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Maxine Waters Denies Breaking House Ethics Rules

August 18, 2010 by  

Waters denies breaking House ethics rules During a 90-minute press conference, Representative Maxine Waters vehemently denied breaking House conflict-of-interest regulations by allegedly helping garner Federal support for a troubled bank that had close ties to her husband.

A House Ethics Committee charged Waters with three separate violations after it learned that the veteran congresswoman requested a meeting with the Treasury Department in 2008 to discuss the fate of OneUnited Bank. Waters’ husband, Sidney Williams, was a stockholder in the bank and a member of its board of directors.

Later that year, OneUnited Bank received a $12 million Federal bailout.
In response to the allegations, Waters said that the meeting she arranged was between the Treasury Department and the National Bankers Association, of which OneUnited is a member, according to USA Today. She added that she had nothing to do with the financial institution receiving Federal funds.

In the ethics committee report, investigators noted that OneUnited was the only bank to attend the meeting.

During the press conference, Waters pointed the finger at the former administration’s Treasury Department, which was run by Secretary Hank Paulson, Fox News reports.

"The question at this point should not be why I called Secretary Paulson, but why I had to," she said. "The question at this point should be why a trade association representing over 100 minority banks could not get a meeting at the height of the crisis."

Waters added that she will not resign her seat, suggesting that public trial is imminent.

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  • Jana

    Yes, she was the only one that could call Secretary Paulson. Hmmm, she is also going to play the popular game of LETS BLAME BUSH. Are we noticing the theme amongst these radical left wingers? Yes we are. Obama, Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel, are just innocent bystanders who are just getting picked on, and its not even their fault, its Bush’s fault.
    These poor pathetic people.

    They have been in office too long. They are supposed to be public servants, instead they have learned how to manipulate the system and we need to get all new Senators and House of Reps.voted in. Of course we realize that will be impossible because we have those out there who don’t care or don’t have time to find out about their Rep.

    • JSlowsky

      It reminds me of children getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar and then staring you in the eye and denying it ever happened. The game has changed now and every dirty Republican and Democrat better shore up their game. There are going to be some tough changes around “Dodge City”!

      • Bob

        Don’t bet all your marbles on change in November. Yesterday here in NJ that had a vote to recall the mayor of Ridgefield who is going on trial for bribery in October. The residents voted to keep him in office even though he’ll be in prison shortly thereafter.

        • Don

          These stupid people in NJ deserve what they get, vote them all out !!

          • Bob

            At least we prosecute our dirty politicians. What do they do in your state? Tell us where you live.

        • Christin

          Idiot Liberals/Progressives.
          Only a FOOL would vote for a criminal.
          Please, can we have some Statesmen and women representing us?!
          NJ get your act together… and others likewise.

          • rwnut

            Christin….I agree,and only a criminal felon would vote for Al Franken.

          • Christin

            rwnut, don’t get me started on Minnesota.
            I talked to a guy from there who sheepishly said we’ll look at us, we have (ugh) Al Frankin. I said, yea and how come you guys didn’t help the republican candidate out when they went to court to get ALL the sealed votes open statewide and not just the ones in the city where all the liberals live that Al Frankin wanted opened after the count was close. After the Judge denied opening ALL of the votes (allowing for the ones in the city only) and I think Conservatives / Republicans in Minn. should have RUN to the court house and SCREAMED “Let every Vote count, Count ALL the Votes!” And Conservative / Republican Lawyers should have JUMPED to the rescue to make it FAIR and LAWABIDING. Lost opportunity, lost another republican vote in the senate. BIG LOSS. BIG CHEAT for the DEMOS.

          • rwnut

            Christin….Sometimes it seems like the Republicans are good at defeating their own selves when they’re on the verge of victory. They just haven’t learned the tactic of,”when the knife is in,twist”,like the left has.

      • CJ

        As long as politicians can still buy votes, usually by buying air time or advertising, nothing will change. Basic TV is watched mostly by lower income people as they have little else they can afford for intertainment. Seldom is the politician who doesn’t dump a load of money into advertising the winner. Nothing will change until we can properly educate everybody in nonpartisan political tactics of manipulating the facts.

      • Lubo

        Jslowsky…..I think infants would be a more precise description.

    • dan az

      Any one want to bet that the race card is coming out to play again!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        dan az,
        In spades!! A woman and a person of color?? Are we in for the race card!!!

        • Joe R.

          I have heard of her being called Kerosene Maxine. She is so crooked than when she dies she will be screwed into the ground. She will also have a lot to answer for when she is before the Judgement Seat.

      • alpha-lemming

        Card nothin’….
        At this point, it’s their whole deck!!

        • Christin

          Yea, and BO and Pelosi are the Jokers (Fools).

