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Mideast: A New America

September 25, 2012 by  

Mideast: A New America

In an illustration of American foreign policy so elegantly simplified that even the most un-informed among American citizens can see that it is flawed, former President Bill Clinton explained on Sunday what destabilized Mideast countries like Libya need the most: Wal-Mart.

Amid the upheaval throughout the Arab world that has been – questionably — attributed to the discovery of an offensive anti-Muslim film produced by an American smut peddler, Muslim protesters have spoken out against the influence of Western culture. Anti-Western protests are phenomenon not uncommon throughout Arab nation-states for more than half a century.

Clinton, speaking to a gathering at the annual Clinton Global Initiative Summit, challenged Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke, who was a panelist at the event. “If the new president of Libya asked you to open a store in Tripoli, would you consider it?”

Clinton’s reasoning is that people simply want jobs, and giving those jobs would stabilize radicalism.

At the same conference, the former President’s wife and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also had a message for countries in the process of restructuring.

“One of the issues I have been preaching about around the world is collecting taxes in an equitable manner, especially from the elites in every country,” Clinton said. “It is a fact that around the world the elites of every country are making money. There are rich people everywhere, and yet they do not contribute to their growth of their own countries.”

In essence, despite the idealistic lie that Americans are simply in the business of disseminating democracy throughout the world, it is not the sort of people-first democracy that is romanticized in American high-school textbooks. It is the “democracy” currently enjoyed by citizens of the United States, wherein government is run by elite banksters and corporate money movers via political affiliations. Those who do not have the connections to benefit from government manipulation are then taxed into oblivion, creating a corporate-political feudal system whereby all the players are on the same team.

This will be nothing new to Arab nation states, only the dictators will have a different, less blatant appearance. But, don’t expect to see the Mideast States of America become a fluid reality any time before the war that will eliminate any dissent in the region.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Michael J.

    “Clinton, speaking to a gathering at the annual Clinton Global Initiative Summit, challenged Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke, who was a
    panelist at the event. “If the new president of Libya asked you to open a store in Tripoli, would you consider it?”

    Another case of Slick Willie blowing smoke without inhaling. The Left hates Wal Mart because they are not Union.

    • Ed

      If you believe Bush had ANYTHING to do with our current worldwide financial crisis, you owe it to yourself to go to and download “Siren’s Song – America’s Betrayal”. Spread the truth. Pass this site along to your friends.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        The main culprit in our current economic problem, if there can be just one, is the revocation of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 by Phil Graham and Bill Clinton. Then you can point to the threats by Janet Reno to audit the banks to death if they did not make loans to unworthy borrowers for housing. Those are the two main reasons for our current economic problems. Did George W. Bush a faux conservative, add fuel to the fire? Yes he did as any Country Club Republican would want to do. As much fuel as The Democrats added in 2007 and 2008? No. As much fuel as Obama in 2009,2010,2011, and 2012. No. Why do some of you continually want to blame Bush when it is the fault of many. Not a true conservative Republican is responsible for any of this mess. Unfortunately, there just aren’t many around anymore. They have probably left the country, which is seeming like a good idea, the more I read the idiotic statements on this and many other sites.

