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Mideast Imperialism: The Coming Collapses Of America, Israel

September 13, 2012 by  

Mideast Imperialism: The Coming Collapses Of America, Israel
A small American flag is seen in the rubble at the United States consulate, one day after armed men stormed the compound and killed the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others in Benghazi, Libya.

Following the horrific attack of the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that led to the death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens (some accounts say by lynch mob) and rioting in Egypt, some lawmakers are calling for the United States to withdraw aid from the countries.

That’s a good idea, but certainly not good enough.

The House will vote today on a resolution that would extend Federal funding through March to prevent a government shutdown before the election. Some conservatives raised concerns about the inclusion of additional foreign aid funding in the bill.

“It would show a tremendous amount of leadership from this administration, in light of the recent developments, if the president were to come back and demand that the amount of money that is in the [continuing resolution] for Libya and Egypt be stripped. That would be tremendous leadership,” Representative Jeff Landry (R-La.) said yesterday.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said the inclusion of continued aid to the nations should be contingent upon agreement that those responsible for the attacks be brought to justice.

For a little more than a decade, the United States has been meddling in the Mideast in the name of “democracy.” Instead of stripping some aid, perhaps it is time for the United States to strip all Mideast aid and get out of the world’s sandbox once and for all. Simultaneously, the United States could devote more resources to developing domestic energy (so that destabilization in the area does not hurt the United States economically) and focusing its entire military might on defending the homeland rather than imperialism.

Could the results be any worse than what the current Mideast foreign policy has yielded?

The Muslim Brotherhood, with the aid of the United States, has taken control of Egypt and Libya.

Afghanistan is overrun by sectarian violence, and the very Afghans the United States is attempting to train are killing American soldiers.

Iran, capitalizing on the United States’ reckless deeds throughout the Mideast, is making inroads in further radicalizing Egypt, Libya and Afghanistan.

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doing his best to guilt the United States into a war that will amount to at least a decade more of the very same type of Mideast fighting that has failed already.

Check back Friday for in-depth Mideast analysis from Personal Liberty on why things are heating up in the region and what it may mean for the future.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • swampfox

    we have a avowed camel humping carpetpilot muslim in the whitehouse,of course oblivit OS going to side with his homies in the Muslim brotherhood.
    vote this fool out,ROMNEY 2012!
    bring this up before god and unindate his throne room in heaven with prayers to get this heathen
    out,god will listen to his saints!

    • Neil

      “avowed camel humping carpetpilot muslim in the whitehouse” That makes for an interesting visualization.

      • Winddrinker

        May be an interesting visualization, but it makes the blood boil when visualizing what these camel humpers did to our American Ambassador…the same thing!

        These are nothing but retarded beasts that are walking the earth because that is what their cult tells them to do..

        Time to kick-out everyone of them in this country…

        BTW, NO MORE US MONEY TO ANY mooslem country….

    • eddie47d

      Would you like to be married to Swampfox? If that is the way he visualizes everything I don’t think anyone would be safe being around him.

      • http://n/a AmFer

        We have a real loser as the Commander in Chief…….swampfox is looking good!

      • eddie47d

        Were you around when (i41) posted on this blog. He made the same insane ramblings and threatening remarks on a daily basis. There was no sense with him either only dangerous anger.

      • stellairene

        Do you really think any of us are safe from our president ideals?

    • JCfromDC

      You shoul get a speelcheck dude (LOL)

      • Winddrinker

        How can we get rid of that irritating ad on the right of the screen that keeps jumping up and down? Good Grief!

    • dan

      I’d vote for you,Swampfox, before I’d vote for the controlled opposition’s magic-underweared
      capitalist pirate/corporate raider-priest….or the crooks at the NWO/RNC/GOP that are pushing him.
      …love your analogy though

      • nnicko

        So either you are or going to be a carpet licker muzzie-lamb or you are already a mooslem!

    • Chuck

      If Obama isn’t a Muslim, he’s a Jeremiah Wright Christian, which isn’t much better.

      • Old Observer

        Muslim or Jeremiah Wright Christian?? Give you one guess–he cancelled the National Day of (Christian) prayer–but celebrated a day of prayer with the Muslims—and has said that in a crisis, he would take the side of muslims. This fake in the WH is selling out our country and if we do not remove him, our country is toast.

        • Dave K

          UP with hope DOWN with dope lol

      • Flashy

        Well now…ain’t this interesting. The news is coming out the film which is causing all the issues was produced by a group of extremist anti Muslim hard core Christian fundamentalists who lied to the cast and crew in the film. Depicting it as a historical film based about 2000 years ago, the actor for the character of Muhammed was lied to as to who he was representing. All cast and crew members are swearing off the film and all have similar stories as to how they were lied and mis led.

        Topping it off, the subtitles were put on the film and then sent around the world to various mosques etc with the message iot’s being shown all over the US in churches as well as various movie theatres and is quite popular here. Then it was posted on You Tube with an automated program showing the number of “views” to be steadily climbing. .

        Nice folks them there christians. Wonder if they’ll now cry and whine about being persecuted?

        And y’all wonder why there are riots against the US with Americans being depicted as being such hateful folks?

        Nice folks those christians…wonder why there’s not much of an outrage from the American Taliban on the film and how it was distributed around the world? Think there will be preachings this Sunday of apologetic denunciation of the extremists?

      • phideaux

        Show us the proof of your spurious claims flashy.

      • Flashy

        Phi….MSNBC … I haven’t checked CNN as yet. NBC is tracking all this stuff down … they found the “producer’ via his cell phone and ‘net usage. Seems he is an extremist christian in S. California who goes by several alias’s and has a few convictions for fraud in his background.

        The cast and crew being misled is not only from MSNBC but also in a press release they sent out yesterday…

      • daniel

        FLASHY, I doubt the validity of your claims so please show us proof of your claims.
        I also don’t tolerate a second rate whitewashing of murder and mayem by a supposed ally; ( the Muslim Brotherhood) who was present at both of these incidents. Considering their connections they could have stopped this from happening.
        Also consider that you live in a country that allows free speech which is the excuse that these people, our people were killed over. If you want to defend their actions then by all means submerge yourself into that culture and go live there. That is my policy.

      • Winddrinker

        Flashy, I don’t give a flying leap that some people don’t like moos! In this country, people have a right to their own opinions. We do not have to appease these sodomizing beasts that live in moo-countries!

        I hear that is very common practice and little boys are in great peril over there.

      • Karolyn

        Phideaux – I just saw the special report. The film was funded to the tune of $60,000 by the director’s wife’s Christian relatives in the mideast.

    • mark

      This “avowed camel humping carpetpilot muslim” took out Osama Bin Ladin and over two hundred top Al Qaeda leaders, something George W. Bush never did. Bush called off the U.S. Special Forces effort to get Bin Ladin who he claimed “wasn’t that important.” Instead he invaded Iraq and took the whole emphasis off a war against Al Qaeda in order to get the non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction and build democracies in the Middle East. We know how all that turned out.

      200,000 Iraqis dead, 5,000 U.S. troops dead, 40,000 U.S. troops wounded, crippled, amputees, paraplegics, and the massive spread of anti-American and anti-Christian rage throughout the region. I have often felt that George W. Bush must be a secret Muslim. No one better helped promote the cause of radical Islam throughout the world than George W. Bush did with his horrific and misguided invasion of Iraq.

      • Flashy

        Bush II and Cheney were the best recruiters bin Laden could have ever wished for.

      • gene r

        Mark, If Obama had murdered a faithful muslim as is claimed, he would be in violation of Islamic law. The fact that his body was dumped at sea is proof that this was not Osama BinLaden. Remember that Bush said Osama was the least of his worries. Seems obvious this means he was already dead.
        How can so many people be so gullible as to believe Obama’s hoax?
        Must be the same people who believed Bush’s 9/11 hoax.

      • http://Yahoo Steve Fennell

        Mark, you are full of crap. Obama did not take out Bin Ladin, the Navy Seals did with information obtained by George Bush’s intelligence community. The gathering of this intelligence was condemned by your Messiah, but he was glad to take credit when we finally acted. It wasn’t George Bush who refused to take Bin Ladin. Your pecker dangling, Bill Clinton refuses to take him when the Sudan offered him on a silver platter. The White House is now planning to prosicute a Navy Seal for telling the truth about their operation, calling it a release of secrets. Nothing is said about the secrets that have been leaked by the White House and your criminal, Holder.

      • Feargy852

        Osama was nothing but a CIA fabrication. Truth be known he is still very much alive and probably having his morning coffee in the Oval office. What is with you people that you swallow all this crap hook line and sinker !! You really ought to look a lot closer to home to see where the problems lie !!!

      • http://google gary gerke

        Read the Koran my friend, it is mandatory for muslims to lie, cheat, steal and kill the non believers. The Muslim nation is steathily taking over countries by sheer numbers. Any nation that has over 5% muslim population has had major problems. Look at France today, they will soon have 36% of their nation Muslim!

