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Mexican Drug Cartels Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

February 7, 2013 by  

Mexican Drug Cartels Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

When mainstream media talk about terrorist threats to the United States, the image that comes to mind for the majority of Americans is that of a Muslim extremist of Middle Eastern descent. But there is a dangerous and growing threat to the Nation that is much closer to home, emboldened by U.S. policy and operating in capacities on par with military force.

Mexican drug cartels have, through savvy business and brute force, built an empire south of the U.S. border that Mexican police and the country’s military are seemingly incapable of bringing down. Despite dedicating vast law and military resources to stopping cartel violence and having billions of dollars of American aid money at their disposal, Mexican officials continue to be bested by cartels in the country. And unless something changes, the United States could be battling the cartels on a similar scale domestically, as the drug-pushing criminal entities continue to gain power throughout the United States.

In an interview with Personal Liberty Digest, John P. Sullivan, a lieutenant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who also specializes in research related to terrorism associated with narco-trafficking, explained how Mexican cartels are growing in power despite the best efforts of officials on both sides of the border.

Sullivan contends that the biggest source of power for the cartels is the United States’ continued war on drugs, which perpetuates a lucrative black market on drugs.

“I’m not saying that we need to fully legalize all drugs in the United States,” Sullivan said. “But if we don’t take a serious look at our drug policy in this country, including consideration of decriminalization of certain drugs and how the justice system deals with people convicted of drug offenses, the cartels are never going to fall out of power.”

Because the Mexico-to-U.S. drug market is an underground one, there are no concrete figures on how much money the cartels are making shipping drugs over the border; but it can be safely estimated that profits are in the billions of dollars each year. An article published by The New York Times last summer provides a little bit of perspective:

The Sinaloa cartel can buy a kilo of cocaine in the highlands of Colombia or Peru for around $2,000, then watch it accrue value as it makes its way to market. In Mexico, that kilo fetches more than $10,000. Jump the border to the United States, and it could sell wholesale for $30,000. Break it down into grams to distribute retail, and that same kilo sells for upward of $100,000 — more than its weight in gold. And that’s just cocaine.

Selling marijuana to U.S. citizens is grossing cartels anywhere from $2 billion to $20 billion annually, depending on whose estimates you believe. And a growing market for the purer variety of methamphetamine that the cartels are able to produce in industrial-style “superlabs” in Mexico is also driving profits.

Far from the low-tech, low-ambition street-corner lowlifes that Americans usually associate with drug dealers, the cartels aren’t letting the profits go to waste. In fact, in a country with tough gun-control laws, they are able to arm themselves enough to remain evenly matched with the Mexican military.

Recent seizures of cartel assets by Mexico’s military have turned up armored vehicles, thousands of semi-automatic and automatic rifles, rocket launchers, and hand grenades. The cartels have also set up private radio networks throughout the country designed by kidnapped communications engineers.

Beyond using the vast wealth that is created by the drug trade to embolden their criminal activities, some cartels have branched into legitimate business endeavors like running mining operations. According to Sullivan, the cartels are so wealthy and powerful that they are never going to go away; but quelling demand for black-market drugs could force them to at least operate within the confines of the law.

Largely ignored by media and U.S. officials is the growing influence of Mexican drug cartels in the United States, possibly because their actions haven’t become quite as bold in the States as the brutality on display in their country of origin. Of the seven biggest Mexican drug trafficking organizations, the Sinaloa cartel has the biggest foothold in the U.S. Some estimates indicate that the group moves an average of one kilo of cocaine across the Nation’s border every 10 minutes. With the large amount of product coming into the United States, the cartels have set up hubs of operation here to manage distribution, and not just in border States.

In Chicago, where prolific violence makes headlines daily, Sinaloa has set up its American base of operations, tapping in to the heavily Mexican population of the city’s Little Village area.

“Chicago, with 100,000 gang members to put the dope on the street, is a logistical winner for the Sinaloa cartel,” Jack Riley, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s special agent in charge of the Chicago field division, told The Washington Post  after a tour through Little Village. “We have to operate now as if we’re on the Mexican border.”

But it isn’t only Chicago that has become the American base of operations for some of Mexico’s most ruthless drug pushers. Cartels have infiltrated the Nation and established hubs or footholds in 1,286 American cities. More disturbing still, ongoing high unemployment and the opportunity to make big bucks pushing drugs for Mexican cartels is drawing a growing number of Americans already at risk for criminality to becoming involved with the brutal organizations.

