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Maybe Ron Paul Really Is Winning

March 15, 2012 by  

Maybe Ron Paul Really Is Winning
There is speculation that Paul would agree to work with the Romney campaign if there is a chance to work his son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), into the picture.

The evidence is in: Ron Paul has almost no chance of becoming the Republican Presidential nominee. But the way in which the candidate has shaped the primary season is much more of a story than his campaign’s failure to win Republican beauty contest popular votes throughout the Nation. A vote for Paul, even this late in the game, is not a throwaway.

Observing media-declared front-runner Mitt Romney’s relentless and ever-changing attempts to relate to voters in different areas of the country offers a clear case for Paul support. To his own detriment, Romney has tried on several occasions to seem like a normal American. However, he has succeeded only in telling the Nation that he:

  • Hangs around with people who own NASCAR teams,
  • Doesn’t think $347,000 is very much money,
  • Can afford a casual $10,000 bet,
  • Thinks corporations are people,
  • And has an odd relationship with grits and the word “ya’ll.”

Romney is not America’s Average Joe. He is, in fact, debatably guilty of the very same aloofness toward what goes on outside of the political and financial centers in the country for which conservatives often criticize President Barack Obama.

The campaigns of both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have picked up on the disconnect between Romney and the average American, and they both changed their tactics to use it to their benefit. Gingrich used Tuesday night’s Romney disappointments in Alabama and Mississippi to call into question Romney’s status as the inevitable GOP nominee.

“One of the things tonight proves is that the elite media’s efforts to convince the Nation that Mitt Romney is inevitable just collapsed,” Gingrich told supporters in Birmingham, Ala.

Rick Santorum won both of the States in what many people see as a game changer in the primary.

As the contest drags on, the campaign strategies of all candidates are beginning to sound like the one the Paul campaign announced it would publically pursue from the beginning: Amass delegates with less focus on popular votes. The drawn-out primary season, however, is making it more likely after each contest that none of the candidates will have the necessary 1,144 delegates that it takes to get the nomination.

A Gingrich campaign insider has now floated the idea that a Gingrich-Santorum alliance may be in the works for the Presidency and the Vice Presidency, and rumors are resurfacing that the Romney and Paul camps are in talks, though the details are unclear.

There is speculation that Paul would agree to work with the Romney campaign — advising his tireless supporters to do so as well — if there is a chance to work his son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), into the picture. This is good for conservatives, because the younger Paul is expected to launch his own bid for the Presidency in 2016. So, for now, a vote for Ron Paul may be a vote for reigning in Romney’s big-government tendencies — anathema to many conservative voters — with the help of the libertarian-leaning Representative from Texas. With the support of hardline conservatives and Paul’s younger, more libertarian-minded base, Romney might actually have a shot against Obama in the general election. Rand Paul may be the icing on the cake for conservative voters (he has wooed the Tea Party) and Ron Paul (if he can impress his father’s ardent supporters) as a strong candidate for 2016 for whom GOP voters can collectively stomach casting a ballot.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    Again, I don’t get politics. How does Rand allying with Romney help launch Rand’s presidential bid in ’16? If the Paul camp helped Romney (which I hope he doesn’t for any reason) beat Obama some how, wouldn’t that kill Rand’s bid in ’16? Wouldn’t Rand have to fight Romney for the Republican nod? Can someone tell me how Rand working with Romney can later help Rand because I don’t see it? If anything it would seem like Rand would be a sellout to Romney and his big biz ways thus hurting him with the conservatives, no?
    Yours truly,
    , Confused

    • DonnieB

      If Romney doesn’t win in 2012, any help to Rand Paul would be line to use the additional support for 2016. If Mitt wins this November then 2020 would son Rand’s moment to shine.

    • alice smith

      None of it makes any sense because it’s all just a scam to try and trick Ron Paul supporters into supporting the GOP’s boy. Frankly, I’m disgusted with this publication, Personal Liberty, because they’d publish this garbage. They know full well, Ron Paul made it perfectly clear, he would not line up with any politician that is diametrically opposed to him. Long time people that have supported Ron Paul, know about his integrity. Right now, the GOP is shaking in their boots because they KNOW that without Ron Paul people, they don’t stand a chance. So now, they out right lie, in order to convince Ron Paul supporters to support the GOP’s boy, Romney. By Personal Liberty promoting this lie, it appears to me they’ve betrayed their readers.
      Please read this article, it lays everything out pretty clear:
      As for me, NO Ron Paul on the ticket as president equals no vote for the GOP – PERIOD

      • D

        The article Alice Smith shared is VERY insightful and worth the read. I think I recall Jesse Ventura publicly stating that he would be Ron Paul’s VP on a third-party ticket. I WILL NOT be throwing away my vote on a GOP candidate that is no different than what we currently have – a bomb Iran warmonger.

      • Lynne

        Hear hear, alice smith! What utter nonsense that RP would throw his hat in with *anyone!* I’m still waiting for this GOP primary race to end so that RP can run an Independent campaign. *Then* he’ll win the popular vote and become President in November! ;)

        Oh, and ‘throw-away votes’ per the subject line of this particular e-mail? I’m always been a firm believer that **whenever a person votes against his/her principles, he/she is throwing his/her vote away!**

        Ron Paul 2012 … Restore America Now!! :D

      • Julia Butcher-Utsumi

        Right on Alice! I was going to say pretty much the same thing. Now I don’t have to ;)

      • annebeck58

        I completely agree; IF Ron Paul is NOT on the GOP ticket, I will not be voting GOP. However, as the older-GOP’ers are about that stupid as to not want “fresh blood”, when it is contained in Ron Paul supporters, I see the GOP as coming to an abysmal end- sooner than later.
        Many of us what are voting for Ron Paul will only go with GOP IF it’s Paul. I will vote Paul, regardless; If I have to write-him-in, in my OWN blood, I will. Nobody within the GOP, at least in Texas and nobody running for POTUS has anything I want.
        Surely, Mitt and NewtSantorum have done nothing I would vote for. They display this “holier than thou” persona, yet when it boils down to their true essence, I see only failure. I see more war(s), including non-war-wars.
        If, however, the nominee is Ron Paul, we can look forward to a couple of years of tightening our collective belt, which will be best for the USA, particularly our kids.
        For that reason, alone, I will be voting for Ron Paul. IF you want more reasons, check out my youtube channel– for MANY videos on Ron Paul, the man, and the presidential nominee.

      • larry estell

        Thank you, I agree 100% my vote is not for sale !!!
        Ron Paul 2012 or bust.

      • Wayne

        Alice. I totally agree with everything you said and the way I feel….Tks.

    • raul

      this is all propaganda, so the Ron Paul supporters start looking at DomeYYYY
      ! oh sorry, Romney to Vote for him and lower there standers

      Ron Paul is the smartest of all
      he can Talk money, economics, stocks, deficits, and the biggest CONSTITUTION and LIBERTY

      all other they don’t even now the constitution

      it smells like propaganda to me

    • Jerry G.

      I fear for our country. My Sunday School teacher got mad at me in the months before the last ‘scam’ of an election when I told him that obama was definitely going to win the election. I could tell by the things that were reported by the media that our voting public was so hungry for change that obama was going to win. Has our voters gotten wise to the liar in the White House or not? We shall see – I know that some Latino voters have been sorely hurt because he lied and said he would pass an immigration bill his first year in office. NOT! (I’m White) As for any deal – making between Romney and Paul – I hope not, because I fear a backlash from Paul’s backers. If Ron Paul does not win or get a heck of a lot of a concession more than just a spot on nomination night, as it stands now – I do not trust nor like Romney – I have found out things that turn me off of Santorum – and Gingrich has way too much baggage. Ron Paul – or like other people, I may have to sit this one out.