    • http://none Charlie

      swampfox,,,We noticed you did not capitalize the term ,god, The Almighty God is always a
      Capital “G”,, be careful , these heathens on site might think you are praying to their god, which is the Devil , Satan and his group of demonic angels …
      On the other hand many on this site don’t know The Bible,,,don’t know American History ,,,
      don’t know The Constitution , these are the majority , known as DAA’s , dumb a$$ American by many that know enough to at least tell others what and who The Almighty God is as written in His Bible… These Muslims know their god better than most American
      know who their God / god is suppose to be… When the US et al murdered Moammar Gadafi because he would NOT sell his countries oil and other products for paper money , that killing had been planned for at least 10 years , well , Moe had been “advised” by some of the American Oil company people that helped develop and bring into production
      his oil fields …. So many Liberians know about much of the corruption going on in America
      especially the fraud paper money system… The killing of Moe is where this latest event
      started ,,,THEN,,,the Hollywood Jew film makers , put that low budget smut film out on the web , the film was anti Muslim and somewhat anti Bible , that’s what sparked the 911 Libya
      riot … anyway,,,
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation…
      BUT don’t forget , Obadiah may happen soon at or near the state of Israel…………..

      • Warthog0

        Not that it matters, yes Libya and Liberia are very far away in Africa. Though they both sound similar they are quite different countries. One was created by “returned African-American slaves, the other is an indigenous Semitic peoples. One borders the Mediterranean the other the Atlantic.

      • http://none Charlie

        Warthog0,,, thanks , My error …

    • Karolyn

      God may listen to his “saints”, but what does that have to do with you?

    • Warrior

      This regimes “foreign policy” is turning out to be earily similiar to the “democrat” convention.

      Progressives must go.

    • brenda

      Bho said if the winds blew a certain way he would stand with the muslims . And thats exactly what he did with his apology. This guy has got to go. Why has’nt our military yanked bho out of the white house in chains? We have had enough of all this bullshi”. How much more are we gonna take from the barbarians.

      • Debb

        That’s right Brenda. Let’s put ‘chains’ back on the ‘barbarian’. That mindset, handed down for hundreds of years by ‘regular’ Americans like you who just find it impossible to believe ‘barbarians’ can actually think. Yea, by evolution or revolution, change is coming to this land.

  • FreedomFighter

    “Following the horrific attack of the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that led to the death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens (some accounts say by lynch mob) and rioting in Egypt, some lawmakers are calling for the United States to withdraw aid from the countries.”

    You have to ask yourself: why not just nukem all with neutron bombs, then build resorts on the coasts.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • eddie47d

      Knock off the nuke talk FF. Your mind is warped beyond help.

      • Dave K

        I agree NO NUKE although i was not around to see the event i see that is not the answer

      • Magdalia Leon

        To Eddie47 the other bum
        obama is a bum, you defend this loser because he has your welfare check, LOSER!!!

      • eddie47d

        Apparently Magdalia is trying to be another swampfox in name calling . That is very inciteful in who YOU really are or didn’t you think we’d notice? Never been on welfare but apparently you have the experience little troll. .

      • duane

        Why not talk about the nukes eddie?? This is a free country. Oh silly me this a liberal christian hating free country. It appears that nothing is being said by either lame stream media or any other media about the Coptic Christians that have been murdered for years in the muslim countries. Or for that matter the Armenian genocide that was done against the Christians during the Ottoman Empire days. (10 million) were exterminated along with people of Jewish faith. I agree that this country can be oil-independent if the environmentalist terrorist would let us drill. We do not need their oil and the only reason we support Israel is due to the fact that this is the only working democracy in the middle east. I would like nothing better than to make the whole middle east into a nuclear winter wast land. Maybe the stupid islamist idiots will finally go away.

    • Sirian

      Neutron bombs have come to my mind many times too. Quick, easy, infrastructure left intact instead of totally obliterated. “Industrial Strength” nukes, (just kiddin’), would do a good job of “instant house cleaning” but there wouldn’t much left worth messing with for a very long time. Yep, neutrons sound pretty good. Unfortunately, they were outlawed years ago. Oh well. . .

      • Art

        Hell we only need the oil fields

        • Dave K

          do we NEED them or have we let the oil tycoons sway us to be leave there is no other way to power us HUMMMM

      • Debb

        This is another ploy (no), from the money bags who hold the oil card. You know the same ones who sabotage the green industry because that means less profit for their own children and grandchildren.

    • Joe Hammond

      Now that is a damn good Nazi idea! Kill them all and make room for more Americans! Living space!……..Seig stupid!!!!

      • Don

        Yeah, we could send all the democrats there

    • lady kroft

      I’m with FREEDOM FIGHTER…nuke the hell out of the entire middle east…sans Israel. It’s the only way to rid the world of the cancer known as islam… THE ONLY WAY!! But I think we should put a Disneyworld there, though. And raise pigs throughout the rest of the land. I’m tired of these insufferable, vicious, demented muslims.

      • Winddrinker

        “Demented” is a great word to describe moos. Just follow it up with the word, “Inbred.”

      • Karolyn

        Freedom Fighter and lady kroft are the ones who sound demented here.

      • Debb

        ‘Lady’ Kroft? You’re being sarcastic, right?

    • dan

      finally…FF has hit upon what is the obvious solution for peace in the Middle-east
      (not that I didn’t advocate it during the Carter administration….)
      hadn’t thought about the resorts,though….nice touch :)

    • Old Observer

      Nuke is no answer–we should just stop giving them money–money that, as i understand it, was supposed to be for humane reasons to help their people, but instead gets used by the ruling parties to live “high on the hog’-(-oops–lol) and buy weapons to attack Israel-and in time, us—they keep their people in poverty to continue feeding them lines of hatred against us. And we should bring home a bunch of our guys and post them on our southern border!!

    • Jody L

      Personally, I really like the resort idea. But I don’t know the effects of a neutron bomb and if there are going to be resorts, don’t forget to save the planet (we’ll need it for advertising).

      • Sirian

        Neutron bombs release an extremely intense spread of neutrons that will kill any life form within a radius of a quarter mile from it’s point of detonation. So, in one sense they are a “conventional” weapon since it’s detonation is “conventional”, whereas in the other they are a nuclear weapon. The amount of damage to the surrounding area is minimal in comparison – think of it comparatively as the same amount of physical damage resultant of a 2K pound bomb. With that being the amount of damage incurred, again comparatively, over the amount inflicted by say a small 10-20 kiloton nuke, basic size of both Hiroshima & Nagasaki, yep, there’s a tremendous difference. But again, the intense neutron field released would kill every life form within a prescribed, predetermined distance from point of detonation. With that, you can clear a broader area of any “enemy forces” with a minimal amount of damage to the surrounding infrastructure. Keep in mind, neutrons are totally non-discriminating. Therefore it jeopardizes the civilian populations too. That is why neutron bombs have been outlawed. Sure, you could eliminate the “enemy forces” quite easily at a much lower cost. But let me repeat myself, in so doing you would also be eliminating the innocent civilian population of where-ever it may be used. Hope you have a better understanding.

    • Matrix


      eddie seems to have a problem with nuking the entire middle east and I agree, we would be much better off dropping all the liberals on the middle east and killing the satan worshipers with stupidity!

  • Scott in SC

    Who was providing security for these embassies? Why wasn’t a single shot fired to protect our sovereign space in these countries?

    • Dave K

      JC were dumb for being there in the first place ……. 2 giving AID to any country ……………. 3 pushing our way of life on someone else…….if there is a problem in your house do you want our government to come and solve any issue there..? if so you should call them and report back how that went … curious if im miss understanding something !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jcfromdc

        Dave ol’ buddy:
        The government is ALREADY in our houses, as many as they can get into, if you haven’t noticed… It’s called the “Department of Children & Families”, an umbrella to cover as much mischief as they can create: kids, family disputes, old folks, nutrition. marriage, welfare checks, food stamps, education, child-rearing, more. They have nearly as much power of intrusion as Federal Game Wardens (but the Wardens actually have a function)

        • Dave K

          I agree there is a lot of fumbling dumb a** people in places they don’t belong so we the people should get our own house in order …then and only then mess around with other countries (that should take a couple hundred years )

      • Jody L

        @jcfromdc: Excellent point, especially that apt analogy of Children and Family Services as game wardens because that’s exactly how they think of themselves. Although true game wardens treat animals BETTER than DCF treats families.

      • Debb

        Very good points DaveK. Why are we over in Libya anyway? Too many probs to deal with right here!

    • Flashy

      In Libya, both Libyan security forces and the Marines were involved in a firefight. not much you can do when they start tossing explosives and rocket grenades at you though. BTW…when was the last time you heard of a ME leader publicaly apologizing as the Libyan President did?

      Heck…even when Bush II was apologizing his as* off on the several occasions he apologized…there wasn’t any public announcement except to highlight Bush apologizing. Note Obama has never apologized for the US…never. (go ahead, try and find an occasion he did.)

      Egypt … both Clinton and Obama read them the riot act and threatened to hold back all aid if the embassy wasn’t protected. Note today the embassy is surrounded by armed Egyptian military.

