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Michigan Makes Felons Of Hog Farmers

March 28, 2012 by  

Michigan Makes Felons Of Hog Farmers
Owning a pig like the one pictured will soon be a felony in Michigan.

Michigan lawmakers have their sights set on pigs, literally.

According to NaturalNews, Michigan is days away from issuing an Invasive Species Order (ISO) put in place by the State’s Department of Natural Resources which would allow law enforcement to kill hogs on family farms based on how they look. By April 1, farmers must destroy heritage, or “wild,” breeds of swine or they will be violating the law. State officials will conduct raids of farms where they believe farmers have failed to follow the order and shoot the animals themselves; the farmers will then face felony charges.

The 2010 ISO states: “Possession of the following live species, including a hybrid or genetic variation of the species, an egg or offspring of the species or of a hybrid or genetically engineered variant, is prohibited; . . . . (b) Wild boar, wild hog, wild swine, feral pig, feral hog, feral swine, Old world swine, razorback, eurasian wild boar, Russian wild boar (Sus scrofa Linnaeus). This subsection does not and is not intended to affect sus domestica involved in domestic hog production. [3, § 40.4]”

According to the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, the law is simply a ploy to bow to special interests such as Michigan Pork Producers Association by making it difficult for local farmers to raise hogs.

Mark Baker, owner of a family farm in rural Michigan that may be shut down as a result of the order explains the destructive nature of the order in the video below:


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vicki

    So lets see. We are supposed to protect species cause they might go extinct and now we are told that we must kill species instead. There is evidence of insanity here.

    • Thor

      Vicki, if you mean ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result,’ I’m with you.

  • Sirian

    Another governmental over-reach of power to satisfy the needs of a special interest group. This only goes to show how much greater the desire for further “power & control” has grown to even on the state level. People and the economic impact this may have are of no concern – upcoming elections are. Special Interest Groups need to be placed on the “Endangered Species” list immediately!!

  • cawun cents

    Well now…..a real reason to pass the NDAA!
    Let’s target hawg farmers with our predator drones.
    Those hillbilly’s are definitely a bigger threat to the populace than the EPA,FCC,FDA,etc.,etc.
    YEEEEHAW!C’mon boys!
    Let’s go[expletive deleted]up farmer Bob’s life.Heck he is just anuther jacka$$,that we can use for target practice,while we train to kill other ordinary Americans!
    That way when only the citiots are left we can watch them eat each other!.
    What a plan for tickets to the end of the world.
    We can just sit back drink beer and watch how stupidly the gubment spends all our futures.
    Anyone else toss in for the kegger?
    Might as well,,,,,it sure doesnt look like anyone will leave their comfort zone to do anything else about it.

    • Jibbs

      I agree 100%!
      I’ll toss in for the keg, ice and some lead.

    • Joe H

      just thought of a good Idea! Let’s have some artist draw up a picture of a few of these pols with a pigs body and label them “Invasive species” and see of they try to go after THEM!!! Could solve a whole lotta problems!!!

  • Benton Bain

    When the come to steal your livelihood use Exodus 22:2

    • angelwannabe

      Benton Bain, Same goes for me and my house!

  • Steve wakefield

    This is just another sign of big government against the individual’s rights
    Where is this going to stop?
    I would stop them from destroying my livelyhood at any cost!!!
    Who are they that they think they can do this without full compensation at the very least?

    Good luck in your fight, we will be watching and praying for your protection.

    • Barbara Brown

      Mr. Wakefield I completely agree with you. This is just another step the Government is taking to remove our freedoms and our rights. What stronger control from a Government is there than to restrict your food source? They took away the rights of horse owners as to how you can dispose of your animals, siding with radical Animal Rights groups over those of us who own and handle horses. Poultry ownership is now severely restricted in states which have factory farms, residents in the areas surrounding the factory farms are no longer able to have their “backyard” poultry because they are afraid disease will transfer to the factory farms. If this is allowed to pass, how long is it before you can no longer have your milk cow or raise your own beef? Americans must wake up and STAND up. We can no longer sit around and wait for someone else to be our voice. If they control our food supply they control our lives.

