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McCain, Kyl Issue Proposal To Curb Illegal Immigration In Arizona

April 22, 2010 by  

McCain, Kyl issue proposal to curb illegal immigration in Arizona  Following the successful passage of a new state law designed to protect Arizona residents from a recent wave of illegal immigration, the states two Republican Senators John McCain and John Kyl sent a proposal to Washington April 19 calling for 3,000 more National Guard troops to be deployed along the Mexican border.

The 10-point plan also asks the federal government to increase aerial surveillance, construct new fences along the border and hire 3,000 more Customs and Border Protection agents for Arizona, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

Furthermore, Kyl and McCain proposed the expansion of the Operation Streamline program, which forces illegal immigrants who committed low-level crimes to spend time in prison rather than simply being deported. The senators noted that the program has significantly reduced illegal border crossings in the areas in which it is enforced.

"The communities in Arizona that suffer the negative impacts from illegal border crossings and the lawlessness along the southern border deserve the full support of the federal government," McCain said.

He added that of the 600,000 people who were recently detained while trying to illegally cross into Arizona, a total of 17 percent had previous United States criminal records, the Agence France Presse reports.

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  • JeffH

    Kudos to McCain and Kyl, although I wonder if either one has addressed the issues to the feds before or is it the timing of Arizona’s recent state legislation or the upcoming election in November that has encouraged them to stand up on this issue.

    • Harold Olsen

      I believe it IS because Hayworth is kicking his butt in Arizona that RINO McCain is supporting this. He is one of the, if not THE, biggest supporters of amnesty for illegals. ALL illegals, and I don’t care how many of them there are or where they came from, they should ALL be rounded up and sent back home. If they want to return LEGALLY, then fine. But, if they are here illegally, treat them like the criminals they are and get rid of them!



      • Nellie McConnell

        Hopefully McCain has changed his mind on the illegal situation. The immigrants that our government is bringing in too our country each month and the illegal situation has cost the states a lot of money. With the democrats in office in CA it is not a good thing. They will strip the middle tax payers and the small businesses out of business. Bringing Mexican trucks into the U.S.A has put small trucking business, out of business. This has brought more illegals into the country,hid in these trucks, also more drugs! These Mexican trucks and NAPHA has caused our country billions of dollars in more border patrol and not enought scanning for this situation.
        More crime and deaths in LA than have been killed in Iraq. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY

  • Jim H.

    “The senators noted the program has significantly reduced illegal border crossings in areas in which it is enforced.” There’s the trick, ENFORCE it. Don’t hinder the officers that are trying to do their job. Maybe even give them your support.

  • Larry Linn

    Who was the person that detonated a truck bomb in front of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, killing 168 people, including 19 children under the age of six?
    A A male between the age of 21 and 50, with a Hispanic appearance;
    B Cesar Chavez;
    C A white male who goes by the name of Timothy James McVeigh?

    Who shot President John F. Kennedy?
    A A male between the age of 21 and 50, with a Hispanic appearance;
    B Barack Obama;
    C A white male, with the name of Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Who shot President Ronald Reagan?
    A A male between the age of 21 and 50, with a Hispanic appearance;
    B Patti Davis;
    C A white male who goes by the name of John Hinckley, Jr.

    Who lynched Afro-Americans in the South?
    A A male between the age of 21 and 50, with a Hispanic appearance;
    B Liberal Jews;
    C A gang of white males known as the Klu Klux Klan.

    The conclusion is simple, everyone fits some criminal profile. After this law is overturned in the courts, everyone that fits the profile, guilty or innocent, will be free.

    • Jim H.

      Larry, If a crime is committed and an officer see’s someone who fits the description, shouldn’t the officer investigate? Being in this country ILLEGALLY is a crime, no matter what their description is.

    • eyeswideopen

      Larry, excellent points. But you will never get this group to admit, that whites ever commit crimes against others. You must have missed your indoctrination class, that would have told you that only the minority groups are killers.