      Now…had knee jerk shoot off the mouth Romney been in the seat, we’d be in a real mess. Obama showed why he is a leader. Stayed cool, calm, collected information, found out what was going on…THEN took the necessary steps.

      Glad he’s got our back. Unlike Bush II or whatever Romney would panic us into …

      • nnicko

        You dimwit…..have you forgotten the americans that wiere killed you flash-brain idiot.? Can you tell the difference between BARRACK HEUSSIN OBAMA and MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD? You the lover of obozo would be the furthest thing for a back-up in a fire fight….to be safe you would be the first target. Your obummfud had 48 hour notice of what was to come….Hard face Hillary most likely agreed with pussycat Patterson that said no ammo for the marines…..they might kill someone like a muslim.

    • Winddrinker

      The Ambassador and a couple of his people made it to the secret “Safe House” on their own. The “guards” disappeared! It wasn’t long before the mob broke into the so-called “Safe House” and killed the three, but not before sodomizing the American Ambassador.. Islam the religion of Peace!

      • Winddrinker

        There were no American Marines assigned to that Consulate! There were four libyan guards that just “disappeared.”

  • randall

    stop all aid to other countries, a broke country like the USA has no business borrowing money and giving it to others. so what can I really do???? how can I change the world?? we seem to want others to do something. plant a fruit tree in my yard, buy local produce, learn what plants (weeds) are edible, grow a garden, become self relient and walk away from Rome burning

  • Dick Caruthers

    My view on the Middle East is this: GET OUT
    The Harvard elite have led us to believe that
    we can do something there for the common
    good of mankind- balony We are wasting
    Resources and Manpower for absolutely nothing
    Thank You. Dick Caruthers

    • Warrior

      As I was watching the video of these arab youths yesterday, I thought I was watching a scene from chicago. No personal responsibilty or direction = exactly what we see. The sooner those teachers get their raises, everything will be right with the world. Remember, it’s for the children. Which “village idiot” said that? I don’t know, just pick any “progressive”.

      • Old Observer

        And the longer the Muslim in the WH remains, we will see more and more of this. He has destroyed our standing in the world and is working on making us more and more vulnerable to attack HERE–the only thing those people respect is strength–and he is making us look weaker all the time–just how long do you think it will be before Iran finishes the bomb before it’s landing here??

      • Debb

        Old Observer, not looking forward to that day, if it ever comes. It will look like chickens coming home to roost. Hopefully they’ll hit Monsanto WMD plants first.

    • Feargy852

      Also Dick you could have mentioned the fact that America is also taking 100′s of thousands of innocent lives !!

  • cawmun cents

    Apparently,attacking us (sovereign grounds) is not seen as an overt act of war like it would have been in former administrations (with the quite notable exception of the Carter administration).
    Now you can defecate on the Eagle and its leaders will make some fancy declarations on the various forms of media,but will keep their hands tied,and hunker down for some more ill-treatment.
    Its their way of showing that they care for the restless masses in other places,but give not a rats defecation about their own nation.
    But what do I know?
    Apparently very little…..

    • Warrior

      I wonder which “small talk” subjects were “bandied” about at the “fundraiser” in vegas? Just another fine example of “ones” priorities I gather.

      Good thing billary is stepping down from her successful fourth, fifth, sixth, whatever “career” move in a few months.

      Hey, I’ll bet if oblama wins, he’ll offer one of the open ambassadorships to maybe John Sununu.

      Gotta get this stuff out on a blog now before it’s too late! Will there be snail mail next spring do you think or will we go back to using smoke signals?

    • eddie47d

      You failed to mention Ronald Reagan who turned tail when the Marine barracks were bombed in Lebanon. Then again we shouldn’t have been there in the first place either. Maybe Ronald Reagan again who armed Iraq to the teeth to stabilize the Middle East. How did that work out for the US. Three wars and continual violence to this day wasn’t enough for you? (Two American wars and the Iraq-Iran War). There is foolish international behavior from both the Democrats and Republicans. PLD has repeatedly brought that up or aren’t we paying attention.

    • Warthog0

      If we attack any of these countries, or stop paying out foreign aid (bribes) the effects on the businesses that have invested time monies, ours and theirs would be all for naught. We are not building nations, democratic or otherwise, we are securing a stable environment where business can make a buck. I will not mention the lies to our naive youth who thought they were defending our way of life and instead they were defending businesses’ business. Its been so since the days of the Phoenicians, the trade routs of the Silk Roads, Columbus et all and now all of the modern conquistadors like Halliburton, GE, MS, Westinghouse and countless others, pick them out of the NY Stock exchange list. They are protected by all of the players legitimate armies and alliances on both sides of the big ponds. They are financed from the same piggy-banks that financed Columbus, and no it was not queen Isabella’s jewels. Spain was broke, as were the rest of the countries(kingdoms), wars do take their toll on a nations economies and the banks then as now, made sure that money was easily available to all the royal asses in exchange for their sovereignty. Every country in Europe/Eurasia was owned, including the great empire of empress Catherine and tsar Nicholas of Russia, as they are ownwd and manipulated by todays IMF, no Hope then, no Change now.

  • JC

    So much for Hillary’s financing the Arab Spring in order to “bring them Democracy”
    No matter how you cut it, these people are third world 7th century barbarians who want to drag the rest of us down to their level and/or just plain kill us. Reports are coming in that the Ambassador was raped and tortured before being murdered. (
    Why are we financing these…”people”? Why would we help them out at all?
    They’re most certainly NOT our friends and their Nazi like ideology that passes for a so called religion is disgusting and repugnant to any civilized human being.

    • Carlucci

      Absolutely, JC. My late husband and I lived in the Middle East for several years (Saudi Arabia) where “religion by the sword” rules everything. I say hit them all in the pocket book and stop sending money now……and for heaven’s sake bring all of our troops home NOW.

      • Feargy852

        Saudi does not need American aid, it has 2 thirds of the worlds oil

    • Feargy852

      You just dont get it do you !! America was never helping these nations out !! It tells you it is so you just believe it.

    • Winddrinker

      Americans can see how successful our presence has been in the ratholes that makeup the middle east. All our soldiers that were killed and wounded has been a waste of good Americans.
      Trillions of dollars has been given to our enemies. America “has been played!”

      These people haven’t changed in Centuries and they are not going to change!

      No one should to go there, unless you like dirt, wind, beggars, savages, the possiblility of being kidnapped, and oppressive heat. Afterthought,! It sure is a GREAT place to send the progressive RETOS. Most of them would like the man-boy-love.

  • Indy Patroit

    lets send Hillary and numb nuts over there to figure it out

    • Warrior

      I wonder if there’s a property insurance policy on our ambassy’s? If there is, lookout. It’s going to be the same result as oblamacare. Premiums skyrocketing.

      • Feargy852

        Hehehe yes just like the twin towers, the owner had his insurance policy upgraded the day prior to 9/11 to include a terrorism act !!! How convenient for him !! Wake up people

    • eddie47d

      The Libya situation seems to have been preplanned for 9/11 because of the attackers being so well armed. The release of the anti-Mohammad video only gave them an extra boast of rage. The Ambassador worked closely with the rebels so the violence must have come from a pro-Gaddafi faction. Its only been a year or less since the rebels gained a foothold and not all Libyans are happy about it. Look at the animosity that lingered for over a hundred years after our Civil War so this event although tragic is not shocking. Time to get out of other countries and stop arming them for the sore losers will go underground to fight another day. That day came on 9/11/12

      • Old Observer

        If you look back on it, you will find that those people like anniversaries—and attacking in multiple locations at the same time. We have a so-called pres who is selling us out to the enemy right under our noses

      • Old Observer

        Those people like anniversaries and multiple targets, and our leader is simply playing into their hands

      • Feargy852

        I think you have just hit the nail on the head !! Everything we see going on in the world today was pre-planned ! America has aligned itself with the opposing rebel forces who inccidently are aligned with Alqueda. It does not add up does it ? In relation to another comment I saw here reference to ‘these people just love anniversaries and multi-targets’ ! I put it to you that those people are sitting in your administration with the stars and stripes draped around their shoulders.

    • Baloney Toney Mahoney

      The Mahoney Man says: Can they bring Biden along, too & leave him there? Rolley is right on target here…Time to withdraw all funding from nations & let them grow up already on their own!!
      Like the Bible says: “Do not cast pearls before swine.”…we go there to give them freedoms, but we end up doing all the hard work & get abused for it!!!

