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McCain: Obama Spreading ‘False’ Rumors About Immigration Reform

May 18, 2010 by  

McCain: Obama spreading 'false' rumors about immigration reformSenator John McCain (R-Ariz.) said last week that he is disappointed with the "false" information that President Obama is spreading about Arizona’s new immigration law.

While being interviewed by Fox News, McCain criticized a statement recently made by the president, and indicated that Obama is partially responsible for creating the cloud of negativity that is surrounding the state of Arizona, reports.

"We all know what happens in Arizona when you don’t have ID," the president said earlier in the week. "Adios, amigos!"

McCain, who strongly supports the new law that grants authorities the right to question anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant, told the news source that Obama’s comments were "outrageous."

"That is totally falsifying the law passed in Arizona, which calls for reasonable suspicion… as to whether [someone is] in the country illegally, and it specifically outlaws racial profiling," McCain said.

"I know it’s outrageous for the President of the United States to portray a law passed in a state and falsifying exactly what that law says, especially when it has to do with a racial issue which obviously ignites things," he added.

The senator also said that the Los Angeles City Council, which recently passed sanctions to bar the city from conducting business with Arizona, should redirect their frustration toward the Federal government, which has yet to effectively secure California’s borders.

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  • Al Sieber

    Sounds like McCain wants to get elected again, when are the people gonna realize their being played? well, we get the gov. we deserve.

    • Rob Alexander

      Haha that was my first thought too. BTW, I live in AZ.

      • Lewis Munn

        What did I do to deserve Obama and his care?

  • gary thiel


    • Elizabeth

      I am a senior senior and qualified to answer you statement of “WHEN YOU GET STOPPED FOR DOING SOMETHING, WHAT IS THE FIRST THING THEY ASK FOR?” it’s called an ID, it has been that way for many years even before the automobile, long before the Mexican invasion. ( :
      Thank God for the brave government of Arizona that has stepped forward to protect America…I wish all states would, especially Texas.
      Remember The Alamo…

      • bargal

        As a senior of 72 I don’t remember a time in my life that I have not carried an I.D and though I have been stopped a few times for minor traffic violations, I have always been asked to show that I.D. When did this law get changed and only apply to those of us that are citizens and not for anyone that MAY BE here illegally?

        • marvin

          bargel the law has not changed, but i like you have been stopped and it matters not for the reason the first thing out of the officer mouth is can i see some id, but when you have a clown like obama thinking it funny to go on national tv and say if you are hispanish and go out for ice cream it,s adios amigos, ever thing this man does or sez is racist, trying to belittle us stuped white, black,yellow, brown, legal americans that don,t hang on ever word that his subjects do, makes you wonder were obama allegiance is he sworn to uphold the conitution and defend us fron all [enemy foreign and domestic] ,look to me like obama has sided with the illegals and is their for breaking the laws of the united states ,or mabe he is misguided or what he said was taken out of context most people engage brain befor opening mouth, and trying to incite riots by people that have no rights under are constitution are here aginst the will of 70% of the we the people ,have not worked for or earned and are demanding , and are clown in chief makes bad jokes as citizens of arizona are being raped ,murdered,kidnapped,and lossing there lively hood,but as the illegals said phoenix will burn ,i guess thats what it will take be for obama ,holder, nepolitano sez du maybe we better think this over for another year remimber nero ,you can not fix stuped stuped is as stuped does, you got to replace it vote vote vote the bums out in 2010/2012

          • http://AOL Roy

            When one gets stoped,The officer usually says you were speeding, run a red light or what ever. Then ask’s for drivers license, then if you don’t have one they ask for indenfication. And I am as white as white can be. I was just stopped last week.and had left my wallet at home. However I did remember my drivers license no,but after he had put my name in the computer. Of coarse when someone has something to hide, there is a problem with that. As a nephew of mine, found out by giving the wrong name belonging to one of his friend’s.(both of them white) his friend also had a warrent on him. Oh by the way, it was a officer of spanish decent who stopped me,I never thought, but maybe he was profiling me. I’se got to get me’s a lawyer! Gotta Go

          • Save America Susie

            So many good points MARVIN! Why doesn’t the Left see this? Why don’t they see what he does?

            And ROY, very good revealing of truth! Everyone has to stop and show ID not just one ethnic group! Thanks.

          • Chaos Factor

            Marvin… What a rambling rant….

          • ErG

            This law is racist period.

          • Save America Susie

            It only mirrors the Federal law.

          • http://none jack

            Obama surely paid someone to take his harvard finals as well as the bar….

      • bargal

        Let him flip flop while he is still in there. Maybe it will get the fing administration to do something

    • Kat

      A police would only stop AND ask for ID if one was breaking the law, say like a traffic violation or committing a crime. So then, if the person does not have ID, then the person is, at the very least, driving illegally, and potentially here in America, illegally. One MUST have a state driver’s license in order to drive. So yes, one MUST have ID.

    • Sidewinder

      Well I am in favor of the bill Gary, but I share in Al’s skepisism on McCain’s motivation.

      McCain is a deceiver. When he ran for Pres, he was saying things like America has a robust economy, the Bush Tax Cuts are creating jobs…. I used to have a screenshot of the GOP web page, where they had that posted in 2008. It was high comedy. Total nonsense.

      • nathan_em

        sorry … but while your laughing … try and think about this …

        one … obama doesnt care about anything anyone else says … he said … I will have the troops out of there in how many months … did it happen … NOPE …

        two … he said he is worried about the poor and the middle class … well this is impossible … because now the poor and the middle class have to pay for someone who is “ILLEGAL” when they go to the hospital … and someone that sits around doing “NOTHING” all day … and then go to jail for it … sounds like a great idea …

        three … his admin thought it would be a great econ decision to spend more than all the presidents put together in the first 6 months … and we wonder why we are in debt …

        four … while he is spending time dinkin around with countries that are actively and openly wanting to destroy our country he is busy shaking hands with them … his soothsaying wont work on people who for generations have had it out for INFIDELS yes .. thats anyone that is not a part of their religion …

        five … he was only a senator for a couple of years … and then elected to president … oh … wait … he was a JR senator … he wasnt even an actual senator … he was on the JV … and the oh so smart dems thought it would be great idea to vote him into the most powerful seat we have in this country … and armed with his JV like experience we are now able to experience the joys of child like decision making instead of an adult …

        oh … and the funniest part … ready … is that we will now go to jail for not paying for an illegal alien to get medical care … but also make your chances of getting a job if need be … less … and less … oh … this is sooooo funny … my stomach hurts … and my parents … and family members that fought for this country are now being told that they will have limited health care once they get to a certain age … and that if I have a kid up until they are three they will have limited health care …

        HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH … its a sad day when being conservative about anything is frowned upon …

        conservative by its nature is to say … wait … lets consider this … or lets pause for minute … not for whatever other countries think … forget them … lets consider what the people of this country have to say … lets worry about our own people first … people confuse being illegal with being hispanic … but lets not forget illegal means any other nationality too …

        I mourn for our kids because of the carelessness of my generation …

        • Sidewinder

          nathan_em….What you are seeing is what happens when someone who has the best intentions goes to Washington, and meets harsh reality.

          Obama’s stance on illegals, is yes, softer than that of Conservatives. He is a Liberal, and Liberals by nature care for the downtrodden. Thats what you get when you elect a Liberal. Just tough it out for now…

          And he didn’t spend more that all other presidents combined in his first 6 months in office. I agree he spent record amounts, but his borrowing is still not the same amount that Bush borrowed. I agree Obama is spending at a MUCH MUCH faster pace, but again, he’s a Liberal, and Liberals agree with gov interference in economic matters. He has a borrow and spend mentality not unlike his Republican predecessors.

          And What Obama is trying to do overseas, I believe is repair relations that were damaged by the last administration. If a handshake will fix things, then why not. We are tapped out now. We cannot afford any more carpet bombing raids on those who don’t agree with us. If we keep it up, they are going to shut off our borrowing. When that happens, all hell will break lose.

          And Nathen….I grew up with several muslim kids from 3 different familys. They were very normal kids. We all played on the same baseball team together.

          Consider the possibility that your view of muslims may be somewhat distorted.

          Nathen….Do you agree with this statement?
          Is there any part of this you disagree with?

          A *** believes in moderate to high government intervention on personal matters and little to no government intervention on economic matters. They strongly support capitalism as an economic system and tend to support foreign intervention, war and laws restricting personal liberty. They strongly believe in property rights or homestead. A *** believes in protecting economic liberty.

          Do you agree with high government intervention on personal matters?
          And do you agree with laws restricting personal liberty?

          Let me know….

          Because I think you are politically confused.

          • American Conserative

            They also will convert you “infidel” or chop your – that thing that sits above your shoulders with ears!!

          • Save America Susie

            SW, It’s not the people….I have had a few Muslims acquaintances and they were very nice. One was a co-worker, one was a neighbor for 5 years, one was a small business owner across the way. Individually very kind and gracious. I am sure your experiences with them were similar. But the fact remains that ISLAM means “SUBMISSION”.


            You cannot change the Koran. The Koran says what it says. It is not the people I worry about, it is the thumb they are under–the Religious Hierarchy. It is really more of a worldwide POLITICAL movement, much worse than any socialist state you may wish to avoid.
            Again its not the people. I have nothing but good memories & thoughts about them. But I also feel sorry for them. Its NOT Freedom.

          • Save America Susie

            Also, I did not notice anything about the economy being that bad, until right before the election of 2008. Maybe the gas prices was all. And the size of ice cream and yogurt containers was shrunk and then we were charged the same price.

            Maybe BO thought we’d need help fixing it and then he could step in. I have to wonder if Fannie and Freddie & everything else wasn’t planned just for that purpose. So the Libs could “RESCUE” us.

          • http://AOL Roy

            Sidewinder! I just read this comment of yours,and I see a liberal,who doesn’t consider themself a liberal. Or I see some one trying to find an excuse for the way he voted in the last election. And I don’t care for the Bush year’s along with father,and the one between them. However if you look back at the elections in the last 100 year’s. The voter’s have always had a halfa–ed choice or no choice,or no choice at all. If you didn’t have the money behind you , you didn’t get elected. Now with that behinh us let’s get on with some more of your remarks. This president,has spent more money than the combined other presidents. We were already in debt over our head, and with his spending,he has not had to borrow that money. Kind of a foolish statement .I think ! As for as all the handshakes, and a–kissing,bowing going on with Obama oversea’s. Look at what all of the good it has done,also with backing the musslims. These people laugh at america now. The increased attemps, No problems with North Korea. No problems with Afganistan. No problem’s with Isreal I don’t have the best spelling in the world, I could go on for a week. For once look at Cuba agreeing, doesn’t that worry you? Chaves doesn’t that worry you? When I got out of service in 1967, the american people had signs on their lawns SERVICEMEN AND DOGS KEEP OFF THE GRASS. And I don’t give a dam what any of you think,we did do a good job over there. We did stop the advance of communisum over there. We did do some good in Iraq,Hussien is not there to kill anymore. We done a good job in Japan, but they found another way to beat us buy us, the same with China. But it was known at the time Korea was a bad idea to pull out.And we are still paying for that. I’m going to give up on this,not much need in stressing on this. But believe me all the freedom’s you give up,which it it much easier to give up, than ever get them back. Start making all of the dogooder politicion’s and liberal’s accountable for what they do and take. Sidewinder I’m sorry for using you as the one to vent out on. I didn’t mean for all of these comments to be directed at you, in which they are not.

          • Sidewinder

            But the fact remains that ISLAM means “SUBMISSION”.

            Submit to God? Allah?

            I know too that many times there are no direct interpertations of other languages to English, and many times the intent or fine points get lost.

            But I don’t care what it stands for I’m not Muslim, and I’m not about to join them either.

            Why don’t we all just learn to respect each others religious beliefs even if we don’t agree with them. If we don’t we’ll wind up with a situation like the Israelis have. Neither side respects the other, and the fighting never ends.

          • Sidewinder

            There are more than just 2 political idealogys. I’m not a Liberal. I’m not a traditional Conservative. Lets see if you can figure it out.
            I’m not gonna hold my breath…

            Quote from Roy: “Now with that behinh us let’s get on with some more of your remarks”
            “This president,has spent more money than the combined other presidents.”

            Roy…that second line was something I was quoting from someone else…. Do I think thats a stupid remark? Yes, thats why I quoted it and was responding to it. Didn’t you notice my remarks kinda seemed at odds with that?
            Come on Roy…..Read the damn thing.

            And this one: “and with his spending,he has not had to borrow that money.”
            I don’t know what you are talking about. Obama borrowed a couple Trillion….

            Roy, I don’t have to like Obama in order to defend him when he’s being reasonable. Some cultures bow, some shake hands, so what. There is nothing wrong with nations being friendly toward one another. Handshakes cost nothing.
            The problem in the middle east, is that there are legions of idiots just like in America, who have no understanding of any other culture but their own. They are as confused about the US as people like you are about them.

            Thats just a fact Roy…

            And why should Chávez worry me? What he going to do?

            Alright, Roy. I am getting it, you are all stressed out over this stuff. Don’t stress, we have no control over these things.

            Listen if you want to understand Chávez, Iraq, and how America really works behind the scenes, pick up a copy of Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. Its like $17.00 Amazon has it.

            Heres an overview of the book:
            Perkins writes that his economic projections cooked the books Enron-style to convince foreign governments to accept billions of dollars of loans from the World Bank and other institutions to build dams, airports, electric grids, and other infrastructure he knew they couldn’t afford. The loans were given on condition that construction and engineering contracts went to U.S. companies. Often, the money would simply be transferred from one bank account in Washington, D.C., to another one in New York or San Francisco. The deals were smoothed over with bribes for foreign officials, but it was the taxpayers in the foreign countries who had to pay back the loans. When their governments couldn’t do so, as was often the case, the U.S. or its henchmen at the World Bank or International Monetary Fund would step in and essentially place the country in trusteeship, dictating everything from its spending budget to security agreements and even its United Nations votes. It was, Perkins writes, a clever way for the U.S. to expand its “empire” at the expense of Third World citizens. While at times he seems a little overly focused on conspiracies, perhaps that’s not surprising considering the life he’s led.

            I am just saying there is a very dirty side to the US that American know nothing about.

            “Sidewinder I’m sorry for using you as the one to vent out on. I didn’t mean for all of these comments to be directed at you, in which they are not”

            Thats alright….

          • kate8

            Liberals care for the downtrodden? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

            How about, liberals USE the downtrodden to garner votes and gain power.

            Liberals care for nothing except power.

          • nathan_em

            listen … as someone that was raised on a pew … I can say … that every group has its extremists … that said … politically confused as far as what … everything I stated is a valid point (and concerned) point of view … and you didnt even respond to the main points I made … like paying for someone that is illegal to go to the doc … and making way for the government to put you (or anyone) in jail because he doesn’t do it … illegals are getting a free ride … at the expense of an already strained country … and shaking hands with those who are by their leadership stance against everything our country has bled for … freedom … do you know what happens when people go against the government in countries like venezuela, columbia, china, vietnam and the like … do we really have anything to glean from countries such as these … their is a saying … even a little leaven will leaven the whole lump … a person becomes like those he associates … oh … and the fact that most people are afraid to speak out against obama … or did you miss the whole smearing of plumber joe …

            politically confused is right … how can I begin to understand such infancy in the most powerful office not just in america … in the world …

          • Sidewinder

            Susie, sometimes it takes a while for the shoe to hit the floor. The economy was bad under Bush. We were running on consumer credit. Americans were piling up the debt, home equity loans, car loans, new mortgages, tapping out the credit cards. Thats not good….

            Now, they don’t have the cash to spend and stimulate the economy. Bush pushed the housing bubble, and the lendiong industry made a fortune.

            As far as the koran goes, I never read it. I hear its somewhat violent like, the Bible’s Eye for an Eye mentality. I know there are Christians that completely misinterpret the Bible. Some see the Bible as metaphors, some take it literally. The Koran may be violent, but muslims don’t have to be. Don’t get me wrong, I have no real love for those people, but I think there is a lot of misunderstanding on both sides.

            They have always read the Koran, but they did not hate the West until a few decades ago. Much of it has been the result of the Ayetola. He was a Fundamentalist and took a literal interpretation.

            That can change.

            This jihad crap, its coming from within Western Nations, its not coming from the middle east. That alone makes me suspicious. I think jihad, although real, is window dressing for something else. And most Pakistanis hate Bin Laden. They say he’s CIA….

          • Sidewinder

            Geez Kate…
            Not all Liberals run for office you know. Most do care about people. Catholics tend to be Liberal. Any idea why so many people are Liberals?
            Libralism protects individual rights, that is a part of the appeal.

            Before you tell me they don’t, do this…open another browser, get to Google and check it yourself.

            “How about, liberals USE the downtrodden to garner votes and gain power.

            Liberals care for nothing except power.” That is true when talking about all politicians.

          • kate8

            Catholics now often tend to be liberals, since being infiltrated by socialists.

            Most of my family is Catholic and, I assure you, they are still very conservative. Many Christian factions have moved away from traditional teachings and have embraced a more liberal mindset, while at the same time moving away from the Sprit of Christ.

            I know of which I speak, because I once hung out in liberal circles. My experience is that, for all their talk of tolerance, they are only tolerant of those who agree with their thinking or have an anti-American bias. They are very intolerant of traditional Christianity and conservative thought.

            Thank God I snapped out of it.

          • Roylyn08

            I think you are the one that is policitally confused. The current White House renter is doing EXACTLY what he promised – He would take this country down to its knees and be EXACTLY like SOCIALIST Europe. With the help of the “AMERICAN AXIS OF EVIL”, namely Pelosi, Reid and guess who – he is doing it.

            American Money systems: Destroyed
            American Health Care: Destroyed
            American Military: in the process of Being Destroyed
            American Leadership: Destroyed – (all he can do is apoligize for who we are.)
            American Constitution: Destroyed
            American Justice system: Destroyed
            American Imigration Laws: Destoryed with total amnisity planned for more Atheist Liberal Democrat voters

            I could go on, but you get the idea.

            And, since you have asked – I am no Bush or Clinton lover either.


          • Save America Susie

            Sidewinder, On Religions that are “Control” driven–Its NOT a question of respecting each other. That is not what I implied. Of course I RESPECT a persons right to choose, IF it is truly a choice. I’m just surprised…as you seem like such a “Free Spirit”, a person who values FREEDOM & wants FREEDOM for them self. And it just SURPRISES me you would be “FINE” with someone who has NO FREEDOM, where something was forced on them, and they can’t leave….And it does not bother you. You have always sounded like you stood for FREEDOM…Just surprising is all.

          • Sidewinder

            Roylyn08 The American money system didn’t just get destroyed under Obama. Its been getting destroyed for a long time. Health Care has been in shambles for decades. I don’t see him destroying the military. And we haven’t had decent leadership in decades.

            And don’t even talk to me about destroying the Constitution. The constitution has been taking hits for a long time. But the Bush Patroit Act was the biggest assault on the Bill of Rights I have ever seen.

            You people are complaining of these things now….but where were you the past 8 -9 years? Asleep at the wheel. Somebody posted recently that they were pissed that now under Obama you can now be arrested and held without being charged for an indefinate amount of time. They are complaining about this NOW? Thats a provision of Bush’s Patroit Act.

