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McCotter Floor Remarks on Obama: So this is what change looks like…

April 30, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Charles W Randolph

    He stands before the House of Representatives and talks to a nearly empty chamber. He lies, he tell half truths and says nothin new. In 1984 a HMO called my fathe and said oop sorry we over paid you on your cancer treatments and have exceeded your limits, no more payments. Why don’t you people admit you lost the last election and get over it. Stupidity is not pretty and yet you people demonstate it to the Nth fold.
    Your not Americans, your whiners of the worst sort and stop sending me your crap. I dont want to spend having to delete from my presence.

    • JC

      He didn’t tell one lie. Not One.
      Charles what you may not understand is that the HMO that was so awful to your father was an HMO working in cooperation with Government.
      In other words…MORE Government is not the solution to what is already a problem caused by too much Government.
      And “forcing” people to pay into a fund they may or may not use, that pays for illegal immigrants as well…is pretty much a communist agenda and completely UN American.

      Good Luck.

    • Allison Converse

      Too bad that you are not only inarticulate, misguided and have your head in the sand, you have no knowledge of English grammar either. Before you hit the Submit Comment button, try to review the words you have written and ensure that you have written it correctly. Otherwise your editorializing only further exacerbates your ignorance. And Mr. McCotter really has the truth! The fact that the House chamber is empty only underscores the realization that our “elected Lawmakers” do not take their responsibilites seriously. Why is the chamber empty? Why aren’t these elected represntatives in their seats? Good question to ask those whom you have elected!

      • Daniel

        Ah, but the chamber was not empty! It grows with each passing moment, and the ones who will benefit most from the words of Mr. McCotter are logging in to view and to listen to his words. They do not fall on deaf ears, though he be speaking in his closet. They ring ever louder.

    • Dottyj0

      Elections come and go friend. This is not the first time the party of the Right has lost an election. It amazes me that all of the people on the left love free speech as long as you are the only ones who are speaking. The only comments that you want to hear or make, is the if it comes from the left side of your mouth. Please allow common sense into your brain. Just a surely and you think you are right about everything, you can bet you are generally wrong about everything. Who whined more than the left when you were not in power, and I might add, with a lot less dignity. Let’s face it, Shannana and all her ignorant sibling are in your party. Most of the people of this nation voted in O’Bama Don, because he is Black. Guess what, I’m Black too, but I wasn’t that Black. Common sense rues the day for me. I would be the first person to support a President who is a member of a minority race in this nation. However, the color of his skin does not denote intergrity. I have tons of that, and the reality is, this man is a disgrace!

      • WL

        I agree with you on this matter completely. I am white, but I would have loved to be able to vote for Allen Keys, he is a true American that loves the country and all the people, no matter their color. Just think what Obama could have done for the Nation as the first black Pres, but instead he hates America and he is ruining our Country and that is exactly what he has in mind. What is so amazing to me is, WHERE ARE the true American’s in the House and Senate? What are they thinking? Why don’t they vote against this man. Greed is a terrible thing and it is spread all across Washington.

        • Cathy

          Alan Keyes WAS on the 2008 presidential ballot in Texas, and in 2004 and 2000, as well–it is the third election in a row that I have voted for him. Alan Keyes is a brilliant statesman. I find it discouraging that more Americans do not seem to ‘know’ him. This has nothing to do with race–and Keyes is truly ‘post-racial’–he was talking about the changes we need in government long before the Tea Party or any of the other conservative groups were. We need a whole new group of people in Washington–STATESMEN (and women) who refuse to play politics as usual, who will self-limit their terms in office, shrink the size of the entire bureaucracy back to the pre-1930′s model, get our national debt under control, move gov’t OUT of our daily lives–then GET OUT OF THE WAY!

          • JRBeaman

            You are right. Alan is also one of the few people in Washington that truly represent the people, He has a grasp on the big picture, something that the Democrats seem to lack. I certainly would have voted for him as well. Alan predicted what would happen if Obama was elected, and his predictions have been returned in spades. It is sad that when a black man finally gets elected that the one getting in, turns the rest of us into slaves to the government. What an unfortunate legacy this man will leave our once great country. For Obama will take the crown of the worst president ever from one who started our economic downfall, Jimmy Carter. You don’t believe me, you are not doing your homework. Yes, the government dumbing-down of America is a resounding success, how else could such a majority vote in this despicable man? Go back and listen to the speaches of Hayes on youtube of his predictions, it will enlighten you to what a black patriot sounds like, for a patriot of any color speaks truth based on facts and learns from history. Alan Keys is one of the best.