      • http://yahoo Charles Arthur Williams

        ED and Capitol: What you’ve failed to mention is this crash was decade’s in the making !
        Cap While you are correct about Glass/Steagal, many of the other anti trust laws were defanged or just ignored starting in the 80s.8 to 10 Mega-corps. were allowed to buy everything up and made it unrealistic to really compete with them. That”s the problem with Wal-Mart, or the big three hardware suppler.s.
        If you wanna see a World view about what happened, check out a BBC docu. Called “Where’d the money go”.
        While trying to make homes more affordable for all did have an effect, the real problem was the fraud they did we these higher risk loans. If they had kept the risk spread accross the system we may well have not had a problem. But Big Finace didn’t do that. they came up with a fraud that they could make money 3 ways or more on each mortgage. They had accounts group all the risk together and formed fraudulent security’s, then had S&Ps come in and rate them AAA, which they sold to long term investor’s like pension or retirement funds. In the mean time they put Insurance against failure ( which they knew they would ) and sold these insurance instriments in the unregulated Deriveative Market (the big wigs don’t even know whats in there! Remember the CEO that couldn’t tell Congress where the 2.1 billion went ) even sometimes the same instra. many times.
        When it blew up on them they were quick to point at the homeowner.( shouldn’t it have took them awhile to figure out what happened ). Anyway I’ve worked the housing market for 30 years, The Market was correcting itself starting in 05 to peak in 06 and then steady going down till the crash.
        They knew there was a problem in the Deriv. Market as early as 05 when Greece went to withdraw its Investments and they weren’t there.
        Then to top it off after the crash they started to fraudulently foreclose on people, remember robo signing. So now they’ve made money 3 times possibly 4, interest from homeowners,selling fraud security’s, selling fraud Insurance and then got the house back. Anything they couldn’t sell they dumped on F&F because the Gov backed them.
        Within a year in Cook county ILL. The Sheriff was evicting Hundreds of homeowners, they where tellimg the Sheriff this shouldn’t happen they had more time. So the Sheriff said he had to see all the paperwork before he would do any more evictions. Of the over 500 setting on his desk they could only give him the paperwork of 15.
        This was the greatest fraud ever on the whole World !

    • Big Woody

      The left hate Walmart because they are not union? Hilliary was on the Walmart board of directors when Bill was Gov of Arkansas. Not that such a thing would contribute to Walmart’s fantastic growth during that era. Show me some love, baby

      • phideaux

        If true she got the position because she was the governors wife.

      • eddie47d

        A political appointment to a private company? Maybe or maybe not or it could be that she was the smartest woman in Arkansas.

      • http://yahoo gator

        arkansas/china/walmart/whitewater/waco/ruby ridge/vince foster/perjury; who was in the wh at this time? eddie?
        i’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t obama.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Last I heard mrs slick willie is on the Wal Mart board?

  • Michael J.

    The Hildebeast speaking with forked tongue:

    “One of the issues I have been preaching about around the world is collecting taxes in an equitable manner, especially from the elites in every country,” Clinton said. “It is a fact that around the world the elites of every country are making money. There are rich people
    everywhere, and yet they do not contribute to their growth of their own countries.”

    Carefully crafted code for Global Bolshevism.
    The medium rich are targeted for wealth confiscation like in Lenin’s Russia. Gates and Buffett make charity contributions as a sort of paid pardon that keeps them above the fray, same as happened in The Russian Revolution when the ultra wealthy remained so.

    • sealady

      under Bolshevism many of the elite were eliminated also or exiled/escaped.The Czar’s family were not so lucky.

      • eddie47d

        The Czars in Russia were as clueless to the well being of it’s people as the Elites of America are. Like those Czars the American Elites are wining and dining as if there is no tomorrow. Thank you Mr Romney in letting us know how you really feel about those beneath you!

    • Warrior

      I’m not sure but do you think she’s including the saudi family, the royal family and maybe herself and billy in that group? What? Oh, I see, only those that don’t agree with our head globalists. Did you happen to see that the little spawn chillary was a speaker at the bilderberg annual funfest? Billary in 2016? Nope, I think we have had enough of the “progressive marxists” and their friends and “family”. Your little puppet n chief, baraaaak, is an abject failure and so are the rest of your kind. 2012, send the communists packing.

      • Joe Hammond

        That may be true but Romney is no answer as he wants to start another war in the Mideast with Iran.

        Bet none of his family will do the fighting……just those of the 47% if he could make it happen…

      • Patriot1776

        Joe, do you think emporer obama would keep us out of a war with Iran? He thinks less of the 47% than Romney does. The 47% are merely pawns for him to use to get re-elected. Once our pesky election is out of the way, he will march his socialist agenda “forward”, confiscating private property and taxing the working class to “redistribute” wealth from the knaves to his czars and cronies.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Joe Hammond, I notice that all your venom is directed against the United States while you give a blanket pass to all the other nations of the world that have waged war against their neighbors throughout history to this day.
        So according to you, you would have been very happy if Germany and her axis powers waged war against the whole world and took over all territories.
        Don’t give us a song and dance about how Democrats would keep this nation out of wars. Even Democrats know how to protect themselves from certain predators.

