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BREAKING NEWS – Mexicans Criminals thugs Take Over Parts Of Arizona

June 21, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Angelique

    Not securing America’s homeland borders, allowing encroachment of U.S. soil by foreign criminal elements, not protecting a wild-life refuge, refusing to send support for this purpose, shows a disregard for protecting Americans & the Homeland. This is a violation of the Executive Branch’s responsibilities & should be addressed immediately in Congress. This Congress has done nothing but force legislation to seize power & destroy our basic principles. This perversion must be stopped before it is too late. Are there no Constitutional defenders left in this Congress? Not 10 or even one righteous man or woman?

    • s c

      Angelique, I hoped more people would respond to this topic. Your words describe the situation pretty well. In fact, you have described the behavior of a modern-day traitor.
      Conservatives know what is going on, but “the fix is in,” and Comrade Obummer’s masters are gambling that they have ‘covered all the bases’ and that there’s nothing Americans can do about it. This is not true, however.
      Is there any doubt in your mind as to why Chairman Obummer won’t bring our military back from so many places around the world? Anyone with a functioning brain and a dab of common sense KNOWS that Obummer will evade his constitutional obligations.
      The solution is up to the American people. We have been betrayed, and America is in peril. Anyone who defends this fuhrer who clothes himself in socialism/communism is a traitor by choice, and deserves whatever happens to them [ALL of them].

      • Mike A

        Gee, everybody here is exactly right. This problem has only presented itself since President Obama took office. Things like this just haven’t been happening for the past 40 years. We don’t Repugnican/Conservative run communities in Southern California and all over the country declaring themselves as “amnesty communities”. We didn’t have two Conservative Repugnican California Gubernatorial hopefuls claim in a publicly televised debate that this country depends on these people and in no way shape or form could ever live without them. Oh, and California, run by “conservative Repugnicans”, is considering a complete boycott of Arizona.

        As a party-less logical thinker that believes all political parties, lobbying companies/entities and PAC’s should be immediately abolished and charges immediately filed against most of them, I think what this country needs is a 2-3 mile deep mine field along the border with electrified fences, covering the WHOLE border like a prison compound, then immediately ship them ALL out as quickly as humanly possible, with those harboring them footing the major portion of the transportation costs. Companies employing them should be heavily fined. And the government can take some unemployed Americans who I’m sure would be extremely happy to help build that double fence strip along the border, in order to earn a decent wage for a decent day’s work. We can kill two birds with one stone: Giving us something that no longer resembles a sieve for a border, and putting a few dozen thousands of people to work gainfully.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda


    • Gerald Keyser

      Angel, As long as our Congress remains hijacked by liberal socialists, no one has the power to stand up and our hyper-political correctness causes those who stand up to be labeled racists. When our Pres. announced in Egypt that “America is in essence a Muslim nation” I for one felt this announced his Presidency as Muslim oriented, as you may know Muslims pray 5 times daily for the death of all nations and persons who are non-Muslim. The dismantling of our nation is proceeding rapidly toward it’s final destruction, ushered on by the current administration. I believe that when unemployment benefits expire America will spiral into deep economic depression, by expire I mean our government can no longer pay. So why close the border,let chaos reign.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda


  • s c

    Obummer’s puppet masters WANT another war. Aside from the FACT that neither GB nor Obummer have what it takes to secure our borders, we’re expected to jump into a North American war with Mexico.
    Can anyone smell the touch of NWO politics? Can anyone smell the FDR-like, engineered infamy?
    If our “leaders” can’t get in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan [where's your infallible, world-class 'leadership,' Mr. Prez?], we have NO business starting a ‘war of convenience’ with Mexico. It is the absolute LACK OF LEADERSHIP in Washington that is to blame for any problems with Mexico.
    Look behind the curtain, people. A war with Mexico will be our last. It’s not a matter of winning or losing. This fake war will be used to destroy the Constitution and put America in chains. The puppet masters want us alive and in chains.
    WHO in his or her right mind would “bless” America with the chains of slavery? Ask the Puppet-in-Chief or any of his string-pulling puppet masters.

    • Boltzahoy

      To straighten out the border you need to start at the top! Why don;t the Mexican people rise up and fix their own totally corrupt govt. I still can’t swallow the fact that our Congress instead of standing up and walking out on the criminal Calderon gave that guy a standing ovation! Makes me want to puke!