      • Warthog0

        It would seem like it, looking at it through the crack in the window, We seemingly provide the opportunity for the rest of the world to participate in our great experiment of freedom and liberty. But like forcing guests at a buffet table to eat somthing they are not familiar with or do not particularly like is not going to be a spontaneous conversion to the tastes of anchovies and olives. Our experiment worked because we started out with a clean plate and added only the things we liked and did not or were not able to obtain at home(Europe). We did not have the disadvantage of clan or tribal leaders who required through divine right our alliance as serfs for life. And this is the problem we have in the middle east, Africa, Asia, Russia, yes Russia, China and to some extent Central and South America. Although today many of the land masses having been put through the UN nation building Cuisinart emerge as nations, they internally are divided maintaining their tribal identity and allegiance to their clan the “conglomerate” country comes second if at all, i.e. Irak, Africa, Russia, China, does anybody remember Mogadishu?. They are blinded by their learned prejudice and abject fear, they don’t “like green eggs and ham” in no matter shape or form. They are all slaves to their own destiny and will hate those that have unshackled(relatively) themselves. None of these countries were formed in the same manner and need as was our country. Our country was created on the basis of ideas, of deep rooted yearnings of the human spirit. This wanton craving for the freedom of the self, the individual, his spirit, his brain and his imagination. We know the smell, the taste and texture of this thing we concocted almost 240 years ago. It was a long time ago, but we have had this recipe in our things to cook since the beginning of our existence as a species. We place before them this great Zuppa Inglese desert, and all they can taste is the dill pickle they decided to have with it, go figure!!

    • Rick

      Hey Indy what makes you think they would even let them in? I vote we just drop them on Libya from say 1000 feet without a parachute.zIf you really want to scare them into submission frop Hillary naked, if that doesn’t scare the hell out of them nothing will. If you had to go to bed with that you would have been with Monica too. She is so ugly they have to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to play with her. These people have been fighting and killing for thousands of years what makes you think they will stop as long as they are alive?

  • JJM123

    Quite frankly, I am again leaning toward the neutron bomb solution as well. If it weren’t for the collateral damage of the ‘few’ christians and some sensible arabs.

    • Feargy852

      Ohh here we go another dickhead, Neutron bomb hey ! If that happens then we have WW3. Now where do you think all the other countries will be directing their arsenal ? yeah thats right ‘America’ !!! Simply for been such a good friend to the rest of the world.

  • regnigml

    It is time to cut the umbilical cord for these countries. It would seem that to be politically correct, we have to just “accept” whatever behaviors these tyrant radical numnuts want to do in the name of religion…..bull. Okay, if the kids want to throw their temper tantrums, then we need to stop buying them a car…..stop the money into these countries and put in economic sanctions, and then sit back and watch them attack “each other”. Close down our embassies, brings our soldiers back home and put them on the border, and allow these maniacs to do whatever they want to do “to each other”. It is time to stop this craziness and do it now.

  • Bubbie

    I can understand not wanting to finance any country that actively works against democracy. But I also believe that we can continue to aid Israel, the ONE country who’s ideals mirror our…why allow the real victims to be wiped off the map? Don’t we want at least one ally in that part of the world? Today another embrassy is under “protest” in Yemen…these are red herrings…the real issue is Iran and that is going to be a far worse problem. With an ally in the “hood” we could at least have a temporary shelter or staging place if we need to react to the real issue.

    • Dave K

      you should use your money and go then… do us all a favor and give a call when you think you can force your views on some one else

    • Old Observer

      The Bible says that he who blesses Israel will be blessed and he who curses israel will be cursed—ring any bells?

      • mark

        The Bible also says that no one should touch the skin of a pig. So let’s outlaw all football in the United States. Please. Deliver us from the Bible and all the nonsense people spout in is name. This goes for the Koran as well. No more fanatics and their Holy Books. What a beautiful world it would be without them.

      • Feargy852

        Ahh yes that is correct, however these words were spoken because the Jews were given a Covenant by God. But as history has shown they broke this covenant many years ago. Does it not also say in the Bible that the Jews will be driven from Israel once again as a punishment for deviating away from Gods word !!!

      • Feargy852

        Sadly Mark it is the Zionists who believe by divine right that they are the chosen people. They believe that all the rest of us are expendable. They use their holy teachings to back up this claim. I merely use parts of the Bible to counter their argument. Believe me they cant handle it when you use the same holy book against them : )

      • Feargy852

        Yes that statement was referring to the land not the people in it

      • Winddrinker

        Mark, back in that time, there was a good reason why people were told to stay away from pork. It was an unclean meat, because it harbored trichinosis.

    • mark

      You actually swallow all that AIPAC, pro-Israel propaganda? Israeli aggression is the root cause of much of the trouble in the Middle East – not all – but a good deal of it. They have robbed millions of innocent people’s land through terror and violence. I have zero sympathy for the terror-state of Israel and much more for the Palestinian people in their heroic effort to win back their stolen land.

      • Feargy852

        Good on you Mark, it seems your the only one here who sees what is going on. However American people need to wake up to the fact that it is Israel who is running America. Kick the jews out of all top appointments in your country. They hold an ridiculously disproportional amount of high offices in your country, i.e Banking, Media, Movie Empire, Politics etc etc

    • Feargy852

      Democracy !!! News for you, we are now in an era referred to as the post democratic area

    • Feargy852

      You sound like a good old Jew : )

      • Old Observer

        You do know there was a “holiday” assigned to atheists because they felt left out? Read somewhere that a judge declared April 1st -April Fools day–” Because the fool hath said in his heart there is no God”–” Believe -or not-what you will, I choose to believe the Bible, and the more of it i read, and the more i see happening in the world that lines up with it–i don’t think it will be much longer before the truth comes out–and God IS going to preserve the Jewish people, in that land.

  • camtvrjdn987


  • Patriot

    Here arte the questions: Why was Obama reading a prepared statement, why was there no questions of him and why did he not stop campaigning & fund raising off to Neveda & CO? If he was a true/blue American like he claims, he would not need a prepared statement and would have stayed in DC to discuss the ramifications and consequences to these nations, this shows the complete lack of any leadership. Vote the bum out then put him up on charges of teason!

    • Old Observer

      Manchurian candidate

    • mark

      President George W. Bush played golf, went to campaign events, social events, and vacations while dozens of Americans – not 4 – were being killed everyday in his misguided and criminal war in Iraq. I didn’t hear any conservatives complaining about that. And that was a war of choice. Bush chose to invade Iraq which had zero to do with the 9/11 attacks.

      • MarathonMan

        Hello Mark; You have created another remarkable post.
        As for a “war of choice” and “zero to do with the attacks”, you seem to be confused. and are mixing events
        “Zero to do with the attacks” meaning the WTC is correct and was not really part and parcel of why we went for Sadam Husane. The news media made that point an issue and never let it go remember the media hated Bush and the corrupt NYT penned many stories with half truths, thus creating news as they still do today.
        Now to address what you call “a war of convenience””
        Sadam was saber rattling, had invaded Saudi Arabia, and VILOATED THE TERMS OF HIS SURRENDER, facts that totally escape your commentary
        If you recall there were “claims” of WMD’s. The claims were substantiated by several independent sources including Colin Powell. Saadam Husane was playing a game of brinksmanship, denying WMD inspectors, and eventually throwing them out. The Bush Admin went before the UN 21 times seeking a UN resolution forcing compliance WMD inspections.You conveniently forget that France , Russia, and Germany were backing Sadam because of lucrative contracts, and therefore stonewalled the UN. Putting it in the simplest of terms: France, Germany and Russia were screwing the US thru the UN. And, during that time, Sadam hid and/or destroyed some WMD’s and shipped the rest off to his buddies in Serria.Finally, the Bush Admin formed an alliance with approx. 20 other nations and took care of the situation.

        So much for your “war of convenience”. Bush has been taking heat from dilettantes like you ever since. If you are going to mock someone wouldn’t it be a good idea to know what you are talking about?

  • Joe Hammond

    A Radical Egypt will mean that Israel will have a very large enemy on its southern border.

    Even though Israel has 300-400 nuclear weapons according to the CIA it seems that Nastyyahoo wants US treasure and blood to be spilled rather than Israeli Jews in a war with Iran. Our backing of Israel in all circumstances has lead to the Arab world viewing us as prejudicial for the Israeli Jews in all matters concerning them. Therefore, they view us as an enemy of themselves as well as their religion.

    The Israeli Republic has proposed legislation that would make Israel a Jewish state only which would disenfranchise the entire Arab Israeli population as well as the Christian Israeli population creating a state without democratic principles. This action will further inflame the Islamic world. It also mirrors the “Germany for Germans” embarrassment that preceeded the creation of Israel.

    I agree that the time has come to stop giving special everything to Israel; monies to Arab states such as Egypt, Libya, and protection to places of repression such as Saudi Arabia. This money would be better used against the debt or rebuilding the infrastructure that is falling apart at home.

    I also am flabbergasted that Nastyyahoo (who is a close friend of Romney from 1976 in Boston) would stick his fist into the presidential election the way he has through surrogates and his own words. Would we tolerate the Chinese Communist Premier to do the same without complaint? And they have a tremendous amount of our debt in there bloody hands……

    Bring the military home and stop giving away the treasury to protect highly armed nations who can take care of themselves!

    • Feargy852

      You are bang on with what you say !! It is all about Israel. Who want to attack Iran ? Israel. Why does America bow to Israel all the damn time ? Its because Israel runs America !! Will you people just look at all the high offices in your country, look at all the so called pillar organizations ! Who controls them ? Yes it is 98% Jews !!! Israel is really pulling the wool over your eyes America !! WAKE UP, WAKE UP , FOR GOD SAKE WAKE UP !!!!!!!