      • rwnut

        dan az…Charlie(greasy palm)Rangel has already sald it. He finds it “troubling that two blacks are being investigated”. To hell with the facts! Once dey get Al da Shark and Jizzy jackass Jackson down here,”dey gon take care yo cracka-ass imbestigatin’ mitty.” And I think Maxine(smackin’maxie)Waters said something like,”Yo!Yall! Mama ain’t did nuttin’,so it done be settled”. These damn crooks need to be investigated on a daily basis!

    • Carole Howell

      This piece has a spin on it, notice how is states only the one bank, but in fact she was working to assist all minority banks that were in trouble at that time to get some relief with the tarp funds. You have a problem with that, why? You think only the biggest banks should have gotten the help. You think she should have shunned just that one bank and worked for all the others, would that have been right in your eyes?

      Lets see how this pans out in court, people should not be tried in the media before their case is even brought before the court.

      Again I say small potatoes.

      Why not go after the biggest criminals, the ones who did the most damage to our Nation. The ones who took us to war under false pretenses. This cost us over a trillion dollars, cost 1000s of American lives, 1000s and 1000s of our troops maimed or suffering from brain damage from the concussions of bombs. Are their lives worth nothing to you? Don’t you understand the magnitude of these crimes? They knew all along Iraq had nothing, they knew all along there was no yellow cake deal, no nuclear weapons program. They knew all along Saddam hated al Qaeda and had nothing what ever to do with them, al Qaeda had no presence in Iraq until we got there.

      We destroyed an entire nation, slaughtered innocent people, men, women, elderly and children and infants. Left millions of people homeless. Are these lives nothing to you? Ours or theirs? If not what have we become?

      You are going to grouse over such small potatoes, and let these horrendous crimes go unpunished? Standby and say nothing at all? This is how you support your troops?

      • Don

        Kool Aid tastes great, does it? The article states only one bank, as only one bank was helped by her intervention. Her husband’s!! Yes I am bothered by this. Minority bank???? Just what is that? Is that an excuse for taxpayers to subsidize fiscal irresponsibility, or nepotisim in disguise? Just my opinion..

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Boo Hoo bush bad! Bush mean! BUSH NO LONGER IN OFFCE!!!!

        • Lubo

          LOL!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!

      • Mustafa

        I agree with you 100%. I think it was a mistake for the Obama Administration not to pursue prosecutions for the atrocities commited by the Bush Administration. If you listen to the misguided (i.e. right winged talk shows) you would think Obama has been President for the last 10 years. They speak of Pres. Obama as if he caused all of the problems created by Bush. Thought the President wanted to turn the page and forget the past, prosecution of Bush’s crimes would have held him and his administration accountable for their actions.

        • GUNDOCTOR

          LIKE YOU WERE THERE AND KNOW WHAT WENT OM…..[offensive term removed]!!

        • American Citizen

          Has a black ever taken the blame for his or her wrongdoings up there? I’m surprised the Ethics Committee is even investigating them as the Dems are in power right now.

        • Lubo

          Mustafa….Just like we are going to hold King Obama accountable….just give us a little time…about 2011 sounds about right.

        • http://naver samurai

          Don’t forget, a lot of problems that Bush had were passed down from Clinton. It took Bush about 2 years to clean up Clinton’s mess and now you blame Bush. What about the dems having control of the house and senate the last 2 – 3 years he was in office. Did anything get accomplished when they were in control? NO! Is anything getting done now? NO! Mustafa? OMG! That’s a muslim name isn’t it? Now we know why you support him so much, he’s your brother of that false religion! Sorry son, but facing Mecca and praying to a false god isn’t going to save him. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • American Citizen

        Another history pro using revisionist history.

        • Lubo

          Yep!!! Too lazy to read and research while smoking the THC!

      • marvin

        Carole Howell, bush done it bush done it bush bush bush bush liar liar your tails on fire bush an,t under investigation here waters and rangel are if you have a problum with bush call your congress person right now were are trying to get two crooks, waters and rangel that are still in office ,bush is out of office

      • Lubo

        Carole….We do remember the crimes committed against us. Do you remember it? I will give you a hint…..9/11…does that ring a bell?


      • http://naver samurai

        Bush, baaaaa! Iraq, baaaaa! Bush bad, baaaaa! Chaaaaange! Can we get some facts and some new material? You libs are getting to sound like broken records. You keep repeating the same crap over and over again.

    • Richard J.

      Right On Jana; It’s hard to believe that you are soooooooo good.

    • Commonsense

      Amen!!! And all the new people should be average every day people. Not kids of senators or congressmen, or even worse, movie stars! Give them 6 year term limits off-set perspectively. And when they are done serving their terms, they have to move right back into the community they left, into the very same house they left. If they wind up getting their tires slashed or their ass handed to them, then they will know they did a bad job! It helps keep things in perspective when you have to go back and live and face the same people who voted you in. It would also stop a lot of these 2500 page bills from getting written, let alone voted in. Dem and Repub both need to know that the people in our current government are nothing but crooks and thieves out for #1 and screw the rest of the country.

