McCain, Paul: The U.S. Must Halt Aid To Egypt


Egypt is in disarray as the Barack Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood government is being pushed from power by the nation’s military. The uprisings, according to many foreign policy experts, are yet another example of how dangerous American meddling in Mideast affairs is to any measure of true democracy.

Members of the press in the United States have called the uprising an assault on democracy. But reports often leave out the fact that, while President Mohammed Morsi was supposedly elected by popular vote, he ruled the nation with a theocratic iron fist. Perhaps a result of the Western mainstream’s apparent fear of criticizing Islam, atrocities against liberty have gone largely unreported since Morsi took the seat of power.

News outlets, including the BBC, Bloomberg and The Associated Press, have covered the military uprisings with near sympathetic tones toward Muslim Brotherhood leadership, attributing its undemocratic style of leadership to the deeply entrenched religious beliefs of its members.

The Obama Administration lauded the original movement that brought Morsi to power, and it never made any meaningful attempt to condemn his rapid centralization of power. Instead, while pushing domestic policy initiatives full of social liberalism at home, the White House continued a policy of pumping $1.5 billion annually into a country that, with Sharia as a justification, has a horrible human rights record since the Morsi government took hold.

If nothing else, the coup in Egypt shows the true goal of all Mideast foreign policy: perpetual destabilization by way of puppetry. So even as the nation is in the throes of what could lead to another revolution, the United States is opting to continue pumping money into the region in order to ensure that whoever is eventually declared as Egypt’s rightful leader remains a puppet to the United States with the promise of wealth.

In a contribution to The Washington Times over the weekend, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) expressed deep opposition to continued U.S. aid to Egypt:

In Egypt, protest is met with tear gas, manufactured in America and paid for with American taxes. When Egyptians protest, they protest against their government and also America for subsidizing that government.

Despite the fact that Mohamed Morsi recently convicted 16 Americans of political crimes in a show trial, the Obama administration still sent them over $2 billion this year.

American tax dollars flow no matter which despot rules.

Hosni Mubarak brutally suppressed protest over three decades of martial law. Yet, we sent him some $60 billion, much of which was stolen by Mr. Mubarak and his family.

Mr. Mubarak abused his citizens and his own power, yet we gave him billions of dollars and advanced weaponry, including F-16 jets. Mr. Mubarak would eventually use those jets to intimidate the protesters who would eventually end his regime.

Today, we give the same billions and fighter jets to Mr. Mubarak’s successor, Mr. Morsi, who the protesters now see in the same light as Mr. Mubarak.

But worse, due to our aid and support, Egyptians see Mr. Morsi and America as the same.

Some American politicians never know when to say no. Three prominent interventionists called for arming Moammar Gadhafi the year before they called for arming the Libyan Islamists rebels who overthrew Gadhafi. Which Islamic rebels killed the American ambassador? No one seems to know and no one has been brought to justice. Often, today’s “rebels” can become tomorrow’s tyrants, and vice versa.

Paul has sometimes been alone in his calls for ending U.S. aid to foreign nations, but this time he isn’t. Even Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), a perpetual neocon always up for a bit of good ole America intervention, believes that the United States is playing a dangerous game by pumping billions of dollars into Egypt.

He said in a statement:

I have always said that democracy is about more than elections, and I have consistently urged the Egyptian military to serve as the guarantor of Egyptian democracy and the protector of the Egyptian nation. I understand that the military’s removal of Morsi from office was undertaken with broad public support in the name of democracy and could ultimately lead Egypt to a more inclusive and representative civilian government. However, it is difficult for me to conclude that what happened was anything other than a coup in which the military played a decisive role. Current U.S. law is very clear about the implications for our foreign assistance in the aftermath of a military coup against an elected government, and the law offers no ability to waive its provisions. I do not want to suspend our critical assistance to Egypt, but I believe that is the right thing to do at this time.

While the debate is still in the air as to whether the popular support for the Egyptian military’s actions could be reason to consider the recent events something other than a military coup, many people are of the mind that the United States is doing more harm than good by continuing to pump aid money into the region. This, however, is not the view of the White House.

“It is not in our interest in moving particularly quickly”  in changing the situation in Egypt, White House press secretary Jay Carney said on Monday. He added that the government overthrow is a “charged” issue for tens of millions of Egyptians who have differing views on what happened.

Currently, Carney stressed, “the U.S. is not aligned with — nor is it supporting — any particular political party or group” in the nation.

But some advocates of cutting Egyptian aid argue that continuing aid that could potentially again fall into the hands of oppressors simply is not in the best interest of the United States. Egypt’s people will not forget who funded their oppressors. And as we have learned with our other Mideast misadventures, that increased anti-American sentiment is certain to breed terrorists who will later feel compelled to inflict the same pain on the American people that they have felt in their homeland.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • $38568276

    Paul sometimes seems like the only pol in D.C. with a clue!!! We are running out of gold & we need not shed anymore of our precious blood upon those nations that have no clue about freedom or liberty & treat their women & children like crap!!