      • annebeck58

        Here’s what I see. The Dems and the Reps want to make it: US vs THEM; Right vs Left, GOP vs REP. In actuality, I see this battle for Ron Paul as a RIGHT versus WRONG proposition, and Ron Paul happens to be on the constitutionally moral side of RIGHT.

  • Average Joe

    Ron Paul Winning Nomination (Either Way)!

    • Realist

      Great post Average Joe! I will get this one out to the family:-)

    • Alice

      Sadly, most Americans have no idea what is happening. Most of them are completely unaware that America is being transformed by Radical President Obama and his followers from a Wealthy nation– into a poor nation –at breathtaking speed. Most Americans just assume that America will always have the largest economy on earth and will always be the wealthiest nation on the globe. Unfortunately, just because something was true in the past does not mean that it will be true in the future.
      Did you know that the U.S. national debt is growing by about 150 million dollars every single hour? The 150 million dollars an hour is being stolen from our children and our grandchildren so that we can maintain our false standard of living. Most Americans expect things to get back to “normal”, but the truth is that “normal” has left the building.
      Our transition from being a wealthy nation to being a poor nation continues every single day, and our politicians are doing nothing to stop it. Enjoy these good times while you still can, because they are not going to last too much longer. The debt bubble we have been living in is going to burst, and when it does we are going to get hit with a cold dose of reality.

      • Larry McElhaney

        Well said Alice! , but we do have a couple of ace’s up our sleeves, for instance Joe Arpaio who is going after Obama’s BC & SS# and I believe he will be successful! It has already been on 2 unlikely news media stations like CNN & one other CBS or ABC, NOT SURE, but I believe the sheriff is going to put Obama in a box. AND our only hope of saving the dollar and paying out debts is the oil right here in America. We have more than enough to do the job.

      • Blue

        It’s true that Joe is investigating Obama’s birth certificate, but that could drag on for months taking us closer to the elections. That gives Obama time to attempt to deceive the masses. He is still blaming everyone but himself for the havoc he has created since being in office. The polls are still showing that the people blame him most. Yes, he did inherit some of Bush’s garbage, but he had an opportunity to change alot of that. He continued Bush’s agenda and he has caused more damage than any other president. His next slogan won’t be “hope and change”, but another. He will still deceive the people. It is obvious what his plans are for the USA and that is socialism and him becoming our new dictator. If Obama is re-elected, America is in big trouble. I still don’t believe there is a deal being negotiated between Paul and Romney. He has spent too many years fighting for the same things and trying to save America from what he saw coming down the pike. Paul would be selling out and that will not pave the way for his son in 2016. A sellout would anger his supporters and would trickle down to his son. That doesn’t make any sense.Romney, Santorum and Gingrich are status quo and if elected, nothing will change. They are all for big government and unending wars. It is possible that none of them will get enough delegates. That will force the tea party to either support Ron Paul or accept Obama’s second term.

      • Joe H

        Yes, Odumberer has not taken the blame for fuel prices even though at the beginning of his tour, he said “Under my plan, energy prices will NESSESARILY rise”! He said that price would rise under his plan, yet it isn’t his fault!! Does he think the American people are all stupid?

      • Deerinwater

        JoeH, you accuse me of talking and saying nothing!

        “He said that price would rise under his plan, yet it isn’t his fault!! Does he think the American people are all stupid?”

        So you are disappointed he told you the truth or that he did promise something that was out of his control?

        I’m the stupid one for even bothering to reply to your post!

        “W” had the same problem with rising prices at the pump that lasted , what 2 years?

  • dusterdog

    Any way we get Ron Paul will be a plus.But as president would be the best.

    • css

      Dusterdog, I couldn’t agree more with you because we might not have a country in four years if either Obama or Romney wins the election. We might be living in a war zone, third world country because both of them are willing to start WWIII.

      My personal opinion is that Dr Paul has been winning but has been cheated out of votes by corrupt politicians and a robotic, mind-controlled media. George Soros lives in China and has no business controlling America’s elections or our so-called “Free Press.” The evil, old man’s money speaks for him but it also lets the world know who Satan really is. His name should be spelled out in bold letters in Websters for the definition of Satan or the Devil.

      It’s not a sin to be rich – it’s a sin to use one’s wealth in the destruction of humanity for one’s own self purposes and greed.

      • mark

        Im confused, u must be speaking about obama when u speak of satan. Sorros is just a demon.

      • Joe H

        Makr that anUPPER demon!! He is a very large player. Odumberer is just a puppet!!

    • Sophy

      You are right, and I’m glad for all the time we’ve had him in congress, but I believe he [Ron Paul] could get more [real!] work done in a couple years as president, than the last three administrations have gotten accomplished their whole time in office.

    • alice smith

      Dusterdog, it’s a trick. The GOP is trying to trick Ron Paul people into supporting Romney. Please read the following article:
      NO Ron Paul on the ticket as president equals no vote for the GOP – PERIOD

      • IdahoPatriot

        Do you really think that Ron Paul supporters as stupid like that? I do not think so and I do not think that Ron Paul would do something so dumb as to support the big sheep (Romney is a breed of sheep, bred for wool production). If he does, then I will demand the money I donated to his campaign back.

      • Joe H

        For me, it means a write-in vote!

      • Lynne

        RP will be my write-in vote for me too, Joe H, *unless* he runs that Independent campaign. Wouldn’t it be something to watch Obama, Romney/Santorum, and Paul speak in a three-way debate?! Gives me goosebumps just dreaming about it! :D

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    i think you paulbots are confused.

    • Realist

      And the sand in your eyes must be killing the likes of all ostriches.

    • Steve E

      Did you get brainwashed by the wholesale Republican Establishment Brainwashing Machine?

      • Joe H

        Steve E,
        NAH, he’s just suffering from lack of oxygen from having his head so far up his WAZOO!!!

  • Mike

    Each “Legislative District” will hold an election between the dates of 4/7/2012 and 4/21/2012 to elect “State Delegates” and “State Alternates” to advance to the May 12th State Caucus to elect the 29 National Delegates. Google:, Ron Paul meet up groups for info ! Lets do this !

  • Dwight Mann

    A politician only double crosses a bridge when he needs to. . .
    Ron is the only PAUL-i-tician that does not burn his bridges. He has been consistent for the last 30 years, never voting for a tax increase ever. . .
    RP in 2012

    • Realist

      I’m game! Liberty! Appeals to all the senses.

    • Dave

      And the chances of him joining the Romney team or even backing his bid for the White House are absolutely zero. We are talking about Ron Paul, the man has moral conviction.

    • IdahoPatriot

      YES! RP in 2012 or it is R.I.P. America!

    • Joe H

      He has never voted for an unconstitutional law, EITHER!! Unlike a number of RINOs and Dems this week!! Warning, don’t protest too loud!! AZZHOLES, ALL!!!

  • Warrior

    The current money line in vegas that we make it to 2016 is +145. Who gives 2 sh$$ts about 2016, this roller coaster will be leaving the tracks long before that time.

  • Not a dummy

    This is bogus. Rand never made that Deal. Ron has denied this many, MANY times. The media just needs something new to talk about this week and they made this up with the help of Santorum’s goons. Please get the information correct and quit spreading the Lame-stream media’s propaganda.

    There are only two choices in the Republican primary. Ron Paul vs all the other sellout’s. Every other candidate has shown historically that they will sell the American people out if given a big enough price tag. Ron Paul has never done that. Paul’s voting record show that’s he’s been the lone voice of reason in DC for far too long, and the only reason people are starting to listen to Paul (and like what the hear) is because the economy has gotten this bad.