  • s c

    It’s entirely possible that the Rangel and Waters duo are engaged in a warped attempt in getting and keeping ‘reparations.’ If that’s the case, I see no reason how or why they could justify it. Since there are no living slaves in America, such an attenpt would be outright extortion.
    Maybe they have a scheme to take their new wealth and spread it around via yet another redistribution of wealth scam. As long as justice is served, I can live with it. Where there’s crap, there are flies and stench, folks.
    With the way elected types in Washington get free passes on everything, I will be amazed if true justice [NOT 'social justice'] still functions. Politicians have had too much success in thumbing their noses at America and getting away with it.

    • Jana

      Waters was warned when she was engaging in this activity that it was wrong, but she thinks she is above the law.

      • Christin

        Jana, ALL the Congressmen/women think they are above the law (some more than others)… and they DO NOT make LAW for them, but for US.

        They are above the LAW… obamacare and Social Security don’t apply to them. And apparently neither do paying Income TAXES.

        They are the Elitists.
        They are the RULING class.
        You are the subject and subserviant to THEM.
        They have been our Masters.

        They have voted on automatic six figure pay raises with out our consent while we struggle and lose jobs. (Though I thought I read that they were going to freeze their pay this year???)

        They are corrupt SERVANTS who have forgotten their place.
        Let’s say we punch them down a notch or two… what do you say guys?

        • Jana

          I hate to say it, but you are so right. They ALL think they are above the law and its time they start living back under the law. Vote them all out.

        • rwnut

          Christin…I couldn’t agree more!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Maxine wants to insinuate that it was all coincidental. She has been caught and the only thing left to do is wiggle out of it, by doing whatever it takes. The race card is really getting old. I hope that the ethics committee makes examples out of them….

    • Craig

      Being called a racist nowadays is a badge of honor is ya ask me. The PC nutters have watered down its meaning. It no longer carries any negative connotations.

      Liberals overuse words so badly that they lose their meaning. What is a racist anymore? What is a homophobe? What is a rapist? What is a fascist?

      A racist used to be people who would go as far as to lynch someone of a different race. Now it is anyone that does not do what a minority wants.

      A homophobe used to be someone what had a angry and violent reaction to homosexuals. Now it is anyone who does not want marriage to be redefined.

      A rapist used to be someone that had sex with a woman against their will, usually by using violence. Now it is any man who had sex with a woman if the woman regrets it later.

      A fascist used to be totalitarians who have absolute control over their country through military and police force by murdering anyone who opposed them. Now a fascist is anyone in the government that does something the leftists don’t like

      • Carole Howell

        I take it you were happy with the Patriot Act eh? That was just fine with you?

        You think there are no rapes happening, only women who regret having had sex? Really, you that that happens more often than rape?

        Craig, men get raped also, hope it never happens to you.

        • John

          He is not doubting or minimizing the reality of rape taking place. He is simply emphasizing that we have become a highly litigious society, who abuse, distort and falsely accuse people for the purpose of political gain. I’ll add to his comment and share that these false accusations are also for the purpose of suppressing the truth from being exposed to the public. In other words, “Alinsky-izing” the opposition.

          • rwnut

            John….Very well said.

          • Jana

            Carole is a word twister and a thought twister. She is only on here to provoke. Her rhetoric is always the same. She is pathetic.

          • http://naver samurai

            Don’t forget Carole, Hitler had a man named Goebbels and you seem to be doing the same things and styles as he did. Sieg heil!

        • Brad


          You must be a femenist, man is always wrong in your eye’s. The Patriot Act has prevented further terrorist attacks on our country believe it or not. I’m willing to give a few liberty’s to ensure our country is safe and being protected. What happened on 9/11 was a complete break down of security perpitrated by the Clinton administrations lack of spending on the military and security organizations. I was in the military on that fatefull day, we were working with less and less personnel and spare parts to keep our aircraft flying.

          As for rape, craig stated fact not fiction and your ramblings have no merrit and make no sence, by the way, woman can rape also, didn’t you know that. In my opinion no person whether man or woman deserves to be raped.

          • Christin

            Brad, thanks for your service to our country.

            Billy Clinton is a buffoon and a Builderburg.
            Wife, Hillary is a 20th century Progressive…aka Marxist.

            The Oklahoma bombing happended on his watch… and I belive he covered it up as being about digruntled Americans (vets weren’t they, can’t remember.)

