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Militarized Police Forces Attack Occupy Camps

October 27, 2011 by  

Militarized Police Forces Attack Occupy Camps

Tear gas, non-lethal bullets, flash-bang grenades and arrests “under the suspicion of unlawful assembly” are now all definite realities in the streets of American cities that have been overtaken by Occupy protesters.

While their demands are ill-defined, the protesters’ fate, it seems, is sealed by the hands of officials in cities like Oakland, Calif., and Atlanta who have instructed police to conduct raids on encampments to quell the dissent.

In Oakland, a pre-dawn raid Tuesday that turned violent effectively eliminated all but a handful of protesters from areas around the city hall. Police fired upon the protesters with non-lethal bullets, and they employed the use of tear gas and flash-bang grenades to disperse protesters. Protesters reportedly attempted to fight back by lobbing glass bottles and stones at police.

Police forces in Atlanta were able to more peaceably remove protesters from Woodruff Park. In both instances, media reports indicate that police arrived in full riot gear. In Oakland there were reports of armored vehicles conducting patrols.

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According to The Associated Press, most of the arrests being made are for disorderly conduct or “suspicion of unlawful assembly,” which has raised ire from some people who do not even agree with the Occupiers’ anger. One man in Atlanta, who did not give his name, arrived at the protest with a rifle in tow. He said that while he was not in agreement with the protesters’ message, he wanted to “protect their right to protest.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Dntmkmecmoverther

    These idiots have received ENOUGH attention; time to call their mommies and daddies to come pick them up…we are NOT a child care center.

    • Alice

      I always thought that people had the right of peaceful assembly, but not to impede traffic or hinder others from going about their private business. These protestors have practically ruined business in New York, and those are liberal business owners. I guess you could call it liberal on liberal crime. Think of the police who are required to keep the peace at these protests instead of having a presence in communities to discourage crime. If Mr. Biden is concerned about the paucity of police because the jobs bill is not passed, let him consider the crimes taking place while police play nursemaid to protestors.

      • Sam I am

        Cry me a freaking river. Chances our if you have a financial job in New york it is illegitamate.

        • Dr. erry Massimei

          Help me believe that even .1 % of that is true.

      • Karolyn

        “Ruined business in New York?” Care to cite some backup on that assertion? On the surface, it surely is laughable, considering the size of NYC, or did you not know how big it is?

        • Randy131

          This whole thing is ridiculous, these protesters don’t even know what they’re protesting against, but just want to be there to say in the future that they were a part of it. They are espousing socialist and communist ideas, which they were either brainwashed to believe or indoctrinated to accept in the universities and colleges that have been infiltrated by and taken over by the real Socialists and Communists in this country. they will never be able to accept a job or hold down a job in our free enterprise system because they don’t believe in it, again the results of their education in those universities and colleges of socialism and communism. The Bankers on Wall Street have been doing nothing different than they have for the last 100 years or more, but they still have a job and are making a lot of money, unlike these over-educated clowns that are protesting against them, that if they could think for themselves and see the real reason they can’t find a job, would be protesting against Obama and the Democrats, who like Jimmy Carter, has hurt the country and it’s economy by the socialist and communist policies in all their agendas. A prime example of the real differnce of what is going wrong with our economy is what Ronald Reagan did when he got in office and inherited an even worse economy than Obama, and what Obama has been doing, which has been just the opposite of what Reagan did, and look who was successfull. This is what those over-educated clowns should be protesting about, it they really cared for what they say has been their demise in the financial aspect of their lives.

          • Iris

            Ditto…and just WHO would hire any of these people? Unkempt, unshaven, and what appears to be years (not just 30 days) of self-neglect. I wouldn’t hire any of these individuals. Aside from their physical presentation, they are irrational. They do not seem to be aware that their comments don’t make sense.I don’t see any parents on TV stating proudly, “Yep, that’s MY kid protesting for the rights of Americans!”

          • Rayma Dorsa

            Don’t you people get the picture..Obama started all of this,he has his Union thugs intertwined,just as they were in all foreign countries and started the “take down” I remember,Trumpkey(no doubt spelled wrong)made the statement”we are now WORLD WIDE! Obama is anxious to use the “internment”centers. he has,his people on the streets stiring up and trying to get more and more people involved and when the “riots” happen,he will call off the election for 2 more years and we have an Obama “take over” just listen to what those kids are saying!they don’t know why they are there,they have no intelligence other than to say what Obama has said…It is to bad the right can’t get in there and “educate” them on the “real America” and turn the tables on Obama. Since they don’t know our HISTORY and have been dumbed down for years,what do they really know except to follow the crowd. I would like to turn the tables on Obama.Maybe someone could invite them to spend the night in a big warehouse somewhere and show them some film or something on the real America…JUST A THOUGHT.

          • Concerend

            MOST of these “useful idiot” kids have NO IDEA what they are doing. They are unemployed and want to remain on the government “rolls” so that they don’t have to work, (they have been taught that they are “entitled” and that the tax payers – i.e. working people/government – should “take care of their every need” like Mommy and Daddy, (check out the “parens patria” doctrine if you doubt this). Protesting right now IS their “job.” If you want to know just HOW MUCH they DON’T know what they are doing, here’s an example. A news guy was out there asking one of the protesters something about Nancy Pelosi. This kid’s answer was, “Who?” Acorn, SEIU, and/or other far Left organizations, by whatever name they are calling themselves these days, are organizing and putting these kids up to this. Do you really believe that today’s government educated kids even have the mental capacity to organize something like these protests on their own? No, they don’t. But certain college “professors” who are the SAME, EXACT PEOPLE who organized the protests in the 60′s DO, and THEY are the ones behind these protests-NOT these dumbed down kids. These kids are just “useful idiots.” They are walking government-educated robot zombies. They are just “pointed” in the direction they are told to go, programmed, (i.e. given instructions), and without batting an eyelash, they just follow THEIR “leaders” like wind up toys do what they do, after they have been “wound up.” They have no common sense or ability to think for themselves whatsoever, because it has been stripped from them through government brainwashing, (I mean “education”). They are like the walking dead, whose brains have been turned off, (usually by some “medication for hyper activity,” i.e. they drug them), except when a government “trigger” turns them on to do its bidding. For those of us who are old enough to remember when things were at least semi-”normal,” and can still think for ourselves, (which the government hates with a passion, because they prefer to think FOR US), don’t you feel blessed NOT to have been born in a time where, when kids go to “school” they have to worry about things like a “prison environment,” getting shot, being indoctrinated, being MANDITORILY vaccinated with God knows what kind of concoction, being taught how to have sex in Kindergarden, being taught that we all came from monkeys, AS IF that is a fact and not a theory, living in a government where they are trying to legalize adult/child sex, being offered drugs at school, and the list goes on and on? As for the “coming from monkeys” theory, they must destroy the concept of God, at least the REAL GOD, (the other “gods” don’t really seem to bother them too much), before they can pretend to BE gods, thus they must “de-Christianize” the people as well. How did we get here? By a very slow, methodical plan, which was started years ago. All of this one world government crap was tried before during the era of Woodrow Wilson and FDR, but back then people had not yet been sufficiently morally debased, de-Christianized, and brainwashed yet, so it couldn’t work then. People were still at least PARTIALLY awake. Well people, look around, because today most people under the age of about 35 HAVE been sufficiently morally debased, de-Christianized, and brainwashed, and they are just following their “instructions/programming” that they have been brainwashed with in “school” like good little government slaves, who are just so proud to be working for their Masters. Most of them HAVE NO CLUE what real FREEDOM is. They have NO CLUE that we are SUPPOSED TO BE a REPUBLIC, where the INDIVIDUAL is king, and NOT a DEMOCRACY where the rules are made for the “Collective” majority. Don’t you just want to shake these kids and say “WAKE UP?” But MOST of them CAN’T wake up, because they have been “Cult-ized” in school. Yes, if you go to public school today, it’s like going into a cult where both teachers and students are being brainwashed, and if you come up with the “wrong” answers, like say, capitalism and/or freedom-type answers, then you must be “re-educated” until you “get it” and realize that you, as an individual, are not important – YOU are a worthless nothing, only good for working to pay off the government debt, (i.e. PEONAGE), and ONLY the “collective,” (one of those vague, “useful terms” to make you feel “selfish” if you actually want to own something for yourself or keep what you earn), is important. They used to call this Communism, but I’m sure they have “renamed” it by now. I feel SO SORRY for our kids today. They have also made sure that the parents of today’s kids are SO BUSY and SO DISTRACTED just trying to figure out how to make ends meet, OR, due to their OWN selfishness, that they have little time left to UNDO the BS their kids are being taught in “school,” or they don’t even KNOW what their kids are actually being taught in school. Are we really going to have to say good bye to our beloved America that we once knew and trade it in on a one world Communist Dictatorship? Unfortunately, and SO sadly, it sure looks that way. King George would be just SO PROUD of Obama and company for taking us back to where the tyrannical king had us before we fought him and told him to get lost and to get out of our lives. But the “Beast” has become SO BIG that, like the Bible says, “Who can make war with the beast?” Only One, I’m afraid, but He’s coming like a knight in shining armor, so just hold on a little while longer. He’ll be here soon to take HIS OWN out of this Hell hole we call earth, which the governments of MAN, because of their lusts for power and greed for money, which, of course, the love of which is the root of ALL EVIL, have destroyed. Then, the Bible says, the OPPRESSORS SHALL BECOME THE OPPRESSED. In other words, what goes around will eventually come around, or, as Judge Napolitano so often likes to say, “stated differently,” they will reap what they have sown, as everyone will.

          • Serawit

            Just because you are not paying attention, or possibly disagree with their stance, doesn’t mean they lack convictions. The Occupy Wall Street movement is against Wall Street…duh! How clear can they make it for you! Specifically, they oppose the parasitic financial system that in the last 100 years has enslaved the world, including you.

            For a supposedly media savvy group of people, what most of you do here is repeat mindlessly the talking points of the mainstream media…a la ‘the Occupy movement doesn’t have a clear agenda‘. Well, wait until they spoon-feed you their agenda, like they do on TEEVEE. It might be a long wait!

          • Evermyrtle

            I believe one of their problems is that those that they are putting below the mud sills,are making money, by working for it. They scream “socialist with money they did not earn.” Try giving them some money, see if they will turn it down. Offer them a job, maybe one which required a little labor, and see if they want it. No!With their total lack of common sense they think they are ready to run/rule the world. HEAVEN FORBID.

          • AugieD

            Please check out the info (The Greatest Government Cover-up Ever) found within this page. Then come back and say these young people don’t have reason to fight the system. Just like the hippies of the 1960′s, or were you not there? There “is” propaganda from the local government claiming there is a health hazard, and we need to get these people out of there. Right! Don’t believe everything you hear on the 6 O’Clock News.

            The 60′s saw the young people protesting a corrupt government that was lying to the people about Vietnam, politics, an archaic (illegal) voting system etc. Don’t underestimate the youth. They can read faster, keyboard faster, and shut down any web system faster than any old fart. It just might be that old farts “are” the problem. They have become complacent, like sheep, like fat sheep. It takes a young minded person to want to make changes and take steps to make it happen. Sheep will just follow their leader to the next watering hole.

            The 25yr.-30yr. somethings have the means (technology)to unify and the solidarity to take this to the next level. Because their demands are so broad that nothing short of a total revamping would suffice, I know they will not succeed. Just like the protesters of the 60′s couldn’t bring the house down. But they can now hack just about any computer system. Just ask Sony (Playstation) Corp. what happens when you piss off video gamers who know the technologies needed to crash a major company.

            I’ll be surprised if this small revolt isn’t the tip of the iceberg. People will be increasingly irritated with unemployment, a stagnant economy, double digit inflation. All caused from decades of High Level cheating and stealing.

            The Government is far more ready for this than most people realize. Internment centers are everywhere. New weaponry is at the ready, and unfortunately for many, the revolt will be deadly but short lived. We have BlackWater security teams ready to fire upon American citizens. And NOT with rubber bullets. Military Pain Ray guns able to cook you from 5/8ths of a mile away or more.

            As the economy continues the downward spiral, many people will still lose their homes, become homeless, become sick, die. What then? Be a sheep?

