratic jackasses in my affairs to begin with?I am thinking,that at some point in time,before the Fed,people got their beer and drank it without needing inspectors?Why cant we go back to such a time?Do I really need the Fed to tell me whose service is up to snuff?I dont think so.If somebody dies,close the place down.If they get ill,stop eating there.Eventually their business will take a turn for the worse when folks start having bouts of the runs,and folks figure out that that place is a dump.If your pump dont work I will go to another gas station.That eliminates the problem for me.Force people to take the initiative to make their businesses better,by not using them if they dont keep it up to standards.That is what capitalism is about.If it is the only gas station for miles…open another one.Competiton is the spice of life.It is what makes bad businesses better.Having to compete with the other guy.Too much bureaucracy however,stymies industry and service to the point where no sane person wants to open a business.That is where we are at now.That is why everything is made somewhere else.You cant have too much gubment hinderence of commerce,or the place will resemble Detroit.Its headed that way now….jump on that bullet train if you want….I’ll pass.-CC.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Cawmun Cents,
          I agree except to say that i do think the federal weights and measures is needed. At todays price of 3.57 a gallon for gas, I want to make sure I get a whole gallon!!!

          • Cawmun Cents

            if it is $1.50 cheaper from nom-inspection,I dont care if it is a tenth off or so.Damn the Fed,up with real capitalism.So says I…haw!-CC.

    • eddie47d

      SC is lost in her wonderland as always. The article basically is about Republicans trying to shut down Minnesota and you bring up Franken and unions. How is that going to benefit unions?Probably the opposite. You are about as equally crazy as your right wing brethren in Minnesota.Less government,yes. Less regulations,probably not since we can’t seem to make our free enterprise system free from schemers,cons and environmental abusers. The less we can trust private enterprise the more regulations there are. The more regulations the more government grows so the problem keeps coming back to private businesses. The honest companies get screwed by the crooked ones and we all suffer. We all see the problem and it’s a lack of integrity with a few companies and an overzealous government.

    • Dons621

      The rotation on outdated beer is an ongoing process supply and demand controls product longevity. The stores buy by sales with margins for holidays etc. If this action was just another “CRISIS” you are asleep at the switch if you do not understand it is “never let a crisis go to waste” is just more of OBJURGATION.

  • C130 Gunship

    As far as I’m concerned, Minnesota was trying to do their citizens a favor pulling MillerCoors crap off the shelves. How MillerCoors can call themselves ‘beer’ is beyond me. Domestically, I only drink Samuel Adams, otherwise it’s imports such as Sapporo from Japan, or Peroni from Italy. If I can’t one of those 3, then a nice Bombay Sapphire 3 olive martini will do…….shaken, not stirred.

    • VikingsFan

      @C130 Gunship,
      Millercoors owns Peroni, so if they pulled them from the shelves you would have lost one-third of YOUR favorite beer brands.

      • C130 Gunship

        VikingsFan…..I believe they created Tenth and Blake Beer Company which is an independent yet connected company, and owns the marketing, trade marketing and an independent sales organization dedicated to the craft and imports business. Even if they do outright own Peroni, no imports were being considered to be taken off the shelves from what I understand, just the domestic dinosaur piss MillerCoors offers.

  • jopa

    Time should move to some African country where they don’t have any water quality testing or regulations for food safety.I myself I like to drink fresh water, buy eggs that are safe to eat and all the crap has been washed off, steaks that are maggot free and vegetables, cheese and breads that are free of mold.There is a place for everyone and mine is the USA.Some folks just don’t know when to be grateful with what they have and America has the best.

    • TIME

      Really JoPa,

      I should move to Africia, have you ever been there? As a matter of fact have you ever been anywhere other than in front of your Tellie?
      I have been to Africia I have eaten with natives in huts oddly I didn’t have any maggot infest foods when I was there. I did have fresh eggs, fresh meat as well as fresh hard breads.
      Its really no differant tham here in the US, the Africians just have fewer Walmarts, as well food stores and thank GOD no 7/11 blights either.

      Just so your mind can grasp this;
      Whats more effective, a water hose that has many kinks in it, or a free flowing non restrictive hose?

      Oh and just for the record, how bloody strange is it that we here in the USA managed to live quite well for over 150 years before we let Government into food production, the USDA.
      Strange how that worked out that just as many got sick way back then as now.

      Oh, by the way long before we had our eggs zapped to the point that they have zero food value, I used to drink 3 raw eggs per day in a malt.
      Oddly I have never gotten sick, but then again I guess that Florid a waste product from the production of Aluminum BTW thats in your water is doing you good? NOT!
      Cancer rates are on the rise every year since the introduction of Florid into the drinking water, thus its the common thread.
      So you go right ahaead and drink what you think is clean water thats been filtered to remove all the toxins, and good luck with that.

      • Dan az

        I just read that Arizona puts floride in the water and refuses to list it by ppm.I don’t drink water but people I know do.Do you know how one can stop them from putting this deadly chemical into the water?I have sent letters to the governor with the facts on what this stuff does but with no reply.If germany used it on the jews in the camps how is it that we as a nation could subject our citizens to the same thing?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Dan az,
          I understand that reverse osmosis removes floride, so I guess the best thing to do is get a filter that will remove it. I have read that Zero water filter pitchers also remove it, I’m not totally sure of that, though!

          • Dan az

            Thanks Joe
            I use a filter now that supposed to remove up to 5 microns but how do I know that is a fact.I don’t trust anyone if they still refuse to stop putting it in knowingly.I still buy that water in one gallon size but I afraid that it to maybe compromised.I don’t have a way to test the water for it.

    • Greg T

      In a free market, people buy what they want. Once people find out that the products are bad, they stop buying. Yes, a few will get scammed. Yet, I seem to watch and read about many scams still taking place in our highly regulated society.

      How long does it take for a business reputation to be lost?

      It comes down to trust. Basically we, as a society, no longer trust ourselves to make the “right” decisions. So, we allow our government to make them for us. I guess that works for some.

      As we learned in the Gulf oil spill, whose regulating the regulators?

      We will never regulate ourselves to nirvana or whatever these people believe they are fundamentally transforming us into. It is way past time to deregulate and allow freedom ring once again.

  • jopa

    Time;I have traveled through most of Europe, Canada and Mexico.Africa I would like to visit but my wife(the boss) just doesn’t trust the foods in the African or Asian countries.Even in Europe after being there for a week or so we always look for a Hard Rock or TGI’s just to have that good old American taste again.At home I only drink what may or may not be bottled spring water, not the city water.I remember a segment on Paul Harvey about thirty years ago he claimed the best water in the world was New York City tap water.I don’t know where he got his facts but I never would have guessed it.


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