      • Winddrinker

        I am tired of Jew bashing! You numbnuts are out of your mind when you start in on your forefathers.. The twelve lost tribes through their descendants, ended up in America and many of us are their descendants. Jews gave us Jesus Christ and Christianity.

        If you want to run from your roots, how about taking a hike and live under Sharia Law in the middle east… I guarantee you would be begging to be in Israel..that is where would you be treated like a human being.

    • MarathonMan

      “Stick his fist in the election” ……. Obama is backing the Muslim Brotherhood…. you know that ” new young democracy” in Egypt” (obamas words yesterday)

      Obama’s Arab Spring has lit the fuse to the middle east powder keg.

      News flash; regular gas price yesterday: $4.29 …. price today 9:00 AM $5.37
      Thank you Barry Soetorro (AKA: BARAK HUSANE OBAMA)…. you have taken us back to the glorious days of Jimmy Carter!

      Are all you BOB supporters out there happy with this CHANGE?

  • wryter2012

    Obama has shown nothing but weakness to the Arab world and this is the result–you think this would have happened on Reagan’s watch? No way.

    To a Muslim this Arab Spring was nothing more nor less than the dawn of the new Caliphate. The Wahabist branch of their religion demands they take over and control the entire world. That is their agenda, plain and simple and they make no secret of it. If they are allowed to proceed they will murder or convert us all. They must be stopped and we won’t be effectively able to do so if we use a “reasoned and proportionate response.”

    Attacking our embassy and murdering our ambassador was an act of WAR committed on “American soil.” The proper response would be to declare war on Libya and act accordingly–and by that I don’t mean a boots on the ground invasion.

    I mean that it is better to be feared or respected than to be loved and dealing with Arabs requires you to come from a position of overwhelming strength. Make them FEAR us. Give world leaders with citizens in Libya 48 hours to get their people out. Give the Libyans the same 48 hours to evacuate Tripoli and Benghazi–after all, we warned the Japanese too–then totally annihilate those two cities–whether by Neutron bomb or a massive fuel air bomb (MOAB) campaign. Salt the earth, like the Romans did.

    Then have a chat with the Egyptian leaders that amounts to shape up or you’re next.

    Would such a response cause them to hate us more? I don’t think that’s possible. But no matter how many we kill now it will be far fewer than the number we will be forced to kill to stop them later.

    • eddie47d

      It did happen on Reagans watch and even worse.

    • Scott in SC

      “you think this would have happened on Reagan’s watch?”
      Yes, it did. The marine barracks bombing in Lebanon killing 300.What did Reagan do? Cut and run.
      Then there was the deal he made with Iran to guarantee his victory in 1980. “You continue to hold all the American hostages until I take office and I will give you all the weapons you want’.

      • Ray

        I never said Reagan was perfect but we did gain respect during his Presidency Also, Beirut was a boots on the ground situation and I’m not for that at all. I’m simply for killing so many of them that they beg for mercy, crap their thobes and dishdashas and realize that their actions have consequences far in excess of the results they might anticipate. In short, being FEARED by Arabs and other Mid-East Muslims would be a good thing.

      • nnicko

        Get off the drugs you no-name poor excuse for an American

    • mark

      Wouldn’t have happened on Reagan’s watch?! What planet are you living on. Reagan sold advanced U.S. weaponry to the terrorists, to the Ayatollah Khomeni! Have you ever heard of the Iran-Contra Scandal? Reagan ran with his tail between his legs from Lebanon like the yellow coward that he was after the terrorists there murdered not 4 – but 241 Americans! All members of the United States Marine Corps.

      • Feargy852

        Yes you are correct in your statement. However Reagan supplied weapons to both sides in the Iran/Iraq war. It was simply business as usual. It really does not matter who is in the Presidents office, he/she will do as they are told. Now ask yourself the question, Told by whom ?

  • craig collard

    Rand Paul is nuts.. we need a swift, strong military response to this .what is now evident this will be an everlasting, on going response to 9-11. IF WE DO NOT BLAST THE HELL OUT OF THEM, THEY WILL DO THIS EVERY YEAR. CUT OFF THEIR FUNDS, KICK THEM OUT OF OUR COUNTRY AND STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF COWARDS..

    • dan

      nuke ‘em all and let god sort out the pieces….remember the Khobar Towers

    • eddie47d

      All you “good” Christians are about as worthless and insane as the worthless and insane Muslims. Listen to your pious bluster. No different just more of the same with just a different religious title.

      • Dave K

        Ed nicely put no name calling just the facts

      • Feargy852

        Im inclined to agree with you on this point to some extent. However in reality it has little or nothing to do with religion although people may think it has. Im afraid people are blinded by so much media propaganda and because they have heard it for so long they now actually believe the crap. People in general not just Americans need to wake up and see what is really going on. As it is they are merely pawns/puppets in a worldwide game of chess ! The question people should be asking is Who is orchestrating this and Who is the real puppet master ?

      • Old Observer

        Call it “pious bluster all you want–the problem is you don’y want to have to face the truth of God’s word!!

      • Winddrinker

        Eddie, I notice you choose to live among the Christians! There is a choice. Be my guest and take a hike to the middle east and suffer their brand of law…Sharia Law. IF you are a man, it might not be as bad and there will be plenty of young boys, since you don’t touch the women.

      • nnicko

        Hey Eddie…since your so good with riot-words, take it to the middle East and pray with the brotherhood. they will appreciate your dialect!

    • Feargy852

      Your country ??? I thought the indigenous Indians were the true natives of America ??

      • Dave K

        they traded it

      • Warthog0

        According to some anthropologists, they were immigrant/migrants to this continent as well, about 12000 years after an earlier migration from Europe. There is evidence from the digs and from DNA, according to them.

      • Winddrinker

        The Indians came here by the way of the Bering Strait. They never settled the country, they were wandering around trying to decide what they would do next.

        However, I don’t agree with the treatment they got. But after their taking a few scalps and butchering White women and children, it kind of made of few people angry.

      • teaparty13

        Winddrinker, The Indians got the practice of scalping from the Brits & French, who paid the Natives for proof of a killing. The Indians later used it as a trophy . And by the way, there were many cases of nastiness on both sides..

  • James Kirksey

    As long as President Obama apologies for our freedoms and the American way, these radical thugs will continue to push us into submission to their laws of damnation. The situation is far from over as other countries follow with protests. While everyone is looking at embassey burning, it may be a good time for Israel to send a few accurate sorties to take care of Iran’s nuclear development. Obama is in a delima; he has taken rights and resources from the consertavies and failed to achieve the ultimate marxist goals of the far left. Both left and right are closing in on this failed administration. His Muslim Brotherhood seems to be ungrateful for Obama’s treason to our nation in their support. Maybe they are different brands of Muslims. They not only fight the rest of the world; but, they also fight each other. I agree we should defund all of those countries’ aid, close our Muslim country embassies, defend Israel, drill our own oil, and exile those redical Muslims living in the USA. Also, withdraw from the UN and expell them from any American territory. Americans must individually return to God for Him to bless America again. We must repent of the ungodly abortion, open homosexuality, and taking of personal property to support those too sorry to work.


    • Feargy852

      What American Freedom ? The sole purpose of F.E.M.A was to eradicate American liberty and freedom. Do your homework, you are been taken for one huge ride !!

  • Dorian Douglas

    Speaking of nukes, it seems Rolley and the rest of you have overlooked the primary reason ro be involved in the “sands”. The barbaric mullahs in Iran (never mind the dipwad, he’s a puppet) are on the verge of nukes. This must be stopped, or every power-hungry maniac east of Morocco will have dirty bombs. Then what will you say???

    Nuking the region will get most of the power-hungry camel jockey maniacs, but also the majority who just want want for themselves what you and I want here.

