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Michelle Malkin Talks of a Barack Obama “Culture of Corruption” on ABC’s The View

August 14, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    The book’s author focuses on a problem that neither party wants to address. Corrupt officials know that Americans rarely have any practical way to make them ACCOUNTABLE.
    In effect, we point fingers at elected oficials (and each other), and the scum bags who create problems GET AWAY WITH IT. Without any
    constitutional authority, b o has installed unelected, irresponsible CZARS. They are NOT ACCOUNTABLE! That is akin to giving people licenses to steal and do what they want because they know they can thumb their noses at us.
    If that is what b o means by transparency, ethics, responsibility or change, then b o has indicted himself. People who care will try to find ways to stop this anti-American abomination. Those who don’t are just as bad as their ‘role models.’ Either way, America continues to suffer at the hands of unworthy politicians who have no place in this country. As long as we refuse to solve this problem, we are slaves to these subhuman vermin.
    So much for the best government that money can buy.

    • TJ

      Remarkable how vocal some people are a few months into an administration when we heard almost nothing on far worse counts from any of them for longer years previous to this. If one didn’t know better, you might suspect their lack of comparative information or outrage regarding same was evidence of a rather calculated inclination borne of an extreme philosophy. For instance, while I had no use for Obama (who is too young, trained, erudite, and frankly too mannerly to get in the trenches and expose and ridicule the sponsored ignorance that Clinton defeated simply by being dirtier and more constitutionally informed than the nasty republican political mandarins), and his cronies, many of them are the same people who surrounded Bush. But now you folk find yourselves surprisingly indignant. I’m sure it has nothing to do with your usual judgmental profile. Of course.

      Malkin and these mooks rail about transparency? Cheney’s subversion of that in the interest of illicit deals and no-bid Iraq contract to multi-national companies under investigation by the feds (a violation of American law and equally illegal for any politician who still has stock in a company like that) with the result that over $20 billion stolen from our soldiers while their benefits were cut and they were obliged not only to protect Blackwater (completely free of all laws) who were paid four times as much as they were, while our boys and girls have to pay back combat bonuses suddenly re-defined as loans…? This is the transparency? Or perhaps the surge itself, which never happened: over 90,000 Sunnis were paid a monthly stipend not to shoot us. That’s when the kills went down. Perhaps oil and energy policy…oops, oh, that’s right. None of our business.

      Today, after Big Brother Bush and company (with the cowardly cooperation of loud mouth – and sometimes paid – right wing flag wavers who claim to hate government intrusion and Democrats who are afraid of being called liberals) were caught tapping our phones, arresting citizens without cause, detaining without due process, suspending habeas corpus, invading our privacy, denying “certain” elements the freedom to assemble in protest, outlawing the individual’s rights to sue corporations for malfeasance…the same uninformed dupes are parroting like obedient drones the accusations of “communism”…which you did not hear when Mr. Bush crashed the banking system (which they cutely call a “slump”). When he bailed out the disaster that his crony, Henry Paulson started, he then asked him to clean it up (with the result that his Goldman Sacks people – even taking billions from the AIG money – made a King’s ransom on).

      Continually, I’m awed by the almost comic pockets of frightened, helpless right wingers who can only move themselves to whine, like Mao’s slavish co-op socialists, in service to the very people who exploit their ignorance and selfishness, whatever is broadcast to them via the mawkish televised nonsense of the safe, smug champions of liberty who almost to a man and woman have never fought for their country (Bush walked out on his commitment and his VICE president cut and ran) or had to go without. Look only at the collapses and failures of Republican control 6 or those 8 years (because you won’t hear THEM say anything but that “it was a long time ago, so don’t bring up the past”), when income was distributed up the ladder, average pay fell, and health company profits, to cite but one egregious example, quintupled.

      The fringe have rightly perceived that government giveaways are bad, and that we should take our responsibility…but always vote down national service and anything that would require business to comport itself according to actual tax laws, which these poor souls seem to know nothing about.

      They want justice regarding everyone but them, of course; they want Medicare and Social Security, which are of course government programs (most all of us run out of what we put in to SS within ten years. After that you’re living off the state). They believe they deserve it. Just not for anyone else who worked less or, one assumes, not as good.

      The truth vexes their little ruse: Social Security was never meant to be for the middle or upper classes. It was not a savings program for them, but a social net in old age for the indigent. Republicans now want to make determinations about your appropriateness for help, and take the money that was never meant to be theirs. Sounds rather socialist, doesn’t it?

