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Measure Allows Terrorism Suspects To Be Tried In The U.S.

October 23, 2009 by  

Measure allows terrorism suspects to be tried in the U.S. The House of Representatives voted on Thursday to allow Guantanamo Bay detainees to be brought for trial to the U.S. despite misgivings expressed by many lawmakers, especially Republicans.

The measure was part of the Homeland Security appropriations bill for the new fiscal year and has prompted Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina to declare he will introduce a proposal aimed at preventing prisoners suspected of involvement in the 9/11 attacks from being tried in the U.S., according to Reuters.

Many of the opponents of bringing the detainees onto U.S. soil have said it could invite further terrorist attacks and would offer legal protections to those who do not deserve them.

Media reports suggest the measure is a step towards fulfilling the promise made by President Obama to close the facility that has come under fire from human and civil rights advocates for the alleged use of torture during interrogations and for holding prisoners for years without charges.

The bill will have to pass the Senate before being sent to President Obama for signature.

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  • TacitusDominatus

    Unfortunately, this matter depicts both our gross ignorance of the ‘Rule of Law’ and our total lack of faith in it. We don’t want to bring these criminals to a court of law and adjudicate their guilt or innocence? How then, will we have justice? By what manner will truth be determined and in what form will justice be had?

    Is justice to be relegated to the dark corner of some dungeon; to be administered by belligerents’’ and thugs? Is this what we, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, have come down to?

    I would say God help us, but God would have nothing to do with people who would treat their fellow men in such a manner. Be they innocents or be they the vilest of humans, we are supposed to be a Land of Laws. If not, then we are a land of lawlessness. Gitmo only exists because of the gutless insolence of men such as George Bush and Dick Cheney. If we were to capture Osama bin Laden tomorrow, I would demand that he be brought to this nation and subject to the Rule of Law. Yes, he would be afforded a cell, food and all the comforts to which any suspect should be afforded. Then, he would get his day in court. And, if as the evidence we have been told exists, shows him to be the criminal mastermind of 9/11, then he will be sentenced to death and die; as he should. Otherwise, we can continue to give into this fear mongering and gutless leadership today which has done absolutely nothing to further justice and everything to abrogate it; for both those who brought us September 11th and those who perished.

    Brian Kilcullen

    • April

      TD, Upon rereading your blog more slowly, it has dawned on me that your stance regarding GITMO and bring them here is wrong and totally opposite of mine. They should be tried as war criminals and by military standards not civilians.

      • s c

        April, don’t rule out the possibility that people like Brian look at Gitmo residents as future voters. They might become legal czars. They could be UN reps. They might even qualify as ‘visiting professors.’
        Brian’s ‘logic’ could eventually demand that every man, woman and child in all countries be given instant American citizenship. Then, perhaps, we could be said to have ‘bestowed the blessings of democracy’ on the whole planet.
        There are, however, basic flaws in Brian’s position. First, whatever he’s smoking can’t be legal. It may be a great mental tool in his utopia, but this is not utopia. Second, Brian needs to stop confusing ‘social justice’ with a Constitutional Republic. Third, he needs to burn his autographed copy of Rules for Radicals. I’d suggest that he move to Cuba, but then he’d have to endure revolutionary health care (warts and all) and a cram course in reality. He might even have to open his starry eyes.

      • s c

        April, call me a pessimist, but if you’re familiar with Tacitus, you might suspect that tacitus/brian has thrown you a curve. Tacitus was an arrogant, wannabe elitist. Most likely, you find some very disturbing parallels when you delve into the real tacitus, comrade obama and kevin jennings.
        If brian wants to do something useful, he might try translating Tacitus into English. It might amount to a lingual version of hercules trying to clean out the stables, but then we never know in advance what will interest an ultraliberal. They are a most curious lot.

    • ccg

      I would say God help us, but God would have nothing to do with people who would treat their fellow men in such a manner. Be they innocents or be they the vilest of humans, we are supposed to be a Land of Laws. If not, then we are a land of lawlessness. Gitmo only exists because of the gutless insolence of men such as George Bush and Dick Cheney. If we were to capture Osama bin Laden tomorrow, I would demand that he be brought to this nation and subject to the Rule of Law. Yes, he would be afforded a cell, food and all the–blah blah blah.