      • Rick

        At Joe Hammond, If the privious worst president the useless peanut picker had had any brains or balls back in 1978 Iran wouod still be back in the stone ages militarily not just socially. We need to reinvest is a stong CIA to take care of problems like Iran and covertly and with extreme finallity. We need to stop letting these people walk all over us and standup for ourselves., I would send uin enough Marines and amrs to defend our embassies and warn everyone that any assaults on the embasses are acts of war and we will do whatever is neccessary to defend them with deadly force. I case you regot attacking the embassy was how the hostage situation i8n Iran started in 78. If Iran want nuclear weapons so bad let’s send then enough to run the country into a giant glass bowl and be done with them.

      • Boatman99

        Hey Rick, your situation is very sad and I see three problems, you either have a very short memory, did not attended school specially history class or you are too young and got your history from the brady bunch. The problem with Iran did not start in 1978, the problem began in the 50′s when our CIA removed a democratic elected president in Iran and replaced him with the Shah. You could look up the rest. By the way, is removing an elected official an act of war? Do they also have the right to defend themselves? You sound like you are a very gutsy fellow but sound like nobody’s upstairs.

  • Gea

    Both Clintons are morons who should be punisheed for their ignorance of the Middle East by reading Koran and Hadith and learning about history of Islam so that they stop projecting their own feelings onto Arabs. Or better still, send them to live in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Pakistan to enjoy the “peaceful” and most perfect religion of Islam. Bill would have a field day, legally being able to have up to 4 wives and change them as shoes (Osama bin Ladin father had 27 wives, 4 at any time, and 54 children, including Osama, who only had 7 wives and 23 children before he was knocket out by Navy Seals).

    Just like Obama, who had been white washing Islam and cavorting with the Islamists of Muslim Brotherhood, Clintons have no business being in any position of power, since they are helping in undermining American values and safety of Western Europe, which had been over-run by Muslims (50 milllions) who are terrorising Europe with theri demands of their medieval evil sharia laws that are incompatible with human righgs.

    In the US, those Muslims, who are now in numbers 7 millions (more than 6 millions of Jews) are working hard in undermining US Constitution by CAIR organized and OIC paid events with politically correct bleading hearts of the West, who had bought into “imperialism” nonsence and taking blame for all nasty things that Islam had done around the world, and justifying murder lf Americans.

    Muslims want to subverty US Constitution by banning Freedom of speach so taht Americans do not learn that their role model, Mohamed was a pedophlie, polygamist, rapist and murderer who in any decent society would be tried and executed as a nasty criminal he was, and not emulated as Muslims do. The movie was not sufficiently truthful about Mohamed who was as nasty piece of work as any, claiming supremacist ideology of Islam, and dispariging everybody else. Koran stinks and so does Islam. Americans should learn about it so that they understand why Obama is the most dangerous man we ever had in the White House.

    Political correctness is destroying America and Obama is the main destroyer of American values.

    • eddie47d

      GEA always posts in hyper drive and thinks he will win over the “forces of evil” by using mental masturbation. JUST to ruffle your feathers GEA was our Christian God a murderer for drowning the Pharaoh’s men or was He just protecting his Faithful people? Was he a murderer because he killed hundreds at Sodom and Gomorrah’s? Our God killed for his Kingdom and so did Muhammad. Did our God hire the Romans to slaughter the Jews in 79 AD?

      • Gea

        Have yuou read Koran and Hadith and know what Muslim sources say about Mohamed? According to those sources, Mohamed married Aisha, one of his 12 wives when she was 6 and he was 51, and had sex with her when she was 9 and he was 54. He also forced sex on a 17-y Jewish women whose husband he had gotted beheaded a few houres earlier, together with 900 other Jewish men and boys from Medina, becaue they would not accept him as THEIR prophet. This man who are depiected in the movie, which was used as an excuse to murder American ambassadoer in Libya, is a role model of Muslims who DEMAND that we all “RESPECT” him and do not find out who he really was: A nasty piece of work who in any decent society would be tried for murders, rapes, pedophilia and polygamy.