  • Jim H.

    If U.S. citizens were walking around armed intimidating others the authorities would be all over it. Why is it OK for illegal’s and smugglers to do it. Maybe if we told Obama it was a Tea Party rally, he would send in the Marines.

    • Conservative in Leftland

      You are saying exactly what many Americans are saying, Jim. I think in order to do anything about the attrosities, you must have organization. We cannot be complaisant any longer. That’s partly why Obama gets away with his agenda. If we don’t do something soon, all those people you saw in the clip will be American citizens just the same as you or me.

      • Vicki

        Not quite the same. They will be missing the unique and honor based culture that is America. They bring all the corrupt practices and beliefs of their country with them. The idea that laws apply to all people is alien to them.

  • christopher kline

    maybe its time to arm the minutemen!!!!! maybe some of us good old boys need to get together and make a stand! i will go! probably 15 or 20 good hunters could take it back! but we will most likely be prosecuted for it….. lets go anyway…

    • Geoff Pace


    • http://none Perry Olander

      This is not the first President or Congress that has failed in their oath of office. But, our current Arab, Muslim, Socialist Democrat Party Leader and President has openly opposed closing borders to illegals and terrorists and openly defied the wishes of the U.S. Citizens of which he took an oath to defend. This is an impeachable offense, but show me a Congressman that has the testes to bring it on.
      It’s up to you and me folks. If a ploitician in office has dishonored his oath of office, get the word out, VOTE THEM OUT. In with the new and see what they do. Party notwithstanding vote em out!!!

      • http://personallibertydigest robert williams

        Perry your right You notice How Jimmy Carter Pardened Bill Clinton Read the Constatution it Sayes the presedent Dose not have the Power to Parden Anyone this comes strate out of an up to date College Book Called (UNDERSTANDING THE CONSTATUTION) BY Corwin and Peltason,s? you can find a copy of this book on ebay under (U S History Books) then type in the Nane of the Book. se starting on Page (76) middle of that page Artical 2,Section 2 (1) see Page 166 start reading after you readthat let it sink in. By the Way Perry this is Robert, there is also a book out Called Americas Last Hope The County Sherif.He Has the Power to Run Off the F B I And the C I A the County possess Total Power Within his cOUNTY hE IS AeLECTED rEP oF THE People He Also Took an Oath to Uphold All parts of the Constatution of the USA even the parts The Presedent Refusess to Uphold This Means The Brady Bill Is Null& Void Per the @nd,Admendment Dose it not Infringe Upon our Rights.

    • http://n/a Patricia Slater

      To reply to Christopher Kline’s statement, I support your idea of ‘good ole boys’ to take up arms and take care of the border ‘problem’. As a woman, I am obviously not eligible for the ‘good ole boy’ network, however, I am a darn good shot and would gladly stand beside you on the border. Perhaps I could be the first of the ‘old woman’ militia.


    • Jan Parker

      As a 40 something American woman I believe we need to take a stand against the ideals that are taking over what is perseved as a “free country”. It is no longer “free”.

      If we are to pay, we shall pray.
      If we are to pay we shall have say.
      If we are to pay it shall be the American way.
      Be prpared for the worst.
      Pray for the best.
      I believe it is up to the believers in this country to know what you believe to be true in this time and to do what you know to be right for your families and your country. God Bless America – Land of the free and home of the brave.
      Stand up America.

  • Ken

    It’s time Americans take up arms and defend ourselves. Maybe the sheriff should deputize several thousand volunteers to protect the boarders with a “Shoot to Kill” mandate. Maybe if the Governor pulled all U.S. citizens about a mile away from the boarder and built a minefield the length of the boarder, maybe, just maybe after a few of the bastards blew themselves up they would stop the invasion. There is a war going on down there we are being invaded by a foreign country and our government is doing nothing to stop it. Our government is turning it’s back on American citizens for votes. Mr. Democrat you hope to keep you job by allowing in enough illegal aliens to help you win elections. Tell me what are you going to do when there are enough here to vote you out and vote an illegal in your place. It’s time to protect ourselves until we can get these traders out of office and replace them with real Americans who have the guts to do whats right.