      I totally disagree that they should be brought over here to the United States to be tried like a citizen of this country.
      You say God would have nothing to do with people who would treat their fellow men in such ways. If you know what the Bible says, you will know that He tells us to send murderers to Him.
      These murderous men are not citizens of this country and should be tried by Military Rules. We don’t need some do gooder attorney to be able to get rich off of defending these people under our criminal court system. Most of the time these do gooder attorney’s that would defend these people are of the same terroristic mindset of wanting to destroy our country as the defendent would be. Sure, that is real justice.
      We are a land of laws, and there are already laws in place for this, however we are allowing those who have gotten soft on crime, criminals and terrorists change these laws. We need to stick to our Standards, and not be lead astray.

      • ccg

        Tacitus, the first part of my response to you is a copy of what you said that I disagree with.

    • eyeswideopen

      Tacitus, well said!!
      Finally, someone who agrees with the concept that this country was founded upon. We are a nation of laws, not men. We should not be afraid to trust our legal system nor our prison system. Our enemies are just loving the fact that we are stating we are too weak to go to trial using our BELOVED LEGAL SYSTEM, and are afraid we can’t keep our own people safe from guilty prisoners while on US soil. Maybe some one should get Cheneys opinion on showing that kind of weakness?

      • American Citizen

        Eyes, you’ve got it backwards. We are a nation of men who abide by its laws. We the people come first. Those enemy combatants are not entitled to prosecution under civilian laws but military law. We don’t wat them here on our soil. If they should escape, just think what they would/could do to us. I just read of one who was let out of Gitmo who was involved in a bombing just the other day.

        • BillyJ

          American Citizen, You are wrong!!. John Adams is responsible for the statement of “Nation of laws not of men”. You need to do a little research prior to telling someone that they have it backward. You also need to do a little research on the rest of your statement.

    • Banker

      The first mistake we made was capturing them and then bringing them to GITMO. My take is that from this time going forward just kill them on the field of combat. If they are captured somewhere else and not on the field of combat, find out where they come from and put them on a plane and drop them off 20,000 feet above their families home. Oh yeah, give them one of those cheap imported chinese umbrellas so they can safely land. We aren’t barbarians here in the USA. Just compassionate, law abiding citizens, that have had enough of this BS.


      TacitusDominatus, Obviously you have no clue about a loving and Holy God!…… “I would say God help us, but God would have nothing to do with people who would treat their fellow men in such a manner. Be they innocents or be they the vilest of humans”………I am soo tired of all you blame America first crowds! It was terrorists who attacked America not the other way around! These murders should never set foot on American soil or be afforded the same protection and due process as the American citizens whos lives they have taken! …..I will never forget 9-11 or the young men and women who have died on foriegn soil to protect our country from more attacks!…….Bringing terrorists to America and giving them their day in court at the expense of the tax payers is a disgrace to their memories!

      • barbiebaby

        right on wayne allan….they have taken this little water boarding thing to the max..water—torture..what about all the people who DIED BY FIRE WHEN THE TOWERS WENT down..what about the families still in torture over therir lost loved ones and small children without parents..if we bring them here they will teach and train those in our prisons about terrorism..its already here..we’re distroying america..because of the abama pre 9/11 attack and he want’s to bring them closer…let them set there till they’s better than dying like the people of 9/11..if there is innocent people there…so were the victims of 9/11..hell is hot..let them feel it!!!

      • BillyJ

        Momsright, you have tried them, convicted them and accomplished all of this without a court or lawyer. How uncivil and un-Christian. What about those who are innocent? Haven’t you read about the teenager who was rounded up with others, who has been proven innocent? It doesn’t sound like it matters to you, if anyone is innocent. I don’t think God, would really be pleased with your attitude towards untried captives. Even in North Korea, they at least held a trial for the two Americans women who “accidentally” crossed over into their country. It seems as though emotions are making us forget who and what we are as a people and a country. I repeat, we are a Nation of laws, not of men, which prevents your type of emotions from ruling this country.

