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Michelle Obama Shares Her Secret Service Fantasy

April 30, 2012 by  

Michelle Obama Shares Her Secret Service Fantasy
The first lady answers questions on “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work” day.

Michelle Obama took questions from children on the 20-year anniversary of the White House’s “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work” day.

The first lady has no plans of occupying the Oval Office. When asked, “Will you ever run for president?” Obama responded: “Absolutely not.”

She also revealed her “fantasy.”

When another tyke asked Obama what she would change about “the first lady job,” she said:

It’s hard to sneak around and do what you want. … If I could change something, I’d be able to sneak around a little more. …I have done it a couple of times. But you know one fantasy I have, and the Secret Service they keep looking at me because they think I might actually do it, is to walk right out the front door and just keep walking.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • s c

    Man, will I ever DRINK to that! PLEASE, let it be so!

  • Sirian

    Fine by me, let her walk!! But be sure to get plenty of pics and video of her pigging out on two Big Macs and a super fry at McDonalds.

  • MAP

    If she was to walk out, and not come back, it might just be the first patriotic thing she’s ever done in her life.

  • WakeUpAmerica

    It’d be hard for her to move her, until now, patriotic American big butt into the Oval Office! Bad enough that smoker Obama-nation is stinking up the office until now! The whole WH will have to be fumigated just like after sexual pervert and rapist BJ Bubba Clinton left in impeached disgrace!

    • eddie47d

      All you fat butted men and women out there take heed to what Republicans/Libertarians Really think of you. You’re next in the big smack down! Maybe Wake Up is a Paris Hilton clone and has a Barbie Doll fantasy. Yawn!!!

  • David in MA

    “the Secret Service they keep looking at me because they think I might actually do it, is to walk right out the front door and just keep walking.” WHEN YOUY GO TAKE YOUR DUMB AZZ HUSBAND WITH YOU AND PLEASE DO IT TODAY!
    As far as never running for president, she will if she is told to do it by the U.N. handelers.

    • Ellen

      I agree. Get them both out. Isn’t it nice how our First Lady is telling kids how she wants to sneak around and do something bad? Great advice. Michelle Obama is the most disingenuous person alive. She says what she thinks people want to hear or what she thinks will make her appear clever/intelligent/funny/etc. She is an excellent match for her sociopathic husband.

    • eddie47d

      We all want to get away from certain situations we get stuck in and wish we were some place else. Hardly something to get all frothy about Ellen. I doubt if you would be over joyed living in a bubble with constant security and seldom having the freedom to do as you want. This is just another no big deal comment you are trying to stir into a controversy that is not there. That makes you the cleaver one.

      • Jim

        Just how “cleaver” is she?

      • THG

        Eddie ….that’s all they’ve been doing , is doing as they want , and they’re doing it with taxpayer money !

      • eddie47d

        Seems like she wants more freedom for everyone not less as some of you imply. Several articles on PLD have been about too much security and maybe Michelle feels the same way and wants less. Then again she could be sick of all the back biting from Republicans and sees how disingenuous they are.

  • Ron

    Well, come on, that’s a little ridiculous to rag on the “smoker” thing…you DO realize that many Presidents have smoked, and in the White House, right? FDR (Democrat), and Dwight Eisenhower (Republican) come to mind off the top of my head, but smoking’s been around for quite awhile. Go look at old photos of Presidencies past and there are plenty of people smoking in and around the White House. This is just the first President that’s tried to quit, so y’all have to make a big deal about it.

    That’s kinda the bummer about fanatical right-wing sites like this. There are many things I could agree with Conservatives on–and many conversations we need to have as a country that require both liberal, conservative, and moderate views in order to find compromise. But when EVERYTHING you guys say is in this hateful, insulting, shrill tone, you don’t sound very, well, conservative. You sound pretty radical.

    That’s why I think a lot of you guys on here and sites like this are the ultimate RINO’s, really–because you’ve hijacked the Party of Abraham Lincoln (moderate, compromising, pragmatic, thoughtful, educated, compassionate) and turned it into the Party of John Wilkes Booth (rage-filled, hateful, thug-y, gun-toting, ‘solve with the bullet what you lose with the ballot’ via threats of “second-amendment remedies”, etc.)

    You even managed to get Rick Santorum coming out AGAINST getting an education–just because Obama suggested it might be a good idea. Dwight Eisenhower would’ve smacked him in the back of the head for saying something that stupid. But then you’re not the Party of Eisenhower, either–you’re getting embarrassing with this stuff, and risk becoming the Party of Beavis and Butthead.

