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Matrix Programming 101: Destroy Logic

January 22, 2013 by  

Matrix Programming 101: Destroy Logic

Once upon a time, in medieval universities, new students enrolled in the trivium. It was the foundation curriculum. It was required. Its parts were: grammar, logic and rhetoric.

Grammar: the interior construction of language; the parts of speech; the proper agreement of parts of speech.

Logic: the valid and invalid connections in the course of an argument; the method of proper reasoning; the deductive links in a chain, at the end of which is a conclusion.

Rhetoric: oral presentation; the use of language to make a case; the capacity to persuade, even in the face of counter-argument.

Today, the subject matter of the trivium is not only downplayed. It has been shattered.

This article focuses on the death of logic.

When the intensive handling of ideas is seen as a laughable goal for education, indoctrination is plugged in as the only alternative.

The mind of the student shifts from being an active force to being a container.

The destruction of logic is a conscious strategy, a game plan. Its goal is to pervert rational thought at its core and insert ideology masked as insight.

The game plan was cooked up a long time ago at the Carnegie Foundation, where the undermining of American history was the No. 1 pastime.

Instead of merely erasing knowledge of American history, it was decided that the basic way ideas are studied should be torpedoed.

The actual meaning of an idea was firmly placed on the back burner. Front and center would be: Relentlessly assess and attack the people who forwarded those ideas.

And sure enough, this strategy has gained great prominence.

The revered Founders of the Republic? Shysters, con men, slaveholders, monopolists who saw rebellion from England as the way to win greater power for themselves at the expense of everyone else living on American soil.

Therefore, the argument continues — and this is crucial — the Founders’ ideas, as expressed in the Declaration and the Constitution, were rotten to the core. The ideas can be dismissed out of hand as coming from “a bad source.”

If you want to see that sleight-of-hand trick in action, just visit a few American studies classes in universities and catch the wave.

Ideas no longer need to be judged on their sense, merit and alignment with basic principles. Nor are they judged by their position in a well-formed argument. All that is out. Now, you have to “look to the source” and make all your decisions based on “who these people really were who expressed the ideas.”

And since that’s the case, learning to think or reason is unnecessary.

New education, then, once you strip away the old essentials, is really nothing more than learning who the bad guys were and the good guys were. This can be taught by ideologically motivated professors in a few hours.

In logic, this used to be called the fallacious ad hominem argument. Now, it isn’t called anything. It’s praised as the insightful way to do intellectual business.

In the case of the Founders’ ideas, we have, among others: the free market, individual freedom, private property and severely limited central government.

No need to examine these concepts. No need to assess, for instance, the success of the free market — despite its corruption by criminals and monopolists — in providing a better standard of living for millions of people. Forget it. All you have to know is that the free market was proposed by phony American aristocrats who wanted more power for themselves. On that basis alone, you can reject the free market.

How about private property? Same thing. The same phony Founders put that idea forward; therefore, it must be wrong.

Thomas Jefferson? He owned slaves. Therefore, as the night follows day, everything he said or thought or did was wrong.

See how easy education has become?

Individual freedom? Another absurdity proposed by the crooked Founders. Reject it. Don’t bother thinking about what that freedom has allowed you to express. Who cares?

So, one by one, these core ideas fall to the ax; and criticizing America becomes destroying America.

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Jon Rappoport

, The author of an explosive collection, "The Matrix Revealed," Jon Rappoport was a candidate for a U.S. Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern and other newspapers and magazines in the United States and Europe. Rappoport has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic and creative power to audiences around the world. His blog, No More Fake News, can be read here.

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  • FreedomFighter

    The United Nations and their affiliated Non Governmental Organizations continually claim that their arms control treaty efforts are not directed at curtailing legal private ownership of guns. But, the United Nations has instituted 10 day Training Courses designed to help implement international “treaties” for gun control in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. Each session is led by a UN gun control training staff member. The course’s objectives are to give police technical skills related to firearms identification, ammunition and explosives, and to train the first responders in appropriate and gradual use of force and practical disarmament measures.

    Yes, you read that right. According to a nondescript United Nations website, they will use the appropriate and gradual use of force in disarming gun owners. Just exactly what is this “appropriate and gradual use of force?”

    “Individual freedom? Another absurdity proposed by the crooked Founders. Reject it. Don’t bother thinking about what that freedom has allowed you to express. Who cares?”

    Just in case they dont convince you, they will “FORCE” you.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Warrior

      I wonder what “lessons learned” were derived from mixing Iraqi and Afghanistan “police” with American troops? Is it all about “training” OR? Think about it.

      • deerinwater

        The premise was faulty and compromised the effort. ~ Arab’s lie! ~ Arabs hide! 7 of 10 are a leaky bucket to place any trust in. ~ Sad but true. prodigy of Ismael ~ the scorned child ~ Abraham’s failure to be a man of his word. A man that could not keep his women in line. A feud between Hagar and Sarah that went viral centuries ago.

        As soon as they are born, a chip on their shoulder is installed by parental imprinting and a twisted stone-age religion.

      • mark

        deerinwater, sounds like you’ve had a fair amount of stone-age religion and thinking implanted in your mind. Arabs lie? Hate the tell you this but all human beings lie. 7 ouf of 10 Arabs can’t be trusted? On what scientific study is this based? Why not 8 out of 10? I once had an African American co-worker tell me that 9 out of 10 white people were pure evil. He just pulled that out of thin air and his own embitterd experience. Isn’t it time we put all this primitive prejudice behind us and judged individual people on how each of them acts individually instead of on these wild, anecdotal, unsubstantiated prejudices and generalizations? Afghanistan and Iraq were illegally occupied by hundreds of thousands of foreign troops for several long, bloody years. Should Iraqis and Aghanis speak the truth to their foreign military occupiers? Didn’t millions of Frenchmen routinely lie to the German occupational forces from 1940 to 1944? Were they not morally obligated to do so?. You put thousands of heavily armed Pakistani troops on my streeet and neither I nor my neighbors are going to tell them one scintilla of truth about anything, I can assure you of that! And we will be damned proud that we didn’t. I imagine that millions of Iraqi, and Afghanis felt the exact same about American troops just like occupied Palestinians on the West Bank will never speak the truth to their armed Israeli conquerors.

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Mark says: “7 out of 10 Arabs can’t be trusted?” Why not 8 out of 10?”
        Mark, I am sure deerinwater meant muslims.

        Mark: “Why not 8 out of 10?”
        Actually the TRUTH is 9.5 out of 10.

        Mark: “On what scientific study is this based?”
        It based on your “president’s” “holy” book koran, which in reality is the Satan’s guidebook for the religion of “peace”.

        Muslim scholars teach Muslims that their lying should be “smooth”
        In islam are two forms of lying to non-believers: taqiyya (saying something that isn’t true) and kitman (lying by omission).

        1) To advance the cause Islam (gaining the trust of non-believers)
        2) To defeat non-believers

        “…allah and his messenger [pedophile and murderer muhammed] are free from liability to the idolaters…” Qur’an (9:3)

        “Allah has already ordained for you, (O men), the DISSOLUTION of your oaths” Qur’an (66:2)

        “And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.” Qur’an (3:54)

        The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) is MAKARA, which literally means DECEIT. If allah is deceitful, then muslims are allowed to do the same, because they are created in the image of their allah (See also Qur’an 8:30 and 10:21)

        “He who makes peace between the people by INVENTING good information or saying good things, is not a liar.” Bukhari (49:857)

        “allah will not call you to account for THOUGHTLESSNESS IN YOUR OATHS, but for the INTENTION IN YOUR HEARTS” Qur’an (2:225)

        Mark, now do you understand WHY your “leader” Kenyan Irish muslim Barry O’LIAR CONSTANTLY lying?

        The LIES and DECEITS are also the “virtues” of communism. Communism=islam

        Mark: “I once had an African American co-worker tell me that 9 out of 10 white people were pure evil. He just pulled that out of thin air”
        Your African American co-worker probably attended the same church Barry O’Liar attended – the Trinity United Church with the same pastor Jeremiah Write. And probably he joined the Black Panthers as O’Liar did.