        Before you shoot your mouth off, again LEARN about ISlam and Muslim Brotherhooid of Barry Hussein Obama, who lets them into the Whitehouse, although their long range goal is to infiltrate US and destroy Western civlzitaion and replace it with the only “true religion” Islam. Now CAIR and other Muslims in America are working overtime, with the help of Barry Hussein Obama on subverting US Constitution by trying to abolish Frist Amandment under the guilse of “respect” for Islam. Hell NO, Islam has NO respect for ANYBODY else and is actively promoting hatred of non-Muslilms, misogyny, pedophilia, polygamy and murder for Allahu Akbar, claiming supremacy over EVERYBODY!

      • Warrior

        Next time I’m in a Wal-mart, I’ll check the shelves for burka’s. If they’re there, that’s a clue that Mr.Duke got the message. Who knows, maybe gm will set up shop in cairo. Although, not sure if sharia and unions mix? Well, now is a good as time as any to take this idea for a spin.

        • Gea

          50 millions of Muslims in Europe have a full access to Wal Mart and money (many from generous dole which they get as immigrants) but it does not prevent them to threaten France, Great Britain, Danmark, Germany and other European countries by murders and telling their European hjosts to go to hell and their intent on establishing Caliphate in Europe. IN US there are not as loud, except in Detroit where they had been nasty to Americans.

          Islam is incompatible with US Constitution and with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and keeps reproducting at the high rate, which makes their countire overpopulated with angry delusional young men who hate the Western civlzitaion because that is what they learn from Koran and Hadith. I douobt that Wall marts will change their mental illness of hating Americans and Jews, just as education will not, because even educated Muslims, like Obama and Ahmedinijad still believe that Jews had been guilty of all nasty stuff in the world, except that Obama does not say it while Ahmdinijad wasnt to “wipe Israel from the map of the world” (with the help of Obama, who wiill stand by as Iranians make nuclear boms and can actually do it).

    • Joe Hammond

      If the people of Islam wish to have their superstitions then let them do so. We have our chiristian superstitions and Israel has its jewish superstitions. Eventually all of this hocus-pocus will be dissolved by the truths that science brings to the fore.

      As to the pedophile (or Sandusky) problem, before you cast stones at Islam better look at how judiism’s/christianity’s “god” planned to populate the Earth….Adam and Eve had children and whom did the children mate with to create more children? Must have been with each other….isn’t that incest? And didn’t the christain/jewish “god” do it twice, the second time with Noah’s family?

      Those who live in glass temples should not throw stones………..

      • Capitalist at Birth

        It is superstition with which you speak. Your supposed knowledge of the story of the Bible is weak and speculative at best. Get a life my, ignorant friend.

      • eddie47d

        Then Capitalist at Birth how would you explain how it really happened if Joe is not correct?

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        Anyone dumb enough to follow any of the Abrahamic religions deserves what they get. People are killing each other over man made superstitions. Religion is killing us.

      • Boatman99

        Words of wisdom.

    • Michael Beglin

      Agreed. Islam is a cancer on the prostate of the earth, and should be treated as such. there will never be peace in the Middle East as long as there are islamic theocracies in charge. Defenders of islam in the West are fools or muslims.

      • Boatman99

        Last time I checked, christians have been involved in many more wars than any other religion, even against other christians. Are they also a cancer? Maybe colon cancer?

  • gaaak

    Yeah, a Wal Mart should do it. The “roots” of “Muslim rage” is that they don’t have any STUFF. I they had cars, big-screen TVs (and reality shows to watch), beer, and McDonalds, they’d be totally cool. Just gotta get their “elites” to cough up for the stores, so the US taxpayer isn’t on the hook for all their STUFF.

    • Gea

      The reasons those countries have no stuff is that they are overpopulated basket case econmies, run by corrupt politicians and even mroe corrupt mullahs whose sharia keeps any free thought and action out of those nasty societies, where there are no human rights and since Islamists took over, women are being molested on the streets.