    You’ve adopted, plank-by-plank, the platform of the former and failed Confederate States of America, and you couldn’t more precisely urinate on Lincoln’s grave if you tried, I’m pretty sure.

    The good news: You may very well win in 2012–because you’ve got the Corporatocracy behind you, you’ve got the spin machine, and at the end of the day, you’ve got an angry, gunned-up-to-the-teeth constituency long on firearms and short on book-learnin’, so you may succeed in grooming another John Wilkes Booth/Timothy McVeigh to do your dirty work for you.

    At least then, when you’ve installed Cheney 2.0–whoever the corporations pick–it will once again be treason to criticize the President of the United States, and no longer open season on him.

    • Pete0097

      These aren’t quite fanatic right wing sites. This is just a right wing site with leanings to the center. The problem with obama smoking in the WH is that he said he quit. One more simple lie to appease the masses. Wether he smokes or not is up to him. The biggest lie he has said is that he will have a transparant administration. It is anything but transparant. With all the czars, executive orders, and long distance vacations, there is a brick wall between us and him. Yes, I know that Bush took a lot of vacations to his farm, his fathers place, and Camp David, that is one thing. Obama takes vacations to Hawaii (rents place there) Spain, Africa, Marthas Vineyard, etc. those are all places that we have to rent for them along with special security service as they can’t leisurly go there as these places have to take care of others as well. I would be just as happy if he just got up and left as I wish him no personal harm.

      • Ron

        Speaking of transparency, I think it would be amazing and historic if sites like this (and their pundits)–since they spend so much time “exposing” infinite and constant Obamanid Communazihomosocialist plots against America (FEMA concentration camps for patriotic white people, etc.) would make an organized public call on former President Cheney to come clean on the agenda of his secret White House meetings with the oil companies after seizing power in 2000.

        From out here in America, all I can see is that he had secret meetings which he doesn’t think we deserve to know about, shortly thereafter gas prices blew up and never came down, and America invaded an oil-rich country that didn’t attack us on 9/11 and he started the longest war in U.S. history.

        By the time it’s done, (Ron Paul’s estimate) it will have cost us the $4 trillion that we’re now flogging the poor and the elderly and college students to beat it out of their pockets?

        At the time, those of us who disagreed with Cheney were called unpatriotic and traitors for asking for some accountability…by the very same type of people on sites like this who regularly mutter threats against the current President.

        Shouldn’t Cheney have to come clean about something so important to America? Especially when the oil reserve tanks in Cushing are full up and still we’re being beaten to drill-baby-drill even more? The oil that’s being fracked and fleeced out of America will never benefit Americans, I think. It’s gonna be dumped like heroin on the world market to profit multi-national corporations even as they empty-promise that they’ll tinkle a little bit of the benefits our way.

        All of this has come our way since Cheney’s secret meetings, so in the interest of fairness, when this site wears Obama out DAILY over everything. He. Does., wouldnt it be right to ask for some disclosure from the Man Upstairs? Cheney, that is?

        But I doubt that would ever happen on sites like these. It’s like when Bubba W was asked in the debate if he’d ever made a mistake…it was a unique opportunity for him to level with America, and he thought long and hard about it…and then just like Jesus he said: “Nope!” and smirked.

        And you ADORED him for it.

    • CardinalMo

      I agree with you completely Ron. When is the last time you ever heard a really liberal point of view? The conservatives control the media…of news…even on the internet. Liberals, Conservatives, have the same complaints to a point. I find it very offensive to be called a Communist …especially since most people do not know the true meaning or philosophy behind it. How many criticize Communism and Socialism and have never read Mark/Lennon. Actually we might be better off with Mark’s version of Communism. Communism is a system of economics to be implemented within a direct democracy. No one in the world except a few South American nations have even tried direct democracy.
      Communism means community….. you know everyone working together. Marks was very disturbed about the effects of the industrial revolution, dangerous working conditions, child and woman slavery, poor houses, the conditions during his time was a horror to him. He gave it his best for the time he lived in with a new idea…that no one would listen to or read to understand. Of course the is no elite group which would consider his ideas to perhaps hold some good ideas. Totalitarianism was not what he had envisioned. He could not possible know how his concept would have become so twisted. Yes, he said that religion was the opium of the people. I believe that is true to a point…look at all the hate and wars that continue to plague the world because of the separatism of religions ego. Religion does not use rational thought. It is emotional. It is a belief held on to as strongly as a child believes in the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, Fairies, Elves. That belief is ok…but a day comes when one has to realize there is a reality too, which involves a rational mind (which is also God-Creator given.)