        “Great is TRUTH, and mighty above all things.” (2Ezdra 4:41)

        Alondra, Firm islamophobe

        • Kris Lounsbury

          Right on! The politically correct crowd labels suicide bombers, killers of innocent women and children, sexual mutilators of infant girls as ‘extremists’, ‘Taliban’, ‘Al Quida’. In reality these are consistent Muslims. They are true followers of their perverted leader, Mohammed, may he have 70 God-fearing Virginians (not virgins) meet him at the gate of judgment.

      • Deerinwater

        If you have not hear it before Mark, ~ you just heard it here ~ and that is just the way it is…… Not the way any of us might like it …………But no less,,,, the way it is.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Need to get the U.S. out of the UN and the UN out of the U.S. FreedomFighter, they are as evil as obozo himself. God Bless and Semper Fi Friend:

      • Charlie

        Talk about lies? the local heathen Sunday School teacher is going to tell us about Arab liars? what a joke………….Meanwhile…………………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

    • GALT

      Wow for a second, this looked like it was shaping up to be an excellent and interesting topic, especially for this bored……but that came to a screeching halt, but even the best laid plans can be REDIRECTED, so let’s see if this can be salvaged?
      “In medieval universities, the trivium comprised the three subjects that were taught first: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The word is a Latin term meaning “the three ways” or “the three roads” forming the foundation of a medieval liberal arts education. This study was preparatory for the quadrivium, which consists of geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, and music. Combining the trivium and quadrivium results in the seven liberal arts of classical study. The trivium is implicit in the De nuptiis of Martianus Capella, although the term was not used until the Carolingian era when it was coined in imitation of the earlier quadrivium.[1] It was later systematized in part by Petrus Ramus as an essential part of Ramism.”

      “Grammar is the mechanics of a language (always Latin, at the time); logic (or dialectic) is the “mechanics” of thought and analysis; rhetoric is the use of language to instruct and persuade. Sister Miriam Joseph described the three parts of the Trivium thus:

      Grammar is the art of inventing symbols and combining them to express thought; logic is the art of thinking; and rhetoric, the art of communicating thought from one mind to another, the adaptation of language to circumstance.

      Another description is:

      Grammar is concerned with the thing as-it-is-symbolized,

      Logic is concerned with the thing as-it-is-known, and

      Rhetoric is concerned with the thing as-it-is-communicated.[2]

      The study of grammar, logic and rhetoric was considered preparatory for the quadrivium, which was made up of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. The trivium was the beginning of the liberal arts. At many medieval universities this would have been the principal undergraduate course. However, the contrast between the simpler trivium and more difficult quadrivium gave rise to the word “trivial”.[3]”

      References to both language and rhetoric, have to be somewhat adjusted to account for the influence of time….Latin leaves far less room for mischief, and rhetoric has always been subject to abuse, so that “logic” is required to “filter it”; then we must add both “critical thinking skills” and “creative thinking skills”, to mirror the “goals” of the above curriculum.

      Next a link to the Carnegie Institute’s involvement would be useful on any number of levels……..but we can now look at the agenda here.

      The revered Founders of the Republic? Shysters, con men, slaveholders, monopolists who saw rebellion from England as the way to win greater power for themselves at the expense of everyone else living on American soil.

      Excellent rhetoric with very suggestive language and a false conclusion.
      1.) They did not have the power.
      2.) Rebellion was the only means available to get it, as negotiation for it had failed.
      3.) Everyone else, were not anywhere close to these men in status.
      4.) Many were slaveholders and slavery was PRIMARY to the shape the structure which emerged, controlled the economic destiny of the nation and the government, hence the HISTORY of it for the first 75 years.

      Therefore, the argument continues — and this is crucial — the Founders’ ideas, as expressed in the Declaration and the Constitution, were rotten to the core. The ideas can be dismissed out of hand as coming from “a bad source.”

      Well that would certainly be a “logical fallacy”, but it has nothing to do with the FACTS, the critical analysis of the “ideas” or the result of those “ideas”.

      In logic, this used to be called the fallacious ad hominem argument. Now, it isn’t called anything. It’s praised as the insightful way to do intellectual business.

      Okay…..and this is an “inciteful” way to do business. It’s a tie!!!!

      In the case of the Founders’ ideas, we have, among others: the free market, individual freedom, private property and severely limited central government.

      All questionable and hardly ORIGINAL to the “founders”, while omitting the why of it all, and all those other pesky journalistic questions.

      No need to examine these concepts. No need to assess, for instance, the success of the free market — despite its corruption by criminals and monopolists — in providing a better standard of living for millions of people. Forget it. All you have to know is that the free market was proposed by phony American aristocrats who wanted more power for themselves. On that basis alone, you can reject the free market.

      Again totally fallacious rhetoric……..because these “ideas” do need to be examined for “everyone of those things”…….TODAY and AGAIN for the very first time……..that something is logically false, does not grant credibility to it’s fallacious equivilant.

      How about private property? Same thing. The same phony Founders put that idea forward; therefore, it must be wrong.

      Doesn’t make it RIGHT, either!

      Thomas Jefferson? He owned slaves. Therefore, as the night follows day, everything he said or thought or did was wrong.

      Doesn’t make him right, either.

      See how easy education has become?

      Really? Has education become easy, you pathetic piece of CRAP!!!! Tell you what….next time YOU think you have something worth sharing…….check it at the door son.

      Individual freedom? Another absurdity proposed by the crooked Founders. Reject it. Don’t bother thinking about what that freedom has allowed you to express. Who cares?

      Are you channeling the founders, retard? Some one pays you to PRODUCE this garbage………granted you ain’t got the brightest audience on the planet…….by what drug induced illusion…….

      Don’t come back….ever!!!!!!

      • Matrix

        Did someone forget to take their medication today?

        • Kris Lounsbury

          I didn’t follow all the different rabbit trails in the article but there was a lot of very interesting information in the article. At times he did seem like he was in a ‘manic’ mood swing but your comment simple ‘attacks the man’. I’d love to read at least a basic refutation of his reasoning if someone has one. I’m not saying I agree with his conclusions but again, there was lots of helpful information. I actually enjoyed his post if for no other reason than that.

      • GALT

        Why would you find the article interesting?

        First he cites a discipline, but neglects it’s “origin”, which alters the intent of the
        elements………How is your Latin BTW? You are exposed to “rhetoric” on a daily
        basis……….so between the distortion of language and rhetoric……you have a
        single element “logic”…….by which to sort through both of the other elements
        to have a chance at determining validity.

        Next the author presents you with “anecdotal evidence” of what is taking
        place in university classrooms………..if true, these must be very short courses,
        and begs the question, what are they actually paying attention to, if
        the whole point is disregarding what he suggests.

        From the point of view of “logic”, he then sets up a series of “fallacies” which
        as stated are in fact “fallacies”……….unfortunately, they are not “credible”,
        since the class must be about something…… that just on the oft chance
        that universities actually pretend to offer an education, might it be that the
        15 credit hours involved in completeing a course might be about the reasons
        WHY, such conclusions are being made, rather than the rather foolish
        suggestion of this author?

        Finally, while these are “fallacies” as stated, they do not confer “validity”
        on the opposite……….

        “No need to examine these concepts. No need to assess, for instance, the success of the free market — despite its corruption by criminals and monopolists — in providing a better standard of living for millions of people. Forget it. All you have to know is that the free market was proposed by phony American aristocrats who wanted more power for themselves. On that basis alone, you can reject the free market.”

        So what is the “implication” here………on this basis alone we can accept the validity
        of the “free market”? If so, where is the examination of “these concepts”……..and
        what is actually being offered in these “classes”……….

        This whole article is “circular nonsense”, whose final result duplicates the same
        “fallacious reasoning” he “claims” is being used with his “anecdotal evidence”, for
        which he offers no proof………..and unfortunately for him, there is plenty of
        actual “evidence” that does exist “in examining these concepts”, in their historical
        context……..that Jefferson owned slaves is a fact and a legitimate point,
        which needs to be considered……..if one is if fact concerned with ” logically
        reasoned conclusions”………this FACT, it not a grounds for dismissal or
        acceptance of “his ideas”………nor would it be for any of the “other ideas”
        the author has raised………so the only value this piece has, if if one is
        astute enough to see that it is total BS……..which I sincerely doubt was
        the authors intent……… ( also, if this is the content of these “course’s”
        one could obtain a “degree” with zero effort…….because there would be
        nothing to know…….. )

        • Kris Lounsbury

          I’m not sure if you’re trying to say too much at the same time or if there’s some other reason why I can’t follow all you’re arguments. Don’t get me wrong. Some of what you say is true, but let me give you a quote that I believe proves the fact of indoctrination to ignorance in our gov schools, rather than actually teaching the students basic facts and then showing them “HOW” to think and evaluate information. Here’s the quote–”Wisdom is proved right by her children”. Look at the results of the indoctrination of a generation of children in the government schools. I rest my case. BTW, that quote is by Jesus Christ.