    • Mike In MI

      Good Times Charley -

      If you have some dispute with McCotter’s speech then a wise man would not make a blanket condemnation. He would freely cite his points of argumentation or where he sees McCotter digress into error. Then the points could be debated here on this venue where there are a legion of knowledgable and reasonable women and men…JC, Allison and DottyO for openers. I have gotten quite used to reading hasty and wild-eyed, fulminating humanist ideological madness sprayed all over my screen by Obama worshippers.(And, yes, humanism is a religion, concieved, written and reworked by men of corrupt minds and intents.) If you want to read this Humanist Manifesto go to http:/ click on “Articles” and scroll down to “CREATION / EVOLUTION DEBATE”.

    • Mike In MI

      Good Times Charley -

      If you have some dispute with McCotter’s speech then a wise man would not make a blanket condemnation. He would freely cite his points of argumentation or where he sees McCotter digress into error. Then the points could be debated here on this venue where there are a legion of knowledgable and reasonable women and men…JC, Allison and DottyO for openers. I have gotten quite used to reading hasty and wild-eyed, fulminating humanist ideological madness sprayed all over my screen by Obama worshippers.(And, yes, humanism is a religion, concieved, written and reworked by men of corrupt minds and intents.) If you want to read this Humanist Manifesto go to http:/ click on “Articles” and scroll down to “CREATION / EVOLUTION DEBATE”. Under this heading find “The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and the Humanist Manifesto”.

      Charles, you might consider that it has become evident that the electorate was entirely fooled during Obama’s campaign speeches. We all thought he was saying “Hope and Change”. In reality it is clearer every day he said over and over “Hope in chains”. McCotter is merely giving record to how that is being accomplished.

    • Megiddo

      Stupidity is ‘those that after seeing what they got still think this grave mistake was good’.

      • JRBeaman

        Once again the ignorance of the people has resulted in this Obamanation.
        People should study what all the dictators have told their people in order to be given more power, and to be elected. They claim to be for the little people, and promote hate toward the big businesses that provide the jobs for the little people. Once convincing the voters to grant new power, they then do the opposite, for the suppression of the majority is their goal. This way they can capitalize on the misery by claiming to help them, and break every promise made, as it is the power that they crave. Our distributed to the big business and organizations that (illegally) helped him get elected is his first order of business, and we saw this predictable action by Obama as he gives the Chicago Mob Unions total control of our health car industry. He gives Acorn billions of our money to reward them for using voter fraud to get people to vote that were not eligibility. And speaking of eligibility, Obama spends millions, while promising to provide a more transparent government) to hide all his records, and can only provide a birth Certificate proven to be forged. More broken campaign promises, of which there are specifically well over 100 of them, and yet many people still support this disaster to our once great nation. The ignorance and stupidity, and playing the race card got him elected as he promises entitlements to those not entitled, only to get elected, and to undermine the Constitutional Republic that is now headed to be just another 3rd world country under his helm. McCotter stated it perfectly, and I applaud him.

    • Cathy

      The entire country lost the last election simply because Obummer is going to destroy the United States of America. He stated, “In five days we’re going to fundamentally change the country.” But all of you Kool-Aid drinkers were so mesmerized that you foolishly voted for this arrogant, narcissist fraud.

      You libtards that say “we won” make me sick. I’m surprised you don’t say, “na na na na na” while sticking out your tongues. What a bunch of children you all are. But you can’t fix stupid.

      • Linnie B

        Please don’t insult children. They by and large are far more intelligent than this guy!

        • JK

          You are talking about our alien president, right?

    • Freedom Fighter

      He is right. You are wrong.

    • Justin N

      First off, this video is a demonstration of the power of the internet. In years past, a powerful speech like this could be swept under the rug. Now it cannot be hidden no matter how bad the dems want to hide it.

      Thad is correct. America will not only reverse this current tide of democratically lead socialism, but will also reverse the damages that the out of control liberals inflicted on America during the 70′s. With the bankruptcy of Social Security looming this year and the privatization of Medicare and Medicaid, the entire progressive movement will be set back about 80 years.

      Although the chamber that Thad spoke too was practically empty, his words will resonate in November.