    • minuteman

      yeah we should of cut there heads off like they did and video taped it and sent it home to there families that would of been justice,eye for a eye thats justice, they were caught on the Battle feild killing or brave solders and innocent civilians they should be tried by the military as combatants and if the President says they would not be released in the UNITED STATES then what do they need to come here for,to appease cowards like you, George Bush and Dick Cheney are Patriots they did what any AMERICAN would of done if attacked by a foreign radical extremist group, if you break the LAW in the UNIDED STATES then you deserve your day in a US court, You fly 5 large aircraft into Buildings killing 3,000 people and declare WAR on us that make you a COMBATANT and deserves military justice, wake up you jerk, its people like you that put me and my family and every red blooded AMERICAN in Danger

      • BillyJ

        Minuteman, American will not let people as yourself to subvert and dishonor the Constitution.

    • American Citizen

      They are not American citizens, but war combatants caught on the battlefield. They are not entitled to our rule of law but military law. They should be tried in a military court just as has been done in every war.

      • BillyJ

        American Citizen, I will repeat that you are incorrect. I will give you a link to the information you need. Please note Boumediene V Bush, Supreme Court ruling.

        We remain a Nation of laws, not of men.

    • Mic

      THESE are people who were caught in the field of Battle, they are not criminal US thugs, they should be tried by Military Tribunal. These aren’t fellow men, these are ANIMALS laughing at us because of people like you! Given a chance to put the US Gov on Trial and put the 911 victims through hell again and laugh about it as they proceed. These are WAR CRIMINALS! I’m amazed at how quickly people forget the true meaning behind what happened at 911 and how we need to become realistic to win, not live in a some dream world that we have to throw flowers at every one and make them like us! It’s sad that people can’t realize the reality of what actually needs to be done to protect civilians. Even if another attack occurs I can see Pelosi rises from the rubble of another attach and yells out, “At least we stuck to our morals”, meanwhile people will be running around behind her with burning flesh as though they want to live by unrealistic bullshit values of Pelosi, etc.. I am so tired of these damn idiots who have no clue what it takes to survive in a world of Terrorist animals!

    • Phil

      Tac….. Good post, and I agree..those who committ crimes aginst us are not military, they’re criminals and should be given what our law allows…I can’t think of a better place to put these accused criminals on trial than the place they committed the crime and to be judged by the people the crime was committed aginst…that’s the basics of justice… I believe you and I know that no matter where this administration puts these terrorist on trial the rightwingers in here will oppose it… It’s not about justice with the right,, it’s about political points.. They didn’t seem to have a problem with President Bush putting these terrorist on trial here and I didn’t hear the outcry when Bush said he’d like to close Gitmo… As far as new terrorist attacks because we put terrorist on trial here.. We should never alter our justice system based on threats …we know more attacks will come anyway and it won’t even matter who’s in charge in Washington…

  • Dr. AZ Reed

    Bringing non-citizen violent offenders from a foreign culture into this nation to be tried in our courts gives them the rights of citizenship. These troublemakers were arrested in a war zone by an American soldier after leaving China one step ahead of arrest THERE.
    Such unbelievable “solutions” have been done to help these men such as allowing 4 Uighur detanees to live in a costly pink bungalow vacation home atop a hill in Bermuda with a swimming pool and lovely view. The terrorists were photographed in the pool, enjoying their US taxpayer-funded paradise. This is some Washington bureaucrats idea of how to handle these poor babies. Now we will offer them citizenship, next jobs taken from some other American, followed by financial subsidies.

    • April

      You are right as well. They have it better there than a lot of tax paying Americans and it is highly aggrivating and distasteful.

    • Banker

      Just shoot them.

    • BillyJ

      Dr. AZ Reed. I don’t know where you get your information from, but it is not correct. The Constitution does not guarantee rights to it’s citizens alone, it specifically guarantees them to all people and to all accused people, but it does not confer citizenship when brought too or retained on, US soil for the purpose of a trial. Foreigners are tried all the time without becoming a US citizen. You may be confused as they do have the same legal rights that we have, but they are not granted citizenship.