      As an American citizen, you accept that we help our nation, no matter the reasons, out of genuine thankfulness for our blessings in the country. So let’s have them put their words to a test: everyone one of you supposed opponents to socialism, tell your government you won’t take either entitlement. Decline it formally. It would solve the funding problem now, would undermine the socialism for the rich that is the real problem (reference Bush’s banking crisis and signing statements protecting health care companies from regulation and undiminished profit on the illness of the American people). It would make them honest people for once, and in that regard, honorable Americans. Yeah, I know: don’t hold your breath. There’s more airbags in that party than in all the cars in the world today.

      Unfortunately the obvious remains true: Republicans (where no conservative is welcome any longer) rarely live the love they say they have for their country, because they don’t love it. They love what they can get out of it, and the rest of you can find your own cave. They think war is a football game and fine as long as we don’t invade Ireland (they had terrorists too but we had no problem with that and you won’t see IRA soldiers detained in Guantanamo…wonder why…not that they’re Anglo Saxon…naw!?). They couldn’t pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel.

      • ArtinChicago

        My pay has never been lower in buying power now since the last apologetic, anti-American President was in office (Jimmy Carter). Things were good under Reagan, Clinton and Bush compared to this idiot and his fellow communists. In your onging rhetoric, you mention Social Security wasn’t meant for the middle class, but fail to mention that politicians steal it for their projects and want to give it (along with amnesty) to illegal aliens to secure their elected position long-term. You never mention the doctrine of hate called Islam that breeds freely in our Country under the guise of religion. Have you heard of ACORN and the phony voter registrations? The only thing you focus on is your hate of big corporations. Why don’t you go out and start a company instead of ranting on Michelle Malkin? Were you this upset when the first(word removed for offensive content) said she wasn’t proud of America? You are a well educated leftist(word removed) . Step away from the keyboard and go do something that earns income, so that you won’t be jealous of “rich” corporations and people.

  • Tammy Jones

    How do you gather information, come to a cunclusion, and write a book about it in a just 6 months. Can you really trust anyone who just throws stuff together like that? Just because she writes it doesn’t make it true.
    If Michelle was naked during this interview it would have been so much more interesting to watch. She is so partisin it makes me sick.

    • http://naver samurai

      Whhhhhaaaaahhhhh! 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • idir

    Health care reform is a promise of OBAMA, he is a president, US health is on the 37 rank in the world, it needs reform, spending money in health insurance more smart than to spend it in military abroad the country

    • http://naver samurai

      Too much kool aid! 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Tom Harris

    Obama’s FINANCE PLAN, both excessive Stimulus, Bank Bailoouts, and HEALTH CARE (Health INSURANCE ?) Plan SUCK !!!

    Not to mention the excessive cost.

    • Tanya Peterson

      But just think how much extra money we would have if we wouldn’t have wasted it in Iraq.

  • Jana Murray

    Bravo Michelle, thanks for standing up to the View, another thuggish clan…

  • margaret kelly

    I will NEVER BY ANY OF THE PRODUCTS THAT SPONSOR ‘THE VIEW’ AGAIN!. Joy Behar admits that ‘she read a few pages’ of the book…the panelist on Michelle’s left admits that she has NEVER VOTED IN HER LIFE…and, the MOST DISAPPOINTING OF ALL, Whoppee, said she would ‘shut up’ as she continued to ‘step on’ Michelle’s talking points. What a joke! ! !…Barbara Walters!

  • RFS

    You know what…I’d really like to leave a comment, but last week I found that Bob Livingstone’s e-zine practises CENSORSHIP! If a respondent happens to be a liberal (yeah there’s that dirty word conservatives love to hate), then your point of view will be suppressed. So much for the Freedom of Speech concept this e-zine claims to be in favor of, ladies and gentlemen!

    The censorship I talk of occurred when I’d read another piece: the “Money, Oil and Power” article (Aug. 12, 2009). I was able to make an initial reply, to someone else’s comments calling president Obama ‘not the Anti-Christ, but Satan Himself’…the comment of one with alot more prejudice on display than discernment! Anyhow, I was allowed to express my (undisguised) liberal viewpoint. That was fine. So far so good. Then, the next day, an email notified me that I had been replied to.

    This is when the censorship occurred: The right winger I was debating had his comment posted on the e-zine site, making his points about what I’d said…but when I hit “reply” to respond to his points…I ran into a series of meaningless error messages, or the page would load a blank instead of one with a message window, or some other method was employed to still my voice (so that the last response to the issue was from someone with an obvious right wing view). It was clear to me that there was no way, after nearly a half hour of trying, that I would be getting through to make my points re things he raised. Tell me that was a coincidence. I even tried to contact the e-zine directly and through other stories…and could not. It sure felt like I was tagged a liberal and was barred from any further comment.