            Immigration…You’ve got to be kidding me..Fox News Thursday, January 08, 2004:
            The massive new immigration initiative unveiled by the White House has Democrats and ethnic identity organizations accusing Republicans of election-year pandering, and has the Republican base wondering whether George W. Bush and the Republican Party has sold them out.

            The initiative, which draws heavily on legislation already introduced in Congress by three Arizona Republicans, Sen. John McCain and Rep. Jeff Flake and Rep. Jim Kolbe, has two central components. It would provide a mechanism by which some U.S. businesses would be able to import an unlimited number of low-wage foreign workers, and it would allow most of the roughly 10 million illegal aliens already in the United States a means by which they (and their extended families) would be able to remain legally — and permanently — in the United States.

            Advocates of strong enforcement of U.S. immigration laws charge that the new Bush plan is really a massive new amnesty for illegal aliens, in spite of repeated Bush administration assurances to the contrary.

            My point is the contradiction among Republicans. When a Dem does it they scream, when their man does it, they go silent.

            And Susie…I hear you. But thats their choice. Muslims want to live under that religion and system of government. Its their choice. Not ours. We should not force our beliefs on them, any more than they should force their beliefs on us.
            When they want freedom, let them fight for it. Only then after they worked for it will they appreciate it.

        • USN-Pops

          People keep sayinghow bd thingswere under G. Bush. And they are right, the last 2 years of his presidency was a disaster. But what people forget is that the President is not in control of the country, Congress is. The best he can do is suggest legislation and veto it once if he does not like it.

          He warned nuerous times tht freddie and fannie were a danger to the economy and needed to be restrained. Barney Frank made the statement that Congress should not ever think of getting involved with such companies that were doing so much good for the country. you know the results of that.

          During Bushes last 2 years he was opposed on every front by a Democratic congress populated by socialist leaning senators and representatives. it was they who created the mess we are now in, and it’s getting worse even as Obama praises how well things are going.

          Unemployment is still rising, and now with the new tax burdens the hung nCompanies for the Health Care bill, they are not going to hire as many people, and in most cases lay off to stay even. I was never hired by a poor person during my working career. So when you make the wealthy part of the poor, they surely wont be hiring anybody.

          And buried in the new Healthcare bill in a gem. Any money that an employer puts out for an employee’s healthcare is to be listed on the employee’s W2 form as part of his gross income. So when it comes time to pay the taxman, the employee will have a higher gross income, be n a hgher tax bracket as well and have a big tax bill. So much for Free healthcare. the onlyones that will be getting free healthcare are those that do not contribute anything at all. go figure!!

          • Sidewinder

            Yes Bush did warn about that USN-Pops.

            But then…

            The Bush administration backed off proposed crackdowns on no-money-down, interest-only mortgages years before the economy collapsed, buckling to pressure from some of the same banks that have now failed. It ignored remarkably prescient warnings that foretold the financial meltdown, according to an Associated Press review of regulatory documents.

            After that, the FBI warned of massive fraud within the lending industry.

            Look it up dude…theres no excuse….
            Nothing was done.

        • Sidewinder

          That was a stupid statement American Conservative…LOL

          They are going to “Convert” me? LOL! Well its been 40 something years, I am still in touch with all those guys….nothing yet…

          Growing up, we discussed God, but never religion.

          Its funny to me when the mentally challanged call others stupid….LOL!

        • http://none jack

          I believe it is called ignorance and stupidity. And there is no known cure for either..

      • http://AOL Roy

        Sidewinder! wheh you said Al, I went back and read the artical again! then foolish me I read the comment from AL. I was thinking about Al Sharpton, who along with Jesse Jackson,and let’s not leave the president out,however with his college professor, he’s not quite as bad,as he was but if you think something,you might as well say it. They are some of the biggest racial profilers around. And if what they do is not racial,you are bkind in one eye,and can’t see out of the other one. I agree with you on McCain. But what they have running in Arizona, I sure as hell put them all in the same catagory. Let’s say if anyone from the last election on, We need to make sure if they talk the talk,they walk the walk!

    • Peter

      I am a retired cop and I can guarantee you that every time I stopped anybody, white black, red, brown or yellow, I asked for drivers licence or some other valid/ current form of picture ID. You know the old saw about “You vill show ze papers!”, you are REQUIRED to show valid ID when ordered to do so by a police officer, in every state. There are many things that can happen to you if you have no valid ID on your person. Arizona law says, (I’m para-phrasing) that if an individual is stopped for violating any law or ordinance and they cannot provide valid ID they will be arrested. If they left their wallet at home with their valid Id in it, the wallet can be retrieved and they are free to go.

  • trut

    Sorry about your country ending up a garbage dump of illegal Mexicans, you can thank Reagan for giving amnesty to Mexicans in the 80′s.

    • Save America Susie

      That was one of Reagan’s blind spots. He had a lot of good ideas, but this was NOT one of them! Several presidents have been guilty of that.

      • Sidewinder

        Illegal Immigration = Cheap labor for business. Its Don’t Ask Don’t Tell all over again.

        There is a reason this was not stopped long ago. Exploitation.

      • kate8

        SAS, it is now doubt always a matter of pandering.

    • bargal

      Trut you sound as though you are a young idiot that continues to avoid the truth of government. The POTUSINO was elected and put into office while taking an oath to protect and enforce our laws. I don’t care who was in that position before him, it is his responsibility to do the right thing now. Quit the Blame Game and get on the side of the law not the side of the blamers because they are to weak to offend anyone by enforcing the law as it stands. Illegal is illegal.

      • American Conserative

        Invasion is invasion NOT immigration!!!!

      • Chaos Factor

        Bargal… Were you this worried about the president protecting our borders during Bushs 8 years in office…. Or only since we’ve had a black president for 18 months?…you should spend less time in the bars…

    • rwnut

      trut..It was supposed to stop at 3 million. It was an act of compassion by Reagan. Big business said,look at all this slave labor. The leftwing liberal said,look at all these votes. And now the socialist/communist Hussien(chavez)Obama says,what a great way to destroy and dismantle America. Fits right in to his agenda,divide and conquer. Where was McCain? In bed with Teddy creating an overthrow of America from within.(We were warned by Kruschev)

      • American Conserative

        It was an act of TREASON on compassion — then and now!!!

      • Save America Susie

        rwnut…This is what ABE LINCOLN said too. That America was too strong to be overcome by the enemy from outside. If we fell, we would crumbled from within.

        • Peter

          And we were clever enough to elect our own poison!

          • Save America Susie

            Peter, Good analogy! “One man’s meat is another man’s poison!”

  • Joe

    McCain has done nothing for immigration reform in all his years in office. Now he is trying to be the big hero. He needs to go away. We need new blood in our state including the Governor who is in office and was not elected by the people.

    I am ashamed of our state and the racial hatred that is being allowed to grow. Immigration and drug smuggling are being treated as the same issue and this could not be further from reality.

    McCain is trying to eek out another term in his old age and will flip flop on any issue he thinks will gain him another vote. He just comes off looking like an angry old man. Please retire John!

    • CJ

      Although I agree McCain is playing the people and needs to go, the hatred is fueled by the illegals and their supporters who think they deserve what they are not entitled to and think force is acceptable to get it. Their forceful behavior and lack of civility and respect for citizens of the US are the cause. Look beyoned your bias and see the problem for what it really is… illegal people demanding rights and entitlements they are not entitled to. If you REALLY want to change the attitude, teach latinos to act respectfully and with courtesy, not rude, hateful and aggressive.

    • Mark

      Well that’s what Obama is doing. Obama is slamming this new AZ law because he is pandoring to his future voter base of amnestied illegal aliens. He is inflaming the illegal immigration issue by taking sides with the hispanics in order to kiss their collect behinds.

    • payforward

      I think it is a shame that government continues to let our country be invaded by illegal aliens. Also a greater shame our POTUS mocks the laws of our great country, and advocates those who violate the national sovereignty of the United States.

      I think he should be impeached.

      • Chaos Factor

        Pay… What would you impeach Obama for” giving America healthcare “?…if you didn’t impeach Bush how in he’ll could you impeach Obama…. Abd I know it’s difficult for most republicans to think past their nose…. But if it was even possible to impeach do you know who’d take his place?.. Biden…. And after him would be Nancy Pelosi…. You need t give up trying to think … It’s not working

    • June Weatherford

      People need to write their congress people and let them know how they feel. I’ve noticed so many of you getting on these comment sites (like I’m doing now) and have some really good points, but are you letting the people know that need to know. I’m sure that these congress people don’t get on these websites and really read how the American people are fed up. Start sending these comments to your senators email. Our country is in the worst condition it’s ever been in. I’m really disappointed in the direction our country is going! If we lose our country’s values then we will lose the battle of what this fine country was founded on. What do people not understand about why we’re having the problems we are now. Maybe it’s because Congress always waits until something gets out of hand before doing anything about it. Illegal is illegal period! Get these illegals out of here or make them pay. I’m tired of my hard-earned tax money going out of my country and being used for people that are not legal in my country!

      • Sidewinder

        June, you make some good points. But it won’t make any difference. You are a believer in representative government.

        We don’t have that, not really. Our system is set up so business gets representation. When the interestes of business are at odds with the people’s interests, you could say there is a “Conflict of Interest.”
        And the people come out on the bottom every time.

        Thats not raw cynicism, thats just the truth. Thats how it works under Corporatism, which is the present form of political and economic system we have, at least since the New Deal era.

        Get vocal about changing our system to that of Free Market Economics. Do some research…Google is your friend…

    • marvin

      joe i may have been born at night but it was not last night the fastest growing population group is less see is it white no, is it black no, is it yellow no, is it hispanic yes mostly by illegals having 5 to 6 kids and who will pay the hospital bill sounds like a sweet deal you do the screwing and we the legal tax payer get screwed and pick up the tab, legal immigrents that obay the law pay there own way and respect this country, learn english pay tax so they can help pay for their kid to go to school, illegals have no rights pay little or no tax and alot have fake id, so do i care if you get stopped and have no id and go to jail in two words hell no, you knew you were breaking the law and if you did not you need to be in a safe place were you don,t harm your self or me i say illegals go home or be arrested detained and deported and take your kids with you

    • American Conserative

      The Governor of Airzona is a “PATROIT” and is a modern day General George Washington. McCain ia a Benedict Arnold!!!

      Defend the United States from Invasion from Mexico!!!!

    • Save America Susie

      Just a foot note on AGE here…Many people talk about “That Old McCain” and he should retire. He’s too old. Then they talk about how we need Ron Paul. Hello, McCain is one year YOUNGER than Ron Paul. Ron Paul is 75. Maybe you didn’t know that. They also said Reagan was too old in his 70′s. Not that you can’t be in the congress or lead a nation in your 70′s. Just seems humorous that it depends who you are talking about that its “OK” to be in your 70′s and still active in politics.

  • Raggs

    Oh please… obama has his little feelings hurt poor thing….
    Cry baby oh and very immature I might add.. Holder lied about the law and never even read it…Pathetic both of them!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Want a good laugh? look up NEWS BUSTED on the internet. they are hilarious!!!! their take on Obummer is about the best I’ve seen!!!

  • Rich

    Obama cant show that he isn’t an illegal himself thats why he don’t like Az. new law!!!and mccain is just tring to get votes for sure

    • Sidewinder

      Raggs and Rich…Someone recently told me to stop wasting time playing the blame game. They were right. I have a lot of resentment, just like you. But they were right.

      Getting rid of Obama will not solve the problem no more than getting rid of Bush solved the problem.

      Its time to get rid of the system these men serve.
      We have done this before in response to economic trouble during the Great Depression. We can do it again. Yesterday’s solutions are todays problems. Government is too big, requiring too much funding.

      Call for a return to true Free Market Capitalism. Contact third party leadership. Read up on it.

      • kate8

        Good for you, SW. That’s real progress.

        • Sidewinder

          Yeah, well now its your turn Kate.
          Take your own advice and stop the bashing and offer some kind of solution.

          I have seen nothing in the way of solutions from you.
          Only complaining.

  • Al Sieber

    McCain say he supports the new law just to get on the side of the people again, but we all remember the amnesty bill he and Kennedy were working on in 2006, we don’t have short memories this time.

  • Glenn

    The powers that run the world want the united states in ruin! And letting people flood in and use limited resourses will do that very thing! Think about it “HEALTH CARE,CAP AND TRADE,IMMIGRATION, LAND GRABBING” They are using our resources to cripple the country and it will happen unless we stand together.Be sure of who you put in power next!

    • Raggs

      Read… Rules for radicals by Alinsky…

      Then you will understand what obama is doing…

      • Sidewinder

        Well whats he doing Raggs, why don’t you tell me?

        What I see, is a president, who has some left leanings. I see a president who is going to run the system as any other Pres would, but when he gets a chance will opt for Liberals solutions rather than Conservative ones.

        He may have been hard hard left growing up, but as president, you do not have to fear he or anyone else will turn the country upside down and go socialist.

        They do not allow revolution every 4 – 8 years….Haven’t you caught on to that yet?

        We do need to change our political and economic system, govt needs to get smaller, and detatched from industry, with its role reduced to that of law enforcement of industry. But everybody needs to be on board. Its not something any president can do by himself.

        You fears are unjustified.

    • Sidewinder

      Well you may be onto something glen.
      Marginalizing the US would create a power vacume that would need to be filled.

      And let me guess…..they have a solution.

      I see the promotion of bad policy everywhere. The US dollar as the world’s reserve currency is almost destroyed. Control a nation’s currency, and you control that nation. It may well be that the US has outlived its usefullness on the world stage, and now its being dismantled like the old Soviet Union.

      I don’t like it. I think its time to disengauge from world affairs, and shore up ourselves. Issue our own Treasury Notes and scrap the Federal Reserve Note.
      Easier said than done, I know.

      • Save America Susie

        SW, You have a lot of good ideas, I have noticed, but can we really disengage from world affairs? Be isolationist? At one time we were, when we first started out on this journey as America, but don’t know if that is possible anymore. Many people around the world still want our bases there, regardless of what the Libs say. Though true, not all. I am sure Cuba would like to get rid of Getmo. I have often thought: “Wouldn’t that be nice and we can pay off our own debts.” But can we really turn a blind eye to those who need our help?

      • kate8

        SW, how do you propose to get around those now running the world show? You seem to have all the answers, but you are not in control. I’d seriously like to know how you expect to implement any of your ideas.

        • Sidewinder

          We can roll back a percentage of our presence, just like the Soviets had to after their collapse. That would save a ton of money.

          I don’t see the Swiss spread out all over the world, starting wars, or even getting attacked. The Swiss play nice as do the Swedes, they don’t bother anyone, and no one bothers them. Much of our so called “help” as in foreign aid, is nothing more than buying influence. Its not charity.

          Public Pressure Kate. You get some third party guy, like a Ross Perot to rent an hour’s time on Prime Time tv. Explain our situation in plain English, to the American Public, using easy to understand charts and graphs. Explain how our current system is is causing problems and what those problems are. Then explain the solution. Do this each week. Get the nation talking about it.
          Public Pressure.
          We have changed our political and economic system before in response to economic trouble during the New Deal era. We can do it again. The Corporatist system requires a gov that is so large it cannot properly fund itself. The level of taxation required to fund the govt properly would have a major neg impact on the economy. So they simply borrow the difference. This cannot go on forever. Most of the world’s governments are some variation of a corportist system, and as witness in Europe, just about all of them are drowning in debt.
          our system is flawed and unworkable in the long run.

          There is no need to be angry. They are stuck in a rut with this system, its all they know, and they undoubtedly enjoy the power of it. But its not going to last.

          We have a unique opportunity here to exploit this economic downturn. We can still have Liberal and Conservatives, every government has them. We just need to redefine the governments role. Redefine their job description.
          Public Pressure.

          • kate8

            The thing is, we have to really organize to do that.

            I’m open to ideas. This is a huge endeavor.

          • Save America Susie

            I notice Ross lost. He had good ideas….But Clinton won.

          • Sidewinder

            Yes Kate, that means actually getting off your butt and doing something other than complaining.

          • Sidewinder

            I gave you the idea Kate.
            Why don’t you see if you can think of something?

            Yes Ross lost. Ross was supposed to lose. Thats why he dropped out when he was ahead.
            His job was to split the conservative vote.

            I’m not talking about that.
            I was talking about his brilliance as a speaker.

          • Save America Susie

            I actually liked Ross.

          • Sidewinder

            Well although Ross ran on the United We Stand America party, he was working with the Clintons.
            His favor to Clinton was that he would talk conservative and split the Conservative vote.

            Ross’s reward, would have been a huge gov contract.
            Perot Systems founded in June 1988, is a worldwide provider of information technology services and business solutions, serving the specific needs of its clients in healthcare, government, manufacturing, banking, insurance and other industries.

            Information technology services for healthcare and government.
            Making any sense?

            I too liked Ross..but he had his own interests at heart.
            One hand washes the other.

            Not the point.

            I thought he was a brilliant communicator who could speak plainly to the American public, about complex issues.
            We need someone with those qualities.

            I have talked to you people the last couple of weeks. I hear discontent about the way govt is running.
            I see talk of violence. I know violence and talk of violence is rooted on frusteration.
            Frusteration is the result of not seeing any options.

            In Mondays topic, I posted my best shot at a solution, and how to implement it. It was a long post, and I doubt more than a couple people read it. But its up there for all to see.

            I have not seen any other real attempts at solutions on this blog, other than someone who posted a list of laws that they thought should be passed on that same page. Good effort. I applaud them for at least trying.

            I have mentioned that both partys do not serve the American public. I pointed out that the problem was not any one politician, or even any one political party.

            The problem is our system that those politicians serve.

            Anyone has a better idea than the one I posted, I would honestly like to see it. All I see are mostly complaints. Nothing positive.

            My solution called for changing the system. Working through proper channels to do so. Not some foolish armed march on Washington.

            Changing the system, and redefining the role of government would solve so many problems. It would roll back federal power globally and nationally, saving us a ton of money. To revert back to a Free Market Economy, would reduce the role of government to that of the classical “Night Watchman” role. In that capacity, governments only job would be to enforce the law in the marketplace. Enforce regulation to ensure proper safety standards. And enforce these rules and laws fairly for all.
            Thats not what we have right now.

            I got a call today that proves this point. 3M a favored corp, has just gotten approval for a coating for water mains. The coating failed safety tests the first time as it contained toxic chemicals that will poison people. A new round of tests were conducted. This chemical was not tested for in the second round of tests. Well what do you know…it passed.
            Political favortism at its worst.

            Now you will be drinking dangerous toxins, if you drink tap water through new mains. Sucks huh?

            We need to end that system. I fleshed out a plan in broad strokes. You can copy it, change it, sign your name to it and take all the credit, I don’t care. Just get it out there.

            But you won’t even read it, because you don’t want to waste 2 min of your time.

            Come up with something better then.

            I think….you people on this site…would just rather complain, and do nothing. You will run in circles like you are programed to.

            Well I have already sent my idea out, and I will contim=nue to do so. After that, its out of my hands.