      • Jeep

        That must be a liberal indoctrination class, followed by the “But You Must Love and Forgive then Give Benefits To” them class (so they can become voters for us)…

      • Ellen

        KNOCK-IT-OFF!! ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL, no matter what the color. THIS stipid racism NEED’S to STOP!! I am so tired of this lower than grade school I.Q. If you sneak to get in, YOU STEAL something you HAVE NO RIGHT TOO!! Nothing STOP’S you from stealing either!
        What color is the one who is trying to ruin OUR NATION? I know alot of diffrent color people, THEY ARE EXCERLLANT PEOPLE. These people are fearfull as the rest of us, they came here legally, have worked hard to be WITH US and by golly WE owe EACH one of them just like we owe ourselves to FIGHT for U.S.A.
        How does that song go; Red, yellow, black and white are precious in His sight, God loves ALL the children of the world!

        • Nellie McConnell

          You are right! God loves all people! The police or Border Patrol is only doing their job. When I am at a check point, my license plate is scanned so they don’t check me. This would be OK with me if they checked my drivers license. This is a free country and if we want too stay free we are going too have too be checked. White, black, ??
          Why they are allowing people too get away with this situation of profile and discriminations is not what we should be doing. The area I live in is mostly Mexican and we have a lot of very good Mexican people and my son in law is one of them. He doesn’t have a job! Why? because the illegals and the immigrants that the government is bringing every month are taking the jobs. The government wants these people for the vote! With out these votes and now the government wants too allow immigrants that are not citizens too vote! this is not right! We need one language, ENGLISH! This unites the people!
          When we have generations of people on Welfare, I don’t think the government programs are working. Why should a young woman work when she can sit home and have babies and get Welfare? The government is making our country into a Welfare, third world country. We can’t have 51% of the people in CA on Welfare and balance a budget buy increasing taxes on the middle tax payers too support these programs. I am not happy with Obama and his spending! What it cost the federal government for Obama’s vacation in India probably would have balance the CA budget. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY

    • American Liberal

      Larry… Good post…

    • Al Sieber

      Yeah, I suppose its white people who are sneaking across the border into the U.S.A. why does everything have to be racially motivated? thats how you divide the people.

    • Warrior

      In your mind, does that mean even if they are illegal they will be released in this country to go free?


      i don’t get people like you. #1 and I’ll go slow so you can u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d. Mexicans (hispanics)are the ones who are coming across the border. It’s not like there is a wave of haitians crossing the
      border. So leg me get this straight hispanics are the ones coming accross the border illegally, but you can’t profile them. so how do you tell who is illegal and who’s not unless law enforcement stops
      hispanics. And if you are here legally then you shouldn’t have to worry.

      • Nellie McConnell

        I live close to an area that is the major illegal traffic! We are experiencing many people from South America, China, Samoa and other countries. These people are comming through Mexico, Mexico is not stopping these people! WHY!
        Go on the web http://www.borderpatrol and you will get first hand information on how many people are entering our country illegally.
        They are bring drugs and people in with the Mexican tractor trailers that are now allowed into the U.S.A and they can travel any where in the states.
        Obama is allowing foreign countries too sue AZ! No foreign county should have any right too our comment on our laws or enter a law suit against AZ. The other states should follow AZ laws! Obama can’s sue the whole country!
        Our gun rights! Why should the UN have a say on our gun rights? Take away the guns and we will not be free.

    • rwnut

      Larry,if you would like to see the names and read the stories of illegal aliens killing americans across america daily,I refer you to the newspaper titled,”Middle American News”. But something tells me you don’t want to see that side of it. Everyone you noted was either executed or sent to prison. All you offer is more leftwing,liberal,un-american B_ _ _ S _ _ _ !

    • George E


      So, your point is white people commit crimes. That’s true, but I fail to see what that has got to do with illegal immigration?

      I assume you are concerned about racial profiling to identify illegal immigrants. Logic tells me that profiling illegal immigrants based on their race, makes some sense since we have so many from certain regions, like Latin America. On the other hand, I really doubt, as a practical matter, that our law enforcement officials need to spend their valuable time doing random searches to find illegal immigrants. There are many opportunities to find them in our society, like emergency rooms, businesses, etc.