      • GALT

        Yes, Kris, I am glad you have rested your case……and as with our author, I
        am prompted to inquire……what case?

        In what time period did schools ever devote themselves to teaching the
        “truth” about anything? Or the means of discerning it?

        Those revered forefathers were in their day considered “polymaths”, mostly
        because they could read and were exposed to the “classics”, and because they
        were exposed to the early days of “empirical science”, but from a factual
        standpoint, a fifth grader today, has a far greater grasp of the “factual nature”
        of the universe……..than anyone you would care to name from the class of “76″.

        And I am sorry you missed the point… let me simplify it, our author has done
        to you, what he has claimed is being done to the “students” of these mythical
        classes……using the only aspect of trivium which matters: logic.

        YOU, despite what you believe, are far more “potentially intelligent” than anyone
        from the class of “76″………they deserve no reverence, and other than rhetoric,
        they offer little that was original, and produced even less regarding results.

        And as much as you might wish me to be impressed by your “quote and it’s
        author”………I see no evidence of the “new covenant” in anyone claiming to be
        “christian”………hypocrisy, on the other hand, ABOUNDS. ( and you may feel
        free to quote me, if you can remember. )

  • Deerinwater

    We live in an age, to where by the time a text book is published, ~ it’s all ready out dated and obsolete. ~

    To suggest that today’s students ~ are dumbed down ? ~ where might such notions come from?

    The sidesides ~ would be my guess. ~ It would take a person as smart as a sack of hammers to make such a statement.

    It’s long been understood by institutions of learning that if the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, ~ all problems take on the characteristics of a nail. This leave us to equip our toolbox with many tools for the many problems we encounter and confront for every problem is not a nail.

    While there is no substitute for “internship” , academics is but the foundation of learning.

    If you can not grasp the academics and prefer to resort to your sense of smell, I do understand ~ there is always a place for a person with a keen nose. But please, let us not all “smell” our way though life.

    • Warrior

      Good point. Is “more revenue” a “hammer” or a “nail”? Let me think some more on that and I’ll get back to you. Although I must say, on the surface, the whole idea does smell “fishy”.

      • Deerinwater

        It depends on what is in your toolbox , Warrior.

    • Charlie

      Abraham made a few mistakes,,,but,,, be careful ,are you stepping on Commandment number five? All said and done, Abraham is still The Senior Founding Father… A Man among Men, He fathered 6 sons after He was a 100 years old… Meanwhile…………..
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

      • deerinwater

        Well Charlie , Salvation and Healing will never correct what Abraham did ~ send a Lover and your own child off , banished to the wilderness ~ That don’t cotton in my book, ~~ I don’t give a damn who he the son of buck was .

        Today, we are still cleaning up after his mess. If a man is not strong enough to have two women , he doe not need two women. ~~ It seems Hagar had Abraham by the nose if you ask me.

        Hard feeling runs deep for these two and has been long lasting. ~ I am familiar with the story ~ and both parties have flawed judgement.

      • Charlie

        Is a heathen qualified to judge Abraham??? you would not make a wart on Abraham’s a$$… Notice , God took care of Hagar and her son Ishmael… Do you think maybe Abraham’s prayers had something to do with that??? Meanwhile……
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

    • BigGeezer

      the idea that today’s students are ‘dumbed-down’… what a silly notion. You mean the fact that many if not most of the graduating students can’t read, or write a simple sentence… that the concept of math let alone algebra or calculus is so far beyond their comprehension… and the greatest failure is their complete lack of the ability to think and of reason. Of course they are not ‘dumbed down’… they can name each and everyone of American Idols winners. We are on a course of complete destruction and your post shows that you simply don’t get it!

      • boyscout

        You forgot to mention the great assist of Ebonics vocabulary and grammar!

    • randydutton

      Read Voltaires’ Candide – timeless.

    • Charles Johnson

      Deerinwater, The dumbing down is not in the number of facts that they are required to memorize, nor is it in the fact that they are not taught to think. The dumbing down comes from the fact that they are not thought to think in defendant of what authority tells them. Even as far back as 1980 when I was in high school, they were already installing in us the idea that authority any authority was always right. It didn’t matter if the authority had a brain or knowledge in a specific area of study just being part of authority wasn’t enough to make them correct. What a student needs to be taught is how to think for himself apart from the idea that the greater good must always be included in every consideration. Today we see this lack of thought in reaction to the fact that windmills kill hundreds of birds a week and are thought of as good while if a human being were to take a shot gun and kill one of these birds he would be viewed as evil. To truly think one must be able to put aside the weakening of emotion and view the logic of the situation and then add any emotion and view the logic of the situation again.

      • mark

        No, Charles, actually human beings who shoot birds are called sportsmen. Ask the NRA, they’ve got a whole giant literature on this.

      • JUKEBOX

        When students today are taught liberal ideologies and revisionist history, they will probably never have any sense of any type of conservative principles, unless their teachers are overidden by their parents.

      • Irish Love

        Well said Mr. Johnson – The article is addressing EXACTLY what you surmised. I from the “Question Authority” generation and Civics & World History classes discussed marxism; facism; socialism; communism and the governments & leaders where those concepts were instilled.

        In addition, American History was explored and albiet war occured on our soil in the revolutionary & civil wars the understanding of the guiding principles which created OUR Constitution; Bill of Rights; & Declaration of Independence emerged.

        I have lived abroad and I have seen tyrannical governments and citizens enslaved……. AMERICANS need to wake up to the fact that we are in DEEP KIMCHEE!! TY for an excellent response to the article!

    • ohiodale

      Great article and absolutely true in most all cases. Only a professor would argue this article because it exposes them. There is a consorted effort being pushed by colleges to turn stunedts in to communists. I have hardly ever met a professor that was not an educated fool. Remember, most of the professors have never done anything in their lives besides learn from books. I would like to see any of them survive in the non academic world where you have to actually compete and produce results. Unless you major in a technical or scientific curriculum, you are not really getting an education anymore.

    • Vicki

      Deerinwater writes:
      “To suggest that today’s students ~ are dumbed down ? ~ where might such notions come from? ”


    • Amonite

      The info in a textbook only does minimal good if the child hasn’t been taught critical thinking. Also, one wonders why the textbooks become ‘obselete’, when the addition of “new” information is actually very little. Often, a textbook will be updated simply do to a ‘better’ system of formatting designed to teach more efficiently according to the latest studies on psychology, or, older theories (once hammered into the children as fact, like “global cooling”) will be replaced by the latest theory (like “global warming” or “climate change”).

      I ran into the problem frequently in school where the older textbooks actually contained more information, and better guides on critical reasoning or analyzing an issue, than the new. I would often have to take a textbook or test up to a teacher and point out some information in it that was incorrect. {Like the argument I had in third grade with a teacher that Pluto was smaller than Mercury. She didn’t believe me because the “chart” said Mercury was smaller :P I kept trying to explain to her that they *once* thought Pluto was larger back before telescopes could differentiate that Pluto had a moon…anyways.}

      I have not been in school for some time, but I still face this problem frequently in Bible studies. If you read any commentary from the 18th century or before, you’ll note that for the most part, that authors spoke Hebrew/Greek/Latin; poured over countless ancient manuscripts, often traveling out of their way in person to determine difficult cases; weighed carefully the arguments of others, and made sure to crossreference other scripture and back up their opinions carefully. Most modern commentaries are far less rigourous; an author will start by choosing a theory and using a few scattered verses that appear to the casual reader to back it up, rather than letting his argument form naturally from scripture. Then, the ‘neutral’ ones will build up strawmen arguments that ‘represent’ the beliefs of their opponents and tear the fake arguments down, letting the reader believe the opponent he has “examined both sides carefully” (when in truth he has examined nothing, just accepted what he already wished to hear). Some commentaries and speakers are even worse, engaging in ad hominems and all number of logical fallacies. [The most ironic being of the type "don't listen to the logic of professor K, he is illogical and engages in ad-hominem attacks against me!] Understanding where a view originated, the scriptural support for a view, and the scriptural harmony of a view (does it work with or contradict the rest of scripture) are all key – unfortunately many mistake “I carefully listened to someone I admire weight the pros and cons of a view and I agree with them” for “I used critical thinking”.