    I’d like to think that what happened to me was an unfortunate foul up, but frankly too many on the right (like O’Reilly) think a debate is won by the one who either yells the loudest or gets the last word. Is it possible to have a real debate with a liberal in this ultra-conservative’s e-zine, or is the ‘Personal Liberty’ (yeah right) Digest just another vehicle for an unchallenged conservative viewpoint!? If you, the reader, honestly believe in the things that make America great, such as real Freedom of Speech and the benefits from open and honest dialogue and debate, then insist on it and dont accept the ‘truth’ as told by anyone who would stifle it! – RFS

  • Jana Murray

    Fantastic job Michelle Malkin. I respect your strength and tone with these impossible liberal women.

  • Dora

    Michelle is 100% RIGHT. Obama is leading us right down the road to Socialism/Communism and Marxism ideologies.I also want him to produce that live birth certificate and PROVE he is a natural born citizen of THIS nation.

  • Robert Nielsen

    Typical….a conservative (like Elisabeth) tries to make HER point of view known, and is shouted down by the 3 liberals on the panel, most vociferously by Joy Blowhard…oops…I mean Behar. I’m surprised they even INVITED Ms. Balkin onto the show!

  • Eric g

    I suppose I’am partial to women , Michelle did a very good job with this interview , I do think the ladies on the opposite side did OK too . This was designed to sell michelles book . As she always returned to read the book . Michelle claims we did not get change and corruption eliminated from government under the new Oboma administration . I would be happy if we got it reduced . I did not get to find out .
    Some of the other ladies were Oboma supporters and asked Michelle what she thought should be done about this corruption .
    The only consistant answer was read the book . But the interview out classied , all the mens interviews on fox news , abc and MSnbc Bill ORIley , Kieth Obermen and Hannity are just plain sick compared to these girls

  • Eric g

    Fredrick H says gay marriage devides the republicans, He also believes the missing link between apes and man will soon be discovered . I certianly hope not , Maybe savage negroes will feel bad ,but than again apes have white faces . How does he know these changes took place over thousands of yrs
    Why doesnt gay marriage devide democrats . Negroes voted 96 % for Oboma , Jews the 2cd biggest Oboma supporters only voted 77% for Oboma , Yet gay marriage was defeated in california by the negroes and the Jews . Oboma would not be our President without the Jewish and negroe vote . So I can’t draw clear conclusions from this information . Some people believe in one creator, Fredrick is right one creator could use the same methods on several sepeces . I guess you can believe what you want to . I dont recall the belief in Gods creation bringing down any great country . I easily see how belief in the Power and knowledge of mortal men will surely bring a sad downfall .

  • Glenda Jennings

    I have not submitted a reply before so I could not find just where to post this.

    I enjoy reading Michelle Malkin’s columns, and I am sorry that my newspaper, The Houston Chronicle, does not publish her anymore. I cannot understand why she appeared on The View and subjected herself to the likes of Joy Behar, who tops my list of disgusting people.

    I wish that the multitudes who are against OBama and his plans for “change” would take a step back and refrain from the screaming and disorderly conduct in the forums. I am constantly reminded of a teacher in my high school days who told the class that an old Chinese proverb was “He who throws mud loses ground.” I know it is hard for us to take that to heart, but let us all show the country that we are above the fray and can express our views calmly and not resort to their tactics of calling the opposition Un-American. Let us show them that we are in the ranks of our Revolutionary forebears and are ready to have another Boston Tea Party to protect our Republic.

    And another good American said to “Speak softly but carry a big stick.” If enough of us do speak softly as individuals we will have a very loud voice collectively.

  • eyeswideopen

    This woman makes us look like idiots. Please where are the Republicans who are not biased and bigoted??

  • joe

    Where is the christian comunity on this single payer (gov) run health care…
    Separation of Church & State..All Christian markings, prayer , preachers and Preast will not be allowed to help the sick..
    Atheist and the Aclu are going to have a feild day!!
    The Christian Hospitals will have to change!!
    Example: Look at the schools now, 2 being prosecuted for praying in a cafeteria…

  • GARY

    Way to go Michelle!!! I have never seen those two extreeeeeeme libs (Joy and Whoopi), with so little to say. That’s because you were so articulate, so well prepared and so correct. You left them no chance to spew their liberal pablum and socialist propoganda. You really shut them down… and you did it with the truth. Liberals have absolutely nothing to say when confronted with the corroborated truth.



