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Middle Class Veteran Mother To Obama “Frankly, I’m Exhausted At Defending You”

September 27, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Fed Up Gal In Nm

    I’m with this lady; it’s exhausting listening to someone whose lips are always moving and who makes rediculous promises he knows he cannot keep. It’s hard to tell if he is just a complete fraud or if he is simply an incompetent community organizer who got in over his head and just says anything to hear himself talk. Either way, it’s not good.

    • tom


      • Michelle

        i agree with tom. FRAUD!

        • Fed Up Gal in NM


          I agree with you both; I was simply trying to give this guy the benefit of doubt :-).

          • http://?? Joe H.

            FED UP GAL,
            I notice he thinks what the lady says is real funny, he laughs and makes jokes! What a horses azz!

    • http://msnbc Josie

      The answer to all this Baloney on bOth sides is this,She asked very intelligent question and at the end of her reality she was Still going to vote for Obama. So what did it all mean,she was on so many shows but everyone neglected to say she was still voting for him. So with all her good questions she was still voting again for him, Get it. I did. So should every one else.

  • dan az

    You know whats really scary is that I feel he believes what he is saying!

    • Fed Up Gal In Nm

      Ain’t it the truth?! Kind of like being in the twilight zone….

      • dan az

        Fed up gal in nm
        Or waking up one morning on the other side of the mirror!

      • Michael J.

        Hey there Fed Up Gal,
        I wish Obama will have the chance to meet Rod Serling in person very soon.

        • Fed Up Gal in NM

          Hey Michael J,

          Lol……you sure have a way with words…..glad to see you posting again! Have a great Monday.

    • Harriette

      He knows exactly what he is saying and doing. His lies and cover ups. Just like his executive order to keep his personal records concelled.

  • s c

    Is this the same woman who buckled to family pressure, and now claims that Herr Obummer is a great leader?

  • JSB

    That’s the best he can come up with to recommend his administration that she is exhausted defending?! Did he say anything that didn’t fall into of these the two catagories–flattery or fluffy distractions from the real issues.

  • Angel wanna-be

    Obama claims that under the new healthcare plan, each and every child is now insured, fact is it was available before, I believe it’s called CHIP__Quite frankly every one was covered prior to Obamacare,it’s called MEDICAID. All anyone had to do is apply for it!

  • Michael J.

    This sincere Obama supporter is pleading for help for her family and all the president does is to assure her that her children will be able to attend college where they will be indoctrinated into being communist clones and loyal subjects of the democrat party.

  • Dori

    What’d he say? This is the height of political double talk. Vote the bums out in November and toss this one out on his ear. I’m exhausted at everything this admin represents because all they’re about is limiting our freedoms, legislating AGAINST the will of the people, dismantling this nation and belittling the U.S.A. in the eyes of the world. All while lining his own and his cronies pockets with billions of OUR dollars. Enough. Shame on you, Barrack Hussein Obama, for your blatant lies & deceit.

    • Reba

      RIGHT ON Dori, well said.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I know what you say. I’m exhausted just trying to figure out how he is going to screw the American people next! I shudder to think what this country is going to be like if he gets to be in office eight years! This isn’t the loving, giving, and friendly country I grew up in!

  • Steve Dolyniuk

    The lady threw him for a loop. He couldn’t even think of how to answer her without reading. What a dumb jerk, & yet some Democrats think he is smart, when in fact, all he is, is a con artist. One thing sure, He is his own favorite fan.

  • BornPatriot

    and if you want to know, what is really going on behind the scenes — check out Dr. Allen Sabrosky 1 of 7 (most through) on
    search for the other parts…

  • jim

    This president is no president. He talks of responsibility but has none of it. He talks of recovery and what he really means is his own. This guy is the MOST dangerous substance known to this great country. He is so full of himself that he can not possibly know or tell the truth.

    • http://none LindyMaeUSA

      Jim: Actually, Obama DOES “know the truth” which is: He’s to continue “obeying the New World Order Agenda” of: ONE WORLD GOVERNANCE and TOTAL DESTRUCTION of our beloved Country, Constitution and We, The People!

      We will NEVER get THE TRUTH from this anti-American, pro-Muslim, non-natural born citizen traitor, so WHY the “Majority” of our people refuse to see or accept this REALITY is absolutely mind-boggling!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I believe that after he gets out it will come out that he isn’t an American born like he says he is and then there will be a push to ammend the constitution to make it legal for non- American born people to run for president. They will say that HE was in and he didn’t give our country over to another. It will be a lie, but they will say it!

    • Harriette

      Check out his 34 executive orders since being in office. one he eliminates the Asian veterans from receiving aid by eliminating Bush’s order and the order to concell all his personal records. This is why the judges can’t obtain his records for the courts to settle a lot of court cases.

  • Ben Butler

    I saw through Obama when he was running. I can’t believe he won the vote for the presidency. Of course it didn’t help that the Republican party didn’t have a real conservative running against him.

  • Michelle

    so where’s the answer to her question?! all i heard was a very clever lawyer tip-toeing AROUND the issue, not answering it!! she asked if this was her new reality, not HOW things would improve or WHAT businesses had to notify her about balances and interest rates, or even about grants and loans for her graduating daughter!

    • Mark

      It is classic doublespeak. Instead of giving an answer, The Harvard Commie leaves you with more questions.

    • s c

      Michelle, if a prez isn’t willing to answer a question, then consider the lack of character involved in not answering a fair question. Remember, this prez is not a lawyer. He’s an ex-lawyer who voluntarily surrendered his license. His wife did, too.
      Anything else you need to know about this prez?