      Or, read the full 3 page proof of “Pascal’s Wager” in his book Pensee’s, and compare it to the watered down, four line version most apologetics courses use now. [Which ironically, again, most arguments against are adressed in the orginal proof].
      Sadly, many churches dismiss logic and rhetoric as unimportant, even though rhetoric was a great skill of early church leaders such as James, and there is a huge “Logic” throughline in the new testament where Jesus and others present the “courtcase” with Jesus on the witness stand giving evidence of his claim as God.

      Education, faith, philosophy, communication – so many things are dependent on being able to analyze incoming information, weigh evidence, and persuade others of truth or desires. These are not very important things, comparitively to some eras of history, in our current society which focuses on self-actualization and is more comfortable with relative truth than “what is truth”.

      • Charlie

        Psalm 119:160 is the equation for “Truth”… “Truth = the Sum of God’s words….
        Some times “Truths” have to be taken as is , until it can be proven otherwise …
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

  • Richard R. Tryon

    You might also teach about a syllogism! Of course, you will need to invent a new word with no more than four letters so as to not overpower too many young minds. Then explain why logic requires more than one premise or statement and at least one bit of supporting evidence as well.

    Of course, students with this skill are dangerous to teachers who don’t have it themselves!

    • Carmar

      Richard R tryon

      Sounds like you know a think or two about logic and retoric. My daughter attended a classical school for her middle school years. We could not find a classical school for high school for her, so she is attending another private school for high school. However the 3 years of logic and retoric classes, did her alot of good. She is one of those dangerous kids! She knows how to think and spot falacies. She brings home her work from her currents school and picks apart the information applying her skills in logical thinking. She was talking about syllogism the other day. It went over my public school educated mind, but it sure made me glad for the sacrifices i have made to educate her properly. I sure wish there were more classical schools out there that taught the Trivium! Blessings and peace.

      • Dan Mancuso

        Mr. Carmar;
        I wonder if your daughter, or someone else, could recommend some books on ‘grammar, logic and rhetoric’, that this public school educated man could read and learn from?
        It seems to have been missed in my education. This old dog is not averse to learning HOW to think, even at this late stage…

        • Carmar

          Here is a link to a site where you can purchase several books on classical education, the trivium and latin centered education. Some people will say that Latin is a dead language so why teach it? Latin is a large base for our language and helps us to understand the mechanics of English. It also helps us understand the History around the idea of classical education through the trivium. In classical education History, English, retoric, logic, and even science and math are taught in a way that merges one subject with another. For instance, History and literature may be merged together by reading a story about an ancient History event or culture, writing about that culture and arguing a side for or against some part of that culture in comparison to another culture or time period. Mix logic in and you are debating the thinking of a culture past or present and studying why their thinking was logical or not, based on the study of different fallicies that they are learning about in logic classes. Its really amazing, can be taught in a really interesting way and i will tell you that History as taught in a logic school is not just memorizing and spitting out dates and facts for a test. My daughter loved her History class, the teaching style and the use of original documents in Us History in particilar was wonderful and allowed the students to really learn about our founders and their educational influences. The founders were taught classically.

          Also if you want to know more about where the ideas for our governmental system came from look up John Locke and his writings and theories on government as well a Cicero. Most of our Founders ideas for a constitutional republic came from John Lockes writing. By the way, just to say it to anyone reading this post out there who thinks we are a democracy just because the powers that be have been fooling us for several decades, We are supposed to be a constitutional repubic, not a democracy. For years we have had that ramed down our throughts by those who would have us believe that is what our goverment is. Look up some definitions for democracy and see what you find, then really study our founding documents and see if those two idea’s jive.

          We have been dooped folks, by those who subscribe to Hitler’s idea that if you repeat a lie enough times the people will believe it. Anyway, i will get off my soap box now and just say that you should check out classical education and why it is better than todays ways. I went to public school, but through my longing for something better for my child and my sacrifice to provide a better education for her i have learned a thing or two. Still don’t spell well, so please forgive any mispells!!! Blessing!

        • Carmar

          Here is a link to diffenences between Constitutional Republic and Democracy.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Dan M., start with a simple book called the The Fallacy Detective by Nathanial Bluedorn & Hans Bluedorn. I used its’ lessons on my sons.

      • Carmar

        Here is a link to a sight were youcan get several books on classical Christian education and the trivium as well as a latin centered education. You can also do a web search for trivium or classical education and you will pull up all kinds of info. Hope this helps. Blessings!

  • James

    Jon, you are absolutely right!

  • czman75

    I know you think you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I said…

    • Warrior

      And, as a dog chases his tail at what point will he catch it? LOL.

      • JUKEBOX

        It all depends on how long his tail is.

  • Gea

    When you have a US President who cavorts with the genocidal, supremacist misogynist ideologues of Muslim Brotherhood and give them access to the White house and the money for their war on women of Egypt and F-16s for their war on Israel, you should not be surprised that political correctness rules USA.

    Barack Hussein Obama had been living up to his middle name, ever since coming to power in the White house, and giving his speech to Cairo students blaming terrorism on “colonialism”. When universities teach hatred of America based on what happened long time ago, and subvert US constitution and Declaration of Independence by their political correctness, it is not surprising that logic and American ideals of liberty and independence had been tossed out of the window for some promised socialist and islamic paradise.

    Obama is the most UN-American president we even had and the most dangerous one since he appears to be a true believer in both Socialism and Islam, two supremacist ideologies that belong to a dung heap of history and not suitable for human consumption ANYWHERE. Yet, moochers of the world had united and voted him in again, since they did not want to lose free stuff. The educated morons also helped because Obama is the most skillful demagogue and applies Taqiyya, Islamic principle of lying ( to help CAIR, ISNA and otehr American Muslim groups cover up what Islam really is: a supremacist ideology, similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, including its delusional Jew hatred and polygamy, pedophilia, misogyny, dhimmitude and murder for Allahu Akbar.

    • deerinwater

      You are so far out of line Gea, your posting unworthy comment.

      It’s a great relief to know that your are not running anything.

      • OneGuess

        Not so, deer. Gea nailed it!

      • dan

        denial and ad hominem attack do not disprove his statement…

      • Walt

        Wrong Deer! Gea had provided an EXCELLENT summary of the current situation! Perhaps you should change your posting name to “Deerinheadlights”, because that’s what your assessment of Gea’s comments appear to be.

      • WIA Ben

        deerinwater, how deep are you in water? Maybe over you head Your comment exposes your depth of your rethoric.

    • OneGuess

      True, true. Good post.

    • Vigilante

      Gea, Islam is an ancient culture. This culture has practiced barbarianism and genocidal beliefs for thousands of years. America has been a nation for less than a quarter millennia. Colinization didn’t begin until the late 1500′s. Just curious, if we are responsible for terrorism and quality of personal life in the middle east who’s fault was it before we came along.

      • Lucky3511

        I blame Richard 1st of England. He failed in his attempt to wipe them out in the 11th or 12th century.

      • JUKEBOX

        If you will look in your Bible, you can ascertain that the dissension between the Muslims and Jews is a family feud that goes back to Abraham and his illegitimate son Ishmael.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Jukebox, considering the milions of people that propagated themselfves after the flood Abraham was the only one that followed God. Do you think the rest of the populations would have been happy being reminded that there is a God.

      • deerinwater

        Nadzieja Batki says:

        considering the millions of people that propagated themselves after the flood Abraham was the only one that followed God.

        Well forgive me for playing the devil advocate ~ Nadzieja. ~ This is recorded and true but according to whom? The house of Abraham?

        Why should Ishmael take up his fathers god, ~ the father that abandoned him and his mother? ~ Why would any Jewish record offer a different account?

        I’m not suggesting that you are incorrect in describing a Jewish accounting ~ but only asking you to think about the fact ~ that this feud is a long time in the making ~ and where was a father guidance on such matters of God when it was needed?

        This by no mean afford a whole race of people an excuse for bad behavior ~ but it does offer us some insights as to why!

        Today, ~ it appears we are still attempting to deal with Abraham’s bad judgement in husbandry.