      Hopefully, we can all agree that when these people are identified, our law enforcement officials enforce the law and process these immigrants through the deportation process.

    • JC

      Cheap Rationalle.

      I guess we could add…who committed genocide in Europe in the 1930′s and 40′s?

      A) Adolph Hitler a white male.
      B) Josef Stalin a white male.
      C) Some Mexican guy named Juan.

      By that analogy I guess we should just imprison all white males
      and give the country to Juan.

      • libertytrain

        I wonder how Idi Amin fits into this concept?

  • s c

    Where has Mr. McCain been hiding? He didn’t act like a conservative in the last presidential election. He waffled in seeing to it that our borders were guarded. He has brown-nosed the media for years. And now he wants to be seen as a CONSERVATIVE?
    There is only ONE thing that matters in this, and that is to ENFORCE THE LAW and CLOSE THE BORDERS. Anyone who doesn’t understand that needs to come in out of the rain.
    Good for Kyl. McCain, take a long, long hike.

    • Ellen

      I DO NOT Want to look at another person’s color. I ask myself, What was the color of the one’swho held, beat/torchered, McCain while he was a prisoner of war?? Would I have been questioning or eager to have someone come in? Maybe he needed time to think about this, I hope so.

  • Jim H.

    Eyes, Every racial and ethnic group has its law breakers. You just have to get past that lib mental block that if a minority breaks the law, and that law is enforced, you think it’s bigotry. Where in any of these posts have you ever seen anybody say there are no white criminals. You just need to get past the denial about minority criminals. Just because we see that criminals come in all races, doesn’t make us bigots, just realists. Larry’s point wasn’t excellent, just the opposite, so naturally you liked it.

  • Brittanicus

    Whether you live in Arizona or not, those of us who are adamant that our immigration laws should be enforced should make our stand known? All of us who are angry and exasperated with the lies forged in Washington by both parties. Americans should be aware of the true astronomical costs that are extracted from us to subsidize the illegal alien invasion. The Arizona Senate had the courage to go up against the open-border zealots and I’m sure the business lobbyists and ethnocentrism organizations to pass restrictive laws. The politicians should be applauded on not backing down from entities that see nothing wrong with taxpayers being taxed to finance illegal aliens who settled here. Those who believe in the sovereignty of America and not being taxed to support illegal immigration, need to view what Republican Texas Representative Lamar Smith statement of the hidden outlays at

    Both Republicans, Democrats and Independents and other parties need to read this information from a Washington insider who has investigated what is taken from taxpayers to support anybody who slips across our borders, or stays after their visa has expired. Every state legislator across the country, specifically the–SANCTUARY STATE OF CALIFORNIA is waiting for the outcome of this historical immigration law. It now awaits the scrutiny of Governor Jan Brewer, who will either veto it or sign it into law. Every American citizen and legal resident should call on the Arizona Governors to enact this law. Strengthen her resolve by bombarding the lady with faxes, phones, e-mailing; send a letter of even turn up at the Governor’s office to show her the huge population majority who backs this commitment to Senate bill 1070. ITS VERY LIKELY OTHER STATES WILL FOLLOW SUITE ON BEHALF OF THERE TAXPAYERS. WE NEED TO STOP THIS DRAIN ON OUR STATE TREASURIES OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. The full mailing address is: She needs to know she is not alone with this landmark immigration law.
    The Honorable Jan Brewer
    Governor of Arizona
    1700 West Washington
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007

    Telephone (602) 542-4331
    Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883
    Fax (602) 542-1381

    • Michelle

      We in Arizona are waiting for her signature. She is up for re-election and if she does not sign the bill she might as well withdraw from the race as there are a number of opponents who are strongly opposed to amnesty and for securing our borders. Terry Goddard, AZ Attorney General, is also running for the position, and once he expressed is opposition to the bill his ratings drop 10 points. Now EVERY republican candidate would beat him in a recent poll. JD Hayworth is causing McCain to re-think is stand, but if re-elected will he go back to the same RINO status? His numbers are slipping too. We need to send a strong message to the illegals that it will not be tolerated and we need representatives who will not cower to the threats from special interests and the illegal population. They are supposed to protect the US Citizens and represent us – not someone who shouldn’t be here in the first place!