          • Void1972

            Besides the hippies, drug addicts, communist, union thugs, socialist, and of course bankers down on Wall Street, now the Muslims are joining in!
            God would be just if he sank N.Y. city right now!
            We can only pray.

        • Kirk Dickinson

          Businesses ruined? Yeah, I heard an interview with the owner of a Panera Bread restaurant right by the protest. The protestors have run off her regular customers. They have trashed her bathrooms, they come in and use her tables and chairs, charge their comptuers, etc… but don’t purchase anything then get angry when asked to leave.

          She said that some of the other businesses just shut down because the hassle was to much.

          • John Wilch (‘Nam Vet – ’68-69)

            Oh yeah, Kirk, you missed one what about those idiots who are walking around naked. No wonder some of those business are closing their doors who’d want to see some fat dork (male or female) walking around showing all in front of their kids? Oh, yeah, what about those wacky chants they keep sprouting (ala 60s only with their words changed): “Hell no, we won’t go!’ or even “Make love, not war!”?

            Then look at the damage that those idiot are doing: Human feces, used hypodermic needles, all kinds of trash and more thrown all around, it going to cost hundreds of dollars to clean up?

        • Dr. Jerry Massimei

          Oh, give her a break, would you. We all use hyperbole at times. Your reaction shows that you just can’t accept the truth about permissible protesting , that it should not allow a protester infringing on the rights of others. Unfortunately, Socialista and Liberals have always ignored this throughout history which has led to the injury and death of millions, not to mention the loss of freedom.

          • Serawit

            You’re like the neighborhood pussy. Some guys decide to confront the neighborhood bully, and there are always one or two people like always saying, please stop, because you’ll make him more mad! I always slap those kids as a warm up exercise before heading for the bully.

            Consider slapped!

          • cawmun cents

            We’d slap you but $#!t splatters.-CC.

        • falling

          The evidence is clear if you go to the area where the protesters have been. In NY, businesses around the park are closing their doors. Some will re-open after the protesters leave, some have already opened elsewhere, some will never re-open. The protesters were going into these businesses and stealing, ruining the bathrooms (to the point where the bathroom doors were NAILED shut because merely locking the doors did not work!), the stench is unbelievable and why would anyone go into a shop or restaurant close to these protesters when they can go a few blocks over and purchase the same things without interference, name calling or the stench?

      • wandamurline

        They do as long as they adhere to the rules …. you cannot occupy a business and keep them from their daily activities, you cannot occupy and take over a park and sleep and put up tents there…that is called vagrancy and loitering…protesting is allowed, but to take over and shut down business and stomp on other people’s rights is not lawful and they should be disassembled. When the tea parties protested, they adhered to the rules and did not trash up everything, break windows, throw things as police or any of the other outrageous acts that these people have done. That is a big difference between “peaceful” demonstrations and “violent” demonstrations.

        • Liztalk

          It’s called ‘right to free assembly’ protected by the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution. And you’ve been listening to too much propaganda FOX news if you think the Occupy movement is violent or dirty or a bunch of unkempt hippies or anti-Semites and Nazis. This is pure pro-ultra rich propaganda trying to protect their 1% from equal taxation and losing their special privileges.
          Don’t listen to it! Why don’t you go to your city’s local Occupy place and judge for yourself. See the middle class nurse who is losing her pension while billion dollar corporations don’t pay any income tax. See the Veteran who will be taking a 20% cut in military retirements. Maybe you’ll be inclined to join this 99% group and protest with them to stand for the same equal treatment as someone who makes 2 million dollars a year gets. They don’t hate the rich; they just want an end to corruption and unfairness.

          • John Wilch (‘Nam Vet – ’68-69)

            Fella, I have gone to some of those so-called rallies: granted some are peaceful and orderly, but a majority I’ve seen are straight out of the 60′s Anti-war protest (People (both men and women) pissing wherever they want, blocking access to places of business, harassing people that are trying to enter those business, smoking dope (wacky weed and other junk) and just lately throwing garbage on an uniformed military person. Does this sound like peaceful assembly to you?

          • Average Joe

            “This is pure pro-ultra rich propaganda trying to protect their 1% from equal taxation and losing their special privileges.”

            Ok, so what you are telling us is that since you pay(say) 28% and they pay 39% in taxes…is that YOU need to pay more taxes (39%)in order to make taxing, “equal taxation”?

            “See the middle class nurse who is losing her pension while billion dollar corporations don’t pay any income tax. See the Veteran who will be taking a 20% cut in military retirements.”

            Exactly who is allowing this to happen?….Oh yeah…the government…not the rich greedy wall street bankers and such…it’s the government stupid! They allow the tax loopholes….they allow the corruption…after all…doesn’t the government write all of the laws, rules and regulations? So, if these people aren’t paying their taxes because of loopholes…who made the loopholes? Who made up the rules to play by?…Pull collective heads from collective rectums and at least protest the right people…for the right reasons…..


          • krish bhadra

            Donot turn wall street to Arab or Italy style violence. The protesters will make the matter worst by putting hindrances in day to day business in wall street. I am with NYPD trying to keep law & order, clearing the roads and street. That is Americanism, freedom to business as usual.

          • Liztalk

            Average Joe: No, the way it is… 99% of Americans pay a RATE of 29%tax to 35% and the the 1% , like hedge fund managers, pay between 0% and 17% of their income in taxes. It’s the RATE that is unfair.
            And yes the government has been complicit in letting Wall St and corporations get away with much corruption and loopholes. That’s why there should be oversight and enforced financial regulation and laws passed to keep them on a level playing field and to protect consumers.

          • Average Joe

            Again…it’s the government. The rules (laws) are written by the government…the laws are (supposed to be) enforced by the govrnment.
            If there are loopholes in the taxcode that are being exploited, the government created those loopholes. If the laws are not being enforced (and there are plenty on the books)…then the government isn’t enforcing them. Protesting the rich…is the wrong people to be protesting….they simply do what the government allows them to do….nothing more…nothing less… Now, repeat after me, “it’s the government…..they aren’t complicit…they are the cause of the problem”.

            Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.
            Douglas Adams

      • Coggin

        This is true. I have heard of small Mom & Pop businesses (cafes, various kinds of small shops, Starbuck’s etc that have suffered financially because customers go elsewhere because of the crowds of OWS protesters.

      • Paffoman

        Go the hell home your message was heard and is stupid. You are not going to get a free ride and you do not deserve one. Get a job and pay taxes like the rest of us.

        • AugieD

          Go home to what? No job? No future? Over 10 million homes have been processed through foreclosure to date. Another 9 million are on the chopping block. Unemployment is at least 20%. Construction is down 75%.

          Big businesses like A.I.G. and CitiBank each got hundreds of millions of bail-out monies. Guess where that money came from. Your taxes and your children’s taxes and possibly your grandchild’s. It’s been estimated that the amount of money needed right now to pay off the U.S. debt equal $250,000.00 per American.

          Anyone who is not angry with the current political mafioso, the big narco banks, and all the hedge fund playboys, needs to have their head examined.

          The 1960′s were a rough time. People protested about race prejudices, the Vietnam War, and all the crooked politicians and their big business benefactors. They plan in ways to steal the wealth of this and other nations. Shame on anyone who supports the kind of bully tactics used by those in power. And who was it that took note of what was going on? Not the middle aged fat guys. Not Grams and Gramps. It was the youth of this nation. They knew information that was not being haled on the 6 O’Clock News. They knew soldiers coming back from Nam with what really happened there. It will always be the youth that are “in the know”. Somewhere along the way, most of the people who lived in the 60′s have gotten fat, lazy, and satisfied to sit in front of the TV and let the “talking heads” feed them their news in 3 minute bites between toilet paper commercials.

          Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely! And lazy is just plain lazy! Get up and do something, or just sit there…it’s your choice.

      • djdrew103


        Do you even realize that your words and the words of others like you, are merely echoes of those who looked unfavorably upon protests in the ’60s that played so much a very important part on shaping our nation? Any force of protest that makes any difference in our world has its downsides, even if peaceable. Be assured that comfortable citizens sat complacently in their abodes, criticizing the people who took action and protested the war in Vietnam, and the abuses of civil rights.

        In that era, there were direct opposites of legal protest, from the peaceful organized Freedom Marches, to the non-peaceful riots stemming from police abuse and oppression.

        Even then, public officials sought to find any “legal” means to stem the power created by the people to change our nation, often resorting to “illegal” means. It’s all in the history books, even the people without a brain complaining about those that took the courage to complain. From the hippies and flower children with their peace signs, pissing in the street gutters and imposing on local businesses, to the blacks filling the streets and chanting their gospel inspired slogans, the “community” did nothing but grumble and simultaneously judge the participants.

        There’s no doubt in the public’s mind what the Occupy Wall Street Protesters are upset about, even if they haven’t produced a generalized “list of demands”. Fools abound who claim that the protests are nothing but a bunch of long hair, unemployed bums. Yet even despite republican involvement to sway the media hype in giving the OWS protesters that image, news media has also shown that most of the masses are regular hard working people who have taken time out of their normal lives to give their own support in person, who make up an integral part of the organized protests.

        Although I am dead set against the protesters causing damage to innocent citizens and their property, I am MORE opposed to hypocritical fools giving the OWS protesters the false and propagandized image the Republican Party wishes to paint them with, other than what they truly represent; the voice of every American that is upset and fed up with the complacency of the government and the DOJ that looks the other way every time someone rich or influential commits a crime or unethically abuses the rights of others.

        The LAW was written for poor and rich alike, and although the wealthy have a more lenient system due to their affordability for representation, that power of LAW and the words it carries should not have two faces in our courts. The real citizens of America (not merely the “sit at home and smile” fools) are out there making an honest representation of most all in America who are fed up with Wall Street manipulation of our economy and the financial abuses and crimes they have perpetrated.

        At least this so called motley crew has the courage and fortitude to do something about it. Their fortitude and will shall be tested and exemplified in the coming months of winter. But those of you out there, who wish to blow the masses off as a mere sore spot, may have to eat your words as the hardened and committed within the protests refuse to relent. They have become a solid voice, and you who think that political facades will prevail, will realize just how much this “people power” has set its formidable roots when the polls open next year.

        Don’t worry, for although we don’t know names or faces of those who wish to be cry babies concerning the protests, they will represent the cowardly complainers who criticized the courageous and committed. We, who could not join but consented and supported those who could, shall still laugh at those who truly represent the sorry, worthless lot that represent the stupid spreaders of lies, and the deserving enslaved puppets of the system. When those votes are cast in 2012, all those who wished to make their claims now will see that the willpower and voice of these protesters is still strong. These who show false concern against the movement are now merely feeling the “threat” of that reality and are making their weak little complaints in contradiction to the cause out of fear that the stronger voice of the realistically charged freedom protesters will have their say. So enjoy your day for now while you have it. We all know who has made their own cause in favor of Wall Street, and who is in the public’s mind and eye as the party that represents Wall Street’s benefactors.

    • Sam I am

      Many of these people are forced to live with mommy and daddy or else live in sewer tunnels or otherwise on the streets. Our economy is imploding and we are in Great Depression 2 no matter what the lamestream media says it is. Assumming you have a job, you should count your blessings and be thankful. Many other people are far less fortunate. People have a right to have a redress of greivences with their government. These protesters weren’t hurting anyone. They didn’t deserve to be fired upon and gassed. Don’t worry, I am certain that when your children are forcibly taken to the nearest FEMA camp after a staged bioterrorism outbreak, you might have a little more respectn for the suffering.

      • Patriot1776

        “Many of these protesters” were being paid $500 – $600 a week to be there. These weren’t all indigent, unemployed protestors, but people hired to be there. If their grievance is with their government, they should be occupying Washington D.C. not Wall Street, or city parks. Yes, we all have a right to protest a government gone bad, but that does not grant them the right to destroy public and private property, litter, use drugs and have sex in public. There are laws that govern this country and as long as these laws are obeyed, you have the right to assemble.

        If these people were protesting the economy and lack of jobs, they need to present their case to obama and congress and push them to take action to allow capitalism to work as it has in the last 200 years and made this country the world leader that it is. Get government out of the way and let the United States be number 1 in the world again.