            But its a hell of a lot more than you have done.

            Piss or get off the pot.
            I said this yeasterday, when the interests of the public conflict with the interests of a favored business, the public comes out on the bottom everytime.

          • Lewis Munn

            The Swiss arm their citizens, and train them all. Can you imagine Obama training all our citizens and giving them arms?

            But it works!

  • Raggs

    I agree with all of you Mccain is trying to lock in votes.
    Career politicains are not the answer, we need term limits!!!!

    • USN-Pops

      That’s a joke. Like trying to get the fox to bite his own tail off.

      • Sidewinder

        Not if we exploit the economic crisis, and get the public talking about redefining the role of government. The Fed is cash poor. Shrink the size of govt and return to a Free Market Economic System, balancing the budget.

        Public pressure is the key. And for those who won’t get on the bus, they perhaps may like the view from under the bus. Support third party candidates.

  • gary

    Seems to me that the left continues to rewrite the law Arizona passed.My opinion is that the Mexicans are the ones with the help of the US government that caused this problem. WHat is wrong with profiling?? Not a damn thing. We do not need them or want them and the illegals as well as the rest need to be deported.

    Our new idiology and beliefs are like a glass of lemonade that is too watered down.I have watched our system of values being watered down for years from all the immigration either illegal or legal. What kind idiology do you think we should have when people from socialist or full communist countries immigrate here. Our borders need to be sealed tight and immigration halted until our domestic problems are fixed.

    No matter as it will never happen because our government is of itself and not for us. We are just the enabler through our tax money. We are totally screwed and nothing is going to change with out total rebellion.

    • blamesomeoneelse

      I heard about illegal immagrant laws they have in Mexico, make Arizona laws seem weak. Find out what happens if are caught there and I am sure the people are not up in arms if people are put in prison and sent to america or where ever when they break the law. The problem is they are criminals! What ever the reason they come they have broken the law. So it is ok for some to break the law? No wonder we are in such deep trouble in this country, laws are broken by the powerful also but hay, we can put them in charge. Sounds dumb to me. Why is it ok for protesters of arizona law to do damage and violence at there protests?

      • del

        I have worked in Mexico several times. I can tell you first hand that the mexican police definitely profile! They will pull a white boy over in a second and rob you blind. We learned a long time ago to keep enough money in one pocket to convince them that is all you had.

      • USN-Pops

        The Governor of one of the Mexican Border states came to Arizona last week and complained that if we sent all the illegals back, it would destroy his state. They have not enough jobs or resources to support them. So he wanted the law repealled.

      • American Conserative

        The US Citizens of all the Border States who want to defend the United States against the Invasion from Mexico must repel the invaders and remove those that are here as did our Founding Fathers when the British invaded or put up signs “Welcome to the Mexican States of America”!!!!

    • Dwestall

      The Tea Party is the last chance at peaceful change. If they can not succeed, then open rebellion will happen. If not on the Illegal issue it will certainly happen when people realize our finances are worse than Greece and our Dollar is worth nothing.

    • Sidewinder

      What you are refering to Glenn is the conflict of interest that occurs when representitive govt is at odds with the needs of the people VS the needs of Big Business.

      Our system was created to serve Big Business as a solution to problems stemming from the Great Depression.

      Illegal Immigration serves Big Business as a source of Cheap exploitable labor. Illegals work cheap, they don’t sue, they don’t require health benefits, they don’t dare make trouble, don’t join Unions, and they disappear without a trace.

      Your Representative….He does not serve you. He’s not there to serve you. Thats not his job.

  • Buck Holloway

    McCain is just another gutless politician. Until we have folks in government that are not too PC to call a lie a lie and a liar a liar, we are destined to have charlatans determine our liberties. When they are caught in a lie, don’t call it false information or being disingenuous, call it what it is, a lie. Call them out publicly but you better have your facts straight and be able to back them up. We need to send honesty back to Washington

    • Sidewinder

      LOL! “gutless” Yeah, you got that right…

      • Airangel

        I am not a fan of McCain Sidewinder just as you are not a fan of Obama but you give him respect in areas you agree with like “being nice and shaking hands with countries like China and Iran” so in that spirit…I too give credit where credit is due..McCain may be a lot of things but he is not gutless…serving as a POW and fighting for your country with your life takes great courage…we owe him the respect for his service…the humiliation and cruelty they suffer as POW’s is something you are lucky to not endure so keep it above board.

    • http://personalliberty rob

      I agree that McCain has Flip-Flopped on his stand with illegal immigration just because he is up for re-election.. Where has he been on this issue in the past?…Will AZ have the guts to vote this BUM out. Remember…AMNESTY is in his vocabulary….True colors are shining through…

  • Cribster

    McCain is a disingenuous grandstander. He has pulled this crap too many times and is due to be run out on a rail.

  • Raggs

    Go to China through the backdoor and see what they do to you.
    Concentration camp and death!

    Come to America and see what you get!
    Free housing, free health care, and you don’t even have to pay taxes.

    • Sidewinder

      Yes…the dark side of Liberalism…LOL!

      • kate8

        SW, being that liberalism has been wholly coopted by Marxist/communist/socialist idiologues, I’d like to hear your version of the “light” side of liberalism.

        • Sidewinder

          Protection of Individual rights Kate. Thats the part of Liberalism I do like.

          • kate8

            Sorry, SW. I just don’t see it. I see it more as assigning preferential rights to chose mascot groups, and diminishing rights to the majority.

            All they are doing is turning traditional values upside down, and making those who hold to them the marginalized class.

          • Sidewinder

            I am talking about Liberalism in principal.
            Not the way its being practiced by certain individuals.

          • Sidewinder

            And you won’t see it because you are willfully blind.

    • Save America Susie

      Good Point Raggs!!

  • gary

    I also understand that Obama is forming a malitia with US military and nato forces to combat an angry US populace. They are being trained now!! The powers that be must be getting scared and know they will need to use force. Just recently they were being trained to raid door to door in search of weapons.

    America desperatly needs a regime change before it is all over but the crying.

    • Sidewinder

      Gary is on fire!

      You keep hitting on some important things Gary!

      Yes, you people have got to stop saying stupid things like taking up arms against your government. Your threatening posture is being heard. You had better believe what you post on sites such as this one are being seen by FBI. They are assessing the threat level and responding.

      You are hurting yourselves. I can’t say this enough.

      We can change our form of government. Its been done before in response to economic crisis. There is no need what so ever to talk of violence. Its just not appropriate. The government does not want to collapse due to a dollar crisis. I assume they are looking for solutions if they don’t have one already.

      Public pressure……Let them know what you want. Start talking.

      As much as like lthe idea of the Tea Party, with no Top Down Leadership, they are sunk. The idiot factor is high.
      I see the Tea Party as a retarted girl, with a really hot body, crashing a Frat Party at 1:00am. Attractive, but You know it ain’t gonna end well. She doesn’t have the brains to protect the body.

      So far, I refrain from throwing my hat in the ring with those people. However, I remain hopeful….

      If nothing else, the Tea Party serves as an indicator of national discontent.

      • USN-Pops

        Buried in the Health Care bill is money to reactivate some closed military facilities to be used as interment camps, and controlled by a new and powerful army under direct control of the president, and outside the Posse commitatus act of the 1800′s. Who needs to be interred?? Sick People??

        • kate8

          You can never know if a thing is true until it has been officially denied.

      • marvin

        Sidewinder you are for a better word a—— obama clone we have a first admen right to speak and if it you don,t like what you read leave as for the tea party and palin it is your right to disagree with us but don,t be stuped and start nane calling thats something obama does on a regular base but from were i set you are in total agreement with him never mind the law just do anything or say anything as long as can get away with but liberals think if you lie and put people down you look better ,wrong it just makes you look small and uneducated like the morrons you are

        • Sidewinder

          LOL! Ok Marvin…

          Quote from Marvin: “wrong it just makes you look small and uneducated like the morrons you are”

          Well Marvin, I don’t think you get it. I never said you or anyone else didn’t have a First Amendment right to speak your mind. What I am saying is I question the WISDOM of advocating violence against your government.

          There is a difference Marvin. See if you can figure it out.

          And the Tea Party….I didn’t name call, I drew a comparison. See if you can tell the difference. I like the Tea Party, but as it stands, its wide open for trouble. Its too disorganized.

          Quote from Marvin: “your right to disagree with us but don,t be stuped and start nane calling thats something obama does.

          I am not being “Stuped” Marvin… Oh forget it….I can’t help you…


          • Save America Susie

            The 13 Colonies were not very organized either, Side, when they first encountered the British at their doorstep. It took some TIME and regrouping. Nothing is perfect at first. I say never give up…

          • Sidewinder

            I agree Susie, thats why I am hopeful.
            I hope thay can manage to make it.

  • http://gmail i41

    Obama is just following his muslim ideaology. The Korean says it is OK and if you are a muslim lie to non-muslims. Since Omoron is here illegally, why would he not lie. Omoron, Holder, and Janet Napolitano all have not read the Az. bill, alligator mouths over loading a misqueto brain. Reagan with the democrat congress wet backs will not show up to be citizens. The democrats alwaysdo the wailing about the poor illegals needing freee housing, food stamps, free education, and anything that can be given to them. Even Cali. tried to limit or stop all the freebes for illegals.I say let McNutt leave, along with rinos and democrats, with two beltway lobbists under each arm. Omoron and his bootlickers are really trying to create a racist attitude, while tearing our econimic system to a 3rd world socialist model.

  • Steve

    McCain is will sell his family for a vote.No Backbone, he don’t care about the people, he just loves himself.He is a politician, with that goes liar, theif as a couple qualifications of office.Ones that BO excels in that’s why he won.If mcCain was a negro he would have had a chance. Blacks are losing there minority status soon to be taken by Mexicans or Muslims.We need to give them their 100 years or so now, they deserve it!

    • Save America Susie

      In 50 years….the Mexicans and Muslims will OUT-NUMBER us due to BIRTHRATE. The average Muslim family has 8 kids! Do the math! Americans foolishly thought we were doing the world a favor by shrinking our family size to “save the world” when they were “preaching” that in the 1960 & 70′s. Somebody forgot to tell them. Mexicans have on average 4 or 5 kids. The average birthrate in the USA is about 2.1 kids now. That is not going to sustain the population demographic as it is now, for very long. EUROPE has already dropped to less than 2 kids per family on average. It can never recover! It used to be that Catholics and Mormons had 10 kids but not anymore. Even their size families are shrinking. The Osmands are the exception now a days. Well, in 50 years I won’t be alive on the planet anymore. So I won’t personally have to worry. But I am concerned about the FUTURE for my kids and Grand kids, my descendants. What will their world be like? Their Government, their culture? Check out YOUTUBE for the video on this. It will blow your mind!

      The point is, sadly, we will lose our American culture eventually.

      • kate8

        SAS, I know that I will catch heck for this, but doesn’t it look like the intent was to diminish the caucasian race? We were incouraged to limit our families, while other races and cultures have been reproducing in large numbers.

        Think about it. Caucasians have held the ideals of freedom and self-governance for eons. They are the ones who conceived it, fought for it, and designed the system. They hold the spirit of liberty in their hearts, and are the main obstacle to the NWO agenda. Now they are now the bad guys, and seem to be the target of everyone, even many of their own.

        The truth is, the cause of freedom is for everyone, not just certain races. But some are more willing to sacrifice for it than others. Just look at history.

        With caucasians out of the way, who will step up? We’ll see.

      • Save America Susie

        With the example of what America could be at her best, I think anyone can carry on with our flag waving high, if they see the true freedom she stands for. If they lose the VISION of FREEDOM and get corrupt and greedy as we seem to headed toward now, the lamp is only glowing softly. Almost flickering out. Freedom makes it blaze! If people do not adapt to the America Cultural view of FREEDOM for ALL, I am afraid there is little hope to continue. But I also believe there is more at work here than just mere men! There is God who thought of America the Beacon. That makes all the difference.

      • Save America Susie

        Kate8, But I see your point….In a way, some people may have been racially profiling Caucasians.

    • kate8

      McCain is another member of the NWO. A Bilderberg. A member of CFR.

      There’s no way he ever legitimately came from dead last in the presidential primaries to be the R nominee. It had to have been rigged. They needed a sure loser so that Obama had a certainty of winning.

      We need our own pool of candidates. All we get is those who are approved by and loyal to the House of Rothschild and world government.

      • Save America Susie

        Kate8…I am shocked! I never knew McCain was a member of CFR! And I only found out about CFR last year. (“Shadows of Powers” by James Perloff)

        • kate8

          SAS, nearly everyone at the higher levels of government are either members of the CFR, or are somehow affiliated. Even Mike Huckabee!

          Any notion that those running for high office and recognized by the media are anything but globalist picks is just uninformed. It is only to make us think we have parties and choices.

          I don’t know how we can get out from under the control of these elites, but we aren’t going to like where they are taking us.

          • Sidewinder

            When the Federal Reserve Note goes bust, we won’t need the Federal Reserve.
            After losing all their savings the American Public may want to call for metals backed Treasury Notes to replace the debt ridden Fed Res Note. . Thats what the Fed Res does NOT want. I am hoping that there is a window of opportunity there, where we could wrench our country back from them.
            Bankers control with money.

            But nothing will happen if we don’t start speaking up.

          • Save America Susie

            Kate8 & SW, It is a scary time and only time will tell what the answer is….I agree with you on the Federal Reserve.

    • Steve

      To the “new” Steve;
      You appear to be a conservative, and while I agree with most all of what you said, I can see that we don’t have the same exact opinion on McCain, or maybe a few other things. I don’t agree with all of McCains political views, and I consider him to be about a 70% R.I.N.O. but I do respect him for his heroic military service in Vietnam, and he DID support and vote for Arizonas SB1070. I have been posting on here for some time, and since it appears that we are going to disagree on some things, could you add the first letter of your last name, so people on here don’t get us confused with each other? Thanks, Steve

  • gary

    Yes you come to America illegally for a free ride on us.The minorities have more rights than the rest of us. Plus the civil liberties union continues to push for more. We also do not have freedom of speech because if you say something that offends a minority you could go to jail.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      No, you won’t go to jail. the illegals will come to your door kill you and rape your wife and then when they go to trial, if caught, the ACLU will defend them with “Oh they had such a bad upbringing, they were poor and destitute and when they came here all they got was a slap in the face for being illegal”!!!What utter bull sh!t!!!

  • Tony in MO

    What has me amused is all of the California politicians who are screaming for boycotting Arizona over the new law there. In the meantime, if one has the desire, google the following: California Penal Code Sec. 834b. Seems that California has a law on their books that is almost an exact copy of Arizona’s law. It’s just that California politicians don’t even comply with their own laws.

    • USN-Pops

      The ariona Law enforces Federal Law, which the Border Patrol won’t do. There are references within the Az. law to Federal statutes that they will enforce. Neapolitano is the one holding back on enforcement. She had a fit when ICE raided a Packing plant here in Washington shortly after she was in office. They bagged 25 illegals, and wanted to fine the owner. but the story was dropped from the media and not sure where it went. And we haven’t had any ICE raids since then.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    John McCain flip flops too much. I think he just needs to head into the sunset and retire. The voters in his state must know this.

    It seems that when Barry doesn’t have a teleprompter in front of him, you just never know what will come out of his mouth!

    Racial profiling is nothing but a bunch of political crap! If you have a description of someone who has broke the law, you go by that description. Stopping and interrogating those who do not match the description is a waste of time and money. Common sense is lost on the politically correct!

  • gary

    Has anyone heard of detention centers being built around the US for holding legal citizens?

    • Barbara

      Go online and search Fema Camps……there is a state by state listing of these.

      • Sidewinder

        Those Fema Camps….They’ve been debunked.
        One picture being offered as “Proof” was in fact a pic taken of a North Korean facility. The internet is rife with BS.

        But say they were real….do you want to spend the rest of your life in one of them?

        People really need to stop talking about violence against the gov right now. Because when you do, death or prison are your only options if you act on that notion.

        I cannot stand with anyone here, if they continue to insist on taking the Idiot Road….

        • kate8

          SW, I’m starting to think that you are a plant. Maybe from the Left, maybe from the government. Don’t know. But for all your being a self-proclaimed authority on everything going on, you sure don’t know very much.

          If I’m wrong about that, maybe you should do a little more serious research before making pronouncements about whether something is or isn’t true, because you are only a babe at this stuff.

          • Sidewinder

            I am a government plant? LOL!
            Oh God…
            Well I am not a self proclaimed authority. I never said I was. I’m just not brain dead.

            I was always nice to you Kate, but with that kind of paranoid outlook, its no wonder you you fall for all the conspiracy stuff. I am sure some has merit, and some doesn’t. Glenn Beck looked into the FEMA Camps and did a piece on his radio show. I get his emails, so I also looked into it out of interest when I got home. Some of those pics were not even from America. The rest of the stuff… have no way to know what those places are for.
            Funny too, because while people are screaming about FEMA camps, they also scream they want a wall built on the Mexican border….walls also keep people in…

            My Libertarian views confuse you apparently. If you cannot recognise something then I guess you just assume its Liberal. LOL!

            Although I am certain law enforcement trolls certain sites looking for threats, and perverts…I don’t think they actually pay gov employees to sit and argue with people on blogs…..Thats laughable.

            I really don’t think a government plant would be advocating trashing the Patroit Act, nor pushing the 911 Inside Job theory either. Theres a lot of evidence to support that too. Like witnesses, Thermite residue, video footage showing support beams in the basement sheared off at neat 45 degree angles, just like they do in demolitions. Theres tons of stuff……
            I don’t say I know this to in fact be an inside job, but I came to the conclusion that its more probable than not. I had a PDF file with over 40 high ranking military and government officials that have stated that something is very wrong with the official story. That it doesn’t add up.

            Sorry you don’t like me Kate…

          • kate8

            SW, you just haven’t done your research on some of the topics you comment about. Also, most of us recognize that, as much as we like Glenn Beck, he is told what he can and cannot talk about. FoxNews is owned by the elites and they control what is said. He was forced to denounce the FEMA camps, just as Obama’s legitimacy is off-limits. If the news won’t report it, it doesn’t exist.

            I have been studying this stuff for a good long time – I daresay, longer than you have. Many people have risked their safety and their lives to investigate things the elites don’t want us to know. Brand me a “conspiracy theorist” and a “nutcase”, I don’t care. Where there is smoke there is most certainly fire, and ridicule is the tactic used to keep people away from things they want to hide.

            I’m not saying I know everything either. There is so much deception going on that it would be nearly impossible to ferret out all the facts. But you can put together the pieces and, after a while, a picture begins to take shape.

            As long as we can share info without insulting one another’s intelligence, we’ll unravel the truth. But we shouldn’t lord our ideas over others or attempt to marginalize attempts to expose things that are threatening.

            There are deliberate purveyors if disinformation around in order to keep us all confused. And SW, some of your posts are confusing.

          • Sidewinder

            There may be other reasons you find them confusing Kate…

          • Sidewinder

            So when they tell you what you want to hear, they speak the truth.
            When they say something that defies your perspective, they are being controled. Is that how it works?

            I have warned you that things are not always what they look like.