  • American Liberal

    As usual.. These rightwingers don’t get it… This new law( profiling) in Arizona won’t pass the constitutiona test…and as usual it’s a hysterical response instead of dealing with the real problem…you think they haven’t already tried this approach?… This is just what these rightys always claim to hate… More big government…the real native Americans aren’t white skinned rednecks …there’s way to much border to cross and not enough manpower to watch…coyotes will just charge more money .. It’s never stopped the illegal drug trade , just increased the demand which is what this ” new ” law will do …. What a waste of money, time, and resources….What did Ronald Reagan do?…

    • Jeep

      Since when do libs care about what the Constitution says? You know that your front door is only a small deterent to thiefs and robbers, so go ahead and just leave it open…you can’t stop them anyway.

      • s c

        Jeep, once in a while, progressives need to be reminded that IF they want to be FAIR, and IF they are truly more concerned with the RIGHTS of criminals over the rest of us, then they are MORALLY OBLIGATED to put a big sign on their house that says “We don’t believe in the right to bear arms. We hate weapons. We love criminals. Come on in, and take what you want. We will NOT call the police, no matter what you do to us.” End of discussion.
        What do you think will happen in America in 24 hours or less IF they develop a sudden case of integrity and they have the guts to put those signs on their houses?

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      American Liberal… Do you support amnesty or the laws? You like to throw your two cents in, but it’s only to attack conservatives. You offer no real solution, but seem to enjoy running on and on about all the things you can find wrong with the right…

    • Average Joe

      American Liberal says:
      April 22, 2010 at 4:57 am
      As usual.. These rightwingers don’t get it… This new law( profiling) in Arizona won’t pass the constitutiona test……
      So, checking and arresting people in this country that are here ILLEGALLY, ia now considered….profiling? Ok then, I guess we don’t need the police asking anyone questions concerning ILLEGAL acts at all….I mean, that’s profiling too….how dare they ask questions of a legit hard working CRIMINAL……


      For one thing speaking of a class of people as “redneck” is racially profiling. GEE what a hypocrite you are. You progressives always try to ply your argument and say things like “lots of area to cover and the drug trade will get worse. EXPLAIN how that would happen if more attention to the borders will cause drug lords to avoid
      the border.

    • jomama

      I want to move to AZ JUST BECAUSE of the new law that WILL PASS!! I’m going the end of this week for a week. Like somebody said earlier – you have NOTHING to worry about if you are legal.

  • American Liberal

    Profiling of any ” person” based on ” Race” is ” unconstitutional”…will they want more taxes in Arizona to pay for more Law enforcement?… And if this law is to protect all of America from these illegal aliens then we’re going to need a lot more manpower.. More taxes?.. Freedom isnt free?.. Isn’t that something you rightys love to say?.. Time to pay up or ” shut up”…. You want bigger goverment ? It’s gonna cost you…

    • s c

      Anti-American Lib, you’ve done it again. If you think profiling is always bad, then you’d better start bitching about whimsical tax codes, government employees who use statistics and data mining to deprive American citizens of their constitutional rights, the ACLU and its psychotic approach to ‘rights’ and look in the mirror once in a while, too.
      Screw Republicans. Conservatives want and demand a SMALL government. Whatever you mean by “it” is going to cost YOU and every one of your progressive camp-follower pals. It’s your kids and their kids and their kids who will revile you and everything you ever stood for, UnAmerican Lib.
      And, you forgot to throw in the idea that Bush was in the White House for 8 years.

    • Jeep

      Naw…won’t cost a thing to get some good people on the border…just don’t send out welfare checks for a few months…tax problem solved.


      Only legal occupants of this country get all the rights under the
      constitution. An illegal does not deserve those rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And since when does the constitution mean anything to you. Oh I forgot only when it serves your purpose!!!!!!!!!