      • Mic

        These are not crooks in the streets, these are terrorists, war criminals who are adequately dealt with by the Military. Tax dollars, gives terrorists a chance to put the US Gov on trial and also to expose our secrets, no care given to 911 victims, etc… T

  • April

    You are right. If Bush would have finished the job in the first place and sent these sorry no good rascals on to the Father in Heaven (like He told us to do in the first place) we wouldn’t be dealing with this non-sense at this escalated level. Now, an even more evil administration than the last is in high offices of our government; and I for one take my American 2nd Amendment seriously and feel the need to be prepared to protect my family more than ever. I will just keep learning as much as I can so I can be prepared and to be a help in preserving our rights endowed by our Creator. Sometimes I feel like a lone insignificant little ant in the broad scheme of it all, but something in me won’t let me give up. Then I cross paths with others that are out there doing thier part and we encourage eachother and keep on a truckin’.

    • April

      I was responding to AZ Reed.

      • April

        I am sorry AZ REED. I was actually responding to Tacitus Dominatus. You must have responded before I clicked the submit button and then I remembered that others may be getting on here and so I looked at the name above mine and put your name in instead of Tacitus Dominatus.

    • Banker

      I repeat, just shoot them.

  • Thomas Bendoraitis

    You’re a scary lot…first of all, study who actually took down the twin towers and then tried to include W7 in the disaster. Perhaps the terrorists are the people you venerate. Just a thought! In God I trust.

    • American Citizen

      It doesn’t matter if they were involved in 9/11 or not, they were caught on the battlefield over there. Don’t you think they hate us enough to do us major hurts if they could?

    • American Citizen

      You may trust in God, but he depends on us to do His work.

  • Banker

    Need an update. Did we shoot them yet? If not, Why?

  • Rod

    Some of these people should be dishonorably discharged from the human
    race! anybody in their RIGHT mind will not bring these terrorist into
    this country and worry about wheather or not their nose is running.
    They deserve every consideration they gave us!

  • wayne allen

    I think that President Obama has disgraced America by apologizing to other countries for our past action, action that have protected not only Europe but other nations as well. During world war 1 and 2 was it not our young men and women who died fighting for freedom not only of our nation but for all free countries. When ever there is a disaster any where in the world who is the first nation there to help with food, medical supplies, and our own service personal in many instances. I don’t need him (Obama) to apoligez for me or my family. And I do not want terrorist to be in America, our service can and should judge and punish them. Try to remember 9-11 and the 3000 souls that died on that day, we need to send a strong message to any nation that thinks they can ever do this again.

    • john k

      I agree there is no nation that has done as much as the USA for freedom and wellbeing of not only Americans but people from many countries.Why obama thinks he needs to apoligize and call us an arrogant nation consider the source whos wife was it that said for the first time in her adult life she was proud of her country. I dont know about you but I have always been proud of my country and still am however I am not proud of our elected officals.I think that anybody who has a problem with us waterboarding should go pull up the video of terriost sawing off the heads of civilans and then tell me they deserve to be given maranda rights and brought to America and stand trial.Now we are trying to put CIA agents trial what is wrong with this picture.

  • http://None Silverchief

    I don’t see the need in bringing them to the United States. Why not just try them in Gitmo??

    • American Citizen

      That makes too much sense for this leftist government to absorb.

  • Mic

    It goes to show you, you can’t let democrats run the country, they will run it into the ground. At least Bush recently acknowledged his mistakes for acting like a democrat. I use to be dem., I changed to independent, Obama is OUT on the next election, We need people who are realistic about what needs to be done in today’s world.

  • Phil

    I’m not sure some of you understand the constitution or bill of rights… It wasn’t written just for Americans…. I was written ( in my opinion) as an example as to how All humanbeings should be treated… We shouldn’t get to pick & choose who get rights and who doesn’t…rights are basic to all humans…. Not just Americans…i’m also not afraid to let any accused terrorist have his say in court… If your afraid of what some hate driven terrorist has to say then you give his message credibility …good peope won’t buy they’re message… The ones that would will hate us anyway…

  • Phil

    Your argument… The terrorist saw off the heads of prisoners….. So are you saying that’s who we should be?..


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