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McConnell: Obama, Federal Government Trying To Do Too Much

February 3, 2010 by  

McConnell: Obama, federal government trying to do too muchThe Republican Party response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, given by Virginia Governor Bob McConnell last week criticized the current administration’s policies regarding the economy, healthcare reform and unemployment.

McConnell, a rising star in the GOP, applauded Obama on his government spending freeze proposal, but condemned the president’s response to the rising deficit and high unemployment rate.

"Good government policy should spur economic growth, and strengthen the private sector’s ability to create new jobs," said the Virginia Governor. "What government should not do is pile on more taxation, regulation and litigation that kill jobs and hurt the middle class."

McConnell also said that Americans want an affordable, high-quality healthcare system, but "do not want to turn over the best medical care system in the world to the federal government."

In his address, in front of a crowd of supporters in Richmond, Va., McConnell agreed with several of the president’s initiatives, including education reform and the decision to deploy more than 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. The governor’s oldest daughter was an Army platoon leader in Iraq, according to Fox News.

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  • Disgusted

    He is absolutely correct! This administration is out of control with their “look what I accomplished while in office” goals. They need to concentrate on getting our nation back on financialy stable ground FIRST. They need to take a look at all the “programs” currently working (i.e. welfare, disability, medicare) and get them straightened out as there is so much waste and abuse. Why would we want to have the government in charge of our healthcare when they can’t properly run the programs they are already in charge of.

    • eyeswideopen

      Disgusted, how can they accomplish that feat, when the Repubs won’t work with them? Sad, thing is, when the country goes down, the Repubs will be at the bottom with everyone else, their money won’t be worth anything either. During our last bad recession, during Reagan’s time, the Dem’s worked with him, to fix our problems. Then when Bush sr. had to raise our taxes, I didn’t hear any Repubs complaining. What is the difference? Except the Banks caused a bigger problem, and the Repubs are more power hungry, and just trying to get their power back. When they do get it back, I hope the Dem’s treat them the same way and they can’t get crap done either. Karma is a funny thing.

      • Joe H.

        You seem to forget that the repubs tried to reach across and all that happened was the libbies went into closed door meetings and no repubs allowed. Sorta like when you were a kid and the boys had a fort and told you no stinky girls allowed!!!! They’re spoild kids in adult bodies!!!

        • Michael J.

          I think females are allowed in those closed door orgies. Notice how Pelosi has aged in the last 6 months? And Dirty Harry looks a little stooped over and haggered these days, don’t you think? Is Nancy burning Harry’s candle at both ends? Nah… couldn’t be, it’s probably just progressive aging, right?

        • eyeswideopen

          Joe, I watched all the committee meetings on C-span, and the Republicans were there in force, for over 4 months. Yes, the last two meetings, after the Dems realized that the party of No, was going to continue to be party of NO, went to meetings without the party of No. Why bother having them there, they weren’t going to vote for anything. Are you saying that the parties cannot hold private meetings within their own caucus? I really like the fact that the party of No, just voted No, on the pay- as- you- go, bill, so funny as they had 7 sponsors of that bill, prior to voting NO!!!!

  • Donald

    The Idiot we have in the White House is going to Bankrupt the nation.
    Remember the Idiots that are voting in the Senate and Congress are the one’s who authorizing the spending.
    I suggest we get rid of about 100 Democratic Congressmen in November
    send them a strong message that this bull crap is not going to be put up with by them are anyone else. This can be done . A change of 100 seats can be accomplish. There are already 50 to 60 coming.
    In the Senate it may be really hard but not impossible to get 10 more
    Senators and the Senate will be taken away from those IDIOTS !
    Boxer,Reid,Dodd,Spector,burris, seats are in play and if the Democrats try some crap between now and the electionday they could lose other seats.

  • Raggs

    It’s a fast track to socialism, they know the dumbocraps have a limited time remaining so they are fast tracking…
    Currently SEIU is neck deep in “changing” the immigration laws to allow immigrants to vote this year for the dumbocraps since the election in Mass went against obama and his cronies.. 2 out of three illegal immigrants voted for obama in 08…now they want more votes.