      • wandamurline

        A lot of the protestors are the Nazis, the communist party, the black panthers and a lot of these people actually have a job…some don’t want one, they just want their fair share of our wealth that we have worked for, some are paid union members, and a few are actually without jobs and they are being demonized by the other radicals, and that is a shame because some have solid bitches….however, we still need people to stay within the law and chaos is not needed in a “peaceful” protest. Besides, they are in the wrong place…they need to move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

        • Chortovka

          Don’t forget Acorn. They’re now involved. These folks certainly have the right to protest, but their desire to eliminate Capitalism? Sounds like they want something for nothing …

          • Lee


        • eddie47d

          There are no nazi’s being endorsed by the OWS protesters Wanda. That crap came from the mouths of right wingers. I have seen almost no blacks at these protests so that also blows your bringing up the black panthers.Who is feeding you your propaganda. Expose the man behind the curtain pulling your strings.

          • Opal the Gem

            eddie she never said the OWS agreed or disagreed with the American Nazi party being a part of the protest she said the Nazis were there joining the protest. As far as blacks at the protest, every news report I have seen have shown crowds that are overwhelmingly young and a mixture of white, black, hispanic, and oriental.

          • Jan

            I remember that when the Tea Party rallies were on, they were called racist because not many minorites were seen, can we now say the OWS crowd is racist?

          • Opal the Gem

            ” can we now say the OWS crowd is racist?”

            According to eddie they are.

          • eddie47d

            Opal is putting something in her mouth that is nor appropriate! Not that… but a lie.

          • falling

            The population of the protesters depends on the location of the protest. And while the OWS crowd has a mish mash of demands and appear unorganized, there are now groups, such as the Black Panthers, the Communist Party of America (which has endorsed Obama BTW), several large Unions, and the Socialist Party of Americ (also endorsed Obama) have decided to join the protesters. Interviews with the protesters show that many have quit their jobs or dropped out of college in order to participate. You could not get a more worthless group of people than this together if you tried…oh wait…they ARE trying, even paying people, to participate!

      • Rayma Dorsa

        Sam you are protesting and don’tknow what you are protesting,it isn’t for being out of work,because “Move On’ has paid you to protest, for Obama,you don’t know anything about American History or how great the USA is,the one’s that should be protesting are the VETERANS who gave thier lives and limbs, for you to make a Jackass out of your selves. Go drink your kool-aid and crawl under your rock.

        • Sam I am

          Give me a @#$#@$#@$ break. Our Veterens from Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t die for our freedoms. They died to murder brown people because it serves the mega corp and mega gove’s agenda of world domination. 911 was an inside job. BUILDING 7 BUILDING 7!!!!!!!! LOOK UP WHAT HAPPENED TO BUILDING 7 IF YOU STILL STUBORNLY BELIEVE THAT OUR GOVERNMENT IS INCAPABLE OF SUCH EVIL BY STAGING A TERRORIST ATTACK ON 911 TO FURTHER ITS AGENDA. Not one damn thing from the Iraq and Afghan wars has made our nation safer. Our nation is drowning in debt and now we have a gestapo police state that is trained on the American people and not on muslims.

          If our war against terrorism is legit, then why are our southern borders wide open? We lock down the airports with TSA tyranny, so why not lock down the damn borders with TSA style tyrranny?

          • Sam I am

            Also, ask any frontline warrior to see if what he has done in Iraq and Afghanistan has really made us safer. I can see why so many soliders kill themselves every year. I probably would want to kill myself also if I shed brown middle east blood so fat cats can ultimately get richer in the military industrial complex what Dwight D. E. warned us about.

          • Sam I am


            Lets reverse 911 for a minute. Lets say that on Sep 11, 2001, a group of red necks from Texas called “AL-Hicks” (in place of alqueida) decide to bomb Tinnamin square (can’t spell this site of tyranny and bloodshed and won’t bother to spell correctly) in China. China in retaliation invades the US in TEXAS with the puported goal of locating and subduing the Al-Hicks. Meanwhile, Chinese troups run checkpoints, confiscate our firearms, bomb us and accidently kill some of US citizens, etc., while in search of a few AL-hicks hiding in the deserts of Texas.

            WOULD WE BE OK WITH THIS????????????????????

          • John Wilch (‘Nam Vet – ’68-69)

            Dip, those Brave Men and Women didn’t die in vain as you want to believe, they died defending others and that includes people like you who love to dish others and want nothing more than what the government want to give you. As to those innocent Iraqi or Afgans some of those so-called innocent were trying to kill us and their buddies took off and took their weapons with them so they could be used again or they were killed by one of their own people. So, Fella, why don’t you grow a pair and go find out for yourself what is happening over there. Oh, yeah, as to those military people who are killing themselves because they can’t stand the pressure of their actions. Well, for your information they are doing it because of idiots like you who say you support them and then turn around and call them names. Try for once in your miserable life to welcome them home and try to understand what we have gone through.

          • falling

            Wow, I keep reading your posts and you keep digging yourself deeper and deeper into the ignorance hole! You have proven beyond any doubt that you are uninformed, uneducated and have very poor thought processes! But then this administration needs people like you in order to accomplish their sick goals…so keep up the good work!

          • AugieD

            SAM I AM, Good for you. I’m so tired of the B.S. from john Doe American who doesn’t know s#!t from shinola. How anyone can live blindfolded to the truth is just sad. Unfortunately, 90% of the 99% are brain dead. “Power to the People” IS and oxymoron.

            If all the hot air being spewed by the Sheeple could be captured, we’d have enough energy to shut off the oil.

    • Tim

      You need to take a good, long look at the folks who are protesting. This is what true patriotism and democracy look like. The OWS people are real heros.

      • keith

        Democracy???? How is that when a major stance at all the OWS mobs is the overthrow of Democracy and Captialism? Over 30% espouse violence as the way to force the issue? And the Tea Party are the zealots and radicals?

        • kantstanja

          How about the opposition? Moles get paid too. How else to ignite an otherwise friendly protest by inducing aggression into the collective mobs minds and as we all know, people are idiots and followers of idiots and there’s no line drawn in the ground to distinguish who’s an idiot and who’s a perpetrator.

      • Tom H


        You better do a little more homework; these are protesters predominantly paid by you, the taxpayer. The sponsering organization? It used to be called ACORN. These are likely 80-95% leftist thugs who want to bring down what’s left of the free market.

        The people who really are excercising democracy are in the Tea Party. they are far more respectively of private property. They don’t throw things at police or crap on squad cars.

        You need to do a little more reading!

        • M.D.

          Speaking of doing more reading…When exactly was the last attack on unarmed TEA party protesters?
          This is the dawning if the American spring!

          • combat seabee

            The “Tea Party” doesn’t do anything to provoke an attack as these idiot have done!!! You need to read, and does the M.D. stand for mentally deficient????

          • eddie47d

            Protesters are Nazi’s? How lame! 95% are leftist thugs? More trash talk from the ignorant. 30% espouse violence? The violence is coming from the police and the mouths of the commenter’s here. You want anyone to believe that you would protect free speech and assembly? Fat chance of that with all this swill.

      • M.D.

        Well said, Tim. I am
        Reading these replys and can see the brainwashing…
        While the rich rob them blind they defend the policies to the death.

        • CJ

          Tim and M.D. are obviously uneducated about fixing problems. You guys think protesting large homeowners would fix high tax rates, too. The OWS mobs are doing nothing for the cause they claim to be, if they even know what they’re protesting. They are a distraction from getting things done. Rights are NOT absolute. If you’re not part of the solution you ARE the problem. All you prove is the percentage of gullable people is very high.

          • falling

            The protesters are useful idiots, nothing more. They are being used as the means to an end…and it all falls right on Obama’s door steps. This is his civilian army…and the Unions, Black Panthers, Socialists and Communist Parties of America are now being sent in as reinforcements. Most of the women have left the groups as it is too dangerous for them to be there…soon we will see the beginnings of their true purpose…riots and civil unrest, resulting in martial law and no elections. North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue was not kidding when she said she wanted the coming elections put on hold!

        • Capitalist at Birth

          M.D. does that stand for Me Dumb?

        • Lee

          M D
          Dumbass! The ‘rich’ are the GOLDEN GOOSE!!! THEY create jobs, THEY spend money, THEY hire people. Go ahead, kill the GOLDEN GOOSE, then tell me where you are going to get the money to support those lazy brainwashed socialists! We are headed for a 3rd world country, which is what Obummer was put in place to do. The ‘rich’ will just leave. Mark my words. It’s idiots like you that are destroying the country.

          • Liztalk

            Just because the ‘rich’ may provide some jobs does not make it right for the rich to only pay 15% tax while the middle class pay 29% – 35% tax.
            And some ‘rich’ banks are sitting on billions of dollars and refuse to provide mortgage relief to help people avoid foreclosure or buy homes – and ‘rich’ corporations making billions of profits refuse to hire any Americans.
            If these rich people are the job-makers, then how come there are so many unemployed??? WHERE are the jobs they are supposedly providing? The top 1% (the ultra-rich) increased their income almost 275% (according to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office)since 1979. I think they are spending their money on luxuries and creating themselves more wealth rather than creating any jobs.

          • Lee

            Liztalk: It would take 10 ‘average’ people paying 29 to 35% to equal what one millionaire or billionaire pays in one year. The percentage may be lower, but the top 10% still 70% of taxes paid in America. So, SHUT UP your ignorant mouth!

          • Liztalk

            You admit that the rate the rich pay is lower. That’s not fair, no matter the total money collected from the rich. It’s the unfair comparable RATE that matters. Why should I pay 30% tax while Warren Buffett pays only 17.5% ???

            And it’s not very nice to say “shut your ignorant mouth.” And it doesn’t encourage free expression or speech.

          • Serawit

            How sad. You can’t create a job for yourself and you have to allow others to piss on you in order to give you a job! I created my own job and employ myself and 20+ in the U.S. and abroad. I came to this country penniless as an immigrant 25 years ago. Your problem is, you have come to expect from others for your existence and continue to allow them to fix the system against the 99% so that the latter fall dependent on the former for their mere existence. I thought it was you supposed ‘conservatives’ who said pull yourself by your bootstraps! You continue to sit on your lazy, much less not support any struggle against tyranny, you will find yourself with no bootstraps.

            The 1% don’t create jobs. They aggregate money, often using loopholes in the law and straight out thievery. In fact, they benefit from joblessness and bankruptcy. Why do you think they have been getting richer as the rest of the country is sinking.

          • djdrew103

            Thank you Serawit;

            Even as coming to this country as you did, and not only making a life for yourself but for others also, you have not failed to see the truth to the subject.

            What is sickening is to watch, listen and read what fools will say to merely follow their own versions of political party hype, just to support their own “educated” ideas and politicos under a facade of tarnished truths.

          • djdrew103

            I see the blindness on both sides. One group crying foul when corporations are unfairly taxed, and the other when common people are unfairly taxed.

            One side claims that if corporations weren’t so highly taxed, they would move their businesses back into the US. Yet I say, how can you prove that, when corporate America is going to do what is best for them, not the common people. I say that if you make the tax system so lucratively functional for the corporations and wealthy to be attracted under your claims of more job creativity, that the only people who will prosper will be those very corporations and wealthy parties. You use examples of other countries with very low tax systems on corporate powers, but fail to define fully what condition the people themselves are in within those countries, whether there are jobs or not. Its what those jobs provide for the people that matter, and how much of a burden paying the actual taxes the country runs on is to the common people. If you haven’t noticed, America is not suppose to be for creating corporate power, its suppose to be a place where people kind find a livelihood based in freedom and fairness.

            The other side says that the common people need to see fairness in the taxation system.

            Both sides say that the tax code now, is impudent and solves no problems other than allowing the government to hide what it collects and how it spends it.

            I say both sides are too blind to find a resolve to the problems at all, and would probably prove themselves as futile and incompetent as Congress has shown itself to be in the last decade and especially the last 3 years or so.

            Let’s take for example, the stupid example given by supporters who stand against higher corporate taxes, or what I would prefer, alternative corporate taxes. They quote Ireland and a prime piece of corporate fertilizer (creating jobs and a sound economy).

            I say it has merely moved the tax burden from the corporate owners to the people themselves.