    • http://personallibertydigest robert williams

      Ken this is Robert You are Right It Looks Like we the People Are Going to Have to Be the Ones to yell the British Are Comming and Grab up Our Guns Guts And Follow Our Therd and Most Inportent G (GOD)the one and only True Prince of Peace And the Light Of The World He GOD Himself Created Read Your Bible,s America Man Was Created to Be A Free Creation Not To Be Forced into Slavery Like the Egiptions Did to the Isrealites The Choswen People Of God.Read and Study The Book og Geneses,s And Then I Dare Everyone on this Site to Read the First Chapter of John Go to John Chp 1: versess 1 through 3 Especholy. then Tell Everyone you Know That Has the Guts to do the Same.

    • Christine

      We already have an illegal in the Oval Office.

      • keith rosen

        Nothing left to do but call the citizens of Arizona to Arms and put toghter a militia and drive the Mexican out by Armed force. Then tell Washington that if they try to intervene Arizona will with draw from the union and start a revolt.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda


  • Michael Shatswell

    Armed Paramilitary on American Soil intimadating Americans is exactly the precurser to war. We need armed citizens in Arizona pronto! The problem is that our government would send the National Guard to fight against us, but are too weak to defend us. We need organization for a fight like this. Any ideas? I’m ready to go now.

    • Delores Smith

      We will soon be going to the polls. Obama has been doing a great deal to anger all groups of people. Don’t fall into his trap. When he saw that Americans are tougher than he thought, he looked to the Illegals and Latinos to stir them up. We can fight with our minds, speak out every chance you can, but avoid violence. Anything that you substantiate about this President and his radicals, verify it, and make it known. We will succeed. Obama is too transparent.
      Delores Smith

  • May Ross

    I wonder if this president, trying to give amnesty to all the illegal aliens in our country and those arriving here every day crossing the AZ, TX, NMEX, and CA borders with all the weapons and drugs–realizes that he will give all of these people legal rights in our country when he passes his amnesty bill?????
    According to Mr Burton in the WH press briefing today, Mr Kyl is a liar and Mr Obama is not!!?? There is more proof of just the opposite in the past two years. “This will be a transparent administration, I will send Gov Brewer 1100 troops to AZ in two weeks, there will be no more earmarks, I am in charge of the oil spill and can take care of it and have been on it since DAY 1, no new taxes, etc. etc. etc. etc.” If anyone is a liar, guess who?? If he thinks he can use his amnesty bill as a wedge to gain Republican votes, he really needs to wake up and smell the coffee!! I just can’t wait till Nov.
    I’m hoping that Americans can finally realize this man has NO experience in solving problems, No leadership, no one in his cabinet who is smart enough to give him GOOD advice on anything. Is he trying to take our country down the drain?? Why?? If putting a moratorium on oil drilling, where does he think we are going to get our oil? Oh, just another foreign country? He wants us to be dependent on everyone else but ourselves. We are depending on China to buy our debt!! Please think about this. Our country is so full of smart, creative entrepreneurs–they need to be able to go to work solving the problems and employing the thousands of people out of work. It is such a domino effect–and HE just doesn’t see it!!
    Just one more thought–to end his citizenship question–why can’t he simply show his birth certificate? Very simple act!!
    And by the way, I’m from TX and live pretty near the border!

  • Fury

    Hmm. The federal Governments job is to protect the nation from invasion. The federal government is not fulfilling its obligation to the American people. Military units should be present already securing the stretch of land in question. You would think that a failure on the part of the federal government would enable the invaded state to take action up to it’s border with a foreign land using it’s own means.
    Is this not a breech of contract on the part of the federal government? Come on all you lawyer types, surely you can find some excuse why our borders are illegal to justify this, surely you can figure out some reason why an American state cannot legally defend itself.
    Terrorist tactics are proving too much for our government to deal with, so everyone is going to use them. You have to enable the border states with emergency powers to deal with organized LOCAL invasion from a non-nation based source.

    • .45CaliberCure

      Absolutely correct Fury. This is one of those telling moments when the “liberal” notion of the 2nd Amendment as a clause to allow well-regulated militias to defend against invasion from without is shown to be the hollow shell that it’s always been. Maybe the Minutemen should change their title to Miltiamen and we can test the left’s commitment to their thus far self-serving interpretation of our 2nd Amendment. Anyone care to lay down any bets on the support that would be given to a well-regulated militia by those patriotic statists today? pffffft.