  • J P

    I always thought that Michigan like was a foreign country………… I was correct, but I didn’t think it was a Fascist State. This is only the beginning of Constitutional rights being trodden into the dirt.

  • oldbill

    It’s interesting that scripture might be used to actually protect pig farming. Jesus didn’t eat pork. Jesus didn’t have any good things to say about pork. In states that don’t have hunting or restrict hunting, ferral pigs are proving to be a real problem. Here in Georgia, we have a real problem with them in areas we are trying to preserve for natural species.

    How a pig looks is a good indication of just how wild it is. Don’t get me wrong. Nothing tastes better than lean bacon, cooked on a camp fire, offered up from a tusker popped with a flintlock, charging out of the brush from twenty feet away. Umm, Umm! What’s for breakfast?!!!

    • Average Joe

      Poptarts? ;)

  • Jonathan

    Michigan has become a haven for muslims in the United States. Muslims loath pigs. Do the math.

    • curmudgeon

      exactly what i was thinking.

    • Eric

      Wow! It has not only started, it is gaining momentum. That being the Muslimization of the U.S.A. ……….. Be afraid, be very afraid.

      • This little piggie went to Muslims

        Lets take the feral pigs and butcher them and spread their blood and guts all over the Muse Limb’s streets and other public properties where the muse limbs congregate.

  • noel


  • http://google john p.

    this is what happens when you keep these same politicians in office
    the go power crazy . they be come dictators and they will do anything
    for big company’s . this why you don’t have mom and pop stores and
    the same with farms . this why you need to get people to vote and
    vote these dictators out of office . if not they will make stupid laws that
    will hurt a lot of people down the road . so you got to vote them out look
    at Washington with Obama care . the democrats were bribing each other
    with tax dollars . they should be in prison for bribery but there above the
    law . and we don’t have a say in government any more that’s when you
    vote them out . don’t give these politicians a life time job it go’s to there
    heads . then they start to control you with lie’s .

    • Adollarsworkapeenyspay

      Fact of the matter, the Feds don’t want farms of any sort (beyond their money grubbing munch buddies) that way they can (A) control our Nation’s food supply with poison laden grains and laboratory produced meat products and (2) starve all third world countries by cutting off humanitary aid.. (their not fooling me one bit).. After all, they even debated on what they now intend to do.. eliminate the 6 billion mouths that’s contributing to over-population.. Next phase: (3) drinking water control… (can you say, “soylent green?”) ..

  • Silas Longshot

    Just another day in the neigborhood of enviro-whacko’s. So, assuming this law made sense, which of course it wouldn’t, they’re saying that if you found a ‘feral pig’ and domestiicated it, you’re ‘harming the environment’? But having the beasties running wild thru the woods, destroying the landscape is a good thing? Yeah, there’s some special interest back room deal going on here.

  • JD

    All my life the only solution being offered up is to get out and vote . Well I do and things only seem to get worse decade after decade . Seems the real perpetual war is against the common man . Didn’t we go through this once before ??????

  • Jim

    The big problem that I see with this is they are talking about feral hogs , which are hogs in the wild. If they the hogs are contained in a pen or fenced in area ,and being fed and raised by the farmer , how are they considered feral? They also talked about hybrids , which is a crossbreed . When you cross one breed of pig with another , you never know what it is going to look like . I raised show pigs at one time , and believe me , you can get some odd colors , and pigs that look like some of what they describe in the article .I am no fan of feral hogs , but I cannot see destroying a person’s living becauseof a what if. How are they going to determine if a pig is carrying a feral gene ? Are they going to do blood tests first to make sure , or just go in and kill them be done with it. What about the commercial pig farms , are they going to recieve the same treatment? You can bet that at least some of their hogs will have feral genes , so they can get size and certain other attributes to make them grow faster and bigger , or will they be excempt because they are part of a corporation , which will probably happen , don’t want to upset there money tree.