            Ireland’s unemployment rate went from around 4.5% in 2005 to 7.5% in 2007 to its now current rate of 14.5%.

            You can’t increase taxes on a people that are crippled by the financial losses. Corporations in Ireland have recovered, and expected to do better as those profits increase.

            In Ireland the tax rates for an individual in 2011 are 20% to 41%.

            Tax base (EUR) Tax (%)
            0 – 32,800 20%
            32,801 41%

            over 41% on base exceeding 32,800

            The rate of tax payable on capital gains in 2011 is 25% for individuals

            There are progresive rates of tax for certain income earners.

            In Ireland the standard corporate tax rate in 2011 is currently fixed at 12.5%. For trading income.

            Corporate tax of 25% is imposed on passive income.

            Ireland Value Added Tax

            In most cases, from 1.1.2010 the standard VAT in Ireland is 21%.

            There is a reduced rate of 13.5%.

            VAT is charged on assets and services in Ireland as well as on imports into Ireland.
            The minimum turnover for registering with the VAT authorities is EUR 37,500 (for services) and EUR 75,000 (for goods).
            VAT returns are made once every two months. In certain cases, it is possible to make a return once a year.

            Ireland Transactions that are Exempt from VAT
            The following products and services are exempt from VAT:
            Health and medical services.
            Children’s clothing.
            Insurance and banking services.
            Agricultural fertilizers.

            Ireland Inheritance tax/gift tax

            Tax is payable on an inheritance in Ireland, and on gifts.

            The tax is known as CAT (Capital Acquisition Tax).

            When either the donor of the gift/the testator or the recipient of the gift/the heir is an Irish resident, the tax is also applicable to overseas assets.

            The tax is payable at 25%, over and above the amount of the exemption.

            The amount of the exemption varies between EUR 16,592 and EUR 331,839.

            Class of Relief (Deductions) Amount – EUR
            Basic credit 1,650
            Exemption for a married couple 3,300
            Exemption limits for a senior citizen 18,000
            Single parent 1,650
            Rent on a residential apartment 3,200
            Medical insurance at source
            Payment to an approved pension scheme Subject to ceiling
            Mortgage interest 20%-25% For first time buyers

            Referenced from

            Ireland now has the highest level of household debt relative to disposable income in the developed world at 190%.

            The economic climate has led to resumed emigration.

            National Recovery Plan 2011-2014

            In November 2010 the Irish Government published the National Recovery plan, which aims to restore order to the public finances and to bring its deficit in line with the EU target of 3% of economic output by 2015.[58] It involves a budget adjustment of €15 billion (€10 billion in public expenditure cuts and €5billion in taxes) over a four-year period. This will be front loaded in 2011 where measures totaling €6 billion are planned. VAT is to increase to 23% by 2014 and property tax and domestic water charges are to be introduced.

            Personally, if you are a common citizen in Ireland, you might be better off to move to England now.

      • Violet

        Yep it sure looks like democracy to me. Sorry but I live in the United States and this is a Republic. All you have to do to remember that is to put your hand over your heart (right hand not left like the obamas) and repeat the Pledge of Allegiance. You know the part that says “and to the Republic for which it stands”?

      • Phil

        tee……hee….heee. The REAL protestors? What or Whom are they protesting? And when do you stop and go get a f***** job? Huh? I am 72 yrs old and work 12 hours a day while these yahoos stretch out in a bunk ——in MY County park that I pay taxes on. They don’t. Come on younguns, get the f***up and go to work. You are not the center of the world and never will be. Yo Momma didn’t raise you right.

      • Patriot1776


        You dare to call these people heros? What have they done to help mankind? They are at best self-centered “protesting” the capitalist system that has made the United States the most powerful country in the world in the mere 235+/- years it has existed.

        The heros are the men and women who have offered their lives to defend the likes of these people to protest in the park.

    • M.D.

      People like you are the vilest example of un American behavior I can think of. If you support the Tea Party’s right to protest without the OWS right to do so as well you are no better than the worst dictators in the Arab world. Shame on you.

      • Dave T

        As Cain would say, you’re talking apples and oranges.
        I’ve been to many Tea Parties, local and in DC, and we were courteous, respectful of property rights, and clean. As opposed to these Fleabaggers, who turn their campsites into open sewers, disturb neighbors at all hours, disregard the rights of others to freely move about their business, and spew anti-semetic rhetoric and encourage violence. When they learn to behave in a civilized manner, they’ll be treated as civilized people. Until then, the police should babysit them and discipline them as their parents never have.

        • M.D.

          If that were true, I’d agree but it’s propaganda – the truth is they have been clean and respectful but have gotten a rash more pushback. Only after being repeatedly assaulted was there any hint of pushback.
          Finding reasons for some people to all some exercise free speech and not others should scare everyone.

          • Capitalist at Birth

            I guess you have missed the many videos depicting how false your statements are. Again does M.D. stand for Me Dumb?

          • CJ

            If you want to exercise a right, put your time to good use. The only right the OWS’ers are exercising well is the right to be stupid. That’s the right prefered by people who don’t connect their actions with the claimed intention. It’s a liberal’s frequent choice.

          • eddie47d

            I believe CJ says there should be less socialism in government yet it seems to be growing. So how is that working out for Conservatives who’s actions don’t jive with their intentions? You wish and hope just like the “stupid” people. You love using stupid name callings to get your stupid opinions across so how does that feel,stupid?

    • Jon

      The people at the occupy protests aren’t just young, there are people of all ages, even those in their 70′s. There people from all walks of life, democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives. At least they are out in public doing something instead of standing idly by. If you would educate yourself on what is actually going on at the protests, instead of jumping to conclusions, you would see that there is more to the story.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I doubt that there are any Conservatives or Republicans involved in these illegal acts. If you can prove otherwise, please do so. Conservatives and Republicans are too busy working and making their way through life to be bothered with such nonsense.

        • Chortovka

          Exactly. I saw some guy complain, with a Fine Arts degree, he couldn’t find a job. I bet if he had a degree in math or science, he’d have employers lined up to offer him a job.

        • eddie47d

          That is your problem Capitalist you really don’t have a clue who is down there but make assumptions from your easy chair. Yes there are conservatives there and I have talked to them and yes they were unemployed.

          • cawmun cents

            Let them protest.It may keep them from going out and committing heinous acts of crime.If someone needs to vent,let them vent.Dont assume that just because you dont see eye to eye with them,that it doesnt mean they dont have legitimate complaints.
            We are here stuck in this mess because we stood by and watched the elite take all the power for themselves.
            We opened the door for them,because we felt comfortable,sitting there at home playing with our toys.
            Now that they’ve taken advantage o0f us,we’re getting mad?
            What did we expect them to do?
            Its not like you were upset when everything was going well for you and they were taking advantage of you then too.But you werent complaining because you had your toys to go and buy and your big domicile to go and stash them in.
            The line of credit only went so far and now you are pissed off because you cant keep up with the Jones’s anymore?
            Someone set a trap for you and you what….stumbled into it?
            You willingly put your head in the noose because somebody said you would be safe doing it.
            You call them greedy but you enjoyed living the high life while it lasted didnt you?
            So now its wall streets fault?
            You had better go back and check out your bank statements.
            You played along with the game and bought the lie until it didnt work to your advantage any longer.Now you are pissed off because your Daddy took the T-bird away.
            You cant ignore the rules and then complain about the game.

            Let them protest in futility.Their whole existence is about futility.
            They will work their whole lives and be as dead as Ghaddafy,when they are done.They wont even thank their Creator,and will have stored up the nothing that they receive.
            At least they will turn back to stardust right?
            They had the monumental task of saving a nation.
            but instead,they worried about themselves.
            This aint the first rodeo,folks.
            History has been here before.
            Did we learn from it?
            Heck,most of us ignore it becuse it gets in the way of our ignorance.
            You cant pay good money to be that kind of stupid.
            And yet,you managed to do it quite well.Here’s to you America,land of the slaves and home of the weak!

      • ezaxstoo

        So, I am supposed to believe that Wall Street Financiers and Corporations will stand up and NOT lobby the GOVERNMENT for CONGRESSIONAL FAVORS and Regulation to their advantage? And with all the protesting which is your right under the Constitution of this REPUBLIC, the culprits, Wall Street and INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS will just throw in the towel out of pity for the social injustices they have done to you? Of course you should stand up and LOUDLY PROCLAIM REDRESS OF PERCEIVED INJUSTICES, But WHO exactly do you think is in control? WHO/THE PRESIDENT/CONGRESS? is going to do anything about the injustices if you don’t TELL THEM? And NO under no circumstance are the police allowed to use force during these demonstrations unless force is being applied to them. Breaking the law and being discourteous to your fellow citizens will not accomplish anything except ill will from them. You’re tromping upon something that belongs to all the the “public” many of them in your same boat. Protest yes, it is a must, but sing it to the correct audience. Corporations can’t CHANGE TAX LAW nor Can Any of the Wall Street Businesses. YOUR BELOVED GOVERNMENT DOES ALMOST ON A DAILY BASIS FOR 20 YEARS NOW, SUCKING THE FRUITS OF ALL OF OUR LABOR to giveaway or spend on meaningless war machines and themselves.

    • Rychka

      Dntmkmecmoverther, you are so right!!!

      They receive too much attention.
      It’s time to stop that and go home.
      They have to just to turn on their brain if they have it.

    • AJ

      That would be dial up George Soreass and tell him to come pick up his lackeys.

  • Lost in Paradise

    The action of a barage of police with rubber bullets,flash grenades, and tear gas is totally wrong. Especially if the demonstrations were non violent. Now for another scenario. Us conservatives deside to begin protesting for what ever reason “there are many”, and this happens to us.Is it different? This civil unrest is really a benifit to all of us, no matter the direction. It might serve to alert the government of impending doom, causing them to begin listening to the people. Hmmm what a dream! Maybe next time the POE Leece will be met with pipe bombs and gas bombs.

    • Sam I am

      As we saw during the LA riots and after Katrina, the police will all flee like the true cowards they are when protesters resort to violence. The military will have to come in and bring a fresh change of diapers for the police.

      • JL

        Man, what a messed up comment. If you were being overrun by thousands of pissed off rioters you would leave too. The police are a small minority trying to keep citizens safe. The police arrest members of our society who break our laws. I love the folks who post nasty stuff about the police but when they need help they are the first to call and cry for help.

        • Sam I am

          LOL, I would not run to the police for help if someone breaks down my door because it is useless and only good for some after the fact justice. Instead, I am reaching for my trusty 9 mm to murder the stupid mother who breaks down my door. Hell if anything, I would ensure the intruder is dead (as dead people can’t testify against you in court), then injure myself with a knife from the kitchen if I wasn’t already injured, clean the knife hilt, then carefully place the hilt in the dead person’t hands, rehearse what I am going to say to the police, THEN AND ONLY THEN call the police and hope to God they don’t charge me with a crime when it was me who was the victim or my daughter who would have been raped, etc. The police these days are not your friends, but agents of big government and big business to suppress the little people. let me ask: do you think highly of the police when they imprison people for consuming RAW MILK across STATE LINES??? OH NO!!! NOT RAW MILK!!!!!!!!!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT PURELY SATANIC SUSBTANCE!!!

          • John Wilch (‘Nam Vet – ’68-69)

            Sam I am, you just blew it. Because if that little scene you just wrote about took place in my town and I was a Police officer, I’d be arresting you on 1st Degree Murder and it probably would stick because you wrote about it in your blog. so, idiot, if you are going to do something don’t brag about it before hand.

          • Sam I am

            Well Nam Vet, clearly you support the rapers and murderers over the folks defending themselves from not only the criminals but also the police who will charge you with a crime for defending yourself.

    • clark

      The thought of pipe bombs and such in the hands of these no brainers would be somewhat like Bill Ayers and his bombers. They should be just what Obama connects with. These people are liberals. Does anyone in their right mind, want to be connected to them? The government is the problem, not the people who have used their capital and holdings to make more money. They at least generate jobs for people, whereas the government only takes our money and uses it to enforce their strangle hold on the people they govern. I realize the two forces often join hands to manipulate the masses, but those who govern us are the ones who have sold out to the special interest groups.