    Dorian Douglas

    • Feargy852

      Where is your evidence that they are on the verge of developing nuclear weapons ?? Ohhh is this from the same administration that said there were weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq !! Well we all learned very quickly that this was a blatant lie !!! Now lets have a think of something else, How many wars has Iran been involved in the last 10 – 20 years ? I think you will find the answer is NONE !! Most modern countries have developed nuclear power for the purposes of generating electricity, so why is Iran not permitted to do so ? Does America feel that it alone has the God given right to develop these technologies. Im afraid Dorian and it is sad to say, but Americans in general swallow too much bull from the major news networks. Worse again you swallow it without ever questioning a single detail ! I know there is a big Presidential campaign going on over there at the moment, but do you really think it makes any difference who is President of America ? At the end of the day the American President is only a puppet just like all other heads of State of any country. The real players in the world today and over the last few centuries are a dangerous group of individuals ( call them Zionists if you wish ). Just look at how powerful the Jewish lobby group is in American affairs. Look at who controls the media, the banks, possibly the Pharmaceutical Companies too, look at the names in politics also !! All these areas are controlled by one group of people for a reason. The same people use and control the media for a huge reason. I am sure you have heard of the saying ” tell people something often enough and they will start to believe it” !! The media is basically one huge propaganda machine filling people with lies for the best part. Iraq was about the Oil, Afghanistan was about the oil also ! and what does Iran have ? Ohh yes lots and lots of oil. One of the biggest nutcases in the world today is the leader of North Korea and he actually has nuclear ballistic weapon capabilities. He has killed millions of his own people by way of starvation. I do not see America making a big song and dance about this though. Then again from what I know there is no oil there !! People in America need to start waking up to the fact that it is Israel who is setting the mind set in America and it is definitely them who want Iran taken out. I keep hearing all this crap about the Iranian President saying he wants Israel wiped off the face of the earth, when in fact he never made such a statement. He did however say that the present political regime in Israel needs to be got rid of ( I would not argue with him on that score ). Tell me something else Dorian ! How is it that in a country ( America) which claims to be predominately Christian that a Jewish minority of 2% are the the only faith allowed to have their religious emblems erected outside the White House at Christmas time ? Have you not noticed that Christian symbols are been pushed further and further underground. Why is this ?? Only recently an American teacher got canned for saying grace before the meal at some school function. Is this some sort of crime in a predominately Christian country ? My comments are necessarily directed specifically at you Dorian but at people in general. I ask that people wake up and see what is going on behind the scenes ( look through the smoke & mirrors gimmicks that are employed to pull the wool over your eyes ). Americans people need to look at their country today ! it is a country owned by China and yet controlled by Israel. The same group of people I mentioned earlier are the real puppet masters and they have the real power to control all countries at their whim. I hope I have opened your eyes even slightly to what is really happening in the world today. All the Best Dorian from an Irish Soldier.


    eddie47d, its very inciteful as to who you are, calling magdalia leon a little troll. Theres no need for name calling. Lets make well thought out arguments, instead of calling people names eddie47 “You dumb Liberal Jackass!”

    • Jeremy Leochner

      So your response to someone calling people names that have nothing to do with the argument is to call them a name that has nothing to do with the argument. Interesting strategy.

    • eddie47d

      So true Jeremy with Magdalia’s name calling and now Cbuett chimes in. What a Merry Go Round!

  • Ginger

    What is happening to msm?

    They’ve all gone berserk.


    all of you are insane and should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Mike88

    You know what is really funny but sad all at the same time, somebody else also came up with that very same idea during the Presidential debates of getting the United States out of the Middle East and most of the other nations we are currently occuping through out the rest of the world, his name is Ron Paul, yet he was highly critized and even mocked by some people for this idea, mostly by people in the MSM, yet here we have this very same idea being floated around today, amist the same problems we have with this area.
    Perhaps if more people would have listened to Ron Paul and would have taken his advice at the time he gave it, these Diplomats could still have possibly been alive today. One never knows, Ron Paul has been correct with many of his statements about the Federal Reserve System, the economy, our Foreign Policies for the past 50-75 years, gee, could it be that politicians in both parties are just too stubborn, stupid, arrogant, and ignorant to actually listen to a man who has studied these regions and our own nation and understands what happens when you invade a nation for a long time, do things they find offensive and don’t expect some blowback from your policies.

    • Warthog0

      Mike88 “could it be that politicians in both parties are just too stubborn, stupid, arrogant, and ignorant to actually listen” no, they all have a different agenda than the populaccio. Their agenda is money in a Swiss or off-shore account and Power, nothing more, nothing less.

      They all are carpetbaggers, they put the Bible, Koran, Constitution, bill of rights in front of us and read us fairy tales while they turn these precious documents inside out and make them unrecognizable by all the “laws” they have passes that essentially negate all the rights you have, and we don’t even know it. We are in a stupor asleep under a tree next to Rip Van Winkle, when we awake we will like him not recognize our own country. By then it will be too late or maybe not maybe just a little harder to get our country back. What I’m afraid is that if it is a revolt, it will not be against some foreign invader, or some English king. It will be against our own citizen bureaucrats, who have metastasized into a social cancer and have become a blight upon out constitution, our rights and upon our land. I hope and for the first time in 40 years earnestly pray, that if it comes to a revolt, it will not be like the French revolution where the citizenry turned against their own and sat around knitting revolutionary hats and booties while they sat knee deep in disembodied heads. We are not the French! we are not the Germans nor the Spaniards nor Italians nor any Europeans, we are Americans. We went to the big city and got a dose of somthing, hopefully its only the clap, and this we can survive.
      Money and guns are not the root of all evil. money can feed hungry masses of unfortunate people that populate areas of our earth that are barren and devoid of any useful agrarian purpose. Guns are not evil when they are used for the purpose of hunting and self defense and for the military who defend our borders.
      Money and guns in the hands of the corrupt usurpers of our freedom, our laws and our country are a cancer that must be eradicated, vote every incumbent out no matter who they are or however long they have been there. I am going to do this, it may be the last time I vote, I want this to mean somthing to this old dog.
      Sorry for the rant, this adopted country of mine is so precious that most young native born haven’t a clue, even if you gave them the money to buy one.

  • Pat M’ass

    Flashy says, ‘I eeze an eediut.’ Just pretend folks that it’s not in the area. Mosques don’t have internet muchless video of any kind so why it thinks this, it obviously hasn’t a clue to that country. Why it thinks? Why ask ?

  • skippy

    “SOME lawmakers” are calling on the US to withdraw aid….SOME??!!!! WThell is that??
    I am outraged that this would even be a QUESTION. And just who is NOT calling for the withdrawal of aid. Who are those individuals? Not REAL Americans I would guess. Hell NO, don’t send my $$ anyway. I pay enough to keep Barry & entourage equipped with planes.

    • MarathonMan

      Skippy …. did you write/ email your congressmen/ senators today?
      Please, do so it may make a difference

  • chuckb

    the simple problem we have here is the fact neither barry nor the hildabeast have a clue how to handle the situation in the middle east. hillary understands protesters, she was one herself. it take one to tell one. barry is in the same boat, he knows how to organize against authority, he understands how to undermine the status quo. he doesn’t understand when these same tactics are turned against him. these two people are in charge of our future, they will destroy this nation with their inept politics (communist). they are in the process of printing money they have no way to back, this may look good on wall street, however, we will pay the bill in the end, not only gasoline going higher, all food prices are on there way to the moon. all to re-elect this fraud, they will destroy our country.

  • angelwannabe

    The US has been iching for a fight in Iran and the whole of the middle east, come hell or high water!__Rumor has it, Iran began using gold to pay for its oil instead, of US dollars, “Bob L correct me if I’m wrong”__Almost looks as if, these attacks on our American Embassies in Egypt, Libya and now Yemen are False Flags, to use as excuse so we can add to our list of perpetual wars!

    • MarathonMan

      The last thing Barry Soetorro needs is a war.
      This Arab Spring uprising is, as Obamas Reverend Wright would so eloquently stat,
      “Obamas chickens coming home to roost”.

      Barry has bent over backwards to accommodate his Muslim Brotherhood buddies.
      Obamas apologies (including yesterdays installment) has done much to demonstrate American perceived “weakness”.

      Welcome back Jimmy Carter, your spirit lives in the OBAMA!

      GAS: Yesterday $4.37 Today $5.27 per gal of regular: $5.67 for premium
      ……………….. Obama must be very happy today.

      • Winddrinker

        Barry is the “community organizer” of the middle east! He is organizing the moo-countries against us. Thank him for what is going on right now…

  • Dad

    How’s all that bowing working for you now? Perhaps our bobble-head Prez could make a middle east trip and talk them to death/

  • Franklyn Molina

    They kill our people, they shout death to America, and we recoil in fear of them!? I say to hell with that! DOWN WITH ISLAM! DEATH TO THE MIDDLE EAST! MAY THE WARMONGERING PHILANDERING PEDOPHILE PROPHET MOHAMMED WRITHE AND BURN IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL!

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Islam is not the enemy. Terrorists are the enemy. Muslims are not terrorists. Mohammed I know little of. However I take my ques on Islam from law abiding and kind hearted Muslims. I take less from those that murder and then say they do it in the name of Islam.

      • MarathonMan

        Jeremy: Interesting post and I understand your feelings however, I fear it is not as simplistic as we would like it to be so I will offer the following for your consideration:

        Did you know Muslims/Islamist are allowed to lie to non-muslims in order to further Islam? The means justifies the end. What bothers me most is: finding the peaceful muslim that will, when the Wahabist’s come to town, then join ranks or be killed by the extremists.

        Sharia Law is already being used in our lower court systems. Specifically: two muslims brought suit against each other (and if I remember correctly, in the state of OHIO) . The non-muslim judge, an American citizen, decided to try the case according to Sharia law because the two plaintiffs contracted with each other “according to sharia law”. Now is that special? Why did the judge not sent these two to their Islamic cleric and keep Sharia out of our system? Answer: The legal precedent is established in our lower courts.

        If one were to view England and France as models, it seems as soon as the muslim population reaches the 15 to 17 % level, two things happen; 1- There are muslim enclaves established and have very specific boundaries 2- they then push to have the enclave governed by Shria law, in lieu of English law. The following, was told to me by a resident of England during the last riots there: “Westerners are not welcome in the enclave”.