            There was a third man, an Arab person, (as seen by witnesses & camera tapes) involved that helped them achieve this attrocity, but that was hushed up quickly. I believe this was the muslims first attempt on American soil and others could have been prevented IF Billyboy sought the TRUTH and exposed this new threat to Americans and made serious security plans back then.

            But instead, government leaders have been inviting Islamic immigrants from muslim countries to move here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            And we should maybe mention allowing 35 Muslim Camps to stay on our soil.
            Oh, the TRUTH is so great, isn’t it?!
            God bless our Vets and those that love Him.

        • rwnut

          Carole Howell….Carole,let the spin begin.

        • JSlowsky

          Carole Howell is a classic example of using liberal talking points, oh, and making excuses by the dozen.

          Has anybody ever noticed that a liberal always believes that two wrongs make a right?

        • Lubo

          Hi Carole… I don’t mean to be rude or crude but you are mistaken. Little “Girly Boys” get raped…. and we have a bunch of them in our country now due to the progressive movement…..try that on a man and see what happens….don’t let your female EGO and Hollywood movies blind you. A female pitted against a MAN will last about 7 seconds and unfortunately, with the current state of the world, you and others will find that out the HARD way.

        • Craig

          I never said rapes do not happen. Learn to read for comprehension. I was talking how the imbeciles on the left watering down the meaning of words. To the point where they dont have hardly any meaning.

          • rwnut

            Craig…Everyone understood you except Carole. And you’re right.

        • Craig

          One has to shake his head in wonderment how anybody could bring up the Patriot Act when nobody was talking about it. Must be a lib. They all seem to have muddled thinking process. The article was about Maxine Waters being a lying skank and I mentioned how the PC nutters water down words.

          • Lubo

            Craig….Yep! Typical Pelosian “Knee-Jerk” emotional reaction and we wonder why we are in the MESS we are in. I’m not sure if it is the “Little-Big Woman” syndrome or what? You tell me? Or is it a left brain/right-brain thing?

            I see these kind of responses all the time, and I wonder, where the heck did that come from? I guess if you can’t beat’em with facts and logic then you just make something up new to talk about? Go figure!

            Now, on the subject of rape and using her “Logic”, I guess this 200lb MAN better go out and buy some pepper spray, just in case a woman tries to “Rape” me while I am out buying groceries today…..

            In fact, I think I will stay home today…. Little Lubo skeered!!….He may get raped today by BIG OLE PELOSIAN woman……LOL!

            Beam me up Scotty!

      • rwnut

        Craig….Very well said.

    • Joe R.

      One way to solve this problem is to impose term limits on the House and the Senate. Two four year terms for the for both of them. No more sitting on the Hill for life like Kennedy and Byrd. Byrd was elected for 10 six year terms and was known as the King of Pork. We also know what a tool Kennedy was.

      • barbm

        congress has 2 year terms and the senate 6. we could hold them to 6 years max or 12 years max. i prefer 6.

        • Lubo

          Bardm…..I agree, six years is plenty of time to serve. Serve your country and then GO HOME!!!!

  • E Nichols

    Obviously, all of these bad practices by public officials will take its proper toll during the elections in November, tax payers have suffered too much abuse by these priveledged charscters for too long.

    • Carole Howell

      E Nichols,

      And in November, what will we get, more criminals? Our system is broken. It has been broken for a long time. Now it is shattered, it used to be our politicians were bought and paid off by American owned big business.

      Now they are bought and paid for by all big businesses, foreign and domestic and foreign governments too and now it is done out in the open. The Republican Party just got one million dollars from King Abdulah’s nephew Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia. 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Now foreigners can send large amounts of money to influence our elections. Nothing will be fixed in November, nothing. We are losing it quickly. Hell, we have given it away.

      • Jana

        Hmmm, Have you ever noticed that all of our liberal posters have the same rhetoric. Also notice how angry they are?
        We could put Eyes as her name on this post. Might even be Eyes. Sounds like her type of writing. Carole Howell thinks she is superior and smarter than the rest of us.
        Think again Carole. You may twist our words and twist your words but YOU are still WRONG.

        • Jana

          Carole Howell,

          Since you have put this same message on several different posting sites I will put my message back to you on these same sites.
          Your same ole same ole about Prince Avaleed bin Talal is false.
          He is an invester and has 7% of Fox News. That doesn’t make him anything but a silent invester.

          Among his many assets are: a 95% stake in Kingdom Holding Company; 100% ownership of Rotana Video & Audio Visual Company; 90% ownership of Lebanese Broadcasting Center ( LBCSAT ); 7% of News Corp (Fox News); about 6% of Citigroup; 17% of Al Nahar and 25% of Al Diyar, two daily newspapers published in Lebanon.

          • Brad


            Caroles ramblings about Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia donating a million bucks to the GOP are false. News Corp the parent organization of Fox News donated 1 Million dollars to the RGA, Republican Governors Association. Its well documented and I don’t believe the prince want’s to get involved in American politics.