    The worse everything gets, the more accurate Paul’s message become. For the sake of the USA, people need to listen to Dr. Paul before it’s too late. By “too late” I mean the collapse of the US Dollar.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    I read that Ron Paul might work with the Romney campaign. I hate to say this but why would a man of Ron Paul’s talents waste his time with a dimwit like Mitt Romney. Granted, Ron Paul’s support might make the election close for Mitt Romney. But, overall, Mitt Romney is going to lose to Obama. When, they get into a debate Mitt Romney is going to look like an elitist stiff compared to Obama. As a matter of fact , a debate between Obama and Romney will look like Socrates debating Alex Keaton from the old Family Ties show in
    a philosophy of life. Think about that!! Thanks!!

  • Elzie Lavery

    Ron Paul is a really smart man. Morally upright. Rascist ? In his work as a doctor, he has delivered yes, black and mexican babies, for free to various needy people.How in the world can you call a man like that a rascist? Honest? He’s had the same message of self-responsibility , reasonable expectations , actual freedom for all as our constitution allows , states rights fully implemented , AMERICA FIRST , reward the achievers and quit rewarding failure (we’re all in this nation together) , and sound fiscal policies , for 30 years.

    In this day and age of fiscal insanity, penalizing the achievers while coddling the hopeless losers and giving our country away peice by piece, he is a welcome beacon that will lead the “thousand lights” back to true greatness. We are the kings and queens of the world, but we are currently asleep at the helm, while pickpockets are at work. Wake up, America !!!!!

  • http://none Russell Crow

    If Obama, or the big government Elephants of Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich wins this coming November. There won’t be an America for Rand Paul over anyone else to salvage in 2016.

  • J

    Let me preface this by saying this is my opinion which I think I still have a right to.

    Truth be known, according to Blacks’ Law Dictionary there are two definitions of person,natural or people that contract and become a corporation. Its the only way the legal system can move against you in our administrative courts. We no longer have Article III courts. Ask yourself what is the contract where you exchanged your freedom to slavehood!

    Because of the commerce clause (international law) and thanks to the crown, once you cross the bar, then you are in their realm and subject to their legalism.

    Natural persons have natural rights and are gifts from God. but once you enter into contract with the Corporate US (Maryland Corporation) you become a corporate person and subject to their legalese. Notice when you open a bank account and you fill out a W-9
    under penalty of perjury, you sign as a U.S. Person. Sound corporate doesn’t it?
    What is with this angle? Once again reinforcing their “commerce” rights over your corporate business. You most likely didn’t realize how corrupt are these evildoers, eh?

    So you see you have a choice, but most folks or person, natural or otherwise are not aware that have surrendered their natural rights that are outlined in our Constitution.


  • T. Jefferson

    Ron Paul is the man. Corporations are NOT people, if they were I would have gotten more than a 31 cent raise. That is a slap in the face.

    • ChristyK

      Quit blaming the corporations for your lack of raise. I am a small business owner. I have not had a raise in about 8 years and about a quarter of my employees make more than I do. One makes about double my pay. Most of them are paid at least partially on commission, and if they make me money they are welcome to the larger pay. Any business with any smarts will pay an employee what they are worth. If you don’t, another business will hire away the good employees and all you will have left are the poor workers. If you make yourself invaluable, you wil be paid well. If you only do the minimum required, you get what you deserve. In a bad economy, businesses can’t afford to give raises. I have had several employees that I wanted to give raises to, but when you are losing money, or barely making a profit, you can’t give a raise. If you give raises, the business will fail and everyone loses their jobs.

      • http://yahoo Maynard

        I agree with you, at least partly. As a liberal I tend to see business more sympathetically from the worker’s side. But it is unfair to ignore the fact that there are many hard working corporate business people who are operating a small corporation and act for the benefit of their employees not just themselves. You probably remember the case of a small mill operator in New Hampshire. When the mill burned down he paid his workers through the time when he reopened. When I am criticizing corporations I should specify it isreferring to the huge corporations that do such things as move their operations offshore to get cheaper labor or avoid paying any taxes or unduly influence elections because they are able to give so much more money to certain candidates than is the common citizen.
        Corporate CEO’s like you are to be commended.

  • yobo

    Ron Paul or no vote in November. Why bother voting for more of the same bull? If R.P. joins up with Romney it says he only wants a useless title with no power, as a VP he will get nothing done.

  • dave

    Ron Paul – I’m writing him in whether he gets the nomination or not!

  • roger gunderson

    America is where it’s at because of the voting public. Ignorant people vote for looks or crisma and other traits that have nothing to do with leadership. Bush, Obama, and Hitler come to mind. Ron Paul is the first person in my life, running for president , that makes real sense. Unfortunately, the ignorant voting people will never get it.

    • yobo

      Amen to that brother!

  • dan

    I’m writing in Paul, too…Mitt , Newt and Santorum are big gov. republicans

    Ron and Rand are pro Constitution ( especially 2nd Amendment ) and pro life

  • Eric

    Yes maybe Ron Paul has setup the Politics for his son to make a try for the presidency in 2016 . With the way I feel , I dont think there will be a meaningfull 2016 election in the United States . I believe our economic situation will have unfolded , The worst finacial collaps will have allready happend , There will no longer be any value in the dollar . Gold and siver will be the only thing of value .The housing bubble will have been solved . The goverenment will be in possession of most houses , Nobody will even want the houses , becuase the taxes on them will be more than it costs to rent a house . And renters don’t have the expense of repairs .There will be no taxes collected on these houses , Evreybody will want goverenmnt jobs . We will all be standing in a soupline , unless we are fortunate enough to get one of these goverenment jobs . The U. S. army will be acting as our police , becuase we will need a lot more police . All of United States insurance and big buisness companies will have been bailed out and will be partnered with the goverenment , or gone out of buisness .. The gyrating stock market will have taken out most values and corperate bonds will be declared worthless . Most big cities will look like Detroit . We will not need any Paul to straighten out our finacial problems . We will desire one of the Army generals for president , becuase law and order will be our no 1 problem then , not getting our finances in order .

    • Joe H

      I agree with you 100% except that I think your timing is off by about 6 years. If Odumberer is reelected, all you have said will come to be by 2020.He will do everything in his power to remove all constitutional rights and then there will be an attack on the term limit for the president. We will be screwed totally then!!

    • John Peters

      Eric,Get a dictionary and use it.Your spelling is atrocious.

  • Mel

    Let’s do it. Ron Paul get America back on track.

  • stokes

    Didn’t read many of the responses–but would like to see Ron Paul win, however, it looks like the major political establishment–isn’t going to have it!! I hope that whomever wins the nomination–may consider Ron Paul as a running mate (if he would accept?) Not to put him in a “lame duck” position–but to have his hopeful “influences & experience”-to add to any of the current candidates….It may well swing the younger voters & independents to the Republican ticket!! We need –(whatever it takes)–to win this election—America cannot wait–or stand–another 4 years w/ Obama—–America will not be recognizable –by 2016!! Not the kind of “Hope & Change”–I bargained for… about you???

    • Blue

      That won’t work! It is the elites and Wall Street that are running the show. They are inbreds. Every one of the presidents were hand picked by the elite. They all get their marching orders before entering office. They are trained to follow those orders. Where do you think Obama disappeared to? He met with them to get his orders. He is just a puppet. Ron Paul is either the President or America is toast. End of story.

  • Mark in LA

    The primaries are proof positive that America has been dumbed down to the point that nothing matters. Paul’s bad showing in the south shows that most people should not be given the vote. I doubt most even had any idea why they were voting for who they did beyond abortion or something they didn’t even understand but thought they did.