        So, here we sit in America, Home of the Brave with religious freedom for all
        (except for Christians that have to bow down to government abortion and contraception policies, but thats besides the point). with a dilemma. As has happened and is happening in England and France, it appears that Muslims/islamists will use our religious freedom principals against us to gain presence, recognition, and then force change to the basic fabric of this country. (It’s kinda like Obamas “Fundamentally Changing America” agenda,is it not?)

        Here is the real problem Jeremy: Tolerance.
        America is a generally tolerant nation. Islam as practiced in the far east is not.
        Islam is not just a religion; it is both a religion and a way of life. So how are muslims/Islamists going to be integrated into this society so, that we the non believers (infidels), can co-exist without having the threat of an intolerant religion / way of life within our borders?

        You raised a very interesting point Jeramy, and unfortunately the issue appears much, much larger than it seems.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        This is what I have to offer.

        1: The Muslim friends I have have told me that lying is not encouraged. I believe it is a matter of interpretation.

        2: I believe that Judge went over the line. However I would hardly consider one judge in a lower court to be legal precedent.

        3: Muslim enclaves are wrong. I do not think Islam has anything to do with that particular decision.

        4: I do not believe Christians have to bow down. After all considering every president we have ever had has been a professed Christian I would suggest that Jews and Muslims and Atheists have more issues regarding bowing down to a different religious belief.

        5: Islam is not intolerant. My Muslim friends do not use the word infidel. And all religion desire their followers to convert. Islam is not the issue. If it was then all Muslims would be murderous terrorists. I believe the people who do good in the name of a religion are the true representatives of the religion itself, People who attempt to force their religion on others are in the wrong, whether they are Muslim or Christian or Jewish. Because I would point out Muslims are not the only ones whose religion is also a way of life. And they are not the only religion trying to fundamentally change America.

        6: I believe the issue always is judging people on their actions, not on their labels. Being a Muslim is no danger to a non Muslim. Believing in Islam does not make one more likely to do something extremist or evil. No more then being a member of any religion makes one more likely to be an extremist. So I say as I said. Islam is not the enemy. Its the extremists who are the enemy. Extremism plays no favorites and its just as bad not matter what label it falls under.

      • Franklyn Molina

        Your points are very fair, and valid. A person like myself can’t help but sometimes be a little clouded by anger. The response comments from you and the others who have replied have brought me back into reason. As an atheist, I feel it is every person’s right to believe what they want to believe, so as long as they do not force it upon me. There was a reason this country was founded, and one of those many reasons is religious freedom, and I will always support that freedom. It also made me realize one thing: Religion was never the problem; it’s MAN. I always believed that human kind has corrupted religion so badly to the point, that almost every single religion has promoted three things throughout history: Imperialism, totalitarianism, perestroika… Though I understand this is not always the case. Let’s hope things turn out for the better in this world, for all involved.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I respect that Franklyn. I also believe the problem is man. I suppose the trick is how to deal with man. We are strange creatures us humans. Hopefully we can figure something out.

  • chuckb

    angelwannabe, who’s itching for a fight? it certainly isn’t barry nor anyone in his administration. do you think they are snubbing netanyahu because he won’t fight the iranians.? barry doesn’t want to fight his brothers, the muslims. he is dreaming of a middle east controlled by the islamic faith under sharia law. you are seeing the consolidation of the radical wing of the muslim brotherhood, they know barry is not about to stop them, especially with the election this close. i believe barry would fight on their side against israel if possible, the communist jews in his cabinet have no allegiance with israel they have the prize in their hand right now, the power to control the united states. that’s the way it looks to me, why else would they give israel the cold shoulder.

  • Robert

    I pulled the basics, of this article from Arutz Sheva Israeli National news today, and I hope Personal Liberty lets this go through. Obama’s Red Line” goes something like this. Let’s wait to attack Iran until Iran actually builds a nuclear bomb, and then we can’t attack iran because Iran has a nuclear bomb. See CIA Report 721, and then Iran can do a Pearl Harbor if uncheked. This comes from a non classified article before Congress. Obama is all to happy “complicit” in appeasing Iran into building a workable nuclear weapon, after wich Iran will be immune to attack, just as the nuclear-capable North Korea becaume immune to attack once North Korea acquired the bomb..
    Obama’s Iranian Nuclear “Red Line” is actually circular “logic”, spicifically designed by Obama to enable Irans acquisition of a Nuclear Arsenal. The real black and white proof of Obama’s decision to allow Iran to have a nuclear warhead is found in a little known, ligally mandeted, unclassified annual reportthat the CIA must give to the US Congress, called the Section 721 report. These open sourced unclassified reports show that when Obama took office in early 2009, iran had almost no enriched U235 and now with just a little more enrichment Iran will have enough U235 to produce 4 Uranium Nuclear bombs. U235 is an is the isotope of Uranium that is relatively unstable and works well in a chain reaction repuired in a gun-type nuclear bomb.
    The first Hiroshima atomic gun-type atomic bomb was so easy to build that the American scientists felt they didn’t even need to test it before they used it, ti was called the “Little Boy”!
    The second one used on Nagasaki was a Plutonium Spherical “Fat” multi-point implosion bomb called the “Fat Boy” it was more dificult to make and had to be tested first.
    The point about a gun-type Nuclear Bomb is that it is technologically a bery easy bomb for the Iranians to build. It also fits well into a missile or a mini-submarine.
    Iran has a very advanced fleet of Ghadir-class, mini-subs that could deliver such a Nuclear bomb, kamikaze nke-armed and secreted through the Suez Canal inside the shadow of another Iranian warship, into the Mediterraenean Sea and rammed into any boat or pier outside of Tel Aviv.
    If Israel should by the first problem bomb Iran, the enriched U235 inside the building or bunker still leaves the elemental; enriched U235 in the buildings debris. Then the debris can be re-mined and put into an new nuclear warhead. A simpler way of looking at this is bomb Fort Knox, the building will be destroyed the gold bars will melt but the gold is still the gold, and the gold wasn’t destroyed.
    The next problem of Israel bombing Iran’s Nuclear Facilities is location in the Zagros Mountains which ring the western border of Iran and range to 4000 meters high which is on par with the Swiss Alps or our North American Northern Rockies, and Obama has given the Mid-East the F-22s, and the F-22s have been pretty much grounded because of an Oxygen problem at high altitudes, their a death trap, even though they were designed to be a long-range bomber-fighter.
    Next, Which is most important Obama is verulently attacking israel, Obama has armed Iraq, Iran’s handmaden and newest puppet state, with a brand new fleet of thirty-six (36) US nade (StarWars) the F-16IQs block 52 interceptor combat aircraft. The Block 52 is of the same configuration as sold to Israel. Obama’s precipitions retreat in Iraq has, sub-silento, turned Iraq into an Iranian Shiite province with nominal alMalii as an Iranian Shiite governor.
    US Officials “acknowledged that Iraq has come under the influence of Iran.” We have given the Iraqi’s some of our most advanced war-planes. Now knowing of an Iranian “hostile” take over of the Iraqi airforce is that ABC News has reported that an Wiikeak document claimed that Iran has assassinated 180 American trained Sunni Iraqi pilots by murdering these Sunni Iraqi pilots the new Iraqi Air Force will be 100% Shiite American trained Iranian Airforce. Obama isn’t (ever remotely possibly planning to attack) iran.
    If Obama is re-elected in November 2012, and with a non-complicit US President Obama ordering USCENTCOM to deliver real-time sattelite intelligence mid-air course to Iraqi intellegence, intercepts of Israeli F-16s or possibly F22s will become an impenetrable wall of death to any of Israeli planes vectored through Iraqi air space or even Saudi Arabia air space.
    Also, to note there is a death warrent out by the Shiite government for the appointed Sunni Vice President of Iraq, who is now in hiding in the country of (Sunni) Turtkey
    Meanwhile Obama has fostered, heavy-armed Iraq, Iran’s Shiite-Puppet state with F16s and advanced radar nodes, and generally encouraged the genocide-threatening Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons.
    Iran’s first target won’t be Israel. The Sunni Saudi Arabians will be! Iran can use the Uranium bomb in such a way as to electronically decapatate all of Saudi Arabia’s advanced weapons sold to them by us, the United States and any nuclear missiles Saudi Arabia mighty have purchased from the Chineese.
    Just like with British Lord Chamberlain’s appeasment of Hitler. Ultimately, America will pay 1000 times more in lives and treasure fighting a NUCLEAR IRAN in the future than we would have if we had effectively stopped Iran before it acquired the Nuclear bomb.
    Lord Chamberlain was never charged with Treason!
    Lord Obama—————————————-Treason?
    CHECK IT OUT FOR YOUR SELF: ARUTZ SHEVA 7 http://www.IsraelNational
    Benyman (Bibi) Netanyahu wasn’t lying, he was reading the CIA’s own documents.

  • http://google Sandra Henley

    NO MORE US dollars to Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afganistan, Pakistan. They hate America and Israel. Use that money to help the poor and suffering here in USA

    • eddie47d

      That may be true but Israel uses and abuses us too. Blood money is bad no matter which country we pour it into.