A similar story of economic trouble preceded the cartel rise to power in Mexico, though the economic woes in that country were more dramatic than they have become thus far in the U.S. Believe it or not, not all Mexicans dislike the cartels. This is because when the drug pushers aren’t chopping off the heads of rival gang members or piling bullet-ridden bodies in public squares, they provide economic opportunity for people who may otherwise have none.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) reports that 34.1 percent of Mexico’s workers are employed in the “informal sector.” Give or take some paid-under-the-table farmers or construction workers, that means that nearly a third of the Mexican working population is involved in some level of the drug production and distribution chain.

As law enforcement agencies continue to face budget cuts and a growing number of Americans look to illegal activities as a means for economic survival, Sullivan said it is possible that the cartels could realize the same power in numbers in the United States within a decade.

U.S. officials are poised to continue to attempt to thwart the growing power of Mexican cartels in the only way that bureaucrats know how: throwing money at the problem. But with the nearly $2 billion Merida initiative from Washington having little impact on Mexican cartels since 2008 and the $350 million lobbed at the Central American region the same year to cut off the drug flow before it reached the cartels not faring much better, it seems a new approach is needed badly. People familiar with the problem, from law enforcement officers in America like Sullivan to Latin American heads of state, say that there isn’t much that hasn’t been tried besides ending the sacrosanct war on drugs. They warn that if legislators fail to at least consider revisions of law to weaken the demand for black market drugs, the war may become much more literal as the horrors of the violence carried out by the powerful cartels become more visible on American streets.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Warrior

    And so, we have “children” of the “illegals” growing up to be good “american” gangbangers. The south and west sides of chicago are like the wild west except there is no “sheriff”, only people like luizzz guiteriezzz who advocate for open borders and illegal immigrants and you’re left with this by-product. Of course, what does luizzz care, he doesn’t have to deal with it, he’s too busy in d.c. getting rich having quadrupled his net worth in the last 6 years. Hmmm, makes one wonder if d.c. just has better “financial advisers” then the rest of the country?

    • eddie47d

      Luiz Gutierrez is American born of Puerto Rican decent. Besides being a champion of immigrant rights he a strong supporter of veterans rights and consumer rights in the House of Representatives. Both his parents worked. His father was a cab driver and his mother was an assembly line worker. Hardly “gangbangers”.

      • independant thinker

        Show us where Warrior called Luiz Gutierrez a gangbanger eddie.

      • Dad

        Well, I guess one out of 30 million is a start.

      • eddie47d

        Don’t be so naive independent thinker.

      • JustSayin…….

        Of course his father & mother worked… else would they live? Luizzzzz is a kiss-butt politician, by supporting the immigration policies of Obama he is only securing his political status. Don’t believe anything he says……….

    • pweiters9

      2/8/13, Great country, America; so long as the demand remains insatiable a shoeless wetback can strike it rich. We must acknowledge the awesome power of drug money. Things didn’t get this way overnight; we may put a dent in the trade by decriminalizing it instead of sniffing around for traces of coke, heroine, etc.

  • gaaak

    The legalization of drugs would cure the problem. Sell the drugs through pharmacies and dispensaries. The drugs themselves are actually quite inexpansive; it’s the PROHIBITION that drive up the prices.Treat addiction as a medical, not a law-enforcement problem.
    (But then, many politicians are making a lot of money in “campaign contributions” by keeping the drugs illegal, so that will be a tough sell.)

    • Bruce

      what about all the jobs that keeping pot illegal produces? Can we afford to lose more jobs? Who cares if the war on drugs is stupid and empowering to the criminal element, and making gun violence much worse. We can not lay off even one prison worker or street cop for fear we will not have enough jobs. And if we make pot legal, what reason will cops have to search random people who are doing nothing wrong? We need our cops to be able to search anyone anywhere for any reason. We need a full set of moral police just like Iran has. We need the gov to keep us moral with its laws as we as a nation have turned our collective backs on the natural laws that God made.

      • Mike in MI

        Yeah! Hell, let’s just make everything legal, no barrirs, no boudaries, no limits, nobody work, everybody gets all the plays – jackposts – and Fast and Furious gun deliveries to your door you want.
        That’s the Obama/progressive/Chicago gangland way.
        Hey folks, we got Don Obama runnin’ the show in D.C. When he sends his boy around every month to pay the protec…oops, tax money, just do it because Don Little Barry’s “boys” are buyin’ up all the cement they can get their hands on.
        It’d be a terrible thing for your wife to find a wrapped up carp at her front door some night.
        This god and father don’t deal much in love,”agape’” style. He loves to hear jing-jing, jing-jing. Likes the bowing and kissing up on his ring in the market and at the parties, and gatherings called together to proclaim and praise his magnificence.
        Come, join in, make yourself part of the appreciative crowd, raise your voicein cheer to Obama.
        It’s either that or the burning, fiery furnace. ……………choosequickly, please.