            Like a major company that is selling a new coating for water mains. The coating contains toxic chemicals that will leech out into the drinking water in trace amounts. Toluene is one of them. They faild the first round of safety testing. So they tested again, but this time did not test for these chemicals. They passed.
            I think their reasoning is that anycontimination would be so small and dilute, nobody would get sick. There is no safe limit of toluene ingestion.

            A conspiracy nut would see this as a sinister plan to poison people. Its not.

            I see it for what it is. This company has no nontoxic solutions that would practicle for making this coating. So they witewash the safety issues, and grease their way to the market. The intent is to profit, not poison.
            Its bad either way, but not what it might look like.

            Those FEMA camps, again…you have no real way to know what they are.

            I understand the tendency and need for immediate answers. I also understand the tendency of certain people, who in the absence of facts, will create facts, to satisy their need for answers.

            I think it better, when in the absence of facts, to leave the question open, until more facts are available. Or, one could compare facts available, to theory, and see which seems more probable.

            You are not doing yourself any favors….

    • USN-Pops

      Buried somewher in the Healthcare Bill is a department and funds to re-activate some old military bases over the country, and set them up as interment camps. They will be staffed by a new specialty being trained within the army to provide “protection and support” to detainee’s. As it is designed to be a civilian entity, they do not come under the Posse Commitatus Act of the 1800′s giving the potential for military Control of the population.

  • Barbara

    Racial Profiling is not new…it is a new name. Consider that there is a current move to change our language (like the book 1984). Back in the 60′s, I could not get a job because the companies and agencies were attempting to fill their “quotas” by hiring blacks…..we had lots of racial profiling then…..a black person (whether qualified or not) was hired before a white person…..they just looked at the color of the skin.

    • SJ Roth

      You’re so right, Barbara!! I too remember the ’60′s, while living in California ,our next door neighbor was aced out of a promotion because of Affirmative Action it went to a black person… Who was also a NEW HIRE!!.. So. racial profiling is certainly NOT NEW! Only the morons who keep bringing it up constantly.

      • libertytrain

        I had an Hispanic female boss – she and I were very good friends back in the 80′s at a New York Times owned newspaper – she was the controller of the newspaper and our standard joke between ourselves was you could get any job anywhere if you were a Black Hispanic Female. Actually she was Spanish, but the NYTRNG Group strongly “requested” she use the word Hispanic.

    • dale h

      It still happens today I applied for a job with the US census. My neighbor who is black was given a different set of rules to follow in regard to a criminal background. He still had his conviction and mine was dismissed. He was hired and i was not. I filed a discrimination complaint and the answer was ” your white you can’t be discriminated against. They play by there own rules and make them up as they go.

  • gary

    Yes I remember that! I think of what a great country we could have had without the ?????

  • Marilyn

    I am not a McCain supporter but I do believe in Arizona’s new law to help get the illegals back to their country where they belong. They do not help the United States – they send our money to their homeland. But, that’s not the worse of it. Each State needs to support Arizona and construct similar rules to get rid of unwanted illegal Mexicans. California is too liberal to enact such laws because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings; the reason CA is broke! New Mexico and Texas should follow Arizona’s lead and start clamping down on all the murders that take place along their borders. If ALL States would enact the same laws, we could get rid of the illegal Mexicans. It wouldn’t cost us a dime. Illegal Mexicans came across the border without our money so they can get back to Mexico the same way they came. If a Mexican wants to come to the United States and become an American Citizen, that is a different matter. I believe in a helping hand but certainly not HAND OUTS!

  • Bob Wire

    well in spite of McCain’s earlier contribution to America, when he was young, darning and threw caution to the wind and wound up a “hero” POW. ~ The senior McCain looks for what side his bread is butter’ed on at every change and is so simple to read and blatant about it.

    For one thing, Arizona , is a state full of people recently from somewhere’s else! These indigenous people have alway been near.

    Today Mexico sucks and is a dangerous place ! and people are leaving!

    These Johnny come lately’s, seniors voters that have retired and invested the Autumn of their lives and wealth in Arizona , looking for peaceful living and clean air with one foot in the grave.

    It’s a mixed bag of tricks and a welfare state at best.

    the notion of;
    Buy you some land , build a nice home, become Mr. Cartwheel, own your very own “Pontirosa” Nice dream, if it just wasn’t for the darn “people”

    Even Mr. Cartwright, had such problems with encroachment.

    The years passing and political conditions in Mexico only making matters worse.

    It’s a real problem as we look for solutions. But we don’t need to amended everyone’s bill of rights to address it.

    And Mc Cain can easily talk out of both sides of his mouth. I wouldn’t be surprise if he looses his set!

    • Wolverines

      Bob Wire says:
      May 18, 2010 at 7:47 am

      re: Arizonas SB 1070….. But we don’t need to amended everyone’s bill of rights to address it.
      Hey Barb Wire, Just whose bill of rights is Arizona AMENDING with SB1070? It can’t be American citizens you’re talking about because we have to show ID all day, everyday, everywhere, 24/7/365

      Are you talking about the ILLEGAL ALIENS BILL OF RIGHTS?
      Strange… Just what bill of rights applies to the ILLEGAL ALIENS?
      Just some more of your careful spinning of words to try and spread your socialist dogma.

      Oh, and FYI, The Cartwrights and the Ponderosa were NOWHERE NEAR ARIZONA. They were just outside Virginia City, Nevada. It’s a LOOOOOOOOOONG look from western Nevada to Arizona. Clear across an entire state in fact…… ha ha ha

  • dale h

    Arizona has never had a problem with immagration as bad as it is now. Reagon opened the gates and Obama is tearing the fence down . but would we expect anything else from a President who refusses to show he has the legal right to be here.

    • BigBadJohn

      The Bush administration, which is vowing to crack down on U.S. companies that hire illegal workers, virtually abandoned such employer sanctions before it began pushing to overhaul U.S. immigration laws last year, government statistics show.
      Between 1999 and 2003, *****work-site enforcement operations were scaled back 95 percent by the Immigration and Naturalization Service,***** which subsequently was merged into the Homeland Security Department. The number of employers prosecuted for unlawfully employing immigrants dropped from 182 in 1999 to four in 2003, and fines collected declined from $3.6 million to $212,000, according to federal statistics.

      In 1999, the United States initiated fines against 417 companies. In 2004, it issued fine notices to three.

      The government’s steady retreat from workplace enforcement in the 20 years since it became illegal to hire undocumented workers is the result of fierce political pressure from business lobbies, immigrant rights groups and members of Congress, according to law enforcement veterans. Punishing employers also was de-emphasized as the government recognized that it lacks the tools to do the job well, and as the Department of Homeland Security shifted resources to combat terrorism.


      The fact is, between 2007 and now, while spending on border fencing has gone down, overall spending on border security has increased.

      Let’s get to some numbers.

      In 2007, discretionary spending on border security was $6.3 billion. As Pence noted, that was the last year of full Republican control. After that, while George W. Bush remained in the presidency, Congress was controlled by Democrats. But discretionary spending on border security continued to rise year after year. It went to $7.9 billion in 2008; to $9.8 billion in 2009; and to $10.1 billion in fiscal year 2010. President Barack Obama’s proposed 2011 budget calls for a slight decrease in discretionary spending on border security, but even at the proposed level of $9.8 billion, that’s a 55 percent increase between 2007 and 2011.

      • Sidewinder

        BigBadJohn I always love your posts. You always mention the “Other side of the story.” Perhaps a Libertarian vantage point allows us to see the flaws on both sides of the idealogical spectrem. And realize the problem lies not in idealogy but within the system itself.

        • BigBadJohn

          I agree, neither side is fault free.

          But in general, Republicans like cheap labor so allow all immigration – including illegal immigration. The democrats way of dealing with this influx is to propose amnesty.

          Both sides are to blame, but after 9/11 there was an actual reason to shut down the border. Americans would have been 100% behind it at that time. Bush had both houses in his back pocket, but instead of shutting down the border, Bush opened the flood gates!

          I just like showing that narrow minded opinions are just that.

  • bobinpa.

    How stupid can we be? These Illegals are “Foreign Nationals” here ferom Mexico “ILLEGALLY”. They are CRIMINALS. They have broken our LAWS.They are Bankrupting our School Districts, Hospitals,our Society in General. What part of that don’t people understand? THEY should NOT be here. PERIOD. ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS should be found and DEPORTED. THEY have NO RIGHTS here. American Citizenship is NOT a HUMAN RIGHT. And regardless of what somwe of those CRONIE ACTIVISTS say, IT IS POSSIBLE to FIND ALL of them And DEPORT THEM. And YES, PROFILING WORKS. Whose idea is it Not to use profiling? Theirs, The CRIMINAL ILLEGALS and the ANTI-AMERICAN CROWD.

    • Mark

      The libs, LA RAZA, hispanics, and our “President” have all convinced one another and great masses of this country that if you are against illegal immigration that you are against immigration in general and are a racist. These opponents of the new AZ law are the attempt to socialize this country and turn it in a third-world enterprize.

      • Sidewinder

        Mark…read BigBadJohn’s post.

        Follow the money. How do you explain that?

        • BigBadJohn

          “Follow the money.”

          EXACTLY CORRECT!!!

          That was the main reason I was so opposed to Bush, he opened the national treasury to his supporters. He blatantly sent 12 billion in cash right into the waiting arms of his favorite military contractor, gave his brother a no bid contract, etc, etc.

          Now Obama is doing the same exact s–t!

      • Airangel

        Speaking of La Raza gang members…why are they not being tried for terrorism when they organize and form their own militia with the full intent of “killing whitey Gringos” per their own chants! Why would we not dismantle any threat like that immediately? Gangs, Criminals or Illegals are not afraid to assault, kill, make deadly threats, defile our flag, etc…they are not afraid of our system as we don’t enforce anything! Kind of like the spoiled child that screams and throws tantrums and the parents give in with candy or the movie or whatever they want to shut them up – there is no discipline, no respect, no fear of retribution…the time for being pushovers needs to stop and we need to enforce our laws with a Firm and unwavering hand…when you’re serious and stay true to your convictions…you earn respect and then you create awareness that this isn’t going to fly anymore and word gets around quick! The USA is not allowing any more illegal aliens in and they’re rounding up current ones! Set the tone now!

  • Robert

    since when is mexican a race? race is black yellow and white. if you want to call mexicans black do so and see what backlash you get. Mexicans do not like blacks.

  • Tony

    I don’t understand, these illegals come here from a socialist country because we have better opportunities. Whydo they bring their communist feelings with them and try to change our country. Communism is the main malfunction in their country, so why would they want to change the country that still is the best one in the world, despite what obama and the dems are doing to it. I just don’t get it. Why would they want to be enslaved by the rich liberals.

    • kate8

      Tony, nothing makes sense any more. What can you say. People are stupid.

      • Bob Wire

        Quote;kate8 says:
        May 18, 2010 at 2:39 pm

        Tony, nothing makes sense any more. What can you say. People are stupid.

        well Kate, it don’t make sense, because it’s not true and not so. That’s just his perspective and the way he feels about it.

        Mexican American more then anyone, with tell you, our Immigration Problems are “huge”, regardless of their political affiliation, right or left. ~ This attempt to villain-ize one party, is absurd at best. Therefore can’t possibly make sense.

        This is a delicate matter, in that we are considering abridge the “spirit” of law. Laws that safeguard all citizens rights.

        We have reached an area where “probable cause” and “profiling” meet head on and offer us conflict with the “spirit” and “intent” of law.

        The “means” does not always justify the “end results” For now we have Laws on the books that dilute everyone’s “rights” , It’s only a matter of application and to whom. Today it’s “them” tomorrow it could be “us”

        It has little to do with “hugging trees” or being sympathetic with “Displaced Central Americans” or harboring Anti- American viewpoints but completely the opposite.

        We ( people like myself) are attempting to look out for everyone and for a long-term solution.

        We’ve got all the laws, we need ~ what we need is a solution not another law that “can’t” be enforced and sustained long enough to affect the desire results.

        Just collecting these people and sending them home might make you feel good for a little while. ~ But that, in itself is not the complete answer to the problem, but only a small tiny part. Inside a 6 month period , the problem would return

        It’s a big problem ! and the solution will be just as large, regardless how small you wish or hope it to be.

        And laying blame and fault at any one administration or one parties doorstep is truly absurdity in the highest order.

        American’s share this blame too you know! We like cheap labor, reasonable roofing or concrete work. We like getting things done! Our yards mowed, our crops picked and we expect, someone to do it for “LOW pay”, if they must live in a cardboard box under a bridge, staying out of sight until they are needed! Only then do we welcome these hard working brown and round natives of north and central America.

        We like our “drugs” too! WE! American’s contribute to this demand of illegal drugs. So ~? This is everyone’s problem, directly or indirectly.

        There no call for anger, it won’t serve us. ~ These Arizonian that complain, are “Johnny come Lately” more or less a bunch of white folks that moved into a sparse area of the country originally dominated by native Americans and other indigenous tribes for “health reasons” and formed Townships. You tell me what this state now produces and exports that will carry the freight of “Statehood” and compare with the other 51 state??

        My guess, it’s not much, Retirement funds,Fed and otherwise, stockholder dividend, pays the taxes, Tourism, silver and turquoise, trinkets, food and lodging. I spent a year there one day.

        Stationed at Fort Huachuca, home of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command. ~ Nice place! I encourage anyone with a attitude to visit and gain perspective as you witness the Arm Pit of the America’s then ck out Yuma and catch the backside of the Universe. You’ll come away with a different point of view about what America really is and what this is all about. They don’t call it the “Ball Lands” for no reason.

        Anyone tough enough to endure there, has my blessing.

  • s c

    Obummer has NO credibility, and McWeasel has NO credibility. BOTH of them deserve to be tossed to the four winds.
    Obummer isn’t fit to be a prez, let alone president. He MUST lie and distort facts. or he’d
    be in trouble with the scum who helped elected him. This game is for ALL the marbles, and Obummer will do ANYTHING and act like ANYONE [stalin, mao, hitler] to get what he wants.
    A prez who uses and abuses the military (what happened with GETTING OUT of Afghanistan?) will use and abuse the people he’s trying to protect by having open borders. There’s ALWAYS a first time for everything, people. It will be interesting to see what America does with a prez who needs to be DEPORTED himself.
    Rich, Constitution-hating, self-serving oath breakers are the scum of the earth.

  • http://NA Tom Padamonsky

    What’s wrong with carrying some form of identification? I have been living in Japan for quite a few years now. I’ve gotten permanent residency and you know what. I still have to carry my ALIEN REGISTRATION CARD. Before I can do any major transaction I have to show my Alien Registration Card. I also have to periodically update it. If I move I have to report the move to the city office and have a change enacted to my card. If I am stopped by the police for a traffic violation they want to see my ID Card. If I don’t have it I’m carted off to the Immigration Office & held until they can verify my status. If they can’t I stand a good chance of being deported. Like an Immigration Officer once told me “If you don’t like living under Japanese law you can always return to your home country. As I result I fully support what Arizona has done. If the federal government can’t protect its citizens, the states will have to do it themselves.

  • bobinpa.

    When I said ALL Illegal Immigrants should be deported , I meant ALL. Not just Mexican. And this sorry phoney deal of women running across the border to “Hatch” a kid, and the kid is a citizen is ridiculous. This has to stop immediately. And Companys that hire Illegals need to be found and put out of business. Their Assets sold, and a reward given to those turning them in. And JOBS can be made to find,detain, and Deport Illegals. This present administration is useless and must go. Also people like John McCain. America must be made STRONG again. It is the GREATEST Country in the History of the World. And its NOT to be made a Third World OUTHOUSE by ILLEGALS>

    • Sidewinder

      bobinpa. perhaps Pres Obama can borrow the money from China, set up a new gov dept, expanding government size, hire thousands of new immigration officials, and do house to house searches for illegals.

      You guys say you don’t want a police state, but you send out mixed messages.

      Illegals benefit Big Business. Big Businesse’s interests are protected by government. Efforts at stopping illegal immigration are for show, as is John McCann. Yes McCann. As in he should be canned.

      Thats just the way it is.

  • http://NONE REASON-1

    Again the issue is government representatives lack of understanding the U.S.Constitution.

    Authority to determine [ FOREIGN POLICY ] is bestowed on the president but it does not give him the authority to send them any [ TAXPAYER MONEY ]( AID ]. Remember the Ollie North trial? The [ QUESTION ]was put to the people and [ PLACED ON THE BALLOT ] ” Should [ CONGRESS ]send aid to the Contras in South America ?”. The voters sent a resounding [ "NO" ]to the government and the President; because they had ballooned the Vietnam ” police action ” into the most costly war the United States was ever involved in. The voters did NOT say they didn’t want anyone to aid the contra’s

    • Sidewinder

      Disagree. They for the most part do understand the Constitution. Our present form of government and economic system, are something that was set up after the Constitution, New Deal era. Its at odds with the Constitution because it grants the government more power than was intended by the Founders.

      This present system was put in place as a solution to economic troubles of that era.

      We need to change it, as a solution to today’s economic problems.

      • American Liberal

        Sidewinder… I have a tough time getting a read on you… That’s in noway a bad thing…. I take it that your as amazed as I am at the God hates illegals post…

        • Sidewinder

          I understand American Liberal. It can be confusing to some people, because I appreciate some aspects of Liberalism as well as conservatism.
          I think there should be no “God Party”, they have that in the Middle East. I don’t want Religion in government or the schools. Because….who’s religion wants to get in there? Will I agree with it? I don’t want my morality dictated to me by government.

          Religion is personal. Thats where I really break with the Conservatives.

          I believe firmly in God though. And I agree gov can neither promote or ban religious practices in any official capacity.
          They cannot ban kids from prayer in school. They can’t promote it either.
          Its just more fair that way. And its in the First Amendment.

          But I am really floored when people elude to having “Inside Knowledge” from God, and how God feels about modern political topics. Many are very sure that God is a Republican.

          • Save America Susie

            PELOSI, according other latest video on TV, now wants the priests & preachers to preach from the pulpit, and tell their congregations to go with the Libs on this illegal immigration issue. “Separation of Church & State” is only to apply it seems when convenient for them.

          • kate8

            I am becoming more and more convinced that you know nothing about what either party stands for. I am seriously doubting that you know much about most of what you talk about.

            Methinks you are full of hot air.

          • Sidewinder

            I don’t want them turning political office into church. I don’t want Catholics funding campaigns, I don’t want them banning birth control. Or what ever else they consider to be immoral. Or any other group. Individuals fine, not as a religious group.
            Because thats what happens when church gets too involved in politics. They fund someone and that guy goes to DC with an agenda.

            Conservatives do tend to want to dictate morality. Gay marriage, abortion. Christians dictated their morality to the nation and got prohibition passed. Jesus would have been thrown in the slammer under those laws as he drank wine.

            I don’t know what else the term “Get God into Government” means.

            But I too am tiring of your paranoia, and your narrow mindedness.

          • Sidewinder

            And I think you are full of Bong Smoke…

          • Save America Susie

            Somehow I think that is the LAST thing Kate 8 would be full of. That is something that drifts from the Left.