      • Donnie Smith

        Call the Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and volunteer as a deputy…!
        Do not wait…! 1-800-420-8689
        Or, contact Sergeant Pat Ramirez, Sheriff’s Posse, at 520-705-9787 or

    • Vicki

      Actually if you read the constitution you will see that Arizona does not have to wait for the federal government to respond. Also worth noting the Federal Government does not have to wait for the state to ask for help.

      Thus the federal government is clearly in dereliction of its duty and we need to remove them all from office. As far as I know we do not have the ability to do it directly (and we would not want that kind of power in a republic) so we do it in Nov.

      Meanwhile Arizona should activate the militia (able bodied persons from age 18-45 or whatever) and send them to the border with arms to repel the invasion.

      Of course the legal tangle with respect to the park is it belongs to the federal government not the state of Ariz.

  • Violet Patton

    They would be shot entering other countries like they are ours. Where is the Americans here?? Set up Armed Forces with GUNs. Not right It is just the begining of the end

  • Tammy

    I agree we need to send national guard to turn these invaders home. I can’t believe that this is being allowed on American soil. Bring our guys back from all over the world and secure these United States of America NOW Mr Obama. If You (Obama) can’t secure the US then how the BLANK can you fight anywhere else?

  • Steve

    This is a link to Arizona Governor Jan Brewers website where you can sign her petition showing you support her and AZ. SB1070. This is a NATIONWIDE PETITION. You do not have to reside in Arizona to sign it. ALL YOUR FAMILY CAN SIGN IT FROM ONE COMPUTER,IP ADDRESS, OR EMAIL ADDY ETC. Please pass it on to your email list &ask them to sign it.
    She will use this petition for ammunition to show the usurper O’Liar and his minions in congress, that a MAJORITY of Americans support BORDER CONTROL!

    • http://internetexplorer barak hammond

      I support the New Law on illegals passed by Gov. Jan Brewer

  • libs&rinosuk

    I never thought this sort of thing would happen in this wonderful country I was born and raised in. Since I was born back in 57, many aspects of our great nation have gone right into the toilet. A bunch of arrogant residents from south of the border have taken over parts of Arizona, and that is apparently perfectly okay with those fools, dolts and crooks in D.C.! Yeah, this has to do with old time corruption, and the baleful influence of organizations like MALDEF AND LA RAZA. Honest, decent AMERICAN CITIZENS who reside in Southern Arizona are under a constant state of siege by these invaders. As a result, much of the landscape of Southern Arizona has been turned into a sewer and massive dumping ground. Why is it that the Sierra Club isn’t protesting? Why no mention of it on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and PMSNBC? No, the Libs, Rinos, Open Boarder rabble and greedy members of the business community who want to employ illegals under the table, at the EXPENSE OF AMERICANS WHO NEED JOBS want this to happen. As a Veteran of the Regular Army and a law abiding citizen, this situation makes me want to puke! Anybody who is strongly in favor of STRICTLY ENFORCING the immigration laws of our nation is a natavist and racist-BULL! I fear that someday the crap is going to hit the fan. I hope I am wrong, but I fear it is inevitable.

  • Jacque

    We have seen all as yet. Mr. Obama, and some of congress are doing their best to destroy our country.

    They have been doing those for a long time. We need to fight back. Do your voters home word. Study up on these people are doing. Then you can vote intelligently.

  • billy

    i think we as citizens of the united states no matter what state
    we are from need to go [inappropriate comment removed]..this isnt an assuault on Arizona this is an assault on our country and its SOVEREIGNTY..
    Obama dont care ,so its left up to us as american citizens..
    who ever see’s this if you agree..E-MAIL me
    these mexican criminals think we are afraid of them,,
    and obama sure isnt going to stick his nose into the problem..
    hey my american brothers and sisters..
    we liberate countries..we defend the weak the poor..
    its not Obamas fight hes not even a citizen..
    everyone contact me and evertyone you know via e-mail.. all go AND FIGHT FOR ARIZONA

    • http://personallibertydigest Betty

      wish i was a lot younger i would join up with a trip to AZ but a 70 year old woman wouldnt be of much use so sorry

  • calhar

    You notice she made this statement out of the country,mainly to hispanics an central Americans.She would have the biggest audiance there.She is more popular there than she is in the United States.This is typical talk of liberal politicians.Her and her husband are masters of talking behind the back of US citizens.In reality this broad is two faced,like the rest of the white house.

