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Mercury Amalgams?

October 18, 2011 by  

I hope none of you are still letting your dentist put mercury in your tooth fillings.

Some dentists do flips when you say that you don’t want mercury fillings. If there has ever been a health hazard, it is mercury.

I got onto the risk of mercury when I asked my dentist how he handled mercury in his office. He took every precaution by the book, yet he couldn’t see the serious danger of mercury amalgams that he was putting in folks’ mouths every day.

Somehow, the system we live under causes doublethink. We think double when we try to have two opposing thoughts at the same time.

Care must be taken in extracting mercury amalgams. They must be carefully rotated out or an overload of mercury is released.

I had my “silver fillings” removed and replaced them with composite, or non-mercury, fillings.


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Michael

    Hello Bob,

    I have followed you for a long time, I respect what you have to say

  • Elizabeth

    What about mercury in flu shots? Most folks do not even know they include mercury and the harm it does to your brain/body. You can ask for the ones that do not include it. I did!

    • Lewis Munn

      My thoughts too. We do NOT need any more mercury in the environment. Especially in us. We may soon be seeing more “mad hatter” disease.

      Might be what politicians want though…more mentally incompetent to lead around! And fleece.

    • Elizabeth

      How do you know that there is a flu shot with no mercury in it? Just because they say so? They lie to us about everything else. Why not this?

  • Debby

    Interestingly enough, many dentists are no longer using the amalgam fillings for another reason entirely…the metal expands and contracts and tends to cause tooth fracturing which isn’t a problem with the other materials now available. So you don’t even have to go to a “wholistic” dentist for non-amalgam dental work. But he’s right about the hazards of reckless removal of old fillings. People might want to consider some kind of heavy metal detox after amalgam removal.

  • Christin

    Oh great, so my metal fillings have MERCURY in them???

    Did anybody think to inform the patient that????

    Well, Debby, you must be right as one of my molars cracked and finally broke off with a metal filling in it. I asked the Dentist why they would put a dark filling in a white tooth and about the difference with the metal and white fillings and she NEVER mentioned mercury. I had her put the white filling on the tooth to reconstruct it after it broke and then a crown was put on top.

    In the early 80′s I had to have three metal fillings redone (one being the tooth mentioned above) as the dentist said they were soft and would allow particles in, but he redid them in the METAL… ugh!
    I was too young to know what to ask for.

    No dentist ever mentioned mercury in the silver fillings to me.

    Makes me want to do what Bob did, get them ALL taken out and redone with the white composite… don’t know if the teeth would hold up and not break off or chip after all that drilling.

    • Average Joe Patriot

      I had the same done several years ago, all mercury fillings removed (they call them “silver” owing to the color, not the content). One local dentist insisted I was nuts and refused to do it (wanted to put even more in), so I switched to another dentist, who was willing to do the work, but also thought I was crazy. Took about two years’ worth of visits, and the job was done so sloppily it turned my tongue black. If you took the amount of mercury which the average American has in his/her mouth and buried it in your backyard, you could be prosecuted and put in prison for it, for improper and illegal disposal of a known highly toxic substance.

      One more reason so many people are beset with assorted undefined ailments of unknown origin. The corporate PTB seem discontented with poisoning our water, air, food supply, and daily news. They have to poison our teeth as well. Mercury as an ingredient in amalgam was once illegal, I’ve read. Then a war came along and it was cheaper to fix draftees’ teeth with mercury than with gold fillings. They called it “silver,” of course, and it’s been with us ever since. The very fact that they refuse to call it what it is should alert us to the fact that something suspect is going on.

      Dental “experts” are indoctrinated in school with the mantra that once it is mixed with other ingredients and “sets” it is “inert.” Constantly soaking mercury in saliva 24 hours per day inside your head makes this dubious claim even more doubtful. If it were called cyanide, would you put it in your mouth 24 hours per day in ANY form?

      “Silver,” however, brings to mind a silver spoon (as in: Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth). Can’t be any harm in that, right? After all, the people who make their livings putting it into your mouth have assured you it’s safe, and who’d know better?

      I’d advise getting rid of any such fillings you have, and don’t swallow till you’ve rinsed your mouth thoroughly. Then detox with oral EDTA during and long after the entire process (or intravenous injection of EDTA if you can afford it).