          • Jana

            Thank you for clarifying that. I knew that but didn’t think of that at the time I answered her. She is a divider on here.

        • s c

          Jana, CH is just another progressive plant. She goes through the motions of seeing some of the things that are so wrong and corrupt in politics, and then she ‘forgets’ to mention that the “Dem,’ lib and progressive cabal has had no small part in our current disasters over the past four to seven generations.
          One of the things that irks me so much about the progressive/lib/’Dem’ mentality is their obsessive mantra that demands that we see their “leaders” as automatically absolved of ANY wrongdoing. Only a retard could take that position.
          You and I know GB is no longer in the White House. CH and her chums just can’t get that into their fuzzy heads. And we’re supposed to trust them and accept whatever they dish out?
          ‘Don’t tread on me’ worked way back when, and it’s still a valid way to look at people who worship political incest and failed economic and government theories.

        • bob


          • Lubo

            Both, I would say!

        • rwnut

          Jana….I think you might be on to something concerning “Eyes”.

        • Bob

          You’re so dumb that everybody seems brilliant to you.

        • JSlowsky

          I have but one word for Carole Howell – SOROS!

        • Lubo

          She is not even smart enough to understand that we don’t care about the DUMB PARTIES!!!! We are all very aware of the situation in Washington….It’s BROKE! Let’s fix it by electing PEOPLE, regardless of party affiliation, who understand that this is a REPUBLIC and not a social democracy .

          • rwnut


      • American Citizen

        Carole, have you ever heard it’s best to keep your mouth shut and to be thought a fool rather than open it and remove all doubt? From where do you get your false info? Don’t leave us in suspense.

  • aman

    The Black CREDO for wanting to seek government office… ” get even with white America”

    The Muslim CREDO for seeking government office… ” Kill the infidel!”

    The Hispanic CREDO for seeking government office…” Viva La Raza!”

    The White CREDO for seeking government office… ” promise an elevator then give’em the shaft”

    • Lubo

      aman……Welcome to the future “New Middle East”. Let’s see now, why don’t we all speak different languages and worship different “gods”, and then let’s mix Islamic law with Judeo-Christian law. After that, we can come up with a unified flag and of course a new pledge of our allegiance. We want to be sure that we include MEXICO in all this so we will be certain that we have a constant drug supply, murders, rapes and all the other great things they have going on down there.

      Lastly, let’s just do away with land ownership rights and all the other rights we have as AMERICAN citizens because what advantage does an AMERICAN citizen have anyway? Heck, Let’s just ALL be bunch of illegals who do not pay any taxes and then let King Obama allocate to us what he see’s fit.

      Kinda sounds like a recipe for Afganistan, does it not?

  • jim

    What a Useless Piece of Human Refuse that old Criminal HAG is!!! Typical LIB DEM Obamabot Crook!! RECALL, IMPEACH NOW!!!!!

  • tg7357

    The fact that she ARRANGED a meeting with the Feds and the National Bankers Association, that her husband had an interest in any of the banks represented by the NBA, just shoots her self-rightous defense in the foot. Thats like pushing your broken-down car out into rush-hour traffic, pretending to be surprised when it gets hit by someone else and then turning in the insurance claim. Sorry Maxine: it ain’t washing. You knew exactly what you were doing and what the outcome was going to be.

    • rwnut

      tg7357….As soon as they throw out the race card,you can bet your ass “their guilty as hell”. It means they have nothing to stand on. These people are blind to how pitiful they look.

  • J.M.R.


    • Al Sieber

      You got that right, she’ll get off.

  • Former (thank God) LA resident Steve

    Maxine Waters is a caricature and always has been. Yes, she will play the race card; it’s all she knows how to do. Stevie Wonder can she that Waters is simply another cog in the corrupt, self-serving “Blame Bush” Democrat machine. The closer her trial date looms, the louder she’ll shriek, When she’s convicted, it’ll be the white man’s conspiracy that is trying to steal the voice of the oppressed minorities in Los Angeles. Count on it.

    Oh, and my people (Scots) were slave to the English for 800 years. Where are MY reparations????

    • Lubo

      Steve,,,,, I am a Scot as well….Like I told an african-american friend of mine once upon a time…”When you can track down your ancestors in Africa and get them to pay you reparations for slavery in your homeland….then come back and see me and we will talk.” His answer, good point, I never thought of it that way! Since then, that has never been a topic of our discussions.

      ” A man is a slave to whatever has mastered him”

      Since the Federal Government has “Mastered” us, then we are ALL SLAVES, so does that mean that we all get something? I bet it will come from the TARP and STIMULUS FUNDS! LOL!!!