    • dan

      we’ve been out of gold since 1972….but I agree about Paul
      being one of the few wit a clue. We missed a golden opportunity
      when the last election was stolen…maybe it’s time to forgo some ‘formalities ‘ here as well

      • $38568276

        The loony left keeps harping on the supremes changing the voting rights act, but truth be told, there are so many iilegals voting for Dems, the election very well could’ve been stolen…so many precincts with over 100% voters, how can that happen?

    • me

      Paul and cruz are about the only ones with a clue. McCain called them wacko birds. Maybe in 2016 they’ll form the wacko bird ticket. chances by then they could beat any democratic ticket.

  • villagerinsa

    The sooner people wake up to the fact that American intervention anywhere has absolutely nothing to do with humanitarian aid or democracy, the better. The interventions are always the same – to serve the interests of the puppet masters, nothing more and nothing less. These liars will back anyone as long as they can make a buck or two. They would sell their own mothers for a profit. There is no such thing as democracy – it is an invention and a tool used by the thugs in power to attempt at convincing the masses that these criminals care. Wake up and smell the roses people – before they too disappear before your very eyes together with everything you disastrously imagined was relevant to a worthy life. Think I am kidding? Take a country that has not got oil or mineral wealth, discover those in it and watch the circus all over again. If oil gushed in, say, South Africa, the country would become the next to be invaded by the USA very quickly, rape, plunder and corruption taking precedence over any so called democracy, decency or acceptance of international law. ‘Morality be damned, just show us the money’ is the cry today. As long as you are up for sale, your entry into the political arena is assured, with huge benefits and protection accruing in direct proportion to your ability to lie.

  • texastwin827

    My daughter writes a column for the Washington Times Communities Online and interviewed one of these Egyptian protestors. Apparently this young man is highly educated as his English was perfect.

    Based on what he said, the Egyptians that were protesting and demanding Morsi’s resignation were doing so because he campaigned (and was elected) as a “moderate”, then as soon as he and his Muslim Brotherhood cronies got into power, he started trying to install the more radical form of Islam….and all Egyptians, especially the Christians in Egypt, were feeling the brunt of his ideology and it’s not what they want.

    Basically, from their standpoint, his removal was a “recall”, just not with the same formalities that we have, in the US.

    • AmericanJones

      I like their method, better. No wasting time in a kangaroo court, no empty debates in Congress, Removed, jailed and done.

    • Vigilant

      Egypt and Turkey share the same philosophy in so far as the military goes. The parallels are astounding.

      In Egypt, as in Turkey, the military takes no active part in government until the relatively secular government begins to take away rights through imposition of Islamist pogroms and persecutions.

      This is why the Islamist Erdoğan in Turkey has supported Morsi (and why Erdoğan is experiencing the unrest in his own country). And this is also why the military has stepped in. It’s happened before and no doubt will happen again.

      Whatever you might think of the military, they are the guarantor of rights in those countries, NOT the oppressors. And, as to be expected, McCain is on the wrong side of the question once again. As is Obama, who supported the Muslim Brotherhood when EVERYONE knew what it would lead to.

      • $38568276

        The military is the guarantor of their corrupt money grabbing at the expense of the common man….the military in Egypt owns & runs many corporations & businesses & makes a fortune & has been for decades….they are protecting their own interests here!

        • Vigilant

          Fine. So you prefer an Islamist government?

          Don’t look the gift horse in the mouth, my friend. I don’t imagine the Egyptian on the street who’s interested in preventing the onslaught of Sharia Law gives a damn one way or the other about how rich the military is.

          • $38568276

            No, I don’t want an Islamist govt. too, it’s just don’t make military out to be some benevolent org……at this point in time, I agree with Ron & Rand Paul, I think we need to draw back from all these interventions, & let the rest of the world figure it out & keep our military strong if we need to use it!

          • Vigilant

            Withdraw financial aid to Egypt’s military and you’re just likely to see the very thing you seek to avoid. There’s absolutely no doubt the US would be heavily involved in any war between Egypt and Israel.

            You say, “keep our military strong if we need to use it!” I say, keep the military strong and don’t create situations where they would be necessarily drawn into battle.

            $1.3 billion a year is a bargain bribe to prevent a new Mid East war. Dirty money? Sure it is, but it’s preferable to placing US troops in harm’s way. It’s called “the real world.” Like the old Fram oil filter commercial, “give me $4 now or $400 later.”

            P.S. Did you even look at that link I provided?

          • $38568276

            Here’s the key point I’m bringing up: Is it so hard to imagine a world where USA does not poke it’s nose in everywhere? Is it impossible to believe Ron Paul’s stance, as he ran for president, of isolationism on all sides in Middle east working? I can imagine it & think it’s time to let the rest of the world figure it out for themselves! Hey, Israel is not the only sacred place on earth, and after all these decades of USA & others interfering, are they any closer to peace? Truth be told, if that nation was called “JUDAH”, which it should be, all those phony Christians in our govt. would not give a crap!

        • Nadzieja Batki

          So if they have a self interest why should they be stupid and give way to the Morsi crowd.

  • Warrior

    So the “puppet” says we are not supporting any “group or party” which begs the questions, where does the aid get sent to and who then distributes said aid?