      • mark

        clark, Wall Street owns the government and both political parties. They buy and sell politicians at will. They call the shots not the Congress or the White House who are merely their servants. Protesting the Congress and the White House is like protesting against the butler of a rich man. It is the rich man who is the perpetrator not the guy he hires to open his front door, lay out his clothes, and make cocktails.

        • mickey

          gosh, Mark, I thought it was the union head meeting and greeting with obama on a frequent basis. ACORN, SEIU, and other union groups supporting these demonstrators?

          Get real, both groups are. The unions have the most to lose. BTW it was union thugs that went to jail for raiding pension funds. I’m all for the WS getting the same treatment but if you really want to make a difference, stop using the services of WS.

      • eddie47d

        More cheap talk coming from Clark who loves using the Ayers card. How about Raymond Peake who killed a lawyer then went out and provided weapons to a right wing organization for the sole purpose in over throwing the US government. Is that your kind of guy? Would anyone in their right mind want to be connected to him? Maybe Laura Reese and Wm Holbert would be more to your taste. They were both neo-nazi’s with ties to other patriot movements. They sold right wing books in Asheville/Forest City, NC and still had time to kill 6 people.Ayers killed no one yet you trump him up like he is the worst of the worst. When he doesn’t even come close.

  • Alex Frazier

    When idiots in government send the police out against non-violent demonstrations and shoot civilians with rubber bullets, etc., they are assuring that in the future, the protests are armed ones.

    I think the guy with the rifle should get a medal.

    • mickey

      And Alex, I am assuming you have never seen South Central LA. It doesn’t take much to tick off some people and they will trash and kill those brave enough to support business in the community.

      • Alex Frazier

        Understood. But we still have the right to peacably assemble to redress our government for grievances. We don’t need a permit to do that.

        If the crowd grows violent without provocation, then by all means, control the riot. I’m even in favor of shooting the rioters if what they are doing is smashing the windows of the local furniture store. That’s not redressing the government. That’s looting. They cease to be protesters and become criminals instead who pose a threat to the community.

        But until they become violent WITHOUT PROVOCATION, the police have no right shooting anyone with anything, to arrest anyone, or to interfere in any way. We have that first amendment right. Allow this injustice to stand, and it’s only a matter of time before people are arrested for saying unpopular things. History proves this to be true.

        • mickey

          Alex, I understand what you are saying but these union backed demonstrations have always turned to trashing and violence as far back as I can remember.

          People behave differently in an environment of a mob. Those that are intent on destruction join in and cause the actual peaceful ones to get the blame. It all goes out of control.

          WS simply isn’t something we can’t control by way of our spending habits. Unions with amnesty from the law isn’t. Best to be careful on who is demonstrating and why. Why NY and northern CA? Why not DC?

          • eddie47d

            Because DC isn’t listening so why not be voicing our concerns throughout the land where a truer America can be represented.

  • http://comcast JimBob

    Alice, you are absolutely right. This idiocy has gone on way too long and is serving no other purpose than to allow latter-day hippies to do drugs, beat bongos and stink up the air with their idea of hygiene. Every minute the police spend babysitting these dirtbags is time away from communities who are paying them to protect them. It would be interesting to see the crime statistics for cities now experiencing these flash mobs who have no credentiials, no goals and are little more than useful idiots. obaba has to accept the blame for all of this as he is the one who has fomented the hate the rich mentality. He has succeeded in establilshing class warfare, and if biden thinks things are bad now, just let these “protests” go on unabated.

    • Tim

      It’s pretty clear, JimBob, that you don’t have a clue about what you are talking about, but that’s the teabag mentality.

      • Alex Frazier

        By all means, educate us all if you know so well. Because I can’t see anything positive whatsoever in this Occupy Wall Street movement. As far as I can tell, it’s sole purpose is to complain that some people make more money than they do. There are no stated goals to this protest that I’m aware of. They are interfering in the daily commerce of businesses that aren’t part of the 1%. They are destroying public property (such as the sod that cost $500,000.00 in tax dollars). And I’ve heard that in some instances, depending on the location, some of them are starting to behave unlawfully, such as defacating on police cars, etc.

        While I’m 100% behind them exercising their right to peacably assemble and redress the government for grievances, they haven’t actually redressed the government for the grievances. And it seems that the solution they are wanting is relief from financial responsibility, and the right to plunder the wealthy.

        So please, educate us. If there’s more to this nonsense than what I see, I’d like to know.

      • http://comcast JimBob

        Well Tim, it’s oddd that hours after I posted my comments about obama to be blamed for creating the hate the rich mentality, members of the LIBERAL press were saying the same thing. Oh how that must hurt you. I will stand by my comments at any rate. Oh, and how many Tea Party gatherings have you seen go on for more than one day? Care to compare results to date? I doubt it.

    • Karolyn

      At least these people are out there doing something, unlike people like you who are sitting on your butt at a keyboard expelling hot air through your fingertips. And if you feel the need to question what I do, I will tell you that I work in human services and am in a position to help make a difference in this world.

      • Cliffystones

        “I work in human services and am in a position to help make a difference in this world.”

        And yet. there you are “sitting on your butt at a keyboard expelling hot air through your fingertips”, and otherwise responding with clueless comments instead of thoughtful discourse on the issue of the article.

        I have seen some OWS protesters interviewed who were intelligent and capable of articulating their grievances. I agree to many, if not most of their concerns.

        My problem with these demonstrators is with the lack of respect they seem to have for the places where they are demonstrating. The trash and human waste needs to be cleaned up by those making the mess, not the government.

        And you can’t tell me there aren’t a whole lot of folks using this as a mini “Burning Man” festival, looking to party on free drugs or get a piece of a$$.

        My biggest concern (as the article states) is that the law enforcement’s handling of OWS may be a harbinger of actions to come.

        • mickey

          So the police actions in WI==nothing being done–and millions in public property damage and CA Oakland is wrong in trying to protect the public.

          I guess there isn’t any middle ground.

          Please condone the actions of the crowd and give them the “right” to destroy or back public officials trying to protect property and the people living there.

          • Cliffystones

            You really need to read before responding, and quit attempting to read between the lines (you’re not very clairvoyant fella). I stated plainly that these folks didn’t seem to have respect for the property or the surrounding neighbors according to the reports I’ve seen. And it’s been reported that the locations for Tea Party rallies and that big rally Glenn Beck had last year were left cleaner than before the events.

            I never stated or intimated that the police should do nothing. But responding to the peaceful albeit unsanitary occupation of a park with tear gas and water cannons may, just may be the beginning.

            What if next week it’s rubber bullets? Lead bullets? And what if now some left-leaning law enforcement folks decide to do the same to Tea Party and other conservative gatherings?

      • Alex Frazier

        Actually, I’m trying to make a difference by encouraging people to vote responsibly. We are at a point where the economy is make or break. If the wrong person gets elected, we’re all in trouble. So educating people who practice media politics, or who practice man-on-the-street economics, is vitally important.

        And I can touch more minds on a single forum in fifteen minutes of typing than I can going door to door for a week.

        So try to keep the criticism to a minimum.

    • eddie47d

      Police actions always makes a few (not all) conservatives put a big smile on their faces like a cheshire cat.Secretly those few love the Patriot Act and want the hammer to come down on anyone they disagree with.

      • former walmart person

        Real conservatives hate big anything be it big wall street, big pharma, big oil, big banks, and big government.

      • mickey

        Eddie, real conservatives hate the Patriot Act. Although, it was done by Bush, obama has far extended the scope of it.

      • Patriot1776

        In spite of the vile utterings of the extreme liberals in this country, the Tea Party isn’t out to eliminate opinions. I believe that all attempts to stifle opinions have come from the liberal side saying that “all conservatives should be tried in Nuremburg type trials”, and that any disagreement with obama is racist. You won’t find a true conservative that finds joy in this type of police action. The issue with the protesters in this instance is that they have had no reguard for the general public, they have no formal stated objective, they have not obtained the required permits.

        What is their goal? What is it that they are trying to accomplish? These don’t seem to be a group of concerned citizens trying to address something wrong, they seem to be a gang of malcontents with no real purpose other than to disrupt the lives of people that live in the area that they are “occupying”.

        • eddie47d

          There are several messages coming from OWS so you may feel there is not a coherent one. The main one is to reform Wall Street and to enact more accountability in how banks do business. Why were failing mortgages bundled to make it appear that they had value when they were doomed to failure. Why do Hedge Fund Managers trade after hours (which is illegal) and make so much money in ponzi schemes. Why is there so much insider trading (also illegal)that rigs the stock market. We have three separate cases going on right now in Denver (Peterson,Gupta and Brownstein). So it is not just New York City where the problem lies. Several CEOs were interviewed locally on the OWS protesters and none were against them although two of them were confused about their message. The others such as Pat Hamill of Oakwood Homes said “I love their passion and energy I also understand and empathize with their frustrations with what has gone on with our economy and political system”. Anita Fitzgerald of MegaStar Financial said “I believe the movement is justified. As a CEO we should be accountable for our actions and what the companies do”. She “doesn’t buy the line that bank failures and mortgage sector meltdowns sneaked up on unwitting executives”.She said a mouthful and she is not the only one who wants to tame the Wall Street beast.

          • ezaxstoo

            BINGO! POLITICAL SYSTEM, Again, OWS is yelling at the wrong people, STOP BIG GOVERNMENT IN ITS TRACKS AND YOU’LL STOP CORPORATE GREED or at least give us some breathing room to revamp our political system ..BACK AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE. Learn how to upend this corrupt righty/lefty thing and put our real government back in. A Government For The People and By The People. At Present I have a sneaking suspicion that our existing government IS A CORPORATION..SO Go To The Source. Stop trampling on the rights of your brothers.

  • Bob McCormick

    I probably would disagree with the protesters, if they ever figure out what in hell they are protesting, but I find these police actions disturbing. If a bunch of jack boots in full riot gear were to stage a predawn raid on my property, they will get more disorderly conduct than they bargained for. Of course I will ultimatly loose, but they will be earning their paycheck on that day.
    Whether or not we agree with these protesters, we must support their right to lawful assembly,next time it could be us.

    • former walmart person

      BINGO! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • mickey

      I take it you have never lived in CA, lol, it is a different country altogther.

      As far as peaceful demonstrations, it only takes a spark and it shouldn’t be anything but lawful. Anyone that wants to park on my property better have some permit that says they can.

    • M.D.

      Well said!

    • mickey

      What are you talking about? The Gestapo has already gone in riot gear to Gibson Guitars and the Amish too. There are a lot more incidences of private citizens being targeted by riot squads.

      • Don

        Looks like they are just priming us for the big takeover of our 2nd amendment rights !!

        • mickey

          Yeah, obama keeps going to international treaties instead of the Constitution. Going to be a rough time if we can’t keep ourselves together.

          Funny how we all come together in a real crisis and the government keeps trying to divide us.

        • eddie47d

          Oh really Don but it looks like the police are doing it. In Atlanta GA someone was seen walking through the OWS carrying an AK-47 yesterday. The police swept in and closed the whole park down and forced protesters to go home. Was that a precaution or did the police go too far?

    • ChristyK

      Agreed! I agree with their frustrations, but disagree strongly with their solutions (at least the few that know what they believe). No matter how much I disagree with their positions, as long as they are not damaging property or restricting businesses/property, they should be allowed to protest.

      I think some were damaging property, but those few should be arrested quietly. Full riot gear and attacking even those who are peaceful is overkill. All true Americans should stand up for their freedom to assemble.

      • mickey

        You know, Christy, I watched the riots of the 60′s. At that time, I thought people should just not go if they did not want to take the chance of being part of the mob. Just my side of it. I’m not going to go into a fight just because there is one and I certainly won’t go without the knowlege that I may be thought to be on the wrong side.

  • robert

    its communist germany all over
    and this time fourty MILLION north americans WILL DIE

    • former walmart person

      Just hope some of them are the elitists like during the French revolution.

    • mark

      Communist Germany?! You mean Communist East Germany 1949-1989? They never killed 40 million there? That was done by right-wing fascist Germany 1939-1945.