      Most of the comments I see on the internet are about what you get when you try to have a rational discussion with most people. If we would actually discuss our reasoning, our ideas, our differences, and what we hold in common maybe we could finally begin to solve some of our problems. But, what can we expect when all language is being symbolized by a single letter. ILY…LOL, I can just see the future of written communication. IXYTIP. Mean any thing to you? No. HUMMMMMMMMMMM.

      I know “socialists, conservatives, liberals who are all patriotic. Just as different religions hold God and the good in their hearts in common, they hold the spiritual connections to the creator. So just as religions share a spiritual connection to the creator so do diverse political groups hold liberty, freedom, and their country in common.

      Americans have become very ego centric…and the Europeans who came to the Americas were selfish, narrow minded and greedy one step out of serfdom. It was their way or no way. Most came here to get their piece of pie and to escape royalty. Kind of like now. Only there is no pie left so we in fight. The Europeans exported their way of life and living to the Americas and then around the world. What “God” given right did they have to colonize the Americas, Africa, the Hawaiian Islands, India, parts of Asia? And now when the “Natives of South America” aboriginal peoples cross back into a land they may have been friends with, traded with, shared skills and knowledge….they are illegals…Will the real illegal immigrants please stand up?

      What conservatives don’t realize is that corporations are not too far removed from royalty and they are the ones who are running both liberal and conservatives. Sabotaging and killing any one who might place their power at risk. ( thanks Ron for using the word (Corporatocracy) I created on the internet many many many moons ago.) It’s quite interesting to witness how people pick up on an idea if it is properly planted. Well the corporations are very good at planting seeds. I’m not thinking that all corporate employees are the evil creatures planning our demise…They just got themselves a well paying job, and their families are proud of this. But the bottom line is they must usually sacrifice a lot of their life to keep those high paying corporate jobs.

      In a society as large as ours, and with 7 Billion people in the world who have become interdependent…and all depend now on corporations and money to provide us with everything…we have to have regulations to protect the safety of the 7 Billion Corporate dependents. We have to have regulations to protect our environment which is highly toxic now. We cannot survive for long if we continue along a current levels of consumption, and contamination of the earth which provides all we have. We have to get real and solve these serious problems…

      What do we get? Pettiness…from the politicians, independnet reporters not allowed to ask difficult questions or even be allowed admittance into the room. What do we get for activists? No focus points. What do we get from the public? We get clichies and slogans pladgerized commentary picked up from talk show heros or sound bytes from news anchors.

      Americans fear passion. Americans fear discussion. They will contribute their serious thoughts only to sports, disneyland, and fun times. They are consumed with the pettiness of trivial lives of the superstars. The fleeting personalities which effect nothing in how we live our lives.

      What difference does it make if the president’s wife has a healthy appitite, and eats at MacDodalds ocassionally? Who really cares? Who should care if Obama smokes?
      The mass of the population will scream about all of this and say nothing about being forced to consume GMO’s (maybe you don’t know what that is}…look it up. I didn’t see enough people demanding or writing letters to demand some people go to jail who should have, during the banking bail out…

      I think presidents and politicians take the path of least resistence. If you want freedom, honesty, an open government you have to fight for it with an open dialogue, well thought goals…(how do you see the future for everyone…not just yourself) and a force of millions of people coming together to define the goals. In otherwords conservitives need to stop acting so hateful and find a way to dialogue with liberals.
      If we are going to have parties they have to re present all the people and compromise. Right now we’re at a stalemate with the Kings of Corporations winning all the points.

      • Sirian

        Mark/Lennon?? “Mark’s version of Communism.”? Uh, tell ya what, you’ve written a book here but do yourself a favor and go check your info source. At first I thought you were talking about John Lennon and such. Then I figured it out. Since you’re out to make a finely untuned point be sure to make it easier for everyone to understand who you’re referring to right off. It adds to the weakness of the argument when it’s easily confused with musicians or who knows what. Just saying. . .

      • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

        The cardinal , Red bird, implies commie? Well I have never read such trash as your post. I worked for Sam back in the 50′s killing commies. 128.00 a mo including foxhole pay. Believe me you dumb sh t I will do it for nothing at this time.

    • Vigilant

      Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Give a man a welfare check, a free cell phone with free monthly minutes, food stamps, section 8 housing, a forty ounce malt liquor, a crack pipe and some Air Jordan’s and he votes Democrat for a lifetime.