      I would also advise steering clear of dental experts who make their livings telling you mercury is not harmful to humans and other living organisms. We ALL have allergies to toxic substances, whether our particular immune systems are hale and hearty enough to fight them off or not.

      Wouldn’t you rather your immune system spent its time fighting off other pathogens, rather than dealing with a constant low-level dose of mercury poisoning?

      PS: Same goes for vaccines, which have long been know to permanently injure and even kill babies and other living human organisms.

  • robert

    Mercury is the third most toxic substance know to man kind. It is very difficult to remove the heavy metals out of our body but it can be done via oral chelation, the use of fresh cilantro,chlorella,zeolites,and amino acid EDTH. These are best ways to rid your self of the these heavy metals and lets not forget those pesky fillings made out of usa mercury, porcelon is just as good and they look better, good luck to those that want the better life!

  • j hunt

    well u lost all credibilty with me with your murcury fillings blurb. first off there silver fillings and the murcury in them is not availble for the body to be poisoned by it.(only when removed does the murcury become vaporized making it dangerous) do u just put out everything that any kook sends u ? lots of studies show there safe. so unless you get gold to replace them you won’t be any better off because the chemicals in the new white fillings will kill u alot quicker. just a scam of unethical dentists jwh

    • Average Joe Patriot

      And you lost me, JWH, when you demonstrated that you can’t tell the difference between their, there, and they’re. Also your allergy to capital letters and punctuation (I forgive the occasional typo, but sheesh.

      As one schoolmarm famously pointed out: capitalization and punctuation have a purpose. They signify the difference between helping your uncle, Jack, off his horse, and helping your uncle jack off his horse.

      I guess the PTB are desperate to hire almost anyone to be a troll, these days. I’m semi-retired, with time on my hands. Where does one sign up?

      • Average Joe Patriot

        (Oh, the fone ranged and I forgot an end parens somewhere in their,see uf u kin spot it ?

        Afterwards, please inform us of everything you know about mercury poisoning, and why the subject is of such interest to you (it is to me because I’ve studied it). One hundred words or less.

        “u” will not be counted as a word.

  • Dr. Francis Ryan

    The Minnesota Environmental Administration advises that some 6000.lbs of mercury float down on us from the atmosphere in any given year. Now there are fish and wildlife advisories about excessive mercury in all of our wildlife. Dentists don’t hardly do silver, mercury amalgam “fillings” in fish and animals. In my 55 years of practicing dentistry I can truly say I have seen only 2 people who were allergic to mercury and they were brother and sister. That was during the year 1958. I have yet to know about any death caused by dental amalgam fillings. Hale and hearty people of any age with multiple silver fillings have to ask me what all the fuss is about.

    • Average Joe Patriot

      Dear Doktor: I’m just guessing here, but you wouldn’t sprinkle the stuff on your kids’ cereal, would you? So why would you make it part of their permanent metabolism? To see how many toxins they can tolerate? Referring to an “allergy to mercury” is like talking about and “allergy” to caustic soda, lead, arsenic, strychnine, or strontium 90.

      “Hale and hearty people of any age” have to be alive and aware to ask you anything. The dead ones…can’t. Ultimately we ALL die from one of two things, however you wish to view or phrase it: immune system collapse, and/or heart failure.

      Everyone, even you, is allergic to mercury.

  • http://n/a Gaffer

    Question: to those who had their mercury fillings removed, did you notice any improvement in your physical and/or mental health? At the age of 10/11 I had 24 mercury fillings installed in my mouth.

    My observation is that schoolwork went downhill after that. I am now over 60, and still have trouble concentrating, if not presented with a life threatening situation. Just wondering….it’s going to cost a fortune, so I need more evidence… my own observations could be just coincidence…

  • Leeta von Buelow

    Yes and what about all the mercury in the compact fluorescent light bulbs? Nothing on the package says there is mercury. What happened to our Consumer Protection Agency? No labeling???
    If you break a CFL bulb you have to evacuate the room and pay lots of money to clean it up. Also, you are supposed to take the old burned out, but not broken bulbs to the recycle bin where you bought it.
    Why is Obama trying to reduce the mercury emissions from coal plants, but then Congress and Obama want us to be exposed to mercury in our homes?? I am not buying CFL bulbs. In Europe, incandescent bulbs were banned, but everyone still wants them. So the creative businessmen are selling incandescent bulbs as ‘heaters’.


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