  • Kris

    Well gee, thats just mighty conservative of McAmnesty! Considering the fact that he is working behind the scene with Graham and the democrats to pass an amnesty bill! This man is a liar, almost as bad as nobama! He has got to go! He is a big pusher of open borders and amnesty and always has been. He says he wants the border secured, but he only says that when he’s runing for office. He said that when he was running for president, remember. Well I guess that was only good if he got elected, because now were right back where we were before. He mouths the words just like a parrot but he has no intention of enforcing our immigration laws, he’s just biding his time until he can push amnesty through!

  • val piano

    Your right Kris.
    This trader Mc Cain is doing just that. The people of Arizona WAKE UP.
    Kick this Mcclown out, he is working on Amnesty for all illegals, so when it comes to election time, these illegals will vote for Obumma and the rest of the liars. J.D. Hayworth is a must for ALL Americians, not just in Arizona.

  • Marilyn

    McCain is kind of locking the barn door after the horses got out. Arizona was smart to get State legislation going and they know how to control this mess of illegals. California and Texas, ALL STATES, should follow the guidelines.


      Florida has a significant illegal population as well and should also pass a bill along the same lines

  • prsmith

    FAR too little and FAR too late. Also irrelevant. ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS!!

  • Al Sieber

    The people here in Ariz. are fed up with McCain and right now we have a recall going to remove other scumbag govt. agents. McCain has always spoken out of both sides of his mouth and he’s long over due to take a hike.

    • s c

      Al, is ‘Gravitas’ Grijalva on that same #^&* list?
      Don’t forget to include every Constitution-hating, amnesty-sucking twit when you finalize that list.

      • Al Sieber

        S c, no “Grijalva” is not on the list. we’re starting with the county supervisors and moving our way up.

    • Average Joe

      Al Sieber says:
      April 22, 2010 at 8:13 am,

      I personally thought that he was talking out of the other end….As my daddy used to say….

  • Jo

    McCain is just trying to back track and cover his butt since people got mad at him for supporting Amnesty in the first place. Yes it’s about time something was done but unless surrounding states do the same and stop border crossing they will just move around to other states.

  • American liberal

    Who’s supposed to pay for these troops you rightys want on the border?.. You don’t want taxes?… Who pays for the law enforcement?.. Were gonna need extra police and immigration officers … Who pays for the jail cells ?.. You rightys don’t want the Rich to be taxed and the rich want you to be taxed out of your last dollar…. Were going back .. to the tax code of the 90′s…like it or not….You want more goverment only when it’s republican ….

    • Warrior

      So besides levying fines upon people that employ illegals, are there any other necessary steps that should be taken in your opinion? How about if somehow an illegal’s child mysteriously attended some school in amerika, would you fine the teacher, principle or school? If an illegal somehow visited an emergency room and was treated would you fine the nurse/doctor/hospital? So much to think about.


      if the illegals are kept out then the cost to our country will go down GREATLY!!!!! We wouldn’t have to worry about them in our prisons because they would be in this country. We would’nt have to pay their medical bills, for their anchor babies, the strain to our school systems, and the money that they get to go to college. there are kids born here that can’t get grants because the illegals are getting them. as well as their misdeeds as
      criminals causing monitary damage and harm to the law abiding legal citizens born here or who have been legally naturalized


        ment wouldn’t be in this country

    • http://?? Joe H.

      you don’t need any cells! put them in tents like Sheriff Joe Arapao!!! Make them build the fence under supervision and if they refuse give em half rations!!! Let them know if they come back, they will be given twice as long!!!
      If you do this and go about all the other things I mentioned before, I can almost guarantee they won’t come back!!! Oh, and make all their TV in German!!!!

      • s c

        JoeH, Sheriff Arpaio’s approach to incarceration gives people reasons to think twice about their antisocial behavior. Now, imagine the possiblities of putting up tents in northern Minnesota. Summer would be tolerable. Winter would be (in the Chinese sense) very interesting.
        People who don’t like Arizona’s heat would find Minnesota’s cold weather even more of a challenge, and they would find reasons not to prey on society (or take up space in a tent in the middle of winter).
        When people are properly ‘motivated,’ they will not be tempted and find themselves in an outdoor jail tent. I’ll bet it would work with politicans, too.