        I say ~ let them duke it out ~ and put an end to it once and for all. They have been brooding for a fight for centuries ~ get it over and done with ~ my point of concern rest in a peaceful tomorrow without this baggage of uncompleted business.

      • WTS/JAY

        Vigilante: This culture has practiced barbarianism and genocidal beliefs for thousands of years.

        What culture hasn’t?

        • vigilante

          WTS/Jay, Most have, and that is not the argument. The argument is simply WE did not incite this behavior. Through out Americas history we have been there for all who have experienced natural disasters, earth quakes, floods, tsunamis, tyranny you name it. Name one who has ever responded to the same here. I simply am tired of being blamed for the short comings of other societies. I and my fore fathers have not only come to the call but will do so again. Our nation believe it or not was created by men like myself whom will not tolerate these atrocities. As a combat veteran I have never committed same. I believe in human rights and will fight and die if need be for them again. Stand against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC! I may be an idealist but at least I have the courage to back it.

    • Charlie

      Impeach Obama Now!!!

    • mark

      Don’t forget Gea, that Obama is also the Devil. He killed Lincoln in 1865. I mean I know he wasn’t born then but he definitely killed Lincoln. And the Jews, he killed all the Jews too, during the war even though he wasn’t born. And Jesus! Yes Obama crucified Jesus! And then…and then he…. Oh wait, wait, they say I have to lie down now…. and…..and take… and my medicine….. I think I …… well. Obama! Obama! Yes, he’s going to kill us all! Yes, yes!! Somebody stop him, he’s going to kill us all!! Oh…oh….oh God….

      • Kate8

        mark – Wait. Make up your mind. I thought Bush did all those things.

      • Walt

        Absurd ramblings brought on by excess Koolaid intoxication! Perhaps you should cut back a bit on the stuff.

      • Charlie

        Impeach Obama Now!!!

      • Charles Johnson

        dissemble much mark?

      • JUKEBOX

        Obama is killing the country with his ideologies that he learned from Alinski.

    • Chester

      Gea, exactly which Bush are you referring to? Seems both of them had very high level connections in the same crowd you so thoroughly slammed. In fact, would not give odds against the King of Saudi Arabia having had more than a little to do with the financing of Jr.s presidential campaign. All that would have been well hidden at first, and will be so deep underground by now that would take a corpse sniffing dog to find it.

    • Bill

      You are on the money, Gea
      Good Comment

    • Irish Love

      AMEN!!! UN-AMERICAN EXACTLY!! Well said!! TY

    • Charlie

      Impeach Obama , Now!!!

  • Jan Eric Deen

    Good article. The conclusion should be a refinement of language and a critical examination of absolute presuppositions entering public dialogue, after all, everyone is now a critic, how about those critical skills? Too often in reading commentary I am thrust back to childhood memories of MAD magazine, but without the wit and intelligence of those great comics of social observation.

    • dan

      ah, the exquisite mockery of Mad….I can’t help but think that the satire was lost on most ,
      even then

      • Sol of Texas

        Kate8 — It’s been going on since the 1850′s in New York and New England … it took a while to spread the government indoctrination based education system across the whole country (early 1900′s forward).

      • boyscout

        It’s crackers to slip a rozer the dropsy insnide – Oct “57 marginal. Some of it was useless and sticks to the gray matter like permabond.

  • http://yahoo Don

    its called the dumbing down of america. in the next generation or two most of what we learned will be phased out. obunhole is pushing a lot of these thing with his agenda. the united nations has too much power. it probly works on this type of thing all oover the world. it will come down to the nwo ruling the world with a one world government. all of oulast ten presidents or more have been supporting it. money rules.

    • Kate8

      Don – This is far from a recent thing. This has been going on since the ’50′s and ’60s. Maybe even sooner.

      The plan was always to incrementally corrupt America. An immoral, ignorant, and self-absorbed people are easy to divide and conquer. We have become rudderless, untrustworthy, confused and wholly lacking in conscience as a society. Not to mention oh so pliable and compliant, grabbing onto every idiotic agenda that comes down the pike. (Of course, liberals are most prone to this, as they tend to reject all information that doesn’t fit with their indoctrination.)

      We have been redendered into livestock, and have happily accepted that lot. No wonder the elite do not see us as worthy of respect, consideration or even life.

      Saw this article today, which is along this same thought about how have given up our spiritual nature in favor of being purely beastial. It’s tragic what our children are being prepared for while this passive generation remains asleep.

  • Jamie

    The Standards are constantly changing,all we can do is change with it or be retrained to except it.

    • Vicki

      The standards of men may constantly change. The Standards of God remain.

      Evidence. All the laws of physics. The apparent changes in physics are man’s discovery of the laws set down by Creation itself (Doesn’t matter which creator you believe in.)

  • Kris Lounsbury

    “A” cannot be “A” and non(t) “A” at the same time and in the same relationship. This law of non-contradiction and the ad hominem argument (arguing at the man rather than the proposition or conclusion in question) are the basis for almost all faulty thinking that’s seen today. That’s why I just got a comment from a woman who spoke about the unborn baby and then argued violently for the right of the woman to terminate her pregnancy. That’s why the unbeliever does not even understand me when I tell them that the irrefutable proof for the existence of God is that “it is impossible for the God of the Bible NOT to exist.” They don’t even understand the basics of the “impossibility of the contrary” argument. They don’t even understand that to begin to argue against God they are already assuming things that are impossible to assume without assuming the existence of God. The ability to argue against God assumes that there IS such a thing as the laws of logic, the laws of reason and rationality. These are not material in nature (the have no extension in space). Therefore they are mental constructs that are universal in nature. How can you have universal laws of this nature in a world that is strictly matter or ‘matter in motion’–Not to mention, how can you even have motion? Literally, by coming to the debate the atheist has already lost because he is assuming the existence of the God that he came to debate about. “The fool has said in his heart, ‘there is no God!’” This does not even deal with the other laws of logic such as “A” is “A”, but that’s another discussion.

    • dan

      ‘impossibility of the contrary argument’….I should think that is would be : the improbability of a contrary argument…but then I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian :)

      • Chester

        Thanks, Dan.

      • Kris Lounsbury

        The reason why ‘impossible’ is the correct word is because in order to argue against the God of the Bible one must assume first of all, that he is able to argue against anything at all. In order to argue he must assume that there are laws governing our thinking that are not random but fixed and universal (thank you Aristotle for distilling God’s rules of logic). I keep asking for a reasoned (logical if you like)way that the unbeliever can account for the laws of logic given his worldview. The unbeliever can say, “Well, that doesn’t hold water because I DO use logic.” That may be true but he can’t use logic without first assuming that the laws of logic exist and they can’t exist in the framework of the unbeliever’s worldview–time/chance/random movement, etc. In reality, by coming to the debate against God the unbeliever has already lost the argument because he’s assumed to be true that which he now wants to try to prove to be false. This is NOT just a play on words. God will not be mocked. Those who fall on the Rock, Jesus Christ will be crushed beneath it.

  • Hedgehog

    I’m a Canadian. It’s cold outside. I’m feeling mean and nasty. GUNS ARE NOT ENOUGH, but they are probably the most potent thing we can afford, to keep our respective governments honest and out of our faces. Here in Canada we have just survived an Obama like attempt to completely disarm us. Our Conservative government recently scrapped the long gun registry (product of the Liberal gov’t of the 90′s) and destroyed the records, after billions of dollars were wasted on it and not one life was saved by it! The province of Quebec is fighting the federal government in court to be given the registry records for Quebec. If they win, they will have accomplished nothing as there are no border posts between Quebec and the rest of Canada. But the Quebec government renounced the use of logic and reason centuries ago. DON’T LET OBAMA REGISTER OR CONFISCATE YOUR GUNS! Take action as and when and how you can. Hide guns and ammo. Give old unwanted guns to friends, neighbors and relatives (that you can trust) who lack them. An old Springfield or Garand M1 is better than nothing. Hell, a muzzle loader is better than nothing! DON’T SURRENDER YOUR FREEDOM! Don’t let Obama surrender your freedom to the UN! You don’t want to be UN-american!