  • TheTruthHurts

    Legalize it & regulate it I’m sick of these low quality, watered down drugs in Miami; in alcohol we have ‘proof’… Why not the same in drugs? Marijuana is more effective & has far fewer side effects than most Rx ‘pain pills’… Not to mention the number of people dying from rx overdose… Ever hear of someone overdosing on pot?

    • eddie47d

      Legal drugs coming out of Big Pharma kill more people than illegal drugs so why not legalize illegal drugs! You seldom hear of shoot outs in Holland where drugs are legal and costs are more reasonable so we must be doing something wrong. Their prisons aren’t full of drug users either. Its almost like the War on Terror where the more we expand our reach the more it grows and the more heads we have to cut off.

      • TheTruthHurts

        Agreed… However the argument against most illegal ugs is their ‘lack of medicinal use’… Big pharm does have a monopoly although the ‘benefits outweigh the risks’…I’m not too sure that in America we will respond like foreign countries with reduced violence, less Drug abuse etc… It’s glorified in music, movies, entertainment etc… Like in the movie Blow when the drug cartels learned that if actors & entertainers use it, the public will follow suit.

  • pfwag

    Give drug dealers an expedited trial – like within 1 month of being arrested – and hang the guilty immediately from the nearest light pole and the problem will go away.

    • Wellarmed

      Please be careful what one wishes for. Being that you happen to be posting comments or merely viewing comments on this forum puts you in a file of individuals that will need to be dealt with by the government.

      Imagine you are on your way to work. you have just dropped your kids off at school and said your goodbyes to your wife earlier in the morning.

      All of a sudden you see red and blue lights come on behind you, and being the law abiding person that you are, you comply by pulling over.

      All of a sudden you are accosted by the two officers and yanked out of your vehicle and tasered. As you recover from the shock of what just happened and the realization that you are now in the back of the patrol car with blood dripping from your wrists as the handcuff are happily cutting into them. Hopefully by this point your desire to receive a speedy trial rather than a fair one is crossing your mind.

      As your vision is coming back you to as the affects of the pepper spray is now beginning to wear off, you see these two “officers” removing what looks like a massive brick of cocaine from the trunk of your car placed there the night before.

      Now please remember the comments you just relayed about using state force to handily deal with this drug dealing scum. At this point you are beginning to realize that YOU are now the drug dealing scum that you profess to deal with.

      Anyone can be placed in this position of being framed, so please do me a favor and consider not only your implied desire to deny someone due process (speedy, not fair trial), but also the justification of allowing the state to use deadly force which is not a power granted to them by our Constitution.

      I realize this is just a completely fictional scenario, but please attempt to view your statements from multiple angles outside of your existing framework of knowledge, and understand that any of us could very easily end up in this hellish nightmare scenario.

      We must remain true to our principles as a free people or we will be no better than those who currently wish to rule by fiat.

      Good day

    • ranger09

      Would be NICE but our Politicians and Goody Dos have made our Justice System into A system that protects the criminal and punishes the ave citizen.A few hangings in the local square would be nice, And a few other things i could think of. Lets see another 11 million the govt wants to legalize without jobs would just give the cartels what they need to pick from, Lets see that would give them about 220,000 more dope runners and shooters for ea state,

    • bandit

      No – the cartels will start killing cops and whoever else happens to be in the area.

      Not to mention corrupt cops will have a field day setting up people because it makes them look good – it’s trivial to plant drugs on someone. Just look at LA, NTC, Tulia TX, Chicago, Dallas, etc.

      We do not have a Drug war in the US (yet). We have a Police Action, which has filled the prisons for no real effect at a great cost to *everybody* – including our taxes and the Constitution.

      Mexico has a Drug War. Best estimate is 100,000 dead. If we has that kind of carnage, the drug war would be over.

      Prohibition of alcohol did not work. (I bet you drink beer..) Prohibition of the other drugs: pot, cocaine, heroin, meth, etc does not work. You can’t even keep drugs out of prison!

      The US Drug War has created the most vicious gangs on the planet. We may be past the tipping point on being able to stop them, even with legalization of all drugs. They already make a good “living” by other (real) crimes like kidnapping.

  • Tommy

    Once again Washington is a part of the problem, NOT a part of the solution. When one of the largest banks in the world (HSBC) was found to be laundering BILLIONS of dollars of the cartels money. The response from Washington was “they’re too big to prosecute, it would bring down the entire banking system.” First they’re too big to fail , NOW they’re too big to prosecute. What an F$$$ing joke. The crooked Mexican military AND government is lining their pockets too with all the cash. THIS is why the problem will never be resolved and drugs will never be made legal. Too many fatcats making too much money for them to kill the golden goose.