    • Harold Olsen

      SEIU, according to SEIU, is the big savior of this country. Out to help the common man. I belong to SEIU, but not by choice. I work as a security officer and a little over three years ago they came around to try to get us to switch unions. They got voted in. I was a member of Security, Police and Fire Professionals Association (
      SPFPA). Some of our sites still are SPFPA, but the majority are SEIU. The person I spoke to promised that our union dues would be less under SEIU ($15 a month as apposed to $25 a month) and we would get much better benefits. We would be much better off under SEIU. Nothing but a pack of lies! Reality: Under SPFPA I was paying $25 a month union dues. Under SEIU we are now paying $35 to $40 a month. Under SPSPA we got uniform allowance. We lost it under SEIU. Under SPFPA three of our paid holiday, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years, were double time holidays. Under SEIU, we have no double time holidays. Just time and a half holidays. Under SPFPA if we choose to opt out of the union, we can and don’t have to pay any union dues. Under SEIU we can opt out of the union but would still be required to pay union dues but would get no union benefits. Under SPFPA Group Health medical benefits cost us $89 a month. The exact same benefits under SEIU costs $118 dollars a month. Yep, SEIU sure is better, isn’t it???

      • Joe H.

        just goes to show you that the bigger the union the higher the corruption!!!!!

      • Joe H.

        I am surprised that coal miner didn’t jump on you for dissing the union or any union for that matter!!! Of course this column isn’t done yet!!!

        • eyeswideopen

          JoeH, have you ever considered that some people have to work in the mines, they had no education and couldn’t get out of their towns. Yes, they had unions as they were losing too many men to bad conditions and had no one to stand up for them. How you can critize someone who worked such an ugly hazardous job. Without Coal, this country would be in worse shape than it is now. Without people like Coalminer, you would be paying out the nose for energy. You are all nothing but a bunch of condescending hypocrites. First you complain about people not working and taking from the government, then when they did work, they did the wrong kind of work, according to your standards. I take it that people working at a fast food resturant don’t meet up to your high standards either do they? What kind of Christians critize others for the jobs they have? Look at what your party affiliation has done for you…. you critize how someone makes a living. Sad, very, very sad.

          • Joe H.

            on that subject I’m only giving what I got from him!!! I have been called a scab by him, had my family insulted by him and I decided to return tit for tat. Course it is like you to miss that!!! Go preach to some body else!!!

          • libertytrain

            eyes, so sad to call Coal Miner uneducated – but if he doesn’t find offense, I certainly won’t.

          • eyeswideopen

            Liberty, I said “some” people. repeat: I said “some” people. I certianly hope that he didn’t interpret that statement to mean that I thought he was uneducated, as you did. Never my intent.

            Coalminer, I am terribly sorry, if I offended you.

  • Wildcat from Dallastown, PA

    The problem with Obama’s budget is that it reflects directly his socialist concept of redistribution of wealth whose design follows function. Along those lines one must remember that Obama does not have a hearing problem concerning hearing the thoughts of the American people who are absolutely against his budget, his policies and his acquiescence to the methods to accomplish his categorically un-American agenda; he is simply apathetic about what they think! He stated during his recent speech that he plans pressing on with his agenda undeterred by recent election results.

  • Barbara

    I am so sick of people looking at our current situation an suggesting that all this came about in 12 months ( this is how long this administaration has been in office. What we are currently experiencing is an accumalation of the last 9 years. I would agree that the administration should take on 1 big issue at a time, and leave the health care alone, But what would you do if you were in the office? Why not submit suggestions instead of critizing. Nothing is going to be accomplished in 12 months if it was that easy it would have been done by the previous administration. Yes I believe spending such as what Pelosi just spent in December should totally stop.

    • Raggs

      Bah-Hum-Bug! Blaming Bush is exactly what they want you to do. obama the messiah does that everytime he show’s his face on TV… Bush was not a socialist obama is! he created the market crash to thrust America in a nanny state, the bail-out’s the hand-out’s the take over of the bank’s the auto industries the health care scam the climate change scam all of this is designed to take control of our live’s.
      Read your history start with hitler!!!!

      • http://yahoo Michael

        Its too bad they don’t teach history , in many schools anymore .

        It wasn’t my favorite subject; but I’m glad I was required to take it !