          • Save America Susie

            SW, The reason some conservatives wish to make morality an issue in law is only because they consider some of these things crimes or perversions. For as long as Psychology was a recognized practice of medicine, there were things considered by Psychiatrists as “perverse and insane” behavior. And all through History for that matter, people have considered these things wrong. This is the only era in history when people seem to have lost their minds and considered them OK. They used to be a sign of a healthy society to have laws against them. Then the 1960′s came along with all the Hippies who thought they could just throw out all the moral laws that have been hailed as wisdom over the Eons of time.

            “In the last days, men will call good, evil and evil, good.”
            And people wonder why the world is so messed up.

          • kate8

            Susie, I heard where liberals are trying to take over the churches altogether, to tell them what they can and cannot preach, and to get their people to conform to all government policies. They want to merge churches with some government department – can’t think anymore tonight – too tired.

            In November ’09, there was a meeting in Australia of all major church leaders to discuss forming a world religion.

            Sound like something you’ve read somewhere?

            So much of this is being done away from public scrutiny.

          • Sidewinder

            Susie, two types of law…Legal law, and moral law.

            Some of these overlap. Its a sin to steal and kill. Its also illegal.

            I am talking about moral law. Catholics, and I am not picking on Catholics, my wife is Catholic, but the Catholic Church opposes birth control and divorse. I don’t want that made into law and dictated to me. Get it?

            Moral law is personal.

            Christians were behind Prohibition. They attempted to legislate their moral viewpoints. It punished the many because of abuses of the few. And it didn’t work. Thats what I oppose. If you don’t like alcohol, then don’t drink. Its a personal choice.

            I would never say throw out morality, but you cannot legislate morality, not the kind I am talking about. Think it through…When you open that door, and allow this, anything can happen. You people are worried sick about Obama possibly being a closet Muslim. What if he was? Do you want Muslim morality dictated to you from the White House or Congress? Be careful what you wish for, it can cut both ways. This is exactly the reason the First Amendment says:
            Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

            This means the government can take no official position on religion. It cannot promote it, or deny it.
            I think you misunderstand me to believe that only aeithists or something should serve in govt. Thats not what I am saying at all. My concern is religious groups funding a political campaign, and sending someone to DC with their agenda. Thats not fair for others who do not share that viewpoint.

            Just stick with what the Founders set up. They had it figured out.

          • Save America Susie

            Side, In a previous blog, I made clear my position, that I believe what the CONSTITUTION says in the 1st Amendment: That we should NOT establish an Official Religion–for instance: Catholic, or United Methodist, or Muslim. We should not put a NAME on it. It does NOT say we can’t have moral laws. Murder or Stealing etc. But not limited to those. The purpose of that is to have a healthy society. But I know you have written so much in blogs that the comments seem to blur in your mind–Easy to forget where I stand. I believe abortion is murder, UNLESS the life of the mother is at stake. And you have to choose one or the other. Abortion stops a beating heart. Murder is already against the law.

            In other subjects, people are trying to get laws passed in the Liberal’s Favor to support perversion. Think about this: At NO TIME in HISTORY has it ever been acceptable. EVER. So LIBS are trying to do it as well.

            As for drinking, I read in my Bible that JESUS not only DRANK wine, he MADE WINE. So I have no problem with people who drink responsibly. The Bible only says: Do not become drunk! I have a glass of wine on my birthday, and Christmas, and special occasions. It is Biblically supported. It is also supported in the Bible if a person wants to be alcohol free. Its a special devotion is all. So PROHIBITION was going against the Bible, as far as I am concerned. Alcohol should never have been outlawed. But drinking a glass or two of wine now and then is what Jesus himself did. I drink less that Jesus! Since Jesus is the plumbline for truth, he is my guide.

          • Save America Susie

            KATE8, Just in case you check back today on this comment, that is shocking what you told me about the meeting in Nov. 2009. That churches were trying to get people to conform to all government policies. What has happened to the 1st Amendment? It does seem the precursor to “one world religion” as well, which was predicted in the Bible for the last days. This is not good. That’s “straight jacket religion”.

          • Sidewinder

            Yes you did Susie, and I find your attitude to be much more reasonable than Kate’s.
            From law enforcements perspective, as long as what you do, does not violate someone else’s rights, then USUALLY its fine.
            Alcohol, birth control, Gay marriage, divorce….none of these things hurt other people. So they are, and should be legal. Libertarians take the same position about drugs. I don’t quite share that veiw, but I cannot argue against it either.
            Some of these things only hurt oneself. Thats moral. When it hurts others, Its legal. Get it?

            Morality….out of government. Islam’s idea of morality might not be that of a Baptist’s. Get it?

            The Jewish idea of morality might not be the same as yours if you are not Jewish….Get it?

            We cannot keep Jews, Muslims, or any other Legal citizen from running for public office. But we can keep their religion out of government.

            Why do I have to explain these things? This is US History 101…

            I am FLOORED that so many Americans do not have a clue about their own Bill of Rights. No wonder govt correctly assesed that they can stomp on it. You don’t understand what you have.

            I like you Susie, I know you are a very decent person and mean the best.
            But we cannot legislate morality.

            If you want to make America more moral…Invite them into your church…thats the way. Forcing it on someone through government does not work.

            This stuff….its why I shy away from the Religious Right. They don’t get it.

          • Sidewinder

            “As for drinking, I read in my Bible that JESUS not only DRANK wine, he MADE WINE.”

            Yes, under prohibition, Jesus would have been considered a bootlegger. Stupid huh? Slammer Time.
            He didn’t ferment it, he worked a miracle.

            You may be fine with drinking Susie, But I can tell you the Seventh Day Adventists are not. And they are politically active. They tell us that Jesus was really drinking Grape Juice. Twisting Bible text to fit their own views. They also say the world is 6,000 years old. I am not saying they are a bad religion, I simply do not agree with them. Many of them will go up, when they die dispite thier confusion in regards to Biblical interpretation. They are on balance good people.

            Religion is what nailed Christ to the Cross.

            Keep your personal veiws out of government.

            Again…I keep saying this….References to God are fine. In God We Trust is fine. God is not religion.
            Take your morality with you to office. But do not preach to me from government. If I want preaching, I will get it in the church I feel most comfortable with. Thats my choice.


  • dale h

    With what Obana is doing to this country i say Succede from the union , we don’t need those socialist destroying our country.

    • Sidewinder

      Define Socialist Dale….

      Then check your description against an easy to find definition on the web.

      More confusion…..

      • Save America Susie

        AMERICA should be based on Freedom & Order, but NOT on Anarchy, NOR on Gov. total control. Seems like this government wants total control, [doesn't feel like moderation to me] which drifts TOO uncomfortably to the LEFT for me, which ends up at “socialism island”….If you connect the dots. It’s rather like the mini-series “The Prisoner”. (He can never get of the island no matter how hard he tries.) For once you are in Socialism-ville, you can’t get off the island. There are DEGREES of socialism, no matter what you call it, the Label doesn’t matter. Anything that takes away my choice or vote is in the SAME BAG! The opposite of TRUE FREEDOM!

        “The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” [Like HC Bill]

        –Margaret Thatcher
        Former Prime Minister of Great Britain

        The Brits forgot her words, and now they are scrambling like crazy to get their country back. Many Conservatives are being voted back in just now. Because they got a taste of losing their freedom. It wasn’t pretty. Don’t know if they will ever get back what they want.

      • I’m just sayin

        You seem to be on both sides of the fence at different times. Sometimes you are pro-socialist and then you sometimes seem as if you are more pro-conservative. You remind me of a politician moving back and forth to get more votes from more people.
        Where exactly do you stand on the political spectrum?
        Can you please explain it to me/us?

        • Sidewinder

          Never pro socialist.


          • I’m just sayin

            A Libertarian? Yeah right. You might be pretending to be Libertarian so you can post ignorant things on here and discredit Libertarians and make them look bad, BUT YOU ARE NOT LIBERTARIAN! You’re BARELY middle of the road sometimes…. Gawd, you must think we’re stupid.

          • Sidewinder

            No sorry I’m just sayin, solidly Libertarian. I have been my whole life, thats never changed. I don’t belong to their party, I am registered as an Independent. Thats the only way I have ever registered.

            I have explained this before. I am so anti Bush, that I do sometimes appear to favor Obama. But I don’t. Obama’s health “Reform” Bill was a liberty shredding disaster with the same far reaching implications that Bush’s Patroit Act had. I don’t favor either party. My main gripe is about all the anti Obama complaints I keep hearing. These people are complaining about Obama’s abuses, saying Obama is shredding the Constitution. WELL WHERE WERE THEY during the Bush administration?
            Its the double standard that I take issue with.

            Thats why I keep going back to Bush, and pointing out things. Its the same crap, just a different president, and different party. They just seem so blind to it. Willful blindness.

            I favor less government than Republican Conservatives. I don’t like foreign intervention, I think America should become more neutral like the Swiss.

            I suppose that would place me to the right of the Republicans.
            I believe possible Bush Administration involvment in the events of 911. Thats the biggest reason I am so anti Bush.

            Understand now?

            Do I think you guys are stupid? No. Just willfully blind at times. At times….

          • I’m just sayin

            You must have “selective vision” There haven’t been many conservatives here who supported Bush. We are just aware that the liberals continue to bash Bush because that’s all they’ve got. They can’t defend Obamas policies, and they have absolutely nothing else in their arsenal because they can’t think for themselves. So it’s continually bash Bush, and then bash Bush some more! Come on, it’s 2010 and Bush has been out of office for a year and a half, and was a lame duck since 2006 when the liberal dems took over congress. Come up with some new material please!!!

            As far as you being a Libertarian. I don’t think you belong to the same Libertarian party as Dave H. does, or maybe you’re just not as intelligent as Dave H. and some of the others, because you exude none of the same qualities that they do. Which ever the case, he/they will sleuth you out if you’re not, and it won’t take long!! He could probably tell us right now, just from reading the posts you’ve already made.

          • Sidewinder

            I’m just sayin, I found a few definitions of socialism, but I looked hard for the simplest one just for you.
            Here it is:

            so·cial·ism [ sṓshə lìzəm ] or So·cial·ism [ sṓshə lìzəm ]


            1. political system of communal ownership: a political theory or system in which the means of production and distribution are controlled by the people and operated according to equity and fairness rather than market principles

            2. movement based on socialism: a political movement based on principles of socialism, typically advocating an end to private property and to the exploitation of workers


            I believe in none of that. Anyone reading any of my posts with any semblence of reading comprehension skills would never have arrived at that conclusion.

            I believe fiercly in private property ownership and low taxes. How the hell is that socialist????
            I believe in private ownership of business. I do believe in laws to regulate fraud and safety. Socialist???

            I believe in the very smallest government we can get away with. I believe in a totally limited foriegn presence. Socialist??? LOL!

            How bout this one?

            lib·er·tar·i·an (lbr-târ-n)
            1. One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state.
            2. One who believes in free will.

            Or this?

            The simple definition. A libertarian is someone who, in general, supports government policies that favor individual liberty in all matters, whether economic, personal, or social.

            Libertarians are frequently characterized as “conservative on economic issues and liberal on personal issues.” That’s not a bad definition, but it’s kind of like saying vodka is “half screwdriver and half white Russian.” It implies that libertarians are being inconsistent, whereas in fact libertarianism is more consistent than either conservatism or liberalism. I prefer to say, “Conservatives are frequently libertarian on economic issues, and liberals are frequently libertarian on personal issues.” (I would also say that conservatives are usually authoritarian on personal issues, and liberals are usually authoritarian on economic issues.)

            Source: hell don’t take my word for it….:


            Are you getting that?

            It implies that libertarians are being inconsistent, whereas in fact libertarianism is more consistent than either conservatism or liberalism.

            So for all you people who have accused me of inconsistancies…According to, Libertarians are more consistant to their beliefs than Liberals or Conservatives.

            Limited gov….Libertarians don’t make the exceptions Conservatives make.
            Individual rights…Libertarians don’t make the exceptions Liberals make.


          • Sidewinder

            Well, I’m just sayin, you seem to know me, but I don’t recall seeing your name here recently….

            Dave H…Cannot say…
            Haven’t paid enough attention to his posts. Could be…Perhaps…He has wrapped the Bible into his politics…and thats not true Libertarian if thats the case.

            The problem with Bush dude….is that his damage lives on. The USA Patroit Act is still law. Its still violates a ton of Amendments. Thats a fact.

            There are plenty here who tell me to stop bashing Bush. Why? Bush deserves to be bashed.

            “Come up with some new material please!!!”???? I crank out ideas all the time. You name it.

            I have told you before, I do not belong to the Libertarian party. I am a registered Independent. I have always been my whole life. I have said that many times. On every quiz I take, I always scrore solidly Libertarian. I have since I was 20 years old.

            “he/they will sleuth you out if you’re not, and it won’t take long!! He could probably tell us right now, just from reading the posts you’ve already made.”

            Tell you what, heres a good definition. Why don’t you print it out….then go back the last 2 weeks, and do that….READ ALL OF MY POSTS. BONEHEAD. I’ll give you someone else’s definition so you don’t think I am defining it myself. Check ANY definition, but heres my source….simple one just for you…


            Here it is:
            The simple definition. A libertarian is someone who, in general, supports government policies that favor individual liberty in all matters, whether economic, personal, or social.

            Libertarians are frequently characterized as “conservative on economic issues and liberal on personal issues.” That’s not a bad definition, but it’s kind of like saying vodka is “half screwdriver and half white Russian.” It implies that libertarians are being inconsistent, whereas in fact libertarianism is more consistent than either conservatism or liberalism. I prefer to say, “Conservatives are frequently libertarian on economic issues, and liberals are frequently libertarian on personal issues.” (I would also say that conservatives are usually authoritarian on personal issues, and liberals are usually authoritarian on economic issues.)

            Heres the long definition, PRINT IT OUT AND COMPARE IT TO MY POSTS IDIOT

            The more complex, philosophical definition. A libertarian is someone who, as a general rule, supports the non-aggression ethic (or as some people call it, the non-aggression axiom, or NGA). The non-aggression ethic holds, to quote David Boaz’s Libertarianism: A Primer, that “No one has the right to initiate aggression against the person or property of anyone else.”

            Two phrases in this statement bear special emphasis. The first is “initiation of aggression.” Libertarians strongly support the right of individuals to respond to aggression against them — i.e., everyone has the right of self defense. What libertarians oppose is the initiation of force (or aggression) against others.

            The second important phrase is “no one.” Libertarians believe that no means no. People do not acquire the right to initiate aggression against others simply because they are agents of the state, or because they get the majority of people to agree with them. The key issue is not who uses aggression, but rather the purpose for which it is used. Libertarians believe, for the most part, that aggression is only justified if used to limit the initiation of aggression by others.

            And another one:

            The LP’s official Statement of Principles says, “We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose.” That’s a pretty good statement of the motivating ideal behind libertarianism. Nonetheless, many libertarians decline to support the LP for various reasons, most often the perception that the LP is ineffective or dominated by especially dogmatic libertarians.

            I’m just sayin says:
            May 19, 2010 at 11:51 am
            You must have “selective vision” There haven’t been many conservatives here who supported Bush. We are just aware that the liberals continue to bash Bush because that’s all they’ve got. They can’t defend Obamas policies, and they have absolutely nothing else in their arsenal because they can’t think for themselves. So it’s continually bash Bush, and then bash Bush some more! Come on, it’s 2010 and Bush has been out of office for a year and a half, and was a lame duck since 2006 when the liberal dems took over congress. Come up with some new material please!!!

            As far as you being a Libertarian. I don’t think you belong to the same Libertarian party as Dave H. does, or maybe you’re just not as intelligent as Dave H. and some of the others, because you exude none of the same qualities that they do. Which ever the case, he/they will sleuth you out if you’re not, and it won’t take long!! He could probably tell us right now, just from reading the posts you’ve already made.

            Well Well, I’m just sayin….you are a total idiot.

            Print out the definition. Check all my past posts. You don’t have a clue to what you are talking about.

            As far as DaveH goes….can’t speak for him…maybe he has his own ideas Dave.

  • http://NONE REASON-1

    Again the issue is government representatives lack of understanding the U.S.Constitution.

    Authority to determine [ FOREIGN POLICY ] is bestowed on the president but it does not give him the authority to send them any [ TAXPAYER MONEY ]( AID ]. Remember the Ollie North trial? The [ QUESTION ]was put to the people and [ PLACED ON THE BALLOT ] ” Should [ CONGRESS ]send aid to the Contras in South America ?”. The voters sent a resounding [ "NO" ]to the government and the President; because they had ballooned the Vietnam ” police action ” into the most costly war the United States was ever involved in. The voters did NOT say they didn’t want anyone to aid the Contras.

    This issue should also be put on the ballot and let the voice of the public taxpayer be heard.After all,they will be paying the bill and the consequences ; not Congress or the President. Ask your representatives [ WHY ] they refuse to put it on the ballot???

  • Mark

    Juan Pablo McAmnesty has GOT TO GO!!! He’s just as uncaring about the wishes of the American People as the democrats are. Juan Pablo tried to RAM his AMNESTY Bill down our throats in exactly the same way the democrats just did with their Healthcare monstrosity. Now all of a sudden, he’s fighing for is political life, and he conveniently forgets the ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY he tried to ram down our throats. We’re on to you Juan. Juan Pablo McAmnesty is a RINO who’s GOT TO GO!!! (And he can take Sen. GrAMNESTY with him).
    J.D. HAYWORTH for Senate!!!

  • Joe Kane

    Has anyone noticed that most of the politicians who support and stir up the people about racial profiling are of Hispanic decent?
    I think it’s because they have family who are illegal’s and are pressured by them to support amnesty.
    God and I hate cowards and people who support illegals.

    • Sidewinder

      God HATES illegals?

      Do you receive messages from God?

      • Sidewinder

        Or is it merely people that God HATES?

        Do you have God’s Cell number? I want to talk to him myself….

    • David

      I want God’s cell phone number too! I have a number of issues to take up with him/her.

    • American Liberal

      Joe Kane….you’ve decided “you and God “hate illegals?….so your admitting you worship a hateful God…. At least you’re honest….. I’ve never seen so many people that are so hateful but claim to be Christian than the people on this site … Your God is a hateful entidy…for a site that claims to have a ” Christian view” , I’ve never seen so many negitive fear based and flatout hateful ” views”…

      • Cindy

        anti-American Liberal,
        Sooner or later the illegal aliens will be sucking up enough money from our government, that they will have to cut off your welfare check, and your food stamps. Whatcha ya gonna do then?

  • Ted

    Why don’t we correct the situation by electing an all new congress and get rid of those old cronies who created this problem in the first place. Vote incumbents out next election

  • gary

    I think we should put a bounty on the Mexicans and see how long it takes the Mexicans to round each other up. LOL

    • Pat R

      Thanks Gary:

      I needed a good laugh this morning!

    • Airangel

      LOL…maybe you’re onto something…Fight Fire with Fire!…Ariba!

  • Dale

    I support Arizona! Too bad other states don’t follow their excellent example.

    Those that oppose Arizona’s efforts have forgotten that the ILLEGAL’S are CRIMINALS and EVERYONE THAT HELPS THE ILLEGAL’S ARE CRIMINALS.