    • JC

      How about we take 10% of the money illegals cost and put it towards border security. We could double the amount of border personnel and give them all a hefty raise. The other 90% saved should be used to pay for the trial of all the treasonous bastards in the White House today.

      • Ellen

        Oh I like Joe H., Sc says and Jc are you running for office!! With your ideas WE WOULD finely get somewhere!! I was in China (yrs ago) and that TV was there TV but it drove me crazzy!! Let em WORK, we have all done our share and we knowhow to work!

      • Average Joe

        Save the 90% (court costs)…bullets are cheaper by far…..

  • Jim Wright

    You mean now that he is about to be forcible retired he is willing to finally get up on his hind feet and do something. Mr. McCain has been pro illegal immigrant for years and now he wants to sound tough on illegal immigration, BS. He, and ALL of his incumbent pals need to be voted out because they have neglected their basic responsibilities. Mr. McCain is a military hero and respect him for his service and the way he conducted himself while a POW, but that does not cover his conduct as a Senator and his lack of representing his constitutions. He needs to retire now.

  • Ricky

    will people lision to other people no that is the problem every one has their own openion .get togather stand as one take back our goverment and our country .do not let ANY KIND OF IMMIGRATION IN TO THE U>S>A that way we dont have to warry about troustion and others out their . IF WE KEEP AMERCIA CLEAN YOU DONT HAVE TO WORRIE THE STINK OF OTHER COUNTRYS …

    • jack

      Ricky please use spellcheck otherwise people are going to think that you are part of the stink

    • jomama

      I understand. But you got to use the spellcheck, dude. Where did you go to school?? You may want to brush up on your spelling.


    So it took a ranchers death to convince McCain that his RINO thinking is unacceptable when it comes to immigration, that and his quest to resecure his failing campign to regain his senate seat. That I find is pretty sad commentary.

  • Old man Tom

    I say stop all immigration period..

  • Chris

    McCain being the scared RINO that he is, needs some good publicity, he panders for their vote also. Here in Indiana they are making all voters get show ID before they can vote, I also noticed in the county I live in they are now holding all the non-vilolent ones for immigration to ship them back home. our jail is over full per the ACLU, even though it has been added on to 2 times in the last 15 years. I say screw building a fence, & spending billions of our tax dollars on this fence that they will climb, destroy, dig under, ect,ect. all we have to do is enforce the laws that are on the books already, if we publicize that it is a felony & you will be treated as a felon, most of them will leave on their own, Put the military on both borders & enforce our laws, it amazes me that we have military in 130 plus countries, helping them guard thier borders, tearing down walls/ “Berlin wall” but we have to build a wall to protect our borders??? Amenesty NO WAY!!!!!

  • rwnut

    Doesn’t John “Ted” McCain know how despicable he looks and sounds trying to claim he’s the great American defender? Ted McCain, Viet Nam is over. You should step down and enjoy your war hero status. We’re fighting a new war now. A war you created! Where have you been the last ten years, while American conservative patriots have been screaming for closed borders and deportation? In bed with Ted Kennedy and the liberals. You’ve been to busy John slipping across the aisle in the dead of night while Americans thought you were watching out for us. In my opinion,McCain is a leftwing,liberal plant in the Republican party! “We the people” are going to vote the RINO’s out! The Tea Party is alive and well! Vote for J.D.Hayworth!

  • Ted Crawford

    One hopes that we can get beyond our feelings for McCain. The important thing now is, the merrits of this preposal! The time to express our opinion on McCain is Nov. 2!

  • Arthur Morgan

    John Mccain is a bad joke.The only thing he cares about is getting re-elected!When he was running for president he said he went to Washington to change Washington but Washington changed him!!But now he has seen the light and heard the voice of the people!!John Mccain you have learned nothing and heard nothing!You kissed La Raza’s butt,they are the only voice you hear,not your countries!You are finished and not a minute to soon!!!