      • Kirk Dickinson

        “Fascist Right Wing Germany”…

        You do realize that all the stuff that Hitler pulled was under the flag of the NAZI Party, do you know what NAZI means?
        National Socialist Party.
        It was a form of Fascism that was very Totalitarian, same as Communism. Fascism and Communism are not opposite ends of the spectrum, but are bedfellows. They are both “Command and Control Totalitarian” systems.

        • mickey

          Thank you for explaining that.

          Sadly, many are not listening to comments (on other sites) of the survivors of WWII Germany.

          We take for granted that these riots and/or demonstrations will only result in property damage or a few people dead. I was in Germany 14 years after the war and people were still living in bombed out buildings.

          One spark, and obama is waiting for it, and we will be the ones bombed by our own people.

        • eddie47d

          The Nazi’s were no Socialist(quite the opposite) but you did get the Totalitarian part right.

          • Patriot1776

            How is it that you can interpret NAZI as not being socialist? It is the extreme of socialism, not the opposite. It is the direction the current administration is taking this country. It is everyone “taken care of” by the big protector government. Read, study, learn.

          • eddie47d

            Nazism is indeed an extreme but not one OWS is trying to take away anyone’s rights which some have implied. The rights are being taken away from the protesters. (except for anyone who is vandalizing)

        • patrick H.T. paine

          “To conquer, first divide!”

          And the “word destruction” continues…..when you don’t distinguish between what things actually mean, everything ceases to have meaning.

          Capitalism, socialism and communism are ECONOMIC systems, whose primary distinction is defined by the ownership of the means of production.

          These are independant from the political government structures under
          whose authority these systems are operated.

          Hitler’s rise to power, as well as his genocidal policies, were directly related to the fact that the majority of the leadership of the communist faction in Germany, was jewish. He also wrongly calculated that because his primary enemy and target was the soviet union, that after he had essentially subdued much of the european
          continent, he would be able to force a peace and possibly enlist the British against what he viewed as a common enemy.

          Unfortunately, the military blunder of failing to seal off Dunkirk, preventing the escape of British and French forces, ended any hope of this scenario becoming a reality. Further blunders, in North Africa
          and in Operation Barbarossa, caused his plans to fail and brought his thousand year reich, to a rather quick demise, in what should have been a quick and decisive victory, had he concentrated on the correct strategic objectives. That he considered both communism and the soviet union as enenemies, is indisputable. Ironically, Germany was responsible for the Bolshevik success in 1917, having given Lenin
          safe passage to Russia from Switzerland, which resulted in Russia’s exit from the war, and eventual victory for the Bolshevik faction in the civil war that followed. Both U.S. and British forces were actively engaged assisting the losing side, which may explain Hitler’s miscalculation.

          The Soviet Constitution as written was essentially democratic, so the fact that the government’s authority was totalitarian or the economic
          system was communism, are independant elements. Having elections signifies nothing, and it has been suggested that the actual actions of the U.S government, is facist, despite it’s Constitution and so called free market capitalist system.

          Again I apologise for the interuption, feel free to carry on what you were doing…..and for Dave H.

          “Do not ask fro whom the bell tolls……..”

  • Mae

    Envy is one of the 10 Commandments.
    Not 1 of them is a ‘suggestion’!

  • Big Red

    You protestor supporters don’t get it. These wackos should be lining the streets of Wash. D.C. surrounding the white house. That’s where the real problem lies. Ever since this marist commie was elected things have gone to hell in a hand basket. Wake up. If you can’t see that you’re dumber than dirt.

    • eddie47d

      They get it but you don’t. Big government is overwhelming us for sure but Wall Street is no meek little player in our economic woes. It’s almost an equal share of troubles between the two.

      • former walmart person

        Bingo. If government bends to the wishes of wall street and grants them free reign to turn the stock market into a giant casino with our retirement accounts, then who is really in control of our government? Is our all powerful government just caving to the wishes of wall street like an all powerful owner coddles a pet cat? Or do wall street and the big banks have more power and influence than is openly admitted?

        • mickey

          You are in charge of your retirment funds; simply take them out, take the 25% hit and keep the rest.

    • clark

      Right on Big Red. You are 100 percent correct on this one. Capitalism is one of the forces that made this country great, and would pull us out of this mess we are in, if we could get this all pervasive government off of our backs.

      • former walmart person

        We haven’t had true capitalism exercised in this country since maybe the 1800s. What we have is a weird hybrid of big corporation only capitalism, facism, and socilaism all rolled into one. Don’t make me laugh and say we have true capitalism in this country when a mom and pop business has the book thrown at them but big corporations can just lobby for law exemptions that crush small business. As a point of fact, the Fed is a private entity issuing currency and crdit for the US government. If I decided to start up a small bank and a printing press to print out my own script that government could use a SWAT team would ensure I eat lots of dirt in less than 24 hours.

        • mickey

          Yep, our state actually did this as was their right. The Feds stepped in and stopped it. Didn’t have anything to do with the Fed Reserve as they don’t have police powers.

    • ChristyK

      The problem with the protestors is they are requesting the government to fix the problems that the government caused. They don’t understand the real problem. Check out this article that says it better than I can.

      • mickey

        Yes, Christy, it stated it very well. And we are well into our way of getting there.

        We can’t even buy raw milk without someone complaining about it. I did like the wallpaper comparison, it is right on.

  • Phil F

    I’m all for the right to protest against “government” wrongdoings and redress of grievances but these people aren’t protesting government wrongs. They’re protesting private people and companies and they’re disrupting other peoples lives and work and that is or should be illegal. These moronic fools should be at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Congress where the real perpetrators of this economic mess are located. I say obey the law and law enforcement or you’ll be arrested and sent to jail.

    • former walmart person

      Aweosme, have fun going to the FEMA camps and obeying law enforcement during a staged bioterrorism outbreak which WILL happen at somepoint in our future as in the movie V for Vendetta. Just obey the Nazi stormtroopers like a good little sheep.

      • mickey

        Oh, I definitely agree that we are into the same as Germany. The FEMA camps are well stocked. The police have nothing to do with it. It sits in the WH that is provoking this.

        Want to know who will be in charge of putting you and me on the rail cars? Just look at the demonstrators.

        • eddie47d

          “The police have nothing to do with it” Who do you think will load you into those boxcars? If you really believe in what you said. They will obey orders no matter who is in power a Republican policeman will beat you just as hard as a Democrat policeman.

          • mickey

            Dear Eddie, look at what the WH is supporting and it ain’t the police.

            I don’t worry too much about the police. I stay out of trouble and the few times I was blamed for something didn’t go anywhere.

            I worry more about obama and killing off a puppet dictator knowing full well the Muslim Brotherhood would take control. THAT is what worries me.

            obama keeps testing the waters for “brown shirts” and I don’t think the police are it. They may be the excuse but not the instigator.

          • eddie47d

            You’re getting off subject so I guess I could bring Bush’s invasion of Iraq into the squabble.The killings and bombings there didn’t end with the demise of Saddam either. The Shiites and Sunni’s still can’t get along. Now I’m no fan of the Muslim Brotherhood yet they were 20% of the Egyptian population and they will have a voice whether we like it or not. We can attempt to make the world a better place but we can’t control it.

  • keith

    Dodd-Frank directly led to the financial crisis. Democratically controlled Congress removed the final barriers put into place following the Great Depression to prevent exactly what happened which allowed BoA to take over Merrill Lynch and then mere weeks later come to DC with their hands out to get their piece of the pie. Obama takes over GM, invalidates the legal rights of bondholders, gives 40% of GM to the union thugs. Geitner, from Wall Street, ensures that, following the bailout, Wall Street execs still received their outlandish bonuses. George Soros, who made his billions via capitalism, is intent on destroying that same capitalism. Soros controls over 6 billion barrels of crude oil in Uganda, Obama sends US troops to Uganda in the US’s best interest. The problem is still not DC and the current administration?

    • mickey

      You have it about right. Congrats.

      I remember Griffth Park when the hippies took over. One could get high just walking through the park. Then there was Manson. The spitting on the military. How soon people forget.

      I’m for peaceful demonstrations but this stamp of ACORN is an oxymoron. ACORN is anything but peaceful. When did lawful assembly become take over of private property? Anything this type of group does ends up in destruction of public and private property that has nothing to do with any ideals.

      I agree, the deomonstration should have been at 1600 Penn, but then we have a NY that wants to pad representatives via illegals. Same with CA. If we even have a next election, the reps will increase in these states until we all are under CA and NY rule.

  • Joyceann

    There is such a thing as a “lawful” protest. Scratch your head and say “der cuz it’s cool man” during the hours of daylight and dark, and take your tent with you. That gives sanitation time to clean up the crap so you don’t get sick. Stay out of working people’s way, after all, they are paying your way. If not, send in the jackboots.
    Nothing was being accomplished anyway. When the Tea Party protests, they clean up after themselves and go home at dark to feed their children.

  • mickey

    I would like to see the permit that is open ended for demonstrations.



    • mickey

      I agree.

      Even though I lived in CA during the up heaval, I can’t think this is anything close.

      I now wonder if we are living in pre-Germany Hitler. We have illegals putting police officers in jail (thanks to ACLU) for raising a crook’s arms????

      It is confusing as to which side the police are on or the position they should take but each event places illegals and the socialists more in power.

      Is anyone showing up at obama’s “job” crusade? Surely not these people.

      If we want to correct WS, then take out all your 401k’s and any other pension funds.

  • deb

    The protestors have every right to get out and protest; however, they do NOT have the right to harm people or property. It seems that many of them are doing so and deserve to be arrested on that basis. I wholeheartedly agree that they should be pitching their filthy camps right at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for best effect, but many of them do not realize where their problems originate.

  • Donald

    Your guy Myers will be surprised. It was only yesterday he was worried silly about the coming world wide revolution led by all these folks without a rifle to their name. Gee Whiz. the local police were able to disband them without even having to call out the National Guard. Some revolution! What will Myers do next to sustain his paranoia?

  • Roger a Libertarian

    SHAME on those Americans who are on the side of the Police!

    Your IGNORANCE of world and your own history and the THEFT by your government and the American Establishment on your own people is disgraceful.The only “good” news,is that you are going to finally PAY the PRICE of what history could tell you ,if you took the time to learn, that the ENEMY is not others-the ENEMY IS YOU ( and your ignorance) !!!

    The PROTESTERS are RIGHT and you are soon going to learn that PAINFUL truth.

    Roger a Libertarian

    • mickey

      hmmm Roger, you sound more like a liberal than a libertarian.

  • spxz

    Of course these people have the right to protest. Absolutely. What they do NOT have the right to do is demand that those who work give them more and more of what they work for. Who decides how much to take from those who work? The Government. The same Government that has disregarded the Constitution for 100+ years, but hides behind it when convenient, and disregards it when it suits their purpose. Why are there no Jobs? The Government. Oh, we have seen Government jobs increase. Who pays for these? The 49% of us who still work? The same 49% who give the protesters more and more. These are not protests. These are immature little children screaming for mommy and daddy to give them more, more, more. Both Republicans and Democrats alike, along with the Federal Reserve, and endless Government bail-outs, corruption, wasteful spending, arrogance, and governmental stupidity and over regulation are the reason there are no jobs. So when you look at the ‘Protesters’, try and separate the $11.60/hr people paid to be there, the ones who are there for free food (as one young man said, the food in NYC Park is better than in his Mommy and daddy’s house), ones who are there because it’s a big party, ones who are there because they are bored, and those who actually are there protesting some situation or other. I cannot speak for other areas, but in NYC, there is huge anti-semetic rhetoric, and it is disgusting.

  • Roger a Libertarian

    THANK YOU “Mickey” and “spxz”…..

    ….YOu have BOTH confirmed my point about IGNORANCE……..and the deserved Collapse of America continues!

    • mickey

      Roger, the collapse is a long time coming. As much as I hate to admit (since I have voted dem) is the suspension of protection policies at the hands of the dems. While you condone actions of the ACLU, ACORN, etc, (backed by money obama gives them), I do not. But then perhaps I have an extra 40 yrs or so of living.

      I don’t agree with WS, but the dems in the government (and many RINOS) made it possible for rules and regulations to take on the “moral obligation” and trash it.

      I don’t agree with public or private property trashing. Someone paid for all this property and it wasn’t the unemployed.