    When even you explain Paul’s issues in baby English to most people calling themselves conservative, they overwhelmingly support those positions. The minute you add Paul’s name they come up with some lame made up nonsense they heard from some talking head about why you can’t vote for Paul – usually centered around foreign policy or drugs.

    • yobo

      The reason he is losing everywhere is due to FRAUD! How can Newt win a state where he had to cancel an event the day before the primary because nobody showed up yet Dr. Paul has standing room only at every event he attends. It’s not truly possible that he could have lost every single state so far. The GOP and the press have totally blackballed him and with the likes of NeoCon Limbaugh bashing him at every chance what do you expect. R.P. needs to take off the gloves and start kicking some serious ass on these fake conservatives

  • Eric

    May Paul should anounce he is not running for president , But Chairman of the federal Reserve bank . MAYBE we could force the congress or the president to appoint him ? We have to get Bernie Maddoff out of this bank or our money will be destroyed and we will have been slaves all our lives .

  • Dave

    The best way to change government is to have a real voice in government. I agree that a Ron Paul Mitt Romney team either way would beat Obama and we can look down the road. With Obama we are looking at a police state martial law for our protection which will be followed by trying to take American’s guns away and civil war will break out.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Dave:
      I hate to burst your bubble, but how you put it, Mitt Romney will lose. Maybe, with Ron Paul’s help the election will be a nail biter. Yet, in the end, Obama will come out the victor.
      Sorry!! Thanks!!

      • Blue

        It appears you are an Obama supporter? I certainly hope not.

      • Joe H

        Hate to burst YOUR bubble, but all the polls are pointing to odumberers favor dropping on most ALL points. fuel costs, constitution, all sorts of things.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Blue:
      I’m not big Obama supporter. I’m, only, stating what’s probably going to be fact. Sorry again!!

      • yobo

        I agree Tony, Romney will lose a close election to Oblabla I have ten bucks riding on it. They don’t want Ron Paul to gain any credibility because he is the ONLY candidate who could actually beat Oblabla.

      • Deerinwater

        Ron Paul can’t beat Obama, he can offer him a great debate, sad perhaps but that just the way it is.

        Not enough people understand Ron Paul and what he stands for. You can say that he is a Constitutionist all day long, but what that means is not clear to them.

        It’s like in “sales”, attempting to sale “features” alone is not very productive, you must sale the benefits of features. What’s the benefits over what I’ve already got.

        If you plan to take away something, what are you going to offer me in return?

        What’s being offered? What is Ron Paul offering? The return to the 1800′s?

        The change Ron Paul is offering will solve serious problems but create some as well.

        For these changes to bear fruit will require timing and phasing in and phasing out over at least a 10 year period of time. Any faster change will cause great suffering and incite outcry and revolt.

        I like Ron Paul’s ideas, I like his candor, I like the way that he conduct himself . i might vote for him, that up to how the next few month fall in place, but I’m not sure he will be an option.

  • Eric

    I’am a paul Suporter , But I’am a socialist . I like social security , I like Madicare , I like Medicaid , I even like food stamps , I just don’t like banruptcy , As a matter of fact I hate bankruptcy so much , I’am willing to make adjustments on my likes . Paul himself is willing to make adjustments . But we are facing democrats and republican that are not willing to make adgestments , they don’t fear bankruptcy , they love bankruptcy , becuase with bankruptcy you are allowed to do a lot of new and previously illeagal things . Its these new and Illeagal things the establishment wants to bring on , that I don’t want

    • Brad


      You make no sence what so ever. This is the problem at hand, we let idiots like this vote.

      • Blue

        Brad – Since when has berating someone helped our cause. If people don’t understand, then educate them. I’m a very intelligent person, but there are others who are more intelligent than I. I wouldn’t like it if one of them verbally attacked me. If the people are to combat this situation, it will take as many people as we can muster to fight them and their agenda. Agreed?

  • Gary J. Mallast

    Even if Ron Paul loses, he wins. His goal was more one of communication than seeking office anyway. He has gotten his message past the gate-keepers and it has struck a responsive chord with many people–especially young people.. He has brought about a landmark shift in political discussion on economics, defense, and foreign polity and may even be forcing a paradigm shift in academic economics which should have occurred back during the interminable Johnson-Nixon-Ford-Carter stagflation.

    So, in many ways, Ron Paul has already won.

    • yobo

      I would prefer an actual win. Just saying because the last few guys to make the White House there home address have really done a great job of heading the country for the cliff so they can roll out martial law after the inevitable crash of the dollar and the market crash. They are already hiring guards for the FEMA camps so they are ready to take us down as a nation anytime.

  • Charles Linda Bond

    This is just more spectulation and propaganda from people who think they know it all. Ron Paul is NOT YOUR STATUS QUE POLITICAN and will NOT sell out THE PEOPLE for anything or His own SON. WOULD YOU ?…………….Charles of Waveland,MS.

  • Bob

    I just can’t believe that any American with common sense would vote for anyone other than Ron Paul, what are they thinking ? It’s not a beauty contest, it’s your and your countries future that’s at risk. From the mid 40′s to the mid 60′s our country was fairly stable and then the pot head generation grew up and is now running the country. These people are the now generation that expect to live on credit and don’t believe in saving for a sizeable down payment like their parents did. Responsibility no longer exists, this shows in the way they vote for anyone that promises them the moon. The only way this country will recover is if someone like Ron Paul is elected, he is one of the few left that has common sense and has faith in the American people, I don’t, but I’ll vote for him anyway, there is always hope.

    • yobo

      The American public are a bunch of sheep. They get all they need to know from the bought and paid for media and care more about Dancing with the Stars than about fixing what’s wrong with our nation as a whole.

  • Kerry

    Romney and Santorum are not Natural Born Citizens because both fathers were born in foreign countries! Obamas dad was born in Kenya just like his son Barack, for that crime Obama will die by a firing squad! Americans take back America! Send illegals, liberals and Muslims to hell now!

    • zipper

      Dear Kerry,

      I agree with your sentiments, but Santorum’s and Romney’s mother and father must only
      be citizens at Santorum’s and Romney’s birth. This has not yet been proven to be true,
      so they may not have the legal right to be President.

    • Mac

      “Natural born” simply means that an individual became a citizen at birth rather than having to qualify for and apply for naturalization.
      With the abysmally stupid “birthright” citizenship the “law of the land,” that an individual was born on U.S. soil is the simplest way of proving one’s citizenship.
      However, one who is born to a citizen is a natural born citizen no matter the location of his/her birth. Certain forms must be filled out so that one’s citizenship can be documented.
      IF Barry Soetoro, Barack Obama, or whatever his name is was born in Timbuktu to a U.S. citizen he is a natural born citizen.

      Many US citizens are natural born all over the world every year. As their birth certificates are registered in whatever country they are born in, they (their parent(s)) should register a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS-240). If for some reason this does not get done, such as birth aboard a ship during voyage or aircraft in flight, no US consulate or embassy available, as soon as possible after returning to the U.S. a Certificate of Citizenship Issued by U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) should be applied (form N-600) for. A certified copy of the foreign birth certificate should be obtained, preferably before leaving the country of birth.
      A birth certificate is the most straightforward and convenient proof of the place and date of birth. Unless it is successfully rebutted as materially false or errant, it stands.
      Another proof of place and date of birth is a Birth Affidavit DS-10. It is legally proof of place and date of birth, and of all information provided on the form, subject as always to successful rebuttal as materially false or errant, as it is executed under penalty of law. However, the State Dept. bureaucrats will not accept it by itself. It must be accompanied by supporting documentation. This is understandable as people have been known to lie even under penalty of law when there is something in it for them.
      If Obama/Soetoro/Whoever has no valid US birth certificate, he should have either an FS-240 or a Certificate of Citizenship if born abroad.