    • ranger09

      Well dont you think it will not ever be controlled because the politicians are getting their share of this money thru what they call legal channels.

    • ranger09

      Where have all the real Americans Gone, Guess there is not many left in this Country.

    • Wellarmed

      Thank You Tommy for bringing up the issue of HSBC. This is unfortunately just one more sign of how corrupt our government has become. These things do not begin to add up until you piece all of the smaller stories together.

      The fact that our government did not wish to criminally charge anyone at HSBC told me the fact that they were laundering money for the cartels was not meant to be uncovered, and that further investigation into the matter would reveal what is really occurring higher up in the food chain.

      The cartels have began to launder money in the U.S. markets rather than attempt losing it at inspection stations on the Border. Here in NM the FBI concluded a raid on cartels laundering money at the Riudoso Downs. Cartel members were buying prize horses in the millions of dollars and using cash for these purchases. I remember the comments from one of the Downs operators that mentioned how good a tenant they were. “They always paid their bills on time and kept a very low profile”.

      These are the same “people” that boil other people ALIVE in 55 gallon drums!

      My fellow Americans need to Wake The F*%$ UP to what is going on!

      This has NEVER been a War on Drugs, but just a means to and end. And unfortunately the END is closer than one thinks.

      We should have decriminalized the use of ALL drugs thirty years ago, and resisted the temptation to implement “sin” taxes as a means to allow this U.S. Government to continue its ability to spend with reckless abandon.

      Pharmacies are the ONLY distribution outlets we need to make this happen NOW! And by not acting we are allowing this cozy relationship between the cartels and our government to become solidified.

  • ranger09

    They have been in this country for Many, Many years, Even alot of our Police are involved in protecting the movement of drugs thru our cities, Counties and States. So WE have been going in that direction for a long time and i do not see that we are doing much to STOP it. So people you had better keep your Guns handy, Or we will become another mexico, We are alread 25% there now.

  • Karin

    The drug aren’t likely to lose their power. Saudi backed terrorists who bring in money & arms to support the cartels. They also teach the the cartel members their vile, disgusting, violent practices to manifest fear so great in the people that they cooperate with the cartels. Until people understand the true “idiotology” of islam & how the “elite” work with it, nothing will change.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Onumnutts doesn’t want to stop drugs from moving freely, he needs to have a business to make more money, since he was a user and a dealers, again check out his books and even his talks by his flapping lips. Whorehound Clinton only appointed Mutt Reno as the AG, because she was going to prosecute him and his drug shippers and dealers. Spnce the facist/communist democrat party needs all the money they can aquire, in any way or means to keep electing crook and crimminals of any stripe as long as it is chicken s–t color and smell like a camel or their favorite goat.

  • Ranchman

    Drug cartels expand into America and become uber violent and they want to disarm us? How about calling out the militias to do some work on the problem? Empowering the people to act in their own defense and the defense of their communities would go a long way in combating the problems associated with illegal drugs, namely the violence. But the U.S. gubmint makes waayyy too much money in importing cocaine themselves to stop. Oh yeah, stopping the flow of illegal drugs would dry up the coffers of the political campaigns and reduce the revenue of the gubmint. Nope, can’t have that! Turning off the drug spigot would not be a positive for the likes of the CIA, DEA, and the other drug dealing entities in control. The point is, it’s up to the American people to get fed up with cartel violence enough to do something about it. That’s probably what’s stopping these losers from getting too crazy in our cities, the American people are armed to the teeth, not like the peasants in Mexico. One day we WILL put a stop to all the illegal crap going on in our country, but it will be the people who do.

    • Bruce

      and it will become very bloody with many many legal Mexicans, and Asians being targeted as well as the illegal ones. We need high capacity mags for that day.

  • Chris

    The sad part to all this is that people use illegal drugs and if they didn’t, this problem would not exist. I just can’t see why anyone would want to use drugs for recreation…….don’t they see what it does to others? If we legalize illegal drugs, won’t those “using” wind up to be an even bigger burden on the taxpayers by using the medical system to try and get off drugs once they see how it is ruining them? You know if they have insurance now, they won’t after using drugs because besides drugs stealing one’s soul and money, it will also steal all they own/job/whatever. This is not to even MENTION that once hooked on illegal drugs made legal, there will be MORE robberies to feed their addiction = more criminals in jail which, AGAIN, the “taxpayers” will have to support! Where/when does it all end? I can just see junkies running around all over the place……….lord, there are ENOUGH of them out there ALREADY. You know, I see ads on TV about quitting cigarettes, but I don’t see ads on TV about quitting drugs like I used to see once upon a time……..and drugs mess up your ability to mentally function/hold a job way more than cigarettes ever will. Why are there no longer TV ads against drugs? Is it because ads for “legal” drugs are all over TV? We need more anti-illegal drug ads on TV, and WAY more stronger than they used to be… attacking one’s intelligence besides the fact that they mess you up.