      I used to have this same agrument set before me when I was working on my degrees. Those that didn’t take the time (and I mean literally walk down the hall) to get more education were the biggest stone throwers. Then when I did get promotions, they said I sucked up to the bosses, lol, if you want to drive, simply get the driver’s license.

      • eddie47d

        ACLU’s services can be used by any American of any political persuasion. It’s extremely hard for them to take many cases because of time and the lack of money yet they are very strong on the right of free speech and the right to assemble.That would go for Tea Party protests and OWS.

        • mickey

          ummhmm tell that to a couple of locals that were refused support because it was not “newsworthy enough”. The ACLU takes advantage of suing cities and states into bankruptcy just as a threat.

          I used to think they were a source too, probably were at the beginning, but if there is no money in it, they don’t do it. With obama giving them money, it stinks of you know what.

          • eddie47d

            As I said they only have so many people working for them and they have to pick and choose cases they can win. No different than any law office unless it is pro bono and that costs someone too. ACLU funds come from private donors so how is Obama involved? Lots of private donors defending your rights.

          • mickey

            Eddie, Eddie, they make there money off winning lawsuits–and publicity. Why else would they, with their great overload, defend and free a 15 yr old illegal caught with drugs, and give him amnesty if he testified against a cop for raising the kid’s arms too high? Would they take the case for a local or did the illegal make the headlines?

            obama funds the ACLU and probably many administrations before did too. They are just like any other big organization–out of control.

          • eddie47d

            Every law firm in America makes money off of lawsuits and many of them stink yet you are overly biased and one sided.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    It is about time! Hopefully, law enforcement will break up these illegal protests and we can get back to the real important issues that are currently being ignored. The TSA and the OWS are Obama’s brown shirts and are being encouraged to participate in unlawful behavior. To what end? History may repeat itself. We may have a NAZZI like attempt to take over our country. Mark my words.

    • mickey

      Yeah, we are in pre WWII Germany for sure.

  • Tim P

    Only democrats still think we are a democracy. WE ARE A REPUBLIC! In a democracy the mob rules. In a republic we live under the rule of law. That’s why democrats think it’s OK to break the law to get to their end. They think the majority can out weigh the law of the land. That’s why the socialist liberals in the white house, senate and congress think they can just make up rules as they go along. I can disagree with liberals on some issues, but on the facts I have to remain firm- America is a Republic and the mobs are out of control. I do believe in in the right to assemble as long as it is done peacefully and according to the local codes. It also must not intrude on another persons rights. The Wall Street crowd is infringing on the rights of others when they won’t even give way for the sanitation dept to clean up their feces and garbage which is stinking and infringing on the rights of others.

    • mickey

      Yes, and even the republic is being threatened as reps are based on the amount of people they represent–stretched now to include illegals. CA and NY want to pack their states with illegals and increase their representation. Just how is that going to impact the other states?

  • Dennis

    What in the world is occupy wall street about, how did we get here?
    It’s worth 4 minutes of your time to find out, don’t you think.

    • mickey

      Well, Denis, I do agree with how we got here but it was the liberals that voted to suspend these protections. (much to my chagrin).

      As far as blaming WS for corp votes, that came about because of the unions and their pressure to influence the price of eggs in the WH. As far as I am concerned, a politican should get their money from the people, individually, and not from either “big” influence.

  • Steve

    The protesters were not arrested or shot at with with rubber bullets. A larger group of people decided to build a shanty town in a public park. It soon became infested with lice, bed bugs, mice and rats. This was likely in part because of lack of toilet and bathing facilities, so people just used any tree as a urinal or bush as a toilet, a bath was a rinse off with the dirty water left on the ground. People were told to leave so the park could be cleaned, they refused and threatened violence if the city tried to clean things up. THERE WAS NO STOPPING OF A PEACEFUL PROTEST!

    • mickey

      This sounds more like the CA I remember. Thanks for the other side of the story.

  • Thor

    If you support the “Occupiers” on the premise they are justified by free speech and the ‘right to peacefully assemble’ then you are supporting anarchy for the following obvious reasons:

    1. To ‘peacefully’ assemble the assemblers must obey all other laws that pertain. These occupiers have violated the following laws (all or most of which were in statute long before any of us were born).

    defacing or destroying public and private property
    public nuisance/menace
    health code violation
    assault and battery
    drug law violation
    strong armed robbery
    public intoxication/lewd conduct/disturbing the peace
    resisting arrest
    assault on police

    And this is the short list. Although the Supreme Court has ruled that some of these are the natural consequence of large assembly intended to be peaceful, they are still illegal and the violation of such statutes at all levels is not justified by the right of free speech or of peaceful assembly.

    2. Assembly and occupation are not the same thing. These rioters never intended to merely assemble to begin with. If they had, they would have conducted themselves like union workers on strike—the janitorial workers in Santa Monica a few years back, for example. They organized, waved placards, marched along a visible, pre-determined route and went back home at the end of the day. They disposed of their waste and trash and did not deprive others of their rights. There are always a few riotous participants and law breakers at such assemblies; but the difference resides in the numbers and the obvious intent of the assembly. When all the participants break the laws and local ordinances then the intent was never well-defined or peaceful.

    3. Phraseology such as “Tear gas, non-lethal bullets, flash-bang grenades and arrests ‘under the suspicion of unlawful assembly’” and “police arrived in full riot gear” are used by libertarian bloggers and commentators to incite anarchist commentary like some that spilled out here. Although this article was essentially just straight reporting to elicit your comments, the use of such description does push certain buttons among those who put one person’s individual freedom above another.

    There was a time—and we may now wave a sad goodbye to it as a by-gone era—when one person’s freedom ‘ended at another person’s nose.’ Today, we only acknowledge the free speech or the right to peacefully assemble of those who are protesting and these rights are put on a higher pedestal than the rights of those who have remained silent but have to suffer the indignities of the broken laws listed in number 1 above.

    A quick test for whether or not local government is using ‘militarized police’ to suppress civil rights would be if the ‘suppression’ took place immediately, before the public redress of grievances–and before the assembly has a chance to break any other laws.

    Once laws are broken the assembly is neither peaceful nor is it legal. For the sake of free speech such violations of law are tolerated on a sliding scale. Once the law breaking becomes comprehensive among the assemblers then public officials are obliged to act on behalf of all others they have sworn to protect. Their only recourse is to send in the riot squads and break up the assembly.

    If you had that job, Sam, how would you want to be dressed? In wrestling tights?

    • mickey

      You stated it quite well.

    • ChristyK

      Well said.

    • Tom H


      Nice job! Better than I would have done. Briefly, I believe there is a substantial radical element involved in these protests designed along the lines of what the Cloward-Piven strategy intended. A person could say these are well intentioned protesters, but actions speak louder than words. Trashing the protest site, bad language, racist language, attempts to silence the opposition – all speaks to me of an attempt to invalidate the 1st amendment and is more fascist in nature. A very high percentage of the Tea Party folks were very orderly and well behaved. I know – I have been to both types of rallies

  • Emilie

    Wouldn’t you know Oakland would be where it got bad?
    Anyway, regarding New York businesses, yes, some of the little ones near that park are suffering. They’re having to post people at the door to keep the protestors from rushing the place to use the potty. In order to pay for the door person, they may have to let someone else go. Wonder if the protestors know or give a damn.
    I agree Wall St. is a bad guy, but these people are acting like self centered little bratz. Crapping on cop cars? Rapes and robberies? Geez, give me a break. Oh well, we all know what and who are behind this whole thing, and they’re loving the violence. It’s what they want. They can’t wait to see others get violent so they can lay down their precious martial law.

    • mickey

      This is funny as in odd. lol I used to be on the other side in the 60′s, since we only had TV to depend on. Now I have several decades to see the hindsight. This time, however, it is not the local police with the problem, it is the WH standing by waiting for a signal that will spark martial law. Very serious.

      If these were truly good protestors they would be at the WH but then the ranks are filled with union people fighting WS. We get a choice, let the union demands go un-thrawted and result in a police state or condem WS for something we have the power to do. WS works on investments, take out our money and they won’t have it. WS cannot sell our property to China if we pay off the debt. Same with credit cards.

      We could invest in ourselves and start small businesses. We used to and without borrowed huge sums. With all the MBA’s and WS, we have investment dollars for economies of scale and not the little mom and pop.

      We have the power to stop WS, just not the unions. The unions won’t march on DC but then the unions won’t bus their members into DC to threaten teenagers too.

      Anyone that backs the Muslim Brotherhood and kills off a puppet dictator is just a little suspicious when it comes down to it.

      • eddie47d

        You are the odd one for unions have marched on Washington although not very often. The last one was in August and I do see your bias.You really need to connect Washington and Wall Street together and see how they both are damaging the republic.

        • mickey

          Oh, yes, they have and on which side? Definitely there is a WS/government connection but which side took out Glass/Steagall? And the created the housing crisis?

          Sorry, but I think the absence of these demonstrations in DC is a result of the corps being able to contribute funds, like the unions.

        • eddie47d

          There you go again. Unions had nothing to do with the repeal of Glass-Steagall so you are paranoid and spreading fear. It was R-Phil Graham of Texas and the banking industry. No wonder you are lost on the OWS protests.

          • ezaxstoo

            Actually Clinton demolished the GS which coincide with the wishes of bankers and ws, so who needs to re-establish this vital control? Another President, you must address the partnership between our Big Government Corporation and Bankers. As for Graham, that man is really the spawn of the devil..notice the government didn’t go after UBS? or that UBS suffered ZERO consequence of the manmade financial collaps in 2007?

          • ezaxstoo


  • mickey

    Anyone see any connection with Oakland and the proposal to split CA into two states? Liberal south and conservative north??? Got to be a reason Oakland was chosen for this.

  • Gringo Infidel

    This is GREAT news and LONG overdue.

    These misguided youth and marginalized kooks need to be removed from posing the threat to public safety.

  • Charles

    Though his hatred is covered by deccit, his wickedness will be revealed before the assembly. Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him. Proverbs 26:26-27

  • im2wolves

    These people have the right to assemble, as long as it is peaceful. Taking over private property is not peaceful, theft and assaults are not peaceful. Urinating on private property and setting up tents when no one has been invited is not peaceful.

    Rubber bullets are not a deterrent. If after you sent your, message to go away and they are still there and breathing, you’re sending the wrong message. Try real bullets, it get’s real results.

  • Buck

    This , in my opinion , is the first legitimate use of a militarized police force . Lets hope it is also the last .

    • eddie47d

      There’s your shades of Nazism,Mickey!

  • Biker Mike

    You all just dont get it. I have been,and have voted conservitive all my adult life. I grew up in a consevative community right in Mr Livingstons back yard so to say. I agree there are alot of Liberal nut jobs out there,and they have no idea what they are protesting and they are there just because it’s the party place to be.
    The real fact is most of these people are sick and tired of our Elections continualy being bought by corporate America, and Tax payers money being used to bail out Banks and unions that made stupid investments.
    Like always the unions try and involve themself and skeew the purpose of what this is realy about. They are protesting on Wall street and city Hall because this is where all the crooks reside.
    This is just the start of the second revolution” I am all for what the Tea Party stands for,but what did the peacefull tea party protest accomplish? I agree they should take it to the WH and throw the Lier and thief and all his cronies out on the street for a little mob justice. The peacefull protest’s did nothing its time to get it on and clean out the sespool in washington and also stand up the the police state we all now live in. Sorry to say but nothing is going to change until the tree of liberty is is replenished with the blood of tyrants and patriot’s. Best stock up on your Guns,Food,amunition and gold cause it’s just the start.

  • Kal

    The occupiers should come to Dearbornistan where they can assault Christians and Jews w/impunity and under color of law. Hard to tell the players w/o a score-card.

  • GrayLion54

    Hey, Liberals, Libertarians, Democrats, or whatever you call yourself! The Government GOT this big, bloated, powerful, and corrupt, because of the way YOU have been voting ! Nixon came up with the term “Silent Majority” many years ago, and in 2012, They are going to turn out to be the Conservatives, Republicans, or whatever you want to call them, the “Joe the Plumber” average guy who is out of work and cannot support himself or family, because we are wasting billions on the Demo’s favorite, “politically correct” causes. They are going to kick megalomaniac Commiebama and his Commie Congress out of office ! I could explain the economics involved in Y O U bringing us to the brink of collapse, but I doubt if you’d listen to it, much less believe it any way.