      That is ISLAM, the “most perfect and peaceful” religion founded by Mohamed, who was a pedophile, polygamist, rapist and murderer, a great role model for 1.4 BILLIONS of Muslims whose “honor” they were protecting in Libya while raping and murdering a US Ambassador.

      They are not mad because they are poor, but they are poor because they are MAD vilent nasty delusional brain washed people who had been brainwashed by Islamic (Satanic) verses in Koran, as Salmon Rushdie correctly pointed out in his book Satanic verses, which tell the truth about Mohamed and simiilar role models.

      • Steve E

        You are right. You can’t have a good government without good people. We have a Constitution that is great and it limits government, but since were are running low on good people nowadays, we have moved away from the Constitution. Therefore we will get no good from the government.

      • TML
    • Wumingren

      It occurs to me that if the Islamists had money to buy STUFF, it wouldn’t be big screen TVs, RVs, and golf equipment; it would be AK-47s, RPGs, C4, TNT, blasting caps, hand grenades, and other weapons of war.

      A Wal-Mart in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and a dozen other countries run by Islamists would need to have a whole section devoted to the materials needed for bomb building, so scratch the Home Improvement Department and replace it with the Church, Synagog, Girls’ School Destruction Department. There would be aisles for specialized destruction, including Killing Christians, Killing Jews, Killing Homosexuals, Killing Women Who Dishonor Their Families, Killing Blasphemers, Killing Apostates, Killing Guys You Don’t Like, etc. The Women’s Wear Department would have only one rack of various sizes of burqas, and the rest of the space would be used for bullet-proof vests, camo fatigues, and prayer rugs.

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    No Americans nor any American investments are safe in a nation of Muslim savages. If any more Americans die in Libya at the hands of Muslims, I think that we should invade their country, destroy their military, kill anyone with a weapon, keep the oil, re-establish Wheelus AFB, and generally do the things we’ve been accused of doing but haven’t. I could care less if the dastards like us, but they’d better respect and fear us enough to leave our citizens and property alone.

    • Joe Hammond

      I bet your family ancestor’s had a great time killing women and children of the Native Americans at places like Sand Creek……

      • John J.

        The “native Americans” tell stories of wiping out the people they encountered upon arriving here. The “native Americans” own oral history says they were not here first.

    • boyscout

      Ah yes, Crush them with an iron healed boot and march our corporatist takeover with the goosestep ! We won’t have to teach anyone anything if we just kill them all; hell escort the survivors to the ‘showers’.
      Or, we could abandon the idea of global domination, abandon their landscapes (completely – no aid), and let them continue to slaughter one another. After they run out of oil, they will run out of gold; after they run out of gold they will have lots of sand and Korans to eat.

    • eddie47d

      These simpletons won’t change their minds on American genocide or even wars fought in the name of Christianity Joe. History belongs to the victor and that shuts the door on the truth. ( ON ANY SIDE)

  • Sam Sung

    How come Hillary is not publicly held accountable for the failure of American policy in the middle east. One by one, country, by country, the situation has deteriorated. Where are her successes? Isn’t she in charge?

    • Realist

      Don’t you remember? Bush did it! They inherited this mess. It will be decades of democrat rule before they can clean it all up.

    • Joe Hammond

      If you believe in democratic rule and the Arab nation-states choose radical Islamic leaders whom you wish to remove and you do it, are you a believer of the truths of democratic freedom or just another tyrant nation-state like the Soviet Union?

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I for one do not worship at the altar of Democracy, nor do I choose to live in one. If you do, you are welcome to move to one any time you choose and leave us to our Republican form of government, thank you very much. Good Bye, and good luck. ya big dope.

      • eddie47d

        More name calling from “Birth”.The Arabs are finally tired of being the worlds stepping stones and being ruled by dictators or outside forces. They may or may not end up with new masters(dictators) but that is their choice as human beings.

  • steve

    at least in the middle east you know when you are guilty you will die. here you get room and board for 50 years. what a country.