  • Bruce

    She wants to play games, well Liar Liar pants on fire…maybe she might figure out what that means. Waters is a worthless government servant. Well, that accounts for all the libs out there.

    • barbm

      it’s not just the dems, it’s all politicians. i’m no happier with my 2 rep senators than i am with my dem, hispanic congressman. we have to get them all out and start over. i think the media, left, and obama think our numbers are small because, when there’s a big protest called, few show up for the camera. i’m old, tired, and busy, so i’m not much of a joiner. but i’m here watching and hearing every word. and i pass that info to everybody i can. i even talk to people standing in line at the grocery store or post office. i use a top story on a magazine or paper to start the conversation. i am part of what i hope is a fairly silent but deadly majority and that we can get rid of the crooks in the next 2 years.

      • Lubo

        Barbm….Here Here!

  • David in Ma.

    She claims to be trying to help minority banks, well, how many banks were on this list and how many were “helped” by her activity?

  • mel

    why can’t they all get tossed out.? The upper eschelon is just out to destroy this country and get as much of the $$$ in their own pockets to move to an island some place after the USA is broke. and gunless.

    • Christin

      Wish we could really clean House.
      It would take great people running and Conservatives Voting.

      Yes, The Corrupt Congress are destroying America.
      And they are WEALTHY, (but more than the $200,000 & $250,000 that private citizens make that they call rich),

      But,they WON’T unfortunately MOVE to a foreign Island.
      That would be great for us and then we could really clean House.
      NO, No, no, they will stay and demand more $$$$$$$ and micro manage our lives and make us miserable.
      They will turn beautiful America into a dump and RULE over it and the World.

  • BigT

    My ancestors immigrated from Scotland in 1795, and later intermarried with Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma. I should be getting a double-dip reparation. Steve, let me know when you get your reparations, we’ll get together in kilts and go party at an Indian casino!

    Obviously, most people with oppressed minority status – like my ancestors and other LEGAL immigrants – never played the race card. They got ahead by working hard and obeying the law. Unlike certain minorities and members of Congress.

  • libra

    maxine and hubby laughed all the way to the other bank–the one they deposited the funds received from tarp(taxpayers dollars).. they got their money out as they had inside information… bank one united went belly up–was rolled into a solvent bank.. bottom line— all of the bond holders lost their investments as did the shareholders who did not get out when waters sold her shares. –insider trading, insider information. the tarp funds only went to save the insider shareholders. they got their money out before the feds locked the doors. shame on maxine waters and her dirty dealings. she is corruption personified. i hope she gets jail time. but i have a feeling that her constituents will vote her back into her corrupt self serving, dishonest racist office

    • http://aol Dennis

      You are right about Maxine being voted back in. It is not called racism, it is called Black Pride. So long as a large percentage of the Black population of this Nation fail to realize we are all Americans and in the same boat and that Racism is Racism, there will be a racial problem. If and when this Country sinks, the new Emperor, even if he is black, will solve the entitlement problem. He will solve it just like Hitler solved the Jewish problem! As a Jew, I tell you, you will not like it! Better to be a free Amrican and honor the Constitution and liberties of this Nation!

  • 45caliber

    To be honest, I doubt if she’s broken any more rules than anyone else there has. But I think we’d all be better off if she (and all the rest) were put on permanent vacation. Maybe then they would get the idea of what it is like to be out of a job.

    • http://aol Dennis

      That is the problem! Too many dishonest government representative, Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents. Now it has become an everyday affair and part of the norm. Don’t be fooled! A crook is a crook and it’s our money they are stealing and making themselves rich with. Do not accept, do not tolerate, do not let the thugs take over. They belong in jail and broke. So let us put them there, all legal and correct. Anyone wants to pervert justice, let them do it behind bars!

    • Christin

      Vacation would be “too nice.”
      I think they would LOVE to keep their “Elitist/Ruling Class feed trough government jobs”, but if they can’t then “a permanent six figure paid vacation” would be really nice, too.

      No, no, I think expensive jury trials by “We the People” and PRISON TERMS are more along the lines you and I would get.
      Criminal records so they could NOT run for any political office EVER again.
      I agree with you, Dennis.

      So follow the Rule of Law.
      They should NOT be above the Law.

      It made me sick to see Rangle and Waters crybaby on FOX about the Ethics Committee findings and refute the Violation Claims… puke!

      GO TO JAIL. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200,000,000 dollars!!!

      • 45caliber

        Sad to say, criminal records are no longer a bann to a political career. Take a look at the past mayor of Washington, DC. Of course, he was elected by his peers since a good majority of the people in DC are also ex-criminals – or haven’t been caught yet.

        That’s one reason the Dems are trying to get approval for the prisoners in jail to vote.

        • Christin

          Really… you can be a stupid criminal and run for office… since when???
          Who wants a person with a criminal record ruling over the hard-working, law-abiding, Tax paying citizens of America???