        • Harold Olsen

          Do our schools teach anything but socialism these days?? They sure don’t seem to be teaching anything worthwhile in our schools any more.

        • Joe H.

          Did you see the report about N.C. schools tonight on Fox? They want to start American history with the Ruthorford Hayes presidency and ignore all that came before!!! Sounds like something the libs would like….. if you don’t teach about the founding fathers then the kids don’t learn about them and they won’t gripe about trampling on their memory!!!!! Can we please try these crappers on some crime that puts them away for as long as possible???

          • usmadgirl

            Hey Joe H,

            We must watch the same things all the time! I e-mailed Glenn as soon as I saw Special Report about the new NC school curriculum! I’m glad my sons are grown or their schools would have an extra student sitting in classes every day – ME!

            If they start at Rutherford B. Hayes, they can omit (as you said) the founders, our Constitution, but also all those “silly wars” & those other “unimportant events” that made us what we are today (or at least what we were until a year ago)! Why don’t we just start from “um, um, um, Barack Hussein Obama”? Why even bother with all the other unnecessary presidents?

            I swear, kids would probably be smarter if they stayed at home & watched TV! I put the NC school curriculum video below, in case someone didn’t see it.


          • usmadgirl

            Joe H,

            One more thing. Bob McConnell said he agreed with some of Obama’s initiatives including “education reform”, but we need to write Governor McConnell to remind him what “reform” means to this administration. If health care “reform” means “government-controlled” health care, then what does “education reform” mean?

            Did you see the videos on Glenn today showing O-bum-a saying that “you’ll be able to keep your doctor” over & over then on 1/29/10, saying “some of the wording was ‘snuck in’ that might have violated that pledge”? What a lying progressive pile-o-pooh!

        • Joe H.

          Yeah I saw the liar on the report. I swear this guy can’t speak without lying!!! It must be some kind of handicap!!! I’m watching him campaign at the national prayer breakfast right now and I’m getting a little sick!!!

          • Raggs

            I also seen Beck bring this out in the open…
            This goes to show what obama really is about “SOCIALISM” and big government controlling our lives…. Pelosi and reid are still working on the bill and you can bet we will not know what is in it until it passes.

      • Harold Olsen

        Wrong!! As Charles Krauthammer said in November of 2008, George W. Bush was the most socialist president in the history of this country. I agree with that. Having said that, just remember one thing. It is Congress, not the president, who spends the money. The president can’t spend a dime without their approval. Who has ruled the two houses of Congress the majority of the time? The Democrats, that’s who!! The Obama regime can no longer blame Bush. It’s his economic crisis, not Bush’s. He is pushing through polices that are deliberately intended to destroy our economy and Congress is gladly going along with him. He wants to spend and waste our tax money and they are more than willing to do it. Spending and wasting our tax dollars is the breath of life to the Democrats.

      • eyeswideopen

        Raggs, what do you call a group who passes a bill called Medicare Advantage to the tune of 800 billion dollars? That is definately a socialist program and you didn’t even bother to pay for it. It was unfunded, and now Obama must figure out a way to pay that baby. Does the word hypocrite mean anything to you? A SOCIALIST PARTY PASSED THAT BILL. and they did it in the dark of night.

    • DaveH

      This is an accumulation of what has been happening for the last 100 years as Government has managed to increasingly ignore their Constitutional Limits.

      • Claire

        DaveH–Truer words were never spoken. Finally, a person that realizes that this has been going on for years.

    • http://yahoo Michael

      You people should reliaze that this idiot said befor ehe was elected , that he would cut the debt in half the first year,
      and he should have been aware of the amount; but , with him ; idoubt it .

      Instead; he quadrupled it , the first year .

      That didn’t have anything to do with the former president; he made a statement, it only proves , that he knows nothing ; and will continue to LIE to all of us !

      • Harold Olsen

        Maybe Obama is just dyslexic and gets his terms backwards. You know, when he said cut he actually meant increase. When he said he would have the most transparent administration in the history of this country he meant opaque. Or maybe it’s just that he is stupid and thinks that we are even more stupid than he is.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Barb to be totally honest it hasn’t been over the last nine year, it has been ever since Wilson. The Repubs just do it slower. However, this President wants to make up for lost time and completely break us in one year. It is soo sad. We have to educate the voters to what is really going on here so we can throw them all out and start a fresh.