  • pete schmidt

    When Clinton’s wife Hillary states there are the rich everywhere who contribute nothing moneywise, are they not as wealthy. It appears the Clintons are exempt.Who are the real elitist’s

  • Steve in St. Louis

    So Obama was warned in advance there would be an attack on the embassy, but failed to notify the people on the ground, and so the ambassador and Americans are killed in the attack. Then for a cover story (cover-up) he says the attack was prompted by this anti-muslim video.
    This gets the islamic world riled up from North Africa to Indonesia, with widespread rioting, and having to pull out of a lot of embassies, even countries.
    So the cover-up actually caused all the violent protests.
    If he had told the truth, we could have probably dealt with a terrorist attack, but he has caused the whole islamic world to go on a hate america rampage.

    • Joe Hammond

      It was not an embassy in Benghazi. The embassy is in Tripoli. In Benghazi it was a consulate wicih does not have the same protection as an embassy.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Ar you a complete idiot or just a plain fool?

      • eddie47d

        You’re being rather foolish yourself “Birth”.

      • Mario

        Well,actually that’s true! But then we get 3 important qoestions to answer:
        1) Where was the consul?I don’t remember him to be one of the victims.
        2) Why the ambassador was in Benghazi as long as his headquarters are in Tripoli?
        3)How the terrorists got access to the information the ambassador is in Bengazi?
        If you try to get answers to those three questions you may start to smell a rotten fish…

  • Tom

    Clinton is spouting the same old practice of using the military to support businesses in bed with the local dictator. War Is a Racket is the title of two works, a speech and a booklet, by retired United States Marine Corps Major General and two time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley D. Butler

    • Joe Hammond

      The story of Smedley Butler and his booklet, “War is a Racket” is a piece of history that you will not find in the corporate controlled history books of high schoolers nor the college students. He said that he “never fought a war for his country but for corporate interests.” And with that statement as well as exposing an attempted corporate (J.P. Morgan, DuPont, Remmington Arms,…etc.) takeover of the US Government of FDR with the help of 500,000 vets of WW1 that he was suppose to organize (but instead, exposed the conspiracy), for that he has been cast into the trash heap of US history by the corporate controlled publishing industry.. He was a great American who was a true believer of the Constitution.

      By the way, John McCormick (future Speaker of the House) was on an executive committee which heard the accusations and talked to the accuser and well as the representatives of the accused (some who remained in Eurpoe being wined and dined by Mussolini) and came to the conclusion that there was a plan in place….but they never named the names because it would expose those wealthy elites to the fate of the people…..It took a journalist later in life to place the names into the eye of the public….Blessed is Smedley Butler!!!

      • eddie47d

        We ignore the Smedley Butler’s because of the embarrassment to the Elites whom the Republicans openly denounce but secretly love.

      • Rick

        Joe learn your histroy before you drink more treasonous Koolaid. First off FDR was elested to office years after WW1 ended. Second, We were kept out of WWII longer than we shouold have until we were attacked by Japan. NO Company had anything to do with it.If our government was run like the sucessful businesses in this country we would be so much better off. As an American leader you should put our people above any tohers if not they should be impeached and tried for treason.

  • praetereo

    Here we have the Secretary of State promoting imperialism not Americanism throughout the world. Demanding that a tribute be paid to the conqueror, the international franchised corporation. The franchisers is not anyone in America, but a corporate Queen in England.
    collecting percentages from all her subjects with intent of ruling the world one day. The franchisee is the so called citizen but in reality is a pawn and a peon. Owning nothing and paying for it all through the tribute.

    Americanism is not built on Nation building it is built on statehood and property ownership indebt to no one by individual choice. People have been re-educated and brain washed into believing that by inviting a nation into the United States of America and asking if there people want to vote in an election to become a state of the union democratically that this is imperialism it is a lie. Imperialism is the conquering of countries( nation building) making them pay taxes and or a tribute to the ruler or rulers. Our country the United States of America is being transformed by the corporate franchise it is seen every where. Look around at the giant chains of international businesses and banks that are being built. Even some aspects of government like prisons are also being franchised. The small business and or mom and pop. America is built by. Small business as so called cannot compete. Because the franchisers has control of the money and the money presses and can print at will what ever they need to spend to control what ever they want.