  • Tim

    Sadly this is her and many others (self included) new reality. Just wait until inflation cathes up to all the spending and watch how many more middle class find themselves treading water. Many believe the Carter years were bad just wait this recession will turn into a depression if the current course is not changed!

  • jopa

    A very eloquent answer to a tough question ,and not the edited type of question Bush would only allow so he could have prepared answers and he still screwed them up.The President only outlined a few of his accomplishments which there are many but his tiime was limited.We are truly blessed to have such a great leader in our midst in these troubled times created by the last administration.God bless America

    • Fed Up Gal in NM

      Give me a break jopa; “we are truly blessed”???????????????
      More like you are truly blinded by his and other FLL’s warm and fuzzy, misleading and completely unnecessary 40-yr walk to their (and apparently your) version of the promise land.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        FED UP GAL,
        more like truly cursed!!

    • dan az

      you and him make me wont to puke!I thought once that I felt sorry for you but with that statement you and allot of others deserve each other.The only ones that I give petty to is your parents for having to put up with your stupidity!

    • Crystal

      Wake up Jopa, then take off your rose-colored glasses. The only thing you should be happy about is you STILL have the right to express your opinion BUT if this president is re-elected, guess what..under the New World Order you may only have the right to choke on your own vomit!!

    • sindi

      1. What have you been Smoking?????????

      2. Are you OFF your Meds again?????????

      3. Are you Still drinking the D rats Kool-Aid????????


    Yes, it is a very sad day…for us all. He is in now, just what is it going to take to get this … LIAR … out? Double talking is a game for this CREEP! Defending our country is enough reason to get him out. We are his BOSS, remember that…right… it isn’t the other way around. He isn’t WORKING now and he never will! No one trusts him thats a proven fact…he MUST be taken out of office. Impeachment should be in the picture.

  • Chris

    Uh, uh, uh, pause, well, so, uh, so, uh, that is his typical response, hell his answer did not even come close to her comment!. I hope she had her knee high rubber boots on, to wade thru the crap of his comments.

  • dan

    I wouldn’t have been so polite.

  • http://personalliberty chris

    Only if our Nation and Goverment would turn to the True Jesus Christ. Turn from there wicked schemes and repent. He did not even answer the question. The question was is this my new reality? What he meant to say is YES instead he just was beating around the bush. It time for a REAL CHANGE. The AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TO SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD.

  • BrotherPatriot

    The burden of proof is upon him…

    If his father wasn’t a Natural born…how can he be our President? Case…closed…what is the discussion about?

    Problem is…if this is true (and it is) then the majority of the rest of them in the Government are aware of this & covering it up. This simply…is the greatest crisis America has ever faced. Ever.

    We need natural born patriots, senators and governors of the States to step up to the plate and do what must be done. Period.

    • http://N/A FDL Mason

      Yes,sir brother P. you are right on the money when you say they are aware of this. Of course they are aware of this, he is their paid actor and pawn in this real life chess game. They have had this planned for longer than you could possibly think, and unfortunetly the outcome will be very,very scary for the american general public, most of whome belived and voted for this patato head only because the media advertised and brain washed the people once agin to belive that this actor could do it all and fix it all just like all the other career politicans. Well what do you think about your actor now.Wake up everybody we need to think for ourselfs and what is left of this almost dead, non-manufacturing,just importing, illegals everywhere,middle class dissappearing, over taxed, and under paid, Country of the U.S.A. Our founding fathers told us and warned us to not let the government get to big. Guess what I think they were right, and if they could see it now they would probablly say you people should have printed the truth about our government in our childrens history books all the truth from the beginning. Our children are our future now,lets not let them go to waste like all the rest. FDL Mason.

  • TIME

    Barry Soetoro sure makes it all sounds so nice right?

    The facts are its nothing less and nothing more than total outright Rhetoric with ZERO value.
    And if you are banking on anything he said, your in need of a rubber room.

  • Evelyn Luis

    Oh so right on. I’m suprised that we have not impeached him on the grounds of FRAUD as he is not an American citizen. I will grant that he was a good speaker before his election, but I believe we may not have a chance to right the wrong done by Barrack Hussien Obama. As for the health care, yes you will get health care, and now the question arrises is WHEN? We may be a 3rd world country by that time as he has alreay inflicked so much damage on America with his cronies.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If he isn’t a legal POTUS, You don’t want to impeach him!! If impeached, everything stays as is. REMOVE him from the position as being an illegal non-citizen POTUS and all he has done reverts!!!

      • Fed Up Gal in NM

        Joe H,

        Very good Joe…..excellent idea!

  • don l.

    If anyone believes his comments it will be a liberal junkie. This jerk thrives on them.

  • http://Personallibertydigest Theresa Healton

    This man is a complete fraud and dangerous. Obama is vey smart he knows exactly what he is doing and he will continue to destroy America,unless he is voted out. This man and his crooked pals have already done so much damage to America that it will take years to try an undo all that has been done. Obama and his crew have taken off their masks and still people want this man in office. I believe MR OBAMA and ALL who SUROUND the PRESIDENT, SHOULD’NT HOLD ANY POSITION in GOVERNMENT. America can’t afford Obama for another term, WE as Americans need to VOTE this MAN OUT as well as all HIS PAL’S who hold a position in government. The President and his crew don’t care what the american people want or need, they only care about their vision for America. ( SOCIALISM )


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