  • True Patriot

    The Beck Morons, spewing their catch phrases are as bad as the Union thugs who dont see 2 inches past their face. Both groups are being controlled by the same masters. George Soros??? PLEASE. The Muslims?? please. How bout the mexican drug cartels, or the marxists? or the communist left, or the Islamic “fascists” (as if that makes any sense. WAIT , Wiat….it must be the Muslim brotherhood, hell bent on a gloabl caliphate. Glenn Beck, Fox News, Cnn, MSNBC and their liberal stooges are FRAUDS. The left is blaming the wrong people and the right are doing the same. THATS how the game work. Most of the people are too ignorant to look past their own little hangups and examine TRUE history**** not the one thats presented to them in a nice little box by Beck or Maddow or CNN. The world is moving to war for the purpose of globalization. The only real enemy is the one that gets NO attention, spin your wheels and be cannon fodder and a useless number for the elite…….or focus on the REAL enemy. The federal Reserve, central banking, military industrial complex, United Nations and global monarchs-elite.

  • business boy

    I have one of these occupiers working at my business. happens to be a female. i asked why she would want to be part of this. She could offer NO real reason except for what I always hear, “corporate greed”. I agree with most of the above comments, these occupiers need to get picked up by their mommies and daddies and go home. they aren’t productive employees, they don’t shower on a regular basis and it must be worse living at the occupied sites.

  • Liztalk

    The U.S. Constitution gives Americans the right to assemble and free speech:
    And the Occupy Movement is protesting inequality between the middle class/poor and the 1% (the ultra-rich):

    • ezaxstoo

      OK, and the movement for social justice is also governed by the constitution as well as laws stemming from the constitution by the states. I have the same right to assemble and freedom of speech, but I respect the fact that you have to get up and work in the morning and am not parked on your lawn in a tent. The Constitution also protects public and private property. Please use reasonable care in extolling your rights not to trample upon the other joe who’s just like you.

      • ezaxstoo

        No ifs, ands or buts

  • Sam I am

    Lets reverse 911 for a minute. Lets say that on Sep 11, 2001, a group of red necks from Texas called “AL-Hicks” (in place of alqueida) decide to bomb Tinnamin square (can’t spell this site of tyranny and bloodshed and won’t bother to spell correctly) in China. China in retaliation invades the US in TEXAS with the puported goal of locating and subduing the Al-Hicks. Meanwhile, Chinese troups run checkpoints, confiscate our firearms, bomb us and accidently kill some of US citizens, etc., while in search of a few AL-hicks hiding in the deserts of Texas.

    WOULD WE BE OK WITH THIS????????????????????

  • Liztalk

    Copied from :::

    Tonight: Vigils Across America for Scott Olsen
    October 27th, 2011 · Ella · Announcements 13 comments
    Tonight: Vigils Across America for Scott Olsen, Marine Veteran Critically Injured by Police Projectile at Occupy Oakland
    Call for Vigils for Scott at Occupations Everywhere
    Occupy Oakland contact:
    Matt Howard, Iraq Veterans Against the War Bay Area
    National contact, to arrange interviews with veterans:
    Joseph Carter, Iraq Veterans Against the War national office:
    This morning Occupy Oakland and Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) put out a call for occupations across America and around the world to hold solidarity vigils for Scott Olsen, a former Marine and two time Iraq War veteran. Olsen sustained a skull fracture after being shot in the head on October 25 with a police projectile while peacefully participating in an Occupy Oakland march.
    Occupy Oakland and IVAW — an organization that Scott Olsen is a member of — are organizing the Oakland vigil. It will be held today, Thursday, October 27, 7:00pm PST, during the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland at 14th St. and Broadway.
    They are also calling on other occupations that are part of the 99% movement to take time to vigil for Scott this evening. Some occupations will take a few moments during their General Assembly to hold Scott in their thoughts, to honor his commitment to social justice, and to hope for his strong recovery.
    Scott joined the Marines in 2006, served two tours in Iraq, and was discharged in 2010. Scott moved to California from Wisconsin and currently works as a systems network administrator in Daly City.
    Scott is one of an increasing number of war veterans who are participating in America’s growing Occupy movement. Said Keith Shannon, who deployed with Scott to Iraq, “Scott was marching with the 99% because he felt corporations and banks had too much control over our government, and that they weren’t being held accountable for their role in the economic downturn, which caused so many people to lose their jobs and their homes.”
    People across the country reacted with outrage yesterday to the police brutality unleashed against peaceful people engaged in protest in Oakland — and particularly to the injury of Scott Olsen. Occupy Oakland has been a public forum, set up on public land, concerned with critical public issues about the nation’s financial crisis, consolidation of wealth and power, and the ability of citizens to meaningfully participate in the democratic process. The brutality they were met with sends a chilling message to those who want to serve their country by working for social change.
    Scott is currently sedated and in critical condition at a local hospital.

  • Ron

    My solution to the occupy mess would be to perform a walk through with Seal Team 6. This would indeed be interesting.

    • Robert Smith

      There are plenty of vets in the demonstrations like Scot Oleson.

      What do you say to him? He took a can of tear gas to the face. When others tried to help the local cops set off a flash bang grenade.

      It’s all on video.


    • mark

      Yes, this is a classic fascist fantasy. To be dressed in black with a panalopy of military gear beating to death unarmed demonstrators who want more democracy. It is a storm trooper’s wet dream. Problem is most of Seal Team 6 would refuse to carry out such orders. Unlike many posters on this site and most U.S. policemen they prefer to fight armed opponents. Seal Team 6 consists of men not cowards.

  • Clint

    Wow, its absolutely shocking to see some of these posts condoning violence and legitimizing stereotypes set forth by mainstream media. The overall majority of the populace has been social engineered and the younger generation has probably been inundated with propoganda far more than most people realize. For these reasons, we should be trying to inform them of the manipulations taking place and warn them of the trap that the deceivers are setting for them. If you spend some time on one of their occupy livestreams, you will discover that they are using neuro linguistic programming to promote democracy and consensus during general assemblies. The main problem with this, is, that they have facilitators/change agents to promote the globalist agenda. Of course, the globalist agenda will undoubtedly destroy what is left of our Republic.

    • Serawit

      neuro linguistic programming, huh? Somebody’s been watching too many youtube videos. What exactly is the ‘neuro linguistic programming’ that is taking place at GAs? I have been at GAs both as a speaker and listener. Please enlighten me as to how I am ‘neuro’ programming others or am being ‘neuro’ programmed by attending GAs?

      For the record, I own and run a software consulting business earning six figures a year, am an immigrant and a respected member of my community. I am not poor, young, unemployed, but the Occupy movement is the most authentic thing I have seen in the last 25 years I have been in this country.

      • mark

        Exactly, the more dissent and protest in America no matter what its ideology, the healthier society we are! This is proof of democracy. Such demonstrations were never permitted in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, or Maoist Japan. The more popular demonstrations, the better. When protests end, so does America.

      • AugieD

        Neuro linguistic programming is a psychological ideology. It pertains to the ideas that through the use of subtle word programming, one would be able to construct a change in another’s behavior. It is being taught at university level for psychological studies and used in clinical form for therapeutic treatments.

        I do not subscribe to this form of study, but a growing number do. Similar to hypnotic suggestion, without a person being first put into a trance. Almost like TV commercials, or say, Political Speak.

        Now for unknown reasons, I need a beer and some fried chicken!

        • Serawit

          I know what NLG is, and I have read enough about it. We have NLG as long as we’ve had language. It’s nothing new. We influence each other daily in what we say, do and how we behave.

          Just because they start teaching it in Universities, it doesn’t make it a novel idea. NLG doesn’t convince you of something that you’re not already predisposed to believe. If you go to an evangelical church skeptical and remain skeptical throughout the proceedings, you’re not going to fall down the preacher pushes you in the head. If you go to the church gaga over the preacher and convince this is the day you’re going to talk to your maker in person, you will fall down at the hint of the preacher touching your head and end up having a heart to heart with your maker.

          Same ideas with different names. Don’t make it sound utterly sophisticated by calling it new names.

  • Jessica

    How raised these idiots! No wonder they don’t have jobs. By the way, why doesn’t the city pay them to clean up the mess they are making? Oh, sorry……that would be a job.

    • Serawit

      How raised these idiots! It just dawned on me you mean to say ‘who’. Well, I have a pretty good guess…their parents.

  • Dennis

    Ahhh yes.Now the shoe is on the other foot and they dont like it very much do they? If this was some Tea party movement or any right conservative movement this would have happened long ago and nobody would have shed a tear,especially those who are having this done to them now.Having said this.People better look whats going on.Because next time it will be you.This ,is in fact, illegal and these people have just as much right to assemble and protest like anyone else does.I didnt serve my country to see this going on and like it or not their rights are being trampled on.

  • Blogengeezer

    As a parent of a number of ‘productive to society’ service business oriented sons that were taught self reliance and Christian based morals from an early age, I have difficulty understanding the way these ‘children’ were raised. When our schools tried to follow their indoctrination agenda and reverse our home teachings, we sat the kids down and explained the historically flawed, deadly problems in ‘Dependency’ and the ‘Collective’ National Socialist mentality. We also taught the kids to ‘pretend’ to go along with the school’s formatted goals….. and aquire the useful degrees they sought..

    As our own parents of the previous generation that were also taught self reliance for survival, we held non-govt, private sector jobs. Small and Large, private and stock holder owned corporations sustained and educated us through our productive years. Our savings (we were taught to save and invest during the years of common sense) are now being decimated by meddling govt ‘professional’ bureaucrats “re-distributing” our investments (ie: “Community Reinvestment Act” 1999).

    The term “Useful Idiots” was also used by the powerful dictator Stalin, as he continued the National Socialist ‘collective’ agenda (Soros approved). History exemplifies the Deadly nature of that ‘Fail’ path. Majority of these demonstrators have no knowledge of history or economics. Engineering, in demand world wide, is a totally alien science to the ‘social studies’ majority. Shame on the parents and teachers of this increasingly secular humanist PC nation. What are they thinking?

    • AugieD

      I’d like to start with, I believe in most of what you say. There has been an actual “dumbing down” of society. This is not just “Social Studies” but “Social Engineering”. At least you appear to have been involved with your kids, giving advice when needed. So many people are allowing others to teach their kids about social “norms” and Political Correctness.

      Parents have been told for years that the school system would teach their kids all that was necessary to become a productive part of society. The U.S. does not need that many productive people now. People are beginning to believe that there are too many people. That “something” needs to be done to fix this “over-population”.

      This goes beyond mere governments. This has more to do with secret societies, brain trusts, clandestine operations. More is at stake than school, degrees, or jobs. Obviously, if we sent many of our industrial jobs oversees, engineering jobs went with them. One country uses another for slave labor, all the while reaping obscene profits. This has gone on for many a millennium.

      These demonstrators only need to know that they are getting a raw deal. No jobs, No useful education, and Limited skills. That is what started the “Punk Generation” in England 35 years ago.

      Whether you believe that you or your children escaped the traditional path by strong convictions and beliefs, you will not escape the collateral damage that is wrought by a society that is depraved of morals. It’s been said that a mere 50 families control the world. This goes all the way to the top of the food chain. Be it government(s), globalists, Illuminati, CIA, M5, FreeMasons, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Bohemia Grove and on and on.

      The “little people” don’t have enough glue stick together and to be able to weather the storm. This promises to be more like a Tsunami of a magnitude yet unseen by human eyes.

      You asked “What are they thinking?” It’s King of the Mountain time, and you’re not the king. Know the ‘Golden Rule” #1.) Those who have the gold make the rules. #2.) There are no other rules

  • me

    Idiotic coverage, political theater. The Atlanta “protest” less than 35 people in a park that is 1/4 of a block square.

  • Old Monkey

    F… the Communit5y Organizer In Grief residing at 2700 Pensylvania Avenue. Gimmie the Black fella from a Black Heritage college who is American 1st who knows business, and possesses more than a clue about morals.

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