    • Rick Metzger

      Look in your own mirror stupid! Why don’t you ask your liberal leaders to give all of there wealth to you sheeple who need so much help! This will also allow them to be just like the rest of us – Broke; then maybe they will think more concervatively! I am sorry about your father and his illness this I would not wish on anybody; perhaps he should have spent more time researching the insurance he was paying for. Yes we lost the election, and what it has given us is another lying SOB!


    • marvin

      Charles W Randolph you can run your mouth all you want but time will tell if you think we lost when all the tax and spend are in effect and 17000 more irs agents and this obamacare is in full force come back and tell me how it is working for you, you can go post on one of the other places that love your liberal view i and the rest do not i do not worship obama, obama and people like you have done more harm to this country in a year and a half then bush did it 8 years

    • barb

      If you’re going to shout about people being stupid, at least learn how to spell. You’re just another example of how government run programs are hurting this country. You must be a product of No Child Left Behind (no matter how much he may need the extra year to catch up to his grade level). McCotter just called it as he saw it and spoke plain English, most politicians don’t do that. I’m glad to see we’re finally getting a few people come out and say what many of us are thinking. It’s a nice change. By the way, look at all the new terrorist attacks we’re now open to since Obama went around the world kissing butt and bowing to every dictator he could. He makes us look weak and now the attacks are becoming more frequent. Guess what? It’s not a coincidence.

    • danny

      from an Aussie go to (words removed)

  • Harold

    To C. W. Randolph” You are just another Obama quisling and lap dog.
    If stupitity was a premium you would be rich. What Mc Cotter said was all truth. Obama is a socialist if not an outright communist.

    • s c

      Harold, CW is typical of so many people who aim their rage at others and do it in the name of ‘hope and change’ politics. What CW is doing amounts to a formal surrender to those who hate freedom, people who gleefully use and abuse others to get what they want, enslave people in the name of a false freedom, force others to embrace lies and put chains on the greatest country the world has ever known.
      CW has found ways to despise the Founding Fathers. CW is making his own bitter harvest, in an attempt to soothe his anger. CW has confused hatred with wisdom, and his ‘political allies’ will gladly let CW and others just like him put on their own chains.
      CW would do well to take off and mangle those rose-colored, “social justice” glasses. He’s walking with his eyes closed, and the edge of the cliff is a few steps ahead. CW’s world is based on hate and revenge. I know how he feels, but his anger is eating away at him. It may take another depression to get his attention.

      • Mike In MI

        sc -
        That depression would probably have to be that 6′ deep permanent one. Reason is these people just don’t change their minds until just before the Communist leaders pull the trigger, boring a neat little hole in the back of their skulls. Like Lenin, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Mao, Adolph (not Com unist but he did it), Pol Pot, Fidel…Gosh I’m just getting warmed up.

  • toLakewoodWA

    Thank you, Mr. McCotter. November: HOPE for the Republic & CHANGE for Congress!

  • William Dean

    He may be a congressman but doe he understand what he is saying? I doubt it.
    The President advocates for laws and Congress either passes such a law or not. Then the president either signs it in to law or not. The Health Reform Act was such a law that if McCotter Floor says is true, that law being a part of government will work in the interest for we the people.

    Congressman Floor had the opportunity to provide input into the Health Law and chose not to do so. His party lost the election and the vote on the issue much as did the Republicans lost on the Medicare Vote decades ago.

    Get over it. Floor should represent the best interests of his constituents and stop spreading fear and disension. Stop telling half a story and get hold of the bigger picture then congress can gain the respect of the public again.

    • Dottyj0

      Mr. Dean,
      I am sure you mean that the people on the left will be respecting the Congress again! That is if there is a Congress, a republic, or even a nation left when they finish detroying it. You will be the first to cry fowl when the walls of justice come tumbling down around you. Just remember that people in other parts of the world don’t have the priviledge that you do in a free society. I have traveled to other parts of the world. Nobody has it better. But as soon as democracy is destroyed, just know that the conservative agenda you hate, will no longer be in place to protect you from governmental tyranny, and socialism, when freedon dies. I am sure you will have to experience the exstremes of liberal oppression, before you will come to terms with truth. Those who now pay, will pay no more, and the congress is not going to give up one thin dime to feed hungry dead beats, when the smoke clears.

      • barbsmann

        Dottyj0 – People like CWR and Dean are the types that have to have their family killed in their own home before they think owning a gun for self protection isn’t such a bad idea. You’re right, they won’t understand until it’s too late.