          I thought there were consequences when you committed a crime.

          Shoot, you can’t even get a job as a Salesman/women or Technician/ Installer in the residential/commercial security (monitoring alarms) industry if you have a record until 20 years have passed with a clear record in TX.

          Voting rights for prisoners who have been removed from society… like congress people who commit them, but almost always don’t go to jail for them… getting to participate like free men like nothing ever happpened… great.

          Who thought this cr@p up? Must have been a liberal progressive as it is UP SIDE DOWN!

    • LocalYokel

      Never believe that they don’t chuckle all the way to the bank with their featherbed retirements.

  • http://gmail i41

    Maxine Waters is black you say, darn I thought she had to much shake and bake, got to be a cripy critter, and need a wattle mud pack to cool down. Too much cow dung must have stained her skin, jumping too much rope with it can be blamed on the poor thinking and judgement calls. Good thing she didn’t use it as a dip or sniffing snuff!

    • Joe R.

      If you look carefully you will see that her skin is brown and not black. It is her heart that is black. She also has been in office far too long and should go now or be impeached and sent to jail for crimes against the nation and its people.

  • Steve

    Who in government is responsible for what? Start there. Think about it.

    • Joe R.

      The ones who are responsible for the mess in this country are the liberal, progressive Democrats who have been the problem for years. By the way this nation is a republic and not a democracy. That lie has been told for about 100 years by the Democrats.

  • http://aol Dennis

    Liars are as liars lie, and Maxine Waters lies with the best of liars! She has been on the other side and criticized those that got caught in their infractions. We have seen her rightious indignation in Congress. What a crock! All the time she was stealing with the best of them. Yet, she is like the kettle calling the pot burndt out. She is a typical Obama, Democrat. A liar, a thief, and a whinner! Of course, there are a lot of Republicans in office that fit that bill also. Tell you what, as American citizens, lets find out who all of them are and fire them. It is time to VOTE smart. Get rid of the trash.

  • x-trucker

    If we really want to take a close look at the cause of the problems, we all need to look in the mirror. These fools are supposed to work for us. But as long as we continue to either vote these crooks in, or not vote at all, we get what we deserve. Remember all the years when polsters were talking about how low the voter turnout was? What do you think is the net result of that? How do people like Byrd, Kennedy, Waters, Rangle et all continue to stay in office for 30 of 40 years? Because the people in their districts continue to vote them in. I agree with all the posts talking about term limits. It was tried, remember? And what was the result? All the professional politicians talked about how you would lose the benefits of having your representative as chairman of that important committee, and everybody said oh, this will never do and backed off.Until we as citizens become empowered and become active in decision-making, nothing will change.My personal belief is that America is headed down the same path as ancient Rome.If it feels good, do it

    • Aggy

      Clear, ifnortamive, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

  • Vance65

    Maxine Waters is a criminal and a Socialist extremist. Go to you tube and type in Maxine Waters and socialism. Watch the video where she tells the head of Shell oil that she wants the govt. to take control of the oil companies. The goal of these so called progressives is to collapse society and take control of everything. Dictatorship for the mighty Ocommie. We need to get rid of these people that are out to destroy the American way of life by whatever means necessary.

  • http://gmail i41

    Joe P, well all those dried cow patty browns all think they are black and claim they are. Everyone know they a full of s–t any way. You forget it is their right to steal any way possible and what ever means, it is their afferative action beleifs, look at the percentage of prison population.

  • Marc

    I heard that Maxine Waters jurisdiction is just as corrupt as she is. Is it the owner that somehow takes on the looks of their dog or the dog takes on the looks of their owners ? I don’t get how she can call out the race card when this woman is more racist than anyone I have ever met. But then again, reverse racism is in style, just like socialism and dissent. Are we supposed to give these people a pass just because they are black ? Does it make Byrd all the better because he only joined the KKK to get votes ? Disturbing.

  • chuck b

    everyone take a look at this. some more of maxines friends

    Andrew Breitbart is a media genius.

    He proved it originally with his brilliant handling of the ACORN ‘hooker’ scandal which he skillfully manipulated so that the corrupt media was forced, against its will, to broadcast corruption in one of Obama’s most powerful political support groups. But Breitbart’s handing of that affair is nothing compared to his brilliant manipulation of the Shirley Sherrod ‘white farmer’ scandal.

    It all began last Monday, July 22, 2010. As the country watched in horror, Breitbart released a snippet of a tape on his “Big Government” site which showed an obscure black female official of the Dept. of Agriculture laughing to a roomful of NAACP members about how she’d discriminated against a destitute white farmer and refused to give him the financial aid he desperately needed. As she smirked to the room, she’d sent him instead to a white lawyer – ‘one of his own kind’ – for help. The black woman was Shirley Sherrod – and almost immediately she became the center of a firestorm of controversy which exploded throughout the country. Within a day of the release of that infamous tape, the head of the Dept. of Agriculture, spurred on by Obama, demanded – and received – Sherrod’s resignation. Breitbart had won.