      As there has arisen no serious doubt that Stanley Ann Dunham (not Obama, as Obama Sr. was already married, therefore his Hawai’i marriage to Dunham was invalid for bigamy) was a natural born Kansas U.S. citizen, all Obama/ Soetoro/ Whoever needs to do is prove that he is her natural born son.
      Perhaps Obama/Soetoro/Whoever is duped by all this mess. Perhaps he believes he was born in Hawai’i in 1961. Perhaps he is as perplexed as anyone as to why his supporters would counterfeit a birth certificate rather than just have him order a certified copy himself. All the BS and lies about his birth certificate not being available to the public is true as far as others being able to get a copy by ordering it from the state vital statistics registry, but if HE would order one, ten, a hundred, a thousand certified copies then HE could pass them around himself. Even at $10 for the first and $4 for each additional copy ordered at the same time, a thousand would be only $4,006. Online order add $1.50. Surely he could hawk them for $20 each for a nice profit of $15,992.50!

  • catfish

    Unbelievable the folks that support a candidate that wants to legalize dope, wants a weak defense of america and the very least he is to damn old. Hell, I’m 68 and I would be too damn old.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear catfish,

      What is unbelievable is your ignorance of Ron Paul’s actual positions on the issues. Go here to truly understand them and educate yourself and expand your mind beyond the pabulum being fed you by the MSM.

      Best wishes,

      • IdahoPatriot

        Mr. Livingston,
        “catfish’s” name says it all. He is a bottom feeding troll and probably will not read the links. I tried to reach my friends and family and received the typical knee-jerk reaction that Dr. Paul is “crazy” and, “his foreign policy scares me”. As if what we have been doing for the last 60 years or more is not scarey? We did our part, and voted for Dr. Paul in the Idaho caucus, but I feel that TPTB are doing all they can to shut Dr. Paul out. Every time the talking heads on TV or radio mention the GOP race, they only very rarely ever acknowledge that there are 4 people running. They act like Dr. Paul does not even exist.
        It is very disheartening to see this happening in America.

      • Realist

        I doubt that he will Bob. Folks like he is super afraid of the truth. The reason for Obama’s was blatant ignorance and it’s happening again.

      • Blue

        My sentiments exactly. Thank you Bob!

      • Joe H

        Mr Livingston,
        I am still working on my extended family. I have about ten of them 89% convinced the other seven or eight, Well i’m trying!! My whole immediate family of four and seven of my neighbors did our part and voted for Dr. Paul in the Ohio primary. god Bless and keep up the good fight!!

    • Bill

      As a man think so shall he be.
      Secondary childhood coming on, uh.

    • Mac

      A strong defense of the USA does not mean trying to conquer and occupy the entire planet. It means that anyone who messes with the USA gets a bloody nose. Just to start with.
      Last time I noticed, Iran was not threatening the US as long as the US did not threaten Iran by sending warships along the Iranian coast. Hey, Israel since 1948 has killed more Americans than Iran.
      “Legalize” dope? Paul is running for president, not for universal governor of every state respectively. Many evil and stupid things are not amenable to the US (Washington DC) government dealing with them.
      Many bad things are “legal” in the sense that government does not try to forbid them.

  • JimH

    When I hear Mitt talk about needing a conservative in the White House, I wonder who he is talking about. It can’t be him.
    Hearing Mitt talk about conservatism is like hearing Obama talk about fiscal responsability.
    It’s a joke.

  • jopa

    I can just picture Willard Romney addressing the troops at West Point telling them how great they look in their army costumes!!Or a gang of one per-centers how great they look in their motorcycle costumes.

  • Brad

    Bernie Maddoff??

  • HDMania

    Like I said before..Romney-Newt and Santorum are just white Obummers..just in it for the non-believers have one more chance to save your sorry asses..

    RON PAUL 2012

  • HK

    It’s not going to happen! Paul would never sell out and either will his supporters. We do not vote for the less of two evils! We WILL write Pauls name in if we have to! Either way mittens will not be our next president!

  • chuckb

    the only hope the republicans have is somehow they don’t have a nominee by convention time, they come up with an honest conservative, someone who can relate to our problems and not the parties power seeking. romney can’t win and having paul as vp would only reduce his chance further. paul is half right and half wrong, his stance on drugs would hurt romeny, so that’s not going to happen.

  • angel

    We all know this is a GOP trick to get the ron paul supporter vote, we all know romney can’t win without us or stealing votes. We all know ere not voting for romney, and he is dead in the water. Why my the sheepish conservative ask there is no differ from romney to obama, same recycled trash differ color and suite. We all know romney has no base,and he needs paul supporters, ron paul know him self him on the ticket with romney will not bring his supporters with and he will loose his base. I woul even ay the GOP or romney paid to have this written in his favor,and this forum reflect the corruption taking part in the indy media outlets news we all should look out for.

  • angel

    i see this a desperate move from the gop to lagitimize romney place as the front runner and try to bring down ron paul. this article is baseless like romney, rick, and newt. the sheepish conservative voter vote with the flock, the rp voters vote on princaple and support rp cuase of his poition and consistantcy. rp is better off goin indy then taking vp for romney. the so called poltical title is not what paul supporters vote for it is his ideals. the gop like omaba is a bunch of hallow suite looking to be filled with good honest vote from hard working american as the fill our ears with a pack of lies, the media lost thier influence and only sheepish conseratie and demo voters are listening which is the minority. the writer and the forum of this is equal to fox news its just ent at the pony show….

  • Darryl

    Your remarks are ignorant, and worse, stupid. Mitt Romney was joking about a southern acccent, he was kidding about NASCAR that he called (NASDAQ), said to Gov. Perry about a $10,000 bet as a joke as many of us do when we think we are right, $347,000 now days is not a lot of money BECAUSE IT IS FIAT DOLLARS, AND CORPORATIONS ARE COMPRISED OF PEOPLE WHO OWN STOCK. If this is your effort at critiquing,you better get a new job.

    About Ron Paul. He is a terrific voice in this campaign, and I hope he winds up in the Romney administration as an ass kicker of the Federal Reserve, the unconstitutional
    entity conceived by the really big boys like Rockefeller at Jekyll Island at the turn of the last century.

    • Love4ourHumans

      You forgot that Romney is all for the wars, the NDAA, the Patriot Act, more banks bail out, more govt control and couldn’t care any more about his own family dog than the people of this country. Ron Paul will NEVER support him or the likes.

      Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley are all contributors to Romney and Obama. They’re betting on both. What does that tell you?

      What would you like us to do with The Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights and our Private Property Rights right after Romney or Obama win? SHRED it? You keep missing the point. WE NEED OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!

      The only viable solution is to elect a man who’s consistent (over 30+ years), honest and has the Integrity to look at people in their eyes knowing he will never have to flip-flop his answers.

      Ron Paul 2012!!! or none!

  • Don

    Small Victories may win the war eventually but may not, I hate to think what our situation will be like in 5 more years, And then what if we have to go along till 2020, S— sounds like a freaking nightmare to me.

  • Debbie

    I think that part of the problem is that the MSM and GOP establishment don’t know how to deal with Ron Paul. As hard as they have tried to ignore and suppress him, he will not go away. Suggesting that he might accept a position as Romney’s VP, like their continued insistence that he is unelectable, is just another ploy to draw his supporters into the Romney camp. It will not work. Ron Paul has too much integrity to sell out to Romney’s big government, war-mongering stance, and his supporters know that. Even with Obama’s current unfavorable rating, it is doubtful that the Republicans can defeat him without the support of disillusioned Democrats and Independent voters. Romney will not get those votes, nor will Santorum or Gingrich.