    • dan

      God Bless Canada….and viva la Quebecqois ! There is no border between brothers.
      It’s a bit chilly on this side of the Lake,too (-20F…that’s fffffcold in celsius)….
      just wishing 0(roe) would stick his tongue on a flagpole

    • mark

      Hedgehog, don’t forget either, this is equally as important to dig some kind of an underground bunker or provision a nearby cave, you could even construct a pill box with appropriate gun sites in a good, camouflaged position on the high ground. Stock your shelter well with water and dehydrated and canned food. Move your family and loved ones in there and then stand at the ready with your loaded weapons at all times. You can never predict when the government forces will come to get you or when the UN troops, NWO security forces will make their move. You can even get one of those ankle pee-cans with a tube that runs up your leg to a funnel that truck drivers use on long hauls so they don’t have to pull over. It is just so important not to leave your firing position at any time. Because you never know when they will come.

      • Hedgehog

        Mark you are way behind the times. What you need now is a good well stocked RV! Keep on the move, be where the tyrant’s forces aren’t. Be the rifle behind the blade of grass, not a target in the tyrant’s ranks. Mingle with the herd. Don’t be conspicuous. He who snipes and runs away survives. I could go on all day, but you get the idea! In terms of evolution I am a dinosaur at 71. You sound like an early protozoan. Speed up boy, speed up!

      • mark

        Yes Hedgehog, a possilbly good suggestion. But the UN will immediately cut off all gasoline supplies to the U.S. under Obama’s orders as the first step of the takeover. I keep several hundred gallons of gasoline in a special storage tank on my land but this ties me down to that supply. Maybe I need a tank truck towed to he back of my RV but then the extra weight will use up more of my gasoline plus all the weapons and ammunition I have . Wait….wait a minute. I will have to get back to you…. I just heard a noise outside, maybe the UN and NWO are making their mover right now! Are there any loud noises outside your home right now, Hedgehog? This could be it. I have to go downstairs and get more weapons and ammuntion. I will get back to you. If not that means the UN got me. But don’t worry, I’ll have my wife shoot up a flare. She is getting her Bushmaster right now. We will have to do a recon. There’s some man out there, he’s dressed in a postal carrier uniform but we’re keeping our guns on him. You know how the UN operates, they always use these fake operatives. Wait, wait, he’s reaching for something, don’t know if it’s our mail or a weapon….Don’t know if he’s a real postal carrier or an Obama operative, I think we will have to plug him just to be safe…..I’ll….I’ll get back to you….


      Don’t go to Quebec and expect to converse with them in English, because most of them want Americans to speak French. Speak to them in Farsi, and they might speak English.

    • KJQ

      Hedgehog: You do know that getting rid of the long gun registry has changed almost nothing? All those farmers and ranchers with a rifle or shotgun who do not have a personal “Possession and Acquisition Licence” (PAL) are STILL felons! It is STILL illegal to own a firearm for the purpose of self defence; we STILL need an “Authorization to Transport” (ATT) every time we move our handguns; “Authorization to Carry” (ATC) permits are STILL “may” issue, and almost never are approved by provincial CFO’s; and we are STILL arrested every time we use any type of weapon in self defence, even in our own homes (yes, most are found not guilty, but only after years of stress and expense – the process is the punishment). We are STILL treated more like “subjects” than citizens, and the vast majority of sheeple seem content to be slaves of the state.

      American Friends: Fight any and all forms of gun control – history shows it always leads to tyranny.

    • Irish Love

      AMEN Brother!!!! AMERICA needs to wake-up!!! TY TY

  • mark

    The author of this article is correct. Just because Thomas Jefferson owned and worked slaves all his life does not mean everything he said or did was invalid. He does mean, however, that he was a huge hypocrite. And he admitted as much himself in some of his later writings. As British philosopher Dr. Samuel Johnson famously retorted at the time: “Why is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty from the drivers of slaves?” No amount of brainwashing from the right or the left can deny the logic of that. A nation born in hypocrisy – and it has been the central feature of our political life ever since.

    • dan

      Father Abraham had servants(slaves) and King David had servants (slaves)…..
      I guess one mans servant is another mans slave,
      but that’s more the measure of the man than the servant/slave
      ….oh,and Muhamutt had slaves and Islam still traficks in humans

      • mark

        Right dan, and the practices of Muhammet and Islam are definitely what we should model our country after. What?!

      • Chester

        Dan, Father Abraham AND King Saul had both servants and slaves, and the two were NOT the same. If you are going to use biblical examples, please make sure you have ALL the information right before going off. Incidentally, the same can be said for any references from the Koran, which did lean pretty heavily on the Old Testament before Mohammed got totally into his own thing.

      • Charlie

        Notice, in The Bible The “Law” allows one to sell himself into slavery, AND, The Bible “Law” also tells how slaves are to be treated… Slaves have never been “costless” , it cost to maintain a Slave in usable condition … Meanwhile……………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

    • cawmun cents

      Thusly the man proved that the presupposition of the article was correct.
      In fact by posting his opine,he gave credence to it.

    • Charlie

      Are you on pot OR just a crackpot? IF you were in The American Militia , your psycho problems would be less and go away depending on your level of “Faith” in Our Commander … King Jesus Christ Owns The Earth , am I to worry about someone on Earth when I know The Owner??? …………. Meanwhile………………
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

    • TML

      mark says, “The author of this article is correct. Just because Thomas Jefferson owned and worked slaves all his life does not mean everything he said or did was invalid. He does mean, however, that he was a huge hypocrite. And he admitted as much himself in some of his later writings. As British philosopher Dr. Samuel Johnson famously retorted at the time: “Why is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty from the drivers of slaves?” No amount of brainwashing from the right or the left can deny the logic of that. A nation born in hypocrisy – and it has been the central feature of our political life ever since.”

      It’s much more complicated that simply calling him a hypocrite, judged by modern moral or social standards. Slavery was an unfortunate inheritance of British Colonialism and was a real problem. Jefferson said of slavery, “we have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go.”

      In 1784 Jefferson proposed and Ordinance that would have prohibited slavery completely by 1800 in all territories but was rejected by Congress. The Virginia General Assembly, under Jefferson’s leadership and authorship was one of the first jurisdictions in the world to ban the slave trade; the importing of slaves into Virginia.

      Ultimately, Jefferson carried the same views as Lincoln did; prohibition of slavery and black settlement in the west, gradual emancipation, and deportation back to Africa. Both Lincoln and Jefferson believed blacks were inferior and could never live as freemen or equals in the white European polity that existed.

      Jefferson wrote of his opinions on black inferiority in his book Note On Virginia. But responded to refutation of this view by saying, “but whatever be their degree of talent [of the black race] it is not measure of their rights.” Saying the rights of African Americans should not be dependent on intelligence

      “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.” – Abraham Lincoln

      While Lincoln approached this with banning of all blacks, even free blacks, from Illinois. Jefferson felt that keeping the slaves protected them from the perceived reality that they could not live together with whites. Even referring to it as his ‘duty’.

      “My opinion has ever been that, until more can be done for them, we should endeavor, with those whom fortune has thrown on our hands, to feed and clothe them well, protect them from all ill usage, require such reasonable labor only as is performed voluntarily by freemen, & be led by no repugnancies to abdicate them, and our duties to them.” – Thomas Jefferson

      It is never enough to say simply that he was a hypocrite, without acknowledging the moral and social compass of the age. This is what it means to think critically.

    • ChristyK

      Jefferson did own slaves, but wasn’t as hypocritical as most people say. In his time, he knew that, if he released his slaves, they would be captured by another slave owner who would treat them much worse. He was very careful to never separate families. He twice tried to introduce bills in Virginia banning slavery. He was a proponent of educating slaves (where many banned educating slaves). When he wrote the Declaration of Indpendence, he originally used the words “life, liberty, and property”, but was afraid that the word “property” could be used to perpetuate slavery (because most considered the slave property) so he changed “property” to “pursuit of happiness”. If you look at the beliefs of most people at the time, he was very forward thinking about slavery being bad and worked hard to get rid of slavery. To be fair, instead of only looking at the fact he had some slaves, the entirety of his life with respect to slavery needs to be considered.

      • Vicki

        Well said Christy.

  • Liberty Lover

    Superb article, Jon. Logic and critical thinking skills are the hallmark of an intelligent and educated person. They should be the core of any education system. Yet, our pathetic American schools continue to churn out graduates sorely lacking in such skills. And you are right: it’s by design that the masses are being “dumbed down.”