  • http://n/a Jesse R. Cano

    what else is in this bill and what about the pork in this bill
    no one is saying,
    how about making the obama administration come out with a list of where
    did the stimilus money went to and what congressmen gain from it.
    cause them to be acountable. we need an Republican to step out and bring in all this questions to the Nation.

  • Nelson

    Hand Joy Behar a fact and she will hand you a Bush bash. Hand Joy Behar a hundred facts and she will hand you a Bush bash. Joy appears to be willing to allow Democrats to be corrupt in office while she continues to flail away at Bush and Republicans. Corruption is only bad if it’s on the right wing side, if you listen to Joy.

  • Hugo

    The video about culture of corruption with michelle malkin, is simply another example of an extreme right wing conservative individual to discredit a presidency of a colored man. shes what we called a buffalo soldier that does the bidding and destruction of the status quo that wants insanely to take power back. unfortunately she lost her way for the money.

    • Peewee

      Good grief, get off the racist stuff, will ya. Being black has nothing to do with anything, being a pinko socialist has everything to do with it. Liberals are supposed to be the party of tolerance, right? As long as you’re bashing white male Christians. Disagreeing with Obama’s policies does not constitute racism. Get a clue.

  • Merrie

    Michele Malkin is trying her hardest to matter. Unlike Michele Obama, Michele Malkin has to bank her edge on criticism of other people. Its time for the American public to reject michele Malkin. Two words describe her, ” Whore Witch.” This woman needs correction and thank you Whoopee Goldberg for holding her to the line. Fox news is crazy for giving her a forum to sell her cleavage. Ill never buy her book! I live in Hawaii where a bunch of people like her try to present themselves as civilized people but fail miserably. I dont follow primitives in power. Civilize yourself Michelle. Get some refinements. Get off crack and get over yourself. Sing a song, write a poem. Find something to lift yourself up on besides the criticism of others.
    You’re no Doris Kerns Goodwin. You have a long-way to go. Two more generations I’d say. Aloha MCB

  • Merrie

    Where are the posts? MCB

  • Tanya Peterson

    OK Here’s a question.
    Why is it that no one cried socialism when George Bush asked for like 100 Billion Dollars after Katrina? I mean, that was my tax money. I dodn’t want to help those people down south. They should learn to take care of themselves. Seems to me that when government tries to put things into effect to help people you all cry about spending money and socialism. But then when we have a disaster such as Katrina you all cry, where is the Federal Government. If you want the government out of your life then don’t expect them to be there when a hurricane, or eathquake hits either.

  • Tanya Peterson

    I want to see Michelle’s boobs LOL She’s hot n sexy.

  • Merl Elton

    Both sides get away with atrocious corruption. Unfortunately, corruption is inherent and thrives everywhere due to human nature and politics. Nepotism and cryonism run rampant. The best employees and candidates are routinely cast aside; and EEO and fairness rules are steamrolled. Highly competent, educated, hard-working employees who are also decent people are regularly intimidated into not competing for promotions that are given to “friends and cronys” who are often far less qualified in every way. It is “who you know versus what you know” and “hear no evil, see no evil.” Needless to say, the world is highly unfair and being competent and a good person is no guarantee of success. In fact, it is often a hindrance. This is partly why the gov is dysfunctional and must hire “experts” to get its work done. This is beneficial to contractors and the private sector. However, the gov should not promote solely based on quotas, politics, and agendas. There is always room to hire experts; however, promotions should be equally available to all.

  • Merl Elton

    We should all be thankful that a brilliant and gifted woman like Michelle has the courage to tell it like it is. She is rightfully being rewarded very well for it. Keep up the good work, Michelle.

  • Jay-Jay

    It sounds like most of you have missed Michelle’s answer to the question:

    “What should you, we or I do about the “corruption” in the Obama Administration?”

    Michelle’s answer was: “Expose them”, “sunshine is the best disinfectant”. Demand and get the transparency that was promised to us. Demand and get the accountability that was promised us. Before Hope fades away.

  • John C. Davidson

    I stress this at the local level and feel it is working. Even leftist newspapers have listened to the overwhelming negative responces to patronizing articles praising representatives who have actually contributed to the downfall of freedam in this country. It is not about party affiliation, but corruption.

    Michelle is to be commended for standing up for all of us.

  • Pat Foust

    I was disappointed that the video of Michelle Malkin was removed. I didn’t see it. Why was it removed?



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