    As for Rand, he will be more effective as a Senator than Vice President. Let him stay where he is for now, and then run for President in 2016 if he so chooses.

  • HKaufman

    Headline: maybe Paul is Winning: Re Write: Maybe the UNICORN will appear, or the Greek Titian KRAAKEN.. Another premise for a tv reality show, Fantasy Island starring Ron Paul as RON Paul, playing Tatoo, WEE MAN…..

    • dufas magnet

      Just like a bumpkus idiot, looking at the political scene like some kind of pathetic sitcom.. Get your eyes off the boob tube and LOOK at what’s going on.. None of this trio of fly-by-nighters will ever get past their own over-inflated egos and people like you are fools to think they’ll “Change their corporate ways”. Their sharks, the lot of ‘em and they can’t wait for their sheeple to vote ‘em in so they can play their big b’ness internationally. Ron Paul may not come through with his promises (when did any president?) but by gawd he should be given the same chance as our current POTUS was given and if he fails (don’t count on it) then we’ll just vote in another hopeful but what these three meat sacks are doing is taking the hopeful out of the equation and replacing it with super pac moola then, with our tax dollars, pay back the pac with either favors or money as they pocket the rest while convincing us that ‘trickle down’ actually works.

    • Joe H

      I suppose you also support the anti-protest law that Odumberer signed into law today?? Throws out the first ammendment rights of freedom of speech and expression!! What’s next? the right to vote??

      • Deerinwater

        bill H.R. 347 that was signed by President Obama the other day, passed unanimously in the Senate, and 388-3 in the House. That’s nearly EVERY SINGLE lawmaker. The last time they agreed that closely on something, it was a bill raising monthly Congressional pay to include a box of Ding Dongs, two erotic cakes featuring Bonanza star Pernell Roberts, and a gentle yet inquisitive prostate exam every Tuesday.

        What did this magical universally-loved bill say? Well some are calling it the anti-Occupy law and it allows the government to bring charges against Americans involved in many kinds of political protest at any location the secret service, quote, “is or will be temporarily visiting.” So basically if the government wants to shut down a protest, they just send a secret service officer down there to scratch his balls, and then they can start putting people in jail for a year or more.

  • spark300c

    if Ron Paul does not get gop nomination I vote for libertarian party candidate.

  • Joseph Stroup

    I will write in Ron Paul come November, if neccessary. Keep in mind though, that the powers that be may find a way to dissallow the write-in vote or simply not count them.
    To those who believe in the system, that may seem farfetched…but…

  • Sue Hanson

    Ron Paul has made it clear that he is not “working a deal” with Romney or anyone else. He is in it to win the Presidency and he can do that. What we, his supporters should be doing to help, is to get involved in our local precinct as a Committee person or a delegate, or at least get involved in the RP Phone From Home program. Go here for info on how important precinct participation is Trust the Ron Paul campaign their strategy is nothing short of brilliant. A little more participation from us, and a commitment to vote for Ron Paul whether he is on the ballot or not, will put this man in the White House where he belongs.

    • Love4ourHumans

      Amen sister!!!

  • http://N/A CintiCB

    We Americans have a choice-either write in Ron Paul or lose America.

  • Deerinwater

    I’d be please with Ron Paul or Obama, but the thought of a Mitt, Newt or Rick is too awful to consider.

  • Bob Kelley

    If I had to chose one of those canidates,! They are all alike, ‘corrupt ‘ There is only one decent person to vote for Ron Paul even if we have to ALL get together and write his name in. There is no one else to vote for

  • Margaret

    Please stop! The thought of Romney as President is sickening no matter who helps him.
    Ron Paul has a very solid take on what is needed to put America back in shape outside of some flaws on international affairs although he is right about bringing troops home.

    I’m very supportive of his son who is a very balance individual and good speaker. It is sad that Ron Paul did not have more support, but now we are faced with a real challenge. Get Romney out with a vote for?? Santorum does not have the experience and is making enemies left and right with comments.

    Newt has all the experience needed and can crush Obama in any debate. He can handle the democrats because he has insider experience and he would be able to stand up to foreign leaders in a dignified manner. So do you discount his personal life – does that really mean he can’t do the job? Can we trust him to do what he says. Can we trust anyone to do that? If they can’t handle the insiders once there then they can’t make it happen. I think Newt is the best chance that we have.

    • Deerinwater

      “Newt has all the experience needed and can crush Obama in any debate. He can handle the democrats because he has insider experience and he would be able to stand up to foreign leaders in a dignified manner. ”

      Well, I’d like to see that attempted so we could put the notion to bed.

  • http://none Ridge Runner

    I keep seeing comments about the lizzard(newt)having the experence to debate obama and win. they say he is an insider knows how things are done in washington and he could put things right. These people should come to a halt and reflect on what they are saying.Our problems in our gov.didn’t start just recently it has been on going for years so,don’t that sound like maybe newt was involved in it.Newt is a politican first and a statesman second.He was holding his hand out to the lobyists just like the rest of the politicans. He is a globists just like most of the politicans in their government.Ron Paul is the best man to repair our country if we can get him elected and keep him alive.The rest of them are just more of the same we have had for years. We have to stop this take over by these one worlders if we are to survive as a free country and too many of our reps are involved in what is going on.This agenda 21 is being put in place all pver the u.s. Every state and every city is all ready being aligned with this agenda 21 mandate. They are and have been slowly sticking it to the people for years.Our federal parks and lands are all ready under this can google this agenda 21 or look on the united nations webb site it is posted on their webb and every body needs to read what they have in store for the world.

  • http://none Ridge Runner

    I may be wrong but i am afraid i am not. This was hitler’s dream to take over the world and create his super race. Lets say clean up the human race. I think this is probably these people’s idea along with being the boss. I think these are of the same mind that hitler had with him and some of them are from the same parts of the world and with the same thoughts get rid of the baggage and keep the smart people. If you will pay attention to what ehese people are doing they don’t have any qualms about doing what ever it takes to realize their agenda. We had better get these damn zombies awoke and educated quick.

  • 1776

    Romney is a RINO & Globalist shill (like Sanitorium & Neocon Newt). I’d not vote for Mitt in any scenario & will write in the Constitutional Party nominee if Dr.Paul was GOP VP nominee (with Mitt). This “lesser of 2 evils bit” is a ruse as both are pawns of the Globalist Elite.

  • http://foxnews robert henderson

    ron paul is the only person for the office of president he tells the truth and i dont think obama can tell the truth or even knows the truth. half the people or more dont get to hear the truth abc,nbc cnn msnbc etc, and the dam news papers do not print the truth .i would love for ron to win and hope he does . obama and his croonies are destorying AMERICA as fast as they can ross told you if bill clinton was elected that all the jobs would be gone he is as dorry as hell to obama has no respect for GOD OR OUR NATION he has no respect for our constitution and bill of rights he has got to go but you are not going to see a honest election as they pay people of the streets to vote obama and i dont know how many people that have been dead for so many years that will come alive ans cast votes for obama you must remember all of the gooines this muslim will do anything to win and he has the money and people to do it if the slections were run the right way he might get 100 votes that is if his wife votes remember who you are voiting aganist someone that has given away all of AMERICAS WEALTH to mostly to our enemys and destorying our constitution puts a dam lizard above men and women has broken all the rules of law and without teloprompter cant put a sentance together. i would vote for a racoon before i would vote for obama and many democrats or congressman i urge you to do your home work before voteing for anyone GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • http://foxnews robert