  • Bob

    Hey big momma,PLEASE START WALKING,,,(and take oreo with you)

  • smithington

    VOTE FOR RON PAUL 2012!! If you want to save this country!!!

  • Jim K

    Sounds good to me; but, please don’t leave your family behind.

    • http://yahoo Ann

      AMEN to that!!!! From your lips to God’s ears. I would be more than happy to hold the door open for this b***h and her ENTIRE family!!

  • Jim

    Now pray with me:
    “Dear Lord, please be with mrs o in her time of need, and fulfill her latest fantasy,

    • http://none george


  • John Beach

    It does have to be a bit disconcerting to have to constantly realize that the members of the Secret Service, for perhaps Cartagenic reasons, actually think that the first family’s body parts are worth more than theirs are. That might cause anyone to want “to walk right out the front door and just keep walking.” Actually, a rather surprising statement coming from a liberal thinker.

  • dcjdavis

    Oh, yeah! You GO, girl! Please go! And take the sock-puppet with you!

  • http://naver samurai

    Please keep this promise since Obama bin Laden has broken all of his. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • CardinalMo

    To Gottaplenty: Thank you for serving our Nation during WWII. My father also served in World WWII as a medic. All of my Uncles served in WWII, and other relatives served in WWi, The Mexican American War, The Civil war, Spanish American war, the Vietnam war and my son has served in Afghanistan. I already stated that I was not a communist. The point I was trying to make is people are closed minded. I ask have you ever read the writings of Marx and Engels? It is actually quite an undertaking and quite complex when he is discussing economics. I was merely trying to simply explain that the concept of Communism meant community, humane conditions, people working together in community….and the concept of a direct democracy….not the Communism (which Bushes grandfather supported with money.) that came to life as a violent totalitarian system, which of course, we should fight against. There is some good in Marx’s book….I wouldn’t say I agree with it all….but then I don’t agree with all democrats, republicans, or libertarians.

    The other point is we have to change.

    1) We need to allow women the right to chose when to be pregnant…this should not be dictated as has been done in China…but individuals need to educated to have a desire to control their own input into the population of this planet….

    2) We need more open dialogue…instead of petty discussions such as Mrs. O’s food consumption. What does that matter? Does it matter what she wears, or hair styles…etc matter at all? We need to educate each other lay out our thoughts, ideas, dreams on the table for all to see. The more we communicate the more we all learn.

    3) The world is in a mess….environmentally, politically, economically, population wise, and the days of elitism must pass, if we are to leave a future to the next generation.

    4) We need to work together to solve these many problems we have, globally and nationally. Society around the world needs new goals. As the world is becoming increasingly interdependent and governments more centralized, I have serious concerns about our well being. Trust me I want us to have Direct Democracy…though I might consider a different economic system, a mind shift away from materialism, and more practical recycling…reducing packaging..and one time use and poor quality items.

    5) We have an environment which will not support the people of the future…our waters become more and more contaminated and toxic. Further extinsion of species is an unimaginable horror to think about. We have to stop our destruction. We don’t need half of the toys and junk we have. Are we any lessed stressed or happier for all of the junk?

    6) We must find a way to balance human needs of today while considering the needs of people 100 years from now. We cannot continue living a life so full of waste, and consumption.

    7) Corporations need to have strict regulations globally and nationally.

    ok this is enough…for now!

    I’m a sixties kid. And very proud of it. I didn’t attend any riots, any marches…I watched, read, and read both sides of the history which was unfolding. I’m proud to be of the generation of people who began to consider equality, voters rights, civil rights, the importance of a healthy and diverse environment, to question all authority, to question our values, philosophies, and the roots of our western culture.

    I learned in the 70′s that news papers lie and twist the truth. I witnessed an incident or two which was totally twisted by the news media. I later found in underground “Communist papers” and other papers more truth that I did on the standard media. But because they were underground I didn’t trust their truths…until much later when what they had reported turned out to be a little news item in the standard media… or a News bite on some radio program. That is when I began to read and question all books, reports, and all other avenues of information.

    I’m trying to always connect all the dots to discover truth. There is a lot of truth and there are a great number of lies. All sides manipulate truth.

    So there just may be no truth except what we believe is the truth. But, if we have meaning dialogue and try to understand another persons point of view we get a bit closer to truth and through truth we may begin to solve our problems before it is too late.

    Thank you again for your service during WWII.


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