Mild weather encourages outdoor yoga practice


Mild weather encourages outdoor yoga practice With the arrival of summer, Yoga practitioners around the country are stepping outside to let the sun and the wind boost the benefits of the Indian healing technique.

In response to the growing demand, yoga studios are offering outdoor sessions to those who seek to relive the stresses of daily life, according to Desert News, a Utah news source.

Sarah Longacre, who runs a yoga and wellness studio in Minneapolis, says life simply slows down and there is nothing to get in the way of a meditative exercise practice outdoors.

"You can get connected to a deeper place in yourself, you can [literally] feel … the earth with your hands, feet and body," she adds, quoted by the news source.

There is a close relationship between the natural environment and the practice of yoga, the article stresses, given that its common poses are named for animals, trees, mountains and crescent moons.

As such, yoga can be practiced anywhere one can find a bit of grass or sand, including one’s own backyard, beach or along a hiking trail.

Besides yoga, other mind-body techniques that can be practice outside include breathing exercises, physical exercise, tai chi and meditation.

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