    • Carlucci

      You are 100% correct, Liberty Lover. I was laid off a job in late August last year. I worked with people in their twenties and thirties. None of them could spell correctly; their spoken and written grammatical and punctuation skills were sub-par, and some were out to lunch when it came to critical thinking and discernment. Many were also college grads in heavy student loan debt (of course -!). Wow – spending all of that money on “school” to continue to remain a bozo. Some even had plans to borrow even more money to get an advanced degree to get a better job, even though these days that is a crap shoot. Apparently this is the American way…..

      • Liberty Lover

        Good points, Carlucci. The degradation of language is intimately associated with the loss of clear thinking. I used to hate diagramming sentences, but that exercise did serve a useful purpose.

      • Kate8

        Carluccu – Let’s not leave out the chemical component of this dumbing-down, either. Since fluoridation has been more prevalent in the cities and larger population areas, it’s no surprise that so many young people have lowered IQ. Consider the brain damage from mercury and other toxins from childhood vaccines, and insufficient nutrition, and you have the shining example of today’s American, the laughing stock of the world.

        These are the supporters and promoters of today’s progressive encroachment. It explains why they are so incapable of logical discussion (we all know how crazy-making it is to try to have a reasonable discussion with a liberal). No doubt this explains why cities are hotbeds of progressivism, as well.

        Of course, then we have to consider that half or better of the population is on anti-depressants, which are fluoride-based drugs… so people are rendered not only sub-normal in intelligence, but without moral comprehension, as well.

        This has been carefully orchestrated right under our noses, and now it would seem to be a fait accomplis…

        Is there any hope for us, considering that so many aren’t even capable of recognizing that there is a problem?

      • mark

        All right but these illiterates with college degrees are still working, while you are the one who got laid off. So who’s the bozo?

      • Kate8

        mark – Working at government jobs. IOW, selling their souls for money.

        You have to be an illiterate sell out to qualify. Like you, for instance…

      • mark

        No, Kate8, they’re selling their time and skills for money that is what everyone does in the capitalist system. Not their souls. U.S. military, police, firefighters, teachers who are all paid by the government do not sell their souls anymore than a checkout clerk in a privately-owned grocery does. They sell their time and their skills. Some in these professions ever risk their own lives to save the lives of other citizens.

      • ChristyK

        As an employer I constantly deal with the inability of my young employees to think for themselves, and their communications skills (speech, grammar, spelling, & writing) is atrocious. My seven year old uses more advanced vocabulary and grammar and can read at a higher level & speed than most of my adult employees. He does addition, subtraction, multiplication and is starting simple algebra, division, and exponentials. I really work hard with him on logic & reason & understanding.

        Relating to what Kate8 was saying, my son has drank well water (no fluoride) for most of his life. He didn’t get any vaccines in his first year of life and only did 2 doses of DTaP vaccine after that. His only fever before starting school at age 5 and over 100 F (may or may not have had 99 F) was caused by the vaccines. I do think that some of the chemicals (vaccines, fluoride, pesticides in foods, food preservatives & coloring, etc) do make our kids less healthy and less intelligent. Poor teaching, aka indoctrination, just increases the problem. They used to teach how to think. Now they teach what to think and attack the kids if they start thinking for themselves. All of this gets worse, the farther along they get in school. I’m seriously considering homeschooling after my son graduates from his current elementary school. As it is, I watch what they are teaching very closely and have corrected him on a few slightly off teachings.

      • Kate8

        mark – You make my point perfectly.

        You are willing to sell your time doing anything, regardless of the impact on others. If you are paid to work for those whose intent is in the destruction of America, you have no problem with that. Just show me the money.

        Capitalism is not the problem… It is corruption, which has been intentional in order to make drones like you believe that capitalism is evil. It used to be that enterprising business people were also upstanding, reliable and gave great service. By destroying morality and the sense of service to others, we now have a selfish, cut throat society who cares not at all for other people nor their country, as long as they get what they want.

        No one who has lived under communism wants anything to do with it. Communists have to degrade freedom in order to convince useful idiots that it’s better than capitalism.

      • Vicki

        Kate8 says:
        “Carluccu – Let’s not leave out the chemical component of this dumbing-down, either. Since fluoridation has been more prevalent in the cities and larger population areas, it’s no surprise that so many young people have lowered IQ. ”

        There was a satirical movie made years ago. It was a satire about nuclear war but in it the antagonist goes on and on about fluoride and water. I thought it just an amusing sideline to the movie till I found that they had been putting fluoride in municipal water supplies for years before the movie.

        The movie was Dr Strangelove if I remember correctly.

    • http://N/A CintiCB

      Following are a few examples of our public education system. First, I’ll preface with the fact that our neighborhood has gone ‘section eight’-mostly from the inner city + the ‘projects’ (public school system). The local businesses HAVE to hire them.

      I had a $15.00 purchase. I gave the young man (around 18 yrs. old) a $20.00 bill. He tried to give me a dollar and some coins as my change. I told him that this was wrong. He kept trying (always giving less than what it should be). Finally, on his seventh or eighth try I said, “Twenty take away fifteen is five. You owe me five dollars.” He gave me a dirty look, while muttering, “Know it all cracker” and slapped (hard, with anger) a five dollar bill in my hand. I had been polite and patient with him the entire time. My sister wanted to get a $40.00 gas card for a gift. She told the girl (store clerk) this. The clerk said that they didn’t have forty dollar gas cards, only tens. My sister said, “OK, then just give me forty dollars worth.” Clerk (becoming rude, nasty, loud, + eubonic sounding), I TOLD YOU WE AIN’T GOT NO FORTY DOLLAR CARDS!!!” This went back and forth a few more times. Finally, my sister said,
      “OK, give me a ten dollar one, now another ten dollar one, now another ten dollar one, + now another ten dollar one. Now, I have $40.00 worth” and gave the girl the money. The ‘scholar’ was too busy having an ‘attitude’ to even realize what had just happened or to learn from it. A neighbor (before the ‘section eight’ takeover-place of education unknown) was having trouble getting a job. I suggested that she not wear blue jeans to an interview and to wear shoes. I, also, suggested that she ‘clean up’ her language (said f_ck every two or three words) and to improve her grammar-get rid of ain’t, slang, and double negatives. Her wise reply was, “I ain’t gonna talk like no snob!!!”. I did some VERY SIMPLE subtraction on a piece of paper. The Pizza Parlor employee marveled at my math skill-it was SIMPLE SUBTRACTION. Folks, this is VERY SCARY-this is what will be running this country and raising the next generation.

      • Kris Lounsbury

        Wow! This is really scary. Great examples. How about this one. My groceries are $57.98 so I give the checker a $100.00–I always laugh as she holds up the bill to the light like she’s a treasury official. Anyway, the clerk says your change is $42.02–She only knows this because it says so on the register. Then instead of counting the change back she put the pile of bills in my hand with the coins and then the receipt. Now, I know why she didn’t count the change back. The two twenties would probably be a stretch for her to add without a calculator (if she could turn it on). My point is that there’s no courtesy in giving back the change in a big bundle of bills without counting it out to the customer. Don’t they teach their checkers anything?

      • vigilante

        You are right on. Every body does not get a gold star. When you pay our educators peanuts and pay boocoo bucks to those whom want to earn nothing therein the problem lies.

  • dave ahern

    ” The wicked freely strut about, when what is vile is honored among men”
    Psalm 12-8

  • alpha-lemming

    Good article… and prescient.

    Harken back to Chairman Oba-Maos’ coronation acceptance speech yesterday as peoples exhibit A: “The Constituional guarantee of personal liberty (ie.. the “choice” not to work) requires collective action (subsidization by the makers)”. And this is only the tip of the ice berg in the bastardization of the language where “balkinization” is recast as “diversity”, “theft” is now “redistribution”, and “no free birth control” equals “denying access”. The list is nearly endless.

    • mark

      alpha-lemming, here are few more euphemisms you can add to your list: liberty, which signifies that “you now have the freedom to slink off and dies since you can”t afford health insurance”; conservative Christianity, which signifies, “I got mine, motherf#@%, now you get yours!”; “no fetus left behind” which means, “we love you up until the day you are born, after that you’re on your own!” or “National Defense,” which means constantly invading other countries that have never harmed us, bombing the crap out of them, and killing hundreds of thousands of their people -but doing it to “keep us all free.”‘ and the arms manufacturers megawealthy; and “the right to bear arms,” so I can blow your head off and everyone else in the movie theatre, school, whereever, at my own discretion, and thus deny you the right to live. Tough luck, that’s not in the Constitution, pal.