  • STEVE E.

    I glad to see the hog farmer want to fight back.

    • Doctor Mom

      Just want to reiterate what Jonathan pointed out earlier. Michigan is a haven for Muslims. I hear state government voice mails include “click #1 for Spanish; #2 for Arabic!”
      Muslims–pork–get the picture?
      How fortunate for the agri-business special interests insiders.
      Strange bedfellows

  • FarmLover

    County Sheriff’s and deputies (s/b protecting the farmers rights) and outraged farmers should gather at the farm(s) and meet the State’s Department of Natural Resources at the gate with arms in hand. The states s/n be given the power to ruin the livlihood of law abiding citizens to appease big business lobbiests. We the People need to take a stand and take our rights back.

  • B2

    How about helping farmer Baker with a donation to pay for the legal fees he’s facing?
    Go to and press donate!

  • Ted Crawford

    They are just taking the steps through Socialism to attain their ultimate goal of Utopian Marxism!

  • CP

    Agreed B2! If you want to help and don’t want this to come to your state and infringe on your rights, give a small donation. Even $5 would probably help the poor families fighting for their livelihood! Let’s put our money where our mouth’s are :)

  • Dee

    I think that you people might google ‘feral hogs’ and find out just what you’re criticizing.

    • Joe H

      I watched a show the other night that says even a domesticated hog can get loose and “go feral”, does that mean we shoot all hogs?? Take a human body and drop it into a domesticated hog pen and see what happens. They will completely consume it! Still, does that mean we should destroy all of them? I’m sure there are a lot of razorback hunters that will argue with you!

  • Not Impressed

    That is a truly newsworthy story. And such a shame. Shame on you Michigan.

  • hambone

    there shouldn’t be any place for law makers to kill someone’s property.
    And going on how a pig looks is just down right retarded.
    a farmer knows his own property and how best to take care of it.

  • Duane mccauley

    pure michigan Ha Ha Ha

  • Sheldon

    I guess by the time you read this we will all be felons. What bunnies could I raise and let them go into the wild? How about ducks? Wild chickens? Wild cows, horses? Wild sheep, goats? Any other creatures we could turn out into the wild?

  • antonio

    Well people all i can say is they will continue to pass these kind of laws as long as you sit down and let them do it. Until you people stand up and shoot those federal agents when they come raiding your farms, they will not stop, never. Keep your pigs, stay on your farms and wait, when they come for you ambush them. Unite with your local neighbors and make sure you each others backs and when they come ambush them from the front and attack from the back!! Together you will win, together we need to fight tyranny now, NOW, not tomorrow. Once they get a taste of their own medicine they will slow down. It is time to fight people, it is past time. It is your land people, you pay your property taxes, dont let these people do this to you! There is only one to win this fight people, and that is to KILL….

  • angelwannabe

    “According to the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, the law is simply a ploy to bow to special interests such as Michigan Pork Producers Association by making it difficult for local farmers to raise hogs.”

    Why should this be any different, the GUV is regulating EVERYTHING aren’t they???? The Family Unit, Small Farming, killing Mom and Pop Shops, Oil Pipe lines that may create jobs, pushing Big Pharma down our throats, pushing stoopid alternative energies in an economy, when oil and gas is high enough__Yepper, Bam Bam’s a hero and batting a thousand!___NOT!

  • Antonio

    So, will they have a beauty contest and kill the ugly ones?