    • http://personallibertydigest robert williams

      tocalhar this is robert this whole thing started way back in the earley 30,s when the progresive movementn started they came from the Secrate sociteys that Presedent John Kinnedy tride to warn the American people abought the ilimanities the bilderbergers the try lateral unio the U N Speaking of the U N Have you not heard abought the U N Tready that Hillery Clinton and Obama Say they are going to sign the one that will let the U N come in and Compenscate American Citisens weapons so they Cant Protect the American way of life From The Tirant,s that are now Controling our Government today.See also John Mc Canes senate bill s 3081 youtube then type in senat bill s3081 video by Alex Jones

  • JAFO

    See Steves comment above. He has the link, the one that matters. Email the link to the people on your list and ask if they will do the same if compelled. If I may, I would like to quote someone whose sentiment I can appreciate often. “Enough Talk”… Conan The Barbarian… This Administration has been pushing buttons across the board since before even being elected. Have you wondered which button they’re looking for? Truthfully, the hand is quicker than the eye. Lynch the “Snake Oil Salesman” Impeach their asses and Prosecute them to Hell.(Back where they were born)

  • JAFO

    US Fish and Wildlife , huh. I guess Arizonians were confused. The Government is concerned that hunters in the region would misunderstand the Immigration Law as a call of “Open Season” on the wet back population there. I guess what’s happening in Isreal is happening here as well. Enemies of the state are being allowed to occupy a strip of land to better infiltrate us with, says little red riding hood.

  • Dale Cord

    I believe that this anarchy that has taken over the state of Washington DC, “THIS NATIONS CAPITAL” is not going to be solved by words, but by the same blood spilling that went on with the 13 colonies fighting and dying for freedom and liberty in the 1700s. The Mexicans have invaded our country by the millions and now the Muslims. These outlaws who have been given the responsibility to extricate them from America, is the absolute proof that this nation is filled with a bunch of spineless and mentally incapacitated vermin, who have allowed these atheistic helots to rule this country from the throne of their god “SATAN”. Those few Americans who still have their wits about them and are true Christians must continue to pray for the return of Jesus Christ,our only Savior to intervene on behalf of a dying nation,”AMERICA”

    • Catherine Hallmark

      Thank you for your gracious input!! You have covered the situation well! I thoroughly agree with everything you’ve said. Thank God for people like you and others who know WHAT we have to deal with, and WHO we have to deal with, and are not afraid to use titles describing such!!!! I have some ‘special’ titles, but will reserve them in this reply. Again, thank you and God Speed! This problem needs to be resolvell soon!!!

  • http://none Sandra buckingham

    I am beginning to not recognize our America, and this is a very, very scarry thing. If our government can send our brave over to liberate and take care of other countries, then what is the problem they will not protect our lands. Is this just the beginning? or the beginning of the end? The way I see it is, obama has no shame and no intention to do anything to protect any of us or United States Land. Obama is showing his musulem face to Americans, smiles to our face and hates us in his heart. IF ALL HE CAN DO IS POST SIGNS THEN I NEED SAY,”NO MORE.”

  • Delores Smith

    I am writing to governors of all states to enact a law similar to Arizona. Obama has the responsibility to protect the citizens of all states from invasion. Arizona has been invaded by 400,000 illegals from Mexico and other countries. We need to know if there are terrorists among the illegals or felons. Arizona is the pathway for illegals to enter other states. We need to secure our borders for security purposes. Anyone that feels that our law is a civil rights issue is hiding something.
    Recently, an officer stopped a vehicle for speeding. The man got out of the car, ran away, abandoning his car. (That is evading charges for a crime.) The back door popped open and 9 people jumped up, running in all directions. (That is reasonable suspicion.)
    Mr. Obama, if your goal is to instill fear in the citizens of the United states, think again. Americans are tired of your supporting everyone but the people you represent. Your neglecting to help Arizona affects all citizens of our nation, and it one of the grounds under which you may be impeached.
    Delores Smith