    But then seemingly Breitbart’s actions began to explode in his face. As Sherrod screamed in protest, FOX News released the entire text of her speech last March to the NAACP. And there on tape Sherrod was shown supposedly repenting of her racism against a white farmer and instead championing his fight to win funds to keep his farm afloat. Within hours of that entire tape being revealed, the entire world turned against Andrew Breitbart. Conservatives throughout the country were enraged that he’d endangered their reputations by releasing a ‘doctored’ tape. Breitbart, they thundered, had dealt a fatal blow to the conservative media. I confess that I also was horrified at what I saw as the clumsiness and stupidity of Breitbart in ‘doctoring’ a tape to make a supposedly innocent woman look guilty. But now I discover I have been as guilty of haste to judgment of Breitbart as the Dept. of Agriculture was of Ms. Sherrod.

    Only now am I realizing the real purpose for Breitbart’s release of that tape snippet. It was to allow him to cunningly trick the media into exposing one of the most shocking examples of corruption in the federal government – a little known legal case called “Pigford v. Glickman”.

    “In 1997, 400 African-American farmers sued the United States Department of Agriculture, alleging that they had been unfairly denied USDA loans due to racial discrimination during the period 1983 to 1997.” The case was entitled “Pigford v. Glickman” and in 1999, the black farmers won their case. The government agreed to pay each of them as much as $50,000 to settle their claims.

    But then on February 23 of this year, something shocking happened in relation to that original judgment. In total silence, the USDA agreed to release more funds to “Pigford”. The amount was a staggering $1.25 billion. This was because the original number of plaintiffs – 400 black farmers – had now swollen in a class action suit to include a total of 86,000 black farmers throughout America .

    There was only one teensy problem. The United States of America doesn’t have 86,000 black farmers. According to accurate and totally verified census data, the total number of black farmers throughout America is only 39,697. Oops.

    Well, gosh, how on earth did 39,697 explode into 86,000 claims? And how did $50,000 explode into $1.25 billion? Well, folks, you’ll just have to ask the woman who not only spearheaded this case because of her position in 1997 at the “Rural Development Leadership Network” but whose family received the highest single payout (approximately $13 million) from that action – Shirley Sherrod. Oops again.

    Yes, folks. It appears that Ms. Sherrod had just unwittingly exposed herself as the perpetrator of one of the biggest fraud claims in the United States – a fraud enabled solely because she screamed racism at the government and cowed them into submission.

    But wait, it gets even more interesting. Ms. Sherrod has also exposed the person who aided and abetted her in this race fraud. As it turns out, the original judgment of “Pigford v. Glickman” in 1999 only applied to a total of 16,000 black farmers. But in 2008, a junior Senator got a law passed to reopen the case and allow more black farmers to sue for funds. The Senator was Barack Obama.

    Because this law was passed in dead silence and because the woman responsible for spearheading it was an obscure USDA official, American taxpayers did not realize that they had just been forced in the midst of a worldwide depression to pay out more than $1.25 billion to settle a race claim… That’s BILLION, not million… OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS

    But Breitbart knew. And last Monday, July 22, 2010, he cleverly laid a trap which Sherrod – and Obama – stumbled headfirst into which has now resulted in the entire world discovering the existence of this corrupt financial judgment. Yes, folks – Breitbart is a genius.

    As for Ms. Sherrod? Well, she’s discovered too late that her cry of ‘racism’ to the media which was intended to throw the spotlight on Breitbart has instead thrown that spotlight on herself – and her corruption. Sherrod has vanished from public view. Her ‘pigs’, it seems, have come home to roost.

    Robert W. Fortner

    • American Citizen

      It’s about time that more racism on the black side is exposed. We’ve heard a lot of it from the so-called black leaders, but this cost us real money. How about the white farmers who were in trouble, how many billions did they get? I know there is a program for farmers, but this by Sherrod, et al, is troubling.

    • Christin

      Wow, chuck b where did you read about all this? Where can I find it?
      I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I knew Breitbart was smart.
      So what about the racist Sherrod… did she get her gov money and a new job for it all.
      Of course, it always ties back to obama… he’s always in the thick of it. Criminals shouldn’t be allowed to hold office I tell you!!!!!!!!!!

    • rwnut

      chuck b….Good work Patriot!

  • JSlowsky

    chuck b, that is a great read and you are correct about Brietbart.

  • Norman

    We gotta get all them lawyers OUT.

  • hundabuxt

    Chuck B you da man!


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