      • alpha-lemming

        Dear marx
        I have no intention of “dies”-ing, but funny thing…. my health insurance is more expensive now that we’ve been saved. Must need to apply some new-math to make that “look” affordable. I didn’t “get” mine… I WORKED for it…. try it sometime. Don’t see anything in the Constitution giving me the right to shoot up schools and theatres but probably just looking in the wrong section…. bein’ a flawed document ‘n’ all you know. And I guess in your world.. (btw… what color is the air there) innocents shouldn’t be protected but rather exploited, assimilated or utilized.

        And in conclusion marx…. you think like Karl, but you sound like Groucho. Do us all a favor… emulate Hapo and STF up.

      • mark

        Sorry alpha, can’t get me to STF up. We still have freedom of speech in the United States, although lots of conservatives on this site would like to change that. ‘Cause they’re real Americans – not any of dem damn socialists/communists!

      • Bill

        Good Analogy, Alpha Lemming

      • momo

        Mark, Obama is whittling away at the first amendment with his signature of HR347.

      • http://google rose

        Wow, you sound like a real nut!

        • David

          Rose, I had no idea whom Mark is but double checked the site and see what your concern is. My name is David and am a 2 time Vietnam veteran and have never even filed for unemployment. I am not a bible thumper and have directly paid for every thing I have including the mountain I own. I have always carried health insurance and have to always fight them to get them to pay their part. Obviously you have me confused with some Obama advocate.

  • Jim B

    The current matrix has no presence of the future. Its end will be inevitably swift, as we have seen, it has no sustainability. A now heavily counterfeited government currency perpetrated by itself, which has now amounted to nearly 17 Trillion dollars. The plutocracy has excluded itself from the law of the land, its bureaucracies now gear up to apply more tyranny (force) on its people for more taxes, and less liberty. Freedom from this matrix must be ripped and torn from our country, and forever discarded. It can come swiftly, but more likely it will grow uglier and fester until it is lanced off in one cleansing ending. Few will survive, but those that do will never be a serf to any man or government again.

    • mark

      Wow, what an optimistic, Apocalyptic view, Jim B. You have a nice day, too. Don’t worry: just keep buying guns and dehydrated food, and fortifying that bunker, you’ll do just fine. Me, I’m going out this aft to have a beer with some friends. But of course, we’re all doomed. Only, unlike you, we don’t know it.

      • Jim B

        Mark, I apologies for the survival rhetoric, it is uncalled for. I realize how hard it is for a fully right or left leaning serfs to understand what blinds them. Maybe it was the 12 year sentence, maybe they go on to pay for even more indoctrination, but it is going to be up to everyone to determine, on the whole, how evil and corrupt our government really is. I chose no sides, I look upon the whole and see the damage that has been done, and that which we will see in the near future. Escape from serfdom if you can, it holds no promise for you there.

  • TML

    You speak of ideology, principles, and in effect, morality (judging who the “good” guys and “bad” guys are). These things should not be taught in public school systems. These are things that are the responsibility of the parents. Outcome-based learning (which is what I believe you are referring to) that deals with these three things, is indeed an indoctrination method, and should not be permitted as graded curriculum by any government sponsored school system. Knowledge-based learning, in contrast, is best… allowing factual information to be deciphered and judged for agreement or disagreement based on individual ideology, principle, and morality.

    Logic is not dead yet, as students are still taught the standards of logic, as well as what constitutes a logical fallacy, such as the ad hominem strategy you pointed out quite well. I’m sure there are many students who could call out such an ideologically motivated professor for this error of logic.

  • grant uptain

    My long life (age 83) has been one of continuing disillusionment, beginning with the Santa Claus myth, the Grace Methodist Church Sunday School Class in which I was instructed that the BIBLE should always be on top of a stack of books and never beneath anything, including books or just anything. The disillusionments pile up to make a mountain, resulting in diminished friendships and attacks on my person in the way of sly allusions to words that I find anathema to my character. I have come to distrust all isms, because they preclude my ability to do my own thinking, I think!
    grant in Rocklin, CA

  • grant uptain

    Putting my humor ahead of reason, I agree!
    grant of Rocklin, CA

  • Sol of Texas

    It may be an eye opener for most people should s/he attend a “Policy Team” or “Lincoln-Douglas” styled debate competition between local High Schools.

    The author’s description of what passes for rational argument quickly becomes evident.

    There is a strong element of nihilism present. Ad hominem attack is considered a strategy. The most highly prized skill is to “hyperSpeak” – to pack as many statements into an allotted time slice as possible. This makes argument capture difficult and deductive processing sloppy.

    See for yourselves and reexamine your beliefs about the nature of government school education.

  • Home Educator

    Excellent article. That is why we chose to home educate our twin teenaged sons (who just completed SAT’s in the 92nd and 90th percentile respectively). We started with the trivium and made sure to include ‘great books’ studies as well. They are far better educated than I am (sadly, a product of the public school conveyor belt). They actually know HOW to think, and not WHAT to think, which I still struggle with. Perhaps as important, my wife and I have a wonderful, close relationship with our sons, who never went through the so called “terrible twos” nor “teen rebellion” phases.

    If you have children and really care about their education (not schooling) and keeping a strong relationship with them, then I strongly urge you to consider home education.

  • Ron Marionneaux


    I think studunts, yuh know, are purtty smart, yuh know. They kin tell yuh all about video games, yuh know, and tecknologee, yu know. They don’t need, yuh know, to talk bout histry, yuh know, or guvment, that don’t matter eny more, yuh know.

    • Kris Lounsbury

      rite un!!

  • jim

    One sees this all over…at the drinking fountain they put down the boss for going out on his wife, then they disregard anything else the boss has to say. No one wants to go to the Bar after work with him any more! They don’t shoot the breeze talking about anything with him any’s like the boss caught a case of Leprosy! But what if we never knew about this extra-marital affair? They would be treating the boss same as they ever did! The boss still did his extra-marital affair…but his current actions of how he performs his job is the same as they ever were! So, what changed that made the workers treat the boss so differently? It was all in their heads…their world-view image of their boss changed, not the boss…so in which individuals is the real issue that needs addressing? I propose it is the workers with the real problem, not the boss! Not to disregard his action of being unfaithful to his wife… but how the boss is perceived by the workers has become disrespectful, with cause…OK…but this is an unprofessional way to perform ones job!

    My point…after this extended story…is this:

    One may not be trust-worthy, but that does not mean everything that is spoken by this one must be a lie! If what is described in this article is truly happening, it is a shame that our higher schools of academia are now tainted with thought control! It is only a matter of investigation for one to find this mentality observed on the national level!

  • FreedomFighter

    hmm….after reading all the posts, it looks like our pinko-commi shill posters are intoxicated or on some type of narcotic today, must be post-potus-pontification effect.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Bimbam

    I hate to say it but it has nothing to do with logic. We are raising families that have no fathers around.

    The people who do this know what logic is but do not want to apply it. It’s kind of like this revenge/anger thing.

    Yes, but do not kid yourself, THEY ARE DESTRUCTIVE PEOPLE!!!

  • Christian

    Ah, the incessant rants of the paid-shill. Their words are curses and they hope through the volume of their cursing they might sway weak minds or change reality. Worst case, they will simply drown out the logical replies of others. The shill is a dog, who lives for nothing but the crumbs off of his master’s table. A role for which a bastard was born and bred to fill.

  • Waha

    I recommend the book by Sister Miriam Joseph C.S.C., Ph.D. titled The Trivium-The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric. It is somewhat difficult, but it is the medieval rigors of the Trivium curriculum. Keep in mind logic, grammar and rhetoric were taught before the subjects of math and music to name a couple.

  • Mark Kirk

    Some of you might find this book useful. It is a college freshman level introduction to critical thinking. I’ve taught from it for a number of years and it’s a good starting point.

    Title Reasoning and writing: an introduction to critical thinking
    Authors Donald L. Hatcher, L. Anne Spancer
    Publisher Rowan & Littlefield Publishers, 1993
    Original from Pennsylvania State University
    Digitized Jun 24, 2011
    ISBN 0847678814, 9780847678815


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