    Every state in the Union is sovereign According to our United States of American Constitution giving them the right to Liberty and freedom and culture. If the corporate franchise continues to grow at the pace it is today in our country and around the world one day soon every thing will look the same no matter where you go. Individualism will disappear replace by the community of corporatism. All will be enslaved like milking cows, there purpose is to support the corporations. Being milked like the cow as consumers and enslaved to pay and work for the tributes of debt, taxes, and inflation.

    Hilary Clinton and all her kind should be fired from the office they hold for breaking there oath to office. That being there testament to Uphold and to defend the United Sates of American Constitution. Which they are and have failed to do so miserably and purposely. It is past time in taking Back America and must be done because of liberty and freedom and individualism for all.

    In this election the choices have been made for the voter. Both candidates believe in the same basic principles just different methods in organizing them and completing them. The congress must be brought under the will of the Citizens in the this country. All state and federal by electing people who honor the rights of all people to be free and have liberty.

    • Joe Hammond

      Excellant observations but….it is too late. Just look at the younger generation that walks about getting everything intellectually from the corporate controlled I-pods and I-pads. IN fact, rarely to the sheep look up. And when they do the head breakers for the wealthy, the police, do the job they have been trained to do which is to repress dissent which is what built this country and which is the true reason for the first ammendment about free speech. Popular speech does not need to be protected. It is unpopular speech that needs protection….

      Besides, Amerikans are more intrested in entertainment than the condition of their civil rights……..

      • Mario

        Another good post. With one correction…Sometimes, in certain circumstances, SHEEPS DO LOOK UP AND REVOLT!!!
        How do I know? I saw it live in Romania in ’89. I’m seeing it now in MENA ( Middle East-North Africa), and I can feel it brewing here in the States. You can pull on a string only till breaks and snap you in the face…

    • GALT

      Every state USED TO BE SOVEREIGN…… you are living in federal district with a
      two letter abbreviation with no punctuation…….CA,IA,MA,PA, CT………

      You have privileges, benefits and immunities……not rights!

      When you claim the “constitution” means something, or you believe someone
      who claims it does…….then you are willfully ignorant and listening to the same,
      or a LIAR………..

      “To conquer, first DIVIDE!” ( and then HANG, separately!!!)

  • Sammi
  • James Stevens

    All you morons missed the point. Walmarts bring in cheap goods and provide almost no services. Walmart will provide about 20 jobs per store while putting about 2000 small mom and pop business out of the market. Why do you think the US has no jobs to offer to our unemployed masses. Typical liberal oatmeal brained democrats

    jws tx

    • Joe Hammond

      Let us not forget to tar and feather the corporations that close plants in the USA to open them in the great slave empire known as Communist China. Let us realize that corporations are not patriotic organizations dedicated to the survival of the USA, but organizations dedicated to returning the highest divident to the holders of the stock (which in many cases are wealthy Saudi royals…and remember that the vast majority of the 9/11 killers were Saudis…as was bin-Ladin). And for this traitorous act, the CEOs and their sycophants are paid magestic wages…..and worshipped by the Amerikan wage-slaves…

      Where is the Sherman Anti-Trust Act when you need it? Oh yeah, it is in the hands of the bought and paid for Congress and Judicial system……Oh well,…better learn Chinese and love raman and vitamins…..and semi-polluted water…..

      • Debb

        Joe, after all this time, you still believe it was outside forces who masterminded and bought down the towers in NYC on 9/11? Open your eyes. WAKE-UP, you ‘patriots’!

      • Wumingren

        Joe, you blame American corporations for going overseas, but you should be blaming the American consumer instead. Were it not for price-shopping, instead of value-shopping, prices would not be the deciding factor. But prices are the deciding factor, and we simply cannot compete on price with foreign imports. Many products once made in America are now made in foreign lands because American consumers will not buy the more expensive product.