    It’s time to start prosecuting all these criminals (including Obama).

    If it means asking for ID so be it. If you go to WalMart you have to show ID to buy beer and wine. It’s a small price to pay to protect ourselves from CRIMINALS.


  • payforward

    During the early 1900s, there was a great need for cheap labor to work in U.S. agriculture; this is just not so anymore. Forcing unemployed workers to compete with illegal aliens (undocumented workers) is not fair to hard-working Americans. Vulnerable and disadvantaged American workers have seen their incomes and job opportunities shrink due to the invasion of illegal aliens, and too many foreign workers (125 thousand monthly) allowed into the U.S. by our government.
    Additionally, US taxpayers pay for all the direct and indirect costs of illegal aliens in our country. This is a total unfair burden placed on us due to the inaction of government!
    Since Mexico has been, and continues to represent a country with one of the highest legal and illegal immigration rates to the United States; how can anyone say the law in Arizona is racist or unfair? Just being poor or wanting to come here is not a valid reason to violate the national sovereignty of the United States.
    Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws. Respect for the rule of law is a core American value.

  • JPW-

    I can only think of one time when amnesty was a good thing and Ronald Reagan was involved in that one also.That’s when he let Merle Haggard out of I believe Folsom prison.Some of the best music ever.

  • Ginny

    I cannot believe in the United States designed to uphold the sovereignty of all states having a president that ridicules publicly laws of a state. Process of discussing with the state would have been the protocol, but then again, we all know O has no cooth in any manor of speaking.

    “Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” –John Adams, letter to John Taylor, 1814 -

    John Adams spoke true words – but remember we are a Republic, so O and everyone else go back to who we are not what you as a dictator want!

  • American Citizen

    What more can we expect from a chronic liar. Obama is a shoot from the hip, kill the messenger guy. He can’t stand for the truth to get out of what his and his cronies plans are for this country.

    • Steve

      just look at how obama regime is trying discredit and silence those who would dare criticize his policies and agenda. As evidenced, the last dems want is for anyone to expose them for what they really are.

      • Steve

        Two steves? uh oh.. lol, glad I agree with your opinion so we aren’t stepping all over each other.

  • joe

    enforcing laws is not racist.
    citizens want end to illegal immigration.

  • jtrailroad

    sen Mccain a lieri know immigration law a lot bvetter then him.i like our goverment stop sancttuary states,counties ,cities and towns now

  • Wayne in TN

    I worry about the people who knew about Obama but voted for him anyway…I mean, what did they expect really?

    • Save America Susie

      They ALL had “ROSE-COLORED-GLASSES” on! My sister was one of them. She was very naive. She even voted for him after she read his book. She couldn’t connect the dots. Or maybe didn’t want to. She can’t even stand to discuss the issues. Doesn’t even want to think about the possibility that he might be wrong for this country. She doesn’t watch the news much either. I watch ALL the news channels at various times to get a balance of information.

  • william ahrens

    We lost control of our government long ago due to ignorance, lack of interest aka low voter turnout, and the many Abramoff’s lurking in the halls of government with fists full’s of money buying what they want for corporations and wealthy people. This is why we have inequitable taxation, overpriced health care, which isn’t even the best in the world or even close, overpriced weapons systems (Military Industrial Complex Ike warned us about), immigration problems, anachronistic subsidies like sugar, which makes many food stuffs too expensive prompting a company like Hersheys to move out of the US and a host of other issues. Short of a revolution its probably too late to do anything about this because we’re sheep. We will slowly decline into a second world economy with a vast gulf between the halves and have nots just like Mexico. Thanks to the Bush tax cut we have many more millionares now and a dissapearing middle class.

    • Chaos Factor

      William… For the most part I agree with your post….. Pretty accurate…this country use to favor the middle class worker….. Not the focus is on the rich while they recieve all the benifits at the expence of the middleclass…. Just look at wages… Middleclass wages have been stagnet for decades while the rich have never made mire wealth abd power as they have during the last 30 years…. It still amazes me how the average rightwing voter defends the very people that screw them….I don’t know wheather your politics leans left or right.. But your post seems to say ” you get it”..

  • Jerry D

    What? Obama lie? That has to be something new! Not! Every time he opens his mouth some new travesty emerges. Sadly, neither the Repubs or Dems really care about the American people. They all just want to keep their plush jobs. Think about it: they took a raise when over 15% (much closer to reality than 10%) of our workforce is out of a job. It’s time to turn this thing around by electing a Congress that respects the Constitution and the people they are supposed to represent, not the special interests.

  • Chaos Factor

    Reagans Blind spot?…giving Amnesty?… Reagan was horrible at economics …. 4 decades of Reaganomics have nearly destroyed America…..the trickle down theory has never ever worked….the rich just get mire greedy abd if they do spread the wealth around it’s to they’re rich rightwing buddies…. But helps on the way … President Obama will allow the tax cuts to the top 3 % to expire in 2011…….. Just a thought… But if those tax cuts were so wonderful then why didn’t they work and why didn’t the trickle down theory work?…like I said… It never works abd never will….. While the middle class wealth has been on the decline the rich have never made as much wealth as they’ve made during the last 30 years…. I still laugh at most of you rightwingers at how you defend those tax cuts to the rich while they’re sticking it to you….

  • American Liberal

    I laughed when I heard Sarah Palin say about Arizonas profiling law…..quote” Mr. President , Do your job”.. Unquote….. This coming from a woman who ” quit her job” mid term….typical rightwing hypocracy…..just like the rightwing complaining about President Obamas spending…..most of President Obamas spending is due to bailingout the republican economic policys that bankrupt America….. It’s also a fact that president Obamas spending if for abd a benifit to Americans…. Bushs spending was all geared to make the rich richer and the lobbyist richer… All at the expence of the middleclass…I’ll take a president that wants to benifit America anyday over a rightwing Neo con president that only cares about the elite as Bush called his base…

  • chuck b

    chaos factor:

    if the rich don’t make it how in the hell are the poor going to survive, that’s the problem with socialism and your kind of thinking. to the socialist the government is the answer, to the government the rich are the answer, tax, tax and tax. so if you destroy the rich, or lets say spread the wealth as you libs like to say, what do you do then spread the tax? what a joke!!. try making a living off your own ingenuity, start a business yourself, don’t depend on someone else to feed you and that will change your mind on socialism. when you start that business then maybe you will learn something about tax. maybe!!

    • American Liberal

      Chuckie… Your way hasn’t worked has it… The top 2 % didn’t trickle down those jobs, they shipped them overseas….. They didn’t trickle down any money… Wages for the middleclass have been stagnet for 30 years…. The top 2 % have never Been more wealthy and the cost of living for the middleclass has skyrocketed …. So what is it your defending..?…your whole argument is an argument aginst your own interest …. Your protect the rich theory has exploded in your face and your in denile….the neo cons and republicans have you to thank for pushing they’re agenda at your own expence…I think you could call yourself a tool…

  • David

    I do not understand how the POTUS could make a statement like “We all know what happens in Arizona when you don’t have ID,” the president said earlier in the week. “Adios, amigos! “as quoted in this article.
    After all he is the President of the UNITED STATES, Arizona is a state in those united.
    Isn’t his job to support all the states of this great country,embracing them as a whole.If he disagrees with a state law or policy wouldn’t it behoove him to sit down privately with the Governor of that state and discuss the matter?
    Instead he makes an inflammatory remark that he knows will be picked up by the press. Is he so childlike that he thinks that it’s OK to help divide the country he has sworn to protect and uphold. And what about the so-called Attorney General who had an inflammatory opinion about the Arizona law that he admitted that he had not even read.
    Are we being governed by children?
    Gee. my ten year old is smarter that those two.

    • WarriorH

      You just nailed it!

    • angel-wanna-be


  • American Liberal

    Dale…. I don’t know which state( of confusion) you live in….. But be my guest… I’d like nothing better than to have all you rednecks , Tea baggers,Christians, and Neo cons form your own country…..from the way you’ve run America into the ground you be begging in 3 months to be ” let back in “…so, if you can convince your leaders , whoever they are to leave the United States please leave.. Hurry””” you can have any of the bug infested souther states you’d like….we wil allow your NFL teams to play here anyway…because I’m sure most of the
    players would like that

  • http://NA Marlin

    Hats off to those of you who said it like it is. Illegal means against the law. Coming into the U.S. without legal papers is breaking the law. Law breakers can be arrested and should be. Let’s not talk about profiling. A broken law whether by me, I am white a descendent of European anchestors who came into America legaly. If I were to travel into Mexico I would expect them to stop me. I am white after all. Is that profiling? So be it. Use profiling when it’s needed. And let’s not hear anymore about discrimination. My ancestors worked very hard to get here and stay here. I say WORKED. None of them had any benefits except to be able to apply for citizenship when their time came to legally do it. I am so tired of hearing people say, “you can’t take it out on the innocent children”. Nobody is doing anything to those children but the parents. Yes it is a privilege to be born in the U.S. and if the mother wants to have her child born here, do it legally or stay home! Hats off to Arizona and I too hope New Mexico and Texas follow suit. When our federal govenment tip toes around and doesn’t enforce the laws already on the books, it’s time for our states to take the reins ! Good luck and God’s speed to you !

  • william ahrens

    “If the rich don’t make it how in the hell are the poor going to survive”. This cracks me up! I’m not anti-rich but the rich and the wannabe’s love to dangle the carrot of hope in front those of who dream to emulate what the rich have accomplished, something like winning the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. Can it happen? Yup but the slope of success is very steep and the odds slim until you get to the point where your level of success buys you access to the real power: Politics. Give a politician a couple million and the slope just got much more shallow. Its not the poor who suffer most, moreover most of the poor I know really don’t want to be anything else or don’t have the ambition to go for it short of buying a lotto ticket. There’re many programs for the poor to take advantage of if you get good advice or are savvy. The middle class suffers. The hard working blue collar, God fearing, backbone of America types who like sports, drink beer and sacrifice to rase a familly properly hoping their kids rise above their accomplishments. By the way Chaos Factor, I’m a very right wing conservative who likes to kick socialist booty.

    • American Liberal

      William… Lol…well I’m left of president Obama… He’s a moderate in my opinion and mist of us liberal are a little ticked off that he’s been trying to get the republicans onboard and cater to them far to much… They got is here so why want they’re opinion , especially since their policys are exactly what they were before…..and right or left , if you say something I agree with I’ll say it… You had some good points in your post that I responded too… I’m in no way afraid to agree with a conservative when I think you’ve made sense….

    • kate8

      william, the carrot always dangled by communists and other tyrants is the promise that the poor will never want for anything again, that they will stick it to the “evil” rich and use their wealth to take care of everyone’s needs.

      It’s always the same old story, and humanity always falls for it. It’s the seduction of getting something for nothing.

      If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

      • Save America Susie

        Right on, Kate8! I notice that those same “poor people” are in the Dems party. And They are still poor. Jesse and Al are still preaching to them after 40 years!

  • JPW-

    When America is at war I would never degrade our troops generals or any military personell and especially the President who is commander in chief.There are enough cowards and nonpatriots that do such hateful things to please the enemy. Remember if your not with us your against us.Today the death toll in Afghanistan for American troops went over 1000.I’m against the Afghan war but I would’nt slander our President in a time of war.

    • chuck b

      how can you help but to slander “barry” he slanders his own country before the world, our slander of him has nothing to do with standing behind the troops. the problem is a lot of our politicians don’t stand behind them and i think barry is very reluctant to do so. we should pull our troops out of that mess he is making over there, the rules of engagement our men are forced to adhere to are ridiculous. we either destroy our enemy or stop, we are not the world police force.

    • Steve

      JPW says:
      When America is at war I would never degrade our troops generals or any military personell and especially the President who is commander in chief.There are enough cowards and nonpatriots that do such hateful things to please the enemy.
      These words of yours are the perfect description of the “Hanoi Jaynes” that protested against the POTUS, our government, AND called our soldiers “baby killers” during the Viet Nam war!
      The conservatives supported Johnson (a democrat) but all the libs and the dems didn’t.
      What I learned from this is that a liberal, a socialist, a communist, or any lying scum bag politician, will change their mind, their stripes, their spots, and their ideals as long as it forwards their agenda, and keeps them in office, and you can only believe them by their actions AND NOT WHAT THEY SAY!! The perfect examples of this are Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Bawney Fwank, Chris Dodd, Chuck U Schumer, Charles Wrangle, Al Gore, John Kerry, James Carvelle, Al Frankin, Clinton & Clinton… ALL LIARS!!! There are about 300 more but space does not permit.

      p.s. I’m wondering how many liberals were posting on here when Bush was Prez, and how many were “degrading & bashing him”? Would you feel comfortable defending them? Were you posting here at that time?

  • chuck b

    william ahrens

    it seems to me you want to blame the wrong people and trying to protect the ones who are responsible for the calamity in our country. the majority of the so called blue collar workers are the very ones who keep voting that good old demo’nista ticket. your so called middle class, school teachers, fed & state. unions, also the poor. these are the ones who comprise the mid class. they are the ones who keep voting the likes of harry reid, pelosi and barry soetoro into office.

    there probably are more that dream and lose, however, those that dream and win make up the small business in this country
    and this is the backbone of america.

  • American Liberal

    Chuckie… You keep waiting for rich top 2% to throw you a bone….and they just won’t do it… They always just want more and more…..and then instead of trickling down jobs and money( wages) they keep the money, raise the price of the goods they make or sell then ship the jobs off to china , India and other 3rd world countrys where they can get slave labor wages and count on the feeble minded rightwing Christians in America to defend them….People just like you Chuckie

  • http://personalliberty rob

    Flip-Flop McCain……….Where has he been for the last 10 years regarding “Illegal” immigration???? He’s been preaching “AMNESTY”. Now all of a sudden he preaching “ACTION” to be taken??? OMG…now that he is up for re-election, “ILLEGAL” immigration is an issue to him??? I hope the people of AZ are waking up to this “CLOWN”…Who is he REALLY representing??? So many questions…..but ONE answer…VOTE the the BUM out…

  • william ahrens

    chuck b

    First of all my wife and I own a small business for almost 11 years now so I understand that aspect of your argument. Many dream of making it this way but the odds are against it due to the many obstacles thrown in the way as well as bad luck, unprofitable product or service and/or poor management. The government at all levels pay lip service to small business but look upon them as their cash cow. Statistics suggest small businesses fail in 5 years or less.
    8 years of Bush created a huge groundswell of discontent that gave rise to a reasonably well organized political movement that elected Obama and a left leaning majority in the legislative branch. Its the Acorn, give me a handout types that worked hard to get the liberal majority elected and did so using questionable tactics to bolster numbers. Voter fraud is a poorly kept secret. As you say, many of the blue collar types voted for Obama and many I know now regret it except perhaps the socialist union types. Bush was a disaster and an idiot in my opinion. The Republicans had it all for 8 years and they blew it and as a result the Tea Party became a force to consider.They are who I identify with most closely. The radical liberals amoung us took advantage of the opportunity to forward their agenda and we’re going to pay for it on many levels for decades and may not recover. Our greatest enemies live amoung us not in some far off land. They are us.

  • Sunnye

    After reading the majority of the comments I am sad at heart at the finger pointing, blaming and chosing sides of most evryone.Reminds me of grade school, he did this, she did that, you be on my side, I don’t want you, you don’t play good enough and on and on. Is this the True American Way? United We Stand and Divided We Fall and I did not read that once in all the words above. We have been divided for a very long time. Basically, it is US, We, THE PEOPLE who are to blame in many ways for we feed them with our negative fears. They project fear on us daily and sit back and watch and laugh for we react just as they knew we will. The ‘Powers” treat you like mushrooms,keep you in the dark and feed you fear and you decide to chose sides and divide. There Is A Way To Take America Back!
    Americans, it is time to wake up and Unite, stop pointing fingers and realize We, The People are the Government, We, have the Constitution, which is the Law of the Land and our Founding Fathers knew even then this was going to happen and made provisions for us to use,but because we do not KNOW THE LAW of THE LAND< we have become Sheepal and followed. We went to sleep with our comfort and leisure, hard work is a dirty word for many, beneath them, but others chose to do and brought others to do your dirty jobs. YOU…opened the doors by refusing to get your hands dirty or pick up a shovel, work in the dirt. We are now paying the price!!!

    America is a wonderful land and foreigners have come in and been successful while we sat and watched and refused to do what they did to make the money they did, these were the legals for the most part. We are all offsprings of those from other countries. We sat on our butts, with remote and beer in hand or whatever cocktail and our country was taken from us. We did not "see" what the government was doing for it had not effected us,UNTIL NOW! Probably making many mad, but Truth usually does make us mad, for it is hard to swellow.

    Americans, borne, naturalized, WAKE UP, Come together and show the love for your country. Men and Women fought for your freedom in foreign lands, why can you not fight for your FREEDOM on your on Countries Land? Not with arms, but words, sending love to those that oppose us, yes, love for they do not now what to do with that energy, only fear and hatred feeds them, take that away and they disappear. They have controlled you with fear for years!!!! Send Love and wipe them out.

    Learn the Law of the Land, We The People are The Government!!! Public Servants are Your Servants to obey Your Command!They act like sovereigns because we have let them. There are far more of them. Time to take back America!! Stand together and you cannot fail, hesitate and ALL is LOST!

    YOU…don't have to pick up arms to fight for your right. The True Law is on your side, the Missing Original 13th Amendment, not the un-ratifies 14th. We the People are the Law. THe Constitution is THE Supreme Law of the Land, it overrules all other laws. Do you know this? Learn the Law, you don't have any if you don't know it. Love your Country, Our Flag, Our Values, or Leave! Come to our shores/land legally. Illegals go home. Hurray for Arizonia Government for her guts to do what the Federal Government refused to do, protect her State and People!

    • American Liberal

      Sunnye…. I agree for the most part and I believe your saying more people should become involved and vote ,Read and educate yourself on the issues…. I’d only ad that watching only 1 news station of anykind is a bad idea… If you only hear 1 view , you’ll only have 1 view…… Listen to bothsides equally…

      • Save America Susie

        Hey,AL… I can’t believe it! I actually AGREE with something you said!
        That we should watch ALL the various channels for info, not just one!

      • Allan

        Sure. I listen to Progressive radio at least once a week, as well as CNN, and some other sources. While there are some self-aggrandizing types on FOX, there is LESS vitreolic name calling, and more balance in commentary, reporting, and audience demographic. Not to mention the LACK of reporting by liberal outlets when a story conflicts with their world view. Often Fox is the only place to get the information. That’s why Fox and conservative outlets are growing. That’s why Obama wants to shut ‘em down. Let me know when the liberal outlets start having guests that disagree with them and when they start covering events that don’t support their positions. I applaud the NY Times for pointing out today that Blumenthal is a liar, but they have long ago dug their own grave with the same one-sided, social engineering shovel. Actual journalism is dead, and as a profession, journalists now rank below car salespeople in trust. I, too, have no sympathy for them. So don’t think Americans are fools. They are quite capable of processing what they hear. If the conservative message is resonating more successfully, so be it. That’s America.