    • marvin

      William Dean you like the rest of obama lover are blind and most likely brain dead from smoking or snorting to much , and can not think for your self and just love a handout to get you to your next fix you just can not fix blind stuped

  • kenneth e. krawczyk

    Sadly, there appears to be few people seated at the time of his speech, so his words go no where with Congress, but will be seen by many on the Internet. I am thankful for men such as this; perhaps there is still hope for our government if we get more men and women such as Mr. McCotter.

    I don’t understand all the rules of Congress, but there should be some rule to make sure his words are heard, or read, by all.

  • Funny Guy

    We are trying to protect ourselves from the growing crime problem. Not all illegals are criminals but a growing portion of our criminals are illegals. Unless the Federal government actually steps up to plate and takes action what are we supposed to do. Ignore the crime that is spilling across the borders. I wish we could deport all the criminals without effecting the good non-citizens and that is the intent of this law.

    • C Hughes

      Just a quick correction to the comment that ‘not all illegals criminals’….uh excuse me but they are. They are here ILLEGALLY…they have broken the law therefor they are crimminals.

      And a couple of simple procedures would force them to take the legal steps to be here.

      1] Don’t issue them Driver’s Licenses.
      2] Don’t sell them auto insurance.
      3] Not allowed to own property or real-estate.
      4] Not allowed to rent either…
      5] Must have a green card to work. Make it easy for employers
      to verify their status. Fine the heck out of any employer that
      hires an illegal. But only after making it easy for the employer
      to verify their status.

      The simple fact that they are here illegaly puts them at an extreme disadvantage, placing them at the dubious mercy of those who use, abuse and take advantage of them.

      If they were here legally they would have less to fear, and far more freedom. We are doing them no favor by allowing them to be here illegally.

      And get off the ‘show me your papers’ rant. I am 57 years old, and obviously well over 18 and yet I have to show my ID to purchase cigarettes. And soon they will require that my ID/Drivers License be SCANNED so they will know I bought them…Why? Not hard to guess on that one. Will, they soon do the same thing for SALT, SUGARY drinks..and whatever other part of our lives they want to cotrol? You can bet on it.

  • http://AOL Baby

    CW..May God heal your heart and open your mind. McCotter told the truth, yet sadly you have already submitted to all the lies told by Obama and all I can do or say is that I will and will always pray for you and as I call them “The Others” that our true leader GOD will find a way to open not only your heart, but your mind and eyes to what is the truth. May GOD bless you and yours and may as always…GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • http://AOL Baby

    O’My..Mr.William please say it isn’t so! Your out look on this is sad Sir!, but like I commented to CW, I will be praying..Praying hard! All things can be changed and change is coming sooner then you think, and not the awful change Obama has giving us, but real change that this great nation has been in need of for a long..long time. 2012 is not going to be the end of the world, just the end this awful nation, we the people have let it become ;-)..GOD bless.

  • Rob

    He’s right on! Who do you think is going to pay for ObamaCare!

  • Doc Sarvis

    He should be glad the Health Care Reform included so many Republican provisions.

  • Carly Baker

    Well said ! I whole-heartedly agree. We the Amercian people are not stupid like our president thinks we are.

  • P.S.Lavtok

    The stentoriam voice of Congressman Thaddeus McCotter is striking,
    his grave manner impressive, his words patriotic sounding but the message is silly.
    Mr. Obama and “his” Democratic congress (that’s Rep. McCotter’s usage of the personal pronoun, not mine) were both elected by an unambiguous election in 2008. The Congressman implied that, somehow, the President has usurped something that is not his. Horsefeathers!
    “Our” Medical system is a runaway freight train which leaves large number of worthy folk, insecure, uncared for and hopelessly behind.
    [I am a physician (a U.S. Medical Graduate), 67 years of age, and have seen every aspect of the system....the good, the bad and the terrible!].
    So whatever irrational fear grips the likes of Rep. McCotter it is certainly not based on the clear needs of our nation. Until one has seen the fear in the eyes of a man (middle class,in his 50′s, working for a well known U.S. corporation who has just found that the larcenous, thieving, uncaring, nasty, Private Insurance company he chose from his employer’s menu of choices has informed him that his wife is “not covered” because…..[fill in the blanks]…!; until you have seen that in its actuality, people should not spout flatulent words about freedom, democracy and high-sounding hogwash.
    We all believe in motherhood and apple-pie but let’s construct a
    system that does not condemn millions to health insecurity.