  • Right is right

    A Prayer we should all be praying because we ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION, OBLABBA!!!
    “Please hurry Jesus. We need you. Things are just going from bad to worse, every day”
    We believe your word, Father. I am not ashamed to admit I am a sinner, and that you gave us your only Son, to wash us clean by the crucifixtion.
    This I pray in Jesus’s name: AMEN
    In the meantime, I suggest we all VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • http://YAHOO PATSY WEICK

      I have been a Born again Christian since I was old enough to understand what the Bible was for in the Lords teachings,I been Babtised in the holly spirit. You say your a sinner? Not if you ask God for forgiveness of your sins and really beleive in the “LORD JESUS CHRIST” The signs are all their of the end of time. THE LORD JESUS SAYS IN MATTHEW CHAP:24 Verse 4&5 Take heed that no man deceive you. [1 JOHN 4:1-31
      For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Crist; and shall deceive many. Take a look around you what do you see & hear? The Lord has more to tell us about the end of time. Read your Bible it tells it all it’s their in black & white. We are being deceived in many ways by Obama, The only thing he hasn’t said is that he is Christ as yet? I beleive Christ his self is still on the Throne & is still in charge. IS THIS TO BE ANOTHER ALLAMO? With a nother country trying to take us over again? Americia This is a Wake up call.

  • Underhill

    Gee is it really nice for us to criticize our Nobel Prize winning –may his wisdom guide us forever–President?

  • Larry Velasco

    It’s time to REMOVE Barry Soetor Hussein Obama. We have to IMPEACH the little jerk. He is not president. He is a fraud, crook, LIAR, RACIST clown. Somebody has to start doing something about him and his band of A-HOLES. The Mexicans have to be dealt with now. I don’t really care how. If it takes another Mexican/AMERICAN war. Let’s kick their ASS. Sorry for the boldness of this letter but I am a 64 year old Hispanic man who has contributed to building this country for the good people not some clowns who want to take what we and OUR ancestors have work hard to obtain. DON’T LET THESE IDIOTS TAKE IT FROM US. Obama is not an American. He is for blacks ONLY. Believe it. Why do you think he dropped charges against the members of the New Black Panther Party for carrying clubs and intimidating some elderly white voters? These clowns don’t have the BALLS to try that with younger whites. I wish they would try that in my town. Placerville, CA. (OLD HANGTOWN) Yes, that’s just what we would do with them. The oak trees would be full of the bastards. Let’s let the little Muslim dude know, THE JIG IS UP. How about it?
    Concerned AMERICAN,

  • Larry Velasco

    Let the American citizens go to Pinal CO. AZ. to take care of the Mexicans there. We should arm ourselves and take them on. We can beat them. WE HAVE TO BEAT THEM. IT WILL COME TO THAT. Obama doesn’t care about it. He doesn’t care about the Mexican people or any other people except for BLACKS. You will see I’m right. Too Bad. Obama doesn’t have the guts for it. Concerned AMERICAN, L. VELASCO

  • Donnie Smith

    It is high time for American Patriots to take this matter into our own hands and secure the American Mexican Border if the federal government will not do so.
    Patrick Henry said, “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…”
    To force the federal government to do its lawful job, or for American Patriots to do it for the government, is not anti-government nor is it racist… Such action is prescribed by the U.S. Constitution.
    And now, an illegal immigrant with his illegal signature will instantly make every illegal Islamic and Mexican immigrant a legal American citizen…
    Of course, now that the “instant amnesty news is out,” new progressive Democrat voters will be swarming across the borders not by the thousands, but by the millions to take advantage of the world’s largest amnesty…! Look out Arizona…
    The Supreme Court has (mistakenly) previously decided that any federal, state, county, or city government is not bound to protect citizens… Patriots, it is up to us…

  • Nina

    I don’t understand, if everyone feels the same way that I do, and it’s pretty obvious looking at these comments, why is it that it still goes on?? What does it take for someone to be impeached?? If we are all in agreement on this, isn’t it the people that elected him, so the people can get rid of him?? Or do I not understand that?

    • Wanda

      Apparently it takes a blow job from some White House bimbo to get impeached and even then you can stay in office. Case in point? Bill Clinton.