        • Save America Susie

          Allan, good points all. You’re right. The Liberal channels do not put many people with opposing points of view on. Its sort of like China or North Korea. Its the “correct news”. But we still need to watch the “correct news” to see where they are coming from. Even if they have them as guests on FOX.

          • Allan

            Yes, liberal journalists no longer understand that news is what is happening, not what they think about it. My feeling is it changed when they were allowed in courtrooms and to shadow the military on the battlefield. They began to insinuate themselves into the events. I grew up watching Edward R Morrow…honorable, non-PC journalism. In WWII and The Korean war, journalists wouldn’t have bashed their country, stoking foreign contempt while working on their “brand”. People who say they “support the troops” but not the mission don’t understand something…by constantly degrading it, they undermine the MORALE of the troops. For soldiers on the battlefield, mental state is the difference between life and death. I’m thinking a lot of us on this site remember being taught “if you don’t have something helpful to say, don’t say it”. For journalists today, it’s “if no one is paying attention, I’d better make something up.”

  • mark

    iam conservative pro life but am for death pernality anti abortion but hate health care for all,hate gov to tell us what to do but i love when they make laws to gays, small gov but create big army,spend money in a war but not in social programs.i need social security and med care but not paying tax. i hate immigrants although founders wasn’t native. iam conservative who likes to keep like its when slavely and segregation was legal but am not racist…. i have a lot in my mind lets be really.. conservatism is confusion

    • American Liberal

      Mark… Well said….lol

  • http://Yahoo Dennis Phillips

    I have been pulled over God only knows how many times. I am white. Well, my great grandfather was Cherokee but I figure I am white. look like it anyway but still, the first thing out of the cops mouth is let me see your DL’s.
    Never failed. I have been pulled at road checks. Same thing.
    Was they profileing me??? Or maybe the black guy behind me or the Mexican in front of me.
    Hell, they checked us all. Lucky me was smart enough to keep the car or truck legal, hand them my licence as soon as I got up there and keep my big beer smelling mouth shut and barely breath, LOL.

    But what I am saying, is what the hell is the difference. they should have road checks all over the place anywhere close to the border.

    I am danged happy they made that law.
    Ya’ll remember when all the citizens went down armed to watch the border. Should have shot every one they seen coming.

    You know the saying about the three S’s don’t you.
    Shoot, Shovel and Shutup.

    • Chaos Factor

      Dennis… So we should take advice from an admitted drunken driver?… Now In the next breath( beer)).. You’re gonna say illegal means” not legal”…. Like driving drunk is ok and common with rightwing rednecks, Christian rednecks of course …

      • Airangel

        Chaos…what does Illegal mean to you? I’m really curious

  • kate8

    Hey, check out this video. Still think the NWO is conspiracy theory?

  • chuck b

    amer lib

    you are so full of it, its impossible to measure the content. well! in your case its not hard to measure fertilizer. lol

  • Chaos Factor

    Kate..that’s right…. And they’re after you….you should check under your bed.. They hide there….check the Bushes outside….and
    turnoff your TV… They’ve developed a new technology that allows them to watch and listen to you while you watch Tv….they’ve also started putting these pods that take over your souls and minds and actually clone you….and President Obama is the Anti Christ … And was really born in Sweden to Irish immigrants ..

    • kate8

      Chaos, you are pathetic.

      • Steve

        Of course he’s pathetic. He’s posting under 3 different aliases on this page, (14 total on all the pages) so he gets confused a lot about which of his ignorant, paranoid, schizoid personalities he’s using ;-)

      • Save America Susie

        Kate8, I think there are just a few people on this site whose soul purpose is to create “Chaos”. They don’t really want to give us any answers, or even persuade us to their cause for that matter. They are just here to poke at us, because most of us are on the conservative side. They don’t really want to solve America’s problems! They “get off” on ridiculing people. (Rather sick.) And they are probably never serious about anything in life. Everything is a joke to them. But someday they will have to be serious to “Someone” in the end. And answer all His questions. But even then, they will be saying they don’t believe they have died, (when their time has come). They will be scrambling to try and find the nearest door out of there. There’s a psych term for that. It’s called DENIAL.

        • kate8

          Yeah, and they won’t be so smug when their guys bring the full forces of h^ll to bear on our nation.

          Those smirks will be wiped right off their faces.

  • Palin12
  • angel-wanna-be

    Sure Obama’s spreading rumors about the immigration bill, because he’s not the one who implemented it, and that makes him look bad to the eyes of the world!__And his lovely slur of “we all know what happens when you get pulled over when stopped in Arizona, was a reaction to the state enforcing the bill__To that I say, Ahh, I hear a thousand tiny violins playing taps for our arrogant “Pup in chief”!!!!!__I will repeat this again, we all get pulled over by the police, at one time or another. The first thing they ask for is ID and your insurance card, might as well add proof of citizenship as well. To those who are opposed to Arizona’s implementation of the immigration bill, or think it’s profiling, or it’s horrible to be inconvenienced___ Listen to the Eagles song and then ___”GET OVER IT”!

  • Steve

    Of course O’Liar is going to bash Arizonas SB 1070. They are doing his job for him because HE IS INEPT! All he can do now is follow Saul Alinskis’ rules, so that his more ignorant liberal socialist followers like “chaos factor” aka “the anti-American liberal” “denniso” “timr” and “eddie47dud” will continue drinking his koolaid, as well as the rest of the liberal ignorant masses.

    For everyone who hasn’t seen this. Here is a link to the petition that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer & Sarah Palin set up. Please go and sign this petition supporting Arizonas SB 1070, because they are going to use it to show that Arizonas new law has support from ALL the American people, when Obama and his socialist cohorts in congress try to circumvent their new law in the courts, or with one of their own watered down bills, or with amnesty.

    • Allan

      I agree. His one major skill is extracting money from government, while building others’ dependency on him, in return for more power.

  • Airangel

    I’m going to post this from a teacher here because it fits…

    900 teachers just got laid off from the Los Angeles Unified School District. They are 650,000 over their annual budget. The following English teacher helps to explain one area that looms large over Clifornia’s educational crisis. It is sad what is happening to our great country all because our politicians are afraid they will miss out on a vote to implant their Alinsky agenda! What a travesty!

    This puts the “Cheap Labor” dispute into perspective!

    This English teacher has phrased it the best I’ve seen yet regarding just how cheap our fruit and veggies are.

    From the teacher – “As you listen to the news about the student protests over illegal immigration, there are some things that you should be aware of: I am in charge of the English-as-a-second-language department at a large southern California high school which is designated a Title 1 school, meaning that its students average lower socioeconomic and income levels Most of the schools you are hearing about, South Gate High, Bell Gardens, Huntington Park, etc.., where these students are protesting, are also Title 1 schools.

    Title 1 schools are on the free breakfast and free lunch program. When I say free breakfast, I’m not talking a glass of milk and roll– but a full breakfast and cereal bar with fruits and juices that would make a Marriott proud. The waste of this food is monumental, with trays and trays of it being dumped in the trash uneaten.

    I estimate that well over 50% of these students are obese or at least
    moderately overweight. About 75% or more DO have cell phones. The school also provides day care centers for theunwed teenage pregnant girls (some as young as 13) so they can attend class without the inconvenience of having to arrange for babysitters or having family watch their kids.

    I was ordered to spend $700,000 on my department or risk losing funding for the upcoming year even though there was little need for anything; my budget was already substantial. I ended up buying new computers for the computer learning center, half of which, one month later, have been carved with graffiti by the appreciative students who obviously feel humbled and grateful to have a free education in America ..

    I have had to intervene several times for young and substitute teachers whose classes consist of many illegal immigrant students here in the country less then 3 months who raised so much hell with the female teachers, calling them “Putas” (whores ) and throwing things, that the teachers were in tears..

    Free medical, free education, free food, day care, etc., etc, etc. Is it any wonder they feel entitled to not only be in this country but to demand rights, privileges and entitlements?

    To those who want to point out how much these illegal immigrants contribute to our society because they LIKE their gardener and housekeeper and they like to pay less for tomatoes: spend some time in the real world of illegal immigration and see the TRUE costs.

    Higher insurance, medical facilities closing, higher medical costs, more crime, lower standards of education in our schools, overcrowding, new diseases etc., etc, etc.

    For me, I’ll take the “TAX BREAK” and pay more for my produce!

    Americans, We need to wake up. The guest worker program will be a disaster because we won’t have the guts to enforce it. Does anyone in their right mind really think they will voluntarily leave and return?

    It does, however, have everything to do with culture: A third-world culture that does not value education, that accepts children getting pregnant and dropping out of school by 15 and that refuses to assimilate, and an American culture that has become so weak and worried about “political correctness” that we don’t have the will to do anything about it.

    CHEAP LABOR? Isn’t that what the whole immigration issue is about?

    Business doesn’t want to pay a decent wage. Consumers don’t want expensive produce. Government will tell you Americans don’t want the jobs. But the bottom line is cheap labor. The phrase “cheap labor” is a myth, a farce, and a lie. There is no such thing as “cheap labor.”

    Take, for example, an illegal alien with a wife and five children. He
    takes a job for $5.00 or 6.00/hour (claimed). At that wage, with six dependents…

    1.He pays no income tax, yet at the end of the year, if he files an Income Tax Return, he gets an “earned income credit” of up to $3,200 free.
    2.He qualifies for Section 8 housing and subsidized rent.
    3.He qualifies for food stamps
    4.He qualifies for free (no deductible), no co-pay) health care.
    5.His children get free breakfasts and lunches at school.
    6.He requires bilingual teachers and books.
    7.He qualifies for relief from high energy bills
    8.If they are or become, aged, blind or disabled, they qualify for SSI. Once qualified for SSI they can qualify for Medicare . All of this is at (our) taxpayer’s expense.
    9.He doesn’t worry about car insurance, life insurance, or homeowners insurance.
    10.Taxpayers provide Spanish language signs, bulletins and printed material.

    Sooo…He and his family receive the equivalent of $20.00-$30.00 an hour in benefits.

    Working Americans are lucky to have $5.00 or $6.00/hour left after paying their bills AND his.

    The American taxpayers also pay for increased crime, graffiti and trash clean-up.

    Cheap labor? YEAH RIGHT! Wake up people!

    • Save America Susie

      Excellent points AirAngel. And worthy to be posted! Even if it is long.

      • Airangel

        I know, some long ones today but the content I feel hits the point – thanks!

    • angel-wanna-be


    • Vote For Pedro

      You just posted a set of ten numbered LIES, I have worked as tax preparer and can tell that, you are just talking as if you were applying for all of that help from gov. Do some research before startung to write.

      • Wolverines

        OK Pedro we will do our research, as long as you do YOUR RESEARCH on how to correctly speak, write, spell, & construct & punctuate sentences in English before you post again.

        I used to have a parakeet named Pedro. It was the dumbest bird I ever had. He finally drowned while drinking his water. I wonder if he was an ILLEGAL ALIEN? If he was I would have thought that he’d have experience with water if he had swam that river, but who knows…

  • Airangel

    “The qualities Alinsky looked for in a good organizer were:

    ego (“reaching for the highest level for which man can reach — to create, to be a ‘great creator,’ to play God”),

    curiosity (raising “questions that agitate, that break through the accepted pattern”),

    irreverence (“nothing is sacred”; the organizer “detests dogma, defies any finite definition of morality”),

    imagination (“the fuel for the force that keeps an organizer organizing”),

    a sense of humor (“the most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule”), and an

    organized personality with confidence in presenting the right reason for his actions only “as a moral rationalization after the right end has been achieved.’…

    “‘The organizer’s first job is to create the issues or problems,’ and ‘organizations must be based on many issues.’ The organizer ‘must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression. He must search out controversy and issues, rather than avoid them, for unless there is controversy people are not concerned enough to act. . . . An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent.’”

    Well I’ll give OB this…he is doing Alinsky proud and has us all stirred up, at eachother, dissatisfied and discontented…so what are we going to do to turn this around?

  • kate8

    Good work, Airangel. Let’s keep exposing them.

  • kate8
  • kate8
  • Chaos Factor

    If you need a nutcase site Kates got’m….why is it that republicans are always sending those silly junk emails that most normal people hate…. Like send this on to 10 people and God will grant you a wish…. Or if you don’t ” Billy Bob was in a wreck and swallowed his snuff… You all send same ones… Is it like a conservative thing to send stupid emails?…

    • kate8

      Chaos, you obviously feel threatened by this. Too bad.

  • bobinpa.

    If the “Kenyan Prince of Mombasi” was stopped in Arizona he may have a problem. I mean with an “Outdated” Connecticut issued Soc. Security Card, NO birth certificate, Having applied to Occidental Univ as a foreign aid student, And an Illegal Immigrant Aunt living in the country, do you think the Authorities might show a little concern???

    • Steve

      The “Kenyan Prince Of Mombasi” ha ha, I like it Bob.

    • libertytrain

      Well, they just made the aunt legal.

      • Claire

        libertytrain– and if she had been my aunt- she would have been thrown out of the country.

        • libertytrain

          Ditto – but perhaps she’s holding information about the birth. And they did say, had nothing to do with being the obama’s aunt. Of course not.

  • American Liberal

    That’s the logic of these people on the right….. Their Guy Bush couldn’t deal with immigration for 8 years…. But these ignorant republicans think President Obama should have already had immigration fixes , fix the economy Bush ruined and fight both wars abush blundered our country into… With lobbyist help… All that you think president Obama should have fixed in 18 months…. Being a rightwing neo con conservative is a mental disease without a doubt

    • Steve

      Anti-American Liberal;
      And being you, publicly displaying your “communist” mental disease is a lot better world I’m sure. Thanks, but I would rather be a right wing neo con than an ignorant socialist communist loser like you.
      I often wonder how you feel when you look into your future. How do you feel when you know that in 20 or 30 years, you will STILL be a pathetic loser, just like you are now?

      I have often seen you rant on and on about the TEA Party, and how worthless and insignificant we are. Well eat your words loser!
      58% Rand Paul +22 points up! Ha Ha Ha Ha,, What do you think about the TEA Party now you left wing nobody??

  • American Liberal

    Too funny….kates taking the word of a death row inmate…..anyother time she’s be cheering his execution and packing a lunch to enjoy while she watched it…but while this inmates trashing our government he’s her new Christian hero…

    • kate8

      You are just as pathetic posting as AL.

      I give zero credibility to someone who gets such a kick out of deriding and ridiculing those you disagree with. You make absurd statements about people and things you know nothing about.

      You behave like a spoiled child. Grow up.

    • Sidewinder


      I think she hangs the facts on her case, rather than build a case on the facts.

      She knows what she believes, and and then trys to find proof. I know by her thinking she doesn’t work in law enforcement, because she’s not logical.

      You cannot even reason with her about the utter stupidity of thinking you are going to beat the government in a shoot out. There is a point where you cross into nutsville…

      • Sidewinder

        I am a government plant Kate….and I am putting you on a Watch List….LOL!

        • kate8

          SW, I was thinking more along the lines of SEIU.

      • I’m just sayin

        So “Sidewinder” aka “Amer. Lib” finally shows his true colors. How many names does that make now? 14? 15? You just keep inventing new ones every time your personality splits don’t ya? lol I guess everybody was right. You ARE pathetic!!

        • kate8

          Now I’m thinking Sidewinder is another of AL’s alter-egos.


        • libertytrain

          good grief

        • Sidewinder

          You people are so mixed up I just gotta laugh…

          • Claire

            Sidewinder- I read you posts for 3-4 days-and now all of a sudden you have changed. What happened?

          • Sidewinder

            Hi Clair
            I think I got tired of the low level stupidity.

            I have some Turkish friends and a Siryian friend. They are muslim. They were all born right here in the US. I have known them since I was 5 years old. If you shut your eyes and met them, you would think they were white. One became a doctor, one went into real estate, computers, ect. Their good guys. We all played on the same baseball team growing up.

            The ignorance, and judgement being passed on people they have never even spoken to is just sick. Its such a distorted and warped view.

            I got tired of seeing really stupid posts such as this one below:

            American Conserative says:
            May 18, 2010 at 11:14 am
            They also will convert you “infidel” or chop your – that thing that sits above your shoulders with ears!!

          • libertytrain

            Claire – I think Sidewinder just is voicing his own opinion – and for some reason – has been kind of harassed into this newer style based on the numerous attacks he got thrown at himself. You know how that feels, as do I.

          • Claire

            libertytrain–It is a shame. As I read “between the lines” of these posts I can see the good in everyone. It is sad to think some are so embroiled in the “party” syndrome that they cannot see anything beyond that. I am a firm believer that it is the “party” system that got America into this trouble. A lot of people will not agree with me on this, but this is how I feel. The parties work against each other, etc. It pits people against one another, almost to the point of unreality. Logic, rationality, intelligence is thrown to the wind just to vote for a certain someone that happens to be a Democrat or a Republican. But I think people are waking up to this fact. I sure hope so.

          • libertytrain

            Claire – I’m with you on this one and an aside – your pup (Best of Breed) is beautiful.

      • kate8

        Beat the government in a shootout? SW, I think you are losing it.

        I’m becoming more convinced that you are AmLib. Just keeps seeping through…LOL.

        • Sidewinder

          LOL! you people are really losing it.
          Funny because I thought you were going to think I was BigBadJohn, because I agree with everything I’ve seen him post.

          Nope, not American Liberal either. Can’t you tell by the writing style or commonly misspelled words that indicate a personality?

          Nope I started posting here about a year ago. I had another name then. I posted for a couple weeks, then my interests changed. I have done this off and on. I don’t stay on these boards indefinatly. I get into it, then other more pressing needs draws me away.

          When I came back as Sidewinder, that is the 1 and only name I have used.

          Sorry folks.

          I know you would love to believe that maybe only 1 guy out there might have an opposing view, but you’re just kidding yourselves.

        • Sidewinder

          Kate maybe you cannot remember back this far, but we had a conversation last Friday about Militias.

          I made a point to say that idiots thinking they were going to overthrow the government in an armed uprising were out of touch with reality.

          You did not agree with me. You were saying things like it was the people’s right to do so, and I told you I agree, but that using violence to do so was not the answer, and would not work.

          Any recollection of that conversation?

          • kate8

            Yes, and I suggest you reread it, because you are completely misconstruing what I said.

            You are obviously trained in Alinsky tactics of distortion and ridicule. Go ahead and take them somewhere else. I choose not to play
            your games.

          • Sidewinder

            Well I’m sorry kate, but you are a real piece of work…..

            Now you think I’ve been trained in Alinsky Tactics???

            Trained by who?

            No I think you have discredited yourselfs with wild accusations of me being American Liberal, or posting under 14 or 15 different names.

            And SEIU I had to look that up…, nope, never been in a labor union either…

            When I returned to this site as Sidewinder, that is the 1 and only name I have used.

            I see your thought process, I see jumping to conclusions, and wonder if that same process is what has led you to where you are.

            kate….If you were not advocating violent overthrow of the federal government, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time, showing you how dangerously out of touch that idea was.

            I think your paranioa is going into overdrive….

            Yes the FBI trolls the internet looking for threats… Its part of the “Chatter” that comes from many sources.
            Political sites are a very likely place to find them too. Under the terrorism laws, you can in some cases be arrested, held indefinatly, without being charged.