    • s c

      PSL, are you aware that Obummer’s wealthcare scam will force many MDs into an early retirement? If that happens, how will Obummer replace them? Are you aware that Obummer’s wealthcare scam will fork over control of America’s healthcare system to an inefficient, incompetent government that consistently makes programs worse?
      Let me use the ‘logic’ of many progressives on this website. Obummer’s camp-followers routinely accuse people on this website of working for insurance companies. Do you work for the FDA or Big Pharma? Frankly, you sound like you’ve been ‘coached.’ I can only hope that you’re not on Obummer’s medical czar ‘short list.’
      At least you didn’t dare claim that the UK and Canadian healthcare systems are better than ours. I fail to understand how you can be 67 years old and have such a lofty opinion of Uncle Scam.
      If you are a practicing MD, you seem to have lived an incredibly sheltered life. Are you aware that the FDA and Big Pharma make most insurance companies seem like world-class philanthropists?
      Frankly, you sound like you’d be much happier in Cuba.

    • jerry rogers

      If you love the idea of taking every ones tax dollars to pay for a system that most don’t want, why don’t you just donate your services for free and pay the way for those not covered under their insurance? After all you are already 67 and a doctor, surely you have already made more money than you could possibly ever need!

  • Jacopone

    I am delighted Charles Randolph queued-up first. His statement reveals a condition emblematic of ails our nation; intolerant pugnacious ignorance of the left. They allow no quarter for serious debate and discussion on matters of our national affairs. Their swollen numbers delivered one of their own to sit in the White House, for a little while. Obamazation is a wake-up call for decent people to get serious. Sacrifice for the nation is not the singular job of our military, it is the responsibility for all freedom loving citizens. In a peculiar way, Obama is the object lesson we have needed to overcome political complacency. Sensing it is the responsibility of others to look after us, we carelessly vote for candidates to go off to Washington to look after the nation’s affairs. Voting is a serious responsibility. Clearly, those with limited scholastic capacity cannot be relied upon to make best decisions for the rest of us. So, thank you Randolph and Obama for bringing our deficiencies to our attention.

  • Tommy Mac

    Um, seems to me that things were not a whole lot different when the GOP ran the ship. Government continued to grow and our rights continued to be ignored and trodden upon.

  • http://google mike b.

    Amen brother! Truer words have never been more spoken. Hussein Obama and his thug administration and the criminal democrat congress is intent and will stop at nothing in bankrupting, trampling the constitution and ruining everything this once great nation stood for. Hussein Obama and his minions in the state-run m ainstream media are in the process of turning america into all-out government control. This is a socialist, marxist thug administration that hates america. Hussein Obama is the most radical pres. in american history and was tought and indoctrinated into hating and desping our freedoms from ayers, alinski, acorn and rev. wright. We must vote this criminal, juvenile democrat congress, led by constitutional criminals Pelosi and Reid out in Nov. and making Hussein Obama a one-term pres. in 2012. They are more interested in giving rights and lawyers to terriosts than the average american citizens. They are disarming and weaking our military power and our ability to defend ourselves and are proud of it, as if it’s a great thing that america is no longer a super power in the world. Hussein Obama is apologizing for america’s greatness and bowing down to foreign leaders while at the same time talking to dictators such as chavez, a-jad without any pre-conditions. Hussein Obama is a joke of a leader and has never ran anything, any kind of business, and his only experience is that of a community agitator. The only change he intended for america is to became a communist dictatorship nation ran by his regime and his thug administration and tax-cheat members. His mighty expansion and intrusion of the federal government has only just begun. He is more concerned about rights of terriosts and illegals than those of average law-abiding american citizens, and finding jobs for the 10% un-employed and millions more who have given up looking for work. 160,000 new IRS agents has been hired by this thug Hussein Obama to enforce this new healthcare law that YOU, the tax-payer will have to pay for. If Hussein Obama and his minions are re-elected there will be NOTHING left for the future generations of americans, as he has already quad-trupled the debt in just 1 year and 4 months in office. Hussein Obama is a disgrace for what our founding fathers of our nation intended, and if re-elected it will be the end of america as we once knew it, and will be a catastrophy, and he and his thug administration will damage it beyond repair. We must vote out the criminal congress, who passes bills behind closed doors, 2,200 page bills without being read until ramming it down the people’s throats, makiing illegal back-room special, sweetheart deals for certain members of the democrat congress, and non-televised, non-transparent meetings and ignoring the will of the people(every major poll showed majority of americans disapproved of healthcare bill and support for the bill is dropping more and more everyday). They must and will be voted out in nov. Hussein Obama and his sorry excuse for a presidency must be defeated in 2012 as he is more intent on attacking our allies and the only democracy in the middle-east, Isreal, with threats and sanctions and isolation and practically ignoring and snubbing p.m. B.N. in his recent trip to the white house and giving up land and territory that is rightfully theirs as if Hussein Obama and idiot Biden own it. This democrat criminal congress and arrogant, self-loathing, condencending, smug tyrant Hussein Obama must be defeated and stopped from further expanding and intruding the government into the lives of the american people. WE MUST DO THIS FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR KIDS AND GRANDKIDS SO THEY WILL HAVE SOME REMBLANCE OF AMERICA LEFT AND ENJOY SOME OF THE FREEDOMS WE HAD OF THIS ONCE GREAT NATION. THEY ARE ELECTED BY WE THE PEOPLE AND THEY MUST WORK FOR US AND NOT INRTUDE ON US, WE DO NOT WORK FOR THEM. THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO SERVE AND PROTECT OUR RIGHTS GIVEN TO US BY THE CONSTITUTION, NOT TAKE THEM AWAY DAY-BY-DAY!!!! YES, INDEED, THIS REP. FROM MICHIGAN WAS EXACTLY RIGHT IN EVERY SINGLE WORD HE SAID, AND HE SHOULD BE COMMENDED FOR HIS COURAGE, CANDOR, AND CONVICTION. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • connie s