  • Take a stand

    I hate to break this to you Larry Linn, but 1 out of 3 prisoners in the United States prisons is an illegal immigrant. That means that at least 33% of all crimes where the criminals are caught could be avoided because these criminals are here illegally. I think that is pretty astounding if you take a look at it. Wonder why the left wing media aren’t reporting these statistics maybe because it doesn’t fit into their agenda of turning this into a breeding ground for left wing nut jobs.

  • RICH


  • s c

    For those who haven’t yet heard, the Governor of Arizona signed the illegal alien legislation. Bravo! Chalk up one for the good guys and gals.
    And now, let Obummer howl about the “rights” of illegal aliens. The ACLU can pretend to give a damn about supposed constitutional violations. Queen Nancy can whiz and moan about the possibility of LOSING all those EASY votes.
    Time for the boys and girls in Chicago to register all the dead voters they can find. Let the heathens rage.
    By the way, if anyone is wondering about how to ‘pay’ for an anti-illegal presence on Arizona’s borders, there will no doubt be a LONG line of volunteers AND ex-military folks who are ready to do the job and do it right.
    Read the Constitution, progressives. When the government can’t or won’t do its job, it is the RIGHT of the states to do it. Washington needs to be seen as the big pile of unAmerican pond sludge that it truly is.

    • Palin12

      Bravo, indeed! Hope other states follow suit.

    • http://CoxCommunications Wayne

      Just a note to s c from April23: You hit the nail on the head. During the evening “news” on April 24, dictator in chief obuma said something to the effect that the imagration system was broken and needed fixed. IT’S NOT BROKEN, it just isn’t being enforced which means obuma IS NOT doing the job which was bought for him.

  • Anthony


  • Claire

    Anthony– If I lived in Arizona I would not vote for McCain.

    • Claire

      In fact, I wouldn’t vote for him anywhere.

  • Nick

    For those who haven’t yet heard, the Governor of Arizona signed the illegal alien legislation. Bravo! Chalk up one for the good guys and gals.
    And now, let Obummer howl about the “rights” of illegal aliens. The ACLU can pretend to give a damn about supposed constitutional violations. Queen Nancy can whiz and moan about the possibility of LOSING all those EASY votes.
    Time for the boys and girls in Chicago to register all the dead voters they can find. Let the heathens rage.
    By the way, if anyone is wondering about how to ‘pay’ for an anti-illegal presence on Arizona’s borders, there will no doubt be a LONG line of volunteers AND ex-military folks who are ready to do the job and do it right.
    Read the Constitution, progressives. When the government can’t or won’t do its job, it is the RIGHT of the states to do it. Washington needs to be seen as the big pile of unAmerican pond sludge that it truly is.

  • Ellen

    Over 70% are for their Govenor Honorable, Jan Brewer and are worn out by the illegal’s moving in and thinking,”Here I am, I deserve this!” I’ll have a baby and you pay for it & be stuck with me, cuz I don’t comprehend, you know???? B.S. We speak English and WE ARE NOT going to SPEAK spanish, WE DID not steal are way in here….WE ARE LEGAL U.S.A You want to be, O.K. wait your turn and come in Legally, JUST LIKE OTHER’S have, but you don’t deserve SOMETHING YOU HAVE NOT EARNED or WORKED FOR. Law’s are Law’s and we need to obey them, and VOTE to keep our Nation free of these Free loader’s.

  • alan andre

    We Have paid into social security and the illegals should not get it.
    We would not be able to go to Mexico and get paid by their government.
    The illegals are sending money out of the country and it hurting our
    nation. I put in 23 years in the service of our country and it is
    slipping away by being politically correct. IOf they want in this
    country let them come in legallly. We have to get God back into our
    courts, schools, and the guns woul;d disappear. we have enough laws
    on the books without creating new ones that say the same thing
    This country is going down because of the reckless action by our President. You can not spend your way out of debt. I’m so afraid of
    where this country is going and hope and pray Honorable Sentor that
    you and Goc paylin get in office and return this nation to ther people.

    alan andre


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