  • Warrior

    Hey, it’s the IRS’s Birthday today. 97 years old. Where’s the party?

    • s c

      Warrior, you supply the birthday cake, and I’ll gladly supply the Ex-Lax.

      • Joe H.

        Hey, dont’ use Exlax around Washington, or we will have a national crisis!!! Do you have any idea how toxic the end result of exlax in Wash. would be?????

    • usmadgirl


      Don’t you think that’s old enough to go before O-bum-a’s “death panel”?

  • susan

    I am so sick of obama saying “I did this!” ” I did that! . and “My people are doing this! He walks around with his nose stuck up so high I’m surprised he doesn’t fall over backward. Personally I’ve put the American flag back on my car. I feel so helpless against what he’s doing to all of us. We all know how obama feels about the American flag. That is the only way I know of sending out my message that I am for America not obama. Can you imagine the message it would send to Washington if everyone put the flag on their car to show that they are united against obama and his cronies? Who would think our govt. could be so blatantly crooked and get away with it. Does anyone know what the other countries are saying about us?

    • s c

      Susan, the rest of the world sees America as another sinking Titanic since obummer got into the White House. They see obummer as a first-rate, self-made loser. As long as obummer is allowed to think he’s a ‘legend in his own mind,’ he’ll expect at least one more NPP [Nobel Peace Prize] before he has to leave Washington.
      Hopefully, America will survive him, all of his many therapy-starved pals and all of his evil, America-hating schemes.

    • Harold Olsen

      You put the American flag back on your car? Don’t you know that in some cities that is a dangerous thing to do? Cops in some cities consider that to be subversive. That and anything else patriotic.

      • JeffH

        Harold Olsen, I find that difficult to believe. C’mon now. All of the cops I’ve talked to are flag supporters and concerned, as most of us are, about the Obama/Pelosi/Reid debacle in America.

  • JeffH

    Obama knows full well his time is limited and is trying hard to ram through everything(his Marxist agenda and ideals) he can in his quest to “implement his fundamental changes to America”. I don’t believe he was prepared for the “resistance movement” that is sweeping across America. And he has lost the support of his “international allies”.

    • JeffH

      I might add, that I would love to have just 10% of the investment that George Soros has made in his quest to destroy America through socialist agenda and the likes of Obama, Kerry, H.Clinton and the Democratic Party.

      • http://yahoo Michael

        You make a very good point, Jeff . But , isn’t it surprising how many voters , even some Republicans ; have never even heard of this guy .

        • JeffH

          Michael, I didn’t know who Soros was until about a year ago. I’d hear his name mentioned often by my neighbor, but mostly about his support of gun bans. I did some serious searches and have realized he is the biggest “gun on the rack”. There is one person on this site that loves the guy because he has spent $100+ Mil to beat down Bush and destroy our way of life. A straight up socialist and also a Nazi’s “boy” during WWII. He supports everything that will destroy our civil liberties.

          • JeffH

            I also believe that people just don’t know how dangerous he is to the US and how dangerous he is to the world’s economics. He is the grandest of money manipulators.

      • eyeswideopen

        Jeff, don’t worry Boehner went to AIG, CEO, to get them to give taxpayer monies to the Republican Party. Soon, you’ll have my money helping to push through those perfect repub/conservative ideas, that you didn’t bother with during the last 12 years. Maybe I should sue the Republican party for taking taxpayer money…lol

  • Harold Olsen

    The problem with the Obama regime is NOT that they are trying to do too much, which implies that their agenda is intended to help the American people. It isn’t. The problem is that they are trying to RUSH things through before the American people realize how much they are being screwed. Just about all of the legislation the Nazi Democrats are pushing for is designed to take away more and more of our freedoms. It’s all about power to them. They don’t give a damn about us. We are insignificant. The spending freeze is a sham. It doesn’t go into effect until next year. In the meantime, Obama and his Nazis are increasing spending astronomically and when the freeze kicks in it will stay that high. Its intent is to bankrupt our economy. The media, Fox News Channel included, for some reason, treats Obama as though he actually cares about us and this country. That buffoon Glen Beck gives Obama a pass and says he is being manipulated by the people around him–you know, those czars that he appointed. Well, the only people who are being manipulated are us, the American people, and it is the media that is doing the manipulating–all of them!!