    THE OBAMA ADDIMISTRATIONis the most courpt admintstration i have ever seen and with more czars and by his own addimission has his own army you should go to brasscheck .com and read also listen to some of the videos .those fema camps you see everywhere with thousands upon thousands caskets located in just about every county who do you think they are for?and the other day he signed a bill about no gathnering or protesting in my humble opion the whole bunch should be brought up on treason and other chargers.he is trying as hard as he can to do away with free speach our founders 1st ammendent take our guns our second ammendent i could go on and on do away with declaration of independence and do away with our constitution put us into salvery remember his pastor wright chickens come to roost and god dam the united states . he is having big steak dinners for his rich donors and america is falling apart you cant afford gas or groceries and he says thing are better well i dont know about you but things are sure not better here at my house are you better off today than you were?if you answered yes then you work for the goverment check out his friends like seiu, acorn, bill ayers, soros, reid, pelosi, and want to build a mousque at ground zero and when that goes up that respresent the defeat of AMERICA by muslims. all the while he wont let a church be rebuilt across the street. i used to like john mccain untill i got an e-mail showing obama thanking mccain for not telling AMERICA he was of the muslim faith now i have no respect for mccain.he is a smooth talker but it is nothing but lies so people of AMERICA DO NOT FALL FOR ANY NORE LIES or we will starve or be killed at these camps. PLEASE AMERICA BE PATROTIC AND CLEAN HOUSE WHEN WE CAN.also be pepared for anything from this addimistration.

  • Duncan McNeil

    There’s a lot of people that would really benefit from really discovering the “truthiness” of their beliefs about Ron Paul’s beliefs. Frankly I find misinformation rampant everywhere. People are saying things he didn’t say, and not saying things he did say. To say that Ron Paul is a champion of personal liberties requires you just haven’t been paying attention. There’s more truth on Wikipedia then these internet back alleys of red herrings and blatant lies. Surely it’s not as readable or organized as Robert’s startling post(s?), but what else is on that level? The only thing that comes to mind is the bible.

    • Duncan McNeil

      HA. I didn’t even realize until I posted that the name of this website literally is personal liberty. Heinous lies of the utmost degrees. I think while we’re at it we should say that Ron Paul intends to expand your freedom by reducing education funding, eliminating the federal minimum wage, restricting a woman’s control over her body, and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY ignoring the role of precedent and the tenth amendment in protection of an individual’s freedoms from the tyrannical and myopic will of the state. You really understand very little if you don’t understand how little Ron Paul understands. qed

      • Libertytrain

        good grief, sounds like you have a failure to understand…..

        • Duncan McNeil

          Elaborate please; if that’s too easy oh wise condescending glowing center of the universe, explain to me how this can be mitigated:

          “The practice of judicial activism — legislating from the bench — is now standard for many federal judges. They dismiss the doctrine of strict construction as hopelessly outdated, instead treating the Constitution as fluid and malleable to create a desired outcome in any given case. For judges who see themselves as social activists, their vision of justice is more important than the letter of the laws they are sworn to interpret and uphold. With the federal judiciary focused more on promoting a social agenda than upholding the rule of law, Americans find themselves increasingly governed by men they did not elect and cannot remove from office.

          Consider the Lawrence case decided by the Supreme Court in June. The Court determined that Texas had no right to establish its own standards for private sexual conduct, because gay sodomy is somehow protected under the 14th amendment “right to privacy.” Ridiculous as sodomy laws may be, there clearly is no right to privacy nor sodomy found anywhere in the Constitution. There are, however, states’ rights — rights plainly affirmed in the Ninth and Tenth amendments. Under those amendments, the State of Texas has the right to decide for itself how to regulate social matters like sex, using its own local standards. But rather than applying the real Constitution and declining jurisdiction over a properly state matter, the Court decided to apply the imaginary Constitution and impose its vision on the people of Texas.”

          it’s almost like my argument is not concise or reasoned – I will admit I don’t understand how you can say I don’t understand.

          Unless you’ve taken aim at my sardonic treatment of Ron Paul High Priest Rob, then yes I do indeed misunderstand how Rob’s obviously flawed judgments and diction have any semblance of reason. All you have to tell me is how I am to read this so that it is relevant or can make any sense at all. Hell, explain to me how what he said isn’t misconception and red herrings.

          Of course if I were a cafeteria libertarian then I could easily determine that Ron Paul fits with my views. But appropriating government resources to limit personal rights is actually exactly the opposite. But as I am the genuine article – I can conclude that Ron Paul’s views are decidedly not libertarian, the difference is unmitigatable. To believe that Ron Paul touts personal liberty appears as far as I can tell, an outright lie.

          But I must say you make an excellent argument, have YOU considered running for public office. As far as I can tell Ron Paul supporters would just love you.

      • Libertytrain

        Duncan – you aren’t worth my time.

    • Deerinwater

      Very impressive argument Duncan!

      The only way that I have been able to understand it, is to apply the bazaar factor.

      It’s a 180 reverse in perception, “more” is now “less”, “losing” is “winning”, “bad” is “good”.

      Only then , has it made much sense to me.

  • http://Smith Ron

    People who write this crap haven’t a clue about Ron Paul. He would never side with Romney and his son wouldn’t consider a VP slot under Romney. Why would he? The only chance he has of a 2016 bid if Romney is the nominee is to let Barack whoop Romney (which he would because they are exact clones except for color which is to Barack’s advantage, apparently), and then run against whoever the Dems offer up in 2016. If Romney actually became president, Rand Paul would have to wait until 2020 to run! He doesn’t want to wait that long.

  • Jerry G.

    If Ron Paul is continually muffled by the media, DR. Paul will not have much of a chance to get his last shot at the Presidency. Dr. Paul’s choices that he has spelled out to us that we will need to do .and suffer some of the stuff that we will need be doing to survive the changes that need to be enacted. I ‘m serious-he don’t make it, our country may never survive again

    • Deerinwater

      I wouldn’t count Ron Paul complete out, but he will have to capture the day, somehow.

      Come forward with some “flare”, but if talking dirty is what it takes, Ron Paul won’t be apart of it.

  • John Elmer Engel

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again…Paul will not associate with Romney in any way. This article is pure speculation and is based on nothing factual.

  • Duncan McNeil

    So you obviously have no rebuke, if it was so simple and so mitigatable then you would have no problem; clearly if your argument was not convoluted it would be easy to grapple with my argument. Ron Paul is not your messiah unless you’re a fascist OR you have no idea about Ron Paul’s actual political positions. In essence, this huge gap between Ron Paul and the fictional Ron Paul would be no doubt worth your time attention if you were concerned with facts, I now feel comfortable enough with the apparent non-existence of your argument for a resolute qed.

  • NetRanger

    Well, that did it. Some of you anti-Paul moron got me to read the entire Wikipedia entry on Ron Paul.

    I’m 100% Ron Paul. I’ve never found a candidate like him! I can’t find A SINGLE THING LISTED THAT I DISAGREE WITH EVEN IN THE SLIGHTEST. Its as if he’s my political twin.

    Thanks Anti-Paulers, your ignorance and stupidity is both entertaining and motivating!

    • Duncan McNeil

      Then you’re a fascist or you can’t read. Personal liberty and Paul’s views are irreconcilable. However, judging from your fervor it is likely you can read and are just a fascist. And judging from your fanaticism – myopia is self evident.

  • Pingback: Ron Paul on the Issues - Page 232 - ALIPAC

  • Duncan McNeil

    And this entire thing Romney-Paul thing is nonsense, let’s look at this from point of view of someone whom still has cognitive functions.

    Obviously Romney will not name Ron Paul as his running mate; in fact it’s not even up for debate. It’s a sad day when Romney is a better candidate when compared to the candidate of the misinformed quasi-esoterics. It may seem strange …

    I don’t even care enough, ha. Everyone is missing the point anyway – a fascist candidate whose very public record is quintessentially social conservative does not belong on a website called personal liberty. Either someone is making a sick joke at the expense of the illiterate people whom cannot be trusted to keep their votes from muddling the muddy, actually I’ll go with that, the truth makes me shiver. Next thing you’ll tell me is that there is not a consensus on evolution in the scientific community. It’s this chasm that exists between truth and misinformation.