        Let me give you an example. It wasn’t long ago that I was in the HomeDepot (it could just as easily have been Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, K-mart, Target, etc.) looking to buy a new hose nozzle. I found half a dozen different models to choose from. The prices ranged from a low of $3.29 to a high of $19.99.

        The high-end model was made of solid brass and had multiple control features, operated by levers and buttons, to get the desired steam of water. It also had a rubber grip, not only for positive control and comfort, but also to keep your hand from getting too cold from the cold water flowing through it.

        The mid-price models were made of other materials, including zinc alloys or plastic, and had functions for changing the pattern of the flow. The cheapest one was made solely of plastic and had only two functions: on or off.

        Where it got interesting was in the mid-price range, where many of the nozzels looked identical. There was also little price differential within the mid-price range, but there were significant differences in quality and function. Thus, the person shopping only for price might pick one that looks like all the rest simply because he will save a couple of bucks. Unfortunately for this customer, the look-alike, made of molded plastic with a shiny, chrome-like finish, had all the levers and buttons of the most expensive model, but none of them worked. The were merely ornamental protrusions.

        If you still don’t get it, consider a child’s toy gun that looks real enough, but whose cylinder does not spin, whose hammer does not cock, whose barrel doesn’t even have a hole in it. Yeah, the toy gun is cheap compared to a real one, but what good is it? The makers of the real hose nozzel cannot compete with toy hose nozzels, when the American consumer does not understand value, but goes only by price.

        Stop blaming American manufacturers for going overseas. Had they stayed in the U.S., American consumers would have put them out of business. Americans are cheap bastards. Just look at how “Starving Artist” art sales thrive. The mass produced “art” comes from Mexico, and finds itself on the walls of homes and offices across America. Meanwhile, we have grants from the public treasure to pay for artists who create original art, but which can only be purchased by those with a lot of disposable income.

        Some might suggest forcing American manufacturers to stay home. Some might add trade barriers to keep those foreign goods from reaching American shores. But they would be wrong to think that would solve anything, because the rest of the world would boycott American goods in retaliation. There are no winners in a trade war. We are about to see that if things continue along the path we are now treading.

  • Breeze

    It is not Walmart that needs to go to ME. Each muslim country needs pro football to keep them occupied. Yes, they may end up killing each other over their favorite team, but just imagine the cheerleaders in their burkas, and the mascots of muhameed.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Wal-Mart puts all of the little merchants out of business and deletes the Middle Class retailer. by doing this Wal-Mart also eliminates jobs, it doesn’t expand the job market. And by bringing in inexpensive goods, Wal-Mart puts small manufacturers out of business. Americans are not interested in a Police Action at our expense to Police the Middle Eastern countries for a hundred years so Wal-Mart can operate there. American corporatists need to be less greedy on the American tax payers dollar.

    The key to ending poverty is, interestingly enough, honesty, plain and simple. Honest governments do not regulate or tax Middle Class business people out of business, nor do they create an unethical business climate. The Clinton’s of the world, with their dishonest wealth redistribution schemes, are the ones responsible for poverty, not the other way around.

    To verify this, one need only compare Russia with the rest of Europe. Russia easily has the least ethics and the most poverty. Japan and South Korea are other expamples: When comparing other Asian nations such as China and India, both with similar population density and more natural energy resources, to Japan and South Korea, the defining difference is ethics and a better value system. Sexual morality and honesty are more of a key to prosperity than any other factor. Socialism/Communism are not honest systems, and they both produce abject poverty.

  • Debb

    Why Sam, you weren’t supposed to hear that comment from Clinton. Hey Billary, you forgot McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Coca Cola, BP and all the other multinationals that we bombed Libya for. My gosh, isn’t Micky D’s open in Iraq yet? I’m hungry.

  • Wumingren

    Wal-Mart? Why not Target? Then the Islamists would have a better aiming point for their RPGs and stuff. Any Ameican company that would be stupid enough to go to the “Arab Winter” nations to build an iconic, “big box” (a.k.a. “big target”) store would not be able to afford the insurance policy. Certainly, any customer willing to shop there would be taking a huge risk as well.


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