    • Bruce

      The sad part to all this is that

      Government has invaded a place where individual freedoms used to be.

      The sad part to all this is that

      Government has not learned from their past mistakes with the probation of alcohol, nor has the general public it seems.

      The sad part to all this is that

      the government made these substances illegal thinking that they could moralize the population since religion was not working to do so anymore.

      The sad part to all this is that

      no matter what the law is, about 10% of the population will have life time problems with addiction of some kind, drugs alcohol, gambling, sex..

      The sad part to all this is that

      drug propaganda has confused so many good people to the real truths about these substances

      The sad part to all this is that

      LEGAL medications kill way way way more people every year, but where is the outcry about that?

      The sad part to all this is that

      if drugs were legal 30 years ago, many of the designer drugs would have never been designed. So it is the law that is making the problem worse. But no one is even looking in that direction.

      The sad part to all this is that

      people don’t realize when drugs are legal they will be less expensive and there for the need to rob for your next fix will go down greatly.

      The sad part to all this is that

      If drugs were legal you could set up a safe place for them to go (and be away from the rest of society) and do their drugs, safely (then you would not see them on the street) and to get “clean” versions of the drug not versions made with poisons to save money.

      The sad part to all this is that

      God loves everyone even the 10% who suffer addictions, and the 90% seem to just want to punish the 10% for being different and make them go away, rather than figuring out how to “love your neighbor” with these people. He meant everyone that is your neighbor, not just those YOU choose, or you Judge so.

      The sad part to all this is that

      That you try to get the stick out of the 10% eye when you have a log in your own eye.

      people use illegal drugs and if they didn’t, this problem would not exist.

      and if those people were put to death by you then the world would be perfect?

      I just can’t see why anyone would want to use drugs for recreation…….don’t they see what it does to others? If we legalize illegal drugs, won’t those “using” wind up to be an even bigger burden on the taxpayers by using the medical system to try and get off drugs once they see how it is ruining them?

      thank your maker you were not burdened by that problem, but only by the ones given to you. Hope that some day you might come to a wider understanding of life.

      You know if they have insurance now, they won’t after using drugs because besides drugs stealing one’s soul and money, it will also steal all they own/job/whatever.

      Is this a fact that you have lived? Or been told? You think no drug user has a soul? I will pray for yours. Is insurance a SAVIOR? do you trust in insurance? or your maker?

      This is not to even MENTION that once hooked on illegal drugs made legal, there will be MORE robberies to feed their addiction = more criminals in jail which, AGAIN, the “taxpayers” will have to support!

      did you study the Denmark example? crime went down when they legalized, and the jails are not as crowded anymore. If it is not a crime to use then users won’t be in jail, so fewer in jail not more.

      Where/when does it all end?

      when you learn how to love your neighbor even with his/her faults differences.

      I can just see junkies running around all over the place……….lord, there are ENOUGH of them out there ALREADY.

      do they made you feel unclean? would you like special place where there are none? Your own world, perhaps. Reality is right out side the window. How do your sins make other feel?

      You know, I see ads on TV about quitting cigarettes, but I don’t see ads on TV about quitting drugs like I used to see once upon a time……..

      and your point is what? we need more propaganda? not less? we need more of a “mommy” government? where everything that might hurt you is made illegal? When I quit smoking Cigarets I did not try to make everyone else around me quit, I learned how to not smoke around smokers. You could do something similar, its called tolerance for others differences and difficulties.

      and drugs mess up your ability to mentally function/hold a job way more than cigarettes ever will.

      was that also personal experience? Breathing difficulties and lung cancer makes it hard to hold a job too. You have to stop work and go outside to smoke…

      Why are there no longer TV ads against drugs?

      Big Pharm. needs sick people to make a profit.

      Is it because ads for “legal” drugs are all over TV?

      ya think…

      We need more anti-illegal drug ads on TV, and WAY more stronger than they used to be… attacking one’s intelligence besides the fact that they mess you up.

      we need adds for tolerance for our fellow American. A message of togetherness not division.

      certainly destroying someones self image, or attacking one’s intelligence is a Christian, loving thing to do, to someone with a problem they are struggling to fix. Great advice, thanks.

  • Chris

    You’re welcome…………nitpicker.


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