  • J. Dexter Smith

    Interesting, but where the heck is the two Reverends Sharpton & Jackson on this? This is blatant discrimination against black hogs and mixed hogs, even though the article featured a Chester White or an O.I.C. in its pix. Oh, that’s right, they are tied up with the hoodie guy and trying to get the “stand your ground law” chucked out. Feral hogs are a real problem all over the U.S. including Hawaii. I think that if they offered a bounty of $5 to $10 per tail delivered to and verified by any Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement Agent, that you might see less of these Arkansas Razorbacks, or there would be a heck of a lot of bobtail hogs in Michigan, either one. I can see the goobermint’s logic but like one poster already stated it smells of the National Pork Breeders Association, especially if like Louisiana Law used to be: if you are more than 1/32nd black blood, then that’s what you are too. I think a little slack should be given to hog farmers who are trying to salvage their herd by breeding the half and half’s back to domesticated stock next litter. But if the farmer lays around on his/her butt and lets the feral hogs take over his domesticated stock, then they should be ordered to have a community bbq or kill the hogs for their own use only…not simply let them rot. And the goobermint could ban these particular farms from selling their stock at public auction via livestock inspectors. Later taters.

    • Joe H

      J. Dexter,
      Why ban them from sale? If they aren’t sick, they are more healthy for you than the domesticated type! They are leaner and therefor lower in colesterol, like venison. Which would you prefer? Leaner bacon or fatback??

  • mac

    The idea of controlling of feral pigs is okay, but making felons of those who don’t obey this law is not. This law is extreme overreach in giving law enforcement unwarranted power over the people. Michiganders, you should be letting your congressmen know you don’t want this law.

  • Adollarsworkapeenyspay

    Here’s a legality.. Because this is such a ludicrous and insane law, made up by the enemies of our Nation.. Let’s just charge the ‘pig’ police (oxy-moron) with cruelty to animals once they pour lead into a living species “jus’acause”.. Oh, and gather up the Frankenstein scientists who created synthetic meat, put THEM up agin’ the wall and with our store-bought uzies, make little mince meats out of them. THEN.. On to the white house, gather up the congress and other sh– eating minions, place them in those now deserted pig sty’s and sell them for a profit on the open market.. Go’head, make everybody’s day..

  • http://Aol CommonSense4America

    How far are we, as a free society, going to go before we stand up against this nonsense. The government is really starting to piss off a lot of people. Next, they will want to outlaw guns. Wonder why!!

  • David169

    It is a well know fact that people become complacent and maleable when the protein in their diet drops below 10%.
    The US government killed off the buffalo to subjugate the indians. as long as the indians had good high protien food they couldn’t be beaten.
    Flash forward 140 years, the government wants to subjugate the citizens of the US. The most prolific protein producer is the wild pig. The can live almost everywhere and eat almost anything. One pair of pigs in the wild equals 54 pigs a year later. What a great source of protein and you don’t have to raise them, you just go shoot them. Texas and most of the south has enough wild hogs to feed an their populations.The Rocky mountain states are overpopulated with deer as is the midwest. In short the government can’t use food as a weapon against the people as long as there is prolific game. A $1.00 cartridge can kill a 400 pound wild hog that yeild about 230 pounds of lean meat. A few of those will feed a family for a year. That and some heirloom seeds and people are set for a long time.

  • Charlie Sheen

    Kill the politico pigs and their bankster puppet masters!

  • oh oh

    Another battle among the the thousands being fought by ordinary Americans, who, once the threat of the leviathan becomes personal, finally wake up or spring into action. But with limited resources, lack of organization or political experience, there will be only scattered and limited resistance until we reach a long-overdue tipping point, that is, unless it’s too late.

  • dylan dougal


    I have just been watching your video about your farm and the pigs you are breeding and selling to those that like and want your produce, this is a right you have and should continue to have, but as we all know the World is now being ruled by greedy, corrupt, selfish thugs, that want to monopolize everything for themselves, destroy everything and everybody that may pose a minor threat to them. I am in the UK and in Scotland, I am now retired and worked in many parts of the World as a Senior Manager in the Construction Industry. When I was young my father had a farm, with livestock of all kinds, unfortunately he went Bankrupt when I was 15 years old, so I then served an apprenticeship and a Joiner, I believe in America they call this a Carpenter.