  • BimBam

    The article was doing fine till it got to the part of Netanyahu “guilting” America into war.

    Then I realize that was the WHOLE POINT of the article. It was not about getting rid of oBama.

    It was about getting rid of Israel. You got to watch these writers and who they really work for. They’ll slide it in to get paid you know……

  • chuckb

    this chaos in the middle east could be something perpetuated by barry and his cohorts, hillary is very good at protesting, remember her and bill during the vietnam war. all this rioting against our embassies could be a setup, barry will eventually step in and make some grandiose move that will make him look like the great peace negotiator and get him re-elected. remember pearl harbor and fdr. he wasn’t too popular when that happened. nothing would surprise me from this white house. stop and think about it, he’s sympathetic to the muslim brotherhood so why should they out of a blue sky do something like attacking our embassies, we are giving them money and god only knows what else. i wouldn’t put it pass barry, he’s not going to be a happy camped losing all the goodies of the white house and especially air force one.

    • BimBam

      If this is the case then Barry Saetoro and his cohorts are guilty of murder. Mr. Stevenson was reportedly sodomized. He is also dead now.

      • Winddrinker

        The American Ambassador was missing for eight hours and no one could find him…but, those were some hellish eight hours for him!

        Islam, the religion of Peace.

      • Winddrinker

        BimBam, no one on this site wants to acknowledge the fact that the American Ambassador was sodomized, (for how many hours) humiliated, tortured and then dragged to the hospital where he supposedly died.. There are no reports about what else was done to him….

        I have posted about it several times and there has been no comments. But, there is a lot of criticism of America!

        Really sad..Would like to pack these progressive malcontents in a plane, strap a parachute on them, and kick them out over Libya! Maybe they could share the same fate from their moo-friends.

        • http://NEWSTIPS TOM COLLINS

          I agree with you 110%. First lets call it an act of war, which is what it is. Next cut off their money, cut off all travel to those countries, cut off relations with them, shut down their embassies, send all students from their countries packing and any other person that is here for very short times. Limit all visas to 30 days without close examination. Hopefully Romney will have some balls and not act like some transgendered waco with no guts.

      • JC

        Windrinker, that they are 7th century barbarians and sexual deviants, rapists, child molesters etc. is without doubt.
        I remember a time when we didn’t take that kind of crap from anybody. We openly condemned it and acted vigorously against it. Now, we have the great apologist in the form of a Kenyan imposter ensconced in OUR White House.
        I hope everyone is arming themselves…it’s coming…

  • Jay

    This whole nonsense was staged to incite the American people to vote for the war that Israel and her allies so desperately want; It should be obvious to even the most obtuse…



      • Jay

        Brainwashed automaton!

    • DaveH

      Agreed Jay. So many brainwashed citizens. So little time.

    • JC

      That it is staged wouldn’t surprise me at all. Our government rivals Hollywood for fabricating stories. But I’m also sure that Israel would prefer not to be threatened and not to be involved in a war. Netanyahu must be almost as angry with the White House as he is with Islam…maybe more.



  • DaveH

    Maybe some of the brainwashed minions aren’t too far gone. Read this and remove your heads from the Bankers ……

  • chuckb

    we have a media who is doing everything they can to cover for barry, they are suppressing the news, pointing the finger everywhere except where it belongs. we have the most incompetent president to ever sit in the white house.
    and this lousy media is protecting him, they are more concerned about some movie no one has seen than the people who were tortured and murdered, i wonder iof the way these people were killed if that comes under barrys description of torture, does that compare to waterboarding?

  • http://NEWSTIPS TOM

    YOU POOR MISGUIDED MORON. Have you considered WHY Israel want to invade Iran? It’s because Iran says they will destroy Israel as soon as they get the bomb. WAKE UP. Israel has not been the aggressor. They have the only sane country over there and we have pledged our support since their rebirth in 1948. If we do not stand with our friends and our promises mean nothing, then we are an empty suit in an empty chair. The UN has given Iran years to stop making plutonium thru sanctions to NO AVAIL. …THATS the UNITED NATIONS. IF an rogue country like Iran gets the “BOMB” and then they snuggle up to China and Russia, we can kiss our ASS GOOD BY. You have seen what these maniacs did to our ambassador and given the chance they will do it to you.

  • JC

    Things are heating up…
    More at:

    Muslim violence spreads to more than 20 countries
    Posted on September 15, 2012 by creeping

    LEBANON – Security forces opened fire in the northeastern Lebanese city of Tripoli, killing one person after a crowd angry over the film set fire to a KFC and a Hardee’s restaurant. About 25 people were wounded in the melee, including 18 policemen who were hit with stones and glass.

    SUDAN – Several hundred protesters stormed the German Embassy in the capital, Khartoum, burning a car parked behind its gates and trash cans. Police fired tear gas, pushing the protesters outside the embassy’s gates. There appeared to be no injuries to embassy staff and no apparent damage to the building. Most protesters dispersed, but a group marched to protest at the nearby British Embassy.

    YEMEN – Security forces shot live rounds in the air and fired tear gas at a crowd of around 2,000 protesters trying to march to the U.S. Embassy in the capital, Sanaa. Police kept the crowd about a block away from the embassy. Friday’s demonstration came a day after hundreds stormed the embassy compound and burned the American flag.

    EGYPT – Riot police clashed with hundreds of protesters blocks away from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, as the president broadcast an appeal to Muslims to protect embassies and tried to patch up strained relations with Washington. After weekly prayers, a crowd in Cairo’s Tahrir Square tore up an American flag, and waved a black, Islamist flag. When protesters tried to move toward the embassy, ranks of police confronted them, firing tear gas.

    IRAN – Thousands shouted ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ in Tehran in a demonstration after Friday prayers. Some burned the American and Israeli flags. State TV says similar protests were held in other Iranian cities.

    BAHRAIN – More than 2,000 protesters chanted against the film and burned American and Israeli flags after Friday prayers in a Shiite mosque in Diraz, outside the capital, Manama. Security forces were absent, even though the area is a hotbed of opposition in Bahrain’s 19-month Shiite-led uprising against the Sunni ruling system. Separately, Bahrain’s Interior Ministry ordered media regulators to attempt to block access to the film clip in the Gulf kingdom.

    IRAQ – Hundreds demonstrated in Baghdad’s northern Sunni neighborhood of Azamaiyah, some shouting: ‘No, no America! No, no to Israel,’ and, ‘We are ready to sacrifice ourselves for our Prophet.’ Dozens also marched in Baghdad’s Sadr City, a poor Shiite area in the capital’s northeast. In the southern city of Basra, about 1,000 took to the streets and burned the American and Israeli flags. One banner said: ‘Freedom doesn’t mean offending two billion Muslims.’

    BANGLADESH – Protesters break through police barricade in Dhaka.

    TUNISIA – A crowd of several thousand demonstrators protested outside the US embassy in Tunis. Police respond to stone-throwing with tear gas. An AP reporter on the scene witnessed several people overcome by intense clouds of gas. An army helicopter flew overhead while armored vehicles protected the embassy.

    ISRAEL – The Israeli police say about 400 people marched toward the U.S. consulate in east Jerusalem in protest over the prophet film. Demonstrators threw bottles and stones at police, who responded by firing stun grenades. Four protesters were arrested and the crowd was prevented from reaching the U.S. consulate.

    WEST BANK – In the city of Nablus, about 200 people demonstrated against the film as Muslim clerics throughout the territory preached against it in Friday sermons.

    SYRIA – About 200 protesters waved the Syrian flag and shouted anti-American slogans outside the long-closed U.S. Embassy in Damascus. The crowd held banners saying: ‘He who curses the Prophet doesn’t seek democracy’ and ‘a nation whose Prophet is Mohammad, would never kneel down.’ The U.S. embassy has been closed since February because of the country’s bloody conflict that has killed about 23,000 people.

    AFGHANISTAN – About 1,500 protested in the eastern city of Jalalabad, shouting ‘Death to America’ and urged President Hamid Karzai to cut relations with the U.S.

    PAKISTAN – Hundreds of hardline Muslims held peaceful protests against the film throughout Pakistan, shouting slogans and carrying banners criticizing the U.S. and those involved in the film. Police in Islamabad set up barricades and razor wire to prevent protesters from getting to the diplomatic enclave, where the U.S. Embassy and many other foreign missions are located. Protests were also held in Karachi, Peshawar and Lahore, where protesters shouted ‘Down with America’ and some burned the U.S. flag. About 200 policemen and barbed wire ringed the U.S. Consulate in Lahore.

    TURKEY – Hundreds of people gathered in Istanbul’s Beyazit Square to protest the prophet film. The protest was organized by Turkey’s main Islamist political party, Saadet.

    MALAYSIA – About 20 protesters held a peaceful demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. They briefly shouted ‘Allahu akbar!’ or God is great, and handed reporters a letter addressed to the American ambassador expressing anger over the movie and calling for greater respect for religions.

    KUWAIT: Kuwaiti police push back hundreds of demonstrators protesting against a film deemed offensive to Islam near the U.S. embassy in Kuwait City


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