            Take a Midol Kate…

          • Steve

            That’s ok. It’s not like we expected you to actually admit it.
            Why would liberals admit that they are trolls, and posts under a dozen different names to try and inflate their numbers and attempt to make it appear as though there are 20 or 30 times as many of them as there actually are? Hmmm, let me think…..oh yeah…..see note below :-)

            Saul Alinskis’Rule#1
            Power is not only what you have, but what an opponent thinks you have. If your organization is small, hide your numbers in the dark and raise a din that will make everyone think you have many more people than you do.

          • kate8

            Stick it in your ear, Sidewinder.

            Your name suits you. You are a snake.

          • Allan

            Hate to break this to you Sidewinder, but you haven’t fooled anyone or accomplished anything. I think your tactic of appearing to agree with some sentiments on this site and befriend people was pretty plain to see from the start. But I commend folks for being willing to give you the benefit of doubt until you abused that. You, on the other hand, seem to not have a sense of purpose, or character, or enough quality relationships to conduct yourself in an upright manner.

          • Sidewinder

            I really gotta laugh Steve…. You just cannot see past Democrats or Republicans. When I say narrowmonded, this is a prime example.

            When I say Liberalism protects individual rights, I am talking about political theory. When I say Conservatism protects property rights, I am talking about political theory.

            When you and your mentally challanged pals hear the word “Libralism” you assign faces of politicians to that word.
            I was never talking about politicians. You can check the credibility of that statement against other things I have consistantly been saying, such as BOTH parties need to go. LOL! I have provided you with definitions of Libertarinism that can be found anywhere on the web. For some reason, you people seem to suffer from sever reading comprehension deficiencys.

            If you want to know where I am coming from, I can say this….I have been a subscriber of Bob Livingston’s private newsletter, The Bob Livingson Letter off and on since the 90′s. More off than on, but I also received several years of back issues from someone when I wasn’t subscribing. I enjoy Bob’s newsletter because I agree with it. We are 2 different people, so I could not say Bob would agree with all my positions. I share Bob’s view and discust of politicians, and his quite accurate view of what government has become. I share Bob’s view of the paper money regime.
            Bob’s newsletter is not something that a Liberal would spend money on, I can assure you. Its very conservative. And I agree with what he says in it.

            There is a very paranoid undertone with some of you people. It is so clear to me. You have so missed the mark in your feeble attempts to understand a point of view that you cannot possibly comprehend. It shouldn’t be that difficult for you. And I have to ask myself, if you have gotten this so wrong with your paranoid and defective reasoning, what else are you so off base on?

            And you Kate….The snake…is a variation on Ben Franklin’s origional Unite or Die message, hense, my interest in the Tea Party, and other third parties. Parties of the people, not the politicians. Its also a variation on the later Don’t Tread on Me, flag sporting the Timber Rattlesnake. The snake on the yellow flag represents vigilence and cunning. Something you people would have to actually gain skills at if you ever want to reform your government. I see no sign of that. Instead, you will leave “Reform” to your favorite politicians who have A*s Raped you time and time again.

            Watching you guys is like attending an event at the Special Olympics…

            And you Allen…Quote, “or enough quality relationships to conduct yourself in an upright manner.”
            Upright manner? Upright. It was not me who made false accusations against someone. When you accuse someone of posting under 14 or 15 different names, with ZERO PROOF, you are bearing false witness.

            It must terrify you to know, those 14 or 15 other people, whatever they said that frightened you, are in fact other people….LOL!

            My point has been, that we have a window of opportunity to exploit the economic crisis, and force reform on our government. My message was to seize the moment. And to do it with a little more brilliance than some Idiot Armed march on DC, that will only sabatoge what will be your last shot at reform.

            If you and your sad friends are any indication of a cross section of American viewpoint, then I will say, the opportunity is lost.
            You will look to your Republican heros to save you, and you will lose everything you have, as the paper money regime drags us all down the toilet. As the economic system falls apart in ways you have never seen in your lifetime, because there is no currency to keep it going. There is no way at all they can keep this going. When it collapses, trucking will come to a halt. And so will your food. A kind of form of natural selection, that will weed out those who do not have the mental capacity to ensure their own survival. You could save the system. Unite or Die. We are at that point again.

            You people have displayed little depth of vision, little ability to grasp concepts outside your narrowly defined mindset.
            You will lose your republic.

            I am quite sorry to say, you people are sad.

          • Allan

            Yes, trying to mislead people is not being upright. And it wasn’t me that accused you of having aliases.

          • Cindy

            Just another day in paradise for a sneaky snakey troll. I like the way you sneaked in here pretending to be a rational poster, and made friends with everybody, and all of a sudden just snake bit em.
            You obviously haven’t bothered to read our posts too carefully or you would have not made so many mis-representations.
            I wonder if the actual sidewinder of the south west is blind, and that is why it moves sideways instead of forward. In your case I’m sure it applies.

          • 383ci

            Hey Snakebelly’
            Republicans and Democrats? You’re about ignorant son. 90% of the people on here don’t recognize them as such. To us they are R.I.N.O.S. and Dimwits.
            Why don’t you take your boot outta that big fat pie hole of yours so you can see past your foot and read the words for a change. You are the one who needs to sharpen your reading comprehension skills. What a clod!

          • Wolverines

            Hey Slithering Snake Boy
            You sure are disrespectful to women on this blog. Are you the same in real life, or just when you’re hiding behind your computer keyboard? I wish your mommy would take your computer privileges away. Your daddy needs to slap you upside the head, and teach you some respect!

  • JLC

    I have been busy all day, and am just now getting around to paying some attention to my tin box, so this is something of a postscript. Check out California Penal Code, Section 834B. This law could be a carbon copy of Arizona’s new immigration law, but for one thing — it was enacted in January of 2001. California’s immigration problem is that California never got around to enforcing its own law/

    • Save America Susie

      JLC–Thanks for that Excellent discovery. Unreal! Sign of the times, when we won’t enforce our own laws. Sad.

  • william ahrens


    The “California Crisis” is self imposed. Too many touchy feely liberal types who are afraid to offend anyone and like big government. I watched the turning point in the California educational system while working my way through college as a custodian in their schools. It was called the “Open Classroom Concept”. Kids matriculating from one of these classrooms were behind because the teachers didn’t want to bruse their tender little egos. No discipline and little benifit. The made contracts with the kids of all thing’s and attempted to reason with them if they got out of hand. Liberal ideals have ruined this country along with our stupid fears of what the world might think of us if we shipped all the illegal asses back to where they came from. I don’t give a damn what the world thinks of us! Look, its been said here that all this conversation amounts to blaming someone else and there are not solutions put forth or something to that effect. Here’s a few to start: Impose a flat tax of, say 18% on everyone. Everyone pays. If you make $100,000 you know you’ll pay 18% to uncle and reduce government gradualy to the point we can afford to pay for it. We have forign corporations that make billions off us and pay nothing because of political influence. Impose mandantory term limits on our representation and limit the time for running for office to 3 weeks like I believe the Brits do. Put strict restraints and rules on political campaign funds, which will not follow the politician if not elected or reelected. The rules on this one are very loose. The funds should be surrendered to the general fund. Its a retirement savings plan now. Next, seal off the border tight and any gunfire justifies return fire with impunity. Impose mandantory jail time for employeers who hire undocumented workers and dramatically increase inforcement. Impose a tax on all forign oil, which is to be used for research and development of clean energy resources plus it will make domestic production more attractive including oil sands. This will eventually create state of the art technologies for America (including nucular fusion not fission) and bring forign wealth to our country as well as put Americans to work. We put man on the Moon, so we can do this if inspired. Hire more investigators for Medicare fraud and impose serious fines and jail time for thieves. This is an expensive and serious drain on this resource. This is just for starters. Oh I forgot. Shoot all the lawyers and accountants. Just kidding.

    • Airangel

      Hi William Ahrens, I am actually for this VAT tax. Here is the best answer I have found that not all “lawyer jargon”…however if we would go to this tax system, we need to do away with the Income tax and IRS

      In simplest terms, the Value Added Tax, instead of simply collecting a tax on the final product at the time of retail, consumer sale, it collects a tax on all the pieces used to manufacture a product as they go through different companies.

      Take, for example, a pencil. A pencil is made of four parts: graphite, wood, rubber (eraser) and the weird metal thing that holds the eraser on.

      Company 1 mines the graphite and sells it to Company 2, the graphite refiner people – the government taxes this sale.

      Company 2 refines the graphite and gets it all ready to be put into a pencil, then sells this refined graphite to the Pencil Company – the government taxes this sale.

      Company 3 harvests lumber, then sells it to Company 4, which will refine the lumber – the government taxes this sale.

      Company 4 sells the refined lumber to the Pencil Company – the government taxes this sale.

      Company 5 makes the eraser, then sells it to the Pencil Company – the government taxes this sale.

      Company 6 makes those odd metal things, then sells them to the Pencil Company – the government taxes this sale.

      The Pencil Company assembles all the pieces into a pencil, then sells that to retailers – the government taxes this sale.

      The retailers then sell the pencils to consumers. The government does NOT directly tax this sale; but, all the taxes that went into the making of the pencil waterfall over into the final cost.

      In broad terms, the best way to think about it is that every time Value is Added to the product, there is a tax – thus, the Value Added tax. In the above example, the graphite refiner receives unrefined graphite and refines it, adding value to the graphite for its resale – so that resale is taxed.

      And naturally, this is a simplified version – there’s dozens of other places where value is added (think packaging, instructions, warranty, etc.), and dozens of companies are involved in the creation of every product.

      The benefit to the VAT tax is that it discourages black markets – black markets thrive when there’s a high sales tax because sales tax doesn’t show in black markets. But with a Value Added Tax, the companies that made the product are taxed, passing the tax on to the consumers inherently – so the black market doesn’t dodge that.

      The only major drawback to the VAT tax (compared to straight sales tax) is that it is more expensive to enforce, as you must tax every manufacturer, not just every retailer. Still less expensive to enforce than income tax though.

      At least this made sense to me *lol

      • I’m just sayin

        The first problem I see with the VAT is that a 50 cent pencil will then cost $10.00. Same with all other products whether it be a car, a house, a lamp, a pair of pants, a shrub for your yard, or a tire for your bicycle. Literally everything will be overpriced.
        Secondly I am not one for increasing the size of government and I think gov. will have to multiply 20 or 30 fold, in order to be able to organize and police the VAT system.

  • chuck b

    william ahrens

    your ideas will never work, too much common sense.

  • Barry

    this is just a diversion the big issue is the u.n & hillary the cilin tons of fun are making a treaty to take are GUNS, AND VERY VERY SOON.Check it out!!!

  • Barry

    This is just a diversion as they join the u.n to take are guns,hillary wants to have him sign a treaty very very soon.

  • Ricky


    • Ricky


  • kate8

    For any of you interested in the citizen’s treason trial against Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, now proceeding in New York, here is the link to a summation of Day 1 (we are going int Day 4):

    Oh, Al and his crew are going to love this one.

    • JeffH

      kate8…interesting. Thought you might like a look at this one too.

      Guilty Verdict Handed Down by the Obama Columbia Jury
      …..Manning described a letter that he got from a former KGB agent that was also a double agent with the CIA. The informant Mike, stated that Obama worked with the CIA for 4 years (1981-1985) in Pakistan assisting the Mujahadeen fighters during the Soviet-Afghan war.

      Manning then stated that factions of the CIA and the KGB are working together to install a socialist government and that Bill Clinton, Leon Panetta, Rahm Emanuel and Obama are all in on it. This means that there has been a conspiracy for at least the past 20 years to create a super spy agency. This spy agency would blackmail and assassinate the opposition, the Republicans were targets.

      This was called “The Professional System”. A KGB like security force that will undermine freedom and elections in the United States, to shove this nation into a socialist state.

      This KGB agent claimed that the CIA was more interested in American citizens, rather than foreign enemies. Basically he is saying that they have been compromised by the enemy.

      Pastor Manning then stated that he was informed by a disgruntled CIA agent that a hit was put on his head by the CIA. This was by an anonymous caller and it was just two days after the CIA, Homeland Security and the NYPD visited Manning’s church. Manning claims that the hit was called off when the assassin refused to accept the order to kill Pastor Manning. Pastor Manning is calling for the Justice Department to investigate this alleged conspiracy to assassinate him.

      Manning then claimed that the CIA Operative told him to dig into Columbia University rather than the birth certificate issue, because it was clear that Obama never attended Columbia University, because he was working with the CIA in Pakistan at the time that he was allegedly attending the University.

      Pastor Manning then stated that “Columbia University did not cover their tracks well”. Then he commented “If John McCain is not qualified, I know for sure that Barack Hussein Obama is not qualified for the office either.”

      Obama said that his father was Kenyan in his book and the debate ends right there, he is NOT a natural born citizen.

      Manning also stated that Obama traveled to Pakistan with a Kenyan Passport, not a Indonesian passport that has been speculated the past 22 months.

      Obama’s records are not sealed by the courts, they are sealed by the CIA.

      • JeffH

        If you want a good laugh waych this video.

        Skirmish in Harlem — birthers vs neighbors

        • kate8

          JeffH, I watched about half of that video and couldn’t take it anymore. Sheesh.

      • kate8

        Wow, Jeff. We won’t expect that to hit the news, will we.

        The plot keeps getting thicker.

  • JLC


    • Palin12


    • Save America Susie

      The Tide is turning!

  • geshrwh

    McCain/Palin and Republicans upset that Dems are spreading untruths?????????????????Hmmm, let me count all the half truths and lies and start with Palin’s classic-death panels! Such hypocrites!

    • Palin12

      Listen you half-wit! “Death panels” is a euphanism for “end-of-life counciling” under obamacare. In other words, the insurance companies are not gonna spend $10 Million on one’s chemotherapy in one year.

      • JeffH

        Palin12, Dems and libs don’t spread untruths, they straight up lie!

        • Bob Wire

          Care it validate, any or some of these “lies” with anything besides just an opinion that they are indeed lies?

          after all, you are accusing people of lying, going several steps beyond offering an personal opinion about events.

          Offer me something to consider, that doesn’t entertain circular reasoning, or disjointed cause and effect. I too am concerned and all ears.

          You know, something besides ” I had to have the gun to get the gold, I had to have the gold to get the girl” or “I’m not crazy, my brother told me so, however he is totally insane”

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


    • Vote For Pedro

      Solution to crime rate is very easy and is not about immigration not even illegal immigration, Solution is ….STOP BUYING DRUGS!!!!!!!! Maybe the most populated gangs in your area are hispanics but the drugs consumers are the ones supporting the criminals.

  • http://none Juanita

    I witnessed on CSpan an AZ official who said the stops will be only as usual stops are when a light is out, etc. NO PROFILING will be done. That law has been always and they are going to do it when the usual stops are made. There is no racial profiling at all. With 400 some thousand or more illegals there, maybe they should stop them and send them back. Not suggesting, just thinking out loud. Pres. Obama and others are playing up the opposite and creating a chaos which is in the Islamic thing so their madid will come back under the chaos. I am not Islamic, but I just listened to an interview explaining that for the first time. Obama is Islamic, no getting around that as he has shown he is soft on the terrorist…and against Israel’s safety plus he said he is a Muslim..see YouTube by asking if he is Muslim. Look at his actions. They prove it. The Iranian leader is related to the 12 or something from a way back when their prophet was alive. I will never believe that God is so hateful. If those people would view and see pictures of where Moses led Israelis and just admit they have been wrong and drop the hate and massacre power ball and let well alone.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • Patriotson

    Obama is dividing America and is gleeful of having done so. He spurns the state of Arizona by spreading lies and then turns out his Obamanistas; Che Chauvara revolutionaries; Union Thugs; Socialist; radical social activists into the streets to not demonstrate peacefully but to demonstrate what they will do by their destruction of property and riot driven examples. Now he asks the Mexican president to come over to America and to condemn our country and the congress of the united states gives this puppet a standing ovation. Obama is feeding seditious and treasonist elements of our country with his condemnation of a legal act by the state of Arizona. He admitted that he had not read the Arizona law until last week, yet he spread lies about its illegal implications. Never in the history of America has the White House been filled with a president who apologizes to virtually every country he visits for America being a world power. I would suggest that if the Arizona law is so egregious and 70% of America supports the law, that we then adopt the immigration law of Mexico. The Mexican presidents assessment of our law appears to have hit a positive note with the democrats therefore, his country seems to have the better immigration laws. Lets adopt theirs and then we will see how other county’s laws effect immigrants who enter the country illegally.

  • Dennmc

    So far most of the comments and discussions on the “immigrant” matters seem to be linked to primarily political run around and blame games. I would hope that discussions and examinations into the root causes and realities may led to more useful and actionable directions. Wake Up Please!!! The fact that the Mexican Government is the cause and biggest supporter of illegal immigration into the USA has seriously been lost. One need only to read the FACTS of their own immigration (ANTI- Immigrant) laws to determine part of this. The other half of the equation is that the money sent home to the families of illegal immigrants comprises either the second or the third largest GNP income( depending on year to year accounting) to Mexico thus being an absolutely necessary and highly important factor.

    The National Income and GNP of Mexico examined even casually can determine the real reason that their President came to the US to complain and show concern. Such concern was NOT for the cause of the people but rather the continuation $$$$ to the coffers of the controlling factions in his country. If he really gave a damn about the people he would clean his country’s own economic backyard first that cause HIS CITIZENS to seek a better existence here.

    As to complaints and commentary about the AZ Law, I would very, very strongly recommend that people actually get an copy (translated or otherwise) of the Immigration Law of Mexico. It would take a while to denote many items by items that would seriously outrage the Liberal factions in the USA. The number one fact is that in Mexico, any local, state, AND Federal official can stop a person at any time, with or without a reason, driving, walking down a street, sitting in a Restaurant, whatever activity, and ask or demand to see your “papers”. If you do not have them, you can and most probably would be arrested, imprisoned, not afforded an Lawyer nor bail, deported, imprisoned for 6 and more years (depending), and/or being held in a cell / prison indefinitely until they decide what to do with you. They do NOT have to notify your family, a consulate, an attorney, or any other support for you. This would only depend on the individual responsible for holding you and not some “civil rights” matter.

    I challenge any and all persons that consider the AZ Law as being wrong, improper, racist or whom agree with Presidente Calderon to factually be informed and acquire a copy of the Mexican Immigration Law. The facts are clear that if the people involved with the demonstrations and “show” against the AZ Law were to do so in Mexico, this country would be a lot quieter due to their arrests and imprisonments. For those whom think about racial profiling…PLEASE go to Mexico and find out what real profiling is about, especially if you are Anglo (white…for the less educated).

    You may wish to know that I have always voted independently, believe that 2 terms for any elected position is enough, and may spouse was born In Mexico..came here as a young adult with proper paperwork, took and passed classes in citizenship and English language, proudly received full Citizenship more than 28 years ago and has worked hard for her own ( and her child’s) support before, during, and after. My mother’s grandmother could not speak English and primarily the native language spoken during the documented “Trail of Tears”.

  • usainshambles


  • usainshambles


  • usainshambles


  • usainshambles


  • Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

    “Reform” has become a corrupt word.


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