    • Vigilant

      Economic aid has been relatively low at $250 million a year, down from $815 million in 1998. The lion’s share of aid has always gone to the Egyptian military, currently about $1.3 billion.

      That aid was instituted in the wake of the Camp David accords in 1979. It’s basically a bribe to keep Egypt from attacking Israel again.

      • DaffusJay

        No need to pay them money, Egypt won’t attach Israel, Israel will run over top of them in a heart beat , just like the last time. Praise be to the God Jehovah, the Great I am and Creator of all things is their guardian and protector not the US.

        • Vigilant

          Get real. Without the US, Israel would be hung out to dry.

          Even worse, Israel would be cornered into using its nuclear weapons. Or is that what you want?

          • Nadzieja Batki

            Without Israel America would also be hung out to dry, accordingly America would be forced to use its nuclear weapons to preserve itself.

          • Dave

            Israel can take care of themselves. They have more WMD’s and anyone else in the region and the beat the Egyptians and the Syrians with Russioan WW2 era weapons.
            The only country that attacked us or our military in that region was Israel. They are just another religious based country. They have their agenda. We need to stop falling all over ourselves trying to protect this counrty out of the rapture nonsense.

  • Nadzieja Batki

    The O administration supports the Morse regime.

  • AmericanJones

    @ Roy – Don’t you believe anything McCain says or does. He’s one of those guys who says what you want to hear, only to have crossed fingers behind his back. We already have 1 of those. Come to think of it, these 2 were our choices in ’08. And how’s that workin’ for ya?

    • me

      President Owebunhole does the same thing.McCain didn’t do it enough in “08”.

  • FreedomFighter

    “Oh no, Egypt has ousted the Muslim Brotherhood! 17 million Egyptians protested the killing of Christians and the imposition of hard core Sharia law, and the Military of Egypt decided they didn’t want to go back the 9th century, the women of Egypt protested mutilation and sexual slavery!
    John McPain to the rescue, punish those do gooders, Retire now Mr. McPain your an embarrassment to the United States and what it stands for.
    Laus DeoSemper FI

  • Dave

    I know this is hard for some to fathom but Egypt is in transition and those transitions are rarely clean and neat. Obama is not supporting one faction or the other. We get into trouble in the region when we hitch our wagon to any leader in that region. Maubarack was a brutal dictator.

    Obama lauded the will of the people for self-determination and guess what? What the people want isn’t alaways what the American Gov want and we are best to let those people decide for themselves. (See the mess WE created with Operation AJAX in Iran). We are not Omnipotent

    Morsi promised moderation but that is not what they got so the people decided to change leadership. Its going to be a while before this stabilize in the region. We in this country have ADD. There isn’t much Obama can do but let events unfold . It is not our position to decide for the Egyptian people what kind of gov/society they should have.

    Idiot conservatives like Bush and Cheney thought they had that control in Iraq. How did that work out? How much muney and lives did it cost us? Who has the oil contracts now?
    Lets worry about our own country for once.

    • DaffusJay

      i AGREE WITH YOUR LAST COMMENT , worry about and do something about our own situation in this Country. But I disagree with you on who Mr. O supports, He favors and Supports the Muslin Brotherhood !! Even the Egyptians can see that and they don’t like Mr. O much either and have warned us accordingly .

      • Nadzieja Batki

        But will the World’s support be for the Egyptian Military who ousted Morsi or will the sympathy be for the Morsi crowds dancing and prancing and acting before the World’s media. Which side is the media on and which pictures will be on TV, Internet and newspapers?

      • Dave

        What you say is support for the MB, I see as trying to stabilize the country and you do that working with the Gov, no matter how fragile it is.
        Show me where Obama is a Muslim brotherhood fan.


    If we didn’t have the idiot muslim sympathizer in the Oval Office, the uncredentialed Faker in the WH and could gather the guts to remove this regime, the socialisic and RINO elements to get back to good basic government our chances of doing covert help for the egyptian faction that favors the the US, then administer aid in a under the covers method would be what is needed…The cult isalm MB extremist are sworn to continue war upon infidels and anyone who will not agree with their insane intolerable thinking, our nut case in the WH is a train wreck in continuation and he needs to be removed ASAP…….our government is to big, inefficient and the leadership just sucks…

    • Pissed off socialist

      Wow you packed so much ignorance in there, where to begin? First there are no TRUE socialists in the federal government. Second all religions start as cults including Islam AND Christianity. Third all this whining about RINO’s is getting old the simple fact is the GOP is out of touch deal with it.

    • Pissed off socialist

      Wow you packed so much ignorance in there, where to begin? First there are no TRUE socialists in the federal government. Second all religions start as cults including Islam AND Christianity. Third all this whining about RINO’s is getting old the simple fact is the GOP is out of touch deal with it.

  • jimwilson81

    All that money being sent to Egypt and other nations should have been used at home! Sequestering Americans and sending money overseas does not make any sense.

  • BHR

    Obama is a Moslem—his beliefs are with the brotherhood. Obama will back any government thar controls its people. We complain about Obama but we do nothing about him, he keeps taking more power.