      AMEN Mike B i couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!!!It’s a shame that a thug like him and his administration are left in office i think we the people should “IMPEACH” the low life scum and stop them from ruining our country before they mess it up beyond repair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • http://yahoo phillip chapman


  • minnie

    REP. THADDEUS MC COTTER, All I can say is WOW!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Every word you said is so TRUE. It brought tears to my eyes that were not there. YOU NEED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY. IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME. We NEED GOOD PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN OUR GOVERNMENT. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!

  • Carly Baker

    I wonder where people have been that believe the answer to our problems is GOVERNMENT. I simply cannot understand why a person with reasonable intelligence would think a government take over is the answer. Part of the problem with our health care is BECAUSE of government either preventing competition or not passing laws to eliminate frivilous lawsuits.

  • jeffrey raymond

    Shameful that America has come to this. Believing that by electing a black man would bring us as a nation closer than ever before, but no the change elluded to in obamas campaine was not to better Americans or America but enslave us. It’s soon to be people ruled by government not the government by the people or for the people. The anti American rhetoric by the Clintons who are trying their hardest to reduce the constitution to a mere piece of worthless paper, saying no to the 2nd ammendment, no to freedom of speech, that if you say no to policies you’re labled as a home grown terrorist or racist. Riot police are called out to a peaceful gathering of geriatrics at a teaparty to be controlled while illegals throwing bottled water, sticks, and other debri and the attacking on police officers goes unchecked, not even televised. Shameful that Mr. McCotter speaks to a nearly empty chamber but that his words should be echoed at ever town hall, every section meeting, every meeting of congress. The fact that it isn’t shows the direction and cowards of our elected representatives. The people mostly white elected the very president who screems racism. Obama won’t be happy until America is destroyed. Where have all the heros gone? Men of honor in this attack on America and it’s way of life? We have the WORST so called commander in chief, whose goal is to destroy us, cause an economic collapse, and raping America of her dignity with obamas apology tour, spending, lying. Why hasn’t obama been impeached and shown to be the traitor and the not only a domestic enemy but a foreign enemy as well.
    America is still a free country and as such we will do well to respect the constitution that was well written and worked for us since it’s inception.
    God Bless America and her constitution. Might I add God Bless You mr MCCotter for your patriotism and courage to stand for truth and honor as all Americans should.
    This speech by Mr. McCotter should be played on every talk show program, every radio station, and every Congressional meeting. I would like to hear Obamas reply to this speech and ask why no one was present?

  • Juan F Saenz

    We need more pressure on this illegal guy occupying the white house.
    Wake up AMERICANS.