    What will they think of next?

  • YawnGG

    Ron Paul is probably first place in the GOP now.. do your home work sir. :)

    • Duncan McNeil

      That’s not true AND you say it like it’s a good thing. Do YOUR homework.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I can’t understand why tese delusional Ron Paul supporters still suggest we vote for that crackpot nincompoop MoRon Paul. He has NO chance of being elected as a republican or independent. Furthermore, 3rd parties may sound good, but they’re often a disaster. The most they can do is split the GOP/conservative vote, thus assuring the re-election of who is now the worst POTUS in history. GET REAL, and just say “NO” to that old fool MoRon Paul!!!!

    • Duncan McNeil

      This one-thousand times yes.

      • alice

        News Flash… The GOP is already split because they’re doing the same thing as they did before with McCain…. shoving a Democrat in drag under our noses. The only delusion happening is with neocons that think a growing number of republicans will be so unpatriotic as to vote for a party instead of for their country and vote for the ‘lessor’.

        You can’t win without us. Ron Paul people will not compromise and vote for the lessor. In this case, the lessor is not any different than Obama except for style.

      • Deerinwater

        Democrat in drag? ~LOL! Democrats have not created this uncompromising mess the GOP has made for it’s self. A Bunch of dysfunctional people, bite by a werewolf judging form their behavior.

        Wherever you go ~ there you are. It looks like the GOP don’t care much for it’s own company much less the company of a democrat!

        Maybe if they attempted to do something different, they might get a different results?

        The only thing different about the GOP today is for the first time in along time, they have one candidate that does not change his mind every news cycle and change his position depending on who he is addressing. It’s beginning to look like republican’s must enjoy being lied too. I’m starting to believe Romney will say “anything”! If he ever makes it Georgia, peaches and watermelon will be his most favorite food! I can hear him now proclaiming his love for the “South”. Oh! I love it down here with you “folks”! Green teeth is good! My mother’s dad’s cousin brother had green teeth. Of couse that was when he had teeth.

        • Duncan McNeil

          Except the problem with Ron Paul is that he opposes personal freedoms.

  • alice

    “Except the problem with Ron Paul is that he opposes personal freedoms.”

    Duncan, I’m asking this in all seriousness, are you for real, or, is this something that you just heard and are repeating it? I beg of you, do some research, on your own.

    Personal freedom, is one of the hallmark characteristics of Ron Paul above 98 percent his fellow Congressmen and women, and has been for over the last three decades. He has been one of the fiercest fighters in protecting personal freedom. He upholds the Constitutional limits that the Constitution places upon government with his votes. He was one of the very few that has opposed to the Patriot Act (a clear violation of the Constitutional limits that are placed upon government) and the NDAA.

    Where, in the world, did you get the idea that he opposes personal freedom? Did you just make it up or did you hear it from source? Please, do the research for yourself. Check Thomas, look at the votes, then come back to this forum and give an example.

    • Duncan McNeil

      I’m sorry “I just heard and I’m repeating?”

      He proposed a federal ban on abortion. And there’s then so much more you probably don’t know. Words and nuances and things I won’t trouble you with.

      I’ve done the research so here’s the the choices as I see them.

      1. You haven’t a clue what he actually believes, which is likely because the vast majority of Ron Paul supporters are also misinformed.

      2. You are familiar with his policies and are in support of his fascist agenda, and are unleashing ad hominems out of your lip-biting earlobe-warming rage.

      I’m not going to repeat everything I’ve said in this thread, but if you read it and perform a rebuttal I would be happy to discuss the matter further. But to say he supports personal freedoms and that I have not done my research – is disrespectful and also so pathetically wrong that it’s laughable. Here, I’ll prove it – lol.

      • alice

        “He proposed a federal ban on abortion”

        Ron Paul has ALWAYS stated this is a state issue.

        Please see the bill Ron Paul sponsored in 2005 (please read the text, it’s not long) FWIW, I’ve read some bills that were over a hundred pages, this one isn’t bad at all.

        Duncan, I wanted to find a neutral source for you lest you discard the information. So, here’s a link you might want to read:

        “Paul has said that the ninth and tenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution do not grant the federal government any authority to legalize or ban abortion, stating that “the federal government has no authority whatsoever to involve itself in the abortion issue.”[157] However, this has not stopped Paul from voting in favor of a federal ban on partial-birth abortion in 2000[158] and 2003.[159]”

        Also, please read:

        I take it you are referring to his ‘yea’ vote against the infantcide bill banning partial birth abortion. In this bill 218 Republicans voted in favor of this ban with 7 not voting and 4 voting against the ban.

        Duncan, tell me, do you even know what partial birth abortion is? If not, I’ll tell you. It’s were a healthy baby is delivered, all except the head, and they then shove a suction tube just under the skull in the back of the head and suction out the brains of the baby, then procede to deliver the then dead baby. This practice is murder in the most horrific way imaginable against the most defenseless human beings. Only vile human monsters would condone this practice. If this practice were done against puppies, animal rights groups would be outraged. You want to talk about personal liberty. Does your idea of personal liberty allow for the murder of another human being?

        Don’t believe me, here’s another link for you:

        “The fetus is turned to a breech position, if necessary, and the doctor pulls one or both legs out of the cervix, which some refer to as ‘partial birth’ of the fetus. The doctor subsequently extracts the rest of the fetus, leaving only the head still inside the uterus. An incision is made at the base of the skull, a blunt dissector (such as a Kelly clamp) is inserted into the incision and opened to widen the opening,[4] and then a suction catheter is inserted into the opening. The brain is suctioned out, which causes the skull to collapse and allows the fetus to pass more easily through the cervix. The placenta is removed and the uterine wall is vacuum aspirated using a cannula.[5]”

        I’ve got a challenge for you. Take a look at this video

        and then write back at how Ron Paul is against personal liberty. Please keep in mind the rights that healthy baby has to life. Infantcide, is a crime of murder.

        Ron Paul’s position is right in line with his character in standing up for the protection of individual liberty, INCLUDING, those that are unable to defend themselves.

        “You haven’t a clue what he actually believes, which is likely because the vast majority of Ron Paul supporters are also misinformed”

        Hardly, I was watching Ron Paul years before he ran in 2008. I’ve been on his Texas Straight Talk for years where he puts out articles about his positions. As far as your, ‘vast majority’ of Ron Paul supporters being misinformed, I suspect this is some sort of transference on your part.

        • Duncan McNeil

          So it’s number 2.

  • alice

    “Democrats have not created this uncompromising mess the GOP has made for it’s self.”

    Deerinwater, You’re right. The problem is that the leadership of the GOP betrayed the base a long time ago. There’s democrats out there more conservative than some of those that have infiltrated the GOP.

    “It’s beginning to look like republican’s must enjoy being lied too.”

    I think it’s called apathy and being too lazy to check voting records out for themselves. They also seem to trust blindly, so called conservative media talking heads that have to answer to advertising dollars along with corporate bosses that basically tell them what they can and can’t promote. It also appears to me the average neocon in the GOP has the memory length of a flea so they don’t seem to know when these politicians and conservative media talking heads are lying to them. Worse, the average neocon seems to have more loyalty to a party than to their own country. They treat these elections like they were voting for their favorite football team.

    FWIW, I fully believe the GOP intentionally shoved a slime ball to the front with the full knowledge that it would split the party, thus, insuring their defeat. Just like they did last time. Something like a fixed boxing match.


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