      People not only in Arizona, but ALL the border states California, Arizoa, New Mexico and Texas must come together an voice our fears and concerns. Then we must make demands.


    O.K., This is sick…… We really have fallen. The President must be removed from Office — For all my RV friends… don’t drive through Arizona because you may not survive!
    Arizona has cordoned off some of their parks territory to US citizens, because it is too dangerous, due to the Mexicans running drugs.. and firearms being carried by entering illegals.

  • bob

    A march campin with a million in washington and a million in every major city on the approaches to washington.
    We the people? Wusup?

  • ss

    Ummm, you all DO know this is a completely fabricated story, right? The closure occurred in 2006 (guess who was President then?) Nothing new has been “restricted.” There have been advisory signs put up…but that’s it. And contrary to popular belief, no there are no children crying in fear here.

    Don’t take my word for it, you could ask, I don’t know, how about the US Fish & Wildlife – on there Buenos Aires web page. Just a thought, check your sources for credibility (which you won’t find w/ Fox.)

    Thank goodness the number of people dumb enough to buy the fabricated stories coming out of Fox is fairly small, or we’d REALLY be in trouble.

  • jjfreedom

    Well SS, I for one think 3% of American soil is 3% too much to give up to any one who is causing trouble, not interested in staying within the law, selling drugs killing and being killed. And by the way , the restriction in the way of posted advisory signs are still in effect.
    Why can’t the mexicans fight for their rights to live in their own country, to make a decent living so they can support themselves and their families. To live with the rights that Americans fought and died for and are still fighting for the right for the pursuit of happiness and freedom and be safe in their own country. I had hoped that President Fox would bring Mexico to a safer level of living for it’s citizens but his fear of being assassinated is stronger than his need to free his people from poverty and fear. Many illegals just want a safer free place to live. It’s the bombes,drugs,and people who want to break down all that is good in America that is unwanted. To go through the government strings will take forever ,
    I’m ready to support the Governor of Arizona any way I can even to the extent of taking up arms. It’s been done before in American. And if more citizens of more countries would protect themselves the U.S. wouldn’t be put in the position of fighting for their oppressions. So wake up Americans if you don’t think taking our guns away from us is not a way of oppressing us you are mistaken. And SS without Fox News everyones head would be in the sand, we need some truths exposed.

  • Steve

    How’s that hope and change working out for you????
    Community Organization at it’s best.

  • RagsTTiger

    Is there any reason why a well marked buffer, say 500 yard, be established as a Live Fire or No Man’s Zone? I am not a crazy violent person by nature, this is OUR country. In our state if a robber is coming in your house, you have the right to aggressively protect yourself. Does not our country deserve equal protection?

  • Bonnierdr

    RagsTTiger, I like your idea of a “well marked buffer” or Live Fire or No Man’s Zone. Just so happens to remind me of the Korean DMZ. DMZ means DeMilitarized Zone for those not familar with military terminology. The model for such a “buffer” is still in effect and still separating North Korea from South Korea. It works quite well too. I was stationed there in 1968 in the Army. Our orders were simple too. If you saw anyone, we called them “unidentified infiltrators”, you were to shoot them. Of course we were told when and where our patrols were or any other GI’s or South Korean civillians clearing brush in our sector. Now that’s the condensed simplified version of a DMZ type buffer our gov’ment could do down there on our southern border. Also, you don’t need to shoot anyone you just see of course; unless they are holding a weapon.

  • Chef Efraim

    Not having seen the video I’m at something of a loss as far as commenting goes, but how about an explanation about the report of removal from u-tube for ‘copyright infringement’. I don’t like the sound of that.

    Perhaps we’ll see some action in January with the new (more conservative) congress.

    I like the idea someone posted about a 3 mile wide fenced border built by unemployed AMERICANS at a decent wage. How about patrolled and secured by them/us too? (I could use some target practice)

    This is a states rights issue. The border states have the right and the responsibility to act unilaterally. Activating the National guard is a Governor’s choice…but an expensive one if the Federal Government isn’t going to reimburse the State that does it. Maybe it’s time for the border states to act together – alone.

    I’d send em $25 How bout you?
    Chef Efraim – NC

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Chef Efraim,
      There is nothing nefarious here regarding the removal of the video (which we have since replaced). It happens from time.
      Best wishes,


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