  • Freeme

    Thaddeus is THE MAN! I have not seen ONE OTHER REP OR SENATOR deliver a more truthful and to the point summary of BO than Thaddeus. God bless him and may He protect all of us in this failing faltering life altering times and events. I will say an extra prayer for Mr. McCotter, that he may keep up his strength forged with integrity and continue to speak for WE THE PEOPLE.

  • James Galyon

    We speak out about Obama stepping all over the Constitution and being a Socialist. We voice our opinion of needing new representation in government and taking back control of the Congress. We talk of wanting to protect our freedom and our rights. No matter if we are ultra-liberal or ultra-conservative or somewhere in between, the laws we keep talking about are ones that we want so we can satisfy ourselves first. I hear very little from either side about the laws we should be seeking to guide us. God’s laws! We fear higher taxes and loss of our rights more than we fear God because He is not currently in our face. He is not in our face because we as a nation have turned out collective face away from Him. This nation was not founded by people who came here for better health coverage, or to earn more money. They risked everything for one reason. It was to find a place where they could serve God Almighty in their own way without oppression. They feared God and sought after His will to such a degree that they were willing to leave their home country to seek a place to worship Him freely. How many of you would risk your lives and that of you families to go to church on Sunday? These people spent months on boats with rats and spoiled food with many dying on the trip, just to be able to freely worship. These were people escaping an oppressive government and willing to risk all because of their faith. We cringe in fear when someone says we are not tolerant when all we are doing is voicing what we believe to be God’s law.
    A war can never be won from a defensive position. Each time we speak a truth from God’s word we are told we are being offensive. Well, that is just what we need to be…on the offensive. This was a nation founded on Christian principles by people who went on the offensive, not by atheist or Muslim or any other religion. As God-fearing Christians we should have a faith strong enough to at least stand up for what others fought for us to have. Instead we cringe at the least complaint and let those who hate God push us around. IT IS NOT HATFUL TO STAND FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE! We “whisper”, and talk in hushed tones when we speak of our Christian beliefs. We use the excuse that it is because fear offending others. That is a LIE! The real reasons we whisper is because we fear being ridiculed buy those ones we offend. Let me enlighten you about something. They are not being offended! They are just using your fear of offending them as a weapon to shut you up so they can have their way, and their way has nothing to do with serving God Almighty or anything to do with why this country was founded. They are not the least bit worried about offending you. Just as light always dispels the darkness, truth dispels untruth. If you want to talk about being offended then I am offended when we give away our God given right to worship Him or even speak His name in public. I am offended when we give up rights that were earned the blood of others in a time when most still had a reverent fear of God because they remembered how this very blessed nation came about. Most of all I am offended at the apathetic attitude that has swept our nation, a nation built by people who feared God above all. The best way for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing…and we are doing nothing.
    I personally have a faith in Jesus Christ and a belief that I will one day have a home in Heaven for all eternity. In a way that belief makes all the fuss and fret over what goes on her on earth seem kind of small, except for the fact that God told us to go out and tell others about Him so that others could one day have a Heavenly home. The original founders of this country did just that. We should be willing to speak out and fight for what we believe. If not, those who ARE willing to do so will, and they are doing it right now. God is still in control, but He gave us the freedom to accept or refuse His help. We are still a nation of faith. It has just been hidden away. Put God back in the #1 place in your lives and in this nation. He still loves us and the promise made in 2 Chronicles 7:14 is still true today.
    He said, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” I pray that God will once again bless our land.

    • Sue

      Amen! Amen! Amen!

      I voted for McCain, not because I thought he was perfect, but because I KNEW Obama was the greater evil. My family thought they were voting on money issues. I voted moral issues. I rather die financially broke, than spiritually broke. Please God, forgive them!

  • Freda yingling

    Well the reason he speaks to a half empty house is the fact that these people waste our dollars by not showing up for work. If you or I would not show up for our job we would be fired. This entire government has lost its collective mind and needs to be replaced.

  • http://Drudge Evie Nelson

    I say we get behind Thaddeus (Thad) McCotter and start a grass roots campaign to get him out before the public ASAP and see our response to him propel him to the top of the list for 2012!!! Where has he been? He is articulate, precise and has a resolve that cannot be denied as truthful and vigilant to the truths that will spell out the seriousness of this country’s peril under the current socialist driven administration. The Republican party needs to get behind this man IMMEDIATELY!! VOTE McCotter 2012 !!