    Over the years I have watched the demise of the small farmer, everything getting bigger and more commercial. More money and greed, the spirit of everyone helping each other like it was back in my young day on the farm is gone, all the small farmers at that time helped each other and shared farm machinery, instead of everyone having the same machinery they all shared some equipment among each other.

    I find this big brother attitude concerning, it is now seriously encroaching on peoples lives, and when will it stop, they will be arresting people and putting them in jail if they fail to do as the corrupt say, perhaps they will one say one day that we must all eat three eggs a day, from battery hens that are fed on organically modified food, that may harm us, but if we refuse then they will jail us. When and where does this end.

    This encroachment on our freedoms is now very serious, I see that you are going to fight this laws, I am not in favour of capitulating to these big monopolies that buy government legislators with money, but unless you manage to get many other farmers to join you in the struggle it will be impossible, they have deep pockets of money, and if they are determined to destroy you they will do so, if they see that you are going to beat them in Court, they will make sure they bribe the Judge to see things their way, if that fails they can kill you. This is what is going on here in the UK, not in farming that I know about but in other industries, services etc, great injustices is happening here to whistle blowers or anyone that challenges the rich and powerful or the corrupt that want to monopolize everything, over here they cannot be stopped, it will take guns and ammunition to stop the injustices that are happening to ordinary people over here.

    Many Farmers that I knew when I was young, did not want to make large amounts of money, animal welfare was most important to them, and making a modest living was all they wanted. But greed, money

    and power have taken over from compassion and the good of the community has all been forgotten.

    I wish you the very best of luck in your fight to keep your Pigs and your right to farm in whatever way you wish, and the right of people to buy whatever produce they want.

    Take care and please keep me updated on your fight.

    Best wishes,


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  • kyle miron

    Please, please, please – take the time to post this to as many places as possible.. April 1st is two days away and the DNR are going to be on Mark’s property. He spoke to the Senate today regarding his predicament and they have made no comment on ceasing their actions to take down his hogs and his family. Thank you.

  • Marliza

    OMg, I am so sorry you have to fight like this for your survival. I am fighting the mortgage battle and a bit of the food battle. We are being attacked on many fronts, and our elected officials are letting it continue. Shame on them! Go forth and conquer; my prayers are with you and your family.


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  • Kay

    Vote for Mitt Romney. He will be our best chance of less government and freedom for the people.

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  • Auction Goods

    I cherished up to you’ll obtain performed proper here. The caricature is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. however, you command get got an shakiness over that you wish be delivering the following. sick indubitably come more previously once more since exactly the similar nearly a lot steadily within case you defend this increase.

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  • Deborah Clark

    Mr. Baker:
    i can see how you feel about what you do and I agree very much. When I think of the many other facts that come to light that show me such reasons to distrust for the sole rule of laws coming from governmental intervention only without concern of the people’s discriminative vote ever involved.

    Your pigs seem very laid back and friendly to one another which seems to me would be quite different if these animals were wild, with a nasty heritage(if they are what the DNR claims they are in the sence of “viscous or dangerous”) this in all ways appears to be an unfair and illogical rule only an idiot would let set in as rule of law.
    As to the shooting of these animals in order to exterminate and erradicate them from existence is PLAYING GOD– which no man has a right to do. I could actually see some kind of protective law put in place for some crazy person who goes out in some forest called “nowhere”, and traps a very seriously dangerous wild boar that could virtually cause the death of a person and here’s this crazy person gonna turn this wild thing loose on some unsuspecting soul that crazy person has some idiotic revenge sought upon. Then in this situation, Id be happy to accept a law of protection to keep that dangerous boar from being brought about. Perhaps that would be a better sport for hunters rather than kill something so beautiful they’re families aren’t starving to eat, and only seek to hang it on their competitive wall!
    i could tell you so much more about research I have done on too much governmental nose poking into the private citizens lives.But I guess my biggest reason in commenting is to encourage you and let you know there are many who support you.


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