    • Joe H.

      I can guarantee you Glenn and Rush are not giving O-man a pass on anything, nor should they!!!!

    • usmadgirl

      Harold Olsen,

      You’re joking, right? Evidently, you don’t watch Glenn. Glenn has spent over a year showing how O-bum-a has surrounded himself with Communists, Marxists, & Radical Progressives & showed him teaching Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, shown videos of O-bum-a “hanging” himself with his own words in an effort to PROVE with FACTS that he, too, is of the same “feather” as the “vultures” he appointed!

      He asks the White House to call him if he has made any incorrect statements & they can’t because everything he says is fact! I don’t know which “Glenn” you’re watching, but it couldn’t be the Glenn I watch twice a day & take notes every day!

      If it weren’t for this “buffoon”, probably 90% of the people on this site wouldn’t be here because we wouldn’t have a clue what’s truly going on in this country to even make a comment. Thank God for Glenn & his brilliant crew!

  • Jeff M

    Wow, maybe you all forget what the true fiscal differeance is between a Republican and a Democrat. A Democrat spends and taxes, a Republican spends and borrows to make the rich richer. When was the last time you saw a Republican balance a budget. This was evident throughout most of the two Bush presidencies, and to some extent with Reagan.
    I definitely don’t approve of the wallstreet bailouts from Bush and Obama, but some people talk as if this is Obama’s fault. Hello, we just had 8 yrs of Bush policy. Bush admin used that excuse for years that the economy was a result of Clintons fiscal policy.
    Those who think that Obama is a socialist like those in Europe are blinded by propaganda from Faux News and the grand Iman of hate, iban Limbaugh. Limpbaugh wouldn’t know a fact if it hit him in the head. He hates the truth as much as the devil who was thrown from above. He takes sound bites out of context everyday and twists there meanings like no other and close-minded people eat it up. Please people, why don’t you try to read actual news, from several different sources, instead of believeing the spin you get with these people. Also, I wish the Moral Majority would quit believing politicians and spinners that say they are God fearing just for votes and listenership, don’t you know that even the devil comes as a man of peace. It makes true Christains ashamed.

    • JeffH

      He is a Marxist through and through, not a socialist. Never heard of FAUX News, but if you want the straight scoop you might want to watch Glen Beck on FOX News.

    • Tinwarble

      Jeff M,

      Actually, you must not have learned anything from getting your news from different sources, sense you don’t know that we have not had a “Balanced Budget” since Andrew Jackson was President, and that was only for about 5 minutes. Also, you would know that part of the 1.3 trillion dollar deficit accredited to Bush was 700 billion done for TARP, which 500 billion has been paid back, yet the deficit hasn’t gone down. You would also know that, no one, ever, has spent as much as Obama, and that’s adding the spending from George Washington to George W. Bush. Nor do you apparently know that the projected budget for 2010 is 17.6 trillion dollars, which to put it in terms you would understand, if you spent 1 dollar every second, 24 hours a day, ($1,440.00 a day) it would take you 557,709 years to spend that amount.
      It is also apparent that you have never actually watch Fox News. And partial fact, half truths and Progressive agenda being feed to you by the Huff & Blow Post, the Dailylies, the MSM or any of the other Liberal outlets doesn’t mean you have learned anything. And you don’t know anything about the history of progressives or where those ideas come from, so perhaps you should see this:

    • Joe H.

      Jeff M,
      Please do me a favor and name two “lies” Glenn Beck told and back it up with FACTS!!! That is of course if you are able to!!!

      • Joe H.

        JeffM???? You still there????

      • eyeswideopen

        Joe, he doesn’t need to, I already did that on the other site, where you asked Nancy too find two lies. I found about twenty, but got tired of typing http addresses, so I only put about five or six on post. I can get more if you like… there are plenty.

        • Joe H.

          if you check I already debunked those sites so I guess you should try to find twenty lies your Obummer said, you’ll have more luck and it’s a lot easier!!!! LOL!!!!


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