  • http://Drudge Evie Nelson

    Thaddeus (Thad) McCotter for President 2012! !! Finally a rising Republican star that we can get behind that is articulate and firm in his delivery. WOW where has he been? This is someone we can unite around that speaks distinctly to the seriousness of the danger of Obama to our United States of America.

  • Jules

    Thad is RAD!!! Keep up the good work McCotter. Slam the marxist every chance you get. We’ll take back this country soon enough.

  • Airangel

    Cartoon “Maxine’s” health care plan for Seniors 65+…(for fun) :-)~

    So you’re a senior citizen and the government says no health care or pension for you, what do you do?

    Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets.

    You are allowed to shoot 2 MP’s and 2 Senior Government Officials.

    Of Course, this means you will be sent to prison where you will get 3 meals a day, a roof over your head, and all the health care you need!
    New teeth, no problem.
    Need glasses, great.
    New hip, knees, kidney, lungs, heart? All covered.
    And who will be paying for all of this?
    The same government that just told you that you are too old for health care.
    PLUS, because you are a prisoner, you don’t have to pay any more income taxes.


  • Tony

    CWR and Mr Dean,
    Take your heads out of your A$$s. You and your way of thinking are the real problem. McCotter speaks the truth and you are too stupid to give credence to what he says because you are buffaloed by the liberals and you wont be happy until you and yor children are paying for what you allowed them to do – ruin this great country. You are too arrogant to listen to any other point of view unless it agrees with yours. You abject blanket criticism and state no talking points for debate. You are both idiots and would do well to find another blog site that shares your views. Maybe then you could reduce the cost of your blood pressure medication. Oh and by the way, there is a reason that the symbol for the Democratic party is a donkey. I’ll let you ponder that one. Write back if you need the answer.

  • Tony

    Oh and by the way, where is the outrage at Obama for the Times Square bombing attempt ? I Bush were still in office and this happened on his watch you liberals would be all over blaming his administration for the fact that it was allowed to happen, regardless of the fact that it was a failure.

  • Pace

    He spoke nothing but the TRUTH, and those that belittle his words as anything else but TRUTH are prejudiced by his color, and I’m not talking about obama’s color. Obama made the statement on national TV that “AMERICA is not a christian nation, it is a nation of many beliefs. If it comes down to making a choice, I will stand with the muslims”. Abraham Lincoln would roll over in his grave if he knew the man that mimics him, would like to be likened as Lincoln himself. It is true that there are many belief’s on Christianity in America, but True Christianity is all about Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Dean

    Amen, Brother McCotter!

  • Danny Jeffrey

    That Sir, was one moving address. Words well chosen, words well delivered and words undeniably true are truly scarce in today’s political atmosphere.

    I know not your future aspirations nor qualifications but I would one day hope to see a President stand behind a podium and speak to the American people with the honesty and conviction that I just witnessed in you.

    President Obama has caused fear and concern to settle upon the people of this great country as would a curtain of gloom descend upon the land before a impending storm. It is an outstanding joy that I feel when I realize that not all leaders in our Capital should be replaced. Our future will be decided in the ballot box and it is my hope that there we will eliminate the politicians and retain the statesmen and stateswomen that adhere to the principals of the Constitution.

    Leaders such as you and Michelle Bachman are fanning the embers that one day may burst into a new flame of liberty for America.

    Thank you Sir. You have made my day.

    P.S. Should you ever consider relocating, California could certainly use someone with your code of ethics.

  • Ken

    Thank you Mr McCotter. You are an honorable man.

    • chapo

      I agree.

  • Dave

    Harold and allyou others yelling “socialist”, Will any of you sign and live by the ANTI-SOCIALISM PLEDGE????

  • BrotherPatriot

    Listening to this speech being given…gives me & others some comfort and great joy. Knowing that TRUE American’s are still represented by honorable people is what I’m referring to. Mr. Thaddeus McCotter is another Patriot on the front lines who needs our vocal support. Even though the floor was mostly empty, the internet once again shows us how important it is. Come November, this speech will ring out once again clear and precise for all to hear.

    We NEED to remove the encumbants, the Bilderberg puppets, and put in more men and women such as Mr. McCotter. A true representative of the American people.

    Thank you sir for standing up and saying what needs to be said. We the people of America stand with you. Much love and respect for your work, good sir.

  • Billy Mckay

    Very useful post. Your current Weblog style is awesome as well!

  • Bob Marshall

    Michigan, as well as American should be proud of this congressman and his convections. Nice to see we still have a few Patriots in congess.


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